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Pendragon Illustrations

For illustrations of the current cast, please visit the Pendragon Cast page

For picture archives of each season of pendragon, see the following links: Pendragon Season 1 Pictures - Pendragon Season 2 Pictures - Pendragon Season 3 Pictures - Pendragon Season 4 Pictures

Merlin and Mary Sefton in Out of the Blue by Karen Blackwell
Griff and Brianna in Return to Avalon by Karen Blackwell
Merlin in The Mists of Eynhallow by Karen Blackwell
Demona, Merlin, and Mary Sefton in Choices part 1 by Lain
Demona, Merlin, and Mary Sefton in Choices part 1 by Karen Blackwell
Merlin trying to start a fire with Griff nearby in Dinas Bran by Lain
Deirdre casting a spell in Ride the Wild Winds by Lain
Merlin and Mary under the mistletoe in Home for the Holidays by Revel
Griff and Brianna embracing in Out of the Frying Pan by Lain
Stone that trapped Roman Spirit in Rome Eternal by Rodlox
Quetzalcoatl in The Dragon's Treasure by Silver
King Arthur & Mary in Fata Morgana by Silver
Emrys watching Mary Sefton and Corbie fight in Fata Morgana by Foxx Laverinth
Mary Sefton in transition form in Black and White by Silver
King Arthur, Mary, Merlin, and Griff in Flight from the Enchanter by Revel
Mary Sefton and Merlin leaving a building in Wolves by Karen Blackwell
Merlin lying down in a tent in Someone To Watch Over Me by Revel
King Arthur in an interrogation room in Someone To Watch Over Me by Revel
Mary Sefton petting a unicorn in Preservation by Lain
Macbeth in Carbonek Part 2 by Foxx Laverinth
King Arthur attacking Morgana in dragon form in Carbonek Part 3 by Karen Blackwell
Pendragon Cast Picture in Carbonek Part 3 by Foxx Laverinth