Are there going to be any more stories written and posted here for "The Gargoyles Saga"?


When will they be out? Why isnít there a release date posted?

We donít know when they will be ready to be out. Honest. That is why we donít have a planned release date posted any more. While the staff is working as fast as it can, we canít gauge when the next season will be ready for posting. Right now we would like Gargoyles 4 out by the summer of 2005. But we had also wanted it out by the summer of 2004, so there you go. Just check back every couple months to see if the "Current Story" has been updated; itís less than a minute out of your day.

But if everyone is working as fast as they can, shouldnít that take only a couple months?

If TGS had as many staff members as it did for the first two seasons, yes. At present we are down to less than ten writers, and that includes all of the main three spinoffsÖand we all have various Real Life issues to deal with that keep us from spending as much time writing as weíd like to.

What happened to all the other staff members? And what do you mean "Three main spinoffs"? There are four, along with this new "Bad Guys" header.

Over the years TGS has run, people have burned out from the massive work load required from being on staff; some have simply lost interest in the project or felt a need to spend more time on personal projects; some have found their time increasingly taken over by school or work. Or both. TGS remains manned by a small but dedicated crew, who are attempting to bring the project to a close with some dignity.

The spinoff "Pendragon" is completed at Season 4. There are no plans for a Season 5. At present, there are only three spinoffs being worked on- "Gargoyles", "Timedancer", and "Dark Ages". There are no plans to do 2198 or The New Olympians as full spinoffs, either.

"Bad Guys" is still under works, by its progenitors in the Canadian branch of TGS. It is their baby, and Season 1 wonít be posted until they feel it is ready.

Wait, The Gargoyle Saga is coming to a close? How many seasons are left? Is there absolutely no possibility of a Pendragon Season 5?

A: There are plans for a Season 4 and 5 of "Gargoyles", a Season 3 of Dark Ages, and a Season 5 of Timedancer. And if enough people got together with solid ideas for a Season 5 of Pendragon, and people willing to put in the work to outline, break down, write, and maybe do art for itÖthen yeah, TGS would be willing to bring such cavalier souls on board and host a Pen 5. But since our recruitment drives havenít harnessed any single person with interest in that in the last year or two, we arenít holding out much hope.

So thatís it? Eighty more stories plus how many seasons Bad Guys might run, and TGS is kaput?

ÖI didnít say that. ; )

Youíre holding out on me, arenít you?



A: Only if you dance for me.



Will you pretty please with a cherry on top cease quoting Invader Zim and answer my question?

Since you asked so nicely this time, sure. There is one other idea in the works, a spinoff that could conceivably take off where the main storylines end. Somebody once posted in the Comment Room that Timedancer didnít have to really end with Brooklyn and his family arriving in Manhattan at the end of what has always been considered to be in Season 5; there could be a Season 6 showing all sorts of his previously unviewed adventures during the 40 years he danced with the Phoenix Gate. Another person read this and thought, "Well, why couldnít we have a series that showcased untold tales from all of the spinoffs, and allow it to be a catch-all for stories that could/should/need to be told from the TGS universe that just donít have a place to be told otherwise?"

And thus the idea for "Untold Tales" was born. Mostly one-shot stories set all throughout the TGS timeline until the year 2198 (in case some enterprising souls ever wish to turn the basic Weisman idea for 2198 into a TGS reality) allowing for peeks into the futures of many of the cast, as well as explanations for what happened in other characterís pasts.

Wow, really? Youíre actually going to do that??

A: Um, weíd like to. Itís entirely possible that the last of the people willing to write for the TGS timeline will burn out or fade away before we get to itÖso we canít make any promises. We may not even succeed in finishing all of the planned 4 seasons mentioned earlier. But that is what we would *like* to do.

SoÖis there any way I can help out?

That depends. Do you have any talent for plotting, writing, editing, or doing art? If so, you can email us at with a link to several samples of what you can do, and if we feel you have skills that meet our needs of the time, we can bring you on board. Provided you actually want to help, and are willing to spend the long long hours of work it entails, thankless readers (I give my own thanks to those who have stuck by TGS without complaint even through this long dry spell), and having to deal with newbies popping by once a week demanding to know what happened to the Project and when the next stories are coming out.

Doesnít this FAQ answer that?

yep. Itís why we wrote it. Letís hope they take the hints, shall we? ; )


Oct 15, 2004