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Only an hour? Hmmmm... *slow, evil grin*. Let the game begin! :)
Fleur - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 11:03:56 PM

Hmm... About an hour before the weekly contest for top ten should begin. Thats always a fun bit of friendly competition...
Sunday, February 21, 1999 10:57:48 PM

A burly looking delivery man walks into Jim's party carrying a large present, which he immediately gives Mr Dis. Connect. There is a small card attached to the top. Mr Dis opens the card, reads it silently for a second, then screams and drops the box. However, before it hits the ground, four long, hideously sharp metal 'arms' burst from the box and wrap themselves around Dis, cutting deep into his flesh and not stopping until they reach his bones. Then the box explodes, taking Dis with it.
The badly singed card floats down and lands beside a piece of Dis. In Fleur's writing it reads:
This is for cutting me off before I posted TWICE. And I still don't know what you've done to my email, but it's for that too.

Kitania> *winces* Sorry Doug's mum didn't like you much. I like your attitude towards the whole thing - I'm glad you also think the only people who's opinions matter are you and Doug. WOA> Give it time. Maybe if you just keep acting exactly the same, she'll realise how wrong she was about you. Either way, good luck to the both of you. :)

Kaioto> >Some guy is born in a particular place to a particular family and all of the sudden he is ~ the one ~ and destiny goes out of its way to lend instant credibility to his claim?< I like Terry Pratchet's take on this. In his discworld books, the guy finds out he's the king (at least, I think he does)... and doesn't care. Without any fanfare or 'do-I-deny-my-destiny?-BS' he just keeps doing what he always did, being a cop.

Wavelength> My condolences on your break-up.

Jewel> Congratulations! Glad your interview went well - I hope you get the job!

Demona Tania> the closest I've ever come to unconsciousness is when I was under anastetic (sp) for my wisdom teeth. It was.... blank. Seriously, it was like being asleep without dreams. One second, I was awake, then I was waking up with a sore mouth. I've never actually been _knocked_ unconscious before. Kinda glad I haven't. :)

Matt> >Hmm this makes a change, seeing something first instead of having to avoid talk of the X-files, DS9 and Buffy that I won't see for months :)< Boy, _that_ sounds familiar! :)

Dumloa> re: cop troubles. My condolences. Good luck in court.

Coyote> Get well soon!

Robby> You know, you really shouldn't lie about your drawings like that. Here I was, thinking I'd see a picture that made mine look good by comparison, but instead I see this FANTASTIC drawing. It's cruel, I tell ya! :)
Seriously, you are a great artist, and, IMO, those eleven years have NOT been wasted.

Welcome back Dark Angel

SOROW> *Wipes tears from eyes and blows loudly into a Kleenex.* Oh, that poem was beautiful! Well done!

Warning labels> My personal favourite is the one they put on irons - Do not iron clothes on body.

Jewel> Man, sounds like Bryn Mawr could rival Jim Noying for wild parties. Fuuuunnnn. :)

Argent> Ooohh! Congrats on your new family member!

Gabriel and Deuce> More great poems! Kewl!

Hi Peter! *waves*

Tim> Man, what a bummer! Your sister must be ready to kill your dad! Um, call me stupid, but WHY would he clean a car with gasoline in the first place?

Welcome LeXington!

$Okay, I know nothing about chaff bombs, and my knowledge of nukes is even less, so if this is totally innaccurate, well, Tom and Jerry (anyone else catch that? :) ) made their bomb this way to make it more effective.$


Arriving on the roof, Fleur turns off her cell-phone and turns her attention to the bomb Gubio is trying frantically to dismantle.
"It's been computer encoded!" the hacker cries. "I don't have enough time to turn it off!"
"How 'bout pulling off the detonator?" Fleur asks. Gubio brightens, then frowns.
"That might work, but..." he trails off as Fleur steps forward and grabs the detonator, digging in her talons and pulling as hard as she can. The detonator pops out, trailing wires.... but keeps ticking down.
"The detonation device is a bomb too!" Gubio screams the end of his sentence. Fleur looks at the detonator still in her hands..... and the screen winks off.

Fleur - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 10:53:24 PM


Tim Phipps> He did WHAT?! HOW STUPID IS ONE PERSON CAPABLE OF BEING?!! Yeesh! Oh...and I'm glad you mentioned Dogbert's New Ruling Class; I'm an official member. I even have an official title within the DNRC if you search for my name...

Jewel> And I thought we CR dwellers lived in an environment of terminal weirdness. :P

GXB> Hm...even if I could attend, I'd probably look awfully silly in costume...

Spike> Very kewl pics. The only decent piece of artwork I've ever done was something I didn't even draw; I assembled it from screenshots from a gargoyle-oriented video game. I can put it up for y'all if you like...

Siskel's dead? Man, he and Ebert were an institution of cinema! Who will Ebert work with now?!

Heather> Yet another great pic!

LeX> Welcome! Sanity is strictly outlawed here, but since you're Future Tense Lex then you're already insane and therefore perfect for our CR. ;)

Coyote> Man I'd like to have a decal of me and Miriam...but I can't divulge my mailing address. Dang.

Hm...I don't know any songs that remind me of gargoyles...

Wilek Nereus
Sunday, February 21, 1999 10:36:45 PM


Mandi and Selwyn are still commandeering the couch as Jim's party is winding down. They've done a little slow dancing, but now both of them are too worn out for even that. Mandi's half-asleep with her head on Selwyn's (unharmed) shoulder.

Selwyn peers over at the jukebox. <"Didn't they already play that song?">

"Hmmm? I think this is the fifth time around. What, you want to dance?"

<"You want to?">

Mandi snuggles against him. "Not really."

**END RP (hey, I'm tired!)**


Coyote> Kudos on "Moment of Truth." Although I don't really get Demona's reasoning on putting Thorn and Samson together to cure Samson, it was a great mechanism for Samson to be (partially at least) shocked back to reality. I absolutely loved the end scene, as well as Demona's rage at Sevarius. Don't worry about the delay; it was worth the wait. :)


Jewel> Bryn Mawr does sound interesting. Wish we could get away with something like that at Hood...but lately, there's been less individuality around here. I seriously think that each class that comes in is getting more and more "preppie", for lack of a better word. Someone was actually whining about there being no sororities here last semester. We're getting more apathetic or cliquey folks, and it's just irritating. How I slipped through the cracks, we'll never know. :)

Oooh...tired. FYI, I'm keeping my name linked to the Bob Kiwi site for now. I'm determined to plug the strip so people do e-mail Jen - then she'll pick it up again instead of falling prey to all the crossover ideas her brother's been giving her over e-mail. It may be in script format, but it's got the funniest car chase scene I've read in a while. :)

That's all, I swear. Night!

Mandi Ohlin
Sunday, February 21, 1999 09:51:37 PM

Hello! VoteforGargoyles!voteforgargoyles!voteforgargoyles!
voteforgargoyles! We're only at 74%! VoteVoteVote!
Okay-now that that is said- WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THE FANTASIC FOUR-TO-TERRIFIC TRIO THING? So far I had really liked the Batman Beyond EPs, but this one- in my opinion- was just really BAD! No offense to anyone who liked it.
The Jiggley-Puff Pokemon was soo cute! okay-thats all for WB stuff.

Argent~ Congrats on your new cous! Thanks for the Tootsie Pops.

So long everyone, Bye, Bye!

Sylvia - []
Colorado Springs, CO
Sunday, February 21, 1999 09:42:44 PM

Sorry for the 2X post ...

Heather: "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is by the Tolkiens.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, February 21, 1999 08:50:37 PM


**the screen lights up to reveal ... Coyote and Ravyn, in the middle of their last dance at Jim's mansion. The jukebox has been playing its two songs over and over for them ... mainly because Coyote kicked it hard enough for 22 plays of each.**

<"So tell me ... is there any particular reason why you want to go to Arizona besides clearing up your allergies?">

Well ... didn't want to say this in front of everyone, but ...

<"Go on.">

Well, Jimmie's family, last he knew, was in Arizona. I want to return all of those freaks to their families ... Susie and Lucy told me that the circus had kidnapped them and forced them into the sideshow.

<"What about the rest of them?">

I hate to tell them this ... but their families may not have survived their kidnappings. Jimmie was abducted on his way to school ... but the rest were taken out of their homes directly. Jimmie's my best shot at reuniting a family.

<"Well, I'm with you all the way.">

**Ravyn moves closer to Coyote as they dance.**

**END RP FOR TONIGHT!! (sorry, I'm kinda creatively drained.)**

New fic: After a one-day delay, it's up. Click on my name link to witness the "Moment of Truth." Please note that I'm advising all readers about certain scenes that, while not really explicit, have a certain sexual connotation to them. It's nothing like Christine's stuff, though. :) (j/k, Christine. ;)

Gene Siskel: Though I never agreed with *any* of his reviews ... I still will miss him.

Tim: Ahh, wouldn't worry about it too much. Washes his *hands* in gasoline? That's not chemical exposure, that's plain ballsy stupidity there. Perchance, is your dad a smoker? (GOD, I HOPE NOT!!)

Self-criticism: Folks in here should know how I feel about the topic, seeings as how I've given Mandi permission to MSTie any of my fics she sees fit to (Mandi: BTW, that offer still stands.).

Ravyn: Kewlies, that sounds neat. Well, since you told all about yours, I'll tell you all about mine (which I would liken to be the "Disneyland of Michigan.")
The Henry Ford Museum is a museum dedicated to the rise of industrial America, particularly how it impacted Michigan and (more importantly) the auto industry. Among many of the neat displays they have in the museum is a caravan of Presidential limousines (the last one being from Reagan's first inauguration; after that one, the US Government stopped donating the limos to the museum), a line of cars which traces the evolution of American automobiles, and four *entire* train locomotives.
In the back of the museum is Greenfield Village, which is a throwback to the early colonial times. Many of the buildings in Greenfield Village are based on colonial designs ... they usually have demonstrations of early colonial life going on ... and among the buildings (I haven't personally seen it yet) is one which is supposed to have been Thomas Edison's boyhood home, transplanted to Dearborn from its original site in Port Huron, Michigan.

LeXington: Welcome to the room! Remind me sometime to show you the picture I have of you on the back of my car. :)

Speaking of vinyls ... folks in here going to the Gathering, I'm entertaining the idea of having a number of vinyl decals cur similar to the Lexington one I had made for my car and letting folks have them. Different characters, though ... it'll be the character of choice above a printed message (more that likely the same on on the Lexington vinyl: "GARGOYLE POWER"). Anyone interested in here, drop me a line with your fave gargoyle character, and I'll cut it for ya. Fic characters are open game, too ... was planning on bringing a couple as gifts for Christine (a Jericho vinyl) and Spike (A Spike vinyl). Let me know if you're interested.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, February 21, 1999 08:47:34 PM

Ok, I'm back.Found some lyrics that reminded me of Lex and Fox in "Thrill of the Hunt".
The song's called Tainted Love.

Now I pack my things and go,
You say that love is to pray,
Well,I'm sorry,I don't pray that way,
Once I ran to you,
Now I run from you,
This Tainted Love you've given,
I gave you all a boy could give you,
That's my tears and that's not nearly,
Oh, Tainted Love,
Tainted Love,
Don't touch me please,
I can't stand the way you tease,
I love you though you hurt me so,
I need someone to hold me tight,
Don't touch me please,
I can not stand the way you tease,
Touch me baby, Tainted Love

Would have shared a poem with you (like everyone seems to be doing), but I'm not ready to bare my soul yet. I'll get my cyborg butt outta here now.

LeXington - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 08:06:49 PM

It's the one and only Lexington!
(Yes, the one from Future Tense. Don't try to kill me all at once!Take a number!)
Thought I'd come in here and see what this is all about, so don't be hard on me! First time, ok?Okay,I'll leave you with this bit of poem that I think Demona wrote.

But se, amid the mimic rout,
A crawling shape intrude!
A blood-red thing that writhes from out
The scenic solitude!
It writhes-it writhes!-with mortal pangs
The mimes become it's food,
And the angels sob at vermin fangs
In human gore imbued
...The play is the tragedy, "Man",
And it's hero the Conqueror Worm

expert from Edger Allen Poe's poem 'The Conqueror Worm

(note from LeX: if you want the whole poem, e-mail me and I'll send it to you)

LeXington - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 07:53:23 PM

Wilek & Coyote> Thanks for the positive vibes!

Deuce> What a wonderful poem! How long did it take you to think that one up?

Sunday, February 21, 1999 06:51:08 PM

HEY DOUG!!! i can send you some bits and pieces of the song..but im not to talented:) so give me your EM and i will let ya hear some of the songs ok?:) BYE!
Lexy - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 06:03:42 PM

Here another pic for you TGS people and other TimeDancer/Gargoyles fans. Here's a pic of Ariana ! Next up , Nudnik and Sata.

5 favorite movies
1)Oliver and Company
2)Jurassic Park
3)The Lion King
4)Lost In Space
5)Down Periscope

5(well 2 actually) Favorite Books
2)Star Trek

5 favorite songs
1)"Ghetto Superstar" - ODB, Mya, and Pras
2)"Intergalactic" - The Beastie Boys
3)"Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
4)"Baby, One More Time" - Brittany Spears
5)"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - (I forgot)

Heather - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 05:29:50 PM

Well gentleman IRL are a rare specious. I am the only one I know in my entire shcool that never lies, curses, or is sarcastic ever.
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 21, 1999 04:14:02 PM


The screen lights up with the Dark Star, coming out of hyperspace in response to an apparent communication from Wilek. Wilek's shuttle is in front of it, being chased by a horde of Metal Gear 5000 spacetanks. The Dark Star releases its fleet and the two begin to do battle. The shuttle zips amongst the fighting, docking in the Dark Star's hangar bay. Agent Rho and some Borg come to meet them, surprised to find Wilek's team has apparently gotten some new members. "Uh, what are Micheal Jackson, Kimberly the Pink Power Ranger, the Monkees, Simon Belmont, and Sir Elton John doing with you?" he asks. Wilek (who has a much harsher cast to his features than he should) glares at him. "It doesn't matter," he snaps. "Take us to the main control room, we need to survey the battle outside." "Uh, alright," Agent Rho says, waving to the team to follow him. Wilek tells Miriam (who is for some reason taller and more muscular than she should be, and not walking like a woman) to go freshen up, and she heads off to do so. He and the others then head after the suspicious-looking Agent Rho.

The screen changes to the hotel, where Doug and Janice are exploring the penthouse, looking for Traveler. Doug's cell phone rings, and he answers it, listening to Jaden right up until the phone is shot. "Jaden's in trouble," Doug says, lowering the cell. "Guess we better go help him." Janice nods. "I'll go find Lathrop. He can teleport us there quickly." Doug nods and turns to make a CR post as she runs off.


Dumlao: I know that fact of life all too well. <smiles at Kitainia>

Voting: We're up to 74% now, hope we continue to rise up. Gargoyles must prevail!

Lexy: Cool song. It reminds me of Gargs, too. Wonder how the tune sounds. Good lyrics like that must have a great tune to accompany them.

Jewel: Bryn Mawr sounds like an interesting college. Hope you keep talking about your experiences there in your posts here up until graduation, my friends and I in Austin are getting so many good party ideas from them! (Jammer, Tricia, and Gubio are planning to host a "bra party" sometime during spring break thanks to reading your posts.) Sounds like you had a lot of fun going to school there, which is good. They say college is supposed to be the best years of your life. I personally hope my life will continue to get better after college, but it's good that both our college experiences are so far turning out great.

GXB: Kitainia and I are planning to go to the Gathering this year. We'll come as Broadway and Elektra, costumes already being worked on. So it's too late for us to decide to be Unseelie. But we will look forward to seeing you and your friends as them, and getting some pictures. :)

Argent: Congrats on your new cousin. Hope he doesn't become a terror every time he visits, like a few cousins of mine are. :)

Gabriel: Great poetry. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Steve: Thanks for letting me use the idea. As for Ian Slater's series, I'll definitely have to check that out. It sounds like great reading. Thanks for recommending it, man.

Deuce: I like your poetry, too. I can definitely sympathize with the emotions in it.

Tim: Augh! I hope your Dad's okay. And that he's learned his lesson. :P

Batman Beyond: I agree with Todd about this show, it's getting too much villain-concentrating. I'd like to see more development on Terry and Dana, they are potentially very interesting characters. Especially if she were to become the new Batgirl...uh, never mind, that would be a dumb idea. The villains are also interesting, but I think they need to concentrate on the heroes more because they seem like main characters, as opposed to the villains that are only appearing in one ep each and then seemingly being killed off. The eps still have great plots, though, I can't fault them for that. I especially enjoyed the take they did on the Terrific Trio as opposed to the Fantastic Four.

Gene Siskel's dead? Rats, I'm gonna miss hearing about that guy. I guess Ebert will be looking for a new partner now. Hmmm. Nah, Ebert and Elder doesn't have a nice ring to it. Besides, I don't want to harass the guy, that would be dishonoring the memory of his friend. I will mourn you, Siskel, and hope your replacement knows movies as well as or better than you do.

Peter: Welcome, freshman! Enjoy the CR.

Malibu: Great pic. Thanks for showing it to us. I liked the expressions on Brooklyn and Meryt.

Lexy: Another cool song from you. Again, I wonder what the tune sounds like. You have an MP3 of that or know a site who does?

Spike: Cool sketches. I think your talent must lie in drawing cats as well as gargs. <grin>

Writer Self-bashing: I do this, too. It's easy to do it when you get little feedback. You get to assume no one reads your work, or that nobody cares enough about the entertainment/diversion you gave them to tell you what they thought. But I know my stuff is good, too. I just want other people to agree with me. A lot of writers bashing themselves is probably just fishing for compliments, IMO. But sometimes positive feedback is really needed, same for negative. So all of you please feel free to send it in. :)

That's all for now. Back to making Seth brutally massacre Commandos in my next fic. <evil chuckle> Later!


The screen changes to Jerry and Tom, who have subdued Jaden and tied him up. Jerry is making more rude proseltyzing cracks to him, while Tom finishes setting the bomb. "Uh, Jerry?" Tom says as he configures a few dials. "There's a weird smell coming from this thing." "Oh?" Jerry stops proseltyzing and threatening Jaden with his own axe. "What?" "It smells like a nuclear fission reaction is occurring inside it. I have a chemical engineering degree from Rice (Tom's a math whiz and took several college courses in HS, he got this in two years), I know the smell. You think this might not be chaff?" "So what if it is nuclear?" Jerry asks. "All the better! We can wipe Vegas off the map!" "Excuse me," a voice interrupts. Jerry and Tom turn to see Doug, Kitainia, and all the Ravens standing on the roof pointing drawn weapons at them. "Oh, shit," Tom says, raising his hands and putting them on his head as Jaden smiles happily beneath his gag. Jerry sneers at the Ravens and hits the last switch on the bomb. "There!" he shouts. "You have two minutes! Even those with the power of Satan can't do it in that long!" Keith suddenly appears behind Jerry (fading out of Stealth camo) and knocks him down with his nunchuks. Jerry kicks him back, dodges the shots the team fires at him, and leaps off the building. He lands on a nearby rooftop and begins running and jumping away. Kitainia takes off after him. "I'll catch Jerry!" she shouts. "Deal with the bomb!" "You got it," Gubio nods. He and Keith begin trying to disarm the device. Tom looks at them worriedly. "Don't move," Doug says, keeping his shotgun trained on the engineer. "But if we don't get out of the blast radius, we're all gonna die!" Tom whimpers. "That includes you," says Stephanie. "Obviously whoever told you to plant that thing doesn't care that it will also kill the distributors." "Stephanie?" Tom asks, staring at his old girlfriend. "Don't tell me you're one of the demon-posessed people Jerry told me about, too." "What?" Doug asks. "You guys are here hunting people you think are demon-posessed?" "Yeah, Bishop Galante told us you were. Jerry believed him, and I went along with it. That's why we were gonna chaff Las Vegas. To make it easy for Jerry and some really bad robots to take you out." "Tom," Stephanie says. "I hate to break it to you, but the Bishop is the bad guy, not us." "What?" The screen unfortunately fades out, to be continued.


Doug - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 04:00:26 PM

Whoo, I have _got_ to stop skipping the room for four days, or else it takes me forever to read it all! And darn it, I missed getting to do a Mastercard commercial for Aiden ...

Okay, onward!

First order of business: Avalon Mists Deadline is Wednesday, February 24th. Send those fics, pics, filks, poems, jokes, character spotlights, crossovers, and other fun stuff to me at (and remember, keep it clean, ratings of G or PG).

Kitainia > Wow, gosh, what a flashback to my own first husband's mother! The one who, at our _wedding_, said to my mom, "How can you let this happen?!" And ranking me among such greats as King and those other authors -- you're spoiling me, flatteringly, but still! No way am I that good. Give me 20 years ...

Matt > I adore Red Dwarf, though Season 7 did leave much to be desired. And here I thought I'd be happy when they added Kochanski to the team.

Demona Taina > <<As I've been saying, I'm in love with Goliath. IRL and RP. No, no kidding, I love that guy! He's so tall! So handsome! So BIG! If ONLY he was blue... if only!!! Every show that I watch I must like a blue one,>>
-- hmm, I should introduce you to Jericho ... ; )

Argent > was it this one? From Reprisals Part I? --
"The dream." Angela nodded. "You were unconscious, and Elisa and I were so worried! Then you awoke, and said you'd had a dream that you had to make sure didn't come true. And you hurled the Phoenix Gate into the air, ridding yourself of it."
"Yeah, thanks for that one," Brooklyn muttered.
His mate poked him in the ribs. "Regrets, Brooklyn-san?"
He slipped an arm around her. "Not anymore."

Christine - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 02:58:14 PM

Worst critics>>>
*laughs* How very, very true. I regularly refer to some of my sketches <click!> as "my crappy pencils". When I did the FanFic panel at G98 and had introduce myself, I wound up saying with a shrug, "I've been known to doodle and tell a few stories."

Sunday, February 21, 1999 02:33:59 PM

Argent> Congratulations on the new cousin! And thanks for the Tootsie Pop. ;)

Coyote> Well, the Desert Museum is more like a zoo than an actual museum. It's way out by itself in the desert west of Tucson, and it's *really* pretty out there. You take kind of like a walking tour out through the desert along these paths, and along the way there's exhibits and little signs pointing out interesting things about desert wildlife. ;) They also have a nice fenced-in area with all the native birds, and they have cages with javelinas and coyotes and just about everything else you can think of that lives out here. It's a very pretty place, and I'd recommend it to anyone visiting Tucson. :)

Deuce> Nice poem! There's really a lot of emotion put into that one, I can tell. Wonderful writing. :)

Jewel> Uh...Bryn Mawr sounds...interesting...;)

Tim> Sorry about the car! I guess dumb accidents happen a lot more often than I offense to your dad, of course. My dad thinks he can fix everything himself too, so I know how it is. ;)

Sunday, February 21, 1999 01:54:30 PM

Salvete familiares.

Mandi> I know all about those days when you just can't get away from anything you don't want to see more of then necessary! *shudders* :-P

Jewel> Bryn Mawr sounds... fascinating. *grin* I considered applying there, but you're not going to believe what my mother said about it and other all-female colleges, and even some that were co-ed! She didn't want me to go to those schools because she was concerned about the "high homosexual populations." I couldn't believe my mother was being over-protective to that extent. I mean, was she afraid that I would be "turned" or somehow evilly influenced? I never dated in high school either (and I'm still not dating now in college, but that's another story), so was she concerned that my lack of "suitors" would cause me to "change?" I am most definitely hetero! *frustrated sigh* Yikes, I'm really sorry about that rant. I think I have some issues with my mother. :-P Anyway, your school sounds very unique and interesting (not in a negative way). Oh yeah, and congrats on your good job interview, although I know it's kinda late.

James Birdsong> That is good to know. It wouldn't be a bad thing to have more gentlemen around. It's gotten to the point where whenever a guy actually does something polite for me, I have to remind myself not to stand there in disbelief. *half-smiles*

*bangs her head against her thesarus* I can't remember what else I wanted to mention in this post! My mind has been wiped somehow! *starts thinking of X-Files-like conspiracies* (j/k)


Blue Caeru
Sunday, February 21, 1999 12:41:26 PM

Great poetry, all!

Artists bashing their own stuff: Artists and writers and all creative types either think their stuff is crap or they thing it's the shit. There usually is no in between. SPeaking from experience, I can safely say you are your own worst critic of your own abilities (I nearly was strangled when I refered to my drawings as "doodles" and said, "But these really aren't that good!" and for saying my writing was "Almost decent."

Bryn Mawr: <g> Yes, Bryn Mawr is the strangest college in the US. Hell, probably the world. Philadelphia magazine, when oing a story on all of the colleges in the area, and describing the students, describes us as, "They wear black robes and sing in ancient Greek, holding colored lanterns." [a description of one of our Traditions, known as Latern Night. We all get lanterns with panels the color of our class color. The lanterns signify the light of knowlegde, and Lantern Night is the ceremony where we give the freshmen their lanterns. We sing in Ancient greek because the patron goddess of the college is Athena.] And I saw one college magazine that gave a description of the typical student at different colleges. It got to Bryn Mawr and choked, finally coping out with something along the lines of: "Bryn Mawr is comprised of so much individuality that there is no such thing as the 'average' Bryn Mawr student." <g> Where else on earth do you have the entire college celebrate May Day by dressing in various forms of white dresses, from standard dresses to see-through knit dresses to renaissance festival type dresses to corsets and miniskirts, along with dancing around the Maypole and then the May*hole*? (People thought the pole was a wee bit too phallic, so...) Last year we even had a merry-go-round.

jewel - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 11:49:07 AM

USA today vote
Ren & Stimpy is clawing the votes back fast - now at 65-35.

MDY - []
UKSunday, February 21, 1999 11:08:45 AM

Here's the link to a pic I drew of that scene in The Sun and The Serpent: Part II where Brooklyn and Meryt sing. (Don't laugh at the wings, it's a lucky thing they're there *l* And yes, I know Brook's tears look dumb, but oh well <:))
Malibu Nylkoorb
Sunday, February 21, 1999 09:50:00 AM

Perhaps the thing that worries me the most about "Batman Beyond" is that it's falling into the same sort of routine as "The New Batman/Superman Adventures" of making the nominal protagonist overshadowed by the antagonists. The last three episodes all focused on the antagonist for that episode (the persecuted teenager who stole the Golem robot, Mr. Freeze, and the Terrific Trio - who indeed did feel like a Fantastic Four parody), with Terry just watching on the sidelines until he shows up at the end to stop aforesaid antagonist from doing a lot of damage.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, February 21, 1999 09:26:22 AM

Dumloa X: I sended the pic and quote. Hope you get it.
Peter: As the others said your welcome.
This was the last comment in this week. Hope see you all next week.
Ciao Gabriel

Sunday, February 21, 1999 08:50:09 AM

**** A mood-breaking intrusion of Renard-like honor ****

I just went and voted for Ren and Stimpy so that my earlier vote for Gargoyles would be nulled. My line of thought was that my vote was already 300 times less important than that of Peter, so not voting was as good as voting either way. Moreover that I didn't want to participate in a competition that was so completely meaningless that people were proud of their cheating. I don't really mind a little cheating, but please don't be *proud* about it! Or we could just as well use the voting programs which would make the Gargoyles seem the most popular show on television....

Frankly I think that it would have been a great deal better if we had won it fairly... And I also think that we *could* have done it. No way to know it now, though.

**** end intrusion ****

Jewel> Good luck and congratulations from me as well! And for your brother, as well!

Aris Katsaris - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 05:20:28 AM

Ravyn< the song is from Alan Parsons..the CD is Stereotomy and the song is entitled Stereotomy:)

*L* the next song on the track..just for fun decides to recite nuthen better to do..oh except to VOTE GARGOYLES DO IT NOW NOW NOW!! VOTE LIKE MAD!!!!!:)

Song entitled "Beaujolais" pronounced (bo-sho-lay) o as in OH NO.. beaujolais is a sweet wine:)


No clock beside my bed, dont try to wake me
No phone upon my wall, whos going to call
No knock upon my door, no news to shake me
Nights like the one before, I cant take no more

Beaujolais goes straight to my head
Beaujolais puts me to shame
And I dont know why im in this place or how i came
Beaujolais and i go crazy
Beaujolais, i cant explain
But it helps me to forget the past and ease the pain

One race that i cant win
With an alter Ego
One chance to sink or swim
What am i to do?
One tail that i cant shake
Wherever I go he go
One circuit I cant break
Its a catch twenty two

Beaujolais goes straight to my head
Beaujolais' the one to blame
And i dont know why im in this place or how i came
Beaujolais will be my ruin
Beaujolais I cant complain
Cause it helps me to forget the past and ease the pain

*L* sorry..but i didn't know what to say..humm..does anyone here know who sang that one song that says, "my angel in the night"? something about the luv of his life?? hmm..cuz it reminds me goliath and demona:) when they were young of course:p OK ill leave ya'all be ON WITH BETTER COMMENTS:) BYE! *waves, runs out TO VOTE!!!*

Lexy - []
Sunday, February 21, 1999 04:09:01 AM

Hi all.
Peter> I noticed your from Kamloops! I myself came from Vernon. Do you live by the lake? I use to live with my Grandma by the head of the Oganogan lake, it was a great veiw.
Have you seen the Ogopogo yet? :)
I was also wandering if you are new in the CR? If you are, then welcome. It's not often I come to the CR, and when I do someone new joins in.
Anyway, I have to go now!
Talk to ya all later.

N. Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Sunday, February 21, 1999 01:32:38 AM

I just spend the past hour and a half reading this board beggining to end. But at last something I can comment on I saw. Blue Carue: I am glad you don't hate gentleman. I am the kind at the chat room who opens doors and buys woman drinks. I'd protect them from fights as well if the room wasn't beseen. Makes saving damsels in distress a bit hard you know (faint smile)
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 21, 1999 12:48:55 AM

Hopefully the link works this time.
Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Sunday, February 21, 1999 12:11:06 AM

I am eternaly grateful for the existance of the CR. I have been unable to keep my sanity in check ever since Imagine stopped publishing Ultra Game Players magazine, though has helped(click). Two weeks ago I decided to look at the CR just for the heck of it and it frightened me... greatly. EXCELLENT!!!!

Gargoyles is at 85% now again. I brought it up to 85% 3 times on Saturday. I've probaly voted at least 300 times. Gargoyles WILL win the "Battle of the Animated TV Hits".

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Sunday, February 21, 1999 12:09:11 AM

Robby> I heard of Gene Siskle's passing this afternoon. I kinda liked him. And he was so young too! That sucks.

Coyote the Bando> Thanks for the sympathy. The ironic part is that my dad changes the oil in my sister's car because he's afraid that she'll do something wrong and damage the car. I think I'll submit this to the DNRC Induhvidual siting page. He is pretty fond of using gasoline to clean off everything from oil spills, engines, and even his hands. And he has no idea what causes those rashes. We live in Monona County in Iowa, which is largely a farming community, so many people do there own work on vehicles. This exposure to chemicles may be why all the kids around here are so screwed up.

Tim Phipps
Sunday, February 21, 1999 12:06:11 AM

I guess it's just one thumb from now on, huh?

I'm sorry, that probably came out all wrong.....

Sevarius Jr.
Saturday, February 20, 1999 11:29:09 PM

Selanit> Never mind about Caitlingoyle; I just figured it out. I'm so silly I forgot about her site. :P
Saturday, February 20, 1999 11:25:26 PM

A moment of silence for film critic, the late Gene Siskel.


Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:50:34 PM

Apperently, while such high profile Star Wars baddies as Darth Vader had arrived in grand fashion, bounty hunter extraordinaire Boba Fett had sneaked in the back way. He was sipping a Racktagino (forgive me, I can't spell Klingon) alongside Lt. Worf, who had arrived a few minutes earlier. Worf is sharing his Convention horror stories.
"So I tell this pimply geek fanboy, Hey, no way Kirk could kick Picard's ass. I mean, I served under the man, and he eats Romulans for breakfast--"
"BOBA?" a voice cries out.
"Oh no," the bounty hunter sighs. "Dear God, no."
SJ runs up to the amoral supporting character. "Boba! Hey, when did you get here? It's me, SJ! Remember me?"
"Step back!" Fett warns. He levels his blaster at SJ. "Don't get near me!"
"Boba, hey, calm down. What's wrong?"

Another great episode. But I couldn't help thinking, throughout the whole half hour, that the "Terrific Trio" (or whatever they called themselves, I wasn't paying quite that much attention to their group name) were total Fantastic Four rip-offs. I think Paul was poking some good-natured fun at the folks over at Marvel. :)
Seriously. The 2-D Man was just like Mr. Fantastic, Magma was a Thing-lookalike, and Freon was a bizarre amalgamation of the Invisible Girl and the Human Torch (with ice instead of flame). All in all, the show's shaping up to be quite good, although I must admit, one of the things I like about the original Batman is that his villains all don't have superpowers. In fact, aside from the stronger-than-average strength of Bane or Killer Croc, I don't think Bats had ANY regular superpowered foes. I'd like to see the new Batman take on some more human foes.

Dark Angel: Hey, welcome back! Glad to see a fellow Dark City fan. A remarkable story, nice performances, UNBELIEVABLE graphics, and one of the best sci-fi villains I've seen in the last few years (the horrific Strangers; say, Mr. Hand looks an awful lot like Riff Raff!)

Sylvia: I LOVED Rush Hour. This was the perfect buddy-cop movie. Chris Tucker was hilarious, and who can go wrong with Jackie Chan?

Jewel: BRA DANCE? Hmm.....that gives me all sorts of naughty ideas for my own college festivities....

Ordell: Okay! Okay! Didn't know Cake was so dern successful!

Poems: I've tried my hand at this a couple of times. Problem is, all mine aren't very good, and I only write them when I'm depressed or angry at the they're very depressing. And disturbing. And horribly cynical. :(

Robby: <<I still suck at it.>> Whoa, there's a quote that sounds odd taken out of context! ;-p

"Hey, Boba, it's your pal, remember!"
"Oh, I remember. I remember how you embarassed me back at that space bar!"
"Wha--Hey, Boba, that was my clone! I would never do that!"
"Those Ewoks gave me a rash that lasted for weeks!"
"Hey, I---WHAT??"
"I don't care who you are. You're toast, punk." Boba aims his blaster at SJ's head, and prepares to take aim....
<<BTW, to all those involved in the RP, let me get out of this situation on my own, please!>>

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:49:05 PM

Sorry for the 2X post.

Tim: OH MY GOD!! This isn't a funny OMG either, this is the "*I can't believe someone could be that incredibly STUPID!*" OMG.
Perchance, do you happen to live near an auto parts store? If so, then perhaps you should introduce your dad to the lovely stuff Gunk puts out called "Foamy Engine Brite" *BEFORE* he blows up another car by cleaning the engine with gasoline.
Then again, from what you've said in the one post, your dad sounds like one of these stubborn, ornery, "I used to wash my clothes in gasoline without blowin' myself up, why can't I use it to clean an engine?" type of guys. I meet up with them all the time in the store. My sincere condolences on your newly dead car.
Oh, and I won't be buying it ... best thing it could be used for would be parts, and even then, they're probably slightly singed. Besides that, we don't own any cars that the parts could be even useful on, so that knocks that idea out right away.
Don't take this the wrong way ... I do sympathize, having blown my share of engines lately (two in the span of a year: one 425 V8 and one 2.2 four-banger). But hearing about stuff like that just gets my goat, y'know?

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:44:27 PM


**The screen lights up to reveal ... Ravyn and Coyote, still in the midst of trying to decide where they're going next. Ravyn has almost run out of ideas.**

<"... then there's Canada ... and Washington, there's a nice place ...">

Well ... actually, one of your ideas earlier sounded good to me.

<"Really? Which one?">

*shrugs* Arizona. I'm cool with going to Arizona with ya. Truth be told ... it might help my allergies a bit.

**Ravyn grins wider**

**PAUSE RP!!**

New fic: ATTENTION! Due to circumstances beyond my control .... to be specific, my eye ailment and a nutty work schedule ... the new fic will not be posted until tomorrow night. **loud groans from around the room** I know, I hate myself for it, and I sincerely apologize. But I will still bring out the next one on time, come hell or high water.

SJ: Haven't done that myself ... though I had a friend in high school who took a softball between the eyes during a game once. She had *two* really attractive shiners.
As for Pokemon growing on ya ... don't worry about it, I've got that fungus much worse than you do. :)

Wilek: Can he put it in eyedrop form? I'm okay with the eyedrops I'm taking right now, but they have this tendency to ... well ... run down my sinuses and drain into my throat, giving me this really bitter aftertaste in the back of my throat.

Dark Angel: Been a while, hasn't it? Welcome back!

SOROW: Magnificent poem.

Doug, Argent: Thanks for the well-wishes. And congratulations yourself on the new cousin. :)

Lexy: That does sound like an interesting song, there ...

Jewel: **scratches head** Well ... erh ... these little snippets of Bryn Mawr student life you share with us here are starting to make me think that you attend one of the *strangest* universities in the country.
Not that I'm complaining, of course. :)

Greg: I would be interested, as I'm attending. **turns to rest of room** I'm also looking for someone to split a room with ... preferably someone who *doesn't* mind hosting a huge room party the very first night. :) **turns back to Greg** Hmm ... any Unseelies that can be readily portrayed by a 300+ lb. man?

Gabriel: Liked your poem, too. Gee whiz ... everybody's sharing poetry ... wish I could find my 22-line toilet poem from college, :)

Deuce: Really liked yours, too.


<"Arizona it is, then.">

**Coyote nods, pulling a first aid kit out of his pants pocket and handing it to Mandi.**

Sorry about the wait.

<"No problem, really. Come on, Selwyn.">

**Mandi leads Selwyn away, as Coyote turns back to Ravyn.**

Any time in particular you wanted to leave?

<"How about after the party ends?">

Works for me. **motions to the center of the ballroom, after kicking the jukebox again** Care for one last dance?

<"Sure, why not?">

And how can I resist? You're quite the magnificent dancer.

**Ravyn grins widely, allowing Coyote to lead her to the center of the dance floor. They begin their last dance of the party as the screen winks off.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:32:49 PM

Hi guys! Guess what happened at our place this weekend.

Yesterday, my Dad decided to change the oil in my sisters car because she doesn't know how to do it. After he finished, he decided to clean off the engine with gasoline-an act I have repeatedly told him NOT to do. He then turned on the car to see if it would run. when he turn the ignition, the gas ignited which in turn cause the oil in the pan beneth the car to burn. My Dad had to put out the fire by throwing snow on it. Unfortunately, our auto insurence company doesn't offer any policies on stupidity.

God, I hope this behavior isn't hereditory.

Anyway, If anyone is interested in a slightly used 1990 Ford Topaz with a burnt out engine, give me a call. $3000 or best offer.

Tim Phipps
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:31:32 PM


[At the party, Mr. Disconnect has found the perfect place to hide from partygoers he's managed to enrage: The basement. He thinks he's safe...then hears a disembodied voice singing an evil melody..."Bodies, bodies on the floor/Sadly you will play no more/I think you know the reason why/We'll play some games--" Forfexx (the owner of the voice) silently teleports in, forms his right forearm into a sword blade, holds it against DC's throat just hard enough to hurt, and finishes his song--"and then you'll die! <laughs evilly> Now what's this I hear about you inconveniencing a friend of mine?"


Not only has DC been overly fond of visiting me lately, but Forfexx is in my next fic and I thought I'd give y'all a taste of what you're in for.

Robby> <<I still suck at it>> Eh? Robby, that pic of yours is excellent. I'd give a great deal to be able to draw like that. As for the 'downsides' of drawing well...they don't seem all that bad to me; no offense, but maybe you're more temperamentally suited to writing than drawing, despite your obvious skill at both. You kinda remind me of myself when I was starting out as a fic writer. I was convinced that my stories were kinda lame. But I've never recieved anything but positive feedback on them. Maybe you're just too close to your own work to accurately judge it.

SOROW, Gabriel, and Deuce> Excellent poems! Much better than what I can do. I can do non-rhyming prose well enough, but I simply can't make things rhyme.

Selanit> Um...Auntie Bertha is a dragon? o_O Oh, and did Caitlingoyle ever get my e-mail?

Argent> New cousin? Congratulations dear!

Peter> Welcome to the Comment Room! Don't mind the strange, spectral creatures you see from the corner of your eye. Those are creativity spawn, come to take your sanity. Don't worry, you won't be needing it.


[Forfexx: "I've heard that you made my garg pal Wilek try something like, what was it, 15 times for an Internet connection a few days back? But he didn't get the chance to retaliate because he was busy with Legion. And you wouldn't let him into the Ballpitrian Insanity Fest; you didn't let him download the ActiveWorlds browser. And you're keeping him away from a ROM he'd like to have. Now, I hold gargoyles in rather high regard, and I don't like seeing them abused by such unevolved cretins as yourself. You, friend, are TOAST!" Forfexx slits DC's throat, hacks off his arms and legs, rips open his torso, pulls out his internal organs, sticks screwdrivers in his eyes, and cuts out his tongue. Forfexx: "Don't <censored> with any friends of mine." Forfexx slices off DC's head, morphs his own foot into an anvil, and stomps on DC's severed head.]


Wilek Nereus
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:25:00 PM

Argent> *accepts Tootsie Pop* Congrats on the new cousin! Babies are so much fun. Try this: take a large magnifying glass, and look at the little guy through it. Move it back and forth between your faces. Every baby I've ever done that with loves it.

Junk e-mail> You would not BELIEVE how much crap I get at my throwaway Hotmail addys. The amount of "c'mon baby click me" BS I get a wek is staggering. :-P

Gabriel> THAT was one helluva poem. You're good, too.

With all this poetry going on, I might as well post mine. It's called "oversensitive".

i'm sorry that i stepped on
your holy painted toes
i really didn't mean to break
your artificial heart
i swear i didn't see
the illusion of your tears
you know i didn't mean to snap
your spiderweb soul

did i infringe on
your invisible borders?
did i accidentally violate
one of your subjective laws?
i want to know
where you drew the line
and why i'm on
the wrong side

do you honestly believe
that it's so fair
to change these unwritten rules?
is it entirely my fault
that you're oversensitive?

It was inspired by someone I used to... know....

** leaves, thinking sad thoughts. **

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, February 20, 1999 09:53:01 PM

**No RP - extra post to avoid studying**


A friend of mine here at Hood has been dreaming up her own original comics series, and over winter break, she managed to draw, edit and scan page one of her little "Bob Kiwi" series. I read it at work over break and laughed my head off. However, thanks to 18.5 credits and work-study, Jen found herself unable to find the time to draw, edit and scan any more pages. She got so frustrated she eventually put up a script of all the chapters she intended to draw. I read them a little while ago and laughed even harder.

Now this is the only friend at school who understands my enjoyment of Gargoyles to the point that I'll fly out to Dallas for a convention (she herself is a Talespin fan, although her folks won't let her go to the one in LA). This is the friend who has let me bum rides when I need to hit Wal-Mart in a hurry and not take two hours on the bus schedule. This is the friend who also understands the need to get rabid fanfic ideas on paper late at night (or during Honors class).

The point is - I really hate letting all that work go unseen even though she can't readily continue it. I'm asking anyone who has the time to go through the character summaries (you have to) and wants a good laugh to click my name to go to "Bob 101: Intro to Bob Kiwi," read some of her stuff, and e-mail Jen to tell her someone other than me has been reading it. I told her it was great, but I think she just thinks I'm humoring her. Maybe when the semester's over, it'll give her incentive to pick it up.


Sorry, guys, but I've been meaning to plug this for a while.

Mandi Ohlin
Saturday, February 20, 1999 08:52:53 PM

Robby> Ha Ha Ha...NO! :)

Just got the monthly BMG Music Service thing today and they have a whole bunch of gothic gargoyle stuff in the club store this time. I'm ordering this cool keychain and pendant set. They had a garg snow globe(only about an inch high) and this really cool garg can opener. But what am I gonna do with that? Oh yeah, and this awesome garg candle holder, but it was $30 and I'm always broke :( The club always has really cool stuff. I bought a garg incense burner a couple months ago from them. So you guys might what to check it out, if you really like to collect garg stuff. I do!

Saturday, February 20, 1999 08:19:29 PM

Heather and Robby> Great pic's hope to see more of them soon.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Saturday, February 20, 1999 08:14:04 PM


***Spoilers for TimeDancer***

Great story although I would have liked to have known the details of the three years inbetween Part II and III. Also, I was a little disapointed that we didn't get to see this festtival everyone kept talking about. Oh well, I guess this was one of those things best left to the imagination.

***End Spoilers***

That's all for now - TheOneEyedSquid

TheOneEyedSquid - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 08:07:59 PM

Hey all,

Junk e-mail > My advice to people is to set up another account to collect junk mail, spam, etc. I started off with just an AOL address, which collected spam at about the same rate that a black hole collects light. When I got my school acc't, I swore that I'd never get junk mail on there (which is why I was so pissed about the Taliban scandal two weekends ago, but that's another story). I still check my AOL mail, but that's only to hold down the delete button and clear out the mailbox. Nothing in there is ever any good. Then I needed an account that I didn't mind getting spammed on, but could check for some important stuff from time to time. Hotmail, people, Hotmail! The best damn intermediary e-mail service you can get. If that address tarts getting spammed, kill it and start up a new one. Hey, it don't cost nothin'.

Doug > Go right ahead and use that idea. I think I'm so passionate about this topic, and the reason why I like the movie so much, because though it's *not* real, it very easily *could* be real. Stuff like that scares me, because we could be reading about it in tomorrow's headlines. So I try to understand our government's - and not just the current Administration's - position on topcis of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. It also helps when I'm writing stuff just like it :)

I agree that Clancy's Ryan series offeres up much better character development than RSR. The whole series spans, what, eight or nine books, all with the same central characters. I like this type of writing, and I try to emulate it. However, there is something to be said for modern epic stories like RSR and the ambitious authors that write them. Not everyone can tackle a single novel about World War Three as well as Clancy and Bond did. Had they expanded the story into more than one volume I'm sure that they could have developed the characters more. Ever read the WWIII series by Ian Slater? A very good example of multi-volume war stories, IMO. Much more time for examining the human element.

Traveler, Fire Storm > Check out <> For some GREAT stuff about all things thermonuclear. Want to see the effects of a 25-Megaton device detonated in airburst over a city of your choice? Want to know how panic-prone you are? Great, great site.

DumlaoX, Deuce, Wilek > Portable MP3 players will soon be coming out that use IBM's new micro-hard drive that holds a couple hundred megs on a disk the size of a quarter. Can't find the exact issue of Popular Science I read that in (Tim, a little help?). And the hour's-worth of play time on the RIO is also at the lowest quality, isn't it? As soon as we get some competition in this market prices will come down, and I'll be first on line once on drops below $100.

BTW, there was a hilarious article in PS about the RIO. The author was railing about how "the selection of mp3 titles available on the web is miniscule, and most are from bands I've never heard of." Oh, I'm sorry. You meant *legal* mp3s! >:-)

g/g for now. More later.

==Speak softly, but carry an M16.==

'Night all

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Saturday, February 20, 1999 07:45:12 PM

Correction ->83% now
Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Saturday, February 20, 1999 07:44:09 PM

Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!
The new Timedancer EP was awesome! I loved it. I can't wait until the next part comes up. The picture was terrific, I was hoping someone would draw Meryt-Thanks! It was good to see Sata and Meryt "talk" things over.
End spoilers (red lights stop flashing)

Don't forget to vote for Gargoyles we are up to 82% now

My 5 favorite movies are:
The Lethal Weapon series
Rush Hour
The 5th Element
Lady and the Tramp

My 5 favorit books/series are
The Wheel of Time series
The Dragonlance series
The Redwall series
Chronicles of Narnia
The Calling of Dragons series

As for the music- I don't listen to music often so I don't have any favorites although I do like The Backstreet Boys and N Sync

Bye now

Colorado Springs, CO
Saturday, February 20, 1999 07:29:05 PM


Mandi and Selwyn are somewhere in the woods outside Jim's mansion. "Do you recognize where we are?" Mandi asks.

<"Not a clue.">

"Well, it looks familiar to me. I *know* I've seen this particular clearing somewhere before. I just don't know where."

Gunshots are heard, followed by a shriek. <"What the hell?">

Suddenly, a disembodied voice with a British accent speaks clearly enough to be heard by everyone. "We now present...How Not to Be Seen."

Mandi's eyes widen. "Oh, *that's* where..."

<"GET DOWN!"> Selwyn dives for cover, pulling Mandi with him as several more shots are fired...


I am going to the Gathering. I still have to get my registration sent in, get airline tickets, find some Marylander I know who's going to go with me so Mom doesn't panic, and figure out a costume, but I'm going. No, really. (BTW, I got the con site listed in the Internet Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Yellow Pages under Conventions--I still have to talk them into adding a Gargoyles section.)

Robby -- <<Maybe it just has to be long enough to reach part five...>> Okay, I know what's going to happen, and even I'll say it...stop torturing them! :)

And as for your drawing abilities ... <<I've been practicing a minimum of two hours a day every day for 11 years, and I still suck at it. >> **smacks him lightly on the head with a rolled-up poetry submission** Don't give me that! You and Heather both are driving me crazy by bashing your own works, so let me shout it out to both of you: YOUR ARTWORK DOES NOT SUCK! IT'S REALLY GOOD! Trust me, this is coming from someone who's been practicing almost as much (although not recently thanks to college insanity) and I still can't draw anything from my head or get proportions right.

Blue Caeru> Hehehe, don't worry about it. Actually, it's kind of funny now. This is my little tale of trying and failing to avoid ancient Rome this week:

It started Sunday night, trying to read the Satyricon for class. Okay, I know it's accurate and taken in context is a really vicious satire, *but* I still didn't want to read all the details. To add to this, we had to watch the Fellini version, complete with surrealism and subtitles, in class. *shudder* So then, of course, there was the Roman Orgy article, but THEN after I got off the computer, I turned Sabrina on, and just where do Hilda and Zelda wind up in the middle of the episode? In Ancient Rome, with Caligula chasing after them. When someone mentioned a vomitorium, I started pounding my head on my bed, groaning, "I can't win!" So it's not you, it's just my luck. :)

Filking> Geez, that reminds me, I was planning to write a few "Rent" filks...just haven't had the time...

Books: Current favorite (non-sci-fi) author is Barbara Kingsolver. "Animal Dreams" was one of the assigned readings I had for English last year, and it was the only reading that I enjoyed reading (I finished it in one night).


Mandi comes in with only her tank top and jeans - her jacket is wrapped around Selwyn's bleeding shoulder. "You sure you're all right?"

<"Yeah, it's just a flesh wound."> He is almost knocked off balance as he almost trips over Argent dragging Jewel*D into the bathroom and ends up hitting the shoulder against the wall. <"Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, though.">

Mandi offers him the morpher. "Would this help?"

He eases himself to sit down on the couch nearby. <"Not any more. New series, I'm fired. It's just a piece of plastic now.">

"Then how come it worked -"

Dogbert answers, sitting behind a makeshift booth selling spare cybernetic parts. <"You came up with this idea before the new series started.">

"Okay, okay. I think there's a first aid kit around here." She turns and walks over to Coyote and Rayvn, the only pair she immediately recognizes. "Hey, do you know where--"

Coyote signals at her to wait a second, still trying to calm down Rayvn, who's still going. Mandi grins and sighs, flopping down next to Selwyn.

**END RP!**

Mandi Ohlin - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 06:31:57 PM

**Kenny the CR Lawyer enters the room, and approaches Lexy. "Mam, I'm here to sue you for listing more than five books..."**

Lexy-Cool song.

Shampoo labels- Um... WHo could NOT know Lather, Rinse, Repeat? It was one of the morals of the day on Animaniacs!

Sorow- Nice poem. Mind if I steal it for my latest English project? JUst kidding, I wouldn't do that, but its nice.

Greg- I intend to go the the gathering. And my costume is real easy. Myself. Ya see, I'm a Vinnie clone... Now I just need a large, six foor gun with a barrel the size of a trash can and a Jon Travolta accent...

Gabriel- Would I lie about how many parts there are of a story? I might...

I think the lack of RP yesterday was due in part to the fact it was Friday, and a very LONG week had preceded it...


Even though the party is ending in a day or so, STILL guests arrive. The latest? The cast of Lion King. Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kovu all seem rather tired however.
"Whats up with them?" Jim asks innocently.
Timone replies. "Oh, someone's been playing this one song the entire way here... Its been making them real sleepy!"
(Click click if you can't already guess what song I'm refferring to.)

Meanwhile, up in the clouds, Muffasa is having an interesting conversation with Darth Vader.

Elsewhere, Brain and the Leos are about to implement their plans for world domination. How are they going to do it? It is not clear at this point, but they seem to be around the area where Legion was killed earlier...

Robby - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 05:31:55 PM

Hi everyone out there,
Heather and Robby: Great pics! I realy loved the wing- and body shape.
Robby: Hope there isn't a fifth part. You know, someone could kill you for this (Perhaps me)!
Lexy: I like the song. It fits to gargoyles, although it's a love-song.
Sorrow: That was great. Perhaps you should start to write more of this. And about inspiration. I get mine at the same time. Well when else?
---own poetry stuff---
well it's only a short one (I'm not speaking english very well, and so it's the only one in this laguage too), but if someone read it, feel free to criticize.
Long ago I called someone friend,
Long ago I called someone lover.
As I sit near the tree,
I can hear rushing water.
As I sit near my daughter,
I can feel trembling free.
Now I call no one friend,
Now I call no one lover.
And I sit near the tree,
And I sit near my daughter,
Remembering the time I thought I was free.
until next time
Ciao Gabriel

Saturday, February 20, 1999 05:05:57 PM

Thanks to Doug, Ravyn, and Deuce for the positive feedback. Answer to your question, Deuce: I don't really write for fun, my teachers made me do this. But the funny thing is I wrote this at two in the morning while I was crying after a hard day. I began to listen to "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, thought of Gargoyles to make me feel better, and this poem popped into my head. I guess it shows how influencial Gargoyles has been to my life :)
Saturday, February 20, 1999 04:26:18 PM

(Argent walks in, carrying a basket of tootsie pops with an 'IT'S A BOY' balloon tied to it.)
My family has a new member! My new cousin Reed was born yesterday!
(Hands everyone in the room a tootsie pop.)

Just finished Timedancer! (finally) and now...
Phew, that one was good! Did anyone catch the 'Prince of Egypt' reference when Isis was casting that spell? ("In the name of...") Finally have an idea of what Meryt looks like, and it appears she's not the only one trapped 'out of time' from the ancient Egypt clan. Can't wait for the conclusion...(although now I'm not sure if Part VI will be the actual end!)
***ALL CLEAR!***

5 Movies:
1.) 'Star Wars' (all six on one volume)
2.) 'Lion King'
3.) (leaving this slot open for a future movie)
4. & 5.) get two extremely long video tape, record all of the 'Gargoyles' and 'Pokemon' episodes, and have them count as the last two.
5 Books:
1.) The entire 'Redwall series
2.) The entire 'Animorphs' series
3.) print out all of the TGS stories and condense them into one volume
4.) 'Star Wars Bounty Hunter Wars' saga
5.) a laptop computer so I can write my own!
5 Music Selections:
1.) 'Phantom of the Opera'
2.) 'Lion King on Broadway'
3. 4. 5.) Record all of my fav songs onto three CD's

Warning Labels> It's sort of scary to imagine exactly what incident spawned some of these. For example:
'Please remove infant before folding stroller'
'This costume will not enable user to fly.'

(A soaking wet Argent is trying to catch an equally drenched Jewel*D, both trailing paths of soap bubbles and water all over the ballroom floor. All sorts of interesting chaos ensues as Argent finally manages to drag the squalling draco back to the bathroom.)
"Sorry about the mess Jim, we'll take care of it in a minute!"

Gotta Jet!
(STILL seven months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps.)

Ohio, USA
Saturday, February 20, 1999 04:10:32 PM

***Runs in in a very good mood***

Yesterday I applied to take a spectacular art class outside of the poor art class my high school gives. I went for an interview with examples of my work, and they loved me. In September I get to take classes on Commercial Art, Computer Graphics, and Television Production.

So, who here is going to the Gathering in Dallas? I'm going to be there, and I'll attend the masquerade as Madoc in his fay form. I have already recruited a Garlon and Loki, and am now looking for someone to be Maeve, and other Unseelies. Anyone interested in taking part in the Unseelie crashing the Gathering in Dallas?


***Places a banner of the Unseelie seven-point star on the wall, and walks out***

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 02:58:05 PM

SOROW> That was beautiful. You're a good poet; have you ever entered any contests?

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, February 20, 1999 02:26:50 PM

SOROW> Nice poem there! I wish I had that kind of writing talent. :)

Heather> I liked the pic of Graeme! You did a very nice job on it. :)

Princess Estra> The voting thingy is being run by USA Weekend, and it's a poll/tournament type thing to see what people think is the best cartoon show ever. And I hope you enjoyed Arizona! :)

Lexy> Cool lyrics! What song is that from?

Top 5's> Okay, I tried to narrow it down, although I would go insane if I was only limited to 5 of all these for the rest of my life...(nobody laugh at my choices!)
--Top 5 Books: "A Midsummer Night's Dream," by Shakespeare, my Gargoyles & X-Men comics collection, the "Highlander" book series, the "Chronicles of the Cheysuli" book series, and a bunch of printouts of all the great fanfic out there. ;)

--Top 5 Albums: Garth Brooks' "Double Live," "Cracked Rear View" by Hootie and the Blowfish, the "Quest for Camelot" soundtrack, the "Braveheart" soundtrack, and a tape of a bunch of other songs and music that I like.

--Top 5 Movies: "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King," "Braveheart," "Airheads," and the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

**The screen flickers back on to the main ballroom of the mansion. Ravyn is still grinning.**

"That's great if you guys want to follow me, but where do y'all want to go? Hmm...let's see...we could go back to Arizona, or maybe to L.A., or maybe back east! I've always wanted to go there..."

Coyote grins. <"Okay, Rav, calm down, I'm sure we'll think of somewhere...">

"How about Florida? Or California? They're supposed to be lovely this time of year...Any more enemies you've got to take care of while we're at it? I don't really think I have any enemies..."

**Coyote tries to calm the hyperactive Ravyn as the screen decides to shut off...** **END RP!**

Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:26:26 AM

Thanks everybody for wishing me good luck! =) =) =)

SJ: Pokemon is like Sailor Moon. It's completely ridiculous and the plot's really stupid, but if you start watching it, you end up getting *hooked*. (Says the girl who ridiculed Sailor Moon incessantly after seeing one ep, then got hooked when a friend made her watch a Sailor Moon movie in Japanese. There's a reason why the first line I learned of the song "One Week" was "Get in tune with Sailor Moon 'cause that cartoon's got the boom anime babes to make me think the wrong thing." Even before the X-Files line.)

I agree with the warning labels. Ye gods, that curling iron thing is scary. While we're at it, take off instructions for some things. I mean, do people *really* need instructions for *shampoo*?!!? I know people are stupid, but *come on*.

<sigh> My last hell week at Bryn Mawr is over. So sad. I was at the big blow-out bra dance (yes, you read right, bra dance. We all dance around in our bras. For obviuous reasons, we've had to limit the dance to Bryn Mawr guests and friends to keep guys from five different colleges from showing up.) and it really hit me that I'm leaving. Well, OK, it hit me when I got back to my room. It's kind of scary. This only a day after I scared myself before my interview because I looked in the mirror and there was a grown-up looking back at me (I actually screamed "Oh, God, I'm a grown-up!")
The big dance was more fun than I've had in a long time. Of course, my throat is gone now. There were "perfomances" at dinner, and I was cheering for almost three hours. So my throat was dead. And drinking enough alcohol to tranquilize a horse didn't help it. Eh, well. I do, however, have a fear that a gay woman I know read a *little* too much into the way I was dancing with her. I wasn't just dancing like that with her; I was dancing the same way with people I didn't know (including one guy who really seemed to enjoy me shaking my cleavage across his chest..oh, did I have fun last night). When you dance with a big group of friends, you ususally end up in a circle. So there was a circle, and people occasionally singled their friends out and they did a little dance in the center. I did that with her, then moved on. She singled me out repeatedly. WHen I left one circle to see some other friends (I was floating all over the place all night; I realized that I know *waaaaaaay* too many poeple!) she folllowed me to the others. I don't know if she knows that I'm straight--hell, my own family wondered for a while what the hell I was, because I never dated in high school, then went to an all-women's college. I hope I'm reading more into it that there was, but considering that I was worring even through such an alcoholic fog that I barely felt it when I was accidently hit in the mouth and my lip got cut twice and I didn't feel it when my foot got cut), I'm not sure I am. Oh, well. I'll know Sunday, which is when I'll see her for rehearsal.

And my, that was a long post...

jewel - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 10:25:27 AM

ROBBY> Quit putting yourself down, that's a cool pic!
HEATHER> Liked your illustration too!
SEVARIUS JR.> Pokemon really grows on you if you're not careful, and by the time you realize you're addicted, it's too late! *wicked grin*
COYOTE> I can sympathize, eye problems are the worst!

USA Poll> Alright, Gargs are up by 84% ! (it works, it works!)
I'm not worried about Ren and Stimpy, but have you guys checked out the competition in later rounds? We're looking at the possibility of going up against Animaniacs and Daria. *gulp*

(RP later, got Jujitsu in half an hour.)
Gotta Jet!
(Seven months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Ohio, USA
Saturday, February 20, 1999 08:57:36 AM


Oh, no, wait, hold on . . . . that's not Auntie Bertha! The resemblance is startling, but Auntie Bertha is slightly larger and purple.

Drat. Well, keep trying! <G>

Selanit - []
Ballpitria, Saturday, February 20, 1999 03:59:28 AM

Just a quick something to add: I went out on a special hunting trip - which had a special "Catch and Release" program - and, well... I got lucky! Clickie my name to see a pic of my catch!

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokan, WA, USA
Saturday, February 20, 1999 03:53:16 AM

..just a reminder...VOTE GARGOYLES NOW!!! NOW! GO GO GO GO!!! ..ehem..*looks below* oh. so were nameing top 5's hey? OK!:) *not quite sure she understands how..but goes ahead anyway!* (not in any fave order)

Top 5 CD'S
Richard Marx (greatest hits)
The Best of Alan Parsons Project volume 2
Please Save My Earth Image Soundtrack
Phil Collins...Hits
Amonia Avenue (Alan parsons project)

:p that was

Top 5 movies
Gargoyles..The movie:) of course!
Ah My Goddess
Please Save My Earth
Joy Luck Club
(any dragonball movie:P)

Top 5 books
Chronicles of Narnia
Wrinkle in Time
Curse of The Shadow Beasts:)
(all the Gargoyles comics)
(all the Dragonball comics)

OK OK!! so that wasn't only FIVE BOOKS! SO SUE ME!! geez....:P

HEY EVERYONE!!!! have you ever heard "Stereotomy"??? From Alan Parsons Project?? The CD entitled "Stereotomy"? he he ..its the title track. WELL LISTEN TO IT!! if ya get the is a garg song..well for ME it is anyway..why here..why dont i write out the Lyrics so you can decide..K!!


heres a song that reminds me of gargs!:) what do ya think?

Dimond eyes, that burn me, and turn me to stone.
Crystalize, and freeze me, in clear monochrome.
Turn me to stone, do anything you want with me,
Turn me to stone, do anything you want.
We can make it together
Do anything you want with me, do anything you want.
Scarlet minds, possess me, and I feel no shame.
Silent knifes disect me, and I feel no pain.
We can make it together, do anything you want with me,
Do anything you want.
OH, stereotomy, we can make it forever, do anything you want with me do anything you want.
Starlight beams, project me, in red, blue, and green.
Velvet dreams, protect me, when I hit the screen.
we can make it together, do anything you want with me,
Do anything you want.
Oh, Stereotomy, we can make it forever, do anything you want with me do anything you want.

Turn me to anything you want with me
Cover my eyes..theres nothing more they need to see
Turn me to stone..before theres nothing left of me
Make me a rock..and not what i appear to be
Turn me to stone
Turn me to stone

*smiles* SO WHAT YA ALL THINK!? hmm..its better with music i guess..but i like it:) well SEE YA!!

Lexy - []
suckyville, state of confusion, USA
Saturday, February 20, 1999 03:39:28 AM

Dumlao- At least its wonderful territory to have. Worth having to deny knowledge about certain things for.
Saturday, February 20, 1999 02:19:39 AM

ROBBY-- Sorry, man, but it goes with the territory. Your girlfriend will always have the privelige of asking you to divulge info you really shouldn't. It's a fact of life :)

DEUCE-- MPMan, eh? Depends on the price of the thing. As long as it don't cost more than the Rio, which, IMHO, is a waste of cash due to the fact you can only fit an hour's worth in there.

HEATHER-- Thanx for being the first to contribute to the Illustrated Quotes page. YOur entry will go up as soon as the site gets the new ep.

SJ-- I checked out a site called The Den (accessable via It was there that said Dini was getting involved in Batman 5's script.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:52:57 AM


At Thailog's secret base, the bad guy leaders are getting a communication from Admiral Nipon. "My fleet has just entered the Sol system," he says. "We are currently cloaked and hiding in the rings of Saturn until you distract or disable the Dark Star." "Remain in wait, Admiral," says Jerec. "Your path will soon be cleared." "The fleet of MG-5000s is ready," Zale says when everyone turns to look at him. "All we need now is an exact replica of Wilek Nereus's personal shuttle." "It's built," says Guod. "Borgis and Butt-Borg just got finished with it last night. I checked it out, it runs sufficiently." "I hope so," Zale sighs, recalling what morons Borgis and Butt-Borg are. "Okay, I'll tell the team to get ready. In four hours we ship out and start our little trick." Thailog nods. "Good."

The screen switches to the hotel, where Doug is kicking down doors looking for Traveler. Two people involved in something that's not supposed to be talked about in this CR scream as he looks in their room, and he yells out an apology. Doug opens another door to find a burglary taking place. He shoots the burglar, calls the hotel detective, and keeps going. As he continues his fruitless search, Doug also posts in the CR.


$ Geez, Traveler, where are you hiding? You have a lot of explaining to do, pal. I hope you come out sooon. $ Anyway, on to the post.

Steve: Thanks for causing me to look at the President from The Rock in a new light. Thanks to your post, I now much better understand why he did what he did. Even if it was bad, he had no other choice. Good job on the argument. I especially liked your suggestion that after the film was over the Prez ordered the JCs to pay back the families. (Wonder if I can incorporate that into my fanfic saga. Please.) So you didn't offend me at all, don't worry. I like people who can stand up for their viewpoints so well.

IMO, Red Storm Rising is nowhere near as good as any of the later books. I far prefer Clancy's Jack Ryan series to it. Maybe because he more effectively develops characters in that series, instead of jumping back and forth to action on several fronts as RSR does. Don't get me wrong, RSR is still a great book. I just think Clancy's later works have much better characters and plots. Everyone here should definitely check them out. <grin>

Argent: We've survived worst. (Don't ask me or Kit about the exploding sphagetti sauce incident.) Don't worry, we're both pretty sure our relationship is intact as far as the future's concerned. Baring of course any 'horrendous disasters' such as what happens to Ben Affleck in the movie Forces of Nature (considering that the couple in there is a lot like Kitainia and me in personality, that might not be such a bad thing). That is one movie we're definitely going to see. Same hold for anyone else in here?

Mandi: Great fanfic idea! <chuckle> I can just see it happening. Thanks a lot for suggesting it. As for Matt, the next time we see some major character development for him will be in "Inquisitors." That story has Matt targeted for termination by Mackovic, forcing him to go to war with Alicia Silvermane's thugs. The clan will help out of course. The follow-up to that fic will be "Rebellion." I may have "Silver Shadows" (my current title for the Nikki's date fic), and its sequel "Wrath of the Prejudiced" (which introduces the one main villain I forgot to mention last post, Dana Reeves- anti-Laura and leader of the evil Fundamentalist Extreme militia called the Sword of God) happen before "Rebellion," I may not. Don't know yet. Bet you're looking forward to these stories. Happy reading. :)

DumlaoX: Good luck.

Robby and Heather: Thanks for posting those great pics of Graeme and Gavin. I'm looking forward to seeing the latter in your stories, he looks neat.

Coyote: You're welcome. Glad your health is improving, though I am sorry to hear about your eye. Hope it soon gets healed with the help of that stuff you're using.

Credit Card Ads: SJ's right, they're getting old. Let's go ahead and stop them. Thanks to all who participated (BTW, they're MASTERCARD ads, not Visa or Discover). I'll close it with one last parting shot (from my fanfic saga):
White van ranking a six on the Kroll-O'Gara scale of vehicle protection- $250,000.
High-caliber machine pistols and ammo- $200,000.
Gleaming white polyester uniforms with Christian motifs- $2,000 apiece.
Military training- $20 an hour.
Thinking you can go up against New York's clan of "demons" and come out on top- priceless. (The Sword of God, who else?)

SJ: Ugh, gory DC death. But still a good one. I bet he really deserved it, right? :)

Dark Angel: I remember you. Welcome back to the CR, man.

SOROW: Great poem, loved the imagery. Thanks for the entertainment.

Okay, that's all for now. Have to sleep so I can do some major work on a paper and my next fic tomorrow. After Batman Beyond. Good night.


Doug continues his hunt for Traveler, still having no luck. Eventually the hotel manager approaches him with several security guards. "Scuse me, sir," he says. "We've recieved a lot of complaints from guests about you or your friends barging into their rooms uninvited and looking around. Mind explaining yourself before we throw you out of the establishment?" "Uh,..." Doug begins. Janice shows up and interrupts him by flashing her FBI badge at the manager's face. "FBI," she says. "We're looking for a very dangerous criminal who's loose somewhere in the hotel." "Oh," the manager says. "Okay, carry on, then. Good luck. Just be careful not to harass any more of the guests if you can avoid it." He nods at the two and walks off, the guards behind. "Thanks, Janice," says Doug. "That was a close one." "Too close," the gov't liasion agrees. "Come on, we have to find Traveler," Doug replies. "I'm going to check the penthouse. You coming?" Janice nods and they move off.

The screen switches to the roof of the Nero's Castle Casino, where Jaden has trailed Jerry and Tom (btw, Tom looks like a young Jeff Goldblum, if anyone's curious). The two corrupt born-again pranksters are taking out a metal cylinder and setting it up along with several electronic devices attached to it. "This is weird," Jaden thinks as he watches them. "Soon the City of Sin will be chaffed," Jerry chuckles as they nearly finish their preparations. "Yeah," Tom nods. "It should be fun watching the resulting chaos." "Chaff?" Jaden gasps from his hiding place. "Uh oh, better call Doug." He reaches for his cell phone, not realizing the bad guys have heard him talking. He dials and gets Doug as they sneak up on him. "Doug, Jaden," the werewolf quickly speaks. "Those two guys you had me trailing are on the casino roof. They have a chaff bomb, and they're gonna..." "Well, well," Jerry interrupts as he and Tom pull out guns and aim them at Jaden. "Looks like we got ourselves a little wolf-demon spying on the workers of the Lord." "Oh, c$&p!" Jaden yells. "Get here fast, Doug!" Jerry then fires, shooting the cell phone out of Jaden's paw and destroying it. Jaden draws his axe and begins dodging their shots, wondering how he's going to be able to take them down. The screen fades out, to be continued.


Doug - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:38:19 AM

It's my turn!
5 fav movies:
The Power of One
Empire of the Sun
The Fifth Element

5 fav albums:
"Romeo & Juliet Sdtrk"(Volume 2)
"City of Angels Sdtrk"
"The Mask & the Mirror"-Loreena McKennitt
"The Book of Secrets"-Loreena McKennitt
"Tidal"-Fiona Apple

5 fav books:
The Belgariad/Mallorean(though it's 12 books, it's 1 series)
The Joy Luck Club
The Hot Zone
Jurassic Park

And now for something totally different. I promised I would share something special today, so here it is. I had to write this poem while studying Shakespearean sonnets. Enjoy and don't criticize!

Free this heart on pillowed wings;
For reality brings no comfort, and control
Does not awake provide. Let kings
Their crowns receive and knights whom stole
Their lady's heart rejoice.
An angel grants me flight, in sweet
Security of voice
Which doth compels mine heart, ablazing heat.
Like pools of glass thine eyes
Reflect my soul and break these bands.
My unheard anguished cries
Distinguished, now undefiled hands.
So on till dusk I dwell to be
In this, my silent reverie. -SOROW

I'm sure we all have a tear in our eye :) I know it's a little sappy, but I like it! I'm off to get some sleep.

Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:31:38 AM

Deuce> You seem so happy to know that there are other Canadians here. :-) Incidentally, I am a transplanted Canadian and I have citizenship in both countries.

Just a bit of pointless "info", everyone, sorry.
Eagerly awaiting the next episode... I always read it at one AM Monday morning... *g*

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Blue Caeru - []
Gainesville, Florida, United States
Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:18:21 AM

Wilek Nereus > Actually my two pics are done with Windows Paintbrush.
Heather - []
Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:09:56 AM

** Deuce pops in **

Another Canadian! Cool!

** Matt (friend staying for sleepover) yanks him off to watch more TV. :-) **

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, February 20, 1999 01:07:26 AM

Hiya gang. Probably most of you don't remember me, I popped in for 2 or 3 weeks a while back but I had WAY too much work and I really have trouble keeping up with TGS, much less the CR. I just have to say that just about every TGS episode rock! And now that Timedancer is back, I'm doing twice as much non-productive stuff! *grin*

On with the Top 5

5 Favorite Movies:

1-Dark City. This was SO good.
2-Johnny Mnemonic. Great sci-fi cyberpunkesque kinda movie.
3-Strange Days. Same reason as number 2.
4-Invasion of the Body Snatchers. At the time I thought it was a good metaphorical representation of High School :).
5-A Clockwork Orange. This is a classic. You just have to see that movie at least once in your lifetime.

5 Favorite Books:

1-The Dragonheart Trilogy, from the Shadowrun line of novels.
2-Psychotrope, another Shadowrun novel.
3-Dragonlance Trilogy, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
4-1984 by George Orwell
5-Brave New World, by some author whose name I don't remember.

5 Favorite Albums:

1-Generator, by Bad Religion
2-Feeding of the 5000, by Crass
3-Yes Sir, I will, by Crass
4-At War With Society, Various Artists compilation by New Red Archives
5-Like Kids in a Field, by Subb (a mostly unknown ska-punk band from Montreal)

This is pretty much it. To the people in the TGS team, keep up the good work!

DarkAngel - []
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Friday, February 19, 1999 11:43:38 PM

I'd kill DC, but I've got a bud over for a sleepover, I'm downloading ICQ, and "Boy Meets World" is calling to me. *sardonic grin* Just a couple replies.

SJ> You like Jars of Clay? I think they're one of the coolest bands out. I've got the vinyl of "Much Afraid". :-)

Pokémon> I LOVE that show. Pikachu is the cutest thing ever to exist, drawn or real-life. Pikachu rules! :-)

Wilek> I think Rio something-or-other does them; check your local computer store.

Warning labels> "We want to eliminate the drug problem in this country? Legalize all narcotics, and sell them in standard Tylenol packaging. If sensible, clear-headed individuals can't get these things open, there's no way strung-out junkies can." — paraphrase of Dave Barry

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Friday, February 19, 1999 11:42:15 PM

Wilek- Practice.

Seriously, if you want to learn to draw, my advice is, forget about it. I've been practicing a minimum of two hours a day every day for 11 years, and I still suck at it.

But if you REALLY want to learn, start paying close attention to everything you see. Draw from observation. Spend a lot of time drawing. Take a couple of classes. The downsides are many. You get it in your system and can't sleep until you've drawn something. (Though I don't suppose that matters much to a gargoyle...)But worse, and I've only started doing this myself, you analyze EVERYTHING you see. I've started just staring at people in the middle of a conversation to measure out their proportions. I've started watching the way people walk, and my eye when watching animation has become a lot more critical. Its a pain, and not really worth it. (The more I draw, the more upset I become that every blasted drawing comes out wrong...)

Anyhow, click the name to see the result of 11 years of practice. it ain't worth it I tell you.

Friday, February 19, 1999 11:34:56 PM


$Estra> You're welcome. ^_^$

Dumlao X> <<Ever notice how much more you hate the cops when you get caught by them?>> I wouldn't know; I don't even have a license. (Miriam's a chauffeur (sp?) on top of everything else. :P ) I never got my license because somehow, I just know any large and very mobile metal object that I got behind the wheel of would end up having to be pried out from around a telephone pole. Which reminds me...

Hey Coyote, keep Buick away from this one> Go to Another reason to Kill All The Idiots.

Malibu> <<... I just went to go vote at the USA Today thing, and when I submitted my vote it said "Forbidden"... did anyone else get this error, or does anyone know why they would deny access like that?>> Probably the error was because of heavy traffic. Try again later.

Deuce> Who sells this MP-Man and how much does it cost? I would LOVE to have one of those things.

Coyote> Ack, irisitis?! Get well soon! I'd give you some of Dark Mage Wilek's healing-spell-enhanced chicken soup...but somehow I don't think it'd help...

Heather and Robby> Extremely kewl drawings! :D Dang I wish I could draw like that. Is there any way an artistically challenged little blue gargoyle such as myself can learn to draw something other than a crooked stick figure?! Preferably in Windows Paintbrush since I don't have a scanner...

SJ> Extremely creative MDC death. Wow, and I thought *I* was sick. :P <<I once saw some comedian do a bit about removing warning labels>> Yeah, that's where I got the idea. Serving evolution, one moron at a time. :) Oh, and speaking of custom T-shirts, there's a shop in a mall near where I live that'll put any photo or drawing you bring them onto a T-shirt. If I ever get my printer's ink cartridge refilled (more trouble than it's worth), I'm getting a drawing of myself and Miriam onto a shirt for when I go to Disneyworld. Who knows, maybe Coyote's if it won't raise copyright concerns. <<those Pokemon sure are cute!>> I kinda like the Paras myself. Hm, maybe I can work something similar to it into my ficverse, as an alien pet or something...

For no apparent reason, click my name for another song.

Wilek Nereus
Friday, February 19, 1999 11:03:58 PM

Survey! Oh, yeah.

Movies: DragonHeart, Star Trek: First Contact, While You Were Sleeping, Contact, Happy Gilmore, and The Truman Show.

Fave Books: DragonLance Chronicles Trilogy, Redwall series, Jane Eyre, and A Tale of Two Cities.

Fave Music: Anything Carolyn Arends, Enya, Barenaked Ladies, Jars of Clay, Sarah McLachlan, and Steven Curtis Chapman. Also, all swing style, and Celtic folk music. Oh, and "The Secret Garden" (Broadway musical) Soundtrack!!

*Same Angel, same question: Any "Dark Ages" developments/updates?!

Friday, February 19, 1999 11:03:34 PM

Sorry for the 2x post, but a couple quick comments:

T-Shirts: This was a topic in here a week or so ago. Deuce eventually said that he couldn't make any. Well, if you still want your own personal t-shirts, there's a company that makes some. Go to Mackey's Special Tees, at (or just click on my name). They have lots of options, such as A. Putting your website on a t-shirt, B. Making your own wrasslin' t-shirts, and even C. creating your own custom shirts. If you folks have a fave picture of the Gargoyles, or can create a picture like Deuce was suggesting (i.e. his Timedancer idea), I'm sure that they could hook you up and make a t-shirt for it. (I'm not 100 percent sure....I don't think they'll have a problem putting a design on a shirt, even if it's of characters created by Disney, etc.). Their prices are reasonable, and if you're interested, check it out. Hey, at the next Gathering, you could be sporting your own custom Gargoyles t-shirt! (Look for the Mr. Bigglesworth: World Domination Tour tee coming your way.....;-] )

Pokemon: Remember when I said I found the show odd and's actually growing on me.......I mean, there's no plot to the show, the voice acting is pretty lousy....but those Pokemon sure are cute! God, I guess I'm just a whore for Japanese animation.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:55:23 PM


Doug> Glad you didn't take offense. Whew!

Steve> I don't know what happened to that other guy! :-P

Mandi> Gee, I'm sorry... I wonder if anyone wants to even bother reading that article anyway. I have bad memories of the mini-series, "I, Claudius."

I guess that's all I have to say. Slow brain, I know. :-P

Blue Caeru
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:48:47 PM

ummm, i just forgot a few things!


also, i voted for Gargoyles. natch. ren and stimpy is disgusting. but now, what exactly am i voting for.

Kylynna: could you please please PLEEEEASE tape Pokemon tomorrow for me?!!


Princess Estra - []
same place as last time!
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:45:23 PM

Helloooo!5 days off the internet and what do I get? 2 hours reading in the CR to catch up!
This is a bit late, but here are my thoughts on this weeks EP~
The New Olimpians (did I spell that right?) had a good part in it, butI did not understand their connection with the Goliath/Elisa part. Oh well, I guess we'll find out later. The whole story was good and I enjoyed it, good work people!

Wavelength- I noticed one of your comments had something on the animation in the new Batman episodes. I totally agree with you. The animators really messed up on the characters.
Ok-Thats all I have today. Bye, Byee!

Sylvia - []
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:36:58 PM



"Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" --Alanis Morisette
"Jagged Little Pill" --Alanis Morisette
"Third Eye Blind" --Third Eye Blind
"Savage Garden" --Savage Garden


"The Nightmare Before Christmas"
"The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
"The Star Wars Trilogy"


"The Moorchild" --Eloise McGraw (a must-read if you're into the fae)
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" --William Shakespeare, and i actually read this before it came into Gargoyles, it's one of the reasons i was hooked, it was like OH MY GOD THEY HAVE PUCK!
"The Beggars Ride" --Theresa Nelson
"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" -- Robert Louis Stevenson


Ravyn: i have, today i saw the observatory up on Kitt's peak. unfortunately we couldn't book a tour for a night veiwing, but it was still wicked cool. i leave tomorrow.

Steven: Never seen The Rock, so i can't argue the validity of your post. but still-- it's just a movie, right?

Lexy: you don't get monkeys to do your notes, you use a posession spell on one of the other kids... >;)


Princess Estra - []
Tuscon, Arizona (it's my last night... :( ), US of A
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:35:12 PM

Aaah, Friday. I'm so proud of myself; I got so much crap done this week! I even made a deposit into my checking account. I feel better knowing I have more than $3 in there... And I didn't have to work tonight, so I can post!!!


Bravo, TGS staff. This had some great character development and the writing was great. It didn't quite have the same impact on me as last weeks did, but still, wonderfully done. You know, (this sort of applies to the parts prior to this) in any other situation, I would hate Brooklyn for how he's treating Sata, and by sometimes seeming like he's still in love with an old girfriend. But, because Brooklyn thinks he had something to do with Meryt's death, apparently (I still think it's funny how they talk about her death and she's standing right there <g>), and because of their close relationship, and Brooklyn's feelings of remorse, I really can understand his actions. Of course, this is all due to the fantastic ideas and writing of those talented TGS people! I just can't say it enough - great job! Can't wait for next week and for all the episodes to come!


Ordell> (re: the top 5 survey thingy) I always have a hard time deciding on my favorites of anything, and off the top of my head I don't think I can come up with five for all of 'em, but, here goes.

5 Albums: Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream, MCIS, Adore; something to dance to, probably Squirrel Nut Zippers; aaaaand...can I make a mixed tape??? <:)
5 Films: Bulworth, The Brave Little Toaster, Wayne's World, Austin Powers, and, does the Star Wars Trilogy count as one? Sure it does!
5 Novels: _Sophie's World_ (can't remember the author), Homer's _The Iliad_ (because I'm determined to read it sometime in my life, darnit!), H.G. Wells's _The War of the Worlds_, and Michael Chrichton's _Sphere_

As for the second question: I have no idea. But I'll pick Harrison Ford because he's so damn cute.

Daria Season Premiere> I have yet to see the beginning to it, even with the countless repeats. But the parts I have seen and interesting to say the least =o) My favorite line was when Daria said something like: "I can see the headlines now. '*Quarterback* and Others Perish in Storm'." And y'know, sometime ago I was watching the show, and my mom comes down and watches for a few seconds, and says: "Hey! That's you!" I mean, I'm not the perkiest person on Earth...but comparing me to *DARIA*?! What a cheap shot...

Robby> .....part FIVE? Are you kidding or just plain evil?? <g>

Rap Music> I don't like the old ganstah rap and the 'songs' that are little more than an annoying beat with bass and a coupla guys yelling incomprehensible words in monotone, ...but mix in some nice background music, or whatever you call it, some semi-intelligent lyrics, and a rapper whose got a somewhat interesting voice to listen to, and I'm sold! Like, Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, and I kinda like that Mo' Money, Mo' Problems song, though I don't like Mase or Puffy that much (I think that's who does it).

*jILLy grabs her now rumbling stomach* Arrgh!!! HUNGRY! *Runs out*


jILLybEAn - []
Bend, OR
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:33:55 PM

Servarius Jr. > Don't knock Cake. In all actuallity, "Never There" isn't that great of a song, but all the other songs on Prolonging the Magic are great. And as I remember it, there were two music videos from Motorcade of Generosity and four from Fashion Nugget. All the songs on the first two albums are good, so, in my opinion, they are in no way "two-hit wonders".
Ordell - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:21:07 PM

Well, if my lady fair is going to include a picture link, I may as well include the link to the original sketch I did of Gavin... Click click.
Friday, February 19, 1999 08:46:46 PM

NO RP TONIGHT. Post will be long enough as is.

Hey everyone! I typed a big, long post last night, but guess what? My computer froze up, and I lost everything when I had to reboot! Joy! Soooooooo.....

In a fit of blind rage, SJ grabs DC by the neck. Taking a pair of white-hot needles, he proceeds to insert them into DC's eyes, until the heat turns DC's peepers into running, gelatinous ooze.
After that, SJ takes a razor blade to DC's face, carving him like a pumpkin on All Hallow's eve. First he draws a smiley face in DC's flesh. Then a frowny face. Then his initials. Then the entire Gettysburg address.
A bleeding, sightless DC stumbles around....only to land in a pile of bear traps that SJ had set up. One particulary sharp trap catches DC in the groin, ruining any chance of ever fathering children. SJ takes a bat, breaks DC's kneecaps, and beats his head open so that the skull is fractured and the brain exposed. Amazingly, DC still survives, upon which SJ smothers his brain in honey, and sets loose a hive of killer bees, which promptly eat the cerebral tissue, leaving DC a lifeless, broken husk.

Cost of own Private Army: A couple of billion.
Ammo, Supplies, Vehicles, Ordinace: A few more billion.
Building a really nifty Imperial Palace: 500 million.
Estimated number of Idiots killed during Conquest: 2.8 billion
Being the Supreme Ruler of Everything: Priceless
[Mr. Bigglesworth]

And, of course...

These fake VISA adds: Getting tired.
These fake VISA adds: Being run into the ground
These fake VISA adds: The joke's wearing thin.
Stopping these fake VISA adds while we still can: Priceless.

Fave albums: Well, I can't possibly pick my favorites of all time, so I'll just pick what I'm currently listening to now:
1. LOST HIGHWAY, the soundtrack (Manson, NiN, Bowie, and Ramstein all in one album!)
2. TORI AMOS, From the Choirgirl Hotel (this is a GREAT album)
3. GRAVITY KILLS, Gravity Kills (self-titled) [industrial metal]
4. JARS OF CLAY, Jars of Clay [self-titled] (Christian rock music, but it's actually pretty good)
5. OUR LADY PEACE, Clumsy (which is some pretty good alternative)

Fave Books: "Damnation Game" by Clive Barker, "Books of Blood" (I'm counting all 6 volumes) by Clive Barker, "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman, "Good Omens" by Gaiman and Pratchett, and "Lord of the Rings" (again, counting them all as one) by Tolkien

Fave Movies:
1. DARK CITY (this was so underrated. There's a reason Roger Ebert voted it the Best Movie of 98!!)
2. STAR WARS TRILOGY (counting them as one)
3. SEVEN (which has the best freakin' ending in film)
4. ANY JOHN WOO/CHOW YUN FAT COLLABORATION (Like "Hard Boiled", "The Killer", etc)
5. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (which I don't care what anyone says, this is the best film Jon Carpenter and Kurt Russell have ever made, together or separately; high camp, funny performances, and balls-to-the-wall kung-phooey action!)

Wilek: Hey, I LOVE your plan for world domination! Yes, first we kill the idiots!
I once saw some comedian do a bit about removing warning labels. Letting "the herd thin itself out." He gave some pretty funny examples. Like for instance, Curling irons have (or at least maybe did) a warning label reading something like "Do not place in any bodily orifice". Which is sad, cause you know some moron must have done it!

Kenny's Dead: I gotta ride little homey Kenny died tonight.....Ah, Master P. That's a cool video, BTW

Dumlao: I saw an article on the Internet Movie Database, and I heard one on the radio about that Schumacher/Batman thing, and they NEVER mentioned Dini's name. Still, it doesn't matter, Schumacher will only further serve to bury the franchise should he get his mitts on it again. Just give Dini the money, he knows how to use it (BTW, does anyone else agree that Batman: SubZero was MUCH BETTER than Batman and Robin?)
And I can openly bash Schumacher, cause the Client and A Time To Kill were *good* films. Schumacher can make good films, so why did he SCREW UP the Bat? (I'm sorry, Batman is one of the few things I passionate about)

Jewel: I hope you got the job! I shall sacrifice an Idiot to the Dark Gods so that it shall be yours! ;0)

Malibu: I LOVE that Cake song! The radio station here plays it every hour. I guess Cake's two-hit wonders now, huh?

Gooch: Wow, that's a pretty good dissertation on the Rock. You're very passionate about it!

Demona: Welcome back! Say, have you met a guy name Jackal? You two are made for each other!

Coyote: Ever bruise your eye before? I have. Caught the pointy end of a football once going for a pass. I nearly vomited from the pain (which is pretty bad, cause I can usually take pain well), and I nearly went blind. Hurt like hell for a week afterwards (shiners are so attractive too!)

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 08:37:56 PM

Picture #2 : This is a character from our upcoming stories "Tales of Vahni", his name is Gavin. **points to Robby** His character idea.
Heather - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 08:25:42 PM

Those of you saying Sun and the Serpent Part four has to be very long to wrap up all the loose ends... Maybe it just has to be long enough to reach part five...

Attached song- I watched Wayne's World last night, I'm in the mood for this song because of it. Imagine Garth starting up a jukebox and puting his fingers to his ears every time the main line comes up...

Friday, February 19, 1999 08:12:05 PM


**The screen lights up to reveal ... Coyote having just been pulled free of the tuba bell by Ravyn. He manages to extract the neck of the saxophone from his throat and take a deep breath.**

Oh, thank you! *gasps* Get the license number of that truck?!

<"Wasn't exactly a truck, Coyote. It was a chase, but they went out the door.">

Uh huh. **looks at now-ruined saxophone** Aww, man, what a pity. Poor thing ...

<"Are you okay?">

**grins** Yeah. I'll be fine, give me a moment to extract my vocal cords from my stomach.

**PAUSE RP!!**

Jewel: Good luck on getting that job!

Demona Taina: Uhm ... errh ... heh ... rather ... *interesting* scene you've painted there. :)

Doug: Once again, you're welcome.
As for my health ... turns out it wasn't sinuses ... it's actually an eye problem: I'm suffering from irisitis in my left eye (translation: the iris is inflamed, so it's making me half-blind.). Not a problem, though ... I've been placed on heavy-duty steroid eye drops to heal it (got inflamed through a cut on the eye's surface, which isn't at all surprising, since I wear contact lenses and work in an incredibly dusty store.).

Spike: Lovely MC ad you created there ... just one question: is it for Tina, Lex, or both?

Wavers: That's good to hear.

Ravyn: **grins and blushes of his own**
Incidentaly ... Desert Museum? Perchance could this museum be as interesting as the Henry Ford museum here? I've only been to the HF Museum once, and loved every minute of it!

Heather: Great pic of Graeme there. Incidentally ... folks, watch my site on the next update ... there's going to be another pic by Heather going up in my gallery: the first pic of Ariana's hatchling, Solomon. :)

Ohh boy, I just had another MC moment!

Magic lessons: $300
Travel costs to Xanadu: $320
Avalonian stone: $4000
Ability to do anything you think of, with a handy incantation: priceless (Lina)


I dunno ... is it just me, or does it seem like the party's winding down?

<"I'm getting that feeling, too. Truth be told, I'm getting a little restless, myself.">

*nods* So am I.

**Coyote and Ravyn walk into the main ballroom of the mansion, looking around. Many of the partiers have been bunching into their own groups, now. It seems very empty.**

Well ... I suppose it's only right. Since you came along with me on the last adventure ...


... my gang'll come with you for the next one. You lead the way, and we'll follow, ok?

**Ravyn grins, as the screen winks off.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, February 19, 1999 08:03:14 PM

5 albums, 5 books, & 5 films>
1) Bad Hair Day ("Weird Al" Yankovic")
2) Seal (Seal)
3) Armageddon soundtrack (musical score)
4) Mozart (Sympany No. 16)
5) You Might Be A Redneck... (Jeff Foxworthy)

1) Jurassic Park (Michael Chrichton)
2) The Lost World Michael Chrichton)
3) The Adromeda Strain (Mike again)
4) Does a Penthouse subscription count?
5) Bring Me The Head of Willy The Mailboy (Scott Adams)

1) Armageddon
2) Aliens
3) Indepenence Day
4) Saving Private Ryan
5) Titanic

Tim Phipps
Friday, February 19, 1999 07:56:42 PM

The third part of Sun and Serpent was as well as the other, especially that Sata and Meryt accept the other in the end. The only disturbing thing is that there were more questions then answers. I think the last part has to be very, VERY long. Can't wait until i read it.
***end SPOILER***
names: I think names were usualy a human costum and in middle age human and gargoyles weren't very jointly so why should gargoyles use a human costum? But in ancient egyp they were friends and lived together so they contracted the names and as was said names were very important there.
Robby: I like the Cheers-theme and I think it fits to the CR.
five of...: How could I forget? of course Mists of Avalon too!

Friday, February 19, 1999 07:52:27 PM

Robby: Oh, come on! I'll get to that part soon! I just have to finish my TGS work before I get to my DeGuy Saga fics again. :)

Survey: Well, what can add to this...

"Greatest Hits" - ZZ Top
"Pure Moods" - Various Artists
"Bubbgum Crisis, Music Compelation, Vol.1" - Various Artists
"Deborah Gibson: Greatest Hits" - Deborah Gibson
"Walk On" - Boston

"The Trophy" - Bill Baldwin
"The Dragonriders of Pern" (I count the entire series as one book) - Anne McCaffrey
"Curse of The Shadow Beasts" - Christine Morgan
"Summon The Keeper" - Tanya Huff
"Mordant's Need, Book I&II" - Stephen R. Donaldson

"Starchaser: The Legend of Orin"
"Prince of Egypt"
"The Dagger of Kamui"
"Much Ado About Nothing" (Kenneth Branagh Version)
"The Black Cauldron"

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Friday, February 19, 1999 07:47:29 PM

DX > I'm going to e-mail you my pic and quote, DX.
Anyway, I got a pic of Graeme for anyone who want to see. **blushes** Don't laugh ok. It's my first pic of any character from TGS.

Heather - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 07:36:45 PM

Hey guys: everybody set your browsers not to accept cookies. You can then vote as many times as you want! We're at 75% already!

DUMLAOX> You gonna buy an MP-Man? They hold about 8 hrs of mp3s, and they're totally portable. Skip-less play makes up for the slight loss in audio quality.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Friday, February 19, 1999 07:31:34 PM

Coyote> (Re: Meeting people online) **grins and blushes** Aw, you're too sweet. Same goes for me, too. :)

Princess Estra> Glad you're liking it here. It does do wonders for the allergies, unless you're like me, who's allergic to something around here...(I escape to California for allergy relief.) ;) And yes, I've been to the Desert Museum and Old Tucson. I absolutely *love* going to the Desert Museum. It's so pretty there! Hope you continue to enjoy yerself. :)

Jewel> **crosses fingers** Good luck on getting that job! :)

Rap music> I don't really mind it. Some songs I really like, and some I can't stand. But I can live with it. ;)

I'll think about those movies, books, and albums and let y'all know my picks later...maybe...;)

SV, Arizona
Friday, February 19, 1999 06:23:23 PM

Doh! The Deguy saga! How could I miss that? Oii... Suppose it happens 360 something odd fics later...

Malibu- Happens to me ever time I enter my vote.

Dumlao- Oh sure, ENCOURAGE her to bug me about upcoming stories why don't ya. Oh wait, you did... Hmm...

Friday, February 19, 1999 05:52:21 PM

Hmmm... I just went to go vote at the USA Today thing, and when I submitted my vote it said "Forbidden"... did anyone else get this error, or does anyone know why they would deny access like that?

My fave movies are: The Shawshank Redemption, 12 Monkeys, Seven (though I refuse to watch it while eating ;)), Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Happy Gilmore, Dazed and Confused, Braveheart, The X-Files movie, The Lion King I and II, and Dragonheart. Those were in no particular order.

My fave books are The Mists of Avalon, The Lady of the Trillium--both by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Jurassic Park, Sphere, and The Andromeda Strain--all three by Michael Crichton(sp?)

As for music, I have alot of songs that I like: "The Old Apartment" by Barenaked Ladies, "Night Swimming" by REM, "Never There" by Cake, and a bunch of others...

There was some other junk I was gonna say, but I can't remember it right now... Oh well... Au revoir!

Malibu Nylkoorb
Friday, February 19, 1999 04:36:16 PM

WAVELENGTH-- Condolences on your breakup. THen again, on the bright side, there's still someone else better for you out there.

5 CDs-- 5 CDs full of MP3s. With each CD storing about 650MB worth of music, or close to 11 hrs, I ain't never gonna go stir crazy :)

5 BOOKS-- "Watchmen" (Author Unknown), "Complete Works of William Shakespheare" (William Shakespheare), "The Lost World" (Michael Crichton), "Jurassic Park" (Michael Crichton), "Pure Drivel" (Steve Martin)

5 MOVIES-- "The Rescuers Down Under", "There's Something About Mary", "A Goofy Movie", "The English Patient", "The Prince Of Egypt" (though right about now I wish I had a choice of more than 5 films. Then again, the size of this place goes through the roof)

JEWEL-- Congrats on the interview.

HEATHER-- Sorry, cannot reveal the information at this time. Then again, if you're feeling sadistic, you can always hound Robby about that >:)

PRINCE OF EGYPT-- According to close sources, the movie should come on video in September.

DOUG-- Ali and I are living proof? Wow! I'm flattered. Now if I could just continue this trend, I'll be set.

WILEK-- Thanx for the DexDrive info. Now all I gotta do is save up the cash and grab one for the PSX. I'd get an N64 drive but it needs a Game Shark to be useful enough for me and that isn't feasible for me right now.

RANT-- Not real huge, just a simple one. Ever notice how much more you hate the cops (police, pigs, porkers, po-pos, one-time, five-o, whatever) when you get caught by them? I do. Got a ticket last night for a traffic violation. DOn't ask. Don't wanna talk about it. All I know is that I gotta go to court in 2 weeks and find out my fine & what I gotta do next.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 04:35:06 PM

Okay I just read Sun and the serpent part 3 peoples. I don't do spoilers. My fovorite movie is City of Stone, my favorite book is MacBeth, fovorite CD is anything by Queen. My webpage awaits for any who would like to see it <click>
James Birdsong - [LennexMacDuff]
San Diego, CA, USA
Friday, February 19, 1999 03:36:36 PM

Haven't been in here for quite a while, and now credit card spoofs are in. A terrible beauty is born:)

As for the top fives...

Movies: (would say Star Wars, but I've seen them enough. Let's give other movies a chance.)
so, in no particular order...
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Usual Suspects
3. Empire of the Sun
4. The Truman Show
5. Out of Sight

1. The Perfect Storm- Sebastion Junger
2. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams
3. Preacher: Gone to Texas- Garth Ennis (Hey! It counts as a book!)
4. For Whom the Bell Tolls- Hemingway
5. LA Confidential- James Ellroy (Would've picked the movie too, but that would be redundant.)

1. New Adventures in Hi-Fi - REM
2. Up- REM
3. OK Computer- Radiohead
4. Ten Summoner's Tales- Sting
5. The Final Ripoff- Monty Python

And that is that... CIAO!

Trent the much delayed - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 03:21:09 PM

My RP chars' American Express commercials (prices may be off, I have no idea what fictional stuff costs)
Titanium-carbon weave transformable body armor with long range communications equipment and built in close-quarters weaponry: $10 million
Sonic pulse wave projector: $300,000
Cybernetic neural enhancements: $400,000
Being able to kick Megatron's butt from a mile away and getting it all gratis for signing up: Priceless (Wavelength)

Unique genetic heritage: 2 rookery siblings who couldn't adapt
Antique obsidian knife: $500,000
Food for at least a 100 years: You kidding? I hunt!
The chance to protect the people who raised you after your clan died: Priceless (Seri)

Macronization to 10 meters tall: $100,000
Quaedlunn Ouilqua power armor: $10 million plus hundreds of hours modifying it
Voice lessons: $10,000 over the course of 20 years
The chance to show up your baby sister and her friends while saving the planet: Priceless (Emilia Jenius, Macross 7: The Movie)

Toon Showdown: I have access to nearly 50 comps. Each one can only be used once. Guess what I'll be doing for the next week! :) DEATH TO REN AND STIMPY!

Wilek and Coyote> *hugs* Thanks for your kind thoughts. We'll be alright, we've decided to go back to being friends. the odds are against online relationships anyway, we were lucky to get 6 months out of it.

Sylvia> Welcome to the room!

Jewel> Good luck getting that job! If they were judging you by your writing, you'd be a shoe-in! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only person who had a crush on a guy in blue spandex and a helmet that didn't match. :)

Stormy> I thought I was the only person who'd ever heard of 'Birth of the Firebringer'. Is your copy as well-loved(falling apart) as mine? Right5 now I'm looking for the rest of the trilogy, 'Dark Moon' and 'Son of Stars.'

There, I think that's everything. I GTG now! Bye! :)

Wavelength - [Gargoyles Forever!]
Friday, February 19, 1999 03:16:05 PM

More Credit Card Spoofs:

Chinese Takeout.....$15.00
A collector's DS9 Christmas ornament.....$22.50
An evening at Suds & Duds..... $35.00
Discovering the bond that binds two hearts as one..... Priceless.

Friday, February 19, 1999 02:37:14 PM


Gargoyles vs Ren and Stimpy in the USA poll

Gargoyles is winning by only 6% so everyone go cast their vote now!!!

Stormy Von Stalhein - [<--Help Gargoyles kick Ren and Stimpy's ARSE!]
Friday, February 19, 1999 01:38:01 PM

My problem with junk mailers is that they have evidently hacked into the university address book. My professor started complaining two weeks ago and last week I started getting those mails. :-P

Top 5...

Stalag 17
Memphis Belle
Night of the Fox

Jack Higgins--The Eagle Has Landed
Meredith Ann Pierce--Birth of the Firebringer
Dale Brown--Chains of Command
Michael Moorcock--Stormbringer (if the end is half as good as what I've read so far!)
Robert Harris--Fatherland

Use Your Illusion 1--Guns 'n' Roses
And Justice For All--Metallica (Or, the black album if that was the only way to ever hear THE UNFORGIVEN again)
Living River--Rawlins Cross
Up--Great Big Sea
and for #5, I think I would have to pick Discography--Pet Shop Boys solely for the sake of THE AIRMAN'S LINE! YEAH!

*Luther prepares to incinerate anyone who's not a pilot who attempts the Line...*
Luther*blinks* How come you only want me to incinerate people? How come I can't use my healing water?

Maybe that's what keeps reviving Kenny and Mr Dis Connect...

Stormy von Stalhein
Friday, February 19, 1999 01:29:17 PM

[Demona Taina´s Mate]...nothing to say
exin - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 12:23:44 PM

Weariness rages on.

Fave albums:
Tonic "Lemon Parade"
Goo Goo Dolls "Dizzy Up The Girl"
The Boomtown Rats "The Fine Art of Surfacing"
Radiohead "OK Computer"
"The X-Files: The Album"

"Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland
"The Langoliers" by Stephen King (OK, a novella)
"Cruel Justice" by William Bernhardt
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams
"Myst: The Book of Ti'ana" by Rand Miller

"Romeo + Juliet" (1996)
"The X-Files" (1998)
"The Princess Bride" (1988?)
"Star Wars Trilogy" (counted as one movie, 197?-1983)

Demona Taina> You're back! Cool.

Majors> Hmm... I plan to major in English, minor in journalism, and get my English doctorate before I'm 30. :-) As an aside, my Chemistry average is currently around 93% (it works! The percent sign works!)

** leaves **

Deuce - []
City of Champions (despite the Kings loss last night), Alberta, Canada
Friday, February 19, 1999 10:14:54 AM


Power Rangers> I liked Tommy at first, but after a season or two, I started to get tired of him. $And you wouldn't believe how many devotees David Yost (Billy) has/had out there. I was going to use him, but in keeping with the character, he would have been able to talk his way out of the problem without me.$

Doug> Actually, we have all the submissions we need. I just need to go through them and score them to decide which ones get in. << Finding out your date is really an ice-spitting silver dragon and getting taken on a wild ride while battling her evil counterpart - shocking. (You'll have to wait to see who Nikki will be dating. Ha ha.) >> Aargh! Stop that! (You know, I'm probably wrong, but wouldn't it figure if that happened to Matt...hehehe...)

Junk e-mails: Despite all my attempts to keep my e-mail account clear, they've started to filter in. Grrr...and I abandoned my last hotmail account to allow it to be a spam magnet...

Coyote> Sinus problems? Bleah...hope you feel better soon. I loved "The American President" - I think I have it on tape somewhere.

Blue Caeru> Aaaggh! I had to read the Satyricon for my Satire class this week, and they made us watch the movie! (For those who haven't seen it: don't.) Sorry, but I'll be so glad when we get out of Roman satire.

Mastercard of my fic characters:

Two one-way tickets from Sydney to New York: About $3200 (if you don't hack into the airline's system)
Two prototype e-frames destroyed: somewhere in the millions
A year's supply of coffee: $500 if you buy in bulk
Year's tuition to NYU: $22,586
Taking out one of the Weird Sisters with only a mug of coffee: priceless (even more so if you have a camera handy)

Yuck, have to go to work soon. 'Til later!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Friday, February 19, 1999 09:47:41 AM

re: the Visa commercials>>>
*laughs* Y'know, I didn't recognize my own character there until Robby pointed it out.

Stephen's 2nd Visa spoof is his own DeGuy twins, David and Jessica

Coming soon to a computer near you:
"I don’t know, old friend. The blood moon has always been a sign of ill-tidings." Goliath stared out at the rising lunar phenomena. "I wonder what strange omens this one will bring."

Friday, February 19, 1999 09:33:41 AM

HELP! I want to do a quote, and I can't remember what story it's from! It's the one where Goliath makes some sort of comment about throwing the Phoenix Gate into the Time stream, then Brooklyn mutters something like "Yeah, thanks alot." Anyone know what story?

KITANIA and DOUG> Yeesh, glad you two came out unscathed from that incident! *relieved smile at couple*

junk e-mail> My family's got a solution to that: Have at least two separate addresses: One you keep private and give out only to your friends, colleauges, etc, and the other used to register at web sites, etc.

Got more to say, but time for school.
Gotta Jet!
(Seven months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Ohio, USA
Friday, February 19, 1999 07:06:37 AM

cant think of a darned thing to*feels the glaring stage lights on her and tugs at her coller..* he *decides to recite something* hmm...well dont want to recite all of Beauty and the to much room. umm..Aladdin? mabey? no. um. Space Ghost? what the hay:P

"One time i hired a monkey to take notes for me in class. I just was sitt'en there with my mind a compleat blank while the monkey scribbled on lil pieces of paper. At the end of the week the teacher said, "class, i want you to write a paper using your notes." So i wrote a paper that said, "HELLO! my name is Bingo. I like to climb on things..can i have a bananna? eek eek. I got an F. When i told my mom about it she said, "I _told_ you never trust a monkey!" THE END.

*dodges over ripened vegtables and the sort being thrown at her..* OK OK..umm. I KNOW! I can teach ya all to Hoodleehoo!

*RUNS for her life as ppl are now displaying _quite_ impressive strengh in hurling safes and small bolders at her.* BYE!:)

suckyville:), state of unconciousness
Friday, February 19, 1999 03:44:26 AM

Junk E-mail> Don't EVER try and send to the address given to 'unsubscribe' or 'remove' you from their list. All you'll do is notify them that your e-mail address is active and will be passed on to another list that they can sell for more money to people wanting to deluge you with adverts. Go through their provider (eg AOL or whatever), and send them a copy of the e-mail (it's usually abuse@(name of the provider)) they will hopefully be able to block it.

Any Red Dwarf fans about? (NO SPOILERS) To those not much impressed with the last series, I can tell you that ep 1 of season 8 was easily funnier than ALL of the previous season. A great start to the new series.
Hmm this makes a change, seeing something first instead of having to avoid talk of the X-files, DS9 and Buffy that I won't see for months :)

Matt Dymond - []
UKFriday, February 19, 1999 03:41:08 AM

Hey all, back again. (Couldn't stay away)

Doug > No more Clancy movies? Ah well. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. I've really got to get around to reading some of the later books instead of re-reading Red Storm Rising so many times (But I can't help it, it's so darn GOOD! :).

As for THfRO, although I agree that books as a medium present more in the way of character development, I liked the movie better, only because it seemed more concise and flowed more reasonably. Clancy did a great job on the novel, but when the movie was made the changes to some of the timeline (ie the gunfight in the missile bay, Red October's "scuttling," and the battle with the Konovalev) brought the story together much more tightly, IMO. In the book, there were great spans of time between those events, but in the movie they all took place either simultaneously or very close together. Which heightened the suspense greatly, I think.

<And for political jerk Presidents, that guy in the Rock who ordered the airstrike to blow up Alcatraz instead of doing the right thing like he should. I hated that guy.>

Oooh, boy. I knew it would come to this someday. When you get two people who love something as much as you and I love The Rock, there's bound to be a little something that they can't agree on. I guess this is it.

I didn't find the President in The Rock a despicable weasel (that hat is reserved for Womack and Mr. Hayden Sinclair) for doing what he did. From a certain perspective, yes, he made the wrong decision to blow the island to shreds - but only because we, the viewers, had already seen Goodspeed and Mason kill all the bad guys and neutralize the threat. No one knew, until the spotters saw Goodspeed's green smoke, that they were still alive. For all the higher-ups knew, all the SEALs were killed in the shower room and G&M had been captured (their locators taken away and destroyed, presumably). The primary initiative had failed, and the only thing left to do was either A) use the thermite plasma to get rid of the VX gas, or B) cave to the terrorists' demands.

And yes, they were terrorists. Although we can clearly identify and sympathize with Hummel's motives and goals, the fact remains that he and his men took hostages and prepared to launch a chemical attack on a major city. They were the BAD GUYS with a GOOD MOTIVE (All except Frye and Darrow, who were only in it for the money). And although WE knew by the end of the movie that Hummel never intended to go through with his threat, THEY didn't. And the US government is not one to take terrorist threats lightly. "No deals with terrorists" is the strictly-adhered-to policy.

You say that the President should have "done the right thing" instead of ordering the airstrike. I have to think that he did do the right thing, by ordering that strike. His options had been exhausted, and he couldn't just give Hummel the money, for even if he thought it was a worthy cause, if word got out we'd have every terrorist group in the world taking hostages and demanding money. Like a stack of dominoes, the moment you cave to one hostage-taker, others will follow in his footsteps.

Some have said that the President would have blown up the island to hide the truth about the reparations. If it got out it would have been scandalous. Not Lewinsky-level, but damaging nonetheless. Well, the idea of a scandal is probably well-founded. But I can't see the President sacrificing 81 American lives to cover it up. No, I think that he was a great man, who had to make a tough decision under pressure and, at least in my mind, made the right decision.

Imagine, for a second, what would have happened had the President NOT ordered that airstrike - and Goodspeed and Mason HADN'T escaped. Frye and Darrow would have killed Hummel and Baxter, then gone right up to the lighthouse and popped off that last missile right into the heart of San Francisco. After that, they DEFINITELY would have gone through with the airstrike - or lose even more face with the public (and possibly more *public*).

I'm personally glad he would have bombed the island. I'm pretty sure Clinton wouldn't have the backbone to do it. And, if he hadn't, we never would have gotten that great visual of the F/A-18 spiralling up as the bombs hit the back of the island - the shot that made ME want to see the movie in the first place :)

And in the novelization of the movie that I'll probably never get around to doing, I was planning on sticking in an epilogue where the President *ordered* the Joint Chiefs to pay back the families of those Marines.

Geez, did I write all that on this one subject? I'm really sorry. Doug, I apologize if I offended you, but I guess I needed to get that off my chest.

[Starting new personal tradition, ending post with sig; I think this one's appropriate in this case]

==Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy==

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Friday, February 19, 1999 02:01:40 AM

**Party RP**

Princess Estra makes a magical portal to one of the other passing realms, hopefully somewhere where she can recite the spell to get to Avalon. Before leaving she thanks the hosts.

**End RP**

Ravyn: yes, i do like it here. very different from rainy Seattle, and it makes my allergies act up. :P went to the Sonora Desert Museum and Old Tuscon today, ever been there? such glistening pieces of Americana. honestly. it did, however, bring to mind an image of Elisa in a sheriff's suit and Goliath in a cowboy hat. i never really thought i was _that_ obsessed. and thank you, BTW.

Wilek: well, sometimes i have off days. often, i should say. ever since i ran away from Avalon i've run into some awful streaks of bad luck. thank you for the consideration, and the advice.

Selanit: as my friend Jewels sez, "There are no sane people. There are only insane people withing the bounds of society.

Sylvia: as some one said to me, when i first started posting here, "Welcome the the madhouse." oddly enough i've started a fanfiction series called Another Magic, and the lead character has the same name as you! i saw you posting on the page and almost lost it!


GO READ MY STORY at it will be under new stories it's not hard to miss and if you sent feedback i would worship the ground you walk on.

ok, being as my irreverent nature caused me to flee Avalon, that's not entirely accurate. but i would be beyond grateful.

Princess Estra - []
Tuscon, Arizona, America
Friday, February 19, 1999 12:27:55 AM


Someone asked about a DexDrive? Believe me, it's worth the investment. I got an N64 one tonight, and I think it will ROCK. It's best if you have a lot of games, especially games you're having trouble getting past a certain point in. You can simply download a more advanced save. It works best if you have a high-version Gameshark (2.2 is the latest), which can transfer cartridge-only saves to the Controller Pak and vice versa. I don't have a PlayStation DexDrive, but the software and capabilities are just about identical. The downside: If you have 2 Dexdrives hooked to the same computer on two serial ports, you have to unhook the one in Serial Port 1 in order to use the one in SP2. But I only have one Dexdrive, so everything is kewl and froody. :)

Doug> Thanks for reminding me of Gangsta's Paradise, the only other rap song I can stand. :) <<the entertaining Dr. Vulture site. It gave me some great material for upcoming fanfics.>> You too? ^_^ Something else I loved about that site: The Evil Scientists' Hall Of Fame. I was very pleased to notice Dr. Wily there, and I can think of at least one other evil scientist who deserves a spot there...<<Sophisticated viruses that infect your computer and begin wiping out files as soon as you delete the junk mail>> Hm...You could use a web-based mail system for your mail instead of actually downloading it; your ISP probably has something like that (I know mine does).

Junk e-mail> This is why I'm so secretive about my e-mail address. The only junk I get is from GeoCities, and I don't get it all that often so it's tolerable.

<<If you were forced to only have accsses to five albums, five films and five novels for the rest of your natural life, which would they be.>> Oh my word, I couldn't choose. I'd probably find a CD ripper, rip every single song on every CD I have into MP3 files, put them in the same directory as the rest of my MID/WAV/MP3 files, buy however many Ditto-Max tapes as it took to hold the blasted mess, and count it as one album. Yes it's cheating. You wanna make something of it? <g> For novels, I'd run every novel I have through an OCR scanner and put it all on a few floppies, counting it all as one book. Movies...would be a more difficult matter...

DumlaoX> <<I shall become a Sociology Major. What the hell you can do with that, I have no clue.>> Possibly become a psychologist. Considering the crazies you interact with on a near-daily basis, it makes sense. ^_^

Kyryn> <<Personally, I'd be very happy to see the last of both of them.>> This gave me a most satisfying mental image: That of the Teletubbies ganging up on Barney, ripping him limb from bloody purple limb, and eating him, then vomiting violently and dying because his meat is poisonous to them. ^_^


Hm, a fanfic character card commercial. Interesting. My prices may be a bit off...
An underground monastery: Free because I killed the previous tenants
Room and board for several hundred minions: Ah, who knows; they pay for it themselves
A legendary powerful sword: Free if I can find it and steal it
Ascension to the throne of Annwn: Priceless
One high caliber handgun: 300$
Achieving grandmaster-level martial arts and marksmanship skills: The equivalent of several thousand $ worth of lessons
Groceries: Varies; a few hundred $ a week
Living with a rather attractive gargoyle: Priceless
~Miriam (I made up the last line and she'll kill me for it <g>)


Kitainia> <<IMO, a song's quality really depends more on the tune, lyrics, and preformer than the genre.>> I'm like that too; I hate most rock songs but there are some that aren't bad just because they're rock.

Wavers> Ack, you've broken up with your boyfriend? My condolences dear! <hugz>

Jewel> I'm glad the interview's gone well so far! ^_^

Demona Taina> <<If ONLY he was blue...>> I'm blue (click my name). :P

Wilek Nereus
No, Kitty! Not Lucky the albino squirrel!
Friday, February 19, 1999 12:25:59 AM

Stephen- I think the first one is Avery from Spike's fics, and that the second is probably Brooklyn after Timedancing.

Ordell- I'm aware ReBoot is SUPPOSED to air on CN in March, but then, it was also supposed to air last August, and the in OCtober, and then December, and now January. It keeps getting pushed back, and I'm starting to worry indefinatley.

Deuce- Thanks for the extensive ReBoot season 3 breakdown. Now its even MORE unfair they never showed it here.

Meeting a date on the internet- I have Heather. That speaks in of itself.

5 things to keep- I dunno... One book I'd for sure hold onto is Ender's Game... Possibly the collected Robotech series... Music- I'd keep the song "Stand By Me" among others, I'm n sure what else I'd hold onto. Probably a CD with a LOT of tracks on it... Movies to keep... I dunnopossibly Empire Striked Back like others have been saying. I'd really have to think about all this some more.

Jeb's leaving the TGS writing staff- The good news being, I picked up on one of his Timedancer outlines and have gotten to write one of his stories myself...


"Marty, if what you say is true, I gotta do something to save the future. And my mansion." Jim makes a phone call, and then looks at Marty McFly. Go back to the future and see if that takes care of everything."
"Will do." The young Michael J. Fox look alike hops into his flying Delorean, takes off leaving a trail of flames, and comes back a second later. "Okay, the world WILL be safe. But to save some suspense, we will leave the question in the air of if the mansion survives the party or not."
"Fine by me."
And so the party continues on its fun lovin' way, until we look over at Davy of the Monkees.

He has been sitting in a corner and brooding since Demona left him for Brooklyn. He stands, and looks for the gargoyle. The beak makes Brooklyn easy to spot. "You!" Davy shouts, and then he slugs the crimson gargoyle.
Since it was a sucker punch, Brooklyn falls to the ground at first, then stands tall, eyes burning.
"All right buddy, that does it! Tell me whats going to keep me from hurting you now!"
"Sunrise! You're a gargoyle, which makes you a daydream believer!" (Thats a song cue if I ever heard one!)
"But sunrise is still hours off," Brooklyn growls. And so, the human singer and the gargoyle begin to fight for Demona's affections, and the party rages on...

Robby - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:54:58 PM


Doug is just hanging up his cell phone (he has finished speaking with Kitainia) and finishes his cherry 7-up (shaken, not stirred) before turning to leave the casino. Unfortunately Jerry Bennet has spotted him and stops Doug halfway to the door. "You're Elder, right?" the prankster says, holding up his hand. "Yeah," Doug says. "And you're Jerry Bennet, former scourge of the Houston Northbrook High School, and my SO's prom date. (IRL, he's also recently transferred to UT this semester and become a major jerk student preacher for UT Christians on Campus, basically the students' fundamentalist extreme organization. He's also been harrassing Kitainia, trying to get her to date him again (we had to give him several intense verbal haranguings to get him to go away). So the reason he's in the RP is her elaborate revenge scheme.) What do you want?" "I know who you are, Elder. I know what you're up to. I know you hang out with demons, witches, warlocks, and guys who bargained with the devil for invincibility. I know you transformed my girlfriend into a demon. I know you're corrupting her to your sinful ways, I know everything." "Really. How do you know all this?" Doug asks. "That's not important," Jerry snaps (btw, this guy looks exactly like the bad guy Kharan Ramsus from the videogame Xenogears). "But you're doing very bad things, pal." Doug shrugs. "Only from your point of view." "You won't be able to do them much longer. The day of reckoning is coming, judgement will soon be at hand. And I'll be laughing when the boss throws you into Hell, then restores Kitainia to my side." Doug rolls his eyes. "Check out Pastor John, the next generation," he insults Jerry. "Now, excuse me, I have something to do." Jerry sends rants after him, but Doug ignores them, stepping outside and getting into the Onslaught. As he drives back to the hotel, he makes a CR post.


$ Don't you just hate it when your girlfriend's old boyfriend comes back into her life a totally different person and tries to win her back? Especially when she's clearly happy with you and not right for him if she ever was? I do. Compared to my family, this jerk Jerry is an insect of a relationship problem (except he does like harassing people and is closer to us, thus he's more of a constant bother). But at least Kit and I can hurt him in the RP without a qualm. Muhahahaha!!! $

Junk E-mails: God, do I despise these. Especially because I get more of them than I do feedback for my fics. <intense fit of growling> Anyone who sends them, including the organization Jerry belongs to (who I've gotten so much stupid proseltyzing stuff from lately that it's beyond belief. Somebody must have found my e-mail and subscribed it to their newsletter, and keeps doing it again every time I unsubscribe. Grr...), deserves something worse than anything we've given DC. Especially the people who encode viruses in junk e-mails. Sophisticated viruses that infect your computer and begin wiping out files as soon as you delete the junk mail, forcing me to call up Gubio and ask for help. In three words, junk e-mail sucks. That's all I have to say about that.

Ordell: Kitainia said my books, films, and CDs. As for the President, I think Micheal Douglas, Bill Pullman, and Harrison Ford all did great jobs as good guy Presidents. For bad guy Presidents, Gene Hackman in Absolute Power. And for political jerk Presidents, that guy in the Rock who ordered the airstrike to blow up Alcatraz instead of doing the right thing like he should. I hated that guy.

Mandi: Good luck with your quest for subscriptions. I know from experience how hard it can be to get them sometimes. Don't worry about the promised feedback, I don't care how long it takes you to get it to me as long as you do it very soon. :)

Power Rangers: The really cute characters on there were always the first two Pink Rangers, IMO. Them, Goldar, Tommy (who I liked as a character), and Zed were the only reasons I ever had for watching that show.

JEB: Welcome back to the CR. I too will miss your TGS stories. As for birthdays, no problem. I just hope that when mine rolls around in a couple weeks (March 1st) people will also wish me a happy birthday. <grin>

Mastercard Commercials: I think these are supposed to work with all the stuff you pay for being steps to the priceless result. Here's some more for my fanfic characters (upcoming fic preview alert):

Robot Falcon named Perry- Forty million dollars.
.72 caliber SOCOM, greatest handgun yet made- Two hundred thousand dollars.
Reflexive body armor- Seventy-five thousand dollars.
Being able to fight alongside your immortal boyfriend without him having to keep his one eye on you and develop too much protective male syndrome- priceless. (Laura James)

Antique katana blade- Twenty thousand dollars.
Sword lessons from a Japanese gargoyle- thirty dollars an hour.
Steel-collared turtleneck- Three hundred dollars.
Being able to fight another Quickling and not have to worry about losing your head- priceless. (Zack)

Candelit dinner for two- Seventy dollars, ninety five cents, plus the tip.
Romantic movie tickets- fifteen dollars, plus popcorn and drinks.
Gas to get you there- Twenty dollars.
Finding out your date is really an ice-spitting silver dragon and getting taken on a wild ride while battling her evil counterpart- shocking. (You'll have to wait to see who Nikki will be dating. Ha ha.)

Deuce: Alright! About time you met someone. Even if it's only an online relationship. Of course, those can turn out great. Dumlao and Ali are living proof of it. :) I wish you and the Iowa girl continued friendship and hope it develops into a good thing.

Blue: Mean? I don't think you sounded mean. I get lots of comments about how complicated my work is, I enjoy hearing them. I like building complex plots. Too-simple ones bore me. And from what I've heard, they bore my target audience more often than not, too. I can sympathize with your feelings of being overworked and too tired; lately I've been getting them, too (come on, Spring Break, come on). So you have nothing to apologize for, I took no offense. But thanks anyway, especially for the feedback. :)

Coyote: Hope you get better soon, sorry to hear you're sick. And thanks for the good wishes to Kitainia and me.

Everyone remember- Next week Gargs goes up against Ren and Stimpy in the USA Weekend Poll. We must remember to vote and beat them. The cartoon whose songs drove me bananas in summer camp (the dorks in my cabin insisted on singing them around the fire instead of other, better, more familiar traditional campfire music) must not defeat Gargoyles. We cannot let it. So let us all vote, as soon and as frequently as we possibly can. For Gargoyles.

Jewel: Glad your interview went well. Good luck getting the job. I think as long as you don't worry about it too much, and be patient, dealing with events as they arise, the good things will definitely come. No matter how long they take. Hope you get the position, thanks for sharing with us the interview's reults.

Steve: Actually they're not making a movie out of any more Clancy books that we know of. Kitainia just hopes they do. Executive Orders (which we read during a time when a certain real Middle Eastern dictator jerk was making trouble for the US, so we could particularly cheer for the good guys in it), Debt of Honor (features Clancy's best villain, who is my model for Taro's character in my fanfics), and Without Remorse (that one proves how much Clark kicks @$$) are our favorite Clancy books. We think they all deserve to have movies made out of them, even if the books will be better. But then because they can explore the characters more with emotions and plot development, books always are. That includes Hunt for Red October.

Heather: I too wonder about Thailog and miss him. Hope he comes into TGS soon, and not as just some big crippled guy in a wheelchair (IMO, Renard is the only one of those characters Gargoyles needs).

Have to go on to bed now, good night everyone. <waves>


Doug drives on to the hotel, and once he arrives there the scene in Traveler's last RP occurs. "Traveler's behind Marsh?" Doug asks when it's over. "I don't believe it." "Let's find this guy now," says Shap. "Before he can financially sponsor any more plans for world domination." "Right," Doug says. "Jaden can watch those two jerk fundamentalists, we'll take care of Traveler. Fan out, find him. Carry Lathrop's teleportation crystals so we can gang up on Traveler fast once he's found." The Ravens all nod and begin searching the hotel for Traveler, hoping they don't have to battle him when they do find him. They know from experience that Traveler can be a very dangerous foe.


Doug - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:44:38 PM

Gargoyles Names> I don't know what the TGS staff's idea is on the matter now, but here's what my idea on the subject of ancient Egyptian gargoyles having names is:

In ancient Egypt, names were _extremely_ important to a person. It was believed that one of the ways to be sent to spiritual obliteration was for all instances of your name (written and spoken) to be destroyed. A name made something real; it was vitally important for a person to have a name in that society.

So I had imagined that this idea would be transfered to the native gargoyle population. Remember, also, that the gargoyles don't name themselves. They're given those names by someone else. Big difference.

I imagined that this was simply acustom unique to the Egyptian gargoyles, though, and that with the death of the clans, the practice died out.

Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:43:42 PM

Wavelength: You're right, the original blue ranger *was* hot. It got me through many viewings of that infernal series when my little brother was obsessed...

Ordell: Only *five*? Arrrgh! OK, let's give this a shot...

Albums: Maria Callas/Tito Gobbi recording of "Tosca", "City of Angels" soundtrack, "Immortal Beloved" soundtrack, "Rent" and CD of Puccini arias.
Films: "Silence of the Lambs," "Prince of Egypt" (when that comes out on video, I am *so* there!), "The Prophecy II", "A Thousand Pieces of Gold," and "Moonstruck."
Books: "IT" by Stephen King, "The Stand," by Stephen King, the Griffin and Sabine trilogy (I consider those one book), Dante's "Divine Comedy", and "THe Kindly Ones" by Neil Gaiman.

jewel - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:42:17 PM

Yep, yep, it's been a while. Calm down, I'm back to the room! [laughs]

I must admit, I don't have the slightest idea of what I'm going to talk about today, but, as always, it always comes out. I've been told that the room was WIPED FROM EARTH BEFORE I could save my posts!!! What happened??? Those posts made me laugh, I wanted to save them!!!!!!!!! WHY ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

As I've been saying, I'm in love with Goliath. IRL and RP. No, no kidding, I love that guy! He's so tall! So handsome! So BIG! If ONLY he was blue... if only!!! Every show that I watch I must like a blue one, I liked Leonardo in TMNT, Sonic in Sonic, Billy in the Power Rangers, and if there's no blue guy, I don't watch the show!!! Gargoyles was the exception, of course.

I was happy when Goliath had blue clothes when he put on the Eye of Odin, hey... did you see how he fainted??? He just fell!!! He was standing, eyes closed, TOTALLY passed out, and he fell to the floor!!! OH YOU POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!!! [runs into the TV, kneels next to Goliath] WAKE UP!!!!!! YOU ARE WORRYING ME!!!!!!!!! GOLIATH!!!!!!!!!!!! [shakes Goliath frantically] Hey.. it's cold in here... can someone bring me a blanket??? Goliath is freezing!!!!! AS ME!!!!!!!!!! [shakes Goliath] OPEN THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES OF YOURS!!!

Can someone tell me how it is to lose consciousnes? Because I've been conscious all my life! Except when I fall asleep, but that's another thing. I've never been hit in the head so hard that I lose consciousnes, so I can't tell. But I know that some people have lost consciousnes, so, can someone tell me? TV is not enough!

[still shaking Goliath] Oh, no, Elisa! You won't touch him!!! Because of you he is like this!!! GO AWAY!!! [covers Goliath with her wings] Oh please, wakey, wakey... COME ON!!!!!!!!! TALK TO ME!!! ROAR! GLOW EYES! TALK!!!!!!

That Odin... grrr... [drags Goliath out of the TV, places him on the couch] Come on... open your eyes... or... or I'll... THROW A BOWL OF ICED WATER IN YOUR LOINCLOT!!!! [smiles as she stares at Goliath's face, still nothing] Okay... how about a bowl of HOT water in your loinclot? [wolf howl in the distance] Hey... are you hearing me? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey... I know! How about some CRISPY HOT jalapeños? [Goliath moans very softly, she doesn't hear him] Yeah! Jalapeños! TALALA! Jalapeños!!! TALALA!!! [Goliath groans, yet she doesn't hear him] I'll go for some jalapeños!!!! ¡Sí! ¡Señoras y señores! ¡Niños y niñas! ¡Goliat necesita un jalapeño calientito y sabrosito para espantarlo de ese sueño! ¡¡¡AHORA!!! (Translation: "Yes! Men and women! Girls and boys! Goliath needs a crispy hot jalapeño to wake him up! NOW!!!") [Goliath slowly opens his eyes, staring at Demona Taina, eyes narrowed] "We'll see who will take some jalapeños..." [looks down, Goliath closes his eyes] Hmm... I could swear that I saw his eyes open... oh, well. JALAPEÑO!!!! [Goliath growls, she walks over to the fridge, trying to find some jalapeños, Goliath gets up] "Time for some payback, Taina..." [Goliath's eyes glow white, runs outside]

[she walks over to the couch to give Goliath some crispy hot jalapeños] Hey, where are you??? Geez... now he's gone! [looks over her shoulder, gasps as she sees tons of smashed jalapeños land on her, spits out those she swallowed] HOT! HOT! HOT! HOT!!! "Here, Taina, have some water!" [Goliath throws a bucket of COLD ICED water over Taina, he runs back to the TV]

[screams] SO COLD! SO DARN COLD!!!! [trembling because of the cold] Got hot milk?

[clicks the submit button]

Demona Taina - []
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:14:58 PM

DX > I was wondering , are you guys going to have Thailog in TGS ? Because I want to know. Because I got a cool idea for an episode with the return of Thailog.
Heather - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:57:47 PM

I got a big chemistry test tomorrow, so this will be quick. "The Sun & the Serpent" was again as fabulous as the previous two. Can't wait til next ep, and I got something special to share with all tomorrow. Sweet dreams(if you guys ever sleep)!
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:37:45 PM

VISA COMMERCIALS> Hmmm, I can think of a couple:

One Child's Lamp: $35.00 Dollars
One Pair of Glasses (with exam): $50.00
One Dallas Stars Hockey Jersey: $95.00
One Christmas Eve with spent with your new clan and the Spirit of Your Father: Priceless


New Identity Records: $1000.00
Post-Partum Care for Twin Babies: $2500.00 with extras
Tutition at Private School for two: $35,000.00 each
Watching children save the City of Manhattan: Priceless.

Ten Cyber-cookies for each guess! :)

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:37:34 PM

Hey all,

Sorry bout that last bit, dunno what happened w/ my keyboard.

Todd > <Actually, Norman did just that (disposing of the villain) in an episode of "Mighty Max" once, and even said the exact same words> Truthfully, I had no idea at all. I never watched that show much, and I never saw that episode. But thanks for pointing it out, I can totally picture that scene in my mind.

Stormy > <Steve: if I use that line in a fic sometime?> Go right ahead. I've already used it in different forms all over the place. Even figured out how to work it into a Star Wars fic...

Wilek > <I have GOT to work something like that into a fic! ^_^> Please, go ahead. Glad to know my lines are being appreciated :)

Doug > <Glad I'm not the only one who finds myself thinking how I'd take over a building...> Hey, join the club. I guess if some evil cyber-terrorists manage to hijack the CR, you, Fleur, Traveler, and I will know what to do :)

Ordell RE 5....
CDs: Van Halen "Best of Volume 1," Goo Goo Dolls "Dizzy Up the Girl," "The Rock Soundtrack," VH "5150," and... and... some CD of music xferred from my mp3s
Books: 'Thunder of Erebus' by Payne Harrison, 'The Rogue Squadron' series by Michael A Stackpole (condensed to one volume, of course), 'Red Storm Rising' by Tom Clancy, and 'Pegasus' and 'Seawolves'... by me :)
Movies: The Rock (of course), Armageddon, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Navy SEALs, and Full Metal Jacket
Best portrayal of President: Ford in AF1 was good, I'd also have to go with Bill Pullman in ID4. How many other Chief Executives would strap themselves into an F/A-18 and bulls-eye alien spacecraft? :)

Blue Caeru > Keith David hosted Nature? Ack! What happened to George Page?

Kitainia > They're making a movie out of Executive Orders? Cool! I can only hope that Rainbow Six is next! I liked Ford as Ryan, though I have to say that I liked Alec Baldwin a tad better in Hunt for Red October. Which brings up another question to Clany fans - which was better: THfRO the book, or the movie?

Jewel > Sounds like the perfect interview to me. Makes the grilling my Eagle Board gave to me look like a KGB interrogation. Good luck with the job.

Taleweaver > I was just about to make up that SAME EXACT Mastercard commercial for Demona. Good thing for the "refresh" button, that could have been embarassing! :)

Okay, that's all for now. Must get back to Mech Commander.

'Night all

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:22:12 PM

Hey peoples,
Names in Ancient Egypt> Actually, gargoyles earn their names. Remember Meryt didn't have a name when Brooklyn first arrived. After her deeds she won a name.

Credit card ads> Well, before the lawyer and copyright people get wind here is mine version of the ad.

Abandoned Cathedral rental: $500
Trip to Paris in 1980: $1200
Tailored Biological: $130,000
Chance to wipe out humanity: Priceless (Demona)

Taleweaver - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:15:20 PM

Thursday, February 18, 1999 09:53:09 PM

The Job interview: I had my interview today. I think the job interview went well. I managed to be an hour late, thanks to the fact that the roads up here have *no* street
signs on them, and every place I stoppde and asked directions had different directions to tell me. But eventually I found the place. I got there and immediately apologized profusely. The guy, Chris, said not to
worry about it--the place is impossible to find, and they had one woman who got so lost she decided to cancel the interview--I guess she took it as a sign that she wasn't supposed to work for the place. I really do think the interview went well. I liked the place from the second I walked in. I got great vibes from it. The guy who
interviewed me was only about 4 or 5 years older than me. It was a small company, only about 3 or 4 people, and they're looking to expand, hiring either one or two people depending on how much money the people they hire want. Right off the bat, he asked me about starting salary. He looked through my portfolio and thought everything looked good--he seemed impressed that one of my pieces was going to be published in a prof's article this May. We got along really well--a lot of the interview, we were just talking. He even at one point kind of grinned nervously and said he hated interviews--I responded back with "They're aren't they great from this end, either!" he said I should try it from his perspective and it really gives you insight into the other side of interviewing. It was very laid-back and relaxed; as soon as I got there, he asked if I wanted a
soda or anything. The only thing that he said that they wished I had but didn't was more dynamic HMTL experience, He asked if I'd ever used DHTML before, and I told him the truth--no, I hadn't, because I hadn't had any cause to use it. But if I needed to, I would learn it. We mainly talked
about why I went to Bryn Mawr, stuff like that. He also said I had good communication skills. So I really think it went well (althought I might be deluding myself). I'll find out in a few weeks, by mid-March at the latest. I've got my finger crossed. I *realllllllly* want to work there. I don't know why, I just do.

jewel - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 09:25:40 PM

No RP tonight ... I feel like hell (sinus problems are making me blind, so forgive any por speeling. :).

Doug, Kitainia: You're quite welcome. *sigh* A love like yours ain't an everyday thing, I'm glad you two treasure it.

Ordell: The two most presidential movie Presidents I've seen in films were Harrison Ford (I agree with that one) and Michael Douglas (Anybody besides me seen "The American President?" That was a pretty good movie.)
As for your other question ...
Albums: "Bat Out of Hell" (Meat Loaf), "Bat Out of Hell 2: Back Into Hell" (Meat Loaf), "Welcome to the Neighborhood" (Mead Loaf), and the soundtracks fo "Prince of Egypt" and "The Who's Tommy."
Books: "Flight of the Intruder" (Stephen Coonts), "Clan of the Cave Bear" (Jean M. Auel) and all three of Timothy Zahn's Star Wars books.
Films: "Heavy Metal," "Men In Black," "Titanic," "Blazing Saddles," and "Toys."

MasterCard fic character ads: Hmm ... :)

Partial cyber-facial implant: $42,000
High-caliber alien weapons: $2150
Flowers for mother's grave: $30
Guitar lessons: $600
Avalonian boyfriend who's completely devoted to you: priceless. (Rosanna)

Wavers: Dang ... condolences on your recent breakup.

Meeting people online: Read my recent RP's. They tell the whole story for me, as far as I'm concerned ... I'm feeling much better than when I originally picked a pic ... hence the change.

Okay ... now I'm really going blind ... time for me to stop, I think. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, February 18, 1999 09:23:19 PM


Doug> I just realized how mean my last post sounded. I'm sorry about the comment I made about the complicatedness in your fanfic. What I meant was that I read so much stuff I can't remember much of anything, and I've been really tired lately. I didn't mean for it to sound like I didn't like your work. :-( Sorry. Beat me with a wet towel or something. :-P

Kitainia> Eek, your encounter with an over-protective mother sounds horrendous. I'm almost dreading the day I have to bring some guy home to my parents, because _I_ have an over-protective mother. If she knew I posted here, she'd be pissed. I'm glad you and Doug are so determined to work through it.

I was watching "Nature" on PBS on Sunday night, and guess who narrated that episode? The guy who did Goliath's voice, Keith David (hope I got the name right)!

And speaking of insanity, I have a really funny article about the Romans and their wild parties. I know some of you have read it already, but I can't resist letting a whole bunch of other people see it too. :-) The title alone should get people's attentions: "How to Host a Roman Orgy."
Click on my name! I just hope my friend hasn't removed it from her website yet. When I first showed it to my friends, it became this big inside joke and they always teased me about it. :-)

Blue Caeru - [click on my name!]
Thursday, February 18, 1999 08:57:14 PM

Still weary.

"Gaijin"> I thought that meant "foreigner".

Stormy> $ AK-47's? I found myself wishing for those today in gym. :-) $

Meeting people on the 'net> I met the sweetest girl from Iowa last September. Although a "cyber-girlfriend" is nothing like the real thing, it's pretty cool. She's so sweet, and as good a listener as you guys here.

I've got to start watching Daria. I've heard good things about it (plus, they said "ass" on a kid's network! Whoo-hoo!).

JEB> You had a birthday? Must've missed that. Happy belated birthday, anyway.

Mastercard Commercial (Brooklyn)-
Authentic Japanese wedding: $4,500
Plasma rifle: $10,000
Babysitting: $85/hr
Finally being taller than your clan leader: priceless

** leaves to watch and tape the Voyager movie (damn the fact that we get it on Thursday!) **

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, February 18, 1999 08:50:33 PM

I posted this comment before the room got shut down for a day so here I go.

Sylvia> Welcome to the comment room.

This is a question for TGS in The Sun And The Serpent parters. Most of all the Gargoyles in anichient Egypt have names, but I thought Gargoyles did not start naming themselves until around 1100 A.D. and 1200A.D. or somwhere around that time maybe different Clans around the world started naming themselves in different centuries I would like to know?
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Thursday, February 18, 1999 08:24:11 PM

GABRIEL-- THe Illustrated Quotes stuff can be, and should be, sent to me at my e-mail addy. I'll sort it all out from there. And quotes can be of no particular length. Short or long, as long as you got a quote.

BTW, in case anyone wondered, you can do several pics for one quote. Different artis interpretations are more than welcome here.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 07:57:42 PM


Hotsettler has by now mutated into a horrifying chaos demon (that's what Lathrop says he is now, anyway). And the party's attacks are bouncing right off him. "Kenny!" Shauna begs the lawyer as her arrows richochet off the creature's ebony scaled hide. "What in your DNA caused this?" Kenny shrugs. "I don't know. My genome has been contaminated so much by all my deaths it could have been anything. I've been in atomic blasts, I've had cancer, I've been eaten alive by horny alligators, I've been..." "Kenny!" Kitainia interrupts him. "This is not the time to recount your deaths!" "Sorry," Kenny says, ducking a slime ball the chaos demon spits at him. "I'm also sorry I don't know how to get rid of this thing!" "I have an idea," Elena says, charging one of Boris's atomic rockets with magical energy and handing it to him. "Shoot him with this," she says. Tricia adds a psionic charge to the shell, and Orion a striking spell. Boris loads his bazooka and fires the shell into the mutant Hotsettler. It hits him right in the stomach, then explodes in a flash of smoke and flame. The monster roars, and there is another explosion. The smoke clears and Kitainia and the others look around. Hotsettler's mutated form has been replaced with a huge black stain and a pile of foul-smelling dust. "I think we got him," Boris says, hefting his weapon. Kitainia nods. "That's all the bad lawyers. Let's get out of here." As they head out of the building and back to their car, Kitainia makes a CR post.


First off, thanks to everyone who's given me and Doug their support. Your comments have all been inspiring and welcome, I believe they are very true. Don't worry, Dumlao, I know what a good guy Doug is, and as Coyote said, we both have so much strength of character this is only a small problem. We will still end up together no matter what the family tries, that is our vow. I'm just glad we have the support of all the great people in this comment room.

Insanity: Hmm, I like this. Being nuts is fun, and there's an old saying- "Only the people we call crazy are really sane." I think many of the people in here, including me, are living proof of that saying's truth. <grin>

**Shameless Plugs for Doug's fanfic saga**
Last week we were talking about Mastercard commercials and what Gargs characters would be like in them. Well, Doug and I were thinking and we thought up some for his fanfic characters. Here goes-

Various bribes and blackmails- five billion dollars. Destruction of New Olympus with a team of powerful cyborgs- eight billion dollars (per cyborg involved). Vortex Laser- two million, six hundred thousand and sixty-eight dollars and fourteen cents. Deposing your superior and ruling the world- priceless. (Nick Mackovic)

Kidnapping ransom- twenty million dollars. Genetic aging treatments- four billion dollars. Subliminal magic tutorial videos- two million dollars, plus the sorcerer's fee. Making a superheroine powerful enough to save the world even though she's only two years old- priceless. (Changeling)

Shotgun shells- fifty dollars per box. Motorbike gas- one dollar per gallon. Services of informants- free, since you know intimidation. Damages to various properties- at least a thousand dollars per night. Being able to clean up New York's crime by yourself and save lives, thus satisfying your need for purpose in life- priceless. (Seth Figaro)

That's what we have for now. I wonder if any other writers have similar ideas/creativity demons for their characters. Feel free to share them if you do.
**plug has passed**


Great emotions and character development in this one, TGS Staff. I wonder how Part 4 will top it. I liked all the scenes in the episode, and what was done with everybody. Sata had some more memorable moments in this one, so did Meryt and Harthoth. I also liked how Khensu saved Brooklyn from Isfet (speaking of her, I wonder if the TGS Staff has forgotten about her metal hand. Maybe in the next ep we'll see how she got it), why does he have to be a bad guy? Anyway, overall another good episode. I can't say much more about it than others already have. Keep up the good work.


Junk E-mail: I know the evils of that all too well. Woe to all people who send it out, same to the senders of annoying e-mail chain letters (one of my personal pet peeves).

Rap: This music's generally okay, as long as it doesn't get too annoying, explicit, or heavy on the bass. The groups and songs Doug mentioned are ones I also enjoy. As for other kinds of music, I generally like all of them. IMO, a song's quality really depends more on the tune, lyrics, and preformer than the genre. That's what I judge music by anyway.

Ordell: I agree with you about Harrison Ford. He has to play the Prez again, in Tom Clancy's Executive Orders. That was a great book, it really deserves to have a movie made out of it. Without Remorse and Debt of Honor, too. In both DoH and EO Ford could also reprise his old role of Jack Ryan. I'd really like to see these movies, hope someone picks up the project someday.

And about the albums, novels, and films, I'm not sure. If I had access to only five of each for the rest of my life, I'd get bored quick. I'm that kind of person. Besides, what kind of jerk would try to do something like that and be able to get away with it? Nobody in their right mind, IMHO. And after they tried to do it to me, nobody who's still among the living.

But if I absolutely had to choose? Sigh, alright. Books- the complete works of Tom Clancy, Shakespeare, Stephen King, Christine Morgan, and Leo Tolstoy, each in its own gigantic volume (I assume they would all be published). Movies- the Star Wars hexology (which I count as one film), Pretty Woman, You've Got Mail, Forrest Gump, and the Terminator. Albums- Tom Petty's Greatest Hits, Duran Duran's Greatest Hits, U2's Greatest Hits, some CD full of great classical symphonies and opera music, and the black album by Metallica. That's what I'd pick, though I really hope I never have to choose these things. :(

Kyryn: Thanks. Same good wishes to you and Okami, no matter what your families think. I completely agree with you about male chivalry and overprotectiveness.

Wavelength: Yep, the original Blue Ranger's name was Billy. Give him some of Tommy's personality, and the original Red Ranger's taste in clothing, and he could easily pass for Doug. You weren't the only one who had a crush on both the Blue and the Green Rangers for a while. Power Rangers did have some cute actors, even if the plots were generally cheesy, boring, and overly cliched.

JEB: Welcome back. Hmm, you're no longer a TGS writer? Rats, I'm going to miss your stories! Oh well, good luck with whatever you decide to do in your life. Glad we'll still see you in the Comment Room.

Malibu: I heard that song by Cake, too. It's one of my favorite new musics (along with Everclear's At the Stars and ZZ Top's Consume Me). Wish the radio would play it now instead of these boring commercials. :(

Guess that's all for now, have to go fix dinner. Later TGS CR!!


The Ravens get out of the building and back into their car. Kitainia calls Doug to see what's going on with him. He is glad to hear the evil lawyers have all been defeated, and tells the others about Jerry and Tom. "They're in a casino," he says. "Something's very fishy here." "Definitely," Kitainia says. "I just got a call from Gubio," Doug goes on. "He's found something interesting in Marsh's systems. He wants us to come see it right now." "Well, can we leave those two to whatever they're doing?" "Janice and I are heading back to see Gubio now. I left Jaden there to spy on Jerry and Tom, he should be able to stop them if they try anything." "Okay," Kitainia nods. "I'll meet you back at the hotel, there we can see what Gubio has for us." She hangs up and the screen goes blank. (Note- see Traveler's last RP to view the strange things Gubio discovered. I expect Traveler to pick up things from here.)


Kitainia - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 06:51:02 PM


Great story!! I'm glad that Meryt finally (at least publically) acknowledged that Brook was Sata's mate... (Well, she was told before, but I'm sure you know what I mean... she backed off a bit basically.) but on the other side of the coin, could you imagine someone you love disappearing, then reappearing 8,000 years later? (For some reason Cake's song "Never there" just popped into my head *l*) But anyway, I can't wait until next week to read part IV... And on Wednesday you TGS writers better not say it's an 8 parter or something ;) Hmmm... The next Timedancer comes out on my birthday... Kewl! :)

Oh, and I drew a pic of that scene in Part II where Brook and Meryt were singing... it's funny as hell, I just need to get it scanned and coloured, and I'll post the link to it.


I'm outta here... *poof*

Malibu Nylkoorb
Thursday, February 18, 1999 05:04:09 PM

*walks in*

Gabriel, Fleur, SOROW, Ravyn, Argent, Kitania, DumlaoX, Doug, Traveler, Jewel, Mandi Ohlin, Kyryn, Wilek Nereus, Robby> Thank you very much for the happy birthday wishes! :) It's nice to see people care. :)

If you're curious where I've been, let's just say things have been interesting lately. Now that I'm no longer a writer on TGS, I should be able to actually involve myself in the fandom more, powers willing. I'll probably rejoin the TGS fan collective next week. :)

Ta ta.

*waves and walks out*

JEB - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 04:52:44 PM

Hi you all,
I am back after a wonderful holidays week full of snow and skiing.
And because I enjoyed the week the day I am back has to be crazy. You know there is a rule which says after something good must follow something terrible. This day is the proof of it. At first I had waited nearly three hours in a traffic jam. Then I falled down, twice times, and of course I was wearing new clothes. Afterwards I had an appointement with the dentist and I really hate the dentist (who not), and after all I had noticed that the last week CR is missing. You see, it was a teribble day, but what to do when fate has choosen you to laught about (deep sight)...

Travaler: Is there a contest about long comments? I thought you'd win it althought the competition don't sleep.

Sylvia: Welcome to you, you will enjoy it thus stay.

Fun weather stories: Usually Germany isn't a weather-bothered country, but the last two weeks were very strange. At first there was the day when it all begans. in the morning it was raining then the storm started (nearly like out of the wizzard of Oz). At noon it hailed and of course I had to go home then. After I was home (when else) it stopped and it begans to snow. And after all was white and we enjoyed the landscape it rains again and in the evening everything was grey. In the next morning then every street was black-ice covered. You can imagine the chaos. besides this happened yesterday again, so there went nearly nothing on the streets, like my car.

Jewel: Congratulations to your brother.
JEB: to you too.
everyone: hope you'd all a fantastic Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, Carneval, Chinese new years eve and of course WORLD PARTY DAY!!!!

Ordell:five albums- Peer Gynt by Grieg (Yes, I like classik), Crossroads by Bon Jovi, the X-file theme, the violin player by Vanessa Mae, shadow of the moon (I like middle-age music too)
five films- star wars(last part), Ladyhawk, Interview with a vampire, Last Unicorn, death poets society
five books- Swordancer(Ok, there are five but I count them as one), Elfquest(same), Lord of the rings(the original), Shakespeare(Mac Beth and Hamlet)
President: I liked Harrison Ford too.

Heroes: I like those heroes most who don't know or imagine that they are heroes. These people do what they think is right without much stuff around it, for example Tiger out of "Sworddancer" or even Brooklyn. These dressed up clowns like Superman aren't what i imagine under a real hero because neither they have "super powers" or enough money to buy them. But I agree that circumstances and charakter create a hero but they create the villians too(like Calisto).

PMS: I would have nothing against it if my boyfriend would be a little bit more attentive. So be happy if you have met a PMS-guy. Althought, if it is to much protection you should try to speak with him at first, you can let him fall everytime if you think he won't change.

Dumloa X: I had write this note before but I think you'de missed it because of the missing CR, so i write it again.
I have now finished a pic out of daylight and I think it could be used on your quote page. But where should I send it? Is your e-mail adress OK? And how long should the quote be?

OK, thats all for now. TD comment will follow tomorrow. Until then and enjoy the night.

Ciao Gabriel

Oh, forgotten: Is there anyone who knows a good fractal-art CD? Infos about it are very welcome.

Gabriel - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 04:33:20 PM

Okay, TV spoilers.....

Voyager-That was just cool, and how noami got that idea to save! You could tell that they wouldnt take 7 away, i mean, she's the first/only mindles female sex-appeal since TOS (the original seiries) But it was still cool!!!

Daria Season Priemeir-Okay, this was unexpected, a musical!?!?!?!?! but i loved the 'MANLY' song, especially that one part-
(Jake) C'mon Trent, your daughter and my sister are out there!
(Trent) That dousnt sound right.
(the reason it dosnt sound right is cause its backward-duh-)
and then, when trent hugged both the girls! a classic, no doubt!!!!!

Kylynna - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 03:21:09 PM

I'm using Asrial 'cause I haven't seen her in forever. :)

More ppl to kill in RP's> The guy at my college(incidentally, my ex-boss) who decided to get Eudora Light for our EM system. I have 2 fanfics that I wanted to get out today, but can't, since it's down again. And no, I can't get Hotmail or something similar, 'cause I'm offline too much, my mail would overload-wipe.

Stormy> That's too cool! My church used German up until about 50 years ago. Three of my aunts have Baptism certificates written in German.
*******************TimeDancer Space************************

Matt> In-jokes in Sun and Serpent: I had no idea about the upcoming Transformers movie in-joke when I helped continue the TF thread in here, honest! *Wavers covers herself in case of possible psychic occurrences*
*****************End Timedancing**********************

Meeting guys on the Internet> I met the greatest one this summer, but let me tell you, it hurts to break up with them as much as it does to break up with one from the physical world. :( It just happened last night.

Voyager> I've never had a UPN affiliate, but my local CBS used to carry it at midnight on Mondays. They stopped after last season, but I never liked it much anyway. DS9, however, rocks the world, even w/o Jadzia. Too bad this is the last season.

Mandi> This is completely an aside from the party RP, but wasn't the original blue power ranger CUTE? I think his name was Billy, all I really remeber was that I developed a crush on him while babysitting. Then the green one came on, but that's another story entirely... *blushes under mask and slinks off in shame, making sure her own helmet is firmly in place*

Thursday, February 18, 1999 02:55:42 PM


This is a revelation in the Timedancer saga. It links in so many elements from both TGS and the original series, and has forged itself its own brand of epic tale. Very much like HUNTER’S MOON and CITY OF STONE did for the original series, in fact. Meryt’s little outburst is possibly the best moment in the entire TGS tapestry (it has a hot competitor in the bit where Lex realises he’s been betrayed at the end of REPRISALS PART TWO, mind). The power and emotions behind it stuns shocks and amazes. But the whole series is really reincarnated through this; *all* of the new characters gain a stunning third dimension. Everything becomes shrouded in mystery and baptised in superiority. The events, the characters and the interactions all work together. I really am so bowled over by this that normal words simply cannot do it justice. TGS Staff- you’ve outdone yourself. (Now I just want to see if this has the same ‘brightest before dawn’ climatic crescendo that CoS, HM and REPRISALS all sustained to the end, but which all the other TGS multi-part tales to date couldn’t quite hold onto).


Kitainia: Sorry to hear about your problems with Doug’s parents, but I congratulate you on your stoical attitude in your handling of the situation.

Matt: Yuck- junk mail. I get a fair bit of that :\

ED - []
London, England
Thursday, February 18, 1999 02:23:37 PM

Heh...I've been getting those emails too. So....

***BEGIN RP***

Ten junk-email distributors suddenly poof out of their seats in their offices and reappear behind a row of little plastic ducks moving on a conveyor belt. They look at the ducks, look at each other, blink, and then notice...

Wagner, Stormy, and several other junk email receivers standing at the other end of the shooting gallery with AK-47's.

***PAUSE RP***

Wavelength: Guilty as charged...though I was born in Canada, my hometown community is almost all German (in fact, our CHurch was still using German in its services until the SECOND world war.)

Kitainia, Doug: Been there. I had fun trying to win over Whit's family--they were especially prejudiced about us meeting over the Net--but it's been almost TWO YEARS now and they're slowly starting to accept that I'm staying around. (And I deliberately left all my combat clothing at HOME to give the right impression...come my trip out east in August I might actually start looking more like me...*snickers*) Basically, if it's love, if it's lasting, they will have to come to accept just takes SOOOOO long sometimes. :-P

***RESUME RP*** (New character preview!)

Before the shooters can fire, a blue female gargoyle with a pointed muzzle, Brooklyn-esque horns and Wagner's wings comes in, wearing minister gown and scarf, carrying a book.

Luther reads: "Ask and ye shall be forgiven...but those who distribute junk email shall burn in eternal hell." *shrugs* Works for me. *incinerates the junk emailers in a blast of hellfire*

Stormy von Stalhein
Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:19:11 PM

**Kyryn walks in**

Protective Male Syndrome: As Kitania said, courtesy and chivalry are not necessarily the same thing as being overprotective. Okami well understands that I can take care of myself, but he still worries about me. However, he also opens doors for me, helps to seat me at a restaurant, etc. I really appreciate this. In return, I thank him politely or give him a smile. I think that society today has lost something by losing these little traditions of politeness. Personally, I try to take the extra little bit of time to be polite and kind to others. This is especially true on the highways, where I see too many frustrated people driving angrily and dangerously-- all for an extra carlength that doesn't even get them were they are going any sooner.

Kitania> I'm glad that you and Doug have decided that your opinion is the only one which matters in deciding what is right for you. Okami and I have had to deal with some issues with both sets of parents: His mom is manipulative (thankfully we live 1500 miles away from her) and my dad quietly disapproves of Okami (the old you're not good enough for daddy's little girl), but not too much. We both made the decision long ago that being together is right for us and we're not going to let anyone else pull us apart.

Teletubbies> A friend of mine went to London last summer. She came home grinning and said, "They may have given us Teletubbies, but we gave them Barney!" Personally, I'd be very happy to see the last of both of them.

Selanit> Colorado? A bunch of the folks who work Scarborough here in Texas also work the Colorado festival. Good luck being an elf.

Y2K> Well, there are several dates that everyone is actually concerned about. The GPS system, which some banks use to get time/date stamps from, will reset itself on August 22, 1999. Of course, most of the banks are aware of this and have compensated for the problem in their reprogramming. 9/9/99 is a worry because some very old systems might use that as a test setting for their programming and therefore crash or behave weirdly on that date. January 1, 2000 is of course the big date because of the 2 digit - 4 digit year problem.

Wilek> Gaijin is Japanese for 'foreigner', but if I remember correctly it also means 'barbarian' (i.e. someone not civilized in the Japanese sense). Regarding Harthoth: wait and see. *grin*.
LOL - your removal of warning labels idea is great. It's unfortunate that so many manufacturers have to put these insane labels on packages just to avoid the potential for a lawsuit. Of course, some of the labels are justifiable and needed; but personally, I think that the world could use a few less stupid and greedy people.

Jewel: Congrats!

Heroes: I agree with Kaioto's opinion. The 'ordinary' heroes are the best ones. I love reading Reader's Digest stories for that reason. Have any of you ever heard of the Carnegie Medals? They are given every year to people for risking their lives selflessly to save another person's life.

Doug> What I said for Kitania applies to you too. I wish you both all the best in life and many happy years together!

Matt> I'll agree. I just notified an ISP that I had been sent spam from someone using their service. Hopefully that will solve the problem, especially since the person who sent me this used a falsified mail header from my own mailing service (yahoo) to do it.

That's all for now.

**Kyryn dives out the nearest window**

Kyryn - []
Uvalde, TX
Thursday, February 18, 1999 11:21:43 AM


Mandi has interposed herself between the hapless Ranger and Dogbert, glaring down at the egg-shaped canine. "When a client tries to pull a blaster on you, don't you think that's a good time to end the sale?"

<"Not with a hand-held rocket launcher."> Dogbert holds it up for her to see. <"Now go away, or I'll blow you both up.">

<"If you do,"> the Ranger adds, <"Jim'll just make you clean up the mess. It's going to be one heck of a cleaning bill.">

Dogbert blinks in surprise at an intelligent comment coming from a guy in blue spandex. Mandi takes the opportunity, pointing over at the Borg. "Besides, there's a whole bunch of suckers over there. If you don't make a sale, they'll provide you with some spare parts." Dogbert thinks, shrugs, and heads off to torment the Borg coming in.

The Ranger sighs. <"Thanks. Not even boring him to death would shut him up. I owe you.">

Mandi grins. "You do? Then change back to normal." He stares at her. "Well? Do it!" A flash of light, and the Ranger is replaced by a relatively normal-looking guy in a blue T-shirt and jeans. Quick as a wink, Mandi grabs his communicator and morpher before he can stop her, stuffing them into her pockets.

<"Wait a minute! What do you think you're doing??">

"I'm collecting on the favor. You can have them back when the party's over." Selwyn Ward sighs, shrugs, and allows her to drag him into the crowd.


$Heh...there were some upsides to having to watch that with the kids I babysat last semester...$

Kitania> My condolences on your dealings with Doug's folks, but I agree with Coyote - I have to admire you too for standing up against his mother. Despite what she seems to think, from what I've seen in your posts, you two seem really happy with each other, and that's what counts.

Kaioto> **applauds for hero rant** Well said. (And another Dennis Miller fan! Yes!)

Majors> As of yesterday afternoon, it's official: I am now a double major in English and Computer Science. And that's said and done. DumlaoX - <<I shall become a Sociology Major. What the hell you can do with that, I have no clue.>> You never know. Besides, you strike me as someone who can usually make do with whatever you've got and do it well.

I'm up to 37 submissions, and 71 to go! Whoo-hoo!


Someone's started playing swing music, and Mandi is trying to teach Selwyn and a few other people the few steps she's learned from her swing class (that's not saying much!) when explosions occur from the far side of the room. Dogbert has managed to confuse the Borg so much that some of their heads are exploding. Undaunted, the little dog shrugs and starts looking for spare parts in the rubble. "ALL RIGHT!" someone yells. "WHO STARTED THIS?"

Mandi and Selwyn have moved to the far wall. "That's not a pretty sight. You weren't kidding about the cleaning bill."

<"You know he's going to pin this on us.">

"Oh, yeah. Um, how's a nice quiet walk sound?"

Another Borg's head explodes, followed by screams and a few women glaring at Princess Estra, who is only a foot away but still perfectly clean and neat, not a hair out of place. <"Let's get out of here."> Mandi and Selwyn race for the back exit.


Mandi Ohlin - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:54:21 AM

I am weary.

Kitainia> My condolences on that... interesting... experience. Sounds awful. Good luck in further dealings with Doug's family.

Robby> I'll e-mail you a quick rundown of ReBoot's Season 3 at lunch, OK? Basically, Matrix is the grown-up Enzo (about 21 in human years), Megabyte got eaten by a web creature (off-screen, damn), and he was dating/probably more with the grown-up-and-out AndrAIa. :-)

** leaves, still weary **

Deuce - []
City of Champions (hey, we won a game. what can I say?), Alberta, Canada
Thursday, February 18, 1999 10:11:19 AM

MATT - I can understand your problem. I also get bombarded with a fair amount of junk e-mail. One of the drawbacks of the Internet.

HEROES - I tend to go (at least, in my own independent fiction), for the ordinary sorts who sometimes even stumble into adventures. As in, something along these lines. Somebody on a long and dangerous journey stops by at your house for some purpose, and accidentally leaves something behind. After he goes on his way, you discover the belonging of his that he forgot, and run after him to return it to him. But in the process, you find that you're stuck travelling with him on his journey, unable to go back home for now (through some technicality), and so your adventure begins.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, February 18, 1999 08:16:34 AM

Robby > If you get Cartoon Network, and you can wait until the middle of March, they are going to show all three seasons of ReBoot. I, too, missed it. On the Voyager movie, in my opinon, the show has kinda gone down. The stories are okay, but just that. TNG and DS9 always (well, 95 percent) of the time) had great story lines and episodes.

Dumalo > I like rap, as long as it carries some kind of message and the artist isn't a complete moron. In fact, I like pretty much any music except country, which was forged by Lucifer himself.

Two questions to everyone (for a class)> 1) If you were forced to only have accsses to five albums, five films and five novels for the rest of your natural life, which would they be. (Mine: albums 1 - Rage Against the Machine (Self-Title); 2 - Bad Religion (Follow the Leader); 3 - Nirvana (Incesticide); 4 - Tom Petty (Greatest Hits); 5 - any Hendrix album. films 1 - Reservoir Dogs; 2 - Pulp Fiction; 3 - A Clockwork Orange; 4 - Strange Days; 5 - The Empire Strikes Back. and books 1 - Stephen King's Wizard and Glass; 2 - Anne Rice's The Queen of the Damned; 3 - Anne Rice's Memnoch the Devil; 4 - J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye; 5 - J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmirilion.) (Yes, I'm bored).

And #2 > In a movie made within the last ten years, what actor has portrayed an American president the best. Not honnestly, but what a president should be. (Me - I'd have to go for Harrison Ford in Air Force One.)

I'm off now......

Ordell - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 08:11:21 AM

Aaarrggghhh! Leave me alone.
Ok, if anyone is looking for someone to dispose of horribly in RP, I have an idea - the people who send out spam and other unsolicited junk e-mail. Looks like my address got added to a list and I'm being sent tons of absolute garbage.
No I don't want to ring your psychic hotline to find what my future holds and I don't CARE if you have a foolproof way for me to make 50,000 a year by e-mail. GO AWAY.

*****Timedancer stuff, but not spoilers*******
Ok on a much more pleasant topic, this week's episode has been just as excellent as the previous two, can't wait for the last part next week, betrayals, revalations and a big battle are virtually assured. I'd just like to say congrats on the great portrayal of the original characters, who have been written really well.
Spotted at least a couple of references too - an obvious one from Star Wars and also one from Transformers the movie :)
****End ******

Oh for people looking for MP3's of computer game music you could do much worse than check out
..which has a ton of music from many different formats - from TurboDuo/PC Engine and SuperNes through to Saturn, Playstation and Dreamcast.

Personal faves include: Grandia - Main theme, Panzer Dragoon's 'Ruins of Uru', Sonic3D Blast - Rusty Ruin Act2 and Sonic Adventure's title theme 'Open Your Heart'

Buffy> Hmm. Still waiting to see the end of series 2 over here. Bah. The BBC has just started screening series one, but chopped to bits at 6:45pm AND keeps pre-empting it for snooker and figure skating! Ludicrous.

Matt Dymond - []
UKThursday, February 18, 1999 07:20:03 AM


At Jim's party, Jake, Teri, Forfexx, Anoth, Raoul, Micheal Jackson, and several of the other guests are bitten by mosquitoes. "Call the exterminator, Jim!" Jake shouts. The party's host nods as the mosquitoes fly away, carrying their victims' blood in metal canisters. They zip back to Thailog's secret base where the still-unnamed completely mad scientist takes their bounty. Chuckling, he goes to work on Asil's plan while three large blue gargoyles look on and share evil grins.

The screen switches to Doug, who is driving down the Las Vegas highway with Jaden and Janice. "I hope Kitainia's not in too much trouble," Doug says. "I know she can handle herself, but I do worry." "All men do," Jaden laughs. "And all women. But don't worry, Doug. We'll get there." Suddenly a gold Range Rover zips by them and Doug gets a strange look in his eyes. "Hey," he says, "isn't that the car Kitainia said was following her here?" "Yes," says Janice. "I recognize it." Doug nods and begins turning the truck around. "Scuse me," Jaden asks, "what are we doing?" "Like you said, Kitainia can handle herself," Doug replies. "In the meantime, we have to find out what those two guys in the SUV are doing here. And why my girlfriend's high school prom date has suddenly come back into her life." "Alright," Jaden sighs. "Let's get after them." Doug nods, following Jerry and Tom as he makes a post in the CR.


Hi, everyone. Glad I'm able to come in here and spend time with my friends after such a harrowing day. Kitainia summed it up pretty much. The usual school stuff, plus family woes. Mom's not the only one who dislikes my girlfriend. I just got off the phone with my grandfather, who started off the conversation by asking "What's this about you dating a punk?" I spent the entire call trying to convince him Kitainia is not one, even if she does have her left nostril pierced (in Granddaddy's eyes, that makes you a punk. Don't ask me why he's so shallow). Uh. At least Enzo and my sister Sarah both like her, as do I. And like Kitainia said and Coyote backed up in such an inspiring manner (thanks for the great and very true support, man), this is only a small problem. Our relationship will stand firm, no matter what happens. That is our vow.


Great Timedancer episode this week, TGS Staff. The emotions of it overwhelmed me. I really liked the character development on Brooklyn, Harthoth, Meryt, and Sata (good to see the last two finally making friends and deciding to work together). Khensu was also developed well, and I liked what was done with Ureas and Isfet. Good pic of Sata and Meryt, too. All in all, I give it a 10 for sweeping emotion and character development. Not much action, but the episode has enough other strengths to make up for that.

Now, Part 4 next week. That one had better be long. There's so much that still needs to be explained. What will be the consequences of Ra's death? How did Khensu become immortal and a slave to Apep? How did Meryt and Harthoth become trapped in statue form? And most importantly, what will happen with Apep, Khensu, and Isfet in 1952? Will the evil dragon king be freed once more, and if not, how will the heroes stop it from happening? I can hardly wait till next week to check it out. :)


Poor Xander. Every woman he dates turns out to be not right for him. First a giant praying mantis, then an Inca mummy girl, then Cordelia and Willow, and now Faith has also tried to kill him and gone bad. He needs a break, Mr. Whedon! Come on! <chuckle>

Good episode, though. I liked all the emotion and character development in it. The ep was worth recording (which I had to do since Mom hates the show and she was here last night), and I'll probably be watching it again and again. I especially liked Trick's death scene, even if I will miss him. And Buffy, Angel, Xander, Giles, Wesley, Willow, and Faith were all developed well. I hope Faith comes back to the good side soon, I liked her much better as a heroine. But she'll make a neat villainess for a while, I guess. Can't complain. We'll see an even neater villainess next week- Vampire Willow. <A-row!>

BTW, my first Buffy crossover will be happening before this episode, somewhere between "Zeppo" and "Bad Girls." I want to use the good Faith in there, so I have to set it before she goes bad. Shouldn't be a problem. I'll work on "Slayer Senshi" in two stories, I want to finish "End to the Rage" first and then do my Vengeance Unlimited crossover. That one, which involves Micheal Canmore hiring Chapel to wreak his revenge on the clan (and of course, Chapel finds out who's really the bad guy and gets pissed), should be interesting. I hope to make it the one sort of VU ep they never did, and really should have. (Chapel is only human, he can't always start out going after the bad guy.) I'm looking forward to writing it, hope I can get there soon. But in the meantime I'll enjoy crafting "End to the Rage." Which I'm still doing the beginning of, by the way. Just got done with the Titania-Renard scene (yes, Renard will finally appear in my fanfic). Hope I have readers looking forward to it. I've been building to this story for so long. :)


Mandi: That's alright, take as long as you need. I'll still be looking forward to your feedback and appreciating it when it comes. Good luck with those subscriptions.

Jewel: Congrats on the job interview, good luck getting hired. I completely sympathize with you about that training class. After much long hard thinking, I've stopped wanting to become a teacher myself. I think I'd be more suited to serving society another way, as a member of the people in blue. I'm still gonna get my college degree, I want to finish what I've started and I like studying history. But after that, I think I'll try and enter the Austin police force. That way, I can put my investigative, combat, and interpersonal skills to good use, and live in the city I've grown to love so much for the rest of my life. It's a long way away, but I believe that it is now my goal. And I feel much better about it than I did about teaching, so I think I'm on the right path. Of course, being a cop won't be the only way I serve society. Someday, Christine, someday you'll see my name near yours on the bestseller list. <prayer>

SJ: You know, our local comic book guy believes the same thing about Spender. I'm sure he's dead myself, they just didn't show it because of the immense emotions involved. But if he isn't, that's good, too. I liked the way they were developing him, and was really sad to see him die.

Traveler: $ Found another continuity mistake in your RP. Janice does not have the kind of power to oversee secret government accounts. She may be an FBI special government liasion and ex-lawyer, but that's it. She's not Illuminati, she's not Pentagon, I don't know why the kind of accounts Khaos Inc is built on would have to go through her. Maybe through her boss, but not Janice herself. Don't worry, it's just a small thing. I'm sure it will slide. Or if not, maybe's there more to Janice than we know about. :) $

Christine: Thanks for the entertaining Dr. Vulture site. It gave me some great material for upcoming fanfics.

Selanit: I agree with you about insanity. Being crazy can be so much fun. So can fooling people into thinking you are, even if most of them shrug it off and try not to pay attention. :)

Chinese New Year: Kitainia and I are Sheep by the Chinese Zodiac. Personally I think we're not at all like that animal, but <shrug> oh well. I know I used to enjoy Chinese New Year a lot while I lived in Taiwan. Too bad they don't celebrate it here with quite the same intensity. Oh well.

Steve: Glad I'm not the only one who finds myself thinking how I'd take over a building, what I'd do id bad guys came out of nowhere and started doing their thing, etc. as I walk down the street.

Heroes: Kitainia and some other people have already stated my opinions on this. I agree that circumstances forge heroes as much as characters. You have to be in the wrong place at the right time. That, and make the choice to do the right thing. I don't really have a hero type preference myself. I have all of the three kinds as original characters in my fanfics. There's the powerful Dudley Do-Right types (Rachel, Nikki, Duval), the disturbed anti-heroes (Seth, Agony, Johnny), and the somewhat reluctant in-between heroes who were average people but through fate, choices, and circumstance became more (Sheppard, Laura, Del). All are interesting characters in their own right, and I don't think the universe is complete without any of them. So I don't really favor one hero over another. It all depends on the circumstances the character encounters, and the choices they make when faced with them. Same deal for villains. That's all I have to say about that.

Oh, one last thing. I also like seeing heroes off the bad guy no matter what. Yeah, right, they're just as bad from a certain POV. But I've always liked poetic justice, and seeing it wreaked out on villains by badass good guys. Maybe I'll be doing a scene like that with Seth in my next fic.

Kaioto: Oh yeah, I remember Ravenloft. Cool game setting. I especially liked Strahd and Lord Soth (bad guys who live there). Hope TSR publishes more material for it soon, my game group misses the occassional foray we used to have into the Dimension of Dread. Those forays were always extremely scary and entertaining. Not to mention the great character development opportunities they gave us. Thanks for dredging up the memories. :)

Blue: Thanks for reading the story and the feedback, I appreciate it. Ah, so you like the character development? Good, Gargoyles and the other shows I incorporate are more about characters than anything else, I want to make my stories the same and it's good to know I'm doing something right. As for the complications, well, I'm a complication junkie. I have to have a huge tangled web of them in all my tales. Just wait until I bring in the last four of the principal villains (in addition to Madoc, Maeve, Garlon, Loki, Mackovic, Thailog, Jadriel, Rose, Alicia, and Muscles Malone)- Spike, Drusilla (yes, the same characters as in Buffy), Coloptrus, and Null (who has already been mentioned in my universe. He's the guy that took over ruling the evil dragons after Apep's imprisonment. And not at all a nice guy). Thanks again.

Wilek: $ Glad you're following the RP like we discussed. The above part is good foreshadowing, don't you think? <grin> $ Good plan to help SJ take over the world, too bad it can't really be done. :)

DumlaoX: Kitainia says thanks for the support. And so do I. I too can never know how long it will take me to find someone else like Kitainia again. So I'm hanging on to her, and vice versa. :) Thanks for your support.

Rap Music: Don't really like it much myself. Except for MC Hammer's "Hammer Time" and Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." And anything by Tupac Shakur. Pop rock is more my genre, especially the 80s alternative kind.

That's all for now, I'm gonna go get some rest. Good night, everybody! <salutes, waves, and grins>


Doug keeps following the corrupted born-again pranksters, pulling into a garage across from them as they stop outside of the Nero's Castle Casino, Las Vegas's most notorious gambling hall. Jerry and Tom exit their SUV, smile at one another, and shove their way past all the deadbeats and losers hanging around outside the casino as they walk in. "Okay, we're going after them," Doug says. Janice and Jaden nod, the three get out of the car and walk inside. The screen fades out, to be continued.

**END RP**

Doug - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:47:03 AM

JEWEL-- Give your brother congrats from all of us here in the room :)

KITAINIA-- THough you had a rough time with Doug's mom, I'm really glad you enjoyed his stepdad. Even better, I'm glad Doug stood up for you like that. Hang on to him, You never know how long it'll take to find someone else like that.

FALWELL-- I too dislike the Teletubbies, but then again there are better ways of killing the show than to accuse it of promoting homosexuality. Though I highly doubt it, if the ax falls on the show, I would be mourning instead of cheering. You kill a show based on lack of ratings or poor entertainment value, not on controversy.

SEVARIUS JR.-- Um, correction on the Batman thing. It isn't Shumacher's idea. It's Paul Dini's idea. This is the man that brought us Batman: TAS and Batman Beyond. As for Shumacher, I can't kill him much. After all, he was responsible for The Client, A Time To Kill, and the upcoming 8MM.

GAIJIN-- Foreigner

RAP MUSIC-- I may be one of the few in here that adores the genre. Hell, give me anything with a good beat and/or sounds good and I'll take it.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:26:14 AM

Heather- Happy two month anniversary darlin'.

Deuce- NO FAIR! You got ReBoot season 3... Is Matrix Enzo after he becomes a guardian? How does Megabyte die? Argg, its no bloody fair! We didn't get season 3 here!

Vayager two hour movie- GRR... Blasted WB! They HAD to buy out our local UPN affiliate! Come on, we already had WGN here... So now, I haven't seen ANY Voyager eps for a year and a half... Grr...

Heroes and destiny- My stories have a fun stab at this very theme... It IS someone's destiny to save the world, but the job ends up going to someone else...

Daria season premiere- This was fun. Wierd, but fun.

Sun and the Serpent part 3- Haven't read it yet. Been too busy working on my Timedancer story... Will read it later.

**JIM'S SUPERBOWL PARTY, FINAL DAYS!** (Click click before continuing to enhance the experiance)

(The last day to do something is Sunday, and I finish the party Monday formally... For those of you who attended the last one, expect an explosive finish to match the previous one...)

From out of nowhere, a flying Delorean comes down. A young brown haired kid looking like Michael J. Fox in 1985 runs out, grabs Jim by the shoulders, and starts shaking him.
"Marty? Didn't you go to the future?"
"Yeah Jim, I went to the future, and now I'nm back FROM the future. You've gotta help me stop something!"
"Um, what?"
"You're mansion, its going to get destroyed again! Monday evening!"
"Again? Man, my insurance rates are gonna go up..."
"But you don't understand, with it, the world is going to be destroyed!"
"Hoo boy..."

Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:05:35 AM


[Anoth's almost done with that Bigglesworth altar when Jake and Teri happen by. Teri: "Hey Anoth, as long as we're here, I might as well warn you not to go outside. You wouldn't believe all the mosquitos out there. One of the little vampire boogers bit me right in the tail." Anoth: "I was bitten by one myself. Oddly enough, I couldn't sense any life force within it; almost as if it were a machine of some sort..."


Sevarius Jr> Your bid for world domination comes at the perfect time. I'm allied with Peter Fay from the other comment room, working on a plot to eliminate every stupid person on the face of the earth, and I think I have a way to do this: remove all the more obvious warning labels on various products that warn consumers not to do things that only abysmal idiots would do in the first place. Ppl smart enough to avoid doing these things wouldn't be harmed, but the idiots would all get killed.
There's something else I've been planning to do: Buy Disney, convert it all into a Gargs production studio, and hire Greg (and some writers and artists from the TGS staff and the general fandom) to make new Gargs eps. But I don't have enough money for this. Even Anoth doesn't even have enough, and he's filthy rich.
Both of these plans hinge upon you achieving world domination as Terran Imperator Bigglesworth, because they're dependent upon total control over planetary legislature and economy. Here's something that may work as one facet of a larger plan: Get approved for credit cards from every bank in the world, do a cash advance on every card, use the billions of dollars to establish a planetary lottery, and give a free lottery ticket to everyone who will help you become Terran Imperator. The downside is that most of the ppl who fall for this will themselves be idiots and therefore will be terminated by their own stupidity soon after you've consolidated your power and enacted the kill-all-the-idiots plan, so it must be accompanied by several other, more comprehensive world-domination plans in order to succeed. The upside: The idiots will make great cannon fodder if it comes to that. Just trying to help. :)

Protective Male Syndrome> I'm a gargoyle. We have a genetic predisposition to this. I'm *very* protective of my home and of those I consider my friends (that includes all of you guyz), although I know when I'm starting to get ridiculous about it and when to back off.

Jewel> Give your brother my congratulations! :D

Selanit> Insanity as the path to happiness? LOL! That should be part of the official CR Manifesto. (We need a manifesto. I might write one if I knew everything a manifesto should consist of...)

Steve Gooch> <<And one more thing. You all know the scene when the hero is fighting the villain on the cliff and the villain is at the hero's mercy and he says, "If you kill me you'll be just as bad as I am?" Once, *just* once, I'd like to see the hero say, "I can live with that," and drop the guy>> I have GOT to work something like that into a fic! ^_^ <<Fear not, fellow recipient of "Catastrophic System Failure" messages. You are not alone.>> I've never actually had any permanent hard disk problems, but thanks for the condolences all the same. :)

Mandi> <<And would you believe I'm still not caught up on my X-Files tapes?>> You think that's bad? I got the X-Files movie on tape for Christmas, and I still haven't found the time to watch it.

Renaissance Faires> I was at one of those once. My only clear memory is of a sword swallower who also stuck the earpiece of a friend of mine's glasses all the way up his nose. (The sword swallower's nose, not my friend's.) I think they also sold hideously expensive swords and staffs with big crystals on the ends.

Princess Estra> $To get to Avalon, there's a spell you say while you're over a body of water. I don't remember quite what it is; it's posted at the entrance to Avalon Mists at$ And your uncle died the same day your friend was kicked by a horse? ACK! My condolences; that sounds hideous!

Kitainia> Congratulations for surviving Doug's mom (no offense Doug!). ^_^

"Don't mind her; somebody dropped a house on her sister."
~Otho Penlock
"Well it doesn't do any good pulling your heads off in front of ppl if they can't see you!"

ODB> Hm, maybe I *didn't* want to know about him. :) Kinda reminds me of this font I have on my computer. It looks kewl, but it has an incredibly disturbing name. Not profane or dirty, just sick. I won't inflict it upon y'all unless it's requested...

$Coyote> A music room? Don't tell Anoth; he'll lock himself in there for a week recording his next album. :P $

Rap> I HATE it. The only rap song I can stand is 'Kenny's Dead' from Chef Aid. Odd, since I also hate South Park. Go fig. :/


What does Gaijin mean? Or is this something else I don't want to know? The Egyptian chess game between Brook and that magic carpet was written by an Aladdin fan, wasn't it. :) is Harthoth still alive? Or was this explained in an earlier ep that I've forgotten? Or is he a Fey and I just haven't been paying attention? Hm, kewl pic. Another great ep! :D


[Wilek: "Hey Miriam, are those some of the Dark Star's Borg and the Systems Administrator up there?" Miriam: "No...the Administrator can't leave her post for long and our Borg are little more than machines, not much different than when they served the Collective." Wilek: "Hmm...Well, whoever they are, they're awful dancers..."

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Thursday, February 18, 1999 12:02:32 AM

Dammit, forgot my customary pic and text color. Ah well, as you can see below, the new TD ep was released.

ILLUSTRATED PICS-- Get them to me anytime, by any means necessary. E-mail? Snail Mail? Whatever it takes.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 10:41:55 PM

A love triangle. A cat fight. A third part.

The Sun And The Serpent part 3

the new TimeDancer episode

Written by Rahsaan Footman

Story idea by Rahsaan Footman and Nicodemus

Illustration by Amber

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 10:39:24 PM

Yeah, it's late into the party, but yet more guests have just arrived.
"Oh great. THEM." SJ covers his eyes.
In walk a dozen or so BORG.
Kari looks confused. "What? What's wrong? I thought the Borg weren't all bad? Isn't some of the Dark Star's crew ex-Borg?"
"Yeah. They're great fighters. Real tough. But they're real lousy party guests."
****PAUSE RP****

Art Imitating, or at Least Influencing, Life: I've just heard that Joel Schumacher, aka "The Man Who Killed Batman", aka "The Antichrist of Modern Cinema", has a brilliant new idea for the next Batman film (BTW, if this man gets within 100 yards of a VIDEO STORE carrying a Batman movie, I will kill him. I'm not joking. He screwed the Bat up). This is his genius plan: To have a YOUNG Batman. No older than TWENTY. Me thinks he's been watching Batman Beyond too much.

Voyager: Don't forget, two-hour Voyager movie tonight. The Borg are back!

ODB: Ugh....People readily blast Marilyn Manson, but they love this guy. Ol' Dirty B*st*rd, or Big Baby Jesus, whatever he freakin' calls himself.....the man's a retard. Sorry, I know I'm gonna get flamed for that, but I really, really can't stand him. I feel the same way about him as many of you feel about Manson. Although, I must admit, I did find his last press conference amusing. You know, the one where he used every profanity in the dictionary (and a few not in it), and then insulted the police. Great guy, that ODB.

Good-guys-gettin'-bad: This can be extremely satisfiying. Hey, everyone's got a breaking point. Ever see Superman get really peeved? Chaos--and fun--ensues. Check out Kingdom Come if you wanna see *really* pissed off Superheroes.

Meeting Parents: Hey, I'm thankful that 'daddy' doesn't pull a gun on me.
Odd thing is, it's the mothers who always love me. It's the father's that always have a problem. It's a good thing I'm so loveable, or else I'd be in real trouble! ;)

The Borg approach the party's sound system. Elton John, Weird Al, KISS, and all the other groups all step aside as the robot-like beings begin to assimilate the hardware.
"What....What are they doing?" Kari asks.
Suddenly, a Borg female enters. She's not just any female--she's a Borg Queen. She motions to one of her drones, who modifies the sound system so that it begins to play.....DISCO MUSIC.
"Oh NOOOOOOOOO!" SJ screams. "The Borg have been....Discofied!"
The drones begin to dance, along with their queen....

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 10:05:24 PM


**The screen lights up to reveal ... Coyote and Ravyn, still trying to circumnavigate the mansion. They've now arrived on a southeast side of the house, just ouside of what looks like a music room.**

Boy ... lots of cool stuff in here.

<"Hey, the door's unlocked.">

**Ravyn fiddles a bit with the door of the music room, slowly pushing the glass door open. Coyote lets her lead the way into the massive room, which contains one of every kind of instrument known to man ... including a very familiar looking saxophone.**

Hey ... lookee here, I have one of these. **picks up a tenor saxophone on the opposite wall**

<"Still play?">

A little. **Coyote places the horn to his lips, taking a breath.**

**PAUSE RP!!**

Wilek: No ... actually, "WRG" *is* that bad. The plotline revolves around two weather report girls at a TV network fighting over who gets the job. A lot of explicit sex stuff in this one ... the protagonist is one of the weather girls, who becomes popular by stripping during her forecasts. *REALLY* stupid ... and there's actually *TWO* "WRG" videos available in the US!! ARG!

Robby: Ehh ... you're right, I *don't* want to be in the same room with you when you recover from all those paczis.

Y2K: Now folks are saying that the computers could fail on 9/9/99, thinking that all the 9's mean the end of program!! EEP!

Heroes: I only have three words for this debate:

Kitainia: Since I told you the circumstances, you can imagine that reading your recap of your meeting with Doug's mom would bring me close to tears ... things would
have been much different had my ex had as strong a sense of herself as you do. But I've seen it in your posts, in the events of your life that you have shared with us, and just in general your personality, that you have the strength of character to overcome what adds up to being ... when you come to think of it a really *minor* hurdle in yours and Doug's relationship. At least you have the strength to stand up against her. And for that, I truly admire you, my friend.


**Coyote places his lips to the horn, sucking in a breath. He begins intoning a melody, random at first, but soon taking shape ... a soft, romantic-sounding melody. Ravyn sits by the piano, elbow planted on the keyboard, chin in her hand, listening.**

**The mood of the room is suddenly disturbed by a mad chase entering the music room. And suddenly, Coyote finds himself covered in a tuba bell. Ravyn rushes over, trying to pull the massive instrument off of Coyote as the screen winks off.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 09:06:42 PM

*******RP (yup, I'm stressed again)*******

With a groan, Blue regained consciousness. The first thing she was aware of was pain: a dull ache emanating from her left shoulder and a burning sensation at her right temple. Tentatively, she felt around her shoulder; her eyes widened when she realized something was still embedded. Taking a deep breath, she grasped it and pulled it out as quickly as possible, wincing slightly. It appeared to be a large tranquilizing dart. ~Larger than necessary~ she thought crossly. She felt blood trickling down from what must be the gash at her temple, soaking the collar of her shirt. ~If it's still flowing, I must not have been out too long.~
Blue sat up, annoyed that she was unable to recall what exactly had happened. All she knew was that she had been lying somewhere for who-knows-how-long. Looking around for the first time, she saw that she was longer in the fortress. In fact, it was nowhere to be seen. She was sitting in the clearing of a forest at night with no idea where she was. Blue cursed. Confused and still groggy, she decided to get more sleep. She pulled her knapsack over and laid her head on it, and soon slipped into an uneasy slumber...
*******end RP*******

Okay, I couldn't resist, even though I said wouldn't inflict any more of my RP's on the room...

Selanit> Renaissance Festival? Sounds cool. Someone told me about them once, and showed me pictures. Last weekend we had a Medieval Festival around here; maybe I should have gone.

Heroes: Anti-heroes bug me after a while. Sometimes it seems like all "Look at me, I am so BAD!" But heroes with a dark streak I don't mind, they have so much more character development and somehow seem more real at times.

Insanity: I need to go insane in a positive way, or I'll end up doing something like setting my books on fire and dancing around them in the middle of the plaza on campus, or worse. If I wasn't so tired, I'd play Quake 2 and revel in some make-believe violence... :-)

Doug> I read your latest fanfic, and although your saga is so complicated I can't remember most of the stuff going on in it, I have to compliment you on the character development.

Male Chivalry: I don't find it offensive when guys do things like open doors or give up seats for me. But I think it works both ways now. I'm female and I do those things too, although I admit it is probably to a much lesser extent.

Whew! Time to go cram! *sigh* Valete.

Blue Caeru
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 08:58:26 PM


The Ravens have just about eliminated all of the lawyers blocking their path. "We are making the world a better place," Jammer laughs as he shoots down the last two. "Lord, take these sinners into thy bosom," Orion intones. "Forgive them if they repent, and send them to their reward." "Amen," nods Shap. "Hey, Kitainia, what do you call a building full of over a thousand dead attorneys?" "A good start," Kitainia answers the old joke. She nods at Kenny, who is just getting up from his latest demise, and asks, "Are you okay? They did shoot you eighty-seven times, you know." "I've had worse," Kenny shrugs, remembering all the things that have been done to him. He points at the door on the room's far side. "Let's get the two guys in charge of this firm, shall we?" Kitainia nods and tries the door, to find it locked. "Great," she sighs. Keith steps forward, pulls out his lockpicks and drill and goes to work on the door. Everyone watches as he handles the locks, Kitainia turning to make a CR post while they're waiting.


Well, Doug's folks just left. I must say, meeting them was an interesting experience. Thanks to Wilek, Ravyn, Coyote, Steve, and anyone else who wished me luck. They were okay people, pretty much. Enzo was every bit the nice guy Doug told me he was, he has a great sense of humor. I also think he likes me, and so does Doug, who says all the jokes Enzo told me and how he listened to me talk about myself and asked so many questions are good signs. So with him I'm in the clear. As for the mother, well, she's even worse than Doug warned. I stretched out my left hand when I first see her and introduce myself, she looked at me like I don't even know manners. Doug reminded her I was a southpaw, and she softened a little. Throughout the rest of her time with us, she was always nice to me. The problem was, I think she was being too nice. She only asked me a few questions, letting Enzo and me do most of the talking and just sitting there appearing attentive all throughout. I answered the questions honestly, and always kept a nice tone of voice, but I couldn't help but think she was just brushing off what I said regardless. She did nod and react to my answers to the typical getting-to-know-you questions she asked, but that was it. No more.

Then when we went to the grocery store for dinner, she insisted on buying champagne even though it was very expensive (and Doug's mom lives on Social Security and his dad's child support, which isn't much) and a lot of other food. Doug tried to talk her out of it, she chewed him out and stormed off, then met us at the register where she had bought it all. Nobody could talk sense into this woman. Enzo didn't even try, though I knew he was on Doug's side. Same for me, but I don't start arguments with people I've just met. Then we come to the drive home in their car, everyone's quiet throughout that. But I can tell something's bothering Ms. Masi (Doug's stepdad insisted I call him Enzo, his mother seemed to prefer formal terms). I keep my mouth shut. Then we get back to the apartment, and get settled down for them to stay the night. I help Enzo fix dinner, we exchange cooking tips and Star Wars lines (we both have the trilogy memorized, to his delight).

Meanwhile, Doug's mom takes him in the other room and talks to him. She talks loud enough that I can hear her through the wall, her voice carries as much as her son's. She's all overprotective and worried about Doug, especially since he's living with a girl who is in her words, "not what I expected." Doug asked her what her problem was with me, getting right to the point. And she completely puts me down, saying that I seem like an okay person, but really not right for Doug. She waxes on and on about what a good person Doug is, to the point that I think she may have a reverse Oedipus complex or something. Clearly. she's trying to say Doug deserves someone better than me. He stands up to her, saying that he knows who's right for him much better than she does, he doesn't need her to help make his decisons. She gives him the typical disrespectful-son riot act, mixed in with comments to the tune of "I know you're grown-up, but you still need me," blah blah blah. Doug has to just sigh and agree with her in order to shut her up. Then they come out and help us with dinner. She gets a disrespectful tone in her voice when she remembers we only have plastic dishes (don't want to break any and risk cutting our feet), but sighs and uses them. Then when I take out the old head of lettuce to tear up for the salad, she insists we use the one we just got at the grocery store instead because it's green and she's not eating anything else. This is the woman who always taught Doug not to waste food and eat old stuff before new stuff. Then during dinner, she starts asking me questions that make me uncomfortable, like about my GPA and my SAT scores, my plans for the future and how sure I am about them. I answer the questions as best I can, trying not to let out what I think of her asking them. But I can tell she's checking me out, seeing if I'm "right for her son." She had an image in her head of who I was, and now that she's met the real me she's being disappointed. I hate people like this, can't believe Doug was spawned from one of them.

At least she and Enzo got off to bed okay, in the bedroom of course. We stretched out on the couch, and in the morning went off to class after waking them. They could have left sooner, but they had business in town. Doug gave them his key, they conducted their business while we attended college, and we came back a few hours ago and spent some more time with them, then said goodbye. Enzo said he was glad to know me, he's looking forward to seeing me again. I told him the same. Ms. Masi also said she was pleased to know me, but I got the idea she was just saying that so as act polite and not "give me the wrong idea." Well, I got the idea, lady. You failed, I know what you really think of me.

And what do I think of her? She and Enzo are a modern-day Hera and Zeus, that's what I think. Enzo's a great guy, fun to be with, wonderful person. She's a stuck-up selfish bitch. Excuse my language, but it's the truth. And she hates me, I could tell. And the woman's only a year away from fifty, her bad attitude's probably going to increase with her age. I hope I don't get like that when I'm old, I'd rather be like Hudson or Theresa. <sighs>

That's the bad news. The good news is Doug doesn't give a damn what she thinks of me. We talked about it, he says there is no way anything, not his mother or the rest of his equally stuck-up and haughty relatives she's probably telling all about me even as I type, is going to ruin our relationship. We will choose when and if we split up, not them. I completely agreed with Doug, of course, then we logged into the comment room. <sighs heavily> That's how it went. About what I expected, I guess. Thank God it's over.

Now on to other topics, ones about which I don't have quite as much to say.

Jewel: Congrats on the interview, good luck getting what sounds like a great job.

Lost in Space: Didn't see it. Heard it sucked, though. Hopefully Heather Graham will do a better job in the upcoming second Austin Powers flick. Speaking of Austin Powers, I can't help but wonder if Mike Myers has anything to do with Batman Beyond. The evil corporation on that show has the same name as his two most famous roles (Wayne Campbell and Austin Powers, Wayne-Powers), you know.

Heroes: Doug and I feel the same way about them we do about villains, it really depends on the way the character is written and portrayed. That's what determines a good character more than what kind of character they are. All types of heroes have their good and bad points, like all types of villains. If I had to pick, I'd choose everyday reluctant heroes for the best sort. I too dislike stuck-up superhero types (Seth of Doug's fanfic being the exception), and there are a lot of anti-heroes out there, even if they are all usually very interesting characters who are well-developed (consider what one anti-hero did to Power Rangers, today he's the only hero of that show we remember well). That's my opinion on this, everything else I wanted to say has already been said by Kaioto, Fleur, Stormy, and Steve.


Buffy: Cool episode this week. I liked all the character development on Giles, Buffy, Xander, and Wesley (he may be a dork, but at least he's trying to get on the team's good side. I hope they give him a chance soon. Loved the scene with Cordelia and him). The plot was great, too, I could understand all the events that happened. I agree with Todd, Buffy is the worthiest sucessor to Gargoyles currently on TV. As for Trick, I will miss him. At least he died with style, saying a great line.

And Faith? Well, at the least she should make a very interesting bad guy. I wasn't expecting her to turn evil, the writers did a nice job on that. I too was reminded of Demona. I look forward to seeing how the others will react when they find out she's gone over to the Maor's side. I hope that when the time comes, Xander gets to kick her butt. He deserves to after how he tried to help her and the way she treated him. Either that, or he'll be instrumental in turning her back to the good side. Either way, it should make for a very interesting plot.

Speaking of Xander, I wonder how he'll react to meeting Vampire Willow next week. I really liked Vampire Willow the last time she showed up, I look forward to seeing her again. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be that First Evil from the Christmas episode in disguise. I hated that villain, she was so cliched. But at least Buffy was able to show her up well. I'll respond more to this episode after I've seen it, for now I'll look forward to the experience.


Protective Male Syndrome: Males can be chivalrous without being accused of this. Or at least they can with some women. That includes me. They just have to remember to add respect to their chivalry. And remember that they are not the only important ones in the relationship. The woman has to do the same. Good thing all my friends are like that. People like Doug's mom are the reason for this unfortunate death of chivalry to PMS, in my honest opinion. As for feminist males, I know plenty of those, all of whom also worry about me (but not to the point where it becomes annoying). Doug's one of them. So is Jammer, though in a way that's kinda unorthodox. Example- he says female humans are called women because the first time a man saw one he said "Whoa, man, is she beautiful!" and the term was spawned. <shakes head slowly> Such a comedian, that guy. You, too, Coyote, are on the list.

Wilek: Thanks, but I don't think I'll try that with Doug's mom. I've never been good at hypnotism, and I hate mind control. But it is a good idea.

Jaden: Oh, I've had plenty of days like that. Way way way too many. <grin>

Fleur: Well, the stepdad has active brain cells, and I guess Doug's mom does, too, even if they're not active in the way we would like. Thanks for the support. $ BTW, Marsh's assistant in your RP was probably his Executive VP, Dan Kilmer. $

Falwell: In the words of the old hidden music class insult- "do, do, brain..." I hate that guy so much. And all the people like him. Stupid Fundamentalist Extreme dorks, that's what they are. Can't believe he gets as much attention as he does. Especially given that the triangle (trinity) and the color purple (Advent) are also Christian symbols, not just gay ones. As for the Teletubbies, I personally hope he does something good for once in his life and gets them taken off the air. I can't understand why people like that show, nor can I understand it. So maybe Falwell's protest is a good thing, I don't know.

New Timedancer ep: Doug and I are looking forward to reading it. Hope we can stay up, it's been a tiring day.

That's all for now, later.


Inside the B&H lab room, Sevarius Clone Alpha has just finished mixing Kenny's DNA into a mutagen. "The Ravens are outside!" Hotsettler shouts, snatching the vial from him. "We must consume this now so they can't kill us!" "Wait," says Bakkur. "We don't know if it will work! Shouldn't we test it?" "No time!" Hotsettler screams, downing the vial as Shap blows the room's door open with his Etone shotgun (Keith couldn't disarm all the locks and bars, so our paladin had to use a door-buster shell). The Ravens charge in and engage the enemy, quickly taking out the Sevarri as Bakkur and Hotsettler step away and beg for mercy. Suddenly Hotsettler screams and falls over, his body convulsing in pain. "The mutagen is working!" he yells in ecstasy. Then black fur bursts out of his skin, spiky tentacles out of his shoulders and bat wings out of his back. His suit is torn to ribbons as Hotsettler grows claws and fangs. "Kenny," Shauna asks nervously. "What the hell was in your DNA?" The now-transformed Hotsettler roars, grabs Bakkur (who is freaking out six ways from Sunday), and rips him to pieces, blood dripping from its jaws and hands. "Guys, we better kill this thing!" Fleur suggests, and the Ravens all nod, opening fire on the monster. The screen goes blank as it turns its attention to them. To be continued.


Kitainia - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 08:40:51 PM

**Party RP**

The fabulously beautiful Princess Estra stands at the punch bowl like a wallflower. Every knowledgeable person who walks by hears this from her:

"Do you know how to get back to Avalon? I was trying to get to Pern and ended up in Narnia, and then ended up Mega Tokyo, and as I was being chased by evil android thingies jumped into a manhole and fell into Mandria. Talk about no food choices there. So then I made myself a magical portal, but THEN there was this guy with a glowing green sword saying something about the Force, so I walked back through it, and then I was HERE. So do you guys know where to find Avalon? Or better, Puck? He owes me money!"

No one seems to bother to answer her.

**End Party RP**

Kylynna: of course i remember when you got hit in the head by a horse. we were all very worried. and that was the day my uncle died. i thought i would pull all my hair out. you also got to miss a ton of school and not have to take PE.

DX: do you want the pictures in by a particular time? do you want them to be e-mailed to you or what? i don't recall getting any info on that.

Selanit: have fun as an elf. lucky.

Princess Estra - []
Tuscon, Arizona (i'm on vacation), the land of the free...
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 08:03:41 PM

Argent- Requests? I suppose I do... No guarantees I can find something, but I'll try!

JUST A REMINDER! NEW DARIA EPISODE TONIGHT! Its the musical one staring such songs as "Proud to be home to a Y-Chromosome"...

Attached song- This ones a wave file, so it may take a bit to load... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 1999 07:25:58 PM

Another good-guy-shows-(no-)mercy bit, from the final cycle of ReBoot's third season:

Matrix and Megabyte are fighting on the roof of the decayed Principal Office. They smash holes in walls with each other's heads; Megabyte kicks Matrix a couple hundred feet... twice.... Eventually Matrix gets the upper hand, standing over MB with his girlfriend's pitchfork— er, trident. :-) He has it over Megabyte's face, just ready to give him the ultimate in face-piercing.

[all done from memory]
Megabyte: "You can't do this... it goes against everything you stand for... everything you ARE...."
Matrix: "Why not? You took away my family, my home, destroyed everything I held dear. You don't deserve to live."
Megabyte: *makes weak sounds of protest*
Matrix: *brings down trident... right beside MB's head*

Personally, I would have liked to see the BBB (Big Blue Bad-word) nailed to the floor, but that's just me. Megabyte did wind up getting killed shortly after, so all did become well with the world. Still, it was quite out of character for Matrix; he never showed any problems with killing viruses before.


Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 07:12:49 PM

Just another non-teaser. Giving out other voices who would have been cast if I had my druthers.

Thoth - Leonard Nimoy. In keeping with the Gargoyle tradition of Star Trek voice actors.

Isis - Tyra Banks. I'm a male, do I need to explain this.

Uraeus - Jonathen Freeman. Aladdin fans might pick this one up.

Enjoy ancient Egypt. *smile*

Taleweaver - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 06:18:23 PM

DX > **giggles and blushes ** Yes I am. But it depends alot on the song. I right now I'm listening to "Sweetheart" by Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupriand. I love this song !
I also have a half-finished pic for your Favorite Quotes page. It's from Out of Joint part 2. Hehe.

Heather - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 04:52:13 PM

MAJORS-- Just for the record, and to remind myself of what I am now, if all things go well, I shall become a Sociology Major. What the hell you can do with that, I have no clue. But it will get me out of undeclared status, so that's always a good thing. Let's hope I can achiveve this lofty goal.

HEATHER-- Now you got me intrigued. Are you, by any chance, a rap/hip-hop/R&B music fan? Your recent posts of you jamming with the Beastie Boys and the song from the Bulworth soundtrack has me wondering :)

BTW-- Heather is correct. ODB stands for Ol' Dirty Ba---rd, who changed his stage name to Big Baby Jesus. He is currently a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, a group hailing from Queens, NY.

DEX DRIVE-- Anyone out there have this device, specifically for the PSX? I'm wondering if it's a worthwhile investment or not. Info about it from the consumers, not the press or the company itself, would be nice.

REMINDER-- new TimeDancer episode is coming. Just gotta see if the pic for the ep will arrive in time.

REMINDER #2-- Don't forget that the Illustrated Quotes page is always looking for submissions. I figure that if I pester everyone in here about it, no one will forget :) Also, if you so choose, get others involved in this. Just a fun little thing I wanted to do.

One last thing. "Can I get a wha wha?" (if you heard the song on the radio, you know what I mean).

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 04:17:57 PM

Wilek Nereus > **looks at Wilek and grins ** O =Ol' D=Dirty B= I can't say but it's not the word meaning female dog.

Coyote > Ah ! A South Park junky ? I watch it I'm bored. Right now I'm listening to..**checks the CD holder box thingy ** "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys. The cd is the 1999 Grammy Rap Nominees.

Heather - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 04:09:26 PM

<<And one more thing. You all know the scene when the hero is fighting the villain on the cliff and the villain is at the hero's mercy and he says, "If you kill me you'll be just as bad as I am?" Once, *just* once, I'd like to see the hero say, "I can live with that," and drop the guy.>>

Actually, there was an episode of Batman that did this. I can't recall the title, but it was about Batgirl and Catwoman trying to clear Catwoman's name in a theft. And it turned out to be her old 'friend', Roland Dagget who framed her. She had him dangling from a vat and Batgirl chimed in with the no better line. Catwoman said, 'Oh grow up.' and let him go. That got me off the couch. "Whoa!" I said. "Someone actually did it!" Batgirl and Robin saved Dagget, but still it was a nice change of pace.

Taleweaver - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 02:50:51 PM

Since somebody said we don't see Sata enough, I'm hoping this comes up. I'm getting blank boxes for pictures right now. :(

Selanit> You do RenFaires? :) That's too cool! I 've got friends who do, but I don't have the time or the talent. All I've done is a Madrigal dinner the past two Christmases. Gotta love garb! j/k!

Pegasia> I'd never heard that about 'Rebirth' before. :) Thanks! As for TF's, there are at least 3 chatrooms and 3 newsgroups dedicated to them on the net. One is on Station 8, but many of the chatters there were banned.

Stormy> A fellow Lutheran, eh? Judging by our buddy Wagner, would that make you German as well? (like me)

Protective Male Syndrome> I have the same problem with my S.O. It's kind of cute to watch him try to stop me from walking at night by myself, especially since he's in California and I'm not. one word of advice, though, girls. The best men have it. If he doesn't worry about you at all, drop him like a hot potato, 'cause he's the wrong guy.

Gotta get to work now, SYL!

Wednesday, February 17, 1999 02:20:30 PM

Buffy> Hearing all these spoilers makes me sorry the only ep I've seen this year was the first.

Transformers> I can't believe people still talk about that show. It's been so long. Anyway, that whole "Rebirth" thing was because of the toy makers. They wanted a whole new line. But they only had 4 episodes to plug them in. The writer (there was only one writer for those eps) wanted more like 6 or 8 eps, but they wouldn't give it to him. So he crammed them into the plot as best he could. I think he did a great job, all things considered.

Pegasia - []
USAWednesday, February 17, 1999 01:37:30 PM

*screams* See what a lack of caffiene does to me?!?! :-)
Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:23:34 PM

** Deuce walks in, ashes on his forehead (IRL, actually; we had an assembly this morning). **

The computers at school are working! Yippee! Apparently SOMEONE *glare at DC* at the phone company got mad at us.

I now see that giving up caffiene and chocolate for Lent may not have been such a good idea. My morning drink is now highly sugared, flavoured water.

Fleur re: weird weather> OK, this is February, in Edmonton, which is not knows for it's balmy winters. This time of year, it's usually -15C, -20C, that sort of thing. Well, 7 of the past 10 days have been above zero, and 4 of those were above +5C. Scary? Oh yeah. This from the city where it didn't snow all winteruntil New Year's Eve 1997 at about 8 pm. Then we got about a foot.

Guns 'n' target shooting> First time I ever held a real gun, I got about 85% accuracy on everything I shot at. :-)

Stormy> I'm Roman Catholic, yeah.

Now, off to print my homework!

** leaves, driving a fireplace poker through DC's head on the way out. **
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:22:40 PM

Sorry about the adendum ...

Stormy: Might I add that I encountered the 'Don't do it, you'll be just as bad as him' senario in an RP. I was playing basicly a self mirror character, and I almost went through with it ... this guy was a really nasty slaver ... I had visions of meat-hooks and such grizzly endings, but I wound up being pursuaded to banish him into Ravenloft when the oppertunity presented itself.

Anybody here remember Ravenloft? ...

Thanks for tolerating to extra post, you guys.

Kaioto - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:06:18 PM

Steve: if I use that line in a fic sometime?

--"If you do, you'll be just as evil as he is!"
--*shrug* I can live with that...

KAIOTO: Those are very good points, very interesting to think about...there's certainly a lot of heroic people out there who dont' ever get the credit they deserve.

I'm not much of a fan of destiny either, but I have found some very good stories in which the hero IS heir to a great destiny--he just doesn't PERSONALY believe in destiny, so he's doing everythign he can to escape it and events just keep happening to bring him around...kind of like Phoenix Gate syndrome...everythign he does to AVOID the destiny only ends up bringing it about... Those idiots who swagger around saying 'Hey, I'm destined to greatness!" annoy the crap out of me.

I totally agree about bloodlines, though. The idea of heroism being "inherited" or something, or being exclusive to some great warrior line, annoys me.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:01:41 PM

Wilek: I will reiterate once again. I make no claims to the existence of any organization called the Mafia. I advise you to accept that they do not exist … if you know what’s good for you … : )

Deuce: Good bye chocolate … hello Tithing … oi … time to dust off the old rice bowls …

Protective Male Syndrome: You don’t have any idea how hard it is to be chivalrous in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts without getting a dirty look from someone. I’m most fortunate to be tactful in such situations … I hold the door and stick up for everyone anyway so it’s pretty non-discriminatory.

Hero Rant: I’m tired of the anti-hero personally. The reluctant hero is also getting poorly done lately. I’m sorry, but my heroes are those who are not normal of mind and soul, certainly, but in all other respects are of no note. I’m really sick of ye olde ‘Oh … I’m the last surviving heir to the Elder Races etc. etc. well then I ~ have to ~ be the guy who saves the world.’ I’m a dwarf-o-phile. ‘Just pass me the ax and carry me back on my shield, this needs doing and I’m going to do it.’ All those ‘superior’ elf types from Tolkien and Dragonlance annoy me.

Also, Sword in the Stone Syndrome annoys me. Some guy is born in a particular place to a particular family and all of the sudden he is ~ the one ~ and destiny goes out of its way to lend instant credibility to his claim? Oi! Christ Himself never got much honest recognition as a prophet unless ~ He ~ actually ~ did ~ something. In the end, I refusal of credibility got Him mocked, beaten, and brutally killed.

The hero is not born from a bloodline, and I don’t believe in destiny. My heroes are folks with their own lives and problems, who simply are encountered by something so intrinsically wrong (like slavery, world domination, genocide etc.) that they put aside their fears and wants, put their foot down and say, ‘For Christ’s sake, enough!’ Then, depending on who they are, they may start busting heads or something a little more peaceful. One thing is for certain, that change in life style and concern is not easy …

My heroes are often unsung as well, since not everyone gets the chance to battle evil directly. People like police officers, fire fighters, doctors, and clergy are my heroes. People who give of themselves, those willing to risk and sacrifice what little they have with no guaranty of success or survival, those are my heroes.

As Dennis Miller usually puts it: ‘Of course, that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.’

Thought of the Day: Who has sacrificed more? The one who dies quickly in battle, or the man who lives out his entire existence in sacrifice? Though both are noble and worthy, remember, given the choice of live and death, that any fool can die, it takes True Humanity to Live. [well]

Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 12:09:29 PM

HEROS: I've always been a fan of the anti-hero myself...forget Batman, we're talking Catwoman here. (Heh...that's what my hometown comic book store staff knew me as. Far as they were concerned my NAME was "Catwoman"--that's all they ever called me...) Batman's too clearly on the side of good, for all his dark streak...

ALso like Xena, Silver Sable...

Why? I think part of it is the alienation--the fact that these people are never going to be fully trusted no matter WHAT they do, because their past is always going to haunt them. Their greatest courage is that they never stop TRYING to be good. Their greatest moral is that anyone can change as long as they have faith and make the effort.

ANd I agree that there's more character development here...the fact that it's so easy to backslide makes them HUMAN...

Maybe I identify with their struggling to be good. Possibly because of the darkness I see in myself.

Heh...tried writing fics with a somewhat flawed heroine and one of the secondary characters, Mr Antihero himself, ended up hijacking my fic cycle...

Deuce: You Catholic? I'm Lutheran Christian and we eat meat all through Lent...we have no official "no-meat" day...

Stormy von Stalhein - [<--Black Wings...]
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 11:06:14 AM

Seltsame Leute hier.......
EXiN - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 10:54:26 AM

Oops! Here's the MiSTings archive link. My mistake.
Mandi Ohlin
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 09:41:29 AM

Quickie post - have work in an hour, so no party RP.

Buffy> Only had time to watch the first half of my tape so far. (Trying to skip over spoilers - thanks for the spoiler warnings, guys!) And would you believe I'm still not caught up on my X-Files tapes? Argh! Roomie is going home this weekend, so I'll have a shot.

Submissions> Got up to number 24 last night! Yes! **glances at couch** Ooh, I'll remember this later. Thanks, Fleur! :)

Oh, um, mildly shameless plug: To any MiSTing fans over 17 who can stand MiSTings of long, horribly bad DS9 fics that destroy continuity - a group MiSTing I participated in, "Stolen Memories", is finally posted to the MiSTings archive. The archive link is below, but I won't directly link the MiSTing; it's not for readers under 18. (If you are underage, you might want to skip this. Unriffed, this fanfic was enough to traumatize someone for life.)

Fleur> Funny you should mention Falwell - it's the same guy, and this week Saturday Night Live trashed his accusations in one of their skits, with Falwell altering the recordings of a pull-string Teletubby to advise lingerie shopping and stuff like that. It was a riot!

Note on roomie problems: Actually, TV time and when each of us gets up are really the only problems we've had. That and her preference for country, but she usually plays Garth Brooks, which I don't mind. So if it sounds like major roomie problems on my end, it's not. We're getting along better than most.

Ugh, better run to work. Til later!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 09:40:38 AM

My computer's finally sorted its problems out completely (actually, Primary has, since the problem was at its end), and so I've got full access again - phew!

STEVE GOOCH - Actually, Norman did just that (disposing of the villain) in an episode of "Mighty Max" once, and even said the exact same words. (Of course, maybe you had that scene in mind when you wrote the passage). Mind you, one of the uses of such an element of sparing the villain is that it ensures that the scriptwriters will be able to use him again. (Just think of how much duller "Gargoyles" would have been if Xanatos really had been killed at the end of "Awakening Part Five"!)

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 07:27:25 AM

ROBBY> Hey Mr. DJ, do you do requests?
SYLVIA> Welcome, and don't worry about the gators and the shark. They only eat immortals.
(Argent accidently-on-purpose shoves Mr DC into the pool.)
"Now what did I tell you about the 'server terminated' message'?"

Protective Male Syndrome> I don't suffer from it probably for these two reasons:
1- I'm the oldest kid.
2- I can kick the respective tails of most of the males I know. :)

Heroes> My favorite kind of heroes are the ones who initially do what's right, but have to struggle and make tough decisions. EX: You could look out for your own, which is simple enough, but you have to live with the knowledge that you could have helped the good guys, and maybe things would have been different if you had...
OR you could risk your neck for people you don't know and who probably don't know you. It's usually for the greater good, but what will these strangers care if you live or die? (Especially if you're part of a team of good guys.) And who'll take care of your loved ones after you?
The reformed villan> I admit, I kind of lean toward the former bad guys. They usually get the most character development: Having to face or forget their past, finding themselves having to prove themselves over and over, often fighting against people who're (or were once) your friends. It's not easy to do a complete switch-around. (Plus, you can't overlook the fact that the villans/ ex villans get some of the best lines :))

Gotta Jet!
(Seven months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps.)

Ohio, USA
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 07:05:39 AM

Hey all,

SJ > Ah, the reluctant hero. My absolute favorite. I love writing/reading/watching about the people who fall into difficult situations (call it fate, predestination, luck, whatever) and, through their own internal power, succeed where others could not. Those that, when forced into dangerous, life-changing situations, can tough it out and rise above. Those that can take the hand they're dealt, but are able to make the most of it. People that can get to the edge of the abyss, suffer through pain and anguish that would bring most to their knees, and still win out in the end. Because of strength of character, spirit, morality, and true goodness.

And one more thing. You all know the scene when the hero is fighting the villain on the cliff and the villain is at the hero's mercy and he says, "If you kill me you'll be just as bad as I am?" Once, *just* once, I'd like to see the hero say, "I can live with that," and drop the guy. 'Course, mebbe not in the case of Goliath holding Xanatos off the parapet of castle Wyvern. I guess it wouldn't work in a kids' show.

<It seems that I've started my own religion know, The Church of Mr. Bigglesworth does have a nice ring to it.> Oh, man, don't get me started. I just got out of a three-hour discussion of religion in the hall just outside my dorm room. It started calmly enough, where three people asked a fourth to explain her religion more clearly. And then it just went on and on and by the time it ended two good friends were at each others' throats. Suffice it to say we won't be discussing predestination, evidence/proof/faith, or the rightness or wrongness of one's way of thinking for a loooong time to come in Founders.

*** Buffy Stuff ***

Great, great ep tonight. I can see any of the following happening by the end of this season:

1) Faith is totally turned to evil. She joins the mayor in his quest for god-hood, becomes his sidekick, and gets offed by Buffy in the season finale.

2) Faith turns on the mayor after Buffy et all convince her that what she's doing is wrong. <--- What I'll put my money on

3) She's a plant. Faith has every intention of betraying the mayor and will in the season-ending cliffhanger (Will there be one? who knows? i hope :). Then he turns on her and kills her.

4) Same as above, except Faith doesn't die.

Okay, I've called enough. But before I end spoilers, I have to say that I loved Mr. Trick's death line: "Oh. This is not good. Not good at all. [poof!]" :)

*** END Spoilers ***

Traveler & Fleur > <I have plans for Terrorists, armed robbers, > I've been making plans like that since I was a freshman in high school. Matter of fact, the first real thing that I *wrote* was about the terrorist takeover of my Boy Scout summer camp. The guys in the troop loved it, but the scoutmaster also had to read it, so needless to say it was less violent than it (sh)could have been (read: take out heavily-armed, fanatical terrorists with *booby traps.* corny, no?). Heh. That's why I rewotre it several years later where my friends and I went buck-all against these tangos with automatic weapons. Now THERE'S a merit badge for ya! Anti-terrorism!

<But you can't help but to wonder, if you cracked, what crazy stunt you would try> I imagine mine would involve a few close (and equally crazy) friends, some automatic weapons, and the biggest headache FBI HRT has ever had. :)

Wilek > Computer trouble? I just ran scandisk for 14 hours straight last night! Let's just say by the time I get free time enough to call tech support, the surface scan of my D: drive is gonna turn up more bad sectors than not. Fear not, fellow recipient of "Catastrophic System Failure" messages. You are not alone.

Deuce > Thanx for the Ash Wednesday warning. I (and everybody I know) would've certainly forgotten if you hadn't posted and I hadn't hit "refresh." :)

<Hey, when my and Dan go downtown to catch a bus> Is that "Dan," or "Dad?" Cos if it's really Dan, it's funny that I've got a friend named Dan who is every bit as crazy with the weird situations as I am, if not more. I mean, we've read (and written) so many books and seen so many documentaries about Navy SEALs that we can carry on a meaningful conversation in what everybody else thinks is another language, or using only our hands. :)


Robby > <The conspiracy people... We didn't SEE them burned.> What, you think the Rebels kidnapped them? I dunno about you, but I would've LOVED to see a little "Syndicate Bar-be-que" just before Cancer Man hauled @$$ outta there.


Kyryn > <Okami had that for a couple of years-- until we went to the range for the first time> Heh heh heh. Nothin' says lovin' like firearms & cordite! And nothin' says "I can look out for myself" like a Glock 21!

Jewel > Good luck with the job interview!

Kitainia > Good luck with the meeting! And remember... if they don't like you, that doesn't mean you get to kill them... :)

DumlaoX > <As far as the TGS files go, Y2K is DOA> Heh. Yeah, but what happens when the worldwide computer net crashes, planes fall from the skies, banks run dry, supermarket shelves go empty, and rampaging bands of highwaymen raze the towns to the ground?? Huh?? What then??

Big, BIG <J/K>. I'm NOT a Y2K nut, like a lot of people I know. The people that really piss me off are the ones that tell everybody, "You've got to go out, take all your money out of the bank, buy up all the food in the store, and get yourself a gun BECAUSE... The banks are going to fail, the stores will be empty, and everyone will be running around shooting each other."

I mean, GEEZ, have you people ever heard of CAUSE AND EFFECT?

Okay, this post was like... HUGE. Well, not "Traveler-HUGE," but big for me. Oh well, I needed an excuse to stay up 40 minutes later.

'Night all

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 03:59:00 AM

Hi guys!!
Okay, since last week's CR is missing in action, I'm posting blind. If anyone replied to my post last week, um, I ain't ignoring you, I just don't know about it.

Welcome Sylvia! I'm afraid that sanity in the CR has moved and hasn't left a forwarding address. We don't miss it much. :)

Oooh, the + and % is working now! Kewl!

Somebody mentioned Jerry Falwell a week or so ago. Is this the same Falwell who's been saying that one of the Tellytubbies is gay? *starts giggling* Sorry, but I find that really funny. Who is this guy? What the heck is he _on_?!? But, having watched the TT for the first time with my little cousin yesterday, I've decided something. TT are secrectly sending subliminal messages on their TV shows. They are trying to control young children's minds so one day, they can take over the world. Mind control is the only explanation for the amount of children who _like_ this show.

What makes a good villian? Kewl quotes. :) Same for good guys.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEB!!!! *pulls out cellphone. Two minutes later, a delivery man walks into the CR with JEB's choice of cake*

Taleweaver >You know between Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year and Tet, why don't we just declare tomorrow 'World Party Day'.< Great idea!!! Happy world party day everyone! *eats a paczis.*

Mandi> *The delivery guys drop off a huge, comfy couch, several pillows and a doona* Here, use this when you next crawl into the CR, with a trail of submissions behind you.

Jewel> Good luck with your class.

Traveller> Thanks for depth.. explaination of a buffolian. :)
>As for what I did to that tree, well I'm not quite see that stuff was waste from one of my labs, and it was cleaning day, and I heard you had brought a tree into the CR....soooo...basicly ANYTHING could happen!>:)< *Fleur looks at the tree. * Well, ANYTHING looks like a ten feet tall, Purple Norfolk Island Pine. *There is a 'pop' from the direction of the tree* that grows blue apples. *evil grin* Wanna taste one?
>Have any problems registering, or signing up for courses?< _Please_ don't get me started. The registering took _hours_, but at least there weren't any problems...yet. I've found out I'll have to change one of my classes, so this should be interesting.
And I didn't get your email. Methinks it's time to hurt Mr Dis again.
And congratulations on making such a long post you screwed up the system. (Dumlao is gonna kill me for saying that. :))

Fun weather stories? Hooo boy. Okay, Melbourne is the queen, the high priestess, and the supreme empress of weird weather. No other city comes close (although many have better or worse weather). Snow is a rarity, but not impossible, even in summer and the day after it was 35C. But, cos you asked for a story... hmmm, a week ago, it hit 23C at _night_, then 36C at about lunch time. A storm hit 'bout mid afternoon, bringing hail, lightning and pet-drowning levels of rain. Temp dropped 15 degrees in about twenty minutes. I can only imagine the effect this had on the weatherman. (and do so quite frequently. >:))

Kitania> Good luck with Doug's relatives. It they have any active brain cells, they'll like you. (no offense intended by that remark, Doug.)

Good luck with your interview Jewel!!

Deuce > go totally off-your-ass nuts. I tried that today; it was quite fun. Of course, my entire PE class steers quite clear of me now, but that's OK.< LOL! I must try that sometimes. :)

Steve Gooch> "I'm always thinking about these things..."< Oh good! I thought I was the only one who did that! I have plans for Terrorists, armed robbers, earthquakes, and even invading aliens. (addmitedly, that one assumes their ships are _really_ easy to fly :))

Todd> Good luck with the computer probs.

Selanit> >Insanity as the path to happiness< This is me, rolling on the floor, laughing so hard I'm rupturing several organs. Oh well, I'm sure they aren't the important ones. Their function is probably highly overrated. :)


The TV turns itself on to reveal Fleur slicing her way through the mass of killer lawyers, trying to reach Bakkur and Hotsettler. Unbeknownst to her, a security camera is zooming in on her and beaming the image away.
At an undisclosed location, Marsh and one of his assistants watch as Fleur finishes off another lawyer.
"Her!" he roars, leaping to his feet, "She, that clan of gargoyles and that wretched Traveler destroyed my headquarters in Austin." Suddenly he smiles unpleasently. "It won't be long before her and the others discover my main Headquarters. Undoubtedly, they will attempt to destroy it too. I must make sure they are properly... recieved, especially Fleur" As he turns towards his assistant, the screen goes blank.

Fleur - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:30:25 AM

Aris: <g> Wouldn't have even noticed the typo if you hadn't pointed it out. (but then, I am the Typo Queen...)

***Buffy Spoilers!***
Oh, Buffy rocked big time tonight. And next week's ep looks to be cool as well. The new Watcher is a total weenie and a half. I hadn't seen Buffy in two weeks, so I played catch-up tonight (instead of writing my pysch lab report) and watched. The new Watcher is a loser with a capital L, much and seven-eighths. I hope Giles beats the crud out of him, just once. Please. It would make my viewing experience a far more enjoyable one. <evil grin> And I can't wait to see the return of the vampire Willow.
*******end Buff spoilers*******

SJ: Yeah, the girl playing Willow did look different. She had a new haircut--the has bangs now, only brushed off to the side. It works.

Protective Male Syndrome: Being the baby and only girl in a family of 6-foot-plus, overprotective Black men, I have to say I have no problems with it. To a point. Knowing that my grandfather, father, uncle, and big brother *will* beat the crap out of anyone who messes with me gives me a lot of confidence to do really stupid things. Like end up in a strange man's appartment, or walk by myself past the dark alley where the drunken Villanovan frat boys' frat house is at 11:45 on a Saturday night, or flash the drunken 'Novans with friends at 3:30 on a Saturday night. Knowing gives you confidence, and if you're confident, people usually leave you alone. Although it is annoying when guys get overprotective and start getting all smothery.

Speaking of overprotective men, guess what? My big brother's getting married! Yes, the same dork who tied me to a chair with adding machine paper in December has found a woman who will agree to marry him. The wedding's set for this summer, and his fiance already asked if I would be a bridesmaid. =)
<evil grin> Hell Week starts tomorrow. I am *muchly* excited. I may *supposed* to be an Apathetic Senior, but *HAH*. That'll happen. And last year I was supposed to be Sympathetic. <snort> That happened. hee hee hee...the little froshlings will have to entertain me this week...

and now to write my lab...

jewel - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:29:03 AM


Has anyone ever had one of those days where you don't know why you bothered to get out of bed? This whole day was just a blur of nothingness.

Protective Male Syndrome (P.M.S.?!)- Yes I to have this problem, but I try to keep it under control

See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 01:14:10 AM

Whoa! Great episode!
First things first: Faith is now a total B*TCH. I knew she was heading down the wrong path, but she's totally looney toons now. First she kills a man with no remorse, she nearly offs Xander, then she joins the Mayor....sooner or later, she's gonna get taken out.
Angel: Finally, he proves useful! I normally don't like the guy, but if it wasn't for him, Faith probably would have offed Xander. And that'd suck, so I gotta give the ol' nightcrawler his props.
Willow: I just gotta say YES!!!!!! VAMPIRE WILLOW'S COMING BACK!!! BTW, was it just me, or was Alyson looking particularly attractive tonight? Her hair looked different...I really felt bad for her when she was crying because of Xander's infidelity. Shame on you Xander!
And did anyone else catch Wesley's reaction to Cordie? "She's cheeky, isn't she?"

Origin of Bigglesworth: Yes, Robby summed it up. Of course, for anyone who's seen Austin Powers, you'll know where I got the name from....
It seems that I've started my own religion know, The Church of Mr. Bigglesworth does have a nice ring to it.

Protective Male Syndrome: Guilty. I try not to let my protective feelings smother the person, but I must admitt I feel obligated to the welfare of certain individuals. As for letting my lady walk somewhere--anywhere--at 4:30 a.m.....In D.C.? No way. Not unless she was accompanied with someone I could trust with her safety. I probably get this from my mother. She's a mother hen if I've ever seen one, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Kaioto: Your quote reminded me of another one..."I am an unlimited man, sadly living in a limited world" A cookie to anyone who can place the quote...

Christine: know, Dr. Vulture may be a distant cousin....Who knows, the Sevarius family tree's got more nuts than a Payday candy bar...

World Party Day: Great idea! Although everyday could be a party day.

Aris: My, such language! I'm practically red with embarassment!

Ghetto Superstar: Oh, I hate rap. I HATE it. But I must admit, Mya is a rather 'fetching' young lady....

Heroes: I do think that there is, at least in later years, a favoring of the anti-hero. If anyone has ever read the coffee table book MARVEL, about the history of that particular comic book company, antiheroes became popular in the last twenty-five years. Not to sound preachy, but morals today are a lot less strict than in the fifties. We live in a world where good and evil are often blurred, so it is only natural that we choose icons and idols that are in themselves flawed. Those who are not, we seek to find flaws within them. Batman, Punisher, Wolverine, La Femme Nikita--they all have very dark streaks to them (Nikita may be the darkest--but hey, isn't Peta Wilson money? ;] ). The danger lies in how these heroes view themselves--like with Buffy's Faith, if they are inherently sociopathic, they may, in the long run, cause more harm than good. What makes characters like Bats and Wolverine work is that they view themselves simply as individuals trying to do their part to help others. However, to be fair, I think that heroes like Superman always will have a place in our hearts, because no matter how disenfranchised we become, they represent the ultimate god-like standard to which we strive for. They represent the closest to perfection we will ever come, morally/mentally/physically. Even the "Boy Scouts" have their place. :)
Personally, while I'll be a Batman fan till the day I die, I'm a fan of the reluctant hero. The average Joe Blow who succeeds simply because of the power of his spirit and his own determination.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, February 17, 1999 12:22:55 AM

Woops! Acidently dubble clicked the submit button. Sorry.

That's all for Now - TheoneEyedSquid

The One EyedSquid - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:48:58 PM


***Buffy Spoilers***

This week Faith goes to the dark side, then there's a preview for next week showing the evil Willow from the alternate universe. I'm not the only one sencing a pattern here am I? What's next, Giles the Zombie.

In all honesty, I don't think Faith has completed her journey to the Dark Side just yet. She did save Buffy's life, and I do think that deep inside of her, probably chained to a wall, she does feel guilt for killing the assistent.

***End Spoilers***

Heroes: My taist in heroes depends on weather the're the main charicter or not. While the're are a few exceptions, I genrally prefer good for goodness sake type heroes when they are the center of the plot. I need to like the hero, If the heroes are are just as bad as the villians I come to dislike them and don't want to hear about them any more. For instance, I watched La Femme Nikita on USA for bit. But the stuf the so called "heroes" of the show were just as bad as the villians. I thought they were murders. I stopped watching.

TheOneEyedSquid - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:42:06 PM


***Buffy Spoilers***

This week Faith goes to the dark side, then there's a preview for next week showing the evil Willow from the alternate universe. I'm not the only one sencing a pattern here am I? What's next, Giles the Zombie.

In all honesty, I don't think Faith has completed her journey to the Dark Side just yet. She did save Buffy's life, and I do think that deep inside of her, probably chained to a wall, she does feel guilt for killing the assistent.

***End Spoilers***

Heroes: My taist in heroes depends on weather the're the main charicter or not. While the're are a few exceptions, I genrally prefer good for goodness sake type heroes when they are the center of the plot. I need to like the hero, If the heroes are are just as bad as the villians I come to dislike them and don't want to hear about them any more. For instance, I watched La Femme Nikita on USA for bit. But the stuf the so called "heroes" of the show were just as bad as the villians. I thought they were murders. I stopped watching.

TheOneEyedSquid - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:42:04 PM

**Robby enters, paczi in hand. Stuffing it into his mouth, he utters... "472..."**

Best hero- The one that fights the good fight for the sake of that alone, like Superman, Captain America, or Spiderman. Vigilantes get SO boring after a while. (The exception being the Batman cast, and Wolverine when written by Claremount.)

Wilek- I figured the Cheers theme was appropriate due to the lyrics. ya know, "Some times you wanna go where everybody knows your name... And you're always glad you came... You wanna be where you can see, that troubles are all the same..." But your bit is good too...

**Robby leaves. He does NOT want to be in the room while he recovers. "473 paczis..."

Click click song- Low Rider

"You can not simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." -Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:23:37 PM


[At the party, Anoth has borrowed an incredibly sharp dagger from Alucard and is using it to carve something out of a large block of wood. Miriam: "Mr. Mitaxis, what exactly are you making?" Anoth: "Your friend commissioned an altar to Sevarius Jr. Something about getting on his good side when he takes over the world." Miriam: "Really?" Anoth: "Yes. I'd rather not full-out worship him though; I'm a Greek Catholic."

**END RP!**

World Party Day> That sounds so kewl! Happy World Party Day every1! ^_^

SJ> <<But I have this sudden, strange urge to beat him silly....>> I had that particular urge all the time I watched his movie. Or better...lock him and Miriam in a room and watch her go medieval on him. Knives, a gun, a lightsaber...I think she knows several hundred ways to kill a man.

Traveler> DANG. My screen runs at 1600x1200, and that post took me four clicks to get through. YEESH. :) <<You want to know the easiest, quickest, and stealthest way to kill an entire city? Ask me.>> I have to hear this; I might get the chance to use it...

Kaioto> <<the Mafia (Not that I attest that ~any~ organization by that name exists)>> They do. The CIA (or the OSS; I forget which) once hired them to kill Castro. I'm not making this up.

Kitainia> Good luck with Doug's mom and stepdad. Maybe you should take a course in subtle hypnosis. I've heard of a rather effective technique called 'pacing and leading'. I could give you the details if you like. Not sure if it really works, but it couldn't hurt.

Wavers> I am so glad you mentioned Machine Wars! I have MW Starscream and he is one of the kewlest TF's ever. I also seem to remember Optimus being a missile carrier or some such.

Heather> I'd get you a shirt if I could go. :) What does ODB mean? Or do I want to know? And good luck with those tests. :)

Argent> <<the message 'Connection to server terminated' flashes across screen. Argent hits 'reconnect' and waits impatiently>> Ugh, that reminds me of a REAL headache my machine sometimes puts me through. Sometimes, without even generating so much as an error message (all the warning I get is a bit of a clicking sound), my modem will hang up for no apparent reason. I don't often find out until I hit Submit or try to go to a new web page, at which point the connect window appears. My Pavlovian response is to hit Connect. The modem connects, but for some reason the browser locks up. When I hit ctrl-alt-del to try and deactivate it, it locks up my entire system. By this time it's too far gone for ctrl-alt-del, so I just turn it off and back on again. I'm getting sick of the sight of that Scandisk screen. It happened while I was typing this post in fact. The only graceful solution I've found is to save it as a Notepad file, shut down all running applications (2 browser windows, 2 file folders, and Winamp), and choose Shut Down and Restart from the Start menu. <sigh>

Coyote> Thanks for the paczis! <<"Weather Report Girl" ... IMHO one of the suckiest anime offerings ever brought to the United States. :P>> With a gag like that in it, it can't be *that* bad. :P Besides, it could genuinely be lethal; severe dehydration often follows such serious intestinal disorders of that nature.

Taleweaver> <<The boy scout, do-gooder, who fights the good fight, or the antisocial, antihero that has a dark past, is fighting more as payback for some wrong rather than noble ideals.>> I don't know which one I like, and most of the heroes I write for manage to be both at the same time.

Robby> Hm, I'm not too fond of the Cheers theme. How 'bout the one at my name link instead?


Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 10:59:12 PM


**The screen lights up to reveal ... Coyote and Ravyn, still walking around the mansion (as long as we've gone this far, we may as well finish the curcuit! :) shortly after Ravyn's falling-out with Alex Wonder. They're coming up on the heretofore-unseen rear observatory of the mansion.**

Are you sure you're all right? That was awfully ...


You could say that, yeah.

<**sigh** "I didn't mean it to be, it's just ... ooh, he can be so infuriating at times!">

*nods* I know. I know a lot of folks like that.

<"How do *you* deal with it?">

Ohh ... finding interesting distractions tends to get me through.

**The two share grins.**

**PAUSE RP!!**

Steve Gooch: Don't feel too guilty. As of right now, I have ... **checks watch** eight hours until I go back to work, and about six before I have to wake up in the morning (LORDY, I HATE EARLY SHIFTS!!)! :P

Wavers: Forgot to comment about this ... you mentioned hurtful surprises and asking Rosanna? You must've just read "Spirits of the Green." :)

Christine: Could be worse. You could be living in a house that's had no hot water since mid-January. :P

Year of the Rabbit: Wouldn't ya know it ... it's MY YEAR!! YEE-HAW!!
**composes self**
Sorry. But yeah, my Chinese/Japanese astrological sign is the Rabbit/Hare. Too kewl! :)

DumlaoX: Good to know about TGS' Y2K preps. I was wondering about that myself ...

Kitainia: I don't think I have to tell you that I'm wishing you the best of luck with your meeting with Doug's mom. :)

Heather: Yeah, I know about ODB. I'm listening to an album he appears on as we speak (The South Park "Chef Aid" album ... he's on the second track, along with Ozzy Osbourne.). Incidentally ... didn't he change his name to Big Baby Jesus or something like that?
And good luck yourself at the hospital. :)

Ravyn: Hey, glad somebody tried a paczi. Come on, folks, they're not all like the one I gave Dis, and there's less than two hours to go! **to prove his point, Coyote grabs four and begins eating them**

Jewel: Hey, congrats! Here's hoping it's a fruitful interview for ya!

Protective Male Syndrome: Unfortunately, the way society has aligned itself now, there's no way a man can be courteous anymore without being accused of being "protective." I believe this is the reason for the death of chivalry ... which unfortunately leaves me as an endangered species, for I still believe that some kind of code of behavior is absolutely necessary.
Not that I have any problem with feminism ... I might be one of the few male feminists you might meet (being raised by two women might have something to do with that) ... but I just can't help worrying if, for instance, a female friend has to drive alone at 11 at night.

Taleweaver: Could be worse, believe me, friend ... you could be working a 40-hour-a-week job. Like me. :)

Robby: Theme from "Cheers," huh? Works for me. And incidentally, I hereby nominate you as the semi-official CR DJ.
(BTW ... played that Banana Boat Song MIDI ... it sounded more like a Harry Belafonte medley as performed by Mannheim Steamroller, did you notice that?)

And since nobody guessed (or else, nobody else is as much of a loser as I am to watch anime *this* bad), the humiliating situation I put Dis in last night was sampled from "Weather Report Girl" ... IMHO one of the suckiest anime offerings ever brought to the United States. :P


<"Looks like the party's resumed inside.">

**cranes neck** Yeah. Looks like. Wanna go back in?

<**thinks for a moment, looks in the window again** "Nah. Let's wait for it to die down a bit more in there ... the opera isn't going anywhere, I think.">

You're right.

**Coyote and Ravyn continue on their trek to completely circumnavigate Jim's mansion, as the screen winks off.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 10:28:34 PM

Robby> You like MIDIs, eh? Clicketh my nameth for a decent site with some very cool songs.

Note for everybody: Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Christian faith states that you shouldn't eat meat that day (or any Friday 'til Easter), and you begin your Lenten sacrifice (no caffeine/chocolate) until Easter. This has been a message from your friendly neighbourhood Christian dude. :-)

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 10:08:44 PM

Insanity as the path to happiness> Why, yes, it is. I discovered that several years ago. Today my dorm's mess hall (I wouldn't call it a "dining" hall, 'cause that implies the food is good, which it isn't) celebrated Mardi Gras. Somehow I was under the impression that Mardi Gras was a couple of weeks ago. Anyhoo, they were handing out little plastic bead necklaces at the door. I took one and wore the it as a crown.

When I reached the main dining hall with my food (which was better than usual), I threw my head back and went "BRRRRA HA HA HA!! YI YI YI YI YI YI YI!!!" I did so in a voice loud enough for every single person in the hall to hear me. It is fascinating to hear 208 conversationg simultaneously cease. The sound of 416 necks simultaneously snapping around to look at the weirdo with the necklace on his head is also interesting. I bowed and went to get my beverage, laughing evilly as I did so. MU HA HA HA!

I usually don't indulge *quite* that much, but I've a paper due tomorrow, and I needed the stress relief.

Hey, want to know a really good place to indulge one's insanity habit without endangering any shreds of social status left to one? A RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL!!! I've worked at my local one for two years, going on to a third season this summer. Rennies are, for the most part, totally free of sensibilities to be offended. What greater joy can there be than to make a total idiot out of yourself in front of thousands of people whom you will *never* see again, and get *paid* for it? With any luck, I'll get to be an elf this year. I've got it all worked out -- I have *studied* for this role! I have interviewed the premier elves from Renaissance Faires all over the country. I've worked out the best techniques for befuddling mortals in thirty seconds or less. With this sort of background, who knows what may happen when I slip into elven garb and take my mind completely off the hook? RUN! RUN, AND DON'T LOOK BACK!!! MU HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Oh, and btw, I've created a web page summing up my research. ;-)

Selanit - [<-- Clickie, clickie!]
Ballpitria, Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:59:09 PM


This was certainly an effective episode. Did anybody else besides me start thinking about Demona during the talk about Faith's denial that she had done anything wrong? Of course, the parallel's all the more chilling given the very end. I was also a little taken aback to see Mr. Trick get killed; yet another fun villain in "Buffy" bites the dust. At least we've still got the Mayor, Spike and Drusilla out there somewhere, and next week, "Vampire Willow" returns (obviously somebody on the production team must have realized that she'd be one popular villain).

I think that, of all the television series that have come out since "Gargoyles" went off the air, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is the one that best qualifies for the title of "Heir to Gargoyles".


Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:43:34 PM

I don't know how everyone else feels, but I absolutely hate chemistry. My teacher's awesome, but the subject just makes me want to crawl up in my cave and cry. Not like I'm in a bad mood, just a little bummed cause my grades aren't as high as I would like them. But on the bright side, TD is on Thursday(or eleven on Wed for me)!!!!!!!Can you see what my week revolves around? Since I don't have anything important to say, I guess I'll start that chemistry....better start crawling :)

JEB>Happy belated b-day!


Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:36:34 PM

Just a quick comment

New Buffy episode next week it will be titled DOPPLEGAND and vampire Willow will also be in this episode but in this world.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:32:41 PM

Hey, do you guys think this song would work well for like the CR's themesong?
(I'm trying to earn the title of the CR's official DJ if you hadn't guessed by now. We already got a caterer, lawyer, shrink, official punishment taker, and pet gators after all...)

Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:08:31 PM

I need to apologize to the rest of the TGS staff, particularly Patrick, Kathy, Batya, and Stephen, and I need to do so here because of current computer problems. My Internet access has been almost nil all day today, because of an equipment upgrade that Primary decided to do that wound up going haywire and knocking out Internet connection for all its subscribers on a sporadic level. I was unable to log on for most of the day, and when I finally did log on, this evening, was only able to do so for a little while. I'm currently unable to reply via e-mail regarding the stories that I was supposed to be working on with Patrick, Batya, and Stephen. I'm sorry about this, and will send you my replies as soon as Primary gets its problems sorted out. Once again, my apologies.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:04:34 PM

ROBBY-- Actually, yes, you can participate in it. When I meant fan project, I meant that it wasn't an official project being undertaken by the TGS staff. THis is a fan project, but if you are TGS staff and you want to partake in all this, go right ahead.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:04:21 PM

Tygris- You know, if I just had a blasted scanner, I'd put up a pic I did of him meeting Talon... With TWO insane red haired scientists in the background. Fun stuff...

Origin of Mr. Bigglesworth- I don't know how he came up the name, but I helped start it. A few weeks ago in the main room he posted he was going to rule the world. In a follow up post I asked "What do you want to be called? Supreme ruler of all he surveys oh mighty one?" or something like that. His reply was along the lines of "When I rule the world, I shall be known as 'Your all powerful omnipitent, friendly rules with an iron fist dictator" (Or something like that) or perhaps Mr. Bigglesworth. I haven't decided which." Since then, I've called him Bigglesworth, and it seems to have staid. As for how he came up with the name, you have to ask him. Just let it be known, I was the first to suck up to him!

Dumlao- So the quotes thing is fan only? Does that mean that now that I'm part of the staff I can't participate in this? Shoot.

Aris- Typo. Sure. Whats funny is how well the offensive word fits in with your first sentance.

Protective Male Syndrome- I think I probably suffer from this, and it branches out to all I care about. Not just my lady fair, though she gets a lot of attention from me...

Heather- You know I'll be with ya in spirit when you're in the hospital. As for everything else you mentioned, we'll talk later. **Smiles, checks calander** Woah! Tommarrow's our two month anniversary! Collies! Um, I mean, Coolies!

Ravyn- Hey, the Sata pic! We don't see that one nearly enough!

Jewel- Congrats on the job interview.


We didn't see Spender's body. He ain't actually dead. He was just shot in the leg, or maybe a clone was. The conspiracy people... We didn't SEE them burned. They aren't dead. Those were just clones or harmless innocents. Remember people, in the X-Files, no one ever REALLY dies.


Jill- You're not posting often doesn't scare me... You're lurking for about a year before you ever spoke up does!

RANDOM THOUGHT- What happens when Lola Bunny finds out Bugs Bunny is a cross-dresser?


Bugs and Elmer have moved away from the "Barber of Seville" into the "Kill the Wabbit" bit from What's Opera Doc. Nothing unusual there, except seeing Bugs in drag longer than usual.

Meanwhile, now that all threats are out of the way, the party has gone back to its normal fun party mode, as Jim leads the room in a familiar chorus... (click click)

Tuesday, February 16, 1999 09:00:00 PM

Feeling bummed. The whole world's having a party and I'm stuck in school doing homework. No appeals to the power that be. This is my own fault. I just wish things were different.

Heroes> With that question of villians I thought I'd ask the flip side question. Which type of heroes do you all prefer. The boy scout, do-gooder, who fights the good fight, or the antisocial, antihero that has a dark past, is fighting more as payback for some wrong rather than noble ideals.

For myself the same answer for the villians apply for the heroes. The Dudley Do-Rights of the world at least believe in something. They want to make the world a better place. They okay in that respect. But I've noticed that people gravitate towards the dark heroes, like Batman, Xena and Wolverine. Ones who shoot first and if you're lucky ask questions later. They certainly intrigue me as an audience, but at the end of the day I don't feel good about them. They get the bad guy, but angst while attractive is like cotton candy you can only have too much.

Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 08:54:36 PM

**Kyryn delurks**

Protective Male Syndrome> Okami had that for a couple of years-- until we went to the range for the first time (I had never shot a weapon before) and I outscored him. He promptly said, "Never mind whatever I ever said about you not being able to take care of trouble!" *grin* .Of course, I still appreciate him looming around when I wear skimpy outfits at cons and such. The intimidation factor is great. And I know that he worries about me when I'm on the long road between Denton and Uvalde, but it's nice that he cares about me that much.

Deuce> Plot? You expected Lost in Space to have a real, serious plot? The original series didn't! And the movie was very true to the original series in that respect.

To all those who have come back: Welcome back!

**Kyryn relurks**

Kyryn - []
Uvalde, TX
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 08:20:09 PM

HEATHER-- Sorry, I have no idea what that phrase means. Hopefully we got a few people in here that know enough Japanese to help you out.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 08:08:21 PM

Hey everyone =o)


This was an okay episode. This was more of a "character development" story I guess. We just keep building up and building up for this war that's gonna happen (soon I hope!). Not too much action, and I was disappointed that the rest of the clan didn't make an appearance (yea, yea, I know all the characters can't be in all the stories, but, hey - I like 'em!!), but I did like the part with Hudson at the end. And the writing was, of course, better than anything I could do. I didn't think the New Olympians would join the Unseelies, and I really like how Dracon is developing as a character. As for the Goliath-Elisa squabble...heheh. Goliath can be a real blockhead sometimes and Elisa can be extremely touchy...They're just *perfect* for each other!! But Elisa *does* seem a little stressed out. I would recommend some St. John's Wort for that...(just keep it away from Owen/Puck).


Timedancer Ep> No spoilers here, most everything has already been said; I just really really really liked this one. My favorite Timedancer episode so far, possibly even out of all of TGS. GREAT JOB!! And still two parts left!! WOOHOO!!

Sevarius, Jr.> World domination just around the corner, eh? Is this one of those "I will destroy all who do not worship me" things? In that case: **>!!!ALL HAIL BIGGLESWORTH!!!<** If you need anyone to take dictation, make copies, or anything while you're ruling, drop me a line and I'll send you my resume.

You may have noticed I don't post here very often. That's because when I find time to get on here and read what everyone else has said, I'm outta time before I get the chance to post! So even if I don't post for weeks on end, be assured - I'm out there. I'm *ALWAYS* there.. LURKING!!! <INSERT MANIACAL LAUGHTER HERE>

'Til next time!


jILLybEAn - []
Bend, Oregon
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 07:24:14 PM

DX > I'm just wondering what does "Tsukini-wano-he! Ieshokyo!" mean ? I know Tsuki(something) means "moon or of the moon" but what is the rest ?
Heather - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 07:22:02 PM

** Deuce walks in, somewhat more cheery than usual. **

Hey everybody! Dis Connect has been rather busy at my school lately, so this one's for him. *kills DC* :-)

I discovered the trick to being happy, BTW: lose all sanity. I don't mean the joking way we "lose our sanity" in the CR, I mean go totally off-your-ass nuts. I tried that today; it was quite fun. Of course, my entire PE class steers quite clear of me now, but that's OK.

I won't even bother catching up to three days of missed posts, so I'll just answer stuff that caught my eye.

Protective Male Syndrome> It's a natural thing. I remember chewing out my girlfriend about walking 5 km to the convenience store at 4:30 in the morning... alone. I honestly can't help it; I instinctively worry about every girl (or little kid) I care about even slightly. Kitainia, I understand about what you're saying — how men need to give their S.O.'s some space — but some guys can't help it.


Spender's dead... Spender's dead.... *does a happy little dance* Although, if he hadn't been wearing a "Shoot Me" sign around his neck the past couple of weeks, I don't know.... I was hoping for that bitch Fowley to get it in the teeth, especially after seeing her pathetic performace in "Lost in Space" (rant later). Killing the Consortium was an interesting move, although I turned away the first time I watched (I didn't want to see anything too bad).


How can drivel like this be made? Honestly! The plot was ridiculous, and there were so many B-plots that you could have made another two movies out of them! The brat portraying Will Robinson was annoying (I wanted to pick him up by his ears and throw him into vaccum), and Mimi Rogers was pitiful. Heather Graham and Lacey Chabert, although very good-looking, couldn't act either — even though Chabert does pretty good on Po5 every week. Gary Oldman was wasted, as was Matt LeBlanc. Except for the heart-stopping FX, this movie sucked.


Bleh. I feel better.

Mr. Bigglesworth> Care to share the origin of your name?

Steve Gooch> ["I'm always thinking about these things..."] Hey, when my and Dan go downtown to catch a bus, I always bug him by pondering out loud the results of such-and-such a tall office building following. "We're dead. Well, if we jumped into Eaton's Centre and hid behind those big pillars, maybe...." "SHUT UP!!"

New people? WELCOME!!

** leaves **

Deuce - []
City of Champions, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 07:15:26 PM

ARGENT-- Um, the qoute wouldbe nice if it was included on the pic. However, if you choose not to, you can do it away from the pic.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 06:52:39 PM

Heather: Ahh, blond. I did that by accident last year (don't ask). But the plus was that my mom stopped harping on me about my hair--she saw blond and figured my 'insane' hair was just a phase! And as for looking like Madonna...what's wrong with that? She's gorgeous.

Big exciting news: <g> I GOT A CALL ABOUT A JOB INTERVIEW!!!! I'm graduating in May, and have been nervous as all else about finding a job. I've sent out something along the lines of nine resumes (give or take) and hadn't heard anything. And seeing as most of these were sent over e-mail (computer companies want everything through e-mail), not hearing anything from anyone for *weeks* hsa been nerve-wracking. And then, I came ino my room and found a note from my roommate. Someone had called wanting to set up an intervies for *Thursday*. The position I applied for was for Web designer/Graphics Artists. Oh man, oh *man*, am I ever hoping. I'm just hoping. I've been terrifed that the potential employers have been seeing my webpages and just blowing them off as not good enough. I'm calling the guy first thing tomorrow morning (partial excitement, mainly because WEdnesday is hell and I start running around at 10 and don't ger back to my room until 5). If I could get a job doing what I love...

jewel - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 06:47:14 PM

Traveler> Thanks for welcoming me back! :)

Princess Estra> I really hope you're enjoying your stay in good ol' Tucson,'s one of my favorite places on earth. Have a fun vacation! :)

JEB> Happy Birthday!!!! **gives him a huge birthday cake with hundreds of candles on top** Enjoy! :)

Heather> ODB? Too late...I already know what that means. ;)

Kitainia> Good luck with your "meeting!" Tell us how it went, if you can. :)

Coyote> Thanks for all the paczis, and Happy Mardi Gras (and all those other holidays that happen today) right back to you! :)

Sierra Vista, Arizona
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 06:17:34 PM

(Slips a CD into the player and Gloria Estefan's voice begins to sing 'Party Time'.)
When the sun is setting in the sky,
everybody knows it's party time!

Okay, let's see...
Happy Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday, and Chinese New Year! (Year of the Rabbit.)

JEB> Happy B-day!
TRAVELER> Congratulations on winning the award for the longest and one of the most time-consuming posts on record! :) (Oh, and just FYI: The year 2000 is THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON on the Chinese calender!)
DUMALAOX> I'm about half-way through with something for the quotes, but I need this question answered: The quote should obviously be included with it, but do you want it on the pic or separate?
Whoever killed the Power Rangers at the party> $Ah, but that was just ONE set of Rangers...$

(Argent is about to say more, but the message 'Connection to server terminated' flashes across screen. Argent hits 'reconnect' and waits impatiently, glaring at Mr. DC.)
"You know, I am seriously considering 'volunteering' you to be an uki (Japensese for 'practice dummy' :)) for the next brown belt test if you don't quit doing that."

(Argent smiles wearily. As the others share congratulations that the monster is dead, Argent gives Jewel*D a half-hug.)
"Good job. Shrink."
(Jewel*D goes down to normal size, but she's covered in slime.)
"Come on, bath time."
(Jewel*D squawks in alarm. She darts away from her trainer and up the stairs, Argent hot on her heels.)
"Seeyoulaterguys. Get back here!"
(Jewel*D's answer is easily translated as the equivalent of "Yeah right!" Argent's throughly annoyed retort in a mix of Japenese, Spanish, and nonsense should probably not be.)

Gotta Jet!
(Seven months 'till new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Ohio, USA
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 06:11:17 PM

Hey, me, i lost youre grand-'rents #, ooops hey soor 'bout da short cuts, not in typin' mood right now. by.
ps you guys missed me last post, it was whiped, i waz trellin 'bout me own hospital stay, and what got me there remember thatr estra? i thought you wouldnt forget, after all, how could you forget your best friend bien' kicked in the head by a thousand-pound horse!!!!!

Kylynna - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 04:57:50 PM

** walks in with her cd player listening to "Ghetto Superstar" by Mya, Pras, ODB(you don't wanna know) **

I liked this week's Gargoyles and I was so relieved that Elisa and Goliath actually had a fight. Now they are a "normal" couple. ** grins **

Well , on the link there's a pic of my character Rachel Applegate (tall blonde girl) and her friend Gwen Akino (short girl) drawn by one of my friends Sailor Lucifer from the Sailor Angels. It's SO CUTE !

Anyway , Thursday I might not be here because I'm going to be at the hospitial (again). For some testing....grrr.

I was wondering , you know how the people at the Dallas Convention is going to sell those shirts ? Well , I was wondering if I'm not here to go to the convention would someone get me a shirt ? PLEASE. I'll give you my snail-mail...**looks at Robby **

Heather - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 04:19:18 PM

FIRE STORM-- Ah, ok. Now I have your addy, so if and when I need something backed up and the burners here are dead, you will come in handy :)
DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 03:55:09 PM

WAVELENGTH-- Hehe, good to know you're happy about the backup. As for Ali's site, well... I dunno if I should tell you this but it's almost ready to be open to the public. Just gotta place a few things in there then everyone else can see it (not just her and me). Once I get word that it's open, I'll post the link here (my duty as her significant other, doncha know :P )

FIRE STORM-- About the earlier message to mail me your snail mail addy. Forget it. The campus has their super machine ready and it comes equipped with a CD burner. Thanx for all your CD burning efforts. Everyone, remember to contact Fire Storm if you need anything burned onto a permanent, professional looking CD. He does wonders with his work.

In the meantime, I'm gonna write up a part to an upcoming TGS story.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 03:53:45 PM

For anyone who wants to send me anything by Snail Mail, heres my address:
Just send a self-abused, stomped antelope to:
Post Master General,
Dead letter office.


DUMLAOX: I E-Mailed you my REAL address, though. <Grins>

Fire Storm - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 03:52:44 PM

Once again, it's great to be back! :) Since I don't remember who asked what, I'll talk by subject this time.

Transformers: G1 is the comics, cartoons, and toys that came out from 1984 to 1987 or so. this includes the movie and the fourth season, which somebody said was horrible. They have a definate point, the createrrs tried to jam too much into 4 episodes of 'Rebirth'. However, I have a soft spot for those episodes, and am probably the only person who liked the idea of Headmasters and Targetmasters. (humans in exo-armor who can transform, for those who don't know) This character is is a Targetmaster from about the year 2015. :) G2 refers to the toy line in the early 90's, which produced some really wierd stuff, like Day-Glo dinobots. A comic book series was released, which lasted 11 or 12 issues. There was also a cartoon to go with it, but that was retreads of the '84 series. There isn't any G3, yet. Machine Wars, or MW, was the next, and it was also highly strange. There was a jet Megatron, a truck Soundwave, and you don't even want to know what Optimus Prime looked like. BW is usually short for Beast Wars.
Batman: I absolutly hate the new drawing style on it. Catwoman looks anorexic and anemic. She should be in a hospital bed, not breaking and entering. Batgirl practically has a target painted on her with the bright yellow symbols, and don't get me started on the way Robin moves. He reminds me of Abu the monkey. Batman Beyond needs more of Commissioner Barbara, and a CAPE!

DumlaoX> You have no idea how happy you've made me. :) Just knowing TGS will not fade into nothing with the Millenium warms my heart. :) Wish Al a Happy Belated B-day, will you? and I wish her good luck getting her site back up.
*tf's and hovers back to her home chatroom*

Tuesday, February 16, 1999 03:44:05 PM

This is just for those who are interested in Garg cels. I have put up a website with scans and info about the cels. There are two: one Xanatos, and one Demona. To see, click on my name/URL.
Pegasia - []
USATuesday, February 16, 1999 02:29:21 PM


When we last saw Kitainia and those with her, they had just begun killing all the lawyers of Bakkur and Hotsettler, the largest and most corrupt law firm in the known universe. As the screen comes on, they are currently on the B&H building's 19th floor and fighting their way down to the basement, where the firm's partners are planning to use Kenny's DNA to make themselves immortal. The Ravens are being detained by a seemingly endless stream of lawyer clones, most armed with machine guns and spouting threats of suit along with bullets. "Here's some emotional distress!" Jammer shouts, whacking several of them out of his way with his metal staff. Beside him Kenny tries to avoid the enemy bullets while firing back his own (of course, being green, he gets hit and dies several times, only to get back up again and keep fighting). The team keeps heading down the stairwell, trying to catch up with Bakkur and Hotsettler. Kitainia, who is guarding the rear, makes a CR post while blowing away lawyers with her laser gun.


Hi everyone, I'm back. Glad the room is also. Good to see you. Happy belated birthday to JEB, and a Happy Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, and World Party Day to everyone! :)

Heather: Blond highlights, eh? My sister has those dyed in her hair, too. I bet you also look good with the new haircut. And don't worry about what your mom says. Your opinion of the haircut, your employer's if any, and your significant other's are IMO the only ones that should really count when it comes to things like this.

Batman: I like Batman Beyond a lot. This week's episode was cool, especially the battle with "Sunshine." As for the old Batman:TAS series, I didn't really watch it that much, so I can't say. I guess anything with the Joker (my favorite Batman villain) would count.

X-Files: I too enjoyed this week's episode, especially the earth-shattering developments it brought about. I'll be very interested to see how those developments play out in both X-Files episodes to come and the various fanfic sagas I follow that incorporate X-Files. Too bad the next episode is another monster-of-the-week one, I'll have to wait.

Strange Bedfellows: Most of the stuff I wanted to say about this episode has already been said, so I'll keep my comments brief. I thought the action in Manhattan was great, the action elsewhere so-so. I did like how all the characters were developed, though, and look forward to seeing what happens with all the newly established plot threads.

SJ: Bigglesworth. <grin> I like that name. Glad you'll be elevating us to positions of power when you take over the world. Being in charge can be so much fun. :)

Blue: You're very welcome.

Protective Male Syndrome: I know this all too well. I got it from my first boyfriend, I get it all the time from my brother, I got it from Jerry and Tom in high school (and those two were guys I could obviously beat up!), and I've gotten it from several other males. Yes, it can be a problem. Males have to learn to respect us females for the strengths we have, otherwise the relationship isn't as good as it could be. To be a true companion to your significant other, you both have to be co-dependent on one another and equally self-sufficient. You can't try to make them dependent on you for all their needs, they have to fulfill some of yours too. They also have to increase your strengths, not just be the focus of them. That's why I like guys like Doug more than the guys I mentioned above, he's the kind of person I can have this sort of relationship with. There's no one I'd rather have in a foxhole than my boyfriend, and vice versa, but we can often get on well without one another and we both know that. Hope that for Goliath and Elisa it soon becomes the same.

Traveler: Good to see you back. $ Great portrayal of me in the RP, you put down exactly what my character would have done when faced with that situation. Let's just fix the continuity like Doug suggested, okay? $ I think you do need to work on your spelling, though. I noted various typos in your last two long posts.

$ The guy we need a name for in the RP is Thailog's newest associate, a "completely mad" scientist. Wilek, Dr. Wiley is a good idea, but I think this guy is a little too nuts to actually be Wiley. Maybe Wiley on crack, but not as we know him in Mega-Man. Good idea, though. Anyone else who wants to suggest a name, check Doug's last RP post to see the character. All decisions will be considered, only one picked. $

Christine: Thanks for the entertaining Dr. Vulture website. I enjoyed looking over it between classes when I probably should have been doing something else. :) The scary thing about that site is the corporation it decipts could really exist. <insert spooky music>

Villains: I agree with everything that's been said about them so far. A story is never complete without some kind of antagonist, and a villain of whatever sort can easily fulfill that role. As for which sort is better, I have an opinion about it. To paraphrase Mr. Chapel, everybody thinks they're the good guy. They just have to find some way to make their conscience agree with them. Thus, even a throughly evil villain can believe they're doing the right thing, and feel they are justified in their misdeeds because of what said misdeeds are getting them (money, power, attention, their goal, whatever). In the end, good and evil is in the end a matter of perspective, and thus any villain can be seen as a good guy from a certain point of view. I think the intelligent villains, the one who actually plan their campaigns and do interesting things instead of doing the same stuff over and over again (like Power Rangers villains, or TMNT's Shredder) are the most interesting. Xanatos, Magneto, Demona, Madoc, Joker, Thailog, and several other of the interesting villains mentioned in here easily fall into this category. That's all I have to say on this.

<sighs> I have to meet Doug's mother and stepfather today, that's why I'm currently so tense. I've been dreading this for so long, hope my fears are unfounded. The stepfather should be an okay guy, Doug tells me he is. It's just his mom I'm worried about. Will she take offense at my nose-stud? Will I get into a political debate or some kind of other argument with her before I can stop myself? Will she hate me, and thus start trying to ruin Doug's relationship with me (as she has with some of his girlfriends in the past that she has not liked)? How prying will she be into my personality and my life? Worst of all, how much of it will get back to the rest of Doug's family and what will they think? <hands on head> Ugh! Oh well, best not to think about it. I work best improvising under pressure, when I'm not concentrating on the pressure. Wish me luck, everyone. I hope this meeting won't be as bad as I have a feeling it could be. <sighs once more> Okay, gotta go. Have to get dressed up for the guests. I have to make a good first impression. <hopeful expression> Bye, everyone!


Kitainia and the team take down several more lawyers, slowly advancing down all the way to the basement. There, they find a huge auditorium packed with attorneys almost from wall to wall. "Geez," Tricia breathes. "How many lawyers does this firm have?" "Enough to kill us if we don't get through them," Keith replies, spotting Bakkur, Hotsettler, and the Sevarri going through a door on the other side of the room. "Come on!" Kitainia says. "We have to stop them from using Kenny's genome!" Fleur and the others nod and begin hacking, shooting, and blasting their way through the evil lawyer mob. The screen fades out as they get about halfway. To be continued.

**END RP**

Kitainia - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 02:13:42 PM

Sorry for the offensive typo. I meant "it" obviously.
Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 01:36:04 PM

Shameless Plug> Okay, I said tit in the other comment room, but let me say it here as well.If you want, visit my page in or click my name to go there. Most of it is unconstructed but there's a timeline in the Gargoyles section that may interest some. Any comments are welcome. I am not so sure about the verses I finally decided to put on the Gargoyles Page but it was the best I could think of.
Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 01:08:33 PM

EARLY CR WIPE-- Todd is correct. Gore had hard drive problems on the server and as a result, the room wiped early. Unfortunately, we lost one week on Comment Room postings as a result. At least we got the comment room back :)

ARGENT-- Good question. I'll try to take a look at it later on today.

WAVELENGTH-- As far as the TGS files go, Y2K is DOA. All files are backed up on 2 locations. One is my computer at home and the other is stored on my ZIP disk which I carry with me at all times.

JEB-- Happy Belated b-day!

WILEK-- If you happen to have any copies of TGC, that's your instrumental theme there. Otherwise there isn't any other way to obtain it.

TRAVELER-- Dammit! If you gonna make long a$$ posts like that, give us all a warning. At the very least, wenow know just how far you can go in a post before the place goes nuts on you.

FIRE STORM-- I don't know if I still have your snail mail addy or not, but just in case, can you please mail it to me again? I got a few more things I need placed onto CDs.

REMINDER-- I'm still going ahead with the TGS illustrated quotes section. None of the TGS staff is doing work on this one. Its all up to you fans. Grab a quote, illustrate it, and send it to me. I'll then make it an official part of the site ASAP.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:53:27 PM

Ah, villains. A subject near and dear to my heart, if you couldn't tell by my image here.
Much more fun than heroes much of the time - to play and write.
Me and a friend who's a fellow author wanna be feel the typical, not necessarily best, villain is the villain who thinks s/he's doing the right thing (A villain is always a hero in his own mind).
Sorry, couldn't resist commentary. We are now returning to your regularly scheduled craziness.

Trey - []
Jackson, MS
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:45:29 PM

**RP Stuff, you've been warned ...**
~Now~ the thought raced through his mind as the sent on the wind changed. Spinning on heel, the green-clad forest brought his blade across in a leathal arc as he spun. The war ax which a moment before had been descending on his back was hewed with the ring of steel. The Giak weilder crashed to the earth at the forester's feet, his eyes wide as the blow registered fatality on its recipiant. Before the ax head struck the ground, the Giak's eyes had begun to glaze in death.
The warrior-monk took no joy in the killing, not that he would've had the time anyway. From behind him he heard the brutal cry of a predator finally given the oppertunity it needed. The human spun back, his arms and sword raised to ward off the inevitable charge. His arm lanced with pain as the spear head cut into his shoulder, glancing yet ripping with wicked barbs. Stumbling back, he desperately took hold of the mussle of the rabid beast, clamping it shut as the Warg's claws bit into his flesh and its body slammed into him. Off balance, he could not stop himself from crashing heavily onto the cliff's edge.
The forester would've been pinned, and in a desperate struggle, but for the crack of stone coming loose. In a quick snap and crash, the ledge gave way, and the combatants fell away into the quarry. Pushing desperately away from the beast above him, the warrior-monk struck against the cliff face as he began his 60 foot drop. His assailants sailed further out. He was falling, dropping freely through the air with his wounds singing with pain, waiting for the few moments before his pain would blissfully end. Then quite, suddenly, his sky dissolved into a canopy of leaveless branches and a cancophony of snapping boughs and cracking bones ... and slowly ... all faded to darkness.**

Blue: Happy New Year!

Green Baron + Whoever else is interested: Hm ... D'ust thou art, and unto dust though shalt return' ... adendum: 'for ye who are incredibly dense. Get off thy rear regions and ~do~ something with your life!' I don't think we should interpret Wednesday or Lent as with the purpose of making us feel bad or depressive, but to make us have a greater appreciation and responsibility for that which we have.

Villans: Tough call. It is easier to find the misguided or delusional villan doing a lot of damage in the world. Look at Hitler and his SS. It is a bit harder to find the other type of villan. Mankind has trouble producing thoroughly evil people. A few of the SS are good examples, those who would kill anyone and do anything for greed and power. In a world of followers, however, it takes a rare sort to pursue a true path of evil and hate. I think Maddoc is possibly the only person in TGS I've met who behaves in a thoroughly EVIL manner. The others just feel slighted or self-righteous.
The concept of a thoroughly EVIL person is very frightening, because we have that seed inside each of us ... The idea of the delusional zealot is perhaps in some ways more frightening because we see displays of our own lack of understanding daily ...

**TGS Spoilers**
Sure, split screen eps can be somewhat annoying, but I loved this. Tony Dracon was a bit stereotyped as a cartoon villan before. If he or his father were from the Mafia (Not that I attest that ~any~ organization by that name exists) they'd have to abide by the codes of the neighborhoods. Mobsters from the Italian line who controled neighborhoods where supposed to owe first loyalty to a feudal structure which protected those people under them. That means that the safety of the neighborhood comes before profit. When an incursion comes against it, whether it was in the days of prejudice and immigration or now in the days of a war with Unseelie, the boss's first job is to protect the turf, and everybody in it. IRL men like Brogue from the Polish Mafia, and other from the Russian consortiums are moving the underworld in New York. If Tony is going to have any chance of holding onto the neighborhoods, he is going to have to live up to his heritage. (Not that I'm saying ~any~ organization of such people actual exists IRL ...)
Elisa and Goliath come off again as well written. Goliath's anger towards Dracon blinding him to the situation is a very well directed point, makes the character highly believable. Elisa's reaction to being dogged all the time is perfectly played out. I'd be pretty upset if I was treated like a piece of fragile pottery because I was human. Elisa needs to feel she can take acre of herself. It is part of who she is. Of course ... she also needs to understand it is alright to count on the support of her Clan. This is part of who she is becoming ...

**End Spoilers**

Thought of the Day: A man once asked me. 'How can you believe in an omnipotent being? Can he create a rock so heavy he can not lift it?' To which I replied, 'I to truly be a being of infinite power matched with wisdom, one would needs be able to create limits, even for one's own self.'

And a Question: 'When is it that choosing limits creates a greater freedom?'

Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:21:22 PM

I'm baaaaaack! Had a great time at Radcon, sold a few books, made a few connections, met Margaret Weis, ran a game, hobnobbed with Steve Jackson, and all that good stuff.

Of course, as our furnace is still dead, we came home to a freezing house after getting to spend two nights in a nice warm hotel room ... the battle continues ...

SJ > hey, is this your uncle? <g>
Dr. Vulture's Lab of Evil Science ( or click on my name)

Christine - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:52:57 AM

Happy belated birthday JEB! Sorry I didn't say it sooner, I didn't know.

Traveler: The suggestion you gave me about X-Files is about what I did. Wait till my next story to learn exactly how I'm reestablishing X-Files continuity in my universe. $ BTW, about your RP, there's a major continuity break in it. Namely, Kitainia and I are both very busy with killing lawyers right now, so we couldn't be interrupted. Also, no way Gubio would have found something that fast. So, can we just say that stuff happened at the end of this week, after all the bad lawyers are dead and Jaden, Janice, and I have stopped Jerry and Tom from blowing up Las Vegas? $

Tuesday, February 16, 1999 08:14:56 AM

"Hey Doug! What's this I hear about Kitainia killing a bunch of lawyers?"
"Can I help? I mean I havn't had a chance to use my axe for about...10 minutes."
Screen fades out.
****END RP!!!****

MR. BIGGLESWORTH-I'll get you Auston Powers.

Traveler-How long did it take you write all that? My finger would have fallen off.

What station and time is Beast Wars on? I can find it. :(

****TGS SPOILERS**** (careful don't read, you'll go blind)

I thought Elisa was going to start a fight with Goliath, and you know what? I think she'd win. Please don't tell me that the New Olympians are going to join the Unseelie.

****END SPOILERS**** (if your reading this you didn't go blind)

Well I'm off to read some fanfics and then going to sleep. See ya later.

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 02:37:53 AM

Well, that was obcenely long(29.4k). So Robby, guess what? I guess I broke my old record!!! And it would have been longer too execpt it seems I have inadvertaly discovered the upper limits of the mamimum length of a post before the "Chat" window starts to do some funky stuff on you with your text. Oh...BTW, incase you can't tell, I'M NOT DONE YET!!!! *hahahahaheheheheheh* And now, on with the show. (Damn, I hope I don't get into trouble with DumaloX for this.) But in anycase, I apologise beforehand for any inconvience this may cause my fellow CR Posters. What can I say, some times I just have a LOT of ideas to express. (Note: This may stem from the fact that I am actually a RL Creativity Demon in human disguise.>:))

>Wilek Nereus- >>Doug> <<I need a name for this guy, any ideas?>> << What guy? And any idea is a valid idea, it just might not be a good idea.


>DumaloX's S.O., Alison Wilgus- HAPPY "belated" BIRTHDAY!!!!!

>Kyrn- Thank's much. I'll go take a look as soon as I'm done with this.>:)

>Mandi Ohlin- >>**Andrea shrugs.** <"Harrington got caught messing with passwords. They took WarCraft off the computer labs."><< that brings back memories.>:)

>Taleweaver- "World Party Day" Excelent idea!!! You may want to speak to Sevarious Jr. about this.>:) >>I don't your giving Apep his props.<< Ummm...Sorry what does this mean? >>I mean the guy did take down the entire Egyptian pantheon in five minutes and didn't even break into a sweat.<< Exactaly my point! How in the hell did the Fey manage to win the war against him and his kind??!!!! (Refer to my theory.) >>But don't count him out yet. We dragons are incredibly wily. *Grin*<< Ummm... Where did you get the idea that I was counting him out? He'll be back, oh yes he'll be back. *grins mainicaly*

>Jewel- >>I started out knowing nothing. No one trained me. But people seem incapable of learning on their own. It's insane.<< This tale of mass incopentence brings to mind that old Mark Twain quote, I think it went something like: "Never underestimate the human mind's inguinuity and unnwillingness to learn something useful." At least that's how I think it goes, if you're going to put that in your quotes files, I'd verify it first.

>Sevarius Jr.- >>Hmm...Megatron as a Dragon? No one tell Traveler.... << THEY ARE DOING WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grinds his teeth* I don't watch this show. I've only seen a few episodes. They were decent enough. That's it, that's the last straw. First The Cookie Monster falls victium, now this travisty. I don't care if they did once write for gargoyles. THEY WILL KNOW PAIN, THEY WILL KNOW SUFFERING, AND THEN THEY WILL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (How was that S.J.?>:)) BTW, your taking over the world? Can I help? I believe my partial qualifications were listed in my answer to Argent.>:))


This is what I like about that show. When it's good, it's brilliant. Who would have suspected Carter would kill off most of the Syndicate in such an inventive way? And furthermore, he's continued to blur the lines between what's right and what's wrong. So far in fact that Mulder had become resigned to fact that it was to late to try and stop it. He just decided to "become his farther's son" and cast his vote in with survival above all else. Well, at least until he got that phone call from Scully. But even then it was to late, that is, if the signal had been sent, and the worng aliens hadn't shown up at the hanger.>:)) But still, there are unanswered questions, and the alien colonization threat is still very much there. It's just with the hierarchy of syndicate virtually gone, it'll be interesting to see where this plot line goes.

****END OF X-Files SPOILERS****

>Robby- >>Traveler- You just set a new record. 20 and a half clicks. Congrats. Of course,you repeated a few paragraphs but still... Batman Beyond is on Saturday/Sunday mornings with the rest of the WB lineup. Check your listings. I for one would LOVE to see Tigris return, but fear for his design in the new art style.<< That's what I said Robby, funky things start to happen. I swear, I checked that post before I hit the submit button, and it was not like that. There were no repeating paragraphs. Thank you also for the approx. time for BB. As for the return of Tygris, the new art syle isn't that bad, but as long as the story's good I don't think I'd really care.

>Steve Gooch- >>It's not like we're actually going to *DO* this stuff... right? =)<< Bingo. But you can't help but to wonder, if you cracked, what crazy stunt you would try, just to show the world that it COULD be done. I personally like my "masterminding a state wide power blackout during New Year's Eve 1999.>:) Conincedentaly, Christeine used something similar in a Quarryman plot in one of her stories. >>BTW, speaking of low-yield nuclear weapons, we briefly discussed the Davy Crockett in Nukes 101 last week. :)<< And I bet you were one of only a handful of students at best who knew what a "Davey Crockett" was when the instructor asked.>:))

Ah, now on to the RP:


Scene: Gubio's researching something on the 'net and trading on the NYSE from his laptop in one of the team's hotel rooms. Gubio: Now where is it? It has to be listed somewhere...even if the owner isn't... Better tell Doug and Kitainia anyway... *Gubio gives Doug a ring with his scrambled cell phone, asking him to come up and to bring Kitainia because he has found out some worrysome infromation* Doug: So what did you want to see us about? Kitainia: Yes, what's so sensitive that you only wanted us to come up? Gubio: Well, Doug, remember how I was trying to stage a hostile takeover of Marsh Ind.? Doug: Yes, so what? Did you? Gubio: No. I waasn't able to, my partner and I ran into a rather large problem. It seems that while we were busy scooping up common shares and all of the all important voting shares we could get our hands on, we failed to discover one slight flaw in our plan, which I later found some more infromation on while going through what I downloaded from the Marsh data banks before I nuked them. The problem was that even with all the voting shares we had, we still didn't have control of the company. And we had bought out all the other shareholders with voting stocks except Marsh himself, or so we thought.

Kitainia: What do you mean "or so we thought"? If there's another share holder? So what? Gubio: Yea, well seeing as how I accessed Marshes personal finaincal records so I know their authentic, and that they say he only owns a 27 percent share in his own company, leaving 62 percent unaccounted for... Doug: You mean to tell us that their's a chance Marsh may have only been a Puppet? Kitainia: Either way, who holds the majority shares in Marsh Ind.? Gubio: That's what I've had a hard time finding out. At first I thought it was Thailog, but then I went through the companys records to try and find proof. But what I did find was even more distrubing. It turns out that the quarterly dividends were being paid out to an seemingly unlisted private holding company called Khaos Inc. of all things. But according to these records, the payments stretch all the way back to teh founding of the company. Doug: In other words, long before Xanatos had even built the greater part of his fortune.
Gubio: Yes. So now I had a name to work with Khaos Inc. Only problem was, it wasn't registered as a corporation in any state. So as a last resort I "let myself into" the U.S. Governments Tresurey and Interstate Commererce records. Only very few businesses are allowed to register with the U.S. Gov. as businesses, I'm talking a handful. Didn't find it there either. I was about to give up when I stumbled accross a hidden, encrypted file marked as "Operation: Doppleganger" So naturaly I decided to take a look. Took a while to crack it, but I did. Turns out It's a list of DEA, CIA, NSA, FBI, and so on secret "mad" money accounts, dummy corprate accounts accounts for sting operations, and "other" real accounts, that to the rest of the world don't exist, but if any bank or credit agency, etc... ran a check on it, it would come up as real and in excelent standing. Kitainia: Lemmy, guess, that's where you found it. But who owns Khaos Inc.? Gubio: That it doesn't say. All that's in here in the fact that it is a real holding company, and that it is'nt registered as being owned or operated or part of any government agency or one of their stings.

Doug: Perhaps we should call up Ms. Ripkowski to see if she knows anything and Kenny to see if he's ever run accross them. Kenny HAS gotten around, he is immortal after all. *Both are called up* Janice: No, all of those accounts go through me for approvial, well accept for the CIA and NSA ones, but this is only a list the specifices of those accounts are only kept by the agency owning them. And I've never herd of this one before, along with a few others, so they must be before my time in office. Doug: What about you Kenny? Kenny*starting to sweat and look very nervous*: Ummm....Ummm....I don't know anything!!! I swear!!! Kitainia*dangerous tone in her voice*: Kennneeyyy.....*flicks out her talons* Kenny: Arrggghhhh!!!! I don't know anything!!! It's Traveler!!! Ask him he knows!!!! He told me not to tell anyone!!! HE OWNS IT!!!!! *at this point kenny dies from a stress induced heart attack* Everyone: TRAVELER???!!!!!! Scene fades out.

Traveler - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 02:21:29 AM

Hey all,

Something I'm forgetting... ah, it'll come to me.

Tim Phipps > Hey, welcome back man! Where ya been?

Traveler > <You want to know the easiest, quickest, and stealthest way to kill an entire city? Ask me.> You and I seem a lot alike. I'm always thinking about these things, "what would happen if... terrorists took over this building... and I had a Beretta?..." "What's the best way to take down this building?" "How easy would it be to get a thermos of Anthrax into Grand Central Station?" Why? Because if you want to *fight* the evil, you have to *know* the evil, know how it thinks. And you have to out-think it.

It's not because I'm evil, it's just that I like to examine a lot of possibilities, and leave as little to chance as possible. So what if we know how to get a low-yield nuclear weapon outside the Capitol or what we'd need to send an anti-tank rocket through the window of the Oval Office? It's not like we're actually going to *DO* this stuff... right? =)

BTW, speaking of low-yield nuclear weapons, we briefly discussed the Davy Crockett in Nukes 101 last week. :)

***Strange Bedfellows Spoilers***

Read it. Liked it. Laughed my @$$ off in class this morning because of it. Why? Because I walk into astronomy lecture and see the words "Examining Phobos and Deimos" on the overhead. =)

Anyway, back to the ep. I knew the Goliath-Elisa fight scene had to come around eventually, I'm just surprised it took this long. Although, conversly, they haven't spent enough time really *together* as of yet for it to take place sooner. Heh. Looks like Goliath's turning to stone on the sofa the next coupla days. =)

***End Spoilers***

Batman: TAS > I really liked "His Silicon Soul" and the two original clayface eps best.

[Yawn] Right! That's what I was forgetting! I have class in seven hours!

'Night all

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 01:59:50 AM

Wilek- G1's is short for Transformers, generation 1. G2 for generation 2, and Beast Wars I suppose would be generation 3. Beast Hunters and Beast Wars season 4 remain to be dealt with.

Also, Depth Charge came into Beastwars early this season. He's really cool, and while a goodguy, isn't all that nice.

Taleweaver- We can incorporate World Party Day into Jim's Superbowl Party I suppose...

Mr. Bigglesworth- I don't care for Storm all that much. SHould have taped X-Files instead and watched storm. Ah well.

Traveler- You just set a new record. 20 and a half clicks. Congrats. Of course,you repeated a few paragraphs but still...

Batman Beyond is on Saturday/Sunday mornings with the rest of the WB lineup. Check your listings. I for one would LOVE to see Tigris return, but fear for his design in the new art style.

Song thrown onto my name for no apparent reason- Night Moves, by Bob Sager.

Robby - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:32:02 AM

And I can sympathize with the freezing rain. I went to school in Syracuse. Lake effect snow is now part of my vocabulary. And I thought measuring yearly snowfall in hundreds of inches was an exaggeration.
Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:20:04 AM

I just had to respond to Traveler, dragon fanatic. I don't your giving Apep his props. I mean the guy did take down the entire Egyptian pantheon in five minutes and didn't even break into a sweat. Considering how the most Goliath and clan could do was come to a draw with Oberon's children, that's got to stand for something. But don't count him out yet. We dragons are incredibly wily. *Grin*

Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, February 16, 1999 12:17:57 AM


*L* Leno was just talking about Mardi Gras ... seems New Orleans police are cracking down on women flashing their breasts in public. He went on to ask ... "Couldn't you imagine being the sketch artist for *that* crime?"


*sniffs* Okay, they're done! Bring 'em in, guys!

**The doors of the CR open up, and a forklift comes in, carrying 12 bakery boxes. Six workers unload the boxes on the tables around the room.**

Well now, here's the paczis for everyone! Remember, the idea is to eat as many as you can before midnight tomorrow. Have fun!


**Coyote spots Dis in the corner of the room.** C'mere, Dis. I've got a paczi here with your name on it.

<"Really?"> **Coyote hands Dis a paczi, which Dis greedily gobbles down.** <"Mmm ... pretty good. What kind is it?">

**evil expression appears on Coyote's face, followed by drooping expression on Dis's face**
Well now ... congratulations. You just ate a prune paczi. But not just that. **pulls out a bottle** I had the boys over there prepare this special just for you. It contains ... oh, I'd say about sixteen of these here high-power gorilla laxatives. You should be feeling the effects right ... about ...

**A green pall appears on Dis's face as he rushes for the bathroom**

... now. **looks after retreating scapegoat** AND THAT'S FOR KICKING ME OFF IN THE MIDDLE OF IM'ING!!!

**An aside ... sixty cybercookies to anyone who can identify the source of this gag. Think really bad anime.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:58:39 PM

*sound of someone clearing their throat* Excuse me, but in light of the recent Time Dancer episode, I feel I must express my profound thanks to the staff of TGS for finaly including the dragons in a story. Now that that's out of the way..... D R A G O N S !!!!!!!!!!! More on this later. *hehehehehehe* *Looks around at the remains of a giant pumpkin pie scattered all around the CR* Mmmmmmm....pie.


Well I had an interesting day. The weather this week was getting progressively nicer culminating in a high of 64degrees F. (where I live this is comfortable shorts weather) on Thursday. Today however(Friday), started off with driving to class in HIGH winds and rain at 8:00am. Later in the day I look out one of the windows and notice something quite interesting. IT'S SNOWING!!!!!>>>:{*sound of someone clearing their throat* Excuse me, but in light of the recent Time Dancer episode, I feel I must express my profound thanks to the staff of TGS for finaly including the dragons in a story. Now that that's out of the way..... D R A G O N S !!!!!!!!!!! More on this later. *hehehehehehe* *Looks around at the remains of a giant pumpkin pie scattered all around the CR* Mmmmmmm....pie.


Well I had an interesting day. The weather this week was getting progressively nicer culminating in a high of 64degrees F. (where I live this is comfortable shorts weather) on Thursday. Today however(Friday), started off with driving to class in HIGH winds and rain at 8:00am. Later in the day I look out one of the windows and notice something quite interesting. IT'S SNOWING!!!!!>>>:[ Later still, my classes for the day are finished, so I step out side and receive another revelation. It's not snow IT'S FREEZING RAIN!!!!>:[ (For those of you who don't know, freezing rain is what happens when rain droplets are super-cooled on the way down and instintly freeze into ice on contact with anything.) So I'm walking the approx. 100m from the building I came out of to the parking lot, in what are now extremely high winds (can you say "horizontial rain"? Sure. I knew you could>:)), which just happen to be blowing directly at me.....I make it to the car, and realize that I have to use the snow brush to chip the ice off of the windshield....*GRRRRR*. Ahhh...the many joys of living in Western New York. And on top of that, I missed DragonballZ: DeadZone. What a day. Anyone else have some "fun" weather stories they'd like to share?


>Fleur- >>Okay, I'll bite. What's a Buffalonian?<< Well, first off, please don't bite me.>:)) *hehehehe, sorry couldn't resist a bad pun* Secondly, a "Buffalonian" is a person who lives in or near the city *snort* of Buffalo, located in New York State, in the United States of America, on the North American continent, on the planet Earth, in the Sol solar system, in (I forget which one) one of the arms of the Milky Way...etc.... As for what I did to that tree, well I'm not quite see that stuff was waste from one of my labs, and it was cleaning day, and I heard you had brought a tree into the CR....soooo...basicly ANYTHING could happen!>:) *hehehehehe* >>Hi guys! Well, I am now officially enrolled at University. YEA!!!<< Well CONGRADULATIONS FLEUR!!! Have any problems registering, or signing up for courses? Isn't dealing with large, cumbering, overbearing institutions fun?>:)) BTW, I received ALL of the fanfic you sent me, and have read it. Now I remember those characters, they're from some fanfic in the archive I read a awhile ago. You never said you were already in the archive!!! *hehehehe* More in e-mail.

>Mandi Ohlin- Roommate problems you say? *hehehehhe* My first year of college I dormed. And my mear presence (and a little low-key psy. warfare>:)) was enough to drive my roommate out...leaving me with a single for the rest of the semester, and not having to pay extra!!!! Oh, but it gets see I did this twice, once each semester, AND with a diffrent roommate each time!!! *mainical laughter*

>The Cookie Monster- If this is true...*eyes glow behind the face plate* then he shall have his vengence through me!!!!!!!!!!

>DumaloX- I vote for keeping the once a week wipe. (Yes the vote is a >little< late, but it suould still count.>:)

>Demona Taina- Oh boy, we've got a live one here... Welcome to the room!!! Here's your medal for being the most "out-to-lunch" person in this room!!! *Gives her the medal, then whips out a GIANT cartoon mallet from inside his coat, and smashes her over the head with it* There that should calm her down for awhile. *hehehehehe* Suddentaly his thoughts are interupted by the sound of a dental drill... Oh no. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

>Coyote the Bando- >>Ahh, either you are a Spanish speaker ... or you just happen to know that one line. Care to help me translate my fics into Spanish, por favor?<< Sorry Coyote, but I can translate very litte spanish. And even that's pretty good considering where I live. I owe it all to popular media, and a couple of years of spanish classes in elemantary and one in high school. Odd thing was though, the teachers always said I could nail the proper accent, and I can't stand learning other languages. Go figure. Perhaps it was their approach to teaching it that turned me off on the idea, or perhaps I felt I was busy enough with my other classes and didn't need the extra aggravation. Well, in anycase that was quite awhile ago. Oh and by the way, I KILLED THE REMAINING RANGERS!!! Their all DEAD!!! This is for the very good reason that they were the power rangers and therefore HAD to die. No hard feelings.

>Sevarius Jr.- >>Sam Jackson in SW: The Phantom Menace: "Hey Yoda, pass me that lightsaber. It's the one that says 'Bad Mutha F***a' on it."<< That's a good one, I was ROTFLMAO when I read this.>:)

>TMNT- Never really liked the show, it just never clicked with me. I've never really seen the origional comics either, except for a few issues. Now if they had been able to take the material directly form those....

>Buffy the Vampire Slayer- I do not watch this show. Although they did mention the Illuminati, plus all of the other things I've heard from you nuts, perhaps I'll give it a try.

>Blade- Now this I've seen. A great hack'em up, action movie. An example of what that genre is capble of if done right. What's this I hear about a sequel?

>Blue Caeru- Well written RP, you were really able to instill a sense of atmosphere. >>RP: You're supposed to use the existing ongoing stories? *rubs her forehead* Oops, guess I was too busy off in my little world, indulging myself. Sorry. :-P<< RP in this room does not reafer secifically to the huge one Doug and Kitainia are currently running. RP could also be used to reafer to the little fic-bits others write whenever they kill Mr. Disconnect, or Kenny the CR Lawyer, or genneraly anything that has to do with your CR character(s).

>Doug- Did you catch the X-Files? You do realize Chris Carter has shot your universes' X-Files continuity all to hell? Unless of course, you figure a way to make the death of just about the entire syndicate fit into your plans. could claim that that was one of the methods Mackiovec has used to purge the Illuminati of "traders". Just a suggestion. Mackiovec still isn't far enough into his takeover in your universe for this ides not to work. Actually the timing is pretty spooky if you ask me.

>Kitainia- >>Traveler: Now you have your dragons? Happy?<< YES!!!! I'M VERY HAPPY!!!! >>If you want to see more, Doug will have "The Blackout" posted at GFW real soon.<< Really?!!!! ALRIGHT!!!! Everybody do the dragon cha-cha!!! DRAGONS! DRAGONS!! DARAGONS!!!....DRAGONS! DRAGONS!! DRAGONS!!!

Well since I'm back to this topic again, let's start the:


>The Sun and the Serpent Part II- Oh-boy, oh-boy!!! The story continues!!!! I was right! Apep IS THE DRAGON KING!!!! (*Traveler warps to the particular corner of the Abyss where the DK is being held.* What did I tell you?!! What did I warn you about?!! Whenever an entity such as your self is set free, what is the FIRST THING you should do? DK*in a board sounding voice, as if he's heard this a thousand times*: I should have grabbed my daughter, and made my escape. Then returned after I had marshaled my forces and when they were least expecting it, destroy them all... Traveler: YES!!! Exactly!!!! Now why didn't you?!! DK: Ummm...I wanted to, but I think the law of cliche villiany came into effect. *Traveler growns*) Damn he was almost free. But as he said; they can't hold him there forever.>:)) So you know he'll be back later in one of the series.>:) Something mentioned that no one else has picked up on apparentally, is that Brooklyn was told by...Um,I forget who, but anyway, was told that Ra was of both man AND god. Meaning the possibilty of him being a human fey halfling is more than likely. But what also occured to me was the discription of his magic when he used it, and his power level. To me it suggests that his magical power is a mixture of both Human sorcery and Fey. This would explain why he and the other Human sorcerers were able to affect Apep with their magic, and why Ra was able to banash Apep to the Abbyss, when the other Fey could not even harm him. This leads to my theory on exactaly how the Fey were able to defeat the Dragons in their war. The fey inter bred with humans to produce basicly cannon fodder. Although that description would not be entirely accurate since because of the mixed heratage, the halflings would be able to harm the Dragons with their magic attacks. One other thing I just remembered from the Gargoyles/Pendragon episode "WTBB Part II" from a few weeks ago, Umbriel in his thoughts, while puzzling over the large power increase Casey has experenced as a result of the computer virus and Umbriel helping him get it under control, mentions something about a geas Madoc has pus on ALL halflings, meaning he would be affected as well, leading to the conclusion that he cast this geas some time ago, at the very least just before Umbriel was born, for him to be affected. My question is, what exactly are the terms of the geas Umbriel is refering to. From further study of the text, it would seem that it was meant to put some sort of cap on the power one halfling could weild. This would explain why Ra, if he was a halfling, was so powerful. Caseys infection with that computer virus somehow either broke it or enabled Casey a way around it. Most likely Madoc did this in order to keep them at a low enough level so that they'd be useful, but not powerful enough to chalenge any fey. An example of this would be the ward Casey was able to cast that was able to keep LOKI (quite possibly one of the most powerful Unseelee) out of the pub, and as Loki said nearly killing him in the process if he hadn't opened that portal beneath himself. Of course most of what I've said above concerning both TD and G/P series is just speculation and theory, so for actual answers we'll just have to wait for the specific episode to reveal them. What else? Hmmm...heh, oh yea, Brooklyns in "the dog house" figuretively, with Sata. Although what that wizard is going to do with him is anybodys guess, he seems to smart to fall into a cliched villiany way of killing or otherwise disposing of Brooklyn. Dragon King: HEY!!! I told you it wasn't my falt!!! I just do what the little voices in my head tell me to!!! Traveler: They wouldn't have happened to be polite enough to tell you who they are, would they? DK: They said I had to do what they told me to do because they were TGS staff members...what ever that means. Another thing, couldn't Brooklyn (assuming Myert surrvives this long) have Alex and Puck pull a Coldsteel/Coldfire soul switch with Myert and and android body, so that she'd at least be able to leave the borders of Egypt? Well that'sall I have to say on this matter, I think...well for now at least.

****END OF TIME DANCER SPOILERS**** Later still, my classes for the day are finished, so I step out side and receive another revelation. It's not snow IT'S FREEZING RAIN!!!!>:( (For those of you who don't know, freezing rain is what happens when rain droplets are super-cooled on the way down and instintly freeze into ice on contact with anything.) So I'm walking the approx. 100m from the building I came out of to the parking lot, in what are now extremely high winds (can you say "horizontial rain"? Sure. I knew you could>:)), which just happen to be blowing directly at me.....I make it to the car, and realize that I have to use the snow brush to chip the ice off of the windshield....*GRRRRR*. Ahhh...the many joys of living in Western New York. And on top of that, I missed DragonballZ: DeadZone. What a day. Anyone else have some "fun" weather stories they'd like to share?


>Fleur- >>Okay, I'll bite. What's a Buffalonian?<< Well, first off, please don't bite me.>:)) *hehehehe, sorry couldn't resist a bad pun* Secondly, a "Buffalonian" is a person who lives in or near the city *snort* of Buffalo, located in New York State, in the United States of America, on the North American continent, on the planet Earth, in the Sol solar system, in (I forget which one) one of the arms of the Milky Way...etc.... As for what I did to that tree, well I'm not quite see that stuff was waste from one of my labs, and it was cleaning day, and I heard you had brought a tree into the ANYTHING could happen!>:) *hehehehehe* >>Hi guys! Well, I am now officially enrolled at University. YEA!!!<< Well CONGRADULATIONS FLEUR!!! Have any problems registering, or signing up for courses? Isn't dealing with large, cumbering, overbearing institutions fun?>:)) BTW, I received ALL of the fanfic you sent me, and have read it. Now I remember those characters, they're from some fanfic in the archive I read a awhile ago. You never said you were already in the archive!!! *hehehehe* More in e-mail.

>Mandi Ohlin- Roommate problems you say? *hehehehhe* My first year of college I dormed. And my mear presence (and a little low-key psy. warfare>:)) was enough to drive my roommate out...leaving me with a single for the rest of the semester, and not having to pay extra!!!! Oh, but it gets see I did this twice, once each semester, AND with a diffrent roommate each time!!! *mainical laughter*

>The Cookie Monster- If this is true...*eyes glow behind the face plate* then he shall have his vengence through me!!!!!!!!!!

>DumaloX- I vote for keeping the once a week wipe. (Yes the vote is a >little< late, but it suould still count.>:)

>Demona Taina- Oh boy, we've got a live one here... Welcome to the room!!! Here's your medal for being the moat "out-to-lunch" person in this room!!! *Gives her the medal, then whips out a GIANT cartoon mallet from inside his coat, and smashes her over the head with it* There that should calm her down for awhile. *hehehehehe* Sudentally his thoughts are interupted by the sound of a dental drill... Oh no. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

>Coyote the Bando- >>Ahh, either you are a Spanish speaker ... or you just happen to know that one line. Care to help me translate my fics into Spanish, por favor?<< Sorry Coyote, but I can translate only very litte spanish. And even that's pretty good considering where I live. I owe it all to popular media, and a couple of years of spanish classes in elemantary and one in high school. Odd thing was though, the teachers always said I could nail the proper accent, and I can't stand learning other languages. Go figure. Perhaps it was their approach to teaching it that turned me off on the idea, or perhaps I felt I was busy enough with my other classes and didn't need the extra aggravation. Well, in anycase that was quite awhile ago.

>Sevarius Jr.- >>Sam Jackson in SW: The Phantom Menace: "Hey Yoda, pass me that lightsaber. It's the one that says 'Bad Mutha F***a' on it."<< That's a good one, I was ROTFLMAO when I read this.>:)

>TMNT- Never really liked the show, it just never clicked with me. I've never really seen the origional comics either, except for a few issues. Now if they had been able to take the material directly form those....

>Buffy the Vampire Slayer- I do not watch this show. Although they did mention the Illuminati, plus all of the other things I've heard from you nuts, perhaps I'll give it a try.

>Blade- Now this I've seen. Great hack'em up, action movie. What's this I hear about a sequel?

>Blue Caeru- Well written RP, you were really able to instill a sense of atmosphere. >>RP: You're supposed to use the existing ongoing stories? *rubs her forehead* Oops, guess I was too busy off in my little world, indulging myself. Sorry. :-P<< Oh and RP in this room does not refer secifically to the huge one Doug and Kitainia are currently running. RP could also be used to refer to the little fic-bits others write whenever they kill Mr. Disconnect, or Kenny the CR Lawyer, or genneraly anything that has to do with your CR character(s). >>I await further feedback in an e-mail from you (if you're planning to send me one about the story, not that you have to, but it would be nice).<<

>Kitainia- >>Traveler: Now you have your dragons? Happy?<< YES!!!! I'M VERY HAPPY!!!! >>If you want to see more, Doug will have "The Blackout" posted at GFW real soon.<< Really?!!!! ALRIGHT!!!! Everybody do the dragon cha-cha!!! DRAGONS! DRAGONS!! DARAGONS!!!....DRAGONS! DRAGONS!! DRAGONS!!!

Well since I'm back to this topic again, let's start the:


>The Sun and the Serpent Part II- Oh-boy, oh-boy!!! The story continues!!!! I was right! Apep IS THE DRAGON KING!!!! (*Traveler warps to the particular corner of the Abyss where the DK is being held.* What did I tell you?!! What did I warn you about?!! Whenever an entity such as your self is set free, what is the FIRST THING you should do? DK*in a board sounding voice, as if he's heard this a thousand times*: I should have grabbed my daughter, and made my escape. Then returned after I had marshaled my forces and when they were least expecting it, destroy them all... Traveler: YES!!! Exactly!!!! Now why didn't you?!! DK: Ummm...I wanted to, but I think the law of cliche villiany came into effect. *Traveler growns*) Damn he was almost free. But as he said; they can't hold him there forever.>:)) So you know he'll be back later in one of the series.>:) Something mentioned that no one else has picked up on apparentally, is that Brooklyn was told by...Um,I forget who, but anyway, was told that Ra was of both man AND god. Meaning the possibilty of him being a human fey halfling is more than likely. But what also occured to me was the discription of his magic when he used it, and his power level. To me it suggests that his magical power is a mixture of both Human sorcery and Fey. This would explain why he and the other Human sorcerers were able to affect Apep with their magic, and why Ra was able to banash Apep to the Abbyss, when the other Fey could not even harm him. This leads to my theory on exactaly how the Fey were able to defeat the Dragons in their war. The fey inter bred with humans to produce basicly cannon fodder. Although that description would not be entirely accurate since because of the mixed heratage, the halflings would be able to harm the Dragons with their magic attacks. One other thing I just remembered from the Gargoyles/Pendragon episode "WTBB Part II" from a few weeks ago, Umbriel in his thoughts, while puzzling over the large power increase Casey has experenced as a result of the computer virus and Umbriel helping him get it under control, mentions something about a geas Madoc has pus on ALL halflings, meaning he would be affected as well, leading to the conclusion that he cast this geas some time ago, at the very least just before Umbriel was born, for him to be affected. My question is, what exactly are the terms of the geas Umbriel is refering to. From further study of the text, it would seem that it was meant to put some sort of cap on the power one halfling could weild. This would explain why Ra, if he was a halfling, was so powerful. Caseys infection with that computer virus somehow either broke it or enabled Casey a way around it. Most likely Madoc did this in order to keep them at a low enough level so that they'd be useful, but not powerful enough to chalenge any fey. An example of this would be the ward Casey was able to cast that was able to keep LOKI (quite possibly one of the most powerful Unseelee) out of the pub, and as Loki said nearly killing him in the process if he hadn't opened that portal beneath himself. Of course most of what I've said above concerning both TD and G/P series is just speculation and theory, so for actual answers we'll just have to wait for the specific episode to reveal them. What else? Hmmm...heh, oh yea, Brooklyns in "the dog house" figuretively, with Sata. Although what that wizard is going to do with him is anybodys guess, he seems to smart to fall into a cliched villiany way of killing or otherwise disposing of Brooklyn. Dragon King: HEY!!! I told you it wasn't my falt!!! I just do what the little voices in my head tell me to!!! Traveler: They wouldn't have happened to be polite enough to tell you who they are, would they? DK: They said I had to do what they told me to do because they were TGS staff members...what ever that means. Another thing, couldn't Brooklyn (assuming Myert surrvives this long) have Alex and Puck pull a Coldsteel/Coldfire soul switch with Myert and and android body, so that she'd at least be able to leave the borders of Egypt? Well that'sall I have to say on this matter, I think...well for now at least.


>Heather- Welcome back! How's the wrist?

>Wavelength- Your back to!!! I barely remenber you, but who cares!!!!!!

>Batman Beyond- Would someone PLEASE tell me when this is on????!!!!!

>Syliva- Welcome into the fold. Turning back is not an option. You are one of us now. *_* *look into my eyes* *hehehehehehe* (Disclaimer: Jsut to give credit where credit is due, I first saw Sevarious Jr. do this: *_*)

>The New BatmanTAS/Superman show on Kids WB- Ahhh....yes, Tyger Tiger, one of my faviorate eps. as well. Let's see a show of hands as to who would like to see the current Batman (the REAL Batman) series revisit the Tygris character for one reason or another?

>SORROW- And a welcome back hello to you to.

>Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky- >>BTW, did anyone else besides me think of Madoc and Emrys in the scene where Cigarette Smoking Man killed Spender?<< I did. *raises hand*


>Strange Bedfellows- Yes this episode did feel disjointed as a whole, but the induvidual parts set the stage with some important players. First we have the New Olyimpians. One major quibble I have always had with them is that I seriously doubt they are 100 to 200 years ahead technology wise in ALL areas. I've always thought that since they were such a small city-state, relitivitly peaceful, and VERY isolationist, and also taking into account how some of them have "powers", therefore no need to invent ways and devices to perform certain functions for them, that they would be on a whole, less advanced than we are. Remember the key to making leaps in ways of thinking and technology have always come as a DIRECT result of warfare. The 20th centruy for the past 50 years would not be what it has been if not for the advances made during WW II, and the MANY direct and indirect offshoots of these advances. Being what and who they are, they probally use magic on a daily basis to run and sustain their city. In fact, most of what has been either seen(from cannon TV) or read about them and their "technology" could be explained through a magical means. What if the emphisis on technology and discounting of magic in the outside world is just a mirror situation of theirs? That they placed the emphisis on a magical means of doing things and only using technology as a seconday means to an end? Energy is energy as the Puck said. But the New Olyimpions would generaly only know the how to using magic, not the vital how and why as with technology. We see this same theme again with the Fey. They posess enough magic and comtrol over it to do or obtain basicaly whatever they want whenever they want. (This also explaines why most of them are such cry babies and such) The Fey Seeliee rely almost totaly on a magical means of doing things. Where as the Unseeliee have been forced into doing things for the most part, the human, technological way ever since their being stripped of their powers. However notice, that once they received their powers back, they virtually abbanded the science that had taken them so far, and like slipping on an old shoe or glove, whent back to their powers as a means of suppoting themselves. Although in the case of Sevarious, their are apparentaly now some things that science can do that magic can't. Now for the other half of the story; the term "Strange Bedfellows" defentaily applies here. Dracon and Maza along with the Gargoyles working together. Good move TGS staff, no stranger allies can be found than those during a war. Speaking of war, WHAT IN THE HELL IS MADOC WAITING FOR????!!!!! All he's done so far ammounts to a case of worldwide vandlism and disturblng the peace!!! (Well, except for that little "altering the world's weather patterns thing", that was pretty cool) I swear, if he doesn't get up off his lazy ass in the next few episodes, I'm going to have to portal my RP character into the TGS universe and start my own little war there or something. Madoc KNOWS Oberon doesn't care about the mortals, he's his brother!!!! Last time Oberon fought him it was because of the right of succession, this time Oberon is so full of himself that he believes he beat his brother once, he can do it again. Again I say, Madoc knows this. He should be able to take over most if not all of the world without encountering any resistence from the Fairy King. The longer he waits, the more time he's giving his mortal enemies who know what is going on to prepare. Again I state: HE KNOWS THIS!!! So again I ask: What is he waiting for? On to other topics now. Heh, heh, appears Goliath is in "the dog house" as well.>:) And Dracon has obviously known Elisa quite a bit longer than were led on to believe. I think I'll agree with, I think it was ojne of Robby's theories, that they knew each other in possibally high school, in some way. Well that's all for now folks.


>Ravyn- Yet again I say welcome back. Boy there sure are alot of these this time around.

>Argent- >>Okay, in case this question got missed: Which makes a better bad guy? (and why?)
A. One that's convinced he/she is doing the right thing.
B. One that KNOWS he/she is evil, and usually enjoys it.
C. Other.<< My answer is basically which ever the author feels they can make into a memorable character. Although, if I were to choose my faviorate type of villian, for myself to become, it would be B. This is for the simple fact that if you ever met me in RL you would come away with the impression that although quite friendly and loyal to those I consider friends, I already am letter B (although I wouldn't go so far as to call myself evil, but if others ever saw the innerworkings of my mind on a day to day basis, they would undoubtibly believe me to be); I'm just lacking the giant death ray or some other such nonsense, and am aware of this and as a percausion to ending up in legal difficulties or otherwise undesireable situations, am quite reserved in my actions. You see my thinking leans more toward the "diobalical(sp?)" side of things. You want to know the easiest, quickest, and stealthest way to kill an entire city? Ask me. Want to know the best way to assinate someone, anyone? Ask me. Want to know how to totality screw over someone's life without them ever finding out? Go ahead. Ask. This is my hobby, an exercise of my intellect, this is what most often comes into my lines of thought when I'm board, or have free time to just think. (Not all the time that would be crazy>;)) *heheheheh* But it's just something that's always on the back burner of my mind. (Well, this and the what if's sometimes>:) The same way some people think about art, or an invention their working on in their mind, or a loved one. Not that I'll ever do any of these things, well, that is unless the government hires me and asks me to>;), or maybe a few tricks on people who REALLY deserve them, but I'm not going to go wipe out cities or people just because I know basicly how. People always focus on the good path; but what meaning does the "good path" have if one has never experenced the "bad" in some way such as opening your mind to the possibilites. Ignoring one's dark side is to be blinded to it, and as a result, to forget the meaning of being on the "right path" for your life, which can, and some times does lead to corruption. (Doug and Kitainia's often references to the religious zelots they've encountered being a prime example.) Because really ask yourself; in the end, in both RL and story telling, who has the most fun on the long strange trip called life?

Traveler - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:56:12 PM

Sevarius Jr. and Kari, who had previously been down in the basement fighting Legion with the rest of the heroes, march back up the the upper floor.
"Whew, I'm glad that's over. You know, this is probably the only party I've been too that was potentially more lethal than our regular battle scenes."
Suddenly, a certain shaggy haired spy wearing crushed velvet and bad teeth stumbles into view. His frequent attempts to get Demona to "shag" are met with rejection. SJ looks at the individual in question with a funny look on his face.
Kari is concerned. "What's wrong? Do you know that man?"
"No....No I don't. But I have this sudden, strange urge to beat him silly...."

Beast Hunters: Well, this was inevitable. Lately, at least with the nineties, it seems that the executives do their best to make a good show, then they do their best to screw it up once it IS good. So there you go. Let's take Beast Wars, a show that, in my limited opinion (I've only seen a dozen or so episodes) begun to improve into a rather nice show. And now they're screwin' with it. Oh well, I guess we can pray for the best, and hope this doesn't turn into another 'Goliath Chronicles'.
Hmm...Megatron as a Dragon? No one tell Traveler....

About Spender--Remember, when dealing with movies, tv, books, comics, 'toons, fan fiction....if you don't SEE the body, they ain't really dead!
I mean, we saw X die, and Deep Throat. Remember back when the CSM got shot? We saw blood--no body. I'm not counting Spender out of the equation yet.
Regardless for your feelings for him though, I think we all can agree that this episode certainly developed CSM's character one heck of a lot. I mean hey, he actually showed some emotion!

Your benificient (well...not always. I can get moody) ruler Mr. Bigglesworth: Gosh I'm popular! Ah, my loyal subjects! I shan't forget you on my way to the top! Doug, Kitiana, all you guys--we'll share the world amongst us! But I'm first for the buffet line at Denny's. That is written in stone.

Holy Hand Grenade Batman! (I'm sorry, that's just too easy...)

Oh, and I know this is going back aways, but I found a site that sells those Cthulhu plush dolls. Anyone interested can click on my name to go there. They're fairly cheap, for what Beanies sell for nowadays.

Storm of the Century: Anyone watching this so far? I don't know, I'm not really digging it. I think maybe the King Movie curse has struck again. And what's up with always setting your stories in Maine? I know that's where he's from, but God, I'm getting sick of hearing everyone say "ayuh" after a sentence. Oh well, look for King's "The Green Mile" to come out this summer with Tom Hanks. Early, early, so-early-it's-not-funny word from those who've read the script is that the film will probably be an Oscar contender for next year's awards.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:47:33 PM

Taking a brief break from writing out a lesson plan...

Yes, Little Miss Stupid here volenteered to teach a training class. And for no pay. I decided to do it to save myself trouble later on--mainly, the trouble of dealing with incompentancy. I more or less run the Imaging Lab, which has the big mofo mamma-jamma computers with Illustrator, Photoshop, all sorts of really expensive software on them. The students who work there are called Imaging Ops. We're supposed to help other people, like faculty, staff, and regular students, how to use the stuff when they come in. In theory. There is a gross difference between what some people know and others. I was asked to teach a class by a new imaging op who wasn't assigned to work with an older one and who had no training. I decided to do it after overhearing an "experienced" imaging op teaching a new op all sorts of wrong stuff and giving her BS explanations for things. I overheard this when I was just in there on my own time working on a website. I had to keep correcting the older Op. <shakes head> This is why my shift is always full of people. The other ops, if they don't know something, will, instead of trying to figure it out, will just say, "Oh, Jewel will know. She works _______. Can you come in then?" Or better yet, "Oh, Jewel will know. Here's her e-mail address." I started out knowing nothing. No one trained me. But people seem incapable of learning on their own. It's insane. So I'm teaching a class. For no pay. If enough people show up, I *might* get paid. I'm hoping I'll get a good turn-out; if I do, I get $50. If I don't, at least I'll know there are a *few* trained people out there...

JEB: Happy birthday!

World Party Day: Oh, yeah. Count me in.

<g> Today has been a good day. I had to work Help Desk today, and they send me and the other Op [Student computer operator] out to the on-campus restaurant to fix a computer. They had just finished the Chinese New Year buffet, and the women there gave us lots and lots of free food. It was *goooooooooooood*.

jewel - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:46:59 PM


**Mandi enters, wearing a borrowed camouflage jacket, black jeans, and black t-shirt, carrying a paintball gun at her side. Dave is right behind her, wearing his dad's old camouflage stuff, and blinks, confused. <"Wait a minute, you tricked me! This isn't Nick's house!">**

"No, you can bash Nick on your own time. I refuse to be an accomplice."

<"You're the one who pretended to be hurt so you could take out half the other team!">

"That was your idea, Dave."

<"Oh yeah. So what are we doing here, then?">

**Mandi shrugs.** "I don't know. Had to find someplace for us to hide out after the paint-balloon trick you pulled."

**Dave gets a good look around at the party, especially the remaining Power Rangers.** <"What did I do to deserve this?">

"You spoiled this week's X-Files for me before I got a chance to watch my tape."

**Dave gives Mandi a funny look.** <"Okay, okay. Let's get something to eat before you decide to do some ass-kicking.">

**They head off towards the food, with Mandi insisting, "Dave, I just make empty threats! You should know better than to take me seriously by now!" They disappear into the crowd.**


Okay, sorry, that was absurdly long. Personal reasons. :)

Sylvia> Oops, I'm sorry! Welcome to the CR!

Doug> I'm going to try for Tuesday night. Due to said lit magazine (we have 108 submissions to score in only two weeks!!!) I have to get up early tomorrow to run around like a nutcase. :)

Batman Beyond> I just want to be able to see one episode. Is that too much to ask? Please?

Anyway, more coherent post tomorrow. $(I'm getting Dave out of here, really. He'd be ticked if he knew I included him in my Blaisisms occasionally.)$


**Several party guests have started singing "Happy Birthday" to JEB (whether or not he's actually AT the party remains to be seen) and Mandi and Dave have been using Elmer Fudd as target practice. Oddly enough, Dogbert has appeared out of nowhere and is trying to talk one of the Power Rangers who is still hanging around into buying his new book. Sounds like a manual for has-been kids' show stunt actors.

Suddenly, a rather heavy red-headed kid crashes through the door, splattered with paint and running for his life. After him come a pair of identical twins with paintball guns. Mandi looks up.** "Charisse? Andrea? What's going on?"

**Andrea shrugs.** <"Harrington got caught messing with passwords. They took WarCraft off the computer labs.">

**Charisse adds,** <"He started trashing Red Dwarf and Highlander, too.">

**Dave stops shooting at Fudd.** <"WHAT?? He got WarCraft taken off AGAIN?"> **He reloads the gun.** <"I'm gonna get that son of a--"> **He stops and glances back at Mandi.**

"Go for it. I'll call you later."

**Charisse, Andrea, and Dave charge out. We hear someone screaming, "NO! I take it back! Methos rules!" before the sound of paintball guns firing drowns him out. Mandi sighs and, realizing which Ranger Dogbert's trying to con, figures she might as well help the poor sucker out. TBC...**


Sorry again. My friends will not reappear, I swear. Charisse is going to kill me for this. :)

Mandi Ohlin - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:21:32 PM

**Kyryn looks into the room. "All hail the potential ruler of the world, Mr. Bigglesworth!" A stream of multicolored hailstones promptly starts falling on said personage. Kyryn looks around quickly and points to one of her peanut gallery. "He did it!" "Who? Me? Aagh" (random character runs screaming from the room). Kyryn turns to post.***

Well, I managed to miss the room going down. As a matter of fact I've missed anything posted since about Friday noon. If anybody had anything to say to me, you'll just have to repeat it.

Wavers!> Welcome back. BTW, one of my peanut gallery characters is a G1 (that's generation one transformer, for those who were asking). Her name is Jinx and she's a triple-changer: spaceship, dragon, humanoid. Somewhere I've got a pic that Okami did years ago. I'll try to find it and post it.

Wilek> Nooo! Not the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! :)

BTW, for Traveler and the other dragon-liking people in the room: I put some more pics up at my site. Click my name to get there.

Oh, we finally figured out the problem with Okami's computer. His roomy also has a machine. And, when it's plugged in to the phone line, Okami's machine has problems connecting. Aagh! We spent a week reinstalling stuff several times trying to get it to work. One little plug!

JEB> Happy Birthday!

BTW, having finished co-writing an upcoming TD ep, I now have new respect for people who can turn out lots of fics.
For some people it flows easily, others really have to work at it. I fall somewhere in between; but then, that's probably because I am a huge self critic.

Also, right now I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE FOLKS WHO ARE ON THIS BOARD AND ALL THOSE INVOLVED WITH TGS. You people got my creative juices flowing after a six year dry spell.

Oh, gung hay fat choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

and happy Mardi Gras!

Later All!

**Kyryn looks up at her post and decides she's rambled enough She walks over to Dis Connect. "That was a nasty trick with Okami's modem, but I'm not going to kill you."
"You're not?"
"No, I'm going to curse you. And, since it's about to be the Chinese New Year: May you live in interesting times."
"No! No! Not that one!" Dis runs screaming from the room as Kyryn grins, then turns and leaves.**

Kyryn - []
Uvalde, TX
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:07:29 PM

I can't write much cause I'm tired and I got to get some sleep, but I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. I am going to make an effort to write at least once a day now, so I'll just chat tomorrow.
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:00:08 PM

You know between Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year and Tet, why don't we just declare tomorrow 'World Party Day'. I know most people don't need an excuse to get down, but hey might as well invite the whole planet.

Just a random thought

Taleweaver - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:54:59 PM

bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...

greetings from dusty, cactusy Arizona. complications have kept me from posting, but, surprisingly, i'm all caught up reading fanfiction! ;)

Kylynna: did you read my last post? if you haven't, e-mail me. it's about Another Magic.

Selanit: hi! if your story doesn't show up on Avmists, could you send me a copy?

Mr. Biggelsworth: ruler of the world, eh? well, you've gotta dream big. ;) oddly enough, there is a column in my school newspaper called "Ask Mr. Biggelsworth" it's an advice column, and i'm beginning to wonder if he makes the questions up, the questions are so obvious. i hate my school newspaper. it wouldn't publish my essay on Sacajawea (our namesake) and how she wasn't represented anywhere in the school, but they did have TWO pages about the CHEERLEADERS. not that i've really got anything against cheerleaders. just the ones at my school. they're mean!


Princess Estra - []
Tuscon, Arizona (i'm on vacation), ......oh yeah, the USA
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:43:01 PM


[For those of you who missed last week's RP because of that <censored> <censored>-eating <censored> Mr. Disconnect, our team has found the evil Legion in the mansion's attic, where it ran from the basement. It looks like a huge 12-armed octopus with demonic faces all over it and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. It's covered in acid mucus and surrounded by its eggs. Superman flies in to help, but is immediately knocked unconscious by enormous levels of Kryptonite radiation emitted by the beast. Wilek: "" Wilek is interrupted as the Legion vomits a stream of acid at the team, who barely manages to get away in time. Dark Mage Wilek: "How are we going to get rid of this thing?!" TRC: "I have an idea..." He whips out a hand grenade with a white cross painted on it...]


A Pop Tart doubling as a flamethrower? I wonder if it can be used as fuel...

Argent> Hm, I'm not sure what the problem is with the songs. You might try using MP3's instead; they take a lot longer to download, but the time involved is worth it. A good MP3 player is Winamp, you can get it at my name link.

Speaking of the themes, I wonder if there'll ever be an instrumental version of the main TGC/TGS Gargs theme...

Wavers> <<You watch *way* too much animated Batman. They do that 'catwalk over acid/blender/liquid metal' thing all the time.>> Really? I never realized that; I just wanted an excuse to throw someone into a giant blender. :) I have this weird blender fixation. <<*being a G1, is offended by time-traveling furrybots*>> G1? What's that stand for, and are there G2s, G3s, etc? It all sounds very interesting.

Happy Birthday to JEB! $If I weren't so busy killing a giant disgusting demon octopus, I'd get you a present.$

Robby> Depth Charge is on the show? I thought he was only in the toy line! Extremely kewl bot; there's a spacecraft in my ficverse whose design was directly influenced by his manta form. Not that I'll ever get the chance to use it...


Doug> <<I need a name for this guy, any ideas?>> What if he's Mega Man's Dr. Wily, who's finally figured out how the Phoenix Gate travels through time and has invented his own time engine based on it and traveled to our time (see my first fic)? He *does* look a lot like Einstein, and his first name is even Albert. Or is that a really, really, really dumb idea? Ah well, just a shot in the dark.


[SJ: "What is that?" TRC: "Holy hand grenade. Guaranteed 100% effective against any and all Dark creatures." Egon: "That being's outer surface is so resilient that not even such a drastic measure will be effective!" Alucard: "Then we'll simply have to get it inside." Without warning, Alucard then ingests a resist-holy potion, then turns into a bat, grabs the grenade, and flies down Legion's throat. Legion's eyes open wide, then it looks rather sick...then it explodes, taking its eggs with it and leaving only a nauseating slick of acid mucus and a lot of crushed Legion embryos as the only evidence it ever existed; fortunately TRC managed to shield everyone from the explosion. Wilek: "Where's Alucard?" That's when everyone notices a very dazed and very slimy little bat flopping about on the floor. He changes into Alucard, staggers a bit, wipes a clod of slime from his face, flicks it onto the floor, and says, "That was...interesting." Wilek: "<sigh> At least it's finally over. I never had any fun at this party because I was too busy fighting everyone and everything else. What say we all go downstairs and find something fun to do?"

At the enemy base...Asil: "I just recieved word that the Legion has been destroyed." Thailog: "I should have known better than to trust that buffoon Dracula. Anyone who has such power and still manages to be defeated every time he rises from the grave can't possibly have any shred of competence. Oh well, we have our current plan to fall back upon..."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:35:03 PM

Surprise? Coyote's surprises can wind up hurting ppl. Just ask Rosanna.
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:29:00 PM

Attention! The GWT/G99 Tentative Schedule of Events has been updated!

Click on my name and follow the link to see the latest panels and activities we are planning for the con in Dallas!

Patrick Toman
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:20:16 PM


The screen comes on. Doug is heading out to the Onslaught to go find Kitainia when Janice Ripowski stops him. "Janice," Doug says, turning around to face her. "I thought you were at the B&H Building." "I couldn't go," the government liasion replies. "I had to make a report to my boss, AD Kincaid." "Ah, I see. So what do you want?" "I'm coming with you. Kincaid has informed me that your associates are brutally massacreing Marsh's lawyers." "How would he know about that?" "I don't know." "Well, if Kitainia is killing the lawyers, I'm sure she has a good reason." "I'll be the judge of that," Janice snaps. "Let's go." "Right," Doug sighs. They get into the truck and drive off, Doug turning to face the Comment Room.


Phew, glad the room's back. In case anyone missed my shameless plug last week, I have a new fic up called "The Blackout." Hope you all read it, enjoy, and send me feedback. :)

Traveler: I see you've read my latest already, and probably given it a high rating, too. I await further feedback in an e-mail from you (if you're planning to send me one about the story, not that you have to, but it would be nice).

Slyvia: Welcome to the CR. Hope you can keep a tight hold on your sanity. Sanity has a funny tendency of going away from people who frequently come in here, you know. :)

Wilek: $ Yeah, I read your RP, don't worry. Glad you got my e-mail and approve of the plan. $


Batman Beyond ep: This was a very good one. I liked Freeze a lot. Too bad we probably won't see him again. This ep also had a very good line from Dana (Terry's girlfriend). When he asked her "You have time to go get a soda with me?" Dana- "I do. You don't. <points to Bruce> Your keeper's here." I thought that was hilarious. Hope to see as good an episode next week.


X-Files: This week's episode was great. I was standing up and cheering when they killed off just about all the bad guys from the Syndicate. I also liked the development on Spender, right up until the end. I couldn't believe it when Cancerman killed his own son. Awesome character development. I'll have to work this groundbreaking ep into my fanfic saga somehow. Wait till my next fic "End to the Rage" to see how I will. :)


Bad Guys: Good villains come in all types and flavors. I agree with just about everything that's been said here. Pure evil villains (Thailog, Skeletor, Snidely Whiplash) can be fun, so can villains who think what they're doing is right (Magneto, Demona), and villains who don't care what they have to do as long as it gets them what they want (Xanatos, Madoc, my own saga's Mackovic and Jadriel) can be the best of all. All villains have their good and bad points. How good or bad a villain is really depends on the writer and the way the villain is developed and portrayed, not what kind of villain the character is. That's what I think, anyway.

SJ: So you're the mysterious Mr. Bigglesworth? Alright, glad I know. When you take over the world, remember all your friends in here, okay? I don't want to be wiped out by your regime, nor does Kitainia or anyone else in the CR. Good luck, MB. If you ever need a Scott Evil and a Heather Shagwell (I think that'll be the name of the chick in the new Austin Powers movie) to back you up, Kitainia and I will be happy to volunteer. <evil chuckle>


I liked "Strange Bedfellows" a lot. The New Olympians plot was good, even if they did seem a little too gullible. I like the characters of Phobos, Deimos, and Grimalkin. I also liked how Taurus and Proteus were developed in this one. I liked the new New Olympian characters, too. Harpy, Nemesis, satyrs, dryads, where were these people when I wrote my destruction-of-New-Olympus fic? Oh well, wherever they were, they weren't in my head. <shrug>

The Manhattan part of the episode was nice, too. I liked the development done on Goliath and Elisa. Dracon was also very well-portrayed in this episode. I could easily see him developing in the way he did. The guy is human, after all, and no self-respecting human (hear me, Minions?) would ever side with the Unseelie. I look forward to seeing more of the new alliance between Elisa and him. The pic of Dracon and Elisa was also neat.

Overall, another good job. Hope the TGS Staff keeps up the good work with this week's Timedancer and the rest of the season.


Mandi: Okay, I shall await your feedback. Good luck with that literary magazine stuff.

Coyote: A surprise? Alright, looking forward to it. <grin>

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! And a belated Happy Valentine's Day!

That's all for now, later.


Doug and Janice drive on, still heading for the B&H Building. The latter place is quickly becoming a scene of carnage (see Kitainia's or Traveler's next post to see how much). The screen changes to Thailog's secret base, where the bad guys are grouped around the planning table again. "Is our new source of revenue prepared for usage?" Thailog asks a grinning mustached guy with wild white hair in a lab suit (he looks kinda like an evil Albert Einstein). "Yes!!!" the crazy scientist (I need a name for this guy, any ideas?) cries. "My machine is prepared! With it we will be able to turn any rock into gold! We won't need Marsh anymore!! We will be all-powerful!! YES!!! YES!!!" Asil looks at Thailog and says, "Remind me again why we're working with this guy." "We need a generic scientist," Thailog says. "He was the only one who responded to our ad." He turns to Zale. "Now, the Dark Star. We need to destroy it before Nipon gets here, or at least distract it enough so that his fleet can reach and dock at the secret base without being challenged. Are your ships ready?" "Yes," Zale says. "However, we can't find the Dark Star. The beacon's gone, the thing's gone into hyperspace, and we can't track it now. How can we destroy it if we can't find it?" "Hmm," Thailog thinks. "I have a plan," says Asil. "Really?" questions Thailog. "Go ahead, tell us what it is." "It depends on several factors. One, are the three we asked Sevarius to ressurect back alive yet?" "YES!!!" the mad scientist cries, prompting Asil to give him a glare that shuts him up. "Good," she nods. "Alright, here's the plan." She explains it and they all nod. Zale chuckles. "Vapor's going to hate what you have planned for him." "I know," Asil grins. "But it is necessary. Doctor, send the skeeters. Zale, get your fleet ready. Very soon, we will attack and destroy the Dark Star." The bad guys all share a bout of manical laughter, and the screen goes blank. To be continued.

**END RP**

Doug - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 09:56:10 PM

Going through in passing ... should put these little things in ...

Robby: Oh well, I asked for it! :)

Wavers: Yes, more artwork. I still owe tons and tons of WCC commissions ... now I just need to get the new scanner from the company or go to Kinko's and scan them at a price ... *sigh* oh well. Thanks for the compliment on the artwork, BTW! :)

*sniffs* Oh good, they're almost done. I've got a special surprise for the room come midnight ... :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, February 15, 1999 09:42:30 PM

*walks in, tf's, and shoots Robby* That was for shooting Coyote!
*tf's back to robot mode and composes herself* Ahem. Beast Hunters? Would this take our fuzzy Transformers(and 'dragon') and put them on Cybertron where they belong, rather than a freaky past Earth? Please? The current timeline gives me the surges.*being a G1, is offended by time-traveling furrybots*
Coyote> If you're stopping in a few stories, does that mean you're going to start drawing again? not that I want you to neglect WCC, but your art is so good!*puppy-dog optics*
There'll be no TGS comments from me tonight, not until I actually catch up reading them. Got classes, work, the college newspaper, and auditions eating up my time right now.
TTFN! *walks back out, trying to figure how to blow smoke off a sonic pulse rifle*

Monday, February 15, 1999 09:31:49 PM

**Robby enters, and shoots Coyote. That was for talking abour FOUR things!**

Wavelength- As you can see, there's SEVERAL TF fans in here, and even more BW fans.

Beast Hunters- Egads... The evil "dragon" Megatron? I love dragons and all, but um... No... And as far as the fourth season of Beast Wars, its getting taken over by the garg. writers, and supposedly starting from scratch. Not looking forward to a revamp, but am looking forward to those writers...


I like the seson alot this year. The whole Black Arachnia/Silverbolt thing, along with Cheetor is cool... And the return of Dinobot may yet prove to be really cool...

There were only 13 episodes made this season. Since they've already played 7, they've got six episodes to meet the following rumors...
*Bring back Tigertron and Airrazor for one episode
*Upgrade Black Arachnia
*End the series with a fairly closed ending. No mega cliffhanger this year.
*Have a big fight between Cheetor and Silverbolt.
*Have a big fight between Optimus and Depthcharge.
*Bring back Terrasaur.
*Have Dinobot 2 change his ways and regain his sense of honor.

**NOTE: Those are only rumors... I'm holding back one or two I've heard directly from the writers, because that would be mean...


JEB- Happy Birthday!

Jim's Party- Mandi, everyone is invited, you can come along anytime you want. As far as the actual party... Well, due to the wipe of last week and the fact that the party there was... Lost... I am *forced* to extend it another week. Yes people, its the world's ONLY month long Superbowl party!

Coyote- I like the new pic choice...



Frank's 2000 inch TV is still being watched by some, others are dancing to the coolmusic provided by the wealth of guest singers. Some like the Peanut and Sesame Street characters are having fun, while dragons are conversing. Brain is still plotting with the Leos to take over the world. Others still like Superman and Wilek are trying to hunt down Legion.

Meanwhile, a full scale orchestra has come out of nowhere, and begins playing a familiar piece, to which Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd are performing. Elmer is growing flowers in his hair, and they are both singing. Something about a barber shop... (click click)

Robby - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 08:59:33 PM

*walks in and tosses some red confetti around the room*

Happy Chinese New Year!! (Actually, it's tomorrow, but oh well.) It's the year of the Rabbit!

Kitainia> Thanks for letting me know about the RP rules.

******* TGS EP SPOILERS *******
I have to go write a two-page essay that's due tomorrow, so I can't totally analyze the episode, as much as I want to. :-) Anyway, I liked seeing the New Olympians' re-introduction, the Elisa-Goliath situation, and the Dracon-Elisa dillemma. I'd love to see what happens.
******* END TGS EP SPOILERS *******

Blue Caeru
Monday, February 15, 1999 08:59:27 PM


I loved the Elisa-Dracon-Goliath portions of the episode very much. The fight between Goliath and Elisa was great. It's good to see them occasionally get into an argument. Everyone seems to get along so well all the time, that it's good to see some discord every once in a while.

I do think though that Elisa was a little to quick to agree to an allience with Dracon. Shouldn't she hate him despite his helping her in an early TGS episode (I don't remember the name of it)?

I wasn't as fond of the New Olympian portions of the episode. It's not that they weren't well written, it's just that I hate the New Olympians. They got on my nerves when I saw THE NEW OLYMPIANS and they get on my nerves now. I understand that they would be quick to believe anything bad said about humanity, but don't they keep an eye out for what is happening in the world? Shouldn't they be able to find out that most of what they have been told is a lie?


BEAST WARS - Here is the information I have on the new Beast Wars Spin-off (from the Comic Book Continuum):

In addition to picking up the 52 episodes of Beast Wars, Fox Kids is launching a new series, Beast Hunters, for the 1999-2000 television season.

Here's how Fox Kids describes the series:

"Beast Hunters, the next evolution of the popular Beast Wars franchise, continue their fight against the evil dragon Megatron and his hordes of Predacons in 13 all-new episodes with cutting-edge computer animation, action and humor, produced by Mainframe Entertainment."

Story editors for the series are Bob Skir and Marty Isenberg, who have worked on numerous genre series and also wrote the story bible for the new Avengers series on Fox.

"My reaction is YEEEEEE-HA!" said Skir of Fox picking up Beast Hunters. "I absolutely love that network, and have enjoyed great success with them. Do the names X-Men, Batman, Beetlejuice, and Godzilla ring a bell?

"They do great shows there, and the longer I'm with them, the happier I am."

Skir provided some early details about the show.

"We're doing 13 episodes for our first season, hopefully with more to follow -- especially since we're thinking of this as an ongoing story with more than 13 chapters to it so far," Skir said.

"The show's hook? It's the characters you loved from Beast Wars ... fighting a very different war on a -- very -- different world."

Brooklyn, NY
Monday, February 15, 1999 06:57:07 PM

Definition of PMS - Protective Male Syndrome.

Beast Wars. Now that the new season is underway, I'm finding I like the storyline a whole lot better. I just love Black Arachnia and her play off with Silverbolt.

Theresa - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 05:58:13 PM

Sevarius Jr: See, there's a series of war stories (best WWI air stuff I've ever read, and the WWII stuff ain't bad either) written by a British guy named Captain W. Johns and his main character is...the one and only...

Captain Bigglesworth (aka Biggles)

That name forever conjures up images of my personal hero in his Sopwith Camel...

*poofs into Biggles' greatest adversary, Erich Von Stalhein, hops into a red Fokker Triplane and flies out*

Stormy von Stalhein
Monday, February 15, 1999 05:16:03 PM

**Coyote and Alex Wonder are having a stare-down on the lawn. Taking a step closer, Alex growls. Ravyn decides to step in before this thing goes any farther.** "Alex..."

**He turns his head sharply to look at her.** <"Rav, what are you doing here with this...guy?!?>

"Alex, he's my friend. We were invited to a party."

Alex's eyes almost glow. <"Rav, I thought *I* was your...'friend.'>

Now Ravyn's eyes start to glow. "You had your chance, pal, and you blew it."

**PAUSE RP!!!**

$Sorry for the rather lengthy RP. I'm catching up on a lot of emotion in this one.$ ;)

I have to say that "Strange Bedfellows" was definitely entertaining. I really liked Tony Dracon in this one. I almost felt sorry for him when Elisa kept refusing to talk to him. I *still* think that maybe Dracon and Elisa were once "an item"...and watching Goliath and Elisa have their little lover's quarrel was interesting. Although I hope they don't stay mad at each other too long, and I *really* hope that Elisa chills out. I have to agree with Starsinger...*definitely* PMS. ;)

Sylvia> Welcome! :)

**MORE RP!**
**Alex's eyes are tinged with jealousy.** <"What do you mean, 'I blew it?' YOU were the one who ran off on this adventure...">

"And YOU were the one who wanted to stay behind! I'm doing just fine now *without* you, Alex! So maybe you should just leave me alone for once!"

<"But Rav, you're hanging out with this other guy...> **Alex motions to Coyote, who's keeping his distance.**

"And he's more of a friend to me than you ever were!!!! Now if you want to hang around here, that's fine, but personally, I'm gonna get back to the party."

**Alex, still visibly upset, growls and glides off into the night. Ravyn starts walking away, and Coyote catches up to her.** <"Think we'll ever see him again?">

"I don't know..." **Coyote puts a hand on her shoulder.** <"You okay?">

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Let's go." **Ravyn and Coyote walk away as Alex glides further into the night and the screen flickers off...**

Monday, February 15, 1999 04:42:28 PM


Seriously, you can keep callin' me SJ. The whole Bigglesworth thing refers back to a joke I made back in the main CR a couple of weeks ago. It's what I'm gonna call myself when I rule the world (I wasn't kidding about domination is just around the corner! ;-p )

Probably a real post later....

Sevarius Jr. - [<---"Danger is my middle name." ]
Monday, February 15, 1999 04:39:50 PM

TF> Yep, Skyfire was first. Coming in season 2, just before the Dinobots I think. Heard that this is the last season of Beast Wars, so they're going to go out with a bang.

StarGate Spoiler You've been warned.

They killed Apothis. I'm a mix of yeah and darn. I mean good villians just don't grow on trees. He wasn't too shabby as villians go. Of course with Sokar in the mix I'm reminded of a saying "Better the dragon you know than the dragon you don't." Sokar certainly isn't going to mess around like Apothis did.

Villians> I like both kinds equally well. If you know you're doing evil, do it big. I like Spike, the Joker and Mr. Trick in this category. Evil with style. *shudder*

However there is appeal for the man doing what he thinks is right. It sort of takes the Duddley Do-Right edge from the hero. I'm thinking Magneto, Mr. Fries, Pheaton for the first season of Exosquad. Since they have a point, the heroes 'good conquers evil' ideal doesn't necessarily apply. It's also a more involving story with this villian because if the good guys win, they also lose. Much more realistic than 'saving the day' and rescuing the princess.

So in the end, over-the-top villians give a story more breadth, but the ends-justify-the-means villian gives it more depth.

Taleweaver - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 02:48:43 PM

Three quickies:

Stormy: "Mr. Bigglesworth" is what we're calling Sevarius Jr, now, since he has called himself "the high and mighty Mr. Bigglesworth."

Ravyn: ;) $You're right, the great minds do think alike.$

Mandi: $Thanks for the complements on the RP. Please, feel free to jump in for the duration of the party ... however long it lasts, it's really up to Jim, I think.$

Wavers: It gets even better after "Doppelganger." And it's getting even better, still ... after the next, there'll be only three more before I pause to tackle WCC. :)

Okay, okay, that was four. So shoot me. :P

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, February 15, 1999 01:13:45 PM

**A hologram of RL Mandi appears as she sits in front of her computer at work. Down the hall, one can hear someone blasting what sounds like "Shake Your Booty!" It's nice to have a few people working for the college tech department with a sense of humor...**

Geez, I haven't posted in here in forever....but it's been a hectic week. I'm looking forward to being able to watch the tapes of the X-Files eps I've had to miss.

Spike> The GWT T-shirt design ROCKS! I'm definitely going to get one (when I register for the con, which will occur once all the weirdness with my checking account is straightened out).

Coyote> **does a double take reading the RP** LOL!! I'm too scatterbrained (and not as regular a poster) to participate in the RP very well, but that was great! Anyone mind if I jump in, just for the party?

Argent> <<NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!>> Oh, shut up. :) Please let it snow before Tuesday, pleeease....

Doug> Just read "The Blackout." Will send comments either this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on literary magazine stuff.

**looks over her shoulder** Oops, gotta go. Last note to anyone who's been trying to contact me and getting no response: I'm really sorry. Starting today, the editorial staff of the Hood College literary magazine has to go through and score all 108 submissions in two weeks. I am one of these people, and I helped photocopy all the packets. Aside from the 9-page story my Creative Writing prof hassled me to turn in, there's a few loong stories in there. So if you're wondering where I am - I'm probably going to be reading submissions. :)

'Til later!

**Mandi's supervisor is coming down the hall. Mandi makes a little "eep" sound as the hologram fades out.**

Mandi Ohlin - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 12:51:43 PM


I’m going to deal with this as two separate episodes, as that’s effectively what it is. I can find no link between the two sides of the story, but for the fact that they both are TGS stories where the name shares a common relevance. And as such, I can hardly say this was brilliant, because it really was a ‘double bill’. In fact, I think dividing it up into two separate sections as a sort of ‘double bill’ episode would have been better than trying to mingle the two.

“The New Olympians” episode section.
I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, it was lovely to see the much-neglected New Olympians, and it seems logical that the Unseelie Court would view the NO as potential allies. Proteus was well written, and Grimalkin is a great villain, I just love the idea of a cat-creature! I hope there’ll be a picture of his full cat form in some future episode. ;) Doubly nice to see the character picked up from a line in ‘Macbeth’. ;) The twins are a bit weird, but it would be nice to see more of them. And the way they played the sway of popular New Olympian opinion was great.
Trouble is, that I can’t quite understand how the NO can be so gullible. They are a hybrid of races! Surely they must know about the Third Race, when so many must be descended from them? So why was Taurus so puzzled when he realised the twins weren’t human? And why is it that the Seelie/Unseelie divide is so unknown them? If the first Madoc/Oberon war was around the time of the destruction of Atlantis then it must have been before the founding of New Olympus. I find can’t believe that they forgot about their heritage so much, even after thousands of years. OK, it might not be common knowledge, but a massive great big speech trying to rally support is likely to raise a few eyebrows, don’t you think? The Unseelie were hardly secretive, having brandished the star logo about and mentioned the two as ‘seelie’ and ‘unseelie’.
Other quibbles are minor- I feel that the speech is strange in places, and would liked to have seen more of the twins plans, and of the island itself.
Still, it was an entertaining story that seems to me to be conceptually flawed.

“Gargoyles” episode section.

I found this quite surprising, as it seemed a rather sudden turnaround for Tony. But once I got used to the idea, I quite liked it, and was glad to see an Elisa episode. This section was managed superbly well. Her feelings were well interpreted and the scenes were very vivid. All the speech (apart from one bit at the end with Hudson- two words together, but what they were escapes me) were perfect. This is the best Goliath and Elisa episode for ages. In fact, I think it’s the best Goliath and Elisa episode I’ve seen from TGS. It had a good dollop of plot interest, mixed in with some tension and sprinkled delicately with lots of nice plot touches. For instance, Lexington playing with Alex (in a comment by Fox), and best of all Elisa trying to remember to call Xanatos by his Christian name- a big step forward indeed, and one that I hope is followed up.
The picture was pretty neat too- very well drawn, although some background would have been nice since they looked a bit odd in relation to each other. I actually would have preferred a piccie of the New Olympian events, or a dramatic one of Goliath’s threats, but this was good nonetheless.

I have to applaud the TGS staff for their bravery to pick up plots from two episodes that were highly unpopular in the eyes of many fans (but which I personally liked), in PROTECTION and THE NEW OLYMPIANS, and stick them together. Unfortunately, by failing to invest in any glue, the two fall apart. The writers have condemned both their good story and their great story to being labelled as a bizarre and disjointed affair. Which is a tragedy, as both really are good.


Timedancer was great too, but comments on that are all a bit outdated.

ED - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 12:38:59 PM

Skyfire was the first Autobot jet. Of course he dissapeared after a couple of episodes.

And I heard Beast Wars is going to have both a fourth season and a spin-off. The original TF had a fourth season, of course it was only three episodes. And they sucked. They tried to introduce a million new characters at the same time, and it was very open-ended. It ended with Galvatron vowing to rule the galaxy (he did this a lot before it ended, so nothing new).

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 12:06:22 PM

Skyfire was the first Autobot jet. Of course he dissapeared after a couple of episodes.

And I heard Beast Wars is going to have both a fourth season and a spin-off. The original TF had a fourth season, of course it was only three episodes. And they sucked. They tried to introduce a million new characters at the same time, and it was very open-ended. It ended with Galvatron vowing to rule the galaxy (he did this a lot before it ended, so nothing new).
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 12:06:06 PM

Wilek> I'm always around if ya ever want to talk! My e-mail addy is posted below next to my name for ya. :)

SJ> I *knew* there was something sinister about those strawberry Pop Tarts...:)

Coyote> Wow! Love your RP ideas. Ya know, *I* was planning on bringing Alex into the's kinda funny how great minds think alike. :)

Ravyn - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:59:24 AM

Stormy> That's easy. The 'first autobot plane, who first appeared in the second season, was Powergliiiidddee! (that's how he talked, too)*L* There was another from the same time period, called Skyfire, who appeared in the episode 'Fire from the Sky(?)', in which he was a Decepticon scientist who defected. I can't remeber which one was first.
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:30:10 AM

Argent> The kind where he/she is convinced they are doing the right thing. I like X-files better then Power Rangers
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Monday, February 15, 1999 11:28:00 AM

Robby--Who's "Mr. Bigglesworth?" What post did you see that in?

*wondering if possibly there could be another Captain W. Johns fan in here!!!*

SOROW: It used to be that if you put a plus sign or a percent sign, the rest of your post after the sign disappeared. Guss it's been fixed...

Heh, I remember Silverbolt, and I really liked him (Guess I'm partial to aircraft, being a pilot and all...) Say, anyone remember the name of who I think was the FIRST Autobot airplane? HE was red...

Monday, February 15, 1999 11:19:08 AM

It's good to be back, everybody! *hugs* Welcome, Sylvia! :) as most of my net-friends know, I've been on clinical the last 8 weeks, which basically means I work as a Physical therapist 8-9 hours a day and pay for the privelege of doing it, 'cause it's a "learning experience". I had fun, but the working and not getting paid part bites.

Robby> Good to see a fellow TF fan in here. Most everybody's been banned from S8 TF's. (Thanks soo much, hudson! *evil glare for the gargoyle*)I heard from Ikonoclastus Necrosis who heard from Wonko the Sane that there wouldn't be a Season 4 of BW. :( Gotta stop at the same point as G1, I guess. If you're looking for the G1 TF fans who were banned, most can be still found at the chatroom in my link. they go by different names there, so just ask for who you want. And, since you started it: "Don't you get it? I'm EVIL." -BA to SB

Rolling Calf> There was a G1 Autobot named Silverbolt. He was a Concorde jet and leader of the Aerialbots. He was also scared of heights, but he was a much a gentleman as the BW wolf-eagle.

Wilek> FIND SUB-ZERO! Watch it! I loved the movie and don't want to spoil it for you, but Nora is alive. Just a note on Mr. DC's death. You watch *way* too much animated Batman. They do that 'catwalk over acid/blender/liquid metal' thing all the time.

Argent> 7 months till more DA! I'll die! I have more cliniacals next Fall semester, so that means I won't see any of them until after Christmas 2000! Waah!

Side note to TGS staff> If the Y2K problem eats TGS, I'll find the culprit. And they won't want to meet my 45 foot Robotech character. Please, please make backups!

Coyote> I'm so behind on your stuff. Last I read was Doppelganger. Seri's looking forward to being in WCC. :) A Power Ranger RP? Please? Can I play?

Sheesh! I think this is the longest post I've ever put here. TTFN!

Monday, February 15, 1999 10:58:34 AM

P.S.> I've been meaning to ask about this for a awhile: I know my computer can play WAV files, but when I try to play the TGS theme songs (WAV format), it begins to load, then this message pops up:
No combination of filters could be found to render the stream.
What does that mean?! Is it my computer or the songs?!

Ohio, USA
Monday, February 15, 1999 10:06:08 AM


**The screen lights up to reveal ... Coyote and Ravyn, rounding a bend on the outside of the mansion, looking for the Green Ranger.**

I dunno, maybe he left ...

<"There he is!">

**Coyote and Ravyn jog over to where the Ranger is standing. They finally approach him, but he hasn't taken off his helmet the whole time he's been there.**

Hey, why so dressed up? The rest of the Rangers finally relaxed, why don't you?

<"Take off the helmet, there's nothing dangerous around here.">

**The Ranger nods, unhooking the back of the helmet ...**

**PAUSE RP!!**


Interesting story, to say the least. That's all I've got to say about it.



Well, I've got only two things to say about this ...

1) I believe Cassandra Spender is still alive.

2) When the episode ended with CSM killing Agent Spender, my mother started yelling, "DAMN YOU, CHRIS CARTER!!!" :)


Heather: Congrats on being first!

Wavers: Long time no see! Welcome back! :)

Sylvia: Welcome to the madhouse, she-who-is-in-close-proximity-to-the-Air Force Academy. I see Deuce was nice enough to check your sanity at the door ... good. :)

Mr. Bigglesworth: I would be inclined to agree.

Robby: Want to know my favorite Batman moment? Place the following dialogue to the episode and you'll have it.

"Oh my God."
"What is it?"
"I know who Daddy is."


**The Green Ranger splits his helmet open at the back, pulling it off.**

Oh no ...

<"YOU?! What're you doing here?!">

**The wearer of the Green Ranger costume is finally revealed ... and it's (gasp!) Alex Wonder.**

<"I've been hanging around this party for days ... observing."> **approaches Coyote** <"You two have been quite friendly lately ... and now I want to know what's going on.">

**Alex comes nose-to-nose with Coyote as the screen winks off.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, February 15, 1999 09:55:30 AM

NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!
Geez, stay off-line for a day, and WHAT HAPPENS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
$Wilek or anybody, can you tell me what's happening at Jim's party? Did we freeze/ fry the monster or what?!$

Finally saw 'Prince of Egypt' yesterday. Beautiful music, stunning animation, and an engrossing plot: In short, absolutely fantastic.
Movie Previews> Grrrrrr. 'Tarzan' and 'October Sky' look good, but some moron has completely trashed 'King and I'. They ANIMATED it! Which I could have forgiven, except for the fact that they've also changed the entire plot!

Okay, in case this question got missed: Which makes a better bad guy? (and why?)
A. One that's convinced he/she is doing the right thing.
B. One that KNOWS he/she is evil, and usually enjoys it.
C. Other.

(Looks at Mr. DC and contemplates something.)
Nahhhh, I need to catch up on my reading.
(Mr. DC sighs in relief, but stops mid-breath at the sinister grin on Argent's face.)
I think I'll leave that pleasent job to the posters who suffered from it.
(An angry mob begins to gather, complete with pitchforks and torches.)

Gotta Jet!
(Seven months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps.)

Ohio, USA
Monday, February 15, 1999 09:49:15 AM

*** Spoilers for the TGS ep ***

I liked this one. It was short, sure, but it was focused. The two seperate plotlines were internally sound. Excellent play with Goliath and Elisa -- I was *wondering* when she'd start to feel stifled. Goliath can be, shall we say, a mite overprotective. Admittedly Goliath has a point, seeing as how Elisa is now living in a place where gargoyles score only 2 out of 10 on the weirdness meter, a score of one being absolutely normal.

Also nice to pick up some of the plotlines from the series which have been ignored till now. Anyone care to wager that the Guatamalen gargs will be putting in an appearance within the next two months? <G>

*** End spoilers, and whole message for that matter ***

Selanit - []
Ballpitria, Monday, February 15, 1999 08:06:20 AM


Loved it. We finally get to see the New Olympians and Proteus is on the loose. As for Elisa, can we say PMS?

**** END SPOILERS ****


Theresa - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 06:43:24 AM


***Spoilers for Sun and the Serpent***

Brookly and Sata have marital problems. As this was the last episode before the holday I will consider this the TGS Valentines Day episode.

The devolpment with both of them was nice, as was myrit's own progretion. Brooklyn's singing to her was a nice touch, but I definitly think he should take some writing lessons before he does anymore composing. Also after all these stories about it, we'd better see the festevil where Brooklyn get's drunk. I have to see him in this dress.

Apep looks like a really cool villian, and I can't wait to see what he'll do next. My only regrt is I know he'll probably be defeated at the end of the ep, seeing how Kenshu and Isfit are still trying to free him. Also, Although I love the picture of Broookly's reflection in his eye it would have been nice to see his entire body.

***End Spilers***

***More Spoilers, this time for Strange Bedfellows***

Another relitvley short episode, I felt it was a little lacking in action, and the two stories were pretty much exclusive of each other, but still an enjoyable read.

I feel it's interesting to note that the Unseele prety much undermined their chances for an aliance. Considering the New Olympians's opinion of the human race they probably didn't require that much inciting to agree to wipe out the humans. If you think about it, that speach the twins made didn't even require that much exaduration, espetially about the Gargoyle atrosities.

The Dracon Elisa stuff was also intresting. I can see Dracon working with our heroes against the Unseelie. Sure he may be a coward, a bully, and a lot of oither not nice things, but in the end he's human. And he isn't as low as to betray his own race. I think it's intresting to note that that simaler events have happened in history. I remember reading that Lucky Lusheano(sp?) worked with the government to cut down on smugling during WWII in exchange for an early parole

***End Spoilers***

***Yet more Spoilers, for Batman Beyond this time***

Thanks to the early wipe I wasn't able to read Saterday's CR, so I apologise if anything I say was allready said.

I loved this episode. Mr. Freeze was one of favorie villians from the original series and I was glad to see him return. I really liked the way the suite made his head look.

I liked how we were able to see what he was like before the his unfortunate "accident". It let you see that he accutualy wasn't that much of a villian. It makes you understand his desire for revenge so much. To have regained that humanity for such a brief period of time and than have it stolen from you for the second time. Words do not describe.

***End Spoilers***

***X-Files Spoiler Warning. Y'know, I'm getting pretty sick of writing Spoiler Warnings***

The Syndicates dead, I did not see that one coming. This is the most of shocking thing the show has ever done. (Note, I was not watching when Deep Throught was killed)

Some nice develpment with Spender. Too bad he was shot, I was acctually starting to like the little bootlicker.

The Cancer Man stuff was pretty good to. I think I'm finally starting to understand why he does the things he does. To be honest, as one of natures cowards, I'd probably take the path of servival myself. I even think I can understand why he chose to shoot his son, although I think he is a complete monster for doing it. I can see why he choose to.

***End Sporlers***

No more spoiler warnings, no more spoiler warnings - TheOneEyedSquid

TheOneEyedSquid - []
Monday, February 15, 1999 12:59:23 AM

Egads, another post from me. Ah well, enough has been brought up to merit it...

Mr. Bigglesworth- I agree, it would be a VERY cool way to end the X-Files if the Badguys won. And X-Files is one of the only shows I know where that would be appropriate...

Poptarts being dangerous... I knew it! Nothing that tastes like that could possibly not be dangerous!


TRC- Transmetal 2 Dinobot may be the best villain Beastwars has, but he's still not as good as the original Dinobot since he lacks the honor that made the original so kickin'. That's supposed to change though... As to how I know so much about what will happen, there's lots of Beastwars websites that deal in rumors, but mainly, I've spoken with the writers a couple of times. Now I'll have to locate the season 4 writers somehow...


Mr. Freeze's situation was largely handled in the movie, "Batman: Subzero". His wife, who while frozen, was injured. She would die without getting a transplant. Not spoiling any of the movie, it ends with Nora being brought back to health, thanks to Wayne Enterprises. Freeze was happy about this, and left the world alone. Except, his condition froze his body apart, except for his head. (Which is why that was all that was left in BB).


Jim stares in amazement as Superman, looking very much like Christopher Reeves and not at all like Nick Cage. His s curl looks really cool, and doesn't blow at all in the wind. "Wow, Superman!"
"I'm here to help with the Legion problem. Anything I can do?"
"Um... You'd better ask Wilek..."

A man enters the mansin and calls out "Where's the hookers?" Everone looks in his general direction, and as the theme music plays, everyone recognizes Charlie Sheen, the "Wild Thing"... (Click click)

Monday, February 15, 1999 12:39:10 AM

AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Who wiped the room early??!!!! My top ten streak has been shattered!!!! the horror...the horror... New ep. out?! Must go read. Really long post I promised later.
Traveler - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 11:53:46 PM


[Wilek strides into the room through the Automatic Portal Generator. "This post was going to be the climactic final battle where the Legion was finally destroyed. But that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Because of...*you*." Wilek finds Mr. Disconnect, picks him up, and breaks his back so he can't walk. Then he drags him through the portal, into some kind of location where there are a lot of catwalks over giant blenders. Wilek: "Care to explain why the room was down most of the day and last week's room no longer exists?" DC: "I--" Wilek: "WHO ASKED YOU ANYHOW?!" Wilek throws Mr. Disconnect into one of the blenders, then returns to the CR.]


$Doug, I hope you got the chance to read my RP last night before that idiot Mr. Disconnect bombed the CR; it was rather important. Synopsis: I ordered Agent Rho on the Dark Star to cloak the station and take it on a random path through hyperspace so Zale's lackeys couldn't find or infiltrate it.$

Ravyn> Um, what's your e-mail address? I need to speak with you about something, but I no longer have your address. You can mail it to me if you like; I think you have my address. Thanks. ^_^

Heather> A younger Madonna? Ack, there's no way you could look *that* awful. I'll bet you look quite nice. :)

Wavelength> WELCOME BACK! We were getting worried! Where were you?

Sylvia> Welcome! I welcomed you last night but it got wiped. :(


Robby> I'm glad you mentioned today's Batman Beyond. I agree with you: IT ROCKED! I loved the whole head-in-a-jar thing Fries had going, and somehow he made me think of a reformed Demona...and for some bizarre reason, the final battle in that ep made me think of the Mega Man games. Hm. I want to know something: Whatever happened to Lady Fries (as I shall forever think of her after 'Batman And Robin')? Is Nora dead, or is she still in a fridge somewhere? One thing that I'll kind of miss about Batman Beyond: no Clock King, no Mad Hatter, and no Scarecrow. They were the best villains of the old show. Ah well, nothing to really complain about with the new one. (Except the new bat suit should have a cape, but that's just my personal taste; I'm a cape nut. :P )


SOROW> There used to be a bug in the CRs where a plus sign would turn into a space, and a percent would cut off the post. It's fixed now.

Y'all want to know what a twisted sense of humor I have? One day last week (I think), it was almost 80 degrees. I mean t-shirt and shorts weather, the absolute opposite of February. The next day, there was a fine layer of snow on the ground. I almost laughed my tail off.


Madoc has found New Olympus? Uh oh...Hm, Grimalkin? Didn't he used to belong to the Weird Sisters? I remember them specifically mentioning his name. Of course, that was in Shakespeare's dreadful play, so who knows. Since I've seen Hocus Pocus one too many times, I can't help imagining him sounding exactly like the talking cat from that movie. Oh well, not that that's a bad thing. Hm...the Unseelie are recruiting Proteus? Uh oh...<<Perhaps I should...*harass* him. ~Goliath>> That's going on Dumlao X's illustrated quote page, I hope. Ummm...weren't there a couple of gargoyles in Timedancer: "Requiem" named Phobos and Deimos...? alliance between Elisa and Dracon? Strange bedfellows indeed...


[The blender dumps the now liquefied Mr. Disconnect onto the floor of whatever this place is. Wilek returns to the blender room, takes an elevator down to the floor, stands beside the gooey mess, and waits for it to reform into the evil hacker (or whatever he does for a living to cause us so much grief). When it does..."Killing you once just isn't enough, you psycho. This time, you went WAY over the line." Wilek whips out some kind of grenade--where he was keeping it is anyone's guess--and shoves it down MDC's throat. He then produces more grenades and packs MDC's digestive tract full of the explosives, from both ends (please don't make me get specific). The resulting explosion is too nauseatingly gory to discuss here.]


Wilek Nereus
Sunday, February 14, 1999 11:40:23 PM

In the worst of times, allies can be found in the oddest places.

Strange Bedfellows

the new Gargoyles/Pendragon episode

Written by: JEB and Batya "The Toon" Levin with contributions by: Kathy Pogge

Story concept by: Rahsaan Footman and Batya "The Toon" Levin

Illustrations by: Amber


DumlaoX - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 11:05:34 PM

We have a WINNER in our T-Shirt Contest!!

The winning entry was submitted by Karine Charlebois aka Kanthara! Click here to see her design!!

We'll post information about T-shirt orders as soon as we have it available but until then, <CLICK!> here to see all the wonderful T-shirt designs we had to choose from and how difficult that choice was!

Thanks again to the talented artists who submitted designs to our T-shirt Contest -- Noel Leas, Kanthara, Shauntell Holm, Aimee Major, Siryn, Kythera, and Ylla!!!

If you think the T-shirt designs were something, just wait until you see what we have in store for the Poster Contest!! If you haven't submitted a poster design yet, the deadline is March 31, 1999!!!

Sunday, February 14, 1999 11:00:14 PM

I never realised how much I come here , I found myself checking if the page had come back up every hour . hmm , maybe I should ease up on the amount of visits and just make longer ones . DC's just lucky I ca'nt kill him yet without disrupting the plans I've layed to date . But soon , very soon . . .

Robby : You were right , today's Beast Wars was excellent , finally a smart , powerful and overall awesome villain , I just loved it when he sidestepped that tree . And the character development with Black Arachnia and Silverbolt (corny name , fits his character to a T though) was great . I loved the video game scenes too . Did you notice that they're making the new Transmetals more believable , with Cheetor and Dinobot's weapon placement , coupled with the fact that Dinobot's tail does'nt just disappear when he transforms too . By the way , (slides hand into pocket and pulls it out , then he directs a flower on his lapel towards Robby ) where do you get your Beast Wars info . You know all there plans for the future and the like .

Batman Beyond : I have one thing to say about this , after they killed Freize like that , THEY BETTER NOT BRING HIM BACK , it would undo everything , the drama the emotional trauma .
Why ca'nt they keep him in one specific role , first he's a good guy caught in a bad situation , then he's just doing it all for the sake of his wife , then it's out of plain bitterness that he is involved in a plan to destroy Gotham , now he's a good guy that goes bad when they try to kill him , in turn making him willing to kill hundreds of innocents . It's just too much , personnaly , my favourite was when he was basically a decent guy , that's my favourite type of villain . Someone who does whatever it takes to , including evil , to accomplish there goals , which are ulltimately good or justified . Basically I just like the guy , his new weopanry and outfit was cool too . Along with Powers' first display of his ability .
------END SPOILER---

I'll give a real post tomorrow .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:59:33 PM

This was one grab-you-by-the-privates-and-twist-'em episode! It's the End of the World, folks. And who's side are the Faceless Rebels on, anyway?? Hell, they killed the Consortium/Syndicate/whatever they call themselves!
All I can say is, I'm still as confused as ever, but when X-Files really does end, anything short of Armageddon (or the total destruction of the colonists) would be a rip off. (Just think about ballsy would it be, if for when 'Files ends, the 'bad guys', i.e. the aliens, won? I was thinkin' that the whole episode...sure, some people would hate it. But it'd be unbelievably cool.)

Room Crash: If I wasn't so tired from Valentine's activities, I'd kill DC but good. You're on the hit list, Dis!

Batman Beyond: One word: FREEZE!!!!!!!!!!!
This was one great episode. It was good to see Freeze again, even if his whole purpose was to be bumped off. He's fast becoming my favorite Bats villain, cause he's the perfect tragic soul.

Bad Guys: I would call the specific type you're talking about a Zealot, or a Political Zealot. They think that what they're doing is right. Folks like Demona, Castaway, comic characters such as Magneto and Red Skull, they all think that they're perfectly right, and that it's the "good guys" that are wrong. What makes them so evil is that they impose their beliefs on others (Demona trys to make other Gargoyles hate humans, Magneto tries to make mutants rise up and overthrow the humans......hmm, I wonder if Magneto could have been some inspiration for the character of Demona? Anyone know if Greg's a Marvel fan?)

Carebears: WHO MENTIONED THEM???? WHO DID IT??? When I am King and have successfully established my New World Order, I, the mighty Mr. Bigglesworth, will eliminate all such creatures from the face of this planet. DEATH TO OUR CAREBEAR OPPRESSORS! THEY AND THEIR BOURGUIOSE FOLLOWERS WILL FALL TO THE COMMON MAN!!!
I'm sorry, I've eaten too much Valentine chocolate again...

And on my name to learn all about the dangers of my breakfast of choice, Poptarts.....

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:29:07 PM


Alas poor Syndicate. We knew them not at all. All in all, it was a great two-parter. Almost makes up for the lousy season. Almost. I was shocked by the ending to it. Cigarette Smoking Man is a real bastard, just liked Cassandra said. But I'm glad he survived. Funny, I was starting to really like Agent Spender, and then he was killed by his father. "How sharper than a serpent's tooth."

BTW, did anyone else besides me think of Madoc and Emrys in the scene where Cigarette Smoking Man killed Spender?

*****End X-Files Spoilers*****

Not much else to say except 95 minutes till the new TGS episode.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:18:37 PM

OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, some odd things are afoot at the CR. Before I begin to draw blood, someone please explain the deal with the percent and the plus before I get cut off...then I can say I'm back.
Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:17:02 PM

Fun X-Files episode. Explained a lot, but still doesn't explain how the very first episode ties in... Ah well, they still have the rest of this season and 7 as well...

Batman Beyond was VERY good today. Freeze was portrayed very well, and the story was just plain good. This series finally gets my official thumbs up.

Beast Wars was a fun new one as well...

Hmm, in an attempt to get the room rolling again after the large wipe... Favorite Batman: TAS series episodes or moments anyone? Here it goes to Mad Love, the episode where Robin leaves Batman and slugs him, the christmas episodes, and my favorite of all, Tyger Tiger.

"You SHOT me!" -Silverbolt to Black Arachnia

Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:08:33 PM

I noticed the room was down for a rather long time and last week's room is lost to the tides of cyberspace.
Someone gon' DIE for this.
Guess who.
DC, your sorry tail is MINE.
Real post later.

Sunday, February 14, 1999 08:53:14 PM

Naturally, the first time I attach a song and its important, and it doe't work... Try this one instead.
Sunday, February 14, 1999 08:30:50 PM

Well, I had a nice, lovely Valentine's post done last night, but thats gone now, so I'll just reinclude the song I had in here last night. This one is for all the lovebirds in the room, and all the potential romances out there too. Good luck to ya all, and have a wonderful evening.

"All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles.

Oh, and don't forget, X-Files in half an hour.

Sunday, February 14, 1999 08:25:46 PM

I think the other problem invlolved plus signs... Don't mind the test folks... Um + + + + +

+ + + + + +
+++There should be plus signs there...

Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:47:11 PM

Wasn't there another problem besides the % sign?

Heather was first and it counts. :PPPPP


Theresa - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:43:56 PM

Gore fixed the percent sign problem in the other room, lets see if it applies here...


Did it work? Cool if it did...

Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:40:14 PM

Johnson=Jenson. Sorry about typo. I am in top ten though.hehe
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:38:14 PM

I have daydreams about the weird sisters Todd Johnson. Okay for Robby I am telling you all I read The Sun and the Serpent part 2.
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:37:14 PM

Top ten... Though I don't think this really counts since the room has been down all day...
Robby - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:33:36 PM

Sorry, just noticed that I put down only half of the e-mail address.

Sylvia - []
Colo Spr, CO, USA
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:19:27 PM

Hullooo! Oh good, I was beggining to worry that something was very wrong with either my computer or my internet provider. For those who did not see my post here yesterday, "Hi, I'm new here so... blah blah blah." I'm glad that the comment room is back, does that mean that they won't clear it tomorrow, or will they clear it anyway? Oh well, I don't feel like thinking about complicated stuff today, I think I left my brain on hold. Okay, Hello to everyone I didn't meet yesterday and thankyou to all of the warm welcomes I got yesterday.

Sylvia - [Sylsy]
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:16:46 PM

I second the motion. It's good to be back!
Got one for you, Todd. I watched the Inque episode right after I'd finished reading Ryan Stout's fanfics, and all I could think of was that she and Minerva would make a great crossover between the Nameless Universe and Batman Beyond. Something like Inque learning how to spy from the master, set way before Batman Beyond. I'm no gargies fanfic author, but it's something to think about. :)

Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:16:01 PM

According to what I've learned, the comment rooms (both of them) temporarily went down because of hard drive problems. Let's hope that this never happens again.


I had an odd dream on Friday night. Garlon was in the futuristic Gotham City of "Batman Beyond", working for Derek Powers as a spy and assassin. (Well, after Inque's capture, I imagine that Powers would need a new person to fill that role).

I wonder if anybody else in here has had odd TGS-related dreams.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, February 14, 1999 07:05:41 PM

THIRD!!! Whoo-hoo!
It's good to be back.

Tim Phipps
Sunday, February 14, 1999 06:55:41 PM

**scratches head and wonders why he's anywhere from THIRD to SEVENTH.**

Oh well, c'est la vie, and Happy Valentine's Day!

**leaves, more to come later.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, February 14, 1999 06:53:52 PM

Of the net for 8 weeks, trying desperately to catch up on TGS, and now I'm THIRD! It's my lucky day! WHOO-HOO! *dances around* Gotta tell Seri!
Sunday, February 14, 1999 06:52:41 PM

Second?? What happened??


Theresa - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 06:38:09 PM

Hello !
Guess what happened to me ? I got my hair highlighted....blonde. My mom said that I look like a younger version of Madonna.
** shudders **

Heather - []
Sunday, February 14, 1999 06:36:29 PM