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Timedancer Illustrations

For illustrations of the current cast, please visit the Timedancer Cast page

For picture archives of each season of Timedancer, see the following links: Timedancer Season 1 Pictures - Timedancer Season 2 Pictures - Timedancer Season 3 Pictures - Timedancer Season 4 Pictures

Khensu and Isfet talking in Sun and the Serpent, Part 1 by Amber
One of Apep's eyes looking at Brooklyn in Sun and the Serpent, Part 2 by Amber
Sata and Meryt in Sun and the Serpent, Part 3 by Amber
Isis in Sun and the Serpent Part, 4 by Amber
Grandmother and Coyote the Trickster talking in Sacred Paths by Noel Leas
Brooklyn and Sata fighting a bear in Brothers in Arms by Jessica Entis
Sata watching a man in the forest in Spirits from the Vastly Deep by Jessica Entis
Sata fighting crows in Spirits from the Vastly Deep by Jessica Entis
Etolie crying while leaving the city of Paris in To the Soul by Damocles
Aleta grabbing Artus with Ophelia and Gabriel in CrossRoads, part 1 by Amber
Pregnant Sata watching Brooklyn timedance away in CrossRoads, part 2 by Amber