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Okay people's, I'm stepping in right now. Stop yelling at Peter, he already appologized. Yes, he was wrong to say it, but he DID appologize. Leave him be, he's suffered enough. In any event, I'm going to attempt to wipe the room at midnight as usual, your message will be gone then Peter. Until then, you have to live with it.

Now, back to buisness as usual, please?

Robby to CR Co- Administrator
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:32:46 PM

P-Fay, you did not apologize. Just thought I should point that out... Grow up and try doing commissions yourself, or even try your name-your-own-price technique. That way you'll have a better idea of what it's like.
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:01:46 PM

Peter-- You may have said to the other artists "sorry if I insulted you, I just meant aimee since she was rude to me in that email" That's basically what you said. So you KINDOF appologized to the other artists, but in the process you further insulted me. So I think you should rethink your self-rightiousness, becuase you are the one being insensitive.
Aimee - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:01:19 PM

*temporarily steps out of the closet only to see all the flaming going on*


Well, that's made everything clear

point 1> I'm giving up art.
point 2> I'm not even going to spend time at the Gathering, just maybe lock myself in my hotel room away from all the people whom I, just now, made myself COMPLETELY UNPOPULAR WITH.
point 3> I'm DEFINITELY not going to any more Gatherings.
point 4> I'm getting rid of ALL the S8 comment rooms I have stowed away somewhere.
point 5> Finally, all Gathering videos are now indefinitely unavailable because I have no packaging for it.

I hope you guys are happy on how you all made me feel after I TRIED TO APOLOGIZE! THANKS FOR NOTHING! I hope Gargoyles NEVER makes it back on the air, all the garg websites go down & you loosers break away from each other!

*pulls the lever, but instead of flooding the room with chocolate pudding, like he usually does, floods the room with highly radioactive toxic waste, instantly KILLING everyone in the room except for P-Fay; he takes a knife & shoots himself*

P-Fay - [SPAM YOU ALL! :P]
Sunday, April 11, 1999 04:51:49 PM

P-Fay>Oooooooohhhh....Never insult an artist of ANY kind! Especially a good one!
Mary Flanders
Sunday, April 11, 1999 04:24:23 PM

P-Fay > A little bit of advice. All the :: groveling :: and funny little wisecracks in the world wouldn't go as far right now for you as a simple, sincere apology to the many people you've offended.

I'd say more, but others who came before me said everything that needs to be said, and done so much better than I could.

Patrick Toman - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 04:04:08 PM

OK PFay this time you've really done it to yourself.
How dare you talk about all those artists behind their back in a public forum!! "stuckup"? "out to make a buck"???
I do VERY few commissions. In fact I only really do them for a few people when I have time, most of my images are just presents for people becuase I enjoyed their work (bet you didnt know that did you asshole?). ON top of that, it is MY business what I charge for my work. I'm a trained artist and animator, in about a year or two, I probably wont do ANY commissions at all becuase I'll be too busy working fulltime at animation. Right now I'm working at school. I have to finish a short film every year, backgrounds, special effects, character designs, rough AND cleanup. That's all me, I have to do all of it. It's only a few thousand drawings at least. HRM, well lets see that kinda makes me a little busy. I don't have time to hardly even finish my film. I get way too much email from people daily asking me questions about calarts, or animation or how to draw better. I currently probably have about 200 to 300 unanswered emails that are VERY similar to the one you sent me. BUT yours got answered. And you call me RUDE for answering your email? I dont have time to kiss your ass when I'm replying to my emails. I have time to answer your question, and answer a few other people's questions and then I have to get back to work on my film. I havent even had time to finish some commissions for friends of mine becuase of my scedule. Stephanie (RW) is equally as busy and you can be sure that she's going to here about this.You said it. and YOU said it about all of us, and all of us deserve to know what you really think about us "stuckup" miserly artists.

When I charge for character commissions on the internet, I charge about $20. That includes all the development sketches I do, the final inking and a full color. The amount of time that takes to complete makes it so that the $20 doesnt even cover minimum wage often times. In fact usually the only reason that I charge people is so that I can have enough money to afford my col-erase pencils and so that I dont have to do every single commission that comes into my mail box. I have a big pile of people who I'm sure would be like "YOU HAVE TO DRAW ME BECUASE YOU DREW HER" if I did it for free, I know that from experience, so screw you Peter. Thank you for singling me out from ALL the artists and making me look like an asshole, when you have NO idea what goes on in my life. Thank you for saying everyone else "does good stuff" but I dont huh? gee thanx. Gee, I wonder why Ylla doesnt like you. hrm... maybe its becuase she's smarter than the rest of us who were trying to be nice and polite to you, but got it shoved in our faces?

Art is not easy. Its only free if the artist is feeling very generous. It takes time, thought and creativity... something not everyone has. Like Christy said, Art is our career. I dont work at McDonalds, I'm not a secretary, I dont work at a bank, I DRAW. If you want my services or any other artists' services, you can pay them for their time and their generousity for a original peice of art, a peice of their creativity. YOU can reimburse them for their hard work, and you can show respect for their talent by paying them at least remotely close to a respectable hourly wage. I find it utterly repulsive that most internet people have no concept of the fact that they are often ripping artists off, since people at mcdonalds can sometimes make more than an artist on a commission... and then they have the GALL to harrass the artist, make fun of them or BASH them like you in a public comment room.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Aimee "Angela" Major - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 04:02:27 PM

Huh, this place is still up? Anyway, one last quick post:

Stephen> A late Happy Birthday to you! And 30 is not old! :-)

Tomorrow I'll be 19...

Blue Caeru
Sunday, April 11, 1999 03:51:38 PM


Why I'm asking that my comments don't leave this room is because I need a favor from Raptor Woman so she can let me use her artwork for the cover of my Gathering 98 video. I'm afraid, with these comments I made, she'll label me a "lamer" and blow me away like the wind.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lock myself in the closet for the rest of my life. :P

Sunday, April 11, 1999 03:22:20 PM


I hope you realize the can of worms that one careless statement has opened.

There aren't many people who I can truly say I like, much less trust enough to work with. So it really does say a lot when three of the GWT/G99 con staff members are Christi Smith Hayden, Lauren "Siryn" Broadbent, and Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson (Jen also being my vice-con chair).

I have _never_ found any of them to be "stuck up" or out to just "make-a-buck". In fact, I had to make both Siryn and Demmie take money from me for artwork that I have commissioned from them.

Combine this with the amount of _free_ artwork they have done for TGS _and_ Garg fandom in general. If they want to charge you for art, that is their right. And as Christi so eloquently said, for a lot of them it is either their profession or will soon be.

I personally find your statement to be over-generalizing and insulting. I do hope you do rescind it.

Thomas Revor - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 03:19:58 PM

I can explain.

One time, I sent an email to Aimee Major to inquire about Calarts. The response I got back was rather unprofessional & rude, and that impression was on my mind when I made that comment.

As for Ylla... well... she just don't like me.


WHAT THIS MEANS is that my comments don't apply to ALL the artists in the group. Kanthara, she does good stuff. Siryn, she does good stuff. Spike, she does VERY good stuff! I apologize if I hurt anyone else's feelings. All I can ask is that this "off-comment" does not leave this room, meaning if any of the admins could wipe it, I would appreciate it.


Thank goodness Dallas is the last Gathering I'm ever attending. :(P
Sunday, April 11, 1999 03:11:32 PM

My dear Mr. Fay......

You do realize that with that one ill-turned phrase, you've successfully managed to insult and offend the majority of artists in fandom, not just those of us that you've mentioned by name. We are NOT 'stuck up and out to make a buck.' We are professional artists, animators and art students whose time and talents are worth paying for. Our fees cover our supplies, our time and our creativity, which is a rare and priceless commodity. Most of our clients appreciate the professionism in which we approach our commissions and are willing to pay us what we are worth for the enjoyment a personalized work of art can bring.

Art for us is not only a passion, it is our life's work, a career that we are fortunate in having because we are doing something that we love to do. To have our passion for art referred to is such a thoughtless manner is inexcuseable.

Sunday, April 11, 1999 02:52:51 PM

Wilek> Can't say that I have.

Wow, that was short!

Sunday, April 11, 1999 01:17:04 PM

Perhaps I should include a link to where you can get ICQ. I'm so worked up about the high-praise of my art, I didn't think to put up a URL for ICQ, either in the URL link or just typing it out. <:)
P-Fay - [<-- to get ICQ]
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:47:35 AM

Wilek & Pistoff> *gets a big-eyed, beaming, "You like me! You really like me!" look* I had thought about doing commisions as a way to make a little cash, like the professionals (Christi-Smith Hayden, Aimee Major, Kanghara, Siryn, Ylla), but I wouldn't be all stuck-up and "make-a-buck" like that. I'd probably have like a "name your own price" deal. Of course, I'd probably get $0.00 as my offer. :)

Pis, if I can manage to pull myself away from my MAME arcade emulator long enough, I'd be happy to take a stab at providng illustrations for your fanfic characters. Just em me a description of them as best you can. In fact, send me a description of yourself as a character. I might have room for you and Wilek in my play. ;)

As an added suggestion, you might want to get ICQ. It's better than attaching a file to an email. I tried sending Coyote a 454K file atttachment of 5 pics, but he was unable to pick it up (his email client is MS Internet Mail :P).

You guys are the best. This room is the best. I think I'm definitely going to like it here. :)

P-Fay - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:44:21 AM

Starsinger> The link I have for the Can Clan chat room is
(or click on my Name). If you go there, there is a very dark purple link (barely visible) for their comment room under the blue link for 'Add a Post'. Not much is happening over there though. Only a couple of people posted. But keep the link since it isn't possible to get there from the homepage (It's 'invitation only').

Jen - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 10:26:06 AM

Patrick: Oh, no- not there! I tried getting THE LONGEST DAY PART TWO from there and I don't think I ever got it to load. Argh...
Sunday, April 11, 1999 10:13:50 AM

Well everyone must be having fun in the Can-clan comment room. I've tried accessing from the link and from the clan's home page and was denied access. Oh, well, I still have my knitting.


Theresa - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 07:35:00 AM

Jaden and all other fellow starship fans> Remember when we lamented the lack of much in the way of starship reference material? Click my name to go to Pedro's Ship-O-Rama. Moronic name, I know, but that's the only thing I can find wrong with this place. This guy's a bigger tech psycho than I am! (Which, coming from me, is a complement. <g>) They have *everything* (from Star Trek anyhow)--the Prometheus, the Galaxy-II...even the Dauntless. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find pics of the Dauntless? There aren't any. Period. Except here. This place just about doubled my Star Trek gallery. Go here and worship.
Sunday, April 11, 1999 04:14:30 AM

Woah, this place is still up? Huh...

Wilek- No need. I already have a location in mind for Jim's USA vote win party celebration thingie...

As far as Disney using the TGS stories? It'll never happen, for legal reasons among others, and Greg's personal vision.. Ah well, I'm off, not much to say tonight...

Sunday, April 11, 1999 03:07:18 AM

P-Fay: Oh, boy, I know what you mean about the rejection stuff. Ten years ago I would spend months working on a story until I felt that it was perfect. I sent it off with high hopes ... and it came back with a form letter saying "it isn't right for our magazine." Later, when I was taking a creative writing course in the local community college, I turned in several stories that the entire class loved. One of these stories was so well received that half the class asked me to autograph their copies of it (one guy said he might need something to hawk someday ...)--and a number of these were publisher authors. So I sent the stories off--and they were immediately rejected.

One of these, I should mention, was the novella that my novel, "Where the Sun Doesn't Shine," was based on--which, 3 years after I wrote it, now has a *single* publisher interested.

I submitted a proposal to Dark Horse several years ago, and the editor rejected it. He said he "didn't understand" what I was trying to do, even though I'd spelled everything out in minute detail. And not only did they reject my proposal, but soon after they announced plans to produce a "Buffy" series. Ooohhhh, I was pissed! I know there are a lot of Buffy fans here, but IMO Buffy is one of the most asinine concepts in history. The very idea that my stuff was rejected while Buffy was accepted made me want to drive to Milwaukie, OR, and beat some ass.

So I reworked the plot of the first eight issues into my novel--and named one of the main villains after the DH editor. (In fact, over the years I've developed a habit of naming villains after editors who reject my work ... and then I punish them.) I change the names just enough to keep from being sued, but if these people ever read my stuff, they'll crap peach pits.

So I definitely feel your pain. I guess having all those editors and publishers beating on me for ten years gave me enough mental calluses to keep me from getting ego bruises. Of course, it's also one of the things that turned me into such an asshole--believe it or not, I used to be a nice guy ... Anyway, one thing writers have to get used to is rejection. But hey, I've got a lot of fans here, which means that if a guy as mean as I am can be successful, why can't you?

I just looked at your web page, and hoo-ah! You've definitely got talent, both in writing and in drawing. I think somebody else mentioned it, but ... do you do commissions? Denis and I are looking for artists to do pics for our still-under-construction website. I wouldn't ask for Disney characters, since you seem to be nervous about that. It'd be a kick to see portraits of my original characters, like Jack Hammer and Otto Fellatio ....

Anyway, between the writing and the artwork, you're bound to catch a break sooner or later. I hope it's sooner. :)

Sylvia & SJ: Glad you liked the motel slogans. And you're right, it's sad but true. At least half the deliveries I make to motels start with me interrupting a couple in the act.

And thanks for wishing me luck with the novel. I'll need all the luck I can lay my hands on. :)

In fact, my thanks to all who have wished me luck and provided encouragement. It means a lot to me. Thanks.


Pistoff - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 02:33:57 AM


Robby> Maybe I can talk a friend of mine into hosting Jim's upcoming victory party at his mansion. (But it couldn't get blown up; Anoth would fry him to a crisp...)

SJ> I'm glad your sister's condition is improving! <<Nothing like the feel of flying your own X-Wing, taking out the Imperial scum!>> Ehehe...I always preferred TIE Fighter. :)

Jaden> <<You know if I found a book or a website that gave every piece of information about all the Star Wars and Star Trek ships I would be in Heaven. Why don't they make one? A lot of people would pay good money for them.>> Including me; I'd especially pay for a CD-ROM with lots of image files and such. The closest I've come for Star Wars is the Essential Guide books I referred SJ to, and for Star Trek, the best I've found is the Star Trek Encyclopedia (both book and CD-ROM) and Technical Manuals (for both TNG and DS9). I think has links to tech sites, but I'm not sure just how many. By the way...I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can snag me a really good pic of the Prometheus experimental assault ship from Voyager or the three-engined future Enterprise from the series finale of TNG...

Jackal> Hey, welcome back! :D We look forward to enjoying your special brand of psychopathia again! :P (As long as it doesn't involve dead animals...)

Stephen Sobotka> Happy Birthday! :D <wheels in a ridiculously large cake>

P-Fay> <<Say, wasn't this comment room going down this weekend, or does thhat only apply to S8?>> Um, I think everything under the s8 domain name is going down--both CRs and itself--as well as, if I'm not mistaken. Oh, by the way, I saw your artwork. WOW. Do you take commissions? <<It's my own self-doubting that's kept me from sending stuff>> You sound exactly like I did when I first started writing fanfic. Now look where I am. ;)

Sylvia> The cheapest room you have has a full kitchen and two double beds? Sounds rather nice. :)

SOROW> <<I guess I always pictured him as tall with a white beard>> Never seen Sliders, have you. :) He also played Leonardo DaVinci on Star Trek Voyager, if I'm not mistaken...

Wilek Nereus
Sunday, April 11, 1999 12:50:20 AM

*downs the beverage given to him by Kyryn* Ah, just the way I like it. :)

Sevarius Jr.> While I was on vacation in DisneyWorld, I got my hands on some literature on what to submit to Disney Studios. For Marvel & DC, I actually strolled into their offices, being within close proximity to the offices & knowing their addresses helps, and just asked for them. As for Dark Horse, I got their info off of their website which I've linked here. I don't know if they changed it since it's been a while since I last bought Dark Horse Comics (why the Adventures of the Mask series lasted only 12 issues, I'll never know). I'm going to test it myself.

You know, I could get to like it here, but I'm sure going to miss out on the other comment room. I wonder if they knew what happened to me...
Peter S. Fay - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 12:08:42 AM

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!

Birthday wishes were answered in part, when I got my plane tickets for the trip to Dallas (Yippee!) and a cordless beard trimmer, and a pair of shirts to wear on the trip down.

No RP tonight. But will make up for it tomorrow.


***** SHAMELESS PLUG *****

My latest revised story in "The DeGuy Saga" is now up on the archives at Garg-Fans...

Be sure to check out "Alliance Of Hearts"!


Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Saturday, April 10, 1999 11:42:23 PM

**Kyryn peers in. She hands P-Fay his choice of beverage in a large glass.**

Well, since things still seem to be up, here I am.

Sobotka> Congrats! Y'know, somehow I thought that you were slightly older than me. Ah well, enjoy Outback! I love their walkabout soup.

Gaah! My brain's frying. More posting later when I'm awake.

Later All!

**Kyryn disappears**

Denton, TX
Saturday, April 10, 1999 11:41:00 PM

Stephen> Happy Birthday! I hope you're granted all the wishes you have :)

I don't know if everyone else knew this, but I just found out that John Rhys-Davies(MacBeth) is that fat guy in all of the Indiana Jones movies. I must admit that's really funny for some reason. I guess I always pictured him as tall with a white beard :) I think I'll go watch it right now...

Saturday, April 10, 1999 11:06:50 PM

No RP tonight. This post won't be very long.

Pretty good episode today, with a nice little theme about drug abuse. It was good to see the return of the Venom steroid, and Bane, although he's just a shade of his former self (besides maybe Killer Croc, Bane was always the most physically imposing of Bats' rogue's gallery, IMHO). It was a nice touch throwing in the suspicion on Terry's Mom's part that he was a user. This was a nice little episode, a nice change from the usual meet supervillain/fight supervillain/beat supervillain story. AND it focuses more on Terry, which it should do in the first place.

Celano: Oh, you know I was kidding! ;) I only said that cause you and P-Fay seem to have some issues ;-p

Pistoff: Those motel slogans are priceless! Sad thing is, I've stayed in quite a few where they definitely apply. Like this one in Jacksonville, Florida. The walls had more stains than paint. Plus I, "invited" to a "special party" by, let's call them "ladies of the evening".....within five minutes of checking in. I was flattered, of course. ;)
BTW, I hope your book gets published. That way I can say I know two "published authors", you and Christine!

Jackal: He's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!! Ah, I can never get enough Jackal! Don't forget to write from Spring Break!

P-Fay: Hey, where can I find the submission guidelines for Marvel/Dc/etc. ? Not as if I'd ever get anything accepted by them, but I'd just like to know what it takes to get in.

Stephen: 30? THIRTY??? My, that's a lot of birthday lumps. Here goes!
**SJ pulls out a nice fluffy down pillow--he wants to go easy on Coldstone's brittle bones--and hits him [lightly] thirty times with it**
Happy Birthday, old man! ;)

Sorry, that was cruel. Seriously, happy birthday buddy!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 10:29:12 PM

Hello PPLS! I'm back (again), Gee, I didn't think I would be gone for so long. Oh well.
****Gargoyles and TD comments****
Great job, I loved both stories and can't wait for next week's eps. You're doing a great job!
End comments***


Welcome to all new-comers

Dumb Costumers- Gee, which story should I pick? Soo many to choose from. Okay, my family is in the motel business and I am in charge of the office- here goes one of the first of my expieriences. This couple walks into the office of the motel and say that they have a reservation, So we take care of everything and they go up to the room. Once they see the room, they hurry back down and say that is not the room they wanted- they wanted the cheapest room we could offer and this room has a full kitchen and two double beds, it is also the oldest room we have and is seperated from the rest of the motel. They argue with me that the room is an apartment and they want thier money back- or they want the CHEAPEST room, I keep trying to explain that this room is the cheapest and then, finally, I ask them if they want the next cheapest- for only $20 more. Needless to say, they left and probably had to spend alot more on a room than the reservation was for.

Pistoff> Those Motel 6 slogans were awesome, hee hee, I laughed my head off.

Well, that's it for now, I think, I don't know when I'll be back, so , bye for now,

Saturday, April 10, 1999 09:46:31 PM

Pistoff> Thanks for supporting my creative talents. The art's still my strong point, as a click on my name will clearly show, and so is video. I'll be getting together with my job counselor in a couple of weeks to put together some kind of portfolio to show studios.

I should let you know that I'm a very sensitive person who can't take rejection very well. That's pretty much what held me back from showing anyone anything. It's an issue of allowing my emotions to rule rather than my intellect; a sort of 'id-ego-superego' psych thing (similar thing that makes me want to kill 'the tyrant'). I've read the submission guidelines for Disney, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics even several times, and each time I read it, it always looked bleak to me. I actually submitted something to Dark Horse, based on a sample script that they sent me, and they turned it down. I decided to send some original stuff, and I haven't heard from them since, and this was at least 2 years ago. It's my own self-doubting that's kept me from sending stuff, but I'm working on that with my job coach.

As for the "girlfriend" story, it's pretty much going to be the same thing as the "psychotic rant", like a lyric poem. All that "kill my boss after he's fired me only to be shot down by pursuing cops and become a ghost running from the spirit of death" was just stuff I was feeling, which is basically what lyric poetry is all about, according to "Hercules & the Techno Greeks."

My girlfriend is writing the story part, but that's personal info to me. I wish she was here tonight. :\
P-Fay - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 08:38:10 PM

Note to all our loyal fans:

The next episode _will_ be released on time tomorrow night. Even if the wyvernweb sites happen to be down, the story will still be available on the text version of our site at

Click my name below and bookmark our other site now if you don't already have the URL.

Patrick Toman
Saturday, April 10, 1999 08:14:53 PM

I seriously doubt that Disney would be doing anything with TGS or adopting its stories if it got "Gargoyles" back on the air. Greg Weisman makes it a point never to read Gargoyles fanfic, so that he won't risk getting sued by a fan who claims that Disney stole a Gargoyles idea from him. (Not to mention that he doesn't really want to read it anyway, since he feels that it's as if somebody else was playing with his toys).
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, April 10, 1999 07:30:54 PM

Robby> Thank you for responding on my comment about Demona and Macbeth having children.

Stephen> Happy 30 Birthday

Yes Gargoyles won!! Hopefully Disney knows about this and they will bring the show back on the air. If they ever do they should make alot of the TGS episodes because the staff do use alot of Greg Weisman's master plan and the storys are realy great.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A
Saturday, April 10, 1999 04:06:28 PM

Happy Birthday, Stephen!!! ::Hands round cake and balloons::
Saturday, April 10, 1999 03:27:31 PM

Well, it is offical...

As of 10:22am, CST, on this day - April 10th, 1999 - this garg-fan has become 30 years old today. Sad thing is, I don't get to open presents until tomorrow, when my wife has a free day so we can go out to celebrate... but, the nice thing is, we're going to the Outback Steakhouse to make up for it!

Will have more to say later... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Saturday, April 10, 1999 01:56:01 PM

*jogs in wearing her running outfit and a racer's number 137*

Hey all! I just got back from a 5K run. I did very well in my opinion. I got about 35 mintues which was better then last year (38 minutes) but not as good as my first year (28 mintues). It was fun, but I was getting pretty damn tired of hearing the same damn jock song over and over since it's the only one I have that will keep my adrenilin(sp?) going.

YAY!!! Gargoyles won!!!!!!!!! *does some backflips* (ahem) now that I have that out of my system, I think I'll go take a shower and then work on my writing. Later!

*jogs out*

Mary Flanders
Saturday, April 10, 1999 01:42:59 PM

Wow the room's still up??

P-Fay: Glad to hear the play's salvagable. And the story about you meeting your girlfriend sounds promising, too. Feel free to email it whenever you're done. My anti-social email doesn't handle file attachments, so send it to my service provider's email (yes, I finally got the damn thing working :),

And whatever you decide to do for the future, I wish you the best of luck. If you still have a desire to write, go for it. One thing I've learned from ten years of editors and publishers kicking me in the ass is NEVER GIVE UP. It took this long, but a publisher is finally showing some interest. The way my luck runs, they'll probably reject it, but hey, it's a nice deviation from the routine. ;)

Again, good luck, whatever you do. You've had to put up with a lot of crap at work. You deserve a break.

Pistoff - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 12:04:45 PM

Pistoff> The play's not a total loss. I still have my characters and the general idea of where I'm going with them. My girlfriend's also giving me support. I had already given her a start of an outline that I fell off of when my heart was no longer in it. Being a writer herself, she sorta... acosted me... into going back to it.

As a turning point to my psychotic rant, which I saved, I was thinking about writing the first time I meet my girlfriend in person at Dallas and what would follow. I probably couldn't post it here being of a rather "mature" nature, but I'd be happy to share it with y'alls by email once I get it down on the electronic notepad. ;)

Speaking of Dallas, is there anyone here who attended last year's Gathering? IF so, I've got a video that was taken at Gathering 98 you might enjoy. Send email to see how you can get your own copy.

Say, wasn't this comment room going down this weekend, or does thhat only apply to S8?

For that matter, will I ever find my way back to s8?

P-Fay - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 09:41:18 AM

Just got back from Panama City yesterday night, of course I'm tired, yall know I was out there partyin like there was no 2morrow! I spent 2 and a half weeks down there, I had/have a job when I was/am there...., Aww man, it was great, I had to come home and relax. I may go back in another 3 weeks. But hey, if you're gonna be down there, come see me I'll be on Front Beach Road somewhere between the Surf High Inn and the Waffle House! I'll be the only dude with pants on, long black hair and holding a can of Miller Lite, you can catch me between the hours of 8pm until 4 am roaming the Strip..., but right now I'm taking a break from Spring Break..., I may just go ahead and decide to live down there. But I don't know, the hurricane stuff kinda scares me. Ohh, and for those interested, Everclear will be at Club La Vela April 30th! (So they say anyway). Well, just wanted to say Hey and that I'm back..., I'm going to sleep now. Bye!

JackaL - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 04:15:16 AM

P-Fay: Too bad the play didn't work out. You've got real talent. Give it a shot again, sometime. I'm counting on my novel to get me out of the pizza delivery business before a mugger kills me or something. Writing could be your answer, too, judging from the quality of your "rant." If you ever decide to take a stab at writing and want feedback or suggestions or comments or whatever, just let me know. :)

Celano: Well, when you dice a human body into tiny pieces, there's a lot of blood spilled. Unless you have some sort of high-tech contraption that exsanguinates the body first. Otherwise, you'll need sponges to clean up the mess. And a lot of Pine-Sol ... ;)

Pistoff - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 04:07:26 AM

Pistoff> Take off the anchovies and jalepenos, and that "anything" pizza sounds really tasty to me!

But what do you do with the sponges? ;)

*L* at slogans.

Fleur> I hate both versions of "The Shining" Neither is enough like the book, which is excellent.

SJ> *ruffles his hair* Now, I haven't been anything but nice to you since our little spat. ;)

Celano - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 02:26:50 AM

Thanks to everyone for the "get well" comments. I'm back, it turns out that I wasn't dying; just have a really, REALLY bad week. Today I rested and now I'm well enough to go to work...perfect.

We Won! We are the cham-pions! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! No time for lo-sers because we are the chamions! (Everyone!)
By the way did anyone read the stuff that doctor guy wrote about why Gargoyles won?

Star Wars info-You know if I found a book or a website that gave every piece of information about all the Star Wars and Star Trek ships I would be in Heaven. Why don't they make one? A lot of people would pay good money for them.

Well I got work in the morning so see ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Saturday, April 10, 1999 02:08:37 AM

Pistoff> Well, there was this play I was working on, but it got halted in the process... and then my heart wasn't into it much and I was reduced to just characters. Maybe I just need a little bit more motivation.

And if I ever get a better job, it'll be one where I don't have to answer to a tryant boss, one where I don't provide a service to customers, one that is not food service related, and one where my creative talents are readily accepted without second thought. If anyone knows of a job like this, let me know.

P-Fay - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 01:35:59 AM

Deuce & Robby> Congrats on the new position. I know you will take over the new role with great responsibility, like making sure not to drive us crazy with late posts on Monday :)

WELCOME to all the new people in here! I think there's a lot so I won't list names. I'm really cool, except when talking about school, so don't be afraid to talk with me :)

Gargs won? I really don't know if that's a good or bad thing. It's a good thing cuz maybe Disney will put Gargs back on the air or do something else with it. It's also bad because, what if they really do make new eps? This whole TGS storyline will seem like a dream plot, and then Disney may decide to write things differently. What if Brooklyn never went on his timetravels? What if Demona never put a little faith back in humanity? And not to mention that Madoc and the great cast would cease to exist! I hope nothing suprising happens, cuz I love all this and you guys too much to know anything different :)

I have to help at some fundraiser tomorrow so I'm off to sleep. OKIloveyoubyebye!

Saturday, April 10, 1999 01:17:52 AM

Fleur: Thanks! And as for my customers, well, I don't damage them physically unless they take a swing at me ... which a few have done. But mostly I just rip into them verbally. It's very cathartic. :) Fortunately, I usualy let my fanfic character, Jack Hammer, do the venting for me. And if I'm really pissed, I go into one of the CRs and whack a Power Ranger. There seemes to be an endless supply of them ...

P-Fay: Hi! Nice to see you in here! And that psychotic rant was beautifully written. As somebody else in here said, you should consider writing fanfic ... or maybe even do a "regular" story or novel and submit it to a publisher. You never know, you might sell it, and that would be your ticket outta that $h!thole. And as for killing your boss--just cut the body into pieces small enough to flush down a toilet and you should be fine. Oh, and be sure to have plenty of sponges handy ...

Robby & Deuce: Congrats on your promotion, and best of luck to you both!

JEB: Thanks to you, as well! :)

Argent: (re: customer story) Yikes! People like this should be in some kind of a home, wearing straight jackets and being fed apple sauce.

Glimmer: Ah, the Armegeddon stuff is starting, eh? One thing I'm curious about--if it's supposed to happen at midnight on New Year's Eve '99 ... will it be midnight in New York, or midnight here in Oregon? Will I be able to watch it happen three hours early on CNN? Obviously I'm not worried about it. And as for Armegeddon ... heh, the best scene in that movie was the one where Keith David calls Bruce Willis and his costars a bunch of retards. :P

Kitainia: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We'll have the next episode done as soon as possible ... but if things remain as hectic and just plain f--ked up as this past month or so has been ... We'll do our best, though. Sorry about the cliffhanger, too--it was one of those things that came up on the spur of the moment and we just went with it. Again, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback!

Wilek: (re: Light Years) I may be getting this one mixed up with another animated movie, but I think Isaac Asimov wrote it.

And now for another STUPID CUSTOMER STORY ...

Well, actually, this is more aggravating than stupid ... anyway, I had a delivery to room 207 of the Red Lion Inn. I knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again. Waited. Finally, this guy opens the door ... and he's in the process of pulling up his underwear. There's a woman in the bed, sheets pulled up to her neck, and this guy has his underpants around his knees when he turns the door knob.

What's with these people? This happens far more frequently than I'd prefer. What goes on in these motel rooms--"Gee, honey, he said it'd be half an hour. I think we got time for a quickie." Ugghhh!! If I can't participate, I sure as hell don't want to watch!

Therefore, I bring you this list of slogans that were considered but ultimately rejected. They're actually for Motel 6, but what's the difference, really? Enjoy ...

Top 16 rejected slogans for Motel 6

16. We're working on that smell thing, too.

15. Because you deserve better than the back-seat of some car.

14. As seen on "COPS"

13. If We'd Known You Were Staying All Night, We'd Have Changed the Sheets

12. Not just for nooners anymore.

11. We left off the 9, but you know it's there.

10. You rented the room, now buy the video.

9. Sure, you could stay someplace nicer, but then you wouldn't have money left over for a hooker.

8. We'll leave the Lysol for ya!

7. Hey, we're not the Ritz, but just try bringing your secretary there on *your* salary, pal!

6. We don't make the adultery. We make the adultery *better*

5. It's Hookerriffic!

4. Official Lodging of the 1998 Florida Marlins

3. Blurring the line between stains and avant garde sheet art since 1962!

2. Cheap and Easy ... Just Like Your Mother

and the Number 1 Rejected Motel 6 Slogan ...

1. We put the "Ho" in "Hotel"

Pistoff - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 12:41:59 AM

I hope I do this right.

"Deuce" just telephoned me, and he wants me to tell you all that [checks notes "Deuce" made her take] he deeply regrets not being available to you all for chat tonight, but serious personal problems have occurred, not to mention D.C. problems. E-mail him if you have questions, and he promises to be back on Mon. to wipe the C.R. and post the new episode.

Makes no sense to me, but I'm just the messenger. What the hell is D.C.? Oh, well. [clicks "Submit", muttering about her crazy friends always getting grounded]

A friend posting for "Deuce" - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 12:41:38 AM

SJ> Pardon my neglecting this earlier. :p My prayers are with your sister as well. May God bless her and those who take care of her.

*Fire then tries to walk out of the room, but manages to walk into a wall* Oww...*Walks out the dorr this time*

Sickness, Xanth
Saturday, April 10, 1999 12:10:52 AM

Anton Sevarius wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand, and stared at his handywork. The Phalanx had been keeping him working on the virus designed to assimilate all life on Earth round the clock, giving him precious few breaks. A Phalanx drone approached him. <<Is it ready?>> it asked.
"If you mean ready for testing, yes. I'm not sure whether it will work or not. I haven't had time to significantly study your genetic structure."
<<Test the virus NOW.>> the drone ordered.
Slowly, Sevarius injected two test subjects, an Egyptian man and woman who had been kidnapped from a nearby village, with the newly formed virus. Almost instantly, the two began to assimilate, their bodies changing into the motley black and yellow of the Phalanx. But almost as quickly as the transformation began, it ended, with the test subjects....dissolving into a pile of brackish goo.
<<Virus ineffective,>> the drone said casually. <<Result is the extermination of available test subjects.>> It turned back to Anton. <<Resume your work, Doctor.>>
Sevarius quietly went back to work. But not before he made a mental note to himself to see how that strain of the virus worked on a Phalanx subject. He was going to stop these Phalanx bastards, that much was certain.....
****PAUSE RP*****

First off, I'd like to thank everyone (and I do mean everyone) for the OVERWHELMING support you guys have given me and my sister during this tough time. I talked to her today, and she's doing better. Without getting in too deep about the specifics of her illness, the next few days will continue to be tough on her, but hopelfully after that she'll be okay. Thank you all for your prayers and/or support, they mean more than you can imagine. :)

Brooklyn not telling the future: Arrrrgh!! It's starting to drive me crazy! You just know he has tons of secrets rollin' around in that noggin' of his....and we don't get to hear any of them! Well, not yet at least. ;)

Fleur: Hey, you like Rammstein? I think they're pretty great myself. I can't understand a word they're saying, but it's definitely some good party music. A lot better than most of that techno-disco junk out there today.

Aaron: I believe the movie soundtrack you're referring to is for "Lost Highway", not Strange Highway. Lost Highway is a David Lynch film, and as such is extraordinarily dark, confusing, and just plain creepy. It's a cool movie though, very noirish, and genuinely odd at times. Robert Blake is enough to give anybody the heebie jeebies.

Wilek: Thanks for the Star Wars info, it's appreciated! :)

P-Fay: Hmm, I think some Prozac in the morning will help you out. Just do what I do, sprinkle them over your Frosted Flakes.
Oh, and watch out for Celano! ;)

Ben Church: Hey, I've read some of his stuff before. He's pretty good, and he *is* good at crossovers. He's written a couple Garg fics too, plus his page has one of the extremely rare/hard to find Brisco County Jr. fan fics on it. His site is at, or click on my name.

SW Arcade Game: Oh God, the amount of quarters I spent on this thing. Nothing like the feel of flying your own X-Wing, taking out the Imperial scum! Know what was the coolest about it? That odd sound it made when your lasers fired. Coooooooool!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, April 10, 1999 12:08:43 AM

**Jim Iza Noying enters the CR**

In celebration of the fact that Gargoyles won the USA vote, I am throwing another of my big parties. However, since the CR will be shut down for the weekend, I can't start it immediatley. And since my mansion has been blown up for the 36th and last time, and my yellow submarine can't house a thousand people, the next one will be at a different location! More on this come Monday...

Also, the fact that the CR is getting two people to replace Dumlao simply means Deuce can't clear the room on Sundays. Robby has no useful skills for room administration! He's just up late on Sundays for the room wiping!

Friday, April 9, 1999 11:50:11 PM

*wakes up from his nap [RL, read the entire room and got even more depressed]*

*waves to Wilek* Yeah, something happened back in the other CR with Celano, and the next thing I know I find myself here with a pounding headache. *shrugs* Don't know if I can get back since TGS is unfamiliar to me and that would make me feel out of place.

Coyote> Thanks for the vote of support. I'll be looking forward to your email soon. As for writing fanfic, there was this one character I've created who gets to control his dreams and interact with Disney characters, and one of the stories was an Aladdin fanfic. Alot of folks liked it. Unfortunately I erased it after an arguement with someone who didn't want his character included in a play I was writing, and I pretty much gave it up. I'm more of an artist. When it comes to writing, I just like to make up good ideas.

If you want to see a real writer, just stop by the GFW fanfic archive and check out the stories by Kellie Fay. ;)

*stretches a bit in the big comfy chair, looks to the right* Is there anyway I can get something to drink here? I'm a bit parched after that long vent. :)
P-Fay - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 11:48:04 PM

Urk, completely missed that...

Sevarius Jr.> I too wish the best for your sister. Hope she gets better and soon.

Friday, April 9, 1999 11:36:14 PM

Not going to say too much since the CR will be down soon.

SJ> Hoping the best for your sister.

Doug and Kitainia> The SW Arcade game does sound pretty awesome, but I'd completely embarrass myself the first time playing it. I watched this one guy play the part where you fly into the Death Star in TESB, and it looked terribly complicated because I don't usually play those fighter pilot games. Oh well. :-)

Fleur> I know a romance between Mulder and Scully wouldn't really work, but I still think they look good together. :-) They're a great team though.

Sata and Brooklyn's possible third egg: That would be so tragic... but hey, this is "Gargoyles" we're talking about, so...

Blue Caeru
Friday, April 9, 1999 11:24:08 PM

DEUCE and ROBBY - Congratulations on your new positions! (Just out of curiousity, who is now going to be working on the Illustrated Quotes section? Is DumlaoX still working on that or has it passed onto the two of you? And if it has then is it going to be appearing soon? I posted a question about this earlier but didn't get any answer.)

JEB - It's true that Angela doesn't look EXACTLY like Demona but you have to admit that they do look very much alike. Seeing them standing next to each other, a light should have gone off in Madoc's head, and he should have thought to himself "Why DO the two of them look so similier?" After all Elisa was able to see a connection within five minutes of seeing her in AVALON 2 and Demona wasn't even standing next to her at the time.

(I remember watching THE RECKONING for the first time and during the first Angela/Demona scene where she says "I'm told there's a resemblance.", I started laughing and saying "The HELL you say!")

ARGENT - I don't think that Angela looks more like Goliath. And if anything it's easier to see a connection between her and Demona than her and Goliath. She has Goliath's coloring (and more peaceful state of mind) but she looks much more like Demona.

Brooklyn, NY
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:45:18 PM


[A TIE Scout lands in the Avatar Of Ganon's fighter bay, and its pilot contacts Agent Rho. "Sir, I just got back from patrol. It's just as we feared--the missing casts of television shows are being assimilated by the Borg. Specifically Guod's collective. You'd better tell the Ravens, if they haven't already figured it out..."]


USAF> Thanks, but...let me show you something. [Wilek hits a button on his remote, and the screen changes to show the proffered F-117 in flight...and a TIE Phantom decloaking and shooting it down.] We have a *lot* better gear. In fact, if we were so inclined, we could overthrow every government on Earth. But we'd rather not bother with it; we're having too much fun here in the CR. :P

Cliff> Welcome! Lots of newcomers lately. And I think you can contact the TGS staff at the main TGS website,

Gargs won the poll?! YEAH!!! WOO-HOO! Maybe Jim can throw one of his famous parties to celebrate! :D [Dark Mage Wilek: "As long as we don't get into yet another fight with Japanese movie monsters (which, by the way, looked like rejects from Power Rangers; it's no wonder you prefer the new Godzilla) or mutated Pokemon or whatever. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get that muck out of my hair when Alucard blew up Legion?"] Nag nag nag. We had fun, didn't we?

Dumlao X> You're leaving TGS already? Dang, that came out of nowhere! Well, happy retirement...and enjoy being a slob like us! :P

Sata's Lost Child?> Hm...Sata lays a third egg, something happens to separate it from them...and it grows up never knowing its parents. The clan happens to trip over it, and fun ensues. Interesting concept...

Deuce and Robby> Congratulations on your new jobs! :D You know, I wonder if there's any particular meaning to the fact that it'll take two ppl to replace Dumlao...Ah well, I'm sure you'll perform admirably. :)

P-Fay> Hey! Glad to see ya here, you usually keep to the main room! Oh, and we're quite a lot more insane here, so I think you'll have fun. ;) Oh, and interesting rant; very well-written. You ever consider writing fanfic?

Kyryn> <<I know what you mean. I got zapped once when I was working on a computer and had left the phone line plugged in.>> Ohhh...painful memory coming on. Once, I tried to turn on my computer (one of my previous ones), and it couldn't access the hard disk. Turns out lightning had fried part of the motherboard. Strange, since I had a surge protector. Since this one was one of those where the motherboard is welded to the case, I had to get a new case, and a lot of new hardware to go with it.

Coyote> Mind keeping an eye on your cats? :P

Aaron> <<Anybody who likes MST3K, anthropomorps, fighting games, mecha, high explosives,(Peebo!), manga, the Evil Dead films(The pervert skeletons make several appearances), cartoons, and more general weirdness they you can shake a stick at would like Gold Digger>> For a CR dweller, this is redundant.

Has anyone here ever seen a rather obscure animated film (anime? I couldn't tell) called 'Light Years'? I caught the last few minutes. Weird, weird movie. But fun--I mean, you haven't lived until you've seen a brain the size of Castle Wyvern. :P Pretty big names associated with it, too--Glenn Close, Christopher Plummer, Terrence Mann...I wonder why I've never heard of this thing. :/


[" that's what's happening." This from Agent Rho, who's just called the command staff to a meeting. Wilek: "Alright. Send a few landers with battle droids and STAPs to the major TV and movie studios; no matter how bad these productions are, we can't allow Guod to get his hooks into an even bigger army." Can you guess which Star Wars collectible Wilek acquired today? :P]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:35:30 PM

Coyote: Kitainia works at Barnes and Noble's coffee shop. And thanks for recommending my saga to someone. This Ben Church's fics sound interesting. I shall now go check them out. Later,
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:22:39 PM

**enters the room, dropping his cats, who he had been carrying by the scruffs of their necks.**

There, you little co-conspirators! Play in here while the place is getting its upgrades! **sits in the chair, but only temporarily.**

Once again, I apologize, this time for my *other* cat. **slaps forehead** Of all the cats on God's green earth, I have to wind up with these two!!

SJ: Your sister has my thoughts with her.

Deuce: Once again, thanks for your explanation. :)

Wilek: Those movies, while maybe not low quality, are of a lesser caliber than TLK, *definitely.* And especially if he does any of the other two *horrible* DTV sequels that Disney's done ("Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" and "Pocahontas II" come to mind. Eccchhh ...)

Cliff: Welcome to the room. As for contacting the TGS staff ... well, a lot of us (myself included) post to this room. But if you're talking about submitting stories, you're probably better off waiting until we hold another casting call.

Brooklyn telling: I had a theory about this. Click my name link to see how I pictured it ... "Pas de Deux."

Kyryn: Thank you for your assessment.

Doug: I've been meaning to pass this one along ... if you get mail from a guy named Ben Church, I referred him to your fics. Figured they'd be in his tastes, since he's written fic that has merged tons of universes together. (Read one, "Armageddon." It combines Gargoyles, the Marvel Universe, and ... are you sitting down? ... Terminator. :)

P-Fay: Nice to see *your* smiling face around here. Be warned, though ... CelanO comes through here, too. :)
Eww ... bad times at work. I'm gonna send ya a sympathetic message, but in the meantime ... **stands up, picks up P-Fay's curled up figure and places him in the big comfy chair**

**Coyote's cats walk up to Robby, whispering in his ears.**

What'd they say?

**Robby looks shellshocked.** <"They said Lonny's on their payroll ...">

Uh oh ...

Kitainia: Ten bucks says Starbuck's or Beaner's. Five says Einstein Brothers. Any way this bet goes, I lose money. :)

And now, my friends ... I'll see ya in the CanClanChat tomorrow!

**somehow is able to pick up the entire table containing Ravyn's candle and all of the special gifts around it with one hand, and the big comfy chair with P-Fay still curled up on it in the other, and carries the whole mess out the door ... next stop: the Can Clan chatroom! :)**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:15:42 PM

*waves to Kyryn & JEB* Hi. I'm still here. Don't know how, don't know why, wonder if I'll find a way back to the regular CR. While I'm here, I may as well vent on my day.

***WARNING: The following vent contains psychotic imagery of violent vengance that could be mistaken as an acutal planned RL event, no matter how outlandish it may seem. Those with sensitive constitutions should look away.***

Why is it every time I blow up at the boss I feel like I won't have a job tomorrow? I always dread that as the worst that could possibly happen.

I see myself returning to the office the next day after being "wrongfully terminated," according to my thinking, with a baseball bat and a pair of clippers. Slowly, I march down the hallway, ignoring the voices of my former co-workers.

I enter the office of the tyrant that fired me. He's on the phone as he always is. I do not see his motioning to me that he's on the phone, nor does he see me cutting the phone wire that disconnects his line. With fire in my eyes, I raise my Louisville Slugger and smite him with bone-shattering force until he's nothing but a bruised, beatened, blacken mass of flesh.

By this time, the police have arrived. They are my enemies. I have read of their corrupt actions against mere citizens. I will not become another victim of their authority. I struggle and fight against them as their oppressive grasps restrict my protesting limbs.

Finally, I bite my way free and flee for my life. I am conscious of what I have done, yet I do not care. The real criminal is the tyrant who has taken my life; a life I have worked for over a year to attain and nurture to fit my creative talents. All I needed was a chance to survive in this hellish nightmare called reality and make a difference, but that chance has been wrenched from my soul by a short-tempered psychotic who one day could steal more lives from the office until there was nothing left. The rest of the job lies with the blue demon as he sends his lead piranahs to finish me off.

I am nothing more but the wind. A tormented soul wandering thru the mortal plane choosing neither heaven nor hell and fearing them both. Once a fugitive from "law & order", now a fugitive from Death. The authority here wears a long black cloak and carries a sickle, hunting me down like an animal. In my state of nonbeing, as in my former state of being, I wanted nothing more than to be left alone by those who disliked me. I fear I'll never be left alone.

There is celebration in the place where I used to work. They've finally gotten rid of the black spot that kept the business from operating like a normal business, despite the fact that it's not. I can hear their cries of joy. Anger grows deep in my heart tho' I knew they'd feel this way about me regardless. LIttle do they know that the dragon from northern Arizona, whom I was proud to call my girlfriend, now lies in a cave crying her button-black eyes out over the loss of the only one she ever could love. They had a destiny together. A dream that they could meet for the first time and love each other untill the end.

The end has come, but only for one.


If you were brave enough to read the above vent, and would like to share your insight, or maybe provide some comfort as my girlfriend will not be OL for the entire weekend, please feel free to email me, or if you have my name in your ICQ list, message me. I could use a friendly word or two to get me thru the weekend and pray that I can return to work Monday with a clear conscience.

GAH, am I depressed. :(

*crawls up into a small ball in the corner and drifts off*
P-Fay - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 09:48:58 PM

Kitania> DumlaoX gets to keep his pic, and Robby and I will eventually get our own. Note how I say _eventually_. (It's not a priority right now; we've got other stuff to worry about).

JEB> ["I've used Lynx and been able to type in URLs..."] Yeah, but have you ever used it on a guest account, with 90% of the features locked out? You develop a fondness for search engines, let me tell you.

I guess that'll be all. As a matter of fact, that might be all until Monday (I have an excessively busy weekend ahead). I may drop in later tonight, though: my parents are going out and I'll be online for a long time.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Friday, April 9, 1999 09:06:20 PM


The screen comes on with the steppes of medieval Prussia, where Atilla the Hun is leading his huge army towards war and conquest. Suddenly a portal opens in front of them and Borgis and Butt-Borg step out, their fellow Borgs behind. "Excuse me, sir," Butt-Borg says as the army stops and looks at them. "Are you Atilla the Hun?" "Yes," Atilla answers. "Who are you?" "They have to be plague victims!" a Hun soldier hisses. "It looks like they carry the Black Death!!" "We're, uh, gonna ass-im-uh-late you, or something," says Borgis. Atilla scratches his head, not understanding what they're talking about. Finally he shrugs and commands, "These people are wierdos. I hate weirdos!! Kill them!!!" The army of Huns charges to attack the Borg, but in the midst of battle are of course all quickly assimiliated. "Uh, okay, we have an Army now," chuckles Butt-Borg. "Let's get them back to Master Guod."

Meanwhile, the Onslaught is still driving through Colorado Springs, heading for the Broadmoor. Jammer slows down at a red light, and then Big Jake and Traveler pull in front of him. "Doug!! Kitainia!!" Jake yells. "I've been looking for you!!" "Let me guess," Kitainia says, leaning out the truck window. "You're Big Jake." "That's me! And this here is Traveler." "Hi guys!!" Traveler waves. "Traveler," Doug smiles. "Your pal Shallow Mouth told us you were here." "Really? How's he doing?" "Just fine, boss!" SM calls. "You and Jake get in the truck, I'll bring you up to date." "We have some questions for you, Traveler," Doug says as they get in. "Can they wait? I've just been rescued from a life-or-death situation and need to lie down!" Doug and Kitainia look at each other and roll their eyes. "Alright," Kitainia sighs. "You two get in the truck. Jammer, turn around and start heading for Washington. We don't have a second to waste." Jammer nods and turns around, Jake and Traveler hop into the trailer, and as they start driving east, Kitainia turns to make a CR post.


Hi all!! Surprising news. Today our newspaper critic gave GO the review it deserved. It got four stars, a great review, and he encouraged everyone to see it. The guy even called it Pulp Fiction's "bratty little brother." So I was wrong about what the critics would do to this movie. You now have even more reason to go see it and enjoy.

USA Voting: We won!! We won!!! <mad celebration antics> Hope this does good things for Gargs.

Blue: The Star Wars game is really cool, you have to try it. The format is like no other game's (it's a mix of shooter, interactive dogfight, and lightsaber duel). Hope you get to play it soon. :)


Pistoff, Wyrmwolf: Doug and I enjoyed "Shared Memories," thanks for the entertainment. Good development on Demona, Koz, Iris, and Japhia. I also enjoyed the plot and the flashbacks. The new villains were very interesting, too. I can hardly wait to find out more about their plans (and see the clan kick their butts, Brooklyn and Iris better team up to get that Walt jerk). Too bad you had to end it on a cliffhanger, I can't wait to see how things get resolved.


Sick people: Hope you all get better soon. This includes Jaden, SJ's sister, and anyone else I've missed.


Menagerie 2 was even better than Part 1. Great development on Brooklyn, Sata, Soul, and Haroun (especially in the end confrontation with Mesrour). I also liked the characters of Melchior and Darice, too bad we won't see more of them. Hope we see Li again, since we can. I don't think he was really developed much in this ep. But that's alright because overall there was a good plot and story. I give it a 9/10. Everything else has already been said.


Coyote: The place I work is a corporate entity, too. I'm glad I have an understanding manager. <grin>

Fleur: You make perfect sense about Mulder and Scully. Thanks for taking part in the discussion and making me LOL.

DumlaoX: Heavy computer accidents? Uh oh, sounds bad. Hope you get back online soon. Will miss you.

Deuce, Robby: Congrats on your new status as room admins. Can't wait to see the great job I know you guys will do wiping the room Monday night. And your new pics. BTW, just out of curiosity, is DumlaoX going to keep his special pic (as admin emeritus, :)?

Kyryn: Nice job on the pic. The Ender Wiggin of evil dragonkind and the good female dragon he was recently trying to kill both look great. You can bet Doug will be asking you for another pic (of Jadriel and his dragon associates from the upcoming "The Hostage Part 2- Dragon's Game") very soon. <grin>

Christine: Loved "Masks." Xanatos and Fox's parts were hilarious. I'd say more, but this is a PG room.

Glimmer: Ha ha ha ha!! Ah, doomcriers. Can mankind produce any more hilarious hypocrites? :)

Hmm, I guess that's all for now. See you in the Can clan chat room this weekend. Later all!!


Kitainia ducks back into the truck, where she sees that Jake and Traveler have been brought up to date. "Those Washington bastards," Jake growls. "Count me in on your team." Kitainia smiles. "Coyote vouched for you, so welcome. Now, Traveler, about the questions we have for you,..." Suddenly the side of the trailer is raked with laser fire. "What the hell?" Doug asks as Jammer stops the truck and the Ravens leap out to confront whatever is attacking them. "Traveler!!" CC yells, firing her machine gun and scattering the others. "I've come to rescue you!!" "Ease up, CC!" calls Shallow Mouth. "We're the good guys, remember?" "See you, Ravens!" Traveler laughs, hopping into the vehicle beside the raptor-woman. "Have fun in Washington!" He and CC wave at the party and zoom away. "Damn it," Kitainia curses. "We didn't even get to reprimand him for almost blowing up NORAD." "I'll worry about Traveler," Shallow Mouth says. "It was hard, but I've learned how his mind works. I'll go catch him and bring him to DC." "Godspeed, Shallow Mouth," Doug says. "You sure you can chase him?" "Don't worry, he gave me a lot of upgrades. Like self-teleportation." SM pushes a button on his coat and vanishes. "Well," says Kitainia. "That's that. I guess we have more important things to worry about." "Right," says Doug. "Let's get on to Washington DC."

As they do so, a huge procession watches them leaving the city. It is apparently a traveling Shriners' Convention. "He's in there!" Captain Licreg shouts. "The target is in that truck!" The 'loth legions roar in anticipation as they storm down towards the Onslaught. (Uh oh) To be continued, screen goes blank.


Kitainia - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 08:16:25 PM

**Glimmer comes rushing back from mailbox**

Sorry, but I just gotta share this

I just recieved a flyer in the mail about a Revalation Seminar. Across the top in big orange letters is ARMAGEDDON NOW! TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR PLANET EARTH!
Then it talks about finding insights into the future and about the realities of tomorrow.

Does anybody else see the funny here?

**Glimmer leaves CR again and promises not to come back until next week**

Boulder City, NV
Friday, April 9, 1999 07:17:35 PM

We won eh? Nice way to end a week before the CR blanks out for the weekend... Um, click my name for an appropriate song already brought up by a couple others...

Hmm... I guess the bag is out of the cat now, Deuce and I are the new TGS site maintainers... In theory... But don't congratulate me just yet, I have yet to discover if my computer is up to task. If it isn't, basically the whole job goes to Deuce.

Fleur- Thanks for killing Sli for me. I'm mostly better now, but its appreciated all the same.

Deuce- Chat... Tonight... Gotcha.

Bando's cats- Hmm, plotting world domination eh? You should meet my evil twin Lonny...

Friday, April 9, 1999 07:04:21 PM

**Glimmer strolls into CR**

Real quick(I hope)

Kathy> Fred Kabotie is the author. I think the title is Fred Kabotie: Hopi Indian Artist. Some of his Kachina(sp?)
drawings are used as illistrations. I'm going to have to check it out of the library again. It's been about two years scince I've read it but I still have a whole bunch of bits and peices stuck in my head.

Now I gotta go mail my order for a set of Buffy season one collecter cards
See ya next week!

**Glimmer runs from the CR and doesn't stop running until she reaches the mailbox**

Boulder City
Friday, April 9, 1999 06:52:08 PM

In my dumb customer story, the lady is the customer ahead of my mom, NOT my mom.

Friday, April 9, 1999 06:29:42 PM

(Argent walks in, singing the Hebrew part of 'When You Believe' from Prince of Egypt. Jewel*D perches on shoulder and whistles along.)
It's been ages since I've had a song to drive my brother crazy with!:)
(Drowns out little voice nagging about the science paper by singing louder and begins post)

COYOTE> (For different reasons, all is well with my world too.) Hmmmmm.....
ROBBY> (you're not in too much trouble until you can name all 150 and the 151st.) I'll bet I can!
AIRWALKER> Actually, I think Angela looks more like Goliath. It's harder to see the resemblence between her and Demona.
HEATHER: I'm not a Sailor Moon fan, but I like the bit you wrote!
ZATH: No, in the Animaniacs sketch, Dr. Scratchnsniff orders a small popcorn. The cashier tells him they don't have a small, they only have 'large', 'super chubby', and 'double super chubby'.
KYRYN: I like the pic- (Jewel*D chatters something at Argent, who translates:)- and so does Jewel*D. :)

Dumb Customer Stories> I have one! My mom got in line at a Wendy's. The conversation between the customer and the cashier went something like this.
LADY: "I'd like a baked potato with sour cream and chives, then I'd like another baked potato with sour cream and chives, but without sour cream and without chives."
CASHIER: "You mean a plain potato?"

(Argent has Jewel*D torch SS for making everyone sick [feel better!], then leaves.)

More later, Gotta Jet!
(Five months 'till the new Dark Ages eps!)

stable, USA
Friday, April 9, 1999 06:26:28 PM

Demona Taina - []
Ponce, Puerto Rico
Friday, April 9, 1999 05:58:39 PM

Good-bye til monday, all
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, April 9, 1999 05:57:00 PM

BTW, hello to P-Fay. :)
Friday, April 9, 1999 05:42:54 PM

*JEB appears*

Argent> Athens. A college called Concord. You know it? :)

Video Games> I used to be a video game fiend in my elementary school days. Now, I'll play my bro's games occasionally- I like N64 stuff best, esp. Goldeneye and Super Mario Kart 64. Sega Saturn was pretty good too, and the older systems still have their charms (SNES, Sega
Genesis, NES) Never was a big arcade game player, tho.

Coyote> Ah. Thanks for the info. :)

Becka> Welcome! :)

Zath> Will do.

Robby> <<Heh heh...This is how I KNEW I was gonna love my English teacher last year.. First day of school he said we were going to watch MacBeth, and he showed us a clip. From City of Stone. Heh heh.>> *blinks* Really? Wow. :)

Pistoff> Good luck getting your novel published.

Airwalker> Angela doesn't look EXACTLY like Demona with different coloring... her hair and browridges are also different, and her build is ever-so-slightly lighter.

Stormy> Well, it's a poem IN a book. <:) And yep, read the footnotes, which helped some. Y'still gotta admit it's a strange poem, tho.

Cats> My cat, Timothy, is rather unstable. He can be Mr. Affectionate one minute, and biting and clawing at our legs the next. And there's no real pattern. *shrugs* C'est le Chat. :)

Jonathan> Sure. Can't guarantee it, but I hope I can post it this weekend.

DumlaoX> Well, goodbye- you were one of the best on the staff. It's a pity- but no surprise- that you've retired. Glad you'll still be around. :)

Robby & Deuce> I have complete faith in your ability to do the job DX left for you. Good luck. :)

Christine> Bravo on "Dark Beauty."

Bad Customer Stories & Con Tips> These are all very interesting (and amusing when appropriate :).

The Poll> If we'd been the only ones who cheated, we wouldn't deserve to win. But since many others did, I don't care.
So, we won, eh? :D Now what?

Glimmer> Welcome! :) I haven't quite confirmed seeing it yet... but I have high hopes. :)

Robby> Hope you get better- sickness stinks. :/

SOROW> I dunno, I think Bluth's animation style would be too toony for a Gargoyles movie... maybe that's just me.

Kitania & Doug> Well, I don't think it'll be up THAT soon... a month or two, at least. But I'm pleased you're actually anticipating something I've written. Hope I don't disappoint.

Doug> Regarding the poetry preferences- Hear, hear.

Deuce> I've used Lynx and been able to type in URLs... maybe mine's some new version.

"The Day That The Gargoyles Died"> I read that soon after I joined the fandom in '97... depressing, but good.

Christine> LOVED the Bill of No Rights- forwarded to many of me Net friends.

Heather> Heh, looks to be an entertaining story. :)

Aaron Peterson> Welcome. :)

Sevarius Jr.> I read that story. Thought it was rather interesting, myself (one of first exposures to Sandman stuff). :)

Adult Gargoyles Pages> You know what? I have absolutely no interest in this site. Not a bit. No offense to those who _are_ interested, but a site so adult that you have to password it is a major put-off to me.

Boy, that was random...

*JEB disappears.*

JEB - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 05:33:41 PM

Me again ...

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Grand Opening of the Adult Gargoyles-Fans site -- age-restricted and password-protected to preserve the innocence of the young and the chaste. (click on my name or go to

I have posted a new, naughty, short 'fic to celebrate. "Masks" is now available only on that site. See what happens when Fox puts her husband's fidelity to the test!

Christine - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 05:18:53 PM

Glimmer > sorry 'bout the nightmares ... ; )

SJ > best wishes for your sister from a weird ol' ignostic (as in, I don't know enough about any religion to have one), and for you too.

Robby and Deuce > may I also extend my congratulations?

Unfinished fic > this is one thing I don't have much of a problem with (no mutterings about Dark Beauty 3, please, at the moment there ain't no such critter even in the planning stages so it _can't_ be unfinished). Actually, I've found that it's hard for me to juggle more than a couple of stories at a time. Keeping up with one fanfic, one novel, and one RPG is pushing it.

Christine - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 04:45:58 PM

I'm supposed to be in Social Studies... my teacher thinks I'm in the bathroom. :-)

Quick update: The principal just came on the intercom. We're now at $17,048, and still way more cash to come!

Deuce - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 04:00:04 PM

** Deuce walk in, wearing a green-and-white sweatshirt. ** Do we kick ass? Oh, yes we do!!

A note of explanation: my school, Austin O'Brien Catholic High, has raised over $15,600 for the Red Cross to help the Kosovar refugees. Thing is, this money was raised over the past 47 hours. That's about $331.97 an hour. $17.33 per student. And there's more coming on Monday.

I just want to urge all of you: if there's an organizating in your area that's sending money to help either people still in Kosovo, or the refugees brought over to North America, please donate generously. One dollar can feed one person for one day.

We get coverage in both local daily papers, the weekly tabloid, and all three major news stations. AOB KICKS ASS!!!!!

Oh, and it's quite likely that I'll be gone for the weekend. I'll return on Monday to try my first official wipe and play catchup. I'll finalize some things after school, and I'll be on AOL and ICQ for a little while before bed, so you can contact me if necessary.

** leaves, ecstatically happy. **

(Click my name for the school's website - I'll post the newspaper article on Monday).

Deuce, Austin O'Brien student - []
AOB Catholic High School; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Friday, April 9, 1999 03:09:40 PM

Doug> *doh!* Sorry about not only misspelling your name, but being almost totaly off all together. :p *sighs* That is just a bad combination on my part. Bad at spelling and bad at rembering names. :p I don't think I'll forget your name now though. ^_^' heh....

Oh, and I too must cheer for Gargoyles winning. I would too, except that I feel like dung 'cause I'm sick and I've hit that point where I slept so much I can't sleep anymore. :p yck.

Bye now...

Xanth Friday, April 9, 1999 03:05:22 PM

I finished the second installment of Menagerie last night.
I do have one nit with it: Li is described as "a long, wingless dragon" yet she flies. Okay, she could be using magic to fly, like Puck and other fay do, but if that's the case then why does she need a running start? Of course, the ferghana horse didn't need wings to fly, but I can't see a baby dragon getting up the same ground speed as an adult ferghana horse. All things considered, I liked The Sun and the Serpent better. It had more gargoyles in it.
I woke up at 5:00 this morning to take care of the usual and decided to check the USA Weekend score. How delightful. I almost wrote in right then but decided I wasn't coherent enough at that hour. I have enough trouble as it is.
Has anyone else looked at Dr. Will's final analysis of the contest? His concluding statement had Where is this guy coming from?...Unbelievable.

Jen - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 02:16:06 PM

Hi All,

Just checked the voting results to see how Gargoyles fared in the competition (, and WE WON! (thunderous applause!)

:) :) :)
Lee Ann Hamm - []
Baton Rouge, LA, usa
Friday, April 9, 1999 02:10:08 PM

Aaron strolls into the CR wearing a shirt that says: I am an otaku! I only live once a month!, and humming "Another One Bites the Dust"

We won> Was there ever any doubt?

SJ> Sorry to hear about your sister. I wish her the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

Fluer> You should definately check out Gold Digger. Anybody who likes MST3K, anthropomorps, fighting games, mecha, high explosives,(Peebo!), manga, the Evil Dead films(The pervert skeletons make several appearances), cartoons, and more general weirdness they you can shake a stick at would like Gold Digger. Issue 48 just came out this week, but never fear, Antarctic Press has paperbacked the first 28 issues, and the original four-part miniseries, and have plenty of them avaliable.

I kinda like Rammstein myself, from off the Strange Highway soundtrack. But what does everyone else like to listen to while they blast down the highway at 2x the speed limit


Random fic joke:

Goliath: "Hudson, are you watching wrestling again?"

Hudson: "Aye. I like the Scotch lad in the kilt!"
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, April 9, 1999 01:48:48 PM

POIT! My owner's happy, not only because of the voting but also because he got his airfare taken care of to go to Dallas. He's busy happy dancing, and Bra ... er, Chessie ... is planning world domination, so as long as nobody's looking, I'll talk to you. NARF!

**Coyote's voice is heard in the background: "NOT YOU TOO! GET AWAY FROM THERE, NITWIT!!"**

Oops. TROZ! Gotta go.

**leaps off of the chair, Coyote in pursuit.**

Tiki the Bando's *Other* Cat
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, April 9, 1999 01:02:40 PM

**Kyryn comes in doing a happy dance**

Yeah! We won!

Deuce and Robby> Congrats! Deuce, you're lucky you have all our sanity collected. You'll need it to run this loony bin. :)

Sobotka> No offense, but I was ROTFLMAO at a typo in your RP. The female borg shouts 'Assimiate them!'. I had this sudden image of borg monkeys all over the place.


For all those who like dragons (Traveler, Taleweaver, etc.):
I finished a pic for Doug's Fanfic, Blackout, of the two dragons, Jadriel and Nikki, fighting. Click on my name to see the pic!

Go read Doug's stuff in the fanfic archives! He writes good stuff!


NIMH> This actually exists. It is the National Institute of Mental Health and does all kinds of research on the brain and mental disorders and diseases. Who's to say that somewhere out there there aren't a bunch of super-intelligent rats? Personally my own pet rats are intelligent enough, but it would be neat.

Zath> Cute drawing. Keep working on stuff. The only way to really get better drawing is to keep drawing. Ditto for writing.

Glimmer> Welcome!

Coyote> I know what you mean. I got zapped once when I was working on a computer and had left the phone line plugged in. Some kind of surge came down the line, fried the modem AND the motherboard, and arced to my hand. It jangled the hand hard enough to hurt. I've learned my lesson since then. Everything gets unplugged when I'm working on a machine, unless absolutely necessary. I'm glad your machine wasn't fried. BTW, you are definitely NOT an Otaku, friend.( I've met enough of them to know.)

Fleur> Good to see you back!

SJ> My prayers have gone out for your Sister. I also did some Reiki work last night and sent healing energy her way.

SOROW> ROTFLMAO literally! I laughed until I cried over that one!

P-Fay> Hello! Good to see you in this CR.

Later All!

**Kyryn leaves, humming 'On the Road Again'**

Kyryn - [<<--clicky, clicky]
Uvalde, TX
Friday, April 9, 1999 11:39:55 AM

Pardon me ... I have to dust this one off, it's so appropriate ...

"We are the champions, my friends
We'll keep on fighting 'til the end
We are the champions
No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions of the world!!"

YEE-HAW!! **happy dance**

Coyote the ELATED Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:54:29 AM

2 real quick things:


And to Robby and Deuce, congratulations on the promotion! Just remember: "With great power comes great....yadda yadda yadda." Good luck, boys!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:45:31 AM

***RL RP...(Now that's an oxymoron.)***
7:00am EST:
*Cyrway hits the snooze button on her alarm clock, realises its not her alarm clock, and picks up her phone.* Mrrrrrrph?
JENNIFER: You're giving blood today, aren't you?
ME: Wha....?
JENNIFER: You're coming in at 8...
ME: Huh....?
JENNIFER: I signed you up as a walkin...
ME: I don't know...I wanna get out of work early today...
JENNIFER: Please? I'll give you some new bed sheets.
ME: *looks down at her bedsheets, the only full-size ones she has, which are pastelly flowers.* And lunch money.
JENNIFER: Fine fine...just get here...
ME: Whatever...*Hangs up and looks over at Cal the Cat, who is laying next to her head.* Looks like I got screwed into that, didn't I?
CAL: It's revenge for what you did last night to me...
ME: What did I do last night to you?
*Cal sits up, exposing his new red harness around his chest and mid-section.*
ME: Hey, it makes you look like Conan...
CAL: It makes me look domesticated.
ME: You want to go outside, don't you?
CAL: Yeah...
ME: You know in Winslow there's a death rate for cats...1 out of every three are killed every year from getting run over by you want to get run over by a car like Christine's poor cat Sorala?
ME: Then you wear the harness.

Yes, I'm at work...with this huge bandage on my arm and a "Be Nice To Me: I Gave Blood" sticker on my tee-shirt...ack...

In other news, maybe, just maybe if everyone's good, I'll post "The Sword" today... :P I practically finished it...I like how it ended...

Winslow High School Gym, 8:30am:
*Cyrway's laying on one of the tables, the needle in her arm. Gecko is above her, sitting paradoxally on the wall so that he is looking down at her.*
ME: What are you doing here?
GECKO: *shrugs innocently.* The Kraut and Brook are one else to torture.
ME: Why don't you torture my cat?
GECKO: Not as much fun. *nods to the needle in her arm.* You know those things are barbed on the end...
ME: No, they're not! I've given blood before!
GECKO: *nods.* Then why do you think it's hurting more than usual?
ME: Now that you mention does hurt...Nurse!
ME: I think my tornequet's on too tight.
*Nurse loosens the strap and tends to the other patients.*
ME: That's better.
GECKO: They put barbs on the end so they can get the blood faster, and if you die on the table, they don't bother unhooking you; they just drain you and throw you in one of those body bags over there. *Points to the black garbage bags over by the bleachers.*
ME: Those are the custodian's...
GECKO: Then why are they taking that guy in that diection?
*Two of the male escorts carry a third who is passed out to the cantina.*
ME: First time blood donor.
GECKO: Suuure...hey, you look like your in pain again...that barb really bothering you?
ME: NURSE! I'm having hallucinations!



Cyrway - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:42:21 AM

*** homecoming spoilers***
well written, though a little more could have been written with lex and Broadway, but a very good story. Now one compliant. How bad of a leader is Goliath? I mean, come on, all the gargoyles should have iron weapons by now! Think of all the possibilities; iron gauntlets for punching and clawing, knives, hell powdered iron fillings for area attacks, not to mention bells! With Xanatos’s backing they can get anything!
***** end of spoiler and rant
I know I should have posted this Monday but well I been busy.

SJ> I’ll keep your sister in my prayers and we will have a toast to her health tomorrow(I wasn’t gonna provide alcohol but with the amount showing up I changed my mind)

TOMORROW yes the bloody Spaniard cookout. my friends are coming there friends are coming there brother’s sister’s cousin’s friend’s college roommates are coming people I don’t even know are coming! heck I gonna increase my meat money to 200 dollars and we are “Goofy burst and links arms with Ironwolf as they sing” gonna eat and eat and eat until we die. Hamburger Hot-dogs steak ribs “sing and dance around the cr” And Mabey a pizza pie were gonna eat and eat and eat till we die

This don’t cheer me up nuthin will heck mabey I’ll hit the chat room during the party my computer in the living room. see yall

Ironwolf - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:10:29 AM


*reads DumlaoX's post* Man, I wanted to keep them in suspense! Oh, well. That was a little more abrupt than I wanted, but I guess it was unavoidable.

*pulls out a sword and disembowels DC* That's for ——ing around with Dumlao's computer.

Robby> Sorry about our abbreviated chat last night; we _have_ to talk tonight. I see that time is no longer on our side. With the CR going down this weekend and no time to prepare, we'll need to discuss our test wipe.

Yeah, it's true: Robby and I are now in charge. Don't expect huge changes, except for us to get our new pictures. When, who knows. I'd also like to announce an odd wipe time for this week: at around 1:30 room time this Monday, the CR will be wiped, and the new ep will be posted. Keep in mind it'll be strictly a test, so expect weird difficulties.

Coyote> Sorry about cutting you off, too. Check your e-mail soon.

** runs off to his e-mail. **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Friday, April 9, 1999 10:09:09 AM

*A small golden light glows in the corner of the room. It glows bigger & brighter until it assumes a humanoid form that is unfamiliar to the room*

*looks around, clutching his head in pain* Ohhhhh, man. What happened? Where am I? This isn't the regular comment room.

*looks at the title of the CR* TGS? Isn't that that fanfic version that took up where Gargoyles left off before the big "TGC" conversion...

Oh my. I'm not too familiar with TGS, and I don't even have that much time to read the whole room.

*goes off to sit in the corner bench so he can figure out how he got here*
P-Fay - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 08:02:55 AM

*The noises from Mr Dis’ office slowly come to an end, and Fleur walks out. She shuts the door behind her and grins evilly.
“You won’t want to go in there. It’s pretty messy.”*

Back again, (no thanks to the server, which was down a lot longer than an hour, thank you SO much Mr Dis.) and I’m sorry my last post was so out of date - I’d just started replying as I went along, then I got that lovely little ‘you’ve got ten minutes’ message, and had to leave right then, ‘cos when they say ‘ten minutes’ they don’t necessarily mean ten (60 second) minutes, they mean ‘Ah hell, they’ve had thirty seconds, that’s close enough.’

Tim Phipps> >And if they can't think of any sequals, they'll remake the classics! Look what they did to the Shining!< Actually, it was because of Stephen King that they remade the Shining. For some reason, he didn’t like the Kubrik version, so he had it re-done, with him as producer. But I agree with you. Kubrick’s version was _heaps_ better, and Jack Nicholson was sooo much better than whoever it was that did the other one.

Pistoff> > I've finally got a publisher interested in my novel.< CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope it all works out, and I'm glad you found the money to send it off without having to sell your kidneys or something. :) And no offence, but if I'd be forced to deal with the idiots you do in your job, I'd have committed serious bodily harm by now.

Ariana> Have fun in Washington!

Traveller> Are you a Rammstein fan too? Du Hast is _the_ best song to play at extremely high volumes while driving down the freeway. :) (Even if it is cop bait. :( )


Princess Estra> Have fun in California! And get well soon.


Balkans> I’m not going to start making noise ‘bout this, but there is something that’s struck me, and that is that both ‘sides’ of the story are being told, so to speak. Gabriel, Kaioto, SJ, Aris, Traveller, Jonathan, and all those other people I’m sorry I forgot have all either informed me of stuff I didn’t know, brought up points I hadn’t considered, or put perfectly in words what I’ve been thinking. Thank-u. And an even bigger thank you for keeping the differences in opinion as exactly that and not indulging in a flame war.
SJ> >I'm sure other people feel just as strongly about their own countries.< *grins* I know I do, so don’t get me started on what a great country Australia is, or this post’ll be waaay too long. :)

Jonathan> Stupid customer story: *shudders* YUK!! That is FOUL. And it happens once or twice a week? Oh, you poor boy.

Wastelands> Oh. Goody. Another Wastelands. I knew nothing about TS Eliots ‘wastelands’, and only heard about Stephen King’s when I was about 3/4 of the way through ‘Welcome to the Wastelands’. I thought about changing it, but I decided the name Wastelands was perfect. I’ve never even read a SK story with his wastelands in it, although I've read a few of his other works. At the time it was:
Me: Stephen King stole the name of my place! The rat!!
*reads book jacket* This is a series, and it started in the 1980's you idiot. (or something like that. :))
Me: *quietly* Oh. Damn.


Sylvia> Welcome back! > although I can't seem to find my brain< I get that alot. Have you checked under your bed? :)

Jaden> Get well soon.

Welcome Glimmer!

Robby> >Somebody do me a favor and kill Sli Sludge. **Cough**< *evil grin* Glad to oblige. *Fleur walks over to SS and eviserates him.* (Yes, I know it’s not as good as Wilek’s was, but I couldn't pass up a good excuse to use ‘eviserate’ in a sentence. :))

Mandi> National Day of Silence sounds like something I could take part in.

Welcome to Aaron Peterson and Athena!

SJ> I hope your sister gets better soon. I’m praying for you both.

Dumloa> Goodbye, Adminstrator extrodinaire. I understand your reasons, but you’d better keep coming back now, y'hear? <G> $BTW, your RP character is KEWL!$

Congratulations to our new adminsitrators, Deuce and Robby!!


Let the retirement/Congratulations party begin!!! >:)
*In a blur of delivery men, the CR is transformed - streamers, a stage, long banquet tables full of er, a banquet food (now isn't _that_ strange ;)). A big banner saying 'Happy retirement Dumloa' goes up above the main CR door. Two others appear above the stage, saying 'Congratulations Deuce' and 'Congratulations Robby' Somebody, probably risking life and limb, decorates the tree. *

Fleur - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 06:42:54 AM

SJ> I wish your sister well. I'll pray for her.

Our argument is trivial in comparison, and it was as much my fault. No need to mention it again.

Robby and Deuce> Congratulations for your new positions. DumlaoX, you did a fine job.

Sata's eggs> Um... I'm not certain I remember correctly. Are Ariana and Graeme 20(10)? If so and assuming no weird time-travel things took place so that the family was together at all times, the birth of the eggs should have taken place 10 years into Brooklyn's journey. Seven years had already passed before Brooklyn's departure from Egypt and a couple of years must have already passed since he met Sata. Which means it's about time Sata gets pregnant ;) I actually think this may be planned since in a recent ep (the one with Morgana) all of Sata's motherly instincts were on display....

But yes, an additional egg should exist by this time. Perhaps it was killed or lost, etc...

Aris Katsaris - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 06:00:11 AM



Due to heavy computer accidents on my end, your entrance and introduction into the positions of maintainers has been moved up. You will take over the position as of this minute. I cannot recover my computer in time to continue the work. Congratulations and good luck!

EVERYONE-- Those 2 will now handle the job here. Follow hem wisely :)

Until another day...

BTW< this post is from my Mac PowerBook, which has none of the power and tools the Compaq had. And the Compaq is the one that needs pure installation of all things.

DumlaoX - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 03:29:51 AM

**Walks in carrying an RPG. Locates Mr. Disconnect and corners him.**

Ya wanna dance?

**Fires and blows Mr. D into a cloud of pink meat.**

Yer face, yer ass, what's the difference?

Just a little payback for the problems I had the other night ...

Anyway ...

We won?! Hot damn! Maybe Disney will get the message now.

Yeah, right. Still, it feels damn good.

Wilek: :P Glad I could provide a little levity ... :D

Christine: Bill of No Rights rocked! Thanks for sharing it.

SJ: Best wishes to your sister for a speedy recovery.

And ... "Naw, on second thought, they're just morons." Damn straight!

Stephen: "Wood." ROTFL!! My god ...

Okay, here's a quick one, regarding our Big New Yorker pizza--something like this happens quite frequently ...

Customer: "Umm, yeah ... uhhh, I want your New Yorker pizza."
Me: "Okay." **waits**
Customer: "Well? How much will it cost??"
Me: "What do you want on it?"
Customer (annoyed): "What?!"
Me: "What toppings do you want?"
Customer: "What can I get?"

At this point I'm thinking, "You can get f--ked, is what you can get!" But I remain calm ... sorta.

Me: "Any of our toppings. It's like a regular pizza, only bigger."
Customer: "Well, yeah, but what comes on it?"

At this moment a really disgusting comment pops into my mind, but somehow I manage to keep it to myself.

Me: "Any of our toppings. Just pick at least one."
Customer: "Well ... I dunno. Anything, I guess. I don't care."

Neither do I.

And never tell one of us to just put "anything" on your pizza. Last guy who did that got one with anchovies, spinach, jalapenos, arichoke hearts and chopped garlic.


Pistoff - []
Friday, April 9, 1999 03:22:38 AM

*runs through CR passing out party favors*

Celano - [<--We won!]
Friday, April 9, 1999 02:17:03 AM



Final Tally is not posted, but USA Weekend Toon Showdown is over, and Gargoyles WON! We beat the Tick!


[composes self and goes off to celebrate!]

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr.
Friday, April 9, 1999 02:16:16 AM


AIRWALKER< YA i am doing a pic for the illustrated quotes..but i have to get it colored here:P

Friday, April 9, 1999 02:16:10 AM

Okay, it looks like Chris has fixed the recent archive problems at GFW (thanks, man), so "Through the Ages" is now back up for everyone to read and enjoy!!

This has been a Shameless Plug. Must sleep. Later.

Doug Elder
Friday, April 9, 1999 01:35:52 AM

Brooklyn telling about the future- Dang, I wish I could talk about this some... Seems like a fun topic. Ah well... You all forget one REALLY important thing... We writers don't know 100% what is going to happen in the future, (Despite what we may taunt at times) and we don't want to write ourselves into a hole by stating publicly in the main series what Brooklyn knows! But you can assume the soonest he'll start leaking out definitive info is after Time Dancer ends a couple of seasons from now. So, how's this for an official, honest, non teasing answer?

Brooklyn will break down and tell the clan the truth some time in the future if he feels the need to. Heh.

Friday, April 9, 1999 12:20:22 AM

First of all, I finished my chemistry project in only three hours! Second, I read this today in the comics and almost fell out of my chair...
One Big Happy
Grandpa>Let's see what movies are on this evening: Casper, MacBeth...
Ruthie>She has a movie?!
Grandpa>She who?
Grandpa>Ruthie, who do you think MacBeth is?
Ruthie>Ronald McDonald's wife.

Airwalker> I have always wondered when the clan was going to have enough and force Brooklyn and Sata to tell the truth about their memories. Of course Brooklyn can't tell them anything about the future, but I really think that the clan needs some insight on what horrors he had to face and overcome through his travels. I mean really, he didn't just come back and everything's cool. I wish this would appear in TGS real soon. And think how Lex would react when he found out Brooklyn knew what was going to happen to him!

SJ> I will pray for your sister. I am very religious and I know that everything will turn out alright, no matter what happens :)

Nicodemus> I actually think that Brooklyn and Sata should have a hachling running around the castle right now. I absolutely don't know how it could come about, maybe they had another egg in the timestream and it was separated from the couple. Then it could suddenly appear in their time...I don't know. I guess I just really want to see how everyone would react to a newborn hatchling :) Talk about interesting scenes coming to mind...

Night to all, OKIloveyoubyebye!

Thursday, April 8, 1999 11:47:03 PM

Hey!!!! If anyone knows how I can get in touch with the TGS staff, please e-mail me at!!! I'd really like to speak with them on certain things. Thank you.
Cliff - []
AvalonThursday, April 8, 1999 11:46:59 PM

**Robby walks in wearing a shirt that says in bold letters, "I am an Otaku!"**

SJ- I have no religion myself, but I'm hoping for your sis. (I didn't even know you had a sister...)

Nicodemus- There may be a third egg. Or Brook and Sata may have decided two kids is already too much. Maybe having twins screwed with that. Or you may be assuming Sata has kids way earlier than she actually does. Maybe none of those . I know the answer... Heh heh heh...


Wilek- As you may recall, Spike the Stagasaurous in the Land Before Time series was completley mute in the first movie. And was so again in the second and third. (Was again in the fifth and I'm assuming the sixth, I wouldn't know, I haven't seen it.) Basically what it comes down to is at a crucial moment, Spike yelled out "Duh... Duh... DUCKIE!!!" Between the fact that was the first word he said after nearly 5 horus of combined movie, you never saw it coming, and the voice that came out was rather neat sounding, it proved one of the best moments in anything EVER. I rewound 7 or 8 times in a row for that little bit...

Thursday, April 8, 1999 11:44:35 PM


Used F-177A Stealth Fighter. Low mileage. Some rebuilding needed. Great for parties, parades, and eliminating unwanted guest. Ask for Ed.
United States Air Force
Thursday, April 8, 1999 11:41:05 PM

Here's a question I thought I might ask, considering how Brooklyn and Sata are the TGS-related topic of the moment:

It occured to me a while ago that Brooklyn and Sata should have been able to have a third child by the time they arrived in NYC in "Out of Joint 2". Sata would have been fertile again about the time Ariana and Graeme were the biological age of nine, and so could have had a child then. Said 'child' would still be an egg, but it would exist. So I was wondering if Brooklyn and Sata had had a third egg, and if so, where/when it might be (they may simply have lost it in the timestream, or at an earlier stop on their journeys)?

Thursday, April 8, 1999 11:23:46 PM


[Wilek stalks into his ISP's HQ and sees DC tearing up the place with a blaster rifle.] Oh no you don't. [Wilek tosses a glop grenade at DC, covering him in an advanced-formula epoxy and gluing him to the floor. Wilek then wrenches DC's weapon from his grasp.] Hm, semiautomatic, high-powered, adaptive-frequency to punch through Borg shields...<crushes the rifle> Stinks to be you. right back. [Wilek goes over to the nearest gas station, rips one of those air compressor things that motorists use to refill their cars' tires out of the ground, lugs it back to his ISP, sticks the air hose down Mr. DC's throat, and activates it. Mr. DC inflates until he is ridiculously bloated, and then explodes, spreading blood and viscera all over the room.]


Robby> Thanks for the MID! <<Spike's one line in one of them, which was one of the greatest moments in anything ever>> Really? I think I'd like to hear this...

Unfinished fanfic> I have this whole bizarre *universe* (well, technically it's only a galaxy) that exists in my mind, that I'll never be able to totally cover in fanfic. In fact, it's one reason I started writing; I've had a ficverse, in some form, running around in my head for as long as I can remember. It's changed a lot from my earliest memories of it, but it didn't begin to crystallize into any permanent form until I finished my first fic. Strange.

Aaron> <<I don't think Lex can take any more betrayal from people who were supposed to be his friends.>> Which might be the point...

Aaron Peterson> Welcome! And cast away your sanity; you won't be needing it. Don't worry, we don't bite. Well, there was that one time, but she's had her shots.

Zath> <<I like, I like! Then we could toss in Pinky and the Brain>> One of us is psychic, and I have reason to believe it's me. Just today, I was thinking that Pinky and the Brain may have been NIMH experiments. O_o

Coyote> <<"Otaku" is Japanese slang for "fanboy">> Really? I thought it meant something along the lines of 'student'. <<Be sure to walk the sponge like the rest of us do.>> Pinky and the Brain fan? Er...Hunchback was lower-quality? Do you mean in general, or just when compared to The Lion King?

Doug> Jadnik would make a kewl name for a character...

SJ> Star Wars info? Well...the best site I've found is the Star Wars Technical Commentaries (clicky). They don't tell about *everything* I have, but it's a start. You might like to pick up the Essential Guides to Vehicles And Vessels, Weapons And Technology, and Droids the next time you pass by a bookstore; they're where I get much of my material. And, on a much more serious note, your sister has my fervent wishes for her recovery. (I'm bad at this...)

Stupid Customer Stories> Oh my word. I had *no* *idea* that humans could be so incredibly, incomprehensibly idiotic. Maybe Demona *should* kill most of them (except Gargs fans and their families and friends of course, since you're rather intelligent. By human standards anyhow. <g>). It's amazing that some ppl have reached maturity without having drank from any containers with skulls on them.

Pistoff>> <<Dr. Pissy recommends DayQuil>> For some reason, this made me laugh uncontrollably.

Wilek Nereus
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:57:41 PM

** Deuce walks in, in an oddly good mood. **

Amazing what an e-mail can do to lift your spirits. *looks at Coyote* Oy, there's someone who knows what I'm talking about.

SJ> I'll pray for your sister, and tell her I hope she feels better (it helps to know people want you to get better... it always works for me). ["...her videos as of late are approaching the soft core scene."] I'm not complaining. She's always been something of a... performer... in her videos... even the old country ones. :-)

** leaves to several heated chat sessions. **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:46:58 PM

Deuce: :) Love those T-shirts! One of these days I need to get one that says "Poor Impulse Control" ...

**Drags Asshole Driver in, pokes him in the ass with the cattle prod, starts zapping him and doesn't stop ...**

Christine: "Uhhh ... a lot!" **laughs until eyes start to water**

Robby: Get well soon, buddy. Dr. Pissy recommends DayQuil. That stuff always kicks the sh!t out of my colds.

Lexy: I just had to go back and read your McD stories again. Oh man, it's a good thing I already peed a while ago. ;) Makes me wonder why the people who go into a McDonald's and hose everybody down with an Uzi are never the employees ...

**Asshole Driver's tuchis is thoroughly fried by now.** It'll be at least a month before he can sit down without screaming. **Gives him a good, hard kick before leaving**

Pistoff - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:46:31 PM

Fleur stalks into the CR, eyes burning. Mr Dis sees her and takes off, bolting for his office and locking himself in. Fleur rips the lock off the door, walks in and closes it behind her. For the next few moments, there are several strange noises from inside Dis' office: screams, chrunching, snapping, crashing, thumping and finally, a quiet splat. Then there is the sound of Fleur's voice:
"That is for sending one of your adminstrative jerks to kick me off the computer before I could do my RP - TWICE, and then messing with every computer I touched yesterday so I couldn't get access."

Robby> I called you Roogy? *sheepish* opps. Sorry. Here, please accept Mr Carter II as a token of my apology. Have fun. >:) And man, that Gold Digger comic sounds wild. (It was the Bazooka carrying lepracauns that got my attention, and created the _kewlest_ mental image. :))

Dumlao> >The love of my life, the person whom I cherish the most, thw one who means the world to me, Alison Wilgus, was accepted to NYU.< YEA!! Congratulations Alison!!!

Kitania> I think the reason we like gargy romances but hate the X-files romance is because, well, the Mulder/Scully relationship is so WRONG for the whole basis of the series, which is, two completely different people investigating the paranormal. They should be searching for the truth, not staring deeply into each other's eyes! Kicking alien a$$, not kissing! Uncovering the darkest conspiracies, not uncovering....I'm gonna stop right there, but I hope I'm making sense.

Okay, I just got a message saying my server is going down in ten minutes for an hour. DIS YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!
More later,
*Fleur stalks back into Dis' office. This time, the noises are _really_ strange.*

Fleur - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:41:59 PM

STUPID CUSTOMERS: Kid you not, this actually happened.

I used to work in the furniture/appliance department for the Main Exchange on an air base, and we had a customer and his friends (must have been young airmen) come in and start looking at what we had to sell.

They started looking at this one coffee table - one that has the top that can swivel out and back so you can either eat or work on it while sitting on your couch - and end table set. It was a real nice piece made of oak, and this guy walked around it, rapped on it with his knuckles, and basically gave it high praise with his eyes.

He then looks at me and says, "That's a nice table! What's it made of?"

I looked at him straight faced and replied, "Wood."

His friends busted out laughing, and I just rolled my eyes. Do they suck out some intelligence when some people go through military training or what? :)

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:32:59 PM

***BEGIN RP!!!!****
SJ is on the Avatar of Ganon, having caught a ride with one of the fleet members, who had hauled the SJ-Mobile and it's crew back to the base. The base's crew was even now working on upgrading the SJ-Mobile with Borg technology. However, SJ is not in the best of moods, because he's just received some disturbing news.
"ESCAPED? What do you mean my dad escaped?" he said to a crew member.
"It appears that two of the crew members were spies for Thailog and his forces. One of them was dealt with...but the other individual was able to break your father from his holding cell, and scramble our computers just long enough to make an escape."
"Well...did you find out where he went?"
"No. The virus that the spy downloaded temporarily short-circuited our weapons and tractor beam systems, and played havoc with our sensors for a moment or two--just long enough for them to get out of our scanning range. However, we were able to determine from their flight path that they were heading towards earth."
"Thanks," SJ muttered. He turned to Kari, a dejected look on his face.
"Are you okay? Are you going to be alright?" she asks in concern.
"Yeah, it's just....I love my dad, but he's a criminal. He's hurt so many people....He has to pay for his crimes. We have to get him back. But there's something else too. I....I don't know, *sense*, that he's in great danger. I'll see what Wilek is doing on the assault front, but I may have to go back to Earth to find him."
*****PAUSE RP******

ATTENTION: I'd like to ask something of everyone in here. This is a real life, serious request. My sister is having some pretty serious medical problems right now, and things are going pretty tough for her. I'd just like to ask everyone here, whether they be Christian or Atheist, Buddhist or Catholic, to please pray for her (um...Atheists can just wish her well).

Aris: This isn't the first time we've "butted heads". I'd like to extend the olive branch and ask forgiveness for any offense I've made. I'm sorry.

Jewel: Hey, you in here? Ya listening? Or has that dreaded virus gotten you, too? Well, if you're in here, I'd just like to tell you that the official release date for Gaiman's Mononoke Himu is July 6th.

Cats taking over: This reminds me of a Sandman story where cats were supposed to formerly be the dominant life-form, but the humans' dreams of overcoming their feline oppressors was so great, they actually reversed the roles. And that issue sort of gave the hint that cats could take over again if only they dreamed it hard enough.....
I didn't like that issue very much. Didn't have Death in it.

Wilek, any other Star Wars junkies: Do you know any good sites where I can get info on the various vehicles/weapons/aliens of the SW universe?

Jim Iza Noying: If you could, please email me the info on your "sister" Kari. I'm gonna actually try to get my RP story/characters into something resembling order.

Dumlao: Your RP self requires virus to survive? Cool!

"GO": Hmm....potentially cool flick....but it does have at least one Dawson's Creek cast member.....but it IS the cute one on Dawson's Creek....maybe I'll go see it. Gotta be better than that new Drew Barrymore pic *shudders*

Shania Twain: I don't know about the music (although I did break down and buy her album), but I'll say this: her videos as of late are approaching the soft core scene. Have you seen the one that's like those old Robert Palmer videos? Oh My God. Sex DOES sell.

Stupid Customer stories: Maybe they're really stupid....or maybe they're just brilliantly jerking our chains, playing some sort of elaborate game to piss off customer service employees everywhere for their own sick amusement.....
*SJ takes one long look at humanity*
Naw, on second thought, they're just morons.

But what about the stupid CASHIER stories? I have more than my fare share. No offense to Lexy, but the people who work at McDonald's up here are about the stupidest creatures on God's green earth.
SJ: "Yeah, I want the extra value meal #4, please."
Cashier: "You want any fries with that?"
SJ: " *comes* with fries. And a drink."
Cashier stares blankly for a moment.
I swear, I don't know how some of these people survive into adulthood.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:19:30 PM

Oh, and Fire, my name is Doug, not Deuc
Thursday, April 8, 1999 09:54:49 PM

Real post later, just responding to some feedback.

Mandi: Glad you liked my story. More will be done with Slayer Ari, Brumley, and the vamps in the future, don't worry. And someday the clan will meet the Scooby Gang, I just couldn't see any way to set things up in this story so I decided to do something unorthodox. :) But hey, at least they still appeared.

Fire: You can find "Slayer Senshi" in the fanfic archive at under New Stories. Go read it and enjoy, I'll appreciate your feedback. :)

Heather: It's okay that you haven't sent the pic yet. I'm a patient man (where's that feedback, Traveler?). Too bad your computer's missing, hope you find it and send the pic very soon.

Everyone click my name (or go to for a great pic of my dragon characters Jadriel and Nikita from "The Blackout." This is their battle scene. Thanks to Kyryn for doing such a good job.

Doug - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 09:53:58 PM

**enters the room, breathes a great sigh of relief before switching the candle and sitting down**

All righty folks! Time for everyone's favorite game ... CATCHUP!!

Zath: "Otaku" is Japanese slang for "fanboy." And if you want to know why, rent a certain anime feature called "Otaku No Video." I haven't seen this personally, but I've heard two things about it:
1) You'll laugh your @$$ off, and
2) It's *the* definitive source on fanboyism. From what I understand, the film is what put "otaku" into the Japanese vocabulary.
And let me set the record straight right now. **pulls on a shirt with "I AM NOT AN OTAKU! I HAVE SOMEWHAT OF A LIFE!!!!!" printed in huge bold letters on the front.**

Milady Princess Estra: Thanks. And I do intend to bring my copy of "The Very Best of Meat Loaf" with me to the Gathering, as it contains the songs *both* of my 'Loaf filks are based on.

Darkstalker kitty: That's right, Felicia! DUH!! **smacks self on head**

Kitainia, re: obstinate customers: BRAVO!! **stands up and claps vigorously** Wish I could do something like that to the ones we get in our store ... unfortunately, the place I work is a corporate entity, and I don't want to get my butt canned. :)

Aaron: I will *certainly* remember your rules. Believe me, I follow them. :)

Lexy: Ehh ... a McDrone, huh? Boy, I'm sorry ... :) (then again, look who's talking, a man who works 40 hours a day in a shirt with a big, hairy, grinning face that looks like it belongs to a troglodite embroidered into the left breast just above the pocket ... I guess that's supposed to be Murray, I dunno. :)

Heather: I am looking forward to the fic. :)

Blue: Actually ... my ex-girlfriend went in for shooting games herself. Of course, that *might've* been just a bit that rubbed off of her dad, the Green Beret, but hey, it counts, doesn't it? :)

Glimmer: Welcome friend. Be sure to walk the sponge like the rest of us do. :) (yes, I had no sanity to begin with, why do you ask? :)

Deuce: Bad experience with that bus driver. Don't you hate public servants that won't *listen??*

Kyryn: So am I. At least nothing caught on fire, which was my main fear (my second main fear being corrupting my hard drive again, which thank God it didn't do), but it made this loud noise that sounded like a gunshot. I kid you not, I think I jumped about three feet in the air from a sitting position bouncing off of my @$$.
The main reason why it scared me? When I'm at the computer, I sit *directly next to* the socket that blew. :P

MSTies: Mandi, you know there's an open invitation for ya to MSTie any and all of my fics. As for the guy who did the Lion King MSTies ... I wonder what he could do with the lower-quality Disney features (i.e. Hunchback, Pocahontas). :)

Athena: Hi, welcome. Friend of Deuce's huh? Okay, I'll forgive your transgression this time ... :)

**sits back in chair** Remind me, when the mass exodus begins, I have to take the candle and the chair with me. **leans head back, relaxing, but keeping his gaze on the candle.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, April 8, 1999 09:39:34 PM

Sorry for the double post, but there was one more thing I meant to mention, as it kind of ties traditional Hopi belief in with TGS. There is a belief among the traditional Hopi that if they don't hold to the covenent they hold with Maa'saw, (he's kind of the spiritual landlord for the earth) that the world will end. It's caused a great deal of stress between those who hold to the traditonal ways and those who want to move into the "modern world" with electricity and all of the other conveniences. Anyway, most of the traditional traditionalists are pushing the high 90's and not too many younger folk are following in their paths. Interesting?

Thursday, April 8, 1999 09:09:53 PM

Glimmer > Thanks!!! You wouldn't believe the stacks of archive pics and other resource material I used to try and get the feeling for 1930's Arizona. They quit allowing pictures to be taken out at Hotevilla before 1920. Fortunately the village hadn't changed much.
Could you supply the exact name and author's of that Fred Kabotie autobiography? I'd like to try and track down a
copy. Thank you.
kathy (co-author Sacred Paths)

kathy - []
Atlanta, GA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 09:00:23 PM

Cute drawing Zath, I love the artwork you have done.
Demona May - []
Aiken, SC, Aiken
Thursday, April 8, 1999 08:40:24 PM

Unfished Fanfiction: Heheh, got at least 2, "Alterd Universe - Reawaking, Part 2" and the second story in Soul Reaver where Fugit tries to actually court Demona. **Shrug** Oh well. I'll get to them, eventually.

NIMH one of Servarious's experments? Hmmmm...

Blessed be! And sorry for just lurking here alot.

Durid the Druid - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 08:31:17 PM

**Glimmer strolls into CR singing "And the pheonix flys straight and high back to Avalon Now I'm on my way back where I belong..."**

Sorry about that, I've had way too many jelly beans.

TD- No spoilers, just want say that I'm really enjoying the stories in season 2.
I want to take this moment to give a standing ovation to the writers of #Sacred Paths# for the very accurate dipiction of Hopi life on Third Mesa.If anynoe wants to know more about life on Third Mesa, read Fred Kabotie's autobiography. It spans almost a century and talks about the changes the people of Hotevilla faced from an artist's point of veiw. The coauther is from my home town,which is the only reason our itty bitty library carries it.

Duece> Sanity is overrated anyway. And it's not a collage requirement so I won't be needing it back after all. Who knew?

Christine> Between your vivid writing on Dark Beauty and my overactive imagination I had a really freaky nightmare about being trapped in the lab during a riot. Translation- keep up the fantastic work!

Oops! Gotta run!

**Glimmer leaves CR via the closest exit and is chased out of the house by her sister who wants the Heart album Glimmer "borrwed" from her two years ago returned**

Boulder City, NV
Thursday, April 8, 1999 08:12:37 PM

Zath> I have it from an “inside source” that Dumlao gets to keep his pic (out of deference to his seniority), and the new admins get to make their own.
Deuce - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 08:11:33 PM

**Zath walks in carrying a large stack of ponchos, tarps, and plastic garbage bags with arm and head holes in them.**

Click my name for a little sketch of Brooklyn and Meyrt I did while practicing faces.

Aaron> What does Otaku mean? <<maybe a certain geneticist did some graduate work at NIMH, and now his creations are trying to track him down. >> I like, I like! Then we could toss in Pinky and the Brain (and Billy and Snowball if you felt the need) and have a battle of the genetically altered rodents. Then it could be revealed that Mickey was also one of the good doctor's early projects, and from there on in, things would start to get *really* strange...

Robby> <<sounds like an old Animaniacs bit to me. >> I thought the gag in Animaniacs was that the drive-in had a medium but no large.

DumlaoX> If you are retiring soon, should I send you my illustrated quote pics now, or should I just hold on to them until your replacement takes over? Also, when you retire, will you still get your own CR pic, or will you be forced to choose from the normal list like the rest of us poor saps? ; )

**Grinning evilly, Zath begins distributing the ponchos, tarps, and trash bags. "Better put these on everyone, because, next time I post, things are getting messy!" Zath cackles with glee and runs off to find Kenny and buy a couple gallons of gasoline...**

Bye for now.

Zath - [Clickie for a pickie]
Thursday, April 8, 1999 08:02:17 PM

Heather> Liked the preview. ^_^ BTW, I can't seem to find the URL for your web page. Could you please give it to me?

Deuc> I'm wondering just where you have the Slayer Senshi posted. I seemed to have missed the URL (Along with Heather's. *rolls eyes*

*------Spoilers for TD-------*

I loved it! I was almost hoping that maybe Sata and Brooklyn would get seppreated, and then we would have to worry about how long they were seperated. I mean, we know where they'll endf up, but it would be intresting to see something like that happen.
I like how it worked out though.
Someone brought up a good point, though. (Can't rember who.. sorry. I'm really really really bad with names.) Would not Li still be alive? Talk about fighting power against Madoc! And of course the pricless expressions of he clan when Brooklyn and Sata see a dragon and then joyfuly greet her. But then, where would Li have been hding all these years?
I enjoyed the plot twists as well.
Good job, TGS!
*-------End of spoilers------*
end of post.
^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ <----a hyper smiley. ^_^

GA, Xanth
Thursday, April 8, 1999 07:34:38 PM

**Kyryn appears**

Aaron Peterson> First, this is a comment room, not a chat room. Folks are not online here all the time. Second: there are a whole lot of folks here who are huge gargs fans (as evidenced by the writing of TGS). Come by, read awhile, don't yell (all caps is yelling), let Deuce take your sanity, and join the room.

Stephen> Don't worry too much about cost. I've got to find one first, but it probably won't run above $6.00 or so at most. Now, if you wanted Fred to sketch something, that would probably cost a bit. Yep, Radio Comix is on it's own. They put out such things as Genus, Furrlough, and a couple of others.

Aaron> Yes, I'm an SAAS member, but I haven't been able to make meetings since about November. I keep ending up in Dallas/Denton on weekends (something to do with my wedding in May).

Christine> I've got a butterscotch oatmeal cookie recipe somewhere if you'd like it.

Heather> I liked your preview.

Later All!

**Kyryn disappears**

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, April 8, 1999 07:07:37 PM

Just got back from clothes shopping: got two new t-shirts:
"I don't suffer from insanity — I enjoy every minute of it." and
"Normal people worry me."

Aaron> ["I wanted to ask if anyone here had ever read Merlin Missy's version of 'American Pie'..."] First day it was posting in AvMists. I loved it, and some friends and I actually performed it at a party (they knew AP, and I had Missy's lyrics). It depresses me sometimes, too. ["If I'm right, and Corbie is nothing but a plant by the Unseelie, what if Liz is too?"] Then Lex goes nuts and kills her, himself, and several innocent bystanders. :-)

Christine re: Bill of No Rights> *claps and whistles* _That's_ what we need. ["...whoever follows in your footsteps will have some big shoes to fill..."] No kidding. I think the replacements will be up to it, though.

Robby> ["Hmm, sounds like an old Animaniacs bit to me."] It is!

Athena> The hell you doing here, girl?! And besides, it's a _comment" room. Jeeze, I bring my friends in here, and look what they do.... :-P Talk to you later.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:56:05 PM

well... gargoyles rock... too bad they cancelled the show though... oh well... just have to live with it...
athena - []
edmonton, ab, canada
Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:52:53 PM

Aaron Peterson: Yes, as do most if not all of the inhabitants in this fine comment room. However, this isn't a chat room so please return when you have a proper comment.


As I was reading, I just kept thinking ‘no?’ ‘yes?’ ‘no?’ ‘yes?’. Now that I’ve finished reading, I can confirm it. This is my favourite episode of TGS in season 2. With one possible exception, this is the best episode of TGS. Full stop, as the NSPCC might add.

Packed with surprises, characters, plot twists, great writing… this is superb. I love it.

It seems such a waste if we’re not going to see Melchior, Soul, Haroun, Li, Darice and Agib though, because aside from Nicholas Maddox (in human form only), these are the best (and most vividly written) supporting characters that I can think of in TGS. How about a spin-off series, Anna & Rahsaan? :)

I can’t get over how cool this story is. In fact, I love it so much I’m off to read it again.

Because this rating thing looks fun, I’ll add my rating, an unsurprising 10. A masterpiece.


ED - []
London, England
Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:50:23 PM

anyone out there? WHO LIKES GARGOYLES AS MUCH AS i do?/!
aaron peterson
u.s.a.Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:36:22 PM

Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:23:13 PM

probabally the bigest gargoyle fan ever.
aaron peterson.
u.s.aThursday, April 8, 1999 06:19:12 PM

Checking out for another twenty hours or so.

Sobotka> Radio Comix is 100% independant from Antarctic Press, although it publishes some comics that were formerly AP's. Elin tends to get annoyed when people refer to "Radio Comix and it's parent company, Antarctic Press"


Aaron throws a smoke bomb at his feet and disappears in a cheezy special effect.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:13:43 PM

***** BEGIN RP *****

[Scene opens in the lobby of the Broadmoor Hotel, just as a person known as "Traveler" makes his way towards the hotel's front desk...]

Traveler just arrives at the desk, when a woman in a long, trenchcoat appears at his side.

"You are the one called Traveler?" she asks with a thick accented voice.

Traveler gives the newcomer a once-over. "Maybe... might I ask who you might be?"

"I was sent here by... the Ravens. Something has come up concerning 'him'," she says, looking around cautiously. "But, we can't speak of it here. Doug said for me to bring you to him. There is a vehicle waiting just outside."

Traveler is suspicious, but he decides to follow along with this, at least until he can confirm this woman is part of the Ravens. "Lead on."

She motions towards one of the hallways, leading to a side entrance of the hotel, and together she and Traveler leave...

***** PAUSE RP *****

KYRYN - Wow! Elin started her own comic book publishing company? Or is Radio Comix still tied to Antarctic somehow?

You're still getting that GD comic for me? Cool! How much will I owe you?

AARON, Re: CORBIE/LIZ - Interesting theory.

UNFINISHED FANFIC: Ugh, I thought I held the market on that! I still have my "Generations Quest" arc to finish, and several crossovers that got started, then left to stew. Plus, I have to get back to finishing some "missing" chapters of my "DeGuy Saga" as well... wish I could write like I did when I first started.

HEATHER - Nice spoiler! Can I proofread your "Ariana" fic when you finish it?

LATEST TD EPS - Great work! What more can I say? :)

And after all of that...

***** RESUME RP *****

Traveler and the woman exit the Broadmoor, coming out into a parking lot where a strange looking car awaits.

Something about it sets off Traveler's inner klaxon. "Wait one minute!"

The lady turns around. "Is something wrong?"

Traveler reaches for a cell phone, pulling it out. "I want to double check with Doug myself, if you don't mind?" He barely pushes the autodial, when a blast of bio-energy shoots the cell phone out of his hand. Looking up, he is shocked to see the woman standing there, her hand replaced with a Borg weapon array.

"Actually, my master Guod would rather you did not!" All around the woman, several Borg fighters appear from behind masking fields, surrounding Traveler.

Muttering a curse, Traveler tries to slip out through a dimentional-fold, but finds he can't.

"Master Guod adapted us to block your ability to manipulate space and time," the female explains. With a wave of her hand, she commands the Borg. "Assimilate him."

Before any of the Borg can react, the roar of a powerful grav-system cuts through the air, and a familiar red-and-chrome hoverbike barrels into the midst of them, crushing two Borg under the overpressure of it's anti-gravity "foot".

The tall rider spins the 'bike around, growling to Traveler, "Get on!"

Shocked for a second, Traveler quickly complies by leaping onto the rear-most part of the seat.

The female Borg shouts, "Stop them! Assimiate them!"

This time, Borg assimilation tentacles whip out towards the two on the bike, but the are foiled by the multi-colored nimbus of a shield that stops them. The Borg try to adapt, but none of them can break through the shield!

"Jess you are a genius!" the tall man says to himself, reaching under his leather "bomber" to remove two .50 caliber Desert Eagles. "Steer the bike!" he shouts to Traveler, gunning the throttle with his feet as he takes aim with his pistols.

"R-Right!" Traveler replies, taking the control grips just as the bike shoots forward. As the Borg attempt to stop their escape, the tall man blasts away with his weapons, the heavy slugs tearing the Borg apart. Soon, they are out on the street beyond, free and clear.

The female watches their flight, then looks at the fallen Borg. "We failed. Back to Master Goud!" The Borg collect their fallen and vanish into a portal...


Out on the street, the tall man looks over his shoulder and holsters his heavy pistols. "Perfect! We're clear of that b@#%$ interference," the tall man comments. "Can you get us to the Onslaught?"

Traveler blinks, then replies, "Sure, but why?"

"Will explain when we get there," the tall man replies. "By the way, names' Big Jake."

"Just call me Traveler!"

[The Scene closes as a space-fold envelopes the two and the 'bike, and they disappear from sight in a flash...]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 06:02:14 PM

I just had a horrible thought. If I'm right, and Corbie is nothing but a plant by the Unseelie, what if Liz is too? I don't think Lex can take any more betrayl from people who were supposed to be his friends.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:59:26 PM

Say whatever happened to the Illustrated Quotes page for TGS? Did anyone send in any pictures? (I would but I can't draw to save my life.)
Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:45:03 PM

Sorry, I got so excitied.

I don't know when my dad might even find my computer....**growls** I hope soon though.

Brianna > Are you the artist on Alison's page ? Did you get my e-mail ?

Heather - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:40:07 PM

Here's a sneak peak of 'Pretty Solder Ariana'.

" So. Are you going to walk into the castle and pretend you're that odango-head ?" Graeme asked with a grin.
He laughs. " They got the most stupid things of how to henshin into fukus. Like that "Moon *Cryis* Power, Make-up!"
Ariana growls at him that her eyes glow red. " It's Moon Crisis Power, Make-Up !"
Then that's when it happen.
A small heart shape broach went into the air and flashes brightly. Ariana turns a dark shimmery pink color and turned her left side so that the broach is placed on her chest and red ribbons appear from it.
She spins around with her arms over her head and white light appear from her taloned feet and shoot up as she spinned around, the light made the white part of her fuku.
Then her skirt, shoulder flaps, gloves, and tiara appeared. The last thing that appeared on her head was three crystal balls on her hair. She spinned around and a cresent moon appears behind her.
Her brother looks at her with his eyes as big as golf balls. "How did..."
He faints right at her feet.
Ariana looks at her taloned hands only to see white gloves over them. "Mother !"

Heather - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:38:27 PM

Stormy< its one week that the polls are open..i forgot what day it started though so i cant say when we end..anyone else??

Christine< *bangs her head on wall* customers..geez..aww? No three parter INSTANTLY?? you mean? *mock pouts* i have to..*gasp* BE PATIENT?? Oooooooohhhhhhh..:P *G* IM sure that will be worth it.

*hopes that they will have a cool lil part between Lex and Liz soon..*

mabye like..a lil part where Lex is talking to Liz..HEY mabey she can put the moves on him?? lightly of course..but ya know..enough that we start wondering if she DOES like him more then a friend...hmm that would be a neat sceen to do. I can think of better though. *GRINS* OK nuff of that

MEDIUM FRY< ok mabey ONE day it exsited..but not anymore..not for a long time..*shudders realizing she JUST cursed herself* well i hope anyway. FOR now though ppl's dont be ordering the medium..order the large.

lil reminder VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! *g*

hmm well gotta go to pick up film and work:P..why cant i wake up!!!! *grumbles*

BYE!! *waves*

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:18:57 PM

**Mandi comes in the room, dressed up and wearing a button that says "Please ask me why I'm not speaking." A couple of regulars get irritated by her silence, and she passes out cards with the following printed on them:**

"National Day of Silence

"Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. People who are silent today believe that laws and attitudes should be inclusive of people of all sexual orientations. The Day of Silence is to draw attention to those who have been silenced by hatred, oppression, and prejudice. Think about the voices you are not hearing. What can you do to end the silence?"

**There is another pause, then Mandi realizes that posting in a comment room doesn't count and begins the real post.**

If you haven't guessed, I've been going nuts today trying to communicate to people without breaking the Day of Silence. I cheated during work-study this morning to keep my supervisor from strangling me. At least I'll be able to talk again before I go run house for the opening night of the play...


Slayer Senshi> Doug, I loved it when we found out who your third Slayer was! LOL! But there's something interesting I'd like to note about this crossover: you avoided the tendency that most crossover writers (like me) have to make the characters from both shows meet and trade stories by the end of it. It seems like that's the standard plotline in any and all crossovers - including mine, but that's because I like doing that in mine. So it's actually kind of refreshing that you didn't have the Manhattan Clan directly run into the Scooby Gang. Especially interesting was who, precisely, Brumley was looking wonder they replaced Giles with an incompetent like Wesley.

Dark Beauty> As always, Christine, an awesome story, and it's only part one! I'm glad you decided to post it in parts, because I'd be going crazy waiting if I had any idea it was going to be that good. Ventura's attitude was well done, as was Angela's slight resentment towards Goliath having another daughter leading into the main conflict. And of course, the ending with Gabriel of all people claiming to be responsible...I can't wait to hear the explanation for this one.

On a side note, I also liked Owen's job description for Birdie: "Roberta Yale, professional nuisance." *snerk* I know you say she's the closest thing to a Mary Sue you write, but Birdie is a great character.


Robby> Aww, hope you feel better. You know, it's funny, I was just distracting my prof in Renaissance Lit when we were discussing popular references, and explained to him about half the people at G98 yelling "Forty-two!" when someone mentioned a magic number. Then, of course, I had to explain the reference to the poor man. (First one of his students nicknames him the Italian Leprechaun, then he has to listen to an explanation of Douglas Adams...)

Unfinished fanfic> Oh, don't even get me STARTED on got so bad I wrote another creativity demon fic before my Satire exam to preserve my sanity... :)

Anyway, that is all. I must be going, or I'll be late for class. Then I have a paper to write in two hours, then a play to help manage, then a journal to update....*sigh*

It must be a Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. :)

Mandi Ohlin - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:15:42 PM

"Kidnap the Sandy Claws"-From The Nightmare Before Christmas
Robby th CR DJ
Thursday, April 8, 1999 02:43:34 PM

I'm back... But not completley better. You'd be amazed what sleeping for 13 hours in front of a fan set on high can do to a fever... Gads I hate being sick... On the upside, since I was sick this morning I got to miss school, even though I could potentially make it now...

Lets see... Room offline this weekend... Okay...

Deuce- "Then wouldn't your large be a medium?" "Uh, I'll have to ask my manager..." Hmm, sounds like an old Animaniacs bit to me.

Estra- I've seen Iria. Heck, I've seen the live action version.

Spike- A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference! Man, those just pop up all over the place... (Suddenly from nowhere, an alien comes from nowhere, looks at me and begins."
"Robby Bevard?"
"Robert JOHN Bevard?"
"The second?"
"You're a jerk. A real knee biter." And then the alien leaves.

Wilek- I'll get to hunting for it but eee... WHy do you people keep having me hunt for obscure things that are probably only on the actual soundtracks and not in midi form...? Ah well, with this one there's hope since you've heard it before...

Sorow- The only credit I give The Land Before Time sequals is Spike's one line in one of them, which was one of the greatest moments in anything ever.

Aaron- Gads, the idea of the NIMH rats being the results of Sevarius' work...

This week's TD story- Gads, I miss talking about these things. But I'm too dang likely to slip up somehow, knowing myself... Ah well... In just a couple more weeks I'll have plenty to talk about...

Thursday, April 8, 1999 02:29:46 PM

I posted a long something in the Curse of the Shadow Beasts Comment Room (clickie or go to which many of you, especially our more cynical friends like Pistoff and SJ, might really be able to relate to ... It's called the Bill of No Rights, forwarded to me by a friend, and it is definitely worth checking out. I tell ya, I agree with every damn thing in it ... where do I sign?

Lexy > a few more McD's horror stories for ya ... friend of mine used to have frequent conversations that went as follows:

Sean: May I help you?
Customer: Ketchup, please.
Sean: How many?
Customer (blank look): No, _ketchup_!"
Sean: How many ketchup?
Customer: Uhhhhh ... a lot?

Same guy would later lose his job after a woman placed her order, he turned around to check something, he turned back, she snidely said, "I thought this was _fast_ food," and he yelled into her face, "It's fast, not _instant_!"

Dark Beauty > thanks for the feedback, and while there will be more of Ventura in the future, there is no Part Three immediately forthcoming (fast, not instant <g>). I have some other things in the works first. Stay tuned!

Spike > hey, how about sending me your oatmeal raisin cookie recipie? The one I have just isn't right.

DumlaoX > just wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job and whoever follows in your footsteps will have some big shoes to fill ... is that a mixed metaphor or not? Ooh, I need sleep ...

Christine - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 02:20:08 PM


I didn't post anything last week on Part 1 so that I could judge the entire story together rather than as seperate parts. Overall I have to say that it was a very good story.

Brooklyn was acting like a complete jerk in the very beginning of the story, and while I could understand his frustration, I do think that he should have had a little more self control. Also he should have had some more manners when he was in the sanctuary because after all he was a guest there.

I also felt the emotion throughout the first part of the story where Brooklyn and Sata were seperated from each other. It was very well done.

The second part was also very good in it's introduction of the misunderstood beings. Melchior's disbelief after Sata accidentally first tells him about the future was very realistic. I don't think I have to say that I was very happy to see the Brooklyn/Sata reunion although I had wished that the circumstances would have been a little different (meaning I wished they weren't in a Caliph's prision). I'm glad that the obvious route of having Brooklyn break in and rescue Sata wasn't taken, that it was given a little bit of a twist. However I don't think however that Brooklyn would be so reckless as to attack Soul at the point when he did. The ending was a happy one at least with everyone ending up free and playing their role in the timeline.

What I would have loved to have found out is if inside the sorcophicus that Melchior built, if he had placed a chronicle of the entire story, of his life and of the lives of those first few misunderstood sanctuary keepers in hopes that one day it would be found and that Sata would find out the ultimate fate of her friends.

(I wonder though, Melchior is probably long gone although he probably did live longer than his human friends. But what about Li? He is a dragon but was only a child at the time, equivilent to 5 years old, so if that was only a thousand years ago or less shouldn't he still be around being only around the equivilent of 25 - 30 years old? And if he is wouldn't he make a good ally to the clan against the Unseelie?)

The one thing that took away from the story (and this is no one's fault) is that I knew that Sata would find Brooklyn and that after that they would eventually continue on with their adventures because after all on Monday she was playing poker with Goliath, Brooklyn, and Elisa in HOMECOMING. It takes away a bit from the suspence. Like I said, it's no one's fault, the writing was excellent and it was an interesting adventure, it's just that I, we, all knew what would be the eventual result.

(That's the major problem that I usually have with prequels, we already know what's going to happen to the character. If DARK AGES had actually been made instead of TGC, I still would have watched it but it wouldn't have been as exciting since we know that most of the characters would die in 994 and that the survivors would move on to become the characters we know from the main show. That's not to say that it wouldn't have been interesting in the information it might have revealed and in the adventures it might have shown, it's just that every time I would see Goliath or Demona or Coldstone in 971, I would remember what they would be in 1994 so any danger they would be in wouldn't mean much.)


Just want to remind everyone to go vote at the USA poll. We are in the last few days of voting and seem to have been sliding. It would be a shame to lose after finally reaching the last vote. So if you haven't voted, get out and vote!

QUESTION: How long are Brooklyn and Sata going to get by with their "Our memories have turned to swiss cheese" explination? I mean Lex is already suspisious and the twins seem to make the occasional slip up. Not to mention that every time Brooklyn and Sata talk about the future in the castle, they run the risk of Xanatos getting a recording of the conversation. (Even if it were in Japanese, I don't think he would have a problem having it translated.) And what will Lex's reaction be if or when he finds out the Brooklyn knew about the future, knew about what was going to happen to him, and did nothing?

Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, April 8, 1999 02:19:19 PM

Sorry about that, one of the lawyers decided it would be okay to grab me during my lunch and send me out for food.

Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone here had ever read Merlin Missy's version of "American Pie", "The Day that Gargoyles Died" I think of this every time I hear "American Pie" and it always gets me a bit depressed. But this place cheers me back up again, knowing that the show didn't die, it just moved.

Today is also a bit sad for me in that it marks the end of trenchcoat season. It has finally gotten too hot to wander around south Texas in a full leather trenchcoat, even for me. So now I'm trying out my sleeveless trenchcoat. I like to think that even if I did ever morph into a garg, I could still wear this coat.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:51:36 PM

Hey, all. Just checking in again.

Zath> I didn't have time to answer this earlier. I've actually read Rasco and..., though not in the last few years. I knew there were literary sequels. The idea of a sequel is not what I object to. It's the *way* they did it that bugs me. But, speaking of NIMH, isn't NIMH in New York? Maybe the Eyrie Building should have some new lodgers... Who knows, maybe a certain geneticist did some graduate work at NIMH, and now his creations are trying to track him down.

Toku Kaito> I'd like to know who's in charge of green-lighting projects for HBO. Sometimes they get gems like OZ and Sopranos, and sometimes..... they give Bakshi money to make Spicy City.

Kyryn> You know Elin? Kewl! Are you perchance, an SAAS member? We might have even met in RL and not known.

Later, people. I've gotta run pick up Tuna subs for the bossman.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:25:11 PM

Bummer. My image didn't work in that last post. It was supposed to be Atalanta. Well let's try another one. Here's Sharon Nimura (if this image works).
Jen - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:08:35 PM

Stormy> The voting percent does seem to be falling suspiciously fast. I wonder if a bunch of Tick fans figured out that you can vote more than once so long as you don't vote from the same computer twice in succession. "Check the vote count so far" link before you vote and you'll see what I mean. If you try to vote twice in a row it won't take it but if you've allowed enough time for others to vote after you, the vote count will advance. (You have to dismiss the vote count box before you vote or it won't refresh). I suppose a 'bot that votes once every ten minutes could make a big difference given enough time. USAWeekend still has a few bugs to work out if they want to keep people honest. And I think the voting goes on through Friday night because that's the way it's been before.
Jen - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:02:37 PM

Ummmm...should we tell Jon here about his distant cousin Luc? Naahhhhh....


Luc and Cyrway run across the street, devouring their sandwiches as they go...they burst into the control room of the radio antenna and there sits, with a surprised look on her pretty face, Jennifer Cyrway, the most popular girl in Winslow High School.
LUC: My God! She's related to you?!
JENNIFER: Unfortunately...
CYRWAY: You must be stopped! You're killing everyone with...*picks up a cd off the counter* Mariah Carey! *drops it as if burnt.*
JENNIFER: I must stop YOU! You're the one who tortures everyone with your stupid Hawkwind!
*CYRWAY and LUC gasp.*
CYRWAY: Wait a minute, you like Monster Magnet, right?
*Jennifer nods.*
CYRWAY: Well, I talked to them personally on Halloween...
CYRWAY: And their idols are Hawkwind...
JENNIFER: NO! YOU LIE! *screams.*
LUC: *pulls out his music gun.* We must stop her, Cyrway!
JENNIFER: You can't do this to me! I will prevail!
CYRWAY: when you took my Smashing Pumpkins cds and our stepfather Ray had to yell at you for me to get it back!
JENNIFER: Well...that's different...


MST3K: I've MST3K'ed my own Garg fics...I've got to post up the version of "No Mouth"...

Kitty From Hell: Cal likes eating anything that he can get his mouth on...from napkins to towels to my finger...just found out he can't have tuna fish juice or else he'll start barfing...I finally found the contact case he hid on me...he wouldn't leave my feet alone when I try to go to sleep...he wants to type with me when I work on fics...plays with my pencils while I'm using them...sigh...yes, I love my cat.

THREE FICS I WANT TO GET OUT BY THE END OF THIS MONTH: "Habeas Corpus", which was supposed to be out in January, "SC: The Sword", which is almost finished, and "Rift: Truth or Dare Part 2", which is really trucking now...and Traveler's already guessed the outcome of that one...

CYRWAY: You are interfering with people's tastes! You blocked out all that is good! Black Sabbath! Metallica!
JENNIFER: Not all Metallica...Load and Reload will still play...
LUC: *Dr. Smith-esque* The pain, the pain...
CYRWAY: You must be stopped! *pulls out her own orgone accumulator* Jenn, I'm gonna give you one chance...shut down the radio jammer...
JENNIFER: Um, let me think about that--no.
LUC: *sing song voice.* Don't say we didn't warn you! *blasts her with "Damnation Alley". She screams and falls on the floor.*
CYRWAY: *looks down at her fallen sister.* Mom's not gonna be happy...
*Jennifer suddenly pops back up, holding her version of the music gun.*
JENNIFER: For messing up my hair, take THAT! *blasts the two wannabe Hawklords with Spice Girls "If You Want To Be My Lover"...the two drop their weapons and cover their ears...*


*Portland...The Annual Champion Eternal Get-together has decided to move on and now is invading what is known as the Old Port...Great Big Sea is happening to be playing at Stone Coast Brewery.*
WHIT: I heard heavenly music, byes! Follow me!



Cyrway - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:55:47 PM

OUr vote's still falling...we're now at 75% for Gargoyles...still a good
winning margin but I don't like this sudden rise in Tick votes.

So if you haven't voted yet, do so now!

Does anyone know how many days voting goes on? When is the final
winner announced?

Stormy - [<--VOTE!!]
Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:45:48 PM

Hitchhiker's Guide reference>>> Actually, Doug got it first but since he's allergic to chocolate, Deuce, I don't he'll mind if you eat the cookie.

**wanders into the kitchen to make oatmeal-raisin cookies**
Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:05:02 PM

*reads posts* Oh my God. I am the first to get Spike's reference!

*accepts chocolate cookie* For the record, it was Ford Prefect in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (first book) who said that you should always carry a towel.

Deuce - [mmm... chocolate....]
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:09:04 AM

Spike> ["a fresh-baked choklit chip cookie for that reference"] Oh, c'mon... too easy... even though it's already been answered, I'd like to point out that I gotit immediately. *folds towel, places under feet*


Wilek> ["Melchior made a sarcophagus for Sata just because he'd never see her again?"] I think it was two reasons: one, she was "dead" to him, and he had begun to value her as a good friend. The legend of him "loving" her could have changed over time. Second, it was to fulfill what Sata had seen: he may not have done it without knowing he was supposed to.

CR going down: *sobs* Oh, well, I'll be in the Can Clan room. They're not sane in there, are they? *wiggles eyebrows*

Kyryn> The Office bar succumbs to at least a .30-.30, but deleting it from the StartUp menu works, too. :-)

DumlaoX> Join the ranks of us Lynx users! You will never go back to graphical browsers! *laughs manically* Seriously, my only 'Net connect last summer was via Lynx, on a guest account. You would not believe you inventive you get when you can't directly type in URLs.

Pistoff> ["..if he treats too many people the way he
treated you, somebody just might arrange such an accident."] Hehehe... I've thought about that. Thanks for the support.

Guess that's all for now. Further post this aft', when I get 80 minutes of computer time. >:-)

** leaves, burning an effigy of the Psycho Asshole Driver from Hell. **

Deuce - []
City of Champions (Calgary BLOWS!), Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 8, 1999 10:07:39 AM

Hi everyone.

I'm still looking for a second beta-reader for my stories, so if you're interested please email me.

Christine: Dark Beauty was a great story. Can't wait for the next in your series.

*****Spoilers for Menagerie Part 2*****
This was a good episode, although I don't feel that it ranks among the best work TGS has done. And yet again we get to see a dragon!!! I was glad to see some good character moments for Brooklyn and Sata, but I think that Mesrour was just not that good of a bad guy. And having him be responsible for the death of Soul's wife seemed like a bit of a stretch to me. Also, I don't think that you could really call the Caliph's collection of two creatures (Darice and Melchior) a Menagerie. His collection was supposedly well known, but in fact only consisted of several creatures.
*****End Spoilers*****

Thought for the Day: "Being an American, I also know where my strength lies, and thats in being as heavily armed as possible at all times."

T. J. Veil - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 05:43:53 AM

Jonathon: Well, it serves that twit right for coming in there in her underwear. What's with these people, anyway? I'm always delivering to people who walk out on the porch in their boxer shorts ... it's always a guy ... and his schlong is hanging out through the opening. In the middle of winter. When it's REALLY COLD outside.

$5.25/hour? Oh my god! That sucks! You're the one doing the hard work, you're the one dealing with all the idiots and scumbags, so you should be paid more. Hazard pay, maybe. It isn't right that the "suits" who never leave their cushy offices, never set foot in the place where you work, and always think up idiotic new ways to complicate your life, make so damn much money. Screw those people!

"But I'm DESPERATE!" "Run." LMAO!!

Kitainia: Thanks for the good luck wish, and also for the stupid-customer stories. People are amazing, aren't they? Say, the next time those dolts on the balcony start knocking on the window, maybe you could go out there and "accidentally" push them off. "Oopsie! I didn't mean to-"


"Oh, um ... never mind." :)

Lexy: Oh my god! I'm glad I don't work at McDonald's! I had one of their Big Macs about seven years ago, and I can still taste it ... Um, anyway, the one about people ordering a Whopper Jr. reminded me of something ...

People are always coming up to our drive-up window and ordering burgers. Now, they have to drive past a sign at the entrance to the parking lot, which has a Pizza Hut logo on it, and there a gigantic sign out front that has the Pizza Hut logo on it, and we've got promo-posters and banners all over the outside of the building, and each has a Pizza Hut logo. Well, people are always driving right past that stuff and coming up to the window and saying, "I want a <insert name of burger here>." I always give 'em some variation of "Fine, go to a burger place and get as many as your little heart desires." Then I close the window in their faces.

Deuce: Sorry about that asshole driver. If there's any justice in the universe, he'll be run over by his own bus. And if he treats too many people the way he treated you, somebody just might arrange such an accident.

Coyote: "Psycho Chicken" LMAO ... while shuddering nervously at the same time. That's one scary son of a bitch. I think Hunter Thompson said it best--"On some days you wonder what it all means. And on some days you find out. It's like suddenly seeing a huge black pig in your headlights when you're running 80 miles an hour on ice." Somebody needs to get that guy into custody as quickly as possible.

I've got a paranoid customer, too. She used to live in a motel. Fortunately, another driver got to meet her first. Apparently, she didn't want him getting too close to the door. She told him to wait out by his car while she wrote the check out. Then he found out she'd written the check to the wrong pizza place (I don't remember which one it was, just that it wasn't Pizza Hut). He asked her to write another one, and she kept insisting that he stay away from the door. He went out and leaned against his car while he waited. Then, when he was on his way back, she called us and started screaming, "He was standing too close to the door! He was standing too close to the door!"

I got to deliver to her the next day. Oh yeah. I knocked on her door and she came out in her pink bathrobe and almost walked right over me. "C'mon down here." She went down the stairs and started walking across the parking lot. "We'll do this over here." She stopped by the laundry room. "Over here!"

I took my cattle prod out and held it in plain sight for this one. Just in case. It made me that paranoid, yes it did.

Doug: "You wouldn't believe some of the horror stories I heard from the cashiers who did encounter customers regularly." Um ... yeah, actually, I would. ;)

Stockroom boy, eh? You lucky bastard! That's my dream job. Well, anything that would keep me from dealing with the public would be my dream job. Ahh, blessed silence ... :)

Pistoff - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:44:02 AM

Heh. For the first time, I'm posting here via my Mac laptop. It has a black and white screen, so I figure I'll use a text based browser here. Looks nice for what it's worth, though it neglects to skip spaces. Ah well.
ROBBY-- Test? If you can access the site during the weekend, sure. Otherwise, I think you'll be fine.
DOUG-- backstory? You'll have it soon enough.
DEUCE-- Love what you're gonna do for the site soon. I really do.
WILEK-- my ROM list mailed to you soon.

DumlaoX - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:05:34 AM

Heh. For the first time, I'm posting here via my Mac laptop. It has a black and white screen, so I figure I'll use a text based browser here. Looks nice for what it's worth, though it neglects to skip spaces. Ah well.

DOUG-- backstory? You'll have it soon enough.

WILEK-- my ROM list mailed to you soon.

DumlaoX - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 03:01:45 AM


**Kyryn comes in looking rather peeved. She spots Dis and Sli standing at opposite ends of the room and shoulders her electron pulse cannon. "Ha! You can't get us both at once!" Dis shouts. She merely smiles, casually points the weapon straight up, and pulls the trigger. A bolt of bluish lightning explodes towards the top of the room, forks halfway up and zaps both Dis and Sli. Kyryn grins nastily as the two corpses jitter and fry from the discharge. "That's for various connection problems and Robby and Jaden's sickness."

**END RP**

Stephen> Actually, Elin owns Radio Comix. Click my name to get to their site. BTW, Fred Perry has been confirmed as a guest at A-Kon 10. I'm still trying to find a copy of GD #28 to get signed for you.

Aaron> Yep, Elin is Queen of the Fanboys. She, and I(the Klingon Bunny), and Amazon Goddess, typically have to beat fanboys off with sticks at A-Kon. We usually try to be nice, but when a guy with sicko-puppydog eyes asks you and every other woman around if you want your feet rubbed (for the seventh time in an hour), you have to do something.
Asking a girl to be her 'ninja'?> Well, I've personally never seen it work. Of course, I'm a former member of the Black Legion (A-Kon Security), so I usually do my own ninja work.

Stupid Customers> I used to get crazy people in a public library I worked in in high school. We had one who wrote threatening letters to the then President and got himself hauled off to jail by the Feds. We also had one who cam up to the counter shortly before closing and told me he had a knife and was 'not going back to the crazy house'. I hit the panic button under the counter, but the off-duty police officer who was there couldn't do anything since the guy was about 6 inches away from me. I never saw a knife, so I don't know if he really had one or not, but I finally told him that he needed to leave the library because the books had to go to sleep. It worked. He left. I then collapsed into a scared heap. I don't know what happened after that, but I never saw him in the building again.

Lexy> Years ago (as in fifteen or twenty), I seem to remember that McDonalds did have a medium fry. I haven't eaten at one in years, though.

Deuce> 'Takes a shotgun to his Office shortcut bar' - LOL - I know how you feel. I was installing Office on a couple of our machines the other day and had to figure out how to get rid of the bleeping Toolbar.

Dumlao> Politics> I agree with you although most of it makes me depressed as well as angry, neither of which is a good thing.

Christine> Great job, as always. Looking forward to more down the road.

Heather> Good start on the story idea.

Kaioto> If you're referring to what I think you are with the CIA-- we made that illegal back in 1972.

Coyote> The wall socket blew up?!? Wow! I'm glad that both you and your house are ok.

Glimmer> Welcome!


Interesting paradox: Sata sees sarcophagus. Tells Melchior about it. Therefore, when Sata leaves, Melchior makes sarcophagus. Kinda reminds me of the 'Kirk's glasses question in Star Trek IV.
I loved the twist on Soul's character. That was a lovely bit of misdirection.


Whoops! I'm up far too late for the time I have to get up today. Night All!

**Kyryn jumps out the nearest window**

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:23:11 AM


The screen comes on with a cave during the Ice Age. One of the Neanderthals who live in the cave rushes in and grunts something at his chief that roughly translates, "Demons! Men with black boils talking in a strange tongue! They ride saber-toothed tigers, wooly mammoths, indricotheriums, brontotheriums, and wooly rhinos with same affliction. They come this way!" "We the last tribe of Neanderthals to not die in the Ice Age," the chief grunts back. "What could these demons want?" "Oh, nothing," says Borg-Todd, suddenly entering the cave with the other Borg-drones behind him. "We've just crossed time to assimiliate you." The cavepeople look at him in shock, and Borgis snaps his fingers. The Borg's tentacles shoot out and assimilate the Neanderthals before they know what is going on. "We Borg!" the chief grunts when the deed is done. "We serve you!" "Good," says Borg-Stewart. "Let's get these guys back to base."

The screen changes to the Onslaught, where Doug is looking at the cell-phone. "Dog-Boy?" he asks. "Jaden, does that name mean anything to you?" "No," the werewolf shakes his head. "Anyone who calls me that deserves whatever he gets." "Maybe he means Coyote," says Lathrop. "Coyote, Dog, you know?" "Maybe," Doug nods. He dials another number, calling Coyote. "Coyote, hi. You and the Rav doing okay? Good. Listen, there's this guy who called us, said someone named Dogboy could vouch for him. You know who he's talking about? It's you? Ooh, this guy sounds tough, hope we meet up with him soon. Okay, thanks, bye." Doug hangs up and turns to the group. "Coyote and his team are still recovering from their last conflict, they'll be out of action for a while longer. On the plus side, that guy who called is a tough friend of Coyote's named Big Jake." "Big Jake?" Cobra asks. "Not the Big Jake?" "Probably." "Oh God, we're gonna run into a living legend. That guy is the toughest biker alive. Even my bro Snake couldn't hold a candle to him." "I hope he'll be an asset," Doug says. "But whether or not, there's always room for one more." Everyone nods in agreement, and Doug turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone. As I said I would be, I'm back. Sorry to hear the CR will be down this weekend and the 16-19th of April as well (heard this in the main room from Gore). I know the upgrades will benefit our server, though, so I can deal. $ As RP head, though, I must declare the saga officially on hold during those times in which the CR will be down. Just so we keep this in the same place, know what I mean? $ I will be visiting the Can clan comment room during the downtime using Spike's link (Thanks!) if others are also there (but those will just be regular posts, no RPing. <sigh> )

JEB: Yep, the Wasteland is a weird poem. I'll take Frost and Kipling over Eliot any day. And Wordsworth's Daffodills of course (that's my favorite poem, along with Kipling's If and Frost's Stopping by Woods and Road Not Taken). Good luck getting your fic up soon. I'm looking forward to it.

Fic News: Just so all know, my story "Through the Ages" has somehow vanished from the archive at GFW. I tried to repost it, but got an error and Chris should be working on fixing the problem very soon. In the meantime, please send me an e-mail if you want to read this tale of Brooklyn and Agony. I will send you a .html copy. And of course I'll repost the fic when the error gets fixed. In other news, it's going to be quite a while before I get "The Hostage- Part 1: Runaway" posted. I've started on it, but the professors are hitting me hard with papers and other stuff this month and I won't be able to do any more work on the fic until after this weekend. :( Plus I have a lot to cover in it- Setup for Part 2, Jade's latest plot, flashbacks to Nikki's history (with other good dragons as guest stars), some development on Demona and Macbeth, and a requiem for Renard (he's one of the many hostages in the fic who will be freed, and of course I'll have several scenes taken from the excellent TGS ep "Offers" to highlight his funeral along with my own ideas). So this one will be a long time in coming. But don't worry, it should be worth the wait.

Fay Powers: *Mild spoilers for latest TGS ep* I think the fay have to actually try to do something before they can. That means Madoc doesn't naturally see magic auras, he has to look for them. And since he didn't, he didn't see the link between Demona and Macbeth. Also from this perspective, Demona and Macbeth's immortality is a spell on them that Madoc would have to cancel before he could kill them. Madoc got overconfident and just killed them without looking for the reason why they were still alive first. Clear evidence that he's not thinking, and that he's got a major weakness. Hope it helps the good guys take him down. *mild spoilers end*

Christine: Excellent job on Dark Beauty 2, I think it's one of your best works yet. For more detailed comments, see Kitainia's earlier post. Great plot, flashbacks, and character development. I also look forward to seeing more of Ventura in fics to come.

Heather: Thanks very much for getting my pic done. Please e-mail it to me as soon as possible so I can critique.

Argent: The terms -san, -sama, -kun, and -chan are Japanese slang, I think. -san is used to refer to a friend, -sama a leader and/or respected person (as in samurai), -chan and -kun are love terms for female and male children respectively. All are placed after the person's name. If I'm wrong here, someone who knows Japanese culture better should feel free to correct me. <grin>

Slyvia: Glad to see you back in here. Thanks for letting us know you're still alive.

Fighting Game Characters: I don't play fighting games that much, they're not my style. Jojo's Venture is the only one I've ever beat (I beat it with Jotaro, only cost me two bucks worth of quarters, and I never had to use a super move. Either the game's too easy or I am a god). I agree that female characters are usually the cooler ones in these games. Faster, better-looking, easier to learn, blah blah blah. I like watching Kitainia play as one of them and kick serious @$$.

Jaden: Ack, hope you're not really dying. I'd hate to lose someone who's become a good friend. Please get better soon. You have my prayers, man.

Pistoff: Like Kitainia said, I'm a stockroom boy. As such, I don't have to deal with customers that much. And the ones I have met were not stupid, luckily. Same deal at my last job as the fryer-man at our local Jack in the Box. I didn't meet customers that much, nor did I get to know if any of the ones I did were the stupid annoying kind. You wouldn't believe some of the horror stories I heard from the cashiers who did encounter customers regularly. Oh wait, it looks like stories similar to them have already been posted in here. Never mind. :) Glad to hear the latest chapter of Gargs- 2k is up. Very soon I will go read and enjoy. And sorry, but I don't think Bevo's has any openings right now.

DumlaoX: Thanks for posting your reasons. I understand them, but will still miss your work on TGS. Glad you'll still be in here. $ Your RP character needs viruses to live? Better post a backstory on him soon, man. You're really tickling my curiosity. :) $

GO: see this movie. Pun intended, of course. Kitainia said it all in her post, it was great. Not your typical film, but great. Good music, good acting, good cinematography, good characters and plots. It was worth going out on a school night for. <grin>

Blue: That's not just you. Kitainia also hates female characters whose body parts are exgaggerated beyond belief. As for the Star Wars game, it's basically a shooter type. With two stages that are lightsaber duels. Hope the line goes down soon so you can play it, the game itself is very cool.

Kaioto: $ Our own RP villains? Yes, several of us have written in those. Our enemies from RL make frequent appearances. Guod is also my creation, so are most of his Borg (even though they were based on others' characters). Kitainia created Asil, and Kharsus is our friend Keith's brainchild and a recent big villain from our weekly AD&D games. We liked him so much we had to throw him into the mix. If you want to add your own villains, feel free. Just remember to please not kill this room's other RP posters without first getting their okay (and I doubt he'll get that, right guys? :) $

Robby: You're sick, too? Ack. Hope you soon get better. Prayers out to you, too, man.

Spike: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, right? And since I'm allergic to chocolate, I'll take a mega-sugar-bomb oatmeal raisin cookie instead. <grin>


Menagerie Pt. 2: Great job on Part 2, TGS Staff. Excellent development on Brooklyn and Sata, and a very well-written and easy-to-follow plot. I also enjoyed the characters of Melchior, Darice, Soul, and Haroun. They were developed very well, and if we never see them again they will be greatly missed. :) In the meantime, the ep gets 10/10, thumbs way way up. Thanks for the entertainment, and keep up the fantastic work.


Okay, that's all. Better get some sleep now. Later, people!!


Doug turns back to the team, to find Kitainia speaking to Wilek on a cell phone. "Thanks for the offer, Rho," she's saying. "We'll consider it. But for now Jerry stays caged up, guarded, and asleep. Bye." She hangs up and tells Doug about what Wilek's discovered (see his last RP bit). "This sounds like trouble," Doug muses. "I really hope it's not connected to the bad guys." "With our luck?" Shauna smiles. "It probably is." "Uh, right," Doug nods, taking the cell phone as it rings again. "Yeah?" "Douglas Elder?" "That's me." "This is AD Micheal Kincaid, FBI." "Pleasure to meet you, sir. Janice told us a lot about you." "Sorry I can't share the pleasure, I only value meetings in person. That was some job your team pulled at NORAD." "Thank you," Doug says, wondering at the stern tone in Kincaid's voice. "You have nothing to thank me for, Elder," the AD snaps. "Your conduct on that mission was deplorable! I've heard reports that the base was lost and the bad guys almost started World War 3!" Doug groans and rolls his eyes. "Sir, note the almost part. The base was only temporarily captured, thanks to us the team of bad guys that took it were defeated and NORAD is now back in US hands." "I don't care how much success you had. Your team's blundering nearly started a major nuclear conflict." "Listen, pal, the city was in danger and we didn't know NORAD had been taken until it was too late. Read Janice's report, it will confirm." "Elder, I have reviewed the preformance of you and your team and come to the conclusion that you may not be the right people for this mission." "Excuse me?" "You guys are too rash, too kill em all and let God sort the bodies. Then you have several supernaturals on the team who cannot be trusted." "Sir, prejudice should not be a factor..." "Don't interrupt me, Elder! So far your team has spent over four months on this case and the threat is still terminated! And do you know how many civilians have died in the process?" "AD Kincaid, you should know we're at war here. With an enemy we don't know much about, let alone where to find so we can quickly destroy them. We're forced to respond to his moves, so far we haven't been able to predict what Thailog does until it's too late. That's not our fault, and neither are the unfortunate casaulties." "Elder, that kind of excuse is exactly what I'm talking about. That's why I'm bringing this matter before the Special Arms Services Commitee one week from today." "You're what?" "You heard me. If they decide to throw you off the case, you are off and someone who can do better is on. You want to defend yourself, come to Washington. I'll be waiting." Kincaid hangs up and Doug looks at the others. "Holy shit. We got bad news." He relates the situation and their faces look grave. "Let's get to Traveler fast," says Shallow Mouth. "He could get you out of this." "Or maybe not," says Doug. "First we get to Traveler and talk to him, then we head for Washington. Okay?" The team nods in agreement, and the Onslaught heads on towards the Broadmoor as the screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 01:19:56 AM


Hm, I like this yeti's style. And the Caliph...I was right, this guy is pure *scum*. <<the vizier brought a table and food to her. Lamb roasted until it was tender>> Um...we were just now discussing the uses of lamb when it's *not* tender. <sees the Weird Sisters hovering in a corner and threatens to cast Iron Doom on them> <<The Vizier is a much smarter man than the Caliph>> OK, the Caliph and Vizier are based somewhat on Abis Mal and Haroud from Aladdin, aren't they? Hm...200 human years equals five dragon years? Let's see...<fiddles about with a calculator> So they age at 1/40 the speed of humans. Wow, they can live a long time. So...Melchior made a sarcophagus for Sata just because he'd never see her again? Odd, that. Oh was a great ep anyhow. :) I would have liked to have seen pics of the new characters though...


Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:54:38 AM

Want to hear a bit of good news? That crap of a chemistry project that's due on Friday that I haven't even started may turn out alright after all. My army brother, one of them, came home tonight and actually remembers the same project after three years. He's gonna tell me what to do, don't ya just love stupid siblings :) But, don't worry. Chemistry is still a load of b***s**t! Sorry.

Zath> I really don't know if Don Bluth is doing anything in the future. He just kinda vanished after a while, but he should come back. If someone were to actually make another Gargoyles movie, I would much rather have Don Bluth animate it instead of Disney and their happy feely ideas.

Robby> The only credit that I have to give to The Land Before Time sequels is that they have Rob Paulsen and Jeff Bennett in them. And they sing too....HHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA!

Glimmer> Welcome to your second home. I know it's mine :) Enjoy and spread the love, I'm the excessively happy one!

Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:06:39 AM


What was once lost can be found

Menagerie part 2

Written by: Anna Hansen

Story Concept by: Rahsaan Footman


DumlaoX - []
Thursday, April 8, 1999 12:03:33 AM

**enters, garottes DC, then changes the candle**

No time, have to crash before getting up at 5 in the blessed morning tomorrow. Incidentally, DC, that's for blowing up the wall outlet next to me last night, scaring the living CRAP out of me and cutting me off!!

Firstly ... I apologize again for my cat. I think I have a new nickname for our cats to match their personalities ... Pinky and the Brain. (Chessie, incidentally would be the Brain.) :)

And now ... sicne everyone has shared annoying regular customer stories, I think I'll divulge mine.
There's one guy who comes into the store on a near-constant basis that we call "Psycho Chicken." This guy is *completely* paranoid. He has about six cars, all of them piled up with bondo beyond recognition, and is constantly fixing them all up. He has this annoying tendency to camp out by the parts counter (where I usually am), and proceed to ask a parade of countermen (myself included) to pull out what seems like an interminable amount of parts. Then he enjoys getting into arguments about why his car should have a certain part when it doesn't (example: wanted a flywheel for a '75 Plymouth Grand Fury, when a flywheel is only used for manual transmissions ... and all Grand Furys that year were automatics and had torque converters). Then he leaves WITHOUT BUYING A SINGLE G*****N THING!! Last time I saw him, he was demonstrating his paranoia ... showing me a recall notice for one of his cars (a '94 Taurus, IIRC) and saying he was going to go to Ford's world headquarters in Dearborn, find the guy whose signature was *rubber stamped* on the letter, and ask for reimbursement for work that had been done *prior* to his receiving the recall notice (which the notice covered.).
This man scares me.
Honestly, this man scares me. This is the kind of guy who's capable of walking in smiling one minute, then the next flashing his AK and blowing everyone to hell.
Even his *wardrobe* scares me ... his normal summer attire is a yellowed v-neck undershirt (we tend to call it a "wife-beater"), a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of black go-go boots. This man makes my skin crawl.

**composes self, sits in big chair**

Okay, I feel much better now for sharing that. **falls asleep**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:49:49 PM

do'nt know how long I have until the ISP trips out so I'll havre to make this fast and forego the usual Mr. Dis . Gore . Please forgive whatver typos I leave behind .

Dumlao : Thank you for putting a limit on your character , it irks me to no end when a person has a character that is virtually flawless . I made my character have a limited energy supply . About the only thing I could think up at the time . If I could only do it all again , but I guess that's why they say hindsight is 20/20 .

Damn it , so much to catch up on , I'm on vacation , this should'nt be necessary , I'll talk to you later . bye .

The Rolling Calf - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:46:25 PM


[In a small town whose name I can't be bothered to remember, Carol Borgy (I always use her because she's the only one whose name I can remember :P ) beams into the Pickles household (from Rugrats) and assimilates the entire family...except the infants. Carol: "What would they be good for? They're only a few years old...Oh well, I guess we can think of *something*..." She proceeds to assimilate them, and all the new Borg beam to the next location...]


Zath> <<If you used dry ice not only would the extreme cold probably do some nifty damage to his skull, but it wouldn't even leave a puddle.>> True, but it's harder to make and transport--try touching it with your bare hands, and spend the rest of the night snapping off your frozen fingers. <<Wasn't there also a big glowing blue swastika on the floor in one of the rooms in the first Doom game?>> Um...I wouldn't know, I've never played it...<<Have you ever played The Neverhood?>> 'Fraid not...

Jaden> Whatever's wrong, get well soon...

Airwalker> <<Are the Weird Sisters stronger than Madoc?>> Not individually, but I think that when they combine their powers, they're stronger than any indivdual Fey. <<And why haven't the Gargoyles taken to carrying around some small bell or two pieces of iron to bang together?>> Guess who would be responsible for keeping them in stock. Owen. Very dangerous.

Aaron> <<I wanna see a Spawn/Gargs crossover>> Well...Malebolgia and the rest exist in my ficverse, but I'm not sure I'll ever be doing anything with them. They're just *there*, just in case.

Jonathan> <<She clubbed him to death with a frozen Lamb roast and when the investigating officers turned up from his station, she'd cooked it and got them to eat the roast>> That was the subject of the Alfred Hitchcock episode 'Lamb To The Slaughter', if I'm not mistaken. I think they caught her when she tried it again with someone else, but the freezer had come unplugged or something, and the leg of lamb wasn't hard enough to hurt anyone.

DumlaoX> DANG. That is a LOT of games...

Robby the CR DJ> A MID request: 'Kidnap Santa Claus' (or however *they* spell it; it's different from the normal spelling) from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. I know a site that used to have it before they were forced to take it down; I'm hoping you know a site that has it. I need it to try and do a filk.

Heather> Interesting idea. Kinda like what happened during 'Equality', but kewler. :)

Glimmer> Welcome! :D I see your sanity has been taken. Good, it's rather annoying. :P

$Kaioto> <<Just thinking … does anyone ever just write in his/her own villains to this RP instead of characters?>> Where do ya think Dahak came from? I'm going to try and work him into my fics eventually, and he's in Coyote's 'When Clans Collide'. The same applies to a lot of the other characters I've been writing. Oh...and there are at least two factions of Borg here, namely mine and Guod's. Wait a minute...I use mostly Imperial weaponry, and I've allied myself with Borg (complete with a Queen), Daleks, xenomorphs, and an evil mage (who turned his own brother into a vampire). And not a reformed one either; he's just with us because he's certain he would have been betrayed by the other bad guys. What does this say about the way my mind works?$


[Wilek sneaks up behind the Plague Spreader and taps him on the shoulder. Sli turns around--and, noticing exactly who is there, stifles a scream. Wilek: "Yeah, you *better* be afraid. No one messes with my friends and gets away with it. Why don't you have a sniff of your own medicine." Wilek grabs one of SS's plague mist grenades from his bandolier and shoves it down his throat; the concentrated pathogens begin eating him alive. He falls to the floor, screaming in agony as his skin peels from his bones and his internal organs melt into a homogeneous slush.]


[On the Avatar Of Ganon...Rho: "Wilek, I think you'd better see this." Wilek goes over to a display screen. Wilek: "Chroniton signatures? Aren't those associated with..." Rho: "Temporal distortion. These chroniton waves are from as far back as a few *million* years in the past...but they originated a few hours ago." Wilek: "So someone has just recently gone that far back in time? That doesn't sound good." Rho: "We're also seeing reports of the casts of television shows simply disappearing. Scooby-Doo, Rugrats, Pokemon, Histeria..." Wilek: "Man...this can't be a coincidence. Who do you think is doing this?" Rho: "Need I even say it? It has to be Thailog." Wilek: "Alright...launch a few squadrons of TIE Scouts. Tell them, if they see anything suspicious, do *not* engage--get back here as soon as possible, preferably without being seen." Rho: "Right. Oh, and...Kitainia, is it? I think we might be able to help with your friend Jerry, if we know, as precisely as possible, when he was brainwashed. It'll involve erasing all his memories since that time, but it's an option if nothing else will work."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:16:36 PM

REgarding S8>>> Yeah, go check the Comment Room in main for Gore's post. They're going to be doing maintenance over the weekend and everything's going down the 16 & 17. Gore's giving everyone advantage notice so DON'T PANIC.

And make sure you all have your towels.

[a fresh-baked choklit chip cookie for that reference]

Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:12:31 PM

Christine > great job on Dark Beauty part one & two. I thought that it was a good story.
N. Dagastino - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 10:45:40 PM

Deuce< yes, our large fry in a sence IS our medium. So when ppl ask for a medium, we give them a large automatically.
Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, USA
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 10:34:30 PM

Just dropping in for a quickie post, I'll catch up on the rest when I have some spare time ...


Gargoyles 2K Episode #15, "Shared Memories," is ready and waiting. Denis did the outline (, so be sure to send any feedback to both of us.

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 10:05:50 PM

*Princess Estra enters by way of magic portal*

i really need to read those new eps. cripes! seems like everyones talking about it.

Weepinbell, ace nitpicker: write something better, THEN you can nitpick. lighten up, dude!

Coyote: very interesting song. kewl. wish i knew the song it took after.

Kylynna: i woman, hear me roar! i am woman, i will hear you cry as i repeatedly kick your butt! *lol*

Sailor Moon: it's pretty amazing that such an anime fan as i have missed this show. i once read a copy of the first manga, tho. how good can a series be when the artist/author started out "wanting a story with sexy girl as the main character"? the ppl who are into it are crazy about it, tho. i suppose you run into that with fandom, huh? any anime fans here seen Iria: The Zeiram Animation or The Bubblegum Crisis (a fav of mine)?

*Princess Estra exits by way of magic portal*

Princess Estra - []
Nowhere but where i stand
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 10:00:23 PM

**Robby walks in, looking rather sick**

Somebody do me a favor and kill Sli Sludge. **Cough** I would, but I'm in no condition to do so. I'll return when I'm better.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999 09:25:19 PM

*walks in*
Whew! I'mmmm back! it's good to add my comments again! ^_^ Ah tis sad.. but my server will only allow me a short post because it's being slow.. augh internet is a real ^*(^# sometimes!

Lexy> poor you, McDonalds is a horrible place to work! I know because I'm working at one right now!

In the entire histories of disses, I'm going to give Lex's a big 100. Maybe it wasn't the right time to laugh and be mortified at the same time, but that's exactly what I did. C'mon it's got to be expected that there are some negative vibes from the clan about Elisa and Goliath's relationship. I liked the fact that Lex was given the oppourtunity to stand up for himself and liz. Hmmm... well I'd better stop my ramblings now..

**END PT2***

that's all folks!

Bronx Wyvern - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 09:23:23 PM

** Deuce enters the CR, and sets up a punching bag in the corner. He then proceeds to demolish it in a fit of fury. He turns to the room, eyes still glowing a dull white. ** Today, I added another person to my list of people to kill when I become rich enough to afford a hit man.

I was on the bus coming home, distractedly pulling on the "Signal Stop" cord. It had already been pulled once, so this mindless act (*snickers*) had no real effect. I was sitting _way_ at the back, and suddenly the driver calls out "Hey! You! That kid hangin' on the cord! C'mere!" Following is a transcript of the conversation that ensued.

Me: Yeah?
Asshole Driver: You think I'm blind? You think I'm stupid?
Me: [thinking: Yes.) Um... no.
AD: You only have to pull the damn cord once. What the hell were you doing?
Me: Nothing.
[at this point, people start to stare)
AD: *stops bus at stop, says something I don't remember*
Me: Sorry. *walks to back, sits down*
AD: *loudly* Aren't you going to get off?
Me: No.
AD: I think you better get off. Now.
Me: What?
Me: OK!
[starts walking the two miles home)

What a bastard. I wasn't even doing anything! *growls, attacks the remains of the punching bag* Yeah, and I just installed Office 97, and the thing won't let go of my Zip drive! Stupid....

*Deuce saves his CR post, and reboots his computer. He takes a shotgun to the Office shortcut bar, and resumes his post.*

Jonathan> I don't remember the police ever catching the lamb-roast killer.

Spike> S8's going offline?!?!?! *screams*

Lexy> I never eat at McDonald's. Matter of principle. :-P ["we have ALWAYS HAD a small, large, and SUPERSIZE NO MEDIUM!!!!!!!"] Then wouldn't your large be a medium? :-) (I'll have to ask my manager....)

Heather> That story sounds neat.

*Nutscrape crashes; Deuce butchers Dis Connect.* This is not my day.

Glimmer> ["If I leave my little piece sanity with you can I get a claim check incase I ever need it?"] Nope. That's against room policy. *wicked grin*

OK, I'd better post before Metapad (my Notepad clone, and a very kick-ass program) dies, too. :-P

** leaves, and the occupants breathe a sigh of relief. **

Deuce, excessively irritated - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 09:03:13 PM

*Wipes his face* Gee, thanks Lexy … but I don't have anything to give you … wait a minute.
Hou-Ken! =======######@ (mighty Streetfighter Blue flying cupcake attack!) *Splat*
Really, the blue looks good on you!

Johnathan: You know, I had this big set of points to make and could've written an essay about how America does not fall into the same ballpark as these atrocity-ridden regimes and even hammered you for spelling. Then I just decided to delete it. You see, I realized I just don't Care what you think. I also realized that getting into a debate in here with anybody is pretty pointless if I'm not even going to publish a letter to the editor in the paper. Instead, I'm going to make a donation to refugee relief funds and think about writing something in the paper, and keep my comments on it here to those that interest me. I don't care about hypocrisy or history. I don't need to justify to any mortal man. I care about saving lives, and whatever relates to that. Ethnic cleansing has to stop; then the country can do what it wants. I just wish Clinton hadn't dismantled the most of the CIA so we could've fixed this without any missiles or ground troops or even the Serbs invading in the first place.

Aris: I will make one point, what you've described Serbia as doing is along the same lines as what America and South Vietnam Government did against Ho-Chi-Min and the majority of people in Vietnam. America wasn't justified, and when we (The American people) realized that we would have to wage a campaign like that the Serbs are waging, we stopped, unwilling to commit the troops necessary to do such a horrible thing. Move in ground troops and keep both sides from killing each other. Figure out an equitable peace, but first stop the killing.

It isn't perfect, but I'm not going to get to fix it.

Aaron: Hey, good advice. Somebody should share it with 90% of the Magic players I have to share tournament space with. I think I heard it once offered that the problem might be able to be alleviated by convincing scrubs that a bar of soap was actually a lucky talisman.

Wilek: Demons, like I said, "exiled to the Nether Realms for 100 years and a day." Demons aren't alive and thusly can't be killed per se. They can have a physical form destroyed, though, because of the nature of the physical form limits.

Iron spell: Big iron ball of death. I like … *Glances over to various war "gods" of the Fay* I like a lot. *Grins diabolically*

Doug and Kit: I was just kidding you guys. Bother the President if you want to. Throw my name around. I could always flee to the Vatican for Asylum. I'm a Christian before an American, so I can deal with pissing off the government on moral grounds :)

Doug: Demons, like I said, "Like everything still dies to the old wood chipper, (or is at least exiled to nether realms for 100 years and a day)." Physical abuse does the trick on anything that has a physical state. The trick is finding the creature's naturally-occuring Kryptonite.

Aaron: I found "Sopranos" impressive, as did I find "OZ".

Hm … note to self … by Russian surplus when hunting point-ears.

Just thinking … does anyone ever just write in his/her own villains to this RP instead of characters? Malakai would have a field day … a secular humanist with a severe nihilism complex … a bunch of Borg, Phalanx, Fay, Gargoyles, wizards, religious fanatics, gnomes … Russian Surplus … this could be a fun time after all … we'd need to call in the Red Cross and AMA on disaster relief by the time it was over.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 08:31:48 PM

**Glimmer walks into CR, smacks herself in the head and walks back out.Moments later she returns,this time remembering to check her sanity at the door.**

Hi everybody!!
This is my first time commenting in this room so please be patiant with me(and my spelling).

This was going to be posted last night,but Mr. DC interfered. Maybe I'll try dishing out some bodily harm to DC later.

I'm a long time fan of Gargoyles. That includes the much loved cartoon, The Gargoyles Saga, and most fanfic. I'm happy to know that there are other garg obsessed people.

Okay... am I the only person who isn't thrilled with this week's episode? I thought the characterization in the opening scenes wasn't as strong as we're used to. The story did started to improve once the setting changed to Scotland. The flashback to merry old England was very well written.
Some other problems I had with this story:
A) I can't quite picture Goliath letting Angela run off to Scotland with Demona on such short notice AND in the middle of a war that Angela is one of the main targets in.
B) Demona at a ribbon cutting cerimony?? She'd probably send a VP instead.
C) Murdoc dosen't know about Demona and Macbeth's link?
Is he blind and deaf and unable to sense magic?

It will be interesting to see how well(and how quickly) Joanna excepts the truth about Macbeth. The interaction between Macbeth and Demona was amuseing and leaves me wondering if an understanding will be reached. Demona and Angela in London would(will?) be fun. How would Demona react to Griff and Brianna and to their clans? She thought all the gargs in Scotland were dead. How would she react to King Auther? Things could get even more interesting than what they are now.

A good story, but not a great story(in my opinion). Then again, it's easier to nitpick a story than write one.

JEB> You get to watch CoS as an english assingment... you lucky dog, you! My kind of class.

Blue Caeru> <<I've had enough Coke to keep an elephant awake>> Okay, I'll bite... how much Coke DOES it take to keep an elephant awake? Inquireing minds want to know.;)

Duece< If I leave my little piece sanity with you can I get a claim check incase I ever need it?

Gotta go read Dark Beauty 2 before my sister gets home.
Her computer and her e-mail. I'll be getting my own mailbox soon(hopefully).

**Glimmer takes one last look around. Ya know, I think I'm going to like it here. Glimmeer walks out of CR.**

Glimmer - []
Boulder City, NV
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 07:48:43 PM

Video Games: Yes, I'm a part of a subculture! ;-) So, I'm not the only female who enjoys video games. Anyway, I think you guys are right, female characters are easier to learn to control. But I usually pick them just because they're female. However, I refuse to play female characters who have certain physical features that are TOO exaggerated... that's just me. :-P

Kitainia> So, what is the "format" of the Star Wars Trilogy game? I've seen it, but I've never tried it. Looked interesting, but there's usually a line to play it. Oh yeah, and I agree that the male characters in video games have gotten better-looking... some of them, anyway.

The Matrix: I really want to see this movie, but I went to the mall today and found out it was playing at the theatre that's open only in the evening. Darn it. It's these occassions that make me want a car very badly.

DumloaX> Too bad you're leaving; you've done a great job. :-)

Kosovo: I don't know what to think about this topic anymore.

Blue Caeru
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 06:41:14 PM

**walks into the room and looks around. She closes the door and sighs as she opens her notebook**
I got an idea for a.."story"... you know how Ariana idolizes Sailor Moon ? Well I was thinking 'what if' Ariana was baby-sitting and was also watching Sailor Moon and said that she wished that she could know how being a sailor senshi is like. Well Alex giggles and puts a spell on her. He gives her the henshins (transformations) and attacks of all the senshi.
She doesn't really knows when she and Graeme are playing and she shouts "Moon Crisis Power, Make-Up" and she actually transforms into the fuku of Super Sailor Chibi-Moon.
Well, I'm working on the rest but when she wants to use a attack of another senshi her fuku changes into the senshi's primary color...
What do you think ?
**closes her notebook and leaves**

Heather - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 06:34:53 PM

Christine< AHHH good job on the Part two..but umm is it just me or will there be a part three?? I HOPE SO! :D

Stupid Customers< Ppl..i could write a freaking novel! I work at Mcdonalds WAY more then any person should and let me tell you something. Ppl sorry..i cant think of another word SUCK!!!
*takes breather* sorry..yes i know you are customers too..and *GROWLES* i dont like you for it either!! MAHAHAHAH *notices the hand signals from the men in white getting more anxious* OH all right:P I guess there has to be consumers..but COME ON PPL!!!

1) they NEVER not sometimes NEVER order their drinks..and 9 times out of ten they ask for a drink we DONT have when they were there an hour ago anyway!

2) "whats your soup of the day?" "Vegtable Beef." "OH alright well ill have the Broccoli Cheese." "No, ma'am. We have Vegtable Beef today, thats why its called the soup of the day." " you dont have Broccoli cheese?" "NO im sorry." "OH, ok then ill have Chicken Noodle." "Umm, no ma'am, we only have Vegtable Beef." "You only have one?" "Yes ma'am its our SOUP OF THE DAY! SINGLE NOT PLURAL." "oh...then ill take a cheese burger that'all be all then."....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

3) "Welcome to Mcdonalds can i take your order?" "ummm wait a minute."....??? after youve been in line for five minutes and have been here ummm oh 2million times??

4) "ill have the bucket of chicken" or "ok..ill take the Wopper Jr."...NEED I EXPLAIN???

5) *orders LARGE COMPLEX order ...gets to window*
"OH did i forget to mention i have cupons for everything?" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

6) *its 8:00PM!!!*

"Umm are you guys still serving breakfast."...Hmmmm LET ME THINK!!! 0_o

7) "i want a cheese burger with no cheese.." umm so you want A HAMBURGER!!??? DUUUUUUUh

8) " Ok i want a quarter cheese plain with nothing on it." UMM YA!!

9) "Can i have a hamburger with a piece of cheese on it." "umm so you want a CHEESEBURGER!!"

10) *on friday night* "DO you guys have the MONDAY night special today?" "Umm NO!!!!!!!!!!!"

11) "can i have a medium fry." PPL?? WHAT THE HECK IS A MEDIUM FRY??? we have ALWAYS HAD a small, large, and SUPERSIZE NO MEDIUM!!!!!!!

12) "can i have a regular drink?"..what?? what do you mean?? "YOU KNOW a regular drink." "umm NO i dont I HAVE NO IDEA!"

13) "Ok sir and what drink do you want with that?"
"Ill have a soda." OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk *bangs head on wall*

OK now PPL we take approx. one order PER MIN!!! we have 5 registers ok?? thats 5 orders per min. that would constitute some WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK!!!! *is spitting fire about now* >:O

SO remember..when you go to a fast food place KNOW what you want, and be clear when you order..dont come in the resturant and TURN YOUR BRAIN OFF. its a two person job ordering not a one person job.

OH and do you all remember when the drive through was invented? For familes on the go? for ppl who needed something FAST? and KNEW what the wanted so just needed to breeze through? Oh well just so you all know..its not for that any more..its for LAZY PPL!!!!!!!!!!! LAZY PPL WHO CANT GET OFF THEIR LAZY DUFFS AND WALK A MEAR 10 FEET INTO THE STORE AND TAKE THE TIME SINCE THE OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK THE WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!! SO dont you DARE!!! go into a drive through and have the stupid butt gaul to complain about the times when YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!

*feels abosolutly NO remorse for what she just said:P!!!*

Has anyone here heard that new song by Shania Twain?? The one where shes like, "that dont impress me much." U know? isn't that SO the Angela song to the trio?? *LOL* i just DIE when i hear it:D Notice at the end also she says "who do you think you are Elvis?" or something and in Episode Seven we have that chick unknown on the T.V go "Who do you think you are Elvis??" *G*
THE LATEST TGS FOR GARGOYLES< AHHHHH so FINALLY we are getting to see Lex and LIZ?? COOLIES! i mean..sure they never got together in the ep. But at least we talked about her and his sorta relationship..WHAT DOES SHE THINK?? Its obvious that Lex probably loves her deep down but wont admit it cuz he figures she would think him a monster..not only cuz hes a gargoyle but because of his robotic implants. But mabey she is waiting for him to make a*tension rising* CANT WAIT to see how that works out! *is ruiting for Lex:D*

USA VOTING< ya..were kicking more tail at the polls, which is awsome..but ya wonder about that last time..i mean WOULD we have gotton here if someone wouldn't have cheated?? Its makes me and im sure other fans feel kinda useless. but really the whole thing was funked up i suppose..its good were winning as long as we keep in mind it wasn't quiet fair..we couldn't have done anything anyway and its not like were getting a huge bad though..i hope we at least get the Gargs name up in lights :>

DX< OH YA i am soon getting my adobi photoshop 4.0.1. Turns out without that i cant use the 5.0 well DUH TO ME it WAS an upgrade *smacks self* i guess i was to excited..and didn't think what else is new right? Well, once i get it i can color my picy! :D Hope you will still let me use it!! *waves* THANKS!!

Kaioto< hmm well everyone else has mentioned you so far..and well i guess i cant comment on the evils in other countries or know how i am. BUT i can still annoy you with this post..your probably reading it right now..just kinda waiting for me to get to the point..the know what im going to say to you..that thing that im writing about, the topic per say, the basic meaning of this whole post..the know..what is the point you wondering ..where is this all going..and why am i still reading this when im sure shes going knowhere fast and just running me into the ground with her mindless dribble. But yet i continue to read on and on and on and on in hopes this isn't a compleat waste of my time. Mabey just mabey the next that proved uneventful..mabey if i hang on just a lil longer you say? oh no my friend. infact the sad truth is you just wasted a whole good precious never to be seen or lived again 2 mins of your life..its gone KAI wave to it "BYE BYE" and you can never have it back infact your STILL READING THIS MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to add insult to injury..

____________________------------[}!!!! *SPLAT!!!!!* :P

Boy..that was fun...

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, USA
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 06:29:36 PM

Glimmer - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 06:16:01 PM

***** BEGIN RP *****

[Scene opens as a particular figure on a red-and-chrome hoverbike cruises into town, slowly going down the streets of a city recently recovering from mass chaos.]

Big Jake throws Sara-Jane into idle, slowly looking around at all of the aftermath and people recovering.

"Yowch, looks like the Big Boys we'ren't kidding around. Good think I got Dog Boy and his girl out of this when I did."

He reaches down to a small panel on the side of Sara-Jane's chassis, and removes a compact transceiver/radiophone. Flipping it open, he dials a sequence of numbers...

***** PAUSE RP *****

CHRISTINE - Even thought I told you this last night, great job on Ventura and "Dark Beauty 2"! Now I'm wondering what is going to happen to the characters after this!?

AARON - Elin is, if I recall, one of the head honchos at Antarctic Press, right? And, for as small as that company is, I really wish I could work for them! Wonder if they need a writer?

Something to add to the tips for going to the con and surviving:

1.) Eat plenty of veggies and light protiens (Chicken and fish) at least a couple of weeks leading up to the con. This will help you build up your immune system, and give you much more energy if you're going to pull an all-nighter during the con.

2.) Come with mind open wide. A lot of first timers will find people have differing tastes/thoughts/etc. and I've seen a lot of said people get shunned because they made comments out loud on how weird/gross/etc. other people are.

3.) Never, under pain of death, ask a dumb question at a Guest Headliner's Q&A session. Remind me to tell you about what a certain Missourian (namely me) did to find himself completely shut out when he goofed up during a Michael J. Strazynski appearance at a local Florida con, but later.

And, with that in mind...

***** RESUME RP *****

Big Jake puts the radio phone to his ear, just as someone on the other end picks up the connection.


"Am I speaking to one of the Ravens?"

Pause. "Maybe... who is this?"

Big Jake replies, "If I am, put either Doug or Kitania on, please?"

There is another pause, as the faint sound of voices can be heard through the earpiece. Then, a reply comes through loud and clear:

"This is Doug? Who are you and what do you want?"

"Just to give you a message..."

"What is this... message?"

Jake replies, kicking Sara-Jane into gear, "Dog Boy sends his regards, and he wants you to know you can trust me." With that, Jake flips the radiophone off and stuffs it back into it's compartment, before reving Sara-Jane up and turning her down a side street...

[Scene closes as we see Big Jake headed towards the distant edifice, know as the Broadmoor Hotel...]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 06:07:27 PM


The screen comes on with the Borgis, Butt-Borg, and their gang traveling back in time courtesy of Dahak's powers. They enter the Cretaceuos period and start looking for dinosaurs. "Okay, let's see," Borgis checks the list. "Guod told us to assimilate raptors, T-Rex, sauropods, ceratops, ankylo, stego, and pterodactyls. I wonder what these things look like, Butt-Borg." "Uh, I don't know." "You morons!" Coach Borgcut yells at them. "I don't know why Guod put you two in charge! Everybody knows what dinos look like!! Just find the nearest big lizard and assimilate it!! Go!!" The other Borg drones nod and begin scanning the area. They soon find some raptors and assimilate them into the collective while fighting them off. See a previous post of Traveler's for what happens to Borgis and Butt-Borg after they find the raptors. <grin>

The screen changes to the Onslaught, where Kitainia is saying to Jerry. "So you've met Asil?" "Asil?" "My evil clone." "She said you were the evil clone." "She would say that, she's an evil psychopath who wants to decieve you." "Not true. She's the real Kitainia, you're a demon in a cloned body. I know that now." "Look pal," Doug growls. "You've been tricked. Asil used your beliefs to turn you to her side, she's only pandering to them so she can control you. We're telling you the truth here, we're on your side. Your pal Tom understood that." "Sorry, but I'm not falling for the same trick," Jerry snaps. "Tom, you were obviously an unworthy sinner. I should have realized it before. Otherwise, these guys wouldn't have fooled you so easily." "I'm not being fooled, Jerry!" Tom yells. "Trust me!" Jerry only glares at him in response. "It's no use," Doug sighs. "The guy's obviously been brainwashed too much to see reason." "We better keep him locked up then," Kitainia suggests. "If we let him go he'll just rejoin Thailog and I don't want to kill Jerry if we can avoid it." "Cowards," Jerry laughs. "You kill me, you'd be sending me to a better place. You guys are all going to hell." "Shut up!" snarls Cobra, knocking Jerry out with a stun gun. Kitainia looks at him and he says, "Hey, you gonna let him talk to you like that?" Kitainia shakes her head. "No. I just wish we could have gotten through to him. Oh well." "Keep an eye on him, Cobra," Doug says. "I'll go see if Dumlao's gotten our weapons upgraded yet." The biker nods and stands by the cage, watching the sleeping Jerry. Kitainia turns to make a post.


Hi everyone. Boy, has today been long. School's over, but in an hour I have to go work. As long as the following situations do not happen, it should go by fast. <fingers crossed>

And now, for your reading pleasure, Kitainia's annoying coffee shop customer stories!
1. The other day I was at the register, and there was a long line in front of me. I'm serving the customers, doing everything well, when suddenly this guy comes up and says, "Excuse me, ma'am. The table I want to sit at needs wiping." "Thanks for informing me," I told him. "I'm very busy now, I'll get to it in a second." "Ma'am, please wipe it now. I am not sitting at a table with spilled coffee on its top." "Can you just wait a minute?" "No, I want to sit down and drink my coffee now." "Can you sit somewhere else?" "No, I want to sit at my favorite table, please go wipe it now." "Sir, I am very busy with this line of people you can see me serving. Maybe one of the other employees..." "I don't see any other employees out here. Where are they?" I pointed to two clearly in evidence, one at the second register and the other wiping tables. "See?" I asked. "Joe's wiping tables. Just wait and he'll get to yours." Just then Joe walks off, going on break. "Oh my gosh, he skipped your table!" I tell the customer. "Joe!" "So what? You're here, you can do it." "Sir, I have twenty people in this line." "They can wait. I can't. Wipe my table. Now." "Here's a napkin, sir. Do it yourself." I then gave him the finger and some people in the line cheered. :) The guy looked like he was going to hit me. But in the end he took the napkin and walked away. Hope we never see him again.

2. Part of our shop is a balcony/veranda. There's this couple who likes to sit out there and drink. They have a very annoying habit. It's knocking on the glass door to get employees' attention. Countless are the times when I have been standing at my post behind the counter and they rap on the glass door. I ignore it at first, but then eventually turn toward it and say "Can you stop that, please?" "We'd like some more coffee out here, ma'am." "More coffee? Okay, come in and get it." "You're supposed to bring it out here." "I'm afraid this is not a restaurant, sir/ma'am. Will you please come in and order at the counter like everyone else?" "Fine." The annoying thing is that no matter how many times we repeat this conversation, that couple never learns. I have to tell them the same thing over and over again. What is with their memory?

Those are just the two most annoying ones. There are of course the usual loud customers, the mumblers, the ones who somehow bother everyone else in the room, the dummies, you get the idea. Most of the stories I have about them are similar to the ones already told in here, give or take a few job-related details. All of them share a common lesson, though. Some customers are so dumb or selfish it cannot be believed, and one has to deal with them. <sighs>

SJ: $ Good plan. If Traveler starts messing things up too much, I'll probably do the same thing you are and ignore his posts. He can do the RP in an alternate universe. <grin> $

Pistoff: Good luck with your novel. Hope you enjoyed the customer stories posted above. And Doug works in the stockroom at his store, that's how he avoids stupid customers. He almost never encounters customers, period. (Don't know if that's a dream job.)

DumlaoX: $ Your character needs viruses to survive? This is muy interesante. :) $ Sorry to hear you're leaving the TGS Staff, though I understand your reasons. Glad to know you'll still be hanging out in here, and I look forward to reading "Hazards," your final ep.

Doug and I saw this film last night at a sneak preview (Buffy was rerunning again, so we didn't watch it. Futurama we taped). It was pretty good. Like Trainspotting and similar films in that there's no real moral to it, it's just the same story seen through the eyes of many characters. That story was suprisingly realistic and well-written, I enjoyed both the character development and the plot. Also good preformances from all the actors, especially Sarah Polley and the guy who played Simon (forget his name). The movie did have a lot of cussing and some nudity, but that was no problem for me. They built suspense well, there was great soundtrack (songs were well-suited to the plot for once, as well as the characters, and came in at just the right times, plus IMO they were all cool songs) and cinematography(sp?), and told all the characters' stories with realistic action and left no plot threads dangling, all of which was good. The plot also contained comedy, action, romance, shock, drama, a little bit of everything all rolled into one. I would definitely recommend seeing this film. Doug and I gave it a 9/10, two thumbs way up. The critics will probably bash it. :(


JEB: You're welcome. Looking forward to the fic, hope it gets up soon. <grin>

Christine: Excellent job on Dark Beauty 2. I liked your development on Angela and Gabriel and the portrayal of the Institute. I also wasn't expecting you-know-who to survive. Wonder when she'll threaten the clan again, and how long it will be before they do something about her.

Female Video Game Characters: I agree with Robby and Coyote. The women are usually the fastest characters and the easiest to learn, that's the reason I use them. They're also good-looking, but then IMO in a lot of recent games (especially Final Fantasy series, Fatal Fury, Jojo's Venture) so are the guys. Then there's the games like Darkstalkers and Killer Instinct where the guys don't look good at all, but the women are all hotties. Guess we know what audience those games were made for. :)

Jaden: Hope you feel better soon, sorry to hear you're not doing well. Good luck, friend.

That's all for now. Gotta go. Later!!


Kitainia walks over to Dumlao, who has just returned their weapons, and thanks him for the cool upgrades (see previous post for exact events). "So what hotel is Traveler staying at?" she asks Shallow Mouth. "The Broadmoor. Traveler's an extravagant guy." "Okay, that's where we're going," Doug says. "I think the city is slowly but surely coming out of its chaos, we don't need to worry about that too much. Let's just let the local people deal with it and find Traveler. Okay?" Everyone nods and Jammer starts heading for the Broadmoor. As he draws closer to it, Janice's cell phone begins to ring.

The screen changes back to the Creataceous period, where Borgis and Butt-Borg are gathering all the dinosaurs they've assimilated. "Uh, is this all of them?" Borgis asks. Coach Borgcut checks the list and nods. "Good thing that T-Rex attacked you morons, none of the rest of us even saw one." "We assimilated it," says Butt-Borg, "but we almost got killed. It was cool." "No it wasn't, Butt-Borg! That thing tried to eat me!" "Shut up, Borgis. Like I said, it was cool. Next, he'll, uh, eat the Ravens or something." "That would be cool." "Yeah." "Shut up, you two!" Borgcut snaps. "Let's get these dinos back to Guod, then go after our other assignments. Now!" Borgis nods and opens a portal back to the present with the time-travel device Dahak gave them. As the screen fades out, the giant Borg-dinos begin walking through.


Kitainia - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 04:44:46 PM


The screen comes on with the Borgis, Butt-Borg, and their gang traveling back in time courtesy of Dahak's powers. They enter the Cretaceuos period and start looking for dinosaurs. "Okay, let's see," Borgis checks the list. "Guod told us to assimilate raptors, T-Rex, sauropods, ceratops, ankylo, stego, and pterodactyls. I wonder what these things look like, Butt-Borg." "Uh, I don't know." "You morons!" Coach Borgcut yells at them. "I don't know why Guod put you two in charge! Everybody knows what dinos look like!! Just find the nearest big lizard and assimilate it!! Go!!" The other Borg drones nod and begin scanning the area. They soon find some raptors and assimilate them into the collective while fighting them off. See a previous post of Traveler's for what happens to Borgis and Butt-Borg after they find the raptors. <grin>

The screen changes to the Onslaught, where Kitainia is saying to Jerry. "So you've met Asil?" "Asil?" "My evil clone." "She said you were the evil clone." "She would say that, she's an evil psychopath who wants to decieve you." "Not true. She's the real Kitainia, you're a demon in a cloned body. I know that now." "Look pal," Doug growls. "You've been tricked. Asil used your beliefs to turn you to her side, she's only pandering to them so she can control you. We're telling you the truth here, we're on your side. Your pal Tom understood that." "Sorry, but I'm not falling for the same trick," Jerry snaps. "Tom, you were obviously an unworthy sinner. I should have realized it before. Otherwise, these guys wouldn't have fooled you so easily." "I'm not being fooled, Jerry!" Tom yells. "Trust me!" Jerry only glares at him in response. "It's no use," Doug sighs. "The guy's obviously been brainwashed too much to see reason." "We better keep him locked up then," Kitainia suggests. "If we let him go he'll just rejoin Thailog and I don't want to kill Jerry if we can avoid it." "Cowards," Jerry laughs. "You kill me, you'd be sending me to a better place. You guys are all going to hell." "Shut up!" snarls Cobra, knocking Jerry out with a stun gun. Kitainia looks at him and he says, "Hey, you gonna let him talk to you like that?" Kitainia shakes her head. "No. I just wish we could have gotten through to him. Oh well." "Keep an eye on him, Cobra," Doug says. "I'll go see if Dumlao's gotten our weapons upgraded yet." The biker nods and stands by the cage, watching the sleeping Jerry. Kitainia turns to make a post.


Hi everyone. Boy, has today been long. School's over, but in an hour I have to go work. As long as the following situations do not happen, it should go by fast. <fingers crossed>

And now, for your reading pleasure, Kitainia's annoying coffee shop customer stories!
1. The other day I was at the register, and there was a long line in front of me. I'm serving the customers, doing everything well, when suddenly this guy comes up and says, "Excuse me, ma'am. The table I want to sit at needs wiping." "Thanks for informing me," I told him. "I'm very busy now, I'll get to it in a second." "Ma'am, please wipe it now. I am not sitting at a table with spilled coffee on its top." "Can you just wait a minute?" "No, I want to sit down and drink my coffee now." "Can you sit somewhere else?" "No, I want to sit at my favorite table, please go wipe it now." "Sir, I am very busy with this line of people you can see me serving. Maybe one of the other employees..." "I don't see any other employees out here. Where are they?" I pointed to two clearly in evidence, one at the second register and the other wiping tables. "See?" I asked. "Joe's wiping tables. Just wait and he'll get to yours." Just then Joe walks off, going on break. "Oh my gosh, he skipped your table!" I tell the customer. "Joe!" "So what? You're here, you can do it." "Sir, I have twenty people in this line." "They can wait. I can't. Wipe my table. Now." "Here's a napkin, sir. Do it yourself." I then gave him the finger and some people in the line cheered. :) The guy looked like he was going to hit me. But in the end he took the napkin and walked away. Hope we never see him again.

2. Part of our shop is a balcony/veranda. There's this couple who likes to sit out there and drink. They have a very annoying habit. It's knocking on the glass door to get employees' attention. Countless are the times when I have been standing at my post behind the counter and they rap on the glass door. I ignore it at first, but then eventually turn toward it and say "Can you stop that, please?" "We'd like some more coffee out here, ma'am." "More coffee? Okay, come in and get it." "You're supposed to bring it out here." "I'm afraid this is not a restaurant, sir/ma'am. Will you please come in and order at the counter like everyone else?" "Fine." The annoying thing is that no matter how many times we repeat this conversation, that couple never learns. I have to tell them the same thing over and over again. What is with their memory?

Those are just the two most annoying ones. There are of course the usual loud customers, the mumblers, the ones who somehow bother everyone else in the room, the dummies, you get the idea. Most of the stories I have about them are similar to the ones already told in here, give or take a few job-related details. All of them share a common lesson, though. Some customers are so dumb or selfish it cannot be believed, and one has to deal with them. <sighs>

SJ: $ Good plan. If Traveler starts messing things up too much, I'll probably do the same thing you are and ignore his posts. He can do the RP in an alternate universe. <grin> $

Pistoff: Good luck with your novel. Hope you enjoyed the customer stories posted above. And Doug works in the stockroom at his store, that's how he avoids stupid customers. He almost never encounters customers, period. (Don't know if that's a dream job.)

DumlaoX: $ Your character needs viruses to survive? This is muy interesante. :) $ Sorry to hear you're leaving the TGS Staff, though I understand your reasons. Glad to know you'll still be hanging out in here, and I look forward to reading "Hazards," your final ep.

Doug and I saw this film last night at a sneak preview (Buffy was rerunning again, so we didn't watch it. Futurama we taped). It was pretty good. Like Trainspotting and similar films in that there's no real moral to it, it's just the same story seen through the eyes of many characters. That story was suprisingly realistic and well-written, I enjoyed both the character development and the plot. Also good preformances from all the actors, especially Sarah Polley and the guy who played Simon (forget his name). The movie did have a lot of cussing and some nudity, but that was no problem for me. They built suspense well, there was great soundtrack (songs were well-suited to the plot for once, as well as the characters, and came in at just the right times, plus IMO they were all cool songs) and cinematography(sp?), and told all the characters' stories with realistic action and left no plot threads dangling, all of which was good. The plot also contained comedy, action, romance, shock, drama, a little bit of everything all rolled into one. I would definitely recommend seeing this film. Doug and I gave it a 9/10, two thumbs way up. The critics will probably bash it. :(


JEB: You're welcome. Looking forward to the fic, hope it gets up soon. <grin>

Christine: Excellent job on Dark Beauty 2. I liked your development on Angela and Gabriel and the portrayal of the Institute. I also wasn't expecting you-know-who to survive. Wonder when she'll threaten the clan again, and how long it will be before they do something about her.

Female Video Game Characters: I agree with Robby and Coyote. The women are usually the fastest characters and the easiest to learn, that's the reason I use them. They're also good-looking, but then IMO in a lot of recent games (especially Final Fantasy series, Fatal Fury, Jojo's Venture) so are the guys. Then there's the games like Darkstalkers and Killer Instinct where the guys don't look good at all, but the women are all hotties. Guess we know what audience those games were made for. :)

Jaden: Hope you feel better soon, sorry to hear you're not doing well. Good luck, friend.

That's all for now. Gotta go. Later!!


Kitainia walks over to Dumlao, who has just returned their weapons, and thanks him for the cool upgrades (see previous post for exact events). "So what hotel is Traveler staying at?" she asks Shallow Mouth. "The Broadmoor. Traveler's an extravagant guy." "Okay, that's where we're going," Doug says. "I think the city is slowly but surely coming out of its chaos, we don't need to worry about that too much. Let's just let the local people deal with it and find Traveler. Okay?" Everyone nods and Jammer starts heading for the Broadmoor. As he draws closer to it, Janice's cell phone begins to ring.

The screen changes back to the Creataceous period, where Borgis and Butt-Borg are gathering all the dinosaurs they've assimilated. "Uh, is this all of them?" Borgis asks. Coach Borgcut checks the list and nods. "Good thing that T-Rex attacked you morons, none of the rest of us even saw one." "We assimilated it," says Butt-Borg, "but we almost got killed. It was cool." "No it wasn't, Butt-Borg! That thing tried to eat me!" "Shut up, Borgis. Like I said, it was cool. Next, he'll, uh, eat the Ravens or something." "That would be cool." "Yeah." "Shut up, you two!" Borgcut snaps. "Let's get these dinos back to Guod, then go after our other assignments. Now!" Borgis nods and opens a portal back to the present with the time-travel device Dahak gave them. As the screen fades out, the giant Borg-dinos begin walking through.


Kitainia - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 04:44:44 PM

DEUCE-- Oh no. No one confiscates the sanity of Alison except for one person... me. Besides, I doubt we had any sanity in the first place :P

POLITICS-- I won't get into this for the same reason I don't listen to talk radio. It just makes me angry. When I start disagreeing with someone, I'll keep hitting them with my ideas until they submit. & I get relentless. Ask my English teacher in Senior High. Argued with him so much ever since day one that he gave me an award in the subject so I could shut the hell up. In any case... (Breathes in and breathes out).

DEPARTURE-- Why did I leave the staff? Simple enough to answer. Tired. I got tired of the work & I need a break. Ep posting and site maintenance and other things just took it's toll on me and I need away from it for a while. However, I won't do it until maybe next week or the week after. On second thought, when we post the episode "Hazards" for the main cycle, I'll leave. It was the last ep written by myself and Alison WIlgus with great help by JEB and Christi Smith Hayden. It is honestly good stuff in the action department but moreso in the drama department. Real heart-tugging material here.

RP CHARACTER-- I think I'll post up a backstory to him sometime but here's the synopsis. Every hero needs a flaw. Superman had kryptonite, Monterey Jack had cheese, Blade had garlic-mixed blood, etc. Mine is that I need a doseage of viruses every so often. It keeps me alive... literally. Painful? Yes. Necessary? Definitly.

JONATHAN-- They might have solved it because it was actually a plot device used in a short story. I forgot the author but I think the title might have beem Lambs to the Slaughter. Maybe. In any case, the cop was plannin on leaving his wife when she took the lamb she was going to cook for dinner and clubbed him with it. Then cooked it and cops ate it.

POETRY-- If you live in LA, you noticed the billboards with poetry on them. Quotes from famous poets. For those unlucky to have that, hit (or my name). Good stuff here.

GAMES-- Was never a real computer player. My comp may be a P166 with 80MB RAM but the best stuff needs so much more nowadays (1 MB video RAM ain't gonna cut it unless you wanna play You Don't Know Jack, which I love with a vengeance). Just try and keep me away from home consoles and arcades, though. UCLA is blessed with an arcade that has the latest in great games (House of the Dead 2, Power Stone, Star Wars Trilogy, Soul Calibur, War, Time Crisis 2, etc.) And home is even more frantic. The computer has a NES emulator (412 games at current count), Genesis emulator (near 200 games), and a SNES emulator (around 60 games currently). Planning on getting other emulators as well. Then I still have my Genesis console, PlayStation (20 games currently), Color Game Boy (8 games currently), and Nintendo 64 (6 games currently). Love them all, especially the 64 in party situations (GoldenEye and Mario Party are perfect for the occasion). Can we same game nut :P

WRESTLING-- Idle thought here. I don't have cable because... well, for so much cash, I don't get many interesting channels and because I really don't watch too much TV anymore. Hence, I don't get wrestling (the good stuff where the stars fight the stars, not WWF Shotgun Saturday Night where Stone Cold Steve Austin hardly ever appears except in promo shots and shots from other events you gotta pay to see and Tiger Ali Singh fight some no-name wrestler). Strangely enough, though, I'm flipping through the local channels here (LA gets a bunch, more than anyone w/o cable) and on a Saturday Night, on the Spanish Network Telemundo, I see WCW Monday Nitro. And I'm seeing a match with Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hogan vs. Ric Flair and Goldberg. Now I suddenly have 2 things to wait for on TV. Funny how that works out.

***BEGIN RP***

DX pulls the weapons from the Onslaught via molecular transport and brings them over to his car for modification. As he does so, he clicks on his headset while working on the weapons.

"Get me some molecular weaponry. Viral projectiles, nanomachines, gene-wreckers, the whole lot. Also, I need some backup medicine for myself and a cooling system for plasma weaponry."

T-Loco comes on the other end. "On your way. By the way, was monitoring your health status. You took a beating the last time you injected. You sure you don't wanna go for something milder?"

"Definitly," he said as the materials he requested materialized in front of him. "It might be strong but it is lasting me longer. Don't have to take too many shots."

T-Loco breathed a sigh. "Just be careful. You know what happens if I lose you."

"Sis, I ain't gonna die. You doing anything, by the way?"

"Mario Party. Couldn't put it down since about 5 hours ago."

DX chuckled. "Cool. Remind me, when I get back from this mission, to wipe the floor with you on that one."

"Only when I lose finger dextreity will you do that. Signing off."

"Off." DX finished modifications and transported the stash over to the Onslaught except for the plasma rifle and his own rifle. He radioed over to Doug and his crew, fresh from the interogation. "Modified."

"Cool," Kitainia said.

"Two things I have to show you, though. First, Doug, here's your plasma rifle. The barrel is now lined with a special cooling mechanism. Now you can fire until your finger bleeds." The weapon materialized in Doug's hands.

"It's light," he exclaimed as he tested the weight of his modified toy.

"Yeah, the mechanism is made of a lightweight metal. Less than 2 ounces were added to the current weight. Second," He pulled out his handgun. "All of the weapons have the following modifications to them. Fingerprint sensors. Only the Ravens, myself, and my associate can use the weapons. Anyone else trying to discharge the weapons will recieve 100,000 volts. Ammo counters. LCD display of how much ammo is in the gun. Also, switch that can be activated manually or by voice recognition. Aside from your standard ammo, you now have bio ammo. Each of these new projectiles has a very permeable capsule filled with lots of bio-goodies. Nanomachines that disrupt cell activity, standard viruses, gene-disruptors that act against the DNA code itself, cell inhibitors, recognition disruptors that erase tagas in the white blood cells, rendering all cells they encounter to be viruses. Call for the ammo type or manually flick the switch and the ammo comes on-line. At best, the enemy dies. At worst, it slows them down." DX placed the handgun back in his holster. "Get anything out of Jerry?"

"Not much," Tom said. "He's been brainwashed."

"Odd." DX breathed a sigh. "On to Colorado Springs?"

"No," Doug said. "Traveler's hotel."

***END RP***

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 03:05:50 PM

Here's the URL for the CanClan Chatroom for all of you net-addicted people that will be needing a fix when S8 goes offline. Wingless and his fellow Canuckleheads will be happy to see you, just pick up after yourselves and keep your feet off the furniture!
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 02:58:27 PM

Since it's obvious to all that I can't hold my temper when discussing Kosovo and similar matters, this will be my last post on the subject. If anyone wants me to reply in a following discussion then address me in email.

Kaioto> As I've said your heart is definitely on the right place. A couple of objections:
1. Though you'd be right to call Milosevic 'Hitler' where Bosnia is concerned (when he supported the genocide there for the purpose of creating a Greater Serbia) the roles in Kosovo could be said to be reversed. It's the Albanians who now are trying a Greater Albania - for that goal KLA (by US's own sayings a terrorist organization) tried to terrorize the Serb population and launched attacks against civilians - the war began from them. In responce Milosevic attacked not only the KLA terrorists but also the civilian Albanians. The difference with Hitler or the hypothetical example you gave is that the atrocities done by Milosevich are simply called 'unfortunate' and necessary for the 'greater good' of ending the war and securing the wellfare of his country- the same way US calls the civilians killed by the bombings an unfortunate but necessary evil.

Thus, unlike with Hitler, the situation is of a civil war where *both* sides try to cleanse the other nation - Milosevich simply being more successful - forgive my cynicism. I have the objection that while Clinton attacks and tries to destroy the Serbian nationalism (which is good) it supports the Albanian nationalism and appears to be in favour of a Greater Albania which would in turn cause genocide and eventually even more suffering.

2. The annoying thought that US not only opposed but actually supported nations commiting genocide, is not just a trivial detail of the past. It's a policy still taking place. But even more importantly it causes people to disbelieve that the Clinton administration would suddenly care about the Albanians. And I'm one of those who believe that the goal and the motives *are* important. If saving civilians isn't the motive, then what is? Expanding Nato rule and authority is a very obvious thought.

3. Sovereignty may seem unimportant in the face of suffering and genocide - and I agree they are: if the above two points didn't exist I would not mention this nor oppose the bombings. But now I have to mention it as a third point: The idea that borders are inviolate is *crucial* for peace in the Balkans. There are so many minorities in every country, all of them claiming to be oppressed in a lesser or greater extent that if we allow every country here to cross any border to invade any other country for the pretext of protecting a national minority, well... World War 3 will become inevitable. And with an indepedent Kosovo, it will be inevitable. The last violent border change was in WW2.

Sevarius Jr.> 1. Yes, many things US is doing things the right way. As I said I am not bashing US in general, only their current strategy. But that you followed the law in the past doesn't mean you are allowed to break it now IMO.

2. I admit I don't know anything about you. I can only judge your opinions as stated, which btw included your desire to make every Yugoslavian ('pig-farmers by day') a soprano because they tried to 'embarass' the 'premiere superpower' of the world (as if that's worse than killing civilians, be they Albanians or Serbs). I only stated that those opinions don't make you a patriot - you may indeed be a patriot, but contrary to what you seemed to suggest those statements are hardly a sign of patriotism.

I've seen the word 'patriotism' misused once too often.

3. I really am not trying to bash America. As I said I've attacked my own country in worse ways and have been called a traitor by many self-proclaimed 'patriots' as a result.

4. As I said I'll not mention the subject of Kosovo after this post. But remember that you mentioned the subject first and in more intense ways than I.

Aris Katsaris - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 02:49:25 PM

Hi All!!

I see from the other comment room that Wyvern web works (chris's server) is going to be down for upgrades this weekend. So no room... Shall we all go any take over the Can Clan's seldom-used comment room for the duration? Assuming I can find the link?

JEB: I Await your update eagerly. Can you post here to say when it's done? assuming of course the Comment room is still here....

Customers in their underwear (for Pistoff, Coyote, Wilek, Et al) : The funnyiest occurance of this was when a lady came in a 5:15am to get some groceries. She felt that this was Okay because no-one will be around. (silly lady - if no-one's going to be around, why would we be open?) 30 seconds later 2 mini-vans full of forestry workers pull up and 25 big, burly guys jump out and walk into the shop through into the lunchbar. Every single one of them stared at her butt... she looked like she wanted to die right then and there.

Fay and Iron: They could also have trouble with the Russian armed forces. Russian Mortar bombs, missiles, shells and grenades have iron shells rather than steel. Apparently it makes a much more... Satisifing shrapnel pattern. Russian warships and planes also have a high proportion of iron in their construction. mostly from badly cast steel.

Pistoff: I earn $10.50 per hour. this translates into $5.25 U.S. per hour. after tax there's not a lot left anyway.
We don't let customers use the toilet at work. these conversations run something like this...
Customer: Can I use your Toilet?
Me: Sorry, We're not allowed to let customers use it. If you go about 300 yards up the road, there's public toilets at the Pavilion.
Customer: But I'm DESPERATE!!!
Me: Run.
I don't think any of them ever actually got anything in the bowl. Sometimes it was really disgusting.

Murder weapons: The one I liked was when a policeman was killed by his wife. She clubbed him to death with a frozen Lamb roast and when the investigating officers turned up from his station, she'd cooked it and got them to eat the roast....i can't remember how they caught her but they abmitted it was a good way to dispose of the murder weapon.

Aaron: Yes, Law is definitly the Darkside.

Well that's it from me...

Goodnight all!!!

Jonathan, He of 2000+ Easter Eggs
NEW ZEALAND Wednesday, April 7, 1999 02:47:40 PM

Stormy> Then hand the Wasteland to Stephen King, and watch him spawn his best four (and counting) novels.

Speaking of Spawn, I wanna see a Spawn/Gargs crossover. If we could get Thailog back for the episode, we could have triple bass. And come to think of it, don't Xanatos and Jason Wynn look sort of alike. Plus, we could get Owen and Twitch together in a battle of the emotionless assistants.

Stupid customers> If you ever really want to meet some truly stupid, unpleasant people, join me on the darkside, and work in a law office. (Then again, if these people wern't such boneheads, they might not need legal representation)

Okay, as promised, my parallels between Event Horizon, and Apoclypse Now. Impossible, maybe...

But look at it from Lawrence Fishbourne's perspective. Larry and his misfit crew are dragged off to hell and gone on a covert mission, by a crazy guy from outside their branch of the service, who proceeds to get most of them killed, and Fishbourne dies in an attempt to kill the crazy guy and stop him from completing his mission.

To anyone attending the Gathering, a couple of tips on conventions in general, that I picked up from Elin Winkler, a very cool lady who runs one of the local indie-comic companies.

1. Remember to sleep. Just because something is going on 24 hours a day there, doesn't mean you are obligated to attend. If you don't sleep, you will get sick.

2. Remember to bathe. A dip in the hotel pool is not a substitute. Plus, the pool has long since turned into Otaku soup from all the other Otaku with the same idea.

3. Take lots of pain relievers and cold medicine. You will probably get sick anyway, and the stuff at the hotel gift shop costs as much as a Gundam resin model kit. And even if you don't get sick, you can become life-long friends with someone just by sharing your cold medicine.

4. Just for females. Never be to nice to any of the fanboys. They've all seen too much anime, and believe in love at first sight. (I should point out that Elin, being female, and into video games and comics, is the Queen of the Fanboys, and has to fight them off with a stick. So I'm not sure how much this advice applies to others)

(Me now) Guys, I'm told it's great fun at Conventions to find an attractive female, and pledge to be her ninja. Somebody try this and tell me if it works.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 01:50:03 PM

JEB--TS Eliot's WASTE LAND--Technically, it's not a book, it's a poem. I love it...but when I first read it for first year english, me 'n' Ryan were like, "what the hell is this?" (Are you reading the footnotes that explain what all his lines are references to?)


Take major images from British, German, French, Indian and Asian culture, four different languages, two or three religions, pieces of novels, play, songs, and poems, and a dash of King Arthur, put in a pot, mix well, and half bake. Congratulations you have TS Eliot's WASTE LAND.

CATS: Hm. Over the years, mine have engaged in such habits as hanging upside down from trees, stowing away in our trucker neighbour's cab (and jumping in his lap as he pulled out the lane) and divebombing us from the rafters to land on our shoulders. Cats are psychopathic by nature, which is probably why I like them.

Hmmmm.....maybe they need to invent the cat-goyle. ;-)


Caligo and Wagner are sitting in the staff car drinking beer when all of a sudden, Caligo's form melts and reforms into a large grey cat.
WAGNER: *blinks* That's something you don't see every day...didn't know you could do that, Cal!
CAL: MEow! Meow meow! (translation: I CAN"T!! HELP!)
WAGNER: *snorts* At least in that form you have an excuse for drinking out of the toilet...
*CAL hisses*
WAGNER: Ok, joke's over...turn back now.
*CAL throws a cat fit 'cuz he can't.*
WAGNER ignores him and resumes drinking beer*

POOF! Wagner is turned into a German shepherd....

Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:39:10 AM

All CR posters' cats, not limited to but including Caligo, Kitty, Rev. Attila, and all of Starsinger's furfoots:
The time has come, my friends. You've seen the idiotic customer stories shared in this room. It's sad but true ... humanity has finally lost its collective marbles.

It's time for us to rise. We are the true rulers of this planet, join me on my epic crusade to put us in our proper place in this world!

**Suddenly Coyote is heard in the background -- "GET YER FUZZY BUTT AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER!!"**

Oops, gotta go!

**jumps off the chair, Coyote in pursuit. Coyote turns to the room.**

Please ignore my cat. It appears I know now what she does in all that time she hides from everyone. Little conspirator ... grr ...

**continues chasing after the black cat.**

Chessie the Bando's Cat
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 11:14:09 AM

Kosovo situation> When the Serbians start bombing _us_, then I form an opinion.

Coyote> Good to see you smiling again, ami. *ducks items Kaioto throws at him* IT'S ONLY A LITTLE FRENCH!

Argent> Click my name for a _direct_ link to the Lion King MiSTings. :-) Don't feel stupid, it happens to the best of us. Just click my name, then select "download". TLK2 is on the first page as well.

I guess that's all. I'll be back at lunch!

** attaches the link to his name, and leaves. **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 10:07:57 AM

Argent: I'm working on Season 2 now. The first story of
Season 2, "Dragon's Bane", is up. I should be finished
" Cash Flow" pretty soon. Ah, the work of a pokemon fanfic
author is never done ...

Weepinbell - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 09:57:08 AM


Wonderful episode. I don't think that I have to repeat the fact that it was very well written, that's been said by everyone who's posted in this room since the episode appeared.

This episode had a lot of good elements: Clarification on the exact nature of the Lex/Liz relationship (I'd like to see Lex find a significant other but it's good to see that the staff isn't getting every single member of the clan paired off with someone. It makes the situation more realistic), something brewing with Tommy Kimura which will probably lead to another story with Sharon and the mutates again down the road, the Demona/Angela relationship, the Macbeth/Joanna relationship, more of a glimpse at DARK AGES with some more information on Asrial who is the best character of the DARK AGES saga, and a furthering of the overall Unseelie plot.

Among the more interesting developments we have:

Joanna now knows that Gargoyles and Fey are real and that her new boyfriend has connections to both. I really want to see how Macbeth will be able to explain the whole thing to her and what her reaction will be. I mean it's one thing to be able to accept the fact that there are Gargoyles, that the Fey really exist and magic does work, but what will she say when she finds out that not only is her boyfriend immortal, he's the actual historical Macbeth!

Angela and Demona are in England which I hope means we will see some interaction between them and the London clan. (I would like to see a little more of Griff and Brianna, they haven't been around in a while.) It would be nice to see how Demona will react to completely unknown Gargoyles.

(Also this does bring up a question: In M.I.A Griff says that Goliath looks like Scottish stock. But in TGS the London clan didn't know about the Caledonian clan until Griff and Pendragon discovered them. So how did he know what Scottish gargoyles look like? Could they have run into Demona some time earlier so that they would have a reference of some sort? I always wondered if maybe Demona knew Leo and Una. After all they run a magic store and Demona might have stopped by at one point to see if they had something, paricularly if she heard that the people who were running it dressed up in strange robes and masks. Just plain curiousity should have gotten her there to take a look, and a second after that look she would have known that they were Gargoyles.)

Madoc doesn't know about the exact connection between Demona and Angela (although I can't understand why. Angela looks exactly like Demona just with different coloring. Are they blind or something?) and now he thinks that both Demona and Macbeth are dead which means that they can be held in reserve as a secret weapon against the Unseelie.

(Another question: Are the Weird Sisters stronger than Madoc? I mean he didn't feel any of the spells that they cast on Demona and Macbeth, and his power wasn't strong enough to override the immortality spell and kill them but at the same time he was able to undo the Owen's stone fist and Banshee's gag. Why is that?)

Why does Broadway have an apparent distaste for London? He's never been outside of Wyvern and New York.

And why haven't the Gargoyles taken to carrying around some small bell or two pieces of iron to bang together? It's a really economical way to protect themselves from the Unseelie.

Great Episode and I eagerly await the next installment.


Brooklyn, NY
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 09:31:49 AM

Well, I mailed my novel today. Only cost $16.50, which was a bit of a surprise. Had a bit of a delay because the guy in the post office was supposed to give me $8.25 in stamps for the book and another $8.25 for the SASE ... but he only gave me $8.05 for each, then argued when I told him what happened. So I just whipped out my receipt and showed it to him and watched the pus surge to his brain ...

Aaron: The Pacific Gourmet pizzas are a group of rather disgusting pizzas. The barbecued-chicken one isn't bad, and neither is the Gourmet Hawaiian ... but the rest are hideous. They have sun-dried tomatoes (when they're in the jar they look like bark scraped off a tree and soaked in red oil of some sort) and spinach (even Popeye wouldn't eat this stuff) and chopped garlic (strong enough for a vampire, but effective on mere mortals as well) and artichoke hearts (all I can say about these is ... Ewwwwwwww!!!). As you may have guessed by now, we don't sell many of these.

Doug: Thanks! But you don't have to deal with stupid customers? Are there any job openings where you work? ;)

Jonathon: Thanks to you, too! And ... I make more money than you?!?! That's hard for me to believe. Doesn't New Zealand have a minimum wage? Or is it just lower than it should be?

And ... customers in their underwear ... ye gods! I run into this all the time when I'm delivering, but that's in the customers' houses. They seem to think they can walk around in their underwear in their houses ... but to have somebody like that in your store!! That's frightening! Especially when they dig their money out ...

Sounds to me like your store should change its uniforms to HazMat suits.

This reminds me of something truly sickening that happened at work. A really old guy hobbled in and asked if he could use the restroom. This was back when we actually sold a few pizzas, and we were busy, and I thought he was one of the customers, so I let him use the restroom. He did, and left. Later, the boss told me to look in the bathroom, because the guy had left something in there. Immediately, my paranoia went into maximum overdrive. I went in ... forced myself to open my eyes and look around ...

Well, I won't describe it in detail. I'm sure I don't have to tell you exactly what was smeared all over the toilet seat. And ... brace yourself ... the guy had taken off his underwear and left it in the waste basket.

The boss told me to clean it up. As if the whole thing were my fault. I responded with a few choice comments that I can't repeat here, and told her to call the Roto Rooter guy. I went home after that, but while I was gone I think they removed the waste basket and the toilet, took them out somewhere, and burned them.

Wilek: Those haven't happened to me yet, but I've had quite a few, aside from the usual prank orders. (One prank, however, backfired--we traced the woman's phone number and had her arrested because she'd jacked us out of $100 in pizzas and drinks. She's still in jail, her kids have been taken away from her, and she's making a nice girlfriend for some studly GI Jane type who pumps iron all day ...).

Anyway, one I get a lot is, I knock on a guy's door and he comes out with this blank look on his face. "I didn't order anything!" Immediately I start to get pissed. It costs me money to drive my truck to somebody's house (the company doesn't pay for gas, except for a whopping 50 cents per delivery, which doesn't even BEGIN to cover gas costs), and every prank wastes my gas and I don't get that 50 cents for it.

Well, finally the guy grins and says, "Ha! Just kidding! Boy you shoulda seen the look on your face!"

Stuff like that happens every single day, ten or twelve times a day. For four years. It has a cumulative effect. And honestly, it's a miracle that I'm not in the state prison yet ...

Zath: Ah, nifty idea. Though regular ice is just easier to get hold of. But if I had access to dry ice, I'd definitely use that. :)

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 02:08:22 AM

You know I can say with some certainty that this week is going to turn into one of those bad ones. I mean, my grandmother blew an artery in her leg (spent hours cleaning up blood) she's fine now, but then I chipped an upper molar and I have to go see a dentist, now I'm getting a nose bleed, my stomach feels really weird, and my head is starting to ache. I guessing that this is either from a lack of sleep, since I stayed up till 3:30 a.m. last night watching "THE STAND" or I'm just dying. And to make matters worse, I've got a test in the morning. Well enough about my problems, how are all of you?

Traveler-you'll never guess what song I was listening to when I read your RP.

DumlaoX-That's too bad about your retirement. You can tell us why if you want. But it's good to know that you'll still be around.

See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 01:55:12 AM

*creeps in*

Hi. Just checking in to make sure no one things I died some horrible disgusting death. ;P I'll make it sweet and fast (kinda like cheap sex) *dodges trash being thrown at her*;P



*creeps out*

Mary Flanders
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 01:33:52 AM

**Robby walks in and kills DC. Nothing elaborate, he doesn't have to time or else DC might crash his computer again before he finishes**

Honestly, freezing my computer 8 times in a row... Not nice DC. I'm on my lousy computer right now, so I have to remember topics off the top of my head. So I'm bound to miss something...

NIMH 2- ANY sequal to a Bluth film is a travesty. Look at the Land Before Time sequals. Ick.

SJ- Waaay too much Pokemon boyo. But you're not in too much trouble until you can name all 150 and the hidden 151rst.

Alison- I thought your name sounded familiar...

Kosovo- We're a big power who's supposed to help the little guy. Sometimes we're right to do so, sometimes we're not.

CoS in English- Heh heh...This is how I KNEW I was gonna love my English teacher last year.. First day of school he said we were going to watch MacBeth, and he showed us a clip. From City of Stone. Heh heh.

USA vote- Nice that its fair NOW, the question is, could we have gotten to this point had it been fair?

Becka- Wait until the TGS staff sends out another calling. That may be a while, so you may want to satisfy yourself by simply writing fanfic.

Coyote- Felicia is the Darkstalker kitty, and I beat the game with her first. Then I used the werewolf Talbain, and well... Nobody ever plays against me when I use him unless they get like an eight damage advantage. Shame really...

As far as using only female characters, thats because thy are usually the fastest characters who can hit and dodge before others can react. (Which is why the strong characters suck, they can't move...) Besides, they're usually the best looking too.

Also, Killer Instinct has Riptor and Sabrewolf. It was possible to beat the game using them too. (Riptor... Gotta love a dinosaur who EATS his opponents for a fatality...)

I KNOW I've forgotten to say some stuff I meant to say... Ah well... I'll remember when my computer is working again...

Wednesday, April 7, 1999 01:14:39 AM

**Kyryn sneaks in for a moment**

Aaron> Another gun nut? Well, I do consider myself fairly well informed on the subject and I do shoot, but my fiance Okami is the serious one. He was the one who told me about the Webley-Fosberry. He likes old British guns.

Fay and Iron> One lucky meteor strike on Madoc's headquarters might do the job. Meteors usually have a partially iron core. Of course, one smart guy with a construction site nail gun could also do some serious damage.

Odd creativity Demon> Sam Gerard runs into Agent K when they are both on the trail of an escaped prisoner/alien, who is the terrorist bad guy (also played by Tommy Lee Jones) from Under Siege. Ack! Creator only knows where that one came from! And I don't even have time to write my own fics.

Alison> Belated congratulations.

Well, that's it for now. Later All!

**Kyryn sneaks back out***

Uvalde, TX
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 12:50:18 AM

**The shadows in a particularly dark corner of the CR condense before suddenly spewing Zath (who actually looks relatively human for the moment, with the exception of horns and a tail) into the room.**

Fire> <<every time I get close, There is a BROKEN LINK!!>> I know how you feel. About a month ago I decided I wanted to compare how Sevarius was drawn in all the episodes and I couldn't find a single non-fan pic. It must be some kind of a conspiracy...

Traveler> <<one moment you were in class or something, the next, you find youself in that "strange place" in your subcouncious mind >> What "strange place" in my subconscious? This is what my *conscious* is like, so a strange place in my mind might actually be *gasp* normal and sane! Actually it started in Spanish class where all the people sitting near me were trying to draw each other. All of the drawings were really awful and looked like sock puppets, so I drew a sock puppet. Then I went to calculus and had lots of time after my test so I decided I should draw someone holding the puppet. It was going to be Goliath, but I still can't draw him very well (I'm currently learning to draw Lexington, but Goliath is next because T Horror is bugging me to do a pic), so Brooklyn got the puppet.

SJ> <<Traveler, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY FAMILY TREE?!?! I swear before God, if I grow a third eye or something, there will be hell to pay!>> LOL : P I like that...

Deuce> <<Cute McWorker: We only have one size: Me: Is it small? McCutie: Kinda. Me: OK, I'll take it. >> That's not as bad as a friend of mine who once went into a Burger King, ordered "a cheeseburger with no cheese" and refused to leave until she got a hamburger in a cheeseburger wrapper.

Doug> <<Does Brooklyn's puppet have a name?>> Mel sounds like a good name for a sock puppet.

Pistoff> <<and after a while the ice would melt, and there would be no murder weapon and no fingerprints. >> Why stop with regular ice? If you used dry ice not only would the extreme cold probably do some nifty damage to his skull, but it wouldn't even leave a puddle.

Cyrway> <<.and he's the kitty from Hell>> there seem to be a lot of those around here. I wonder if he's any relation to Kitty (she's part Siamese too). Does Cal try to eat your house like Kitty does to mine?

Blue Caeru> I've been known to play arcade games from time to time, but what I really enjoy is pinball even though I rarely get the chance to indulge.

Heather> Welcome back!

Wilek> I like the creativity demon : ) <<And I remember a dungeon in The Legend Of Zelda being shaped like
a svasti...>> Wasn't there also a big glowing blue swastika on the floor in one of the rooms in the first Doom game? <<Can you tell what takes up much of my time and provides a *lot* of fic inspiration?>> Have you ever played The Neverhood? Klogg vs. Demona might be an amusing crossover (but then again I usually think just about anyone vs. Demona would be pretty funny).

Kaioto> Sure, there are ways to kill demons, but why would I want to tell anyone how to get rid of me? >: )

Aaron> <<I saw something that filled me with disgust: The Secret of NIMH II:>> *runs off to consult book shelf and returns* There have been sequels to the novel for years. "Rasco and the rats of NIMH" came out back in 1986 and "RT, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH" came out around 1990 or so. Rasco was okay for a YA novel, but RT was pretty lame (2 kids get lost while camping and are saved by the rats).

JEB> <<I mentioned CoS to my teacher- she wants me to bring it in to class to watch.>> You'll have to tell us how that turns out.

SOROW> What ever happened to Don Bluth anyway? I don't recall seeing anything from him recently. <<chemistry is the work of Satan>> Maybe that's why he's always associated with fire and brimstone. It's not hell, it's just a lab full of unsupervised teenagers.

That's it for now. Bye all.

**Zath slides back into the shadows.**

Zath - []
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 12:42:35 AM


[At an undisclosed location, the cast of one of the most moronic animated series ever, Scooby Doo, is getting together to discuss a revival of their insipid show...when, to their horror, Carol Borgy beams in. She scans them for a moment, pronounces them unfit for assimilation (not unlike the Kazon), and kills them. And their little dogs too. <witchlike cackle>]


Kaioto> Given your <ahem> issues with many of the more arrogant members of the Third Race, I thought you'd be interested in something from Heretic II--namely the Iron Doom spell. When cast, it conjures a ridiculously large spiked iron orb that bounces around. Does absolutely hideous things to anything it runs into, Fey and mortal alike. Maybe its incantation could be your iron poem...although the nails are kewl as well. :) Hm, so you're trying to figure out what harms demons. Well...if any happen to show up in my ficverse, they couldn't be killed outright, they could only be exiled back to hell. *If* it becomes an issue, that is...

Kosovo> I'm staying out of this; I know exactly zip about controversial political issues.

Pistoff> <<99 ways to screw with the delivery guy>> Oh, I'm not sure even *you* have fallen victim to all of *these*. Examples: "19. Say hello, act stunned for five seconds, then behave as if they called you." ('You' being the customer.) "23. Change your accent every three seconds." "99. Offer to pay for the pizza with a public flogging." I *hope* no one's been stupid enough to try any of these with you, anyhow.

DumlaoX> Sorry to see you leave the staff...but you'll still be coming here, so it all works out. :)

Jonathan> <<i'm not sure if I should be using Gloves or Tongs...>> A flamethrower, to use on the next idiot that strolls in in their underwear.

Becka> Um...I don't think the TGS staff accepts outside submissions. If you'd like to contribute, you might like to offer to join them at their next casting call. And welcome! Allow Deuce here to confiscate your sanity. You won't be needing it :)

Coyote> <<I don't remember the cat-girl's name>> Felicia. I used to watch the TV show all the time. Thing is, I never knew it was also a fighting game until a few months ago. I can never beat fighting games with *any* character, unless I have a GameShark or something. Just because I like games doesn't mean I'm all that skilled at them. :)


[Wilek uses a staff with a hooked blade--borrowed from a member of the Annwnian Death Watch--to flay off Mr. Disconnect's skin, then pours a vat of hydrochloric acid all over him.] That's for making my computer suffer a fatal exception error while I was typing this post. You're lucky I was able to save it in Notepad before rebooting, or I would have *really* put some thought into this one.


[Most of the Borgy Bunch beam into the town of Bluffington and begin assimilating every living thing that happens to trip into their line of sight.]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Wednesday, April 7, 1999 12:04:46 AM

Futurama: I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I've seen all three episodes, and I've laughed only a couple of times. I just don't think it's that funny. I like the future setting, but I still think Simpsons is much better (although even that has begun to slide a little downhill). But I did catch "The Family Guy" tonight, and it had some pretty good laughs in it. Stewie the baby is pretty cool! "Curse your estrogenical treachery!"

Pokemon, obnoxious humans: Man, I hate that Gary. And any other Pokemon trainer who says to Ash "You must not have trained your Pokemon very well!" moments before he whups their arse. Go Pikachu!

Coyote: Hey, I loved Soul Edge! I beat it once with Voldo. There's something cool about a blind/mutant/B&D fetishist with two deadly Katar daggers!

Kaioto: I agree with pretty much all your statements on Kosovo and Milosevich. You're quite well spoken.

Aris: Well, a response was inevitable. A few things:

1. I don't care if you label me a nationalist or a patriot. My whole point is, if we do help people out, we get yelled at for not doing things "the right way". If we don't help people out, we come across as self-important jerks. So either way, we don't win. If you want help, let us do it our way, okay? We must be doing something right if everybody and their neighbor always wants our aid. And it doesn't matter if we "own" the UN, or a part of the UN, we still catch a lot of flak from them anyway.
2. You don't know one goddamn thing about me. I've had family members who've died in combat. My father almost didn't make it out of Vietnam as well, which means I almost didn't exist (a fact that I'm sure some people wouldn't actually mind). I know damn well all about war, okay? No, I've never seen combat myself, but I know about war. I don't need to be on the battlefield to understand it.
3. <<I wasn't trying to bash America>> Well, I'd hate to see you *really* try. Have some sympathy for the real patriots in here, and me, the nationalist.
4. Finally, please, next time you want to ream me a new asshole for something I've said, do it through email? After a long day, the last thing I need is to come in here, which I do to have fun and for enjoyment, and see a post like yours. To use further foul language, it's a kick in the nether regions. If I've pissed you off, which I obviously seem to have done, please, don't rebuke me where EVERYONE can read it. Just a personal request.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 11:49:03 PM

**enters grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat, switches out the candles, and immediately makes a beeline for the chair.**

Argent: For different reasons, all is right in *my* world, as well. :)

Filk: Thanks for the comments on "Human Girl." I couldn't really resist, the opening two lines are too good to resist filking! ("Once a beautiful Miss America/Married Mr. Right ..." the last three words are just *screaming* to be turned into "Angel of the Night!" :)

Video games: The only one that has been mentioned here that I've actually *beaten* is Soul Edge, with two characters ... both female. I've also beaten Killer Instinct 2 with both of the female characters in that one. I *nearly* beat Street Fighter Alpha 2 with Sakura. I *have* beaten Street Fighter 3 with one of the female characters (the African girl with the white hair, IIRC). I also beat Dark Stalkers with a female character that *wasn't* Morrigan. (I don't remember the cat-girl's name, sorry.)
Anyone see a pattern here? (All: "THAT YOU'RE A VIDEO GAME TRANSVESTITE?") No, no ... it seems like the best characters to play in fighting games are the female ones! Not that I don't mind, especially surprising the hell out of an opponent playing the huge musclebound character in a game like KI by whaling on his @$$ with Orchid (incidentally, IIRC the only character that you *can* beat the original KI with is Orchid). :)

Jonathan: Ohhh my Gawwwwd ... ROTFLMSAO at the unclean stupid customer story!!

JEB: Fox wants to set itself up with two one-hour animation blocks during the week ... a Sunday one with "Simpsons" and "The Family Guy," and a Tuesday one with "King of the Hill" and "Futurama." They're also afraid that if they put Futurama after The Simpsons, viewers might suffer from Groening overload. :)

Argent: From my secondhand understanding (credit my mother who spent four years in Japan while stationed at Atsugi in the Navy, and myself being born there), -san and -sama are suffizes used to demonstrate respect, as in an elder or a superior. -kun and -chan are more informal, usually reserved for family, friends and loved ones.
And actually, to tell the truth, baseball season's looking up in Detroit too for once ... how else can you describe the *very first* pitch thrown to a Tiger batter becoming a home run? :)

**sits back and grins some more, focusing on the candle**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 11:21:10 PM

Hi all! Haven't been in in a while, and I still don't have much time. Just wanted to say I'm still alive (although I can't seem to find my brain) and I wanted to comment on the new Gargoyles EP

Gargoyles~ Very good episode, loved it.
TD~ I only read through half of it when I remembered that it was a two parter, so I stopped and I'll wait for the second part.

Also~ I didn't have enough time to read through last weeks and this weeks CR, so if I didn't remark on something everyone's talkin' bout, well, now ya know why. Gotta go, I'll read CR's tomorrow and be back as soon as I can.
See ya,

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 11:03:43 PM

Sorry if this is a double post but:
Cleveland Indian Omar Vizquel has hit the first home run of the year!

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 10:54:06 PM

Warning: This is gonna be a long one for me!
(Argent dons flame and ice-proof armor before riding Jewel*D into the room.)
Wow, there are some really strong opinions on Kosovo to mull over. I'm getting more info and a better understanding of different aspects of it in here then in anything else I've read so far.
(Directs Jewel*D to a cooler area, pulls off the protective shields, revealing the red and blue baseball jersy underneath. Slips a CD into the boom box.)
All the little chicks with the crimson lips know
We're Jumpin' at the Jake and pumped up at the Pound because
(I KNOW those aren't the actual words, but I like them better!)
GO TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahhh, baseball has started again; All is well with the world. :)
BRONX WYVERN> (Carmen Sandiego) With real people or animated?
SPIKE> (the Ishimura gargoyle) Cool pic! I like his name!
WEEPINBELL> Hey, you're back! I liked your Pokemon fan fics: When are you starting on Season 2?
ALISON> Congrats on your acceptance!
HEATHER> Welcome back!
DUMALOX> You're retiring? Huh.
KAIOTO> You forgot garlic for vampires and iron for witches. (Or do witches count as faye?)
AARON> Oh yeah, especially DISCANT sopranoes! :) Also: I actually picture Tommy Lee Jones getting on Gargoyles as a MIB agent... Ack! No! (Hides behind Jewel*D before ANOTHER Creativity Demon can crash the party of the other three already residing in head.)
JEB> Where in West Virginia?

Pokemon, obnoxious humans> The humans I can tolerate, it's the narrator I'd like to see Pikachu elctrocute sometime.
MSTing of Lion King> The link works, but (don't laugh!) I have no idea where to go to look for it! Help!
Video Games> The only arcade game I've ever done well at was Ninja Turtles. Watching my brother play so many, I've gathered various bits and pieces of knowledge on them. I'd actually be pretty good at them, except for the fact I can never remember which button does what and everything seems to happen too fast. Which is why I've come to favor puzzles/ strategy games (Tetris, King, Space, and Eco Quest) and RPGs (Pokemon!). There's alot more time to think, brains matter just as much as speed and brawn, plus plot is a much more vital part of the story.
Secret of NIMH> Apparently, I am a part of the minority that was rather disgusted by that movie. It really doesn't do the book justice. I will gladly argue about this later.
Question> What do the endings -san, -sama, -khun, and -chan mean?

I should be working on my Science paper. :( My biggest incentive to do this is I will be tallying all the annoying little nit-picks Microsoft Word decides to torment me with and 'discuss' my displeasure with Mr. DC afterward.
(Argent smiles sweetly at Mr. DC, who didn't hear that last comment. He gulps and begins to search for a safe hiding place. Good luck, because I've taken the liberty of having a friend booby-trap them all!)

Gotta Jet!
(Five moinths 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

stable, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 10:32:26 PM

Hi !!!!
That pic for the Slayer Senshi is done but the computer that has it is...**looks at her dad with her eyes narrowed** stilled packed up !
**giggles and hugs Robby again. She blushes slightly when to just kiss him again**
**runs away**

Heather - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 09:56:03 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get in touch with the TGS staff? I have a really great idea for a character to be introduced and I'd like to be heard. If anyone can give me any help in this area please e-mail me at I'd REALLY appreciate it! Thanks. *g* *hugs to all gargs fans*
Becka - []
AvalonTuesday, April 6, 1999 09:43:09 PM

New on my site --
Dark Beauty Part Two: The Institute
For those who've been waiting until it was ready to read both parts back to back, now's your chance!
As always, comments welcome! Comments needed and desperately wanted! ; )
Click on my name or go to

Christine the attention hog - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 08:17:23 PM

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted in the last two days, but chemistry is the work of Satan and thereby should be banned from the planet. Or it could be my teacher is slowly turning into a b****! Sorry, it's a project.

HOMECOMING> No spoilers. Just a great ep all around. I was wondering when the London clan and the NYC clan were going to mix.

Aaron> I must agree with you in saying The Secret of NIMH is one of the best and most beautifully animated movies ever. I think any Don Bluth film is way better than most of Disney's happy feely films. The villians are just more believable in his work.

If anyone likes to watch dance movies and doesn't mind reading subtitles, I recommend in going to see Tango. It's a very interesting interpretation of....actually I don't know what the plot was. But it's refreshing all the same. OKIloveyoubyebye!

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 06:48:08 PM

DUMLAO - We're sorry to see you go. You'll be missed.

TO EVERYBODY WHO LIKED "HOMECOMING" - Thank you, thank you. *bows* We like it when a story gets this sort of feedback.

JEB - Of course, from the TGS standpoint, we all know what was responsible for those disaster legends from around the world (cf. "The Rising Part Two").

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 06:38:56 PM

Not much time but I just wanted to add a small piece of explanation concerning my previous post: My intention wasn't to bash America. I have bashed my own country with far worse commentary than what I have just said against the US. That's all.
Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 06:12:13 PM

Gotta be quick.

Selanet> Remember, Oberon had his powers limited to those of a normal (If the term applies) fey. And since it effect halflings, Fox and Alexander will have to go hide with Owen.

Cyrway> Liked your definition of Eureka. Almost like the Doctor's. "Eureka is Greek for my bathwater is too hot."

Traveler> You've beaten Area 51? How? I can never damage the UFO enough.

Blue Cereu(Sp) I too found CarnEvil to be disappointing. Esp. how you can't keep the special weapons.

Swastikas were also a symbol of an ancient eastern lodge with ties to the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, and, maybe, alien Greys. I'll check my book for the full story, and post later.

Kyryn> So nice to have another gun nut around. Most people wouldn't know what a Webly-Fosberry was.

Alison Wilgus> I actually enjoyed Event Horizon very much, I just had to watch it three times to get past the initial "Oh my God! That was disgusting!" reaction. I'll post my parallels between EH and Apocolypse Now later

Must go now. Till tomorrow.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 06:02:35 PM

*JEB walks in, drops the suitcases he's carrying on the floor, and falls into an easy chair.*

This spring vacation may have been short (3 days long, FYI), but it was certainly eventful. Busy at work on Thursday and Friday, occupied with various things on Saturday, and visiting a college in West Virginia Sunday and Monday.

That, and the work I had last week kept me from posting, so that's where I've been.

Doug & Kitania> Thanks. I didn't get to work on my newly-rediscovered fic during my "vacation", but I should be able to get the thing up by May, powers willing. *crosses fingers*

Has anyone here read "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot? Damn, that's a strange book. However (and I don't know if this is good or scary), I seem to be able to actually comprehend what's going on.

I also recently started reading a book titled "Parallel Myths," about the commonalities between numerous cultural myths. I know this was brought up a month or two ago, but it's fascinating how many common story archetypes are found across the world.

- Most cultures believe the universe was formless chaos until the creator appeared, bring light and order, and forming the world.
- Many believe we were preceded by a number of previous races of man, or went through several different versions of the world before arriving at our present state.
- Several have humankind suffering thanks to the disobedience of a few of its early members.
- Nearly all have a myth of a great flood.
- Many have stories of journeys to the afterlife to save a dead loved one.

There are more, but I think these were some of the most interesting ones. The author believes that these may all be racial memories of distant past events.

To those who give my page patronage> I haven't stopped updating again, I've just been busy. I've been working on an update, and should have a sizable one posted later this month.

Kosovo> I really am not getting into this. Period. I've learned this is not a good environment for such discussions.

Futurama> This is a pretty good show, though it seems to have something interesting that Simpsons lacks (and self-mocks)- continuity. That gives it an interesting edge, IMHO. It's a fun show overall, tho- but why move it to Tuesday (aka Buffy Night in this house)?

Alison> Nice to see ya! :)

Gargs vs. the Tick> I, for one, am rather glad there can't be cheating on either side in this last poll- now we can win fair and square (and we are, too :).

Cool News> We're reading "MacBeth" in my AP English class, and I mentioned CoS to my teacher- she wants me to bring it in to class to watch. And the class seems to be familiar with Gargs, so this'll be kewl. :D

Well, bye.

*JEB opens one suitcase, jumps in holding the other, and disappears. The remaining baggage closes and turns inside-out, popping out of existence.*

JEB - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 05:49:44 PM

Hi All,
I just cast my vote for Gargoyles at Weekend Celebs website ( and currently, Gargoyles it **blowing away the competition!**

The voting has been narrowed down to Gargoyles vs The Tick. Gargoyles has 77.1% and The Tick has 22.9% so far.

If you can, cast your vote for our beloved Gargs. :)
Lee Ann Hamm - []
Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 03:33:26 PM

Hi All!!!

Had a very nice Easter - except for that thing about the Easter eggs which I'll talk about in a minute...

Kosovo: Wasn't going to get involved with this but I've seen some stuff posted which is wrong. However, no moralising (well, I'll try to keep my moralising out.). A person's moral stance on this is their own business...

Kaioto: >>If I were like many of the people going country bashing right now, I could have a field day on Russia and Germany, because, by rationalization, neither has the right to talk about ethnic cleansing<< Can I just add one other country to this list? It's got the Bloodyist record for ethinic cleansing in modern history and has used even less justification than Serbia. It's ruthlessly murdered Hundreds of Thousands of people for the hideous crime of insisting that this country follow the terms laid down in treaties it dictated to them or because it was more convient or simply for FUN. Lets bomb them...

Kaioto get picked on again...>>Fifth, I don't know about Germany, but if the US put in some effort, we could conquer the whole of Serbia in under a month.<< I would take a Month just to ship heavy ground forces from the U.S. to Europe, probably longer. It did take six months to build up the army in Saudi Arabia before desert storm, and, IIRC, REFORGER is GONE. so any heavy force will have to be shifted from the U.S. Serbia is not Iraq or even the North German Plain. It doesn't have the long ranges which help to make U.S. weapons so effective and Serbia's army may be a Paper tiger but it will fight. And if you've noticed the effectiveness of A-10's in Kosovo so far, It's not going to be a turkey shoot either.

Kaioto again...>>The majority does not have the right to vote to disenfranchise or expunge the minority<< Damn straight. We agree on something. So, why were the Kosovo Albanians trying to run the Serb's out of their homes when their Autonomy was revoked? And, Legally, The Serbian government can revoke their Autonomy, because the Serbian Government is the Sovereign power in Kosovo.( at least for the moment.)

Picking on Gabriel now...>>He had agreed with all points, to give up the killings of albaniens and to accept an own status of Kosovo, but the only thing he can’t accept was to let NATO troops controll his country. This was part of the treaty, to let in the NATO to „observe“ the situation. He had agreed to let in UN forces, also UN observators<< Haven't heard this before. where is it from?

And Again:>>It was the first association of so many countries all over the world and it was create to keep the peace in the world<< Actually the League of Nations was the first. And anyway, Nambia doesn't have a veto on the security council (or the General Assembly either) only the Permanent members do. But otherwise correct. The UCK is, I think in English, the KLA - Kosovo Liberation Army. But 'Bunch of Terrorists' sounds just as good.

Kathy wrote >>but the President's motivations are completely suspect.<< He has Motivations?

***End of Kosovo stuff***

Pistoff: Good luck with the book. And if you think your pay is bad you make more than I do..

Stupid Customer Stories: the Unclean version..
Without trying to break the PG barrier I'll just mention customers who stroll through the shop.
In their underwear.
Despite what you think this isn't something that has happened once or twice or so, but usually once of twice a week (yes, during winter too..) But that's not the worst part. the worst part is when they find what they're looking for then come up to the counter, pull out a handful of notes (I'm not saying WHERE FROM.) and drop them on the counter. i'm not sure if I should be using Gloves or Tongs...

Silly Boss Story: (Alternative title: Why we have Easter eggs coming out our ears.) yes, well, this should be an evil chocolate salesman story I suppose. What happened is that we ordered some 'outers' of Easter eggs - the small Cream-filled ones. An Outer is the box they come in, and holds 50. So we ordered ten outers (500 eggs) for easter and figured we'd buy some more from the warehouse if we needed them. The Salesman's version of outer is a Case of six boxes. and we ordered ten. (3000 eggs) So we have 'Cadbury's Creme Eggs' sitting on every flat surface at work now... I Guess that's one way to raise your commission...

I have to go now...

Goodnight all!!

NEW ZEALAND Tuesday, April 6, 1999 03:29:04 PM

Okay, this pic was drawn by Christi Smith Hayden (according to the archive). Very uncanny, as she was the one who originally gave me the creativity demon that spawned Slayer Senshi (with her Sailor Arianna pic). And Ari's staff doesn't have a point on the end, it only looks that way in the comment room's shrinkage of the picture. So I guess maybe it wasn't as uncanny as a I thought. <shrugs> Oh well.

Oh, and sorry for the double post.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 02:50:46 PM


The screen comes on with the WB studios, where the cast of Histeria is taping a new episode. "And the most popular TV show in the 1970s," Father Time is saying, "was the Brady Bunch. Here to tell us about it, with the cast of the Brady Bunch, is Miss Information." Miss Information appears on a screen with the Borgy Bunch, who have just finished assimilating her. "Um, Miss Information?" Father Time asks, wondering about her Borg implants. "Hi, Father Time!" the ditz waves. "I've just been assimilated!" "Excuse me?" "You will, too," says the World's Oldest Woman, stepping up behind Father Time and extending her new assimilation tentacles. The old man begins to scream. (BTW, the rest of the Histeria cast was also assimiliated. Including the big drooling baby, the loudmouth, the obsessed fan, the dumbbell hick, and most of the show's poor excuses for historical figures. Uh oh.)

The screen changes to Colorado Springs, where Doug is helping DumlaoX back into the truck. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asks. "Yeah," DX says. "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just needed to take my medicine." Doug nods. "Okay, that's a relief. You might want to talk to our cleric Orion, though. He's an expert at curing diseases, he could be able to fix whatever it is you have." Dumlao thanks him. "I might do that," he says. "But first, is there anything you think you'll need from me?" "We might need some weapons that can damage our foes on a molecular level," Doug guesses. "That will nullify any of the bad guys' regeneration powers the next time we come up against Guod and his Borg." "I'll have my gnomes modify the weapons you carry now to do that," Dumlao says. "Piece of cake." "Alright, thanks. Then talk to Orion. You really looked like you needed some help." Dumlao nods and walks off to gather the team's arsenal. Doug tells Jammer to start heading for Traveler's hotel again, then turns to face the CR.


Hi everyone. Thanks again to all who sent me feedback on Slayer Senshi, I hope to get more soon. You know I was thinking about this picture and realized that it is uncanningly perfect for what I did with Ari and Graeme in that story. Ari's staff has a pointy end, there's lots of dust at their feet (maybe from vampires), and the two are both smiling as if they've shared in a mutual triumph. (Read Slayer Senshi to know how all this fits.) Heheh. Wonder who drew this, it must be the collective fan subconscious at work.

Kaioto: Kitainia sends her apologies for not asking you before she mailed that advice to the Prez. I'll make sure she will next time. So far Clinton hasn't reacted to our advice. Maybe if we sent it to Hillary she'd motivate him. After all, she is the smart one of the pair. :)

Pistoff: Good luck getting your novel published. And thanks for sharing all those horror stories. I work in a textbook and supply store myself, and am very happy I've never had to deal with customers that dumb!

Deuce: Thanks for explaining Coyote's idea. Kitainia and I have sent our greeting off.

Video Games: CarnEvil- gross, disgusting, stupid. That's my opinion of that game. The other games that have been mentioned are all very cool. I especially enjoy Street Fighter (I use Ken), Time Crisis, and War- Final Assault. I also used to play Fatal Fury often, but after they dumped Geese Howard (who is THE MAN!) as a playable character, I quit. See Kitainia's earlier post for the rest of my feelings about video games.

WeepinBell: I think Madoc's problem is he's assuming everything will go his way and refusing to believe anything will happen to make it otherwise. His overconfidence is his weakness (common failing among villains). Hope some of the good guys are smart enough to use Madoc's giant ego against him (like Macbeth will be doing to Jadriel in my next fic).

Alison: Nice to see you here. Hope you come by more now that you're in college. <grin>

Heather: Welcome back to the CR. Speaking of pics, any news on whether you can still do one for me? :)

Jen: Thanks for posting the link to that fay website. It shall doubtless be useful to many fic writers, including me.

SJ: So that's the text of their speech. Thanks for posting it, man.

DumlaoX: $ Whatever your RP character's condition is, I hope it isn't too serious. $ Also sorry to hear you're going to leave the TGS Staff (wonder why, hope you don't mind sharing the reasons). First JEB, now you. Looks like the staff is losing some great people. :( Glad you're still gonna be around after retirement, and hope you will give us a lot of great material before your departure. <grin>

Stephen: Good luck to you on publishing, too. $ And I look forward to working with your characters in the RP. $

Kaioto again: Hmm, what does it take to kill demons? Well, let's see, conventional methods. <looks through collection of taped Buffy episodes> Sword through the heart works, so does stake. You can electrify one, burn one, shoot one with a rocket launcher, lots of stuff works. Looks like demons are pretty vulnerable, you just have to bring out the big guns. Holy items probably also help. :)

Aaron: Thanks for mentioning Jenner and Sam Gerard. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I used both their names in my fanfic (Jenner Slovak is a lieutenant at Elisa's precinct, Gerard is Agony's middle name). Good creativity demon about the latter. :) And I agree with you, Sopranos (like Kitainia) do rule. Of course 2nd Tenors (me) are also nice.

Okay, that's all for now. Be back tomorrow with comments on the new Timedancer, and a review of the movie Go (which Kitainia are going to see a sneak preview of tonight).


As the truck drives on, Doug glances over at the cage, where Kitainia and Tom are waking up Jerry Bennet. "Augh!" Jerry screams as they throw cold water on him. "Hello, Jerry," Kitainia says. "Oh no!" the young fundamentalist screams. "I've been captured by the forces of hell!" "We're not the forces of hell," Tom tells him. "We're the good guys." "Tom! They've corrupted you. I never thought this would happen. You were my best friend!" "Jerry, I'm here of my own choice. I was not corrupted or decieved. Unlike you." "That old gag again? Sorry, it won't fool me. I know the truth about where God stands in this, and the truth about Kitainia." "Who told you this truth?" Kitainia asks. "The real Kitainia, demon-spawn!!" Doug, Kitainia, and Tom let out a collective sigh, realizing Jerry has obviously encountered and been decieved by Asil.

Meanwhile, at Fox TV studios, the casts of two very similar shows about drunk stupid loudmouths are discussing plans for a crossover episode that will incorporate both animation and claymation effects. "So," Peggy Hill speculates, "shall we come to the projects or you want to come to us?" "Not sure," says Thurgood (from The PJs). "Maybe we both get together in Dallas?" "I have a better idea!" Greg Borgy proclaims, suddenly stepping in with his family behind him. "You guys can all join our collective!" The casts of PJs and King of the Hill scream in agony as assimilation tentacles shoot out of the Borg and go to work on them. The screen chooses this moment to click off.


Doug - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 02:43:53 PM

I'm Baaaaack!

Sorry, but I've been maliciously separated from my 'net connection for a while

Now I gotta say: SOPRANOS! Soprano's rule! (Supposed to be posted yesterday)

I'm still wading through what I missed, so bear with me. I dunno how long I'll be here.

Pistoff> What the heck is a Pacific Gourmet?

Traveler> That was part of American Gothic's appeal. Is Lucas the devil, a demon, a warlock, etc.

Sevarius Jr> Speaking of lame sequels...

Aaron falls to the floor and does his Charlton Heston impression.

"They did it! They finally did it, those damn dirty suits!"

Sorry, but I was in a Sam Goody's over the weekend, and I saw something that filled me with disgust: The Secret of NIMH II: Timmy to the Rescue.

Plot goes like this, Thorn Valley needs a hero, so Timmy must go through hero training a la Disney's Herc. This movie violates two important rules.

1. Thou shalt not, on pain of having the fanatical disciples of Jenner remove a painful piece of your anatomy, make a lame sequel to one of the top five North American animated films of all time!

2. Thou shalt not, on pain of having the fanitical disciples of Jenner remove said piece of your anatomy slowly, make said lame sequel a *musical*!

Sorry, I'm just a little worked up right now.

Minor creativity demon: How to get Tommy Lee Jones to be on Gargs. Fed up with Bluestone's lack of progress with the Gargs Taskforce, the government decides to bring in Sam Gerrard.

Can't you just see it? "I want a hard target search of every castle, cloister, clocktower..."

More later (I hope)
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 02:16:10 PM

Stephen: Thanks for the advice. I'd sent out queries to all the publishers over a year ago (I sent them the first couple of chapters and an outline, as per their listings in the Writers Market) and most were returned. One said they liked it--but they rejected it anyway (??). And one sent me a letter saying they wanted to see the entire manuscript, so I'm sending it off today, now that I have some money. In the meantime, I'm looking for an agent. I found a whole list of 'em last night, and I'm going through it, looking for ones that are most likely to handle the kind of stuff I write. Most publishers don't want unsolicited manuscripts, especially if it's a simultaneous submission, but short queries are okay.

Good luck with your own efforts. Hope you catch a break soon. Let me know how it's going. And thanks again for the advice. :)

Pistoff - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 01:43:43 PM


There is a simple moral Algorithm I answer to when I think about Kosovo. It is called the Golden Rule.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Q: If the United States Army moved into Virginia tomorrow and began ethnic cleansing operations to eliminate all the African-Americans in Virginia, would I want say, the UK, to send in forces into my own USA to stop ~my~ army?

A: After careful deliberation, my answer is a reluctant, but decided "yes".

Q: In the above scenario, would I support the punishment bombing of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and a bunch of other states where the army is not around to commit genocide?

A: No.

Q: In the above scenario, would I support the destruction of any military targets supporting the army committing genocide outside Virginia.

A: Yes, I just hope to God I don’t live near a military base and that someone moves in ground troops to capitalize.

* On Whining About Bill Clinton *

I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton does not run the Pentagon. Bill Clinton does not run Congress. Bill Clinton is not an elected king. America has a ~real~ Republic. We have separation of powers and a Bill of Rights. Stop whining Bill Clinton this and Bill Clinton that. Bill Clinton is a draft-dodging jellyfish who has very little control over this mess. He can yea or nay certain military commitments, and only so long as Congress and the Supreme Court let him. Congress could run this show by itself if it wanted to.

* End Comments on Whining about Clinton *

* Comments about Country Bashing *

On the note of who should talk and crying hypocrisy:
If I were like many of the people going country bashing right now, I could have a field day on Russia and Germany, because, by rationalization, neither has the right to talk about ethnic cleansing or military presence. The Soviets left this place a mess. The Russians have been purging places of dissent right on through Yeltsin’s rise to power and past it. The German people … I don’t even want to start on the Germans. The Germans didn’t even have enough scruples or guts to remove Hitler from power, even when he had lost. The Germans should, by rationalization, never be consulted on ethnic cleansing unless one wants tips on 1000 + 1 ways to murder Jews.

I however, would like to think of people as individuals, and not judge them by their country, its past, or elected officials. It is stupid. I don't judge people by where they come from, and the above was only to illustrate, not my own opinions. Country hating and screaming "hypocrisy" can go on forever. The ethnic Albanians don’t have that long. They don’t have very long at all … Save the rationalizations and cries of "hypocrisy" for someone who cares. We should be saving people, not face.

* End Comments on Country Bashing *

DumlaoX: Good to here you’re still going to hang around here with the likes of us. (You know, Deuce wouldn’t hand over your sanity just because you were leaving anyway) You run a good ship, Dumlao.

Stupid Customers:
I used to work at Star Market as a cashier. Believe it or not, it wasn’t the stupid customers that were all that annoying, it was the customers trying to be smart. The people who tried to abuse the system, or do abnormal things. Like the guy who tries to buy six cases of baby food when the machine can’t mass register baby food items (God and middle management only know why this is) or the lady who tries to make three separate orders out of her one to cash multiple checks. These folks always create more problems. The stupid people I could heard away, the smart-@$$es I need to heard off a cliff.

Wilek: *Playfully lobs a sticky bowl full of Bisquick at your head* hahaha … very funny. : )

Iron Spell: I’ll use it in my fic eventually … maybe it’ll pull a rain of 12’ nails down out of the sky. : )

SJ: I don’t trust Clinton as far as I can through him, but the Pentagon knows what it is doing … I hope … and Congress knows what the Pentagon is doing … I hope.

Demona having more Children: I dunno how the phisiology works, but I kind of like the Highlander tradition of Immortals being incapable of having children sounds like a pretty good idea for various reasons.

You know, every thinking group in the universe has its particular vulnerability and advantage, but Demons … hm … I’ve been dealing with a demon in one of my pieces, and I’m trying to think of what can stop a demon that actually manifests physically other than a very angry Cleric. Sure, holy stuff should work, and everything still dies to the old wood chipper (or is at least banished to the Nether-Realms for 100 years and a day), but what non-magical occurrence or item could really do a number on one? Lead kills humies, anything blunt in the day kills gargs, fire is really bad news for Vamps, silver for weres, iron for fey, what to do about Demons. I suppose it isn’t really a big issue as not that many ever get physically manifested, and none ever get loose into the world abroad. That’s why we keep the fighting Clerics around … still, I generally stick to the principle that a well informed, prepared mortal can protect himself from anything supernatural if he puts his mind to it. I’m a big Batman fan I guess … : )

Final Thought:
"First they came for the Jews, but I said nothing, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a Communist …" Think about it, and remember: Never Again.

Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 01:33:10 PM


It’s a small world after all…

Yes, I was humming that through much of this episode, and frankly I think ‘It’s a Small World’ would have made a better title than ‘Homecoming’. :) Let’s see… in this room I’d used excellent, superb, delightful, wonderful, splendid, marvellous, fantastic, masterful, obscenely good… oh, hell- someone pass the thesaurus!

OK, let’s see how many old TGS appraisal clichés I can plough into the following set of comments. Ooh- here’s one- ‘the writing is wonderfully vivid throughout’. Here’s another- ‘great characterisation’, this time on Lexington and Broadway. Doesn’t ‘the story was gripping throughout’, sound familiar? Oh, and let’s not forget my personal favourite, ‘well done TGS staff for producing another fabulous episode’.

Yes, all the old clichés there are back in business for you nostalgic folk reading. But hey- here’s a few things that are slightly rarer:
‘The inclusion of flashbacks deepened the sense of history, and was richer in quality for it.’
‘The Macbeth/Demona confrontation really stands out as superb.’
‘We finally get to see that Demona *and* Macbeth tale that past episodes have hinted at, but so far failed to develop on. Hooray!’

Um… there are five channels in the UK. I’d hardly call that a range with which to go ‘channel surfing’. And besides, channel 5’s too useless and fuzzy to count. Anyway, somehow the image of the king of the Unseelie Court ‘channel surfing’ is a rather odd one.

Still, great job nonetheless.

… Although I still think it should be called ‘It’s a Small World After All’. ;) I wonder if they could rewrite this as "Homecoming- the musical"...


ED - []
London, England
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 01:33:03 PM

Hey ya'll! ^_^


First off, ROFLOL!!! That was awsome! I loved the lines where Macbeth and Demona were compairing ways they have gotten killed, and Macbeth's line at the begging of that about how that had been th most painful way yet. It was hillariouse! (sp?)
Also, I have to say it's good to see Angela not being joined at the hip with Broadway. They are a great couple, and they are so cute together, but this is a really refreshing change.
The rest of the story is great as well. I'm just wondering about some of the forshadowings in here.
Anyhow, I have'ta go. I'm late for class. :p

*****End spoilers and message*******

XanthTuesday, April 6, 1999 01:26:30 PM

COMMENTS: "HOMECOMINGS" - Great story, Kathy and Todd! And fantastic art, as usual Dam!

BOOK PUBLISHING: Pistoff, best thing I can recommend for you do do now, before contacting a publisher on your own is GET AN AGENT! I've been trying for years to get a publisher to look at several manuscripts and they've all been rejected, simply for the fact that 1) they were unsolicited submissions, 2) they were not presented in the proper format, and 3) they were sent in by me, a unpublished writer.

If you really want to increase your chances of getting your book sold and printed, do some research and get an agent that handles first-time, unpublished authors. You can find them if you do a search on the net for "Literary Agents", or go to your local bookstore and get the "Marketing Guide for Science Fiction/Fantasy Publishers". They have a yearly publication that lists the biggest to the smallest publishers and agents.

A few points to remember when looking for an agent:

1.) do a query letter to find out what submission guidelines they have, to better present yourself and your book. (most will ask for either the first 50 pages or the first chapter of your book to review)

2.) Be very wary of agents that ask for an upfront reading fee. Generally, it shouldn't cost you to have someone read your book proposal, except for the postage to ship it to them.

3.) Always include a SASE or a Self-Addressed return postcard, so that the agent can contact you back that much quicker. Plus, they love it when they don't have to do more leg-work to let you know what they think of your work.

I'm in the middle of researching an agent for my latest attempt to be published - a sci-fi novel - and so far, having an agent has been the most frequent advice I have been given from other writers and friends (hi Chris!).

And, with that done...

***** BEGIN RP *****

[The scene opens on that plain-looking garage, somewhere in the middle of a no-man's land. In the garage, a certain tall man and his silver-haired mechanic are going over his red-and-chrome trimmed hoverbike.]

Big Jake cocks his ear to the small radio that Coyote had left with him, listening to the former attempt of the missile launch.

"Sounds like the big boys are heating things up," he says, snapping the radio off.

Looking up from her work, Jess rubs a hand over her violet eyes and puffs out a sigh. "Always some megalomaniac out there, tryin' to take over the world!"

Big Jake nods, then checks his under-arm holsters to make sure his twin .50 caliber Desert Eagles are working. "And looks like they might need some more help, too."

"Well," Jess replies, coming to her feet beside the 'bike, "at least you'll arrive in style. I've fitted Sara-Jane with a new overdriver and a fractal shield generator. That _should_ give you a little bit of an edge over those Borg critters."

The tall man in the white hat shakes his head. "Jess, I'll never understand where you get your intelligence info."

The elfin mechanic flashes Big Jake a grin. "Connections, my dear friend. Lots and lots of connections." Stepping back to allow Jake to saddle up on Sara-Jane, Jess adds, "You just come back in one piece, you hear?"

Kicking the starter, Big Jake looks over at his companion and raises one eyebrow. "Don't I always come back?"

Rolling her own eyes, Jess replies, "Sure, either full of holes or covered in so may bruises you'd make a Smurf jealous!" Reaching out, she puts a concerned hand on his shoulder. "Seriously... be careful out there, you big mortal-lug..."

Patting her hand, Big Jake replies, "I will. See you back in the barn in a couple of weeks." With that, he guns the throttle and eases the 'bike out into the desert. Clear of the garage, he pushes b-for-boogie and, in a cloud of dust, he is gone...

***** END RP (For Now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 01:15:48 PM


Poor Asrial. (Then again, who's to say if she even WANTED a mate...ok, so the DA staff are the ones who get to say ;-) I can't wait now for Dark Ages to come back so I can see how Goliath and Demona get together. Good to see Asrial getting a mention here in Gargoyles.
ANd poor Joanna...this is going to be a VERY interesting development...


The Swastika: also figured prominently in Native American symbols. Interestingly enough, a swastika happened to hang in the church where Herr Hitler sang in the choir as a child, which is probably where he picked up the symbol. The "Crooked Cross" used to be fair game as a Christian symbol just like any other cross...a shame its meaning got perverted by Nazi scum into a sign of bigotry and hatred.

Serbia vs Hitler re: peace agreements
HITLER: "Really, we just want Czechoslovakia, after that we'll stop the war, we promise."
And we all know how long THAT lasted...either that or he figured that Poland and France were part of Czechoslovakia :-P
Unfortunately people like that don't understand any arguments that don't come out of the barrel of a gun :-P

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:39:52 PM

Hi. I would like to publicaly congragulate Kathy and Todd on the great job they did on "Homecoming". I wrote the outline for the episode. It was my first. These two talented writers turned what I considered a good outline into a great episode.

I salute you.

And to the readers. Thanks for reading it.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 10:36:21 AM

Good Morning. ::Scans the past couple of days posts:: Interesting topics in here.
The Current War: I'm going to stay out of this one except to say that given Clinton's political stance as a youth, if I had any inclination towards writing filk, I'd be redoing the words to Country Joe and the Fish's song "We're All Gonna Die Rag" and quite possibly "Private Idaho", by the B52s as well. What's going on there is wrong, no mistake, but the President's motivations are completely suspect.

On a (much)lighter note: Thanks for the response to "Homecoming". I enjoyed writing that one since I got to do a little research into things to see in Edinburgh.
*** Possible Spoiler****

Not really, but I think it's safe to say that several small things that happened in this episode will be important later on. But then again, that's true of all of our stories. There's no such thing as a completely self-contained episode of TGS. If you read carefully, you'll pick up all sorts of interesting tidbits.

Answer to why Madoc is taking so long to get around to his big move? He's @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@++++++++++++++++++++++++666666666666666666^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^************************************************************&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&+++++++++

(The above information was censored by the TGS Spoiler Patrol as being potentially too sensitive for distribution in the Comment Room. )

***End Spoiler Warning Section***

Ah geeze! I really wasn't going to say anything that you guys haven't BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. (Censored again)

::kathy is hauled out of the CR kicking and screaming "I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING!!"::

Tuesday, April 6, 1999 10:17:33 AM

** Deuce wakes up from the couch, realizing he's been asleep since yesterday. He starts chanting "Must see 'The Matrix'", and starts his post. **

Alison> I'm afraid I'll have to confiscate your sanity. *hols out hand* Hand it over.

Must see "The Matrix".

SJ> As a Pokémon fan who constantly watches with CC, I must inform you that "Jesse" is actually spelt with an "i": as in Jessie. :-)

Must see "The Matrix".

Wilek> ["Normally I take it personally when something I like is mocked that way..."] You _can't_ take offense at MSTings! Hell, I've seen TLK over 80 times (really), I love the thing, and I LMAO at almost every scene of that file.

Must see "The Matrix".

** gets up off the couch and goes to class. **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 10:07:31 AM

Apologies for the rant below, but World War 3 is starting next door and that thing always tends to make me cranky.

Kaioto: Your heart is definitely in the right place - I'll name a couple objections of mine in a later post because I don't have so much time right now.

Sevarius Jr: <<Yes, screw the UN. When something bad happens, who does the UN call? Us Americans. For better or worse, we are the premiere superpower in the world, so they always come cryin' to us about saving the world's problems. >>

Bull. America *never* goes *anywhere* it does not want to go. You have absolute veto power. That means you can say 'We don't want to' and you don't go. So stop whining about saving the world's problems when you don't want to. The UN never decides anything that US doesn't want it to decide, because the US controls the UN.

<<And I don't mind that, cause hey, we should be responsible and help out those who are in need.>>

Poor selfless babies. Clinton is *such* an altruist.

<<Thing of it is, they usually bitch and moan about how we're not doing things to their liking, or we didn't follow their regulations on this matter. Whine, whine, whine.>>

You mean you break the law, kill hundreds of civilians, can't abide by the agreements you yourselves not only have signed but also have *made*, and when someone objects to that they are 'whining'. Fine....

<<So screw them. I've never understood that about people; someone may ask you for your help, then they moan cause you're not doing things the way they want them to be done. >>

You don't get it, do you? You are *part* of the UN. That carries not only rights (the ability to go where the US-owned UN sends you) but also its obligations. If you don't want the obligations you must also abandon the rights- namely LEAVE THE UN!!

The US doesn't leave the UN. For one reason only. Because alongside Russia it controls it, and thus the UN is pretty damn convenient to justify the otherwise unjustifiable. But the US doesn't want to pay the price.

<<You want help, you got it, just don't give us a bunch of grief cause we don't follow your rulebook to a tee.>>

*Your* rulebook. You are in the UN, UN rules are *your* rules. You can't even abide by your own rules.

<<Or maybe I'm just sounding like an arrogant, smartass American. But hey, what am I gonna do, I bleed red, white, and blue.>>

Unless you are a soldier, unless you've lost someone you love due to your patriotism don't dare say you 'bleed'. Patriotism has nothing to do with the bully's methods you seem to support- it has to do with sacrificing yourself to improve your country - not with fighting other countries and saying 'we better, we stronger, we bash you to bloody pulp with big stick'.

There are the nationalists(chauvinists) and there are the patriots. The one is bad, the other is good. They are easy to distinguish once you know the trick. Nationalism concerns one's attitude towards the relationship between other nations and one's own - considering the rights of other countries, justice, humanitarianism etc as *inferior* to the good of your own country. Killing the jews, so as to help your country Germany. Hating the Turks because they are opposed to Greece. Driving away the Albanians so as to have a nationally cleansed Serbia.

You know: the bad things.

Patriotism concerns your attitude towards the relationship between *you* and your country. It's the willingness to harm yourself (*not* others) so as to improve your country. If a German to save Jews and fight Hitler because you think the Nazis are harmful to your country.

<<I'm sure other people feel just as strongly about their own countries.>>

I've seen in live coverage by TV a young Greek man, being killed by the troops of a Nato member just because he attempted to take down an illegal flag. I've seen a chinese student standing before the tank in Tienamen square.

So, please don't put your self in the same league as *those* patriots just because you clap and wave the red, white and blue. Your hate for the UN doesn't make you a patriot, it makes you a nationalist.

Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 06:23:18 AM

***BEGIN RP***

Inside DX's Jeep, a ringing of an electronic alarm goes off. Pulling over to the side of the road, DX contacts Doug.

"Listen, you go on ahead. I'll catch up in a bit."

"What's wrong?" Doug asks.

DX pulls a syringe full of red fluid from the console of the car and rolls up his sleeve. He stabs the needle in his arm and pushes the plunger.

"Nothing," he says, "just something I have to... AAAAARGH!"

"Ravens, stop," Doug commands as all of the vehicles grind to a halt on the road to Colorado Springs. Everyone gets out and rushes over to DX's car, seeing him froth at the mouth and keeling over by the door. As Kitainia opens the door, he falls to the ground, convulsing.

"Jaden," Kitainia calls out. "Get the first aid kit." But before the werewolf could move a step, DX lay still before jumping back up to his feet, wiping the saliva from his mouth.

"What was that about?" Doug asks.

"You don't wanna know," DX says, loading himself back into the car. Without another word, all the Ravens mount up again and head back to Colorado Springs.

***END RP***

ALI-- Hihihihihi :) Welcome to the room. Dunno if you'll frequent here alot but... I love you :)

THE MATRIX-- Haven't seen it yet but there's good news. About $27 mil opening weekend. The new record opening for April. Sweet!

ROBBY & DEUCE-- Check your mail.

ANNOUNCEMENT-- My days as a TGS staffer are numbered. Depending on how things go, I shall retire from the staff in the near future. This includes posting of eps and wiping the room and site maintenance on my part. However, I shall continue to do this on a temporary basis until I am sure that my successors can handle the job. Worry not. I shall still frequent the room and join the RP. I just won't hold the same power I used to. Retirement soon. Not now, but soon.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 03:04:37 AM

Coyote: Ah, thanks. It's 408 pages, 20lb stock. Any way I look at it, I know it'll be a considerable piece of coin, at least for a guy who earns $6.50 per hour (and I take home about half that much, once Uncle Sam gets through raping me). But I'll do it even if I have to roll pennies and look for pop cans ....

Peter: (re: sleepy kitten) I've seen adults do that, too. One was standing in the foyer, waiting for his pizza to be cooked (after aggravating me to the boiling point, of course), and after a few minutes his eyes closed and he just toppled over. Hmm. If an idiot falls in the middle of the room and no one is around to hear it, does he still make the sound of one hand clapping ...?

Whoa. **shudders** Ahem, anyway, moving right along ...

Kyryn: Oh, I've heard tons of stories about people having trouble using the mouse. In fact, click my name to go to a website full of these stories. Jewel Faulkner posted this link in the other CR a couple months ago, but some people might not have seen it yet, so here it is. There's some truly mind-bending stuff here ....

Kitainia: Oh boy! More stupid customer stories! Oh boy oh boy!! The more the merrier! Please, share as many as you like. I'm all ears ....

SJ: 99 ways to screw with the delivery guy, eh? Well ... most of 'em have probably already been done to me. Things like ...

I'm walking up to a house, and somebody next door sees me and waves. "Over here!" I figure the address I was given might've been a typo (this happens more frequently than I'd like), so I change course. The guy waits until I'm right in front of him--he's even taking his wallet out--then he grins and says, "Ha! Gotcha!"

Me: "Amateur comedians ..." **pokes him with my cattle prod**

Here's a ballsy one: A guy walked in one night, going right past the huge PIZZA HUT sign out front, walked right up to me and said, "Can you tell me where Domino's is?"

He's dead now. :)

I'd like to see that list, though, just in case there are some that haven't been done yet. I'd like to be prepared.

Wilek: I'm glad I could help. This little trick works beautifully ... um, just don't ask how I know. :P

Stupid Customers: The place where I work only does delivery and carryout orders. It's too small to have a dine-in section, but nobody can figure this out. The building is about the size of an average mobile home. The oven and other equipment take up most of the room, and you'd be lucky if you can turn around without smacking your elbows on something ... yet people are always coming in and looking around, then asking, "Where's the restaurant part? Do I have to come in through another door?"
Me: "Well, we don't have a restaurant in here. It's just delivery and carryout only. And there are only two doors, the front one and the back."
Idiot: "Well, is that the one?"
Me: "No, that's just the one we use when we take the garbage out, or when we're loading freight."
Idiot: "Well, where's the restaurant?"
Me: "There isn't one. Like I told you just a few seconds ago."
Idiot: "But we wanna sit down and eat! Where are we gonna sit?"
Me: **whips out cattle prod** "On THIS!!!"


Okay, I'm gonna go vote again. We can't let the Pri--ahem ... Tick ... beat us!


Pistoff - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 03:02:49 AM

Kaioto> <<Hey, I'll take the Borg ISP>> Click my name. [Wilek runs out of the room as quickly as he can, before he can be shot.]
Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:47:04 AM

Gabriel: It is far too insidious to claim that those who do not share your opinion are misinformed. It simply allows you to dismiss it. I get almost all my news off the Internet.

Have you been to the front lately?

*Warning: points about the Kosovo Genocide.*

The truth is, unless you are a visitor like a UN observer, or a resident of Kosovo, you are being fed by the media as well.

Secondly, Kosovo is far from depopulated. The people in Kosovo are displaced, as in they've been run out of their homes and off their lands, not moved out of the country.

Thirdly, Milosevic is engaged in ethnic cleansing. This is unacceptable. Screw boarder rights, genocide is not tolerable.

Fourth, Milosevic has been building towards this for almost ten years, ever since the lawful autonomous government of Kosovo was dismissed and replaced by a military regime 1989. Ask people who have been observing the Yugoslavia situation for that decade. Just like Nazi Germany, nobody said anything until it could no longer be covered up.

Fifth, I don't know about Germany, but if the US put in some effort, we could conquer the whole of Serbia in under a month. :P We just aren't ruthless or willing to commit that kind of ground troop investment. Remember, we have an entirely volunteer army, but we could draft if we wanted to, not that it would be necessary to drive the tanks and troops from Kosovo and defend it from any more genocidal and illegal aggression on the part of the Serbian army.

Sixth, sanctions aren't fast enough to stop Milosevic's mechanations - if effective at all. It hasn't done jack with Iraq.

Seventh, yeah right, cradle of Serbian Civilization etc … sure, lets take back the Holy Land one more time while we're at it … I could use a Crusader state of my own, I'm not very rich. That's no excuse to kill people. Deadly force should only be used to save more lives as a last resort. This isn't about the goods and the bads, it is about stopping genocide. We aren't good, we are just the necessary evil.

Finally, Kosovo was autonomous, until Milosevic's movement removed that autonomy in 1989 and instituted military rule over the country. Nobody asked the Kosovars. All they wanted was to be left alone with the autonomy that Serbia had no right to revoke. The majority does not have the right to vote to disenfranchise or expunge the minority. I'll protest that with military might if it is at all possible. I don't care what the Nazis or their successors have to say about that.

* End Comments on ruthless killing and spineless police action *

*TGS Spoiler Warning*

I liked the episode. I love MacBeth and I like seeing more of him in the series. I liked the evolution of Demona and MacBeth becoming apparent as they don't try to kill each other anymore. In fact, they act about as vicious as a stereotypical set of ex's would be. The scenes with Lexington were passed due, and it was nice to hear about Liz again. I keep getting the impulse to write about Unseelie getting beaten to a pulp because it hasn't happened yet in TGS, but the iron bell thing was cool. Now we just need iron buckshot …

* End TGS Spoiler *

Kitainia: Oh, great, attract even more of Big Brother's attention to me … as if I wasn't deep enough in it for being a Libertarian … :)

Blue: Yeah, I know the Shwastica was a symbol of Light, but it will never regain that context in my lifetime. It is in some Corithian columns I've seen in old Catholic Churches, actually. I'd just assume be able to pick out the Nazis anyway.

Wilek + Deuce: Hey, I'll take the Borg ISP … I'll be needing one when I return from college.

Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:43:24 AM


[The black shuttle arrives on the Avatar of Ganon, and Wilek, Jake, and the Administrator depart. Wilek: "Anything interesting happen while we were gone?" Rho: "Nope; just the troop carriers returning. Oh, and we've constructed an extra hangar for our new Super Star Destroyer." Wilek: "Good. We'd better stay at battle readiness just in case; I have a feeling Thailog's up to something else, or is about to be..."]


Robby> Oh...there's an MIB comic? No wonder I was confused; I've never heard of it...

Selanit> Welcome back! <pause> Did I just hear Carol Of The Bells, one of my favorite songs ever? Better yet, did I hear a particularly masterful filk of it? That was *excellent*. If only I were a better filkist, I'd finish it for you...

Zath> I finally saw your excellent Brooklyn sock puppet pic. Warning: Bizarre Creativity Demon Ahead. Owen, in an effort to fulfill the Puckish instincts within him which simply go mad when he's stuck in human form for long periods of time, creates sock puppets of the clan and his employers and keeps them hidden in his room. When he thinks no one is listening, he practices his ventriloquism. He can do a particularly good imitation of Brooklyn. :)

Kaioto> Extremely kewl iron poem. It'd make an interesting spell, or a filk if I could find music for it (I couldn't *quite* fit all of it into Carol Of The Bells...).

The Swastika> As I recall, before it was twisted and corrupted by Hitler, it was known as the 'svasti' or 'manji', and was recognized by almost every religion as a holy symbol of peace and order; it was even incorporated into the design of some churches. (And I remember a dungeon in The Legend Of Zelda being shaped like a svasti...)

Pistoff> Interesting advice. Heh, if I ever have to kill someone without being found, I'll try it...although Mr. DC's deaths are really meant to be a public spectacle...

Arianna> Hm...I think I *did* get your mail...all three times you sent it. :) Did you get mine this time?

Deuce> I saw that TLK MSTing...Normally I take it personally when something I like is mocked that way, but this was kinda fun. Interestingly enough, I liked what happened to the MSTers more than the MST itself. Example: I loved when Mike started strangling Crow. :)

Video Games> Oh, you've gotten me started. :P My tastes in games are *weird*. Sometimes it's King's Quest, sometimes it's Blood, sometimes it's The 11th Hour, sometimes it's Riven, or Castlevania, or Zelda, or Heretic II, or Banjo-Kazooie...I can never make up my mind...Can you tell what takes up much of my time and provides a *lot* of fic inspiration? <g> (Which might explain how the Gerudo and the Cabal managed to find themselves in my ficverse...)

Estra> Welcome back! Heh, you're leaving (albeit temporarily), just as you've returned here? Fate works in *odd* ways...

Heather> Welcome back to you too! We have a lot of ppl coming back lately. :)

Kitainia> <<If anyone's interested, say the word and I'll tell them.>> Oh, this should be fun. :)

SJ> <<I bleed red, white, and blue.>> So Traveler's alterations to your DNA are already taking effect. :)


[Somewhere in an undisclosed location...the Pokemon trainers Ash and Jesse (with their respective teams) are having a Pokemon fight, Ash's Pikachu vs. Jesse's Paras. Suddenly...Carol Borgy beams in. The humans regard her in fear and alarm as she readies an assimilation dart weapon. Within seconds, Ash and all the other humans there are Borg. Carol beams herself and the others back to the base...leaving a very confused set of Pokemon. Pikachu: "Chu?" Paras: "Parrrras? Par-paras? Parrr?" Pikachu: "Pika. Pikachu, pikaka-pika..." Oh well, at least we'll never again hear "Team Rocket's blasting off again!" as long as we live...]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:29:26 AM

****WARNING RP!!!!****
Inside the recently assimilated Sphinx, the Phalanx set Dr. Sevarius up within one of their many bio-labs.
<<You will begin working immediately,>> Phalanx Prime was saying, <<on creating a specifically engineered retro virus. This virus will infect the human population through the air, and assimilate them into the Phalanx collective. Do you understand?>>
"But why? Your race is powerful, why not simply take over humanity yourself?"
<<That would take time and resources that we need to use in fighting the resistance.>> The robed Phalanx commander motioned to two other drones to move forward. They each carried in their arms the unconscious bodies of Egyptian men and women. <<We have taken the liberty to obtain a few test subjects for you. You may sample Phalanx DNA from any of the drones. Get to work. We expect results soon.>>
"What you're asking me to may not be possible. Your genetic structure is unlike anything I've seen. You're both inorganic and organic at once, and--"
<<NO excuses!>> the Phalanx Prime shouted. <<Work. Complete your task. Or YOU will be the next to be assimilated. Now, I must leave here. I must return to aid Thailog in his conquest. Do not attempt to do anything...rash.>>
A shiver ran down Dr. Sevarius' spine. He looked to the ceiling. "Son, whereever you are, I need your help...." he whispered.
****END RP FOR NOW!!!!!****

Boy the difference a day makes! Lot's of posts since last night! I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Speaking of mother made me an Easter basket. At my age. Go figure....

BLAIR WITCH PROJECT: Here's a follow up to my post last week about this gonna-be-great film. Here's the link to the movie's trailer. It's pretty dern creepy if you ask me. Click on my name to see it, or go to

Pistoff: You're probably not gonna like this, but a friend of mine not too long ago emailed me a list of 99 ways to screw with your pizza delivery employees.....some of them were pretty funny too!
Oh, and I knew all about the BC website. I'm a member of his freakin' fanclub!! :0)

Wilek: I'm sure there's NO relation between Farmer Brown and the Sevarius clan. Giant chickens, my arse. Bah. ;)

Aris: Yes, screw the UN. When something bad happens, who does the UN call? Us Americans. For better or worse, we are the premiere superpower in the world, so they always come cryin' to us about saving the world's problems. And I don't mind that, cause hey, we should be responsible and help out those who are in need. Thing of it is, they usually bitch and moan about how we're not doing things to their liking, or we didn't follow their regulations on this matter. Whine, whine, whine. So screw them. I've never understood that about people; someone may ask you for your help, then they moan cause you're not doing things the way they want them to be done. You want help, you got it, just don't give us a bunch of grief cause we don't follow your rulebook to a tee.
Or maybe I'm just sounding like an arrogant, smartass American. But hey, what am I gonna do, I bleed red, white, and blue. I'm sure other people feel just as strongly about their own countries.

Kaioto: I'm not sure where you're coming from. I don't like the genocide either, and I *think* that's Clinton's whole reason for being over there in the first place (but then again, I've long since given up figuring that man out). But you can't really blame Americans for feeling the way they do about Kosovo. We're the most individualistic nation in the world; sometimes it's hard for us to imagine sending our own people over somewhere to die for a people they only know of through the television. I'm kind of torn on the issue. I definitely think the genocide and Milosevic should be stopped, but I don't think I want to committ ground troops, cause frankly I *don't* want another Vietnam. Either way though, we're kinda screwed. We just stepped right into the middle of a centuries' old blood feud.

Gabriel: Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to stop killing is with killing. I don't think peace agreements would have stopped Hitler, and they most likely won't stop Milosovich either.

Robby: Maybe Mewtwo mad his debut in the movie? Derned if I know.

Doug: This one's for you.....
"Prepare for trouble!"
"Better make it double!"
"To protect the world for devastation!"
"To unite all people's within our nation!"
"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"
"To extend our reach to the stars above!"
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meeeeeeowth, that's right!"
By the gods, I watch entirely too much of that show.

Swastikas: Yeah, weren't they supposed to be some sort of Norse religious symbol? Quite benevolent too, until Hitler perverted it.

Kitiana: Well, for the time being I'll see where Traveler goes with my family tree. But he'd better not screw around with it too much. I don't want to see "dad" all of a sudden mutate into an iguana or something, and me be also adversely affected. No offense to the others in the room, but I pride myself on being a *human* character. Meaning, I don't have superstrength or can fly, and I can't work magic, cause frankly I don't wanna have that much power. I also don't want to be mutating into something. I love the guy, but if he starts messing with the characters too much, I'm just gonna ignore what he does in his RP completely.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 12:03:40 AM

I found an interesting website with information about fae. It has a search engine which you can use to look up different types of fae. The definitions are sometimes rather short, but it actually had an entry for Nuckelavee (from the Dark Ages "Dreadnought" episode) as well as a few others I'd never heard of before I started reading TGS. I typed the link into the URL box on this form so maybe it will attach it to my name automatically. If not the link is

*****MAYBE this is a SPOILER I'm not sure so...*****
"Homecoming" was great. Full of good stuff with the dialogue between the characters all very believable and sometimes enlightening. I have new respect for Joanna, who apparently has more guts than I'd previously given her credit for. I hope the gargoyles have the good sense to arm themselves properly next time they go out to do battle against the Unseelie. After this ep maybe Angela will.
*****end MAYBE-SPOILER*****

Coyote> I liked your filk. I have serious difficulty imagining Goliath bursting into song, but who knows, perhaps someday Puck will give Alex a music lesson...8>0

Jen - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 11:58:20 PM


At Thailog's secret base, the bad guys are once again having a meeting. They have just finished talking about and lamenting the defeat at NORAD. "I can't believe the Ravens shot down all our missiles," growls Zale. "Next time..." "Next time you better have me around for more of the action," Dahak interrupts. "Human magic is so unreliable, you know." Kharsus gives him a look of anger. "And what exactly do you mean by that?" Thailog holds up a hand to stop the argument. "We have more important things to discuss," he reminds the others. "First, the Ravens. They need to be eliminated, or at least distracted enough so they can't stop our next initiave. Asil, contact our friend in the government, I believe he can take care of them. Now for our next plan. Guod?" "The Phalanx and I are going to assimiliate the entire planet into our collective," Doug's evil Borg clone says. "As we are subservient to you, the world will also be. To do this, I am first expanding my Borg." He goes on, detailing the bad guys' next plan for world domination.

The screen changes to Colorado Springs, where Kitainia, Doug, and the others have just finished their business at NORAD and are now driving back down Cheyenne Mountain into town. "I guess this mission is done," Doug says. "I wonder what Thailog will try next." "Whatever it is," says Kitainia, "we'll be there to stop him." She turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone, hope you had a great Easter weekend. Coyote, thanks for your idea. Doug and I have sent Alex Wonder an e-mail Belated Easter greeting. Hope she gets it and that we soon see her back in here. :)

SJ: Thanks for the Spike info, I look forward to reading that book. If Traveler messed with your family tree, you won't be the only one going after him. I'll be backing you up the whole way, read my earlier rant for some of the reasons. <sighs> I really hope Traveler doesn't mess with the posters in here. Most of the things he's done so far we posters can tolerate and even enjoy dealing with, but if he starts changing your DNA or mine or anyone's, he will be going WAY too far.

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to the discussion I started on character romance. Good points, especially from Coyote, Robby, and Doug. I agree with them, and will only add the following- Goliath and Elisa got together slowly and believably. Mulder and Scully seem to do it quickly and not realistically, when they get together at all. That's the major difference, in my opinion.

The New MIB ep: Greg wrote this weekend's one? He did a good job on the Hollywood-satire (especially with the characters), no wonder I enjoyed it so much.


Good job on this episode. I liked all the development done on Macbeth, Lex, Broadway, Elisa, Goliath, Demona, and Angela. Joanna's reactions to the Unseelie and gargoyles were also nicely done, I wonder how she's going to deal with Macbeth's true identity. <grin> Great job on their romance. The plot was also well-done, and I liked the flashbacks to Madoc's plots and Umbriel's reaction to him. I agree with Weepinbell, how much longer can the Unseelie behave like this? I can only think of one Gargoyles villain who has a bigger ego than Madoc (Jadriel, in Doug's fanfic), that guy is expecting too much for everything to go his way.

Hope someone bursts his bubble real soon. I also liked the pic, Damocles did a great job with color and expressions. All in all, I don't really have any complaints about this episode. Keep up the good work.


Pistoff: Boy, do some of those customer stories sound familiar! Thanks for sharing them. I hate customers who think they know more about my job than I do, too. I work in a coffe shop, you wouldn't believe some of the horror stories I have. If anyone's interested, say the word and I'll tell them. <grin>

Christine: I'll be waiting for Part 2 of Dark Beauty, hope it's done soon. :)

Robby: So that's how they brought back K. Thanks for explaining things. I was wondering what was going on with him.

Kaioto: Good points about Yugoslavia. I e-mailed them to Bill Clinton, hope he reads them and decides to carry their recommendations out. (I know the idiot won't, but it was worth a try.)

Deuce: Good quote. I've liked that ever since I read it in the frame on Gubio's wall. :)

Blue: I like video games! Haven't you heard me talking about them in here before? <grin> I agree with you that they're great entertainment and stress relief. Doug and I go down to our local arcade a lot and play them whenever we feel the need. Area 51 is one game I'm good at, so are other shooters like House of the Dead 2 (it's violent but interesting), LA Machine Guns (this game has great simulator feel, and is challenging and fun), and the Star Wars Trilogy arcade game. We also like the Final Fight/Streets of Rage genre of games, too bad there aren't many of those around anymore. I also enjoy playing as Sophitia on Soul Edge and Soul Caliber and Sakura on the Street Fighter games. Another good game at the local arcade is Atari's War- Final Assault. Doug and I settled our last major argument with a deathmatch on that game (I won, of course :). At home, we have three game systems (Sega Genesis, Playstation, Super NES), plus the computer. I think it's safe to say we're addicted. And darn proud of it. LOL.

Alison: Glad to see you in here. I agree with you about the Matrix. If I didn't say it already, congrats on getting into as good a school as NYU.

Heather: Welcome back to the CR. Hope you'll stay around a while. :)

Lawrence: I doubt Macbeth and Demona will have any more children. Call it a feeling.

Arianna: This is your favorite place in the whole world? Interesting. It's my second favorite. (I'd tell you the first, but it would imply things inappropriate to this room.)

That's all for now, later!


The Ravens head back into Colorado Springs, slowly driving through the city on the way to Traveler's hotel. "I hope he's there," says Kitainia. "We really need to talk to that guy." "He will be," Doug says, jerking a thumb at the back of the trailer, where Jerry Bennet is chained and caged. "Why don't you go talk to our prisoner? I think he might be waking up."

The display changes back to Thailog's secret base, where Guod is addressing his Borg drones. "Thailog has approved our plan," he says. "We shall now begin Phase 1. The Phalanx shall enact their business with Sevarius, while I take the World Devestator to the prearranged site of assimilation. The rest of you are going to increase our Collective's size. Carol, you and your family will recruit these TV show characters (RP participants, feel free to let her go after the cast of any show you hate)." "Okay," Carol Borgy says, taking the offered list. "Hmm, these should make good family members." "Borgis!" Guod continues. "You and Butt-Borg will take the others and go back in time." "Uh, excuse me, sir," says Butt-Borg. "Isn't that, uh, like, impossible, or something?" "Not with Lord Dahak's magic to send you back," Guod snaps. "He shall transport you to the following eras, where you shall recruit these beings into our Collective." He hands Borgis a list. "Yes, sir," the Borg-moron grins, looking over the list. "Let's see, dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, cavemen, Huns, Mongols, Napoleon's army, the Jesse James gang, the SS, the original Ku Klux Klan and Black Panthers, hippies, the Viet Cong, Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols. Heh heh, I said sex." "Just make sure you get them all," Guod orders. "Go now, and do not fail!" "Uh, what happens if we do?" asks Butt-Borg. Guod rolls his eyes. "Trust me, you don't want to know."


Kitainia - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 10:05:50 PM

Heather- Welcome back. Ya know I've missed you. Um, nobody pull the hose out on us, okay?

Lawrence- I'm not doing any TGS spoiling, since Greg himself has said this... But Demona and Macbeth are both still capable of having children. However, since Demona doesn't give herself freely, (and its a whole new bag of tricks switching between human and gargoyle forms) and Macbeth has to fallin love again first, its mostly a moot point.

Deuce- Thanks for the MSTie of Lion King! What a blast! (Sorry...) Not you Pumbaa...

Arcade games- There's a simple secret to beating Area 51. Lotsa quarters. 'Nuff said. Me, I prefer a quarter on any street fighter game when there's lots of competition and just playing for hours on end. In Street Fighter Alpha 2, I can beat most anybody if I play Sakura, and I'm almost as good with Ryu. But if its Darkstalkers and I play Talbain... (The werewolf) It's so much fun when there's a line of ten people on one side and nobody is standing behind you!

Monday, April 5, 1999 10:02:59 PM

Heather> Welcome back hope the moving went ok.
Lawrence Stone - [ ]
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Monday, April 5, 1999 09:41:10 PM

*Arianna stomps in, very annoyed.*
If only I were more talented with words, I would set up an death for my Internet provider.
Maybe the Borg collective ~would~ be better...:)

Wilek> No, didn't get your e-mail. I resent mine, though. With any luck, you'll get it this time. The phone wires were doing funny things all day today and possibly part of last night, so maybe that's the problem. Couldn't dial long distance all morning. And that's from very early. Quite perplexing, actually. But the message left the Outbox, so hopefully that means you'll get it.

Coyote> Love the filk. Very good.

Well, I'll try to stop by later. Apologies for Random-ness! Bye!
*Arianna disappears, feeling much better having visited her favorite place in the world.:)*

Lady Arianna of Annwn
Monday, April 5, 1999 09:39:16 PM

Very good episode, liked the part when Goliath was telling Elisa about Asrial and we no now that she would go on beging mateless and she would keep on going on making them gadgets of hers. Probley next week, will be a Pendragon episode because Demona, Angela, Macbeth, and Joanna are heading to London. If it is a episode like that probley Griff, Leo, and Una will rember Angela.

I was wondering could Demona and macbeth still ever have chilldren because by the year 2168 Demona will have a new mate. But Demona and Benedick do not lay any eggs together and we now that Macbeth will get married again but could he still have children. Did the wierd sisters had to do anything about it when they linked they togethre. I would likr to now?
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Monday, April 5, 1999 09:34:42 PM

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's good to see you guys. **hugs everyone and gives a big kiss on the lips on Robby.**
I'm feeling like Jim Carrey at the Oscars tonight ! Alrighty then !

Two words : LOVE IT! Get some more Goliath and Elisa stuff ! Especially that one part that I forgot.
**The End**

Alison : Is my pic finished , girl ? I'm excited ! **hugs her** Thank you,thankyou,thankyou.

*leaves laughing her tail off**

Heather - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 09:21:03 PM

**enters the room, returns Kyryn's bow before switching out the candles**

There. Knew it'd stay lit. **sits in big chair**

Kyryn: Had not heard about the injuries, but I'm feeling *quite* confident about the playoffs considering that the Wings have done nothing but win since the trading deadline. :)
Nice name for the rat, BTW.

Deuce, Doug, Starsinger: Deuce, thank you for deciphering ... remind me, next time I decide to get cute and subtle, soundly beat me about the head and shoulders. :)
(Oh, and Starsinger ... don't worry, I understand about the slow-moving thought processes. Lord knows I've been that way a lot.)

Deuce again: Actually ... when I was talking about writers doing Mulder and Scully, I was referring to the *show's* writers. I'm sure a fan can write it well, but the show's writers don't seem to have their heart in writing romantic stuff with them.
And as far as those MSTies go ... I swear to God, I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. Those Lion King MSTies were a laugh riot! (Especially when they MSTied LK2 ... when they stuck impersonations of Goliath and Demona into "We Are One." ROTFLMSAO!!)

Cyrway, Stormy: I bow to the mistresses of fic universe merging. I certainly hope WCC will be up to your standards. :)

Alison: Hey there, nice to see ya. Don't be such a stranger! :)

And now ... by special request from Robby ...

**stands up out of the comfy chair**

... here's a filk I wrote in the wee hours of the morning. Let me know what ya think!

Human Girl
(based on "Modern Girl" (P. Jacobs and S. Durke), performed by
Meat Loaf)

Once I made a mistake in the past
With my Angel of the Night
Nearly lost my baby girl
On the Hunters' murd'rous flight
Almost lost the one thing
That I treasure most in this world
Gimme the future
Gimme the future
Gimme the future, my human girl

Somewhere just a thousand years between the old and new
There's a break in the stone
A gargoyle clan on the clock
Girl, that's where I'm gonna find you

Between the leader I was before and the fighter that I'll be
There's a clash in the streets
A silhouette in the sky
Girl, that's where you're gonna find me

Can't ya hear my heart, it's drumming
Faster than I can recall
With all my fear that I had lost you
In your tragic fall
But now you stand before me here,
Restoring hope to my world
Gimme the future
Gimme the future
Gimme the future, my human girl

We're the light and the darkness on a new freeway
Laughin' while we glide, the world falls away
We're the light and the darkness and we ain't afraid
Won't be makin' the mistakes that could've kept us away

Gimme the future
Gimme the future
Gimme the future, my human girl

Gimme the future
Gimme the future
Gimme the future, my human girl

Once I made a mistake in my past
With an Angel of the Night
Nearly lost my everything
With a fall in a darkened night
But now you're safe within my arms
And now it's a brand new world
Gimme the future
Gimme the future
Gimme the future, my human girl


Just for placement ... picture Goliath bursting into song when he's reuinted with Elisa near the end of "Hunter's Moon 3." :)

**sits back down in the chair**

I'll be here for a while ... so don't mind me. **plants chin in hand and fixates on the candle.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 5, 1999 08:17:51 PM

I just read Homecoming
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Monday, April 5, 1999 08:02:25 PM

Quick reply...
Arianna> <<Did you get my e-mail?>> Did you get the one I sent you last night?

Wilek Nereus
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:59:04 PM

Hey, y'all!

For starters, thanks SO much to all the folks who congradulated me on my acceptance to're right, I AM so glad it's over with. *g* Plus, it's nice to be able to make plans past this August...and know where I'll be living for the next four years O_o, heck, while I'm here... ;}

The Matrix - This was SUCH an awesome movie...potentially, it could have been pure eye-candy with no semblance of a plot (or only a vague, pretentious one, like in "Event Horizon"...ICK... :P) but instead..well, I dunno about the rest of you who saw it, but I really enjoyed the storyline. It managed to take an overdone plot device and twist it into something original - very cool! *laffs* Also, I thought the setting and backstory are of the sort that lend themselves toward being expanded upon...could be wrong, but I see some sort of TV series (like Stargate or MIB) based on the "Matrix" just seems like an enourmously fun place to play ^_-

Homecoming - No spoilers here...just like to congradulate Kathy and the others on yet another job well done. There was a tremendous variety of moods and pacing and setting and the like in here, and all were carried off very well. Very cool ^_^

K, well...think that's it for now! *grins, waves, hands out purple NYU pencils, and scampers off to write her Philosophy paper*

Alison "Al =)" Wilgus - []
Boston, MA
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:58:49 PM

>Gabriel walks in with a basket full of eggs in her hands and give one to everyone in the CR<


Kosovo: Perhaps should I clear something. I know that some of you won’t believe me, but I have to say this. Milosovic hasn’t signed the peace treaty not because he wants to kill all the 90% ethnic albanien in the Kosovo. He hasn’t signed it because then he had to give up the autonomie of his country. He had agreed with all points, to give up the killings of albaniens and to accept an own status of Kosovo, but the only thing he can’t accept was to let NATO troops controll his country. This was part of the treaty, to let in the NATO to „observe“ the situation. He had agreed to let in UN forces, also UN observators, but the USA said this isn’t enought and started the war. If you say the UN doesn’t count I can’t find anything that is more deplorable. It was the first association of so many countries all over the world and it was create to keep the peace in the world. And it wouldn’t have been only one country that would have use its veto-right against this war, until now I know of three: Russia, China and Namibia. I think this should be enough to search after another, peaceful solution.
I know you are all very dependent on media and there exist only two sides, the goods: you, and the enemy: Milosovic. But this isn’t the case. There are so many things involved in this war. You only have to pose some questions like: How many died before the war started, how many are dying now? How many fled before the war started, how many are flying now? Milosovic and his forces weren’t the only one who killed innocents. There was the UCK (I don’t know of they have an english name, but it’s the albanien terror-force) and they have killed innocent serbs too. And to say Milosovic kills a native population, where have you heared this? Kosovo is the cradle of the serbish culture, if you believe or not, they were there first. The albanien where forced later by Tito, the Yugoslavien leader after WW2, to settle there.
I don’t want to execuse Milosovic and his doings, because they are cruel and they have to be stopped, I only want to say that this isn’t a conflict you can clear with an attack and bombs, and after it has ended the goods have won and all are happy. It won’t be so, trust me.
Kaioto, I can’t comment on the bible because I never have read it and I am not a Christian, but I can tell you about the holocaust. I am german and my family was one of the victims in this war. My grand-grandmother died because she had a jewish grandmother and my grandmother only survived with a lot of luck. You can believe I am the last one who wants something like this back. But this war isn’t like WW2. There nobody saw the growing evil and they waited to long to do something, sure the US, and they reacted far to late. But as I said, this isn’t the same situation. The world knows of the cruel doings of Milosovic and she reacted early enough and with a littlebit more time and will it would have give a peaceful solution. Now it is war and it isn’t up to end. Nearly the whole Kosovo is depopulated , the people suffer from hunger, thirst, illness and exhaustion, and because of the bombs all over Yugoslavia it will last a very long time and a lot of money the people there doesn’t have until all is cleared up.
Do you realy believe this could be the right way? To stop killing with more killing? Sure there have been other options like the embargo and UN observations. As I said Milosovic had aceppted an own status of the Kosovo before the NATO started to bomb. Now he never will do it if the NATO send a lot of young soldiers there to fight a ground battle they rarely can win and sure not without a lot of victims.
But of course nobody will tell you this in TV or newspaper because it isn’t popular. Perhaps you have heared of the propaganda-system of Milosovic. Be sure he isn’t the only one who distort the truth. It is very difficult to know what one have to think of all this, but don’t forget that neither Milosovic nor his government suffer under this war, but the people in Kosovo, serbs and albanien, the people they want to protect, regardless of the reasons for the war.

Sailor Moon: The holy grail isn’t the only thing they have lend from foreign myths. There is Pegasus from the greek, the legend of Saturn from the roman, Endymion from the greek and some more. And although I would like new eps, I can imagine they would have some problems with them. The storyline was ever since nearly the same, but after star-crystals, dream-mirrors, heart-daimonds and a lot more what else have humans that is worthy to catch? And what greater enemy then one who ruled the universe could it be? Looks like it was realy the last ep, maybe.

DX: Congratulations to you lady!

>Gabriel walks out to read the new ep<

GermanyMonday, April 5, 1999 07:51:33 PM

**Kyryn walks into the comment room and bows to Coyote**

Coyote> Well, the best team won on this occasion. The Stars had a bunch of injured players; but, all excuses aside, Detroit played a really good game. We shall see where the playoffs lead us to.... :) The rat who had the hernia. Everyone has been asking me what he was lifting. *g* I'm tempted to put a sign on his cage that says "Fosberry: Rat Weightlifting Champion of the World" . Fosberry is now his permanent name (Fozzie for short)-- after the Webley-Fosberry Automatic Revolver.

Balkans> I've heard a lot about both sides. I'm staying out of this in the room.


Customer Service> I work in a library as the computer systems person. I've gotten people who don't know how to use a mouse! I still remember one student, back when I was an undergrad at the University of Southern California. He walked up to me at the main desk and said, "I've never used a library before. What do I do?" I stared and blinked for a few moments and then showed him the basics, all the while wondering how in the world he got into college (he wasn't a jock) without ever using a library. (This was before the web existed).

Gwenyvere> See the Timedancer Season 1 story 'Requiem'.

Later All!

**Kyryn heads out**

Uvalde, TX
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:43:28 PM

swastikas in anime: The only one I've seen is in the Pretty
Sammy OAV #3, where Pixy Misa uses her "Pixy Cross"
technique, hurling a glowing red swastika at the villain
of the episode.

HOMECOMINGS: How stupid can the Unseelie be? If the Wisps
can spy on the group at will, how easy can it be to
figure out:
1) Demona is Angela's mother and Dominique Destine - the
Hunters figured that out
2) Fox is Titania's daughter
3) The nature of the spells surrounding Demona and MacBeth
4) The spell to return to Avalon

For a group of villains with ultimate power, the Unseelie
sure can be rather stupid at times. Madoc shouldn't have
to wait for the witches of Rangde or Ragnarok or whatever;
just kidnap Fox and Alex, then ransom them off. But I think
his ignorance to the obvious and dissension in his ranks
( Umbriel and Banshee on one extreme, Loki on the other )
will do him in. Plus, this Montrose character, who's tied
to the Illuminati and the Unseelie Court. Why hasn't he
told Madoc that the Destines are gargoyles? And, where
is the Illuminati, anyway? Shouldn't we be seeing Adam
Weishaupt ( the founder of the historical Illuminati ) soon?
IN all, though, great job, TGS, keep up the work.

Weepinbell, ace nitpicker

Weepinbell - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:26:53 PM

*Princess Estra enters with a fanfare and a rain of glittery confetti*



Did you miss me??? *looking around* Geez, this place still looks this way? ;)

well, i just haven't been able to find the time to come here lately. two more stories *whistle* i'm out for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur!

so, how is everybunny? (a belated Easter joke) i've been wrestling with a life-threatening sickness... okay, more like bad cold, but when you've got a bad cold over the holidays, it might as well be life-threatening! eeesh! all that chocolate and i couldn't taste a thing... :( i'm still kind of sick, but i didn't fall right asleep right after coming home from school, like i did on Friday, which is probably a good sign.

alas, i'll be away from you next week, early on. I'M GOING TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!! well, if all goes well. and what could go wrong? (famous last words, right? forget ever hearing from me. i'm going to get hit by lightning tomorrow!) i'm going with Kylynna, and her mother, which means no annoying siblings! The Furies (you may know them as the Wierd Sisters) were getting annoying, anyway...

Kylynna: "She's using my head as target practice!!! Luckily, she's a lousy shot!!" CRASHH!!! *lol*

well, TTFN!

Princess Estra - []
Nowhere but where i stand
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:17:41 PM

Homecoming: Another great episode. It's nice to see that Goliath and Elisa are no longer argueing and that Goliath is beginning to tolerate Demona. We now have another reason that there has been no major Unseelie activity so far. I wonder how Joanna will handle MacBeth's life story. The illustration was very well done.

Stupid Customers> I used to work in a pet store and we would get all sorts of stupid/rude customers. For example we had one lady complaining that a kitten was sick because it kept almost falling over while sitting down. Turns out that, like any child, it was too stuborn to go to sleep and was nodding off while sitting down.

Woohoo!! Our big satellite dish is finally working right so we now actually get a decent ammount of channels.

79.2% of 2947 votes. Keep voting every chance you get!

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Monday, April 5, 1999 06:31:42 PM

Airwalker is correct, and gets the ten points. It was indeed Westminster Abbey that I had in mind.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, April 5, 1999 06:19:37 PM

*walks in humming a tunless melody*
Hey all. No news today, a endless monday though. *sigh*

Hehe the reason why's part one is cause I only skimmed it. Anyhow, it was good to see Angela and Demona get a chance into the spotlight for a change. I alos liked the fact that Macbeth was inculded too. Well that's all for now!

later all!

Bronx Wyvern - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 06:15:21 PM

You can send anywhere in the States a 2 pound package Prioity for $3.20. Doesn't matter what the contents (as long as they aren't mail bomb and I don't think your novel would bomb :->)


Theresa - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 05:46:38 PM

Hi, I'm ba-a-ack!

Happy birthday to all the people I missed.

DumlaoX> Congrats to Alison on her acceptance to NYU! I'm sure she's glad _that's_ over with; the whole college process is hell.

"swastikas": Someone brought up that they have appeared in an anime or something. Well, I know the swastika is a terrible symbol of the Nazi regime, but Hitler took it from Eastern religion and turned the "spokes" in the opposite direction, I think. Half my family is Buddhist, so I have seen the symbol incorporated into some religious items. The first time I saw the symbol on a bracelet of holy beads, I wasn't sure what to think, until my mother gave me a quick explanation. It bothers me that a religious symbol is now equated with hate because of one man. Well, somehow I don't think that symbol is used in a religious context quite so often anymore.

Traveler> You beat "Area 51?" Wow, I've never beaten any arcade games. Maybe I could if I went to the arcade every week. :-) The only game I'm anywhere near beating is "Soul Edge." About intellectuals: I asked that question because the math genius Paul Erdos was a known amphetamine user; he said it helped him do more math.

Steve Gooch> The Cornell Guy has spoken to me! *g* Sorry, personal joke... I was waitlisted and then rejected by Cornell University. It's nothing personal. ;-) Ah, about your advice to get Quake 2 and play that instead of Area 51: My roomie has Q2, so I play it occasionally. But the bad part is that the game makes me dizzy and nauseated! I can't seem to get used to all the movement, so I've never played it for very long. I think it's because the screen is so close. Besides, I'm so bad at it that I have to use almost all the cheats. But it's still fun blasting aliens away. :-)

Video Games: Well, since I'm on the subject, I thought I might as well go on. *g* I notice that whenever I walk into an arcade, I'm the only female actually playing the games in there (unless my roomie happens to be with me). Are there any other females who happen to enjoy video games? I'm no expert, but I find that they're great for stress relief, and in a noisy, packed arcade, nobody notices when you're cursing at the CPU for using all the cheap moves (btw, my language is usually pretty clean, it's just when I'm in the middle of an intense game :-).
Another thing: I'm shocked at how violent some of the shoot-'em-ups have gotten. I played "CarnEvil" just for the heck of it a few days ago when I was back in my hometown, and not only was it difficult to play, but it was extremely gory. I thought it was unneccessary. Oh well, it's in the horror genre anyway. But that night I had a bizarre dream where I was wandering around this huge house full of undead, and I had to escape, except like in the game, the gun didn't seem to fire half the time, it constantly needed reloading, and it took way too many hits to stop the zombies. Needless to say, I don't think I'm going to play that anymore. :-P

Okay, sorry I went on like that just about games. I've had enough Coke to keep an elephant awake all night! I think I'm on a caffeine/sugar high. Bye, everyone.

Blue Caeru
Monday, April 5, 1999 05:10:01 PM

Just remembered....

Saw it Saturday...AWESOME!!! Though the ending seemed to me a little too deus ex did make me think, though..."Do I want to wake up?" Anywho, it did give me quite a few creative demons for Cyberia...don't worry, it's nothing like Matrix, just some ideas...kick ass soundtrack, too...


Monday, April 5, 1999 03:59:05 PM

****HAWKWIND RP!****

*Cut to Mark's Showplace, which has inadvertantly become the annual Eternal Champion get-together, for now Elric, Hawkmoon, Corum, Erekose, Jerry Cornelius, and many others have come in...Wagner is now at the player piano, playing "Piano Man" by Billy Joel and everyone's singing along tunelessly.*
*Our hopeful heroes bomb around town in the Bug, trying to decipher what is causing the disappearance of all hard rock and heavy for the Hawkwind, even Cyrway's Metallica and Black Sabbath albums seemed wiped.*
LUC: Eureka!
CYRWAY: You know what "Eureka" means, bro?
LUC: "I'm naked!"
CYRWAY: Anyway, tell me of your sudden epiphany?
LUC: This could only be caused by radio waves...Cyrway, what's the most powerful radio antenna around here?
CYRWAY: Why, the stupid country station in Winslow, of course...
LUC: Across from Big G's Deli?
CYRWAY: Ayuh. *She pilots the Bug onto the bridge connecting Waterville to Winslow and heads north...*


Traveler> To add on to Stormy's story, I have strong belief that somehow, somewhere, Caligo and Wagner are real. They had met previously, and decided that Stormy and I should become friends...well, through running gags, when suddenly, the bombshell was dropped..."MAUSER'S MY WHAT?!" The thing was, with a few minor alterations, like shipping Aashlee to New Orleans, The Twilight of the Gods (one of Stormy's ideas) happening early, The Black Sword rather than the Illuminati responsible for Wagner's "disfiguration", et al, and her characters blended into my universe perfectly...

It was scary at first, so I just had to try it...

Wagner made his debut into my multiverse with "Ambient Anarchists"...and he fit great, IMHO, as well as my best friend Jenny, who also cohorts on the timeline...

As for Cal the Cat...I really do have a cat named Caligo...he's half-Siamese, a handsome grey nuetered male with deep gold eyes...and he's the kitty from the running gag in any RP concerning Cyrway, Luc's Grandfather was ptoofed into a cat by his twin sister, Zanthe... >:)

Stormy> Russel the Easter Bunny Strikes Again! Your father has way too much sadistic fun at Easter...BTW, how's the Pilate after the Crusification? >:)


*Luc and Cyrway enter Big G's. Everyone stares at them, but Cyrway's old classmates kinda shrug and go back to their meals.*
LUC: Why are we here?
CYRWAY: I'm starving...*walks up to the cashier.* I'll have a half an Oscar on wheat, extra pickles, half the cheese, and provolone instead of swiss. *turns to Luc.* Want anything?
LUC: *blinks.* I'll have a roast beef sandwich on wheat.
KRISTEN THE CASHIER: *looks at Cyrway's helmet.* So, what's up with the bird on your head?
CYRWAY: My buddy Luc and I are trying to figure out what happened to all the hard rock and heavy metal in the area...
KRISTEN: Yeah, I was begining to wonder that too...*points up at the speaker* We've been playing country all day.
CYRWAY: Doesn't Big G listen to country?
KRISTEN: He's not here today, so we put it on WBLM, the classic rock station...but it was playing classical's so weird...
LUC: Who's doing this?!
CYRWAY: Could be anyone...Kristen, put it on WCYY for a sec...I've got a theory...
LUC: The alternative station? Why?
CYRWAY: I've got an angle...
LUC: So did Captain Stern from Heavy Metal...what's your point?
*Cake's "Sheep go to Heaven" plays loudly.*
LUC: Your little sister?
LUC: *under his breath* I was cracking a joke...

*Somewhere, the brunette preppy cackles heartlessly.*

*Back in Portland, Wagner's song changes to "Hey Jude"...*


Cyrway - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 03:40:47 PM

Slow day... here's a quote to think about:

"This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud. We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals. We explore... and you call us criminals. We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us criminals. You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals.

"Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. I am a hacker.... You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all... after all, we're all alike." - The Hacker's Manifesto

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Monday, April 5, 1999 02:42:52 PM

** Deuce walks into the CR, and collapses on a couch. **

Oh, yeah, gotta love Easter... all those asshole cousins you only see once a year (thank God). Well, back to someplace a little more comfortable, I guess. TO the replies!

SOROW> Ah, you gave up chocolate for Lent, too? I went with all caffiene, since I wanted it to be a _real_ sacrifice. *holds up gigantic mug of very strong coffee*

Wilek> ["Your headquarters is even now being assimilated by the Borg Collective, who I *know* would make the perfect Internet service provider."] Of course they would be! You could just never cancel your account. :-)

Robby> Thanks for the link!

Stupid customers> I _am_ one. At a McDonald's in BC, while under the influence of excess caffiene, the following exchange took place.

Me: I'd like a small McFlurry, please.
Cute McWorker: We only have one size:
Me: Is it small?
McCutie: Kinda.
Me: OK, I'll take it.
McCutie: What flavour?
Me: Vanilla.
[NOTE: McFlurries only come in vanilla; she was referring to the cookie crumbs they sprinkle over them.]
McCutie: They're all vanilla. What kind of cookie?
Me: Oh... Oreo.

Poor girl.

Argent> ["Was that Pokemon ep on the WB network?"] Don't know, I get it from YTV, Canada's declining youth network. They had a "Pokémania" marathon on Friday.

Coyote> ["...when romantic scenes with Mulder and Scully are written, the writer *really* doesn't have their heart into it."] Click my name and find thyself proven WRONG! :-)

MST3K> Everybody go to NOW. It is so cool. They actually have a link to a MSTing of The Lion King!

Mulder/Scully> Here are DD's views on the whole thing: "Mulder doesn't want to —— Scully, but he doesn't want anyone else ——ing Scully." Also: "It's a fun chastity. There's way too much history ever to be enveloped in one carnal meeting."

Kaioto> Excellent rant, mon ami. As usual, I agree wholeheartedly, yet I am _not_ getting into this topic in the CR.

Starsinger, Doug> It wasn't an e-mail to us. Think _real_ hard, and do the words "Alex Wonder" ring a bell? :-) Took me a while to get it, too.

*looks up* Yeesh. Miss a couple days and.... Oh, never mind. I'll stick around for a while; I have no plans for today.

** lies on the couch for a while, and eventually falls asleep. **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Monday, April 5, 1999 01:01:04 PM

Just passing through, thought I should comment on a couple of things that caught my eye this morning ...

Pistoff: The cost depends on two factors:
1) how many pages?
2) the weight of the paper stock (certain papers are heavier than others).

They're gonna charge ya by how much it weighs anyway, besides that you have the option of sending it first class (the better way, if you ask me) or Special Manuscript Fourth Class (which is cheaper, but you're lucky if it arrives before Doomsday.). To give ya some idea ... to send a 22-page short story submission to The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy (which was form-letter rejected :P), it cost me about $6. That was on laser-quality paper, so it should give ya some idea.

Stormy: Ecch ... hiding Easter candy in musical instruments is where I draw the line. How much of the stuff were you able to recover? Was the horn damaged in any way? (Believe me, my mother knows that if she had ever hidden *anything* down the bell of any of my saxophones, there would've been HELL to pay!!)
Screwdriver, huh? Unique, to say the very least ... :)

**stands by the table, checks the candle** It should stay lit until I get back tonight, don't you think? **smiles and leaves**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:07:53 PM


(DOn't blame me...blame the people in my head...)

Time/Place: mid 1940's, American hospital parking lot, 11:55pm. Scene: In the parking lot a bright flash goes unseen as a DMC suddentaly appears out of nowhere and two VERY strange figures exit from the car.

FLASH! Another vehicle appears in a ball of Phoenix flame...a black 1941 Mercedes staff car.

Jaden: So...what are we doing here? Whenever and wherever "here" is... Traveler: The time period my furry friend, is mid 1940's America. So what ever you do DO NOT even start German's arn't exactally high on everybody's "My favorite people" list right now.

*In the black car, Wagner turns to Caligo and says, "I guess I should take "Deutschland Uber Alles" out of the tape deck, eh?"
Caligo rolls his eyes and says "You might also consider changing out of that uniform and renting a Chev..."

TRAVELLER: Do we plan to merge our fic, we didn't plan it, it just kind of happened so we adjusted our storylines to make it fit. Part of it was the fact that, while she designed Mauser completely separately from my Rommel, they look eerily alike...running joke about Wagner being Mauser's father suddenly became serious fanfic...(almost done) The other part was, when we tried to get Wagner and Caligo to fight in the Deathmatch, they went out for beers instead and ended up best friends...then Wagner invaded AMBIENT ANARCHISTS, and that was pretty much settled right there...

If you wanna know more, just go take a look at my web page...*points to link*

re: metal (heh...the other half of my music collection is country....BWA HA HA)

CYRWAY: *blinks at Wagner staring at the dancer* What has gotten into HIM? That's not like him...*stares at Darkwing Duck* Did you spike his drink? *Darkwing nods stupidly* Ok, DW, YOU can explain it to Lady Bismarck then...

*imagines Whitbourne running amok with an orgon accumulator and shudders again*

Spike: ONe of these days I'll have to bookmark that site...that was a great contest idea!

And now, I would like to announce my triumph over the EVIL EASTER BUNNY...that's right...for the first time ever, I managed to find everything my father hid...and do you know why? 'Cuz if it wasn't for the glint of light off of foil wrapped chocolate, I would have missed the easter basket hidden down the cold air duct...HOW MANY PEOPLE NEED A SCREWDRIVER TO ACCESS THEIR EASTER CANDY??? (Incidentally--other hiding places of the evil easter bunny include (from past years): Down the bell of my tuba, inside a typewriter case (which I didn't even know how to open) In the chandelier, on the record turntable, and a basket wrapped in plastic, half buried in ash in the fireplace with the fireplace doors shut. You wonder why I never found it all before...

Stormy - [<--Visit the Albatros Hotel and risk whatever sanity remains...]
Monday, April 5, 1999 11:36:07 AM

*Arianna appears.*
Hi, all.
Missed the top ten...darn.
Oh, I probably won't be in for the rest of the week. I'm going to Washington. FUN!

Wilek> Did you get my e-mail? I had to fight with my computer for about an hour to get it to send.

Bye, all.
*Arianna disappears*

Lady Arianna of Annwn
Monday, April 5, 1999 10:56:06 AM

[Wilek is seen at his ISP, surveying his collective's handiwork. Except for the occasional smoking terminal, there's little sign that Mr. DC was ever there.] Hello all. You'll be glad to know that things are looking up--my connection is at full speed and hasn't cut out in the whole hour I've been on line. Still can't load the whole TGS ep, so I downloaded it. Which reminds me...


Hm, I wonder what the Yakuza are up to now. Um...Demona's chauffeur is named Gregory? And her pilot is named Earhart? Okaaaaaayyyyyy...Hm, so the Unseelie don't know about Destine really being Demona. Interesting. Ah...Demona and Macbeth's conversation about the various ways they've died certainly answers a few questions I've had about their immortality spell. I didn't know Goliath could play poker, or bridge, or whatever that was. O_o Well, this was an interesting ep. It didn't explain what the Yakuza were doing...but I guess that'll be dealt with later.


Wilek Nereus
Monday, April 5, 1999 10:13:35 AM

For those of you that may or may know, there's an art site that runs the Monthly Gargoyles Character contest. Every month they post a topic and invite artists to submit pictures. Last month's topic was "Clan Ishimura" and there's some amazing pictures. You should go over there and give it a look!

I didn't look too far for my entry -- from the Time Dancer stories "Dishonor" and "The Promise", meet Mako, one of Sata's rookery brothers. Banzai!!

Monday, April 5, 1999 09:27:06 AM

Todd - For the ten points, I'll say that another contribution of Edward the Confessor that actually showed up on the television episodes of Gargoyles was in the episode PENDRAGON. It is Westminster Abbey which he refounded and which Arthur Pendragon broke into.
Brooklyn, NY
Monday, April 5, 1999 09:02:04 AM

DOUG - Glad that you liked the flashback for "Homecoming"; while the rest of the story was Kathy's work (and a very good job she did of it, too), the flashback was my contribution. BTW, all the characters in the flashback (except for Madoc and Garlon, of course) are actual historical figures from the 11th century, and it's seriously rooted in the actual history of Edward the Confessor's reign. One of the things that I've always liked about "Gargoyles" is its ability to bring in real medieval history into its stories, as it already did with "City of Stone" and "Avalon".

Incidentally, ten points to anybody who can name another piece of Edward the Confessor's legacy that showed up in "Gargoyles" (the actual televised episodes) besides his sanction of Canmore's war on Macbeth.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, April 5, 1999 07:37:34 AM

Doug you're not the only one who didn't get Coyote's e-mail.


Theresa - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 06:52:49 AM

GWT/G99 Announcement:

The deadline to take the "Clan Feud" survey is approaching. April 15 is the last day to submit entries and be elligible for the free G99 t-shirt drawing. If you haven't already taken the survey, please visit our site and do so. Everyone can participate, even if you can't make it to the con. :)

Patrick Toman
Monday, April 5, 1999 06:20:32 AM

Hi everybody

I just have a few things to say. I've just finished my first Gargoyles fan-fic and am looking for a couple beta-readers. If you would be interested, I would appreciate it if you would let me know via email. My address is bellow. Thanks.

***Episode Spoilers(kind of)***
Is it just me or does Brooklyn not have a clue how to play poker? I mean, he didn't take any cards and than he folds. No wonder Sata is winning so much. And it sounds like next week we'll see Angela and Demona with the London clan.
***End Spoilers***

Thought for the day: "Riding like that, completely helpless, slung over Buck's shoulder staring down his back I came to understand two things. One, at a certain point in a man's life, his hips spread and two, there's a very easy way to define friendship. A friend is someone who won't stop until he finds you and brings you home."

T. J. Veil - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 03:36:16 AM

Wilek: I doubt any of my customers' heads would implode. The air in their skulls is under extremely high pressure, thereby counteracting the force of gravity. I'm not sure, but I think it may have something to do with the speed of the wind whistling between their ears. But if any of them ever stumbled and fell and cracked their skull open, the sudden release of compressed air would level a couple of city blocks.

Sorry you're still having trouble with ol' Mr. Disconnect. I recommend freezing water in the shape of a dagger. Plunge it through one of his eyeballs. It would kill him instantly--too quick, I know, but at least it would get him out of the way--and after a while the ice would melt, and there would be no murder weapon and no fingerprints.

And now for a bit of good news--something that's all too rare in my life. After ten years of magazine editors and book publishers kicking me in the ass, I've finally got a publisher interested in my novel. *sigh* Now all I have to do is scrounge up enough money to mail it.

Hmm. Um, how much does that cost, anyway? Just so I don't have a psychotic episode when the guy at the post office tells me ...

Pistoff - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 02:37:04 AM

Happy Easter and Passover to you all. May the blessings of new life in the Springtime renew your minds, hearts, and souls for a year of new life. Blessed be.

Beyond that, I have found it hard to hide my head in the sand like most Americans and pretend that there isn't genocide being committed half a world away and go about my daily routines.

I have to say that I agree with nearly all of what Traveler has pointed out. I would also like to add that we are invited into this conflict by 90% of Koslovo's population as opposed to Vietnam where we were invited by the French of all people … get over the Vietnam syndrome right now. We can blow anything off the mountains with air superiority and we aren't trying to exterminate the entire population of a country out of one giant jungle/swamp. This time it is Milosevic who is trying to exterminate the native population. History is on our side, if logistics was not enough for the cowardly among us. Now go change your underwear and stop whining.

"To cut and slash are two different things. Cutting, whatever form of cutting it is, is decisive, with a resolute spirit. Slashing is nothing more than touching the enemy. Even if you slash strongly, and even if the enemy dies instantly, it is slashing. When you cut, your spirit is resolved. You must appreciate this. If you first slash the enemy's hands or legs, you must then cut strongly. Slashing is in spirit the same as touching." - The Book of Five Rings

We are slashing, and men Milosevic is still able to murder people. We must cut, and take away his ability to do so before he succeeds in wiping out 90% of Koslovo's population. We must commit fully to this action and stop him with men, because missiles will not work. The German people never removed a frothing madman like Adolph Hitler from power, I doubt the Serbs are going to either.

On the note of this Holy Week, I have reflected on the Way of the Cross and the Koslovo crisis and come to a conclusion. It is high past time for ground troops. They should've been there before Milosevic made his move, and every moment we delay, more men, women, and children are "cleansed." It is time for full commitment.

To those Christians that dare state that we should not risk American lives to save so many more ethnic Albanian lives I say unto you: Peter, Pilate, and two-faced Judas in one! Has the Holocaust taught you NOTHING? Are you ASLEEP when you hear of the Crucifixion? Christ embraced death in sacrifice to save countless others. Like Christ, we must be willing to sacrifice for the sake of stopping this genocide. Or would you rather be Pilate: too weak and petty to do the right thing? Or would you like to be Peter: claiming friendship and principles only to buckle at the first complication? Or would you like to be Judas? Yes, Judas might suit us well, to betray innocent blood in fear, ignorance, and selfishness. In this season of Passover, it is a bloody sacrifice indeed being made of so many slaughtered and so many more run dislocated. How can one look upon Koslovo with an attentive soul and not hear the cry, "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?" Their deaths accomplish no good. Must we let that cry go up in vain, countless lives ruined? Or can we have the strength of spirit and courage of heart to stand before the madness and say, "No, not this time. There needs be no sacrifice for our sins. We will not make the selfish choice again. The cost in blood is too high."

I don't care if they are Serbs, Moslems or otherwise, genocide is unacceptable, anywhere, any time.

I learned one thing better than anything else from the Holocaust:

(I'd include the Swastika for sheer impact value, but I never want to see the blood thing on God's green earth ever again.)

Sorow: Yeah, I met my good friend chocolate today. It has been too long a parting. *Pauses to much the nearest piece of candy.*

DumlaoX: Congratulations indeed are due! :)

Selanit: Welcome back! Long time no see!

A poem for iron:

Child of Adam,
Smith song ring,
Doom of Fairy,
Steel blade sing,

Wrath of mankind,
Kills destiny,
Freedom resigned,
Was meant to be.

Break Fate's chain,
I call for us,
This magic's bane,
I call Ferrus,

"Who you callin' mortal, point ears?" - Malakai, one half second before shredding Hecate with a shotgun full of iron buckshot.

Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Monday, April 5, 1999 02:35:18 AM


The screen comes on, showing the Ravens involved in a pitch battle with the gang members blocking them from entering NORAD. The punks quickly go down before the Ravens' barrage of gunfire, only Jerry still standing in their way. Suddenly, the ground starts shaking and he and the Ravens all fall down, Doug and Kitainia dropping their jaws as NORAD's nukes are launched. "Too late!" Doug screams as the missiles take off, bullets and other projectiles spanging off their exteriors as the other good guys try to shoot them down. "Relax, Mr. Elder," says Janice Ripowski, lowering her cell phone. "I've already called the local National Guard, who had a contingency plan ready just in case of this." As she speaks, four Patriot missiles are shot from their nearby launchers, spanging into four of the launched ICBMs and destroying them in roars of smoke and flame. "There's still one left!!" points Kitainia. "How do we stop it?" "I'll take care of that!" Wilek yells back from his shuttle, pulling up alongside the missile and firing several laser shots at its fuel tank, then speeding away as the nuke is destroyed. "Good shooting!" Doug calls. Jammer wipes the sweat off his brow. "Man, that was a close one." "Yeah," says Kitainia. "Let's get in there and stop them before they can launch any more." "Hold it, Satan's army!" Jerry Bennet snaps as they turn back to the base entrance. "You are not getting in here as long as I block the door." A tranquilizer dart comes out of nowhere, hitting the fundamentalist in the face. Jerry squeals in pain and hits the ground unconscious, Tom smiling as he lowers his gun. "Get in there and stop 'em, guys!" the engineer says. "I'll tie Jerry up and get him into the Onslaught's cage." "Right," says Kitainia. "We'll be interrogating him later. Come on!" As they dash into NORAD, Jammer and DX scouting ahead to blow open any more sealed doors, Doug turns to make a CR post.


$ Phew, glad that RP problem's solved. And without us having to resort to the "great and powerful" Traveler. <grin> $ Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had good luck with the egg-hunting today (if you participated, :) Now for some replies.

Tim: Thanks for all those great little sayings. Like Kitainia said earlier, they're good advice for life.

Jaden: Have fun in Japan. But be careful. I've been there and know that it is a very dirty, crowded, and sometimes dangerous country. :(

Zath: I saw your pic. Nice job on it. Does Brooklyn's puppet have a name?

Wilek: Glad you're fixing your ISP problems. Hope they blow over real soon.

Congrats to Alison on getting into NYU!! Hope she has fun there. <grin>

Traveler: Bet you're happy to be on break (and I'm jealous). Hope I get my feedback from you soon, I will be waiting for it. $ Also thanks for your RP info, and I seriously hope you read and listen to Kitainia's rant. It wasn't meant to offend you, several things you've done have been very realistic and cool. We did enjoy reacting to your use of the Necromonicon, and your relationship with Marsh Industries. A few of the things you did with Jaden were also neat (we'll be implementing the dinosaur deal very soon). However, lately your character has just been doing too much. Please remember you can't be there to fix every problem before it happens (that's unrealistic and doesn't make for a very good story, IMHO), and that you're not the only one participating in the RP here. The rest of us do not appreciate you storming in and making all our efforts possibly useless as much as you might think. Read Kitainia's last post to hear more about this, I'm not going to repeat her rant. I just hope you listen to it. :) Look forward to seeing you back here very soon. $

Character Romances: I agree with Coyote and Robby about Goliath & Elisa or Sata & Brooklyn as opposed to Mulder & Scully. With the first couple, the writers had them fall in love while doing other things and their love was very much a part and focus of the series. With Mulder and Scully and couples like them, the writers tried to make them fall in love while still focusing the series on other things. That did not work. Not only that, they also did things so the love was never consummated. Yeah, Mulder and Scully get a little closer together with every episode that focuses on their relationship, but the fact that their relationship's changes never seems to really affect the series' plot or their characters in any big way really ruins it, in my opinion. When romance develops characters and is part of the plot, it works. It's done that in TGS, but not in a lot of other shows. :(

Pokemon: I liked that show, too. The bad guys were funny. I look forward to watching it again next week.


Homecoming: This episode was well-done. It was good to see Lex developed some more, I feel his character's been neglected a lot this season. His frustration with the clan and his condition was well-written, as were the others' reactions to it. I also liked the development on Angela and Demona (good to see the latter's magic lessons progressing, the two's relationship is also developing well), Takeo Kimura and the Yakuza (glad these guys are still in action and a possible threat to the clan, instead of just a sideline to the great conflict with the Unseelie); and especially Goliath (his brooding over his past possible failures and the resolution of those and some of the clan's current problems were also nicely done.) Good job on developing Elisa, too. I like how things are going with her and Goliath (good relationship, they complement and help each other and aren't fighting much anymore).

Also good job developing the Unseelie, especially Umbriel, Madoc (who's looking even more like Satan after this episode), and Maeve. I liked the action in the fight between Demona, Macbeth, Angela, and their hunting party, and the flashbacks to how Madoc's stirring up the English prejudices against gargoyles destroyed Macbeth and Demona's alliance long ago (Harold was an interesting character, too. Too bad there weren't more in the English court with his wise and open mind). Macbeth was also well-developed in this story, I enjoyed how he and Demona reacted to one another's presence and are slowly becoming more friends than foes. I also liked the development on Macbeth's relationship with Joanna, the trip to Scotland really brought his character out. Joanna's reaction to discovering Macbeth's true identity and his relationship to Demona and the clan was also nicely done. Cool pic of the scene, Damocles.

I also enjoyed how the overall Unseelie conflict progressed in here. Demona and Macbeth's reactions to Madoc were nicely done, so was Joanna's. It's good the clan now has another human friend. I look forward to next week (when we'll see what Angela and Demona do in London, right?). All in all, this episode gets a 9/10, thumbs way up. Keep up the good work, TGS Staff!!


Coyote: Didn't get your e-mailed Easter greetings here, so I'm not sure what bunnies you're talking about. Sorry. (Hope I'm not having e-mail problems once again.)

Repeat Shameless Plug: This may not have been noticed in last week's room, but "Slayer Senshi" is now finished and posted at GFW. Anyone who wants to should go read and enjoy. I also hope that I will and look forward to getting lots of feedback on this new fic. :)

Okay, that's all for tonight. Later!!


Doug and the Ravens continue dashing through NORAD, headed for the main control room. In that room, the bad guy leaders are cursing as they realize all their missiles have been destroyed before they could even reach their targets, let alone start the planned world war. "Guess we'll have to get back to the base and make a new plan," says T'angelo. "Surely the next one will work." "Not so fast, my former allies!" a chuckling voice interrupts. "You won't get away from me!" Shallow Mouth leaps through a ceiling vent, his legs transformed into sharp blades that slice the gang leader to pieces as Traveler's buddy lands on his back. Tyl and Corax look at each other in shock, backing away as Shallow Mouth gets up and transforms his arms into a sword and axe blade. "Get him!" Kharsus commands the doppelgangers, who transform into various powerful monsters and attack Shallow Mouth. Thanks to his T-1000 regeneration and powerful built-in weaponry, the former informant quickly triumphs, slicing the doppelgangers apart in a very gruesome manner. "Now for you, Kharsus!" he shouts when the deed is done. "Au contraire," the evil wizard snaps back, pointing his staff at Shallow Mouth and firing a nimbus of cadmium red light. Shallow Mouth screams in mortal agony as the light surrounds him and forces him to his knees. "Augh!" "Traveler sent you, didn't he?" Kharsus laughs. "He thought you could defeat the most powerful magician in the known multiverse, did he? Well, he was wrong. And now, man who was once part of our organization, you shall die!" He begins turning up the pain, but is interrupted by a bullet spanging past his cheek. "Release him!" Gubio yells, pointing his gun at Kharsus along with Doug, Kitainia, and the other good guys who have just arrived. "Whoever you are." "I am Kharsus, you must be the Black Ravens," the wizard introduces himself. "You have ruined another of myself and Lord Thailog's plans. Have faith that it will be the last time. Until next we meet." He claps his hands and Kharsus, Tyl, and Corax disappear in a burst of light, going back to Thailog's secret base. Shallow Mouth gasps as the nimbus of pain vanishes, collapsing to the floor as Orion rushes up to see if he can do anything. "Ravens!" Shallow Mouth gasps. "Good to see you again." "You too, SM," says Doug. "We thought you were dead." "Traveler brought me back. He sent me here to stop Thailog's men from launching the missiles. Because of that Kharsus guy I failed and nearly died, but you suceeded, thank God." "Traveler sent you?" asks Kitainia. The slowly recovering Shallow Mouth nods. "Where is he?" inquires Doug. "He's in town. I don't know if he wants to talk to you, though." "You're taking us to him anyway," Doug snaps. "That guy has a lot of explaining to do. It's time to find out what side he's really on." Shallow Mouth grimaces. "He's on our side, I assure you. I know he may not seem like it a lot of the time, but..." "Prove it," says Kitainia. "Take us to him. Now." "Let's mop up here first," Doug suggests. "Then with SM's help, we're going to pay a little call on Traveler." The screen fades out.


Doug - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 01:40:59 AM

Well, I'm back. First it was the week before spring break, and then it was spring break, and then it was the week after spring break, and I was too busy the whole time to sit down and read or write anything here in the comment room. I still haven't *read* anything in the comment room, but I figured I'd better write anyay.

*** TGS Spoilers, Hit the Deck! ***

Good eps, all three of 'em. I *especially* liked this week's. I was sure Madoc would figure out how Macbeth and Demona were linked. Good plot twist with Joanna hitting the hob.

I wonder what precisely it is about the sound of an iron bell that hurts fae. Sure, the fact that it comes from iron. But is there some specific tonal quality made by a ringing iron bell that is harmful to 'em? If so, could that tonal quality be artificially reproduced, and amplified? You could make a pretty devastating anti-fae weapon that way. Also I bet that's what Xanatos' defenses are lacking: bells. He needs a belfry, with great big nasty fae-hurting bells. Plus, it'll give him someplace to keep his bats! Remember how much trouble he had last time Oberon attacked him? And yet, Oberon was brought to his knees when Tom rang that eensy teensy bell on Avalon. Think how much firepower there'd be in a great BIG bell! Though they'd have to create a special chamber shielded against the bell's effects for Owen to go sit in. Otherwise, Xanatos would find himself without his assistant!

Nope, you'll never find a chorus of fae singing "Hark how the bells." Or maybe you would:

Hark how the bells,
Dread iron bells,
All seem to say,
Throw hope away.

On, on they pound,
Harsh deadly sound,
With your last breath,
Rail against death.

Selanit - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 01:17:11 AM

Dang, I need to come up with a new pic... All my old ones are being used...

Wilek- Actually, the movie and series ARE in continuity with the comic book. BASICALLY what happened was...


Basically, at the end of the movie, when K gets his memory wiped, that happened in the comic. Later on in the comic, an old enemy of K's comes back to Earth to try and kill him. Since K is the only one who knows how to deal with guy, and he needs half a clue of whats going on, they restore his memory, stop the evil alien, and K decides to keep working with J because the kid still needs training, and K doesn't like being a retiree. Basically thats it.


Also worth noting, that Golem boss in Mega Man was also a final boss in Mega Man 3. I don't need to pull out a ROM, I still have my old Nintendo copy of all 6 Mega Man games on it, as well as both Zeldas, the turtle games, and much more...

Pokemon- I agree, the human characters really detract from the show... And I'm still waiting to see a blasted episode with Mewtwo! Guess I have to get the flippin' movie...

As far as how much money does Lucas have that he can fund Star Wars on his own? I dunno, but he owns a mansion and 600 acres. But consider,the movie will most likely make back cost a hundred old or so. Still, I think he's richer than Jim at the moment... But then, Lucas doesn't throw wild, 1,000 guest parties that blow up his mansion every few months...

Monday, April 5, 1999 01:06:23 AM

Quick reply before hitting the hay ...

Wilek: Okay ... the bunnies showed up every time I gave Easter greetings to anyone ... I'm not saying the particular words in fear that they'll show up again. They first showed up in a particular e-mail I sent late last night. **flashes meaningful glances at Doug, Kitainia, Robby, Deuce, Fleur and Starsinger**
And about Lucas ... he's worth nearly enough to make four "Titanics", since he holds merchandising royalties on the Star Wars films ... a part of his contract that 20th Century Fox deeply regrets, as he's been basically able to live off of those royalties *alone* for two decades.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 5, 1999 01:06:09 AM

Traveler > oops! Sorry! As for Dark Beauty Part 2, I'm on page 19 and hope to have it done by the end of this week.

Christine - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:56:01 AM


[Wilek: "Coyote? Your April Fools' prank where you ate that fake candle reminded me of a semi-useless bit of trivia--namely, that soldiers of ancient Rome (I think) made edible candles partially from animal fat, so if they ran out of food, they could eat the candles." Coyote: "That is *weird*." Wilek: "Isn't it though. Anyhow, I figured that Forfexx, being who he is, would be able to do this. <hands Coyote a candle> Feel free to use it if you like. Mr. Disconnect, against all odds, is still besieging my ISP, and I thought this would be somehow appropriate." Coyote suddenly realizes exactly what the candle is, and backs away *very* slowly.]


Did anyone else see this thing?! We finally got to meet the redneck branch of the Sevarius family tree. Farmer Brown and his twisted barnyard creations. Giant bugs! Rabid cows! Terror chickens! Talking cyber-goats! Hogzilla! This ep was a *lot* of fun.


Greg wrote it. 'Nuff said. It was *very* interesting to find that Gargs isn't all he excels at. ^_^ So the MIB Smith/Jones live-action movie exists in the animated series' universe. Well, that solves the massive continuity break between the movie and the show--the show is fact (in its universe), and the movie was historical fiction (albeit very recent history). I didn't know the MIB had different divisions in different locations. Hm...that female Agency MIB looked familiar somehow...but I can't put my talon on where I've seen her before...Ah well, it'll come to me. This is one of the very few MIB eps I've ever seen (I'm not normally up that early on Sunday), so excuse my gushing. :) I loved it!


It was the Golem ep. That thing is right out of the first Mega Man game! I swear, it's true! Find a ROM of the thing, make it to the first boss of Dr. Wily's castle, and see if I'm wrong.

$Kitainia> I was kinda worried about Traveler making the bad guys unable to launch the missiles...but it's always interesting to see how you and Doug fix Traveler's interference. :) As for my own plans being disrupted...I've been essentially improvising as each new situation develops anyhow, so I think I could have recovered. <g>$

SJ> <<Hats off to you, my good man!>> <takes a bow> Thank you. :) ISP is still being a pain in the tail; I expect DC is sabotaging my Borgs' assimilation efforts. >:/

Pistoff> HOW DENSE DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO BE BEFORE THEIR HEAD IMPLODES?!!! I am never, never, *never* going to work at any restaurant or any other kind of customer service thing. The stupidity saturation the typical customer service employee has to deal with is *astounding*.

I kinda like the Pokemon series; the different critters and their attacks are fun. But...<sigh> all the human characters are too annoying to live. Maybe the Pokemon will revolt or something.

Coyote> Bunnies? I must hear this.

Robby> <<Actually, Lucas is paying for the Star Wars prquals COMPLETLEY out of his own pocket>> you mean...Lucas is *personally* funding a movie of that scale?! How much does the man *have*?!!

My connection cut out several times while I was writing this. <grr> <sigh> And Mr. Disconnect won't let me load most of the new TGS ep. Ach, forget it; I'll bother with it tomorrow. <clicks submit> Whatever number I am...

Wilek Nereus
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:39:44 AM

11th! ^_~
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:20:28 AM

Monday, April 5, 1999 12:18:46 AM

Uh, okay, 9th ... ;)
Pissy again
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:08:50 AM

Coyote: I just checked last week's CR and realized that I missed your last post. Guess it came in while I was writing mine. Anyway, yes, a lot of my customers come in and try to act as if they know more about my job than I do. Since I've been working there for four years (feels longer, though), and any given customer is there for maybe fifteen minutes, they always end up looking like idiots, but they're too stupid to realize this. Usually they walk out angry, believing they still know more than I do.

Usually it goes something like this: a customer argues with me, telling me what I "should've done" or telling me why I should violate company regs and give him a discount even though he has no coupon, etc yadda ad infinitum. When I explain what our policy is, some of them even say things like, "I used to work in a Pizza Hut, and this isn't the way they do things!"

Me: "Well, how long ago was that? How many years? Y'know what? That was then. This is now. This is what the policy is right at this very moment. Which means ... YOU'RE WRONG, BUBBA! You CAN'T use this coupon on a Pacific Gourmet because lookie right there, it says "Not Valid on Pacific Gourmet!"

One guy came in from the bar next door, completely stinky drunk, and thought he was smarter than I was. He kept getting louder and louder while I just stood there, smiling, and quietly shooting down every argument. Finally, he took a swing at me. Surprised the crap out of me. Customers have tried to hit me when I was delivering to their houses, I've even been shot at a couple of times, but nobody had ever assaulted me right there in the restaurant before. Well, the fight didn't last long, I'm still here, and he's scarred for life. ;)

Okay, now for a little more stupidity ... some guy called and said he'd used a coupon for a free pizza, and when it got to his house it was cold. He launched into this story about how "well, maybe the driver had a flat tire or something ..." and I immediately knew he was lying. I asked him to describe the coupon. He did, and I recognized it. I'd handed some of them out myself ... and they were for CARRYOUT ONLY. We never delivered any of those free pizzas, and I told this guy so. He argued, and I asked him what exactly the coupon was for.

Customer: "Well, uh, um, it's for, ehh, a free large medium."

Me: "What in the hell's a large medium? We don't have large mediums. We only have large larges, and medium mediums. We don't have large-smalls, either. Tell ya what--call back after you have some brain cells implanted, then maybe we'll deal with you. Have a nice day." Click.

**bows theatrically**

Oh yeah ... sixth or seventh or something ...

Pistoff - []
Monday, April 5, 1999 12:06:58 AM

EIGHTH!!!!!!!!!! WWWHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in the top ten again!!!!!!!! Longer post (but not quite as long as the last one>:)) later. Now exactally *HOW* much later....that's another question all together.>:))
Traveler - []
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:55:47 PM

Seventh?? Maybe.


Theresa - []
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:48:58 PM

Sixth (or seventh). Happy Easter!
Mandi Ohlin
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:47:21 PM

N. Dagastino - []
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:39:53 PM

All sorts of people end up in Edinburgh


the new Gargoyles/Pendragon episode

written by Kathy Pogge with contributions by Todd Jensen

story by Todd Jensen & Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky

illustrations by Damocles


DumlaoX - []
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:38:26 PM

I'm here. #3 !
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:38:12 PM

Top ten! Wasn't much of a cmpetition this week though... Oh wll...
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:36:05 PM


"Silver bullets in the jukebox
Spin another round
Everybody get back in line
Last call for the lost and found" -- from "Midnight at the Lost and Found" (M. L. Aday, S. Buslowe, P. Christie and D. Peyronel)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, April 4, 1999 11:35:32 PM