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Alright, we're back online, man!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Real post later tonight, right now I'm just glad the shutdown's over.

Bye for now.

Monday, April 19, 1999 10:49:23 AM

**walks in, changes out the candle, posts a sign on the door, then leaves. Everyone crowds around the sign**

Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, the new episode and room wipe has been delayed. Barring any further problems, it should be tonight.
---The Management.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 19, 1999 09:56:00 AM

Are we up yet? Will we stay up?
Jenniren - []
Monday, April 19, 1999 09:55:41 AM

Hmm, it seems that the room ain't going down and I could have made a decent post last night. Ah well... Since everyone is avoiding the room on the assumption that it's shut down for the weekend, there isn't much to talk about save the possibility of a flame war I want to avoid... The room will probably be cleared and wiped around the normal time tommarrow night, if not a bit earlier. Its going to be my first time to post an episode and clear the room, and there's no telling how well my computer or I will accomplish this. SO if things get funky tommarrow night around midnight, you'll understand why.

Incidentally, the room is at like 650 something K. And thats in text-only. Mega new record.

Saturday, April 17, 1999 04:52:50 PM

I haven't used this pic since...forever! I guess I'm in a good mood today, as always :) I have almost no homework, and I just spent all my mom's money on clothes... but it's her fault cause she let me.

Deuce> You're welcome. What do you need it for?

Lawrence> I'm so very sorry. I meant to wish you a happy birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope all your wishes come true!

Saturday, April 17, 1999 04:46:49 PM

Deuce> <<You're not a people person, are you?>>
Unfortunately it seems I'm not. I *do* respect other people - both people I don't know and people I consider friends, it's just that I often rush to judge others too quickly. And I do still think that Ironwolf insulted me first when I only said that I thought he was out of line - but "He did it first" is a childish excuse for me to make, so consider it unspoken. In fact I'd have no problem with the deletion of all my ironwolf-related messages.

I'm worried to see that over the last couple months I've (butted heads) with several people - Jackal, Sevarius JR and now Ironwolf - perhaps with more. In the second case I've accepted my portion of the guilt, in the first and the third I still consider myself on the right. But anyway it seems I'm too quick to fight and I'll have to remedy that. Perhaps I'll withdraw somewhat from this room or something and cool off...

I'll check the site you gave later on...

Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 03:53:50 PM

Oh, yeah, the room sure is going down.... Oy.... Netscape _and_ IE are all wonky, so here I am using Opera... again....

I saw The Matrix last night. *long pause* Wow. That's all I can say. That was the most ——ing intense movie I have _ever_ seen, and it might even be the best I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, do so. Now. If you have, I'd love to discuss it.

SOROW> Thanks for the address. :-)

Lady Arianna> Congratulations on your academic success. I wound up going from a 33% in Social Studies 9 to an 80% in Social 10 this year. Quite pleased at that, even though my school has no advanced, honours, or International Baccelauriate(sp?) programs.

Britany Spears> The girl _needs_ breast implants? That's news to me. Like I've said, it's not size: it's the proportions. Hers were just fine.

Aris> ["And I actually tend to want to go around looking like someone who respects other people."] You go from completely Glenn Duncan*-style insulting Ironwolf to saying this. *laughs* You're not a people person, are you? Anyway, I agree that you should drop this. It _was_ a misunderstanding, you leapt on the opportunity to insult somebody, and now it's over.

Seems to me that archiving this wasn't neccessary. Oh, well. Robby will be doing the wipe and post tomorrow night, barring any massive technical difficulties. (If the room _does_ go down, I'm not sure what will be happening).

*Glenn Duncan is the hilarious webmaster of, and he puts out a newsletter every once in a while... ah, hell, just go there and see for yourself. (Attached to my name).

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, April 17, 1999 03:11:12 PM

Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday

I liked this episode of Timedancer. Now we now that one of the Gargoyles from the French Clan survived and all the eggs in the rookery survived. Looks like Sata is starting to get more tired probley we all know what that means.

News for season 4 of Buffy> Just read some news about season 4 of Buffy. Buffy is going to get a new love interst. He is supposed to be realy mysterious, but completly different from Angel.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Saturday, April 17, 1999 01:55:40 PM

Last post should be green. Now both look meddled. Ah, well...
Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 11:21:44 AM

Ironwolf> You may want a flamewar but I don't. So this is once again my final post in this matter. Flame as much as you want, I won't reply back.

<<*I'm not the one who'd cut off bodily parts before going into bed with said singers*
No has heard of the old expression I cut off my left arm for her I take it? >>

'No' may have heard the expression and "I" have certainly heard it. I may have even said it once or twice for girls I had a crush for. But not for celebrities whose body is their only attribute I admire. And certainly not for four people whose name I don't even remember and who I only know with the adorable name of 'chick'. Let me remind you of the people you'd give bodily parts for:
"1 jewel
2 I’m lousy with names so the chick from desperado
3 chick from Zoro
4. chick from all the Kevin smith movies
5 any girl with dark hair and light eyes and a smart a$$ attitude, or john cussak’s sister "

<<*Some people have not even heard of Brinteny spears.*
You didn’t pick up a clue since most of the cr is talking about her?>>

Yes. Now. But at the time you and I posted, only a couple of people had mentioned it and the posts were mainly concerned on whether she had implants or not. And I don't have the time to read all the posts.

Moreover the only place where you referred to her was the following sentence:
"Britney spears> she’s cute nice bubble gum rock but she ain’t no jewel!!!!!"

I was unable to understand the phrase "cute nice bubble gum rock" but it didn't seem to refer to a comparison of musical talents. I've gone up to 'Proficiency' in learning English but I was incapable of deciphering the above. Apologies.

<<*And I actually tend to want to go around looking like someone who respects other people.*

You failed that the moment you posted with out thinking first. You and only you accused me of something with out asking for more info. >>

I had all the info I required. You referred to our jewel in your post: "there was or were a series of stories written by i think some one named jewel about 2 humans becoming gargs and joining the clan. Dose this ring any bells??"

I contemplated the possibility you were referring to two different Jewels but considered it small. But that doubt of mine was enough to only say to make my post milder so that I only said: "I think you are out of line or something... " instead of accusing you as a cyberstalker. It seems that this was way too offensive for you.

In comparison you attacked me with: "shesh get a clue or a life. Do yall really go around looking like idiots all the time or did you just start. " among other things. To which I reply I'm not the one who calls women as 'chicks' or wants to go to bed with women whose name I don't even remember.

<<*Idiocy and intelligence are secondary to that*
Yea I can tell that’s true for you.
Sorry but people like that just piss me off.>>

Same here, my gasoline-drinking name-forgetting friend.

I also apologise to the comment room. My misunderstanding of the double meaning of the name 'Jewel' in ironwolf's posts caused a couple of flames that would be better if they had never existed. As I said I'll not post on the subject again.
Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 11:20:51 AM

Aris Katsaris

*I'm not the one who'd cut off bodily parts before going into bed with said singers*

No has heard of the old expression I cut off my left arm for her I take it?

*Some people have not even heard of Brinteny spears.*

You didn’t pick up a clue since most of the cr is talking about her?

*And I actually tend to want to go around looking like someone who respects other people.*

You failed that the moment you posted with out thinking first. You and only you accused me of something with out asking for more info.

*Idiocy and intelligence are secondary to that*

Yea I can tell that’s true for you.

Sorry but people like that just piss me off. I apologize to the rest of the room for subjecting yall to my response to one person.

Saturday, April 17, 1999 09:22:20 AM

Ironwolf> <<You know I thought about being an A$$ and not saying who I was referring to but some people Actually have some brains and realized I was talking about the singer;>>

Some people Actually had memories and remembered you referred to Jewel the fanfic writer in the very previous post. Some people Actually thought you'd be consistent and they Actually thought you wouldn't refer to two people with the same name without trying to differentiate them.

And some people Actually haven't heard of any Jewel the singer (not counting ofcourse the fact that Jewel the fanfic writer can also sing as she has numerous times said). Those people are not from the U.S.

<<since I Compare her and brinteny spears music a couple of lines down.>>

Some people have not even heard of Brinteny spears. That not-from-the-US thing once again.

<<Shesh get a clue or a life. Do yall really go around looking like idiots all the time or did you just start.>>

I'm not the one who'd cut off bodily parts *before* going into bed with said singers. And I actually tend to want to go around looking like someone who respects other people. Idiocy and intelligence are secondary to that.

Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 06:09:12 AM

"Curses! Jaden is unconscious." Hades screams to himself. "Well, they can't keep him that way forever, and I have other ways of finding out what I want. Screen fades out.
****END RP!!!****

This RP was supposed to go along with my last post, but of course I forgot and didn't even realize it till now.


Sata sure is getting tired a lot...are you people hinting at something?

Well it's late and I want to go to sleep 'cause I sooo tired.
See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Saturday, April 17, 1999 02:20:31 AM

*Blue comes over and wispers in Lexy's ear* oh..really? Saturday..i thought Friday..erere now im REALLY confused..ok..the..sorry
Saturday, April 17, 1999 02:20:20 AM

Kaioto? in Boston..*confused* oh..well sorry i missed you comeing home...
Saturday, April 17, 1999 02:17:56 AM

Ack, sorry, Kaioto. Misspelled there...

Okay, I'm gone, done, really. No kidding.
Saturday, April 17, 1999 01:42:40 AM

Okay, I really need to be less scatterbrained...

Kaioro> Yep, procrastination is an art. :) And who knows, maybe that tactic'll work. ;)

SOROW> Much congratulations! :)

Saturday, April 17, 1999 01:41:46 AM

Deuce> Thanks for clearing that up for me. "From the Heart" happens to be one of those eps that I kinda skimmed. And my email's posted for you...

Hugs and kisses to all who gave congratulations! Luv U All!

SOROW - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 01:16:15 AM


I just got the Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook (WW-2300 if y'all must know), mostly from curiosity as to what many of you are babbling about. :) It's incredibly kewl...and it makes mention of Fey and sentient gargoyles, so it's practically a Gargs crossover right there. The Kindred obviously aren't the same thing as Madoc's Vampyres, but they're much kewler. The various vampire powers are interesting, and will probably be used for inspiration when I write for Halflings and Fey. And..anyone who has this book, take a look at Page 78 after a quick visit to my site. <cue Twilight Zone theme>

Saturday, April 17, 1999 01:10:33 AM

Just a quick note:

Kitainia, don't worry about it. I looked back and realized that post was mis-adressed anyway. It wasn't for you in the first place. I'll make a larger post later to explain the details of the primary reasoning in my theory, however, because everybody is missing it. It has nothing to do with religious belief (directly), and everything to do with science.

Toku Kaioto
Saturday, April 17, 1999 12:59:03 AM

Ugh, can't sleep either ... I'm back *run away! run away!* :D

JEB< YEHAAAA!!! Awesome! Now does this show rock, or does this show rock? Everyone's read Dr. Will Miller's theory on Why We Watch Gargoyles at the USA site, right? Well, I could tell you without needing a degree: the show rocks :) That's great, Jeb. Have everyone write to Disney, begging for the show back. Maybe the USA poll will make the mouse think twice...

Carolynn Marie - []
Saturday, April 17, 1999 12:37:13 AM

*sigh* Tried to go to bed two hours ago and still can't sleep with this cold. So, some ramblings. :)

5 People I Obsess Over (in no particular order):

1) Kristian Schmid--Australian actor from "The Tomorrow People, better known to my hall as "the guy on Mandi's door."
2) Me--Hey, I'm overly self-conscious sometimes.
3) Barbara Kingsolver--I'm still trying to find what else she's written aside from "Animal Dreams," "Pigs in Heaven," and "The Bean Trees." Since I keep forgetting to send for Christine's book (sorry, Christine!) she's currently my favorite author.
4) My creative writing professor--Mainly because all of her students are worried about her. She waited til the semester was over to let the department know she was pregnant since she just started last semester and didn't want them to find another excuse to let her go. (I know it's illegal, but her predecessor was let go after one year for no apparent reason.) Anyway, she's advising the literary magazine and is signed up to teach American Novel next semester (I don't know how with a 3-month old baby, but that's the English department for you), so hopefully she won't suffer the same fate.

Number 5...I know I'm going to get blasted for this one.

5)Austin St. John--He couldn't really act (I should talk), but he was nice to look at. (If you don't know what he used to be on, take a wild guess.)


Okay, I checked out the TV Guide website. On April 27, there will finally be a new episode, "Earshot." According to the TV Guide summary: "Buffy's nearly driven mad when she gains the power to read everyone's mind and can't shut it off, while Giles and the gang take over to stop a mass murderer." That's all I know.


Now I'm feeling sleepy. *sniffle* I'm going to try again. Night all!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:56:54 PM

No RP tonight. Not much of a post as is.

To any Vampire: The Masquerade fans in the Room: I found a neat site today that combines V:tM with Gargoyles! Actually, the site is more focused on a New York city under the control of the various clans, but they do list as supporting characters the Gargoyles (some of whom are actually controlled by the Tremere!), Xanatos, Chavez, Elisa and Matt, and "a few immortals for the gathering". Kinda cool. If you're interested, click on my name to check it out.

Ouija Boards and Psychic stuff: As of late I've been reading a lot of occult-related stuff, including some books on ceremonial magic and a few works by the great Colin Wilson (his book "The Occult" is quite good), and the basic message they give you is that magic can work ONLY if you believe in it. Apperently, according to popular thought, we all have psychic abilities in ourselves (which can manifest in numerous ways, including spirits); Wilson refers to them as "Factor X". That's kind of the message with Satanism, also; you, yourself, are the source of power. You can harm people if you simply wish it hard enough ("negative engergies" I guess); in his autobiography, Marilyn Manson mentions certain instances of such occurences. So, essentially, if a ouija board works, it's cause you WANT it to work. Something about your psychic energies activating it. Still though, I don't buy into it. I've read many a book on magic, and none of them say that talking to spirits is as easy as a little board with the alphabet written on it. I've had friends that have said all that B.S. about "dude, my sister tried that! She told the spirit to make her stiff as a board, and things went wrong, and it broke her arm! F-in' freaky dude!" and other stories. I may believe in spirits and such, but I also believe that if you *don't* want them bothering you, they're not gonna do jack, cause they're either a) figments of your imagination or b) dead, and thereby have no real power on earth except maybe to go bump in the night. Still, I wouldn't exactly be trying to pull off any black masses, cause that'd probably be pushing things a little.

Gabriel: Hey, are you a Tad Williams fan? I've just recently started his Otherland series, and it's pretty cool so far.

JEB: Britney Spears is the latest bubblegum pop star to hit American culture. The whole reason that she's so dern popular is because she's a 17 yr. old with the body of a 25 yr. old, if you catch my drift *wink, wink*. She's jailbait numero uno!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:54:36 PM

Quickie post...

Call me dumb, but who in the universe is Britney Spears?

Kitania> Good luck to you. :)

City of Stone in class> Mixed responses on this, but overall very positive. :)

We watched Parts 1 and 2 on Thursday- the 1st period class got bored and watched something else, but about half my period's class watched and liked it. There was a sub in there who decided he didn't like the show, and mocked it- I ignored him, despite the strong temptation to set him straight. However, by class's end, he was rather quiet. Maybe it was the mental daggers I was shooting at him, I dunno.

Today was better- while 1st period refused to watch it (their loss), 2nd period- a completely different class- was delighted when they learned Gargoyles was available for watching, and begged my teacher to show it. That was kewl to know. :)

Anyway, half the class we worked, the other half we watched some of Part 3. Most of the class watched this time, and were rather interested. :)

I also discovered a few other closet Gargoyles fans in class.

Overall, this has been really really kewl. :) Now, to see how Monday goes...

*walks off*

JEB - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:49:13 PM

*Lady Arianna melts out of the shadows.*
Hi, all.
Lord, it's been awhile since I made it here. I hate school. I just hate it. It takes up so much time. But once in awhile (like when I found out...I MADE AP ENGLISH!!! AND AP FRENCH!!!), it's fun. So I forgive my teachers for being cruel and insensitive. Especially my history teacher, who went off on a tangent about how we all expect everything to be handed to us, and some of us will go to good colleges based on the fact that some of our parents work there and not our merit...I was so annoyed. But anyway, I'm back.

Didn't have much time to read the room though. I saw that some people were talking about time travel earlier. My mother and I had a huge discussion about fore-knowledge versus fore-ordaining as it relates specifically to God, Scripture, and Judas. It was really wierd. It started out about Godspell, then mutated to me thinking that Judas had to betray Jesus because "it was written", and my mother saying that it didn't have to be that reminded me of when I tried to explain "Vows" to my mother. And then I tried to explain time paradoxes and why the past is unchangeable. Bad Idea.

ON a gargoyles related note...I actually re-watched MIA the other day. That is the best episode.

TGS> "Homecoming"> I loved it. It was so good. I was in a bad mood when I started reading it, and it just made much happier. It was wonderful.

Okay, so I was really random today. Just wanted to stop by and say "HI!" Of course, I can't say "HI!" without making other comments. That's where the randomness came in. I'll be back when I finish reading the room. I have so much to catch up on...
*Arianna melts back into the shadows.*

Lady Arianna of Annwn
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:04:09 PM

Oh, I've been wanting to show this to you guys for a few days; never got to posting it until now :)

Speaking of a silly moment, this little creativity demon came to me during a Chemistry Honors lab today. I got to thinking of Demona's past relationship with Nostradamus and ... well, let's just say I've been baby-sitting way, WAY too much and now I'm hooked on HISTERIA!

I show it to you now for your enjoyment ...

*Demona is peering into a large, swelling, black cauldron, bubbling over it's rim with a gooey green liquid. She throws a fistful of a sparkling powder into the mixture, sending blue flames into the air. The liquid twists, froths back and forth, and congeals. A strange picture starts to form in its milky depths...*

Demona: I call on the one who can answer my questions, Michel Nostradamus.

*the form darkens, taking on a human shape, and suddenly a big nosed, googly eyed, spiky orange haired cartoony guy with a magician's hat and huge teeth stares back up at her*

Weird, whiny, high-pitched voice:
Hello, and welcome to the afterlife! Nostradamus speaking, here to assist you with all your questions! Thank you very muuuuuuch for dialing here instead of that 1800-Pyshic! We're the REAL professional idiots! I had a kooky feeeeeeeee-ling I'd get a call, and I was right ... oh-wee, it's my good old friend, Demona! So, how's Life treating you? Oy-voy, it hasn't been very good for me, no siree! One trip to Mexico, drink the water, look what happens. I should have seen it all coming, yes siree! *form in the cauldron blurs suddenly* Oy-voy, hold on, darn browser... I predict we'll be disconnected any second now... hey, I was right!- *disconnects*

*Demona blinks as the cauldron's liquid flashes white then black like a TV turning off. She kicks it angrily*

Demona: *snarls and cleaves the cauldron in two with her mace* Last time I use AOL ...

*snickers* I'm going to illustrate this once my scanner gets hooked up to this computer... :)


1. Emrys
(I always dig guys who aren't too immature ... a 1500 year old teenager would be interesting :) And he doesn't look too bad neither)
2. Hadji, from The New Adventures of Johny Quest.
3. Dick Grayson, from the Batman Animated Series
4. Dmitri, from Anastasia
5. Tom Cruise
(he'll leave Nicole Kidman and come for me someday, just you wait :) He was awesome in Inteview with the Vampire... thought I'll admit the fact that he sucked blood was a bit of a turn off. But, hey, that's okay! :D)

Carolynn Marie - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 10:58:41 PM

*runs into the room throwing Ouija board planchettes, more escargot, and volumes of Diderot's ENYCLOPEDIE* Youpi!!! Bienvenue a la chat des gargouilles! Amuse-toi! :D

Deuce< *ROTFLMAO* I haven't seen that one, yet, I'm sorry to say!!! :D I don't think that commercial's around much in the New York Tri-state area where I live. But I've seen real weird commercials. For the ... lessee ... I think it was the Superbowl last year... it showed three women in three different households all looking for their husbands. They found stuffed jeans protruding from beneath either the kitchen sink or the car in the garage, and banging noises (from a hidden tape recorder) like their husbands were underneath and working away. The third guy was a real idiot and had put the stuffed dummy underneath the lawn mower along with the banging, so it immediately tipped his wife off :) Meanwhile, the three guys are all in hiding in front of a TV and chugging beer. It's more funny if you see it than if I tell you; it's a visual gag :)

Christine< *pic finally working*


AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Izzat a cutsey wootzy lil' gargoyle I zee dere?!? :D Show that to Greg at the next Gathering; he'll like it.


Welcomes to Nokkar and every other new person here :)

SOROW< "And I think we all know why Sata's suddenly so tired :)> Yeah, it's called Prozac *winks*

OUIJA BOARDS< *shudders*

*Origin of the Ouija board* (I'm starting to sound a bit like Todd here :D)

The name of the Ouija board came from the words for 'yes' in both German and French. The boards themselves have been around for a long while; I've never been able to find a real early link to where they originated. I'm still looking...

Wow, you guys are awesome :) I'd be careful; one trick I've learned is, if you use an Ouija board, protect yourself. Never tell a spirit to do a trick or make something levitate to prove it's presence; that gives it power to cross over to this side, and then you might have a houseguest that trickier to get rid of than your relatives during an overextended Christmas visit. *yikes!*

OUIJA BOARDS AND GHOSTS< For you paranormal/X-Files/Ouija board lovers, go here, to O'Neill's ghost website. It curently has over 250+ true ghost stories submitted by your average Joe :) Be forewarned, some of them have kept me up late, afraid to sleep, or at least not without the bedcovers over my head.

ED< **lol* at the Loki scenario, until she gets to the part about the lemurs* *looks nervous* Another trip to the vet for me, I guess ...

Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

*LOL at the zoot suits!!!* If Joe shows up in one of those at the dance tomorrow, I'll die laughing.

Britney Spears breast implants< This is a joke, right? *shudders* When I saw her video for the first time, I seriously thought was like 25 ... she don't look 17.

JENNIREN<<< I found an interesting website at
In the Mythology section of this webpage is a link for an "A to Z of
Ancient Ireland" which is a sort of dictionary.>>

Thanks much! I love cruising these kind of sites. I have one for you, too...
The Museum of Mythica :)

<<And speaking of implants ... while we're discussing Britney Spears and implants, it's been lost in the shuffle that Pamela Lee had hers *removed.>>

That oughta be a sight ...

FIRESTORM<<< I KNOW! AVALON! Right? No? Hmm... Jersey! NO?! Um... New Mexico! YEAH! New Mexico! >>

First they're going to Las Vegas!!!

Etolie: "We don't have anything else to gamble, Brooklyn ... we should just go. Allez, viens!"
Brooklyn: "Um..."
Etolie: "What?"
Brooklyn :"Well ... you see ... I ... uh... back in 'The Nest Egg' at the craps table ... I didn't have anything else and ... well..."
Sata: "Brooklyn-san ... where is the Gate?"
Brooklyn *turning an even deeper red* "Uh..."

KITANIA< Good luck meeting Doug's dad. I always get nervous meeting other people's folks for the first time. You'll be fine :)

JENNIREN< Etolie's name was a originally "Etoile" a French word meaning "Star". It was mispelled in the outline and came out in the story as "Etolie" instead.

*salutes and heads off to get a drink and go to bed ... no track practice tomorrow, for once! HAHAHA!*

Carolynn Marie - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 10:49:17 PM

>Gabriel walks in, looks around and found out that she stayed to long away<

Well, I know it is a little bit late but it is something i have to say so at first I want to say sorry if I have sound like I want to enjoin my opinion about Kosovo, but this is a theme that stirs me and speak english not very well, so it sounds perhaps a little bit overstate.

Where I have my infos from: I have them from n-TV, this is the german equivalent to CNN and I think they cooperate too. In a few discussions there was said by some politicans that after §8 of the peace teaty of Rambouillet Milosovic has to give NATO forces freedom of movement all over Yugoslavia not only Kosovo and it was also said that only NATO forces should set in for the observation of the area. That Milosovic would have accepted UNO or OSCE observers had I said before. All these facts were confirmes by Brussels but I wonder that I have heard it only by some politicans and some TV-transmitter.

favorite Unseelie character?: of course Umbriel, because he is this typical hero-on-the-wrong-side scheme.

Insanity: 76.3636363636364% insane and poud of it, althought I can’t find something crazy in speaking to plants or eat icecream with a fork.

Traveller and Heater: You are Rammstein fans? I like them too, espially „Du riechst so gut“ but I haven’t get the chance to see them live until now.

Serenity, polls: 1. I think I wouldn’t join neither PIT nor the Quarryman at first, because I am one of these people who can’t ever decide for one side but after a while, maybe PIT would be my choice, because of an affection for an alien, strange new race with close connections to several (non-tgs) stories I have read. It’s like these people waiting on the empire state building for aliens in ID4, or the pro-vampire sect out of Buffy althought I would hope Gargoyles aren’t that bad. It’s a sort of romanticism I think.
2. I think I would be scared by all of them, and, well, you know Brook does look like a devil, but if I have a choice I would like to be saved by him.

Oberon and gods: i think the reasons why Oberon never(?) was a god to mankind is, that he don’t care about them. He didn’t cared as he destroyed Atlantis and he won’t care if he decided to face Madoc and destroy NY. So why should he want to be god to a race he nearly ignore? In his sight only fay-power count, so what could be better then to be their king? And I think that he even wasn’t interested in the ones of his kind who were a god for any people and so he hasn’t controlled their doings with these people. Titania on the other hand cares about mankind and I think more than one time she had used it for her aim.

Mythology and Theology: I don’t think they are so very different. Only that Theology means you have to believe in something like a god and Mythology means that there were people who believed in something like a god. Look at the celtic myths: they were once very important for the celts, they have believed in them, they have lived with them, you can say they were there Theology and today, after there aren’t no more people believing in this it all becomes a myth. I think the believing makes it. I am atheist and so I don’t believe in any god but the celtic as the christian theology is mythology for me.

five people I'm obsessed with: 1. Sebastian, my boyfriend, who sits besides me and watches me writing
2. Jiriki out of Tad Williams Sword-cycle (Osten Ard-triology)
3. my sister, because she is the loveliest and friendliest person I ever have known
4. sky-wise out of elfquest, because he is one of the most interesting imaginations and elfquest is my fave comic
5. the one who ever kicked down B5 and crusade because I would like to kicked him myself

Firestorm:>what does the Water Fae use?< I had an even problem with one of my storys and I have decided to give the sapphire the water-power. But if you want to have metals I would do it so: iron- earth; silver- sky; cobalt- water

Happy birthday to all I missed!!
Welcome to all new ones I missed!!

Knows anybody Ordeysia here? (S)he has wrote some fan-fics on the main page.

Doug: I’ ve read Slayer Senshi and I really enjoyed it, althought it was a little bit difficult with all the new persons if you haven’t read your other storys, I think.

BTW, does anybody knows what happens to the quote page? I still have a pic which could be used, but I don’t know what to do with it or if there is still somebody who cares about.

>walks out to read the new tgs ep<

Friday, April 16, 1999 10:29:50 PM

Asante Sana
Squash Banana
We We Nugu
Mimi Apana!

That means you are a baboon, and I'm not!

Friday, April 16, 1999 10:22:50 PM

Ed>true, but the gargoyle law is to not fight other gargoyles. Demona only wants to kill humans. Some may end up being bad like Iago, but those are probably small numbers (IMHO).
Friday, April 16, 1999 09:31:35 PM

Nokkar> No problem at all. :)

To anyone here who uses the Station 8 Gargoyles Chat Room> I can't post in there and the page seems frozen- anyone else have that problem?

Friday, April 16, 1999 08:35:46 PM

JEB - Right, JEB. Sorry. (I'm new to this comment room.) I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the link to the Nokkar pic. I don't know if you noticed but my e-mail address changed. But anyway, thanks. Sorry, now I'm rambling. I'll leave. I've gotta get back to Easter Island anyway.
Nokkar the Hogifier - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 08:19:56 PM

SOROW> Check the first season Gargoyles ep "From the Heart"
In "From the Heart" Demona is trying to get her daughter Angela to understand what her life had been like. So she writes a book telling some of the events in her life and sends it to Angela. Angela reads the book and learns how Demona met the French clan back during the French Revolution.

Jenniren - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 07:08:42 PM

SOROW> Nope, "Survival" _is_ "To The Soul, Part 2", just uniquely named. Kinda like the X-Files (they've only had one multi-parter _not_ named like that). And do you have an email address?

Once again, the room has been saved and stored. Does anyone have an archive of all the CRs since around mid-January? (I'll post this until I get them... :-). We were up to 539k, text-only. Kinda trippy.

Well, I'm off to see "The Matrix" (I hope... I still need a ride). TTYL!

** leaves **

Deuce - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 06:50:01 PM

OK, this is it. Room is saved. No more posts you want to keep, OK?
Deuce - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 06:32:49 PM

Stupid computer! OK, sorry I didn't post like I said I would yesterday but my server was down. Oh well, S**t happens :) I am sooooo excited about being officer for my drill team. It kind of makes me mad though because guys who didn't like me before and never talked to me are now all over me. AlI they want is a trophy! Guess I'll have to deal with them later :)

Deuce> I don't understand. You said that next week will be "Survival" and this weeks ep was purposely not called Part 2. What's this all about? Will it continue later on? And some one said that Demona had met Valjean and the clan before. When and where was this said? Maybe I wasn't paying attention... Otherwise a great ep! And I think we all know why Sata's suddenly so tired :)

Till next time...OKIloveyoubyebye!

Friday, April 16, 1999 06:05:10 PM

Mary >If we all could be like Gargs could I have Demona’s personality and kill any who didn’t agree with me? Sorry I will stop picken its just gargs and people are the same good and evil. I mean Coldstone wants to rekill his brother. Ok I will stop picking I just couldn’t resist heheheh

Christine yea I was just too lazy to look up the spelling of her name. as for Entrapment the previews are cashing in on all us guys who think she’s hot and I quote"is the any one who you haven’t been able to seduce" or close to it
now totoal off that very cute costume. I can’t believe you did all that with a glue gun * Bows to the genius*

Has any one else had trouble finding Christine’s book? Media play can’t even order it

Aaron yea I was just too lazy to look up the spelling of her name. But don’t forget Desperado and Fool rush in

You know I thought about being an A$$ and not saying who I was referring to but some people Actually have some brains and realized I was talking about the singer; since I Compare her and brinteny spears music a couple of lines down. Shesh get a clue or a life. Do yall really go around looking like idiots all the time or did you just start.

Ouija the problems with these are you don’t control what you or with whom you talk to. Scary think about it.

Friday, April 16, 1999 05:34:28 PM

I have this message saved on Word. If the room goes down before Deuce has a chance to re-save it, I can repost.

Deuce: Ah, I see! A first foray into linked episodes without being multi-part? Although I suppose the HOMECOMING/IN THE BLOOD transition was a more notable first step. Thanks for the explanation :)


(Last time I did something like this I had a bit of fun, so here we go again. ;) Only slightly different…)

Inside the Phoenix Gate, Loki bounced absently against the golden walls. His grumble echoed around the dingy confined area as it rose to a screaming, the words, “bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, BORED!” being repeated over and over again.

An idea struck him, and he squeezed his fist into a ball. Upon opening it, a pinprick of light rested in the creases of his hand; it then grew until in a flash of light, it was replaced by a computer.

“Right then,” Loki ordered the computer. “I’ll be wanting a TGS episode please. One that has some interesting links to previous tales. And give it some nice dramatic scenes. Oh, and a cliffhanger- must have a cliffhanger. And good writing too, that’s a must! And a great illustration.”

“Your wish is my command,” the computer whirred in reply, before a cluster of text filtered down the screen.

Loki created a skull-shaped cushion beneath him, and sat down on it to read. After finishing reading it, he fixed the computer with a savage glare.

“All OK, Loki?” the computer whirred nervously.

“It’s just what I’d asked for, plus some lovely writing apart from the odd slangy phrase, and a plot to die for. Although bad guys seem rather lacking, but of course next to me they just can’t compete.”

The computer whirred a relieved sigh.

“Apart from one little problem,” Loki concluded. The calm expression on the Unseelie trickster’s face spelled trouble- the computer saw this and quaked. “It’s got that useless, stinking beak freak; it’s bad enough, that I have to be lugged around with him, trapped in this pittance living space and putting up with the horrific smell of dust and his body odour, but now you give me Timedancer?”

The computer quivered, but it was too late; Loki had a fireball form at his feet, and then forced himself to the back of the Gate. Shouting, “he shoots, he scores!” he kicked the fireball straight into the computer.

“And now just to give my thanks to those responsible for their efforts,” Loki cackled.

One week later, Loki flicked through the 'Timedancing News'. ‘TGS has found two black and white lemurs’ read the headline. Then as a subheading, ‘Two TGS staffers still missing’. Loki chuckled quietly to himself, playing a skull on a string like a yo-yo.

(NOTE: The views held here are only my own in paragraph three and seven; I don’t have such a drastic hatred of Timedancer ;). As a rating I’d give this a 7/10 – it would get an extra half but halves seem to be a strange way of approaching marks out of 20.)


ED - []
London, England
Friday, April 16, 1999 05:22:16 PM

<<ouija boards and psychic stuff is pure BS. I mean, if those women on the phone were *really* psychic, they would've warned Dionne Warwick about what was going to happen to her career ...>>
Hehehehe. True, but a REAL psychic is not suppose to reveal the future, only give shallow clues to what is going to happen, I'm not sayin TV psycs are real..., just sayin..., Now the Ouija, I hold dear to my heart. You can't sit and expect something to happen, despite the maker's claims, it is not a game. There's alot to be understood before the ouija can be used properly. (I've been trained, I know. For instance, don't expect the spirit you're in contact with to know the future and never ask any person questions, unless you're absolutely sure you want the answer, then again you can have a lair and it won't really matter). So I'm a satanic freak!!!! Sue me!! hehehehee
<<Why did guys ever decide we should wear them? Or did we decide to?>>
Because some of them are pretty!!!
Speaking of really weird stuff, yall remember my web site thingy......, neither did I.
But, I'd thought I'd give yall the shallow entertainment of my wrighting again, I'll letcha know something as soon as I do. Okay? ok.....

JackaL - []
Ga, Usa
Friday, April 16, 1999 05:12:45 PM

Zoot suit Tuxedoes> I can believe it. When me and my fiancee' were planning our wedding I found a show on the Learning Channel called Wedding Story. Some people were pretty creative. My favorite was the two marine biologists who got married in an aquarium. But there were others, like the actress and director that had a wedding, like a play, with playbill programs and everything.

Villians> Personally, I like the cold calculating villans. Madoc first season was okay, but once he started getting egotistical I just threw up my hands. The kind of villians I like have read "Foiled No More" (You have to read Broadway Goes Hollywood: The Musical) If the hero is to win, it should be for his virtues not the villians faults. But another factor is expectation. I expect big things to happen when Xanatos gets into the fray, or Tail Spin's Shere Khan. The 'don't mess with me' type of villian. I know I'm biased by my favorite villians are Harthoth, Apep and Isfet. Harthoth for intelligence, Apep for power and Isfet for sear bloodlust.

Religious figures in fanfics> When I do, I try and keep an even hand. Put stress on the word 'try'. Normally, I don't use them, because I like stories with dilemma. Jesus is an interesting storyteller, but not conflict going on. Having the thrid race as every mythological deity, does cause problems, but as I like to see, problems are potential stories. How do you reconcile what you believe with what you know. Is faith just a mental blindfold people put on to avoid an unpleasent truth? Those types of questions that spring stories within me. But that's just me.

Taleweaver - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 02:58:48 PM

re: Becca > thank you, thank you! Ya know, that kid is going to grow up to be just as big a ham as me ... probably worse because I started out with low self-esteem ... but then, there's always the chance that I'm overcompensating for a lifetime of it ... ; )

Christine - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 02:44:52 PM

Aaron wanders into the CR and looks around. Before he can say anything, he is followed in by what look like two Daleks, except they seem to have large mops of black electrical cable attached to their domes.

We are the Dredlox! You will be incinerated! Incinerate! Incinerate! Incinerate!

"Um, would you guys mind waiting in the hall?"

We obey!

I've been trying to ditch those guys all day.

Quick post.

Robby> Don't forget George was also the former head of the CIA. Makes ya wonder..

Kitainia> So lucky not to pay taxes. Thanx for the info on Stone. Another idea would be for Seth to meet up with Jesse Custer and co. since Seth would also probably want to have a "chat" with god right now.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, April 16, 1999 01:44:58 PM

Dang it. I was just going to start my post, replying to people and continuing that bizarre RP. Okay, I can wait out the weekend, I guess. :-)
Deuce> Thanks muchly for the warning. :-)

Blue Caeru
Friday, April 16, 1999 01:23:03 PM

Note to all users: As of this moment, the CR has been saved. We've had a record-setting week here, with lots of interesting discussions and RPs. If there's something that _needs_ saying, say it, but be aware that anything after this post will not be archived (I don't know when the downtime starts, so I'm playing it safe).

HOWEVER: if the room is still up in six hours, I'll save it again... text-only version.

And regarding Britney Spears' breast implants: sick, sick, sick. She 17, for God's sake, and looks fine without 'em! What's this world coming to....

Your CR co-admin,

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Friday, April 16, 1999 12:54:36 PM

***** BEGIN 1st HALF RP *****

[Scene opens in the skies over Nebraska, as a heavily modified SR-71 "Blackbird" supersonic jet rockets through the clouds... and what makes this odd is the fact this jet has the words "Big Bird" ingrained on its radar-absorbent fuselage.]

Inside the modified cockpit, a silver-haired female with pointed ears and violet eyes checks the readout on the jet's NAVACOM, as she brings "Big Bird" lower to the ground.

"Dang! Jake said to look for that vehicle ovef here... but something's screwin' with the sensors!"

The readout shows an area below, but something is seriously glitching the readings.

"Still, this was the last fix I had before the sensors went to pot," she sighs. "Best I can do is land and see what's what."

Switching the controls over, Jess brings the jet in lower, a series of VTOL-jets slowing its descent to a rolling hover. Glancing out of the cockpit, she notices the wreck of a jeep, as well as what looks like the remains of the aftermath of a very bloody battle.

"Eww! Jake wasn't kidding!" Jess shakes herself. "Sure hope whoever those goons were chasing got away. But... I'd better make sure."

Eventually, the jet makes a soft landing just a few feet away from the edge of the carnage. As the engines idle, Jess pops out from an auxillary hatch, clutching a modified MP-5 as she surveys the remains of the 'loths.

"Phew! Not much left here to make a decent lich or something," she comments, picking her way through the remains. "Wonder what did this?"

Just then, a bite-marked, bloody hand snaps out from one of the piles of offal, gripping Jess around her near ankle...

***** PAUSE RP *****

DOUG/KIT - Congrats on not owing the IRS this time around. I got screwed over again (no thanks to my former employer) and ended up having to pay again. But not as bad as last year. I only had to pay 23 dollars and change.

Hope to see you two at the Gathering! Get your registration in ASAP, since I want to see you two at the Dinner Saturday night.

CHRISTINE (Re: BECCA): Aww, to use the Japanese term: "SO KAWAII!!!!" And my wife was laughing and going awwww at Becca doing the opening recital! She's going to be a heartbreaker at the Costume Ball.

NEWCOMERS: Greetings all! Hope you like it here!

CAROLYNN: Cool! Hope your date at the dance goes good for you! Everyone should have at least one formal dance where they have the time of their lives...

A LITTLE FUN THING: I was flipping through a recent mailer, and I saw an ad for one of the Formal Wear shops here in Spokane... get this! They now have "Zoot Suit Tuxedos"! Can you believe that?!?

RECENT TD EP: Just a quick comment - Dang! That's good!

And with that said and done...

***** RESUME RP *****

[Scene switches to the Ravens Convoy, now Halfway across Iowa...]

As the Onslaught barrels on, Jake and Cobra are still riding shotgun on their bikes. Suddenly, something on the guage panel on Sara-Jane flickers.

Cobra looks over at the light. "What's that?"

Jake frowns. "It's trouble... and it's close." He looks around for a moment, before his gaze fixes on a flash of metal-reflecting light; a ways off from the road. "That's not good. I'm going to check it out!"

"I'll come with you!" Cobra offers.

Jake waves him off. "Stay with the truck. It might be nothing, so there's no sense in both of us going; especially when those goons can attack the convoy again," he explains. "I'll be back in five minutes!"

Over the sudden roar of Sara-Jane's thrusters, Cobra shouts, "And if you're not back in five?"

Jake replies, "Just wait longer!" Gunning the throttle, Big Jake peels off from the convoy, racing towards the distant object he saw. Taking a moment to double check his weapons, he mutters, "If it's who I think it is... it just got worse!"

[Scene closes as Sara-Jane crests a hill, then dissapears over the side in a cloud of dust.]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Deuce/Robby - SAVE this CR before the shut down, please!

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Friday, April 16, 1999 12:24:36 PM


The venting first: Well, the head cold moved down into my chest, and it got so bad I had to call in sick at my community service site today. And there's no one in the Health Center (aka the Voodoo Hut) to help me! The weekend's not over yet, and I'd like to be able to breathe!

Now the happy news. Room selection ended last night, and next year I will get a double-occupancy room to myself, in the non-smoking wing, on the same floor as the laundry room, quad side, with a metal (read: not the rotting-out wooden doors they're only going to replace when they fall off their hinges) door! Yes!!!


Okay, I think I really need to lie down, but all this talk of Buffy and then Robby's music selection reminded me of a crossover on you might all enjoy. I don't think the author is ever going to finish, but what he has posted is a riot!

Without further ado: Click my name to read "Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Holy Grail" by AKA Becker.

Mandi Ohlin - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 12:10:40 PM

Posting from school real quick...

Wilek- Bageera DID show up in TaleSpin. Sorta. In design anyway. All of Shere Khan's pilot's were black panthers.

Friday, April 16, 1999 11:57:40 AM

I found an interesting website at
In the Mythology section of this webpage is a link for an "A to Z of
Ancient Ireland" which is a sort of dictionary. Of special interest to me were the entries for Anu (another name for Danu who is Oberon's and Madoc's mama in TGS -see The Rising) and the entry for Leprechaun (in which it is discussed how the Irish Sun god Lugh was demoted to being a mere leprechaun). The "A to Z" isn't very complete, but most of the longer entries contain information not found under individual headings and the author has quite a nasty sense of humor at times.
There is another link for "Children of Danu", also in the Mythology section. One of the gods who is mentioned is "Midir the Proud...the Gaelic God of the Underworld, Lord of Death and Resurrection." Remind you of anyone?

Jenniren - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:45:15 AM

**jogs in, changing out the candle and lighting the new one with a handy-dandy hand flamethrower**

Getting my licks in quick before the shutdown. **sits in chair**

Pistoff: You want an @$$ to kick ... get that woman who got the job as ABC's head of children's programming, who not only cancelled Gargoyles but turned ABC's Saturday morning programming into total and complete blithering dreck.


**coposes self**

Sorry. Ohkay, long story short ... they showed up in the second story I wrote in a short-lived series of techno-noir/cyberpunk/satire stories. Consider that I had a very limited knowledge of Internet protocol when I wrote it. That in mind ... the cult (I called them "The Children of the Monopolizer") had one main goal, that being to *erase the Internet.*
There were a few ideas in the two stories I wrote with that set of characters that I would love to use again sometime ... the city it was set in had an artificial intelligence as its government (very Big Brother-ish AI at that) and VR religions ... followers of the religions kept backup copies of their souls on church hard drives. The two protagonists of the stories were a private detective (who if he held a particular gun sprouted a set of wings) and his partner, a former nun in one of the VR religions.
But it's not exactly my best work, really. The first of the stories was what got rejected by SF&F.

SJ: Never seen any pictures of Alison Court, but my best guess would be she is somewhere in her 30's now ... but her voice still sounds like a teenager's.
And speaking of implants ... while we're discussing Britney Spears and implants, it's been lost in the shuffle that Pamela Lee had hers *removed.* I'm surprised nobody's jumped on that one.

SOROW: Congratulations!!

Aris: All those are very good examples of time travel contributing to immutable timelines ... but you happened to mention a personal favorite of mine ("12 Monkeys" and by extension its inspiration, "La Jetee") which has my absolute all-time favorite time travel concept. I'm referring of course to circular existence, where a character time travels and winds up influencing his own life *directly*. (Bruce Willis as a boy in "12 Monkeys," as well as the protagonist of "La Jetee," witnessed their own deaths.)

Ironwolf: Yeah, I know you're referring to the singer/poetess Jewel (who, incidentally, studied opera at Interlochen Arts Academy in northern Michigan. Interlochen has a summer camp that I attended for two weeks my senior year in high school ... it's a nice place, but even in the middle of summer it's cold!).

Elessar: Two reasons ... payola and a body that could stop traffic.

Ouija boards: If you want the *real* test of psychic ability with one of these ... when someone asks a question, have them *close their eyes.* That way there's no cheating. (My uncle does this all the time when he uses one.)

Christine re: Becca's costume: **takes a huge gasp** Oh, that's so CUUUUUUTE!! **starts channelling Dana Carvey** Can ... not ... move ... child ... too ... cute ... must ... get ... help ... ;)

Carolynn: Have fun at your dance.

Kevorkian: To tell the truth, I don't really care for the man, but some things about the trial were extremely wonky. For instance ... the judge would *not* allow Thomas Youk's family to testify for the defense. She wouldn't allow them to testify *at all,* which is the basis for Kevorkian's appeal.

Fire Storm: Main reason for the Vernor's is it's for the WCC Wrap Party. Wanted to use champagne, but half of the contributors were underage, and I don't want my butt gettin' arrested ... and besides, I can stomach Vernor's: I can't stand champagne.

Cyrway: *So I'm feeling like a bitch today...* So you decided to post with "the blue bitch" (as some of my characters have referred to Demona), huh? :)

**sits down in the chair** I think I'll vegetate here this weekend while it's shut down, so don't mind me. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:40:00 AM

Sevarius Jr.> Don't have a can have a commission too...just email's gonna be a slow weekend, so email the descript and I'll work on them over the weekend ONLY if you get your email in by *checks clock* 4pm EST today...I'm feeling unbareably nice today...


Cyrway - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 11:10:41 AM

Just caught some info on the new show. Apperently, it's supposed to be "darker" and "more adult" than Buffy is. Also, rumors have it that Angel will be in L.A., and will be helped out by a trio of lovely ladies, them being: Uberbitch/Evil Slayer Faith, as-of-now-I-believe-still-in-rat-form teen witch Amy, and of course, Cordelia (although it's being tossed around that Faith may NOT have such a bright future at the end of the season, so you may have to count her out of the equation. Which wouldn't bother me, cause I really wish they'd kill her off). Angel will be getting help also from the Irish demon Whistler (who, for some ungodly reason, will be played by Glen Quinn, the guy who was Becky's husband on "Roseanne". Ugh).
Oh yeah, and Cordelia may become a member of the undead. Maybe not a vampire, but dead nonetheless.

Cyrway: GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the hell am I going to compete with email? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wilek: Did you go to the games section? It lists all their various gaming systems, and through the links they have some basic info on there about the various clans/tribes/brotherhoods, etc.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 10:51:20 AM

Todd: There was some post in the CR, I don't remember when, that said someone had read about a Celtic fire god whose many names included Madoc and Maddux. I'm not sure exactly what the post said, or if it was a reliable source. I just remembered it last night.

Wilek: Don't know how we got around paying taxes. Must be a combo of all the cuts that have been going on, a good tax advisor who helped us take advantage of them, and luck.

Kitainia - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 10:26:18 AM

So I'm feeling like a bitch today... >:P

THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST GOES TO...*drumroll by Astral Al...which quickly morphs into the beat to "Kings of Speed"* Kyryn! A fellow Hawkwind and Moorcock nut, she emailed me first...sorry 'bout that, Sevarius Jr...she was a tad quicker...but yes, the answer was Elric, Emperor of Melniboné. As for the name...Moorcock himself helps out with the fact, Boraelis Publishing, the company putting out the re-issues of the Champion Eternal sagas, is another name for White Wolf...

Okay, back to work...

Wilek> If you really want a commission, email me... ;)


Cyrway - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 10:02:06 AM

KITAINA - Where did you get the information about Madoc being a Celtic fire god? I certainly never came across any tradition like that. The only thing that the Welsh legends say about him was that he was Merlin's father, and that's it.
Todd Jensen - []
St.Louis, MO
Friday, April 16, 1999 07:54:06 AM


Ironwolf> If it's *our* Jewel you're talking about, you just might get a few things cut off anyhow. :P Um, what's FOCH?

Jackal> Creepy Ouija board stuff. I think those things can be dangerous; I mean who knows what you could unleash...

Christine> Lex-suit Becca is so cute that the pic of her ripped a hole in the space-time continuum and sucked me into an evil parallel universe. Miriam's organization had to construct a negative-pressure stargate in order to get me back. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an antiphasic resonation coil? :P

Cyrway> <<Free commission to the one who first can name who the company was named after>> Dang, I *always* lose these kinds of contests...

$<<No, just Baloo. Little John was someone else.>> I always thought he was an ancestor of Baloo; they look similar.$ Hey...anyone ever wonder why they reused Jungle Book characters for Tale Spin? Interesting decision. I kept expecting Bagheera to show up, and was a little disappointed when he never did...

Kitainia> You didn't have to pay taxes? Kewl! How did *that* happen?!

Fire Storm> Welcome back! :D <<If a Iron Bell would cause the third race great pain, would the light from a light bulb with a filament with a high iron content burn them badly?>> Hm...not sure, actually. It technically wouldn't be 'cold' iron, so I don't know...<<but what does the Water Fae use?>> The first thing that came into my head was diamond, but if you want a precious metal instead of a gemstone...I'm not sure...Oh, and I'm glad you finally got a satellite. Cable stinks these days.

SJ> I stopped by the White Wolf site. It didn't tell anything about the various houses or whatever, and that's what I was looking for. Ah well, I'll find a nice search engine...

BTW, anyone who's into sci-fi roleplaying, look up 'Children Of The Daleks'. Very interesting...

Wilek Nereus
Friday, April 16, 1999 07:01:47 AM

Kitainia: Thanks! =) Glad you like Jack Hammer, and he's definitely gonna be appearing again. I do plan to show how he lost his natural eyes (basically, it's the same as in my novel), and in fact I'm working on a story now in which he tells Delilah about it over dinner ... or breakfast ... or whatever. I'm not sure if it'll fit into the story arc Denis and I have planned out, but I'll squeeze it in as soon as I can.

Also, I like the idea of Jack beating Oberon like a red-headed stepchild. I've got just a few vague ideas at the moment ... mainly I'm thinking Jack wasn't affected by Obie's "sleep" spell in The Gathering ... not because he's part fae or anything like that ... but simply because Jack drinks so damn much caffeine. ;) With all the potential injuries and deaths caused when everybody fell asleep at the wheel, there's plenty of things Jack could be pissed about ...

Ah, yeah, the gears are turning now. 'Scuse me, gotta go write before I forget all this stuff ...

Oh, one last thing I just can't resist throwing out here: "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." ~Brooke Shields

Pistoff - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 04:08:52 AM

<>DEAD, (and violent) SUBJECT WARNING!<>

I realize this is a long dead subject from late last week, but LM just recently told me about it, so I decided to read it and comment on it. It's about the P-Fay/Artist thing. I only have one thing to say about it.
Thats all.

Oh yeah...
SJ: I agree with you about the Venom part!


Recently got a Satelite dish and FINALLY got Toon Disney! (Future Tense had BETTER be on Friday!)
REBOOT is on the Cartoon Network at 4:30 pm ET. Tomorrows episode is the second episode for season 3

Fan-Fic stuff: I hope to have TWO or three stories out soon.
One Spawn and two continuations of my series.

REBOOT: Did Greg Weisman do any Reboot Episodes? I thought I saw his name in the credits of a episode.

DumlaoX: Ever see Escape from LA? Do you like the end song? (The One). i believe you said you like songs with good beats and the like.
Also, you like Techno? (Like Cher's "Believe")
Just curious.


I wonder if there will be any talk about how Demona fit in with that clan in France. She WAS around there at that time.

Also, I wonder where Brooklyn will take the eggs? ;)
I KNOW! AVALON! Right? No? Hmm... Jersey! NO?! Um... New Mexico! YEAH! New Mexico!


If a Iron Bell would cause the third race great pain, would the light from a light bulb with a filament with a high iron content burn them badly?

<>LM and NF Story help requested below<>

For the elemental Fae: Ok, I associate the Fae that we know of (Oberon's children and the like) with the Element Air. Some of the Fae show traits of that element and are harmed by Iron (a pure Earth element.)

Now, I say that Silver is used by the Air Fae against the Earth Fae, and Fire uses Gold against the Water Fae, but what does the Water Fae use? Any sugestions?

Lady Mystic and I are working together on a story series with some of this info, and any input would be greatly apreciated.


Vernors: <LOCAL NOTE> I don't know if everyone knows what Vernors is, but it is basically Ginger Ale.
(As long as it is not Pepsi.)

Do you think this is crazy? I want to get the Coke-a-Cola company to deliver to my house. It's just a pain to load and unlaod 100+ 2-liters of Coke from the car every other month.

Sanity test:
Talking to plants? Yep. Helps my plants grow.
Mad at someone beacuse of dream? Hell yeah. Thats why I don't like my managers.
#18: Oh yeah... you should have heard me that one time... convinced myself I was a spy. <Long, but funny story, but it involved a conversation with LM>
24 hour store: Only if there WAS one around here. (Try finding some place to get food at 4 am when you just want to catch some quick food while taking a break from making your costume... even longer story ALSO involving LM)
Tickling: Everyday, a few people.
Not slept at night: Define "Night." Stayed up for a week straight (INSOMNIA! Sleeping pills kept me awake. Go fig. LM never sleeps. <G>)
Barefoot Snow: I don't care. I have a high cold tolerance. (Also explains why I had to push my car out of a snow bank while I was wearing shorts, gloves and my winter coat that goes down to my waist.)
Obsessed/fantasized about somone: Well, I... <Looks at LM sitting to his left> Er.. that is... <looks worried at LM>... No comment. She <----- will hurt me if I say who else I have fantasized about while we have been going out. (And I did also fantasize about Lady Mystic)

Deuce: I like the pick, but maybe you should clean up the image of the card.

Aaron: Borg Queen sexy? Hell yeah.

Too tired to read the rest of the CR tonight...
Meta-physical note: Ended on Jackals Ouija board post.

Fire Storm - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 03:47:48 AM

Quick RP Note: $ Please, will no one deal with Jerry before Doug and I do, okay? We have plans. Hope I didn't have to say this. $
Friday, April 16, 1999 02:10:28 AM


The display comes on with a large number of dirty long-haired hippies walking home from Woodstock (the one in 1969, this is another time travel excursion). They all look seriously doped up on drugs and are muttering the usual "Peace, dude," and similar phrases as they walk down the road. Suddenly a portal opens in front of them and the Borg-drones step out. "Uh, is this an LSD trip?" one of the hippies asks. "Uh, hippies," says Borgis, pulling his shirt over his head. "I am the great Borg-holio!! You shall worship me, and bow down to the almighty Borg collective!" The hippies look at each other, shrug and begin kowtowing. Butt-Borg chuckles, then he and the others assimilate them. "To the Master Guod!" Borgis proclaims and the hippies follow them through the portal chanting in some weirdo alien tongue.

Meanwhile, back in the present time, the Onslaught is passing through Ohio. "I think we're being followed," Jammer is saying to Kitainia. "That black jeep has been with us since Iowa, maybe before." "Probably that Hades guy Jaden was talking about," Kitainia says. "Can you lose him?" "Not in a rig this size on a road this sparsely populated, it'd be too hard." "Then let him follow us," the half-garg sighs. "We'll deal with him when he decides to do something else." Jammer nods. "Okey dokey." Kitainia leans back in her seat and turns to make a CR post.


Hello, everyone. Sorry I haven't been by in a while, I've been busy. But like many of you, I wanted to get one long post in before the shutdown. So here goes-

RL News: First the exciting news. Tomorrow I will meet Doug's father. Yes, the guy who once referred to me on the phone with Doug as a mooching tramp. He apologized to Doug about it later, but I'm still mad. I hope he's not the same kind of jerk Doug's mom was. I hear he's a health nut, a pretty good lawyer, a golf fanatic, and won't let the kids he had after Doug (second marriage) watch much TV because of all the drivel that's on these days (wonder if he let them watch Gargs). Anyway, he's coming into town tomorrow for some UT Law School alumni reunion on Saturday and the three of us are going out to dinner tomorrow night. Wish me luck, hope I make a good impression on this guy. :)

Now, the really exciting news. Guess who didn't have to pay any taxes this year. <Doug and Kitainia whoop, high-five each other, and cackle like wild hyenas> Yes, that's right!! US!!!! We had to pay zero in taxes. Zip, zilch, nada. Versus the two hundred and something dollars each we owed last year. Doug and I got lucky, huh? We can definitely afford coming to the Gathering now. Hope we are able to (time is still a concern), look forward to seeing all of you there. <whoops again>

Welcome back to the CR, all who have returned!!

Kaioto: Your fanfics sound very interesting. I too am interested in reading them. Hope you finish and post them soon.

SJ: I agree with you completely about Mulder and Scully. I think X-Files needs to be the kind of show where they focus on the characters' relationships and at the same time the overall big conflict. Buffy's like that, so was Brimstone, and so are TGS and Doug's and Coyote's fanfics. Which explains why these all rank high among my favorite entertainment forms. X-Files used to be like this with its mythology episodes, but we get so few of those now that it's boring. Hope Chris runs out of Mulder and Scully love stories soon so we can get back to seeing what Cancerman's next plot is and what will eventually happen to him, Fowley, and Krycek (the only three bad guys left, except for the aliens, who I am also very curious about). Have either Mulder or Scully abducted by the rebels, who tell them the whole deal, that's what I'd do to get viewers interested in the show again. Not do so many boring romance eps.

Pistoff: Great Jack Hammer creativity demon. And I loved your rewrite of "The Far End of the Dark Side" even more than the original version. Iris and Brooklyn bonded well, and Jack Hammer is a very neat and interesting character. Hope we see more of him in later fics (I want to find out how he lost his natural eyes).

Todd: I know gargs aren't supernatural creatures. That doesn't stop a lot of humans from considering them as such because they don't know the truth. So my essay still works, right? :)

Mandi: Five new Buffy episodes left in the season, huh? They better start showing them soon. <grin>

Serenity: Not sure how I would react to encountering a garg. If I heard about them a la Hunter's Moon, I'd probably be scared at first, but then calm down and investigate their existence. I would never go crazy and join the Quarrymen but I also would have to wait a while and look at the situation before deciding to stay neutral or join PIT. If I met a garg and they saved me from a mugging, well, I'd be very surprised and happy. I wouldn't run away screaming or go nutso on them, I'd politely thank them and then ask "Uh, now who and what are you?" Good thing the gargs are all the kind of people I can talk to easily, hope the conversation would go well.

Spike and Dru: I checked that comic out. It's very good, both in action and Spike and Dru development. Everyone here should go down to their local comic shop and pick it up.

Aaron: Ezekiel Stone was the hero of a Fox series called Brimstone. It was a really good show with wonderful plots, humor, action, and character development that unfortunately got cancelled recently. Basic premise- Zeke Stone was a cop who fifteen years ago shot the guy who raped his wife in cold blood. Two months later he was wounded in an armed robbery, died, and went to hell for his sin. Now, in the present day, 113 of the most vile souls in Hell have escaped and the Devil (Stone's aforementioned long-haired pal, a very cool character) has enlisted Stone as his personal paladin to help him find these souls and send them back to Hell. If they get them all, Stone gets a second chance at life on Earth. When the show ended, he had only recaptured about twenty. I'm really POed that it didn't continue so we could see if he got the rest. :(

DumlaoX: $ Very cool way how you disposed of those yugoloths. Especially the bulldog-like Captain Licreg (the first one you killed, who jumped up and bit you). Hope your character comes out of his encounter with them okay, good job taking 'em out. Small note, though. These guys weren't exactly a ravening undisciplined horde, yugoloths are the cold heartless Navy Seals of the underworld. They plan everything with calm precision and usually fight in a similar manner. Guess their plan was to overwhelm and frighten you in this case while ripping you to shreds with their insectile and froglike appendages. :) For future reference, tannari or demons are generally the huge undisciplined hordes of crazed bloodthirsty soldiers of hell, baatezu or devils are the ones who fight in formation following laws and rules, and yugoloths or daemons are the neutral ones who will generally do cold intelligent fighting but can go either way. $

Thanks to all who have participated in my fay discussion for the compliments and interesting posts thus far. Personally my favorite type of villain has been the evil clone. Yeah, they get boring sometimes, but the conflicts they can produce are often very interesting, especially when you contrast the main character with them. Large number of cyber cookies to anyone who can say the ways in which Guod and Asil are evil clones of Doug and me (in personality, not just the reversed names, their genetic makeups, and their looks). If no one gets it, Doug will post the answer to this in his next post.

Kaioto again: Not sure what you point you thought I missed, but here's my response to your comment to me- You are very right about Jesus. He should not be made out to be a fay, since he is a very important historical figure. Not even in the universe I was talking about, the fictional TGS universe, where many of the Unseelie have been historical figures as well as religious icons (example, Madoc was a Celtic fire god (I think) and an advisor to the king of England during Macbeth's reign). There's kinda a double standard involved here, don't you think? You make very good points, I agree with them, but you need to remember that all things are relative. Mythology and theology are very different things, yes, but they mean different things to different people. Zeus was as important to the Greek civilization as Christ has been to ours, and I'm sure that if the Greeks all found out he was just a fay back then they'd be as surprised and mad as you if you found out the same thing about God or Jesus. (I'm not saying God or Jesus are fay, I know they're not, this is hypothetical, okay?) There are a few people around today who still worship Zeus, Odin, etc. and if they found out their gods were just fay, well, to them their gods WERE real historical figures even if they weren't to you. This is the real world, fay do not exist here. They do in the Gargs universe, and any mythological god can be one. In the world, however, we have so many different religions that often what one man belives is true is to another just ridiculous myth they avoid and deny whenever possible. So the fact that what we thought were gods were really fay would have an impact on us. Especially on the people who thought their nightmare legends didn't exist, period. (And when they find out they do, bad news.) Can you see my points here? I hope so, because I'm frankly a little too tired to think up another way to put them. I also hope this doesn't start a flame war. :(

Aris: Very good points about God, religion, and enjoying stories. I liked your idea of God as the ultimate Mary Sue.

Caeru: $ Perfect portraits of my three least favorite a-hole radio personalities. You and Kaioto did a good and well-deserved job showcasing them for who they really are and then hurting them BAD. :) $

Cyrway: Doug sends his apologies for calling Cal a villain. You'll be pleased to know that he was also an inspiration for a balanced character in Doug's fanfic named Silvan and Bahamut, the GOOD dragon king of Doug's saga universe. <grin>


To The Soul was another good story. Great portrayal of the French Revolution, plot, and development of Sata and Brooklyn. Etolie was also a very good character, look forward to seeing more of her next week. I also liked the pic. Overall, 8.5/10, thumbs up, good job. Can't wait till next week.


Ironwolf: Dark hair, light eyes, kickass attitude? Hmm, I have all those. Wonder if you're obsessed with me. (If so, no problem, just curious. I'm sure I could handle any obsession since I'm very happy with my current SO.)

Steve Gooch: Hope you did well on that paper. I wonder if you quoted any of Doug and me's comments to Traveler that beg him to post soon. Speaking of which, Doug is still waiting for your feedback, Traveler. Get it to him soon, please. <grin>

Dresses: I agree with Deuce and Carolynn. They are uncomfortable, drafty, and hard to put on. Also too easy in some cases to be really embarrassed in (you'll know what I'm talking about if you've ever had a jerk sneak up behind you and pull the dress's back zipper down. Said jerk was quickly put into hospital after he did this to me at my eleventh grade spring dance, because at the time it did make me very humiliated and upset). Why did guys ever decide we should wear them? Or did we decide to? <shrugs> I don't know.

Christine: Becca looks so cute in her costume. When she comes to the Gathering with you and Tim, I have to say hi and get a pic.

Robby: I agree with you about that egotistical a-hole Kevorkian. Hope he enjoys prison, especially his little hopefully fruitless hunger strike.

Guess that's all for now. Good night, everyone! <waves> Oh, and Robby, Deuce, you better not forget to save this CR before the shutdown. I'd hate for it to be lost. Bye for now!


"I'm going back to get some sleep, Jammer," Kitainia says. "Wake me up when we get to Washington." "Okay. You and Doug sleep well." Jammer drinks some coffee and keeps driving the truck.

Unknown to him or Kitainia or any of the mostly sleeping Ravens, a portal is opening in the trailer. An extremely skanky and vicious-looking half-gargoyle female who looks suspiciously like Kitainia steps out and walks over to Jerry's cage. "Wake up," she hisses, prodding him with the point of a long-barrelled DOOM-style laser gun. "Wake up, you idiot." "Kitainia," Jerry smiles as he comes around. "You came to rescue me!" "In a way, yes," Asil nods. "I'm so glad to see you. Quick, get me out of this cage and we'll finish off these servants of Satan!" "Just a minute, Jerry," Asil says, taking aim at the cage lock. "Did they hurt you?" "No, but they angered me with their mere presence, as well as the thought of my failure to defeat them. Have I disappointed you and the Bishop?" "The Bishop had a heart attack a few days ago, Jerry. I'm sorry, but he's dead." "It's okay," Jerry shrugs. "I guess he's with God now. And these Ravens will soon be in hell." Asil nods, shooting off the cage lock with a silent blast. Jerry steps out and she hands him the gun, as well as a gasmask and bandolier of sleep grenades. "Put them to sleep and then kill them," she commands Jerry. "Most of them are already asleep, including the demon Kitainia and that accursed Doug. It should be an easy task." "You're not staying to help me?" Asil shakes her head. "I'm needed back at the base. Good luck, my love." Hiding a demonic smile, she kisses Jerry and points to the sounds of the team's snoring. Jerry watches her open another portal and leave, then smiles himself. "She trusts me," he chuckles. "Trusts me and loves me enough to give me such an important task. I shall do it for you, Lisa, and for God." The screen fades out as he draws a grenade and moves toward the snoring noises. <Uh oh.>


Kitainia - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 02:07:10 AM

Just came accross a fun little midi... Lets see how quickly its recognized... Oh wait, it's name is in the link, so its really no contest.. Ah well...

Note: This one is better if put on repeat. Ni!

Robby the CR DJ
Friday, April 16, 1999 01:39:18 AM

Aaron: Love that Brooklyn-Pikachu bit. And ... "Congratulations! You may be the only person I've met with weirder taste in females then me." Heheh, thanks! BTW, I think Una's pretty hot, too ...

Ouija board: Some friends and I played with one of these a few years ago ... and absolutely nothing happened. Not a damn thing. The pointer or whatever you call it didn't move, didn't even twitch a little. So I was kinda pissed because of the money I'd spent on it. As far as I'm concerned ouija boards and psychic stuff is pure BS. I mean, if those women on the phone were *really* psychic, they would've warned Dionne Warwick about what was going to happen to her career ...

Time travel and unchangable history: I never did believe in predestination or fate. We're changing things right at this moment, every thing we say and do changes what happens in the next minute, hour, day, etc. My philosophy probably leans more toward Existentialism than anything else--everything that happens is due do random chance.

Well, not everything. There's some cause-and-effect stuff. If I'm delivering a pizza and the guy's dog runs down the driveway and bites me, I'm gonna kick the son of a bitch. Cause and effect. But the cause, the dog biting me in the first place, is more the result of random chance than anything else.

Christine: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!! :D

Pistoff - []
Friday, April 16, 1999 01:02:11 AM

**Party RP**
Caeru and the talk radio gurus prepare for the worst. As the last of the the Barneys advance on the group, a thunderous roar erupts as the robot are ripped apart as Dragon's Breath rounds are pumped into them. Assault rifle in hand; black leather jacket impeccably neat, Malakai leaps down from the wall and advances on the group.
Dr. Laura immediately goes off on how he has recklessly could have killed them all. Malakai listens patiently for a moment, his arms folded. Eventually, even Dr. Laura has to stop to breathe. At which point Malakai raises an eyebrow over the sunglasses' rim, "Are you quite done?" the gravelly voice asks.

"I haven't even started!" she yowls. Quite calmly and deliberately, Malakai grabs Dr. Laura by the hair. Screaming in pain, there is little difference in her communicative messages. Sighing, Malakai applies a tazer-like device to the back of her neck. The good Doctor goes unconscious.
"Wow," Howard Stern says, "Can you do that on the air? The ratings would go through the roo- ahhhh!"
Stern is cut off as Malakai snarls and jabs him in the chest with the tazer device until he too in on the ground.
**Pause RP**

Deuce: You asked for it … I warned you he wouldn't be very sociable … but that's what you get when you invite a vindictive, heavily armed nihilist to a party … "maybe if we get him drunk. *Glances over* ~ really ~ drunk." A cyber-cookie to the gentle being who gives me the director of the comedy movie this is taken from.

Wilek: Go with Mage if you are good at RP, like to wing things, and want to be a bit more upbeat about reality. Go with Werewolf if you are into nasty hand to hand combat. Run with the Vampires if you like a Gothic intrigue. Go with Wraith if you want to be totally obsessive and depressive. (Sorry to any Wraith players, but that game doesn't do anything for me: "Darn, I'm dead … woops … eh … still dead … hurray … wait … I'm still dead …")

Temporal Mechanics: You know, the only real restrictions on time-travel in a fantasy setting is whether or not the universe (the mind of the writer) tolerates paradox. There is no actual free will (obviously) in a fictional universe because the characters are only puppets of the mind of the writer. Treating the fictional universe like it were real, however, one would need to develop a working theory of temporal mechanics. Presuming that you want to make characters have free will, one must find some other means other than immutable history to stop paradox, unless you are willing to accept paradox.

Lexy: "Tofu" eh? You had to go and say it … ow Dick Greyson and Bruce Wayne are going to have to suffer ~ some ~ indignity for insulting my daimyo's house, you know that? :)

Erg … career questions never help me when I'm having a headache :P Drives me nuts sometimes, trying to figure out how to survive getting a job, when all I want to do is problem solve and all I'll get to do is busy work … maybe systems analysis is going to be an opportunity. Anybody out there have any advice? My head hurts … sorry. Yeah, I know, it's pitiful. I'm not supposed to go through a career crisis in freshman year, but maybe this will get it out of the way.

**Resume RP**
Caeru can only stare in horror, "Y-you, k-killed them?"
"No," the gravely voice sighs as he puts the Tazer thing back in his jacket, "That'd be a waste. I know some cyborgs that can use the bio-parts in working order. "If I get the time, I'll bring them back with me and put them in the tanks. If not, they'll die eventually. Everyone does," the man in black shrugs.
Rush Limbaugh, until now, shocked and aghast, now speaks up, "You can't do that! It's a violation of the rights of American citizens. It's immoral! It's unconstitutional!"
Malakai fidgets with the Uzi on his hip, "What the hell is your point, fat-boy?"
Rush, being an observant lad, shuts up. "Never mind," he mutters.
"Good," the bounty hunter replies, "I don't actually have a reason to kill you right now. Your show is harmless food for ignorant minds. I've got larger fish to fry. Good on," he motions to the door, "Run along and live a little longer, fat-boy."
Rush runs as fast as his chunky form can go.
Malakai turns around to address Caeru, but she has already fled in the other direction. "Run, girl! Run to the ends of the earth!"
The man dressed like midnight gives a short, mirthless laugh, "Run wherever you wish. Nowhere is far enough. The End is inevitable you fool!" He shakes his head and reloads his weapons as he makes his way deeper into Disney World, "Gather ye thy illusions while ye may. The only reality is Oblivion," he sighs, almost a trace of regret in his voice.
**End RP and fade to Black**

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Friday, April 16, 1999 12:27:43 AM

Gonna be brief, I'm a bit pressed for time.

Just got back from seeing George Bush, former president of the US. Very cool guy.

Trent- Interesting.

Kaioto- Interesting time paradox theory. I like it!

Sorow- Congrats!

Villains- I got a few nasty ones... I'll go into detail on them when I have the time.

Argent- Sawright.

Free will vs. predestination- No such thing as predestination, but if you travel to the future, you'll see the end result of free will.

Aaron- Speaking of Brooklyn and Demona's... Relationship... Its a shame you missed Jim's last party. They got kinda... Friendly near the en of that one.

Jack Kervokian- The guy is finally going to jail. Bout time.

Christine- Cool!

Carolynn- Cngrats.


Jim walks around, and runs into Kit Cloudkicker, of Talespin fame. He chit chats with Kit as he wals around examines the park. "Ya know, I just might buy this most magical place on Earth..."
"Are you kidding? That would cost millions! How rich are you?"
"Ever hear of Gomez Adams?"
"Richer than him."
"Woah. What about Bill Gates?"
"No where near him Kit."
"So what do you use all that money for?"
"Well to be honest, now that I don't use it buying new mansions anymore, there's only one thing I spend it on anymore."
"And what's that?"
"I think your friend Baloo said it best..." A look glazes over Jim Iza Noying, and he bursts into a very familiar tune. Only a few lines into it, Baloo the Bear shows up, attracted to the music.
"Little John!"
"No, just Baloo. Little John was someone else. Um... You mind if I join you in that song?"
"Hey Baloo, you're the man. It's your song." And with that, Kit Cloudkicker, Jim Iza Noying, and Baloo the Bear break out into an improv jam session of "The Bear Neccesities". (click!)

Friday, April 16, 1999 12:08:33 AM

Cyrway: I always thought White Wolf named themselves after the Michael Moorcock book "Weird of the White Wolf", which I believe was the 3rd of the Elric books. Am I right? Huh, huh? Those folks over at White Wolf ideolize Moorcock though.
Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:37:32 PM

Did someone mention White Wolf? *evil grinz.* Free commission to the one who first can name who the company was named after...hee hee hee...

*Leaves, whistling "Veteran of the Psychic Wars"...*


Cyrway - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:19:49 PM

Transformers> Did you know my character Artemis was originally a Transformers fic character? I've got some sketches of her somewhere...anyway, she was originally a Decepticon spy...she ended up an Autobot...anyway, OPTIMUS PRIME COULD KICK RODIMUS'S ARSE BACK TO CYBERTRON!!! *coughs* And its pretty bad when Rodimus Prime could kick all of the Beast Wars transformers...
What's fun is watching Transformers The Movie and Beavis and Butthead Do America one after the other...I keep on picturing Ultra Magnus ordering the Autobots to give the Decepticons body cavity many ppl get it yet? *hint: Robert Stack*

Jeri Ryan> OUTKLAW QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "She can assimilate me any day!"

Okay, pointless stuff aside, I'se outta here! *PTOOF!*

Cyrway - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:17:41 PM

Sorry about this.....Wilek, that link can be reached NOW through my name, not before....
Sevarius Jr.
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:04:06 PM

Sevarius Jr. has wrestled the Hounds away from the company mascots, but not before Pluto received several grievous injuries. Two security guards that bear a suprising resemblance to the pig cops in Duke Nukem march over. "Alright son," one of them drawled. "I'm afraid that we're gonna have to ask you to take those things out of the park."
SJ looked at them sinisterly. "Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? I don't see anybody else here, so you must be talking to me. Sable, Drake! EAT HAM!!!" And with that, the Hounds obediently begin to chase the two piggish gaurds through the park.
SJ began to scratch his head. "Hmmm....that gives me an idea. If I'm gonna search for my dad here in Disney World, what better place to start than with the highest authority here!"
"What are talking about?" Kari asks.
SJ smiled. "We, my dear, are gonna meet Michael Eisner!!!"

Iron Wolf: The chick from Zorro is Catherine Zeta-Jones. I don't know about cutting any of my body parts for her, but I'd certainly sacrifice many a believer to be in her presences.....

Wilek: Kindred, Garou, Sabbat, Camarilla, Brujah....these are all terms from the various Roleplaying games made by the good folks over at White Wolf Publishing. They're the ones responsible for such hit RP gaming systems as Vampire: The Masquerade (my favorite), Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Mage: The Ascension (which Kaioto seems to favor ;] ), Wraith: The Oblivion, and Changeling: The Dreaming. They're terribly fun. If you want to check them out, go to, or click on my name.

Free Will vs. Predestination: I believe that certain events are predestined. Like Columbus "discovering" America. But I also believe that many "smaller" things--such as what I'm gonna eat for breakfast tomorrow, whether I choose this job over the other, etc.--are left to our own free will.

Aris: You're not from/living in America, so I can see where you'd get mistaken. I believe (and hope) that Iron Wolf was referring to Jewel the singer, not our own Jewel. Although Faulkner is certainly lovely in her own way.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:01:33 PM

***To The Soul SPOILER***
I didn't realize this was going to be a cliffhanger or I'd have waited until the second part was available. It's a good ep though. I'd never thought about Valjean's clan having eggs hidden away when I read the ep with the flashback about Demona meeting his clan. Hope they make out OK. Sata seems to be tired a lot and I suppose I can guess what that means. I wonder where the name Etolie is from.
Sorow> Congratulations on making officer.

Christine> Becca looks absolutely adorable.

G'night all.

Jenniren - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 10:46:42 PM

Nokkar> Uh, present, why? Remember, this isn't a chat room. BTW, it's just JEB- not JEB215. :)
JEB - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 10:09:19 PM

Carolynn> ["Better than you waking up in a strange bed in a strange apartment and wondering..."] Ever see that Labatt beer commercial? It goes like this: Guy wakes up, hung over. He's only wearing jeans. He hits the answering machine, and hears his friend's voice. Friend's talking about the "wild party last night, man. Where'd you go?" Friend continues talking, while guy fishes through his pockets, coming up with a phone number for "Cheryl", on the back of a business card from "Bob's Body Piercing and Tattoos". He runs into the bathroom and finds his right nipple pierced. He quickly checks his arms and legs, but finds nothing else. Looking in the mirror again, he decides the nipple rings are pretty cool. As he walks out, we see a gigantic tattoo on his back: a teddy bear holding a big heart, with "CHERYL" emblazoned across it. Cut to the Labatt logo, and a slogan: "Know where to draw the line. Drink responsibly."

Care to guess why I don't drink? :-)

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 15, 1999 09:17:47 PM

Today on "Annoying Show-Off Parents of Cute Kids,"
A choirs of comment room voices is heard. "OHHHH!!! AHHHHH!! NEAT!! KEEN!! PRETTY!!!

Beautiful costume Christine. You do as good or better with a glue gun than I can with a sewing machine. And I started sewing Barbie cloths on a treadle machine back when I was in fifth grade. Way too many years ago. BTW the above is something we did in my SCA household to show we really appreciate what was done.


Theresa - [Starsinger@Webtv.Net]
Thursday, April 15, 1999 09:08:54 PM

JEB215 - Where are you?
Nokkar the Hogifier - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:49:06 PM

DEUCE< *busts up laughing*

Better than you waking up in a strange bed in a strange apartment and wondering, "Hey, where am I ... and why am I wearing this dress?" :D

CHRISTINE< Argh, can't get through to the Becca thing ;( Trying again later.

Carolynn Marie - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:41:40 PM

*walks in wearing a hippie outfit complete with beads, hip-huggers...and no bra. ;)*

My God!!! CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!?! we have senseless killing right and left, slaughtering innocent people!!! Why can't we all just sit round the camp fire and sing "Koombya"? So many terrible things are happening in Kosovo, and I just don't understand why we have to kill other human beings for being a certain ethnic group, religion, sexualality, etc. At times like this I wish we were all gargoyles and respected the law that gargoyles don't kill other gargoyles. Why can't we be more like gargs, huh?

*walks out to go try and help the toads in Davis use the new Toad Tunnels that were built under the highway*

Mary Flanders
Davis, California, USA
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:25:12 PM

Carolynn> Congrats on the dance, and condolences on the dress. >:-) I don't know how girls can wear those things. They're so uncomfortable! (Yeah, I had Drama today).
Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:04:25 PM

*runs in, showering everyone with free Sorbets and Escargot ... hey, try it! They're chewy; tastes like chicken :)* I figured considering this week's Timedancer is French-oriented, a little bit of France would fit so perfectly :D

GARGS BOMBING THEIR OWN CLOCKTOWER< In a time of real scariness, I don't think anyone would stop to think, "Hey, they wouldn't bomb their own place". Owen obviously thought of that, because he wasn't exactly fazed (then again, what does?) Nobody in Salem in 1692 apparently stopped to think that if the women were real witches, they obviously woulndn't incriminate themselves by pinching and torturing the Salem girls in front of the judges. Or, take a real recent event in mankind's history, the removal of the Japanese-Americans during WWII. The whole thing sounds nuts if you read records of it. One little boy, on his way to a camp, had his baseball bat taken away because the guards thought it could be used as a weapon *shrugs* Like I said, when people get freaked, they don't stop to think. They just want to get rid of whatever is scaring them. Not something humans are proud of, we're just wired that way :(

REACTING TO GARGS< Y'mean after I regained consciousness? :P Well, actually, I'd probably lose control of my vocal chords and muscles for a few minutes, but I doubt I'd faint or run away screaming ("Run away! Run away!" :D). But I know I'd feel on the verge of heart failure :)

DUMLAOX< I'm so sorry! My great-uncle has this, and though we dont' see each other much, he means a great deal to my dad :( It's tough for him to visit him and not be recognized at times. Hang in there, man!

SJ< Thanks for the links to "The Blair Witch Project". It took a while; something was all funky with the server :P But, oh man oh man, if any of you haven't gone already to one of it's websites, CHECK IT OUT!!!!! I haven't seen a bad review of it yet. Everyone's given it 10's, and some people commented that it's scarier than Aliens. Hoo-whee!!!!! I already made plans to go this summer at it's premiere with two girlfriends :)

BTW, I probably won't be around Saturday night, because, okay, okay *deep breath* This semi-formal dance is going on at school, and I got the guts to ask this guy, and he said ... yes :) So, I'm going with him and my friends to dance. Of course, that means wearing a dress, but I can make an exception for once :D YAY!!!

*salutes* Peace to y'all :)

Carolynn Marie - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 07:49:14 PM

Brief post, I'm busy tonight.

Christine> That pic is so _adorable_! No wonder you're such a proud mom.

ED> ["But shouldn't there be 'Part One' added to this one's title, because it ends with a 'To Be Continued...'"] It would, if next week's episode was called "To The Soul, Part 2". Tune in next Thursday for "Survival".

** leaves **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 15, 1999 07:22:30 PM

SWAT Team uniforms> I know they may seem unusual, but what do you expect them to wear. They're a ballsy bunch too. Their training may not seem very gung-ho, but in many cases, their skills often surpass those of Navy SEAL's!

RE: Angela (Don't say one word. I know I'm weird. Besides, a guy can fantasize, can't he?;)

So what's diognosis, Doctor? Am I crazy, or just really hard up for a date? It's not like I'm hearing voices or anything. (Redrum!) Shut up, Tony!

Tim P.
Thursday, April 15, 1999 06:50:43 PM

I'll post proper TD comments later- I don't have time now. But shouldn't there be 'Part One' added to this one's title, because it ends with a "To Be Continued..."? Must be going now... :)
Thursday, April 15, 1999 05:24:40 PM

Hey all,

Well, I'm leaving for Philly early tomorrow morning; maybe I'll drop back in tonight, maybe not. A friend at UPenn invited my roommate and me down to her place for their "Spring Fling" weekend. (Jewel, that means the *milk* is going to be flowing like water ;-)

Also, great news. Remember back when I mentioned that I might throw the CR into a research paper for a Comm course? Well, I did one better. My topic is "The role of delayed feedback in the creation and resolution of online conflicts" comment rooms and message boards. Specifically the TGS CR and the Action Quake 2 Message Board. Bwahahahaha.... Score!

Kaioto > <You do me more credit than I deserve.> I take back none of it.

Deuce > Love the pic :)

Iron weaponry > I'll admit, I'm a little behind on the topic, but I've got a fic planned wherein a normal human takes on a couple rogue fey out of revenge - only he doesn't know that they're Third Race. Got some good vigilante justice-style scenes planned, and all the guns he uses are VERY iron-rich :)

If I met a gargoyle (or several): Hmmmm... Lessee... If this was before Hunter's Moon I'd probably be a little shocked... okay, maybe more than a little shocked. But I tend to be a pretty open, accepting, and tolerant person, so in most cases I wouldn't be afraid. Goliath might freak me out a bit, but not anybody else (except maybe Bronx). If they saved me from a mugger, criminal, etc, I'd be quite grateful and more than a little curious. Being something of a loner I probably wouldn't join any group - PIT or the Quarrymen, though I'd be pretty vocal in my disrespect for the latter (Hoods = KKK = cowards in my mind). I'd probably set out on my own to learn as much about the gargs as possible, not allowing the media to form my opinion for me.

Tim > <Besides, a guy can fantasize, can't he?;)> Hell yes. (She's on my list, too :)

SOROW > Congratulations! (Uh, I've been out of the loop last few weeks. Officer of what?)

Elessar > <Is it just me, or do SWAT teams look totally hilarious running around in their black outfits with MP-5s?> Hilarious? *HILARIOUS?* Hell no! They look kickass! Gawd, what I'd give for a black nomex flight suit, balaclava, load-bearing gear, and H&K SMG!! I absolutely LOVE that getup! (Probably because I'm a Navy SEAL freak).

Okay, Till later...

==Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense==

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Thursday, April 15, 1999 05:20:37 PM

**Kyryn peeks in***

Lexy>No offense intended, but just for your info - no all RP posts please. We agreed a while back that you must have other stuff in your post as well.

Christine> Aaawwww! Becca looks so cute. Dean Koontz's Lightning - That's what I was trying to think of last evening. Thanks!

Now, I'm off to de-virus a machine.

***Kyryn leaves, holding a huge mallet behind her back and muttering, "Heeerre, virus. Nice, virus. Hold still just a moment..."

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, April 15, 1999 04:00:38 PM

Christine< OOOOOOOOOOooohhhhhhh HOW CUTE!! ;) Lexington WOULD be proud! *thinks of the date* OH MAN i got to get going making those phone anyone know where i can get a green body suit;) im calling all the ballet places in the book!
Thursday, April 15, 1999 03:05:45 PM

***Temporal Mechanic steps out of the garage***
"Yeah, I've found your problem. The Flux capacitor isn't fluxing right. We'll have to order a new part. That arrived yesterday. All told, it should be down by last week at the soonest."

Free Will and Predestination. I'm an avid believer in free will, of course Fate has other ideas. We have these eon long arguements about this. Being part dragon, I don't mind the chaos that Free Will would impose. As far as immutability, as Clio can tell you, there is a hugh difference between time being immutable and history being immutable. History isn't just what has happened, but why it happened and how we view it. There have been lots of instances where historical events are viewed different. Not just whether cowboys were good guys or bad guys, but why Manifest Destiny was so vital to America.

For my money, I don't think either time nor history is absolute. Rather it's a range of tolerances. How many changes you can make before the build up.

One of the reasons why I'm against predestination is that if their is an order, there's no way of knowing for certain that whose ever in control is out for your best interests. That sort of assumption, that fate is on your side, is a dangerous one. Little in my experience has convinced me that if there is predestination it is a benevolent force.

Taleweaver - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 03:00:18 PM

Is it just me, or do SWAT teams look totally hilarious running around in their black outfits with MP-5s? I know they're good at what they do, but they look SO silly.
Elessar - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 02:49:38 PM

Well, there go our gun rights. AGAIN. This being the very reason we need guns, so we can defend ourselves against these wackos. If somebody had been carrying concealed they could have prevented this tradgedy. In case I've totally lost you, I'm talking about the Salt Lake City sniper.
Elessar - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 02:43:41 PM

Today on "Annoying Show-Off Parents of Cute Kids," we have Christine Morgan, who wants everyone to see how damn darlin' Becca looks in her Lexington suit (and while you're there, download a video of her reciting the Gargoyles opening sequence!). Clickie click or go to

Time travel > I personally favor the theory set forth by Dean Koontz in "Lightning" -- the traveler's own past is unchangeable, the future can be changed. Sure, that future is the past for the people he meets in that future, but they are 'possible future' versions of those people ... anyway, read the book ...

Ironwolf > I'm not even gonna ask what body part you'd sacrifice ... Catherine Zeta-Jones was in Zorro and is now starring opposite Sean Connery in some sort of spy-tech action thriller.

Speaking of actresses, I saw a picture of Michelle Pfeiffer done up as Titania for the new movie and she looks great!

Borg Queen > she was *tres* sexy, IMO, going to show that a sultry attitude can compensate even for freaky looks (yay!)

Christine - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 02:34:00 PM

***Jim's Party RP post***

After reciving an anonomous tip that she had _better_ join in the fun, Lexy arrives at the grand entrance to what appears to be..Disney land?? "ok.." she mutters mozying over to the gates. "Hmm now heres a new face." Lexy looks over to see Jim grinning like a maniac. "Well, i have to admit, I didn't expect to have you on my guest list." Jim lifts up a scroll and lets it lose at eye level. Lexy gapes as the list seems to go on for miles. Jim smiles again and checks off her name with a green crayola. "Hey, i ran out of ink!." Lexy nods sympathetically then just kinda stands there not knowing what she should do. "Hey go on..MINGAL!."
Taking Jims advice..( an after thought how much should you trust a guy who writes with crayons?)...Lexy proceeds inside the park and begins to as Jim put it 'mingal'. "I wonder if Lexington is here somewhere!," she muses as her keen gargress eyes scan the guests. As she settles down on a park bench to better survey her surroundings she overhears some guests speaking frantically near a hotdog stand. Turning her attention tword the commotion she uses her keen sense of hearing to listen over the rucus of the full swing party. Giving them a closer look she now reckognizes the guests as Batman and Robin. Oddly enough they were conversing with what appeared to be two best as Lexy could recall Braveheart (a carebear cousin) and Funshine bear. Lexy shook her head, "this party really is nuts." but contiued to listen on..
Funshine: "You mean the robots were actually barneybots??" "How awful! The dreams of so meny children shattered!."

Robin: "What?? What are you talking about! there werent any kids there, luckly they were all evacuated.."

Braveheart: "Evacuated? HA i heard the audience ran out like a mob! And no wonder too. He may be an educational program, but i gotta tell ya, all i learned was that show has a good basis for mass hypnosis.." "I love yo--"

Braveheats mouth was desisivly clamped shut by Batman..and a good thing to Lexy thought.

Batman: *looks over at Robin* "This is what we get for conversing with Care bears."

Braveheart: *pries batmans grip away* "HEY thats carebear AND care bear cousin to you Batboy!."

Batman: *shurgs* "Whatever."

Funshine: "well anyway, I also heard from some mysterious man wearing a cowboy hat and boots, that Tofu Kaioto was in there taking care of those scary barneybots."

Robin: "Uhh i _think_ thats TOKU Kaioto actually..ya some seeker or something..tends to take to much into his own hands if you ask me--

Batman: "hmm ..NOW WHO does that remind me of?"

At that the group, excluding an embarrassed Robin, broke out in laughter. "Kaioto?", Lexy perked up at that. "Oh great..getting into trouble as usual..*shakes her head and makes her way over to the group*
"Hey guys *smiles* hey Funshine..umm can i have your autograph its for a umm well friend of mine." "Oh sure umm-
"Lexy." "ah hello Lexy..sure who shall i make it out to..."
*After obtaining the autograph and folding it carfully into her pouch on her belt* "hey i couldn't help but here Kaioto had gotten into some battel with..umm Barneybots??"
Batman:"thats what everyone has been saying..last thing i heard he was wandering around near the stage set up for the LionKing show or something like tha-"

"THANKS BATMAN!!" Decideing that the probably now wonded seeker may need some help, Lexy rushes over to the LionKing Show Stage...

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, U.S.A
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:57:48 PM

Ouija boards> Those things scare me. My friends and I were messing with one on our Vancouver trip, and it started dong seriously messed-up things. It spelled out this weird word, and that was about all. The next day, we took a boat ride, and the word was the name of the boat. (Nothing else odd happened).

Kyryn> I can only hope that curse holds true. :-)

Mandi> Likely a retainer, although we're getting a second opinion before it's finalized. Thanks for the cookies.

Elessar> Britany Spears is cute, but I hate her music. I watch her videos with MUTE on.

I think Ironwolf is referring to Jewel Kilcher, of "You Were Meant For Me" fame. She's kinda sexy.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:57:41 PM

Aaron fades into the CR with a giant "Appear!" noise. (Fred Perry joke)

Pistoff> Congratulations! You may be the only person I've met with weirder taste in females then me. I'll agree with Demona,(and who wouldn't?) but the Borg Queen? I'd sooner kiss Mazikeen, Lucifer's girlfriend from Gaiman's Sandman series, and she's missing one side of her face.

Wilek> Sorry. But when you said Seven looked better Borg.. Well, I was right about Pistoff anyway.
As to why Brook keeps touching things that shock him.. I dunno. Maybe he's a masichist(sp) Hmmm, that Brook/Demona relationship's looking better.

Ironwolf> #2 would be Selma Hajek. If you havn't seen From Dusk Til Dawn by now, rent it.

Aaron pulls out a diminsional transporter and disppears with a quick "Fade, fade, shimmer."
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:54:02 PM

The airship lands at Jim's party and five girls walk out with the leader holding a cat. They arrive at the party in the next few minutes. At the party they are greeted by Green Baron and Warren Buffett.
"I'm glad you could make it. It's too bad Meathead knows about the tobbacco smuggling. Now, I guess we'll need a new method of raising money and pissing off Liberals."
"Well, that moroun Baldwin bribed me with an authentic certificate for 100 shares of Microsoft."
"Let me see that," Attila shows the certificate to GB and Warren Buffett, "You're in luck. The cusip is out of date. Microsoft split so you really have 200 shares, which is worth almost $20,000.00. Still not enough to buy one share of Warren's Class A stock. BTW, do you ahev the stocks ready for Mr. Sellig and our other benefactor, who will take over the Braves from Ted?"
"Sure do. With that false report of Time Warner's earnings, the stock should fall by about 95%, and I will be ready to buy enough of it that I can take it over for only a few million. Once the true reports are out, I'll have made billions and I'll own Time Warner."
They all lasugh as their plot to obliterate Ted Turner is about to be completed.**

SJ> Ted Turner did a lot more than make a polish mind detector comment. He also told teh Pope to join the twentieth century and said that the Ten Commandments were out of date, especially number six. I wonder how Jane will take it when her husband says adultery should be morally okay. BTW, the Pope hasn't said a word about it. He probably would pray for Ted's soul, since he's not a vengeful person. The criticism is coming from the Catholic League, mainly, and myself :)

Jackal> Are you certain that wasn't Nietzche's Grave :p

Ironwolf> I have to agree with Aris. If you are talking about Jewel Faulkner, what you said was rather crude, and I imagine she would be pretty offended by it. Something tells me you're talking about another Jewel altogether.

Free Will vs Predestination> It's a moot point if we do not know our future. Let's say everything we do and will do is written on a stone tablet. If we can't see the tablet, then it dosen't matter. As long as we don't know our future then waht we choose to do would still be purely up to us. Just because one may know what we will od does not mean that we do not have the free will, it just menas someone else woudl know of it before we do.

Aris> Interesting concept. I have no idea if history and time are immutable. As for Star Trek, it shows a mutable timeline, but then again, Gargoyles timeline may only be immutable if the Phoenix Gtae is used. Pistoff went along that line in his first fanfic. I have no leanings, personally.

Doug> I finally read Captives and I saw the character you created based on me. Thanks, that was a very nice tribute :) I hope he shows up in future fics, especially in a debate with Kurtz :)

Dumalo> I am sorry to hear that. My grandmother began tolose her short term memory as she got older and sh edied a few years ago. At least you have grandparents that are still alive.

Congratulations SOROW.

Caeru> Interesting setup. i take it you don't like talk radio. Luckily, I've only read Dr. Laura's stuff an dnever listened to her. As for Rush, I saw him on C-Span a few weeks ago, and he has lost a lot of weight.

As for Jesus Christ superstar, I listened to that in sophomore Religion class. It was too hippie-like for my tastes, but I odn't see anything wrong with Mary Magdeline being infatuated with Jesus. Now, the approach taken by "The Last Temptation of Christ" is another story.

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:43:22 PM

Britney Spears> Just to hear what everyone was talking about I spent two minutes find an mp3, played it, and deleted it. How exactly did she get to the top of the charts?

But it could just be me, I can't stand singing, with the exception of Maaya Sakamoto's Lodoss War and Escaflowne intros.

Elessar - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:35:43 PM

**Mandi walks in with a box of tissues and a plastic bag.**

*sniffle* Excuse me, all. Head cold popped up out of nowhere and kept me up half the night.

Deuce> Metal in the mouth? As in braces/retainer? You have my deepest sympathies. **passes over cybercookies for Deuce to eat before the metal comes on**

5 people I obsess over: I'm going to have to think about that. It changes regularly.

What I'd do if a gargoyle saved me from a mugger> You know, this is interesting timing, since in between waking up because I couldn't breathe I dreamed I was alone in the middle of NYC. At night. :)

Anyway, if it happened prior to Hunter's Moon, and if I wasn't already freaked out by nearly being mugged, I'd like to think I'd get over my shock to thank them. Depends on which one saved me, though: Goliath - I'd probably bolt and get a block or two before I came to my senses. Broadway or Hudson - Go into hyperventilating shock until one of them talks me down out of it. Brooklyn - I'm not sure. Of course, if he did something like "borrow" one of the thugs' sunglasses, I'd probably break out into hysterical laughter and then come to my senses. Lex or Angela - Go into (non-hyperventilating) shock until my brain registers just what could have happened and who saved my sorry ass.

After Hunter's Moon> I'd check out a PIT meeting, watch a Quarrymen rally, and probably decide that if I'm going to side with anyone, it's going to be the group that isn't swinging around hammers like maniacs. The mentality of the Quarrymen is enough to turn me off.

Jenniren> << But after that I'd end up going totally silly over them. >> When I came to my senses, I probably would too.

And my supervisor's returned. :( Got to go!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:23:54 PM

***Kyryn runs in and shakes Deuce's hand***

Deuce> Good luck! And, as always, may the best team win. I have to worry about the Stars since they're operating under the President's Curse (i.e. they won the President's Trophy).

Jackal> Weird.... I don't like ouija boards at all. I played with one at a friend's house when I was five years old. All I remember is that I ran screaming out of the room. My just said that the pointer went crazy and I jumped up and ran out screaming. I won't go near one of the things anymore.

Ironwolf> I had the same score on my test, but I've never drunk gasoline.

***Kyryn runs out of the room to go to lunch**

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:21:07 PM

<<They wanted to make Jesus Christ: Superman>>
Hehehehee, that woulda been funny! Let me teach you how to pray, boy!!! Heheheheee

Hey, this is soo cool! OK, everyone in here has the general idea that I'm an open minded kinda person, right? Well, last night me, my sister and a friend of ours went to the cemetary with a oujia board...., and a white candle (so we could see what was being said). My sister and I are believers in the thing, but I'm not saying that what it told us is entirely true. Because even in the spirit world, ya can't believe everything your told! So, we went up to this guy's grave that we know, we sat down on top of it (it has a concrete slab thingy). And my sister asked, "Is Louis here"? ..... No response. My sister kept calling for Louis and nothing happened. So I ask, "Well is there anyone here that wants to talk?" Slowly..., Yes.
I'm like, "Good, good, I hope your doin fine tonight, I'm Stephen (real name), what's yours?" M-A-E
"Mae?" Yes
"Hello Mae, when were you born?" 2-1
"Mae, how did you die?" No response.
"Do you think you were murdered?" No
"Then how come you don't want to tell us how you died?" A-K-M-A
"Mae, sweety..., I don't understand what that means, can you help me understand?" Yes
"What does A-M-K-A mean?" N-0-... (message indicator is slid off the board).
"OK, then..., When did you die?" 1-4-6-8
"Mae, is there anything you want us to know?" Yes
"What is it?" G-O-D-I-S-D-E-.... (I interrupted)
"Mae, sweety, are you telling us that God is dead?" Yes (My sister started to freak out).
"Mae, I don't care about that God is dead crap, what do you really want to tell us?" H-E-L-P-M-E
"Are you in Hell?" Yes
"How can I help you?" S-A-F-E
"Are you saying you're safe in Hell?" Yes
*Me and my sister, and that dude, was trying to figure out the logic in that, ya know why ask for help and then say you're safe..., while we were doing that the thing started to move.* 8-1-5 then moved to the sun symbol.
"Mae, I don't understand." Message indicator is slid off the board.
"Well, ok then, nice talking to ya!"
It was fun, fun, fun..., I'm not gonna say all that happened, I just put what I could list here. :o)
Well, enuf of my rambling for now..., ohhh ummm...., nevermind.

Ga, Usa
Thursday, April 15, 1999 01:04:28 PM

Ironwolf> I think you are out of line or something... If I were Jewel your attitude would certainly repell me or even creep me out or something.
Aris Katsaris - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:56:29 PM

** Walks in, teeth glowing ** Just got back from the dentist. Looks like I'll need a couple hundred buckls worth of metal in my mouth. :-(

Jeri Ryan> I like her acting ability... when she does act and not just stand around looking sexy. Whenever she gets a chance to show her true talent (like the Voyager episode "One"), she does extremely well. It's pretty sad for Voyager: their most interesting characters are a half-Borg, a holographic doctor, and a little alien girl. :-P

Kyryn> It's pretty windy here, too. *looks at newspaper* Looks like we're up in the first round of the playoffs. *offers hand* Good luck?

SOROW> *big hug* Congratulations!

Ironwolf> ["...there are 5 women I cut something off to sleep with."] Depending on what you cut off, that could be defeating the purpose. *wicked grin*

I'd post more, but I have little time, less to say, and we're almost up to 500K (intentional rhyme). That's all for now, I guess.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:44:23 PM

you know I think the only reason I got a 81.8181818181 on the sanity test is because I bet I am the only one here who has drunk gasoline.

five people I obsess with> I don’t obsess but there are 5 women I cut something off to sleep with.
1 jewel
2 I’m lousy with names so the chick from desperado
3 chick from Zoro
4. chick from all the Kevin smith movies
5 any girl with dark hair and light eyes and a smart a$$ attitude, or john cussak’s sister

Britney spears> she’s cute nice bubble gum rock but she ain’t no jewel!!!!!

if I met a Gargoyle in real life? Have a long talk with Greg!! That’s really the most honest opinion I can give until it happens to me!

ATTENTION ALL CATS this is F.O.C.H. we know what yu are up too yu will be stopped. just because we hate yu he he hehe ehehe hehheheherdheh opps gotta go
Ferrets out causing havoc

Hey why is tommy on my keep board? Don't even think about biting me you giant rat my mouth is still bigger than yours gotta go

Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:56:23 AM


*CYRWAY and LUC are writhing on the floor as CYRWAY's evil sister uses her music gun on them, playing Spice Girls...when suddenly...a shadowy form comes up behind her and strikes her head. Jennifer goes unconscious.*
LUC: Grandfather? *struggles to get up.*
CYRWAY: Nope...Soothsayer...
*THE SOOTHSAYER pops out of the shadows with a "Tada!"*
CYRWAY: Thanks, dude...
LUC: So what are we going to do with her...?
SOOTH: I have an idea...
Aaron> Well, listen to obscure music...I got "Ptoof" from the Deviants album of the same name...great cover art...really weird music...sometimes it sounds like early Doors, some Frank Zappa, some Beatles, a little Sabbath...and it's own music all together...

Stormy> Begin to worry when the Chibi versions of the Eternal Champions run around your apartment...

Doug> Cal was never a villian in my stories. In fact, I don't like the word "villian"..."opponent", "advesary"...when I hear the word "villian" I think Nega Duck. I don't know why, I just do...anyway, Caligo's neither good nor evil...he's Balanced, and though you might think he may want to do whatever he damn well wants, think again. He's gotta maintain Law and Chaos to make sure that the cosmic balance doesn't get out of whack...of course, it never works, but hey, it's fun to watch him go in a tizzy...well, in Where the Winds of Limbo Roar, Cal had the Eye of corrupted him, end of story...thus forth, Cal is not or never was evil...
Re: Null> Oh crap...*the earth trembles, a calvery bugle charge is heard, and the Mighty Mutanimals trample through wearing yellow and black gis.* Okay, very old running gag...

Coyote> Go check your mail...


Cyrway - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 11:28:22 AM

FREE WILL AND PRE-DESTINATION - I don't have a real problem believing in both. The possibilities of the future are infinite and unending. All possible futures are written and exist somewhere out there. Yet we still have free will. We have a choice between good and evil. The decision we make decides which path, which future we will continue on.

Imagine the future as kind of an infinite highway. The highway is built and goes in certain directions. But we have the choice in which way we wish to go on that highway, which turn-off we take, which way we go down. Should we go left or right? Or should we continue straight ahead? Or should we pull off all together? The highway exists and we can't change that. But WE decide which way we go down. That choice is the choice between good and evil. If we choose to do good, then we head down one path. If we choose evil, then we head down another path. Both of these path's exist but we determine which one we go down.

SERENITY - I like to think that if I a gargoyle had helped me during a mugging, that I would be completely calm and open minded. But honestly I probably would be scared and probably speechless. I wouldn't scream out "MONSTER!" or "DEMON!" but I'm sure I would have a hard time trying to find the right words for the situation.

If I was trying to form an opinion about gargoyles in the aftermath of HUNTER'S MOON and didn't have the information that I currently have, I would probably take a wait and see approach. I wouldn't go out and join any mobs. I wouldn't go out and join the Quarrymen. Then again I wouldn't be rushing out to go and join PIT either. I would try and find out some information on my own. After all there must be some written legends about Gargoyles floating around the public library system, or some sort of book on the subject must exist in a bookstore somewhere.

What really would have me questioning everything is if the Gargoyles really did blow up the clocktower then were they filmed leaving it right after? If they were going to bomb it, then why stay inside of it and then take off after the bomb has gone off and almost killed them?

Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, April 15, 1999 10:04:31 AM

Sorry for the double post.
Argent> I'm in part following the info from 'Ask Greg'. Mab is Oberon's mother who was overthrown by him (and in my story Cronos as well) and then was locked away in a safe place. She was referred to in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'

Aris Katsaris - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:04:19 AM

Wilek and others concerning time-travel> No, that's still silly. History is unchangeable - there is no absolute present, past or future. The future which Brooklyn has seen can't change, repeat CAN'T CHANGE: After all what Brooklyn considered the future was future Demona's *present* - Brooklyn was a timetraveller to his future where he was concerned but for Demona he was a timetraveller from the past, the same way the Archmage was a timetraveller from the past. It can't change, not unless you want to go against everything that Greg Weisman AND the Gargoyles series has told. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the lack of free will: That's as if you are saying that since Julius Caesar's deeds can't change (being the past) that Julius Caesar didn't have free will. That's again silly.

Future events *are* written. But that again has nothing to do with free will or the lack of it. It's not an impersonal Fate that is writing the events. They are written (or to be more accurate they are being *continuously* written) by the character that take part in them. Caesar wrote his part and now that part's unchangeable - that doesn't mean he lacks free will. Brooklyn wrote or will write his own part - he's the writer of his part even though it's 'written'

The Gargoyles Universe is a world where time-travel events are part of history - they certainly influence history and change it in a sense (the same way non time-travel events influence history - Caesar's conquests). But those events are *part* of history - the already changed history is what we experience.

To understand the concept better, check out 'Twelve Monkeys' where movies are concerned, or see Star Trek TNG's 'Time's Arrow' or read the fanfic 'A Stitch in Time' by Ryan Stout, 'Lux Perpetua' by Jewel, etc. Or better yet watch Gargoyles. :) All of the above include the immutability of the timeline.

Aris Katsaris - []
Thursday, April 15, 1999 08:00:01 AM

Ha ha Mr. DC, I got in anyway!
(Sticks tongue out, then shoves him into the moat, where the 'gators use him for volleyball practice.)
That's for not letting me use Frognet and beacause I severely dislike Netscape!

STEPHEN> That is definitely one of the best PPG eps! As for their origin...well, that's another top episode. Let's just say there's something they don't show in the show's introduction...
LAWRENCE> Feliz cumpleanos de diez y seis! (Happy 16th B-day!)
ROBBY> Sorry! I'll go bother someone else then, 'kay?
KATE> Welcome! Make yourself at home by punishing Mr. DC for any and all technical problems!
WILEK> [I thought they were assimilated] Tell that to the creativity demon resposible for that bit!
AARON> [Brooklyn pets Pikachu] *snickers and has trouble stopping!*
ARIS> Mab... Mab... Isn't she the queen of dreams or something? And if she's so powerful, where is she? (Hope that's not a stupid question!)
SOROW> That's fantastic! Congrats!
ANY ORSON CARD FANS IN HERE> Anyone ever read one of his books called 'Wyrms'?

Carrying Iron to deal w/ fay> Here's an interesting idea: Making/ wearing iron jewelry. It would be easy to carry around, and could be a great help in a severe tight spot! There's a whole lot of things it could be applied to: hair pins, rings (though you'd probably have to punch them for that to be effective), necklaces (of the chain variety), chopsticks (the kind used in some hair styles), etc. A lot of these hurt _without_ being made of iron! Good idea, or just an idle mind?

How I'd react to Gargs> One thing I've learned from reading so many stories (and not necessarily fantasy) Is this: NEVER judge by appearance.
If one saved me on the street: First off, I'd still be recovering from the adrenalin rush of being attacked to say anything. As soon as I got my voice back, I'd probably still have a hard time speaking, but I'd at least try to thank them before screaming! Finding that, despite the glowing eyes and fangs, they weren't going to bite my head off, I hope I could gather my wits enough to ask just what they were!
Of course, I might just pass out. It's hard to predict a 'what if'!
If I found out they existed via the 'Hunter's Moon' Incident> Watching the footage, I'd probably notice that a couple of the 'creatures' are carrying other injured gargoyles. So I'd be suspicious of the story the newscaster told, that the gargoyles blew up the clock tower. If they had plotted to blow it up, how would the gargoyles have become hurt if they knew about it? And wouldn't two or three gargoyles suffice to blow something up instead of seven? Just how did they blow it up anyway? With these reasonings in mind, I would ignore the media and propaganda for the most part. I'd make a special effort to avoid the screaming lunatics and bigots, because too many innocent people get hurt with hate groups involved. I would support PIT and maybe even join it. But I'd try not to make any permanant conclusions without actually meeting a gargoyle.
Oh yeah: Please please PLEASE tell me there's another season of Reboot!
Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!
(Five months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps.)

Argent (aka Tribe Fanatic)
stable, USA
Thursday, April 15, 1999 07:02:20 AM


[At Disneyworld, SJ and Kari are trying to get the hounds off of Pluto, and Wilek is wandering about, trying to decide what to do first...when he sees the Dalek that arrived with the Doctor. Since it's screeching "Exterminate!" repeatedly, Wilek guesses it's not from the research station. He ducks into a building as the Dalek opens fire...]


Dang, I'm late tonight...

Dreadnaught> Welcome back! :D

The Sanity Test> I know I'm more insane than the score I've gotten; they just don't ask the right questions. :/ (I love the question about naming the voices in my head. Name them? I made fanfic characters out of them! <g>)

Religion and fiction> Well, IRL I'm a literal creationist, but in my ficverse, the world came about through theistic evolution, in order to explain a few things. (Trust me, you'll get it.) I do intend to incorporate a religious theme into my ficverse, though. But I won't tell you what. Heeheehee.

Serenity> Your questions...are interesting, but being a garg myself, I find it a little difficult to speculate much along those lines. Although I know I'd probably have a hard time harboring ill will toward anyone or anything that rescued me from a criminal. And...well, I'd be inclined to distrust the media, since a lot of its stories about gargs seem rather sensationalistic. As for the Quarrymen...well, no matter what my first impression of gargs would be, the Q-men are complete psycho-puppies, so I'd probably be more on the pro-garg side.

Lawrence> In case I forgot before (which I probably did), happy birthday! :D

The original villains of my ficverse> Well...just at the moment, I only have one, so I'll come back and answer this when I have a few more. I do have several evil alien races that I don't know if I'll be using; I could tell y'all about them if you like...

Aaron> Kewl Brook/Pikachu scene. (Why does he always repeatedly touch stuff that shocks him? He did it on Fortress 2, he did it on the Timedance if I'm not mistaken...he can't be *that* dumb.)

Dumlao> Oh, man...I had no idea you had that kind of personal problems. I'm truly sorry. Um...kewl ROM list. I notice that you don't have the SNES games Actraiser 2 and Rockman And you want 'em?

Aris> <<The "I can't say *anything* about the future" idea is kinda stupid in the Gargoyles Universe since the future is unchangeable.>> You would be most surprised. I always thought it was the *present* that was unchangeable by altering the past. The future hasn't been written, so it can be changed from the present or the past.

Jaden> <<How did you like the Daystrom Institute?>> Ah, I can't believe I forgot to comment about that earlier--it was absolutely magnificent! Extremely kewl tech stuff, and they had lots of pics of non-Federation craft that are extremely hard to find, like the Species 8472 bioship. Very neat.

Aaron> <<You guys thought the Borg Queen was sexy, didn't you?>> Not really; I'm interested in her in a rather nonsexual 'oh isn't this kewl' sort of way.

Baby Fey> Wow, you're in touch with Ravyn? Kewlness. Tell her she's missed around here, it's just a little bit too sane here without her. :)

$Argent> <<Is there anyone we could hook up with to show us around?>> Say no more! I've been there something like three times, and I have a fair idea of where and where not to go. I'm no expert, and I haven't seen everything, but I have a basic knowledge of the floorplan.$

New ep (no spoilers)> Not much to say about this one, other than it's excellent as usual. That pic is incredible, though. I wonder if the artist takes commissions...Hm, does Etolie remind y'all of anyone...?

SJ> That movie that TNT tried to make...if they'd done that, I would have gone over to Ted's office and pulled the idiot's head off myself. Sometimes it's hard to be faithful in a world where certain ppl never get hit by lightning...

Heather> Great pic. You're very kewl looking. :)

SOROW> Congratulations! :D

Kaito and several others> Garou? Sabbat? Kindred? House Ventrue? I'm confused. What are you all talking about?


[Wilek calls the Avatar Of Ganon on his cell phone. "Administrator? Could you send down a few of our Daleks?...what do you mean they went back to the research station?...Alright, send down a few Borg. There's a Dalek down here, it stowed away in the Doctor's TARDIS, it's on a rampage. Fine, just send some help!"

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Thursday, April 15, 1999 05:57:56 AM

Well, just stopped by before I pass out ...

Sorow: Congratulations! :)

Kyryn: You know, I always wondered what would happen if I started throwing vulgar magic around while a Garou was in Crinos form ... since the humans are affected by Dilerium anyway, I doubt paradox could kick in as hard. Hm ... it would be fun to get away with throwing fireballs down mainstreet without having proverbial Reality Police on come down against me. I'd love to go Copperfield once in a while. *Chuckles mischievously* Anyway, have fun with the Leeches :) *Glances to SJ and waves* Have fun with the pit-bulls. :)

Kyryn: FYI, the last time I saw a Garou in a fight it attacked a Traditions mage, a Get of Fenris was trying to rip apart a Son of Ether. The mage turned the Garou's fur into silver. The Etherite was Doxed [Mage vulgar argot for "Plagued with Paradox"] for about a year, but I think you can picture how much worse off the were-wolf was ...

Hm ... so ... what do I do when I'm lying awake at night ... I roll onto my back, throw off the covers, and contemplate ... TEMPORAL MECHANICS ... Wow ... I really need to write this out or I'll never get it out of my head and thusly never sleep.

On Time Travel: I too am a firm believe in free will and deny predestination, Kyryn. One point I like to make is that there is no assurance that the future as Brooklyn experienced it when TimeDancing is the future that will manifest without his intervention. In our own past someone could've arbitrarily choosen to take a left turn instead of a right, getting into a car accident as a result. The victim of the accident might be inspired by his brush with death to over-achieve. As a result, he never drops out of Harvard or creates DOS in his garage. As a result the young Bill Gates goes on to become a prominent Lawyer or something, but not head of Microsoft. In the space of 15-25 years, the intimate details of the future are changed.

The second point about time travel I want to make regards paradox. Paradox only occurs when you do something that negates your ability to accomplish that task. Since there are an infinite number of possible futures hinging on an infinite number of choices, Brooklyn can only dance into one of them. There is no garenty that the time stream he lives in now will become the one he visited, with or without his interference. He CAN NOT, however, go back and eliminate himself or counteract his own past. Again, killing yourself before you can go back in time to kill yourself is the extreme example. The theory I like to accept is the harder you push to generate paradox, the more danger you put yourself in.

The big difference between paradox and changing the future, however, lie in what your relative history is. You can't change yourself by changing history so that you never make that change. Thusly, you can go to the future and come back to live differently, but not change your own past.

Note: eliminating the eventual experiences you have while time traveling by changing the past does not count because there are infinite possible futures relative to your starting point. You still had them, just in another possible future. It is all about Point of Origin for those who get out of the time stream only to get back in further along one way or the other.

Of course, this is only a theory, but it makes a lot of sense and permits the utmost freedom without risking paradox in a universe or multiverse. Of course, one could always ignore paradox, but that can be rather messy.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Thursday, April 15, 1999 02:43:35 AM

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MADE OFFICER!!!!!!! *laughs and cries insanely* Sorry :) I've never been soooooo happy!!!!! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow after I've read the comments from today and the ep. I love you all for your support!!!!! Til tomorrow! OKIloveyoubyebye! :)
Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:55:49 AM

**Kyryn rides in on a ten-speed bike, balancing carefully and trying not to get her wings and tail caught in the spokes**

Ah, I went bike riding for the first time in about four years this evening. It felt good, but I'll probably be sore tomorrow. Boy, the wind has come up now. Gargs would probably have a hard time flying straight tonight.

On meeting gargs> My life is already a weirdness magnet. I'm the one who keeps expecting to see Totoros waiting at little country bus stops at night. I would probably be impressed and think that it was real kewl.

Heather> Extremely kewl picture!

Timedancing> The future is always changeable. I for one, don't believe in predestination. It makes life too predictable. Brook should be able to affect things if he is in his proper time. (IMHO) I would think that Brooklyn would keep his beak shut in order to make sure that certain events do happen. Hey, he doesn't necessarily know everything, either. Maybe he has to guess at some things and therefore act. He might not be able to tell/change certain pivotal events because they may affect certain other events. Who's to say? I've always found time travel fascinating because of the different speculations about how time occurs. I see it sort of like life now. I can't go back and change events in the past, but I have several branching roads that I can make choices of in the future. Maybe those roads drop off and disappear as I make my choices. It's fun speculating.
NOTE: The above is my own opinion and speculations and not to be construed as that of TGS.

People I obsess over> 1}Okami, of course. If I didn't, he would wonder and vice versa; 2)TGS (I know it's not 'a' person, but you try being an editor and see what happens; 3)My family; 4)Myself (I'm a worrier by nature :))

BTW, for all those Leech, I mean Vampire, fans in the room, I happen to like Garou (it has nothing whatsoever to do with Gin Tetsu Okami being a Glasswalker, :) ) and occasionally play a Black Fury Warsinger who goes into battle with a walkman and a couple of kukri klaives.

Dumlao> I hope that things go as best they can. I know what it is to lose a family member by bits and pieces. I lost a grandmother that way over several years due to small strokes.

Caern> I listen to a fair amount of talk radio (mostly the local and political stuff)- RTOFL at the RP.

Doug and Kitania> Thanks for the good wishes. We're getting into the one month and counting jitters and mad rush to get things done.

TGS break> All I can say at this point is that it depends on when Timedancer finishes and Dark Ages begins.

If I've forgotten anything, forgive me. I've had a long day of threatening computers.

**Kyryn opens the door and tries to ride the bike out. The wind catches her wings and she goes sailing away, still peddling madly***

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:53:44 AM

Anonymous: When nature does not permit, then it's time to improvise. More than likely the hatchlings on Avalon were fed with some kind of natural nutritional supplement which would replace naturally produced breast milk. If there were any crops available on Avalon, the supplement would most likely be made from this.

This is the only possible solution. There are only two others, both of which are improbable and unlikely:
1) The hatchlings' metabolisms were magically altered by the Magus in order to lessen their hunger, or
2) Katherine was pregnant when they came to Avalon. Because she had no natural child, most likely if this were the case she would have suffered a miscarriage but still been producing milk ... while probably not enough to sustain an entire gargoyle clan, it would be sufficient for a limited amount of time.
Keeping in mind, though, that Katherine was unmarried and, as far as anyone knows, still a virgin ... that second theory is shot out of the water. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, April 15, 1999 12:50:20 AM

I just thought of something. In the last Gargoyles/Pendragon ep there was mention of hatchlings in the London clan. That must mean there are hatchlings in Guatemala too. How are they going to feed them all? In Ask Greg it said that gargoyles communal breast feed. But there are only two adult females left. How will they manage? For that matter, how did the Princess manage? Ye gods now I'll never get to sleep.
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 11:58:59 PM

****BRIEF RP*****
Meanwhile at Disney World, SJ, Kari,and the Hounds have arrived....
Jim is still staring dumbfounded at his sister, in her goddess enhanced form. " did this happen?"
"Necklace of Athena," she says, proudly displaying the golden chain around her neck, covered with brightly colored jewels. "Makes me the earthly Avatar of the goddess Athena." Her face hardened. "So NO funny business, or I stick you with my spear."
SJ stares at Kari dreamily. "She's so cute when she's dangerous...."
"Oh My God!" someone cries out. "Something's attacking the guy in the Pluto suit!"
SJ looks around for the Hounds....and doesn't see them. "Dang it, this happens everytime I come here! Sable, Drake, you'd better not be eating the mascots again!"

Aris: I know that in our world, Odin/Loki/Anubis were just mythological "gods". I meant in the Gargoyles universe. Admitt it, if you were a worshipper of them, you placed your beliefs in them and had faith in them as being these supreme'd probably be a little depressed to learn that they're not quite as supreme as they claimed to be. Personally, whether they chose to be considered gods or not, I always thought they really didn't need a guy like Oberon bossing them around. Come to think of it, some of the fay (especially Puck) got along pretty well without being under the big blue elf's thumb.

As for why should Anubis take down Oberon? Why not? I've always thought him to be a prudish ass myself. "King of the Faeries" or not, he should learn some humility. Guess I can't blame him too much, though. He seems to have been raised since birth to view others as inferior. Still, he could strive to be a little more sympathetic to the other two races.

False Gods: Well c'mon, if you were God, would you want everyone to ignore you and focus on worshipping a little block of wood, or a small stone statue? I'd give man the choice to choose between me and others, but I'd pretty much try my best to convince him that I, the true God, would be the better choice. Which is sorta what He does in the first place.

TRUE STORY: This whole debate thing reminds me of a true story I heard from way back. Apperently, the geniuses over at Turner Network Television (TNT, the station famous for wrasslin' and westerns) wanted to make another Biblical made-for-TV movie. They'd made a few in the past, ones about Samson, and Moses, etc. This one was about the J-Man himself, Jesus Christ. Only instead of being a nice, peaceful Son of God with a quiet power, Jesus was gonna be a muscular, flying around on strings, shootin' electricity outta his fingertips kinda Savior. No joke. They wanted to make Jesus Christ: Superman. Gonna take on and kick the collective asses of the Roman army. Fortunately, the exec got their heads out of their arses and decided not to make the film. Big surprise that Ted Turner ("Gee, I didn't think the Pope would take that Pollock joke THAT badly!") owns the company that nearly made such drivel.

Britney Spears: Apperently she has implants. At 17. I shall refrain from further comment, because it'd get me banned.

Jeri Ryan as Borg: Oooooh! You guys liked her like that? With them tubes comin' out of her, and that....ugh, corpse look? You're all very, very odd people! ;]

Meeting Gargoyles: Depends on who it is. Goliath or Brooklyn, I'd probably be scared out of my wits. Demona or Angela.....hmmm, let's just say they'd be a little easier for me to relate too! :)

Coyote & female voice actors: I wonder what Alyson looks like? Actually, I'm a fan of Tara Charendorff, who does the voice of Batgirl on Batman, and was Kylie on Extreme Ghostbusters. She's pretty cute IRL too.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 11:33:43 PM

Hi. Okay, I was rereading my last post, and boy do I sound self-absorbed! *embarrassed* I don't think like that _all_ the time, or everyday, though I do ponder those things. I think I was in a strange funk from lack of sleep. *sighs, still feeling like an egomaniac*
Anyway, on to stuff I missed.

DumlaoX> Sorry about your grandfather. My family worries about my grandfather too. He refuses to stay in a nursing home.

Coyote the Bando> A religious cult that uses the Monopoly board as the basis of its teachings? Sounds like a sort of take on society today. :-)

Er, guess that's all for now.

Blue Caeru
Florida, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 10:58:49 PM

Five people that I'm obsessed with (fictional and non-fictional).
1) Stanley Kubrick (In case you haven't already guessed)
2) Angela (Don't say one word. I know I'm weird. Besides, a guy can fantasize, can't he?;)
3) Wolverine (I assure you it's not for the same reason as the previous one. It's 'cuz he's the best there is at what he does! I'd like to see him beat the hell out of Demona... or Joseph Feins... or maybe the @$$holes who created the "One Saturday Morning" line-up.)
4) Me.
5) The Vice Principle of our school, Brant Bemus. (He's a funny guy. Imagine David Spade in Vinceant D'Nofreo's (sp?) body. I've been thinking of thinking of making a fan-fic character out of him.)

Tim P.
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 10:45:14 PM

My reaction to real gargoyles? Hmm. Well, because of the nature of my job, I've run out of things to be afraid of, I doubt I'd be scared if one landed in front of me. My precise reaction would depend on which gargoyle had just appeared. Goliath or Brooklyn, I'd just stand there and wait and see what happened next. If it were Angela or even Demona (hell, any female gargoyle, for that matter), I'd probably ask her out to dinner Saturday night.

Aaron: Actually, yeah, I think the Borg Queen was pretty hot. Her mannerisms were kind of annoying (but then, so was everything else in that movie), but I'd still do her if I didn't have to listen to her talk ...

DumlaoX: Gotta agree with you about Keanu Reeves. I actually thought he did a fairly good job in Johnny Mnemonic. Could've been better, but it sure could've been worse. He did an excellent job in The Matrix. Hell, you wanna see bad acting, just go rent anything starring Van Damme or Chuck Norris. Reeves is doing just fine.

Okay, now for a SHAMELESS PLUG ... sorta. I just posted a revised version of "The Far End of the Dark Side." I altered a few details, changed a couple of scenes around, and added a couple of new scenes to correct some continuity problems.

Okay, Shameless Plug over. You can come out now ... :)

Oh, almost forgot--five people I'm obsessed with ....

George Carlin. One of my heroes.

Hunter S. Thompson. He just has such a wonderful way with words. "What do you mean, didn't inhale? What the hell do you think we smoke it for?"

J. Michael Straczynski. No explanation needed.

The guy most directly responsible for dumbing Gargoyles down and getting it cancelled, whoever he is. Because I wanna kick his ass.

And, finally, Demona. She's just such an interesting character. I love the tragic elements in her past, which keep her from being just another cookie-cutter villain, and ...

**sigh** Oh, okay, I admit it--it's because I wanna have sex with her. :P

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 10:43:05 PM

Presenting the new TD ep (a couple hours early tonight since East Coast folks with Dilbert day jobs need to be in bed soon):

Man's inhumanity to man takes on a new meaning for Brooklyn and Sata.

To The Soul

Written by Carolynn "Aerie" Marie

Outline by Rahsaan Footman

Illustrations by Damocles

Patrick Toman
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:54:10 PM

My favorite general interpretation of God I ever heard came from my friend Gary, from Moscow. I was once asking him what he thought about God, the universe, everything, and asked him to pick one to start the discussion. He then raised an eyebrow and said, "Kai, (used my real name IRL) God ~is~ Universe."
If you aren't satisfied with the face the current religions put to God, then good for you. Neither am I. I actually don't really care what God looks like. He is beyond anything I could comprehend in my lifetime, but that doesn't stop me from learning and trying my best to understand more and more each day.

Jesus: Jesus is a touchy subject between monotheistic religions because of the human flaw we have with cutting off Canon scripture at a certain point at the maturity of a religion. Jews I know take a "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" stance on Jesus, much like the Catholic priests I know take on Mohammed (actually, they have a consensus that Mohammed was a great holy man). The Moslems acknowledge Christ and Moses both as at least some of the greatest prophets of Allah (though behind Mohammed). When it comes to God and Jesus nobody needs to be so totally blunt as to make a statement in fiction saying that one group's dogma is better than another's.

> Thus in the end I think that the best solution may be to leave him outside of the story all together. We've seen ghosts, etc, which mean that there is an afterlife, but it's better to make it any more specific than that where theology is concerned. <

It is very infrequent that God does anything in the last 1000 years without working through people. People are flawed, so generally they have to use God's blessings to do as they see is best. I've never had God actually ~do~ anything in even my own fiction. He has a few champions, who are flawed just like everyone else. The trick about my faith at least is that while God is an absolute, He almost never (if not never ever) spells out what you are supposed to do, nor violates free will.

Brooklyn talking about the future: One of the favorite time-travel explanations I got out of a physics professor at MIT: "In the presence of an immutable future, paradox will inevitably correct for anyone interfering with the 'normal' flow of the time stream. The most you try to insure you will not be yourself born, the more ludicrous and dramatic will be the coincidence that prevents you, even to the point of freak lightening strikes, truck accidents, and gas-main explosions killing you before you can accomplish your mission." The line to be drawn between where one can exercise writer's prerogative in fiction is paradox. Altering Christ simply strikes me as a paradox. That's all.

Jackal: The Catholic interpretation at least, of those passages was that we create false gods out of our own sins, like the Almighty Dollar, sex, drugs, etc. One of the big problems the Hebrews and Israelites had was that every few generations YHWH had to straighten them out because they went off an started worshipping this pagan fertility god or that golden calf. Even Moses noticed this after he came off the mountain, which is why he was so pissed he smashed the first set of Ten Commandments.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:51:08 PM

THAT'S IT DC'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Argent grabs DC in a choke hold. He protests.)
"Wait, wait! You can't blame me for your mistake!"
"MY mista...?!"
(Proceeds to break every bone in his body with Kansetsuwaza (bone lock), Taisubaki (wrist turning), Seiken (regular punch), Uraken (back-fist), Shuto (chop), Haito (Heel of hand strike). and Kansetsuwaza (Kick throw: My favorite!)
I feel better now. Serves him right! (Throws him in a bacta tank in order to do it again, but is told to get off the computer soon.)

$Jim's Party- I've never been to Disney World, and neither has Jewel*D. Is there anyone we could hook up with to show us around?$

I can't say everything I was going to. I'll post tomorrow. DANG! (Performs side-snap kick to the door, then pauses.)
Oh yeah, it can't be an all RP post. Soooooo...

Gotta Jet!
(5 months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Argent (aka: Tribe Fanatic)
furious, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:33:40 PM

Robby> Well, if you really want to hear them: Five different times cross-dressing. Once when I was four. Once for homecoming week (It was a theme day.) Once for halloween. Twice for movies. The first movie has some back-story. The sport I was in, the team threw one big party in mid-winter. We divided into small groups and ach made a movie. They were normally wholesome tales involving greed, murder, back-stabbing, and doing unsocial things to a life-size plastic deer. My freshmen year, the seniors made a kung-fu mini-movie and needed a heroine. End of that tale.

The second movie was an educational film made by a few of my friends for one of their classes. It was about the '20's and bootlegging. I was at the house where they filmed it, helping them with the camera. I was supposed to play a corrupt cop, but that scene got cut before shooting. I played a few bit parts. Then the guy who was supposed to play this little girl didn't show up on time. After a bit of arm pulling, I stepped in. However, the guy showed up just before the tape started rolling. End of story? Nope. A group picture was taken with me in drag, because one of our friends was moving away. Memories. That picture ended up in my school's senior video, which was shown before my graduation while parents are getting settled in their seats. I was one of the most well-known kids in school who didn't participate in a sport with the word 'ball' in it. Happy days. The movie was a hit for the class. Best one, from what I heard. And it even had one of the best movie lines ever.

"It's not bootlegging. Think of it as creative grain storage."
~from the movie.

The food playing thing was just a ritual that built up throughout four years in high school. It almost was an artform by the end...

And right on about that 2001. Let the masses know the truth.

Well, that was long enough. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:29:22 PM

**runs in with a piece of paper in her waving hand** My picture of me by Alison is in ! LOOKKKKIIIEEEEEEEEE!
5 people i'm obess with >
1.) Robby **kisses**
2.) John De Lancie (Q!)
3.) Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy!)
4.) Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway)
5.) N'Sync (Go Justin!)

Heather - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:20:06 PM

5 people I obsess with(in no particular order)> Quentin Tarantino(director/writer: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown), Kevin Smith(director/writer: Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma), Christina Ricci(actress/writer/director: The Opposite of Sex, Pecker, The Addams Family, 200 Cigarettes, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Asylum), Tim Burton(director/writer: Batman, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Beetlejuice), Zach de la Rocha(singer: Rage Aganist the Machine, Evil Empire).
Ordell - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:10:53 PM

My My My, what a busy week we are all having! Oh well, I still haven't finished reading the whole comment room, I'm only halfway through, I had to comment on this weeks EP
While I also agree on the part that Demona and Angela are getting just a teensy much attention (I think it's just until they get back from the trip), I TOTALLY LOVED this EP. I loved the parts on how Angela didn't know which parent she was more like, and when, well, the whole story. It deserves about five or more thumbs up (although who would have five thumbs, I do not know) The pictures was great.
*** End Spoilers/Comments****

Blue Caeru> Happy belated 19th B-day, hope it was a blast!

Sanity> I think there is something wrong with the machine, I was said to be only 52.727272727272727272727272727272727... insane! Isn't that in itself insane???????

Okay, if I missed anything else, sorry, I still have to read the rest of the CR.
Till later,

Sylvia - []
Colo. Spr., CO
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:05:16 PM

**enters, switches out the candles, then sits back in the big chair.**

Nice to have a nice long night to do stuff in, ain't it? :)

Baby Fey: Glad you were able to contact her. **plants hand in chin and sighs for a moment before continuing**

Deuce: Got that right, bandos DO rule!! **stands up beating his chest and howling like his namesake before sitting back down and continuing**

Villains: I think I've come up with a few doozies in my time writing ... let's see, there's the Rokkans (from my fics) and their nearly-completely-without-a-reedeeming-characteristic half-brother race, the Qu'lanth (from my screenplay) ... a character I created based on a literary character (Fagin, a superhuman with a unique attribute: he was a soulless villain because he had no soul of his own) ... a religious cult that used the Monopoly board as the basis for its teachings (don't ask) ...
Everyone's had good points about villains. I do agree with Greg's evaluation (thanks, Kitainia) that villains should bring out a part of the hero's psyche that they want to keep suppressed, or forces a weakness of their character to light. And evil twins (no offense to Lonny) tend to get dull, though sometimes with a twist they become much more exciting (Thorn was my attempt to turn the evil-twin contention on its head.).

Tim P.: I think just about *everyone* that admired Kubrick's work (myself included) is looking forward to "Eyes Wide Shut."

Five favorite people, fictional and non:

1) Ravyn. For what I hope are obvious reasons. **sighs, fixates on the candle, then continues**
2) Joe, a guy who just recently started at the store. Interesting fella, I really like this guy and hope he stays on for a while.
3) Jake Grafton, the protagonist of six of Stephen Coonts' novels ("Flight of the Intruder," "The Intruders," "Final Flight," "The Minotaur," "Under Siege," and "The Red Horseman"), mainly because he's an admirable take no s**t character who knows when he's being screwed and usually takes positive action to make things right. Someone you can really look up to.
4) Robin. The comic book one. He's very well written lately.
5) Alison Court, a voice actress. She specializes in young-to-mid teenage voices (two of her more well-known roles are Jubilee on "X-Men" and Lydia in the "Beetlejuice" 'toon). Honestly, among voice actors she has one of the more unique female voices in the business. :)

RL Gargoyle reactions, part one:
Seeing the various things the gargoyles had done, and being very skeptical of mass-populace reactions to *anything,* I think I would be the first in line for PIT memberships. :) (But you have to consider, I also think that if faster-than-light travel is possible, the only way humanity will pull it off is if we receive alien assistance.)

RL Gargoyle reactions, part two:
I'm getting the living s**t kicked outta me, and suddenly a big gargoyle comes along and saves my butt before it gets killed. You'll have to pry me off with a crowbar, I'll be *that* happy. :)

Aaron: ROTFLMSAO at your Brooklyn/Pikachu bit. :)
As for the Borg Queen ... from a certain perspective you could see a certain sex appeal. I could've done without the K-Y jelly hairdo, though.

DumlaoX: Geez ... well, here's hoping it doesn't happen again, at least for a while.

**sits back in the comfy chair, fixates once more on the candle's flame and sighs, contented.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 08:45:20 PM

Reaction to existance of gargs > like most gamers, I'd be instantly enthusiastic and want to find out more about them ; )

Dumlao > oh, I am sorry to hear about your grandfather! We had a similar experience with Grandma; she was going to drive to the hair salon and wound up getting picked up by the police 80 miles from home ...

Christine - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 08:27:14 PM

Uhh... I'm so tired. Dratted insomnia. Anyway, my post isn't going to be too complicated - I hope...

Doug> Thanks for the outline of your fanfic characters. It really cleared some things up for me. Things can get confusing when one is reading about too many different fanfic universes. :-P

Introducing "religious aspects" into fanfic: That's the author's choice, and doesn't necessarily mean he or she actually believes it or that it's "blasphemy." It's just a figment of the author's imagination. Look at the musicale "Jesus Christ SuperStar." Many people were upset over the way the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene was portrayed; I've seen websites from churches urging people not to go see it because of that.

Kitainia> Good overview on the Fey.

Kaioto and Lexy> :-)

Reaction to existence of Gargoyles: Yeah, I'd be wary at first, even afraid, but I wouldn't side with the Quarrymen; that's much too extreme, and they are much too similar to the KKK. I'd wait and watch to see how the Gargoyles acted. And if I was rescued from a mugging or something by a Garg, I'd be petrified and wouldn't move. :-) But after realizing that they are actually good, I might join the PIT crew. If I never had any experiences with the Gargs, then I would have to rely on the testimonies of others then... this is just a tough hypothetical question! All I know is that I would be very curious.

Green Baron> Okay. ;-)

DumlaoX> I rather feel sorry for Keanu Reeves. True, his acting didn't exactly impress me in "Johnny Mnemonic" at times, but he's done all right in other roles.

The Matrix: I'm getting tired of waiting to see this movie. Everytime I plan to see it, something happens and I end up not being able to. :-P

5 People I Obsess Over: I don't have any true "obsessions" over anyone. I mean, for a while I might go through a phase where I'll sort of obsess over someone, like David Duchovny or Ewan McGregor, but that's not a "true" obsession in this sense because it eventually passes. Yeah, they'll remain on my list of "guys who are nice to look at," but that's it. I suppose I could list people I admire greatly, but I'm not obsessed with any of them. Uh-oh, I think I'm rambling now... *sigh* Anyway, if I had to name someone I was obsessed with, I'd have to say me. Yeah, I know it sounds incredibly narcisstic, but it's not because I love myself. It's because I frequently question myself, my beliefs, and my role here on earth in this society. Are my beliefs justified or am I just being a self-righteous @$$? Will I be helping anyone in the long run of things? How insignificant am I compared to others, and why? What do I really want? Who am I, and do I want to know? Gee, this is depressing me... on to the next topic. :-)

Oberon: Didn't he make the other fey live among the mortals for 1000 years because he was afraid of being overthrown by one of them? He said it was to teach them humility though. Or am I wrong?

******* JIM'S PARTY RP *******
Caeru (since Kaioto just uses the second part of my "name," I'll just do that too for the RP to make things easier) hears the unmistakeable sound of Kaioto's war-cries reverberate through the air vent, and pauses. "Damn, maybe I should have stayed behind after all," she says, feeling very cowardly and asinine. Suddenly, she hears a scuffling sound behind her and realizes that she's not alone in the air vent. She sees the opening to the outside just ahead of her and lunges for it, but something grabs her ankle.

"Heeheehee!" It is an eerie giggle that can only belong to the demon's apprentice, Baby Bop. Caeru manages to land a kick in her/its face, and amid a small spattering of sparks, her ankle is released. "So, they're robots," she thinks as she opens the vent and looks down at the captured audience and cast members from the Lion King show. Three Barneys are standing directly below her, keeping guard. Not giving herself a chance to think, she leaps out from the opening and lands on them ("Ouch!"), crushing their heads onto the ground and into a mangled mess of wires, chips, and some kind of fluid. A glowing green eye flies out of a socket and lands on one of the hapless party-goers. She screams and starts trying to beat Caeru with her fanny-pack.

"Hey!" Caeru says, grabbing the fanny-pack away from the hysterical woman.

"You have no morals! You should be at home taking care of your parents or getting married to your boyfriend instead of living in sin with him!" the woman shrieks.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Caeru protests, standing up to address the strange woman. She narrows her eyes, trying to remember where she has heard that voice before.

"Don't make up excuses, young lady," the woman says rudely. "All of the younger generation is misguided! I'm the only voice of morality left in this nation!!"

"Dr. Laura?!" Caeru asks, widening her eyes.

"The one and only," a man with long frizzy brown hair and wearing dark, round sunglasses says sarcastically. "As for 'living in sin,' would you care to tell us about it?"

"Um, no," Caeru says, recognizing Howard Stern. "Besides, I don't have a boyfriend."

"So you're a lesbian?" Howard asks, leering at her.

"No, I'm not," Caeru replies. "And it's none of your business anyway."

"Don't even go there, Howard!" a rather chubby middle-aged man exclaims.

Caeru sees that it is yet another annoying radio-talk-show host, Rush Limbaugh. She groans. "I was going to stage a rescue for _them_?!" She sighs and looks at the sky, not really wanting to know who else was in the audience...
******* END JIM'S PARTY RP *******
My apologies to people who like Dr. Laura, Howard Stern, or Rush Limbaugh.
Kaioto> Thanks for the "inspiration." :-)

Blue Caeru
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:36:23 PM

Kitainia- Thanks for posting that bit from the ask Greg archive.

Jeri Ryan's- Well, both her looks and character are far more interesting than Kes ever was. And Wilek, you're not alone.

5 people I'm obsessed with- Don't have any. There's a few voice actors and artists who's skill I admire and aspire to, but I don't have fave people. Well, unless you count Heather. **Robby makes a sudden irking noise** And my evil twin Lonny... So says the knife at the back of my neck.

Doug- Geez, long character synopses.

Pistoff- I remember that argument. But the fact is, so many people only think 2000 is the new millenium because they don't want to wait an extra year for the true new one, and it has three nice and shiny zeroes on the end. (And the Y2K may have something to do with it.) Its my graduating year by the by.

Patrick- Its because people get sick of one main character real easily. Whenever anyone gets 5 or 20 episodes in a row they get boring.

Serenity's quiz- Well, if I'd never met them and only heard what the television, I'd probably be afraid of them, though I wouldn't join the quarrymen. But seeing pictures I would also likely go "Cool!" since my whole life has been dedicated to fantastical type creatures.

Second part- My jaw would drop first. And then, it would truly depend on how they look. If they looked similar to how they do in the show, again, I'd go cool!since I've always looked forward to something like that. However, if they looked like some of the paintings I've seen, (Brooklyn is butt ugly in some of the paintings I've seen!) I'd probably be scared. Given a few moments though, and depending on if they spoke, my overall sense of "this is coolness.." would overwelm me.

Aaron- Laughing hard over that Brooklyn and Pikachu bit!

Dumlao- Bill and Ted is what has hurt Reeves so bad, thats for sure.

Aris- "Gargoyles don't really exist" How do you KNOW that?

Brooklyn telling about the future- SInce time can't be changed, what's the point of having your friends worry? Thats what I always figured.


Jim is just wandering around, mingling, tryin some of the rides and discovering how lame they aresince they're made for little kids. After a while, he notes.
"This place is overrun by mice. Particularly that giant six foot one."
The Brain walks by mumbling something. "I hate that mouse. He's already taken over the world..." At about that moment, Sevarius Junior arrives, and Jim looks at him.
"Hey SJ, glad you could make it! Um... Where's my sister?"
"Oh, she's right over there" SJ notes. Jim turns to see his sister, and his jaw drops as he sees her new goddess intermingled form.
"Kari? What happened to you?"

At about this point, Dr. Who arrives. (clickie!) Its the Tom Baker one, complete with 48 foot long scarf. "I can't believe I almost missed one of Jim's parties!" And right behind him, out of the tardis, comes a dalek.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:16:49 PM

And something I forgot: War Planets/Shadow Raiders' second half of the season is under way; tonight's episode is "Period of Adjustment". A full episode list is attached to my name.
Deuce - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:15:14 PM


** Deuce enters the room, eyes glowing white. He spots DC, who is frantically trying to open the APG. Deuce yanks Dis back by the scruff of his neck, and throws him to the floor. Pulling a scattergun loaded with magnesium from behind his back (a gun that shoots small scraps of metal at great force, kinda like a shotgun), he drops a match into the clip. As the metal catches fire, Deuce fires the white-hot metal into DC's abdomen. The AOL man screams and dies. **


Todd> I _loved_ that crossover idea! Especially since Pokémon is on right now, and I'm watching it as I type....

Oberon's attitude> Reminds me of a quote I saw: "Power isn't being able to kick someone's ass; power is being able to kick their ass, yet choosing not to." Oberon can toast any faerie he wants and they know it, but he doesn't. Madoc, on the other hand, can toast any faerie and _does_.

Click my name for an extremely cool Pokémon website!

** leaves, still fuming with rage **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:10:27 PM

If I discovered that gargoyles actually existed, I'd be more than a little taken aback. I'm not sure what I'd do. However, I definitely wouldn't join the Quarrymen, thanks to their actions. Even if the gargoyles really had been evil destructive monsters or demons, the Quarrymen would still have been trouble in my eyes, since (in the Goliath Chronicles version) they show no concern for the possibility that they might injure innocent bystanders, are willing to work deals with notorious criminals like Jackal and Hyena, and (in TGS) are ready to kidnap and murder police officers. Goliath and his clan would never have used such tactics, not even against the Unseelie Court or the "enhanced Archmage". (And those hoods have unfortunate connotations too; I sometimes wonder what Castaway must have been thinking when he included them in the Quarryman uniforms).

AVALON AND ASGARD - I don't think that they're the same place. At the end of "Eye of the Storm", Odin is riding off across a rainbow. Obviously this is Bifrost, the rainbow bridge to Asgard. But Odin couldn't get back to Avalon until after "Ill Met By Moonlight", when Oberon and Titania finally returned there, and indeed doesn't arrive until "The Gathering Part One". Therefore, Asgard must be a separate place, probably a home-away-from-Avalon for the Norse gods.

Incidentally, I've got a Pokemon/Gargoyles crossover of my own, which I thought I'd share here:

Jackal and Hyena decide to attack Team Rocket, which they view as a bad imitation of them (a male and female evil-doer team, after all). They quickly get the upper hand as well, since they decide to start opening fire while Team Rocket's still reciting its "To protect the world from devastation" opening. Team Rocket is forced to run for its life, James whining, "It's not fair! Those dirty rotten cheaters attacked us before we could even finish our lines!" Meowth turns to the camera and comments, "Look who's calling someone else dirty rotten cheaters!"

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:40:59 PM

Hello all, Just a tiny non-spoiler for Timedancer tonight. Read "From the Heart" its in the first season of TGS. I'll leave you salivating over that. Toodles.

Taleweaver - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:38:11 PM

<<If only there were 17 yr. old girls that looked that wonderfully slutty back when I was in high school>>
16 is legal in the State of Ga! I don't have to say "if", heheheheee
<<**starts to say something, then laughs until he can't breathe, gives up and just shakes his head**>>
Naw.., tell me man, it can't be that bad..., believe me I heard BAD...
Sevarius Jr., brought up a good point, in another 2 thousand years or so, they'll make a cartoon practically mocking the christian god, christ and satan. So to hell with it!
<<I believe in God, so i know these things dont exsist..>>
By your own bible, Jehovah is the only god that demands worship and is jealous of other gods..., meanings there's a possiblilty of there being more gods (not those men just make up).

Ga, Usa
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:31:30 PM

About to go for the day, but before I do I must exorcise this creativity demon. SJ suggested a Chou Yun-Fat/John Woo thing with Elisa and Maddoc. But how 'bout this: Get Dracon in on it too. Get that whole Replacement Killers thing going.

Tony and Elisa are doing an info exchange when they're attacked by halflings. The halflings take out all of Tony's guys, and that just leaves him and Elisa alone in the warehouse. Fortunatly, Dracon's been looking to try out some of his new iron weaponry...

I gotta get me a cool way to leave like Cyrway has.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:27:07 PM

I finally located Ravyn at school, and now I'll be able to readily give her messages from here hopefully. Had to chase her down though, since she doesn't know me...

Once again if anyone has any messages to give to her send it through my email and I'll give them to her.

Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:11:33 PM

Jaden finds Orion and Lathrop sitting at a table not doing anything too interesting. "Okay you two we've got a big problem and Doug says that you may be able to help."
The two look at the werewolf. "What's the problem?" Orion says looking concerned.
"There's this really bad guy out there who can turn his body into a mist, melt into shadows, and has established a link with me so he knows what I know. Doug wants to see if you can block him somehow."
Orion gets up and moves toward Jaden. "Well, we will have to think about this one, but for now there is only one way that will prevent Hades from reading your mind."
"What's that"...<POW>
Lathrop gets up and looks at Jaden, unconsious. "Why'd you knock him out?" Screen fades out
****END RP!!!****

Aaron-That's true but you'd think they'd be nice just once.

Brooklyn telling the future-It's kind of weird if you think about it. I mean is he supposed to tell them about the future or not. I don't even think that he knows

Insanity test- Guess what! I'm a loony! 69.0909090909091%
Now that I think about it I'd say that's about right.

Wilek Nereus-How did you like the Daystrom Institute?

The Matrix-I recommend the sound track.

Meeting Gargoyles before Hunter's Moon- If I had no previous experience with Gargs before then, I would like to think that I would have tried to talk to them.

After Hunter's Moon-I'd be looking for a P.I.T. sign-up sheet. HAMMER CARRYING MANIACS BE DAMNED!!

If I heard about Gargs. in New York right here and now I would probably do something like this..."Flight 301 to New York is now boarding at gate 1."

Well I got class soon so see ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 05:43:51 PM

Aris> EBE stands for Extra-terestrial Biological Entity
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 05:21:47 PM

Re Oberon> Sometimes I wonder if I'd understand his actions better if he was in the form of a old man instead of a blue-skinned fay still in his prime. Maybe his mind is closer to that of an old man. He's very proud and full of himself and set in his ways, not unlike an old grandpa I used to know. But his order to his fay subjects to spend 1000 years in the mortal world and live among them was not without merit. Titania learned from the experience and probably a few other fay did as well. I wonder how the mind of a fay ages. Their bodies may be immortal but how does time affect their minds? Some may age faster than others. Some may have minds that seemingly never age (like Puck perhaps). Others, like Oberon, may have minds that age faster due to their responsibilities and power level. Some humans in their 80's have very young minds while others seem old and stodgy in their 30's (and even earlier). Maybe something similar happens with fay.

Serenity> Interesting poll. After watching how humans reacted to being rescued by gargoyles in the TV series I thought about how I might react...and here's what I came up with:

Part 1: After hearing about gargoyles on the news I probably wouldn't believe any of it without a great deal of further proof. I don't trust the media and I'm extremely skeptical of what I hear on the news. I might look at the PIT literature, check out their website, or maybe even attend a meeting to see the sort of people who were into that sort of thing. But this would be largely for my own amusement and not because I believed any of it. And I wouldn't go for the Quarrymen organization at all. They destroy too much public property and I don't care for their recruitment tactics which are based on hate and fear of what is different. Not to mention the fact that they spray entirely too much ammo around when ostensibly trying to shoot gargoyles. Some of it may eventually come in my bedroom window. Even if, for the sake of argument, I entertained the notion that living gargoyles might exist, I would not be interested in destroying them. I'm like that about endangered species, and since I'd have never heard of living gargoyles before, I would assume they were very rare and therefore "endangered."

Part 2: If gargoyles rescued me from a mugging -- I wouldn't move a muscle, wouldn't say a thing. Initially I'd be too shocked. Also I read somewhere that if faced with a wild animal, like a lion, the best thing to do is try to remain calm and not run away. If you run, they're more apt to think you're prey (and food). So my initial reaction wouldn't be too far from what I'd do after my brain caught up with the situation. But I think as soon as one of the gargoyles spoke (they usually ask something along the lines of "Are you all right?") that whatever emotion I'd been feeling would change to something more like fascination. {I say this because of a previous experience I had where I thought I might die. I wasn't scared of dying at all. I was very calm and objective. It was almost like I was outside my body and watching myself from a distance. I told myself "Well, now you're going to find out what it's like..."} Also it wouldn't particularly matter which gargoyle spoke. Their size wouldn't affect me so much as their unusual appearance. Not that I wouldn't be trembling rather violently, but it would be more from excitement than fear. I would certainly thank them. Then I would probably turn into a motormouth and ask them all sorts of questions, trying to find out as much as I could about them and keeping them with me as long as they'd stay. I might even ask if I could shake hands with them so I could see what their skin felt like. And if I managed to cajole a handshake off one of them I'd probably ask for a ride. No lie. I mean, when would an opportunity like that present itself again? Nothing sadder than a missed opportunity you know. And oh the questions I'd ask them. Where were they from? Why did they stay in New York? Why hadn't I even heard of them until recently? Could I see them again?... They'd probably think I was weird and count their blessings next time they saved a person who merely ran away screaming.

So, to sum up, I wouldn't believe gargoyles existed until I met one myself. But after that I'd end up going totally silly over them. Remember how Elisa told Matt (in the Revelations TV ep) how she felt special for knowing them? There hasn't been much out of the ordinary in my "real" life. Mostly it's been pretty boring and often disappointing. So if anything like living gargoyles ever showed up I'd wellcome it and, perhaps unwisely, trust in it. It isn't so much about being brave as about what is most important in my life. Am I more interested in saving my skin and playing it safe or in exploring what fascinates me? I'd want to live the experience of meeting them to the fullest - not waste time with being scared of them (which would serve no useful purpose) - because the opportunity might never come again.

Jenniren - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 04:59:10 PM

Airwalker> I pretty much agree with what you say... Many writers and people in genearal view Oberon as a real bastard, but I've always seen him in a more benevolent way- after all in primitive times a power such as he held could have been used to enslave all of humanity, but not only he didn't do that but he didn't even act in such a way as to demand worship. Moreover with his non-intervention law he stopped other fays from trying to control humanity. **** SPOILERS for the fic I'm writing **** In my story I make a comparison between Oberon and another very powerful fay of primitive times - Cronos. Both are very arrogant concerning their superiority over humans and other fays. But where Cronos actively desires the worship and obedience of both inferiors and peers and is jealous of his power (a fault that leads to his demise), Oberon is much more relaxed where his authority is concerned, demanding obedience to his orders, but not often giving orders. ***

Kaioto> Well you've really confused me with the sci-fi angle... Did you do that with purpose? And what's with the Nexus talk? This isn't star Trek. History is immutable and the continuum is safe, no matter what Brooklyn says or doesn't say. The "I can't say *anything* about the future" idea is kinda stupid in the Gargoyles Universe since the future is unchangeable.

Macbeth is also a historical figure. I doubt you're saying that one can't place unreal events in one's story. That's the meaning of the word 'fiction'. Gargoyles don't really exist, you know...

The problem with inserting a monotheistic God in your stories is that a monotheistic God is exclusive: you can't have many Allmightys - certainly not enough to include Hebrew, Christian and Muslim version of the one Allmighty god. If you include Jesus as truly the son of God this doesn't come into opposition only with atheists, but also with Jews etc...

(My problem with stories that include god is also the following: God doesn't appear as only an omnipotent character but also as supreme and absolute moral compass - while people can debate about whether e.g. Goliath's actions were right or wrong, or whether Titania is a benevolent manipulator, or an arrogant !##!@ we're always supposed to agree and cheer with God's deeds. God -forgive my blasphemy- is the ultimate Mary Sue.)

And I think you are misusing the terms atheist or agnostic. What about people like me who do care to know if God exists, but don't know if he does, AND certainly don't believe in the known versions of monotheistic gods?

Finally, where justification of belief is concerned: One doesn't have to believe in fays to enjoy a story about them - the same way I didn't have to believe in God to enjoy Prince of Egypt. But though I accept the fays as *fantasy elements* (suspension of disbelief), accepting god is a required second suspension of disbelief which is made more difficult by the fact that I've never seen a writer include God in a story as a fantasy element - I get the idea that they include him as they believe him to be, as a real non-fantasy character - which makes him a bit harder to swallow.

Thus in the end I think that the best solution may be to leave him outside of the story alltogether. We've seen ghosts, etc which mean that there is an afterlife, but it's better to make it any more specific than that where theology is concerned.

Aaron> What is EBE?

Christine> In Ask Greg, it was said that Oberon was the most powerful of the fay with the exception of his mother Mab.

Deuce> Ancient Greek was much different, but from the little I know of it, it doesn't ring a bell (moreover since the Ancient Greek gods were certainly gender-oriented I'd consider it strange) It was most probably one of the other two languages.

Aris Katsaris - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 03:51:10 PM

OBERON AND FEY POWER LEVELS - I've always thought that the way Oberon and his subjects are seen by the other two races kind of defined the level of personal development that each of the Fey in question have achieved.

Anubis, Odin, Anansi, they are all seen as gods, and allow themselves to be taken for gods. Massive mythologies surround them and people still study about them to this day. Oberon however is just seen as a Faerie king, and if not for Shakespeare, I doubt that many people would even have heard of him.

But he IS king of all the Fey. He doesn't need to show off his power or status because he actually has it. It doesn't matter that people don't think "god" when they hear the name Oberon. The other fey on the other hand, they are subjects. They need that sort of pick me up that they get by being seen as gods by mortals.

This is possibly evidence of how at one point Oberon was one of the more liberal and progressive among his people. He was at some time in the past more tolerant that most of his people towards the other races. (He is the one who instituted the Non-Intervention act. Just because he failed to grow in the last thousand years doesn't mean that he wasn't extrememly advanced a few thousand years before.) He doesn't need for people to worship him or think of him as a god. The other fey however had yet to grow, to expand themselves while in the mortal world for the first time (Oberon expelled everyone from Avalon in 995, but the myths predate that expulsion so there was a point when the Fey were wandering the earth in large numbers) and so allow the misconception that they are something more than fey (and fey SUBJECTS at that) to exist in the hearts of mortals.

(I was watching EYE OF THE STORM yesterday and I began to compare Goliath's first encounter with Odin to his first one with Oberon. Goliath was afraid of Odin. "Odin himself is my enemy!" he said. Yet when he first saw Oberon, he was just kind of acting like "eh, another fey". Odin just had a better agent and more advertising because he's just a subject so he needs to feel big somewhere. Seeing the look on Goliath's face when he announced he was Odin must have made him feel good. Oberon on the other hand has power but no press agent to advertise for him, and he doesn't need it either. He doesn't need to see a look of fear on Goliath's face when he knows that he has all the power. He doesn't need something like that to make him feel good like Odin, Anansi, etc. need.)

Brooklyn, NY
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 03:37:45 PM

Hey, minna! ^_^ (Minna=everyone)(normal "Fire-clause" about spelling. :p)

Hmmm... considering the way of the questions, I'll answer the second First.

Being saved by a Gargoyle, pre-Hunters Moon.=> First, I'd probably help beat up said bad guy. Then, I'd look at the Gargoyle more closely, close my eyes, pray, and... well... "feel" for about a second. Then come to the conclusion that the Gargoyles aren't demons. Then I'd ask, who are you, what are you, and any other assortment of questions. It would matter who it was though. Golath or Brooklyn would probably get less a vocal respose from me. Heck, same with Broadway. Angela, and Lexington I would probably keep talking to. Hudson as well, because he would respond. I might ask for help to get home, because I would be really shaken up about getting mugged, once the adrinnalin wore off. I've worked with guns before, and I know what they can do. And being female, there is that other possibility. Sooo...
Depending on what hapens after that, I would also offer hospitality to them if they ever needed it.
Afterwards I would be obssed with getting to know these creatures better. Also, I'd be very introspective, play the senario over and over in my mind, think about how I reacted, and acted they reacted and acted, and just basicly analize the whole thing. *rolls eyes* I do that about some things.

Finding out about Gargoyles via Hunters Moon> I would pray. And think about it a lot. And then again come to the conclution that they aren't demons, so the worst that they could do is kill me. And philosophse that they are either animal or maybe, possibly sentiant. If they are sentiant, then what are they like. Basicly, I would take a middle to PIT course until I had met them, and found out what they where like for themselves. And I would walk around looking up a lot. ^_^

Deuce and Aris> What it is, I think, is that the Hebrew term that referse to the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (though its not call the Holy Spirit, directly, I'd have to show you...) is a gender nutral term. However, the terms used for GOD (<-in Bibles where they use the all caps is actualy where in the original text it uses God's name, but right now I can't rember the letters. -_-' :p) is male.

Aaron-> Brooklyn and a pikachu: ROFL!

Gotta' go!
XanthWednesday, April 14, 1999 03:30:11 PM

hmm *decides to answer poll*

ok for an odd my mind it is hard to distingwishing (sp!!):P reality from make beleive..*has a hard time explaining* im mean..hmm well i am very open to things. I believe in God, so i know these things dont exsist..but that dosn't mean that i would freak out if faced with them. If i was in NY and had heard all the diff. points of view..i dont think id have an opinion..and i seldom do on news issues cuz i seldom know whats going most likly id say, "ya ive heard of them..i dont know what their like..knowone does..i just hope they dont want to harm us and we dont harm them.."
As far as MEETING one would go..Id go nuts! "COME BACK!! wait dont run away!! wow cool! you really can talk? WOW!" then id go off ranting questions most likly scare them off *G* id probably be determined to see them again and youd better beleive id keep their secret.
hmm thats it i guess..BYE

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, U.S.A
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 03:24:59 PM

**Party RP**
Kaioto stands atop a small heap of broke electronics and pink plastic. His trench coat is tattered, his hands are singed and cut many times over. He sports a black eye from a lucky punch and is breathing heavily, but he's seems much more at peace.
Taking one last survey, he finds Caeru has made her escape cleanly. He shrugs and walks off to the exit. Just as he is about to leave, from one of the rows of seats leaps a pair of surviving purple dinosaur-bots. In a flash, one of them has Kaioto locked in a full Nelson, while the other drops its right hand to the side, like it was flipping a switch-blade. With a robotic cackle, the thing raises its digits, now laden with Freddy-Krugger style blades.
The Seeker desperately struggles to extricate himself, but it is of no use. Exhausted, he can't muster much personal strength, and his bout with his own rage has knocked off his center, rendering his unable to take control of his chi while his body and mind go north and south. Slowly, the blades creep towards their victim.
**Pause RP**

Doug: Well, I have to admit that I've never had the guts to post up my fiction originally. I feel there is something missing in the flow, but I think I know now that it is the fact that I'm adapting to a style of going from one vivid scene to the next. Once I stop being so lazy and give my pieces some revision and better transition, perhaps the first five will be ready to go … the summer will tell.

Pistoff: One of the many fun things about writing a Seeker as my main character … payback time for abusive Fay … Oberon is pretty high on the list before the Unseelie war. Anthony doesn't need iron to handle a Fay … this'll look more like the ugly side of a Street Fighter video game if it comes to blows. More likely Oberon won't risk it without all his cool magical powers at his disposal, but either way, face down in the dirt, or sitting down like a child in a corner, the great Blue one is getting chewed out. Actually, Anthony has a thing about people erasing his memories or trying to screw with his brain. It enrages him more than anything … it'll be a character challenge not to rip Oberon's heart out and eat it.

Kitainia: It think you have missed a sensitive point in both sociology and religion, but you can hardly be faulted for such in a world that dismisses religion and God whenever they are inconvenient.

Mythology and Theology are two VERY different beasts. Mythological "gods" are not historical figures, and are more inclined to be lumped into the "Third Race" category because they share so much in common even if they aren't all European Faeries.

Jesus, however, is a historical figure. To change the make up of such an important historical figure, whether Jesus, Mohammed, Buddah, or Krishna, or even Charlemagne would be to at the very least, subtly change the person's life from the way it was IRL. Arguing on a sci-fi level, not a theological one, with that change in the time stream, the course of human events would be irrevocably altered and grow exponentially in impact until the world 2,000 or 1500 years later might be fundamentally comparable, the details would be altered severely. I doubt there would be a city called New York, or London, or many of the things that make the Gargoyles world a "what if" mirror too our own. Sure 3 races is plausible without obliterating the continuum, as we have been shown in TGS and Time Dancer, but Brooklyn never spills the beans to the Manhattan Clan because they are a Nexus in the course of history, and messing with them could wipe Arianna and Graeme from the Time Stream.

Elessar: I played the CCG too. :) Origins and Gen-Con are a great place to experiment with no-drug relative addictions.

Discovering Gargs:
Part #1: I dunno. I'm divided on this one. Anthony Giovanni is how I'd wish I would be in the TGS world, but not because of Gargoyles, but because of the supernatural. Without getting to be a cleric and do really cool stuff … I'd likely be a bit intimidated, maybe even offended by the existence of something so much bigger than me running around free in the city. On the other hand, even in this mundane existence, I am a Seeker of the Truth. I would have an uncontrollable urge to study and understand them that would get me in trouble. I know I would start walking the streets armed and competent with my weapon. My best shot would be an incessant pursuer, some sort of eccentric scientist gathering data and trying to meet them. My worst, well, that is usually Malakai. His answer to any aberration like the Gargoyles represent is to destroy them or subjugate them. We both despise the quarrymen, however. I'd wind up on PIT unless I went Malakai, in which case I'd be chasing them around with a sniper rifle and a few government agents.

If I were rescued: I have a very good sense of gratitude. If I snapped and went Malakai, I'd likely not have to worry about being rescued , and would not be inclined to pause a moment before filling my rescuer full of lead. As my more stable self, I would likely get over the initial fear much faster due to the 7-year old "Coooool!" mentality I carry around for gargoyles. I'm a hopeless romantic. So, unless I go world-destroying cynic, I'd likely be obsessed with the idea of making friends with gargoyles, just because everyday life is so darn boring. Still, that might be tough if my instinctive reaction is to pull a gun or a katana and be like, "Just b-back the F*** off! I don't wan'na hurt you!"

Aris: I generally don't worry about offending atheists because the Fay already violate all the laws of physics my atheist friends cling to. They are harder to swallow that God. If a person disbelieves in God in the pure atheist fashion, but is willing to believe in Fay … that really leaves the person out of a limb for real disproof of God. Atheists believe that God does not exist, period. Agnostics don't know if God exists and really don't care to find out. There is a huge difference when it comes to justification of belief.

**Resume RP**
With few seconds to spare, the Barney is knocked to the ground by a thunderous punch. Taking advantage, the Seeker squirms out of the monster's grip and retrieves his sword from the wall. In a few quick Iaijutsu motions, Kaioto has left the Barney who had been holding him in pieces.
Kaioto turns around to see Garth Brooks of all people applying to one last cowboy boot to the head, decapitating the evil machine.
"A mite bit unfriendly for a children's toy, ain't it?" the megastar asks, tipping his hat.
Kaioto can only nod as he puts away his weapon and tries to compose himself.
**Fade out**

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:43:48 PM

OK, here's the thing that kept me away yesterday.

Ysterday my grandfather was missing. Again. He suffers from dimentia and a slight case of Alzheimers. We try not to let him go out on his own but when an old man threatens to hit you and you can't hit him back, what can you do? So we went and filed a missing person's report yesterday. We waited and waited. At around 2 in the morning, the cops found him. Apparently he was riding the bus very far away from where we live. Disaster averted. Now if I could just stop all this crap from happening, I'll be fine.

TGS SUMMER BREAK-- Last thing I remember, the staff will indeed take a break. More or less, it'll be in July.

WILEK-- Hit my name. Here's that ROM list of mine I promised to give you.

KEANU REEVES-- So far, I've been reading comments about The Matrix. Most are positive while some are negative, but hey, that's the way it is. What struck me is the same comment in both positive and negative reviews. Keanu Reeves didn't bungle up the movie. It makes me wonder why are people so critical of Reeves? True, he may be no master thespian (but then again, who is) but I know for darn sure he's no bad actor. If anything, he is a somewhat accomplished actor due to the fact that he has played a variety of roles. Action in Speed, The Matrix, Point Break, Chain Reaction, Johnny Mnemonic. Comedy in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure/Bogus Journey. Romance in Feeling Minnesota and A Walk In The Clouds. Drama in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Horror in Devil's Advocate. Unlike a majority of actors out there, he takes on varied roles in various films. And in each film, he does an adequate, if not excellent, job. So why do people despise his acting so much? My theory on this is because he was made famous in a role that pretty much stereotyped him: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. It launched his career and the sequel didn't do too badly either. The unfortunate part is that the role of surfer dude seems to have branded him and will haunt him through the rest of his acting life. Hopefully the man can break that mold with The Matrix but with the way things are going now, he might have to be big in another film to finally break that stereotype.

My 2 cents on the topic.

HAPPY B-DAY-- To all those I missed. Can't remember names right now, unfortunately.

REMINDER-- TimeDancer episode tonight.

***BEGIN RP***

Scene: Nebraska

DX drove the Jeep far and wide, attacking the yugoloths with the onboard weaponry in his car. He fixed his headset and got a signal from T-Loco.

"Any idea what the hell these things are chasing me?" he asked.

"No real idea," she said. "Wait, getting info from the Ravens. Downloading it to you now." As she said this, a transparent LCD overlay was shown on the car windshield, giving a diagram of the yugoloths and some statistical data on them. "Apparently they're some type of magic users. Demons from hell with strong skin and an ability to transport themselves anywhere within a 1 mile radius."

"I hate them already," DX spat out. "So what do they want with me?"

"No idea."

DX shut down the display and concentrated his fire on the remaining yugoloths, which, at last count, were 16 strong. As he turned the steering wheel, he heard a roar come from the passenger's side. He turned to see a yugoloth staring right at him. Before he could whip out a weapon and defend himself, the creature leapt at him, causing the both of them to roll out of the moving vehicle, which stopped a half a mile from when they were ejected. As DX struggled to get up from his fall, the yugoloths got up first and bit his leg, trying to chew it away from him. DX screamed in pain as he pulled out a samurai sword and batted the creature away from him. He collapsed as he looked at his leg. Already mangled and bleeding profuself from the mauling. He looked at the fallen yugoloth, the creature getting up, recovering from the blow, and lunging at him to finish what he started. Suddenly, the monster suffered a convulsion and lay on the ground, agonizing for about 5 seconds before dissolving away into a puddle of blood and bones. At that moment, DX knew the answer. His blood, already virus ridden, was the key. He got up and faced the oncoming yugoloths, which now numbered 15. Wiping the blood on his sword, grimacing as he did so, trying to stand the pain, he held his blade and stood his ground. Within moments, he struck. He started well, defeating 2 yugoloths with his weapon, but the brood proved too strong and easily overwhelmed him, surrounding him and proceeded in trying to eat him alive. Screams of human and creature voices filled the air until silence ultimately prevailed. In the end, yugoloth blood and bones littered the beautiful Nebraska scenery. Amidst this horror was DX. Battered. Bruised. Beaten. Mauled. Bleeding. Still.

***END RP***

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:39:24 PM

The Gargoyles CCG is coming...
Interested? Send me email.
Be seeing you...

Galvatron - []
Long Island, NY, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 01:59:58 PM

D'oh! RC, that's supposed to read: There was a sequel to the Transformers movie?

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 01:45:50 PM

Hoo-hah! I am now officially registered in for the Gathering! I'm working out the hotel room, and now all I need is my plane ticket.

In the Blood> No real spoilers. This ep confirms what I have always felt about Angela. Most of the time, she's *way* more her father's child. But put her in a stress situation, scratch her a little, and her mother bleeds through.

Jesus as fey/halfling> I normally avoid religious debate, like the plague, but if you ever really want to p*ss off religious fanatics, don't advance this theory. Go with the Von Danikin(sp) theory that Jesus, and Mohammed, and several other spiritual leaders were human/EBE cross-breeds.

X-Files> I don't watch anymore. I quit after the third season, when I only really enjoyed two episodes.(Reflections of a Cigarette Smoking Man, and the one where Munch from Homicide guested)

RC> There was a sequel to the Transformers movie. I remember the cartoon ran for another season or two after the movie, reflecting the changes from it, but I don't remember another movie.

Robby> Quote? I meant the way that whole scene, down to the blocking, it taken directly from the movie. (I liked the string bit too:)

Kitainia> Ezekial Stone? Please enlighten me.

Wilek, Pistoff> You guys thought the Borg Queen was sexy, didn't you?

Minor Fic: Brooklyn Pets Pinkachu.







How many times are you going to do that?

Until he acknowledges me as his master.



Aaron wanders off, hoping desperatly to find time to finish his fic before the Gathering.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 01:41:24 PM

Aris> It was either ancient Greek or some other language used widely in the Bibli... possibly Hebrew or Aramaic. I'm sure Greek is much different now than it was thousands of years ago.

Stormy> Thanks for the comment on the pic. I've always been pretty attached to the Rory image (he's Irish, looks something like me, and he has the name of my dog from Grade 6), but I wanted something unique and easily identifiable. And Robby seems content with the room pics, so I whipped this up in about 5 minutes. (I love my scanner, but it's so slow!)

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 01:19:23 PM

Oberon and gods > that bugged me right from the start, especially once we got a gander at Anubis, who weilded such incredible power. I've concluded it must be a political thing, combined with something along the lines of how the gods gained power from being worshipped. Oberon, never worshipped as a god, might actually be less powerful than some of his subjects, but because of politics and tradition, none of them are going to challenge him on it (and of course he wouldn't admit it anyway). Anyway, I'm rambling ...

Christine - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:44:24 PM

**"Meow!! Attila here."
"Attila, this party is a lot of fun. Why don't you come?"
"We're in Disneyland. That's what the invitation said."
"Nope, Disneyworld. It may be a trap. Meathead and his niconazis may be on to your tobbacco smuggling ring in California."
"Oh, Sh*t. You may be right. I think I see a Larry King clone. Gotta go! I'll join you when we're done with this fight."
Attila and the girls arm themselves while Jim steps back and takes off his mask. It turns out to be Alec Baldwin.
Brigitte (Tara Hyde, great niece of Rep. Henry Hyde) gets really angry. "How dare you suggest stoning Uncle Henry!!"
"What are you going to do about it, girlie. I'll tie you up and give you a White House internship, or I'll send you to the Kennedy Compound. They just love teenage girls in catholic school uniforms."
Ted Turner gets to show himself as he sends his Larry King clones forward. Ted Kennedy comes out of the house a little disappointed, so he rushes to the car and drinks some anti-freeze. The five girls face off against Ted Turner, Alec Baldwin, and the clones. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Charleton Heston appears in a tuxedo with an Ak-47, and he goes up to high-five Attila. Brigette and Alec face off, while Charleton and the other scouts face the clones. "Which of you Larry's is good enough for an interview with Charleton Heston?"

The five clones all say, "I am." Then they start fighting to the death, until one clone remains.

Charleton cocks his rifle and shoots the remaining clone. "They always fall for that one. Interview over."

Brigitte grabs her rosary and all the rocks in the area start to rise and pelt Alec Baldwin. "What do you say, jerk? "

Marching sounds are heard as fifteen stormtroopers with anti-smoking armbands appear followed by Rob Reiner. The soldiers grab and restrain the girls as well as Charleton Heston, while Reiner grabs Attila. Attila can only say one thing, "What do ya think you're doing, meathead?"**

Hello everyone.

Blue> It is, but I figured that would be a fun ambush scene.

Lawrence> happy Birthday. BTW, click on my name for an interesting letter. Merlin Missy's website has soem interesting articles on it. She's always a lurker on the TGS CR.

Jewel> Welcome back. Did you get my last e-mail?

Serenity> It is an interesting topic you bring up, and actually I think Greg wisely avoided dealing with it. He basically let us determine how theology would effect the Gargoyles Universe and so it's ultimately up to you. I agree with Kaioto, myself. I intend to involve the Virgin Mary in my fics once I start them up if I can get the time, so I will probably meet some controversy there. As for fey worship, I am curious about that. I imagine Oberon and a few others may believe themselves to be supreme. Actually, Greg did state one thing. he said that fey, Gargoyles, and humans were all created by the same thing, be it God, Evolution, or both. Greg personally believes supports choice C, though he didn't make anything too official.

Surprisingly, Religion is a topic that can be discussed civilly here and in S8 regular. So can politics. It's pretty cool, IMO.

Kaioto> Barney is quite twisted. i created a cross between Barney and Bob Barr in an earlier RP. That should be frightening to all Liberals.

Kitainia> $ I try to learn a lot about Attila. I always thought he was cool. You are right about the ACLU. I guess a few of them are decent, though why some are upset becaus eof the "In God We Trust" on the dollar bill or a Nativity scene in a public square is beyond me. I'm worrid about a day where I will need a permit to own seven rosaries :( BTW, OJ Simpson has been used in an RP as a psychotic killer genetially enhanced by Dr. Sevarius, though he couldn't control OJ, so if things are too easy for one side, you can always have OJ show up and even the odds :)$

I am impressed by your observations. I hope I can create villains that imaginative.

Serenity, polls> I'd take a neutral stance, though I would probably support PIT unless they are a bunch of bleeding-heart hippies, then I would try to institute a conservative pro-garg group. Being a Ctaholic, I despise the KKK and I owuld not want to join an organization that similar. I imagine Cardinal O'Connor would have forbidden Catholics to join the Quarrymen if tehy lasted too much longer or he might have, though that should be kept to my fanfics :)

Second- I would prefer being greeted by Angela, especially if it was when she was being pursued and sick of the trio :) I am not comfortable around big dogs, so Bronx would always make me a little uncomfortable, bit I would probably be more shocked and curious.

Doug> I finished Inheritanc in your fics, so i can't wait to see these new villains. Perosnally, I would like a conservative religious group that would be pro-gargoyle. I guess that will be my job :)

Five people I'm obsessed with> The Virgin Mary, Alan Greenspan, PJ O'Rourke, David Horowitz, and Pope John Paul II.

Resume RP!!
**Alec now grins at Brigete though his face is covered with cuts and he has only one eye, while everyone is restrained by the niconazis. Attila then shouts out, "Did you hear about the marijuana farm fifteen miles south of here? They're giving free pot!" Meathead drops Attila who then attacks Rob's face, while the stormtroopers start running southward. Ted Turner escapes in his car, and starts driving East while Ted Kennedy is passed out in the back. Brigitte summons two boulders that flatten Alec Baldwin until he is just a red spot on the two boulders. Rob finally throws Attila off, thoug Attila manages to take an eye with him. Rob now covering his left eye socket shouts, "I'll get you yet, cat, and I'll end your tobacco smuggling. You're not just cheating California , but you're hurting the children. That is unfogivable." He then disappears in a cloud of smoke.

Attila spits out the eye, and looks at the girls and Charelton Heston, and says, "We're going to Disneyworld." Everyone starts laughing.**

Thomas Forsyth - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:26:25 PM

Hi Kate! WElcome!

Cyrway: re: Elric Them inviting Elric to dinner...never happen. ME, sure I would...though I think that would be the point when they FINALLY start asking questions about my friends. "Um...and could you leave the sword at the door?"

Sanity test: I'm rather disappointed that they never mentioned "Do you carry on extended arguments with the voices in your head...and find yourself losing?"

*rolls eyes* And speaking of the voices in my head...

CYRWAY: re, katanas in midevial Scotland...
*CALIGO scratches his head and says, "Hey, wait a minute..."
WAGNER: DOn't worry, mein freund, at least you had a cool background story to explain it...

Doug: re: Caligo
WAGNER stares at Caligo and says, "My best friend's a villain?!"

and re: your RP
*Wagner trots into the secret underground SS fortress carrying a machine gun, yelling "ALL RIGHT YOU BASTARDS, IT"S JUDGEMENT DAY!!!" But...since the Butt-borgs have already taken everyone away...Wagner blinks, shrugs, and decides to go for a beer.

TGS QUESTION: Last year at this time, TGS took a summer break. Is there going to be a summer break again this year??

Deuce: Kewl pic...and glad to see you didn't give up Rory entirely.

Stormy - [<--Now officially 81 point whatever percent insane]
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:11:48 PM

Deuce>> <<Did you know that the Greek word for God is a plural, gender-neutral noun?>>

No, I don't believe it is. Not the modern greek word anyway. The greek word for 'god' is 'theos' which is male singular. 'theotita' meaning 'deity' is female singular. 'thea'-goddess is also female singular. Which word do you have in mind?

Sevarius JR>> Eh... I'm not certain what you mean. Outside the Gargoyles Universe there are no such things as Odin/Loki/Anubis. Within the Gargoyles Universe, Odin and Anubis exist and are indeed gods by every definition one can think of. They are supernatural magical beings which don't die from normal causes, which exist for millenia in different planes of existence (Asgard-Avalon) etc... Sure they didn't exist from the dawn of time, but neither did Anubis and Odin in their mythologies: Anubis was the son of Nephthys and Osiris (or Seth) and Odin the son of Bor and Bestla. They are not omnipotent but neither were they in their mythologies. They have an overlord Oberon, but Anubis also had one, etc. So pretty much what Egyptians and Norse believed was accurate with few exceptions.

And perhaps Anubis can take down Oberon but why would he want to do that?

Serenity, Kaioto> I actually thought of including Yahweh in a fanfic as one of a group of the most ancient fay. (Others in the same group would include Mab, Uranus, perhaps Thoth, Apep -though I'd most probably use an Aztec Name-, Azrael, etc...) I'm not certain about that now. I'll most probably remove Yahweh from the list and never refer to Azrael as a fay. But not for reasons of blasphemy, etc. After all this is an imaginary series and Gargoyles already go against Christian canon by introducing reincarnation, Anubis - moreover if one introduced God either way (and there are a number of fanfic writers who have introduced him as Allmighty) some people will get offended either way- some among those who don't believe in him for example.

Jewel> Hey! Welcome back!

Aris Katsaris - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:09:51 PM

Quick post!

Serenity: I'd probably react in the same ways you would to hearing about or encountering the Gargs.

Todd: Kitainia and I know gargs aren't really supernatural creatures, but most humans don't. And to them things like stone sleep and magic seem supernatural (it doesn't matter that humans can also learn magic) so they would consider the gargs that way. Guess she should have made that fact more clear. :)

Forgot one major villain last night-
Null: This guy was originally an evil dragon god I borrowed from TSR's Monster Mythology and made the lord of evil dragons in my fics. He's pretty much Madoc's draconic counterpart in that he has the same immense ego and ambition. Null also rules over a society of dragons with a totalitarian and somewhat Stalin-like government in contrast to Madoc's commanding the Unseelie but for the most part letting them do to humanity what they want. Null is also more power-mad than Madoc (the Unseelie has only been denied what he sees as rightfully his for about ten or twelve millenia, Null has been fighting a war to get what he wants and feels he deserves for over two million years!). The evil dragon king has some parallels to Goliath in that he constantly broods over his disappointments in life (but he REALLY hates being reminded of them), and also to Oberon (they share the same pompous royal attitude of expecting people to follow their commands, and they both have an extremely intelligent and cunning queen who is the real power behind the throne). Null is also willing to do anything short of reducing the world to a scorched wasteland if it helps him get what he wants. Currently he's not that active of a threat to Earth, the clan, or humans, but he soon will be. Meanwhile, Jadriel was sent to Earth by Null and Queen Tiamat to integrate himself into human society and there learn as much about the enemy as he can, so they are a factor in the threat of another villain. (Jadriel doesn't serve them however, though he will appear to if it suits his purposes. He's the kind of guy who only really serves himself.)

That's all.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 10:39:27 AM

JackaL> ["11. Done something that wasn't nice but it was funny? - Hehehehe Puppies!"] That's what I thought. :-)

SJ> ["What else am I supposed to be looking for on that show, a plot?"] Plot? Star Trek? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

jewel> ["Maybe we're just not getting it, since we're all straight girls..."] Straight girls never get anything. Ihad a lesbian friend, who got _all_ my dirty jokes, and had my identical taste in women. :-)

Kaioto> ["...whatever you want to call Him/Her/It."] Did you know that the Greek word for God is a plural, gender-neutral noun? Interesting, considering his rampant feminism vs. tradition debate over the "gender" of God.

People I obsess over: Larisa Oleynik (she's so _cute_), Jesus Christ, Catherine my long-distance girlfriend, Emerson Hart (lead singer of Tonic, and an excesively cool person), and... Pikachu. OK, it's not a person, but I still obsess over the little thing!

Wilek> ["What exactly do you do with the sanity you collect?"] Keep it in a jar in my room, and occasionally use some of it for dealing with family and the CR. (Dumlao warned me it could come in handy; he was right). Mostly I just let it sit.

Seven of Nine> She's pretty, but a little... over-done, if you get my drift. She looks a lot better in just a plain dress with her hair down.

Dreadnaught> Developmental disorders do not equal insanity. Manic-depression does (I'd know), but your run-of-the-mill stuff just doesn't cut it.

Lawrence> Happy Birthday! *gives him birthday bumps*

Serenity> I'd probably react with a whimper, at least to Goliath. Angela and Hudson wouldn't be quite as threatening, and I could dismiss Brooklyn as a fever dream.... Broadway I don't know how I'd react to. Bronx would make me pass out, for sure. I'd say Elisa was a hell of a lot calmer than I'd be.

** Deuce leaves as the bell rings **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 10:14:47 AM

ATTENTION BUFFY FANS: Remember that comic book I mentioned a week or so ago that's written (to the best of my knowledge) by James Marsters, TV's "Spike"? Well, it's out in comic book stores/newsstands everywhere today. It's called Buffy: Spike and Dru, and it's about our favorite vampire couple. Give it the look over, it sounds kinda cool. BTW, does any else know that Spike is really like 30!?!?! Geez, and they all play teenagers.....

Serenity: I know you didn't mean real life, but PLEASE don't go down that road with Christ. I already feel real bad for the Egyptians/Norsemen, because hell, they spent their whole lives believing the likes of Odin/Loki/Anubis were the true gods, and they just turned out to be lackeys to Oberon. What was the deal with that? I always thought someone like Anubis could take down Oberon any day of the week.

Jewel: HEY!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 09:13:51 AM

Having fed my cat and myself, I have returned with my topic--another of my wonderful polls. Actually, there's two, but they're linked. I'm fairly certain this has come up before, but since new people are always popping in there's no harm doing it again.

Imagine that you live in NYC in the Gargoyles universe, and try to answer these as if you had never seen the show and knew nothing about the gargs.

You've never met the gargoyles before, though you may have heard rumors about them. Then comes the news broadcast about the destruction of the clock tower. What would your reaction be to the initial confirmation of their existence? Subsequently, you hear many different opinions about the gargoyles. Where would you stand? Would you agree with and/or join the Quarrymen? Would you be a card-carrying PIT member? Would you fall somewhere in between?

My own response: Initially, I'd probably be pretty freaked. Big winged things such as I've never seen are loose in Manhattan? Eek! Once I started hearing the conflicting rumors, I'd likely lean first towards "Catch them and lock them up somewhere for study." (After all, how do *I* know that they're the good guys, and as intelligent as you or me?) I would *not* join the Quarrymen no matter how scared I was--I might attend a rally to find out firsthand what their message was, but their KKK-type mentality would drive me away, and actually might make me more sympathetic to the gargoyles then I might otherwise have been. To get the opposite viewpoint, I'd attend a PIT meeting. However, to be honest, I probably wouldn't join them unless I or someone close to me encountered a gargoyle firsthand and found out what they were really like. Sure, I'd get all the information I could, but without personal knowledge, I'd remain somewhere in the middle.

Again, you live in NYC, but you don't know anything about the gargoyles. Let's make this pre-Hunter's Moon. One night someone tries to mug you and a gargoyle saves you. How do you react? Would it make a difference which clan member it was, and if so, how?

My own response: I wouldn't faint, but my first response at the sight of ANY gargoyle would be shock. I'd be too shocked to run, actually, though if my vocal chords weren't paralyzed along with everything else, I'd probably scream. Once I saw that the gargoyle had attacked (and not killed) the mugger, but not me, my brain would likely start to function again, at least a little. Then it would depend upon which gargoyle it was. Lexington, being the smallest, and Angela, being female, would probably be the easiest to take. I'd still be intimidated, sure, but not scared witless. I'd probably attempt communication. Being as how I like big dogs, once I was sure that Bronx didn't intend to eat me, I'd be alright with him. If Hudson actually *spoke* to me, between the accent and his obvious age I might be only a little scared. It's debatable whether "Thank you" or "What *are* you?" would be the first thing out of my mouth. Broadway, Brooklyn, and Goliath I would be terrified of, however. *Especially* Goliath. A seven-foot purple creature with wings thundering "Do not be afraid" at me? In *retrospect* I might realize that he truly did not intend me harm, and feel guilty for not thanking him, but at the time I'd be too frightened to do anything but stare. (I just *hope* I wouldn't whimper or beg him not to hurt me.) Now, if it was more than one of the clan--so long as Goliath or Brooklyn wasn't present--I'd still likely manage to say *something*. Broadway, I think, would be less intimidating with one of the others. Actually, seeing the gargoyles interact would really help me get over my initial fear. Alone or in a group, however, I'd still be scared of Goliath, and likely Brooklyn as well. ::sigh:: Wish I could say I'd be as brave as Elisa, but... probably not.

Now, how would YOU react?

Serenity - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 08:13:18 AM

**Mandi creeps in and holds up a big cue card with the following message:**

"Sorry, trying to type quietly so my roomie can get twenty more minutes of sleep.

"Doug> According to the Episode Transcripts at, there are five new Buffy eps left in the season: 'Earshot,' 'Choices,' 'The Prom,' 'Graduation Part 1,' and 'Graduation Part 2.' So I was wrong, it's not six new eps, but that's still enough for them to start showing new episodes in two weeks and hold up til the end of May. I hope."

**Mandi crosses her fingers and holds up a new cue card before tiptoeing out:**

"And of course: Happy Birthday, Lawrence!"

Mandi Ohlin
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 08:06:28 AM

KITAINA - Good comments on the Unseelies and on villains in general, although I should point out that I don't consider gargoyles to be a "supernatural" race. Some of them, such as Demona and Una, do have the capacity to learn magic, but so do some humans, such as the Archmage and the Magus. And their turning to stone in the daytime is, at least according to Greg, supposed to be a natural phenomenon triggered by an internal biological clock, rather than anything magical in nature.

Incidentally, Greg seems to have used this notion about letting the villain be a twisted image of the hero for King Arthur as well as for Goliath. In the two televised episodes that Arthur appeared in, his antagonist was Macbeth, who, like Arthur, is a famous half-legendary half-historical medieval king in Celtic Britain. And for the projected "Pendragon" spin-off, the apparent main antagonist was to have been Mr. Duval, a former friend of Arthur's and now head of the Illuminati just as Arthur was head of the knights of the Round Table.

IGRAINE'S CHILDREN - I can safely agree that Arthur seems to have bypassed Igraine's heritage, as Morgana did not. I'm not one hundred per cent certain about Morgana's two sisters, Elaine and Morgause. Elaine we have no data on, beyond that she married a minor British king, Nentres of Garlot, and then passed out of the picture. Morgause is said in some modern-day versions of the Arthurian legend to be a sorceress, but there's no trace of it in Malory, and it's most likely that T. H. White (who started the notion) was confusing her slightly with Morgan le Fay. However, Morgause's oldest son, Gawain, may have had a tinge of "faerieness" showing in him, given that his strength waxed and waned with the sun; he would grow stronger in the morning until noon, when his strength reached its peak, and then return to normal as afternoon wore on and became evening. (I have a personal theory that Gawain may also have been a pre-Rory reincarnation of Cuchulain, but it's just a theory at present. I'll explain it later).

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:59:45 AM

Fleur> <Tolkien Fan> How did you figure that one out? ^_^ I've read the trilogy at least four times and have around a thousand CCG cards, so yes I could be considered a fan.

Alex Mack Fans> There is a huge Larisa Oleynik site,, and they also have Real Movies of the last two eps when Atron finally gets her. I'll link right to the movie page.

Elessar - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 07:14:23 AM

Kaioto> Well, I had a longer response written, but despite my best efforts I thought it could still be misinterpreted, and it is not my intention to start a flame war OR a theology debate with you or anyone else in the CR. So, let me just say that, while your response was very eloquent and I even agree with you on a few counts, I think you missed the point of my post. I was not talking about the real world, I was talking about the Gargoyles universe. No, the historical Jesus was not a Fae--because there's no such thing, to the best of my knowledge, in our reality. Neither Odin nor Anubis in our world's mythology/theology were Fae, either, but Gargoyles made them out to be (a fact which I have not heard any pagans complaining about, I might add). This being the case, it is perfectly plausible to speculate that in the Gargoyles universe, Jesus might have been Fae.

I realize that I did not specifically state that I was speaking about Gargoyles and not the real world but, well, since I was talking about the *Fae*....

Religion can be a touchy subject, yes, but only if we let it be. So far we have all behaved like the mature, rational people that we are (well, when we're not having fun being completely childish and insane), and if anyone chooses to pursue the topic of Gargoyles theology, I hope they keep it that way.

NOW, moving on to the next topic....
::stares blankly at the screen:: Nevermind, I'm too hungry to remember what my next topic was going to be. Guess that means I'll just have to post later. ::evil laughter::

Fleur> {re: Umbriel} Yay, I'm not alone! <g>


Serenity - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:25:09 AM

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the comments on the latest story. I'm glad parts of it got some of you thinking. :)

An observation that's interesting to me: Back when the show was still airing, most everyone complained that it was too much focussed on Goliath, and that other characters (like Angela) needed development beyond being just walking and talking background to him.

Metalurgical trivia: Did you know there's actually more iron by weight in most types of steel than there is in the material called "cast iron"? As for why do we use steel and not pure iron to build structures... pure iron is weak and brittle (i.e., it doesn't give under stress - it just breaks). Add a little zinc, a little magnesium, a bit of carbon, though...

G99 Announcement: Only today and tomorrow left to take the Clan Feud survey and be entered to win the free GWT/G99 t-shirt featuring Kanthara's winning design!

Patrick Toman - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 06:16:42 AM

Jewel and anyone else who fails to understand most guys' obsession with Britney Spears> Click my name to go kill her.
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 04:51:06 AM

TRC: There was a sequal to the Transformers movie???

Robby: Be careful with that "2000 vs. 2001" millennium thing ... I started a vicious fight in the other CR by pointing out the same thing. But this should at least take a little pressure off the people who think the world's gonna go poof when 2000 rolls around--relax, you've got a whole extra year ... **snicker, snicker**

Jeri Ryan's Breasts: As somebody pointed out in the other CR a few months ago, as powerful as those Breasts are, even they can't save a sinking Voyager.

Kaioto: Yess! Barney is the antichrist!

JackaL: **starts to say something, then laughs until he can't breathe, gives up and just shakes his head**

SJ: Your Elisa-as-Chow Yun-Fat creativity demon got me to thinking ... It's about time Oberon got his ass kicked. After all, he was a pretty naughty boy in "The Gathering." One thing I've always wondered is how many people were hospitalized or killed when he put everybody to sleep while they were driving/walking across the street/etc. And I've got just the guy for the job--burned-out pizza-delivery guy Jack Hammer!

Jack roars down the street in his monster hearse, steering with his knee while chugging a bottle of Fukola Cola and loading iron bullets into his .54 Magnum and yelling at Oberon, who is running away with his eyes popping out in terror ...

"Time for your medicine, bubba!" Jack racks the slide and grins. "Iron is an essential part of your daily diet ..."


Jewel: Welcome back! We've missed you!

Wilek: Yup, scary, isn't it? And you're right about Jeri Ryan--I think she was much hotter when she was still a Borg. Had that whole reanimated-corpse-in-a-high-tech-dominatrix-getup thing goin' on ... Hoo-ah!!

And, finally, more restaurant weirdness: Here's a sign on a kitchen door of a restaurant in New York City ...


Oh-kayy ... O_o

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 03:47:19 AM


The screen comes on. The time is 1965, the place is a warehouse in south Chicago. A lot of black men dressed like soldiers are congregating in and around the warehouse, it is obvious they are all radical members of the Afro-American racist group known as the Black Panthers. Their conversations make it clear that they are organizing for a major rally in Chicago later that day to violently criticize Martin Luther King's nonviolent protests (which are getting results) and advocate their violent method of creating chaos to feel and spread "black power" (which has so far been only really getting them attention of the negative kind). As their leader assembles his troops and they get ready to march, a time-portal opens behind them and assimiliation tentacles zip out, grabbing all the Black Panthers and pulling them in before they know what's happening. (Too bad, it looks like their march will never get off the ground.)

The display changes to the present day, where the Onslaught is crossing the Nebraska state line and entering Iowa. As they drive along, the highway is soon lined with great fields of corn. Inside the truck, the Ravens have gotten together and Kitainia has just told them about Fleur's bad feelings. "I've been getting those too," says Tricia. "Feeling tremors in the psychic web that indicate something big is happening in the world. It feels like time is being disrupted, and elements from other eras are being drawn into this one and combined into a great force." "That could be related to the time travel Wilek detected," says Doug. "Do you know what it's all about?" "No," Tricia laments. "The feeling of impending disaster is too great for me to make out any individual elements. I just know it affects us, Thailog's forces, and possibly the entire world." "Ooh," Kitainia muses. "That sounds pretty bad." "We'll deal with whatever happens when it comes," Doug declares. "We can't do any less." Everyone nods and goes back to whatever they were doing before the meeting started. Doug turns to make a CR post.


Hi, how you guys doing? I've been having a nice day. Fanfic is coming along well, I completed the first and smallest of Nikki's four flashback sequences. I think I've gotten enough of the story written that I can do a trailer (see below). I have papers to do every weekend from this one until the end of the semester but at least it's only one paper a week so I should get some time to work on this fic a lot. :)

What is Renard's last wish, and how will Macbeth do his part to fulfill it? What have the dragons been up to since they were driven from Earth all those millenia ago? What drove Nikki to leave her race's home and go to live in a world that from what she heard despised all dragons? What was her mother's last wish and how did she fulfill it in doing this? Who is Rialtos? Why is the evil dragon Jadriel on Earth and how will the clan stop him from subjugating New York to his iron fist? Find out the answers to these and other burning questions in "The Hostage," the first part of which is coming in about two weeks.

Excited now? Heheh. Let's do some replies-

Deuce: I like the admin pic with the card in the background better. Good switch.

Power Puff Girls: I've been watching this show lately thanks to Gubio recording the eps. I think it's kinda funny. That ep Stephen described is my favorite so far. I wonder if the Power Puff Girls have anything to do with an old videogame called Combatribes. The heroes of that (Berserkah, Bullova, and Blitz) all have names that begin with B, they're all cliched tough guy characters, and one's really strong, one is really fast, and the other is a mixture of the two. They sound a lot like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup to me. I really liked that game, despite the failings its shares with PPG. Look for cameo appearances by the bosses of Combatribes and evil versions of the three heroes in upcoming fics (a couple of the evil hero-inspired characters have already appeared in "The Blackout" of course). :)

Mandi: Glad I'm influencing you. :) Thanks for telling me that we'll get another rerun of Buffy next week. <sigh> I hope the new episodes, when they come, are worth the wait. Six eps left in the season, huh? All six will be new ones, right? <hope>

Cyrway: Your new fic's up? I have to check it out, especially to see more of Caligo (who I like very much as a villain, he was partially an inspiration for my evil dragon king Null).

Kyryn: Good luck with your wedding. I hope you and Okami have a long and wonderful life together with lots of lying, cheating, and stealing. (Sorry, Stephen Sobotka has gotten me addicted to telling happy couples that. You know what I really mean by it. :)

My Sanity: I think it defies explanation. I also disagreed with a lot of what the test thought of as insane things to do. So sorry, but on this topic I'll skip out.

Brimstone: I miss that show, too. Why did Fox have to cancel it in favor of another boring "World's Most Amazing Doodads" type of show? I hate that genre of television. Hope it dies out soon. As for Brimstone, I will still be doing a crossover fanfic of it someday called "Paladins." That one's a LONG way away, but it will come. :)

TRC: You're right, the iron could have killed him. But it didn't. I know iron can kill fay, I just think they have to be dealt either mortal or continuous damage, preferably both, with it for it to have a fatal effect. Example- Oberon was grievously wounded in "The Gathering" when Petros shot him with an iron spear. It didn't kill him, though, because it didn't get him in a vital area and only hurt him once. The spear that killed Avallach probably got him in the heart or lung (if fay have those organs) and I bet the human soldier who wielded it twisted it in the wound several times for continual increasing pain. Thus it killed him. As did the iron-tipped ballista bolt that cut Zanbar Bone in half and the combination of accidentally consuming iron-rich blood and several blows to the face with an iron mace that Thanator got hit with in "After the Flood" killed them. Hope somebody gets an iron weapon and does something similar to Madoc in the near future. <grin>

Kate: Welcome to the CR. Hope you like it here! And thanks for sharing that nice site.

Kaioto: Thanks for sharing info about your original characters. Your fics interest me, can I read them anywhere on the Net?

All who have left and now returned: Welcome back!!

SJ: I agree with you about X-Files, too. Hope Buffy's new love interest is as interesting a character as Angel was, thanks for the heads-up.

Obsessions: Kitainia (don't need to justify this), Rachel Leigh Cook (beautiful, smart, and can act well), Claire Danes (same reasons), Alyson Hannigan (ditto), and Ravyn (the obsession here is not to do with love, I just want her back in here very much. :)

Serenity: Do the fay have their own gods? I don't know. I know that in my fic universe they do acknowledge the Big Guy's existence (at least Thanator, Silvan, and Titainia did in After the Flood). Dragons also worship the Big Guy (Christian God) like humans do, they just have a different name for him and way of doing so. Wait for "The Hostage Part 1" to find out more. I also agree with Kaioto about Christ not being fay.

Kitainia: You've started an interesting discussion. :) I agree with everything you and Kaioto have said so far. I also remember reading that bit of Ask Greg and having it influence how I planned to write my fic saga's villains. I shall comment on how both they and the Unseelie fit the criteria for an interesting and opposed-to-the-heroes bad guy.

The Unseelie: I'll add to #4 that many of the Unseelie have disguised themselves as humans for the past few millenia. They have used these forms to integrate themselves into human society and influence us a lot. In other words, the gargoyles look like monsters in outward appearance but they're really heroes. While the Unseelie look like normal humans but are really bad guys. And too often humans don't learn the truth about either until it's too late.

My own saga's original antagonists: I have quite a few, so this'll take a while. Be prepared.

Silvan Farrow: This guy, if you remember, was the master of the Illuminati until Thailog blew him away. He was a half-alien fay who could see the future and was cursed by Madoc (originally it was another powerful evil fay who cursed him but I was having trouble thinking up a personality for that guy so when Madoc came along and I realized he was the kind of guy I wanted, I borrowed him) to help bring about whatever events he saw. His main difference from the clan is that they were forced into stone sleep and woke up in a world they did not know and had to adapt to if they wanted to survive. Silvan always knew the world he would be facing and thus was constantly adapting the world and his life to his visions to the point where he even helped arrange his own death. The clan reacted to their lives like normal humans, taking things as they came and deciding themselves how to handle events. Silvan always knew what was coming, but in reacting to events he was forced to do what his visions said. That his actions often ended up having many negative results was no accident, and Silvan's guilty conscience pained him more than anything else. He thus made a great tragic villain, I miss the guy even though he had to die. His influence is still at work in my saga of course, as well as plans he put into motion that he knew would have great effect. These plans and his death will have great fallout someday.

Nick Mackovic: This guy was originally just gonna be Destro brought into the Gargoyles universe (I really liked Destro as a villain in GI Joe and thought he'd be a good opponent for the clan), combined with the Director character Greg envisioned for Bad Guys. Then I noticed how similar his name was to Nicholas Maddux (an inadvertent gesture on my part) and I started developing him in new ways. Mackovic was originally a Halfling son of Madoc, but he was the "good and loyal" son in contrast to Merlin's "rebel." Despite his loyalty, Nick could not be Madoc's champion because he was born with no magical abilities. Madoc installed his son in the Illuminati instead, where Nicholas quickly rose to great power thanks to his inheritance of Madoc's creative genius for manipulations and schemes. He is a character much like his father. There are two primary differences between Madoc and Mackovic, though. First, Mackovic is not a fay and has no magical powers. He gets his power through influence and manipulation of others, not through inspiring fear with sheer power and might. Because of this, he is much more of a realistic thinker than Madoc. The Unseelie Lord is overconfident and assumes he can defeat any difficulty that arises, not caring about challenges to his plans that much. Mackovic anticipates difficulties and challenges to his objectives and always plans to deal with them before he does anything. Thus he is potentially a much more deadly adversary for the clan. As for what sets him in opposition to them, it's a few things. First, his connections to Madoc who for reasons already stated is against the clan. Second, the gargs represent a challenge to the established world order, and Mackovic is one of that order's primary architects who wants to see it go on. Third, he wants to be master of the world whereas the clan and most humans just want to live in it. They want to live with one another, Mackovic wants to live with and control them all. Fourth and most important, through the Illuminati Mackovic is the master of most of the world's extremist groups, many of which have threatened Goliath and co. It is Mackovic and his subordinates who have done much throughout humans to stir humans into mobs, groups that let others do their thinking for them and are motivated by raw emotion instead of rational thought. Because of this they have done many negative things in history. (Positive things have also happened because of mobs, but all of the primary people that stirred up humans to do these things in history rose to power on their own with help from Silvan ordering Mackovic's people to aid them. This includes Martin Luther King, Jesus, Gandhi, Washington, etc. The primary negative mobs such as the Nazis, religious fundamentalists, the KKK, most of the modern world's gangs and terrorists, etc., were all helped in a similar manner but Mackovic didn't need Silvan's commands to do stuff with them. The negative mobs' leaders have also been more emotionally and selfishly motivated schemers rather than the altruistic and rationally motivated leaders of the positive mobs.) Thus because of his ability to stir up human emotions and make large numbers of us do things we shouldn't, Mackovic is an enemy of humanity. Whereas the clan are a clear friend. Currently, Mackovic's schemes and alliances with Thailog and Proteus have put him in charge of the Illuminati. This will soon cause dire problems for the world.

Agony: Like Goliath, he's a brooding stone, albeit with a lot more mental scarring. He's also suffered from common misconception due to the fact that he was once Cain and because most humans don't know the whole story behind Cain and Abel (see "Choices" for my take on it) just about everyone who's found out his true idenity has turned against Agony without a qualm. Agony also has Laura for his love interest, and her character is a lot like Elisa's. Those are his similarities to the clan, his differences are a) that he's lived in several times and been a different person in each one yet retained much the same personality whereas the clan are the same growing and changing people in whatever time in which they live. And b) the clan are all individuals with their own values who dedicate themselves to a cause but don't let others order them to do things they know are wrong. Agony is like them in personality, but his loyalty to Silvan and the Illuminati has caused him to do many things in the past that he knew were wrong. Also, unlike the clan who save lives and help people, Agony always eventually "brings his name to all he meets." Currently Agony is no longer an antagonist, instead one of the most powerful forces on the good side. What's he up to in my saga right now? Keep reading and you'll eventually find out.

Seth: Like the clan, he's a vigilante, dedicated to protecting people and saving lives. The difference is he'll do anything to accomplish this whereas the clan are bound by their own moral codes. The clan teaches morality by example, Seth hunts down and very often kills those who don't fit in with his ideal world (ie, those who prey on the innocent and normal hardworking humans). Intentions don't mean much to him, nor does time. Or opposition. The clan gets hurt a lot in its patrols and expects such, preparing for it. Seth has been immortal for the last nine thousand years, and nothing could permanently hurt him, so he became a god-mod character who could be subdued but never injured. He shares Goliath's bad temper, the main difference being that he gives into his rage much more often, especially when there's a personal conception of himself involved. The gargoyles protect people because it's in their nature, protection is also in Seth's nature but he thinks it's his destiny instead. Unlike the clan, who constantly grow and change as they live their moral code, Seth is often too sure of himself and what he's doing to ever change his mind about doing something (there are a few exceptions, see "One Psycho to Another" for the most recent). The clan also look like monsters but are not, and Seth used to be a human monster when he was Abel. The last time we saw Seth he had just found out about his Abel persona and went on a rampage to right the perceived wrongs against it, only to learn just what a monster Abel had been and that the one who killed Abel had not wanted to and now only wanted a second chance with his brother and not an endless fight. He refused to believe this, of course, and because of that went nuts and tried to kill Laura. As punishment, Titania removed Seth's immortality and sealed him in a cage on Avalon where he will have to think about who he was, is, and wants to be. Wait for "Voyages" to see Seth's decision and whether he can still be on the good side.

The Rose: The clan fights crime, the Rose is one of crime's masters. Same contrast and similarity as Dracon, the Rose just controls a lot more crime than Dracon did. Another opposition factor of him is that the clan functions as a family and as such are very loyal to one another. The Rose is also loyal to his family, but he plotted against, then killed, his father the Kingpin and stole his power because of this percieved loyalty (see "Inheritance" for full details). The Rose is currently in charge of much of the New York underworld, and he has several plans for the Manhattan Clan that will be detailed in later fics. Most of them will be repeats of what his father tried to off Spiderman, but the Rose will of course take these plans to new heights of danger. :)

Micheal Canmore: Like all Hunters, he is loyal to his family cause, just like the clan is to theirs. The difference is that Canmore's cause is evil. Micheal is also set apart from the other Hunters in several ways. 1) When Jason and Robyn realized they were pursuing a dangerous and evil vendetta against gargoyles who were not their enemies, they gave up the Hunter cause and changed sides. Like John, Micheal is so loyal to the family vendetta that when he discovered the gargoyles were not his enemies he started doing everything he could to make them so. Unlike John, he retains a clear head in the process and tries to go after the clan himself instead of recruiting an army of Quarrymen to help him (though Micheal will hire others to go after the clan if he can't do it himself as he did in "Vengeance"). Micheal has also in the process of working to destroy the clan become a hardened and vicious criminal, exactly the kind of human the gargoyles oppose. And yet he sees this as justified by his vendetta. Talk about a messed-up guy. :) Micheal is currently the Rose's chief enforcer, and as such has more motivations in his life than the Hunter vendetta, though it remains a constant factor in his reaction whenever he encounters gargs.

Muscles Malone: This guy's a master of crime, like the Rose. The clan organizes itself like a military squad in its patrols and tactics, and Muscles does the same with his gang members. However, Muscles models his gang on the US Marine Corp as opposed to gargoyle tradition and family values, so Goliath rules his clan with wisdom and honor while Muscles rules with brute strength and fear. Goliath has always been a noble protector, Muscles has always been a violent crook. Even boot camp and his stint in the military only increased these tendencies in him, and he adapted what he was taught in those places into how he runs his gang. Muscles is currently still operating in New York, the clan fights his thugs on a nightly basis. In "Goblins" he will take center stage as villain once again.

Jadriel: Several of the others' reasons for villainy also apply to this guy. As with the Unseelie, the gargoyles are protectors who look like monsters and Jadriel is a monstrous and evil dragon who disguises himself in human form. He also shares Madoc's immense ego, assuming he will always triumph and doing only the minimal planning necessary, often acting reckless and impulsive. The clan seems more clear-headed, planning their actions before they carry them out and often anticipating problems. Jadriel doesn't worry about problems, he instead only cares about solutions and assumes he can quickly figure out the solution to any problem that comes his way. Only if he makes a mistake does he bother to anticipate doing the same in the future. And he often refuses to acknowledge his mistakes, too, blaming his failures on stuff like choosing the wrong plan and coming back with a different tactic next time. Like Mackovic, he is power-mad. Like Muscles, he rules his gang with fear and strength, the difference being that he mixes that with greater intelligence and charisma. The clan have also been inadvertently chosen by destiny to save the earth, Jadriel believes he is destined to conquer it. Like the clan he can and will adapt to any environment but he adapts to master his surroundings and fellow sentients instead of live in and with them. As a result of all this, Jadriel makes my personal favorite of all my original villains. Wait for Part 2 of "The Hostage" for more insights into his character and his plans for the clan.

Crow- She's the anti-Elisa of my fic saga. Elisa joined forces with beings who looked like monsters because she found out they were heroes who shared her noble values and desire to protect. Crow also joined forces with a monstrous being (Jadriel) because she shared his worldview. Elisa is dedicated to three things- protecting New York, Goliath, and her family (which includes the clan). Crow is loyal to conquering New York, Jadriel (with whom she's in love), and herself. The difference is clear, isn't it? Elisa also walks in the shadows of the night and often fights those that lurk in them. Crow is naturally able to disappear into any shadow and enjoys doing so, thus she has been seduced by lurking in the shadows on the fringers of human society (she does so as a gang member and fanatic Goth). Finally, Elisa is at heart a courageous heroine whereas Crow is really a scared little girl who believes that only by controlling her world can she deal with her fears. Jadriel knows this, and uses it to control her well, making Crow the Cammy to his Bison (Street Fighter cartoon) and his personal spy.

Simon Kurtz: Like the clan, this radical fundamentalist televangelist has dedicated his life to serving a cause. His cause is wrong, but he refuses to accept any argument that proves this. Unlike the clan who define themselves how they will live their cause, Kurtz lets the cause define him. He will do whatever it takes to further it. Including hire the City of Stone female terrorist to lead his "Sword of God" militia against New York's "demons" in a future fic.

The Vamps: The gargoyles are night protectors who help humanity, the vampires are night terrors who prey on it. Enough said.

The Sentauri: These aliens haven't been seen much yet in my work, for now I'll only reveal that they are Nokkar's race and also the grays you see on X-Files. They have the clan's protective instincts but are willing to mold humanity to be more like them to ensure the survival of their race in the face of their adversaries, the Zenthrans. The clan is willing to let humanity live as it will, they'll protect them regardless. The Sentauri leaders will do whatever it takes to protect, no matter what. Thus they plotted to turn humans into human-Sentauri hybrids and wipe out the others with the black ooze virus, only a few rebels opposing the plan. Nokkar doesn't know of their black ooze plot yet, their society's changed a lot since he left it. I wonder how he'll react when and if he finds out how much.

The Zenthrans: These also as-yet unseen aliens are even worse than the Sentauri. They are the ID4 aliens combined with the buggers from Ender's Game and the Shadows from Babylon 5. An ancient race insectile in form and in society, all are individuals but share a common hive-mind of knowledge and a universal loyalty to their empress and whoever she sets over them. They are all bred to be the best at their jobs, eugenics ruling their mating practices and any individuals deemed unfit for passing on traits being quickly killed. They're the ideal society unfortunately envisioned by many humans in today's world and are dedicated to conquering any race not like theirs and assimiliating its technology, then totally wiping that race out. Their technology is incredible, more advanced than that of any aliens I've seen (wait till later fics to find out how). Their civilization's next target happens to be Earth.


They all sound like good antagonists, I think. Unfortunately because I typed so much about them I'm too tired to say more. Must sleep. Later.


"Doug," Jaden suddenly gets Doug's attention. "I got something to tell you." "Shoot." "This guy is after me, I've felt his presence. I think he could have something to do with the bad feelings Trish and Fleur have." "Who is this guy?" "Hades." "Hades? Are Pain and Panic after you, too?" "Doug, this is serious." "Sorry, trying to joke. Tell me about this guy." Jaden does so and Doug grimaces. "Oh boy, if he can read your thoughts we are in deep trouble. Talk to Orion, Lathrop, and Trish, see if they can find a way to sever your link with him. Do it fast. Thanks for the warning, Jaden. I gotta get some rest." "Okay," Jaden says. "I'll talk to them, see if they can do anything. Thanks, Doug." "No problem." The screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 03:15:06 AM

First time I've posted in a while....

Sanity Test> ~20%, which is pretty weird considering I was actually diagonesed with a developmental disorder, Asperger's Syndrome. Go figure...

Any way while I'm here:
(Looks around the CR and finds Mr. Disconnect tearing on some wiring in the corner.)

"There you are!!"

(Mr. DC looks up in confusion as Dreadnaught strides toward him, along the way, his body glows with white energy, fading away to reveal a huge suit of power armor.)

"You will pay for ruining my Quake game with my friend!"

(He grabs DC by the neck, turns and throws him out of the window. He then jumps out after him. As they begin to fall, Dreadnught activates his Anti-Grav system halting his fall. DC continues to fall, and Dreadnaught fires a full salvo of mini-missles with plasma-warheads. A random person walking down the street is confused by the ashes raining down on his head.)

"Now stay away before I sic the Twister pack on you."
Abingdon, VA, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:45:04 AM


[Wilek, TRC, SJ, Kari, Commander Khesaat, and the rest of the team are soon to arrive at Disney World for the party. Khesaat: "Wilek, I hear you've been here once or twice. Any recommendations regarding where we could spend our time?" Wilek: "Well, I *would* suggest Star Tours..." Teri: "With what we've been through in the past few months, that's pretty redundant." Wilek: "So I've noticed. Um, the ABC Commissary at MGM Studios is probably the best restaurant in the place...but don't go to Animal Kingdom, it's just boring..."]


JackaL> <<Am I in my own little world?>> World? Nothing so simple; you've split off into your own multiverse. :P Interesting poetry tho'; if I ever need someone to write me a spell, I'll know who to ask. :)

Toku Kaioto> <<You don't want that, not even the Sabbatt, if they knew what was really going on.>> This Sabbat isn't the only ones who don't know what's going on. Mind explaining what you're on about? It sounds kewl. [An octopoid creativity diva emerges from Wilek's mind and wraps around his face, nagging him to incorporate bits of Kaioto's rant in his fanfic. When Wilek agrees, the diva emits a cloud of black ink and falls on the floor, then retreats into the safety, such as it is, of Wilek's mind.] Oh, and kewl spell. I think you'll be interested in this...<hefts what looks like a large silver cross with a sizeable ruby inset into the crosspiece> Meet...the Wraithverge. It's used by the clerics of Cronos to summon vengeful spirits to rip apart every living thing in the general vicinity. Have fun. :)

Argent> $<<followed by Ash, Misty, and Brock>> Dang, I thought they were assimilated...$

Steel and Iron> Hm, I didn't think steel had enough iron in it to be effective. Didn't Ask Greg say as much?

Green Baron> An equal opportunity barbarian? Very kewl. <g>

Cyrway? Sick, huh. Hm...[Wilek borrows a large sword and lops Sli Sludge's head off with it.]

ED> <<I’d actually like to see Emrys dragged properly into his office to see what kind of stuff the bloke’s made from.>> A few minutes later, Emrys will come out of Wynn's office with a Shih Tzu puppy that used to be Wynn. <g>

SOROW> Good luck with drill tryouts!

Happy Birthday to whoever I missed last time! :D

Pistoff> An undergraduate student thought that Alzheimer's was a brand of imported beer? I am now genuinely afraid for the future of our country...

Baby Fey> Wow, I didn't know Ravyn did Gargs art...or any art...

Kate> Welcome! :D And don't mind the ink on the floor, that's just from an octopus who lives in my head...

Kitainia> Loved the whole Unseelie essay.

Deuce> What exactly do you do with the sanity you collect? I know you keep it in a jar or something, but...what do you *use* it for? Just curious...

Estra> Hey, nothing wrong with a non-Gargs page. Oh, and do you have Netscape Composer? It can *really* help with web authoring; I use it all the time. You can probably get it at

Shauntell> Welcome back! :D

Jeri Ryan's Breasts> Am I the only straight guy on the planet who never really noticed? (Quite honestly, I think Seven Of Nine was much, much kewler looking in full Borg armor. But that's just me.)

Ppl I'm ever so slightly obsessed with?...Well, not so much individuals as groups. The Borg, the Dark Jedi, the Daleks, the Spacing Guild (Anyone recognize that one?), Sienar Fleet Systems...

Jewel> Hey, welcome back! :D

Serenity> Oh...I'm not going *anywhere* *near* that...

Click my name for something incredibly fun. I think I'll use this to generate a rant about Mr. Disconnect...


[Khesaat is seen in the shuttle wiping blood off a 3.5-foot-long split-blade sword. Khesaat: "Wilek, did you have to borrow my gladius to kill that *creature*?" Wilek: "Well, it was making Cyrway sick, and I didn't have time for a proper snuff film. Oh, by the way, when we get to Disney World, don't be surprised if ppl keep mistaking you for Simba. You look a lot like an anthropomorphic version of him." Khesaat: "This should be fun..." Jake: "That's nothing. One time some kid walked up to me and said, 'You been working out, Baloo?'" Wilek: "Yeah, and one time, Arianna and Arawn were mistaken for the Horned King and Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron. Except he doesn't have horns and she doesn't look like Eilonwy." Khesaat: "Eh...and I thought this Comment Room you like so much was a little odd..."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:44:26 AM

hmm *has nothing else to say* oh well *grins*

Ok..five fave people right? hmmm

1) my mom, cuz shes the only sane one besides me in my family *g*.

2) Jesus< i know it is wrong for me to say that i think of him constantly the way i should..but i do think of him alot..i and we all owe him our salvation. I am still going through problems. Like everything else in my life i feel unsure and scared. I feel like i am so guilty of my crimes i wont be forgiven even though i know i will be. And i am forgiven because of what he did. But i dont want to come of as sounding like im so cool. Im not very good. i know it. i just wanted to give him credit.

3) Kaioto< Because he is always there for me. Shows me that i am never alone. Has taught me that all males are not like the ones i was subjected to as a youth and still now. He has given me a chance i never thought id have, and made me feel better about myself more then anyone ever has.

4) Lexington< *LOL* hes just..oh..YOU KNOW..ive ranted in here before *GRINS*

5) hmm 5 hmm umm hmm *scratches head* oh i know MY CATS!! oh wait thats two..and their not ppl..OH WELL!!


Lexy - [lex]
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Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:43:40 AM

BRIAN - Not to worry, just wanted to make sure you got the help your RP character might need... never know when a modified SR-71 with VTOL capabilities and gravametric shields might come in handy. :)


The latest revised chapter of "The DeGuy Saga" is now up on the Garg-Fans Archive:

Sequel to "Encounters"; Detective Roxanna Hershey is off the streets, pending an investigation, and Matt's worried that she'll fly off the handle. Brooklyn volunteers to keep an eye on her, but some thugs kidnap him to garnish a bounty from the Quarrymen. Who can save him now?

Find out in "Nightwatchers"


Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
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Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:37:25 AM

Serenity: Good God (no pun intended) the can of worms this would open up … I'll try to take this out as effectively as possible before people start screaming blasphemy and raging heated and angry debates.

Christ was not a Fay, period. He created miracles of True Faith, and admitted to it. Every healing came with the message to "Go forth, your faith has healed you."

Second: Christ was a historical figure even if not the Son of God. He existed In Real Life, documented, in a world without Fay. He was human.

Third: Odin and Thor had fun past-times for my ancestors, like trial by axe and wars. :P

Anubis: He's overrated. You are to easily impressed (j/k). Death is not an absolute power. If Anubis were taken out today, death wouldn't stop without its Fay "god" :)

I'll admit, the Fay weren't all bad, but they were hardly role models or even capable of holding a candle to YHWH, Allah, God, the Oversoul, or whatever you want to call Him/Her/It. They are more like over-grown marvel superheroes and villains, or ancient aliens. Also, they can all be killed. Who collects their souls? Who made them? The unmoved Mover principle holds and the Fay can't live up to it. As for having "gods" there is just one God, even if He/She/It manifests in many faces. It is from His being (the Mind of God) that the universe and all other dimensions exist. That commonality binds all things and people. He created all 3 races, whether through Evolution or from lumps of clay or whatever. It is too Him all souls are gathered, and it is from Him that clerics can derive some important powers in the magical worlds. That is likely the reason why we don't see clerics in TGS though. It would be admitting that Something was behind religion and faith, even if it weren't ever speculated as to the nature or who is "right" or "wrong."

SJ: Don't listen to a word those freaky Hermetic Thaumetergists tell you. It is all lies! Well, the Verbena try to use blood in rituals … and the Neophandi, but the Dark Ones are just plain evil anyway. I'm not a Technocrat myself. I'm an odd bird among the Traditions mages, not an Orphan, but I have strong ties to both the Celestial Chorus and the Akashic Brotherhood. As a result, I've studied under a variety of Eastern and Western priest of one manner or another. The Vatican taught me some great stuff with --------- and -------- but in Tibet I learned ------- and ------- and some other kewl Pyscho Bruce Lee S**t. I recently started hanging around with some Virtual Adepts and have been picking up -------- and how to detect … *Glances back at the blanks* … Technocratic intervention and censorship … sigh … *shakes his head* Anyway they do have proof that Kindred Blood is a potent source of Tass ….

Hm … SJ, when was the last time you had a check up? We need to take a few samples … *Grins Evilly*

Iron Bullets: Wow … I can just see that picture SJ set up all vivid … wow … that is all I can say.

5 People I obsess over: Hm … I'll exclude immediate family because that is boring …

Pontius Pilate: Rather like an inherited ancestral memory/nightmare than an obsession.
Piers Anthony: He just impresses the Hell out of me and answered my letters at an important crossroads in my life.
Adrian Paul: He was Duncan MacLeod from the Highlander. Who do I have to kill to look that good?
Spock: He gets all the good books from Trek. He's got Leonard Nemoy for his actor. I could go on for a while … *Nods to Jewel* Nice taste. :)
Lexy: *L* Who else will put up with me for hours on end and throw pies at me? If anything happened to her … I honestly don't know what I'd do. *Nods somberly*

OK. That's it. I can only pray before I sleep that this doesn't develop into some angry Holy War or a cumbersome Theological debate …

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 02:25:26 AM

Kaioto> <<Disregard for the lives and cares of others … a good way to piss off the Powers That Be.>> Not *all* the Fae feel that way. And as for hubris, as in the Fae acting as if they're gods--what about a Fae god like Anubis? With his powers, he pretty much was a god, *and* he acted responsibly with them. He wasn't simply lording it over humanity. As for Odin, we don't know how he acted when his cult was in its heyday. The only time we saw him interact with mortals, I didn't find him to be all the prideful. <<Judging by 3 and 4 I think it can be very justified that Fay have good reason to shy from clerics of the Maker (no matter what denomination).>> Of course, who's to say that the Fae don't have their own god(s)? In which case a non-Fae god of the mortals might not wish to mess with them.

And, you know, the show couldn't say something like this because they'd be crucified (no pun intended, I swear!), but if Anubis and Odin were Fae, then Jesus could have been as well. All the miracles he performed were well within the scope of Fae powers.... Of course, if the nails used were made of iron.... Then again, if he really was the son of Mary, and she was mortal, then he might've been a halfling and thus iron wouldn't be quite so deadly. Hmmm. In any case, the Holy Grail could be a magical artifact on the scale as Odin's Eye. But if Jesus *was* a halfling, who was his father? Some Fae named Jehovah? Oberon? And if he was full Fae, then the god he spoke of as his father was who? Oberon? Himself in full Fae form?

::wanders out of CR, still speculating::

Serenity - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 01:12:00 AM

Hey, all! Long time, no posting. The last few weeks have been just this side of hell, thanks to uber-weirdness, interviews (including a surreal one today, where I interviewed for a job here at BMC--and my interviewers were people I had worked with for 3 years), and school work. Mainly uber-weirdness, but that's a *whole* other can of worms. I don't have much to say, but I figured I'd just check in--seems like I missed a lot!

Ironwolf--as far as I know, I'm the only fanfic writer named Jewel, and while there were two characters, they were human-gargoyle hybrids, not humans.

OK, I have to ask because I just don't get it--what the heck is up with people's obsession with Britney Spears? So far, all my friends and I can tell that she's got going for her is blond hair and a decent set of abs, which she loves to show off--and we all think she's actually kinda funny-looking. Cute, but not worthy of the obsession she seems to get. Maybe we're just not getting it, since we're all straight girls...

Five people I obsess over--sheesh. I don't think I have that many. The sad thing is that I obsess over people who don't exist. Like Shingo Kusaka (a character in Buronson's and Ryoichi Ikegami's manga "Strain"), Data (Data's just cool. Period. Dot.), and (thanks to an ST:TOS-obsessed friend who is trying to convert me) Spock. Although I freely admit to obsessing over Patrick Stewart--I had the background of my computer set as a picture of him, but had to take it down after two days because it was too distracting. Hmm. That leaves one more. Umm. Hmm. Oh, I know. Gary Oldman--that man can *act*. Wow. I actually came up with people. Too bad only two of them exist...

OK, must wash yucky make-up off face and go to sleep...

jewel - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:46:38 AM

Sevarius Jr. sets a determined look on his face. "Okay, that's it! I've made up my mind! We're going to Earth to find my dad, and that's that! I want to know what lousy scum kidnapped him from our perfectly comfortable holding cells! I know he's done some pretty nasty things, but I have to rescue him! It's my duty as a son! As a Sevarius! I'm comin' for ya, dad!"
Kari walks over to SJ, with a flyer in her hand. "Hey, someone just handed me this. Looks like my brother Jim is throwing another party in celebration of 'Gargoyles' being the best toon show of the millennium."
SJ's head turns around. "Really?"
"Yeah," she says, and hands him the flyer.
SJ reads it for a moment. "Mmm hmm. Well, Kari, I think you, I, and the Hounds should definitely investigate this. My dad could be there, you know!"
"I thought he was last seen heading for Egypt?"
" you sure.....well, wouldn't hurt to check it out anyway. To Disneyland, everyone!!!"

Kaioto: Ooh boy, a Technocrat....Ah, you mages are so dang secretive. Always moving in the shadows, casting your little spells. You're almost as bad as the Tremere (now *there's* a waste of kindred blood. It's like somebody Embraced a bunch of D&D geeks and told them their spells were real). I have half a mind to buy into all them rumors that you use us Cainites for your secret blood rituals. Oh well, stay out of the Brujah's way, we'll stay out of yours. At least you're better than those half-witt lupines. Speaking of which....

Denis: I'm a Brujah antitribu myself (only 13th generation, but I'm a mean mutha). There's quite of few of us who're tired of the whole Ventrue/Toreador/Tremere "screw you I'm in charge" hierarchy. I agree with the Tzimisce though, those screwheads freak me out. Fleshcrafting my ass. As for the Lupines....they don't scare me. I wouldn't go looking for a fight mind you...but I ain't that scared of them....was that a howl I just heard?

Denis, again: I love the Jay and Silent Bob figures! I believe Jay comes with his own bong, and Bob comes with the *ahem*, _very_ aroused pooch. Cool!

Jackal: If you're like me, you bought the last Rolling Stone with Britney in it. My God. If only there were 17 yr. old girls that looked that wonderfully slutty back when I was in high school.

Family Guy: I don't know, maybe it was my nasty sense of humor, but I really like the show. Especially the little moments it had that were real gems. Like:
Coming up next on 'Scooby Doo Murder Files'.....
Freddie: "It looks like the killer disembowled his victim, then strangled him with their intestines before dumping their body in the lake!"
Scooby: *whimpers in fear*
Freddie: "You're right, Scoob! We're dealing with one sick son of a b!tch!"

The Fey using Iron bullets: That gave me one wicked little creativity demon, with Elisa totally going Chow Yun-Fat/Johne Woo on the Unseelie. Only the swish of a red jacket and an endless clip, with lots of slow mo shots of those precious iron bullets thumping into Madoc's chest. Ouch.

Buffy news: Rumor has it that Buffy will get a new beau once Angel leaves for his own series. That's the bad news. The good news is that FINALLY Angel's mug is leaving Buffy for good. (Sorry, I've said before I'm not a Angel fan).

Jeri Ryan's Breasts: The only two reasons I still watch Voyager. What else am I supposed to be looking for on that show, a plot?

Kitiana: YES!!! An X-Files fan who agrees with me that the show is not as good as the previous seasons! *SJ does a little happy dance* I usually catch soooooo much flak for that. My point is that they should focus more on what's going on in the world (like say, the fact that aliens are essentially gonna armageddon us off the face of the planet) and less on the Mulder/Scully googly eyes thing.

Greg and Batman: Hey, didn't know he was a fan.

Villain creation: Most of the villains I wind up creating are either amoral (I got a whole slew of them...well, okay, they may be amoral, but a lot of them have a sinister streak to them), evil for evil sake (I'm talking pure evil), some who just think they're doing the right thing, and a whole lot who are evil because they "were made that way" (meaning, at least for them, they are villains because they've been driven to the point where hatred is the only real emotion they have left; sorta like Demona, they see being a villain as the only opportunity left for them).

Five people I'm sorta obsessed with: Hmmm....okay, 1)My girlfriend Faith (who owns me, body and soul, for what little they'll sell for on the black market) 2)Gwyneth Paltrow (shocker) 3)Bruce Campbell (besides being a cool guy, he's also one of the nicest people I've ever talked too) 4)Natalie Portman (there's something about her....I find her intriguing) and finally 5) Neil Gaiman, cause everything he writes is magic.
[P.S. when I say "obsessed", I don't mean it in a sexual way, so get thee mind out of yonder gutter.}

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:21:42 AM

Deuce gave me the idea..., I thought I'd explain my sanity thingy too, because I am also bored and have nothing better to do.

1. Walked down the middle of the road with a shoe on your head? - Yes, I was drunk and I walked down the yellow line with my shoe saying something about hoping the police really don't come.
2. Screamed at your feet? - Yes, I got tired of them hurting, so I told them off.
3. Talked to plants? - Yes. Actually, yelled at it, it smacked me in the face.
4. Sat down on the yellow line in the middle of the road? - Yep, it's even more fun when you have thick colorful chalk to write on the road with!!
5. Eaten ice cream with a fork? - Yeah, not by choice though.
7. Tripped someone in the street? - Hehehee that dude wanted to kick my ass!!!
9. Invented a game because you were bored? uh-huh It was called suck the toes, bite the fingers! Get a whole group goin...., man it's fun!
10. Played truth or dare? - Of course, everyone alwayz wants me to play because they know they can get me to do weird s**t.
11. Done something that wasn't nice but it was funny? - Hehehehe Puppies!
13. Annoyed a cop? Yes, in Panama City. I had a video camera and I walked up to him, "Hello beat anyone today? Harassed or killed anyone? What do you think of Rondey King? Do you want to Rodney King me?"
15. Been obsessed with someone you'd never met? - Britney "the lord" Spears, Marilyn Manson. To the point of..., I want to have their dead bodies stuffed and mounted somewhere in my house! Ohhh Yeahh!!
16. Been obsessed with someone you didn't have a chance with? - Yeah..., well, whatever.
18. Made something up and insisted on it so much that you started believing it yourself? - I didn't but he did....
21. Gone to a 24-hour store late at night or in the wee hours of the morning because you have nothing better to do? - Yes!!! They have great soft cookies!!!!
22. Been in a water fight? - All kinds..., even the not-so-friendly ones.
24. Chewed on something unusual? - A battery from a watch. Nasty taste, it's not without repercussions..., my tongue hasn't been the same.
25. Tickled someone just to make them squirm? - Yeah, it went with the toe game.
26. Created a nickname for someone? - A friend of mine named Tiffany..., it's not a name I can say here, hehehehee.
27. Played with your food? - Yep! It seems like a waste just eating it.
28. Slept all night on the floor/couch/where ever you happened to crash? - Sadly yes.., my drive way.....
29. Not slept all night? - Yeah but 60% of the time that was drug related.
31. Responded to something trivial with violence - Of course!
32. Been in a non-ventilated area filled with substances that should be well-ventilated? - Uh-huh, hehehehee
33. Used Jello for any reason other than eating it? - I smacked it on my forehead!!!
34. Eaten something when you didn't know what it was? - Yeah..., that was weird.
35. Eaten something when you didn't know where it had been? - I think people count too.
36. Sang anything really loud in public? - KoRn- Freak on a Leash!!!
38. Colored your hair? - Yeppers!
39. Been mistaken for a member of the opposite sex? - Yes, I have a small frame body and really long hair, I've had straight guys whistle at me.... :o)
40. Stayed awake and payed attention to one of Mr./Mrs. ________'s lectures? - Church counts..
42. Wanted the bad guy to win? - In "The Stand" and "Outbreak".
43. Streaked? - Yeah, I'm usely naked somewhere...
45. Played hide-and-seek in a store? - in Wal-Mart!!!
46. Made animal noises really loud in public? - A cow and a zebra....
47. Not noticed when someone wouldn't talk to you for an extended period of time? - Not discussing that.
48. Yelled at the voices in your head in public? - "Shut the f**k up!! Who am I"?!?!!
49. Named the voices in your head? - Yes during a really bad drug experience.
51. Had someone else play with your food? - You got to spread the love...
52. Dressed like a member of the opposite sex? - Yep! No shame in that! I love women and I like to impersonate them!
53. Screamed at strangers? - Who am I?!?!?!?! Who am I?!?!?! Why?!?!?! Why?!?!?!
54. Plotted someone's demise? - Yes. Luckily for they killed themself..., no work at all.
55. Talked in the third person? - More often than I should..

Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:15:08 AM

Hey everybody!!
Gosh!! It's been months since I've been in here last. But, first off I want to thank those who complimented me on the pic I did for TGS. It was fun drawing it, and it is REALLY fun being on TGS.
Uh, I kind of skimmed down the list of comments before I entered mine, and I agree that there has been way too much Demona and Angela this season. And Goliath isn't quite in character like he usually is. However, I do still enjoy the stories and feel that a great deal of credit go the writers who do their best to make good stories. My hopes are that by next season, like the rest of you, that we have a little more character developement for the rest of the clan.
Still, being a fan and staff member there are things in TGS I kind of dred. I remember the last time I was in here we were talking about the Goliath and Elisa relationship and the Greg Wiesman master plan. The subject of a break up was brought up and everybody hated it. Others got tired of it. I don't really remember much else except that, except for the usual comments on stories and stuff. Oh well.
Oh!! I was going to ask about this party thing that's supposed to be going on. Is it in Disney World? I noticed that USA voted GARGOYLES as the #1 show and that is GRREAT!!! But, I'm kind of at a loss. . . or not. What do you think Disney will do about that?
Well, anyway, I think I've gone on long enough.. but I want the fan fic archive to get back up soon. There's a stroy I've been wanting to read another one that I'm waiting to see come out. It's part 3 of Greater Transformations. The writer for those stories has some really cool ideas, kind of similar to the ones I do in my own fic universe, but Goliath doesn't have many ancestors in Egypt, just one or two. Most of his came from Jeruselum and Scotland. I hope to have it finished soon. I'ld LOVE to see it on the web and here what others think.
Well, anyway, I'ld better git. Later people!

Shauntell - [sgargoyel9]
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:00:58 AM

*a portal opens up, and one is allowed to veiw a tired-looking figure with her head resting on the keyboard, snoring delicately. as if suddenly aware of your presence, she awakens abruptly, looking up.*

Oh my. Another story. Goodness. i spent every moment i had online today working on my webpage, and it still isn't terribly impressive. i used a page wizard, not HTML. i know i should use HTML but i just can't find the time. i'm so tired...

it's not a gargoyle page, but don't call me a traitor. someday if i have the time and energy i'll make one. not that anything could rival this page. it's a page dedicated to the Knight Sabers, for any anime fans out there who've watched the Bubblegum Crisis. well, just updating you on my not so interesting life. i'm alive, and i want to read the fanfic, but i can hardly stay awake. G'night.

*she slumps back over the keyboard, asleep*

Princess Estra, the Boomer girl - []
nowhere but where i stand
Wednesday, April 14, 1999 12:00:07 AM

Quick post now. Will post fully later but I need lines clear in case I get news on something. I'll explain later.

RP-- *Stephen & company. Worry not about my RP character. As in follow & try to kill but do not succeed. I got a plan for him & the loths & it's gonna be gruesome... but fun :P*

DEUCE-- new pic kicks arse :)

Till next time... Like I said, I'll explain everything there.

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 11:39:57 PM

**Jim's Party RP**
Departing the freezer, the man in the gray trench coat has been forced to switch to tracking Caeru's own scent through Disney World, that and occasionally asking for directions … eventually, the wanderer finds his way to the Lion King show … just as the screams of terror break out.
Acting instinctively, Kaioto lopes forwards, low to the ground and swift. He walks coiled like a tiger, ready to pounce, scanning everything about him with all six senses … when he staggers back, his mouth agape with unsounded gasps of horror.
Dark memories of a battle six months ago with a true demon in the form of an annoying purple dinosaur flood back on him. Dropping to a prone position, the Seeker curls up into a little ball, clamping his hands over his ears, desperately trying to shut out the horror …
**Pause RP**
Kitainia: You know, it is very goo to hear that my villain development in my writing isn't the product of a lack of imagination. I always find my most effective and impressive villains are wind up not just being "evil" or "misguided" but attacking something that is of virtue in my protagonist by their very existance. Perhaps that is why I seldom use any Gargoyles villains for more than cameos with the exception of Demona and the Unseelie.

I believe I mentioned Malakai once in here, vaguely. I find that he became the best villain because I'm writing a personally based protagonist, and then I created the character I most feared I could ever become in my lifetime. Everything that makes me whole has been abandoned by Malakai, and he wonders why he perceives the world is dying … and there is little wonder why he winds up accelerating that devastation without it being his goal. Where Anthony is my symbol of hope and compassion, Malakai is that of despair and cold disregard for others. What makes them hinge, however, is that they both serve a concept of Justice, only the justice is subjective (not morals though)… putting them at odds.

I also find my favorite complimenting characters (Regulars on the "good guys") have sprung out of the idea of flaws and weaknesses my protagonist has been struggling to overcome. Geoff is unable to integrate his "normal" and shadowy life, and is thusly stricken with a split personality. Charles refuses to embrace change and belief in his experiences, and only seeks to adapt to eliminate aberration. Yasmina does not allow herself any real life outside her pursuits in the shadows … I find it very effective and intriguing to evolve folks near my protagonist who tend to be initially framed with problems derived from being one extreme or another that the protagonist has to wrestle with internally. It creates a nice, inner-outer effect if done subtly (if anyone can teach me subtlety, I'd like lessons!) It also makes a pronounced point if they are defeated where the main hero may succeed, not because they are menial toys for violence and suspense like red-shirts on Star Trek, but because they are self-handicapped in a manner the main character refuses to be … It also shows a message to have them succeed because of they extremism as well …

The Third Race: You know, it never really strikes me as fitting that the Third Race is so lording over the "mortals." In all of creation, I can see no justification for any souled race on this planet as being "better" than another souled race. The only answer I can come to is that people simply let it happen to them. I find that the gargoyles and men are balanced in many ways, especially when the physical superiority is countered with human fighting arts and the regeneration with the vulnerability of stone sleep. I know the Fay are all elf-cool with their happy-jack birth-right powers, but these are my counters to that I like to use in my own fiction:

1.) Iron … nuff said …
2.) Static character … as deadly as poison
3.) Disregard for the lives and cares of others … a good way to piss off the Powers That Be.
4.) Huberis (aka excessive Pride) see note to #3
5.) Invincibility Complex and Clerics: Judging by 3 and 4 I think it can be very justified that Fay have good reason to shy from clerics of the Maker (no matter what denomination). I find Fay rely so heavily on magic, which a cleric can cut out from under them without the benefit of iron. I justify this likewise with an extrapolation on monotheism and the obvious annoyance it posed to all those Fay "gods" like Apollo and Odin with their temples and cults. If the monotheists didn't have something going for them, a jealous Fay would've wiped out bands like the Hebrews out of spite. Also, having seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark" one to many times, I would judge not even Oberon or Madoc would screw with the Ark of the Covenant …
I don't think mortals are out-classed in any way, but I think we let our voluntary ignorance, apathy, and disbelief in our own responsibility and power strangle us in the cradle. The first two lessons of faith and magic are passion and belief. Without these, we lack Will. Without Will, we are not living up to being souled creatures.
**End Kitainia's topics responses**

Sorow: Bona Fortuna!

Lawrence: Happy Birthday! :)

Blue: :P You'll pay for this … oh yes … there shall be retribution like none has been seen before …. :)

Pistoff: Nah … Barney gives me the evil shudders up and down my spine … having something in common with you simply continues to reinforce my faith in the Universe.

JEB: Papers … I have 3 due next week … I have a cunning plan … sleep, eat, and game … pretend they don't exist … if I believe it hard enough, they may just shift out of the paradigm of reality and cease to be … or I'll wind up pulling the biggest all-nighter in history … ah well, ain't procrastination grand?

**Continue RP**
Kaioto simply remains in a fetal position gibbering about the horror until one of the glowing-eyed things tries to hug him.
"I love you. You love ---zt!" it cuts out in static as Kaioto's two fingers lead his arm in burying itself in the robot's chest, ripping through the flimsy outer plastic and rubber into the nest of electronics. Rising to his feet, Kaioto's eyes are almost aflame with irrational hatred.
"Get away from me you freak!" he screams, planting his boot the monster's head. The evil robot topples backwards as the wires and circuits Kaioto has clenched in his embedded hand snap free. It crashes onto the seats, convulsing and smoking feebly as its eyes' glow dies away; primary and secondary systems shut down.
The rest of the Barnies, however, seem irritated at their fellow's demise they quickly pause as their threat assessment programming locks onto a new target. They rapidly begin to close. The leader is cut down as its head is split in two. Kaioto's trench coat flutters neatly back into place just as his sword embeds itself in the wall behind the advancing horde. Undismayed, the Barnies continue to advance.
Kaioto himself seems less than concerned by the loss of his sword. Instead of going for another weapon, he merely flexes his hands into fists and back, impatient. His body tenses, and then explodes forwards with a Ki scream.
**Fade out RP with the sounds of bursting fire, screams of vengeance, and of metal a being twisted beyond its tension values.**

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 11:34:44 PM


Here's what I have to say about this episode. Be warned, it's not all good.

This, like several past episodes, seemed like it was not much more than filler. They all have to do with Madoc's preocuppation with destroying Oberon(not that I ever really cared about him) and capturing Angela. Not a whole lot in this story grabed my attention, so it was difficult to read. We all know that this is leading up to a huge final conflict between the Court and the mortals. So why not just send in the FBI or the Marines or whatever and get it over with. I'd like to see some stories that deal with weightier subjects than why a bunch of crazy fairies want to take over the world.

Also, Angela has become too dominant of character. Either it's her relationship with Demona, Goliath, Broadway, or how she fits in Madoc's plans.

However, I am not so critical that I won't point out the good parts. It was well written, the introspectives were good, and the art was great.


Last Monday I went to see "Life Is Beautiful" and "The Matrix". I loved "Life Is Beautiful." I'm not sure if it was as Oscar worthy as everybody said, but I sure wouldn't mind if they made more movies like this. It was way better than "Shakespear In Love" and definately better than...

The Matrix. In retrospect, I probably could have waited until it was on video. That might sound weird from someone who liked "Armageddon", but that at least had an patriotic and inspirational quality to it. Besides the cool special effects and fight scenes, it doesn't do alot for me. It's more of the same banal sci-fi stuff that we keep getting force-fed with.

So I'm kinda artsie when it comes to films, sue me. Suffice it to say, I'm looking forward to the opening of "Eyes Wide Shut."

Tim P.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 11:13:01 PM

Like my new pic? Robby says he doesn't want one, so....

Kate> Welcome! We don't kill newbies, we just take their sanity and don't give it back. *takes her sanity*

Robby> ["I've undergone the same torment twice now, and I did not enjoy it either time."] I _love_ drama class, and I never said I didn't like dressing as a woman. 8-P

Millennium> "The year 2000 has come and gone, and the world has not ended. From this I conclude that God Almighty is not heavily into numerology." — Kurt Vonnegut, "Hocus Pocus" (rough quote)

Episode archive> Done. *grins at Patrick* All fixed.

Pistoff> ["They should've changed the title to Star Trek: Jeri Ryan's Breasts."] No kidding. Notice how often the _male_ director will leave the camera on her... atttributes, or her... posterior... and you just can't help but notice!

I guess that's all for tonight. I'm going to bed.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:39:21 PM

Whoopsie, again I used Doug's color by mistake! That last post should have been white.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:31:32 PM


The screen comes on with the following display of a secret fortress in Germany, 1945- "Heil Himmler!" a long line of men in black uniforms shout, snapping to attention as their leader walks down the line. "Yes," the small man Heinrich Himmler chuckles. "The Fuhrer is dead, and now I shall take his place. With the nuclear-armed reserve forces, the Reich shall take back what those accursed Allies have cost it! The Aryan Race shall take its rightful place at the head..." "Uh," he is suddenly caught off, "what are you talking about?" Himmler turns around and sees that Guod's Borg-drones have stepped out of portals and surrounded him and the other SS jerks. "Who the blazes are you?" he asks. "Uh, we're the Guod Borg drones," says Borgis. "Here to ass-im-uh-late you." "Yeah," says Butt-Borg, waving at the others. "Like, get 'em or something." The Borg drones attack the SS, who put up a good fight but are all quickly assimiliated. The Borg drones open another time portal and take them back to Guod, unaware that in doing so they are ironically saving the world.

The screen changes to a display of the great highway, where the Onslaught is driving across the Nebraska plains. "Don't worry about DumlaoX," Big Jake is telling Doug and Kitainia. "I called my buddy, she's making sure he'll be okay." "Good," says Doug. "I hope they give those 'loths what they deserve. In the meantime we have to get on to Washington." "Right," says Kitainia. "I'll tell Jammer to drive faster." She does so and then turns to make a post.


Greetings fellow CR dwellers!! Hope you all are doing fine. Today was the same as days usually are, at least tonight's Futurama episode was good. (That Captain Zap Branigan, what a lousy self-absorbed creep. I liked him. :)

Shutdown: If there was one last weekend, it was just the fanfic archive. And that's back up now, so the shutdown is at an end. All of WyvernWeb will be down the 16th-19th of this month, though, when it moves to the new server. So post while you can, people, a longer shutdown is on the way!

Iron: Good points on this topic, all who've responded. I hope the clan and the NYPD gets iron equipment soon. The potential dangers to their fay and fay-descended allies are far outweighed by the benefits, as proved by the discussion in here. As for why iron negatively affects genetically created Halflings and not normal ones, I think it's probably due to defects in the Changeling genetic process that aren't shared by concieving Halflings the natural way. Sevarius and Madoc were trying to make humans more like fay, and suceeded more than they wanted to. :)

Favorite Unseelie: I like Grimalkin and Sekhmet. Guess that's 'cause they're very catlike characters and I love cats.

Airwalker: Thanks for the interesting and well-written comments. I too would like to see that Merlin-Arthur scene.

DumlaoX: Good to see you back in here, though I will miss you as admin. $ Nice surprising development on your RP character. Be careful, and good luck with those 'loths! $

X-Files: Sunday night's ep was okay, see Doug's earlier post for a synopsis. Next week's is gonna be another relationship episode <growls> so we know it probably won't be as good. <heavy sigh> What is it with this season? The previous ones were so much better. Hope Fox gets their act together soon.

Deuce, Robby: Cool admin pic. Like the job you're doing with the CR so far. Keep up the good work!

Spring Reruns: I'm with Doug and Mandi on this. Why are we being subjected to so many repeat episodes lately? Hope it stops soon.

Ravyn: I also miss her. When you find her let us know if she's alright, okay, Baby Fey?

Stephen: Glad someone agrees with us about Family Guy. What a boring show. Good luck finding a new house, hope you're excited about it. :)

Green Baron: $ Thanks for not getting too mad about our RP dealings. As for Alan Dershowitz, you got a deal. He'll be zapped last, right after Sid Vicious. But we're only gonna assimilate the ACLU guys who've been corrupted by their work and turned into annoying idiots, okay? The honorable ones who do good work (like Jammer's uncle) will stay normal. Hope that's alright. $ And thanks for sharing all that interesting info I didn't learn in history class about Atilla the Hun!

Blue, Stephen: Happy (possibly belated) B-day!!

Kyryn: Your wedding's coming up, I see. Hope you're ready for it and excited, and so is Okami. Please don't forget to let us know how it goes. And have fun on the honeymoon! <grin>

Larissa Oleynik: I agree with Deuce and Elessar, she is pretty cute, and a good young actress. And Alex Mack was a good show when I watched it (since we don't have cable, I don't anymore). Wonder what sort of movies she'll play in when she grows up.

People I'm Obsessed With: Let's see, there's Doug. But hold on, I live with him, so he probably doesn't count. :) People I'm obsessed with but have never met? I can name five- Sean Connery, Nicholas Brendan, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, and (since I like creativity) Greg Weisman. Don't worry, I'm not obsessed with any of these guys to the degree to where knowing me would drive them insanely nuts.

Aaron: I agree with you about City of Angels. That movie was very depressing. I like your idea to have Seth bump into John Milton or Gabriel, though. How about they then meet up with Ezekiel Stone and his longhaired friend? (God, I miss that show!)

SOROW: Good luck, have fun on your journey. Godspeed, friend. <waves>

Character Definitions: I agree that most of the original Gargs characters have pretty much already been defined. That doesn't mean they don't still have potential to grow and change in a new manner. TGS is doing this well, especially with Angela, Demona, Brooklyn, and Lex.

Fleur: Ooh, good Dis death. And man, did he deserve it with what he did to your fic. $ Also glad to see you finally back in the RP. :) $

Voltron 3D: Haven't seen this, can't comment. Probably won't see it since it sounds so bad. I don't like a lot of 3-D shows much anyway, mostly because they either rule on graphics and nothing else, or their animation looks worse than a lot of what I've seen in 2-D shows, but since it's 3-D they act like it's supposed to be naturaly better in the viewers' minds (can't see the reason behind this). :(

Robby: Glad you also agree with us about Family Guy. And I support your views on adult cartoons. I've enjoyed many and hope to see more of them. However, Family Guy is an immature a-dolt cartoon, at least IMO. If we get more shows like it instead of really intelligent adult cartoons like Simpsons and Gargoyles, it will not be a good thing.

Kate: You must be thinking of some other comment room. Here we welcome newbiews with enthusiastically open arms. Speaking of which- Welcome!! And nice site.

Thinking about all the above topics made me think of something else. You know how a lot of people have expressed dislike of the Unseelie as frequent villains? Well, there was this comment that Todd made to Greg back when Gore still had Ask Greg up that could start an interesting discussion. It went something like this:

< Here's what I think was possibly one of the main reasons for TGC's failure. The first two seasons had Xanatos and Demona, two complex and intriguing characters, for their main villains, and did a good job accordingly (plus some good supporting villains such as Macbeth - also a complex and intriguing character, and one who quickly became a favorite of mine - Thailog, Jackal and Hyena, Sevarius, and so on). TGC had for its main villains the Quarrymen, who were done (after "The Journey") as a bunch of flat, one-dimensional characters with no real depth to them - I liked the fact that you'd chosen to give them some variety (some being mercenaries like Banquo and Fleance, others being terrified citizens like Vinnie or Billy and Susan's mom), but in TGC, they nearly all seemed to have been recruited from the local "Thugs R Us".. I've also been working out why Thailog is such an effective villain, and I think that it's more than just that he's cunning and malevolent (though he's definitely both). He's also a clone of Goliath, and looks and sounds almost exactly like him. But his moral character is very different from Goliath's - in contrast to Goliath's nobility and honor, Thailog is scheming, power-hungry, and duplicitous. So there's a matter of a very chilling incongruity. Was this part of what you had in mind when you created the character? >

Greg's response (paraphrased) was: < I do agree that the villains on Goliath Chronicles were not that well-handled, and I think the handling of the Quarrymen was particularly problematic. You, as usual, are dead-on in evaluating what I was trying to do with them. My successors took a different route.

As for Thailog, I very much so meant that to be part of his character. To me, the creation of a great villain depends on making that villain a true counterposing force to the hero. Each villain has to make us feel, at least in that individual story, that he or she is the ultimate nemesis. This is accomplished not simply with opposition, but by juxtaposing similarities and contrasting them with opposition. Let's look at Batman for a moment:

a. Batman and the Joker both operate in strange, even garish costumes, outside the law. But the Batman represents ORDER, the Joker CHAOS.
b. Or... Batman is a man with two faces. Bruce Wayne and the Bat. Two sides of the same coin. Personify that, and you
have TWO-FACE. Now you've got two characters who share a bond, and yet are as different as night and day.
c. Batman was created to inspire fear in criminals. The Scarecrow exists to inspire fear in decent people.
d. Batman is a man seduced by the darkness in his soul. Catwoman is that seduction brought to life.
e. Batman strives to find order out of chaos, Ra's al Ghul strives to establish his own order in place of human freedom.

To me, these have always been Batman's best villains, because they each speak to his soul. Anytime I thought about
working with any of the others, it was always more of a struggle.

f. Take the Riddler. As fun as he can be, he was never my favorite. The best I could come up with was to piece out a
segment of the Batman mythos, i.e. Batman is supposed to be the world's greatest detective. Thus we pit this man of
answers in a battle of wits against the world's greatest questioner. (Not bad, but not great either.)
g. Penguin always stumped me until I saw the movie BATMAN RETURNS. Now, I didn't care for that movie much. I
thought it was a mess. But the one truly brilliant addition to the Batman mythos was the notion that the Penguin was a
monster. Batman has a monster inside him. And he puts on a monstrous aspect to give that monster reign. Tim Burton's
Penguin was born to that misshapen life. Suddenly, the villain worked for me.

Now. Return to Gargoyles. And specifically to Goliath. I attempted to make every villain succeed in that manner. Thailog is of course, obvious for the reasons you stated, but hopefully that resonance carries through to all our antagonists. Goliath is the ultimate medieval bastion of gargoyle morality. David is the ultimate modern stand-in for human amorality. Demona was once Goliath's great love. Now she's his greatest enemy because she turned away from the very things that made her love him. Goliath is a gargoyle from another time. Macbeth is a human from another time. Goliath is steadfast and serious, Puck is out there and in it for the laugh. Goliath is thought of as a beast. The Pack are supposed to be hunters. But their animal names and their actions make it clear who the real beasts are. Etc. All this was very conscious. I'm glad it worked for ya. >

The way I've heard things in the fandom, Greg's way of building villains worked for a lot of people. Including myself. Same deal for the Batman villains, which his above comments got me to think about in a new way. The question I have for the CR is this: How do you guys think the Unseelie fit into the above criteria? Are they a true counterposing force to Goliath and his clan, and thus worthy sucessors to the great villains seen on the original Gargs? They are good villians, I'm not disputing that. I'm just wondering about them as related to the original Gargs villains and would like y'all to share your thoughts. If any fanfic writers want to take their original villains and evaluate them as well, feel free. :)

My thoughts on this topic: I think it's been pretty well-established that the Unseelie are the ultimate adversaries. Madoc has near-ultimate power, and a seemingly endless army of underlings and thugs, many of which are powerful and interesting characters in their own right. Maeve is also a very cunning general and her power is nearly equal to Madoc's, which makes her very much bad news. So the Unseelie do have lots of power, and they're definitely opposed to the good guys. For juxtaposing similarities to the heroes and contrasting them with opposition, there's four things I've noticed so far.

First of all, it's often been mentioned that the Unseelie are the "dark mirror" of Oberon's children. Madoc is Oberon's evil twin brother who's even more dangerous and full of himself, Loki is Puck's wicked and crazy doppelganger, and so on. The original Seelie Court under Avallach and Danu was dedicated to nurturing and protecting the younger races (this attitude is still shared by some modern fay such as Coyote, Grandmother, and Prometheus), Oberon is trying to seperate his fay from the younger races' societies and lives, and the Unseelie Court wants to interfere with the younger races, to conquer them and make everyone their slaves. There are good differences in motivation and personality here. They set Madoc and his associates apart from the other fay and clearly establish them as opposed to both the human and the gargoyle race.

Secondly, we can say that Madoc and his gang are supernatural beings more powerful than humans. The gargoyles are as well, but they use their power to help and protect people. The Unseelie, in contrast, seem corrupted by their power, believing they can do whatever they want with it and nobody can stop them. The Unseelie don't care if anyone gives a damn what they do, whereas Goliath and the clan do subscribe to morality and try to live their lives by it as much as they can. The gargoyles have also grown and matured throughout their lives, evolving to care about the effect they have on people and becoming mature. By contrast, the Unseelie have been around MUCH longer than the gargoyles have and most of them have hardly evolved in character at all. A large number of the Unseelie are still selfish, childish, and pettily cruel, and they refuse to make any changes in their behavior for the good of society. They have great power, but they use it for their own benefit and amusement. Whereas the clan uses their power to help and protect each other, as well as the humans wherever they live.

3. The above comment leads me into another facet of the Unseelies' villainy- their history and philosophy. It has often been said that in olden times humans adapted to their environment and lived in harmony with it, whereas modern humans build cities and technology and make the environment adapt to their own needs and wants. The Unseelies are like modern humans, they want to mold the world to their desires and have a few times in the past. They also treat those of lesser power as of little consequence to them or as a threat to be eliminated, just as many humans have in the past treated those they considered inferior to them (eg, slave traders and Africans, Nazis and Jews, etc). So we can say in a way the Unseelie are just repeating the mistakes of humanity's past, only they're a greater threat to humans than other humans ever could be because they are against all humans, not just a few specific groups. Taking this farther, it can also be said that the gargoyles are acting like the humans in olden times, they're adapting to the environment they live in no matter where or when they live. The Unseelie have lived in several different eras like the clan have, and they've adapted to them, but as soon as Madoc and the others got their magic powers back, they seemed to instantly discard all the convienences and lessons adapting to the environment gave them in favor of the power they always had. (The Ultra-Pack and Quarrymen were Madoc's goons in the first TGS season, he controlled them with the human methods of technology and influence. In the second season, his goons are the Halflings and Minions, people who are controlled by the influence, fear, and satisfaction of desires for power Madoc exerts on them, but not as much as they are by the magical changes Madoc has made in their minds and bodies, which have resulted in making them corrupt with power like him.) Now they're dedicated to changing the world to suit their desires, and not caring at all about whether the younger races might have a problem with that that.

And 4. Because of typical mythological views of demons, most of humanity automatically sees the gargoyles as demons and beasts. But once you got to know them, it's clear the gargs aren't really evil demons at all. The Unseelie are a different story. Human myths call them all bad guys, and that's what they are. Loki's an evil trickster fond of pranks, Garm and Troit are big dangerous animals who've ended up hurting humans wherever they go, Phobos and Deimos are the personifications of fear and terror, etc. In some cases, such as the mythological Wild Hunt going after oathbreakers and fugitive criminals (I think I have the myth right, if I'm wrong correct me) contrasted to Herne and his hounds hunting humans for sport, the reality is worse than the myth. The gargoyles look like but are not monsters, whereas the Unseelie are pretty much exactly the monsters humanity has perceived them to be.

Man, it gets you thinking, doesn't it? Hope others have interesting thoughts to share on this topic and I haven't said all there is. :)

That's all for now, good night!


Kitainia climbs up to the trailer roof (which btw is always held stable due to some magic and technology Dumlao put in, so you don't have to worry about Jammer's fast and crazy driving style throwing anyone off) and says, "Hey Fleur, what's the matter? You've been sitting up here since DX chased the demons off." "I have a bad feeling, Kit," Fleur says. "I think something really terrible is going to happen soon. And I know it's not the upcoming hearing in Washington." "Do you know what it is?" "No. I'm trying to think, but I can't figure out what it is. But then Tricia's the professional psychic, not me." "I don't know. She hasn't been getting any bad premonitions lately. Or if she has, Trish hasn't told me." "You better ask her," Fleur recommends. "It could be she's too worried to let her feelings come out." "Good idea," Kitainia agrees. "I'll do that. In the meantime, you want to come back down and get some sleep? It could help you organize your thoughts." "No thanks," Fleur says. "I'll stay up here for a while, keep an elevated lookout." "Okay," Kit nods, going back down. "See you later."

The display changes to a large black jeep that is following the Onslaught from some distance. "Thailog, this is Hades," the driver is saying into a cell phone. "Those daemons that attacked the Ravens were apparently led away by someone who has not been designated a priority target." "If he was with them, he is an enemy," Thailog growls back. "And therefore a target. Did you get a description of this individual." Hades answers in the affirmative and tells Thailog all he knows about DumlaoX. "I haven't mind-melded with Jaden enough yet to know this Dumlao's exact relationship to the Ravens," he says. "So far he appears to be another heavily armed and resourceful warrior, a friend to the Ravens, and have his own car. In a few days I'll know more of what Jaden does and be able to give you more information. I did manage to tag Dumlao's car with a tracer device as it sped past me, you can track it on frequency 14F." "I shall do so," Thailog says. "And I will send an operative to gather information on this new adversary. We must learn all we can of him. In the meantime, you keep the Ravens under surveillance. Learn all you can of them through your link with the werewolf, and when necessary we shall send you the appropriate help to capture Jaden and destroy the rest." "I shall keep following them to Washington then. Hades out."


Kitainia - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:30:11 PM

Hi! Moshi moshi..I'm new to this comment room, forgive me..<<angry villagers storm the castle, yelling, "Newbie! Kill the Newbie!">>
Anyway, I always read TGS every week..I used to really, really like the show, so I made a website. <<everybody groans>> That's not why I'm posting this, tho. There's a fanfic my friend wrote on my site and a game she created called "dress-up fun goliath". I'd really appreciate if some people went and looked at either one (or both ^_^)..ok, thanks!

Kate - []
Wilmington, DE, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:18:41 PM

Blue Caeru> I just remembered that Igraine is King Arthur's mother as well as Morgan's. This would make King Arthur another "natural" halfling who you've heard of before. I seem to recall reading somewhere in the "Ask Greg" archives that not all halflings display magical powers, though they have other qualities that make them unique.

If anyone thinks Brooklyn's carrying the Phoenix Gate in his pouch is weird, consider where half of it was when Goliath was carrying it prior to Awakening. He presented his half to Demona in Vows, but in order for him to have it then, it must have been turned to stone for 1000 years along with the rest of himself and his clothing. Amazing, huh. ;)

TRC> No problem.

Jenniren - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:16:32 PM

Fleur> If you want to give her a message I'm collecting them to give her at school. And yes, she has a painting displayed in the art hallway of a garg.
Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:04:23 PM

Fluer- Whats really bad about all those millenium babies come 1/1/2000, is that they'll be a year off. Sometimes you gotta love how stupid the general public is. 2000 isn't even the new millenium, 2001 is...
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:01:31 PM

Grr... Lost a nice complete post seconds before I hit submit. Grr... THis'll be short because of it. (Well, shorter than the one I typed already)

SJ- Go ahead an RP. The shut down was schedualed to be last weekend, it never happened.

Deuce- New pic looks fine.

Wilek- The party is at night, after hours, so the general public isn't privy to the madness. Just gotta be REAL careful that Disney World doesn't get blown up, Jim could never afford to replace that.

Also, Brooklyn has a pouch, which is why he can carry the gate.

And that phrasing leads one to think... Brooklyn is part kangaroo! Female at that!

Argent- Don't bug ME about the Guatemalan clan! Season 2 was written before I signed on! Their role was determined before I had any influence!

Family Guy- I don't like it at all, but I hope with both fingers crossed that both of Fox's cartoon nights succeed extremley well, despite not liking most of the shows offered. Why? If primetime, adult oriented cartoons succeed, that means more of them will be made! And we might get another Gargs like series, but in Primetime!

Tracing- Not only is it not real art, but it rarely looks any good.

Doug- Hey, we've had the position for less than a week. Considering I don't have a scanner, and pics are our last priority, its not a big deal. I'm sticking to the Brook and Sata pic anyhow.

Aaron- Heh heh... Not only a very cool quote that got used in Gold Digger, but the end of 48 was great.... "But there IS string!" hahahaha...

Trent- I do believe I'd like to hear those long stories...

Theresa- Seems like more of your sanity needs to be collected.

Deuce again- "I swear to God it was for drama class"... I feel your pain. I've undergone the same torment twice now, and I did not enjoy it either time.

Voltron 3-D- Icky poo! This series sucks! The computer animation is terrible compared to what Mainframe is doing, the costume design is horrible,the characters act way out of character, (Zarkon a goodguy? Saying the word "chaps? No!) Combined with bad plots that don't live up to the fond, if not cheezy memories of the original I give some credit for getting most of the original cast to come back and do voices, but they lose all that respect for getting Tim Curry to do Lotor!


Jim notes with some pride that gests have arrived far more quickly than usual. However, he regrets one thing...
"No villains come anymore except Demona. They so spiced things up. Thailog hasn't come since that one party, Megaduck's ego prevents him from doing so, Mosenwrath is busy getting revenge on Aladdin, and Sevarius is just plain busy elsewhere. Such a shame, he could really dance."
"Well..." a unique voice comes forth. Jim turns, and his eyes widen. "I think I can make some ammends for that."
"Tim Curry? Dude!"
"If you think Sevarius can dance, wait until yu see this..." (click!)

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:58:00 PM

Oh boy Dis, you are going to die painfully....
Fleur appears in the CR, and grabs Dis, just as the Delivery men bring in a giant blender. Dis realises what's about to happen and whimpers.
"THIS is for putting a virus on the disk that was holding my latest fan-fic!" Fleur screams and throws him into the blender, then switches it on.
<Details blanked out for the comfort of the faint hearted and weak stomached.>
Finally, when Dis has been liquidfied, Fleur opens the blender and pours gasoline over the contents. She lights a match.
"And this is for not letting me into my hotmail account." She drops the match.
A group of scouts wander in and toast marshmallows over the flame, singing campfire songs. When the flame has died down, but their singing hasn't improved, the Tree kicks them out.

Hi all,
*growls* Well, it'll be a few more days before I can post my next fic. And I had finally finished the rewrites!! At least I had saved a slightly older vesion to my hard drive. I think I'll kill Dis again though, this is just too much. Turn every computer against me if you must, but don't touch my fanfics Mr Dis!!

I forgot this last time...

Oh, and welcome back Jackal!! (forgot that too... man, I need a new memory. One that works.)

Serenity> Ah, so I'm not the only one who loved Christi's Umbriel pick!

Welcome Elessar! Curious, are you a Tolkein fan?

Matrix> I haven't seen it, but a friend saw the filming of it when she was on holidays in Sydney, so we're going to see it so she can jump up in the middle of it and yell 'I SAW THAT!!' and I can laugh at everyone's reaction. :)

Glimmer> You know what cracks me up the most about this hole 'end of the millenium, end of the world' thing? Tibet skipped into its THIRD millenium back in the seventies, and the arab nations (I think, don't quote me) won't touch 2000 for another three centuries! For them, it's just another new year celebration. I can't help but feel that if the world _was_ going to end, it would end on a lazy Thursday in the middle of October, or something. Armageddon has really bad timing, so I doubt it'll appear on new years eve or day, independance day, Christmas or easter. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing I'm dreading about 01/01/2000 is how many god-damn millenium babies people are going to be trying to pop out. :)

Congratulations SOROW, Happy Queen! Good luck with the drill tryouts.

Welcome Denis.. er, Malkavian anti-, um, mind if I call you Denis? :)

Baby Fey> Ravyn drew a gargs pic? Kewl! Man, I miss her. :(

Wilek> >(Wait-a-minute...then how did Brooklyn carry the
Phoenix Gate?)< Didn't he have little pocket things on his belt?

Mandi> holoucaust Rememberance Day: people are handing out white carnations at Monash, and some survivors are coming in to talk about their experiences, which I won't be going to. Attending the Holocaust Museum two years ago was soul-destroying enough for me. I still don't know how people could do that to each other. *shudders*

Ah, the siren we call chemisty class is calling.

The TV switches on.
Fleur slices one of the few daemons still attacking the Onslaught and turns to Jaden, who's giving his axe a workout on another daemon. Then, like the rest of the Ravens, they watch DX's jeep speeding away, pursued by the Daemons.
"You still got that weird feeling?" Jaden asks Fleur as the Jeep disappears. Fleur nods reluctantly.
"It's getting stronger. I just wish I knew what it was. How 'bout you? Is that Hades guy still on your tail?"
"Yeah." Jaden replies, grinning slightly at Fleur's terrible pun. Fleur sighs, and looks out to the horizon, as the rest of the Ravens return to the Onslaught.
"You coming?" Jaden asks. Fleur shakes her head.
"I think I'll stay up here a while. I've just got to work out what my intuition is trying to tell me."

Fleur - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:55:31 PM

Episode Archives > All eps for seasons one and two are also available on our backup site:

The episode archives on that site are current. The ones on this site should be brought up to current within a day or so... the new folks are working on it.

Patrick Toman
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:55:13 PM

Apologies for the double post .

Wilek and Khesaat are in the shuttle about to leave when TRC enters the bay and starts running towards them , TRC :"WAIT UP , I'm coming along !! . Wilek holds his position a few feet above the deck and opens the shuttle hatch , Wilek :"You barely made it , get in . " TRC hops up into the shuttle and closes the hatch behind him , he then starts to secure himself to the seat . TRC :" I know , I was trying to get a feel for the station and ran into Rho , he told me where you were when I asked and I took off after you ." Khesaat :"Are you a party guy ? " he asks TRC with some level of curiosity as the shuttle heads towards earth , TRC:"Not really , but I do enjoy them ." The trio then easily slip into comfortable conversation for the rest of the short journey .

**Bangs head against wall till the wall starts to crumble**
Note to self : Read the WHOLE CR before making your damned posts you MORON .

Jenniren : Sorry about this , I swear it was unintentional .

DC is seen still in the same secured position as he was last time , TRC walks in and glares at him and manages to maintain his dignity be not shouting at Dis , though barely . TRC :"You do realize that your transgressions shall not be tolerated do'nt you ?" , Dis :"What do you mean ?" , TRC :"DO'NT PLAY DUMB , it does'nt suit you . I am referring to messing with my system , stalling me , feeding me endless error messages , interferring with Scan disc to keep it from running . . . . Shall I go on ." TRC picks a large canister and feeds it into the chamber . He then uses the mechanical arms to open it . Hundreds of large spiders crawl out of it and swarm onto DIS who immdiately begins to scream in fear and pain as they inject him with their toxin and he begins to turn into a thick group which the spiders then start to drink .
**END DIS-STRUCTION" (sorry , could'nt help myself)

Lawrence Stone : Happy Birthday .

SJ : Sorry I forgot to say this in my last post but I hope your sisters doing better .

Fire : Titania and the sisters were'nt present , they were watching , but not present .

Transformers : Has anyne ever seen the sequal to the movie , I know they brought back Optimus , but I've been searching for it for 6 YEARS . (pipsqueak voice) hellllp meeeeeee .

Later all . 2 days time . . . .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:44:12 PM

Oh my gosh! How could I totally forget???? For Rolling Calf... OKIloveyoubyebye! :)
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:23:37 PM

SJ: Glad your sister's on the road to recovery. :)

Voyager: Hmm, I love it when somebody brings this show up. I held out hope a long time, but finally gave up on it. Sure, the ratings improved when they put Jeri Ryan on the show, but that was due more to a testosterone surge than anything else. When I saw her for the first time, I wasn't thinking, "Gee, that's an interesting plot development." I was thinking: "Look at the rack on HER!!!" She looks like she went in to do a guest appearance on Melrose Place and got lost and went to the wrong soundstage. They should've changed the title to Star Trek: Jeri Ryan's Breasts.

Toku Kaioto: "Good God, I almost agree with you!" Creepy, huh? Makes you feel like unholy crawling things are scampering up and down your spine, doesn't it? Heheh. :P

Kitainia & Steve Gooch: Glad you liked the slogans. Here's some more silliness, from the 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said Page-a-Day calendar ...

From a quiz given to undergraduate students at Arizona State University, designed to test their knowlege of names and terms every aspiring journalist should know:

Q: What is Alzheimer's?
A: Imported beer.
Q: What is apartheid?
A: A building in Athens.
Q: Who was Louis Armstrong?
A: The first man on the moon.
Q: Who was Count Basie?
A: A vampire.

And now an excerpt from a conversation on the "Howdy Doody" show ...

Buffalo Bob: "What's your name, little fella?"
Kid: "Kenneth."
BB: "And did you do anything wrong?"
Kid: "I farted!"
BB: "I see ..." (breaks into uncontrollable laughter and has to cut to commercial)


Oh yeah ... I'm not quite 73% insane. How disappointing ...

Tha Matrix: YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!!! Best three dollars I've spent since I went to see Strange Days.

Pistoff - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:14:07 PM

SOROW> Good luck!
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 09:01:35 PM

Doug : The Iron _could_ have killed Oberon , He was on his knees begging for mercy . I figured that they used a bell for the range , if Oberon saw Tom running towards him with a hammer or sword , he would reduce him to a few stray molecules in the immediate vicinity . It also does'nt appear to take a great deal of iron to kill a fay . Oberon's father was killed by a spear of iron , and there's less iron in a spear than in the chains used to make the bell .

Iron and Halflings : I want some clarification on this . Iron affects all the Unseelie created halflings right , But those who were conceived via . . . . standard procedures , seem more immune , Umbriel's magic worked against iron when he was clearing out that lot in "The Rising" . Fox does'nt seem to be affected , (it should'nt matter that her abilities are not developed) . What's the deal here , please give me a hand , deep thinking gives me migraine headaches .

I am 61.686868686868% insane according to that test . But I would'nt put a killer out on the street just because he/she passed that test .

SOROW : Happy for you girl . Of course this comes as no suprise since you wrote "okIloveyoubyebye" at the end of your posts for a week or two .

Claims of Voltron producers - *ahem* BULL$#!+ . What tha hell was that moron thinking when he let that putrid bile soaked filth seep through his lips . The animators do'nt take into account HALF of the factors that Beast Wars and War Planets do , the shadows , the designs , lighting angles , indepth stories , believeability . Frig .

Tracing pictures for artwork - I do'nt really know what to think of this , I would'nt really consider this REAL artwork , but depending on how it's used it could be perceived as such . It all depends on how you look at it . I try to look at all the possibilities , that's probably why this one confuses me so much .

SJ : I miss Bimstone too . **sniff** . I do'ntwatch X-files as much as I used too . But I agree with most of what you say . My main interest is in the mutants and monsters that they used to show , I notice a distinct lack of these nowadays so I only watch when I see that ones coming on . And half those that I've seen this season were dissapointing . Course I did miss the Bruce Campbell ep. DAAAAMN .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 08:38:46 PM

Whoops, forgot my color and pic.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 08:11:53 PM

I am NOT alone! Larisa Oleynik rules. You have good taste Duece. ^_^
Elessar - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 08:00:28 PM

Take a picture of Ravyn's painting? Doubtful, because for now it's under glass and it's hard for me to take a pic of that. It's of a guy yellowish garg on a castle... haven't had a chance to really take a good look, been running to class.
Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:51:08 PM


So, is everyone happy today?

Well, I want to apologize to anyone who goes to my page, because I didn't get it updated this weekend, and with my senior paper and other projects coming up, I probably won't get to for a little while. In advance, I want to say I'm sorry. There's a possibility this coming weekend- let's hope I don't get saddled with homework yet again. *crosses fingers*

On a better note, my English teacher watched CoS and thought it was "cool." So, we're gonna watch it this Friday and next Monday. :D

Sevarius Jr.> Glad your sister's doing better. :)

Are we having a shutdown or not, BTW?

Family Guy> I dunno, I rather liked it.

Sanity Test> 61.8181818181818% here. :)

Galvatron> Do tell.

Mandi> Congrats. :)

Blue Caeru> Happy belated birthday!

Kaioto> May I also note you are extremely well-spoken.

Christine> Never played GURPS, but I may have to try it just for that. :) Waiting to hear more am I. :)

Favorite Unseelie> Of the ones y'all have seen, probably Phobos, Deimos, and Grimalkin- they were fun to write. :)

Uh... that was pointless. But what the heck, eh?
JEB - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:47:45 PM

Green Baron> I thought Jim's party was in Disney World, not Disneyland. :-)

"Natural" Halflings: How could I forget Merlin/Emrys?! *slaps herself* Also, I didn't know that Morgan was one too... I don't really read "Pendragon."

Goliath's role: Well, he's a pretty well-established character already, so I think it's fair to give others the spotlight. That's all I'm going to say about that... for now. :-)

Kaioto> Hey, it's Disney World, there are so many things to do. Of course I'll take my time stowing the cake away. :-)

******* JIM'S PARTY RP *******
Blue settles herself as comfortably as she can on the hard metal bleacher at the Lion King show. "At least they have fans and air vents out here," she mutters as the familiar music of "Hakuna Matata" plays. She looks around and notes that the outdoor auditorium is only a third full. "Must be the first show of the day," she muses.

The music swells and a large, colorful float emerges from behind the curtains, along with several cast members dressed as characters and animals from the movie. The song-and-dance number is just starting when evil laughter echoes throughout the auditorium. Blue recognizes the chilling chuckles and stands up, surprised, while the other audience members and the cast look around, puzzled. Then to everyone's horror, an army of purple dinosaurs rushes out from the curtains, maniacally singing, "I love you, you love me..." Chaos ensues when the cast members and audience run to the exits, with the Barneys in hot pursuit. However, they realize too late that the exits are guarded by other Barneys, and their cries for help can be heard as they are enveloped in a massive group hug.

Meanwhile, Blue had not headed for the exits like everyone else; instead, she had quickly hidden beneath the float when she saw that she probably wouldn't stand much of a chance against them. "He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day..." she had thought, battling guilt. Now, while the Barneys are distracted, she sees her only chance of escape and getting help for the others: the air vents high in the roof. Blue looks at the enormous palm tree on the float and starts climbing it. When she reaches the top, she opens the air vent and scrambles inside just as some of the Barneys notice her and rush over to the palm tree. She throws her water bottle at one, hitting him/it in the head. "Now, that wasn't very nice!" he/it laughs, eyes glowing an odd green color for a moment.

Blue takes a cigarette lighter (not that she smokes)and sets the palm tree ablaze, preventing them from following her. "Jim, I hope you got insurance for your little party!" she says. Then she finds her flashlight in one of the pockets of her trench coat and crawls as fast as she can through the air vent leading outside...
******* END JIM'S PARTY RP AND THIS POST :-) *******

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:41:21 PM

Episode archive> I'll get on that right now.
Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:26:52 PM


Blue Caeru> Happy belated birthday

I liked this episode. Finaly a true crossover episode of Gargoyles and Pendragon that is prety much it. Oh I think that Demona and Una could be good frieands because they are both in the magic arts hay but I am as well.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:25:02 PM

Will someone PLEASE update the episode archive? I kind of stopped in the middle of "The Longest Day, Part 2," then got bogged down in schoolwork, and forgot about it for a while. I just could not believe that they haven't put the episodes on the archive! Fortunately, I salvaged "The Waiting Game" from my History list, but the other one that aired on April 5th is still missing.

Could someone post the URL for that story in here? I'd really like to not have to wait for the staff to get off their -- and fix things before I can catch up. By the way, here's the "Waiting Game" URL in case you're as far behind as I am:
Thank you!

Tigron - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:22:09 PM

Missed it....

SOROW> Good luck! I'll pray for ya.

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:06:28 PM

I'm going to explain my answers to some of the sanity test questions, just so y'all know the circumstances, and because I'm bored and have nothing in here to respond to.

3. Talked to plants? Yes. When I was about 3, every time we'd go to the store, I'd head straight for the flower section and strike up a conversation. Nowadays I talk to the ones at home... they're very patient listeners.
4. Sat down on the yellow line in the middle of the road? Yes: the highway by my house. Not during rush hour, so maybe this only counts for ½.
8. Been mad at someone for something you dreamed? Yeah. I had a dream a couple weeks ago that my dad gave me away to the Egyptian Illumanti. When I woke up, I was quite shaken, and a little mad at him.
11. Done something that wasn't nice but it was funny? Who hasn't?
15. Been obsessed with someone you'd never met? (actor, actress, singer, etc.) Yes: Larisa Oleynik. _She_ is a goddess.
18. Made something up and insisted on it so much that you started believing it yourself? Yes, this is how I lie effectively.
21. Gone to a 24-hour store late at night or in the wee hours of the morning because you have nothing better to do? Yes, at nearly ever sleepover I've ever had. Never alone, tho'.
23. Been in band? YEAH! BANDOS RULE!
24. Chewed on something unusual? (paper, cardboard, clothing, electrical wire) Yeah... I went through a paper-eating stage in Grade IX....
25. Tickled someone just to make them squirm? Yeah. Nearly every day.
29. Not slept all night? A couple of times, yes.
30. Had a shoe fight? Yes.
31. Responded to something trivial with violence? Yes, constantly. Not something I'm proud of.
33. Used Jello for any reason other than eating it? Yes.
42. Wanted the bad guy to win? Every time I watch the X-Files and ID4.
44. Walked in the snow barefoot? Yes.
45. Played hide-and-seek in a store? Yeah; hardware stores are the best for that.
48. Yelled at the voices in your head in public? Once.
49. Named the voices in your head? There's Amy, Peter, Shadowknight, and one I haven't named yet.
52. Dressed like a member of the opposite sex? I swear to God it was for drama class....
55. Talked in the third person? He does that, yeah.

That should be all. I answered "yes" to way more than just this, these are just the ones I wanted to explain. :-P

** gone **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:05:10 PM

Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to send messages to me for Ravyn the quicker way to contact me is through ICQ. If you have it my # is: 28594975
Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:03:49 PM

**as opposed to walking in, drives in ... the huge '79 Caddy barely fits through the door. The engine stops, and Coyote hops out, approaching the table and changing out the candle.**

Ahh ... so nice to have a running car again. :) Oh, and Aaron: Your apology is accepted, even though people who drive Caddys 25 on the expressway tend to raise my ire, as well. You get to the point of screaming out your window ... "YOU'VE GOT A FRIGGIN' BIG BLOCK V-8 IN THAT THING!! PUT YER DAMN FOOT ON THE GAS!!" :)

Incidentally, a big block is exactly what's in my Caddy ... a huge gas-guzzling 425 cid 7.0 liter V-8. (You ain't gonna catch me *dead* in a diesel Caddy, which they also offered in '79.)

As for the Escalade ... I saw that thing at the North American International Auto Show in January. And it was love at first sight ... GAWD, I want one of those!!! :)

Sanity test: I am 56.36% insane according to the test ... which, I noticed, is another *fine* page presented by the glorious loons at Michigan State University. :)

Fire Storm: I'm coming, and I'm bringing the Vernor's with me. :)

JackaL: Welcome back, dude. As for living in your own world ... hey, don't knock it, sometimes it's fun. :)

$As for the party ... I think I'll pass on this one. I've partied hearty the last couple of ones, and the last one in particular was the most fun I've had in a while. :)$

**sits in the big chair. Buick enters the room, fires up the Caddy, and wildly drives it out.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:03:29 PM

I'm totally freaking out!!! You ever get that feeling when you suddenly realize that one mistake could totally flush your dreams down the toilet??? That's me right now. Tomorrow is finally the officer tryouts for my drill team and I'm so nervous. Six whole years of waiting and here it is. I appreciate all you guys putting up with me everytime I mention it, but I'll just be glad when it's over. I got tons of homework and I have to sleep tonight. Wish me luck...
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:00:49 PM

Thanx for the warm welcome I got in here, I appreciate it. Main is so awful now, makes you wonder about gargs fans...

Anyways, on to business. I NEED Ravyn's addy IRL or email if anyone has it, if she doesn't check her email don't bother. Any info to help me find her IRL would be helpful, even classes :P Big school... I'd personally love to meet another rabid Gargs fan in my city.

Well... if anyone has any messages they'd like to pass along to Ravyn email them to me, I'll print them out and once I find her I'll give them to her (that ought to be fun to have a stranger give you that *grins* So any messages send to my address and I'll be sure to give them to her! Sounds like she's missed in here.


Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 06:39:31 PM

Results 32.7272727272727

I'm the most nornal person I know of. I live in the past and in the future. The present was under the christmas tree until I took it down.


Theresa - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 06:20:43 PM

Speaking of the Transformers movie, all the Gold Digger fans must go now and grab a copy of issue 48, on sale now. Buy it, and flip the the last two pages. You won't be disappointed.

Aaron wanders off humming "My Clone Sleeps Alone"
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 05:49:04 PM

ADDENDUM - 54.5454545454545% crazy... hey! I think that test was rigged!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:49:08 PM

Clarification- by "growing" in the last bit I mean physically changing. Dragons' bodies remain in the prime of life for all that time after their 5000th year, only their minds can get any worse or better.
Doug again
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:47:00 PM

Kyryn: Glad you'll be doing the pics. I will wait as long as necessary for it, I can understand your limited time. Small clarification on Rialtos- the description of him I gave you is for how he'll look when we first see him outside a flashback. If you want to draw him how he was when Nikki knew him in Concordance (he would have been about 21 in human years then, currently he's entering what for nearly-immortal common dragons (who in my fanfic universe can live up to 400,000 years but stop growing when they get to be about 5,000) is early middle-age), just make him look younger and smaller and get rid of the bronze patina on his scales (bronze dragons only get that at about 3,000 years of age). Good luck.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:44:14 PM

UNICRON/GALVATRON: Actually, because Orson Wells died before production on "Transformers The Movie" was over, they asked Nimoy to finish the last few scenes of the movie by doing Unicron's voice. But, for the most part, Wells did do the voice of the planet-sized Transformer.

Side Note: the voice of the leader of the Junkions, Wrek-Gar, was done by Eric Idle of Monty Python fame.

A LITTLE JOKE: I heard this on the TV, and just had to share it with everyone:

I have a very sick friend. What he likes to do, is take ostriches and put them on concrete playgrounds and scare them...

Think about it! :) Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:42:51 PM

**Kyryn sneaks in**

Well, I've confirmed it. I'm 81.8181818181818% insane. I especially loved the question about referring to yourself in the third person. Okami says that that's the surest way to tell when I'm becoming a bicycle (i.e. 'too' tired) (Ducks rotten fruit. It's an old family joke)

Transformers> Orson Welles was the voice of Unicron in Transformers the Movie. Leonard Nimoy voiced Galvatron.

Blue> Happy B-day!

Jenniren> <<At the very least they should all be carrying little iron cowbells under their loincloths to use in an emergency>> **grin** - that made me think of blue silk ribbons-- (anyone who doesn't get the reference is refered to a song called 'The Scotsman', and I leave it at that to keep things within the room ratings)

Doug> I'll probably go ahead and do the pics, but don't expect them anytime soon. Between TGS, my wedding at the beginning of May, hunting for a new job, being senior staff at Project A-Kon, and RL, I don't have huge amounts of time; however, the pics provide a nice break from other stuff.

Iron issue> Actually, historically/mythically, the fay were affected by 'cold iron', meaning cold-forged iron.

Ironwolf> You might be thinking of 'Renaissance Gargoyle' and 'Dreams of the Day' by Conna J. Stevenson. These are up at the fanfic archive.
BTW, for those who are anime/Pokemon/Babylon 5 fans click my name below to see something twisted.

**Kyryn disappears back to work**

Uvalde, TX
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:08:42 PM

i know this is my third post and i am sorry, but i have been meaning to ask this for a while. there was or were a series of stories written by i think some one named jewel about 2 humans becoming gargs and joining the clan. Dose this ring any bells??
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:05:14 PM

63.63636363etc.% I guess dressing as a member of the opposite sex (long story) and letting other people play with your food (longer story, but not as exciting) don't effect your rating as much as I would have expected.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:03:13 PM

Todd: *laughs* Maybe I should write a crash-course! ;) I’m not entirely sure on the accuracy of my last post; I do remember reading somewhere about ‘O-levels’ in schools. It’s possible that some private schools still adopt them, although the national examination at age 16 is still GCSEs- certainly in a school like Mons Carbi that’s what Emrys would be doing. The O-levels slip wasn’t as funny as the one in (I think) THE TAIN where Arthur was throwing a ha’penny. That’s one I’ll never forget. Maybe if TGS mentioned one of the new £2 coins in one of the episodes they could really get modern! ;) So long as it’s not blown by something stupid like Headmaster Wynn bringing out the cane! (The other error was that Emrys returned to school in August whereas I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a normal public school going back this early; summer holidays dates are end of July to beginning of September.

Incidentally, for a local comprehensive, I get the impression that Mons Carbi seems to be pretty well off. Obviously this could be my misinterpretation of some of the descriptions, or an oversight on the staff’s part, but I’d rather like to think that it’s the dynamic leadership of Headmaster Wynn. OK, the guy doesn’t take too well to truants (what Head would?), but it’s hardly like he had a choice when out-of-the-blue, Mr. Pennington drops on his doorstep a 1500-year-old wizard in a body reflecting a hundredth of his age, and requested that he be educated! It must be said, the “whinge on the ‘phone” solution adopted doesn’t inspire great confidence in the man, but for all that we’ve seen too little of him to properly judge. I’d actually like to see Emrys dragged properly into his office to see what kind of stuff the bloke’s made from.

Last thing that really should happen in TGS; the government’s school inspection team (OFSTED) should come and visit. I can just imagine Emrys seeing an inspector striding the length of the playground and having a few words with them. And as for life in class with half a dozen of on-edge teachers, I can imagine the fun everyone's favourite 1500-year-old schoolboy could have >:)

ED - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 03:58:37 PM

"You are 72.7272727272727% insane.

You're a loony. "

Jeez, they didn't have to tell me that...

When you have a question like "Did you ever yell at the voices in your head in public", what else am I going to say? "Do you have names for the voices in your head?" Yeah, Gecko, Brook, Caligo, Luc, Wagner (who moved in without me knowing), and now Twitch...who's Twitch...? Coyote, Twitch is not the type of gargoyle you'd want in WCC...I figure Bobcat Goldthwait would be his voice...he's that annoying...

Okay, back to work...*PTOOF!*

Cyrway - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 03:50:34 PM

Jenniren> <<As to why Titania and the Weird Sisters weren't affected by the bell ringing - Maybe they weren't present at that particular instant.>> They weren't, though you're probably right that they were watching magically from elsewhere. They appeared only after Tom stopped using the bell. (Just watched that one yesterday. :)

Hmm, I only scored 54.54545454...% on that test--I'm rather disappointed in myself. Maybe I'm saner than I thought. Gotta fix that.

Mandi> <<Who *didn't* hide in the clothing racks when their parents took them along on shopping trips when they were little?>> What *else* was there to do while the mother figure tried on outfit after outfit? ::yawns:: BO-RING! After awhile they got tired of my hiding in the middle of those round racks and scaring unsuspecting customers, and let me stay in the bookstore while they shopped. Of course, I don't do things like that anymore, nuh-uh.... ::crosses fingers::

Short post.... ::glares as everyone sighs with relief:: Must go work on fic. Ja mata!

Serenity - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 03:49:22 PM

Fire> Don't worry about it. At least you didn't spell it Erin. I get that all the time. And I don't think it has anything to do with the hair down to my mid-back. :)

Results: I'm 65.4545454545455% insane. I'm a looney. Confirmation at last.

Also, while I'm here, I saw something that scared me today. The Cadillac SUV. It's *huge*. And it could combine two of my least favorite road users. The attitude-laced SUV owners, and the Caddy drivers who can't see over the dashboard. (Apologies to the responsible SUV owners and the owners of pimpin' Caddys)

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 03:13:58 PM

Arron> Sorry if I misspelled your name... I really did try. Anyhow, the Insanity test is at

or you can just click on my name. ^_^

Fire - [<-- If you haven't taken it yet, take the test!]
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 03:00:49 PM

Aaron Your wish is my command you can scroll back to Fire's message or cut and paste this address
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 02:58:04 PM

I apoligize, but I'm really lousy with names. Could whoever it was who posted the rant about beating your boss to death with a baseball bat please come do my coworkers?

That said:

Robby> Not only the transformers, but it could also interfere with the Timelords' Matrix on Galifrey.

I still haven't seen the Matrix :(

I did finally see City of Angels on HBO. What a f**king depressing movie! Even worse then in TGC when Goliath dreamed he was human. My only highlight was my rewrite that has Seth being approached the next day by the angel Gabriel, who looks suspiciously like Christopher Walken.... Or possibly by a lawyer named John Milton.

Could someone please tell me where the insanity test is again? Thanx.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 02:48:55 PM

And a couple of other stuff that slipped my mind...
SHAMELESS PLUG! Scriptae Caligorum: The Sword's up...if anyone wants to see the Outklaws torture Goliath, look no further...oh, and Brooklyn and Caligo butt heads, but that's not as exciting...

IN OTHER NEWS: Back to the commissions thing, I was backed up until Mail Excite crashed, then wiped all the commissions I had...I put up on the page that if ppl did have a commission from me and didn't recieve it or at least an email then to refill out the form, but it seemed no one was interested, so that freed me up...still gotta redo the pic for Jade Griffin...thin paper sucks.


Tuesday, April 13, 1999 02:41:21 PM

*Walks in, holding her head.* Anyone got some NyQuil?

Stormy> I wouldn't worry unless they invite Elric for wake them up, I suggest you crank the song at the last ten seconds...

Coyote and Wilek>I used to do public commisions, until a) I was getting sick and tired of uncreative commissions and b) the abundance of uncreative commissions. Now it's pretty much either you email me, asking me what you want. If I feel like doing it and it's creative enough to hold my attention, I'll do it. Also, I've been doing "surprise" pics and "gift" pics, which are much more fun...I think what broke the camel's back was the commission of a rather polite young man who requested a pic from both myself and my partner in crime, Jenny De Salme, for a character who looked almost exactly like Brooklyn. That wasn't the biggest concern of ours, though; what concerned us was the fact his character's name was Shadow. Now, for those not familiar with my fics, Shadow was the name of the future essense of Brooklyn in Love and War and Gliding on the Winds of Time. So, Jenny and I wrote an email to him asking about Shadow. Well, we finished the commissions, but that was it for me. I was sick of descriptions of "I look like Demona with a katana" fact, I was getting pretty sick of seeing "katana" in the description altogether....great for a member of Clan Ishimura, but how does anyone get a katana to mideval Scotland? Am I rambling yet? Anyway, to answer the question, I will review a commission request, and may or may not do it. All depends if its original and if I like you. :P

And, unlike some artists with similar quotas, I have no problem doing beaks...I mean, you look at a pic of Luc next to a pic of Chaos, there is a biiig difference...for starters, Luc is so adorable! *squeezes Luc's cheeks, talking baby talk. Luc rolls his eyes.* Okay, enough...I'se gotta get back to work...


Cyrway - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 02:24:44 PM

Quickie post before I hit the library. (20-page research project...yay.)

Christine> Me? Look innocent? Hmmm, I'll keep that in mind for later.... :) It's impossible to be *completely* innocent after living in my floor section for four semesters.

Doug> Yes, it did, partially. Besides, the setup I had before seems way too contrived now. I'm still keeping the bit with Cordy going ballistic on the Vampyre who singes her hair, though. :)

And now that the Day of Silence is is Holocaust Remembrance Day. In memory of the Holocaust, everyone participating is wearing yellow armbands that say "Jude," courtesy of the Jewish Student Union. (All of a sudden, this campus became active this semester. What happened?)

Sanity test> Well, I didn't try to hide it, and since the test didn't specify age, I answered "yes" to stuff I did when I was three or four. (Who *didn't* hide in the clothing racks when their parents took them along on shopping trips when they were little?)

Fanfic and TGS> Oh, yes, the Bullpen is making assignments. Fortunately, the eps I'm working on are due waaay past finals, but I'll have to drop everything when that comes around myself. That's all I'll say.

Got to run!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:08:43 PM

PowerPuff Girls > now, after seeing that pic of Garg Park, I want someone to draw the Weird Sisters as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup ...

Mandi > LOL! And you look so innocent, too! ; )

Masks > thank you, thank you, guess I've still got it! ; )

Gaming at the Gathering > I am currently working on my GURPS Gargs game (all this alliteration is getting to be a bit much!), and will soon be posting some info for prospective players. Thus far, I can say that there will be the option of playing modern-day gargs or fey, and people can either choose from among some pre-gen characters or make their own (with my help; e-mail me what you'd like to be able to do and I'll make the characters to order as best I can on the alloted points). However, no characters from the actual show, TGS, or anyone's fanfic without express permission will be allowed as PCs (just in case someone gets killed! <g>). More to come as I work out the details!

Christine - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:29:25 PM

Fire and Kyryn and Sevarius Jr Thanks for commenting on my question on art. I feel pretty much the same way Fire and Kyryn do on the subject Though S.J was right about it being easier to trace or draw form a model. I have done wolves by using regular dogs then modifying the drawing. Still I like his stuff even if he is only modifying pictures and tracing over them. Still after the lawsuit he has gone to take his own photographs of places and people ( getting their permission of course) and tracing over these. Also to clarify he rarely traced drawings mostly photos, but still I think photography is an art form as well and still think what he did cheapened his work.

Wilek Nerues>The DC death just popped in my head glad you liked it

I got the insane asylum comment at 81.8181818181 I think I will make my friends take it

back to work

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:27:10 PM

Blue Caeru> Yes there are other "natural" halflings besides Umbriel, Fox, and Alex (who I guess is technically more of a quarterling). There's Merlin (Emrys), Morgan, Nimue, and apparently the New Olympians are at least descended from fay, even if they aren't "halflings" in a strict sense (see recent comments in the S8 room). None of these seem to be particularly vulnerable to iron. Happy birthday too, Blue:) Sorry I'm a little late in saying it :( I'm late with a lot of things.

I'm glad people enjoyed my comment about "iron cowbells under the loincloths." Why do you think I put it there? My sense of humor is somewhat warped and I enjoy sticking phrases like that into an otherwise relatively serious discusssion. Don't forget, I'm the one who wasn't even able to finish the insanity test. ;)

Fire> Interesting website about iron.
***sorta SPOILER***
It sort of explains why Brooklyn was able to chase away Unseelie halflings by beating on a dumpster (The Longest Day). I always thought of dumpsters as being made of steel, not iron. Despite the dumpster incident, I think the "polluting elements" in steel must diminish its effectiveness against fay. The various alloys of steel do have physical properties which are different from iron - and from each other. Otherwise why would we make so many different alloys?
***end sorta SPOILER***

As to why Titania and the Weird Sisters weren't affected by the bell ringing - Maybe they weren't present at that particular instant. Titania must have suspected that Elisa, Tom, and the others might create a bell after the clue she gave them, especially when they came out with a bell-shaped lump under a piece of cloth. At that moment Titania and the Sisters could have teleported away so as not to be present when the ringing started, watched the situation magically from a great distance, and returned when it was safe. If they are actually pictured as watching Oberon being subjected to the bell (I don't remember the episode well enough to say they weren't), then I'd say those were probably just illusions. I doubt either Titania or the Sisters would want to stick around for real while the bell was ringing. Even if they were further away from it than Oberon, and thus less affected by it, it would no doubt have caused them some degree of pain, which they'd want to avoid.

Kaioto> I glad to hear someone agrees with me about Goliath and that it isn't just my imagination. My imagination is notoriously unreliable.

Until I think of something else to spout about...

Jenniren - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:12:59 PM

**Five girls in formal catholic scoolgirl uniforms appear at Disneyland for Jim's party. The leader holds Reverend Attila, while they walk up to Jim's checker.
"Okay, let me check my weapons. Holy hand grenades, holywater squirt guns, iron rosaries, relics, Latin prayerbooks, Guides on converting Fundamentalists before tey can convert you. That's all, except for Attila's AK-47, specially autographed by Charleton Heston, and his cat of nine tails."
"There's nothing worng with that. Coem on in."
"BTW, Jim is it really such a wise idea to leave Michael Jackson in charge of the daycare center?"
"Well, he works for free, and....d'oh! Busted!"
Attila opens his palm and Jim hands him a certificate for 100 shares of Microsoft. "It's our secret, meow!!"**

Blue and Stephen> Happy Birthday to both of you.

SOROW> I love Latin. I took three years in High School,, and I only regret that I could only take that much. I especially love the way a prayer sounds in Latin :)

Insanity Test> I guess this is why I was once dumped for being boring. I only scored a 25.45% on the test.

Jackal> No offense, but you're crazy :)

Marilyn Manson> I don't really crae for his music or his views, but this is a free country, and he has the right to ehgage in capitalism with it. Besides, I consider the freedom to engage in capitalism one of our most important. It outranks privacy and almost all the others, since Life and Liberty are quite worthless witout the free market, IMO.

Doug and Kitainia> $I llike Attila. I have an Attila teh Hun tie. Yes, he was a bloodthiursty savage, though I prefer that to postmodernism:) He also destroyed a crooked, decadent Empirea nd when the Pope told him to stop sacking Rome, he stopped. That makes him better tan half of America's Catholics :) opefully, Attila and I can redeem him and e would just return since he did disappear for along time, but he never lived in Prussia. His nation was in modern-day Hungary. He even had a capitol, called Etzelnburg. I've also read similar history accounts that portary Cromwell as a good leader, and omit that John Calvin was a puritanical tyrant or that Luther was incredeibly anti-semitic. You're forgiven if you promise to assimilate the ACLU and Alan Dershowitz :)$

Wilek> For a bloodtirsty barabarian, Attila was actually a pretty good one, and he had no problems accepting diverse ethnic groups into his army. There were Serbian, Mongoilian, and Germanic Huns, as well as anyone else who wanted to join.

**Ted Turner, Ted Kennedy, and five Larry King clones watch the party. from th ebushes outside.
"I can't beleive I may lost the Braves for my comments. I didn't know PC applied to them pope worshippers."
"Watch it! I claim to be one of them, even if they do need to get with it. I see Demona. I need to get in there and...."
Ted just keeps drooling, while he runs up to the mansion.
"I guess I'll need a new strategy, any ideas, Larries?"
"Uh!! Interview Ross Perot?"**
"Now i might lose

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:01:04 PM

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday Well-Wishes... yes, that 20oz Porterhouse steak was Deeeeeee-lish! And, I got one of my birthday wishes: my plane ticket for the gathering!

FANFIC - Still in the process of revising the next one in my "DeGuy Saga" cycle called "Nightwatchers", but it's being held up due to recently getting assignments from the Bullpen... will tell more as the situation allows (about my fanfics, not TGS, of course).

FAMILY GUY - I have to agree with Kit and Doug... What is Fox thinking?!? I hated the ep that premiered during the Super Bowl, and I refuse to watch this series, because it has nothing to do with "family" at all. And I also agree, Stewie is a bad Brain ripoff, plus I can't stand the fact his family doesn't realize that he's a baby that talks like a poor-man's Frazier Crane (from Cheers, not from the Frazier show)...

On the other shoe, I did catch an ep of the "Powerpuff Girls" on CN... I am shocked they made those CartoonCartoon shorts into a full series! But, I am pleased to see the show didn't undergo a major transformation: Other than we get to see the origin of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (got to admit, wonder if Xanatos had anything to do with the creation of Chemical X?). Also, the ep I caught was a hoot: an evil monkey named Mojo gets defeated by the girls one too many times, so he gets the secret from Dr. Utronium (the creator of the PpG) and uses it to created an all-boy doppleganger team called the Rowdyruff Boys: Butch, Bouncer, and Boomer (I think those are the right names). And they are every bit as powerful as the girls... it was a heck of an ep!

Well, I'd better close this for now. The wife and I are going to go look at a pre-fab house today... if we're lucky, we might be purchasing one come next month or so.

And, with that in mind...

***** BEGIN SHORT RP *****

[Scene opens with an exterior shot of the Onslaught, paning away as the horde of daemons chases after DX. The camera zips back to a familar figure on a red-and-chrome hoverbike...]

As Big Jake and Cobra watch the retreating form of DX's jeep, the tall man gets a look of concern on his face.

"Hey, do you think he'll be okay?" Cobra asks.

Jake shrugs. "One way to make certain," he replies, reaching for his radiophone. One touch of the autodialer, and the call goes out on a special carrier signal... which is picked up immediately on the other end.

"Last Chance Auto-Repair & Gas?"

"Jess, it's Jake."

"Jake!? Where are you?" Pause. "The locator says-!"

"Never mind that now," Jake growls, "I need your help. Saddle up on Big Bird, and lock on to a vehicle at these coordinates..."

Another pause as Jake gives the general location of DX's Jeep. "Okay, I'm feeding those into the NAVACOM! What's the deal?"

"The driver's being chased down by about 10,000 slobbrin' monsters... you know what to do from there."

"Oh! I gotcha! Heading out now!"

Jake grins a little. "Knew I could count on you, Jess. By the way, the gravametric shield worked great against the Borg. Jake out."

[The scene closes as the convoy to DC pushes on...]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 11:30:54 AM

Tracing pictures> While it is good to get the lines and stuff, you can't call traced art your own. You can call the colors your own, but not the art. I do a lot of art myself, and I can tell you that if someone traced something of mine, changed the color, and then called it their own, I would be pretty inceansed. With things like that, I would say that the colors are your own, but a picture can take a long time, and if you only traced it, you can't claim the skill put into that picture as your own. I have a picture on my web page where I did do a change of color, and I pointed someone's ears, but I don't claim it as my own.
Basicly, traced art is just that. Art copied from someone else.

Iron> Someone mentioned the Third race cheating and using a steel gun to fire iron bullets. I don't think that would work to well. I checked it out, and my suspisions where confermed.
Steel is just another name for Iron.
It's Carbon inriched iron, or it could be an alloy and have other chemicls mixed in, but the majoraty of it is iron.
"* The carbon content is less than 0.10% in iron, between 0.10 and 2% in steel and between 2.5 and 6% in cast iron. Today, the term "iron" is no longer used, but has been replaced by "low-carbon steel". " <--- a web page about Iron. I'll put the link with my name.

So, the steel should present a problem to the fey as well. Rember how Oberon shied away from Elisa's gun?

Wich reminds me...

Another Iron Question> When They used the Iron bell on Oberon, wasn't Titania and the Wierd Sisters present? And I might add, they where unaffected. Also, wasn't Oberon's power reduced to that of a "child" at the time?

Well, gotta' studdy. ^_^ Ciao!

Fire - [<-- I you want to double check on the Steel thing, Click!]
XanthTuesday, April 13, 1999 10:43:35 AM

(Pikachu goes running through the room, followed by Ash, Misty, and Brock (Pokemon trainers.). On their heels is half the cast of Dragon Ball Z, regardless of what dimension they're in now. Jigglypuff follows, waving a black marker around. Finally, Argent manages to chase them all out so the post can be finished.)
Don't...ask... :) (And that test said I'm only 27.2727272727273 % insane!)

The following never got said in my previous post:
DX: Thanks for a job well done!
ROBBY and DEUCE: Good luck! (And btw. I like the new pic!)
SJ: Your sister was in my thoughts and well-wishes.
Gargs vote: WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL NEW PEOPLE: Welcome! (Grips fore-arms Gargoyle-style.)
STORMY: You're not the only one wondering about the Guatemalan clan!
ROBBY: (Do you see pockets...) No, I see pouches that can be attatched. (Goliath in the Avalon journeys, remember?) ALSO: I, for one , am not going to quit bugging you 'till the Guatemalan clan shows up! :)
BLUE: Feliz Cumpleanos! (Happy b-day) ALSO: No, there's at LEAST one more natural halfling: Merlin/ Emrys.

***JIM'S PARTY!***
"Jewel! Full size, let's go!"
(A couple of hours later, the pair land at Disney World.)

Gotta Jet!
(Five months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

stable, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 07:07:32 AM

Mage The A.> You think that a Mage in Quiet is bad? not as dangerous as a bunch of Tzimisces Mathusalah kindred! my previous character's Pack -yes, I play a character of the Sabbat. anybody got a problem with that? ;-P - has been cut to half of their previous number. my own Lasombra has been put in torpor! so a little Kine with a bunch of will working abilities who's having a nightmare isn't the type to scare the *censored* out of me! though a garou in frenzy... brrr *g*

Sevarius Jr: Did you see those MAC figures of Jay and Silent Bob?. something intregued me. on Silent Bob's blister it was written "Jay's hetero pal." Not even the retailer, who's a specialist of comics, couldn't explain why this 'hetero' description was about? does people at Moore Action Collectible have trouble with the gays?

oh, btw, In the Blood was really cool :)

owari desu! saaayyyonnaaraaa!

Denis - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 04:06:34 AM

**Party RP**
Kaioto finishes off his part of Blue's birthday cake and finishes replacing all his equipment, and raises an eyebrow at Jim, "You know, I really don't think it is a legitimate thing … Disney asks you to check all the guest's weapons …"
"But they never said I couldn't give them back right away!" Jim's face broken with a roguish grin, "I checked yours, they are in perfect working order! Have fun!" he laughs as he goes to recycle the paper plates.
Kaioto looks around a moment, noticing Blue is somewhat tardy returning from putting away the cake and Jim has wondered off to inspect the rides. Figuring he has nothing better to do, he picks up the sent of cake with a few quick sniffs and sets off to find Caeru …
** End Party RP bit**

Jackal: Yes, most definitely. :)

Deuce: You are at all surprised?

Iron Weapons: I take an uncommon interest in weapons. As some of you might note I carry iron powder as well as iron spikes. All it takes is one in the heart, and Fay in general are notoriously inproficient about hand to hand with humaniods on non-magical terms. Even Ares was pretty poor at it when he was met with someone of equal power or a weapon that could injure him …

Wilek: I can get all sci-fi ray-gunnish when I want to, but I hate guns … If I need to do missile weapons, I can handle it old-school: *Points a finger at a small plague demon working for Sli Sludge lurking in a corner … mutters a few rythemic Latin phrases … a ray of silver-blue light rips across reality from his hand and evicerates the plague-bearer* Much less likely to jam in bad weather. :)

Blue: 54% … you're starting to slip in your old age … :)

SJ: :P Take my Brujahha … please … what a bunch of rabble. *G* You can send te Ventrue to Torpor too for all I care. As for the Cammerilla, don't piss on their backs. The Masquerade is the only thing standing between vampires and an all out-war with the Technocracy. You don't want that, not even the Sabbatt, if they knew what was really going on. You may have Celerity and Potence and Presense and any other Disciplines you like … I don't care if you have an academy of Trimere warlocks working for you … you don't want to mess with the New World Order, Iteration X, Void Engineres, Progenitors, and the Synidicate all at once. There is only so much you can do about a bunch of Mages who can make a stasis field effect and freeze you in place until the sun comes up … or just catapult your sorry butt into next morning … or unmake your patterns … or cause you to spontaneously combust. Big Brother watches even the Kindred, they simply aren't threatening enough to warrant the full attention of the Lidless Eye. :)

Denis: Quiet is all fun and games until somebody loses control of their fears and repressions … then you all better run as quick as your Celerity-powered legs can carry you before hobgoblin witch-hunters start looking for someone to burn ... :)

Lexy: Thanks for the support. *L*

Goliath gone flat: Yeah, I would have to agree that he does seem more of an accessory to Elisa and Angela than a real living character again. Still, with so large a cast, you can't expect that attention can be concentrated so much on characters already firmly established. He needs some attention every once in a while.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 02:24:24 AM

Am I in my own little world?
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:45:49 AM

Hi Everyone!
I know some people have written messages to me (LM told me), but I haven't had time to read all of the CR's so I may have missed your message.
Coyote: (From a few weeks ago) Yeah, I sure hope we can meet soon. BTW... Are you going to the gathering?

Hope to have the complete version of my latest story up soon. I also took down the spoiler I previously posted.

Fire Storm - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:34:20 AM

Britney Spears is God!
Anyway.... <<Is this really art?>>
What is art, is art a fart or fart an art? Please take me to Wal-Mart to purchase some art. Oh look, I almost hit a cart! Nevermind me, I am as happy as a lark.
Why do you think you are better than me. Make me upset and rape me of glee?
I want to kill, but don't want to flee. Why do I feel I am better than me?
I'm one out of three, I want you to see, why I think I'm better than me.
In order to learn the question I burn, you must step out of your own sanity.
In a world of vanity, world of Hell, listen to me as I cast you this spell.
With the power of three and the strength of nine, draw me a star that resembles "Divine".
Okaaayyy, that's starting to go too far...
Yeah, I saw that MTV commerical..., I like going around saying that, "I am your God" in the deepest voice I have. I wanna see the Matrix.., maybe I'll go do that 2morrow. I got a KoRn song stuck in my head..., all day..., I've been going around mumbling, "I didn't touch you there." I think this one lady heard me..., it was strange..., anyway the name of that song is "Daddy" on their frist album as if you cared.
Britney Spears will rule us all one day!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:21:06 AM


[Wilek stalks into the Comment Room, grabs DC, tosses him off the balcony, and glides down after him. Wilek lands just in time to see DC impact into the cold, hard ground, breaking every bone in his body. Wilek then uses a large hooked knife to eviscerate him, and pours diflouric acid into his thoracic cavity. He lets DC's insides dissolve in screaming agony for a bit, then tosses a lit match into him. The highly flammable acid burns DC to ashes. Wilek: "That's for last night. I'm getting sick of you."]


$Robby> Tell me...will Disney World be closed to the general public while the party's going on? I mean, at some point, ppl are going to start to figure out that the winged fellows aren't costumed characters. (Besides, I haven't been all that popular there since Buick crashed one of my TIE Defenders into Spaceship Earth...)$ <<AH well, E-Honda and Zangief run aroun in their underwear>> Maybe they're former gargoyles who fell foul of a magic user. <<Do you see pockets on those loin cloths?>> That's why I dress a tad more conservatively. :) (Wait-a-minute...then how did Brooklyn carry the Phoenix Gate?)

Serenity> <<who is your favorite Unseelie character?>> You mean I have to decide? :P

$Kaioto> Dang, that's a lot of weaponry...although I rather prefer something along the lines of this: [Wilek fires a vortex rifle into DC's smoldering ashes, scattering them to the four winds.] <g>$

Todd> Ah, I kinda thought Emrys was based partially on the Doctor--not particularly because of the diary, but his gripes about his regenerated body. Anyone else notice any other similarities? <<The episode, however, also had Arthur genuinely die in his last battle with Mordred rather than finding healing on Avalon>> Shoot, that means Dr. Who and Gargs aren't crossover compatible...

Jenniren> <<At the very least they should all be carrying little iron cowbells under their loincloths to use in an emergency>> I think I'd best leave that one alone. :P

Ironwolf> Death by regurgitation. How delightfully disgusting...

Baby Fey> Welcome to the asylum! Your fellow inmates, us, are rather well-trained and will refrain from physically harming you. Divesting you of your sanity, however...

Deuce> <<If you score 100%, the comment it "I didn't know they had internet access at the loony farm".>> I got "You are what the government would have us believe is normal"...

Blue Caeru> Happy birthday! I'll give you a psychotically large cake if I can get to the party; I'm always late to these things...

Ugh, I'm not getting anywhere near a high enough insanity rating. <throws a few shoes>

Theresa> I couldn't get into the fic archives either. What's happened *this* time?

Taleweaver> I wouldn't think lightning that has its origin in Fey magic would have any effect upon iron...of course, I could be wrong...


[Wilek: "I'm thinking about attending Jim's latest you think you can hold the fort?" Rho: "Well...I'm not sure; it's starting to look like Thailog is gearing up for something big; we may need you and the rest of the team." Wilek: "If you end up needing us, you can call us; we'll have a shuttle waiting at Disney World." Rho: "Alright. But make certain you can get back to it at a moment's notice." Wilek: "I can have the Administrator install a portal device." Commander Khesaat: "Mind if I join you?" Wilek: "Eh? I didn't think you were the partying type." Khesaat: "Then you're not all that familiar with my race. Remind me to tell you about the time I got drunk and hit on the Mon Calamari ambassador. Boy was she mad. At least I thought it was a she at the time..."]


Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:15:11 AM

Just a qick pop in before I turn in for bed.
Iron weaponry> There is just one flaw with that plan. Carrying around all that metal makes you pretty attractive to lightning strikes. And considering lighting his the weapon of choice right after lasers. You really don't want to be a flying lightning rod for folks that can toss it around at a distance. Besides, one could rain shower and any iron armor or carry-on weapons would begin to rust. Not immediately, but eventually.

Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 01:10:31 AM

Ok, it's not just me. The fanfic archieves are down.

Lenard Nimoy was the voice of Gavatron.


Theresa - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:41:43 AM

Sorry about the double post, but I just took the sanity test and wanted to share the results with you all. *g*

I am 54.5454545454545% INSANE.

Jenniren> I kinda wondered about iron affecting "natural" halflings too. And I had completely forgotten about what Umbriel did in that ep you mentioned. Are Umbriel, Fox, and Alex the only "natural" halflings on the entire planet?

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:32:18 AM

Unicron: Wasn't he the evil giant planetoid Transformer? Man, I used to be such a big fan of that show.

Robby, Deuce: Nice admin pic. Too bad y'all aren't showing your real faces like Dumlao did. <shrugs> Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter.

Coyote, Baby Fey: I miss Ravyn too. Hope she comes back soon. <grin>

Mandi: Did my last fic influence your creativity (ie- you don't want to do normal crossovers right now)? Heheheheh.

Good night,

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:21:59 AM

I forgot to put my name on my last post. That picture was certainly larger than expected.
Jenniren - []
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:14:09 AM

***Some sorta SPOILERS here***
Mandi> Oh dear. I didn't mean to suggest that Elisa tell Dracon 'everything' about the Unseelie and Avalon. Just that she'd heard on the street that "those vampire things seem to be particularly vulnerable to iron." In The Waiting Game we see how Dracon has already collected everything from wooden stakes to lasers to grenade launchers, all of which he hopes to sell for a tidy profit. But there is no mention of any iron weapons so clearly Elisa has not let him in on that little secret. Non-iron weapons are more dangerous to humans and gargoyles than they are to halfling Unseelie, who apparently regenerate after being shot. Remember Dracon telling Elisa about the "corpse" that got up and walked away after being shot through the neck?
Well, I do see why she might not want to tell Dracon anything more than she had to, but what about her fellow police officers (again I'm not suggesting she tell them everything, but at some point their lives might depend on having an iron bell handy to disperse an Unseelie attack).

On another topic, "natural" halflings like Fox and Umbriel don't seem to be vulnerable to iron the way manufactured ones like the vampire-types are. When Madoc was setting up his base in New York, he had Umbriel use magic to put a force field around an iron fence and transmute an iron trellis into glass (back in Rising 1). Madoc was unable to do these things himself, but it wasn't a problem for Umbriel. I don't know for sure if Umbriel would be sensitive to the ringing of an iron bell, but I sort of doubt it. In the same way Alex wouldn't be vulnerable to it either, no matter how proficient he eventually becomes in using his magic.
***End of sorta SPOILER***

I had another comment, but I think I'll save it for when I'm feeling more coherent. I started to take that sanity test, but there are too many questions that say "Did you ever..." and I honestly don't remember. I suppose that in itself says something. Ah well...
G'night all.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:11:03 AM

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. :-)

StarSinger> Yeah, I couldn't get to the Gargs fanfic archives either.

Marilyn Manson> This guy is a combination social commentator/entertainer. He shocks people to get attention and puts up an act for them, but he also has some points about society. It's so hypocritical and ironic. I don't care for him or his music, but I have to admit he's good at what he does.

Tranformers: Hey, I just read in a magazine that Orson Welles did one of the voices in the original Transformers TV series. He was Unicron... but I can't remember which Transformer that one was. It's been such a long time that the only 2 characters I remember by name and sight are Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime.


Blue finishes up her last slice of ice cream birthday cake and stows the rest for everyone else in a walk-in freezer at the Rainforest Cafe restaurant in Animal Kingdom. Walking through the restaurant, she gets a strange sense of deja vu.

"Weird... this place reminds me of that scene from the movie 'Jurassic Park.'" She shrugs and walks out, not suspecting how close to the truth her comment actually was. On her way to catch the Lion King show, Blue sees a pale, blond man with glasses in business attire hurry toward one of the "hidden" entrances to the underground. She looks at him for a moment, then continues on her way.

Come on, anybody else want to join in? :-)

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, April 13, 1999 12:03:38 AM

**enters smiling mildly, switches out the candles**

Baby Fey: Y'know ... you made my day by mentioning Ravyn. :)
Oh, feel free to leave anything on the table here by the candle. **motions toward candle** The candle's burning for Ravyn. The day she comes back to the room, I will help her put it out.

Insanity Test: Have to check this out when I have the time.

Kitainia: Remind me in Dallas and I'll pay up. ;)

Wilek: Cyrway doesn't for now ... her commissions got too backed up, far's I know she's still trying to catch up (Anything to add, Ace?).
Eden, on the other hand, far's I know will do B&W pics for free. She only charges for colored or Photoshopped pics ... but I got mine for free as part of a pic exchange (Eden volunteered for WCC, so I did a pic of Eden and Lina casting a spell together. :)

Glimmer: Every day I'm starting to think that more and more. **Chessie bops Tiki over the head with a pencil. Tiki lets out a loud "ZORT!"** Then again ...

Baby Fey again (I'm not too pestering am I??): Is there any way interested parties could see a copy of Rav's painting? Many of us (myself included) were unaware that she's an artist.

**eyes turn to Coyote** What? She never told me anything about it!!

New admin pic: Nice. :)

Oh, and the reason why I'm so happy? I'm back in the pimpmobile scene (read: for the first time in nine months, I'm driving my '79 Cadillac. :). Only took about $1000 worth of work, combining labor and how much I paid for the new engine ... **sigh** oh well. :)

**sits back in the comfy chair, fixates on the candle's flame, and smiles.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 12, 1999 11:50:54 PM

Is it just me, or are the fanfic archieves down?


Theresa - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 11:16:18 PM

No RP tonight. Not till I get the 411 on the shutdown/no shutdown thing.

Disbelief: Apperently, the folks that make the new Voltron CGI animated show are claiming that the show is number one in it's demographic. I don't believe this. Has anyone seen this show? In my opinion, it's not even half as good as the original series. Plus it's nothing compared to other CGI endeavors, namely Beast Wars and War Planets (which I hear will change names to "Shadow Raiders", for God knows what reason). Sorry, but the new Voltron doesn't cut it in my opinion. Robby, you're our resident 'toon authority, what's your .02$ ?

Cool news for Kevin Smith fans: Apperently ABC is gonna make a "Clerks" animated toon show. Now, I'm getting a little burned on primetime animated shows, but if Kevin's gonna be involved, I have high hopes. Finally, we get to see Jay and Silent Bob as they were meant to be seen--on major market television!

Insanity Test: Oddly enough, I only scored a 40%. Does that mean I'm not crazy? means I'm better at hiding it!!!! Bwah ha! BWAH HA HA HA!!!!

Video Game females: Morrigan and the others from Dark Stalkers were always my favorites, cause they're so *naughty*! ;)

Kaioto: Actually, Gooch is right. You're quite well-spoken, and wise beyond your years. You've got a lot of good opinions, and I know I'm always enlightened by them. You are *perfect* to go into the clergy, if that is what you choose. We need more people like you in there; maybe we'd have less instances of corruption, or lack of faith.

Ventrue: Ah!!! The Enemy! They stand for everything we hate!! All they care about is sitting in their ivory towers and calling all the shots. AND they ruined Carthage, the scheming bastards. Plus they still push for the Camarilla, even though it's a total waste. Rules, rules, rules, and ways to screw the other Kindred over, that's the Ventrue.
(Sorry, that was a rant from the Brujah living inside me)

Manson: I come from a fairly strict religious background, but that doesn't stop me from liking the guy's music. I don't like _all_ of his views, especially his thoughts on God, but they're his opinions, and he's entitled to them. But I think he has some very good points about society in general. We do tend to become cogs in the machine, and to not think for ourselves. Probably why we seem to hate people like Manson so much, cause he's right there, in our faces, assaulting all the beliefs that we hold dear, forcing us to see things differently...through another set of eyes. And I think, sometimes he's right. Not always. But he does make some good music, if you're into the heavy heavy metal.
Hey Jackal, have you seen that MTV commercial for Manson's tour? Whenever I see MM stroking that chicken saying "I am your god!", I bust out laughing! (BTW, Manson came here to Washington on tour about a week ago, but I couldn't get tickets, damnit. Manson and Nashville Pussy, both on the same show!)

Tracing artwork: If it wasn't for this, I'd have no artistic ability at all. I can't even draw stick figures well.

Baby Fey: We all WISH Ravyn came here regularly.....we miss you, Ravyn.

Bell vs. Hammer: Hey, I'm from the Arnold Swarzennegger generation. I need some mindless violence now and then to keep me' brain focused.

X-Files: .... I'm sad to say that this show is becoming unwatchable for me. I used to love this show, but this season.....I can't stand it. Too much humor, too much romance for a show that should be dark and forboding. Actually, and it may just be me, but I find that I'm disappointed in a multitude of the shows I used to watch. Star Trek Voyager isn't that great, despite Jeri Ryan's....rather form fitting uniform. I'm none too thrilled with Deep Space Nine either, and it's in it's last season. If I can discuss the major shows, I think ER has lost something too. The only shows I was really happy with were Brimstone and Cupid, and of course, their collective networks decided to cancel them. Bah. At least I still have Buffy, which is always good.....when they show a new episode, that is!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 11:06:52 PM

I mention, Robby posts the song... click my name for an extensive interpretation of "American Pie". You may agree, you may not. :-P
Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Monday, April 12, 1999 10:08:51 PM

**Mandi bounces into the room, cheering.**

The play is OVER! The literary magazine is PAID FOR! I didn't get a horrible lottery number in room selection! (It was in the middle...) And I don't have to go to Honors FOR THE REST OF THE SEMESTER! Whee!

Ahem. Excuse me. That had to come out.

The Matrix> Still haven't seen it. But I will. I hope.

Jenniren> << Has she told him about the Unseelie weakness for iron? If not, why not? What is he getting out of their arrangement? I'd expect Elisa's first priority to be eliminating the halfling threat to her city - and if that means killing a few of them then so be it. So why doesn't she give Dracon some clue about how to design an effective weapon? I'm sure Dracon would be happy to contract for a few guns with exploding bullets which would leave iron shrapnel inside their Unseelie well as to devise other creative iron-based weaponry. >> Well, she doesn't exactly trust Dracon that much more than she does the Unseelie...and remember the last time good old Tony dealt in heavy weaponry? As for the iron weakness - I suppose that would have to come out, *but* that would set the stage for the rest of the story. I don't think Elisa would be too thrilled with letting Tony know about Avalon, the Unseelie, et al; there's always the risk that Owen, Alex, and Fox might be found out. It's a slim possibility, but it exists nonetheless. Besides, I also think Elisa doesn't really like the idea of working with Dracon, period. Personal dislike could be behind her reluctance to tell him everything as well.

Buffy reruns> Make that five in a row. Next week is "The Zeppo." Arrgh, why'd they have to leave us hanging so long after "Enemies?" There are six whole eps left in the season, for heaven's sake!

Fanfic Progress Update> Slow, slow going. "Sky's the Limit" rewrite is bogged down, and "Asking for Directions"...well, I hit a block right at the end of the fight in the alley. Part of me just doesn't want to do the old "characters from one show meet the characters from the other" routine for once. A Buffy fic, "New Blood", is currently taking up my attention...but I think I need to write some Gargoyles vignettes just to get back into the swing of things. Short bits help when I've got writer's block.

Christine> Absolutely loved "Masks!" Hehehe....oh, that was nasty...I laughed so hard that my roomie tried to look over my shoulder, and I had to close Netscape quick. (She thinks Buffy is weird, so imagine what she'd think of me reading adult Gargoyles fanfic.)

USA Voting> Anyone else read "Dr. Will's Analysis" of why we won? His praise of Gargoyles is right on the mark, but if only he knew ... a dedicated, organized fandom goes a long way too. I doubt they even care enough to check, but I do hope this gets through to Disney.

Batman Beyond> Darn it, I missed this one. Play stuff.

Sanity test> 80% insane and proud of it!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 10:03:16 PM

Just testing the room's new admin pic.... Whaddya guys think?
Deuce - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 09:04:53 PM

The Gargoyles CCG is coming...
Galvatron - []
Long Island, NY, USA
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:51:39 PM

Deuce> Awwwwwwwww... You're so sweet :) And I do really feel that a good attitude pays off in the end, and gets rewarded! (I hope, I hope)

Blue> HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true from the happy queen!

I scored 60% insane. Well, at least I'm satisfied that I'm not normal :)

Monday, April 12, 1999 08:30:13 PM


The Matrix> waaah! can't wait to see it! how long will it take to have it in Belgium???

Mage the Ascension> I am! a player I mean! And I played a situation like the one you mentioned. One of the player characters went into Quiet (thanks to a Malkavian of the Sabbat who used Dementation on him!)and we ended with some metal band masquots, like Ed Hunter (Iron Maiden), Billy Razorhead (Megadeth), a razroback (Motorhead) and a crazy guitarist (Ddemonaz, Immortal's former guitarist)
man that was fun!

ok, serious stuff now.
a new version fo G2K story "Far End In The Dark Side should be posted soon. Ii has been revised and is a bit more coherent now. I'm currently working on the new story, Season Truce. so be patient, kay?

that's all for the moments. it's 2:20 am here, and I'm headin' to bed! bye!

oh, and for my signature, it's just a joke! :)

Denis, Malkavian Anti-Tribu 4th Generation - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:14:55 PM

Really Deuce... Mentioning the song American Pie without including a link... Ah well, I guess that is my job... Here's one of the many dozens of version of Don McLean's American Pie.
Robby the CR DJ
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:04:01 PM

Oooooooooo DX used my fave piccy!! *squeals*

Blue< HAPPY B-DAY!! *throws assorted paper* Hope it was a good one!

Kaioto< AWWW!! *LOL* poor...poor..kaioto..U mean ppl thought you looked to old? And that bothered SO SORRY:P *ROTFL* ok..sure..*smirks at you*
hmm how _do_ you walk with all that fire power?? hmm for someone who stands for peace you sure are prepared for war.
*wonders how insane she is*
SO the ppl you hang out with is a main cause of you insanity you say? hmm its not gonna get better then is it? *grins* :P *LOL* *runs out*

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, U.S.A
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:02:22 PM


The screen comes on with a display of the year 1884, where Jesse James and his gang of bandits are sitting around a campfire, counting money from a bank they've just robbed. Their horses are tied up nearby. "Alright," Frank James is saying as he counts the money. "One for Jesse, one for me, one for you, you, you, you, and you. One, two for Jesse. One, two for me. Two for you, you, you, you, and you. One, two, three...what was that noise?" The bandits look up to see a portal opening and Borg-drones stepping out. "Indian magic?" one of the bandits asks. Jesse opens his mouth to answer but before he can assimilaition tentacles zip out of the portal and pull all the bandits in to the laughter of Borgis and Butt-Borg.

The display changes to the highway in Nebraska, where DumlaoX has just seperated himself from the other Ravens and is leading the yugoloths away. They are all following after him, none staying at the truck. "You think he'll be okay?" Doug asks as the Ravens watch DX's car zip off and the daemons get out of their weapons' range. "I hope so," says Kitainia. "For now, we gotta let DX deal with those guys. I hate to say it, but we unfortunately have more pressing business in DC." "Yeah," Doug sighs. "I hope DX comes out of the battle alive like we did. Can you believe the prisoner slept through it all?" Kitainia looks at Jerry and chuckles. "He's stunned, all right." Doug shares her laughter and turns to make a post.


Hi everyone. Good day today. Got the first two of those three Spring Break papers back with an A on one and a B on the other. Probably get the other one back tomorrow, hope I did okay.

Ack, Ally McBeal is a rerun tonight and Buffy is a rerun tomorrow for the fourth time in a row. When are they gonna stop these repeats? I thought lots of reruns were supposed to come in the summer, not the spring. :(

Kathy: Thanks for sharing the historical detail. Like it is to many, that episode now seems more interesting to me.

TRC: I'm still gonna do the symbiote fic, don't worry. But it will be a while before I get to work on it, like Kitainia said. Glad you're eagerly anticipating the story, I appreciate the support.

Sanity test: I am 70.90909....% insane. Funny, I thought I was worse. <grin>

Family Guy: Kit and I must be the only ones in here who hated that show last night. We didn't like the values it expressed, the character drawings (why must everyone have such an ugly chin?), and we thought the baby was a stupid boringly predictable and bland ripoff of the Brain (who was made even more unfunny by his lack of Pinky). We also thought the humor was of the unfortunately growing "so stupid you're supposed to think it's funny" genre. We hate that kind of humor, needless to say. Sigh, why did Fox have to move Futurama? I liked being able to watch good and funny TV for an hour instead of a half hour Sunday nights.

Wilek: $ Thanks for answering the question. And soon we will do something with Agent Tau. $

Favorite Unseelie: Draw between Loki, Madoc, Umbriel, and Sekhmet. Three are very good evil characters, and the other has had great character development in this season so far.

Kaioto: Impressive arsenal. And you're not the only one who wants to see clerics in TGS.

Iron Situation: I too wonder why the clan aren't carrying iron weapons on patrol. The Unseelie are a constant danger to them, they need to have an edge. They know what the weapon is that can beat them, and they're smart enough to remember, so why are they not using it? I hope they start doing so soon. Iron bells would be good, so would a little iron lining in Hudson and Sata's swords. Plus iron tips for Ari's bo-stick, and iron knuckles for the guys who use their fists. The more iron they can get the better, so they can take the Unseelie down. (Like all of us, I want to see that happen soon because the suspense is killing me. :)

Additional Iron Comments: I agree with Todd about why they used an iron bell against Oberon and not a hammer. They wanted to bargain with him, not kill him. Like a small iron bell could do anything but incapacitate that guy anyway. I think that iron does really hurt a fay, but it takes a large amount of it dealing grievous wounds to kill one (for examples of fay being killed with iron, see my fic "After the Flood"). I also wonder, could fay actually cheat somehow and use iron weapons? Like a normal steel gun loaded with iron bullets, a wooden-handled sword with an iron blade, and so on? It's the touch and sound of iron that hurts them, so if they can avoid either could they use a weapon partially composed of iron? Something to think about, huh?

Deuce: Sure, here goes. **X-FILES SPOILERS START HERE** It was a pretty good episode. There's this tornado that hits a prison and in the process somehow gives an inmate the power to make things brittle and pourous by touching them with his skin. So he can walk right through walls, turn bullets to powder when they hit him, and do some other cool things. The only material his power won't work on is glass. The guy breaks out of jail using his power, kills the warden, and then goes on the run with Mulder and Scully in hot pursuit. They track him by finding his ex-girlfriend, with whom the bad guy had a son. The bad guy tries to kidnap his son and "be a family again," while Mulder, Scully, and the mother try to protect the kid. Eventually they kill the bad guy by running him over with a car while he's chasing the boy, everything's okay, yada yada yada. Sorry for the brief synopsis, I don't remember the episode that well. It was good, but not memorable. :( BTW, next week's ep is another new one. It looks very interesting (the antagonist is a writer whose stories uncanningly become truth), except for one thing (the writer's new book is about Mulder and Scully falling in love). <GRRRRRR> *SPOILERS END*

Airwalker: I too would like to see that Arthur and Merlin scene. LOL!

Blue: Happy Birthday!! And you're right, Kitainia did use to play Quake a lot. She's a big fan of Deathmatch games.

DX: Glad to see you back here. $ Let us know if your RP character needs help handling the 'loths. As long as you're not too far away, Lathrop can teleport us to you posthaste. $

Kyryn: Did you get my e-mail about the possible new commission? If so, I'm wondering whether you'll take it on or not. Please reply soon, thanks. Traveler, I'm also waiting on your feedback. :)

Okay, guess that's all I have to say now. Later all.


"You know," Gubio says as Doug turns back to the group, "I wonder why those daemons were after DumlaoX." "I bet it's our last supplier," Doug says. "The demon lord Gothmenes. Trying to eliminate some competition." "Uh oh," says Kitainia. "You think we oughta go to the Abyss and find Gothmenes, kill him before he gets Dumlao?" "That might be a good idea," says Kitainia. "But we don't have time. We have to get to Washington." "Right," Doug sighs. "I hate to say it but for now we have to leave DX to fend for himself." He groans as the screen goes blank. To be continued.


Doug - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 07:40:56 PM

** Deuce enters, an mp3 of "American Pie" playing. ** Hehe... I traded 6 or 7 MP3s from my Social teacher for a copy of Links Golf 98 on a ripped CD.

Kaioto> ["Don’t worry, I’m 72.7272727272727% insane too."] *jaw drops* YOU?!

DumlaoX> Welcome back! We'll get to our picture(s) eventually; it's at the bottom of our priority list right now. ["I can already ensure that you 2 will be better than I ever was in administration of the site."] Might want to hold that back a couple weeks 'til we get on a roll.

Glimmer> ["Just wait until a crisis hits..."] Been there, done that. You were here over the weekend, right?

Sanity test: If you score 100%, the comment it "I didn't know they had internet access at the loony farm". :-)

SOROW> ["I am one of three nominated for Best Attitude of the Year!"] Congratulations! I thought that contagious good mood of yours would pay off some day.

Robby> I've got an idea for a double pic; I'll email it to you tonight.

** leaves, "AP" still playing ** (It is a long song, after all... remind me to tell you my "Stairway to Heaven" story... >:-)

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Monday, April 12, 1999 07:40:11 PM

Blue- Nah, I don't mid at all you coming to the party. Heck, everyone is ALWAYS invited to Jim's little events, but usually it takes a week for anyone to arrive... The more, the sooner, the merrier!

Favorite Unseelie character- Either Loki for all those Puckish qualities and his connections to Brooklyn, or Sekmhet. Because she's a cat.

Gooch- The upside to not reading the stories for a while.. When you DO find the time to read them you can get a lotta dosage in a row!

Kaioto- Just for reference, weapons ARE allowed at Jim's parties. 8)

Why the gang doesn't carry iron with them- Do you see pockets on those loin cloths?

Insanity test- So far, with a rating of 56 percent, I'm the most sane here. Go fig.

Guatemalan clan- Well, there's only a couple of them! There's not much story to tell with them except for... Well, okay, maybe there is. Hee hee...

Aaron- Oh no, you're spawning a creativity demon... The matrix gopes over to Beast Wars and screws up with the matrixes they got over there.. War of CGI special effects!

Glimmer- Glad you liked the song clip. Thats what I do. Besides being room co-administrator, I'm also CR DJ. If ever there is a midi you're looking for, ask me and I'll do my best to find it. And that offer goes out to all the newbies who may not have known this, and the old timers as well.


After returning Kaioto's weapons, Jim proceeds to wonder the gigantic park that is Disney World. He eyes the rides and considers riding them, and thinks about going to the new Animal Kingdom, but instead, watches as the guests arrive. He is pleasantly surprised when Demona arrives. And then he frowns when he notices she has no escort.
"Hey, um, didn't you start dating Brooklyn at the end of the Superbowl party?"
"THAT," Demona snarls, "Was one of the worst mistakes of my life. And I've lived a thousand years."
"What? Why? Its not like he's married in CR reality since there are so many different fic universes to choose from..."
"I know that. But he's a total jerk, and I was only attracted to him because I was getting over Davy of the Monkees. And... I may have been drunk."
"Ah. Well, that explains everything. Well, enjoy yourself Demona. Just don't kill anyone. And no strip poker this time. This is a family amusement park after all."
Jim Iza Noying leaves Demona's company, and runs into a rather strange fellow... (Click!)

Monday, April 12, 1999 07:21:03 PM

STORMY - Actually, I have a suspicion that Merlin and Milton may have met each other in the TGS Universe, and even that Merlin may have told Milton a little about Madoc (without letting the blind poet know about their relationship, or, for that matter, of his true identity as Merlin). The strong similarity of Satan as portrayed in "Paradise Lost" to Madoc in style certainly can't be a coincidence. (Actually, the real reason for this was that Madoc was modelled to a certain extent after Milton's Satan ! :) Incidentally, Milton once thought of writing an epic poem about King Arthur, but then decided that he didn't want to touch the subject (partly because he was becoming far less fond of kings on account of Charles I trying to rule by divine right and he himself supporting Parliament in the English Civil War, partly because he was increasingly believing Arthur to be fictional), and so wrote the story of Adam and Eve instead.

ED - So O-levels are now a thing of the past in the UK? Boy, we really are going to have to recruit Britons for the TGS project! :)

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, April 12, 1999 06:56:06 PM

Well, I need to disappear. I can no longer type straight.
Here's the correct link to the cross-stitch pic.

Kyryn - [<--clicky, clicky]
Uvalde, TX
Monday, April 12, 1999 06:43:37 PM

**Kyryn looks in**

Ironwolf> I certainly believe that art comes from within. I occasionally 'borrow' part of a pose from something else, but I'm usually trying to get the feel of that particular setup, not copying the character. Anyone who copies someone else's work and claims it for their own, even with little, minor differences, is committing plagarism. I believe the general rule on differences is something like 20%, but don't hold me to that. (Artists, please correct me if I'm wrong.)
I draw for the love of it. The commission that I did for Doug was the first one, and I didn't charge anything for several reasons: 1) I'm never sure how long I'm going to take on something, and not at all sure of my abilities at times; 2) it was an experiment of sorts in a new medium (had fun!); and, 3) I don't consider myself a serious artist. I'm not making a living at this, like some of my friends.
I have charged friends for commissioned cross-stitch pieces, but that is usually for materials cost. If I charged for time and work on those, the prices would be in the hundreds of dollars. (BTW, click my name to see what I've been working on cross-stitch wise for the last few months)

Kathy> If you are just after a reading copy, you might want to see if your local library can find a copy through ILL (interlibrary loan).

Blue Caern> 'being mistaken for a grad student' - it's the aloofness/maturity. I used to get mistaken for a college student in high school, a senior/grad student as an undergrad, and a teacher/professor as a grad student. Now my only problem is that people think I'm a librarian in whatever library I happen to walk into (mutters, 'it's gotta be the glasses').

Stormy> re:BOC/JB CD - ROTFL. Yeah, that is kinda hard to mistake one for the other.

Gaah! I've got a nasty headache that's building to migraine. I think I'll go pound my head into the wall for a while.

**Kyryn dissappears**

Kyryn - [<-clicky, clicky]
Uvalde, TX
Monday, April 12, 1999 06:40:06 PM

Wow! Lots of comments to read...I haven't read the story yet so I'm off to do that, but want to hear something exciting? Out of the 830 students in my class, I am one of three nominated for Best Attitude of the Year! Yeah for the happy queen!!!!! Oh yeah, today in Latin we learned some new vocabulary. The Latin noun "lex" means "law"... HHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Monday, April 12, 1999 06:22:09 PM

Glimmer: Thanks for supplying the additional information. I ran a search for the book on, found out it was out of print, but decided to have their tracking service look for it. If I'm lucky, they'll come up with a copy for me. A summary, if it wouldn't be a huge imposition, would be great though.

What's Dracon doing about the Unseelie threat? Re-read "Waiting Game". He's using the situation to his advantage as only Tony Dracon would.

Dang, I know I had something else to comment on, but I can't think of what it is right now.


kathy - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 05:55:51 PM

If Ravyn Maza still comes in here, tell her I saw her Gargoyle painting in the display at school, and I think it's definitely cool to see that up in our poor school. ;)
Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ, USA
Monday, April 12, 1999 05:52:12 PM

sorry for the double post but my my score for the test was 81.8181818181 should i worry or more improtant should my neihbors? But come one we all do most those things don't we? Silence follows except for Jackal. Ok now I am worried:)
Monday, April 12, 1999 04:53:35 PM

HUMM ok not to drag up a bad time but I liked to discuss art and artist. Basically I want some opinion. First off I believe art must come from within ok. OK. Now there is a certain famous artist for fandom (not gonna name names) but all his stuff is from tracing. he takes a photo or a picture and traces it then adds minor changes. His work is great but heck I could do the same caliber of detail tracing a photo too. Now I know some one is gonna say “but how do you know” Well a certain model sued him because he used a layout of her for a Vamp pic (he just added fangs and made her pasty that’s it no other changes). Is this really art? Where is the creativity? And before any one gets bent out of shape this is not a comment on anyone’s work here(unless he is a garg fan then he can rant on me). I am looking for some honest opinions on this subject and not to fan a flame war.

Cook out This went well me and my friends ate ourselves silly and there are still leftovers. Tried during the chatroom thing but it was down so
** Warning if your a dragon lover this is gonna upset you*-*
a overly stuffed lockheed waddles in looking more like a basketball than a dragon. “you know lock I really liked that story you ate the other day” Lockheed try to run but after all that eating he did he just can’t. Iron wolf scoops him up smiles and dribbles him across the cr. like the basketball he looks like. After several intense moments of fun and mayhem Ironwolf dose a vertical pass to DC. A surprised DC catches the baby dragon. A very sick Lockheed looks up and “belch BARF belch” DC is now covered in flaming corrosive dragon puke. DC runs around the CR. until he collapses in a flaming pool of liquid. Iron wolf laughing “two bird with one stone that’s for not letting me on the chat room Saturday.” he continues laughing until one of the CR. people come in with a shovel and scooper. “ He is your pet you clean it up”
“What” a now serious Ironwolf says”hehhe “ Lockheed snickers as he crawls out of the room leaving a disgusted Ironwolf to clean”Rats foiled again”
*** end****

Monday, April 12, 1999 04:48:12 PM

**Glimmer bounces into CR singing REM's "It's the End Of the World"**

I may go to that revelation seminar thingie just so I can sit in the back and ask stupid questions like:
Why should I hand over my cash to your organization if the world is gonna end tomorrow?
Can you give me the exact time the world is going to end?
Is that Eastern or Pacific?
Do you ever hear the voice of God?
Do you want the name of my shrink?

Kaioto> You get a little philisophical every now and then, don't you?;)

Coyote> Your cats are plotting to take over the world? They might do a better job running the world than what our kind are doing.

Brooklyn telling about the future> He might not say what will happen in the future but he isn't above trying to shape the course of events.

Robby and Deuce(I spelled it right this time!)> So far,so good you guys! Just wait until a crisis hits(j/k). Nothing but love and respect for ya.

*Glimmer pulls out hat and cane and does an impromptu softshoe(al a Bugs 'n' Daffy) to Robby's music selection*

Robby> Thanks, I needed that. Today has been lousy and it looks like it's gonna stay that way for the rest of the week. You just added a little piece of sunshine to my day.

Great story!
Merlin's(I can't spell or pronounce his alias) feelings about his relatives and the role those emotions have on accepting his power was an interesting angle. Merlin,Angela, and Auther's understanding that they are not their parents, but individuals that must live their own lives and make their own mistakes was thoughtfully and truthfully written. The old addage 'You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your realitives' applies to just about everyone I know. Myself included.
Everything else I like about this story has been commented on already.
4/5 stars

Fred Kabotie: Hopi Indian Artist> Gee, turns out that this was published in 1977 by a museum in northern Arizona. First editon origanly cost $35 and any work of Mr. Kabotie's is highly collectable.
Next time I'll try to recommend a book people can actually find.

Kathy> If your still interested I could write a summary and e-mail it to you. Same goes for everybody out there.

Calling all cretive demons- I have an assingment for you.
I have a t-shirt with a big red X and an ugly yellow alien on it. Above the X it reads: They're Here. Below the X it reads: Got a Problem? Washington D.C.
I have some fabric paint and I want to write something on the back. I might write Please Support S.O.P.M.(Send Our Politicians to Mars)
Anybody got a better idea?

Results of Sanity Test
I am 63.6363636363636% insane.
My shrink will be happy to hear that I am not crazy.I am just plain loony.

Results of I.Q. Test
Mine came back negative:)

**Glimmer stock piles cookies, Jelly Bellies, numerous cases of Dr. Pepper, and assorted junk food for the 5(?) month wait for Dark Ages season 2.**

Monday, April 12, 1999 04:29:33 PM


NOTE: Many of these comments were written yesterday, but I wanted to finish reading the ep before I posted. I’ve only scanned the room, so I apologise if some comments have been repeated.

This was spectacular, especially the ending sections. I think a little more attention could have been paid to the pain of Arthur’s heritage, given the use of the flashback and the mention in the concluding sections, but overall a masterful effort. The best Pendragon episode in ages. Delightful!

Regarding the O-levels, they’re actually extinct- they’re replaced by General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSEs). So Emrys would be doing them instead.

Some really, really funny bits in here too. The pillar box scene was hilarious, as was the ‘tardy homework’ comment! You can hardly expect me to take a fifteen-hundred-year-old wizard and 'turn him over my knee' – I got some strange looks for bursting out in laughter at this point! :D
"Not a collection of magazines that he doesn't want you to know about, I hope?" asked Marter, turning around. "Well, he is a teenager at the moment, and from what I've heard, Merlin always did have an eye for the ladies." –another hilarious section.

Oh, and ‘kid’ used for child is an actual word in a Druid language? I’m impressed! :}

One of the things that really appeals to me is the attempt to incorporate stories from the earlier Pendragon episodes, which apart from Morgana (a no-show in season 2 G/P anyway!) seems to have been largely divorced from the new-style Pendragon. I’m firmly of the opinion that the Pendragon spectrum has swung too far the other way and the flashback-shy crew should resolve to show the past of Merlin and Arthur (not necessarily regurgitate legends- just show that there was life in the Pendragon universe before 1996).

I loved the dream scene. I sort of wish that there had been more of it, but it was superb nonetheless.

The picture is stunningly good- really vivid and a great portrayal of all characters; it might have been a screenshot were it a real cartoon! Superb! :)

Todd: Heh. Well, while I wasn’t involved in the P-Fay argument, I did actually see the episode release. Unfortunately, I was planning to check the comment rooms and leave straight after not expecting them to be wiped, and certainly not having planned for a hour or two’s delay to read the episode and compose a set of comments. Some of the comments above I did write last night, however while reading.

Patrick: The shuffle never involved me and I certainly wouldn’t allow a TGS episode to get lost in it. :)

Too much Angela: Everyone needs some time in the spotlight. Angela is a very key member of this war, so I don’t have a problem with her apparent overuse at times. Regarding Demona my feelings are rather different. As individual episodes, I feel her characterisation is fairly well maintained, but when mapped over the course of TGS it does seem that Demona’s transition from mad, bad and homicidal to serene if moody is rather… sudden. Goliath’s course in the original 66 had more turbulence! To be fair, efforts have gone towards resolving this in THE LONGEST DAY and HOMECOMING, but there’s still that aftertaste of ‘oh, but she did the right thing in the end’. Maybe it would be more appreciable if we saw some more of Demona’s dark side. (Besides anything else, I imagine the darker bits would be more fun to write!)

I’d give it a 9 out of 10, because the minion parts simply don’t appeal to me that much and a couple of the parts in the wood are slightly confused.

Oh, and one more bit. I like way this and HOMECOMING are deeply linked with each other without being made into multiple part stories. Oh, and the brilliant incorporation of such a range of the Pendragon cast. Oh, and the tensions between Una and Demona (I’d love to see development). Oh, and the references back to AVALON PART THREE. Oh, and…

(maybe I ought to stop here before I end up doing this all night ;))! Sorry these comments are rather bitty.


ED - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 03:27:41 PM

*****In the Blood SPOILER*****
I've already commented on the current episode but I though of more to say. I hope to see a lot more of Emrys. It will be interesting to see if his talk with Angela will result in his having substantially more control over his powers. But what I'd really like to see is more flashbacks to the first time he was a teenager and was studying with Blaise. How much of Blaise's teachings has he forgotten and what events might trigger his memories? And will we see Nimue again?
*****END OF SPOILER*****

I wonder if anything will ever be done with Brentwood, the clone of Lexington. As I understand it, the clones aren't stupid so much as uneducated. Lexington was able to understand modern technology and computers in an incredibly short period of time. What might Brentwood be capable of now that he's learned to read? Does he have the same potential as Lexington? Would Lex be interested in giving him any tips if he could do it over the Internet and didn't have to lay eyes on him? Could they get to know each other over the Internet without knowing each other's identities?

*****Probably a SPOILER in here somewhere*****
One thing I miss in TGS is the presence of Goliath. In the Gargoyles TV series he played an important role in nearly every episode. In TGS he seems more of an extension of Elisa than the powerful and courageous leader of the Manhattan clan. In TGS it is Elisa who seems to have more life - more fire - more ideas. Goliath merely reacts to her (often in stodgy and predictable fashion) or mechanically goes through the motions of being clan leader, dictating who will patrol together on a particular night. In the TV series his character evolved over time, though sometimes in subtle ways. He might be slow to adapt or occasionally need to relearn old lessons, but he did change and continue to learn as the TV series progressed. In TGS he seems very static. Even when he decides to let Angela spend time with Demona, I don't get the impression that he's doing any more than giving in to Angela's wishes. This of course is only the impression I get when reading the TGS stories and others may read them differently. But I'd like to see him actually do more. And what excuse could he possibly have for not insisting that his clan arm themselves properly before going out to do battle with Unseelie halflings? At the very least they should all be carrying little iron cowbells under their loincloths to use in an emergency (like someone about to be bit or zapped to death.)

What is Elisa doing for Dracon? He seems to be giving her information on likely Unseelie haunts. Has she told him about the Unseelie weakness for iron? If not, why not? What is he getting out of their arrangement? I'd expect Elisa's first priority to be eliminating the halfling threat to her city - and if that means killing a few of them then so be it. So why doesn't she give Dracon some clue about how to design an effective weapon? I'm sure Dracon would be happy to contract for a few guns with exploding bullets which would leave iron shrapnel inside their Unseelie well as to devise other creative iron-based weaponry. And even if Elisa doesn't share her knowledge of the Unseelie's weakness for iron with Dracon, she should certainly share it with Captain Chavez and the rest of the police department. How would she feel if a fellow police officer was killed because he or she didn't know how to protect themselves?
*****End of SPOILER*****

I guess that's enough for now...until my next attack of verbosity. Cheers.

Jenniren (used to be Jen) - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 03:24:38 PM

Hola amigos!

You know, I really didn't want to retire from the job so early. I really wanted to go out with a bang with my final episode and warn the staff of my departure and prepare Deuce and Robby for the responsibilities ahead. Unfortunately, that little machine we depend on so much, the computer, can act against you at times. This time my computer decicded to act real snooty on me and kill itself. I had to go internally and dissect the machine to ensure that this won't happen anytime soon. As a result I knew that I couldn't post the ep in time and that I had to ask someone else to do the job. The computer is almost complete in terms of getting things back to normal. I have to install the net programs that I used to have and restore some ICQ settings and such. Otherwise, I now run Win98 with a 56k modem.

To Robby and Deuce, I apologize for thrusting you into the scene so quickly with little preperation time. If things had been different, I would ensure that you two would have been more prepared. But I am proud of the both of you for getting the room wiped and posting the ep and diffusing the P-Fay incident. I can already ensure that you 2 will be better than I ever was in administration of the site. Good luck to you both.

To the TGS staff, I apologize at my sudden departure. I should have given you more advanced warning and better preperation and for that I am sorry.

PICS-- As you can see, I am not posting with my signature pic. Nor will I ever post with it again. That pic space is reserved for room administrators. Robby and Deuce, until you can contact Gorebash and remind him feverishly to update the room, you can use the pic space I once used. Simply get a pic you wanted to use and rename it dx.jpg and upload it into the required directory. Personal advice: get a duo pic. That way both of you can sue it.

NEW EP-- Glad this was not lost in the shuffle. Read it, read it, read it.

THE MATRIX-- Anyone know where I can get audio clips of the quotes in the film? What a damn fine masterpiece of a film. One of the most thought provoking sci-fi films ever made. And $73 million can attest to that :) Add to that a killer soundtrack. Normally I don't listen to this type of music but it was just so appropriate and moving for the film. Now I have to go obtain it.

***BEGIN RP***

Scene: Colorado Springs highway

As Jammer drives the onslaught as fast as hell, ripping the highway to shreds, The Ravens and DX all fire away at the demons intent on stopping them at all costs. As everyone fires away with their machine guns and other power weapons, Gubio gives a quick glance at DX. "What the hell do they want with you, man?" he asks.

"Beats me," DX says. "I made some enemies over time, but none like these."

The team keeps firing at the yugoloths, the bullets do their best to slow them down but not enough to keep them away as more and more of the hellspawn enter the fray.

"Jammer," DX shouts, "With these things after us like this, you think you can make it to Washington in time?"

"Dunno," he shouts back. "If these things can back away, we might have a chance."

DX thinks for only a moment. "OK, then if these things only want me, they can have me."

Doug glances at DX, shocked by what he heard. "What?!?"

The arms dealer/mercenary hands Doug a headset. "Listen, if you need anything, call T-Loco. She knows who you are. In the meantime, the best way I can help you is to be away from you. I'll take my car and drive off so they can chase me, giving you enough time to get to Washington and make things right." DX adjusts his headset and gives the verbal command for the car to come closer to the Onslaught.

"We ain't gonna lose you, DX," Mist says, trying to persuade him away from the suicide plan.

"Don't worry," he says. "I shall return. With that, DX moves into the passenger side of the truck and hops out onto the hood of his car, doing the best he can to scurry inside and manipulate the vehicle from there. The yugoloths notice his exit and leave the Onslaught, heading instead for the Jeep as it drives away from the truck. As the Onslaught heads for Washington, the Ravens see the Jeep drive of in a hail of gunfire and explosions, with the pursuing yugoliths right behind him.

***END RP***

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 02:59:08 PM

Steve Gooch> Well, my roomie likes Quake even more than I do, and I thought Kitainia played it sometimes. So I'm not the only female who's interested in it. :-) I think I applied to Cornell's college of liberal arts and sciences. I'm sure it's very competitive there. But applying to Cornell wasn't really my idea. My parents made me apply to an Ivy, so I chose Cornell. I thought I wouldn't care about whether or not I was accepted since I didn't want to apply in the first place, but it's still like a slap in the face to know you're not wanted. I've never had a boyfriend, but I imagine that it feels somewhat like being dumped by someone. Okay, okay, I'll shut up now on the topic, it's in the past and I'm over it.

Kaioto> Being mistaken for a grad student means one of 2 things: That you look old or you seem old. I think you just seem more mature. I've been mistaken for a graduate student or at least a senior before, and I am sure I don't look very old. I've _asked_ the people who thought I was older why they thought so, and most said it was my "manner" or something to that extent. I tend to be aloof...

******* JIM'S CELEBRATION *******

Blue stops waving when she realizes Jim is preoccupied.

"Hell, it's my birthday, I don't want to wait anymore! Hey, Jim!" Blue shouts as she pushes a giant birthday ice cream cake on a cart through the gates of Disney World. She manages to walk through the metal detector without being stopped, and raises her eyebrows at the sight of Kaioto's formidable "collection".

"Greetings," she says to Jim and Kaioto, handing each a birthday party hat. "Have some cake."


Blue Caeru
Monday, April 12, 1999 01:59:16 PM

Aaron walks into the room and begins spinning rapidly.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeees-" Aaron loses his balance and falls over. He gets up rubbing his head.

Hmmm. Apparently I'm not one of the fey in disguise after all. Oh, well. It was worth a try.

Anyway, I've finally waded through the weekend's posts.

SJ> D'oh! I can't believe I messed up Lost Highways. (Kicks self)

Jaden> I'm sure a lot of people would pay good money for a huge book containing every fact in the Star Wars universe, but let's face it, there's a lot more money in doling the info out a piece at a time.

Rolling Calf> I think vamps are flammable. That's why the lazy way to take out a vamp resting place is to set the building on fire. (Of course, if the vamps had a sealed resting chamber and didn't burn up, they tend to be p*ssed off when they wake up)

Still haven't seen The Matrix. I'll try to go this week. But... "No one can be told what the Matrix is"

I can. It was that big honkin' thing that used to ride around in Optimus Prime's chest, that all the transformers' sparks came from and eventually returned too. What?!?

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, April 12, 1999 01:43:57 PM


Finally, a true Gargoyles/Pendragon crossover! And it continues the tradition of excellence in writing that TGS has established.

It was good to see some of the London clan again as they seem to have been neglected as of late. Honestly what I felt was a little missing was Angela maybe catching sight of Lucy sitting on the internet talking with Graeme. That would have been nice to see.

It was also good to see Demona's introduction to them. (I wonder when she will realize that she has been getting along better with her human friend than she manages to with all the gargoyles that she knows?) I hope that there will be some more interaction between her and them because it would be a shame to see her squander this opportunity to have some other friends besides Andrea that she can be a little more honest with (after all Andrea still thinks that she's only human) and who don't have to judge her since they are largely unaware of her past.

Some people have said that there seems to be too much use of Angela and Demona to the neglect of the other characters, and while I could see that point, it doesn't bother me so much because the story is interesting as it is.

(However if there wouldn't be a seperate TIMEDANCER saga being posted every week I would feel some disappointment at not seeing more of Brooklyn and his family. But as it is I can live with a bit more concentration away from them in main TGS since they have another place to get some of their stories.)

I liked the internal debate that Angela had with herself over the question of "Am am more like my mother or like my father?" But after coming to a resolution that she is her own unique individual, she seems to have glossed over the fact that she has actually killed someone. I don't think she should have any regret over it because he was after all trying to kill her and he is basically an agent of evil, but shouldn't something like that have a profound effect on a person's mind and actions? I hope to see more on that in later episodes. (Also how will she explain this to if not Goliath then at least Broadway? Or will she just keep it a secret?)

With Merlin, everyone is treating him as a teenager which he is physically at this point. But just once I would like to see Arthur lecturing him and suddenly he stands up and with a blast of magical energy push Arthur against a wall, lifting him up a bit and say "Who the hell do you think you are?! I was around long before the idea of you even existed and I'll be around long after your forgotten. Don't treat me like a child, because I'm not one. Do you understand?!" Arthur seems to treat him from time to time like he is a little kid and not an ancient wizard who is just stuck in a curious situation. His reading Merlin's diary is just an example of this. Such a gross invasion of privacy shouldn't be overlooked by Merlin.

In addition, let me not forget to mention the lovely picture that accompanied this episode. It's great to finally have a more solidified vision of what Cervus and Faulk actually look like.


Brooklyn, NY
Monday, April 12, 1999 01:27:00 PM

***RL RP*** (isn't that an oxymoron??)


PROLOGUE: When my parents (morning people) and I (nocturnal) are in the same house for the weekend, I am guaranteed to be woken up by some hideous music like Nana Mouskouri or the Oak Ridge Boys--unless they're in a mood to play Jimmy Buffett, as we are all Parrotheads. That night, the odds looked pretty good, as Mom had borrowed a CD of Jimmy's Broadway musical. I scammed it, put it in my CD player, and spent the night listening to the sounds of the Carribean.

I woke up the next morning to a driving drumbeat that was considerably heavier than anything Jimmy Buffett has EVER played. Half asleep, I tried to identify the music--and fell into a weird dream about my parents playing Blue Oyster Cult. This kind of hallucination is typical of me if something has woken me up before 11 am. I laughed and shook myself awake, trying again to NAME THAT TUNE...

Um, the opening of BOC's BLACK BLADE is pretty unmistakeable...

Horrified that I had awakened in an evil alternate universe, I struggled to find a logical explanation for my parents listening to BOC. I finally realized that, while the Buffett CD case had vanished, the Buffett CD was still in my CD player--and the BOC case was empty. I'd put BOC into the Buffett case the night before...

So I wandered downstairs, singing along to BLACK BLADE, getting weird looks from my parents, who ask me what I think I'm doing.

ME: Singing along to Black Blade.
THEM: This isn't "Black Blade", this is Jimmy Buffett's musical.
ME: No, it's not... *hold up Buffett CD*
THEM: *blinking* If THAT'S Jimmy...what's THIS? *point to their CD player*
ME: Blue Oyster Cult...

It still floors me that they couldn't tell the difference between BOC and Jimmy Buffett...if it hasn't got steel drums and maracas, it's NOT JIMMY!!

THEM: We figured Jimmy had gone back to his rock 'n' roll roots...what kind of moron puts a BOC CD in a JB case?
ME: What kind of moron doesn't notice BLUE OYSTER CULT SUPER HITS in big letters across the CD??


FLEUR: Go ahead and be honest, if I DIDN'T need a screwdriver and/or stepladder and/or crowbar to access my Easter candy, I'd be really disappointed.

WASTE LAND/STEPHEN KING: King also took a lot of the DARK TOWER series from "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came...I forget the author of that poem, but he was Victorian, and my upcoming final is on the 17th century. Ask me about Milton. :-P
And of COURSE the Waste Land is weird...that's kind of the point. And that's why I like it. LOL

TGS: I hope to see the Guatemalan clan soon--they seem to have been a bit neglected so far. I'd also like to see Ophelia and Gabriel...I wonder if they'll end up mates like Greg Weisman planned?

TODD JENSEN: Just a note of advice for you...since you have problems accessing Geocities sites from's the JAVA on Geocities sites that causes your Mac to crash. I had the same problem for the past year. Download Netscape 4, or Netscape Communicator--it can handle the Java and let you access the sites just fine. We just got Communicator and I wish we'd gotten it months ago.

*wonders if putting Metallica and Garth Brooks into the Nana Mouscouri cases would mean no more waking up to rotten music ever again...*

Stormy S. Wagner
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:32:51 PM

**No Party RP today … yet**

Deuce: Don’t worry, I’m 72.7272727272727% insane too.
All is right with the universe, even if half that stuff was only because of people I associate with. : )

Ellessar: I’ve given up questioning on this one. Sometimes I write my own stories in all the temporal gaps and all the places TGS isn’t just out of my dissatisfaction with a lack of clerics. Even a man of peace would like to see a little more Unseelie rear kicking on the part of us "mortals." *Ducks pieces or rotten fruit* Hey, come on! If someone can come in here and chant about dragons for weeks on end, I can be obsessed with clerics. :P

South Park, Mr. Macky reference: "Iron. Iron is good. Iron is your friend. Hit the Fay with iron. M-Kay?"

SJ: I realized I never got around to mentioning this, but I’ve been praying for your sister SJ. Sorry I forgot to tell you.

Jackal: I don’t like Manson’s music. I don’t like his dress. I don’t like his attitude. I don’t like his message. I don’t like his act. I think he has a negative influence on a lot of lives. However, I also think he brings a different kind of joy to many people’s lives. Those who are negatively influenced have a responsibility and ability to simply stop listening. Those he has a positive influence on, however, can not so easily choose to be happy (perhaps it is hard to see or poor word choice) without being able to choose to listen to "music" that makes them so. I don’t know Marilyn personally, so I can’t really make an informed opinion about his life, and I wouldn’t want to judge another person. His actions in the industry, however, can easily be taken (perhaps unjustly, perhaps not) as whorishly exploiting the pain and suffering in the world. However, everyone in the media exploits something that is wrong in the world. Rush Limbaugh exploits the wacko leftist and the Democratic politicians. The media exploits horrors like Koslovo for ratings. In "The Catcher in the Rye" one of the most important points is how the main character regards the media types. He talks about how him brother, "prostituted" himself to Holloywood. The worse I can ever come to regard Manson would be finding that he is just was bad as the another one of the typical Hollywood slime. The real scum of Hollywood aren’t on the corner of Vine, but in Beverly Hills (figuratively, of course).

Robby: IRS and the Undead. Vampire House Ventrue controls a large faction of the IRS. Many of those who work there are Vampire Ghouls (hence their inhuman ability to conduct an audit any time, any where, and never show any signs of insanity until they start jonesing for their vampire blood …). What they don’t tell you on your taxes is that you can fill out a form g 133/w6-8 to file for exemption by blood tithing to your local Methusela. : ) j/k …?

Steven Gouch:
>Mind like a steel trap, rusty and illegal in 37 states< *Smiles* I like that one. : )
>I don’t know if it is because it is 6 AM …< Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and go with 6AM … : )
Inspiration - Well, you’d be amazed at how little being an inspiration pays. : ) Nope, I’m just as mundane as the next man IRL. Sure, I can drop a few nice insights once in a while, and I ace essay questions, but nobody really is overly attentive to the things the English department Gofor (Go For) has to say, especially now that I shaved my goatee *mutters something about people asking him about being a grad-student* and genuinely look like a sophomore again.
>You could fill a book …< That would require a publicist … : )
Oddly enough, I think actually getting a publicist would be the kiss of death when it comes to "keepin’ it real." Please, do, however, feel free to quote things I’ve said or done if it can be used to accomplish any good ends. The only reason I say things like that is to help people to think and reach for positives in a world where often times it seems like the world, as Piers Anthony once said, "Is grinding your life to mud." As much as there is still so much wonder, joy, and beauty in the world, it never hurts to be able to contibute with some >goodness from my keyboard<
Well, that and perhaps the curse of Huberis, which makes me try to sound a lot smarter than I know I am. : )
Seriously, though, thank you for your kind words. You do me more credit than I deserve.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Monday, April 12, 1999 11:36:27 AM

Regarding the P-Fay thing: THIS IS OVER. NO MORE COMMENTS ON THIS. C'mon, people: the poor guy posted a suicide RP! You think he'll be coming back to read you tearing even MORE strips off him? As co-administrator, I declare this subject closed.

Serenity> Thank you. You said far more on the subject than I could have, and in a lot kinder fashion. As for Umbriel, his situation will be resolved soon....

Doug> I missed the X-Files. Could you fill me in on what happened?

Steve Gooch> We'll be updating the CR archive as soon as possible. If anyone has any CR archives from the time they were last updated until now, I would greatly appreciate you ZIPping them and emailing me. Thanks.

My insanity result: roughly 72.7% insane. How odd, I thought I'd be better. I'll have to write my own, then. (Hey, I 'll do that this afternoon!)

OK, that's all. Remember, the P-Fay subject is closed, and there is one hell of an awesome TGS episode up. Go read.

Deuce - []
City of Teams That Just Might Get Into the NHL Playoffs, Alberta, Canda
Monday, April 12, 1999 10:12:23 AM

WILEK NEREUS - Actually, although I didn't have the Doctor in mind when I wrote that bit about the double-coded diary, I do agree that Merlin as portrayed in TGS does have some elements of his character inspired by "Dr. Who". (The name of his school was a hint at that; "Mons Carbi" is Latin for "Hill of Coal" or "Coal Hill"). Which actually is rather appropriate, since one of the last episodes of "Dr. Who", "Battlefield", did indeed identify the Doctor with Merlin. (The episode, however, also had Arthur genuinely die in his last battle with Mordred rather than finding healing on Avalon, proof enough that the Gargoyles Universe and Doctor Who Universe are not identical).

Incidentally, Emrys's babbling in his sleep that somebody commented on is based on a "genuine" prophecy of his, taken from Geoffrey of Monmouth's "The History of the Kings of Britain", the first Arthurian work that links King Arthur and Merlin together. One of the sections of Geoffrey's book, "The Prophecies of Merlin", has Merlin predict the future of Britain from the time of Arthur (whom he calls "the Boar of Cornwall" in it) all the way down to a strange apocalyptic future. The description of that aforesaid apocalyptic future was the source for those lines that I gave him. Let's hope that it's a prophecy that never comes true, at least, not in this age of the world.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:37:05 AM

Speaking of iron, this has been bugging me for a while... All of the Manhattan Clan know that the Fay and Halflings are vulnerable to iron, yet none of them have been bright enough to bring the iron to the battle, instead they usually find some at the battle sight in the nick of time.

This is starting to look like a plot hole, are they eventually going to wise up?

Elessar - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 08:08:46 AM

IRON BELLS, IRON BELLS, IRON ALL THE WAY - I don't think that it's all that bewildering that they used an iron bell rather than an iron weapon on Oberon in "Ill Met By Moonlight". After all, they weren't trying to kill him; they were just using the iron as a sort of "bargaining chip" to get him to call off his attack upon them and let them stay in Avalon. (If they had killed him, Titania would have probably been a lot less friendly towards them, as would the rest of the Third Race, who would now have a ruler to avenge).
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, April 12, 1999 07:26:39 AM

Hey all,

HOLY LORD! I take a little hiatus from the room and everything goes haywire. Y'know, dangit, this room is DEFINITELY going into one or both of my comm papers. :)

Well, since I can't really comment on stuff from rooms that are gone for now (when is that archive gonna get updated? (sorry, Deuce, Robby, I know you guys got dumped on rather quickly, don't mean to aim this at you)) - I guess I'll just skim over last week's room. There seems to be enough material in there to script a James Cameron movie.

For one thing, I'm waaaay behind in TGS episodes; for some strange reason I just haven't been feeling up to reading them. I've been in something of a funk lately, mostly due to school, social issues, and an ever-increasing spiral of work, deadlines, and procrastination (not good, I keep telling myself). I haven't felt the urge to write anything in weeks (which is why the Rock novelization hasn't been updated since February, sorry guys). I'm just going to have to sit down one day and catch up, as soon as I get my RL issues worked out.

Ona lighter note, I DID get into all of the classes I wanted for next semester, now I just need a code from my counselor to finalize the deal.

Wow. Lots of new transfers from the S8 room. Hi all! And welcome to all the other new people!

Kaioto > You know, it could be because it's after 6 AM and I'm up insanely late for a school night, but you're really starting to get to me, man. I mean, can I start quoting you? Some of the things you say, from Yugoslavia to pride and anger and everything else in between, really make me think that you could easily fill up a book with your words of wisdom. Please, please keep them coming. It's comforting to know that, with all the $#!+ going on in my life, and all the crazy stuff taking place in this world, I can always rely on skipping into the CR and catching some more goodness out of your keyboard. Your ethics, morals, and values made me respect you even more. You're an inspiration to us all.

Blue > <I was waitlisted and then rejected by Cornell> I'm so sorry! Out of curiosity, which college did you apply to? I know that some are much harder to get into than others. And about Quake... Heh. I can't help it, I'm addicted. But I think you're the first female I've talked to that has ever expressed any interest in the game. *There's still hope!* (Sorry.) :)

No more comments on Kosovo/Yugoslavia, I'm not current enough with my information to make any kind of rational argument without restating myself, it's far too late for me anyway, and I notice the thread's died out. So be it.

The Matrix > Most kickass movie I've seen in months. End of story.

Futurama > Sorry. SJ, I'm with you on this. Didn't laugh at all until the "whalers on the moon" bit, and even that was a little strained. Missed the end of last Sunday's episode because a girl on my floor needed me to recover some data lost on a damaged disk (WHY CAN'T PPL SAVE THINGS TO THEIR HARD DRIVE?! THAT'S WHAT IT'S THERE FOR!!!) Sorry.

Family Guy > Funniest show I've seen in a long time, right up there with The Simpsons. Too many comments and great points to name, so I won't even try.

Okay, maybe just one. "PURE UNCUT COCAINE"; Erik Estrada: "Maybe I should give you a ticket for not going out with me."

DumlaoX > Sorry to see you leave your position as siteop, you were one of the better ones I've seen. Glad you'll still be sticking around this sanitarium we call home. :)

<I see WCW Monday Nitro...Now I suddenly have 2 things to wait for on TV> Dangit! Our satellite company cancelled our account after it wasn't paid (well, duh, but, don't ask) and I and a bunch of other ppl here have been without Nitro for almost all of the semester :(

Robby and Deuce > Congratulations on your promotions, good luck, and sally forth!

The USA Poll > I have but oen thing to say, and that is:


(I'd be happier, but it'd prolly spoil my perfectly good depression :)

Pistoff > LOL at your Motel six list. :)

Stephen Sobotka, Jr. > Happy belated birthday!

Laaaaaaaa dee da... [ignoring gigantic controversy because it doesn't concern him]... laaa dee da dum...

Well, that about raps it up for now, kiddies, Steve's great catch-up post. Be sure to tune in next time, same-

[Clonk!] Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

==Mind Like A Steel Trap - Rusty And Illegal In 37 States==
Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Monday, April 12, 1999 06:15:09 AM

*nods to Serenity* Thankyou very much for being one of few people to not accuse me of trying to start a flame war.

as to some other posts, I dont think anyone ever told Pfay to go kill himself or "slit his wrists" over anything.

I think the only thing asked for was an appology, which contrary to popular belief, hasn't been given. (at least not to everyone) I'd like to ask the people saying that I'm "not accepting Pfay's sincere appology" where he ever appologized to ALL the artists without excluding Ylla and myself.

Monday, April 12, 1999 05:01:59 AM

I can't decide if I'm a cool daddy, or an irresponsible one...., poor kid, I feel sorry for my son, hehhee he's gonna be talkin to his therapist one day.., "Yeah my daddy, that muthaf**ker, everytime I'd cut myself, he'd taste my blood and mumble something about the innocent".
His school situation was hell to deal with, ya know spending 2 and a half weeks in Panama City... Hey you want something to drink?? Ohh, not gonna answer me, huh? Speaking of that, I like to buy bottled water and pour it all over me!! YaY for me!! I want to put red and blue streaks in my hair, what do yall think..., ohh, I don't think yall have ever seen me..., well let me describe myself to ya! OK, I'm uhhhh maybe 5'6 122lbs, I got a muscle tone thing goin on, long black and brown hair to the middle of my shoulders. I got a thin mustache, shaved clean..., I mean clean, hehehee (very little body hair). I'm growing back my leg hair, Vanessa shaved it for me, but we're not friends anymore, she can go burn and rot in the feiry pits of an endless Hell..., Anyway what was I sayin..., Oh yeah, based on what I told ya, ya think I should do that to my hair? I wanna squeeze oranges and let the juices drip all over my body. Well the CD I was listening to just ended..., and now I'm sitting in silence..., maybe I should go to sleep being all I'm doing is typing out random thoughts, sounds good to you? Yes Jackal. Ok, goodnighters!!

Monday, April 12, 1999 04:23:09 AM

You are 72.7272727272727% insane.
You're a loony.

I'd like to know what this is based on..., everyone does the stuff that was listed.
How bout something like..., Ever handled 4 dead puppies as a form of entertainment..., there's a good question!

Monday, April 12, 1999 03:38:23 AM

Opps!!!! I meant to bleep my word there..... BLEEP BLEEP BOOP!!!! There, that'll make it better!
Monday, April 12, 1999 03:28:49 AM

<<We look forward to enjoying your special brand of psychopathia again! :P (As long as it doesn't involve dead animals...) >>
Ohhh I forgot I told yall about that!!! Damn!!! Makes me wonder what else I've said in here...
<<Never insult an artist of ANY kind>>
And this is probably coming from a Marilyn Manson hater, hehehee.
Hahahahahaaa!!!! Don't try, they'll love to hate ya! Hey Aris, I love man!!
<< the Gathering, ..maybe lock myself in my hotel room away from all the people whom I..made myself COMPLETELY UNPOPULAR WITH.>>
I more than sure there's people in here that hate my gucking futs, but I plan to be right there in their faces with my bright yellow contacts and black lipstick, waving hey to all the little kids, revealing my vampire teeth, wearing my shrit that says "Mean people suck, Nice people swallow". :o)
Toku, there's no place for God's Bible within this comment room!!! Only ranting, hatred, and gargoyle talk is allowed. Read your rules, read your rules. j/k
I'll take the "Sanity" test and tell yall the results, okay???!
<<God, now I know how to really piss people off--insult the artists>>
OK, this is how this works, MPO...., if dude here talking about the artists, lives in America, then damnit, he has a right to his opinion and you can't do anything about that but shut your mouth and take it. I'm a Performance Artist, I've had people threaten to kick my ass and lock me up for doing certain things, and as an artist you gotta learn to take it, it'll better you, listening to your critics. Sorry if that came off rude, but some of you can be too senisitive, and I not taking sides either, just sayin..., I live in America, I can do that, say what I want when I want..., Can I get a "God Bless the USA"??!?? That is if you believe in that "god" shit.

JackaL - []
Ga, Usa
Monday, April 12, 1999 03:27:00 AM

**Party RP**
There is a brief, loud knock on the gates of Disney World, which he answers quickly. Kaioto walks in from the parking lot, sopping wet, though not a cloud in sight.
"You're early," Jim says, not unkindly.
"Time, tide, and planar gaps wait for no man," the brown-haired warrior smiles as he rings out his Monkey-Clan bandanna before using it to hold back his drying hair. "I hope I haven't caused any trouble."
Jim chuckles a little, "This is your first time around, that's for sure. You missed the Super-Bowl. You've never seen trouble." Jim thinks for a second. "Hey, this is a good chance to test this out, before the other guests arrive."
"What?" Kaioto replies.
"This," says Jim as he rolls out a large, metal-detector-like gate.
** Pause RP**

**TGS Spoilers**
Wow, that episode was SOME good. (Bostonian magic-speak for excellent). I liked the character development and agreed with all the points Kitainia made. I would also like to chip in my own.

Evaporating a Vampyre: You know, I'd really like to see a cleric handle some nasty counter magic once in a while. I've said it once. I'll say it again: I want to see a cleric! I've seen everything from knight to mystic, to rogue, and I miss m Wrath of God tossing friends the clerics. :) I did very much like this scene, however.

In the Woods: I thought this was a great portrayal of how a wizard's powers can go astray when his mind slips. The physical manifestations are often called hobgoblins, and were very well done. Is somebody on the TGS Staff a fan of White Wolf's "Mage: The Ascension"? All I can say to World of Darkness fans is that was why it isn't cool to be around a Mage in a Quiet.
**End TGS Spoilers**

I must agree, however, that if one needs to lodge a complaint about P-Fay, E-Mail him. If one needs counter slander to their person, they can explain themselves here, but I really doubt anyone thinks poorly of you because of P-Fay. However, posting venom or even explanations in the CR is a good way to give some folks the impression that you are self-absorbed or defensive as a result of insecurities.

This paragraph isn't really about P-Fay, but about a very few posts and attitudes. All I can say is: "Everybody's a critic." Don't ever try to justify your rude and angry behavior on your experience, or claim that other people can't judge your actions are ill because they didn't lead your life. I'm not going to judge anyone here as a person, but I'll sure as hell condemn actions of anger and pride, no matter how well rationalized and defended (especially when they disrupt the chat room). I would, however, remark that many have handled themselves and their injury with the utmost dignity and civility, if not without any trace of malice nor much of pride.

Serenity: I hardly asked everyone to drop the ~Subject~. :) I asked no one to throw a verbal blow in anger or huberis. I also agree that this hasn't been much of a flame war, more of a 'talking down in condescending tones war.' Coming from the People's Republic of Massachusetts and some very cliquish places, I can tell you that the TDICT war can be twice as deadly. :) Happily, however, it seems to be dying away.

Serenity Again: Trust me, you've never seen a flame war in this place. If the people you say are starting a flame war were actually flaming, we'd have a KFC in the CR Food Court selling only extra-crispy. They just want their CR back the way it was before P-Fay stuck his foot in his mouth.

"Those who posted in defense of the artists can not be faulted for doing so," but they can be faulted when they go about it in a poor fashion. Good intentions do not necessarily make good actions. That is not to necessarily say that anyone has, it is just to say that the statement is incomplete in concept.

Pistoff: Good God, I almost agree with you! *Goes to check the Doomsday Clock* :)

**Resume Party RP**

Jim IzaNoying sighs as the chimes ring for the umpteenth time.
"Oops," Kaioto says as he fishes out his Swiss Army knife and adds it to the pile.
Jim raises an eye to the pile in the weapon's check container. A master-crafted, mono-filament edged sword, three stakes of holy, three silver spikes, three iron spikes, a Russian hand-grenade, 50 ft. or rope, iron powder, shurikens, a grappling hook, nunchuku, a sai, steel-toed boots, and a small plasma generator lay in a heap with the Swiss Army knife on top.
Kaioto finally manages to walk through the detector without setting off the alarm. "So what do you do about mages?"
"They check their spell components," Jim replies happily.
"Iron built into the construction of this theme park," Jim replies, smirking.
Jim pauses a moment, his eyes straying to the iron crux hanging from the silver chain around the Seeker's neck.
Kaioto smiles, "I promise I won't blow anything up, Jim. Mindless violence is against my religion, but you can't have my Holy Symbol unless you pry it from my cold death fingers … now where is Space Mountain?"
Jim IzaNoying shrugs and passes the man back his footwear and a claims chit.
**RP and Fade Out**

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Monday, April 12, 1999 02:43:40 AM

***SPOILERS for Gargoyles & Timedancer eps!***

Well, I can't say that "In the Blood" is my favorite ep, but I didn't dislike it, either. The writing was good, but for some reason I found it to be rather rushed, especially the discussion between Angela and Emrys in the forest. He agreed too quickly after his initial resistance. This might have been better as a two-parter.

While some have said that they're tired of the Angela/Demona storyline, I thought it was well-handled, especially Angela's internal debate over which parent she was taking after. What I am tired of is Emrys' brattiness. I'm sorry, I know the explanations behind it, but I still have a hard time reconciling the wise Merlin, with all his intelligence and experience, and the petulant, exceedingly annoying child Emrys. I hope he will start acting decently now.

As for Timedancer, "Menagerie" is definitely one of my favorites! Kudos to Anna Hansen for the excellent writing and Rahsaan Footman for the story concept. I loved the character development, particularly with Sata. Melchior, Darice, and the others were some of the best characters encountered thus far, and I hope we see them again. My only complaint is that none of the wonderful TGS artists provided an illustration for this one--I do so love the illustrations! :)

Hey, here's a random poll: who is your favorite Unseelie character?

For myself, I'd say Umbriel. He's a tad wishy-washy, but a great character. Of course, I'm not quite sure if I like him for his character, or because of that delicious concept sketch of Christi Smith Hayden's in the Picture Archive.... ^_~ But, truly, I enjoy reading about him, and I look forward to further development of his character. (Will Umbriel realize that his uncle is evil, and join with our heroes in fighting him, or will he succumb to the Dark Side? Tune into TGS to find out!)

Serenity - [NeoQueen39]
Monday, April 12, 1999 02:22:17 AM

Serenity> Well-said, good analysis of this situation.

The Rolling Calf> Well, Chun-Li doesn't look as bad as some other female characters... in fact, compared to some, she almost looks proportional. :-) Other than her annoying giggling when she wins, she's all right. Hmm, that's another thing... why do so many female characters have such annoyingly high-pitched voices, and when they win, they don't do any really cool moves like the guy characters? Oh well, that's just another "mystery" of the gaming world. *g*

Blue Caeru slowly and as inconspicuously as possible approaches the familiar entrance to Disneyworld, wondering if she should enter. The music grows louder as she gets closer. She stops and hesitantly waves to Jim from a distance to see if she can get his attention.

Robby> Hope you don't mind me inserting myself into the party. :-P

Blue Caeru
Gainesville, Florida, United States
Monday, April 12, 1999 02:02:53 AM

Uh oh...It appears there is a Jenn who posts to this room. I've been using the name Jen and this will make for too much confusion. OK, from now on I'll use my entire email address instead of just the first 3 letters of it. If anyone finds this too confusing I'm quite willing to change it again. I'm open to suggestions as long as they are reasonable.
Of all the episodes that don't include the rest of the Manhattan clan this one has got to be my favorite so far. The events of the story unfolded nicely and everything tied together. Finally I get to see the good guys waste one of those annoying halfling creeps. And (big surprise!) it's sweet gentle Angela who does it. I enjoyed seeing her work through her fear that she would turn into her mother and come to the conclusion that she has both her parents within her as well as something more. And then seeing her use this information to help Emrys. I would think that Emrys might have come to a similar conclusion at some time in the past, but it's the sort of life lesson one sometimes has the need to relearn, even if one hasn't undergone a rejuvenation process. Maybe Emrys' dream even hinted at this during the part where he met Blaise, his old tutor. Todd Jensen and Patrick Toman did a great job with this one.

Someone commented that they thought an iron weapon like a sword or mace would be a better tool to use against an Unseelie than a bell. Actually a bell might be better because Unseelie could dodge a blow from a weapon but it is harder to dodge a sound. Would bells have an effect on Unseelie if they were wearing earplugs? I guess so, since there would still be sonic vibrations in the air that they could feel.

And I'm very glad to hear that S.J.'s sister is doing so much better.

Good night all.

Jenniren (used to be Jen) - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 01:15:25 AM

And now, for something more cheerful...


Jim places down the final bowl of chip, gets out the last of the refreshments, and is prepared to party with all the guests as soon as he arrive. He looks around the place chosen to celebrate.
"Gee, this is even better than my mansion... And bigger too... I think I made a good choice picking Disney World!"


Heather and Lexy- Your opinion has been heard, and to be quite honest, I agree with it. Not much I can do to fix it, season 2 is written already.

Batman Beyond ep- Grr... I missed this one... Whole WB morning lineup in fact... At least it seems everything but BB was a rerun. The old geezer line sounds like fun though...

TRC- Yep, there's a live action version of Iria. It plays on the sci-fi channel real late sometimes. Its okay, but I prefer the animated one better, simply because the characters look better.

As far as Chun-Li having exagerated body parts... Well, yes and no. Yes because well... She does. No, because its not nearly as bad as most other game females. (Most of the other street fighter females wear skin tight stuff for some reason... AH well, E-Honda and Zangief run aroun in their underwear...)

Fire- I took the insanity test. Apparently I am 56.36 percent insane. "In a few years I could become insane" it said. Guess I just need to spenmd more time in here...

SJ- I gotta agree, knowing your ow personal artist like Demona May really kicks butt don't it? I've had the pleasure of knowing her for 4 years!

IRS asking if you died last year and the possible consequences if there are a lot of zombies and such filling that out... Scary.


Jim proceeds to put some music on the main control board, and the song "It's a Small World After All" begins to play in French, and then German. Jim winces, removes the song, and snaps it in two. He then proceeds to put on "The Merry Go Round Broke Down, (You'll recognize it when you hear it. Click!) and waits for guests to arrive.

Monday, April 12, 1999 01:11:21 AM

It has been quite awhile since I've been here, so I think I can be considered an outsider. As such, I'd like to make a few (alright, more than a few, I'm long-winded ;) comments on the P-Fay affair. I am certainly impartial, as I don't know anyone in the room except through their posts and visiting their websites; thus, I think what I have to say may be helpful. If, after reading this post, you feel the need to discuss my opinions with me (or flame them), I ask that you respond to me via email, as I only want to comment *publically* this once.

Let me tell you what I saw when I read over the posts having to do with this argument (these are paraphrasings--not precisely what was said, but how *I*, and probably others as well, interpreted things):
~P-Fay makes an offhand comment which is insulting to several of the best fan artists out there. {I can see where he *might* have done so unintentionally, and missed the fact that it would be misconstrued, but it's still insulting.}
~Spike points this error out in a well-spoken manner, without overreacting or resorting to namecalling.
~P-Fay explains that he made that comment due to an unfavorable impression of Aimee Major and Ylla, compliments Kanthara, Siryn, and Spike, and apologizes for hurting anyone's feelings.
~Thomas Revor, again in a well-spoken and calm manner, is offended on the behalf of the artists--given the close times of the postings, P-Fay's apology probably had not made it to the room before Thomas began his post.
~P-Fay says that he wants the comment he made to be kept private because he needs a favor from Raptor Woman, and is afraid she'll deny him if she finds out what he's said.
~Aimee gets extremely agitated over P-Fay's first two posts, defending herself and the other artists.
~Patrick Toman points out that P-Fay would do well to make another, simpler apology to the artists without "::groveling::" and wisecracks.
~Mary Flanders comes down on the side of the artists as well.
~P-Fay claims that he is being flamed, does not apologize, and basically tells the entire Gargoyles fan community that he hates them.
~Aimee points out that P-Fay only barely apologized to the other artists, and is still insulting her.
~Danzeth claims that P-Fay did not apologize.
~Robby asks people to stop yelling at P-Fay.
{Comment Room switchover}
~Nick Oder comes down on the side of the artists.
~Robby quickly asserts that the room wipe was not a form of censorship, just a coincidence.
~Toku Kaioto asks that everyone drop the subject (?).
~Coyote asks everyone to leave P-Fay alone, saying "you folks are determined to make his life a travelling hellhole and *never* accept his apologies." He also insists that the room wipe was coincidence, not censorship.
~Spike calls P-Fay's comments a mistake, basically saying that enough is enough.
~Patrick Toman comments that the room wipe was coincidence, not censorship. He is supportive of the artists but does not make negative remarks about P-Fay.
~Doug comes down on the side of the artists, but does not wish to dwell on the subject.
~Aimee posts saying that, while P-Fay somewhat apologized to the other artists, he did not apologize to her or Ylla. She defends herself for posting in response to his insults.
~Jenn defends the artists and voices support of Aimee.
~Lexy asks everyone to drop the whole thing.
~Sevarius Jr. calls what has been going on "venomous posting" and asks for it to stop, at least in public.

Whew! End summarization portion--I *think* I got everything (except one or two, "I'm not going to say anything about this" posts).

Now for comments on this:
One thing I noticed right away is that there was more overreaction to the *existence* of the situation than there was to what P-Fay actually said. In fact, the only ones who truly got agitated were P-Fay and Aimee, which is understandable. Those who defended the artists were pretty calm. They disagreed with P-Fay, they asked him to apologize, but nothing that *I* saw could be called "flaming" him. Perhaps some saw it that way simply because so many people spoke up; most of them didn't go on at length, however, and as I said, they didn't get angry and they didn't namecall, which is what constitutes a real flame war. Despite how low-key most people were, quite a few posters seemed to feel that this was an ugly flame war in which people were out for P-Fay's blood, and in my opinion, that's not the case. Also, the only ones who talked about censorship were the people claiming that there was none. I can't speak for private email, but in the room at least, no one made such a charge, so I think everyone can stop mentioning it.

Now, I also felt insulted on the artists' behalf upon reading P-Fay's original post. He might not have intended to insult them, but he certainly phrased things badly. His phrasing didn't improve when he posted his apology, because then he offended Aimee, and probably Ylla as well. Now, what he really ought to have done, if he felt the need to explain himself rather than simply apologize, was say that he had had problems with artists in the past, *without* mentioning them by name. Instead he aired a grievance that probably should've stayed private, and I do not think Aimee can be faulted for responding. She had every right to be hurt, and frankly she *could* have been a lot nastier than she was.

So, yes, P-Fay made a few mistakes. As was pointed out, everyone does, and what's more, the vast majority of the people who posted in response to his comments were obviously well aware of this fact. They weren't nasty, they were merely being supportive of the artists. I don't believe they were wrong to say what they did. Yes, all those people censuring his comment was no doubt upsetting to P-Fay, but considering how calm they were about it, it's hardly the sort of thing that's going to scar him for life unless he lets it, and hopefully it *will* cause him to think a bit about how his remarks might be construed before he posts something like that again. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them: if everyone had simply let it slide, he wouldn't have learnt anything from this particular mistake. And frankly, everyone who comes online and posts in public forums must know that they run the risk of offending someone with something they've said and being called to task for it. That's the way it works OFFLINE, after all--that's the way it works in any sort of interaction between human beings. You say something hurtful, intentionally or un, you get confronted about it, you learn to be a bit more careful about what you say. I can't imagine that anyone who's been OL for any length of time doesn't know this.

Since that is how the world works, and pretty much everyone who posted was pretty gentle with their corrections rather than starting a flame war, I do think Coyote's and Sevarius' remarks were a bit uncalled for. The posters were not doing anything wrong in pointing out P-Fay's mistakes.

Now, then, P-Fay did apologize, though personally I agree with Aimee in that it was only "sort of" an apology, especially when coupled with his next post about his need of a favor from Raptor Woman--did he apologize because he meant it, or because he didn't want her mad? Furthermore, his final post was exceedingly childish, and I'm rather surprised that everyone simply ignored that. I don't know if that's usual from him or not, but I found that attitude quite distasteful. Embarrassed or not, hurt or not, *that* was definitely overreaction.

P-Fay's feelings towards Aimee and Ylla are private. Since it was aired in public, Aimee had the right to comment on it. I don't claim to know how's she's feeling, but I for one would be rather hurt and defensive by all these posts saying the subject should be dropped and chastising the people who've posted for perpetuating a "flame war." In being so quick to defend P-Fay's feelings, some of those posters might be hurting Aimee, who is not at fault here. Please do consider that. :)

All of this is just a very, very long-winded way of saying that, in THIS outside observer's point of view:
1. P-Fay made several mistakes. This is not the end of the world, but it *is* a learning experience.
2. Those who posted in defense of the artists cannot be faulted for doing so.
3. Aimee cannot be faulted for defending herself.
4. The only people turning this into a flame war are the posters saying that it IS a flame war and ought to be dropped.

I am not going to call for an end to this, I merely wanted to point out how this entire situation looks to the random stranger. Also, once again I ask that anyone wishing to argue with *me*, talk to me in private.

Note: By the time this gets up, there will most certainly have been other posts put up in the meantime. Apologies if I just end up reiterating something someone else has said!

Thanks to those who read with an open mind.

Serenity - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 01:06:44 AM

Atilla> BTW, I was kidding earlier; I may not have made that clear. :) If there's anyone I don't want ticked off at me, it's you. <g>
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:56:24 AM

GRRRRRRR! I HAD MY POST ALMOST FINISHED AND THAT <insert adjective-case profanities> DISCONNECT MADE IT JUST DISAPPEAR! <roars incohrently for a while> Ach, I'll deal with the idiot tomorrow; there's too much to do here...<cuts and pastes what he has so far to Notepad, just in case>

P-Fay> OK, so he wedged his foot in his mouth. The Fates only know, I've done it enough times in my life. But instead of recognizing a simple mistake when we see it, we've all but demanded his head on a blasted pike (don't get any ideas). Maybe I *am* too forgiving, but I'm going to leave him alone. He's a mook, but he's our mook. :P

Atilla> I know what it's like to be a nice guy named after a demented psychotic maniacal lunatic. :) Ah well, at least I didn't end up naming myself Moruth Doole (it was either that, Wilek Nereus, or Vrad Dodonna); now *that* guy was *scum*...

Jen> <<I was doing my taxes earlier and there's a question that asks you whether you died last year>> Eh? Does the IRS really think there are all that many liches, vampires, and zombies who pay taxes? (Scary thought: What if there *are*?)

Coyote> <<I simply wound up stumbling across pages which offered free commissions (Cyrway and Eden come immediately to mind)>> I didn't know they took free commissions...

$Doug> <<RP Question- I know your MIB has an Agent Rho, Zed, and Omega in it. Curious if you have plans for an Agent Tau>> Um...MIB? If you're referring to the owners and operators of the Avatar Of Ganon (I had no idea who they were; maybe I'm just dense), the command council, I believe, consists of Rho (defense ops), Zed (field ops), Omega (jade ops), Sigma (personal assistance dept. and Miriam's boss, I *think*), Pi (diplomacy, but I could be getting him/her confused with Sigma), and Epsilon (head of the organization)...although you've given me another letter I can use if I ever end up needing it, so thanks for asking (and feel free to invent Tau for whatever purpose)! :D Oh, and need backup with the 'loths? [Miriam: "Mr. Nereus? Mr. Elder?" <FLASH>]$

What was I talking about? Oh, MIB...

Wow again! I don't know if Greg wrote this one, but it was intensely kewl. I had *no* *idea* that the MIB had any space weaponry at all; I thought they only dealt in planetary operations. If the MIB ever show up in my ficverse, I *have* to incorporate the BlackGuard satellite. That and the Blacktrack.


Everyone concerned about the shutdown> It's starting to look like there's not going to be one or it's going to be delayed; $I'm including RP with my next post whether it's after the shutdown or not...$


Demona didn't choose her own human alias? Interesting...<<Merlin always did have an eye for the ladies>> Eh? I never knew that. Somewhat disappointing; I always thought a Halfling mage would concentrate on more important matters. [Anoth: "As I do. Shame, that."] So Emrys writes his diary in the Latin language *and* an insanely complex alphabet? I rather like the way he thinks. :) Does Emrys suddenly remind anyone else of the Doctor from Dr. Who? <<she's used to handling gargoyle magic-workers, like Caspian. Halflings without a drop of gargoyle blood in them are another matter entirely>> So...being gargoyle or human makes a difference when it comes to the use of magic? Very, *very* interesting. <<We will not permit the sullying of our kingdom by any who bears the blood of that traitor in his veins. ~Oberon>> Excuse me, you pompous blue windbag, you're the traitor's *twin* *brother*. You're more closely related to him than Emrys. Uh oh, casting spells in our sleep? Does he do that all the time? Did he do that when he was more powerful? I can just imagine some of the more odd creatures and phenomena of ancient times being caused by a sleeping mage. :) [Anoth: "I just realized something. Remind me not to travel to London until this Minion foolishness has blown over; I could easily be mistaken for an unusually dignified Minion."] I doubt it; you're as well-known there as you are here. (Ugh, fatal exception error. <saves> Excuse me while I reboot. <reboots> DC, you'll be flash-fried for this. Now where were we...) What in the *world* did Emrys do to Epping Forest?! Angela was able to completely vaporize one of the Halflings? Maybe she's more powerful than we think...And Big Ben's bells (well, Big Ben is technically the master bell of the clocktower, but I digress) are made of iron? I'm amazed the Unseelie have even *bothered* with London! Hm...why do the Minions and Lucius suddenly remind me of Pinky and the Brain? Um...a giant armadillo? Ehehehe...even *my* dreams aren't *that* weird. Hm, I see the CR's tree bouncer has a guest role. :P I still can't get over Demona's pilot being named Earhart. No one in their right mind should get on the same aerial vehicle as a person named Earhart! It's just common sense! WHAT IS WITH THAT?! IS SHE THAT STUPID AND WE JUST NEVER NOTICED?!!


SJ> <<P-Fay's verbal rape>> That's a mental image I could have done without. :P j/k

Just a thought...something just as good as iron bells might be a sonic disruptor, with an iron resonation core...

Wilek Nereus
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:39:59 AM


A picture appears with 1820 France. Napoleon Bonaparte is leading a huge army of soldiers towards Paris. "Why are we following this guy again?" one of the soldiers asks another. "He got his butt kicked at Waterloo last time he escaped exile and made trouble." (Note- we know this never really happened, it's just a fictional RP plot device. :) The other soldier shrugs. "I don't know. I'm following him because I was bored, same as last time. The thing about Napoleon, he never leaves ya without stuff to do." The two soldiers suddenly stop and look at each other, hearing screaming noises from up ahead. "Uh, what's that?" Then the nearest soldiers shoot out Borg tentacles and grab them. "I don't..." one soldier begins, "but I feel like I am being, uh, assimiliated. God, how did I learn that word?" At the front of the army, Borgis and Butt-Borg chuckle as Napoleon BonaBorg walks up and salutes them. "Yes, mon masters?" he asks. "Uh, guess he's ass-im-uh-lated," says Butt-Borg. "Yeah," says Borgis. "Todd, open the portal. Let's get these French dudes back to base."

The screen changes to the highway between Washington and Colorado Springs. The Onslaught has broken through the yugoloths' line and is driving away from them at high speed. Mist, DX, Boris, Tom, Doug, and Gubio are standing at the back door, keeping the pursuing daemons back with blasts from their guns. Keith and Stephanie man the truck's roof turrets, Jaden and Fleur standing nearby to knock off flying daemons who land on top of the truck. Lathrop and Orion fire magic bolts from the side doors while Jammer drives and Shauna, Shap, and Tricia stand on the running board and protect the cab. Cobra, Jake, and Fauline ride beside the Onslaught on their bikes, doing their part to keep back the pursuit. So far things look to be going well, with daemons dying by the score and the Ravens all injured to some degree less than serious and the truck's shields absorbing most of the damage. Kitainia and Elena (the latter in her Liberation-Angel form) glide over the Onslaught, also keeping the enemy back with bolts from their guns. "Man, how many of these guys can there be?" Elena asks as she blows away a froglike hydroloth. "I don't know, but they're disgusting," Kitainia snarls. "And they're somehow uncannily able to stay close to us no matter how fast we go!" "They're using frequent spurts of innate teleportation," Elena tells her. "I can see the magic flares. Hit them fast when they get close." Kitainia nods and she and the others continue to do so. As the daemons are slowly forced back, Kitainia makes a quick post.


Hi. So how was everyone's weekend? Mine was great. Very restful. Hope they keep being this way. :) But of course tomorrow it's back to school.

Deuce: Thanks for answering my question. Good job wiping the room your first night.

P-Fay: I think I'm the only one in here who understands your feelings and sincerely accepts your apology. <growl> I can see where your comment was coming from, even though I disagree with it. Wish someone else would have reacted to it with a clear head earlier and you would have recognized them and not been so angered by the ones who won't recognize your sincere apology and refused to understand your feelings (thanks to Thomas Revor, Kaioto (whose comments on this I completely agree with), Coyote (ditto), Pistoff (same deal), and anyone else who didn't get mad right off). Wish things hadn't gotten so blown so out of proportion. :( On behalf of the CR, I aplogize for all the people who blew up at you, except the ones who are refusing to apologize. I can also see their point. <sighs> You made some good posts earlier, P-Fay, I liked your comments and was glad to see you here. Too bad a bunch of people took your feelings the wrong way, lost their tempers, and had to drive you out of here and away from the fandom so much. I'll probably be the only one, but I'll miss you. :(

Coyote: You lost money, I work at Barnes and Noble's coffee shop. I'll take my fifteen bucks at the Gathering. Thank you. <jk>

Pistoff: Anytime. And thanks for those great motel slogans. I too have been to places like that. (Don't ask where, I don't remember. <frown> )

Jaden: SO glad you're feeling better. Hope you never feel so bad again.

Jackal: Hey, you're back. Welcome. Surprised only I noticed. :)

Good episode this week. I liked the action and how Terry defeated the villain. Good development on Terry and Bruce, too. Seeing Bane was also neat. And the following line was priceless: Terry- "He's gotta be an old geezer by now, how much harm can <Bruce glares at him> Uh, never mind!" That had me ROFLMAO.

In the Blood: Lots of comments have been given on this episode, and as usual they've said everything I wanted to say already. So, to avoid boredom, I'll give a brief summary of what I liked:
1. Angela's coping with killing Riggs, worrying over whether she was more like her mother or father, and her conclusion. Great development on her, Pat.
2. Emrys' coping with his wild magic and self-doubt. His dream seuqences(sp?) were very well-done and I liked how Angela got him to admit and then fix his big mistake. Excellent job with him, Todd.
3. The other characters were developed well. Especially Arthur and Demona (interesting how she got her human name).
4. Good plot, good action, good dialogue. TGS standbies still strong here.
5. That excellent pic of Angela, Cervus, and Faulk. Good job on it, Shauntell. I liked the facial expressions the best.

Everything else I had to say has already been said, won't say it again. Hope for another good episode later this week. That's all.


Rev. Atilla: $ Sorry. Doug explained earlier why we chose to assimiliate Atilla, I apologize for doing it. I honestly did not know you would be upset. Won't happen again, I hope. Forgive me? <begs> $

Traveler: Just so you know, this weekend Doug was checking his e-mail at least three times every hour (when he wasn't sleeping) because of you. You are being really cruel to make him wait like this (if that's what you're doing, apology if it's not). Hope you get him that feedback before he becomes a nervous wreck. :)

Theresa: I don't know if Demona's still evil. She is learning to be good, with her Andrea and Angela friendships. She does still hate humans, but when was the last time she thought about killing us all off? Hmm. Maybe she's good now, I don't know. <oh no, I'm going to start a Demona debate!>

Kathy: Thanks for sharing all those interesting historical facts. Neat how you tied myth and history together in Sacred Paths, sorry I didn't say so before. (But of course when the ep was first posted, I didn't know its roots.)

TRC: Doug says to tell you that he will definitely be using both the show and the comics when he writes "Night of the Symbiotes." That's gonna involve Venom and Carnage trashing Broadway and Angela's wedding by the way, and the clan will have to team up with the X-Men, the Rose's hit squad, and Jadriel's gang to take the symbiotes down (and also deal with a really nasty Spiderman-borrowed demon/Unseelie named Dormamu who's going to escape his prison, heheheheh). It's quite a ways away, but we're glad you're looking forward to it. The Hostage, Goblins, Voyages (Party on Avalon fic dealing with Rachel and Angela going to Avalon to tell the clan there of the wedding and also Rachel trying to help Seth see and cope with the monster he almost became), a still-untitled fic involving Seth and Rachel saving the Ishimuran clan from Taro and the Ultra-Pack (with Laura and Agony's help), and perhaps one or two others will take place before it does. So unfortunately, you'll have to wait. :)

SJ: Glad your sister is doing better. As for this shutdown thing, Doug and I don't know what you guys are talking about. Since the room stands for now, we will be still doing RP.

Fire: Hmm, I'm as insane as you are, and so's Doug. Odd, isn't it?

Okay, that's all for tonight. I feel sleep creeping up on me. Doug will be mad if I doze at the keyboard again, so goodnight.


The Ravens continue battling the yugoloths, by now having destroyed over half their forces. They cross the Colorado state line into Nebraska and keep going, the bad guys still following and attacking. "These guys DO NOT know when to quit!!" Doug yells as he blows away a lobster-like piscoloth. Suddenly a cacophony of roars comes from behind the party. "Oh no," DX says as they turn around and see that Licreg and several of his underlings have teleported inside the trailer with them. "That's the target!" the bulldog-faced nycaloth captain screams, pointing at DX. "Get him!" The Ravens rush to defend Dumlao as the yugoloths charge.

The screen changes to a village somewhere in 1867 Georgia, where a group of Ku Klux Klansmen are lighting crosses, riding around wailing, and generally making pests of themselves. People are fleeing from them in terror. As the riders form a procession and cackle in triumph, a portal opens behind them and Borg tentacles shoot out to assimiliate the Klansmen and pull them in. The villagers come out of hiding as the portal closes, wondering who has rescued them from the racist jerks. They are left gaping as the screen goes blank.


Kitainia - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:36:14 AM

Regarding the P-Fay situation: Lighten up, you people! You're acting as if you've never chosen your words poorly at any time in your life. You're over-reacting, just as I over-reacted to Roy Sato's April Fools prank. We're all guilty of lashing out in anger before we think about our actions. Every last one of us does it at one time or another, every last one of us says and does things we regret later. ALL of us, including artists.

Don't act as if you're all saints. Don't act as if you expect Peter to slit his wrists over a couple of poorly-chosen words. He has a right to his opinion, as I have a right to mine, and all of you have a right to yours.

Things like this happen in life. You can't avoid hurt feelings. I've said things that I regretted later (namely my over-reaction to Roy's prank), but I was forgiven and life went on. If I wasn't nailed to a cross because of my inappropriate words, then Peter shouldn't be, either. It's time to just let this go.

Pistoff - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:30:14 AM


Just wanted to make a quick post before I go read the latest ep.

Wilek Nereus-I have most of those books and the CD version. I've been to Pedro's already. Have you ever been here? If you havn't I think you'll like it.

See ya later

Jaden - []
Monday, April 12, 1999 12:26:56 AM

NO RP TONIGHT. Maybe none till the whole shutdown thing is over, but I don't know when exactly that is.

UPDATE: Great news! The doctor gave my sister some medicine for her, um, ailment. Seems to be working. We *think* she'll be okay, but I can't help feeling that the other shoe's gonna drop (unfortunately I'm quite the pessimist sometimes). I want to thank everyone here who wished her well, you guys helped me (and her) get through a *very* difficult situation. Thanks guys, you really are the greatest!

Family Guy: Hey, did anyone else see this tonight? ROTFLMAO!! I really like this show. Baby Stewie is the best new toon character out there.

Iron Bells: Yeah, what was with that? I guess Disney wanted to be nonviolent, cause frankly a iron hammer to beat Obie Ron Kenobi's head in would have been more practical.

Batman Beyond sports game: Isn't that a take on the game Jai Alai? I believe they play it in the Southern American countries, but I'm not sure. Looks kinda fun though. I used to kick hiney at lacross.

P-Fay Situation: Christ, not since the days of Jackal have I seen more venomous posting! No wait.....I don't think even Jackal took this much heat, even during the drug-induced playing-with-dead-puppies phase. God, now I know how to really piss people off--insult the artists!
Seriously though, don't you think it's enough? He's taken a pretty tough beating, and yeah, he brought it on himself, but even the train stops at the station. If you want to continue to bash him, email him. Take it from someone who's been given it good before, supreme embarassment in a public forum can be painful, and I think maybe he's gotten enough for now.

It's times like this that I'm glad I know my own artist, Demona May. Personally, I worship her artwork. Just give the word, rookery sis', and my money's yours!!! :)

What, there's a new TGS story? Sorry, I was too preoccupied with P-Fay's verbal rape. Oh well, I'm sure it's a fine piece of literature, it usually is. :)

Coyote: Oh yeah, I'm still waiting on those pics......seriously bro, there's like close to 200 hundred entries, right? Over 200? If you can get me those pics by the end of the next century, I'll be satisfied. No rush. I'm actually way more excited to see how things are going to turn out....**drumroll** WHEN CLANS COLLIDE!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:49:09 PM

P-fey< hey, he made a mistake. oh well. drop it.

Rolling Calf< *LOL* you know? i often wonder the same thing..hmm

Kaioto< nice explanation as always.

Spike< so you do commissions?? How would someone go about hiring you then. Would an email sufice?

hmmm thats it for now bye bye!

Lexy - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:47:31 PM

Err... that was supposed to be wipeing, not whipping. oops... heh.
Fire, the horrible speller and queen of Faux Passes
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:41:26 PM

P-fay argument> Geeze, am I glad I decidee to go shoping rather than take the time to read the CR! Thus, due to the early whipping an my laziness about going back and looking at previouse CR's, I really don't have to hear what he said. (Other wise I'm guessing I'd be up in arms. :p) *sighs* seeing to that, I really don't get a say in what is going on either.

Now, to more enjoyable subjects.

_-_-_-_-_-_NEW GARG/PEN DRAG. EP. SPOILERS-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Well, I'm one of the ones that isn't minding the focus on Angela and Demona. Especially because they where focused on seperatly in different ways. I loved Demona's flash-back, and her idea of what to do with the dress. ^_^ I want so badly to have a TGS pict. of that. ^_^ Mabey in the up and coming costume Masquerade, no? *hopeful look*
Also, its good to see that Demona wasn't going totaly mush on humans, with the little sceen where she was enjoying rembering scaring the little peon employies. *shakes her head* That Demona...
Also Emrys dream sequince. How much of that was past, how much is present, and how much is future. I hope that profectic sounding mutterings from the sleeping Emrys wasn't really profetic.... to cliche' if ya' ask me, not to mention, for those things to happen you'll have to be very... creative with the interpitations, without destroying the world.
Angela coming to grips with the fact that she is not "just" like either of her parents is good as well. It will be truely nice if she ever comes to the relazation that she is just like herself. A bit of both and something more.

My only complaints are that their was only one picture (I'm of the opinion of the more the merrier. However, I truley inderstand time restraints.
Also, Emrys coming to terms with evering all at once, while it makes sense, it just too.. sudden... or something. it wasn't just "right." He took it to camly. It was like he totaly shut off his emotions, or if they where ruled totaly by his logic. If he's a Vulcan, I suppose this would work. However, my expirance is that my mind understands, but my heart still doesn't. Basicly, not that he woudn't come to terms with this, but he would still have trouble with his magic due to emotional taxation. Now, Angela would have stabalized this, however... it doesn't seem like that is what happened.
Over all, though, Good job, TGS. ^_^ a great story, and wonderful furtherment of the plotline. (question, is furtherment really a word? Or did I just make that up? *looks puzzeled*
-_-_-_-_-_-_-END SPOILERS_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

Batman Beyond> I like this one. ^_^ I'd love to know how that wierd tube court thing works. You know, the one that they play the hockey/lacross type game on. I loved the old geezers line as well. ^_^ LOL!

Sanity test> A friend of mine showed this to me, and I took it. I got a 70.9090909090% insane. ^_^' I'll leave the URL. Click my name for it. ^_^ (that is if I get this right. Sadly enough, I am likley to mess this up... *sighs*)
Well, I'm off to bed.
Bye bye for now!
Fire - [<--Take the test! ^_^]
Not so sick anymore! Yay!, Xanth
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:39:42 PM

Fleur> Ick, I'm not too fond of physics either! :-) Hope you do well on your report.

******* TGS new ep COMMENTS *******
Hey, I kinda like having some attention on Demona and Angela, and seeing more of their internal conflicts. But it would be nice to see the other non-main characters in the spotlight in future episodes. Also, nifty insight into Emrys' (sp?) frustrations about his capabilities and identity. Can't say there was anything really wrong with this ep. You all do a superb job.
******* END COMMENTS *******

Hmm, I'm sure there were other things I wanted to say, but I can't remember. Oh well. :-P

Blue Caeru
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:26:08 PM


Greetings one , greetings all . School starts tomorrow , guns cleaned , running shoes repaired , fog horn alarm clock purchased and many stimulants acquired . I'm almost half ready . Looking forward to tonghts competition . Hopefully this will be in the top ten .

Video games - Ahhhhh , one of my favourite topics , sadly I have only got a supe NES , do'nt get me wrong , I still love it . My two favourite games for the SNES are Star Fox and Battle toads . I love the arcade games too , but I ca'nt handle the joystick too well , that's why I prefer the systems . I've beaten Star Fox , Megaman 2 , Megaman X , Bubsy , Tekken 3 , Mario Kart , Street Fighter 2 turbo , Turtles in Time and Killer Instinct . I've played almost every street fighter related game , my favourite one though is Marvel vs. capcom . I also enjoy Metal slug , and a sliu of others that I ca'nt remember the names of since it's been so long since I last played them .

Female Characters - I normally use the males , not really a gender related decision , it's just that they have the power I need for my fighting style , I normally rely on timing , I ca'nt use someone week . That's why I use Ryu in Street fighter and Glacius or SaberWulf in KI .

Kaioto : I do'nt think it's fire for vampires , it's sunlight or crosses , fire is for mummies , makes sense . If I was wrapped up in cloth that had'nt felt moisture in 3 millenia and I was'nt much better , I would walk around with a "No Naked Flame" sign .

Glimmer : Welcome to the room , judging by your attitude so far , you'll fit in fine .

Lexy : Impressive , that much emotional angst against customers and you have'nt killed anyone yet , or quit . I've got to hand it to you , you are amazingly tolerant .

Iron Bells : The only person I can think of that this would affect is Alexander . Owen would'nt have anything to worry about I believe , remember , when he made himself human he went for the whole 9 yards , he has all the strengths as well as the weaknesses . For instance in the whole cauldron of life ep. I'm sure he touched the cauldron itself at one point and he was'nt affected . Xanatos must have one of the most highly advanced R&D departments , I'm sure they could find a way to protect Alex .
Then of course , who says you need Bells in particular When Future Lex killed the sisters in that Pendragon ep. with Stone Hendge he did'nt use Bells . But something just as effective , I may be wrong but I thought that was a sound emitter of some sort and the sound seemed focused . There are too many uncertainties in this comment though , time to review .

Airwalker+Wilek - I do'nt think the Sisters' powers are greater than Madoc's . They only ever use their powers as one IIRC . You have to listen to them all at once to understand what they're saying , and almost all of their spells are vocal .

Exaggerated Body Parts : Tell me something , does Chun-li (my favourite female fighting character ) count .

Doug : If memory serves , you said something about a fic involving symbiotes . How's that coming along ? I am a serious Carnage fan man , do some good research . Even if you use the cartoon for reference , try the comic for extra tid bits that could make the story more interesting .

Robby : There was a live action version of "Iria : Zeiram the Animation" ????

Stephen Sobotka : Happy birthday man .

To raatid , what an early wipe .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Sunday, April 11, 1999 11:10:28 PM

Doug > Yep. Pretty much everything in "Sacred Paths" was based on fact: The Hopi dilemna over modernization, which btw, resulted in Hotevilla not getting electricity until the 1970's when they installed a solar generator (one of the largest in the country), the kachina depicted, the Bureau of Indian Affairs policy (including the 1928 Miriam Report)and the story of Coyote and the Cowboy. The various people depicted were fictious, as were Brooklyn and Sata and Coyote's part in swaying villagers, but I used actual photos of both the village of Hotevilla and the Superintendent's bungalow at Keams Canyon to try and get the physical details down correctly.

Killer job on "In the Blood" Patrick and Todd!
Keep your eyes on the details readers! You never know what's going to be important later. ::Looks over shoulder and sees the Spoiler Police coming:: Oops! Said enough! Bye everybody!
::Runs out of the room before she gets dragged out::

Sunday, April 11, 1999 10:28:57 PM

:: pops back in wearing another hat ::

Just a quick reminder... like taxes, there's only a few more days left to get your Clan Feud survey answers in and be elligible for the drawing of a free GWT/G99 t-shirt featuring the winning design created by Kanthara! The last day to get surveys in and be elligible for the drawing is April 15.

And don't forget... pre-registration is still open, and hotel rooms need to be reserved before May 28 to receive the special GWT/G99 convention rate! See our site for more info (clickie, clickie).

:: this has been a Gargoyles World Tour / Gathering 1999 message from your friendy neighborhood Puck ::

Patrick Toman
Sunday, April 11, 1999 10:10:17 PM

I agree with Aimee. P-Fay's words, however thoughtless, have had impact, and a groveling apology can't undo that, especially one that continues to insult two other talented artists.
Now, I dont do commissions, and its for a reason. My artwork is for me, I draw what I'm inspired to do. If I -were- to do commisions I most definitely would charge for it, for it means making a commitment to an art project I may or may not even like, or feel like doing. It would mean sacrificing time I may want to use otherwise, materials I'd want to use for other projects, and creative energy too. And that's worth money, at least. HEck, for me, its worth more then money, which is A) why I dont do commisions, and B) why art is only my hobby.
BUt these artists, all those that P-Fay named, as well as those he didn't, give up all that that I listed above so that they can share what they love with other people. ANd for that, they not only deserve the money for the commisions, but respect as well.

Sunday, April 11, 1999 09:59:16 PM

First of all I really dont care if Pfay appologizes, he's already said how he feels about me, that he thinks I'm rude and I rip people off for my art so unless he says "No, Aimee I dont think you're that way at all" which I very seriously think that I'm going to care much.
My post was intended mainly to defend all the artists out there who I really feel are regularly harrassed by people. I just keep seeing people being rude to artists, and I wanted to say something, especially in this blatant case.

There are alot of people in here saying "leave peter alone, he appologized" Well he most definitely never appologized to me. He sorta kinda appologized to the other artists, but he most certainly left me and Ylla out of that group on purpose. "I can explain, one time I sent Aimee Major an email to inquire about calarts. the response I got back was rather unprofessional and rude, and as to ylla well she just doesnt like me...
What this means is that my comments dont apply to all the other artists in the group" So his comments STILL apply to Ylla and me, is exactly what he said. SO, no, I'm sorry but he hasnt appologized to either of us. In fact, he blamed me for his post. He said that he called all these artists rude becuase of an email I sent him (an email that I have a very hard time believing was as rude as he thinks)

And that's about all I have to say on that.

Sunday, April 11, 1999 09:30:28 PM


The screen comes on with Shubai Khan's Mongol Hordes riding hard across Western Europe. "June 15 1238 (feel free to correct date if it turns out wrong)," Khan is writing in his journal as they ride, "Have left my kid brother Kublai in charge of China along with half our army. Hopefully Kublai will establish a long-lasting and powerful dynasty. I will do the same in Eastern Europe once the rest of my Mongol armies and myself arrive." Suddenly the army stops and Shubai looks up from his book. "Why have we halted?" "It looks like the Huns, sir," one of the Mongols said. "Back from the dead." "What?" "Attack!!" Atilla the Hun cries as his army rides down upon the Mongols, a laughing Borgis and Butt-Borg beside him. "Assimilate them!"

The display changes to Colorado Springs, where the Onslaught is just heading out of the city. Jake and Cobra are scouting ahead on their bikes, watching for trouble on the road ahead. In the passenger seat, Doug turns to make a post.


Hi everyone. Surprised but glad the room didn't go down this weekend. Also glad it was cleared early. Deuce and Robby deserve kudos for doing their new jobs well. <claps>

Fanfic Progress Update: Work is going well on "The Hostage." I've just finished the first flashback scene. Will do more later when the creativity comes back, hope professors don't give me too many more papers between now and then. :)

P-Fay: I wouldn't call it silent. I always have other employees telling me what to do. Just because I'm in charge of the stockroom everyone thinks they can boss me around. That stinks.

Glad we won the USA Voting. Hope it gets us some results soon (ie, helps get the show back on the air). Until then at least we have TGS. :)

Kathy: Very interesting. Glad to know Sacred Paths was based on an actual legend. I think I dislike that episode a little less now.

SJ: Glad your sister is feeling better, sorry she got sick.

Dumlao: Hope you fix your computer problems soon. We'll miss you till then.

Kyryn: Thank you so much for plugging my work. <grin>

Fire: No hard feelings. I understand spelling mistakes, making them way too often myself. :)

Christine: Xanatos is pure evil. Heheheh. In other words, excellent job on "Masks."

Brooklyn Not Telling the Future: I don't like how he's keeping it hidden, either. In my fics, Brooklyn is pretty much revealing the secrets he's seen in only bare details whenever the opportunity comes up. Check the stories for examples. Not sure which way is best, I think both work well for their universe. :)

Batman Beyond Ep: This week's had a good plot and development on Terry and Bruce. I loved the line about old geezers.

P-Fay Situation: Not going to comment on this. I'll just say I'm among the many who thinks he was out of order and that he rants about his life in the CRs way too much. Since he's apologized, though, and the admins asked us to stop yelling at him, I'll say no more.


In The Blood: Good job on this one, Todd and Patrick. I agree that Demona and Angela are being somewhat overused, but that didn't stop me from REALLY liking the development done on Angela in this episode. It was very well-written, in beginning, process, and conclusion. I also liked how she helped Emrys and his development throughout. It was entertaining watching Merlin cope with his fears and the results of them taking life. It looks like he and Angela are both stronger now and more able to deal with who they are and will become. Madoc's got some tough foes in that pair. :)

The plot of this one was also very nicely done, both on the Angela and Emrys ends. Every character was well-developed, the Unseelie have lost another goon (Riggs), there was terrific action (too bad we didn't get to see Griff and Brianna fight the armadillo, that might have been fun), and things came to an excellent conclusion at the end. I also liked the pic, finally I can clearly imagine what Faulk and Cervus look like. Overall, very nice job this week. I give it a 10/10, thumbs way up. The rest has already been said. Keep doing good work!


Rev. Atilla: $ Kitainia and I apologize, we didn't know the real Atilla was your hero (wonder why you'd call him that. From all the stories I've heard, the guy was a bloodthirsty barbarian tyrant and you're a nice kindhearted cat. Totally different). I think it's now too late to go back and change things now so he wasn't assimilated. :( So, our profound apologies, hope you can deal with your namesake being on the bad guys' side, until we kill him anyway. We had to have somebody in charge of the Huns and it was either Atilla or Shan Yu and Kitainia and I decided to let Mulan handle her nemesis. (Maybe some way can be found to unassimilate Atilla the Hun and the other Borg, return them to normal, and then get them back to their own times. That could be an interesting side plot. You and Green Baron feel free to get to work on it if you want, same for anyone else. Just please wait till we meet the time-drawn Borgs in battle before you change them back and put them at their appropriate places in history, okay?) Also, just so you know, we are planning to put in some more historical jerks, and hope nobody protests them being part of the Borg army. (Let's see, those Mongols above, Heinrich Himmler and the SS, Sid Vicious and his band (plus Nancy and several other depraved groupies), Napoloeon and his fictional post-Waterloo army, the original KKK and Black Panthers, nah, nobody should get mad about them. <crosses fingers, just in case>) $

Wilek: $ RP Question- I know your MIB has an Agent Rho, Zed, and Omega in it. Curious if you have plans for an Agent Tau (hope not, Kit and I do. <chuckle>).

Traveler: Glad you haven't forgotten. I really hope you get my reviews to me soon. You try my patience! <grin>

Patrick: No more early episode postings? And I wait so patiently for the new one, denying myself sleep, every week. <sighs> Fine, make me keep waiting. :)

Okay, that's all for tonight. Have to go watch the X-Files. Later all!!


Jammer stops the truck as Doug finishes posting, looking at where Cobra and Jake have halted up ahead. "What's going on?" Doug asks, looking ahead. "A whole lot of people on foot are approaching us," Jake says, scanning the highway with a pair of binoculars. "It looks like a Shriner's Convention, but I'm getting a funny feeling." "Shriner's Convention?" Shap asks from the back. "The Shriners are okay people, right?" "Yeah," says Doug. "I think so. Why?" "Because my detect evil senses are going nuts." Orion looks at the 'Shriners' as they draw closer and casts a quick divination spell. "They're not human," he tells Doug. "Those are yugoloths." "Yugo-what?" Cobra asks. "Also known as daemons," Orion tells him. "Very powerful denizens of the Lower Planes with an organization of mercenary armies led by schemers whose connections and conspiracies rival those created by the Illuminati. Whatever they're doing here, it can't be good." His statement is punctuated as the 'loth legions change back into their bestial true forms and open fire on the truck with wave after wave of magic spells. "Okay," Jammer says as he flips on the vehicle's shields, "now we know why they're here. Thailog must have sent these guys to kill us." "Maybe," Doug says. "Drive through them."
"Excuse me?" "Drive, Jammer. We have to lead these guys away from Colorado Springs. If they're after us, we can do that. Head for Washington in the process." "Oh boy," Jammer says as he guns the engine and heads for the 'loth legions. "Looks like we're gonna have another chase." Doug nods and grabs the comm microphone. "Ravens, we are under attack by daemon armies. Chase Tactic Delta, now." The team leaps up and rushes to the trailer's various turrets and side doors, taking out their weapons as the screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 09:00:41 PM

Hi all!
Quick post, since I've got a physics report looming. *groan*
I swear, nothing ruins my weekend, _and_ my sleep like a bit of physics. (and before anyone asks, I didn't have a choice taking this subject! Otherwise I wouldn't have touched it with someone else's ten foot barge pole!)

Ah, yet another fine example of how talented TGS writers and artists are. Brilliant work guys! I'm gonna drag out the old cliche for this one, but in this case, it's the truth: Brilliant character development on Angela and Merlin. And Brianna's quote about 'ferocious white rabbits' - LOL! The dream sequence and Demona's flashback were highlights, especially since I've always wondered why Demona decided on 'Dominique Destine' for her human name (mainly because I thought she would have chosen a Scottish name instead of a french one.) WELL DONE!!

SJ> I'm glad your sister's feeling a bit better, and I hope she keeps improving. Yup, I'm a Rammstein fan, and they're basically the only band who I don't mind having no idea what they're singing about - after all, with the number of guitars they've got, all going completely ballistic, who can notice? :)

*Fleur pulls out an aspestos (sp?) suit and puts it on.* Flame war protection. >:) Anyone else want one? :)
(And that's all I'm going to say about this, because I'm not an artist, so frankly, I don't have the right.)


Fleur - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:49:16 PM

I think the fanfic archieves are down.

**** SPOILERS ****

One of the best scenes of Demona was her shock at seeing her gown from her first attempt at being human and then realizing her human form was centuries old. I wonder what Andrea will think of her 'new' gown?
The soul searching Angela does is well thought out. Which of her parents does she take after?? The good or the evil?? When she decides that she takes after both parents and is also a child of the clan using her abilities to protect the clan, she reaches a state of balance.
Is that Thailog lurking in the background? A penny here. A penny there. A small fortune at the end. Like the phoenix maybe another life?

I find myself waiting very impatiently for the new episodes now.



Theresa - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:31:47 PM

I'm going to ask that all other TGS staff members take a few moments to calm down before making any more posts in here. As Head of Edits for TGS Season 2, I would like to take the opportunity to speak on behalf of the project and make several things clear.

First, and foremost, TGS does not support the views expressed by P-Fay in the posts he made before the room was wiped. TGS owes a great debt to all the artists who have worked on it, volunteering their time, their energy, and their creativity for free to help support this project. To Aimee Major, our first Art Director, Siryn, our current Art Director, Christi Smith Hayden, Ylla, Jennifer Anderson, and all the other fine artists who have worked on TGS, we give our profound thanks and respect.

Secondly, regarding the room wipe. After examining the situation, I don't believe the wipe was an attempt at censorship. It was mostly an unfortunate incident of bad timing brought on by the sudden resignation of our previous site maintainer and a rather bumpy learing curve for our new ones. The comments posted earlier are still available for perusal and response by following the "previous week" link above or clicking my name, and despite what may have already been said, no one is being discouraged from expressing an opinion. This room is for discussion, and we do not wish anyone to feel like they are not free to speak their mind.

Additionally, everyone may rest assured that we will be seeing to it that early or late room wipes and episode releases do not happen again. This has been a rough transitionatory week. Server outages were expected this weekend that never occurred, and we have two new people who were only given a few days to figure out how everything works. We thank all of you for bearing with us.

Lastly, please don't let this week's new story get lost in the shuffle. I've been looking forward for months now to seeing the response to it.

Thank you, everyone, for your time.

Patrick Toman
TGS Season 2 Head of Edits

Patrick Toman - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:16:55 PM

PETER - Thanks. I must say, I'm glad that you did say something about the story. What worried me most when I read the comment room tonight wasn't the arguments that Angela and Demona had gotten overused, but rather the possibility that everybody would be too busy arguing about P-Fay's thoughtless remark to spend any time reading and commenting on this week's episode. Particularly since it's one that was especially dear to my heart. (I wrote the Emrys portion of it, Patrick the Angela and Demona portion, and we both enjoyed doing it). I'm glad that we are getting one or two comments on it, after all (especially since I'd seen enough TGS stories in our first season go practically uncommented on because of getting upstaged by something else).
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:16:45 PM

In the Blood: Excellent episode. I, for one, did not mind the focus on Angela and Demona. Both Angela and Emrys were very well developed, especially Angela. It definitly surprised me that Angela is powerful enough to destroy a halfling, even if it was in a fit of terror. The portrayal of Emys feelings regarding his father was also very well done. The illustration was excellent.

Kaioto> Very well said (especially Matthew 7:1-5).

Stephen>Happy belated birthday!

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:11:31 PM

Coyote>> Actually, I'm unique among most fan artists in that I'm also a freelance commercial artist. Some fans in the past have commissioned the pictures, taken the scan and then disappeared into the Internet, along with my payment. On one memorable occasion, I caught someone showing off a sketch I did as her own. (Boy, was *that* a festive roasting of newbie butt!)

Basically, once burnt, twice shy. All my business dealings are out front and I very seldom have to employ my collection agency. (Well, not on Gargoyles fans anyway.)

regarding Mr. Fay>>>
I'm just gonna write this one off as another case of "brain not engaged before fingers hit the keyboard." There's been
enough hurt feelings as it is.

Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:08:25 PM

Hey peoples, there IS a new story up ya know...
Sunday, April 11, 1999 08:03:30 PM

**walks in carrying the chair and the table again, sets them down in the middle of the room. He then begins massaging his temples, migraine-style**

Okay, so the room wasn't down this weekend (though it *is* slow right now). Okay, so I missed a lot, but I'm going to say it right now ...


Criminy, the man made a poor judgement in the choice of words, and now you folks are determined to make his life a travelling hellhole and *never* accept his apologies. Okay, so maybe he has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth once in a while, maybe he picked his words badly, but please people, that's no real excuse for this!!

As for the room being wiped, I know this isn't censorship because I know about Deuce's home situation. This is just the way it worked out, is all. PURE COINCIDENCE!!

For the record, I'll only say this about Peter's comments. Many (and I *do* mean many) of the people in this room are being *extremely* to the point of *saintly* patient with me because of my scanner problems delaying artwork they have commissioned in return for use of characters in WCC. I can't thank them enough. For this reason alone, I wouldn't *dream* of asking for payment for services rendered, mainly because of the sheer amount of time I've made them wait ... would you pay for artwork that it takes six months to receive? I don't think so.

I respect every single one of the artists that have made their presence known in this room. I've commissioned work from Spike in the past ... which unfortunately I'm still looking for a place to hang ... and would be interested in the others, if my financial means would permit me. I also respect that some of you charge for your commissions, a fact that was *not* lost on me when I commissioned the pic from Spike for my site.

But look at it as I did when I first started shopping around for artwork, or for that matter Peter's perspective. When I first came across Spike's page which outlines her fees, I admit that I was intimidated ... partly because I was unemployed, but also partly because of the comment at the bottom of the page about collection services. They scare me. I simply wound up stumbling across pages which offered free commissions (Cyrway and Eden come immediately to mind) ... but I still loved Spike's work, and when I found the money and the inclination I contacted her and had a commission done.

Spike, I know you don't use your artwork as your sole source of income (or at least I assume this). But to some people ... and perhaps especially to Peter, considering his current mindset (I've been IM'ing with him the last two days, he seems very on-edge) ... it *could* seem that way.

That goes for everyone else in here who has taken the time to point the ol' Internet flamethrowers at Peter. I'm not trying to defend his comments ... I certainly understand your ire. But please let the man be sorry for his mistake and move on!!!

**flops down in the big chair, chin in hand, brooding again.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, April 11, 1999 07:38:51 PM

Heather< SPEAK IT ON GIRL!!! NO MORE ANGELA AND DEMONA MOTHER DAUGHTER ..STUFF!! *growles* GIVE the other characters a chance to breath!!!
Sunday, April 11, 1999 07:32:52 PM

P-Fay made an insensitive comment, but that doesn't make him evil.

I don't think anyone in the room is going to take P-Fay's comment as a foundation to judge poorly of fandom's artists either. That would be a foolish action. Judge actions when you must judge, not people. I don't think it is necessary to clutter up this week's CR with a bunch more angry or defensive posts about one slight. I think it is established that P-Fay was wrong.

Sensitivity Training: People are insensitive, all of us, including me. You all do insensitive things and make callous remarks any day you interact with a large number of people. We let food rot while people starve. We whine about being cut off in traffic while genocide is committed in the world. We step over bums in the train station, seldom pausing to speak or make eye contact with them, to treat them like real humans. Before you rip Peter's heart out (And before Peter opens his mouth again), take a good look at the First-World life you lead in the only places in the world where the poverty mark is high enough to still provide for basic cable. Look at the people who starve and die every day in the Third and Fourth Worlds, where poverty means death. I don't care how badly you've suffered, how good you are at what you do, or how bad other people (including me) act, we have no right to act bitter and meet any slight or offense with anger. Some one else has always suffered worse in silence.

"Stop judging, that you may not be judged. For as you judge, so will you be judged, and the measure with which you measure shall be measured out to you. Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye? How can you say 'Let me remove that splinter from your eye,' while the wooden beam is in your eye? You hypocrite, remove the wooden beam from your eye first; then you will see clearly to remove the splinter from your brother's eye." - Matthew 7:1-5

I think I know how: Pride. Not self-esteem. Pride

It is important to meet harm to us, not with anger like an animal, but with compassion like a true human being. Pride makes one defensive and aggressive all at once. It is a wedge between one human being and all the others. It is a time bomb waiting to go off, and more trouble than it is worth. It is a reason to fill a room or a conversation with unnecessary defensiveness, flames, and rationalization. Get over yourself, and others can no longer injure you through that pride. Cast it off, and be free.

Doing my best to wrench this 2 x 4 out of my eye-socket,
Toku Kaioto

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Sunday, April 11, 1999 07:23:21 PM

Just a few hours ago, Peter Fay made a rather nasty remark about artists, which ticked a lotta of people off, rightfully. He sorta appologized, but not well enough it seems. Then, when the artists started speaking their minds, the room was wiped. This could be taken as a bit of censorship to stop a flame war.

This is not so. Deuce cleared the room without reading any previous posts. He cleared it when he did because he was in a hurry, and wanted the wipe to be as close as possible to when it should be. The wipe being when it was was not a censor move, it was just a matter of odd timing.

Artists, feel free to rant at Peter some more, as long as you don't start threatening his life. Peter, feel free to hide if you insist rather than making a very clear appology. I would prefer it if this did not happen, I don't like flame wars, but this is a topic that probably should not be stopped cold. I'm not putting my foot down on this yet, I'm just putting up a yellow light. Feel free to continue somewhat.

Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:49:43 PM

**walks in with her head hanging. She looks around** Please don't make me feel bad when I say...**sucks in air** change the story line sometimes people !
**turns around and leaves** Give some other characters the spotlight sometimes ! It's actually getting boring with Angela and Demona being the stars !

Heather - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:46:33 PM


Enjoy "In the Blood" I know I did.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:29:17 PM

TEN!!!!!!!!!!! I MADE NUMBER TEN!!!!!!!!! WWHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

>Doug- just to let you know that I haven't forgotten, your reviews are almost finished....

Later everybody.... *literaly*>:))

Traveler - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:04:23 PM

Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:00:38 PM

Sixth it looks like. I was doing my taxes earlier and there's a question that asks you whether you died last year.
I look forward to reading the new ep.

Jen - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 06:00:16 PM

Top ten!
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:58:05 PM

I don't believe it- it's been wiped at a time at which I can claim a decent place! Three cheers for Robby and Deuce ;)
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:57:49 PM

Okay, forget what I just said. The room WON'T be wiped at midnight... Seems there's still a few quirks to work out with having two administrators...

Oh, top ten I suppose...

Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:49:53 PM

Third! And I'll have to check last week's posts...
Aris Katsaris - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:48:04 PM

Wow. I don't stop here often, but you deserved it Peter. I'm nowhere near as talented as those you insulted, but I have managed to create a handful of respectable pieces. Art takes time, and they deserve to ask for due compensation. The only reason I don't is because I realize that I'm not good enough, and art isn't my profession so I don't have to be good. Though I have won contests, but the prize was never worth the effort I put into winning it.

If anyone wants to check out one of my prize-winners, click my name.

Nick "Elessar" Oder - []
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:42:24 PM

Second Meow!!

Tiki> We cats already rule the world :)

Kitainia> $Why'd you have to assimilate my hero. I was named after him :( $
Reverend Attila - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:38:40 PM

Apologies for the odd time of this wipe... it couldn't be helped. Feel free to flame me.

The apple never falls too far from the tree... or does it?

"In the Blood" — this week's Gargoyles/Pendragon episode.

Written by Todd Jensen and Patrick Toman.

Story concept by Rahsaan Footman, Todd Jensen, Kathy Pogge, and Patrick Toman.

Illustrations by Shauntell Holm.

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Sunday, April 11, 1999 05:33:21 PM