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Dark Ages Illustrations

For illustrations of the current cast, please visit the Dark Ages Cast page

For picture archives of each season of Dark Ages, see the following links: Dark Ages Season 1 Pictures - Dark Ages Season 2 Pictures - Dark Ages Season 3 Pictures


Asrial in First Do No Harm
by Christi Smith Hayden

Archmage and Roland

The Archmage and Roland in Ever Faithful
by Danzeth

Roland and Asrial

Roland and Asrial in Prince of Thieves part 3
by Danzeth

Reynard and Roland

Reynard and Roland in The Fox Came Back
by Christi Smith Hayden


Atalanta in Coming of Age part 2
by Danzeth

Deborah and Hudson

Deborah and Hudson in Alliances part 2
by Danzeth

Agamemnon and Hudson

Agamemnon and Hudson in Pilgrimage
by Siryn


Edmund in Perspectives
by Danzeth


Edmund in Perspectives
by Danzeth

Othello and Desdemona

Othello and Desdemona in Perspectives
by Jessica Entis