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Hi all!

Argent> Break a leg! Better yet, break Dis' leg! >:)

Dark Angel> >A person's brain does not fully develop until they're 21> And then, as jerks like him prove, it's all down-hill from there.

Unseelies and iron weapons> I've been thinking about this and I'm begining to think bullets and exploding iron might not be the best weapon against the Unseelies. The fae are only vulnerable to 'cold iron', right? But the bullets and so forth would all be very _hot_. Better weapons would have to be things like bells and swords and stuff like that that trully is cold iron, wouldn't it?

Wilek> >How in the <censored> do you pronounce Whowie?!< I think it's Wow-ie, but don't quote me.

Robbie> Good luck, Puck. ;)

Zath> >*asks innocently* Wouldn't that be a better place to put Pooh? < *Fleur's eyes widened. She bites her lip, hard, and turns pink. Then, unable to hold it in any longer, she starts laughing hysterically. After a long time, she calms down enough to speak.* Oooh boy. My 'pick-up lines' creativity demon just went into hyperdrive. :)

Shogun> I don't know if this'll work for you, but I get to the CR archive by going to the picture archive. The 'CR archive' link shows up on the side.

Everybody> Um, this might sound a little crazy, but has anybody emailed me in the last week or so, or gotten em _from_ me? I'm begining to think there's something wrong with my account. (Either that, or I've somehow offended _everybody_ I've emailed in nearly a month without realising it. :()


The TV switches on to show Fleur on the rooftop of the Watergate hotel, watching as the Onslaught pulls out. She is talking to herself, something she only does when she is very disturbed.
"It's for the best. They'd only get killed."
"You're running away," A soft, quiet voice says behind Fleur. She turns, eyes wide in disbelief.
"Mum?" The tall, pale green woman, surrounded by an aura of golden light, smiles. Fleur's eyes darken, and she turns away.
"It's not you. I'm just imagining this or something. You're dead."
"I promised you I would never leave you, my darling."
"You're dead." Fleur repeats miserably.
"Because I didn't stay and fight." The sudden sharpness of her voice makes Fleur turn back towards the glowing woman, who sighs.
"I couldn't face life without your father, so I ran home. There, I saw for the first time, how terrible my people were. But I did not speak, and I did not fight. And then it was too late. My darling, please, don't make the same mistake I did. This planet is your father's home. Its inhabitants are your father's people, whom he promised to protect. Isn't that enough to fight for?" With that, the glowing woman vanishes, leaving Fleur alone on the rooftop.
**END RP**

Fleur - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 09:22:59 PM

**steps into the room, switches out the candles, pauses for a moment to reflect on its flame in a very Zen manner, then sits down in the big chair**

I've been pretty blankety-blankin' busy this week, not a lot of time to get in here. Oh well, time to do some replies.

Gooch: Yeah, that *is* pretty coincidental. Also pretty coincidental ... a couple weeks after "By the Grace of Oberon" was posted, Christopher Cross' first single since the '80s was released. The title? "Walking in Avalon."

Baby Fey: Thanks for posting that article. By the way ... in addition to the message I already asked you to pass along, could you let Ravyn know that we all miss her a lot. And I miss her even more ... **sighs**

Mary Flanders: Oh, what a touching story you have ... **sniffles** I'm certainly glad you were able to work it out somewhat. I wish I'd had something like Gargs when I was at that age, it would have made me a much happier person, I think. I hope you have become a happier person for your experience. **hugs**

Survey time ... and for all those interested, **stands up** I, Coyote, do solemnly confess that I was JackaL's guinea pig last night (he had me fill it out over IM last night). Some of my answers have changed since last night, dude.

Name: Don Alexander Martinez. Once again, no jokes about the initials, I've heard them all. :)
Nickname: Only the one I have taken upon myself -- Coyote the Bando
Birthdate: September 27th.
Location: Algonac, Michigan
Height: 6' even
Weight: A little over 300 lbs. Take an NFL offensive lineman, shrink him about 5 inches, and you have me. :)

oooPotentially offensive materials
Do you have any pets? Living/Dead? I have four furfoots making my life interesting ... two dogs and two cats.
What time is it right now? 8:11pm EDT
What CD is in your CD Player right now? South Park: Chef Aid.
CD you last bought/stole: Bought ID4 Soundtrack.
Last movie you rented: Well ... I haven't rented anything in a while since the local vid store closed up shop. If you count vids I've bought, the last one would be "Slayers" Volume #4-8.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I think my recent history in the CR should answer this question effectively. **contemplates the candle's flame, sighs, and continues.**
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now: Two of 'em. #1: "Looking Through Your Eyes," LeeAnn Rimes. Reason being a line from it sent by Ravyn a couple months ago ... "We can't stop what we have begun." **sighs again**
#2: "I'll Be There," the Four Tops. Not only because I have a love for classic Motown, but because it's a really powerful set of lyrics. Say, that gives me an idea ...
Do you smoke? I sucked in enough secondhand smoke from my mother to make me smell like a pack-a-day smoker, but otherwise I'm clean. (She's quit, incidentally. Got too expensive.)
Drugs? Negatory, pilgrim.
Is COPS a spectator sport? Not all the time ...

What do you think of ...
Eating disorders: Wish they didn't exist.
Marilyn Manson: No opinion.
Premarital sex: If you mean have I done it, **nods** yes. If you mean if I have an opinion of it ... usually in a situation where it would come up, I'm never thinking clearly.
Jerry Springer: Antichrist #6.
KoRn: Haven't listened to them much.
Corn: I *am* the cob. :)

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer: Donna
Amanda: Baker (fellow bando in high school. Don't know where she went to, though.)
Joe: DiMaggio
Dezzie: Hunh?
Satan: "And now I will go back to Hell a much richer Prince of Darkness and invest in some real estate." -- from South Park.
Pussy: Willow
Death: Destruction
Puppies: Don't let my manager have 'em. :)

Have you ever met any celebrities? Yes ... Bruce Campbell, Hudson Leick, Robert Picardo, Kate Mulgrew, Terry Farrell ... hell, I even got shoved aside by the Secret Service making way for former President Gerald Ford. :)
Do you have any stuffed animals, and do you have sexual relations with them? Uhmmmm ... no.

Either/or ...
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi whenever available.
Apples or Oranges: Actually, I prefer pears.
Dead or dying? Dying ... at least there's one last spark of life.
Boys or girls? Girls.
Silver or gold? Gold.
Lucifer or Demona? By a longshot, DEMONA!!

Favorite name for a girl or boy? Girl: Rose and all of its derivatives (Rosa, Roseanne, Rosanna, et al.), Boy: Uhmm ... let me get back to you on that one.
What do you think of the song "Pretty Fly White Guy?": Never heard it.
What time is it NOW? 8:35pm EDT
Do you believe in God? Yes.
Does he believe in you? Far be it for me to speak for the Almighty. :)
Where am I? Somewhere north of Neptune on the sanity scale, I think.
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out? No. Because it doesn't. It takes a *hell* of a lot to gross me out.
Do you think you're sexy, in your honest opinion? Honestly, I think if anyone tells me I'm sexy, they should have their head examined. Though my ex told me I was ... I think it might have to do with the answer to the question after next.
Do you think I'm sexy? No comment.
What is sexy, anyway? Sexiness is an attitude. To me, romanticism is sexy.
Are you glad this survey is over? Yes. **wipes sweat from brow**
oooEnd potentially offensive

*L* If ya missed it ... on Dateline NBC, Teller (of Penn and Teller) finally spoke on camera! Only problem? The reporter had compared him to Marcel Marceau, to which he reacted, "F**k you!" *L harder*

Stickman: That would be the Fanmics you menioned in the other CR, right? I gotta wait until the 10th for ya to put the site up?! No fair!! :)
Actually, I'm looking forward to putting up some of my work for consideration ... though I'm not sure if people would be willing to see one of them I'd love to have done ("Shadows and Memories" ... enough action, but people may not be too thrilled to see Elisa die.).

**plants hand in chin and sighs, fixating on ... you guessed it ... the candle's flame. More intensely than usual this night.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 08:50:50 PM

Steve Gooch>Done. Go see! It may not be as powerful as the other post, but I think he'll be moved. :)

Thank you for your comments everyone about my speech. :) Personally, I'm thinking about writing a letter to The Sacramento Bee or Newsweek about the truth about what I think really happened with the Littleton killers and why they did what they did.

Mary Flanders
Sunday, May 2, 1999 08:12:12 PM


The screen comes on with an image of a house in Longdale with loud band music coimng out of the garage. Daria suddenly runs towards the building, shoving the door open and then slamming it behind her as she runs in. The band immediately stops playing and all turn to face her. "Daria?" the lead guitarist asks, "aren't you supposed to be in school?" "Trent!" Daria yells, running up to him and almost knocking Jane's brother down with her embrace. "You have to help me!!" "Whoa, slow down!" Trent says as the other band members begin snickering amongst themselves and Daria sheepishly pulls her arms away from their guitarist. "What's going on?" "The Borg, Trent. They took over the school." "The Borg? Daria, you're not a Trekkie, you should know those things aren't real." "This is me, do you think I would make up something like this?" The band look at each other and raise their eyebrows, then shake their heads. "Right," says the drummer. "You have no sense of humor." Daria rolls her eyes and says, "Look, they got Brittany, Kevin, Quinn, my parents, Jane,..." "Whoa!" Trent cuts her off. "They got Jane?" "Yes. We tried to run away, but only I was able to escape. They may still be after me." Trent looks at the band. "Okay, everyone get to the basement. We're gonna call the cops on this. Alright? The TV down there can tell us if Daria's right. Okay, guys? Let's go!"

The display changes to New York City, where the Ravens are in the Onslaught's trailer going over plans to invade Nightstone. "You know," DC says, "I could be of some help to you guys in this. If I take their security systems offline when you're breaking in,..." "Yes," Doug orders him. "You do that. Everyone else, our entry point is here, at the sewage intake pipe. From there we work our way up to Subbasement 22, which houses the computer mainframe. We search it for any info related to Thailog, then we get out. Okay?" "What if we're detected?" Keith asks. "Let's hope we're not," says Kitainia. "But if we are, we'll handle the guards. Any more questions? Okay, then let's start our journey. The sooner we get this over with, the faster we can find out if Thailog's got another plan in the works." Jammer starts the truck, and as they head for the Nightstone Building, Kitainia turns to make a quick post.


Hi. Hope your weekends all went okay. I just want to say a few things before the wipe. Let's see, what topics are there? :)

Shogun Raptor: The CR archive can be found at or you can go there by clicking my name. Hope you find the rant.

Elisa: Not sure what would happen to her with the Eye of Odin. I bet, though, that she'd get very strong-willed. :)

Steve: Thanks for telling me iron fillings in water would work just as well as blood, Doug and I didn't know that. So in the event of an Unseelie attack, that will be used instead of hemoglobin.

Jackal's Survey: Ok, here goes-
My RL name- Lisa S. Telman.
Nicknames- Kitainia, LST.
Born- July 24, 1979
Location- Austin, TX
Height- 5'10"
Weight- 135 lb.

°°°°°May contain "questionable material°°°
Do you have any pets? Living/Dead? No, no pets.
What time is it right now? 6:45 pm.
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? None, I'm listening to the radio.
CD you last bought/stole- Bought- Pearl Jam's Greatest Hits.
Last movie you rented- Disney's Hercules.
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? Yeah, Doug.
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- Probably "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel, and "With or Without You by U2.
Do you smoke? No.
Do you do any drugs/Don't f***in lie! You're mommy ain't readin this or is she? No, and no.
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? Don't watch it, don't know.

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- Possible cause of health problems.
Marilyn Manson- Mechanical Animals.
Premarital sex- Make sure you do it with someone you love.
Jerry Springer- Must Die.
KoRn- Never heard of them.
Corn- Children of the Corn, by Stephen King. One hell of a scary story.

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- Gleeson, interviewing Batman.
AmAndA- Highlander, Mandi Ohlin.
Joe- Malachi! "The same Joe Malachi who squealed to the Senate Committee on Organized Crime?"
Dezzie- Arnaz.
Satan- Lucifer.
Pussy- Galore.
Death- And Taxes.
Puppies- Bark.

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? Harrison Ford, Alicia Silverstone, Governor George W. Bush.

Pepsi or Coke? Sprite.
Apples or Oranges? Apples
Dead or Dying? Dead, I guess.
Black or white? Either one's fine.
Boys or Girls? Not going to answer this.
Silver or Gold? Both are equally cool.
Lucifer or Demona? Demona. "Die, Human!!!" L

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Doug, Kevin, Ray for boys. Leigh, Stephanie, Tara for girls.
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"? Never heard it, don't know.
What time is it NOW? 6:53
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God) Yes.
Does he believe in you? I hope so. God's a good guy to have on your side, right?
Where am I? In Georgia.
Did you hear that? No.
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? Yes, and people have confirmed my opinion.
What IS sexy anyway? Depends on who you ask.

Okay, that's done. Next topic.

Jaden: $ Doug explained the reason in my last post. We think there might be some info on where Thailog is now in the computers, if he still has connections to the company. Knowing Thailog, he probably does. :) $

Stickman: Fanfic comics? Cool! I bet Doug's fanfics would be good for that. Better ask him if he's interested. :)

Gun Control: I agree, guns don't kill people. People do.

Okay, that's all for now. Later!


The Onslaught arrives outside Nightstone and parks in the garage across the street. "Okay," Kitainia says. "We're here." Jammer nods. "There's a manhole." He and Boris hop out and open it while Cobra and Tom put up Men At Work signs so no one will give the open sewer a second glance. Most of the Ravens then don gas masks and survival wetsuits and walk toward the sewer. DC and Mist remain behind to hack into and disable the Nightstone security systems, with Cobra standing at the manhole disguised as a workman and Tricia and Fauline remaining inside the truck as guards. "Let's go in," Doug says as he wrinkles his nose at the sewer's stench. The rest of the team nods, lowers their gas masks, and leap down.

Meanwhile, at the Longdale police station, a dispatcher is speaking into the phone. "Borg are attacking Longdale High?" she says. "This is not a prank line, Trekkie." "Great," Trent growls in his basement as the dispatcher hangs up. "I guess they're not gonna believe us." "Small wonder," Daria sighs. "The Borg got everyone at school and there's nothing about it on TV." "So what do we do, then?" asks Trent. "If they got all our family and friends and nobody will believe us, who can we call?" "Haven't you been watching the underground news network lately, man?" says the band keyboardist. "Borg have attacked San Francisco, Colorado Springs, and several other cities in the past few months. Every time they've showed up, one team has managed to stop them." "Really?" Daria raises her eyebrow. "Can we call this team?" "Yeah," the keyboardist says. "I know their BadGuyStoppers hotline. Give me the phone." Trent does so, and the bandmember begins dialing as the screen goes blank.


Kitainia - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 08:09:24 PM

Avalon Mists deadline > May 26th for the June issue, so start sending those submissions now! Don't forget the Writers' Challenges, too!

Kittens in comic form > oooh, I can't wait to see this ... though it's kind of funny, I would consider it one of my more bloody/gory fics. Not 'Club Gung Ho' or 'Cats and Dogs,' to be sure, but it's still pretty intense!

Christine - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 07:21:27 PM

Kitania> say, how do I get to the CR archive?
Shogun raptor
Sunday, May 2, 1999 06:39:48 PM

<Ed> I'm off topic here, but I must respond to some of the comments made in this room in regards to the gun control debate. My definition of gun control is being able to hit what you aim at. I see no reason why I must give up my second admendment rights for a crime I never commited. It's
not the guns, it's the people who pull the trigger who are the problem.
Gyre - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 06:36:58 PM


Gargoyles/Pendragon: THE DROWNED CITY

Liked to see the return of an old character (Nimue) and old plots (the treasures). Apart from the lack of detail in some of the descriptive passages escaping the Kraken, this was pretty good. Loved the Dingo reference :) 6/10

Timedancer: SURVIVAL

A pretty good episode that had a good mix of emotions and sheds some great light on the past of the London Clan. It seemed a little dull in places, but was well-written generally. 6/10


My head hurts. I felt the same after REVELATIONS and I feel the same after this. I suspect I shall need some time to step back and read through it again before I can fully appreciate it because I’m so damn gullible I never see these things coming. Still… *another* (relatively) modern day episode? 7/10.


Gun laws: I never have understood why an otherwise forward-thinking country like the USA can’t follow the ideas implemented here, and effectively get rid of them. Of course, in the light of the Dando murder the point seems rather a stupid one. (That was quite a shock to me when someone mentioned to me that his pager news said she was dead; I never really thought too much about ‘that person on TV’ until then). ‘The right to bear arms’ might once have been the right to kill for a reason, but now it seems that it’s just to kill.

Ed - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 05:43:09 PM

Hey all,

Boy, I've really gotta post here more often; I've got a backlog of responses that reach all the way down the page. Pretty soon they'll reach Traveler-level and... Hey, speaking of which, where is Mr. 25-page post?

Coyote > <Which one? There's two songs called "Rosanna,"> I believe it's the faster one. I wouldn't have brought it up, except that the first time I heard it on the radio was the morning after I started reading your fics. Just thought that was strange :)

Mary > The story of how Gargoyles changed your life is touching. If I were you I'd post that to the S8 room (have you already?) or find some way to get it to Greg Weisman (like mailing it to Gorebash). I'm sure he'd be interested in knowing that his show was responsible for something like that.

SJ > <This movie looks plain awful. A possessed hand?> Guess you've never seen Evil Dead 2.

An England has MUCH stricter gun-control laws than the US. It's damn near impossible to get a gun there. You have to register for entry into a gun club, then IF you get in you have to be a member for a year, then IF you qualify you can buy a gun, which must be kept AT the club. Not even the police are allowed to carry guns.

Stephen Sobotka, Jr > <In the Navy, our raincoats were long, trenchcoat-like in appearance...> I know what you mean. The guy down the hall from me is in NROTC, and was fortunate enough to purchase a bridgecoat before they ran out. He calls it the "Gestapo Coat" for obvious reasons :)

Gyre, Kitainia RE weapons to use againt the Unseelie > Personally, I'd just go with some fully-automatic submachine guns, assault rifles, and auto-pistols loaded with hollowpoint ammunition, shotguns firing iron pellets and flechettes, fragmentation grenades, claymore mines, minguns - basically anything that can spit out a high volume of lead (iron). Don't even ASK how *I'd* get decked out to fight those bastards - it'd take too long to describe and then some FBI guys would come knocking on my door with a search warrant... :)

And Doug, about the, er, "Blood-filled super-soakers," uh... wouldn't that be an extraordinary waste of blood? At least it is when you consider that it'd be just as effective to drop iron filings in water?

Reading all these rants about "The Aftermath," as I shall heretofore call it, makes me want to throw my two cents into the pot yet again, bringing it up to around eight million dollars by now.


The media is, by nature, a dual entity. They have, by their own proclamations, "the responsibility to bring the truth to the people." "The people have a right to know," and all that. In some cases, this is a noble cause. In times of injustice, corruption, conspiracy, and tyranny, the media does have the right and the responsibilty to let the people know what's going on.

But oftentimes this responsibility conflicts with the media's *other* responsibility - its responsibility to its owners to show a return, to bring in a profit, to MAKE A BUCK. The almighty dollar reigns supreme in the media world, and it often overshadows its so-called "greater purpose" to spread knowledge and truth. When these roles come into conflict, we have what we see now: The media is jumping all over a subject, perpetuating a stereotype, leaping on the proverbial bandwagon.

Why? Because it's EASY. It's EASY to go along with what your competitors are saying. It's EASY to try to outdo them with sensationalized, yellow journalism. It's EASY to grab the header of someone else's story and work it into your nightly headlines. It's EASY to blame the dead and the minority - because they have NO ONE to speak for them.

It's EASY for the media to blame the Goths, the musicians, the movies, the video games. They have no seats in Congress. They have no mainstream media outlets. Anything THEY say is easily blunted, curtailed, or ripped to shreds by the media giants with their 20-second sound bytes.

It's HARD for journalists to think independently, to really RESEARCH things, to uncover the REAL "truth" that they're insisting is their responsibility to bring to the people. It's HARD for the media to jump off the bandwagon, to stop their practice of sensationalism. It's HARD to accept the fact that you're wrong after your image has been beamed all over the world for weeks stating that people that wear trench coats are really evil demons that eat babies.

So, in the end, the media will always take the EASY way out. Why? Because it makes the most MONEY. It gets the RATINGS. It keeps Ted Turner and the stockholders happy. And in the meantime, the little guys, the social minorities, the outcasts and the people that have no one to speak for them, will take the blame.


***Well, now that that's done... Survey time!***

Real Name: Master William Bartholomew Hagglesbottom the Third.
Nick Name: Gooch
Born: Sept. 15, 1980
Location: See tagline below
Height: 6-1
Weight: 150 lbs (Still haven't gained back what I lost whilst wired up.)

Pets: Not *on* me, they're not allowed in the dorm (though that isn't stopping the girls down the hall from keeping a cat in their room illegally :)
Time is 2144 Hours Zulu time
My CD player is empty, but Winamp is going and (Jewel) "You Were Meant For Me" is playing.
Last CD I bought: Uh... it's been a while...Probably Electirc Light Orchestra: Burning Bright, way back in August.
The last movie I rented was... Uh... "Hard Boiled."
Bf/Gf: no relationship now. Dammit.
Meaningful Songs for right now: uh... nothing comes to mind so I'll just go with (Van Halen) "Dreams."
Smoke: no.
Drugs: no.
Drink: On occasion. Wait, this wasn't a question... oh well...
Does COPS qualify as a sport: As I always say, if it's not in the Olympics...

Eating Disorders: sympathy
Marilyn Manson: Don't hate him, don't like him. As long as I don't have to *look* at him, I have no problems.
Premarital Sex: It should mean something.
Springer: Hey, every redneck needs *something* to do!
Korn: Never heard their music. Judgement reserved.
Corn: Mmmmm... Buttered corn on the cob...

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer: Work.
Amanda: What I thought Angela's name was for the first three World Tour episodes.
Joe: Stalin
Dezzie: huh?
Satan: Paradise Lost
Pussy: Ack! Damn cat just ran by my door. Brb.
Death: "That is the sound of inevitability..."
Puppies: l'il runts

Have you ever met any celebrities? Not close enough to touch.
Stuffed animals: I'm sure there are still some at home.

Dying. Since, if we're not dead, we must be dying, and life must be included in that somewhere.
Black or white what?
Uh... girls?
Again, silver or gold what?
This was a rigged question. Demona.

Favorite names:
"Pretty Fly..." Never heard it.
Time is now 2157 hours zulu time
God?: I should say so.
Me?: I should hope so.
Where am I?: What, do you want space/time coordinates or something?
Did you hear that? All I hear is my typing and Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water."
Not even gonna touch this one.
At times.
I've never met you.
What IS sexy?: Not flaunting it.
Glad the survey's over?: Towards the end, yeah.

***End survey***

Jaden > <(is that song supposed to make you feel sad?)> I don't know, but if it is, it sure works. Considering my favorite quote is exactly, "Who wants to live forever?"

Geez, that thing took TWO HOURS to write out? My God, I've got to get to work... Later all.

==We are not the Gestapo, we simply like their cool uniforms==

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Sunday, May 2, 1999 05:16:22 PM

For those who are interested, a Gargoyles comics site will appear on the internet soon. The featured comics will be remakes of fanfiction you can find on your average Gargoyles fanfic server.

The people who run the site choose their favorite fanfiction that has the most action, not too much blood and gore, and no explicit sexual acts. If they like the fanfiction and it has a lot of action, yet it smudges on the other two, it will be edited for content. The fanfictions are chosen by having the author 'submit' them on the webpage, and the staff then chooses their favorite. The site addy will be announced on the 10th (That's when it's finished).

The first comic will be Cristine Morgan's "Kittens".

Also featured on the site will be Gargoyles movies (custom made Quicktime), but they won't appear until another month after the site is opened because they take some time to make.

Lastly, there will be an 'amateur artist of the week's picture. Changed weekly.

I'll come back and post the site address when it's up.

Oh, and anyone who would be interested in helping with anything about the site, contact... me. I'll direct you to someone who can deal with you.

Stickman - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 05:08:00 PM

**Atlanta, Georgia. Brave's Stadium
Bud Sellig is standing at a podium with Warren Buffet. Ted Turner is tehre with sad look on his face. On another row are the Catholic schoolgirl scouts next an empty seat. Through the entrance, Andrew Young appears holding Attila. Once he arrives, Bud shakes Andrews's hand and gives hima certificate.
"Mr. Andrew Young, I am proud to give you full ownership of the Atlanta Braves., I hope you don't f*ck up liek Ted Turner did."
"I won't. I owuld also liek to thank Warren Buffet for helping me with the funds,a nd I gladly give him 10% of the Braves as promised."
Ted Turner flips on his laptop to check his money. He has a total of one billion dollars, which dissapears, followed by an e-mail. "Hey Ted. Thanks for the money, it will be great for my birthday, Kofi Anon."
In a fit of anger, Ted Turner shouts, "Curse you scouts and your crooked cat, too. I'll get you all." Then he runs out.
Andrew Young then says, "What a wako! Thanks for the Braves, Attila. You'r ea pretty cool cat."
"Well, tahnks for my cut of teh profits, Andy. You're not such a bad guy yourself," Attila then winks,"for a Democrat." Everyone breaks out laughing at that and the screen fades.**

Hello everyone. I hope everything hasd been going well.

Carolyn Marie> There are all sorts of old laws like that. In many states, masturbation is illegal. Now, that would be a funny court trial.

Zath> I wonder how Attila and Kitty would react to each other.

Mandi> That is awful. This nonsense could be a serious threat to our basic Liberties and the Free market. I hope we come to our senses and realize the Socialists and the Fundamentalist Extreme are in bed together and both elements must be purged for the good of Capitalism.

Doug and Kaioto> $Now Ted Turner shall be even worse :)$

Gotta go and pick up some drugs at teh Pharmacy :)Attila needs to sell some ritalin to all the boys and girls at Catholic schools :)

My RL name- Thomas Muldrup Logan Forsyth
Nickname- Green Baron
Born- August 4, 1977. 10:45 pm
Location- Uptown New Orleans
Height- 5'10"
Weight- 180

Do you have any pets? One cat, Attila. He posts here, occasionally.
What time is it right now? 3:04 pm
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? It's empty. Some blend of Classical
CD you last bought/stole- Bought- Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume III back in '97
Last movie you rented- Scream II
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? Sadly, teh littel heathen dumped me, but I'm looking again.
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now Dream the Impossible Dream
"Beatiful and carefree, that's how I used to be".)
Do you smoke? No, but I'd ahve no problem buying stock in Philip Morris.
Do you do any drugs? No, except caffeine
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? It's fun watching suburban and rural white trash arguing. I'm glad I live uptown

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- They can be a problem healthwise.
Marilyn Manson- Shock rocker. Small price for the First Ammeendment and the Free Market
Premarital sex- I don't encourage or support it. I guess if teh couple intends to live as husband and wife, but tehy want to avoid a tax penalty, that's okay. Reagrdless, it's important to take responsibilityy for the cosnequences.
Jerry Springer- Like Manson. Small price to pay for teh First Ammnedment and the Free Market
KoRn- Never heard them.
Corn- I ownder how it's doing on the Futures Market right now.

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- Humid
AmAndA- She looked better with long dark hair on Highlander
Joe- My uncle who was almost head of the Secret Service
Dezzie- Arnez
Satan- Ted Turner j/k
Pussy- I cannopt stand taht word.
Death- Purguatory
Puppies- Kittens are cuter

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? Christine Morgan, Greg Wesiman :)
Do you have any stuffed animals, if so, do you have sexual realtions with any of them? I don't have any now, and that is just sick. How do you think I am? Bill Clinton?

Pepsi or Coke? Generic Cola. It's cheaper
Apples or Oranges? Oranges
Dead or Dying? Dead
Black or white? Good combination for formal wear
Boys or Girls? Girls
Silver or Gold? Silver's good for crucifixes and Mary medals, but it depends on what could give me a higher return on the Futures Market :)
Lucifer or Demona? Demona, especially if she thinks I'm cute :)

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Osbert for a boy. Mary Elizabeth for a girl.
What time is it NOW? 3:22pm
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God)thing). I beleive in a Libertarian God, myself. I like the Catholic version and I love God's Mother, the Virgin Mary.
Does he believe in you? Yes. I'm here, aren't I?
Where am I? Home, waiting to go to Mass in five hours :)
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out? Yes, but I stopped when I hit puberty :)
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? I don't. Any comments, ladies. Soem of you have seen my pic :)
Do you think I'm sexy? Homey don't play that game :)
What IS sexy anyway? Ann Coulter, Julia Roberts, Cosnervative long-haired woman near my age :)
Are you glad this survey is over? Yes, I do beleive.

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Sunday, May 2, 1999 04:59:14 PM

<< your leather duds and your pierced whatevers..>>
This may shock some of you, but in RL I have nothing peirced..., anymore. I wanted to get my tongue done..., but I thought better of it. FORGET everything else!

<<I am instead a deceptively quiet lunatic>>
Ahhh, me in my younger dayz!! Awww!

Stabbing Westward!!!! ::Sings loudly:: "Somtimes it hurts, soo much to lose the one you love!!!" ::Then somehow goes into NiN's Closer:: "I want to f*** you like an animal!"

<<Goliath is the surefire way to bring about her downfall and/or corruption.>>
I hate Elisa..., HATE her!!! I wanna see her bleeding on the side of the street, bruised and twitching, and her Garg friends can do nothing but look on in terror, especially Goliath, to see the torment in his eyes..., Ohhhhhh God!! ::Shudders with pleasure:: I just dislike those two..., don't mind me.

<<I've given you 30 minutes of my life>>
Hehehehe, that was my secret plan!! Now I can live forever!! Well..., kinda forever.

<<thinking about never grosses me out>>
OK, imagine this..., SEEING how nasty, sticky, wet juices get soo cold, soo fast.

<<Didn't you think about what happens before you did it?>>
I'm a guy..., of course not! Honestly, I've never been that big on sex anyway, I'm more of a oral person, there ain't a thing in this world that hasn't seen my tongue. (Interpet that however you like).

<<boys or girls for what? What are you talking about?>>
Whatever first pops in your head...

Sunday, May 2, 1999 04:51:43 PM

Here's another Elisa question: What would Odin's Eye have turned her into? When Goliath wore it, it made him so overprotective he imprisoned those he was supposed to be protecting, and when they objected, his enhanced temper made him attack Elisa and Angela. When the Archmage donned the eye, he became more powerful, but his original personality was already so greedy, power-hungry, and vindictive I didn't see much change in him. I'm still not sure exactly what happened to Fox. The others didn't change their entire shape - only became larger, more powerful, more elaborately-dressed versions of themselves. (I wonder if Fox would change into the same thing now that she's had Alex). Back to Elisa - what good qualities do you think she has which might become evil if exaggerated by the Eye's magic. Similar to Goliath or not? And do you think she'd eventually be able to rip off the Eye as Goliath did once she realized what it was doing to her?
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:31:06 PM

It's too depressing to write much with all the talk of shootings...

A survey? And a long one too! Well, if anyone really wants to get to know me better, you can e-mail me...

Zath> Thanks for the positive vibes! I just like to relate all my poems to angels and gargoyles.

Oh yeah, "Hi" to all newbies in here. I'm one of the unfortunate few who can't get in here much...

If anyone hasn't seen ENTRAPMENT, do! Sean Connery is hot, hot, hot!

Gotta do projects and read "Drowning City." New TD ep was fantastic! See ya...OKIloveyoubyebye!

SOROW - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:05:04 PM


Guod appears on the screen, throwing up his hands in anger as he watches a certain little redhaired girl playing with her dolls across the WD's control room. "Of all the humans in all the world who could have been useful to us," the Borg leader fumes at Carol Borgy, "did you have to assimilate HER?" "Oh come on," the Borgy mom complains. "Surely we can find some use for Elmyra, right?" Guod sighs heavily. "I suppose..."

The display changes back to New York, where DC has just been sliced into several pieces by Stephanie, who then tosses each piece into a different nearby manhole. "That ought to keep him from pestering us," she says as she wipes the blood off her hands. "Guys!" DC screams. "I'm not kidding!! Lonny's gonna kill me permanently!! I really need your help!" "Lonny's gonna kill him permanently?" Kitainia asks. "Is that a bad thing?" Doug scratches his head in thought. "Hmm. I'm not sure." Then he sighs. "Okay, DC's a living creature, but he's a very annoying person. I really don't know if the world would be better off without him or not." "Please!" DC whines as his body slowly reforms. "I don't wanna die for good!!" Kitainia looks at Doug and rolls her eyes. "Let's put it to a vote." "Okay," Doug shrugs. "All in favor of us helping DC?" The Ravens look at each other, then raise their hands. "He has to agree to never mess with our machines again, though," Shap says. "Otherwise..." "Okay," Doug nods. "Fish him out, guys. Lathrop, get a magical cage ready. I guess we'll have to see what we can do to help DC." The Ravens nod and begin to carry out his orders. Doug turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone. Well, my weekend's almost over. And finals review week is about to begin. Finals themselves will follow. <sigh> Oh well, at least another semester will be under my belt.

Fanfic Progress: "Dragon's Game" is going slowly, due to all the school stuff I have going right now coupled with a small case of writer's block I haven't cured yet. But don't worry, I'll try to get it out before the end of this month. Currently I'm working on the action between the first and second flashbacks. Don't worry, the fic will be done before too long. In the meantime, keep reading other people's, and if you owe me feedback (hear me, Traveler?), I'd appreciate getting it soon.

80s music: I like a lot of the songs then better than some of the music today. With good reason. Too bad it doesn't get played as often. :(

Kyryn: I agree with you about the benefits of videogames, I also use them to get rid of my aggression. And I like the shotgun in Doom and Duke Nukem too. <grin>

War: I agree, wars should not be waiting games. Not unless you're trying to concentrate on defense. And Madoc is bent on taking over the world, that's not something that requires a defensive strategy. Hope he starts the actual war soon. Then the clan can get some iron (and maybe a few blood-filled Super Soakers; if they can't use hemoglobin, blood works just as well), and take out him and his trash. :) Yes, they don't like killing, but sooner or later they'll have to accept that sometimes it's unavoidable and even necessary in order to do what's right. (They already know this in my fanfic.)

Kaioto: Excellent rant. I agree with every word of it. Kitainia's already gone into further detail on the specific things I liked. I'll just say that like everyone else in here I hope you print that up in some more widely distributed form of media and lots of people read it and take it seriously. :)

Entrapment, Idle Hands: Both were okay films. I wouldn't recommend them to most action or horror fans, though. There was good acting, though, and the plots were mostly okay. I gave them each two/five stars.

Carolynn: A county in Iowa outlawed sex? Okay, that place must be fundamentalist-central. :) $ I think in the RP we'll also make it the county in which Guod has parked his World Devestator. Hey, decent free-thinking people just left the county in droves, he'll have some room to hide it. :) $

Tempt Elisa: I don't know. Maybe if some bad guy kidnapped Goliath and used him to force her to do something bad. But in that case she'd definitely be smart enough to turn the tables on the bad guy. And I don't know of a bad guy who would want to do this. It's a tough question. :)

Mandi: Hmm, my monitor has speakers built in and it's okay. Sorry I don't know what you should do other than buy a new monitor.

Jackal's Survey: Okay, here goes.
My RL name- Douglas Elder
Nicknames- Doug, DRE, Redman.
Born- March 1, 1979
Location- Austin, TX
Height- 5'11"
Weight- 200 lb.
°°°°°May contain "questionable material°°°
Do you have any pets? Living/Dead? No pets. Apartment doesn't allow them.
What time is it right now? 12:30 pm.
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? Greatest Hits of 1989 from Time-Life music.
CD you last bought/stole- Bought- Go Soundtrack.
Last movie you rented- Starship Troopers.
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? Yeah, Kitainia.
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- I don't know.
Do you smoke? No.
Do you do any drugs? No.
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? Not sure.

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- More people are assumed to have them than actually do. (think Ally McBeal)
Marilyn Manson- He's an okay guy in some ways.
Premarital sex- If you want to, do it. It can be fun. :)
Jerry Springer- Man must die, show must be taken off air, replaced with hour of something better. That's what I think.
KoRn- Not sure what this is.
Corn- It's okay.

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- The girl in Clive Cussler's first Dirk Pitt adventure novel.
AmAndA- Cute cheerleader I knew in high school named Amanda Grogan, Highlander.
Joe- and Frank Hardy.
Dizzy- Up the Girl, whatever that means.
Satan- I think of Flanders impersonating him on Simpsons, that was a lot of laughs.
Pussy- You don't want to know.
Death- The Grim Reaper.
Puppies- Elmyra.

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? Robert Duvall, Greg Weisman, Christine Morgan, a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.
Do you have any stuffed animals, if so, do you have sexual realtions with any of them? No, and <disgusted> no.

Pepsi or Coke? Coke.
Apples or Oranges? Apples, orange juice.
Dead or Dying? "Continue dying. Out." (My favorite quote from Long Kiss Goodnight.)
Black or white? Gray works for me.
Boys or Girls? Uh, boys or girls for what? What are you talking about?
Silver or Gold? I like silver better, but gold is also nice.
Lucifer or Demona? Demona is the one I'd rather be friends with, she's redeemable. And H-O-T hot.

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Leigh, Sarah, or Lisa for girls, Kevin, David, or Alex for boys.
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"? It's okay. I've heard better music, though.
What time is it NOW? 12:35.
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God) Yes. Someone had to have created this multiverse.
Does he believe in you? I hope so, haven't asked him though so I don't know.
Where am I? In Georgia, right?
Did you hear that? Hear what?
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? I've been told I am. :)
Do you think I'm sexy? Uh, never seen you, Jackal. And since I'm completely hetero, probably not.
What IS sexy anyway? Lots of things.
Are you glad this survey is over? Yeah, especially the objectionable stuff.

Okay, that's all for now. See y'all again when the new episode is up.


DC is pulled out of the sewer and placed in Lathrop's prepared cage of force. "Alright," Doug nods. "Let's debrief him, then we'll check into the hotel and head for Nightstone. First question, DC. Why is Lonny trying to kill you?" "Uh, that's a long story. It all started on April Fool's Day, when..." Kitainia and the others nod when he's finished. "Okay," Tricia says. "That's a problem. Listen, we're gonna help you, but you have to do something for us in return." "What?" "Never mess with any of our Internet connections again," says Kitainia. DC drops his jaw. "No! That would be taking away my fun!" "Okay," Doug shrugs. "Then we don't help you." DC sighs heavily, rolls his eyes, and says, "Okay, I agree." "Good," Doug tells him. "Okay, we can let him out of the cage now. But Mist, I want you to keep an eye on DC, okay?" The cat meows in assent. "Alright then, let's get ready to head for Nightstone."

Meanwhile, back in Washington, AD Kincaid is speaking with Thailog via viewscreen. "This is unexpected," he is saying. "The Ravens are defying gov't orders and still going after you. It appears my plan failed." "Yes," Thailog agrees. "And as punishment for your failure, you will have to eliminate the Ravens. I suggest you use your government resources." "Right," Kincaid nods. "I'll have my best men abduct the Ravens and take them to Area 51-A for execution." "Excellent," says Thailog. "I'm sending you someone to put in field command of those men. Ta-ta." The viewscreen goes blank. Kincaid wipes sweat from his brow and presses his intercom. "Ms. Price, get me some coffee, right now." The AD's secretary walks in and sets a cup down, then suddenly twitches and shakes, her body transforming into a much taller and more well-built man. The strange figure wears an MIB suit and sunglasses, but otherwise looks just like one of the evil agents from The Matrix. "Greetings," the figure tells the shocked-looking Kincaid. "Thailog and Kharsus sent me to assist you. My name is Tau. Agent Tau."


Doug - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:00:35 PM

Jackal's survey (not that anyone cares about my answers)

Do you have any pets? I sort of have a cat, but I don't like it much.
What time is it right now? 12:40 PM Sunday
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? It's empty
CD you last bought/stole- Bought- Yeomen of the Guard
Last movie you rented- Tous les Matins du Monde and 101 Dalmations (it was rent one get one free) Cruella was OK but the rest of that movie stunk. In Tous les Matins I thought the conversations Sainte-Colombe had with his dead wife was an intriguing idea, though most of the movie was pretty depressing. Viol music from that era has that effect on me.
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? No
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- I'm not really into songs at the moment. I've been listening mainly to choral masses and requiems. I like the sound of the Latin.
Do you smoke? No
Do you do any drugs No
Does "COPS" qualify as a sport? I can see how some people would think it would. Maybe it is. I've only watched it a couple of times and didn't find it very interesting. Sports has the same effect on me.

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- waste of time
Marilyn Manson- don't know her (hehehe)
Premarital sex- Depends on the age of the participants
Jerry Springer- loudmouth
KoRn- Is this a new brand of popcorn?
Corn- I had blue cornflakes for breakfast.

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- hot, humid, too suffocating to breathe. Stay inside.
AmAndA- plagiarism (don't ask)
Joe- Blow
Dezzie- Arnaz (someone said that but I thought it too)
Satan- Black Beauty (both names of black horses in books I read when I was very young)
Pussy- Willow
Death- Sandman
Puppies- propulsion (don't ask again)

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? Christopher Walken (I didn't know who he was at the time. He talked about sci-fi films and special effects and seemed like an interesting guy)
Do you have any stuffed animals? They're in a box in a closet in my Dad's house. I don't like to throw anything out.
do you have sexual realtions with any of them? How?

Pepsi or Coke? I don't like cola. It gives me a gag reflex.
Apples or Oranges? Apples fresh off the tree. Haven't had them for years. Even the wormy ones are great.
Dead or Dying? Dead. Why prolong the agony.
Black or white? Black
Boys or Girls? Something in-between would be interesting.
Silver or Gold? The metal or the color. For the metal, I like gold because it doesn't tarnish. For the color I like silver. It seems like a color that can represent either pure good or pure evil and that sort of fascinates me.
Lucifer or Demona? Probably Demona, though Lucifer was pretty cool in the Sandman comics...

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- These change just about every day depending on my mood or whatever.
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"? Never heard it. Don't particularly want to. Sounds dumb.
What time is it NOW? 1:19 PM (I'm squeezing in lunch as I type)
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God) I consider the Christian God to be only one way of looking at God, filtered through the sensibilities of the people who call themselves Christians.
Does he believe in you? I don't think "believe" is quite the right word for how God regards people. Everyone has a potential that God is aware of or has given them. People have different potentials. What they do with them and how they cope with the lack of them is of interest to God. I don't know how to explain this because I'm not very religious.
Where am I? At my computer.
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out? Why? Didn't you think about what happens before you did it?
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? No
Do you think I'm sexy? I think you're about as sexy as Hell.
What IS sexy anyway? A state of mind.
Are you glad this survey is over? Yeah. Now don't make any more unless they involve gargoyles.
Thank you for your time, I hope you had fun!!! And thank you to the one who played my lab rat. Squeak!!!

Sunday, May 2, 1999 01:41:48 PM

****Survey Start****
My RL name- Alan
Nickname- Ordell, from Elmore Leonard's Rum Punch orQuentin Tarantio's Jackie Brown (it's the samee thing), because Samuel L. Jackson is the man.
Born- August 15, 1981
Location- Dante's Inferno, otherwise known as Odessa, Texas
Height- 6'1
Weight- 160

Do you have any pets? Living/Dead? I have two dogs and a rabbit, and a countless number of dead animals.
What time is it right now? 10:56 AM
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? Wyclef: The Carnival
CD you last bought/stole- Bosstones: Live from the Middle East.
Last movie you rented- John Water's Pecker
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? Si
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- Bad Religion's I Want to Conquer the World, Nirvana's Turnaround, Rage Against the Machine's Darkness of Greed, some others.
Do you smoke? unfortunatley, si
Do you do any drugs? I used to fry every Friday (no pun intended), but I got to where I was taking three hits a night, so I stopped for a while. I still do every once and a while.
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? not so much

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- not so much
Marilyn Manson- I'm a punk rocker/hip-hopper. Manson can kiss my ass.
Premarital sex- Right.
Jerry Springer- not so much
KoRn- They sold out, but I never liked them in the first place.
Corn- not so much

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- I live in the desert, so heat comes to mind.
AmAndA- my cousin's name is amanda
Joe- nothing at all
Dezzie- well, it's an akward name.
Satan- um, not so much
Pussy- um, right.....
Death- not so much.
Puppies- rather annoying little creatures

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? I met Richard Greco once. It wasn't a pleasant situation, I don't like to talk about it.
Do you have any stuffed animals, if so, do you have sexual realtions with any of them? not so much.

Pepsi or Coke? Coke, but I prefer Dr. Pepper
Apples or Oranges? oranges
Dead or Dying? Well, I'm dying. We're all dying.
Black or white? black.
Boys or Girls? I chose not to answer this on the grunds that I'm not sure if the question is refering to something sexual or not.....
Silver or Gold? not so much.
Lucifer or Demona? Demona

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Roland/Gabrielle
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"?: As I've stated to people before, the Offspring IS NOT punk. They almost were, but now they're just annoying.
What time is it NOW? 11:15 AM
Do you believe in God? Nay, I am a full fledged Athiest.
Does he believe in you? Not so much.
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out?. I was not aware of that.
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? No, but apparently there are some crack-whores who think I am.
Do you think I'm sexy? not so much.
What IS sexy anyway? my girl Amber, and Christina Ricci.
Are you glad this survey is over? sure, why not......
****Survey Ends****

DS9 is one of the coolest shows around......I don't know where that came from......later all

Ordell - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 12:17:46 PM

"I don’t know, old friend. The blood moon has always been a sign of ill-tidings." Goliath stared out at the rising lunar phenomena. "I wonder what strange omens this one will bring."

"Blood Moon" --- coming soon from TGS

Sunday, May 2, 1999 09:01:10 AM

Wow, we had a whole 12 hour stretch where no one posted. **Zath tracks down Mr. DC and proves it's possible to kill someone using nothing but a box of Bisquik, a spork, and a couple of oysters.** There, if DC knows what's good for him, it shouldn't happen again.

Carolynn Marie> <<One of the counties in Iowa banned sex>> What do they do, arrest women who get pregnant? I'm suddenly getting images of a modern day version of the Scarlet Letter where the punishment is a big red "S" instead of an "A"...

Christine> Like most of my work, there's a lot of doodles and half-erased pencil lined that I'd like to edit out with Photoshop before it sees the light of day. Hopefully I can get it scanned on Monday.

Wilek> <<I just can't make things rhyme... >> I often make use of my old friend, the rhyming dictionary. It helps a lot, but not always. Can you think of anything that rhymes with "length" besides "strength"? Maybe I should try writing something in Spanish, not only do I need the practice, but rhymes are easier too : )

SJ> <<Last movie you rented: From Dusk Till Dawn 2>> Which one? I hear there's both a sequel (more crooks end up at the bar) and a prequel (the origin of the head vampire lady).

Odd Question> Do gargoyles need to go to the bathroom, or do they get rid of all their solid waste in the form of shed stone skin? (I haven't asked this one before have I? I can't remember. Ug, eighteen and I'm already getting senile…)

Survey> I'm too lazy to answer everything, but here are a few:
Do you have any pets? Kitty's RL counterpart
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? My CD player is empty, but I think my tape player might still have NOFX's "Punk in Drublic"
CD you last bought/stole- don't remember
Last movie you rented- don't remember
Do you smoke? No
Pepsi or Coke? Coke
Dead or Dying? It depends on the circumstances
Silver or Gold? Stainless steel, it's easier to take care of, less likely to be stolen, and good for killing Unseelies
Where am I? You are here
Did you hear that? That dark, evil sounding whispering??? Yes, but don't worry, it's only Kitty farting in her sleep.
Are you glad this survey is over? *shrugs* it's not like I have anything better to do at this time of night…

***** PARTY RP *****
Everything seems to be going well. After the Road Rovers broke the ice, characters from all sorts of non-Disney cartoons started arriving until humans are actually a minority. Other than a brief fist fight between the characters of Thunder Cats and Tiger Sharks, Jim's party looks like it is actually going to be pretty peaceful for once. All that changes when Zath runs up to Jim with bad news.
"Uh, Jim, we have a problem. It looks like Malcolm was wrong"
"What are you talking about?"
"When the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates *DO* eat the tourists!"
***** END PARTY RP *****
(to be continued by… someone else! Anyone who wants to, please feel free to pick up the plot from here)

Sunday, May 2, 1999 03:58:13 AM

[Rho: "Commander, Jackal survey dead ahead!" Wilek: "Evasive maneuvers!" Khesaat: "It's too late! The survey has set up an interdiction field and locked tractor beams! We can't escape!"] Heh.

Survey (stuff I deem inappropriate will be skipped)>
Do you have any pets?> IRL, none. In here, a xenomorph and two vampire eagles.
What time is it right now?> 2:42 a.m.
What CD is in your CDplayer right now?> No CD, but a MID of the classical remix of Bloodlines from Castlevania 64 is loaded into my MID player.
CD you last bought> Three, actually: the Beetlejuice soundtrack and the soundtracks to the first two Hellraiser movies.
Last movie rented> It's been so long I can't remember.
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend?> Nope, and I'm not interested (sorry girls :P ).
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now> Um...several, actually; too many to name here.
Do you smoke?> No thank you, I'm rather fond of breathing.
Do you do any drugs> Closely related to previous question. You're mommy ain't readin this or is she?........, Is she?> Read my fourth fic and find out why not. <sigh>
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport?> You have to be kidding.

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders> Ew.
Marilyn Manson> Ew again.
Jerry Springer> Weird. Tolerable if there's nothing else on.
KoRn> Before coming here, I never heard of them, and I still don't really know who they are (neither do I care to).
Corn> Ecch.

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer> It's hot, and I usually take my vacation during the summer (usually to Disney World).
AmAndA> Who?
Joe> Um...?
Dezzie> Desi Arnaz.
Satan> DIE YOU <censored>!
Pussy> This is what British sitcom character Mrs. Slocombe always calls her cat. Mean little thing, too.
Death> Um...?
Puppies> My neighbors' adorable Shih Tzu and cocker spaniel

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities?> None that I know of
Do you have any stuffed animals?> A few, mostly sitting on a shelf somewhere.

Pepsi or Coke?> Either
Apples or Oranges?> Oranges
Dead or Dying?> Eh?
Black or white?> Black (clothing, I presume)
Boys or Girls?> Please tell me this doesn't mean what I think it does.
Silver or Gold?> Both
Lucifer or Demona?> Eh?!

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl> Boy: Xavier Girl: Alynna
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"> Never heard of it, but I doubt I'd like it
What time is it NOW?> 2:52 a.m.
Do you believe in God?> There's no way the universe could have come about by itself.
Did you hear that? That dark, evil sounding whispering???> Not since I set a few traps (which reminds me, gotta check those)
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out?> The whole IDEA grosses me out. Ever see the Star Trek TNG episode Up The Long Ladder?
Are you glad this survey is over?> Rather, yes.

Sunday, May 2, 1999 03:21:38 AM

****SHORT RP****
"So Doug," Jaden says. "Why are we going to Nightstone?"
****END RP****

Toku Kaioto-I understand. Today when I see the people who used to make fun of me they act like they were my best friends.

Real name- David
Nickname- Jaden, you know I actually thought that I made that name up.
Born- July 24, 1979
Location- sitting down facing front...just a joke 610 Coiner St.
Height- 5'11"
Weight- 150-160 (I never stay the same for very long)

Pets-I currently own a blood-hound pup, two rat-terriers, 3 cats, one pig, one cow, one bird. To tell you what I used to have would take-up to much time.
Current time- 11:13 p.m. no wait 11:14 p.m.
CD in CD player- Martin Page "In the House of Stone and Light"
Last CD bought- I'm not sure, but I think the one above is it or "The Crow" sound track.
Last movie rented- It's a Bugs Life.
Do I have a girlfriend- No I don't think that I should start a relationship since I'm not sure where I'm going to be this time next year.
Fav. songs-Queen-"Who Wants to Live Forever" (is that song supposed to make you feel sad?), Jewel "Hands"
Do I smoke-I tried it awhile back, but nothing came of it.
Drugs-I too tried this once. Didn't do anything for me.

Eating Disorders-Should be avioded
Manson- I'm not sure what to think
Premarital sex- Do it or don't does it matter that much?
Jerry Springer- Let's not go there
KoRn- ????
corn- like it

Summer- A nice sunny day, a golden field, green trees, blue sky, small puffy clouds.
Joe-Coffee ICK!
Dezzie-Arnez Jr. (I think that's how you spell it) Brady Bunch...again ICK
Death-the next stage
puppies-A little brown puppy with dark eyes that say "I can have anything I want because I'm cute"

Celeb.- Yep, ran into one at a hotel I was posted at. Won't say who.
Stuffed animals/sex-not anymore and no.

Pepsi/coke- Pepsi
Apples or Oranges- Apples
Dead or dying- Dead, I want to know.
Black or white- I like Grey
Silver or Gold- Silver
Lucifer or Demona- Demona

Fav. name Boy/Girl- John/Pandora...I just like the name
Song-I can live with it.
time- 11:37
God? I believe that there is something greater than any of us could fully grasp. Who knows maybe all religions are right in their own way.
Does He believe in me? I'd like to think so.
Where am I? in a place of waiting.
Did you here that? All I hear is my mind trying to understand itself and everything else.
Gross yourself out- thinking about never grosses me out
Do I feel sexy- I've had my moments
What is sexy- Someone I can love and can relate to.
Glad- I'm Free! I'm free! hahahahahhahahahaha

Well Good Night
See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:43:28 AM

Hiee! Man it's been a LONG time since I've been here...And I'm so happy I came back! Great new Timedancer eps, it's the only one I have time to read anymore...and finally


Sata's preggers! Whee!


On the subject of Goths: Well, more than half my friends are Gothies, and they're such cute widdle tings I just want to hug dem and squeeze dem and...I'm getting off-topic. Yeah, there's some of them that are nuts and insane and really out there, but those are the ones that the REAL gothies kick out of the group. My buds are kewl...blaming Gothics and other 'minorities' for things like the Littleton massacre is stupid...personally I think it's the parents' fault...

Survey time!
My RL name- Well, since it's on my e-mail anywayz...Orli. Yes, that's really it. It's Hebrew, that explains all anomalies away.
Nickname- Um...Beached Whale, Whorli, Orli-chan, and Owie.
Born- February 27th. Send presents! ;þ
Location- Los Angeles, city of annoying little brats who steal my anime (and my Goliath action figure! I don't care if he IS Michael Reaves' son, that was MINE!!!)
Height- 5'6"
Weight- It's not polite to ask a girl her weight you know...

Do you have any pets? Living/Dead? Yes. Lots of them. Pigeons, chickens, sex-changing ducks, 3 dogs (and one down in DC), 2 cats (one cat-napped a couple years back ;( ), parakeets, cockatiels, a turtle somewhere, rabbits, that hawk that keeps eating my pigeons, and a dead mouse. Oh, and my pet rock.
What time is it right now? 11:11 PM pacific.
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? Mellon-Collie and the Infinite Sadness by the Smashing Pumpkins.
CD you last bought/stole- Bought--that one above.
Last movie you rented- Ever After and Pippi Longstocking. I was in the mood...
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? No.
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- Ooh..tuffie. Uhm...Anything that has to do with people of my best buds has been sent off to Nevada with no hope of coming back before 2002... ;( Can't name any specific ones, tho...
Do you smoke? No! Those things have formaldehyde and nail polish remover in them!
Do you do any drugs? No.
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? NO!

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- My best friend Lyric. Eats like a pig and looks like she's anorexic. I hate ppl like that...but I love her...eating disorders are bad.
Marilyn Manson- He's in it for the money. His songs have no real meaning.
Premarital sex- Why not?
Jerry Springer- Jerry! Jerry! Sad...
KoRn- I love 'em!!!
Corn- I hate it!!

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- Leaving all my friends to go to a stuffy desert called Israel...
AmAndA- Eh...?
Joe- Dawson.
Dezzie- and Lucy?
Satan- Mowi-chan. (my wiccan buddy who doesn't actually worship him...)
Pussy- Shpitz. (my kitty-kat)
Death- Terry Pratchett
Puppies- kewtsy wootsy!

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities? Um...does Michael Reaves count?
Do you have any stuffed animals, if so, do you have sexual realtions with any of them? Yes and no. A rabbit.

Pepsi or Coke? PEPSI!
Apples or Oranges? I prefer grapefruits actually...
Dead or Dying? Uh...Dead.
Black or white? Black...
Boys or Girls? Depends. Who is it?
Silver or Gold? Uh...silver tends to go black on just SEEING my hands go near it (::goes innocently back to her job at the silver store::) so gold all the way.
Lucifer or Demona? Demmie's prettier. And cooler.

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Cailet or Lyric for the girl...Xander for a boy. No A-L-E involved in that anywhere.
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"? brother sings it is now evil.
What time is it NOW? 11:21 pm pacific
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God) Uh...I'm Jewish.
Does he believe in you? Of course not!
Where am I? Somewhere paingul, I hope....
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out? I suppose.
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? Sometimes. Usually the other person laughs.
Do you think I'm sexy? No.
What IS sexy anyway? Billy Corgan!
Are you glad this survey is over? YES!!!

Ari - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:21:46 AM

Blasted link didn't work... (Clicki!) Lets hit the road rovers!
Robby the CR DJ
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:20:10 AM

Puck pic... Getting into character don't cha know!

Oh my, another Jackal survey... At least this one IS more family friendly than the last... Except for the drugs question, and thats not very explicit this time. And there's a few newbies since last time so I suppose that justifies answering...

Name- Robert John Bevard the second
Nickname- Robby
Born-August 5th, 1982
Locations- San Antonio, born and raised
Height- 5'9" last I checked, I may be at 5'11" by now.
Weight- 155 or so.

Pets- Two dogs, a cat, a hedgehog, and a basilisk.
Time- 12:28
CD in the player right now- Goofy Movie soundtrack
Last CD bought- Um... They Might Be Giants: Flood?
Last movie rented- Um.. Men In Black I think.
Girlfriend- HEATHER!
Fave songs- Stand By Me. Always my favorite.
Drugs- Nope.

Eating disorders, Marilyn Manson, premarital sex, Jerry Springer, Korn- Don't know who KoRn is, the rest I don't like but I have nothing against them really.
Corn-Don't eat it because it doesn't digest.

When you hear this...
Summer- Vacation!
Amanda- Perkins!
Joe- Dimaggio
Dezzie- Arnez
Pussy- Galore! Like the bond flick!
eath- and destruction
Puppies- A song titles "Dead Puppies aren't much fun." Ick I'm morbid tonight.

Met celebrities- Wierd Al, Rob Paulsen, Jeff bennet, Fred Perry, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, some others... and I've talked to quite a few others.

Stuffed animals- Snuffalupagus, the mammoth thingie from Sesame Street.
Beverage- Whatevers cheapest
Fruits- Apples, easier to start eating!
Black or white- Whatever color make the drawing look better.
Guys or gals- Gals!
Silver or gold- Gold is shorter to type, so at the moment, I'll go with that.
Lucifer or Demona? Demona definatley. Among other things, she looks better.

Fave name- HEATHER!
Believe in God? No, but I don't deny the possibility.
Where am I- Office with the fast computer.
Do you hear that? Nope.

Oii... And now that thats done, a wee bit of rehersal...

"Thy coward, art thou bragging to the stars, telling the bushes that thou look'st for wars and will not come? Come thou child, I'll whip thee with a rod, he is defiled, that draws a sword on thee..."

Puck from the play is a bit meaner than the gargs Puck isn't he?

Kaioto- You and Lexy? I never knew! Congrats both of you.


Things are going along smoothly until shouting comes from a direction. "AHhh! The dog is gonna kill us all!"
Jim is shocked. "I thought those hounds were taken care of."
"That isn't the same hound... It's MUZZLE!" The fact is soon proved, the Road Rovers have come! (Clicki!) Warner Brothers characters at Disney World! Neat! Jim soon becomes reaquainted with Hunter, Exile, Shag, and Colleen. Colleen is slightly distracted by the fact that something seems to be wrong.
"Ey... Where's what's his name? Blister?"
Hunter shrugs. "It looks like Blitz has run off. I would not have predicted this!" A howl of pain is heard from a distance, and Blitz flies through the air and hits the ground face first.
"Blitz, what happened to you?" The answer to that question soon comes forth as Demona, eyes burning crimson red, with green dyed hair and a Rocky Horror Picture show outfit comes into view growling.
"Keep him away from me! Tooshie biting is out of the question!"

Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:17:38 AM

JackaL's survey … normally I don't do surveys, but I'm open minded and you're my friend so I'll answer a few questions while I have the time.

Real Name: Martin
Nick Name: Marty (or Maaaarteeheey)
Location: Bentley College, MA
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 195 lbs.

Pets: 2 pleasant if lazy cats, living.
Time: 1:25AM
CD: Frighteningly enough … Garth Brooks: Double Live …
Last CD Obtained: See above …
Last Movie Rented: Wow … VCR … I remember having a VCR once … vaguely …
Girlfriend: *looks over at Lexy* That would be an over-simplification :) That and more …
"Pilate's Dream": Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Jesus Christ, Super Star"
"Numbered Days" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, in the wake of Littleton.
"It's All For You" by Sister Hazel, for my Lexy-chan.
"Let's Face It" by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Why were we put here? What for? We're unsure. We sure weren't put here to hate. Be racist. Be sexist. Be bigots. Be sure. We won't stand for your hate … get that straight …"
Smoke, Drink, Drugs: Nope, technicallly I could qualify as straigh edge. I'm such a boy scout. *L*
Eating Disorders: Does only eating mint chocolate chip ice cream if it is green count? (Don't want to demean anyone who has a real eating disorder, just a joke about myself)
Manson: Well, I don't care, honestly. He doesn't do anything for me.
Premarital Sex: I just don't think it is responsible. Don't think it should be outlawed either. *L*
Jerry Springer: I guess ~someone~ has to amuse our most base fascinations now that the freak show is passe.
KoRn: Not my style. Not their fault.
Corn: Grow it in my back yard in the summer.

Summer: Corn, job, visit Wisconsin :)
AmAnDa: Spock … his mother.
Joe: Doing a radio show at 9-11AM EST on Tuesday. Catch it on Real Audio at :) God willing and sleep permitting, I'll be helping run the show and even be on the air.
Dezzie: Duh … OK … left my brains in the time machine on this one …
Satan: Poor stupid b***ard. Feel bad for him. Wouldn't want to be in his shoes.
Pussy: South Park - Kenny - "Mph mphth mpth mph mth!" Stan - "How do you know she has a cat?" When I first saw this I blinked twice and was *ROTFLMAO*
Death: Forcible (possibly premature) Transcendance.
Puppies: Cute, but grow up to be big stupid dogs … *shakes head* Dogs are OK, but I'm a cat person.
Celebrities: Not many worth mentioning.
Stuffed Animals: Yes I own them. No I don't do such things. Leave your mind in the gutter too long and the street sweeper won't give it back, my friend. *shakes his head*

Oranges, seedless, Florida

Favorite Names:
Boy - Peter, Girl - Liz
"Pretty Fly …" I've seen this IRL and it ain't pretty. *ROTFLMAO*
1:50 AM
Yes, and believe it or not, he doesn't hate you, Stephen. He told me so. :)
*Skip a few* Sorry man … *L*
Yes, I've given you 30 minutes of my life, and you know what, JackaL? I don't begrudge you any of them, my brother.

OK … I'm done 'til the TGS ep comes out or something really weird happens. (2:1 odds on the former)

Bona Fortuna :)

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:01:47 AM

No RP tonight. Too late tonight for that.

Tim P: Excellent point about gun control laws. I remember hearing that England has looser gun control laws...but they have fewer serious crimes involving guns....makes you think. Perhaps we're all just a bunch of gun nuts over here.
BTW, that teacher sounds like a bit of an arsehole. Then again he was a career Army man.....No offense to those who are in the armed services, or want to be, but I've met some real weirdos that have come out of the service. I mean, some of the guys I knew--whew, they were certifiable. But then again, I kinda want that. I want a soldier who will go completely "Full Metal Jacket" on the enemy.

Goths: I don't know...while it's true, the culture has grown since it's conception, but I don't think it's prevalent enough to be said that "everyone's doing it". It's still more of a sub-culture than a trend.

Tempting Elisa: Personally, I think that either turning her into a Gargoyle or making Goliath human would be enough to corrupt her. Or seduce her with the promise of an actual family between them. Either way, I totally believe that Goliath is the surefire way to bring about her downfall and/or corruption.

Do you have any pets? Not currently. They've all gone to wherever pets go when they die.
What time is it right now? 1:30 a.m., East Coast time.
What CD is in your CD player right now? U2's "War". I was in the mood for them after catching one of those "VH1: Behind the Music" specials. I LOVE those!
CD you last bought/stole: "Darkest Days", by Stabbing Westward
Last movie you rented: From Dusk Till Dawn 2 (HORRIBLE. The first was soooo much better) and Smoke Signals (awesome movie)
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend: Yeah. But we're kinda doing the long distance relationship thing right now. Different schools and all. Dumlao, I feel your pain :(
Favorite Songs that mean the most to you right now: Hate to sound like I'm ripping off JackaL, but "Freak on a Leash" and "Got the Life" from Korn, and also "Sometimes It Hurts" by Stabbing Westward and "Battleflag" by the Lo Fidelity Allstars
Do you Smoke? Occasionally. Marlboro's or Camels. Newports make me retch...ugh, nasty taste.
Do you do any drugs? No. Except Caffeine, in large quantities.
Does "COPS" qualify as a sport? Heck yes. It's the Redneck Olympics. Next up, the Wife-Beater Mad Dash From The Authorities.

What do you think of.....
Eating Disorders: Terrible. Frankly, while being slim can be attractive, I like women to be nice and full-figured. Not Ally McBeal praying mantis-like thin.
Marilyn Manson: Great musician. Even better showman. Unjustly ridiculed sometimes. Justly ridiculed sometimes.
Premarital Sex: Hmm...can't sound too Puritan....I don't think it's really wrong, but then again, I also think that it should be meaningful, with someone you care about.
Jerry Springer: Well, his show's a parade of freakish humanity, but he is number one...
Korn: I like their music. I hate them during interviews for some reason....
Corn: Better on the cob than from a can!!!

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer: Fun. Relaxation. No worries/responsibilities.
Amanda: This really hot girl I went to high school with....
Joe - Mama
Dezzie: Up the Girl
Satan: Sneakiest, dirtiest SOB in the Universe
Pussy: he he he....Um, Nashville?
Death: Cute little Goth chick from Gaiman's Sandman.
Puppies: Scooby Doo

Have you ever met any celebrities: Only local politicians, and they don't count...
Do you have any stuffed animals, and do you have sexual relations with them: Yes, I do. And good God no, never in my lifetime nor in yours.


Favorite name for a boy/girl? Boy-- Cristos. Girl-- Eve.
What do you think of the song "Pretty FLy...": What the HELL was the Offspring thinking?
Do you believe in God? Yeah.
Does he believe in you? I bloody well hope so.
Where am I? How should I know?
Did you hear that? It's the house settling. It always makes noises like a soul in torment.
Do you know can really gross yourself out? Umm...why would I want to do that?
Do you think you're sexy? Sometimes. Okay, all the time ;)
What IS sexy, anyway? Gwyneth Paltrow/Catherine Zeta Jones/ Natalie Portman.
Are you glad this survey is over? Yes, it's 2 am now!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 02:00:03 AM

If I may, I'd like to do a survey on you kind people. WAIT! Put away your trenchcoats!! It's a family friendly survey. :o) I'm going to take the survey too, to show you it doesn't hurt. I'm gonna start with the basics, you don't have to I'll tell ya when I want you to answer, okay? All right.
My RL name- Stephen
Nickname- "My dark angel" and I really do get people to call me Jackal.
Born- The world was cursed with my presence in Sept. 1976
Location- 1134 South ofHeaven Ave. (A small town in Ga)
Height- 5 6"??
Weight- 120 (I'm a skinny little bastard).
OK, now you can start.

°°°°°May contain "questionable material°°°
Do you have any pets? Living/Dead?
What time is it right now?
What CD is in your CDplayer right now? NiN- Futher down the sprial.
CD you last bought/stole- Bought- Family Values Tour
Last movie you rented-
Do you have a boyfriend and/or girlfriend? I'm not in a realtionship :(
Favorite songs that mean the MOST to you right now- Seed- KoRn (He's talkin about how he wishes he could be like his son again, and that he's kinda jealous.
"Beatiful and carefree, that's how I used to be".)
The Downward Sprial- NiN (The words mean soo much to me. "Everything's blue in this world. He put the gun in his face... BANG! So much blood for such a tiny little hole.
Problems do have soultions, A lifetime of f***ing things up, Fixed! In one determined flash." There are times I wish I had the same determination.
Do you smoke? Yes, sometimes..., Kool Ultra's
Do you do any drugs/Don't f***in lie! You're mommy ain't readin this or is she?........, Is she? Currently, no. I don't do any drugs, though I do plan to do some X next weekend, God knows I need it. No, my mommy don't care about what I say, only what I do.
Does "COPS" quailfy as a sport? hehehe Yeah!!

What do you think of....
Eating Disorders- I've been told I have one....
Marilyn Manson-
Premarital sex- If you want to..., do it.
Jerry Springer-
KoRn- I love 'em!!!
Corn- I hate it!!

When you hear this, what do you think of?
Summer- Hot..., too hot!
AmAndA- Go to Hell and die! (Not any of you that are named Amanda).
Joe- Eat at....
Dezzie- Trippin on acid..., again?!?? Leave it alone!!
Satan- Church.
Pussy- A wet cat. (Literally).
Death- Cemetary
Puppies- 4...., dead....

More random questions...
Have you ever met any celebrities?
Do you have any stuffed animals, if so, do you have sexual realtions with any of them? Yes I do. And no..., not my own.

Pepsi or Coke? Uhhh, Dr. Pepper!
Apples or Oranges? A maggoty apple!
Dead or Dying? Dead, all nice and cool, frozen in position... ooohh yeah.
Black or white? Mix them both and give me Gray!
Boys or Girls? BOTH!!! heheheee ::innocent smile::
Silver or Gold? Gold is too Yucky.
Lucifer or Demona? I don't know...., the both of em hate me pretty bad..., though Lucifer has a good reason....... Lucifer!

More random questions....
Favorite name for a boy/girl- Marina!! Jonathan Trent will be the name of my next son, if I have one. I'm NOT making any plans!!!
What do you think of the song, "Pretty Fly for a White Guy"? Being I'm bi-racial (Mexican and White), I thought it was pretty damn funny......, the first 500 times of play!!!!
What time is it NOW?
Do you believe in God? (talking about the Christian God) I kinda have to, considering certain things that have happened in my life...., (that's not a good thing). He hates me.
Does he believe in you? No. I'm here for his assument.
Where am I? I don't know, I thought you were watching him!
Did you hear that? That dark, evil sounding whispering??? I didn't if you didn't....
Did you know if you think about what's REALLY happening during sex, you can gross yourself out? Uhhh, back when I was a teenager, I was on acid (geltabs) and having sex- my mind was focused on sex, at frist the feeling...., then..... what was causing that feeling. My mind ventured thurout the human body...., ehhhhh God! Never close your eyes on acid..., it just makes it worse.
Do you think you're sexy, honestly in your own opinion? There are times I FEEL sexy.
Do you think I'm sexy? Uhh, I would have sex with myself (clone), it would be a fun unique experience.
What IS sexy anyway? My computer. That and Dezzie..., and Jon Davis of KoRn, heheheee
Are you glad this survey is over? Yeah..., and I'm the one that thought of it..., kinda.., I had some help...
Thank you for your time, I hope you had fun!!! And thank you to the one who played my lab rat. (I don't know if you want to be mentioned, ya know..., linking yourself to this kind of evil). :o)

JackaL - []
Sunday, May 2, 1999 12:51:44 AM

Hm, slow night.

Robby> Ack...I wouldn't go to school on the 20th either. Just tell them you're dead or something. Hey, at least you'll get to see Star Wars. :) (I, on the other hand, have to wait until the thing comes out on video. So I'm probably in for a long, long wait. <sigh>) And broken limbs, lacerations, and contusions to you as well, for your play. :)

Kaioto> <<and especially Yoda … never really saw the point to that one>> Maybe because of your personality. (That was intended as a compliment, in case you couldn't tell. <g>)

Zath> Hm...this book you mentioned is starting to sound interesting. I'll look for it...<<I get about one readable one for every 10 pieces of junk>> You don't know how lucky you are to be able to write poetry at all. I'm stuck on something like the third line of one; I have been for weeks. I just can't make things rhyme...

$Kitainia> So you're heading into Nightstone. I hope Demmy doesn't remember you and the others from my second fic...<g>$ <<I think the clan needs to arm themselves with nail guns and rivet guns from construction sites, as well of Super Soakers full of iron-rich hemoglobin>> Wouldn't hemoglobin be kinda hard to extract from blood cells? Is it even possible?

Gyre> <<what would tempt Elisa, has a chance of corrupting her?>> Um...not sure, really...something to do with human acceptance of gargoyles, but accomplished in some underhanded manner (the assassination of Jon Canmore, for a start)?

Mandi> Hm...I'm not sure what's wrong with your monitor...but it sounds kind of similar to a sick monitor I encountered once. It would flicker, the aspect ratio was off, sometimes it would stop working altogether. I figured out what was happening when I noticed an odd smell coming from the ventilation slits on the top and back. I listened closely, and heard the insides sizzling. I told the owner (this wasn't my monitor, thank the Elder Court) to unplug it right away before it started a fire.

Has anyone seen the commercial for The Mummy (the new version)? I can't figure out where that music's from! I think a version of it was also in the commercials for the X-Files movie, but...I CAN'T FIND IT! (I bought the X-Files soundtrack mostly for that song. Imagine my surprise when it wasn't there.)

Christine> <<what was the question?>> No question, really; I simply mentioned Aiwaz and wondered who recognized the name...

Wilek Nereus
Sunday, May 2, 1999 12:45:36 AM

Only 14 posts since yesterday? Hope the room isn't frozen again...
Sunday, May 2, 1999 12:15:45 AM

Crowley > what was the question? I know a little; Tim knows more (we may be the only people in history who included a quote from him in our wedding vows ...)

Zath > ooh, hey, if you can't get to a scanner, you can always snail-mail it to me and I'll do it! ; )

Star Wars Toys > Kay-Bee and Toys R Us here are opening at 12:01 AM Monday ... they have signs all over the store ... they're playing the soundtrack ... it's gonna be big.

Christine - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 11:51:21 PM

Okay, I know this is off topic, and I'm really sorry, but I know someone here must have some advice and I'm not waiting til Monday to beg IT for help. Anyone with PC hardware experience, please read:

If in the event your picture tube on your monitor is considering suicide (read: screen likes to flicker at intervals, the vertical interminably shrinks from the time you start your computer til you shut down, then starts off normal the next time) and you have two weeks left of school, is there anything one can do to keep it from kicking the bucket before finals? I refuse to try to fight for a lab computer now. Not this late in the semester. I didn't like the idea of having a monitor with speakers built in, and I know that must have something to do with it.

Sorry about this. If anyone has any practical advice, please mail me. I'm already in too much trouble with my supervisor to get away with "borrowing" a monitor from the IT department. :)

Mandi Ohlin - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 09:25:42 PM

Hmm... This is kinda interesting... I was just doing a DOGPILE search, with the search topics "Dragonball Z" "Cartoon Network" "Season 3". And " came up with the TGS full comment room at the end of the list, # 10! Wierd given what it was supposed to be searching for... Even wierder is how its described.

"Add to the Comment Room/ Last weeks's COmment Room / TGS Website / Text-only Comment Room Aaaaaaaaaaaaand.. Midnight. Hmm. Now where's this week's episode? Robby Monday, January 18,1999 12:00:01 AM IP **RP!**"

I can't believe THATS whats plugging this site... A minor meaningless post I made more than four months ago... No wonder we haven't gotten a lot of newbies lately...

Saturday, May 1, 1999 06:52:27 PM

Hi everybody. I haven't posted in a long time.

Two things

1> I'm glad "The Drowned City" got such good reviews, I had a lot of fun writing it. This was the first fanfic I worked on to ever get released on the net. (I'm currently working on a BIG indie fic) Todd handled the scenes in Ys, while I mostly handled the Whowie scenes and the final Madoc scene, but to give Todd his credit, he did help me A LOT.

It was good working with you Todd.

Wilek. Actually Griff's "The only thing more dangerous than Madoc and his cratures. Reporters." line was a reference to the Babylon 5 episode "The Illusion of Truth" when Sheridan says: "There's only one thing in the galaxy more dangerous than the Shadows. Reporters".

Which brings us to...

2. Trenchcoats> I completly despise the fact that trenchcoats are being made to be the uniforms of evil now. I wear a black trenchcoat and I LOVE it. I do not support what happened in Littleton at all but I hate the way the media is dealing with this tragedy.

One more thing. Guess what happened in the TGS universe last night. Heheheheheh.

::leaves before the spoiler police come after him::

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 06:29:32 PM

Still working on that satire (it's rhyming, 4 pages long by now, and trashing the tech department here scathingly), so here's a short comment.

Argent> Forgot to say this since I was doing major catchup: Good luck! You'll be fine!

Robby> "Midsummer Night's Dream?" Cool! I wish Hood could find a way to do Shakespeare performances...but the theater group is already given too little to pull off a "typical" non-musical show...

And a last note about Littleton et al: My take on it is this. I have no sympathy for these psychotics who went on that massacre, nor do I have sympathy for those who copycatted them. I do understand on some level the anger that stems from being "different" and not locked in a clique of cheerleaders. What I can't imagine is how someone could take it to such an extreme level that would result in a horrific act like that. And you know what? The anger came from being treated like dirt because they were different. It wasn't magically cursed on them by TV or music or video games. Television alone can't drive someone to do that. If it could, I'd be a raving lunatic by now. (I am instead a deceptively quiet lunatic. *j/k*)

You can't just go and blame TV or music or video games, or the Net. I can understand why some parents, if they couldn't monitor their ten-year-old boy's Net surfing, would cut off Net access in the wake of something like this. But only if they couldn't monitor it themselves; for example, I know a lot of WebTV users I've run into on newsgroups are idiots, but I have a friend who has it, and it's a lot easier to keep an eye on what your kid is looking at on a TV screen than on a computer. There are alternatives, people! And as irritating as they are, there are content filters (although Net Nanny is evil) too. *sigh*

And where did that moron who said that human brains are not fully developed til age 21 get his degree? Screw U? I mentioned this to a psychology prof I know, and she was amazed that anyone with a Ph.D. would actually claim something so stupid. Next thing you know, they'll start pointing fingers at people with ADD.

Eep. That's actually a possibility at this point. **shudder**

So that wasn't short. I'd better save my work and get some dinner.

Mandi Ohlin - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 04:56:26 PM

Here's one. What would temp Elisa? We saw Goliath almost
corrupted by the power of the Eye of Odin, we've seen Elisa herself admit that it is not impossible to be tempted. So the question is what would tempt Elisa, has a chance of corrupting her?
Gyre - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 02:38:27 PM

Jackal> Yah I can see you doing that. You in your leather duds and your pierced whatevers with that thar look on your face. :P

Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:00:35 PM

Hey, I just thought about something!!!
<<Yeesh, like who's moving there, huh?>>
I will..., well would if I could. And I'll tell ya why..., for art, to make a statement. I would masturbate in public, I mean..., I'm not having sex with anyone, what's the problem? heheheheee

Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:32:10 PM

Carolynn Marie- That's pretty damn dumb, hehehee.
Manson and the Media- In Manson's older dayz he wouldn't have given a damn about the media, quite honestly, maybe not even about the kids that got shot. I'm hopin maybe he's just tried of all the bullsh*t that surrounds him, and not bein a "sell out".

<<if this whole "Goth" thing is about induviduality, why are so many people doing it?>>
I'll spare everyone a long post and go with the basic answer..., Because YOU (YOU being an individual- not speaking about YOU directly, but using the word YOU refering to other people), think it's pretty damn cool to look that way. YOU feel safe like that, as if it gives YOU some meaning, reflecting your soul for other to see. (Why do I feel like I contradicted myself in some way)???

<<I'll take the opportunity to see Star Wars probably...>>
Yeah! If you don't wanna get blown up, go see a movie!!

<<I don't care how freaky you wan'na make people think you are JackaL me lad, your OK in my book>>
::JackaL begins to look shy and timid:: Wha...., what did i do?
I rarely know how to react to...., what's that word..., acceptence? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? But hey, thank you anyway..., right?

Hey, I smell Christmas, what IS that?

Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:25:15 PM

*kapwing!* Gotta post real quick; going out in a few minutes, literally.

TOKU< No, no, no, no, no, not even! No "you can do this, but you can't do that". Nothing like that. Just plain ol' sex, simply for the means of procreation and continuing the human race. Yeesh, like who's moving there, huh? :)

Carolynn Marie - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:07:18 PM


The display comes on with Daria and Jane running from the Borg. Suddenly Jane drops her sketchbook and trips over it. In the same instant one of Butt-Borg's tentacles grabs her. "Daria!" Jane screams. "Jane?" Daria stops to look back. "No!" "Run!!" Jane screams at her friend. "Get help!! Don't let them get you!! It's too late for me!!" Her cries become louder as Borg nanites start spreading over her skin. "Jane,..." Daria stammers, not knowing what to do as Borgis and Butt-Borg begin their charecteristic laugh. "You're next, sister," Quinn says from behind her. Daria drops her jaw and sees her now-assimilated family (who were at the school for a conference) and classmates. "No!! This can not be happening to me!!!" Daria screams and runs, the Borgs' tentacles snapping just inches short of her. "Stop, Diarrhea!!" Borgis orders her. "Yeah," the perpetually shaking McVicker snaps as he steps in front of Daria. "Stop or die!!" Daria rolls her eyes and easily knocks the former principal down, rushing past him, away from the Borg, and out of the school. "Help me!!" McVicker whines as her footfalls click down the tile. "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

The display changes to the Ravens, who are arriving in New York. "So, Doug," Jammer is saying, "why are we here again?" "To check out Nightstone Unlimited," Doug says. "Thailog used to be the co-owner of it, I'm betting he still has some connections to the company. If so, this is a good spot to pick up his trail." "Doug, it's going to be difficult breaking into Nightstone," Kitainia says. "And aren't you worried about the current CEO, Demona?" "I'm sure we can handle her if it becomes necessary." "Oh boy," Kitainia sighs as she turns to make a post.


Hi everyone. Hope you're all enjoying your late-night surfing. Good news. Today I gained more respect for our local movie critic. He may have totally flamed both Entrapment and Idle Hands (he was of course partly right), but he also contributed a column to the paper today that talked about violence in movies. It was very well-written, and talked about how art should not have to conform to any standards that can restrict it as well as pointed out the very large numbers of people who see violent movies and don't go nuts and start capping people off. He also said that the Littleton kids were not made neo-Nazis because they liked American History X, they liked AHX because they were already neo-Nazis and the movie somewhat pandered to their view of the world. Finally, we get an intelligent argument about the reactions to the Littleton situation. In the letters to the editor I found more of the same. Maybe things are looking up. <hope>

Baby Fey: Thanks for the update on how the situation affects you. I totally agree with you about choices. Until the s*&$ blows over, you, Ravyn, and all other somewhat-social-outcasts will constantly be in my prayers.


What did I think of Idle Hands and Entrapment? Okay, here goes. Both movies had their moments. I give them each a 2.5/5. Idle Hands had a lot of funny parts, especially where Seth Green is concerned. It had a lousy and stupid script, but Green triumphed in it. He must have taken acting coaching from Nicholas Brendon, his character was very Xander-esque. The movie wasn't that scary, and it had a lot of lame cliches, but it was okay. Glad I spent money on it. As for Entrapment, SJ pretty much said all the good parts of it. He forgot to mention the major plot holes it had, though, and the way too amazing stunts. Don't get me wrong, I like stunts, but when they're so obviously faked, it's not the same. :( So that movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But at least there were excellent preformances from Will Patton, Sean Connery, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Kyryn: Aha, another woman who uses video games to blow off stress. Glad Stephanie, Elena, and I aren't the only ones. :) That situation you described with Okami and Doom sounds very familiar. <grin> And I of course agree with you about people's attitudes towards and the possible positive effects of violence in games.

DarkAngel: Okay, that guy should not have been counted as an expert. Hope lots of people see the obvious fallacy of his ridculous claim.

Shogun: It was in the CR back in December. Check the archives, it might be in there. If not, get back to me and Doug and I will see what we can dig up. :)

Gyre: I agree with you and all the other people who say wars are not won by playing waiting games. I think the clan needs to arm themselves with nail guns and rivet guns from construction sites, as well of Super Soakers full of iron-rich hemoglobin, head to the Brocken, and kick some Unseelie bootie. :) Now if only they knew where Madoc's castle was... <grin> Whatever happens, the Unseelie Lord definitely needs to have his ego royally deflated. It's getting way too big, and unlike that of Doug's evil dragon character Jadriel, it is seemingly unable to rationally think and evolve. :(

Mandi: Congrats on finishing that lit magazine. And I share your worries about the violence in entertainment summit's results.

Kaioto: <claps, whoops loudly> Excellent rant. Doug and I agree with it completely. Especially like the discussion of emotions' results and the imagery about the apple of Eris and the laughter in Hell. You need to post that in your school newspaper if possible. Hope people read it and pay attention. I know we did. :)

Carolynn Marie: They banned sex? That's crazy!! I know an Iowa county that will be having a major population drop soon. :)

Jaden: Your words make perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing them, I agree with every word.

Zath: I totally agree with you about some people's brains needing more development. They think they're so perfect, and never realize they aren't unless somebody gets the guts to tell them. And then that person is usually punished and/or ignored. Unfortunately for Doug and me, some of the dumass egotistical a-dolts happen to be Doug's mother, her parents, and most of her siblings. :(

<yawns> I need some sleep, too. That's all for now. Later, ppl!


"Okay," Doug says as they stop outside the Days Inn. "We'll get some rooms here and then plan our assault on Nightstone." "Doug!" Stephanie suddenly points out the window. "Isn't that..." "DisConnect!" Doug whistles. "Wonder what he's doing here?" "I don't know," says Gubio. "But he just nuked my laptop connection." Doug growls and hops out of the Onslaught, Kitainia and the others following. "You!" Gubio yells at DC. "Um, hi, Doug," the jerk hacker begins. "I need your help." "My help?" Doug asks. "Guys, let's give him a little help." They all nod in agreement and draw their weapons. "Um, guys..." DC begins. "Shut up," Kitainia hisses as she blows him away. The team begins killing DC in various ways, taking revenge on him for all their computer mishaps. It looks like whatever DC came to tell them, he won't be saying it any time soon.

Meanwhile, in Deavik's fortress on Gehenna, Zezil the imp is reporting on the Ravens' recent activity. "Hmm," the ultroloth thinks. "So they have lost their licenses, but are still trying to save the world. Can't fault them for lack of persistence. Keep watching them. We lost Licreg and his legion to the Ravens, they are formidable foes we must learn to control." The imp nods and vanishes, and Deavik summons another one, a blue imp that looks a lot like Panic of Disney's Hercules fame. Deavik shares with this imp Zezil's report. "Make sure Thailog learns of the Ravens' current activities," the daemon lord commands. "Yes sir!" the imp salutes, disappearing in a ball of flame and reappearing in some kind of alchemist laboratory inside the enemy's secret base. "What is it, my familiar?" Kharsus asks, turning to face the imp from where he is working nearby. "Master," the imp squeaks, "I have learned some very important news."


Kitainia - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 02:59:40 AM

Doh! "I what anyone else thought" was supposed to be "I want to know what anyone else thought about it" I guess I need some sleep.
Saturday, May 1, 1999 02:46:20 AM

(this is for not letting me in here for weeks on end)
**Mr. Dis Connect walks into the CR and instantly wonders why so many people are wearing trash bags over their clothing and what that odd rumbling noise, not unlike several gas powered engines, in the background is. Kenny, the CR lawyer, approaches Mr. DC carrying a clipboard with some papers on it and a pen. "Excuse me sir, we are about to begin filming a special for the FOX network and were wondering if you would like to participate."
"Would I have to wear one of those stupid trash bags?"
"Not if you don't want to."
"And I'd get to be on TV?"
"That is correct, sir."
"What would I have to do?"
"Nothing very difficult. Just be yourself. I have a few standard forms you need to fill out, and then we can get started." Kenny holds out the clipboard, pointing to a dotted line. "If you would just sign here..." DC signs, and Kenny turns the page and points to another line. "And here..." DC signs. "Here and here…" DC signs. "Here..." DC signs and Kenny quickly pockets the blank check. "And initial here... Thank you sir. Here's your copy, and we should be starting momentarily." Kenny removes one of the sheets of paper from his clipboard, folds it neatly, hands it to DC, and begins walking toward the door.
"Wait a second!" DC shouts. "What's this show called?"
Kenny, who is almost to the door, pauses and looks over his shoulder. "It should say on the liability waiver you signed." He continues out of the CR as the rumbling noise raises in volume, as well as pitch. DC unfolds the paper and reads at the top, which had previously been hidden by the clip, "When People With Chainsaws Attack." DC screams and desperately looks around for somewhere to hide.
At that very moment, all the doors leading to the CR are kicked open. Zath, Thailog Horror, Ash, Leatherface, and anyone else who feels like participating run in carrying chainsaws. They chop DC into little twitching bits and then stomp on them until he resembles thick tomato soup.
***** END DC DEATH *****

Wow, it's been SO long since I was last in here. Right before the CR went down I started replying the everything, but that was so long ago I'll just post the recent stuff. Anyway, I just finished reading a book called "Sewer, Gas & Electric" that seems to have a lot of parallels with Gargoyles, and I what anyone else thought...

1. Both take place mostly in New York.
2. Both have explosions and massive amounts of property damage.
3. Both have a character who is a 40something self-made billionaire (David Xanatos / Harry Gant).
4. Both billionaires own the world's tallest building (Xanatos owns the Eyrie. / Gant owns the Phoenix, whose upper pinnacle is called the Eyrie).
5. Both involve things falling off those buildings and damaging cars.
6. Both billionaires produce human looking androids (Xanatos makes Coyote 1.0. / Gant makes "Automatic Servants".)
7. Both have crazy, homicidal cyborgs (Jackal and Hyena / Troubadour and Maxwell).
8. Both have genetically altered organisms (Talon, Maggie, Fang, etc. / Meisterbrau, the 3-headed squirrels, everything living in the sewer).
9. Both have a mad scientist (Anton Sevarius / John Hoover).
10. Both have a small group trying to save the environment by resorting to guerrilla fighting tactics (the Guatemalan gargs / the crew of the pirate submarine "the Yabba-Dabba-Doo").
11. Both have food used as a weapon (Broadway brains a Viking with a ham / Morris sinks a ship with a salami fired out of a rail gun).
12. Both have artificial intelligence (Coyote and possibly the Xanatos Program / G.A.S. and The Eye of Africa).
13. Both have a character out to destroy the human race (Demona / G.A.S.).
14. Both have attempted genocide using a designer virus.
15. Both have their plan foiled when someone catches the canister containing the virus at the very last moment.
16. Both have artificial insects (the DNA collecting mosquitoes / radar-jamming swarms of robotic locusts).
17. Both involve Disney as a bad influence (Gargoyles was canceled by Disney / Walt Disney funded the G.A.S. project and G.A.S. was located in a secred bunker under Disneyland.).

Could *all* of this be a coincidence? I think not.

Happy birthday jewel and everyone else who had one since I last posted

Littleton> <<I honestly don't see how yall can say this massacre came as no surprise, have yall become that desensitized?>> I wouldn't say that I'm desensitized, at least not to real life violence. I can laugh while watching it in a movie, but that's because I know it's all blood squibs (which are exploding condoms filled with red corn syrup, so of course they’re funny) and stunt work. When something like this happens in RL, that's a completely different, more horrible, story. I was shocked and extremely saddened by what happened, but, unfortunately, I was not surprised that it happened. In fact, I think my school would be a perfect target for this type of thing, because bomb threats have become so routine (whenever someone wants to try and get out of a test they have someone call in a threat from a pay phone) that the school just completely ignores them. Every week or so you can overhear the teachers talking to each other saying stuff like "yeah, there was another one today," but no one does anything anymore because this has been going on for *years*! I wonder if the school in Littleton ignored a call that awful day...

Wilek> <<anyone here familiar with Aleister Crowley?>> My sociology teacher actually just mentioned him the other day.

Fire Storm> <<what does the Water Fae use>> Platinum?

Deuce and Robby> I know you said the illustrated quote page is on hold, but I have two pics that are ready and one more that just needs to be scanned. Which one of you I should send the files to? Also, when the illustrated quote page is finally put up, is it just going to be a list of picture links, or is it going to be more like a second copy of each story that just has more art?

SOROW> Very cool poems. I wish I could have the same consistency in my work (I get about one readable one for every 10 pieces of junk, and considering how often I actually write anything, it takes a long time to get a readable one).

Mary Flanders> I know exactly how that feels. Maybe we could start a social movement... "Lunchtime book readers unite!" (or would uniting defeat the purpose?) : )

SJ> <<some moron, a "specialist", on television today, saying that parents "have not just the right, but the responsibility, to take these games away from their children" because they, and I quote: "teach them all the essentials needed to kill">> If that was true kids would be going around pointing Sega controllers at people, pushing the buttons, and expecting their guts to explode. That "specialist" really needs to get a clue. <<Most people are predicting it'll do about 2 billion. With Lucas making a billion off the top>> How many movies like that would it take to make him richer than Bill Gates? <<This movie looks plain awful. A possessed hand?>> I agree, we all already know that the only way to deal with a possessed hand it to cut it off with a chainsaw and replace it with something cool, thus assuring your movie cult status, and that's already been done. : )

Christine> I like the new pics. I actually did one of Demona and Jericho, but it still needs to be scanned (I tried to do that at school today, but it just didn't work out).

Fleur> <<The guy gives Mickey mouse pride of place (on his _biceps_ people, get your minds out of the gutter :) ), but he stick the gargs on his @$$?>> *asks innocently* Wouldn't that be a better place to put Pooh?

Aaron> <<anyone out there planning to blow away a bunch of classmates, please do it wearing blue jeans and a white dress shirt>> Or even better, do it wearing high heels, a skirt, and one of those really tight shirts that looks five sizes too small.

Robby> <<The media and Congress... Both things that don't make sense>> It's like that old joke, "If pro is the opposite of con, what's the opposite of progress?"

DarkAngel> <<A person's brain is not fully developed until they're 21? Puhleaze>> Judging by the backlash, I'd say a lot of people's never developed at all. It seems like these people are saying, "I'm perfect, it's impossible that I did anything wrong, so it must all be your fault."

Carolynn Marie> <<he wore a bright orange prison uniform>> I seem to recall that someone at my old school got suspended for doing that a couple of years ago. I wish I could remember what the school's excuse was because it wasn't even against dress code or anything.

Argent and Robby> *Zath pulls out a baseball bat and breaks both of Argent's legs. Zath is about to do the same to Robby, but decides it would be more fitting to use a hockey stick on him*

By now, most of the chainsaw wielding maniacs have left (and Ash was chased off by a mob of screaming fans), leaving only Zath, T Horror, Leatherface, and a few others. Seeing that DC is beginning to reassemble himself, Zath gets an idea, picks up a handful of DC, and throws it at Leatherface, yelling "Food fight!" Leatherface retaliates. Soon everyone has joined in and is even more completely covered in blood and gore than they had been. Mr. DC is so scrambled that it will take hours for him to recover. The CR janitor just grumbles and goes to look for his extra large mop.

Okay, now I need to go catch up on TGS. Bye all.

Zath - [<-- clickie to see Zath and Kitty]
Saturday, May 1, 1999 02:37:16 AM

Gon'na try getting Richard on the Wall this time ... :)

Jaden: I remember name calling in middle-school. They called me Geek, Nerd-boy, Freak, and especially Yoda … never really saw the point to that one, I wasn't short and I made organized sentences and I kinda think he was like the kewlest muppet type character of all time. *L* Anyway, if high school it was all about stupid pranks, breaking other people's property, and the occasional beating. (You can tell I went to an all boys Catholic School eh?) I never let anybody go that far around me or my friends though … having Gary (the brown belt in Aikido from Russia) around never hurt either. *L* The most flack I got was for having a pony-tail. Random people I'd never even met in the school seemed to find it a sport to yell, "_____, get a hair cut" or called me a scrub when I was growing it out. :P Whatever those guys. They all either grew out of it or developed social problems in work environments *L*

Got to love the CIS (Computer Information Systems) department though. The only place in the private sector you can totally freak/ geek out in a low level position and still have the "normal" employees grovel at your feet. :) (And make more money than them hand over fist .*LOL*) Poetic Justice is sweet revenge. :)

Shogun Raptor: Wow, thanks man … I'm thinkin' about spamming my major local publications …

Wilek: >> Your friend was suspended for WHAT?!?!?! <GRRR> Words fail me. [Seeing no other more suitable target, Wilek tears Mr. Disconnect limb from bloody limb.] << *Eric Cartman voice which I do impeccably IRL* I … am so … pissed off … right now … you guys … ~ seriously ~! …

Carolynn Marie: I still believe that sodomy (sp) is illegal in most Eastern and Southern States … I'd have to say that as much as I don't approve of any kind of fornication (sex outside marriage) I hardly think these laws are fair to homosexuals. Even if not enforced, they are a slap in the face. They are also intrusive to the private lives of hederosexuals as well. This has no place in secular law, and I wonder about how important it really is in the grand scheme of things for religion.

Also: Orange Prison Uniforms *ROTFLMAO* Would make a good protest sign if they didn't match the state or federal styles, but still were obvious :)

Argent: *hands you a baseball bat* Break a lot of legs … just not here :)

Robby: "A Midsummer's Night Dream?" Kewlies *Hands you a lacrosse stick* This'll do you for leg breaking. It hurts bad enough when you are wearing shin guards.

JackaL: *Clasps a hand on your shoulder, points to you* Did I ever mention I love this guy? *L* I don't care how freaky you wan'na make people think you are JackaL me lad, your OK in my book. :)

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:59:35 AM

Ah, after that last post I just gotta iclude this.

"Da da daaa da da!
Da da daaa da da!
Start spreadin' the news... I'm coming today! I want to be a part of it, New York..."

Robby the CR DJ
Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:48:30 AM

Most of the conversation of late has beenabout Littleton and Trenchcoats and censorship and such, so I figure I should throw this in. I'm not going to school May 20th. Why? I seriously fear for my life. Why? *THIS* was written on a bathroom wall.

"You think what happened in Colorado was bad? Wait until May 20th."

This may refer to someone planning to bring a bomb, a gun, or be a big hoax to get out of a test or project on the 20th. Any way its sliced, I'm NOT going to school on the 20th. Neither are some teachers and a lot of students. Wrong ain't it? On the upside, I'll take the opportunity to see Star Wars probably...

On a lighter note, since you're all wishing Argent good luck on her play, I suppose I should plug the one I'm performing in on Thursday. What play? You ask. What character? You ask. Why are you assuming we're asking these questins? You ask. Well, I'm just gonna give a line as a clue... You should be able to figure out not only the play, but who I'm playing...

"If we shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended.
That you have but slumbered here
As these visions did appear."

SJ- "His lovely, I mean companion" Appropriate way to descripe Kari.


Jim has proceeded to strap Dis Connect to a bicycle loaded with explosives.
"Okay DC, what you're gonna do, is pedal real hard and try to cross that mile long chasm Robbie Knieval style. When you don't make it... Er... IF you don't make it... The explosives will go off, roasting you in a nasty burning death so that you don't feel pain when you die hitting the bottom."
"Gee, how considerate."
DC is given a push head start, and though he doesn't pedal, he does proceed to fall right off, and get blown up good.
The party goes along great without DC.

Hours later, DC reassembles, and a hidden device from somewhere beeps, and a message comes in. "DC..."
"Um... yes Lonny?"
"You've been running from me. You shouldn't do that."
"I haven't been running! Its just you know how to kill me permanently and I'm afraid you're gonna do just that after the whole April Fool's fiasco..."
"No way!" DC runs for his life, and begins to head for New York. Why New York? I dunno, I guess he wants to be a part of it... (And yes, the party is still going on while all this is happening.)

Nearly two days later of constant running from danger, DC spots the equipment of someone who he knows can help protect him. Evil theme music from Final Fantasy 2 (click!)begins to play for him as he approaches someone who hates him.
"YOU!" Angry looks all around, as DC is stared at with scorn.
"Um... Hello Doug..."

Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:37:41 AM

Wilek> <<I think I known where I'll be that day.>> Known? <thaps Wilek on the head> I've told you a thousand times to BE MORE CAREFUL when you type! As if having only four fingers on each hand didn't make it hard enough, you're just bad at it too. Ya mook.


Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:34:52 AM

Hi, folks! I thought I'd never get back in.

Colombine High shooting> As being somewhat of a misfit, I took the news of this tragedy pretty hard. My parents too, especially my mom. For crying out loud, I only have a few lousy weeks of high school left. It's pretty hard to go to
college and enlist in the Marine Corps when you're in jail. Fortunately, we talked about it and she apologized for the way she had been acting lately. Still not thrilled about me in the Marines though.

I blame most of her paranoia on the media. At least I don't mutilate wild animals and pets and behave like rejects from Saturday Night Live like some of the kids at school though. That's what scares me.I do believe that mass media is partially responsible for the violence in our
country. But I don't think that the Nazis watched alot of TV. Sure, there was a lot of hate literature, but they didn't have to buy into it. People are using this incident to either take a political advantage or to beat up on our Constitutional Rights.

Firearms: Now, I'm fairly liberal but something doesn't seem right here. In many countries in Europe have fairly leanient gun control laws and have a low gun-related murder rate (Excluding Kosovo). But the gun-related murder rate in the U.S is far higher, despite the more restrictive laws. (In the state of Nebraska, you can't have a conceled firearm, but you can have a machine/sub-machine gun, like an MP-5, if you have a federal permit. So, a person can legally walk out into the street with an M-16 slung over your shoulder.) I do believe that many gun-control laws are needed because of the considerable irresponsbility and incompitence in this country. But I don't like the idea of responsible gun owners being punished because of the irresponsiblity, and if I may be so blunt, stupidity, of small groups of people like the Trenchcoat Mafia.

Video games: Some people accuse games like "Doom" of desensitizing young people to violence. I call it a way to release some agression.

TV and movies: In the news, they also say the sex and violence in tv and movies messes kids up. Then they broadcast the OJ Simpson trial and the Presidential sex scandal all the time.

Music: Normally, I'd be on the music industry's side, but Mary Manson is pushing it a little. I don't mean to offend anyone, but if this whole "Goth" thing is about induviduality, why are so many people doing it?

What ever happened to personal responsiblity?

Let me tell you a little ancedote. A couple days ago, we were joking around with our Government teacher, Jerry Wallace, and he brought up that one one girl at Liddleton who was shot to death after the killer asked her if she believed in God. Wallace said his response would have been, "No, now shoot me you ugly trenchcoat-wearing son of a bitch."

Yesterday, the Spanish teacher, Mr. Wilson (I call no Dennis The Menace jokes), said that Wallace told another wiseass comment to the rest of the teachers. He said that he'd been at that school, there would have only two dead. The two kids with the guns. I'm not sure that I'd put that past him. Before becoming a teacher, he was a career US Army officer who worked with intelligence and had Airborne training among other things. And on a couple of occassions during class, has blurted out certain things that he's quick to deny later on.

In recent news, Pentagon officials now believe that the Serbs were not responsible for the shooting down of the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter in Kosovo. There were no innocent women or children on board.


Tim P.
Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:31:12 AM

NO RP TONIGHT! I just so tired.

Well it's nice to be able to reach this place at home once again. Miss me? I know you did.

Umbriel-That's sad. That's just so sad. I mean that was like a Titanic sad.

Littleton-You know it's weird. Most people are blaming movies, the Internet, music, video games , even the cops and just about anything you can think of. But does anyone notice that we are blaming everything but ourselves? I mean we tell children not to use hurt others and then they see the exact opposite going on in the real world. Our history if full of it. We have to start taking responsibility for these things or they will keep happening. What am I saying? It already has happened again in Canada. At my old high school there was a bomb threat and most of the police were patroling the entire campus. And some guy from the same school pretended to have a bomb and took hostages at a bank because he wanted to tell people how upset he was about Littleton.

I try to understand what these people must be thinking and I'm just not sure. I don't care how you were treated by other people that doesn't give you the right to kill them. I was an outcast for almost four years. I went to a private school and most of the kids in my class called me names or just found some way to make fun of me just because I didn't think or act the way they did. Part of me would have loved to make them feel the way they made me feel, but I knew that it was wrong. Everytime I try to figure out what's going on with the world I just start to feel sick.
Does this make any sense to anyone or is this just a mindless rant?

Well like I said I'm tired. I'm glad to be back for now.
Good Night.

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:04:00 AM

whoops, forgot m' name and color, not to mention pic
Shogun raptor
Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:02:37 AM

Kaioto> of all the rants I've been reading here in addition to my own...*choked up* THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL MAN! a real literary masterpiece


Events of the past few days> I figure someone had better say this:

Saturday, May 1, 1999 01:01:20 AM


[A Dalek factory ship--one of the ones from the Wolf 359 research station--approaches the Avatar Of Ganon. The Dalek Administrator, who is aboard, hails Agent Rho: "AVATAR OF GANON, THIS IS DFS8567. WE ARE ALL THAT REMAINS OF DRCW359." Rho: "What?! How? What happened?" D.Admin.: "THE BORG. THE COLLECTIVE UNDER THE COMMAND OF THE BORG KNOWN AS GUOD ATTACKED OUR STATION. THE INVASION FORCE WAS UPON US BEFORE WE COULD REACT. WE BARELY MANAGED TO GATHER OUR PLANS AND PROTOTYPES BEFORE HAVING TO EVACUATE. WE REQUIRE SANCTUARY, AND A PLACE TO REBUILD." Rho: "Of course! Feel free to dock here. In fact, we have a World Devastator-class ship; you can use that in addition to your own factory ship." D.Admin.: "WE ARE INDEBTED TO YOU." The factory ship begins docking procedures.]


Theresa> I finally got around to reading that link. That is really moving stuff. A friend of mine was in essentially the same situation as the kids who spoke out, except he didn't have the Internet to rely on back when he was still in school. I'm certain that if he hadn't graduated when he had, his classmates would have driven him just as insane as the psychos at Littleton...but *they* weren't as insane as the media seems to be...


Finally, I get the chance to read these! These are the first TGS eps I've read since that one before Survival...

Drowned City> How in the <censored> do you pronounce Whowie?! :P Oh good, Grimalkin's back. He's quickly becoming my favorite Unseelie. There's just something about an evil talking cat...Elder Court? the Fey aren't all Seelie and Unseelie...I wonder if Queen Danu has something to do with all this...<<"The only thing more dangerous than Madoc and his creatures," said Griff. "Reporters.">> Is this not related to what we were just talking about regarding Littleton and the media? Creepy. <<On the other hand, some of those stories that I've heard recently from that part of the world, about the chap running around in silver armor - can't remember his name at the moment - but he might be able to handle it.>> Never has a future plotline been more predictable. Not that I mind. <g>

Conspiracies> Well, this one's extremely interesting. I wonder what the FBI want with him. Oh...they think he's a Communist. If he were, I could understand their attitude, but...<sigh> yet another case of misunderstanding and mistaken identity. Again, like Goths and geeks in the wake of Littleton. Is anyone else getting frightened? Oh, my--they think Brook and Sata are Communists?! <grr> And now Mark thinks they're working for HUAC?! <GRR> We gargs always get the short end of the blasted stick! the Illuminati are involved? Heh, I was wondering what was taking them so long to show up in a story called Conspiracies. :) So...they took down HUAC. For what purpose? Were they really behind the Communists? Or is it something a little more...interesting? <g>


Black Trenchcoats> I think I've said this before, but I think they look intensely kewl. I might have a future villain wear one, with a matching wide-brimmed hat. (I'd be an excellent fashion consultant. :P )

Deuce> Forgot last time: Get well soon. <decapitates Sli Sludge with a chainsaw> <<it seems that people are looking for a way to make misfits "fit in". Comments on this, anyone?>> All those who would 'normalize' those who happen to be different from their little cookiecutter vision of perfection by taking their coats and their games can watch their stagnating paranoid society collapse around them because of their own idiocy and then shove it up their <censored> while we geeks and Goths sit safely outside, playing Turok and Heretic II and celebrating the self-inflicted fall of our persecutors. And I hope the next idiot who goes psycho and tries to kill all their classmates is wearing mostly Tommy Hilfiger clothing at the time. <blink> Umm...ignore that; I just had to get it off my chest...

Baby Fey> <<Im the anti-spice>> One would think she'd be *applauded* for that. :P

Jenna> <<All this talk about how evil games are makes we want to run out and buy Silent Hill!!!>> You too? I've been meaning to get it for quite a while. Along with the Resident Evil series, perhaps Clocktower and Nightmare Creatures, Harvester...maybe even Phantasmagoria 2 if I can find out how its censoring system works. (If anyone here who has the game can tell me if violence and sex can be locked out separately, I'd be eternally grateful. thx)

Mandi> Your friend was suspended for WHAT?!?!?! <GRRR> Words fail me. [Seeing no other more suitable target, Wilek tears Mr. Disconnect limb from bloody limb.]

Argent> <<Wish me a broken leg!>> Broken leg? Why, I wish you two broken legs and arms and multiple contusions and lacerations. In case you can't tell, that's a wish for good fortune. :)

Click my name and be intensely creeped out.

Carolynn Marie> <<One of the counties in Iowa banned sex.>> Umm...what? So...they're *trying* to reduce their population to zero?

By the way, I'm not sure who else is going to care, but...May 3 is the projected release date for an absolute insanity of Star Wars Ep. I collectibles. Figures, vehicles, models, and even <drum roll> Darth Maul's lightsaber. I think I known where I'll be that day.

$SJ> You sure that's not one Professor Crane you've encountered? <g>$


[Wilek is showing Argent and Jewel*D around Disney World. Argent: "<points to a building> That looks interesting." Wilek: "That's what I thought, until I went in. It's *so* boring. Now *that*, on the other hand--<points to the Innoventions complex>--is *extremely* kewl. They have--" Wilek is interrupted by his cell phone. Rho: "It's us. Bad news: Guod got our research station." Wilek: "What?! I knew he had at least a few Daleks, but the whole station...Are there any survivors?" Rho: "A ship full. I let them borrow our Devastator; they're chewing up asteroids with it as we speak." Wilek: "Good, so it's only a matter of time before they're back up to full strength. in the world did Guod take out a base full of Daleks so quickly?" Rho: "They weren't a military base, so they weren't well defended. But now that they're with us..." Wilek: "...they'll be unstoppable. This may be a blessing in disguise." Rho: "So it may. Avatar out." Wilek: "<to Argent> Now, where were we..."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:29:33 AM

****BEGIN RP*****
Sevarius Jr., his lovely, I mean companion, Kari, and the ever intimidating Hounds are busy looking for the offices of Michael Eisner.
"If there's one man in the whole wide world who knows where my dad is, it'll be him," SJ said with determined grin.
"How are you so sure?" Kari asked.
"Well, he DOES own the copyright."
****PAUSE RP*****

Outcasts: Hopefully this thing will all die down in a week or so, but still, everyone who considers themselve a geek, a misfit, a Goth, an outsider, anyone who doesn't blindly follow public opinion like a wave of mindless sheep, anyone who is slightly different.....get ready for a continuing backlash. Look for even more annoying morons to judge you on appearance alone, look for poor, ignorant fools to ridicule you, and look for more of the same crap you've always gotten, only more so. Damn.
You know, my sociology teacher had some interesting things to say about this. It's all about social class, really. There's the haves, and the have nots. Unfortunately, most of us would probably fall into the have not category, which means that the media (and seemingly most of society) is gonna use this whole massacre to alienate even further. Congratulations, everyone in the media: 15 people are dead. Everything about them, all their hopes and dreams gone. Many others are wounded, both body and soul. And you still don't have a goddamn clue. HATE. IGNORANCE. It is these two very things that have caused all this misery....and ironically enough, you're actually sending it out in waves the minute you started pointing fingers. I feel such sorrow the media, I really do. For their ignorance and hatred, and their inability to understand that different does not mean evil. Guess we kinda know how the Gargs felt, now don't we?

Manson: I was pretty bummed out when I heard he cancelled his concerts, cause frankly I think he's bowing out, much like others in here felt Joss Whedon was copping out with Buffy. No matter what anyone says, Manson's music didn't cause anyone to committ murder. It's just music, no matter how hardcore it is. He should have been brave enough to accept any media backlash.
As for the smiley face, I've heard the rumor that it's Manson's sign for the Antichrist. But then again, if that's true, why did it upset him so? Weird.

80's Rock: Hmm....I'm not really into the whole "New Wave" thing. Lot's of bad music, even if there was some good. I'd have to list Bauhaus, U2, The Cure, Metallica, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (their early work) as some of the best of the 80's. I'm just glad that the whole 80's glam rock/big hair bands have all died and gone away. The mere names "Warrant" or "Whitesnake" make me shake with terror ;)

Millenium Babies: Yeah, I've heard of this. This is probably the most jive-ass radio disc jockey thing out there. But what do you expect from disc jockeys? They use every corny gag and contest they can think of. I'm something of a radiophile (I can't help it--I'm one of those strange individuals who LOVE noise; seriously, 9 times out of 10 it's the *silence* that I find disturbing, so I always have the radio on), and I can tell you right now: disc jockeys are the absolute lowest rung of the show biz ladder. It's a hellish job.

Kaioto: As always, excellent rant (or is that editorial? ;] ).

I'm probably not gonna scoop Doug or Kit with this little review, so here goes:
Not a bad film. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. I mean, I love Sean Connery--the man could do nothing but read his friggin' grocery list on camera, I'd probably go see him do it--but he IS getting a little long in the tooth. He shouldn't be dangling from wires off skyscrapers. Still, he gave a fun performance. As for Catherine Zeta-Jones.....this woman is the next thing. I mean it, she has all the ability to be THE major new female actress. She's just gorgeous. As for that scene where she's manuevering through the lasers....oooooooh my. I'm infatuated with her. She's practically worth the price of admission.
I was kind of upset with Ving Rhames character. I thought he should have gotten a bigger role, cause frankly, if anyone's seen him in "Out of Sight", you know he's a cool actor. I liked seeing Will Patton, too. Always a fun actor.
Overall, I give the film....I guess about 2 and 1/2 out of 4 stars. It was nice, kinda James Bondish, but not quite as good as I hoped it would be. Still, it was a nice way to pass the time till the Big One....Star Wars....opens

*****RESUME RP****
"Now, all we have to do is find a way to get to Eisner, and convince him to tell us where my dad is." SJ was explaining.
"How are we gonna do that?" Kari asks. "We don't have any idea where Eisner is, and this park's not exactly that small you know."
"I think I can help you," a voice called out. Standing by a lamp post was an odd figure. He seemed rail thin, almost to the point of sickness. His clothes looked to be made of some sort of rough wool, and were torn and tattered, as was the funny hat that lay perched on his head. But there was something even odder about the man....
He was made of straw.
"Scarecrow is the name," he was saying. "And if you want to meet the wizard Eisner, you're gonna have to follow me."
*****END RP FOR NOW*****

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:11:46 AM

JACKAL< I think I can top all those...

Is everyone ready for this? One of the counties in Iowa banned sex. I'm not talking outlandish stuff. Just plain ol' birds 'n' bees. At the same time, they have a law that states a mandatory school attendance for everyone under the age of 18...

*stares blankley for a minute, then goes off laughing* Anyone else here think this is slightly dumb? :)

Carolynn Marie - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:05:20 AM

Whether it be at the students that abused them, the media, the games, the music, the government, the politics, the parents or anything else that I'm forgetting. None of these forced these kids to go psycho. None of these things could effect them alone. The blame lies with all and none. But mostly, WITH THE KIDS THEMSELVES. >>

Fire, I'll only say this once ...

... that is about THE smartest thing I've heard about this whole incident, inluding those of the so-called 'professionals'.

VILLAINS< Heh, well, lemme clarify, Kristiana. True, hate groups usually have insignias. But, hmm... lemme elaborate here when I meant villains don't always have "bad guy" stamped on their foreheads ... when you're mugged, does the mugger always have a specific physical trait? Something you'd point at in a Sunday crowd and say loudly, "Oh, yeah, a mugger right there. A bad guy. I can see it from here"? Nah-ah. They won't always wear trenchcoats, and they won't always be of a specific race, religion, or gender. I've seen funny, popular, awesome kids who dress in the Goth style, and I've seen shrewd, snotty, disrespectful, rude kids who wear clothes that are deemed "nice" and "acceptable" by adults.

My underlying point is, stereotyping never gets anyone anywhere. It only deepends the fear.

When the cops took Mike's coat, I got real scared. Here I am, a barely-turned 16 kid in high school, with cops, who are taking "precautions". There was no morning assembly, no announcement over the PA, no class discussions over what had happened. None of us kids knew what exactly had happened in Colorado save for some scraps of information we'd heard on the way to school over the radio. Yet there were stern-looking, suspicious cops strutting down our hallways.

Oh, and here's something that's rather sweet :) After Mike got his coat and a full, complete apology from the police, he showed up at school the next day without the coat ... instead, he wore a bright orange prison uniform he had salvaged from somewheres, and he strutted by the cops with it on. I can see a new bumper sticker next to the "Skateboarding is not a crime" ... "Fashion is not a crime" :)


THERESA< Read it, thought over it, sick by it *shudders*

Why do they call it politically correct? Politics aren't correct! :D

MARY FLANDERS< Heya, Mary :) Mind adding "Carolynn Marie, with love, New Jersey" to your banner? Appreciate it, love :)

Love, Carolynn Marie :D

Carolynn Marie - []
Saturday, May 1, 1999 12:03:22 AM

Grr ... Somehow George made his way up as my Pic instead of Richard ... This is an omen of coming conflict methinks ...
Toku Kaioto
Friday, April 30, 1999 11:55:30 PM

Mandi Ohlin: Hm … I have a friend in the naval reserves who is in medical. Thankfully, his unit is inactive right now, and thank God for backfilling.

JackaL: *LOL* Something pissed off Manson … that is SOOOO cool. :)

SJ: *nods once and wipes the side of his nose*

DarkAngel: Who the Hell said the brain is the be-all, end-all of decision making in moral matters anyway?

Deuce: Actually, I say we propagate the games, and rocket launchers … that way, the next time the really stupid, video game brain-washed b***ards need more distance on their broad jump we'll be rid of them … *mutters* Blast assisted jumping techniques my arse …

Christine: I have a gray trench coat, and I love to use it as an implement of hugging someone special :)

Dags: I wear London Fog too.

Gray is my color, never wanted to be associated (stereotypically) with the Goths: not my philosophy, people, or style. On the other hand, I never wanted to be part of any clique, even the "individualistic" ones. I was an individual, and thusly often overlooked, but I was comfortable with how I dressed. I don't need a poster to scream out, "I don't care what you think about the way I dress" because honestly I don't. The exception to this is at formal events, celebrations, holidays, and work, where an environment is established which I like and do not want to disrupt. I don't wear depressing colors to Church accept of Good Friday :) I won't dress for a funeral at someone's birthday party. I don't wear jeans to the office.

Robby: Damn right.

Deuce: I was slightly concerned to read about the shootings in Alberta, but I check the location in the paper. Glad your alive. :)

*Rant Warning … serious rant coming on …*

I look around and see so much pain and rage. Bitter fear and loathing turned inwards often, but seeping out. You can see it, if you open your eyes. Confiscated trench coats, video games, and banned music are all evidence the Nazis aren't completely dead. Just like Germany was vulnerable during the aftermath of World War I, just as America was vulnerable during the Cold War, we have fallen prey - as a society - to our own willing ignorance. Goths, geeks, and gamers all received the brunt of society's displeasure though they have done no ill. So many lines of segregation in this country (not just by race) so quickly become the firing lines for the verbal and political abuse people feel compelled to extend to one another. Everything goes from "we" to "us and them" at the speed of a cathode ray tube, a satellite dish, and a printing press. This supposed "education" just helps animosity rise. It also boosts ratings.
Ladies and Gentlemen, build bridges instead of guns. There are few bridges left between the strata of this society we did create. What has established this burning of bridges is, however, a two-way street. Many of the people in the counter-cultural communities entered them as a way of alienating those who have hurt them, of putting a distance between them and their attackers. The mainstream has made many desperate efforts to force conformity, to repress expression, to purge abnormality. Finally, however, the apathy which poisoned our country convinced the mainstream culture to separate and ignore those who were different, de facto segregation. These bridges were burned on both ends. Then, of course, someone decides to come along and fill that ravine between the outsiders and the insiders with ignorance. The mainstream loves ignorance. The counter-culture loves it too. They pretend that neither exists, or neither understands the other.
They pretend until some one gets the idea to throw a rock. It wasn't thrown by the Goths. It wasn't thrown by the punks. It wasn't thrown by the Black, the Jew, or the Woman. It wasn't even thrown by the media. It was thrown by the Goddamn Nazis. Blame for the Littleton shooting was thrown in like Eris's golden apple among the Greek goddesses. The Goths and other groups, most being peaceful by nature, continue to turn their backs. The masses, being driven by the media, decide to throw their own rocks. While the counter culture keeps its back turned, the media decides to score some ratings points with the fear factor. Beyond that, the proverbial gaping head wound is a showstopper, so they get sharp rocks and aim for the head.
On one side of the pit of ignorance, the Nazis continue to use the shadows to fester, plying the Goths and others as unwilling diversionary shields. On the other side, the inciters of the masses hide behind the abuse they have escalated, so as no to accept blame for their own hand in this one-sided war, and to turn a quick buck. The shadow of the masses too lets the Nazi come out and flourish, anger and ignorance being their breeding pits. So here we have turned dark clothes into an armband with a six-pointed star, where I see lunch counters refusing to serve Goths. We turn to censorship to eliminate the influence of the new proverbial "Jewish Corruption." We burn literature and art and replace it with propaganda. We still refuse to accept responsibility in parenting and living in general. And so we raise our children to hate.
Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, behavior like that which is exhibited over the last three weeks will make your child more evil than any music, video game, or style of dress ever could. As long as you go along with this cultural trend of anger, bitterness, and ignorance, your actions imprint as approval on your children. If you don't stop this cycle, or all sides, you won't need to worry about your kids growing up wearing black and being depressive. They'll be growing up wearing Schwasticas and being hate-mongers. This is what the Nazi's want. That is how this discord serves them, to corrupt and destroy the acceptance and tolerance required for a free and democratic society and replace it with Fascism and fear. The last time someone threw the Golden Apple of Eris, the entire mighty nation of Troy was destroyed. As we mill around in these self-destructive media twister, somewhere in the darkest pits of Hell there comes laughter. It is the laughter of Satan, the Third Reich, and two murderer's whose evil was not allowed to die with them.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Friday, April 30, 1999 11:53:13 PM

Ugh, I've been trying to work on my satire for class for the past two hours...but I've made headway on that and I need to gush--THE LIT MAGAZINE IS OUT! IT'S DONE! I'M FREE!

Anyway, back to something on-topic for the room. There's been a lot of debate about the media backlash after the Littleton shooting, and up until now I didn't have anything to say about it. Well, until now.

I have to do a community service project this semester, and I spend my Fridays helping out with an Alternatives to Suspension program -- basically, a program where suspended middle schoolers are helped with their homework and do some service learning. One of the girls there today was calmer than any of them, got all her work done by noon, and my supervisor didn't remember why she was suspended. So I asked her why. I think her side of it may have been a bit out of proportion, but it bothered me anyway.

Her school had become increasingly paranoid after the Littleton shootings, and two guys who were dumb enough to actually say out loud they wanted to kill their teachers were suspended for only one day. Now while she was out of town for a week, someone prank called the crisis hotline and said that she had brought a pipe bomb or something to school. (This part I suspected she was making up.) She was out of town and knew nothing of this.

Monday she came back to school only to have the principal call her out of second period. He promptly searched her locker. Now he didn't find any weapons--not even safety scissors--no over-the-counter drugs, not even a mirror on her locker door. What he did find, at the bottom of her locker, crumpled up, was a piece of scrap paper that she'd scribbled a few people's names on, crossed out and written "die" on back in February after being really angry at certain people. He promptly suspended her for four and a half days--without giving her a chance to explain. Not even to a guidance counselor.

I know from my supervisor this kid has never been suspended before. She doesn't wear trench coats or dress Goth (which shouldn't incriminate her of anything if she did), and wasn't a bit disruptive. So they suspend her for FOUR DAYS on hearsay and a three-month-old scrap of paper, without even bothering to let her explain? After losers who went and made mock threats out loud were only suspended for a day? Her parents and the principal, she said, would say: "There's nothing to explain." You know, with all the talk about what caused those guys to do what they did, wouldn't it make sense to get to the bottom of a possible threat? Her explanation was that she was doing what she'd been told to in sixth grade: if you're mad about something, write it down, let it out so you don't bottle it up.

Aagh. I'm sorry; part of me thinks she blew it out of proportion, but even if she did, I think the administration really handled that one badly. If you don't let the kid explain and just blow him or her off, if they do have problems, they'll just bottle them up rather than letting them out in a healthy way. That's not the way to solve the problem. There, I'm done, and I'll now respond to other people's rants.

Deuce> Another one? In Alberta?? That cements my opinion: the media are such idiots. That's just horrible, and you know there's only going to be a lot of coverage of this in the States if the media can find a scapegoat other than itself. And I hope you feel better, health-wise.

Robby> Yeah, I haven't been reading the news: but no ground troops in Kosovo?? I know the media is sick by giving all the coverage to Littleton, but YES!! YES! Wendy's not going! Wendy's not going! (A friend of mine at school is Army Reserve, and she was put on alert in case they were sending ground troops. So because of that, I'm SO thrilled about this!)

Doug> That summit on "violence in entertainment" freaks me out. Why? Well, you know they're going to bring in a few of my favorite shows--Buffy, maybe Stargate SG-1 since it's in syndication--to their blacklist possibilities. And NO ONE is going to mention the fact that perhaps parents should be more responsible and keep their kids from watching shows that shouldn't be watched by their age group. (If I was a parent and I caught my eight-year-old kid watching "The Sopranos," while that's an excellent show, I'd turn the TV off immediately and find something else to occupy his or her time--oh, I don't know--maybe actually doing something with my child instead of letting the TV babysit?) Yes, there is violence on TV. But this isn't like 1984 where you have to watch the little screen in your room--we can turn it off.

And you know what else is scary? They'll probably cut Buffy, and we'll be left with Dawson's Creek. Aaaaaahhh! (Again, DC fans, I'm sorry, blame my former roommate for my aversion.)

Theresa> I read the article, and oh dear Lord, I'm so glad I'm not still attending my HS now. I *know* I'd be a target. I only got into the NHS at school because they chose to interview my government teacher who liked that I spoke my mind. I hate conformity, I despise cliques, and it was pretty obvious I was Net-crazy. And my parents--even if I was in high school now, I think Mom trusts me enough that she wouldn't have done something like take away my Net access. Sorry, but that article really scared me.

And finally, something that is actually on topic and not to do with Littleton et al:

Spike> Thom Adcox Hernandez is coming? Awesome!! I'm going to be there for sure; my plane tickets arrived yesterday!

Okay, I'm done venting. Back to the satire.

Mandi Ohlin - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 09:29:04 PM

Sorry if some of you already know this, it's just another thing I wanted to share. Source sLs \/\ews-
Shock rocker Marilyn Manson cut short his concert and abruptly walked off the stage when he realized someone had stuck a large yellow smiley face on a stage prop.

The crowd of 4,765 appeared stunned when Manson -- already the target of criticism this week alleging that his wild, "gothic" style influenced the Littleton, Colo., school shooting -- became angry Wednesday and stormed off the stage early.

Some in the crowd became rowdy and swarmed Manson's tour bus. Police arrested 23 people on charges of assault on an officer, interfering with police, disorderly conduct, trespassing and failure to disperse...

Inside the Five Seasons Center..., Organizers had beefed up security at the center because of the controversy surrounding Manson.

Jennie Boddy, publicist for the band's record label, Nothing/Interscope Records, said today she would try to learn why Manson cut short his show.

Potter said Five Seasons Center personnel told him that Manson "somehow saw (the smiley face) at midpoint of the song ("Antichrist Superstar") and he became very upset."

He said it was the face, 2 to 2 1/2 feet across, "large enough to make a presence," was stuck on the front of a prop that looked like a pulpit. It was visible to the audience but not, at first, to Manson.

"It struck me as very odd that it would be part of his stage presence when it was so uncharacteristic of everything else he was doing," Potter said.

Tammy Koolbeck, marketing director at the Five Seasons Center, said no one in the crowd or the center's staff could have gotten to the prop to attach the smiley face.

"It was probably put on by one of his people," she said.

On Tuesday, hundreds of demonstrators rallied outside a Manson concert in Minneapolis, protesting possible links between his dark music and the Colorado school killings.

At the same time, Manson announced the cancellation of next week's last five dates of his U.S. tour, saying it was out of respect for the victims of the shootings. Manson..., said he blames the tragedy on ignorance, hatred and access to guns. had to say: "...the podium had a smiley face covering the shock logo. I thought at first it was a joke because there was a lot of protesting going on, so I thought he was poking fun at them... / He did the first verse and when he flops over the front of the podium, he noticed the face... He immediately started yelling behind him and then.., tried to pull off the face. It would not come off so he then jumped off the podium and tried knocking the podium over... / It was a wild night. I say good for Manson because the people of Iowa sucked!"

JackaL - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 09:27:37 PM

More retarded sh*t I got ahold of...., thought I'd share it.

Georgia State Laws

•It is illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body which lies in a funeral home or in a coroners office.
•You have the right to commit simple battery if provoked by "fighting" words.
•Members of the state assembly cannot be ticketed for speeding while the state assembly is in session.
•Donkeys may not be kept in bathtubs.
•Oral sex is banned. (hehheee)
•Though a female may have an abortion if she chooses, she must obtain permission from her parents to get her ears pierced.
•No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday.

City Laws

•All citizens must own a rake.

•Can't cut off a chicken's head on Sunday.

•All citizens must possess a firearm of some kind.

St. Mary's
•No spitting on the sidewalk is permitted after dark.

Friday, April 30, 1999 08:34:42 PM

<<the censorship backlash would cause more violence than not censoring the stuff at all>>
I'm with ya! I'm willing to start a roit in my city...., don't think I can't do it! :o)
<<I'm gonna go buy a trenchcoat today...>>
I went to the mall last night with some friends, and tried some trenchcoats on, because I was thinking the same thing..., I didn't like the way they looked on me, so I didn't get it. However, I did notice I got more, "Oh my Sweet Lord, what is that?!" looks than usual. I had my yellow and black contacts in, my black lip stick, black leather pants, black Marilyn Manson shrit with the silver arrow on it...., oh yeah..., and my BLACK shoes! Accompanied with my silver pentegram necklace, my dragon necklace, and my BLACK hair hanging down in a very "Jesus" like way.
<<The idea of seeing what you're thinking at any given time is sort of like watching a train wreck. It might be awful, but you can't look away.>>
Right now, I'm thinking about what I said earilier..., it was pretty cool, if I may toot my own horn! Aside from that, I'm imagining blood flying up from the keyboard as I type..., hehehee, prrrrreeettyyyy tripin!

"Why am I being persecuted?! Why am I being the one made to bleed and suffer for somebody else's sin?! You have me mistaken for Jesus Christ!" - I said to somone that interupted our performance art at the mall.

Friday, April 30, 1999 08:20:32 PM

War w/o anyone dieing? Not possible. Iron is a shoft metel, and bullets so made, fired at a moderate velocity would not so redily go through the target. And you could design the bullet to fragment on impact. Course ther is the iron bell idea. But my point is a valid one. Either the war is taken to the Unseelie, or Madoc wins. The cost, and brutality of war must be rammed down Unseelie throats, and that means killing them. Course you could always nuke the Brocken, but that is a little extream.
Gyre - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 08:17:31 PM

Gyre> Actually iron bullets might only do temporary damage to an Unseelie if they shot right on through their targets. Remember how Oberon got harpooned by someone (was it Xanatos' dad?) but managed to pull it out and eventually recover from it? (In "The Gathering Part 2" I think) If he could recover from that, I expect even an ordinary Unseelie would recover from an iron bullet merely passing through them. The solution might be exploding bullets which would leave shrapnel-like bits of cold iron within the Unseelie.

But as much as I'd like to see Unseelie get blown up, I don't think that's the direction things are going. The gargoyles don't like to kill - not even Unseelies. I don't think people really took me seriously when I suggested they keep little iron cowbells under their loincloths to chase the Unseelie away. I can't imagine why not :)

I think we may eventually see some of the Unseelies switch sides or at least turn on or abandon Madoc. The New York halflings aren't exactly thrilled with serving Madoc and his totally icky servant Garlon. The theme of the potential for redemption seems to be one that runs through both the TV series and TGS (with Xanatos and in TGS with Demona) ...And I don't see any of the catlike Unseelies (eg Sekhmet and Grimalkin) continuing to take orders from anyone. Cats just aren't good at taking orders. They seem to be perfectly happy at present, but just wait until Madoc does something to cross them or make them unhappy and they'll be looking for some way to be rid of him. And cats aren't the only Unseelies that might abandon Madoc. He's surrounded himself with a bunch of untrustworthy characters who aren't going to stick by him if things start looking bad for him.

What? No picture of Sekhmet? Dang!

Jenniren - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 06:42:58 PM

Just a quick post before I go for the day.

Sobotka> I'm not trying to get you in trouble with the man, the white dress shirt and blue jeans is just the uniform they kept threatening us with when I was in high school. This in south Texas where school starts in mid-august when it's 90 out.

I had a brainstorm. We must find the gargoyles tattoo artist, and get him to come to the Gathering. I'm sure he'd find more then a few customers.

Before I go, I must say this. I have a dream... A dream of an America where people are judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their clothing.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, April 30, 1999 06:07:17 PM

A couple of comments. Wars are not won by waiting for an enemy to pick the time and place to attack. That is a sure recipe for defeat. The Unseelie will have to start taking casualties, as in some of them ending up dead. Iron bullets in ordinary firearms will be a way of doing this. Ols style pinapple grenades would be another. Why do you ask, they were made out of cast iron. One of those going off in the middle of some Unseelie would be sure to claim a few. And of course by now, you would thing the clan, and espicially Elisa, and Goliath would be armed, and better prepared for those little unexpected assaults. It's time for this Unseelie War to be faught like a war, and not a police action.
Gyre - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 05:17:08 PM

hey, why no Madoc Pics?
Shogun raptor - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 03:48:23 PM

Kitania> do you have a copy of that "lazy parents and the cookie jar" rant anywhere? I'd love to read it
Wilek> I post here as well, just not terribly often
imagine if those littleton boys were into gargs (I made a similar remark in a beast wars comment room) it'd be like the infamous Pokemon seizure incident and what it did to anime in general, but much worse

Shogun raptor - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 03:46:58 PM

Funny, Aaron and Stephen made me think of this... if it were meshbacks (what I call "jocks") that had done this, would we be looking at every guy in a football jersey funny? No. If it were preps, would any person dressing like that get treated like ——? No. This is just an excuse to cast the outcasts even further out.

** leaves, fuming **

Deuce - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 03:04:43 PM

All this talk about how evil games are makes we want to run out and buy Silent Hill!!! And to whomever made the comment that Star Wars was only going to be seen over and over by guys--not true my dear!! My hubby and I have plans already to see it numerious times--we met in line when Empire Strikes Back was rereleased!!!
Jenna - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 03:04:26 PM

More about Littleton's tragedy finger-pointing.

Found the following little gem in an article about video game violence at

Citing Dr. Stephen Ragusea, a psychiatrist who appeared with Senator Wagner at his press conference. "A person's brain does not fully develop until they are 21. Seeing the constant violence, dismemberment, and bloodshed leads to a detachment from reality. Seeing this kind of violence at a young age is desensitizing, since their brains are not totally mature," Aumiller said.

A person's brain is not fully developed until they're 21? Puhleaze.

DarkAngel - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:40:11 PM

Sorry, had to comment:

AARON - Blue jeans and a white shirt?!?!? HEY! That's my usual mode of dress! Whatchatryintado??? Get me in trouble with the law? <j/k>

Acutally, that's what I really do wear: a white shirt (either a t-shirt or button down), over blue jeans. It's what I'm comfortable with, and I'll take comfort over fashion any day!

Sorry for the 2x post... Maintain and Check Six!
Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr.
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:32:32 PM

Here comes an article on goths (for some reason none of the quotation marks came out in the online version):

Goths take brunt of public rage of Colorado shootings
JULIE STEVENS / Sierra Vista Herald / April 28, 1999

SIERRA VISTA Jennifer Cokers 11-month-old son is ready for his late afternoon nap.

Sticking her head out to give the smiling boy a kiss, two black holes on the left side of her neck become visible. From a distance they look like moles, but a closer look reveals a tattoo of teeth marks a vampire bite.

No, this 23-year-old wife and mother of two is not a vampire nor is she an evil person. She is a loving, devoted housewife who enjoys spending time at home with her family as well as out with her friends shes a Goth.

According to the New Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Goth is defined as a member of a Germanic race that early in the Christian era overran the Roman Empire. The term Gothic pertains to the architecture in western Europe in the middle 12th century to the early 15th century.

Since last Tuesdays shooting at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo., by two boys who were members of a group called the Trenchcoat Mafia, the Gothic trend has received an enormous amount of interest from the media and the general public. The Trenchcoat Mafia was reportedly an offspring of the Gothic movement, but it is now being referred to as a sort of Nazi group, according to national news reports.

In the Sierra Vista School District mainly in Buena High School there is also a group of students following the Gothic trend. They call themselves The Vampires. According to students, this group is much larger than the Trenchcoat Mafia.

Television news reports have stated members of the Gothic movement are violent and are influenced by violent movies, video games and music by such artists as Marylin Manson. Both the females and the males in this Gothic group dress in black clothing, including boots, gloves, some wear black capes and all don dark make-up.

I listen to Marylin Manson, my son likes him, too. But he also listens to Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, said Jennifer, whose husband, Fabian, an E-4 Specialist in the Army, is also into the Gothic movement.

But both are well out of high school.

I love to read about the myth and folklore of vampires. I have been researching it out of curiosity, but I dont drink blood. Im not a dangerous person, she said.

Jennifers belief is people are not driven to acts of violence because of the music they listen to or because of the way they dress. She said its the constant ridicule and harassment by their peers that may drive them over the edge.

If someone looks different, just leave them alone, she said.

Christopher Bailey, a 17-year-old senior at Buena High School, considers himself a Goth and has very strong opinions on people who, as he says, are reacting through their fear.

When they see us, there is an immediate judgment about who were really are, Bailey said of himself and his number of friends who also dress entirely in black garb.

Bailey said he has been called vulgar names, has been physically pushed around and has had objects thrown at him.

Once someone threw their science book at me during lunch and it had their name in it, he said.

Constantly provoked, Bailey said he has never violently reacted to the number of strangers who taunt him on a daily basis.

Its pretty sad, he said. Its the outcasts who are actually the nice people.

Aside from the vampire bite tattoo, Jennifer, a 1994 Buena High School graduate, also sports a bat tattoo on her left calf, a gothic cherub on her right calf and a skull on her right shoulder. Her naturally-blond hair is dyed jet-black and her eyebrow and her nose are pierced. She wears black lipstick, dresses entirely in black everyday and even wears a black cape at times.

Because of her appearance, Jennifer said she is constantly judged and treated rudely by almost every person she comes across.

Im verbally abused wherever I go, says the native of Frankfort, Germany, whose family moved to Sierra Vista in 1983. I know people might not like (the way I look). But this is the way I choose to dress. Not everybody wears Tommy Hilfiger.

Stretching her memory back to her high school days, Jennifer cannot remember a time in her life when she was not ridiculed and harassed by not only her peers, but also by her teachers, for the way she looked.

I didnt dress like this in school, she said. But because I became pregnant while still in school, I was treated terribly.

So terribly, in fact, Jennifer was forced to drop out of school. She later returned to earn her general education degree. It was after dropping out of school when Jennifer got into the Gothic look.

According to Jennifer, the abuse has become increasingly worse since last weeks shooting. Some of these verbal confrontations nearly lead to physical attacks.

The news has made it seem like this is how Gothic people are, and theyre not, Jennifer said. Just because they look like this doesnt mean theyre dangerous.

It is presumptuous and assumptuous to say one group is the cause (of the violence in schools), Bailey said. Some kids are getting more ill-treatment from more people.

Bailey believes a very small portion of the violence is brought on by violent music and video games. But, he said, its the lack of parent/child relationships that are the cause.

Basically its from parents not knowing their children, he said. Thats the sad part of it.

Fabian Coker, who has been stationed at Fort Huachuca since 1997, has all but been disowned by his parents who reside in Garland, Texas.

My parents are Pentecostal, he said. They think that just because I dress like this Im walking away from my religion, and Im not.

Theyre missing out on their beautiful grandchildren, Jennifer added. My mother has always taught me to be strong minded. She doesnt really like the way I dress, but she supports me because she knows Im comfortable this way and she knows Im a good person and a good mother.

Fabian, too, has been harassed relentlessly, but only by his Army companions.

They make jokes about me being involved in the shooting, he said. I dont think theyre joking. But (the harassment) I get is not nearly as bad as what Jennifer gets.

Jennifer and Fabian have been following the news from Littleton since the beginning.

My prayers go out to all of them. I cant imagine what it would be like to lose a child, Jennifer said.

People have accused Jennifer of not being a good mother to her two sons, 11-month-old Xane and six-year-old Hunter, because of the way she looks.

That makes me very angry, she said. I am not a bad person. I have two beautiful children and they are wonderful. People make it seem like I slaughter goats every Saturday.

Hunter agrees with his mother.

Its upsetting to him when complete strangers are mean to his mother in front of him just for dressing the way she does.

I dont think she looks stupid, he said looking at her.

The times spent dining out with friends at such local eateries such are becoming more and more difficult for Jennifer to enjoy.

She and her friends, who also dress in Gothic garb, have been insulted, threatened and even refused service.

Jennifer said she made a stop at a fast food restuarant last Wednesday night and was refused service by one of the employees there.

He said he wouldnt serve me because of the way I was dressed, she said.

Because the evening was cold and very windy, Jennifer was wearing a long black coat. The following day she called the manager of the restaurant to complain about the service, and she was told it was all her imagination and that she was probably being rude when she approached the counter.

That wasnt it at all, Jennifer said. He said they dont wait on people who dress like me.

While dining at another restaurant, a woman patron approached Jennifer and insulted her by calling her a Gothic piece of x#%@*. Jennifer said the woman also threatened her with violence.

Jennifer believes this kind of hate is the same as racism and should be addressed as the same.

This is a hate crime in itself, she said. We have freedom of expression. The more crazy these people get, the more I want to be seen because Im proud of the way I look.

Jennifer also finds herself being stopped by police officers for no good reason simply because of the strong statements displayed on bumper stickers on her car. Things like I hate people, Im a freak. Touch me, and Im the anti-spice, are just enough to get Jennifer in trouble.

Then Im treated like garbage and given sobriety tests for no reason, she said with a look of amazement on her face.

Jennifer explains the I hate people sticker is simply an expression of how society as a whole is very judgmental and bases everything on a persons appearance.

Sure I get harassed by these people, but I could never imagine turing a gun on someone over it, she said.

Baby Fey
Sierra Vista, AZ
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:28:39 PM

Greetings all! Good to be back!

CHRISTINE - Loved the new pics! Noel is a fantastic artist! And my lady and I will be checking out that book series you reviewed...

TRENCHCOATS - In the Navy, our raincoats were long, trenchcoat-like in appearance... Personally, I loved them for the imagry of one billowing out like a pair of wings (if you saw how Batman's cape used to fly up when he leaped from the rooftops in the old comic books, you'll get the idea).

Everyone is coming out with their tales of being persecuted as geeks, non-conformers, etc.; it's a sad thing that society reacts badly to the events in Littleton in the usual way: blame society and anything and everything you can, but don't ever own up to the real thing that should be blamed - no one, from parents to peers, realized what harm was being done with teasing, ostrasizing, and harrasing these kids, and then when the tragedy struck, no one owned up to the responsibility.

No one part of a culture - from violence in video games, movies, etc. - is the sole cause for all of the troubles our kids are going through. Once we accept that, and take steps to reverse the damage being done, can we ever hope to prevent another Littleton from happening again.

TD COMMENTS - Any other time, I'd say the eerie parallel between the events in that ep and the Littleton Backlash was cool... but, in light of things, well... It was just a fluke, I guess.

And, with that said and done...

***** BEGIN RP *****

[Show a scene of the "Big Bird", soaring over the landscape of Iowa, just before it switches to an interior shot of the cockpit...]

While the jet flies on automatic, Jess is looking over a series of medical files, after the jet's med-bay machines had taken a sample of DX's blood. Her elfin features are scrunched up with concern.

"The computers can't come up with a exact match of whatever's roaming in your blood, mister," she says over her shoulder to the still-wrapped DX, "but there's several possibilites. The odd thing is... for some reason, the virus is acutally vitalizing and maintaining your cells!" Looking back at DX, who is still in stasis, she adds, "Whoever did this to you is either one heck of a bioengineering genius... or a madman..."

Just then, the jet's sensor readouts start flashing. Turning to examine them, Jess gets a look of horror on her face. "The recall signal! Jake!!" Like lighting, Jess slips into the pilot's seat, slapping the Manual Control release as she takes the controls.

Soon enough, "Big Bird" is arrowing in on what looks like the aftermath of a localized forest fire: a few faint trails of smoke float out from an area of charred, blackened woodland, next to a familar box canyon. Grimly, Jess manuvers the jet down, landing in a relatively clear spot.

"Twice in one day," she mutters worriedly as she removes a kit bag with a strange, medical symbol on it and her modified MP-5 from a stowage locker. She pops open an emergency egress hatch, and slips through.

The scene outside looks like the middle of a bomb blast; charred tree stumps, blasted boulders, and furrows that could only have come from a high-energy weapons discharge mark the landscape. But the one thing that draws Jess's attention are the scattered, shattered bodies of several Borg drones (or what used to be Borg drones).

Biting her lip, Jess cradles her rifle at the ready, searching the battlefield... until she spies the wreck of a hoverbike near the far edge of the blasted earth. With a cry, she bolts forward, expecting the worse. Upon coming around the near side of the bike, she skids to a stop...


Leaning against the battered remains of his ride, looking more than the worse for wear, is the tall form of her companion; his energy rifle is scarred and pited from taking blows meant for him, a scattering of Desert Eagle clips lies around him. Both pistols are empty, and the rifle is fully discharged.

"Try not to shout... will ya," Jake croaks out, his black-streaked face marked by a thin ribbon of red. With barely enough strength, he reaches up to snap off a switch, and a flash of light signifies the collapse of an energy field.

Jess is at his side at once, unslinging the medical bag. "Dang it, Jake! You went toe-on with those drones, didn't you!?" she says accusingly, even as she starts to gently probe him for further injuries.

"Had to <UMPH!> take the... chance," he replies with a wince. "She... she was with them..."

At that, Jess looks at him sharply, her violet eyes flashing. "Bess?!? You saw HER???"

"It's... a lot worse than that," Jake replies, urging her to get back to tending to his injuries. "We fought... tooth and nail... but she managed to... pull out before I could nail her." He looks at his companion with a meaningful look, "Jess... she left a message."

"If you mean-." Jess starts to say.

"We already know... that one," Jake says, cutting her off. "I mean she means... the Ravens. Somehow, they're... gonna run into trouble in the captial."

As she starts to clean off his head wound, Jess looks at him worriedly. "What do you mean?"

"Guod... he _knew_ the Ravens would run into the... government, sooner or later," Jake explains. "Hon... they've got an agent in the captial... and it's there to shut the Ravens down!"

Jess is silent for a long moment, then she starts to haul the big man to his feet. "C'mon, Jake. I can patch you up better in Big-Bird's med-bay!"

[Scene closes as Jess drags Jake back towards the jet, the two of them looking grim as they limp along...]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:26:56 PM

Sevarius Jr> Yeah, I didn't know Ravyn was a fan until I found her in a registry. She looks to be doing fine, every time I've seen her she's usually wearing a smile. We got to sit and talk about how we both dislike Mr. Davis (and her being the smart one she dropped out of the class first before she went nuts).

I'm gonna see about putting up the local newpaper articles. One of the rumors of bombing at buena, the others about our local Goths... as soon as they're scanned.

Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:21:08 PM

Hey y'all. Just checking in.

Mary Flanders>(Sevarius voice) I feel your pain. I spent a lot of time in Jr. High alone with my books.

Kyryn> Well, I wear my coat from like mid-October to mid-april, but even I have to put it away for summer. But I think we can't let them go out of fashion. If we do, then we're caving in to the normals. I'm not changing the way I dress just to placate some morons. I'm personally thinking of having a shirt printed up that says "You can have my coat when you pry my cold dead fingers off it."

Note: To anyone out there planning to blow away a bunch of classmates, please do it wearing blue jeans and a white dress shirt, okay.

A quick musing on trenchcoats in general. I must admit, I always kind of liked the vague air of menace wearing one gives. When you're 5'6'', and weigh 123 pounds, you have to find some way to keep people from messing with you.

Bossman has returned, so I gotta go now.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, April 30, 1999 02:06:14 PM

It happened again.

Forget everything I said about media not being responsible for the tragedy in
Littleton. It was true there, but not in this case. Now, I'm sure most of you
are kinda confused as to what I'm talking about. In case the American media has
a brain cell or six between them, the coverage of the school shooting in Taber,
Alberta — yeah, that's right, ALBERTA — may not be filling the news as much.

This kid had no excuse. This kid had no reason. This kid saw the Littleton
coverage, and thought it would be a good idea to come to school with a .22 and
a long coat. For this, I can blame no one but the media, and if they saturate
the newspapers and TV and radio and Internet with coverage of this latest
"tragedy", it _will_ happen again, and they will be at blame again. Ever wonder
why you never read about suicides in the newspaper? Copycats. Ever wonder why
they should not give events such as the Littleton massacre such coverage? Think about it.

In other news, I'm still sick, which is irrelevant because the CR seems to be back up. Thank God. I am _really_ not in the mood for killing Mr. Dis-freaking-Connect, so I'll go straight to the myriad replies.

*turns on Dishwalla's "Counting Blue Cars"*

Coyote> ["...myself not knowing Alberta geography, I heard about the school shooting and immediately started panicking."] *grins* Thanks, man. Actually, Taber's quite a ways off from where I am... 350 km or so, east and a little south of Calgary. But it's still way too close to home for my tastes.

Anybody see Wednesday's "Voyager"? It was pretty cute, albiet corny. So, let's see, adding to Jeri Ryan's attributes: great actor, great looking, and now a great voice. :-)

Grr... just reading the newspaper while doing a million other things, and it seems that people are looking for a way to make misfits "fit in". Comments on this, anyone? (I'm too revolted to say anything).

*changes song to Shawn Mullins' "Shimmer"*

Mary Flanders> Excellent speech. I know exactly how you feel; I went through a similar scenario throughout elementary and junior high, one I may share with the room someday. It's a long story, though, and best saved for another time. :-) You know we're your real friends.

Trench coats as a fashion statement: I think they're cool! I wore one for Hallowe'en a couple of years, and I loved it. They're comfy, warm, and it's not that hard to run in them (they billow out behind you like a cape).

SJ> ["they, and I quote: 'teach them all the essentials needed to kill'."] Oh, yeah, pick up a BFG 10k and aim. How friggin' dumb are these guys?! Doom, Quake, even Rise of the Triad are fun games, good anger release valves, but goddamnit THEY'RE NOT REALISTIC! I could go on for hours about how those games are nothing like real life, but let's just say that those guys better get their heads out of their nether orifices before some trench-coat-wearing, shotgun-wielding kid takes THEM out.

Kitainia, Christine> And then there's the guys who like wrapping their girls up in coats. IMO, that's the strongest argument for having wings. :-)

Argent> Break a leg! Break 'em both! And an arm while you're at it! (Good luck.)

OK, I think I've caught up. I should go lie down now. :-|

** leaves, as "The Dance" by Garth Brooks comes on (I love my new MP3s). **

Deuce - []
River City, Alberta, Canada
Friday, April 30, 1999 01:33:46 PM

Christine> Loved the new pics and the book report. BTW, I just bought 'Dark Nadir' (happy dance for me!), but haven';t had a chance to read it yet (and probably won't until after the wedding!).
Uvalde, TX
Friday, April 30, 1999 01:12:22 PM

**Kyryn runs in**

Heyas all! It's good to have the CR up again.

Video game violence> Okami used to say he could tell how bad my day had been by the way I played Doom. One day I came home, didn't say a word, started up the machine, set it to the highest difficulty level and started playing. He walked in and watched for a while as I blew things away with the shotgun (my favorite weapon in the game). I was hitting everything with the first shot. After I got to the end of the level, he said, "That bad, hunh?" "Yes, but I feel much better now," I replied. And I did. The game allowed me to vent a lot of my frustration without actually hurting myself, my stuff, or other people. I hate to see the attitude of many people today who go for the 'easy fix' - blame something, then ban it. People need to look deeply at the issues and then make decisions, not just feel-good fixes.

Starsinger is right. These kinds of problems have been around in different forms for a long while. I can remember reading the LA Times on Monday morning when I was a teenager and you would always see these stories about a bunch of teen gang members who had killed each other or done drive-bys on bystanders over the weekend. I can also remember the freeway shootings. Once one or two were reported, there was a whole rash of copycat shootings for a while until the whole mess died out of the media attention. Hopefully, things will quiet down soon.

Stormy> An ME-109 poster? Kewlies. Okami used to get ribbed about his interest in German aircraft. People would say, "Why do you like that 'Nazi' stuff?" He replied that he didn't like the Nazis or Hitler and enumerated his reasons (he's a military history major), but that he loved odd aircraft designs and the Germans had come up with some really neat ones, especially the original Horten flying wing designs.

*****TD SPOILERS****

Jenniren> I agree, the McCarthyism does kind of eerily mirror the backlash in the country about Littleton.

I liked this episode. The twist at the end was very similar to some of the illuminati plot twists from the original series with Matt and Hacker. Kudos to the writers for keeping the spirit of this intact!


Trenchcoats> Well I like wearing a brown one in the winter. It keeps the wind off my legs when I'm wearing skirts/dresses. Okami occasionally wears a dark gray trenchcoat in the winter, but I just can't see anyone wearing one in the heat of a Texas summer. *Sigh* . I like trench coats, but they will probably be out of fashion now for a couple of years.

Argent> Break a leg!

Mary> My experiences weren't quite that bad, but I feel for you. I'm glad that things are better now. I got teased verbally a lot, but no one would come near me because I had a reputation for knowing how to use my fingernails, feet, and elbows. After a while, they even stopped the verbal teasing because I totally ignored it.

80'2 music> Hey, I was an 80's teenager. I liked most of it, but I also like classical, swing/big band, and several other types of music.

Later All!

**Kyryn runs out**

Uvalde, TX
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:57:53 PM

Trenchcoats > I usually always wear a black 'London Fog' trenchcoat to most all the dances my school goes to. I guess that means I'm a bad guy also.......although it tends to attract girls. That and the fact that I bring a sketchbook, to work on some sketches, to the dances.
N. Dagastino - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:53:30 PM

Added a new page to my site, where I'll list the latest changes, additions, updates, and so on. Such as, this week, three new pics by Noel!
It also includes "Christine's Book Report," which isn't about _my_ book but what I've been reading lately.
Click on my name or go to to check it out ; )

Christine - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:41:02 PM

Hmm, the house just voted 427-2 that we will not go to war to Kosovo. So we won't be sending groundtroops any time soon. Interesting though how 13 deaths in Littleton creates such an uproar, and millions of deaths in Kosovo are being largely ignored... The media and Congress... Both things that don't make sense.
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:18:35 PM

Aimee> I'm not sure about panther-goddesses specifically, but there's a couple of cat goddesses in Egyptian mythology (Sekhmet and Bastet). On the other hand, if you want to look about legends of were-cats (or at least the mythology behind them) look towards African legend. There are stories about were-leopards there. Hope that helps a little.
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:11:51 PM

STEREOTYPING: *rolls eyes* Lots of people in high school thought I was a Nazi. Why? Because 1. I wandered around the halls in combat pants, a bomber jacket and a Top Gun T-shirt as my standard attire (This is pretty normal for the average person who's really into cadets, cadet squadron met at a different school, and most of the super-preps at JDSS didn't know crap-all about cadets...) and 2. I was usually reading something like "The Encyclopedia of WWII" or "The Life of Erwin Rommel" (Did you ever realize that doing German history/WWII doesn't make you a Nazi? Hello? If they ever bothered to read my papers or listen to my presentations they'd realize that I wasn't exalting HItler, in fact, quite the opposite...

They probably think it's sick just to be interested in it, but geez...coming from a German family I feel a compulsion to find out, what the HELL made my old country do that...come to think of it, it's a question a lot like, what made those kids do it.

ONe nice thing about university....around here, people UNDERSTAND that German history/WWII is my thing and encourage research ;-) And...well, I go to a VERY preppy and exclusive college (on scholarship--we're a farm family) but most people are civil enough to let me wear what I like without smartarse comments. I'm still a freak but people are a lot more willing to live and let live.

These days, if I was still in high school, I'd probably have to take down my ME109 poster out of my locker and wear my gym clothes all day :-P

That Slashdot article was really very true...thanx for posting it, Batya...

Whit says hi!

Friday, April 30, 1999 11:28:27 AM

Geez, is it just me or does the McCarthyism in the recent Timedancer ep resemble the backlash from the Littleton incident?
Friday, April 30, 1999 10:04:48 AM

Servaious Jr~~If you could email me the passage, I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks
Jenna - []
Houston, TX
Friday, April 30, 1999 09:55:00 AM

Christine--Your note made me realize, My husband wears a black leather trenchcoat too!!!! I guess that means that he's a baddie too like Xantos and McBeth. Long live the sexy baddies!!!!
Jenna - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 09:24:52 AM

Doug> <<What line of Shakespeare were you referring to, by the way?>> 'The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.' <evil grin>
Friday, April 30, 1999 09:23:10 AM


In the halls of Longdale High School, people are running and screaming as the Borg grab and start assimilating them. The dumb football player (forgot his name) is fleeing down a hall but suddenly he hears his ditzy cheerleader girlfriend crying for help. "Brittany!!!" The football player turns around and runs back to save her, only to find out she's already been assimilated and get assimilated himself by her. <Whoops> Oblivious to most of this, Daria and Jane are sitting in the AV room looking over the latter's sketches. "What do you think all that noise is?" Jane asks. Daria shrugs. "I don't know. Maybe Littleton is being copied here and they're all dying. You wanna go find out?"

The display changes to the Watergate Hotel, where Doug and Kitainia have just finished summarizing what they heard on the conference call. "This stinks," Tricia growls after hearing it all. "We're trying to save the world here, can't they see that?" Doug nods. "Some of them can. But most have their heads so far up their butts that..." "We know, Doug," Keith cuts him off. "Fortunately," says Gubio, "we don't need their permission to battle Thailog and his forces wherever they show up, right?" "Right," says Doug. "So we're gonna do it without. We have to save the world, guys. If we have to do it without the government's help, we will. Right?" They all nod in agreement. "I gotta to admit," says Keith. "I'm a little worried about us defying the gov't like this, but since it's necessary, I'm willing to go along." "Okay," Doug says. "Anyone else have any other concerns?" They all shake their heads. "Alright then. We're getting out of here. The next best place to look for Thailog is New York. We're going to pay a visit to Nightstone Unlimited." "Doug, that could be very dangerous," Stephanie says. "Let's do it, okay?" "Hold on," Orion puts up a hand. "Why are we going to New York to look for Thailog?" "I'll explain on the way," Doug tells them. "Let's get ready first." They all nod and run off to pack. Doug doesn't yet notice Fleur missing. Instead, as he goes about packing his gear, he makes a CR post.


Hi everyone. Friday is finally here and the CR is finally back up. That's two good things. :)

Theresa: Oh boy. I have a feeling that list of "jokes" you posted is very prophetic. <sighs> Especially with the great number of people in the world, my mother included, who are so drunk on the media they believe whatever the news tells them and still try to control their kids no matter the age. (I've already gotten an e-mail from Mom asking whether the media is right about videogame violence. Once again I told her they weren't, that they're just going for the easy explanation and not the correct one. She said and I quote "I'm really worried about you playing those games so much, Doug." And I'm long past the age and maturity level when she can tell me this and make me do anything other than worry about HER. Oh boy.)

I think the main problem here is that people have confused love with conformity. Why do I say this? Well, I've noticed that an alarming number of authorities in the world constantly make demands on the younger generation, saying that they love the children and they know that what's best for them is living a life that fulfills the demands. If a kid tries to live some other kind of life, sooner or later it has some bad consequence and instead of helping the child with that experience, the parents try to punish them for it with spanking, grounding, taking away what the child likes to do for fun, and so on. Instead of loving the child, they make he or she conform, so that what happened to the other person's kids won't happen to theirs. This is not the answer. Facing the fears, taking responsibility, and teaching the child integrity and tolerance is. Don't take away the only outlets children have for their intense emotions, teach them the difference between good guys and bad guys in real life with the violent TV or games' help. Don't forbid the kid from listening to certain music, discuss the music with them and learn how the kid feels when listening to it, teach them what the music means and see what happens. Never judge the book by the cover, make sure you know and have considered every page. Always consider the child's feelings more than your own when making a decision. Think about what's best for them, not your vision of them or you. Treat a child as a person, not a lump of clay. Spend time helping and teaching them, even if it costs you that new Mercedes. This way they won't hate you when you take their surrogate parents away, and will love you as you try to involve yourself in their lives and teach them more than the games, music, etc. ever could. That, I believe, is the proper solution here. I intend to follow it with my kids, hope other parents do the same.

Coyote: I know the network is really responsible. Lousy media dingbats. <sighs> Oh well, the episode will be shown someday, I hope. Until then, I can wait. <Rosanna Story> Sounds like a good one, hope I get to read it someday.

Peter: Thanks again for the feedback. So you and other fans know, I've already started with Dragon's Game and am currently in the first of the five series of Jadriel flashbacks (childhood, Academy, battle, graduation and assignment, finally his doings on Earth and how he met up with Leifson and the gang. Already seen some of that last one. :) Copycat crimes? I hope they don't happen, or if they do the perps are kids who have come to hate society because it's damned them even more and taken their entertainment away. That'll teach the a-dolts what they're doing isn't right. <hopes it doesn't have to happen>

Kaioto: <claps> I agree with your last comment about the Littleton solution. Hope Congress and parents adopt something like it. :)

Christine: Heeheehee. Good comment about guys in trench coats. Frock coats are also good for wrapping people up like wings. That's why I gave O'Neil one. It would have been a trench coat, but I wanted variety and found frocks more fitting with the assassin's image. :)

"Conspiracies": See Kitainia's last post for more specific comments. She's already said everything I thought about the ep. I'll just say that I really liked the Illuminati involvement, the character development, and the plot. 9/10. Keep up the good work!

Mary: <claps> I agree with your comments on the Littleton deal, too. And your youth experiences sound very familiar. :)

Baby Fay: Good comments from you, too. Especially about Goths, none of them are like the stereotype (not even my fanfic Goth character, who's an evil villainess and worships dragons and the devil, but will probably never indulge in lesbianism or goat sacrifice. :) Hope you and Ravyn come out of this okay.

SJ: Glad you're coming back into the RP. As for Idle Hands, I can see your point about it and similar recent horror movies. We're going to see it for four reasons- 1. We think there might be a few laughs. 2. Never judge a book by its cover, the movie with dumb previews might actually be good. 3. The cute girl. 4. We're major Seth Green fans. Good reasons, IMO, especially the first two. We'll know tomorrow how good the movie was and tell you whether or not your preconceptions were right. :) And I agree with you about the nonsense voiced by that specialist.

Wielk: The FF books are cool, especially the ones Steve Jackson wrote (this was before he got into GURPS). What line of Shakespeare were you referring to, by the way?

Todd: Good points. I agree with you about Faith.

Okay, that's all for now. Later.


The Ravens carry their gear down to the Onslaught and load it all in. Doug looks over the group and says "Where's Fleur?" "Fleur?" Lathrop asks, looking around. "Oh great, she's gone." "Yeah. Do you know where she went?" "No," Lathrop sighs, "but I do know why." He explains the little conversation Fleur had with him and the others about her blades. "Oh boy," Kitainia sighs. "Fleur, wherever you are, I hope you can handle your situation. Good luck getting back to us. Sorry to see you go, though we understand." "Orion," Doug says. "Can you, Lathrop, and Gubio do some research on those swords Fleur carries? We have enough pictures. If we can find out what they are, maybe we can help." The three nod. "Okay," Doug says. "We'll do that on the way. Let's get to New York."

The screen flashes back to Longdale High, where Daria and Jane are walking down the ruined and eerily empty school halls. "Where is everyone?" Jane asks. "I don't know," Daria says. "All I know is we heard Quinn scream. She scares easily, but I'm still worried what she's scared of." "She's your sister, Daria, of course you are." "I'll pretend to ignore that." "Daria!" a voice suddenly calls out from behind her. "Stop!!" Daria and Jane stop and turn around. Daria raises her eyebrow. "Beavis and Butthead? What are you two doing here?" Jane turns up her nose. "And why are you wearing all that black paint?" "We're Borg," Borgis laughs. "And we're gonna ass-im-uh-late you!!!" Daria and Jane look at each other and shake their heads, then look back at the Borg-morons and drop their jaws as they see their tentacles extending. "Run!!!!"


Doug - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 08:48:20 AM

This is actually something that I was going to say before the Big Wyvernweb Crisis occurred, so it's a little delayed, but....

There was a discussion a while ago about Faith becoming one of the bad guys in "Buffy", and a bit of a query from somebody (I forget who) about how believable that was. Actually, I don't think that her fall is really that unprepared for. From her very first episode onwards, it was pretty strongly indicated that she was fighting vampires not, like Buffy and her friends, to protect innocent people from them, but for the sheer thrill of so doing, the excitement, the adrenalin rush. (That's all the more a warning signal when you go back to think about how the Pack got started as the gargoyles' enemies, for that matter). There were, indeed, general indications throughout the series up to the point where Faith first killed the Deputy Mayor, then began working for the Mayor, that she wasn't quite trustworthy (remember how she abandoned her original Watcher after giving in to fear, as well, another warning signal). So I'd say that her fall was carefully prepared for, much the same way that the falls of Demona, Gillecomgain, and Jon Canmore were prepared for in "Gargoyles".

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Friday, April 30, 1999 08:12:16 AM

After more then a week of 'server timed out' messages' I'm back on!
DC will pay dearly later, but for now, I gotta catch up on Timedancer (where'e that two-parter after 'Menagerie'?), Gargoyles, and the CR.
(Plasters a poster on the wall that reads: Parkersburg Catholic Drama Performance: A Comedy Tonight. Playing May 1st and 2nd.)
Wish me a broken leg!
And also
(Places thirteen Columbines in a blue and white vase.)
In memory of the thirteen innocents in the shooting.

Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!
(Five months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

stable, USA
Friday, April 30, 1999 06:34:07 AM

Hi all,

More rant stuff> I'm glad nobody was offended by my rant. I was a bit concerned I might have gotten carried away. I just can't help feeling that, instead of treating the problem, there's just been a lot of scape-goats blamed, probably just so the lawyers have more people to sue.

Coyote> >Yup, unfortunately, if he has Gargs on him, they're on his @$$> What?!? The guy gives Mickey mouse pride of place (on his _biceps_ people, get your minds out of the gutter :) ), but he stick the gargs on his @$$? hmmph. Some people have no taste.

Aaron> Tattoo guy said he gets a friend to do them for him, (after 860 tats, I should hope he's a friend), but it's a back-yard job, because of the copywriting laws and stuff.

Only ONE of the ten couples have actually been confirmed pregnant!! Eight are definately NOT and one still isn't sure. Can you say 'poetic justice' kiddies? :) But something is bothering me about this: What if one of the couples (or in this case, possibly just 'the') loses the child? What if there's a miscarriage? It's a hard enough thing to have to deal with by itself, without having the extra burden of it being so public. *sighs*

Mary> You are a very brave person, and I only wish the Littleton killers had been more like you.

The TV turns itself on. Fleur, Jaden and the rest of the Ravens are sitting in the Watergate Hotel dining room, waiting for news on the hearing. Fleur's feeling has only intensified, and she has tried everything to find its cause. Except one, her last resort.
Reluctantly, she closes her eyes and an expression of deep, almost painful concentation forms on her face. Her hands slowly lift and begin to move as if in a strange dance, as Fleur starts muttering under her breath, in a unknown language of harsh, but musical words. Long minutes pass, then the chant stops adruptly with a scream. Fleur's eyes shoot open, and for a brief moment, they look as if they are glowing golden. But the moment passes as she leaps to her feet, then stumbles. Orion grabs her arm to steady her, but Fleur pulls away.
"No! They're coming. I've put you all in terrible danger. I have to go, or they'll kill you all."
"What are you talking about?" Elena asks. Fleur lowers her head.
"Something I did... a long time ago. I don't regret it, not for a second, but.. I've always known there would be... repercussions. And now they're coming, like I knew they would. It's better, for all of you, if I go. I'm sorry."
"Apology not accepted," Lathrop snaps, "Not until you explain yourself,"
"Look." Fleur holds up her blade with one hand and her sword in the other. "It's to do with these. The original owners want them back, and for what I have done, they want me dead in ways that would make Dis pity me. And they will kill you to get to me. I don't mind dying, if it means they never get their hands on these weapons again, but I couldn't live with myself if they killed you guys. So it's better if I go."
"What's so important about them?" Jaden asks, pointing to the weapons, as he moves to block Fleur's way. She sighs.
"You're not going to let me leave until I tell you everything, are you?" she asks. Everybody shakes their heads firmly.
"Sit down then. I only hope we've got enough time." Just then, Doug and Kitania show up. The looks on their faces say it all. In the discussion that follows, Fleur quietly slips out, taking only her sword and her blade with her.

Fleur - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 01:34:31 AM


[Wilek comes in, dragging a bound and gagged DC. Ominously, he's in front of the thing that everyone thought was buried in the cave under Castle Wyvern, the Archmage's altar. Two other ppl, male and female--equally deserving of death; substitute whoever you like--are tied to the support pillars. DC: "<tries to speak through the gag>" Wilek: "Eh? <removes the gag>" DC: "Isn't this..." Wilek: "The Altar. Yep. But I know something about it that you don't. DM?" The clone gargoyle teleports in with a large curved knife, which he uses to slit the throats of the two who are tied to the pillars. As their blood spills onto the bottom of the altar, a red glow appears in the center of the structure, eventually filling it, looking almost like...Wilek: "This is now a portal to Hell. Have a nice afterlife, and could you get me Emperor Palpatine's autograph? Thanks." Wilek shoves DC through the portal.]


Well, here's to hoping the room STAYS up...

Music in fanfic> One more thing...I named This Ascension after a goth band. Strange but true.

SJ> <<try "The Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson.>> Ah...thanks much; I'll remember it the next time I'm at Borders. :) <<Voltaire claims he was also a god of Syria>> You know, I once read something to that effect...that he was also known as Ishtar and Astarte. Whoever they are...<<he does seem to be one of the more popular demons>> Maybe it's because he has such a kewl name. It goes well in a lot of songs...<<The reason? I heard some moron, a "specialist", on television today, saying that parents "have not just the right, but the responsibility, to take these games away from their children" because they, and I quote: "teach them all the essentials needed to kill".>> <eyes glow> WHAT?! <grr> Even if I knew the 'essentials needed to kill'--which, according to this lamer, I should by now--I wouldn't use them IRL, I'd use them to make my fics more realistic. This guy is a moron of the first magnitude, and apparently an ongoing experiment to see how long a human being can survive with no discernible brain activity.

The Littleton Idiocy> I swear, if the movie and video game industries are harmed by what those clowns are doing in Congress...<shudder> You know, I once heard something pertaining to the government on Babylon 5. They were referring to their own government, but it can really apply to ours: "We [comedians Rebo and Zooty] say serious things in a funny way, but when the joke comes, ppl stop listening. The real comedy is happening in the Senate, but they say it so seriously that ppl listen to them."

Aimee Major> You'll be animating a film?! Too kewl! Um...I don't think I know of any references like that, with the possible exception of Mark Of The Panther (or whatever that one ep was called)...

Steve Gooch> <<Lemme guess... a Forfexx scene? :)>>, actually, and I can't tell you which scene because I don't want to spoil it. :) I was listening to that one really pretty song, Tiffany's theme. It's track 3 if you have the soundtrack.

Doug> <<If you want to use Gothmenes, go ahead.>> Thanks. ^_^ <<That and I read one of those Fighting Fantasy books when I was a kid where you have to get the guy who stole your rightful throne.>> I've never heard of these; they sound kewl. $Interesting RP; certainly gives credence to my favorite line of Shakespeare. <g>$

80s Rock> Eh...I don't like much of it...but I LOVE Europe's 'The Final Countdown'. I once took a psychological thing that said it explained a lot about how my mind works. (But that same test said I had a crush on someone, and I KNOW that was wrong...)

Shogun Raptor> Hey, good to see you here; you usually keep to the other room. And well-done rant. (In fact, just about all these rants have been great. Interesting that a tragedy like Littleton brings out this level of insight and intellect in us...)

Christine> Ehehe...<evil grin> I could say anything right now. <laughs evilly and uncontrollably>

Wilek Nereus
Friday, April 30, 1999 01:04:46 AM

Kitainia as I posted, the link was from my jokelist, but they like to have serious things for people to think about.

For too many people, the killings will have reprecussions for how they are supposed to think, act and mirror society. I was never interested in sports, study was easy as I loved to read. The most interesting things that happened to me in school were: a friend, Cathy, died. Either playing Russian roulette or suicide. It was never discussed and we had no grief counselors. She was just there one day and a quiet request from some people needing off for the funeral. I call Cathy a friend, because, while she was in one of the more popular cliques, she always was wonderful to everyone.
She was a loss to my world. Then there was the young lady who had a baby in the D-wing bathroom. My second period teacher was gone most of the period on that one. Then there was the idiot who kept calling in bomb threats in my senior year during fourth period. I spend most of my lit. class reading sci-fi novels on the football field.

This type of thing isn't new, it's just taking on new forms to match the new times. People are no longer turning their anger inwards, they are turning outwards in order to express the trapped feelings they have.

Sometimes it is so hard to express yourself and when you do, you find yourself talking to yourself.

Sorry to be so gloomy people, it's the wind tearing through the trees right now.


Theresa - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:57:22 AM

***BEGIN RP*****
Meanwhile, back at Jim's Gargoyle USA Poll Win / The CR Is Back Up party.....
SJ shakes his head, trying to clear the cobwebs. "What was THAT?" he asks.
Kari stands next to him, slightly dazed herself. "I think it was the CR going down. For about a WEEK AND A HALF."
"Damn. Remind me to have the Hounds here eat him next time. But first, back to the story. We have to find my dad, and there's only one individual in this whole park that might know where he is--the Wizard himself!"
"No! Michael Eisner!"
****END RP BIT*****

Jenna: That info on Astaroth came from the book, "A Dictionary of Angels" by Gustaf Davidson. You may be able to find it in one of the larger chain book stores, but if you want that particular passage itself, I can email it to you.

Kaioto: Mafia? I know not this organization of which you speak! ;) I'm certain if such a thing existed, they would most likely consist of a group of wonderful Italian men, who are only looking out for the interests of the community, and would never, never, *NEVER* be involved in something illegal!
BTW, I'd just like to give a big shout out to my buddy Mr. John Gotti, whom I feel the authorities are being very unfair with. He's only a businessman after all! ;)

Doom, and other violent games: I just about puked myself today. The reason? I heard some moron, a "specialist", on television today, saying that parents "have not just the right, but the responsibility, to take these games away from their children" because they, and I quote: "teach them all the essentials needed to kill". This is utter goddamn nonsense. If your kid is still in elementary school, yeah, maybe you should take away those games (but then again, isn't that what the rating system is for?). However, us teenagers (most of us) CAN handle them. I don't care how gory a video game is, I'm not buying for one second that little Johnny is gonna a)know how to use a gun to wipe out his neighborhood or b)have the desire to wipe out his neighborhood just cause he's been playing Quake for a couple of hours. It's so frustrating, cause no matter how many times you scream at the Ignorant Ones that games/movies/music/dark clothing are NOT to blame, they still stick their heads up their asses like a flock of retarded ostriches.

I heard a wise statement today, about what is to blame for the Littleton shooting: "Hatred, ignorance, and access to guns." Who made that perceptive remark? The Antichrist Superstar himself, Marilyn Manson. He's right though. In fact, I think "the Beautiful People" is coming true. Goths, geeks, and everyone else who is different (i.e. creative) are being even further alienated by the "normal" folk. That Slashdot article scared the crap out of me.

Baby Fey: Whoa, whoa, you go to school with Ravyn? Well, don't keep us in suspense! How the heck is she? Tell her we miss her!

Star Wars: So Lucas thinks it's gonna make 400 mill, huh? Most people are predicting it'll do about 2 billion. With Lucas making a billion off the top. If he wasn't such a marketing genius, I'd hate the man.

Idle Hands and Entrapment: Well, I'm a big Sean Connery fan (even though the guys like, at least 30 years to old to be doing action flicks), and I'll go on the record now that Catherin Zeta-Jones is, IMO, the closest thing to perfection that there is on Earth (of course, perfection is really Gwyneth Paltrow, but that's neither here nor there ;] ). So I may watch that.

Idle Hands, however, looks like another one of the seemingly never-ending Scream/IKWYDLS clones. God, how many damn "trendy" horror movies filled with young, pretty non-actors/actresses and "witty, hip" dialogue am I gonna have to wade through? Horror movies were dwindeling, until about 3 years ago Scream came along. It was something new, something pretty cool. Then Hollywood unleashed the first clone of that, which of course was, IKWYDLS. It wasn't even as good as Scream, IMO, but it did a certain powerful something called Jennifer Love Hewitt's Breasts. Now we got ever friggin' actor from Dawson's Creek, or Felicity, or whatever dumb angst-ridden teen drama WB has out this month, in all these horrible films with crappy plots and all-around bad premises. I wish, for once, a good, decent horror movie would come out that ISN'T written by Kevin Williamson, or wasn't influenced by Kevin Williamson, or that the filmakers don't even know Kevin Williamson is. I would pay a lot to see that.
This movie looks plain awful. A possessed hand? Of all the old ghost stories/urban legends I've heard in my time, the possessed hand one was the lamest. And the actors....Devon Sawa....I don't even know who this pretty boy is. Seth Green.....this may be Buffy blasphemy, but I've never been a huge Seth Green fan. Not to the extent that I wanna see his mug everywhere I go. Jessica Alba....the ONE reason I'd go see this film. She's hot!
Overall, I'm gonna steer clear from this movie like the plague. At least the Mummy, coming out next Friday, looks interesting. It probably won't have much of a plot either, but at least the FX look cool.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, April 30, 1999 12:47:52 AM

Hmm, maybe now this'll work for me...

Excuse me if I seem a bit more brief than usual. I've written this post three times in the last two days and it hasn't gotten through yet. This time I'm saving it before I submit, just in case...

Littleton- the "fun" aspect of this is the fact that now, BECAUSE of the publicity its getting its spawning copycats. Oii, they shoulda just kept quiet about this.

But the reason video games and the internet and such are getting blamed so quickly is for the same reason its always been. They're VERY CONVENIANT scapegoats. Go to a local arcade, film three Mortal Kombat fatalities, and suddenly, you have all the prudes in the country against everything electronic. Luckily, the 1rst ammendment has pretty much kept this safe, but lately I'm starting to worry.. And incidentally, cutting off the new Buffy episode due to Littleton similarities is just plain DUMB! Isn't that why we have the stupid television ratings thing?

Dumlao- Great song. Too bad you didn't include a link. But I am... (Click!) Na na na na! Na na na na! Hey hey hey hey, goodbye... Na na na na... EVERYBODY SING!
Aaron- The Pack symbol matches Don Carnage's? Hmm, now I have to pull out the old BETA tapes...

Early bird- In the writing staff's defense, there's over a dozen main characters, two dozen supporting characters, and three dozen background characters! Much as we'd like to, we just can't cover them all!

Those wanting to see Madoc start his takoever- Be careful what you wish for. It may be closer than you think...

I said it before and I'll say it again, Tom Baker as Gandalf will kick butt! He's perfect for the role! (Well actually, the perfect guy to do it voiced him in the animated version, but I think he's dead now...)

Star Wars episode one- Tickets will now be sold a week in advance. SO now, people don't have to skip school or sleep on te streets... Also, Lucas himself projects the movie will make about 400 million. I wouldn'tbe surprised if it beats Titanic. After all, Titanic did so well because it got so many females to go back again and again. Star Wars will probably do the same with guys...


In about two weeks... Brooklyn... And a bike.


**JIM'S PARTY!!!**

As Jim does a triple backflip while singing "Na na na na!" the entire Disney cast at Disney World shows up and sings along, creating one heck of a cool echo effect. Once the song ends, Jim makes an announcement.
"Ladies and gentlemen... Due to the fact that Robbie Knieval did NOT jump the Grand Canyon, to make up for it, Robby Bevard will make an equivilent jump."
"Relax Robby. At worst you crash and fall into a bottomless canyon as a flaming burning wreck screaming in pain before you die."
"Um... Couldn't we get DC to do this instead?"
"GREAT IDEA!" And so its settled. And while preperations for that go through, everyone goes back to their chorus of "Na na na na..." and fun is had all around.

Elsewhere, Demona is waking up with a splitting headache. She doesn't remember what happened during the CR blackout, but her hair is dyed green and she's wearing an outfit from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." She is not amused.

Friday, April 30, 1999 12:19:56 AM

Well the school at which me and Ravyn Maza attends has been visited by SWAT teams twice in the past two days. Bomb threats, and some idiot called saying she heard the school was blown up (why call then...?). Police patrols, confiscated trenchcoats, and a resurrgence of the all around nice-guy group of idiots called the Vampire Killers. I know I in my religion it practices forgiveness, but I hope the two murderers burn in hell.

Most ppl are safe for the most part in our school, no militia as far as I know, but the Phreaks/Goths/Vampires have had a hell of a time defending themselves. I personally have received a comment, "Don't tease her, she might shoot you!". And not as a joke. Goths are being refused service in eating/retail establishments. We're on the front page. We're clones following a trend.

I started hanging out with the group because I didn't want to be a clone, I love being different and I love being open, and my Goth family provided that. But for being the generally peaceful group we are, we've learned a lot. Violence is a choice, something that can be learned but not from video games or movies, or even Marilyn Manson. And as a Catholic who dresses Goth, I'm presumed to be a Satan worshipping-lesbian-goat sacrificing teenager. I love my parents, I'm law abiding, not evil.

Funny though... all the adults telling us that it's what inside that matters, but when I come in for interviews in a business suit I'm a well educated polite lady. Learn it soon, a book is judged by its cover.

My prayers go out to everyone in that school, and most of all the families of the dead. Losing a child is a heart wrenching experience...

Learn love...

Baby Fey - []
Sierra Vista, AZ
Thursday, April 29, 1999 11:12:37 PM

**RP ALERT..ALERT..ALERT (Kitainia kicks the machine and it stops repeating itself)**

The screen comes on, displaying Borgis and Butt-Borg entering Longdale, Colorado. "Uh, this is the city Daria moved to when she left Highland," Butt-Borg says. Borgis smiles. "Diarrhea-cha-cha-cha, diarrhea cha-cha-cha." "Shut up, bunghole," Butt-Borg orders him. "Okay, here's, uh, the plan. We find the high school and ass-im-uh-late Daria and all her fellow students. Okay?" "Let's get them," Borg-Todd barks. MacVicker, Borgcut, Stewart, and the rest nod as well. Butt-Borg smiles and guns the motor, and the drones drive on towards Longdale High.

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, Doug and Kitainia are sitting in their hotel room. "I hope the commitee calls soon," Kitainia says. "We need to get back to chasing Thailog." "Right," Doug nods. "We will, don't worry. I'm sure they'll understand and side with us, not that Kincaid guy." He reaches for the ringing phone. "This could be them. Hello?" "Mr. Elder, it's Agent Ripowski." "What's up, Janice? You sound worried." "I am. The Commitee is debating now, they will soon come to a decison. I want you to know, Mr. Elder, that no matter what happens, I tried to give a fair and unbiased explanation of you and your team's actions. No matter what they decide, I remain part of your support." "That's good, Janice," Doug says. "I knew we could count on you. Thanks." "Just doing my job. Talk to you later." She hangs up, and Doug turns to relate the conversation to Kitainia. "Oh boy," the half-garg sighs. "If she's worried, we can bet things aren't going well." She turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone. Hope the night is going well. Day was okay for me, the CR is finally back up again (better be up for good this time!). Doug and I were disappointed Robby Knievel didn't jump the Grand Canyon, but that's okay. He had his reasons. Hope he succeeds on the rematch. :)

Two movies that look good are coming out this weekend- Idle Hands and Entrapment. We thought Midsummer's Night Dream would be coming out too, but the info was false. Don't worry, Doug and I will still make time to see and review in here the two films mentioned above. Next week we shall do the same with The Mummy. <grin>

Littleton Stuff: Well, I wasn't able to review the new Buffy because of that situation. :( And I can sympathize with Kaioto, my newspaper today was filled with a lot of the same stuff as his. Mostly in the Letters to the Editor. :( I also read that some guys in Congress are calling for a summit on "violence in entertainment." I can just bet they'll be discussing whether or not they should take more steps to restrict and ban it. <low deep growl> These guys need to read my previous rant on the cookie jar and lazy parents syndromes. Good thing Doug and I kept a copy and sent it to Lloyd Dogget, Anthony Kennedy, George W. Bush, and Hillary Clinton. One of those three should react to the comments and do the right thing. <crosses fingers> Hope they pay more attention to intelligent people who care than polls that I believe may be rigged by people with hidden agendas and/or mainly taken from America's large number of stupid lazy dolts.

Even worse, I've also heard the news that a bunch of crazy people are threatening their schools with copycats of the Littleton tragedy. In some places, it's already happened (such as Alberta). This is really bad, I hope these plots don't occur. Maybe the apocalypse is beginning, the bad times prophesied for the millenium. Two wars may be starting in America, one against Kosovo and possibly also Iraq (the leaders of both nations have been talking to one another), and maybe another is starting with outcasts vs. conformists and youth vs. adults. Doug and I aren't sure what side we're on in either. Hope the wars don't start, or if they do we can stay out. Unless they directly threaten us, we will definitely try.

DumlaoX: Please send our kudos to Alison. She did an excellent job.

SJ: Great rant about ignorance. I agree with every word of it. The main problem is that no matter how you look at things, the ignorants are in charge of this country. Whether people are conservative or liberal, no matter what cause they support, politicians and the groups they unfortunately listen to more than the general American people are all convinced that their cause is the best one and their view is the only right one, and they're ignorant of the merits of other views and other causes. They see only the bad, ignoring the good. I don't know how these people got in charge, but they are preventing anyone from changing things. Just look at what happens to anyone who tries to support an "unpopular view" in Washington- they get booted out of office by the dolts who run things. To paraphrase Tom Clancy, our government has become full of people who are not do-gooders but dumass ignorant power-seekers. They don't care about the truth, they only care about pandering to what they are told is the public's view. They don't care about doing what's fair and right, they only care about doing what will help them win the next election. And because these people are in charge, they will naturally defeat any measures that look like they will change things too much. <sighs> In an ignorant uncaring gov't like this, real-life Daves (see the movie of the same name to know what I'm talking about) don't stand much of a chance. :( Maybe the gov't will be overthrown soon. I doubt it will happen in our lifetime, but we all know that sooner or later, every empire must fall.

EarlyBird: Good point. I too have been worrying about Madoc turning into Lord Zed. (Zed was cool until he got married, though, so it might not be a bad thing for some of him to rub off on Madoc.) Hope he starts the war soon, so the good guys can start really beating him. :)

Fire: Another good rant from you. I completely agree with it. Those guys had free will, they chose to do what they did. Outside sources may have contributed some, but in the end the decision was theirs. We must concentrate on teaching other kids not to follow their example, not trying to restrict them from doing so and inevitably failing as we surely will. :( A good psychologist is one who does not psychoanalyze everything, life has taught me that better than college ever could. You have to accept that you cannot explain everything simply and easily, and that there are some things one can never understand, if you want to have a satisfying life.

I also agree with you about violence. Sometimes its amount and gore are way too excessive. But in most of the good games (eg Duke Nukem, Quake, Wolfenstein, Metal Gear Solid, FF series, etc.) it is equaled by the good storyline, comic element, action, and/or graphics. That is a good thing, and I like games like that. There are of course many games that rely on violence and gore alone (IMO, these include Unreal, Blood, and Resident Evil) for any entertainment value. I agree that gore and violence alone should not be entertainment. If that Congress summit can find some way to fix the entertainment so that the violent games with good stories and characters are kept and only the pure violent ones are dropped, it will be good. I doubt they can or will do that, though, if they do anything. :( Still going to buy and enjoy upcoming violent fantasy games Drakan and Duke Nukem Forever when they come out, no matter what!

Theresa: Great jokes, Starsinger. Thanks for posting them. I hope jokes is all they remain.

Shogun Raptor: I also agree with your rant. See my above posts for further comment. I hope they don't try to police the net or ban good and violent games. Ones that are violent and nothing else are fine, but if getting rid of them also costs us the good games. <growls loudly>

Spike: Lex's voice is going to be at the Gathering, too? Oh God, I have to be there now! Please let it happen!! :)

Coyote: That post you had about Joss Whedon was for Doug, not Aaron, right? Thanks for the support of what we're sure really happened, just correcting your mistake. I also hope you make that Rosanna story, it sounds neat. :)

Trench Coats: They're nice, but I prefer to wear leather jackets. Guess that's one result of my biker days. Doug likes to wear a hunting jacket with a fake fur collar. It's old and somewhat ragged, but he and I like it. He also has a cool red ski jacket with many pockets and a hood, we share that one. As for hats, I like to wear a baseball cap (Astros) and he wears either a fedora or a cap that says "Sherrif." Fashion doesn't really mean much to us, nor do we think that certain clothes make people bad guys. Hope other people share this opinion, especially those in charge.

Christine: Ah, another woman who likes it when her man wraps her up in his coat. :) Fortunately, Doug's ski jacket and hunting coat are big enough for that, as was the frock coat he wore Halloween before last.


Ah, the McCarthy era. One of the darkest and most fearful times in American history. May nothing like it ever happen again. This episode was very good. It had a great plot and excellent development on Brooklyn and Sata. I enjoyed the many twists provided by Sata's pregnancy and the Illuminati. The end revelation was especially neat. I like the Illuminati and hope to see more of them soon.

Two things I've noticed on this Timedancer season in general. No matter the episode's plot, Brooklyn and Sata are always developed well and there's always a great sense of history. The period the timedancers visit is as detailed and developed as what happens to them and what they do in each period. These are very good things, elements one should value in any entertainment series. Hope the staff keeps them up. IMO, I consider them part of what makes Timedancer great.


Mary: Your grade and junior high school years sound a lot like Doug's were. Except for the crush deal (and there was one girl that came close to it), he had nearly the same experiences. Mine were also somewhat similar, but I've always been an intelligent and outgoing person, not what most people would call a nerd. Also glad that you found friends who like you for yourself. Once Doug and me did that, it really helped our lives.

Sylvia: They've banned trenchcoats at your school? Oh God, here comes the the censorship hurricane. <shakes head slowly> Hope it blows over soon.

Okay, that's all for tonight. Later, people!


The phone starts ringing again. Doug picks it up. "Elder." "Mr. Elder, Henry Hyde." "Senator Hyde, how are you?" "I'm doing alright. So are the others. And you?" "Fine. We're just anxiously waiting for your decision." "Well, you won't have to wait any longer. We've made it." "Oh good, what is it?" "Well, it took a lot of deliberation and debate but we finally put it to a vote. There were ten of us, it was a 6-4 decision." "What was the decision?" "Mr. Elder, I'm really sorry. You provided a good defense for yourselves, and Agent Ripowski's reports supported it very well. But..." "But you decided against us, didn't you?" "I'm sorry, but yes. You managed to piss off Trent, Maxine, and Paul yesterday. That's no small feat. And of course Jesse and Bob have never liked you and especially didn't like, I quote, how you 'just blew them off' in yesterday's meeting. With those five against you, well, the rest of our votes could still block them. I was ready to decide a tie but then Bunning had to vote with the vocal majority. He always votes with the vocal majority." "But you were on our side, right?" "Yes, myself and the other three of us have been very impressed by your accomplishments and could understand the reasons for your violations of the various conduct and protocol laws. We've made some provisions to keep you all on as advisers to your replacement team." "Our replacement team? Senator, nobody knows the methods of Thailog and his cronies better than we do." "That's why we're keeping you on, we know. The committee has voted, Mr. Elder, we can't take back our decision. You'll have to live with it. Don't worry, we shall find the best people to replace you from our intelligence agencies and armed forces and you and your team will still be on hand to advise. Maybe you'll even back them up if it becomes really necessary." "Thank you, Senator," Doug sighs. "We'll be in touch." He hangs up and turns to Kitainia. "I heard," she says. "So we've lost our government contract." "Yeah," Doug shakes his head. "That's what happens to good people when ignorant politicians get put in charge. Okay, let's call the others in here. We need to discuss what we're going to do about this." "We have to accept it, right?" Kitainia says. "I mean, we don't want to get punished for vigilanteism, right?" "Kit, the world is at stake here. If we have to break the law and defy government commands to save it, we better do it. Right?" "Right, Doug. I was just making sure we agreed." Doug nods and smiles. "Let's hope the others agree with us. I'll get them up here for a meeting." The screen fades out.


Kitainia - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 11:04:46 PM

Hello people's!
Geez I guess I got a bit carried away with my rant, sorry.
Trenchcoats- we can't even wear them to school anymore! How
unfair is that? "If you wear them, you will get suspended, or expelled from school etc. etc...blah blah blah!"
Fault- I agree with Fire, the guys wanted and chose to do it on their own.

Drowned City- very good job, although I would like it to focus a bit on the other characters

New TD EP (forgot name already)- Awesome! I loved it, I couldn't stop reading it! a pic would've been nice.
I think that's all for now, see ya'll later,

Colo. Spr.
Thursday, April 29, 1999 09:48:34 PM

I didn't know there has been backlashing going on over the country. Right now in my school we are having 'Human Relations Week'. We're keeping our minds open to how people think and their perspectives. I have never walked in on a cliche harrassing another cliche of different ideas. I know there is no one in my school who would want to actually commit the crime of killing. For this I am very grateful.

But what I think is that many people who have never lived the life of an oddball or geek don't realize what kind of lives we go through. They whisper about us and ask why we don't act like everyone else when we walk by, but don't the even think that we might here them? I can understand why those boys attacked their peers. They were in a lot of pain. I'm guessing that their school lives had not been easy for them and they were labeled outcasts by the people who they hoped would be their freinds. They could only deal with their anger and frustration of being rejected by playig violent video games. When I was younger and was tormented to the point of depression and wanting to kill myself, I often wished that I had something to take my anger out on. I think playing video games like Doom are as much a way of getting your anger out on something as beating up a pillow. All of that pain has to go somewhere.

When I was young, I was tormented to the extreme of what I could handle. I wasn't thin, I had zits, I couldn't run, I wasn't smart, I was emotional to an extreme, and I hated my peers to no end. They told me to my face that they didn't want to be near me. I spent nearly my entire 6th grade lunch sitting by myself and reading a book. The only people who would talk to me usually played tricks on me just to make me upset. Even the one person I thought was my freind and that I could count on thought it was fun to poke fun at me. The only reason why I didn't stop her was the fact that I had no other freinds and she was the only person who tolerated me enough to talk with me. But she never sat with me at lunch, she sat with other people.

And then (dare I say it) I got a crush on someone who was the first guy who had ever been nice to me. After not having someone be nice to me for so long, how could I not have been swept off my feet? But I didn't realize at the time that he was only nice to me because he thought it was a funny joke. I realized that in 8th grade when he made an awful snickering comment to me. I haven't had a crush on anyone to this day.

Thank God Gargoyles came along at the time! It was the one thing I could look forward to in my life. How could I not fall in love with such a cool show? They went through almost the same issues I did. If I hadn't watched the show and kept my hopes up about the future, I would probably not be here.

My life now couldn't be better (minus the whole sister factor). I'm doing well in school, some guys like to talk to me, and I'm not as insecure about what people think of me. I'm always so grateful that I have finally found a group of freinds that like me for being different and that my peers have matured and moved on. I just wish the some of the kids at Colombine High had done the same, for their sake.

Mary Flanders
Thursday, April 29, 1999 09:28:30 PM


The Illuminati are among my favorite villains in Gargoyles,
glad to see them back. My question, what is the
<i>arcane arcandrum</i> of the Illuminati in the Gargoyles
universe? Also, will Brooklyn and Sata encounter Madoc or
any other major Unseelie in their travels ( other than
Loki or Sekhmet, of course )

A great job by the TGS crew.



weepinbell - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 07:47:44 PM

Presenting the new Timedancer Episode:

Who can you trust?


Written by Anna Hansen

Story Concept by JEB and A Fan

Happy reading!

Patrick Toman
Thursday, April 29, 1999 06:30:37 PM

Hey, folks!
Coming to the Gathering?
Want to play GURPS Gargoyles with me?
I'm looking for up to 10 players willing to be in a mixed game of gargs and Third Race. For more info, click on my name or go to

Trenchcoats > but ... but ... wait a minute ... MacBeth and Xanatos both wear black trenchcoats ... do you mean they're supposed to be _bad_ guys?!? GASP! A shame, because I've always found those to be _so_ sexy ... best part of King Lear in Ashland last time was the guy playing Edmund, deep sexy Keith-David voice and a long black leather coat that looked so soft and smooth like it could just wrap around you like a pair of wings ... drooooooool ...

Sorry ... went off on a tangent there and can't for the life of me recall what I was talking about ...

Christine - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 05:18:07 PM

This whole computer thing really sucks! OK, I happen to be one of those who can't get back in here often so I probably won't be able to respond for a while...

Today was our sophomore class awards assembly and I was presented with an Excellence Award, Achievement in Latin, and Achievement in Algebra 2. It was awesomely cool!

I wrote another poem today and may post it at a later time. Thanks to all who liked the previous ones. I had fun writing them.

Deuce> I got your e-mail. Thanks for trying :) I appreciate it...

Thursday, April 29, 1999 05:03:27 PM

Quick post before bossman returns:

Toku, Green>I do indeed vote liberatarian.

Toku>It's TARDIS. Stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space.

Whoops, gotta go!
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 04:44:04 PM

**Washington DC**
Rob Reiner appears at the ATF Office to file a complaint. His left eye is now covered by an eyepatch thanks to Attila.
"I wish to file a complaint against a tobacco smuggler, named Attila."
Beaureucrat, "Certainly. Can you describe Attila?"
"He's a nine year old tabby with a back containing black fur and a white belly. He also wears a clerical collar and can talk. He is vicious, sarcastic, and money hungry. He also has a weakness for stocks.
"A cat? Ha! Ha! Ha! That's rich. Perhaps if California had lower taxes, there wouldn't bethese smugglers. I know you're not getting enough revenue for your kiddie health car program, but you don't need to start accusing cats of smuggling tobacco. Perhaps you need a vacation."
"I never... I'll take this to Janet Reno."
Reiner storms off angrily.

As soon as Meathead has left, the bearucrat makes a call on a secret phone, "Boss, it seems Meathead is on to you. You might want to lay low in Los Angeles for a while. Maybe you can increase your alchohol sales in the dry counties down South. Next time, he or another niconazi may reach someone not on your payroll."**

Hello everyone. I am back after the delay.

Littleton> Most of what needs to be said has been said, and I agree with Kaioto on much of it.

Aaron> I agree. Screw both major parties. Vote Libertarian. Things might be better if Election Day was on April 16, too :)

Batya> I agree. Things may get worse. I hope the Supremem Court strikes down soem of teh new legislation that may be enacted. Everyone write to Anthony Kennedy, the swing judge on the Supreme Court. His decision usually determines a case in a 5-4 victory or defeat. Most cases have reached decisions of 5-4 recently as it is.

Trench Coats> I actually wear a black one when it's cold or raining, though I am not a Goth. I'm more of a neo-Victorian with a penchant for bowties and/or three-piece suits. I go for the same look DumaloX tries to go for, though if I add my hat, I look like that villain on Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Newsflash> The two killers were not even official members of the "trenchcoat mafia". They were on the fringe. As for it's ethnic content, that is not as prominent as it used to be, especially when we have the Irish Mafia of the Kennedy family, the Russian Mafia, and the Memphis mafia, which was Elvis's bodyguards. I don't even think of Italian when I hear the word mafia. I usually think of Labor Unions :)

Shogun Raptor> The polls are another thing that irk me. I wish that all polls were outlawed myself. The media needs to get soem imagination and do real stories instead of analysing polls. It is also a problem when a news reporter has gone from the tough gumshoe image of teh 30s to part of a priveleged Fourth Estate. The only one I can really admire is Matt Drudge who makes no money form his website and just provides information.

Jenna> I've thought about homeschooling for my children whenever I have any, and I rather like the idea, too. Public school seems less safe (though I have never gone to public school), and Catholic school is expensive, plus too many teach Liberal pap and very little Latin. Hopefully, i can work at home an dteach my kids a good education, and with the high cost of Catholic eductaion, I'd be saving a fortune $$

**A mature cat hangs up the phone.
"I guess I can curtail my operations in California for a while. Now, I will wait for it to be official that Ted turner has lost the Atlanta Braves."
Attila then turns on the TV to CNBC to see Time Warner's stock dropping by 30% and he laughs maniacally**
END RP for now.

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 04:00:17 PM

Testing, testing... *sigh*
Blue Caeru - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 03:57:54 PM

Just came back from the Slashdot site. Rookery sibs, I urge you all to go take a look. I wouldn't have believed it, but the reported backlash from the Littleton incident is starting to frighten me more than the incident itself.

Must sign off before boss comes in -- more later tonight.

Batya "The Toon" Levin - [(just another bloodthirsty lil hellion)]
Thursday, April 29, 1999 02:42:34 PM

Oh, and hi to you too, Jenna
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 02:08:04 PM

SJ: Lord of the Rings movie, awesome! :)

**Rant Warning. Newspapers + Doom Rant **

Well, you know, nothing seems to ruin a good breakfast/dinner experience faster than opening that newspaper now a days. I go looking for an update on Kosovo and my local sports teams. I come out having three articles rammed down my throat about how Doom and Quake and the like are supposed to train ordinary men and women into merciless killing machines, because, God knows, we don't have free will or anything. *shakes his head* So what if a simulation might actually make you more compitent at killing? If you have any moral fiber in your body, you don't ever need to enact that compitence in murder. That is like saying that martial arts makes kids into dangerous weapons. Well, it doesn't. You know why it doesn't? Because the sensei is supposed to teach the lessons of discipline, respect, and responsibility to the students first and formost before combat. Because the student is not supposed to learn skills without the responsibility to use (and especially choose not to use) them. The same is true with all respects of life. Learn responsibility, teach it to kids. Teach it to adults! Every human being has a sufficient capacity to harm, it is a matter of choosing not to use it, making the unselfish choice, that allows us to trust others beyond a system of punishment and control.

Jeez! If you are worried about my capacity for evil and irresponsibility, keeps the media away from me. I've learned more dangerous behavior and irresponsibility from watching television news and reading about public figures than I could ever in a movie. Why? Because my parents explained this little thing to me about televised and printed fiction when I was a kid. Also, the media itself angers me more frequently than any school yard bullies ever did.

Trench Coats: You know, black trench coats were always a little too Goth for me. Not my style. I thought gray made a much better statement about where I stood, as in ~ none ~. Well, it ~ did ~ at one point. Not much anymore. :P Now I get these strange looks and stupid remarks. *sigh*

Mafia: You know, this entire "Trench coat Mafia" thing really offends me as an Italian American, and a romanticizer of things Mafioso. Not that there really ever was or ever has been a group of Italian Americans running a crime sindicate called the Mafia … but if there were, I think the appropriate response to a bunch of civilians who treated you poorly is something more like cutting of the head of their prized horse and putting it in their bed or something … *shakes his head* This dosen't deserve the term Mafia at all … not that I'm saying there ever was a group like that mind you …

"Drowned City": I enjoyed this. It was good to see knights in action and someone questing. :) The writing was grand.

Aaron: *Nods* You are right. They both are. Vote Libertarian! :) But one should not say such things in a public forum unless you want men in dark suits to start messing with your life. :)

Dr. Who: I always loved the concept of the Tartus. I finally got a good quote on that one.
*Holds up to cards of the same size, moved one closer and one further away from his chest*
"Which one looks smaller?"
"Yes, the one in front … Now take both cards and make them occupy the same points of space at the same time and you have the Tartus." :)

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 02:07:02 PM

I finally got onto Slashdot, and all I can say is, I'm glad that we, the oppressed, alienated minority, can unite via the power of the net. A place where we can make our voices heard. And having said this, is it any wonder why the great fascist conspiracy is looking for excuses to shut it down.

And speaking of great conspiracies, I have here an article from the SA Express News, 4/28/99, News of the Weird section. The school board in San Juan Capistrano, CA approved, in principle, a new secondary school that would "cater to students of average academic achievment, and who avoid extracurricular activities." The rationale being that such students "lose motivation when schooled alongside higher achievers."

Now, first of all, when they leveled classes about five years ago by eliminating honors classes, wasn't the idea that underachievers would gain from the example of gifted students.

Second, does this sound to anyone else like a really good place for the school administration to dump all the misfits, geeks, loners, the openly gay, and anyone else they don't feel like dealing with?

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 02:06:17 PM

sorry to double post--
Sevarious Jr.--where is the information on Astaroth, I'd love to take a look at it.

Thursday, April 29, 1999 01:53:12 PM

***Waves at Aaron***
Hey there!!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 1999 01:49:01 PM

Aaron kicks open the door of the CR, holding a Barrett 50 sniper rifle.

WHERE'S DC?!? DC tries to run, but Aaron catches him in the knee with a snap shot, and DC stumbles.

"For what you did, letting me in, and then crashing it so I could't post anything, I wish I had time to set up a whole, elaborate, William Wallace-style torture for you,but I don't have time right now. So..." Aaron shoots DC in the other knee, and then in both elbows, leaving him completely paralysed. Then he whistles for his jackals again. While the jackals feed on the twitching DC, Aaron turns and addresses the room.

As some of you may have guessed,I watched the National Geographic on jackals this week. They're so cute. And they're really only about the size of large housecats too. I'd like to have a ranch, and have some running around, but since I can't, I think I'm gonna keep these here for as long as I can. Speaking of which..

JackaL> The idea of seeing what you're thinking at any given time is sort of like watching a train wreck. It might be awful, but you can't look away.

Gooch> I liked your trenchcoat equation. If Johnny wasn't a maniac, you're violating his civil rights. If he is, you've just annoyed a dangerous maniac. Good move.

Deuce> Well, I was following another of the trenchcoated bretheren's lead, and I really didn't feel like running the quarter-mile from my car to class in pouring rain.

Coyote> I wasn't the one talking about Buffy. I, to tell the truth, have never watched that show. I liked the movie.

If the rumor about Tom Baker is true, I'm glad. It's always nice to see an ex-Doctor in work.

Aaron wanders away, singing "Iris"

"I don't want the world to see me, cuz I don't think that they'd understand. When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.", with the jackals doing a high-pitched accompaniment.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, April 29, 1999 01:32:49 PM

Reboot Season 3: The series is not officially dead.
Check my link for the FAQ of REBOOT.

Littleton: There has been a copy-cat shooting in Alberta, Canada.
In Michigan, a student was suspended for wearing a long black trench coat. Hell, if I EVER get my long, black leather trench coat, I would wear it! I have NO ties with any mafia or whatever. I just think it is a cool coat!

Fire Storm
Thursday, April 29, 1999 01:28:48 PM

Good to have this place back again.

BAD CREATIVITY DEMON - What we could have given you in "The Drowned City", but didn't, was this: After Lucius sends the Whowie off to ravage London, it starts lumbering away, when Lucius has to call it short with a whistle, and say, "Ahem! London would be *this* way!", pointing in the opposite direction from the one that the Whowie was headed in.

I also heard about the "Tom Baker as Gandalf" rumor. Note that this wouldn't be his first time playing a role in a British fantasy film/television adaptation; he also played the part of Puddleglum the Marsh-Wiggle in an adaptation of "The Silver Chair" (based on the book by C. S. Lewis, Tolkien's friend).

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, April 29, 1999 12:27:59 PM

It's good to be able to get into the room again. I hope that this isn't just another lull in the Blackout and that it's finally over.

Anyway, is the new Timedancer episode going to be coming out tonight? I know that with the sites being down over the last few days and yesterday evening with the lockout from it must have been very hard to get the new episode out, but now everything seems to be working.


I'll keep them short for now.

I loved the picture first of all. Everytime that there is an episode with a picture, I somehow neglect to comment on it, so let me say now that the picture was wonderful, top-notch, as is all the art that the TGS staff puts out.

A new faction in the fey. Are they the Titans and the missing Greek gods? Could this be where Danu is hiding out? If they are, then they are really irresponsible because surely such an assembly of old and powerful beings could have dealt with Madoc by now.

This was a well written episode although I do wish that since we were getting a PENDRAGON episode that there would be some more concentration on Griff and Brianna, Caspian and Rosalind, and Caspian and Lucy. It would be nice to see more of them than we do now.

Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, April 29, 1999 12:24:03 PM

****Dis Connect Death****
Peter walks into the CR and sees DC messing with the wyvernweb server. He walks up to DC and levitates him into the air. "This is for locking me out of the room for most of the last week, you ba*%%$#!". Peter forces every nerve in DC's body to fire at once, paralysing DC with agony. He then strips off DC's skin and dunks him in a sulfuric acid bath, and then slowly dismembers every one of DC's limbs as well as ears, nose etc. before beheading him.
****END DC DEATH****

The Drowned City: Excellent story, it was good to see some use made of the Whowies mentioned earlier in the season as well as Merlin's treasures and Nimue. I wonder if Madoc realises that creatures such as the Whowie or the Nucklavee are not very useful in the modern world because unless they have some as yet unseen magical ability, something such as an attack helicopter can easily take them out. The revelation that there is a third court of Fay will certainly complicate things in the future, though I doubt that Danu is living with them, at least at the present time.

Survival: Great conclusion to the story. It was good to see that the clan did survive, though one would think that there would be at least some gargoyles in the English clan who did not have animal features. Sata's pregnancy will definitely make things more interesting iin the years to come.

If any of you haven't heard, there has been a school shooting in Taber, Alberta in which a 14 year old former student shoot two 17 year old students, killing one. This hits close to home for me as I used to live within 50 kilometers of this town and my younger brother still does. It makes you wonder if there will be a rash of copycat crimes in the near future.

I would definitely be interested in seeing a Lord of the Rings movie.

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Thursday, April 29, 1999 12:22:01 PM

Is the room working now? I hope so. I've made two lengthy posts already that didn't go through... SO for now, I won't do that yet...

Tom Baker as Gandalf? Cool! Unless Gandalf starts offering jelly baby's... (For those who don't know, Tom Baker is the most famous doctor, the fourth one. The one with the REALLY long scarf.)

Thursday, April 29, 1999 12:10:23 PM

Well, I'll try to get some comments in here, cause once again I was totally locked out of the site for the last two days.

Trenchcoats, and other "Goth" clothing: Due to the recent backlash against all those who would *dare* wear dark clothing, I have made it a belated New Year's resolution to wear as much black as I can. I'm gonna go buy a trenchcoat today, just to piss people off. Cause frankly, I don't think I've seen a more assinine p.o.v. than that dark clothing suddenly makes people go postal.

Dr.Who Fans: The rumor going round right now is that Tom Baker is going to be cast as the wizard Gandalf in the new Lord of the Rings trilogy made by Peter Jackson (which, in my opinion, WILL become the next Star Wars). It surprised me, mainly cause I didn't know who in the world Tom Baker was until someone told me he was one of the doctors.

Interesting bit about Cree Summer (aka Hyena): Apperently, she has some sort of an album coming out. Who knew?

Doug: Glad you liked the info on Astaroth, he does seem to be one of the more popular demons. ;) As for me in the RP, I'm still there, it's just that recent room developments, coupled with my already somewhat convoluted RP before, have kind of sidelined me for right now. :(

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 10:50:22 AM

*walks in*

#^@&!@#*$!!!!! what is wrong with this server!?!

Carolynn Maria>Feeling much better, thank you! :)

Deuce>*pulls out pen and writes it on her hand* Got it. I'll see what I can do. :)

*walks out*

Mary Flanders
Thursday, April 29, 1999 10:48:51 AM

Sorry for the 2X post, but I forgot about this ...

Doug, re: integrating Littleton into fic: Actually, I'm giving serious thought to this ... since it looks like folks *do* want me to write "Rose of Connecticut," I think I'll be writing a particular creativity spawn I had pop up in my head while picking up Newsweek (special edition about Littleton):
The private high school Rose attends has a similar hostage situation occur. But Rose can't do anything about it, realistically ... it's well before sundown, and she's just a normal human, albeit one with a tail and some fighting ability, but human nonetheless.
**vibrates** Oh man, that could make a *great* story!!

Coyote the Bando - []
Thursday, April 29, 1999 10:43:56 AM

Okay, let's hope it's here to stay this time.

Deuce: Glad to hear from you ... myself not knowing Alberta geography, I heard about the school shooting and immediately started panicking.
And as for the Oilers ... **sigh** Oh well. Better luck next year. :)

Aaron: That may not necessarily be Joss Whedon's decision. Most of the time, it's the networks that decide whether to postpone episodes of TV series due to similarity to RL events ... prime example: Fox delayed the season ending cliffhanger of "Melrose Place" a few years back because it involved a bomb going off, and would have aired about two weeks after the Oklahoma City bombing. Aaron Spelling had no say in the matter.
Another example, though not quite as severe: Last year, when there was a rash of school shootings near the beginning of the year (around March and April), Fox had Chris Carter add a disclaimer to the beginning of certain episodes of "Millennium," including one ... which involved a school shooting.

Steve Gooch: Which one? There's two songs called "Rosanna," one of which is a slow ballad and the other's a kind of fast song. Both are from the '80s, and both by adult contemporary artists (the aforementioned Toto, and one by Hall and Oates.).

Aimee: Sounds interesting. Wish I could help ya, but I'll certainly be interested in seeing the final result. :)

Spike: TAH in Dallas?! KEWLIES!! **makes note to self on kneeboard: when you cut the decals tomorrow, make an extra gold Lexington. :)**

**switches out the candle.** Can't stay for now, have to get ready to work. If this is still up this evening, I'll be back. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan,, An hour northeast of Hockeytown USA!!
Thursday, April 29, 1999 09:56:52 AM


We've got BIG news about a little green gargoyle.... or rather, his voice. The rumors are true... THOM ADCOX HERNANDEZ will be at Gathering 1999 in Dallas!!! He will be signing autographs in the Dealer's Room and participating in a "Gargoyles" panel with Greg Weisman and Frank Paur.

Come and meet the guy behind the gargoyle!
And we'll see you in Dallas!!!

Thursday, April 29, 1999 09:33:57 AM

A recent dateline NBC poll questioned people about teen violence, and seeing as it's a conversation topic here, I figured I'd add my $.02 to the pot: many of the answers to the question of teen violence had similar responses: Restrict the internet, less violence in video games and a decrease in violence in TV, movies and music. *begin rant* exactly how does it help the lunatic fringe by punishing the masses? and why do they always turn to the most simplistic of answers? have we become so lazy that we censor all instead of helping those who need it? I'd continue with this, but what I would say has pretty much already been covered. All I can say is: the censorship backlash would cause more violence than not censoring the stuff at all, remember the last time we tried to remove an element of society that had become part of us? it was a little something called prohibition.
Shogun raptor
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 11:20:56 PM

Hey everyone just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive. I'm one of the unlucky people who can't get here :(
Luckly I found that I can get here from school. Unfortunately I don't have much time in between classes. I was just wondering what I missed lately. I'll stop by when I can and I won't be doing any RP until everything is fixed.
See ya later!

Wednesday, April 28, 1999 01:45:50 PM

Starsinger-thanks for putting that post up--my husband and I went through similar sh*t. Got so bad for him, he dropped out--and some of his sisters got accused of being satanists because they game--just makes me glad I'm out of high school, and really makes me think about homeschooling when I have kids of my own
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 10:45:34 AM

Sigh... been sick for a while... funny; the room's back up but the public library still can't get in... not fair. Anyway, I'm back briefly, I'll start my regular posts tomorrow.

Congrats to all the Americans finally getting Reboot's third season! It's dark, it's gritty, and yes, there's DEATH! And even hints of SEX! Oh, you've gotta love it. I'm rewatching all my tapes in honour of it.

Aaron> ["I wore my coat in RL for the first time in three weeks."] *shakes his hand* You, my friend, are damn brave, and I congratulate you for it.

SOROW> ["You're a very sweet person."] So I've been told. :-) And neat poems, too. Great talent, there.

Mary Flanders> Hey, think you could sign that banner for me? Just put "Deuce Crowley, Edmonton".

Robby> ["Next time... JIM'S 'THE CR IS BACK UP' CELEBRATION! "] You don't even need an excuse anymore, ya know. ["**Robby calls out to the evil one and proceeds to do things to him too violent for a PG rated room. Or an NC-17 room for that matter.**"] ROTFLMAO, especially since I was thinking something along those lines, too.

Wilek> ["I enjoy killing off characters, no matter how much I like them."] *looks at his DC killing* Yeah, I can tell. You must _love_ Dis, then, eh?

JackaL> ["If it wasn't for Satan, there would be no Church!"] Yes, because if there were no Satan, we'd all be hamming it up in Eden, and we'd know God way better than anyone knows Him now, and there would be no need for a church.

80's rock: Brings back nice memories of the days before school, when I was an extremely wee lad... wish my dad's record player worked, he's got some damn fine vinyls downstairs.

*sigh* OK, I think I'm going to go to class, then go straight home. I feel like crap, and look worse. :-/ See y'all tomorrow.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
We fought to the bitter end, but still lost. All I have to say is this: that undoubtedly, OILERS KICK ASS!!!!!
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 10:17:24 AM

Sad but true.
I got this from my joke list. They usally include serious things as well.

In the days after the Littleton, Colorado massacre, the country went on a panicked hunt the oddballs in High School, a profoundly ignorant and unthinking response to a tragedy that left geeks, nerds, non-conformists and the alienated in an even worse situation than before. Stories all over the country embarked on witchunts that amounted to little more than Geek Profiling. All weekend, these voiceless kids -- invisible in media and on TV talk shows and powerless in their own schools -- have been e-mailing John Katz with stories of what has happened to them in the past few days.
A worthy read, I would say that everyone should at least have a look at this story
¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤»§«¤»¥«¤» JeStEr JoKeS


Theresa - []
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 06:43:36 AM

Testing... The room got quirky on me a few hours ago... Around 6:30 to 8:00 room time I think...
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 01:06:27 AM


The display screen comes on, with Borgis and Butt-Borg escorting several recently assimilated Austin radio personalities into the World Devestator. "Uh, these are the guys you wanted," Borgis says. "Put them with the Sid Vicious fans," commands Guod. Butt-Borg nods and has Stewart take JB, Sandy, Bridget, Funky, and all their frequent callers into another room of the WD. "So," Borgis laughs, "when do we start ass-im-uh-lating the world?" "As soon as Phlanx Prime lets us," Guod growls. "He's waiting for Sevarius to make that virus we don't need." (hint hint SJ!) "That's gonna be a long time," Butt-Borg muses. "What are we gonna do?" "You could make that trip I ordered you to. To Longdale?" Borgis thinks for a minute. "Uh, oh yeah!" They dash out of the WD and across the surrounding isolated Iowa farmland as Guod slowly shakes his head.

The display changes to Washington, DC, where the Ravens are in the Capitol's crowded admittance room, waiting for their hearing to begin. "Man," Stephanie checks her watch. "This is taking forever. What could possibly be taking those guys so long to call us?" "I don't know," says Doug. "I just hope that when we finally get in there, it's not a tough crowd." He turns to make a CR post.


Glad the CR is back up. Hated to see it down earlier today. Let me catch up on what I missed. :)

Tonight's Anger: You know what happened tonight? They postponed the new Buffy!!!! Why? Here's the official statement:

** According to Joss Whedon himself, the new Buffy episode, "Earshot" has been postponed until June. Because of the similarity to the tragic events in Colorado, and a few lines that are a bit too real to be aired so close to the event, it will not be airing on schedule.

Description: After fighting a couple of nasty demon, Buffy receives the power to hear the thoughts of others. The gang struggles to keep Buffy from loosing her sanity and from reading their thoughts. **

This is terrible! I thought Whedon had faith in the maturity of his viewers! I guess I was wrong. :( I know this is not what the dead kids would have wanted if they were Buffy fans, I am very offended by it. I can only hope the show's continuity doesn't suffer because of this.

Other Littleton Stuff: Believe it or not, I will be absorbing the event into my fic saga. Guess where those kids got their guns (hint- it will have something to do with the future head of the World Terrorism Alliance. Wait for the next one to see what).

Fleur: I did not know that. Maybe I should see PQD.

Fleur, Theresa, Bronx, Steve, Fire: <claps> Totally agree with those great rants.

Jackal: I knew you were a Goth. <smile> Oh, btw, I hate political correct stuff. But thanks for the laughs.

SOROW: Cool poems. Thanks for posting them.


Great job on this week's episode. I liked Dahut and the Kraken, hope we see them and all the sea creatures again. They would make an interesting third force in the Unseelie War (fourth force- Apep and some dragons!). Also good development on Arthur and Merlin and I liked the gargs vs. Whowie and Arthur vs. crabs action. Good plot in this one, too, and I liked the artifact (wonder if Jesus ever made use of it in a certain miracle. No, wait, I'm sure he did that on his own). Hope they get the other twelve treasures soon, the good guys need magic. Overall, I give it 8/10, thumbs up.


Christine: I agree with you about gaming. It certainly helped me get through high school. <grin>

Wilek: If you want to use Gothmenes, go ahead. I only know what SJ said about Astaroth. Those are the reasons I like him. That and I read one of those Fighting Fantasy books when I was a kid where you have to get the guy who stole your rightful throne. When I finally got to him past all the monsters and perils in the way, the guy seemed like a wimp. I hit him once and he turns into this big demon guy and goes, "You dare to challenge Astaroth, 7th Duke of Hell?" I thought, "This guy is unbearably cool." That's the main reason I like Astaroth. :) Someday he may appear in my fanfic.

Todd: Cool Kraken poem. Wonder if it's prophetic.

SJ: I also agree with the opinions expressed in your rant. Thanks for posting the info on Astaroth. $ Oh, and you still are in the RP, right? <smile> $

Early Bird: I see your point about TGS's neglected characters, but I think that regardless of them the eps are still good. Hope they do more with Sharon and Richard soon, and that Madoc starts his takeover.

Okay, guess that's all for tonight. I shall go to sleep now. Later.


"Paging Mr. Elder!" a Capitol secretary calls suddenly. "Paging Douglas Elder and party!!" "That's us," Doug gets up and says. "The Special Arms Services Commitee will see you now." "About time," Kitainia whispers. Doug nods and they file into the meeting chamber. AD Kincaid, Agent Ripowski, and several Senators and Congresspeople are waiting for them. The committee includes Maxine Waters, Bob Barr, Trent Lott, Jesse Helms, and Paul Wellstone. The Honorable Henry Hyde is presiding. "Welcome," he says to the Ravens. "Please sit down." "Uh," Doug looks at his party. "There are only two chairs." "You and Ms. Telman sit down, please," says the flustered Agent Ripowski. "The rest of you stand, thank you all for coming." Doug looks worried at her obviously nervous state, but he nods and then he and Kitainia both sit down. Hyde nods back and reads from a prepared statement. "Mr. Elder, Ms. Telman, Black Ravens, we have reviewed the case against you presented by Assistant Director Kincaid. I trust you are familiar with the charges and his evidence?" "Yes, we are," says Kitainia. "Very well. What have you to say in your defense?" "All the acts of misconduct he accuses us of were necessary and/or unavoidable," says Doug. "Necessary?" asks Maxine Waters. "It was necessary to endanger the lives and liberties of thousands of civilians in six cities nationwide?" "No, I suppose not," Doug replies. "Except in some of those cities, when Thailog's forces vastly outnumbered us. Then the civilians who joined in of their own free will were really a big help." "Mr. Elder!" Maxine throws up her hands. "You should have taken steps to ensure those people got to safety. Vigilanteism is against the law." "We didn't have the time or resources to do that and fight off Thailog's forces." "Then you should have worried about the civilians first." Kitainia glares at her. "Does a soldier worry about people rushing to help him when somebody's trying to kill him? I think not!" "Ms. Telman," Henry Hyde tells her. "Please try to be civil in your responses to us. Remember that repeated insubordination is one of the main charges against you."

Doug and Kitainia look at each other worriedly. The hearing is not going well. "I find it unnecessary that you people are depending on supernatural forces for a lot of your firepower," Jesse Helms says. "Not to mention dangerous. I did like a lot of the battles you've started, but are you sure you need to traffic with the occult in order to win this?" "Yes," Doug says. "Lathrop, Orion, Elena, and everyone of our other spellcasters are very valuable members of the team. And not all of them are occult-affiliated. Shap and Orion are Christian." "You two obviously aren't," Trent Lott says. "What do you mean?" Doug asks him. "Well, you have a sexual relationship and are unmarried. No good Christian..." Shap cuts him off with a wave of his hand. "That's a matter of opinion, Mr. Lott. And I don't think it's relevant." Trent glares at him and leans back in his chair. Hyde smiles and nods. "You have a point. Religions and relationships do not matter here. Our next question, Mr. Elder. How do you explain the chaotic actions of an absent member of your team, the Traveler fellow?"

"Traveler's not an official member of our team," Jammer fields the question. "We can't be held responsible for any of his actions." Hyde nods. "You are aware that he almost destroyed NORAD and one of your official team members could have stopped him." "Hey!" Jaden roars. "I didn't know he was planning to blow the place up!" "Please, Mr. Jaden," says Hyde. "Maintain the proper etiquette or you will be held in contempt of Congress." Jaden shuts up. "Ms. Telman," Bob Barr says, "I'm concerned about your team's property destruction." "Thailog was the one who did that," Kitainia says. "Not us. Except for the Marsh buildings, and they were Thailog's fronts." Wellstone asks the next question. "What about your frequent use of weapons of mass destruction?" "That was all necessary," Doug replies. "Check Agent Ripowski's reports and you'll get an idea of what we've been facing. Then you'll surely agree." "We've reviewed her reports," Trent Lott says. "They are very detailed." "Yes," Doug nods. "They should be, they are the best evidence we have in our defense. Do you have any other questions for us?" "No, Mr. Elder," Hyde says. "I'm sure Agent Ripowski can answer the rest. We will call you back if we need you, we have your number. Thank you for coming down." "You're welcome," Doug says. "Thank you for fairly hearing us. When can we expect your decision as to whether we shall continue to battle Thailog?" "By this evening. We'll need to debate the issue first." "Alright. Thank you." Doug shakes hands with Hyde, Kitainia does likewise, and then the Ravens leave. The screen finally goes blank.


Doug - []
Wednesday, April 28, 1999 12:41:50 AM

<Doug walks up to the microphone> Uh, testing, testing, one, two, three.
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 10:36:44 PM

Hey all...

To everybody that couldn't get in:

. !!!!WELCOME BACK!!!!

I have a feeling things are gonna get a lot more interesting in the next couple of days - more interesting than 5-10 posts per day for the last week.

Other than that, I'm *finally* all caught up with TGS. Too many comments to enter here, but suffice it to say that I thought all the eps were, for the most part, excellent. And the artwork has been getting a lot better as of late; staff, give yourselves a pat on the back.

Thanks to everybody that responded my question about writing and music.

Coyote > I'm surprised you didn't add Toto's "Rosanna" to your list of songs-that-go-with-your-fics :)

Stephen Sobotka, Jr, Christine > 80s rock... Kick ass! I'm with you guys on this one, one hundred percent. There's nothing better than a ripping guitar-driven Van Halen song when I'm feeling lousy.

As for me, I've got a Winamp playlist with all my fic-based songs. Lesse here... some of the better ones... (Van Halen) Dreams, (Goo Goo Dolls) Hate This Place, (Kansas) Dust in the Wind, (ELO) Turn to Stone, (Better Than Ezra) In the Blood, (Whitesnake) Here I Go Again... The list goes on and on...

Kaioto > You saw the Bosstones Sunday? I saw them at UPenn two Fridays ago (believe me, the highlight of my weekend there... groan). They put on a great show, even though the sound system was set up so poorly that I couldn't hear any of the words from 20 feet away. They even accepted gifts from the fans on the floor, including a painting of the band, which was pretty damn cool, btw. One guy was even allowed onstage to dance. And I was pretty buzzed, too, but believe me, it wasn't from the band... >:)

Wilek > <Right now, I'm listening to something from Hellraiser 2... for a scene I'm planning for a future story> Lemme guess... a Forfexx scene? :)

Fire, SJ > I totally agree with you about the media/educational reaction to Littleton. It makes me sick, hearing about cases like Carolynn's, where perfectly innocent people are being singled out because of their dress, habits, friends (or lack thereof), music, and pastimes. Last time I checked, this was a *FREE* country and that includes the freedom to dress however you damn well please. Schools, however, have a completely different set of rules - some good, some bad - that have to be floowed, and I have no problem with that - until the rules become so ridiculous that they border on the criminal.

Anybody remember Tinker v. Des Moines? I'll quote from that case (apologizing in advance for caps):


In all these instances of students being turned away from school, having property confiscated, being forced to see counselors, suspended, expelled, or basically given any sort of punishment whatsoever simply on the basis of wearing a TRENCH COAT, school administrators are taking it upon themselves to modify the First Amendment in the name of - what was it? "Respect?" Uh... no. I'd call it "Conformity." The fact is, kids that ALREADY didn't fit into the socially-acceptable mold, the kids that showed an ounce of creativity, intelligence, and independent thought, are being further driven away, not by their peers now, but by the adults who they once thought of as, if not their friends, then their allies. How is a kid supposed to believe that he's not "dangerous" if everyone says that he is because of the way he *dresses?!* Geez, high school is ridiculous enough, with all the cliques, groups, and social structures.

There is another result of these infringements on students' rights. Kids that are different, who don't fit in, are ostracized by their schoolmates, for whatever reason. Socially isolated, their identities become ingrained. Then two kids halfway across the country snap and make headlines. The media makes all teenagers that (Wear black clothes / listen to Marilyn Manson / play Quake) out to look like potential mass-murderers. (Parents / administrators / teachers) see this drivel and automatically believe it. Schools force the already-ostracized students to change their lifestyles (why? I'll get to that later.). What happens then? They feel MORE frustrated, MORE angry, MORE misunderstood than before! It's a vicious cycle that only ends in violence.

(As a side note, what do these administrators think that banning trench coats is going to accomplish? "Oh, yes, Johnny is a maniac because he wears a black coat. If I take away his black coat he'll be just like everybody else." Yeah, sure. Keep believeing that.)

Argh, I've ranted enough. I'm gonna go work that into an article to be printed in my High School's paper. (Heh. I get to have an "Editor Emeritus" byline :) Maybe I'll be back here later tonight.. I sense an all-nighter coming on...

'Night all

==Stupidity got us into this mess--why can't it get us out? --Will Rogers==

Steve Gooch - []
Ithaca, NY
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 10:33:46 PM

There's a strong possibility that I'm going to be animating a short film about a priestess (and her priestesses) that change into tigers or panthers. If anyone has information on cat/woman folklore and myths or any images that might be related, please contact me. I'm specifically looking for information on tiger and/or panther goddesses and possibly stories based on women that change into cats. I figured some of you might have heard some myths based on this since alot of you are so interested in researching the myths that gargoyles is based on.
If you know anything about these kind of myths, Please do inspire me.

Aimee Major - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 09:34:56 PM

Running a quick test, sorry for the meaningless post ...
Toku Kaioto
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 08:00:34 PM

<<~ I ~ know ~ my ~ limit for alcohol consumption. ~ I'm ~ not an addict …>>
How'd you know I needed help?!?? Or am I taking that personally..., nevermind!

Let me correct my "Satan" statement..., being I alwayz drag things out, hehee.
::JackaL approaches the podium, clears thorat and taps on mic::
I'd like to correct my previous statement.., Were I said that "If it wasn't for Satan, there would be no God." I was wrong. God indeed did create Satan. Therefore, ::evil smirk grows on Jackal's face:: If it wasn't for Satan, there would be no Church! hehehehehhehahahahahaaaaabawwwwaaawaahahhaaaaa::gasp for air::hahahahhhaaa

<<..producers made their products with the HOPES that someone would watch them and committ an act of violence>>
:o) That put a funny thought in my head. Warped sense of humor kicked in...,
"CUT! Excellent! That scene should make a couple of students kill about 15 people, don'tcha think?!?" heheheee

Yes I have kids..., I've cursed the world with my seed! Twice!! hehehe I'm 22, I have a..., uhhh...., 5..., yeah, 5 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. Together they are the AntiChrist.

<<They where LAUGHING! As they killed those people.>>
::JackaL switches out of parental mode:: I know I have enuf hate and anger in me to do exactly what those two kids. Hell, if I intended on killing myself afterwards..., you're godd**n f***in right, I'd do it! Then again, if I had the gift of Demona's knowledge and I could make a kick ass virus...., nevermind. My warped mind is really goin..., I must mad at someone. "Have sex with a headless body." Heheheee...., NEVERMIND!! Just be glad you can't SEE what I'm thinking.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999 05:03:41 PM

Hi all. Good to see the CR up and running. Finally. -_-'

Anyhow, on to the comments. ^_^

Littleton> Well, I couldn't comment on this last week, for obvious reasons... *glares at the evil DC. DC promptly falls over and dies.* Anyhow, you want to know how I found out about it?
I got an e-mail, from a close friend of mine. He said that he was stuck in school for two hours after it was over because there was a shooting in a school next to his, and that he was worried for some of his friends. (He was asking us to pray for them.) O_O
I guess what really gets me about all this, both the media hype, and all the dissections that are going on of why these kids did it, and who is to blame is that everyone is pointing fingers, and just ignoring the fact that the Kids who went ballistic CHOSE to kill all those people themselves!

****Beginning of rant*********

O.K. I know that society, the people you are with, the things you do and watch, and how people treat you really effect who you are. Whether you want to admit it or not is a different matter, but I'll get into that later. But They CHOSE to go get those guns. They CHOSE to go make those bombs. THEY CHOSE to go on a rampage and KILL and MURDER and WOUND and CRIPPLE those people. They wanted to do it to more. Listen to the people who survived. They where LAUGHING! LAUGHING! As they killed those people. They made those bombs to kill and cripple. The way they layered shrapnel around the explosives is a testament to that. and it was all THIER CHOICE.
True, they may have been desensitized to violence by the things they watched and the games they played. True, the parents have a responsibility for them. True, they where treated like dung by the other students before hand. Maybe these things can be blamed for their deaths.
But the deaths of those students who were murdered lay in THEIR HANDS.

Whether it be at the students that abused them, the media, the games, the music, the government, the politics, the parents or anything else that I'm forgetting. None of these forced these kids to go psycho. None of these things could effect them alone. The blame lies with all and none. But mostly, WITH THE KIDS THEMSELVES.

***end rant.****

Thank you.

*begin long winded philosophical speech*

I guess just hearing everyone psycho-analyze everything. People tend to look to much to psychology tell explain other people. It is true what psychology has found, about imprinting and the way people are effected both by their genes and by their environment, however, it seems that everyone wants to forget that people make a choice. You know what is right, and what is wrong (and for those who would argue that, I think even you would have to agree what those kids did was wrong) and you can make a choice, either way. Sometimes it may go against the instincts and sometimes (a lot of times) it isn’t what you really want to do. But you know.

For those of you who are hyperventilating about the media and people generalizing about trench coats, Goth, and junk like that, try to see it this way: These people tend to be parents (well, not the media, but they feed off of these people), so they have the instinct to protect their children, even if their children aren’t so young anymore. They see something which potentially harmful, if not to the physical bodies (like drugs and the such) then to the mind. Once it is in your head, it will never come out. You may forget it, but it is still there. Everything you see, hear, and read will influence your thoughts. Whether it make you mad, happy, sad, joyful etc. It will influence your thoughts, because it has wither introduced a new idea, or reiterated an old one.
So then add in what psychology has taught us about the impressability of the human mind, and the way that it makes all humans seem to be totally subject to outside forces, and how this psychology has been accepted as a way to keep pointing blame away from the self. Also, add in that sense of helplessness that people tend to feel in situations like this, and also, our dear *dear* (note sarcasm dripping from voice) friends the media, who make money off of the hype, and you get people who are trying their best to be able to change the world for the better, but aren’t going about it in the best way.
*shrugs* I’m not saying that I agree with them, but when you look at it from their point of view, it makes sense. People are scared, and when its teens who are the danger, they can’t tell what direction it’ll be coming from. This has shocked many peoples sense of security.
However, I do not agree with a lot of the things that has come out from Hollywood, and from the games. I detest the gore, and adulterous material (can’t think of another word :p) that is constantly shoveled out. Many a good movie is ruined by un-needed vulgarity. (n words, actions, excessive violence). A lot of times the sex scenes are not needed for the story, and in fact take away. The excessive cussing in some movies really takes away from it. And I don’t like the way that the excessive violence tends to desensitize people. (Also, I feel sick at the excessive gore). Most of the time, you don’t have to show the guys guts after he’s been chopped in half, or his brains splattered across the wall. We have graphic enough imaginations, so we can very easily fill in a blank better than that.
But you can’t force your beliefs down peoples throats. You can talk, you can protest, you can not buy the tickets to those movies (games, concerts, etc.). Sometimes it is the time to change things, but it must be the people who change it, not the government. If the government begins to regulate everything, we loose our freedom. It becomes the Tyranny of the Minority. But it the government becomes to silent, the strong will prey on the weak. It is the Tyranny of the Majority.

*end long winded philosophical speech*

*looks over message* Geeze... I didn’t mean for it to be that long.
Anyhow, I was going to comment on other things, But I think I have taken enough space. ^_^ Anyhow, after the long winded speech I’m feeling really mellow. "Peace, man." Hopefull it all makes sense.


Xanth Tuesday, April 27, 1999 04:03:14 PM

Big Blah. Why are so many new characters created, then told to go hang? Take Umbriel. He had potential. So does Sharon, Richie, and even Madoc.(Yes, Madoc is a major villian, but ,give me a break. We only know he is jealous and psycotic. I can find that in the Power Rangers. All he does is sit there and plan on taking over the world. Get in with it!) It would be a good twist if some cross overs were added, or something.I used to get up at 5:30 am to watch this show, so give me something worth reading!
early bird - []
dunlap, tn, U.S.
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 02:24:24 PM

Aaron---I'll em you tonight!!!:)))
jenna - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 02:01:09 PM

Aaron wanders into the CR, looking for DC. Spotting him, Aaron draws a .50 Magnum Desert Eagle from under his coat and takes aim.

"You're in luck, DC. I'm only going to wound you." Aaron kneecaps DC, taking his leg off at the knee. Then he puts his fingers in his mouth and whistles. "However, some of my friends would love to have you for dinner." A pack of golden jackals come streaming into the CR and fall on DC, soon reducing him to bloody scraps. Aaron looks on with pride.

Aren't they cute? I found 'em wandering around on TNT.

Anyway, I felt kind of odd today, having worn my coat for one day, and then putting it away again. I feel underdressed.

I found something interesting this weekend. If you take the Pack logo, and put crossbones behind it, what do you get? The Air Pirate logo, belonging to the great, magnificant, one and only, Don Karnage. I guess Disney never really throws anything out.

Pistoff> When I asked if you had kids, that was supposed to be JackaL. Oops.

Toku> You have a valid point. I'm not gonna debate the merits of Republican vs. Democrat, since they're just two faces of one giant conspiracy anyway.

Sobotka, Jenna> What did we decide about the room? E-mail me.

Cyrway> Did you see this sunday's Foxtrot? According to Jason's rumor, the new Star Wars them will rely heavily on kazoos. Hmmmm.

Aaron leaves, the jackals trailing after him.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 01:23:30 PM

Took you tech lads long enough!!!

JackaL and the others: Well, to me, no, Littleton is not so much a surprise. I live in D.C., a city with one of (if not the) highest crime rates in the entire nation. People are getting killed here everyday. So it doesn't surprise me so much when I see some kid go ape**** and waste half his school. Plus there are other reasons why I wasn't surprised by it, such as the quality of human life not being what it used to be, and other things. I don't want to go into it, cause frankly it's probably about time we all just let the whole thing go. No need dwelling on something so horrible.

One thing about it though, I can't ignore: I read in the paper today that two things are happening. Apperently, Congress is now turning an eye at the movie industry, to analyze the violence found in the media today. God, are we going through THIS again? Let me tell you: movies don't have one damn thing to do with this massacre. Just cause ONE moron liked the movie Natural Born Killers, and later on killed a bunch of folks, doesn't mean that the movie comes straight from Satan's film vault. That's so much BS. BTW, did anyone catch the 60 minutes interview this past weekend? They discussed the violence and media, and in video games, and surprise! It was a total screwjob. They essentially did their best to try and make you think the filmmakers and game producers made their products with the HOPES that someone would watch them and committ an act of violence.
Unfortunately, the main proponents for this are Republicans. I consider myself a conservative, and more often than not I do vote Republican. But I don't know where they're coming from on this. (BTW, PLEASE let's not let this degrade into a debate over which political ideology is best).

And if that wasn't frightening enough, apperently the FBI is now coming to AOL with search warrants. They're gonna police the net. Cause everyone knows how EVIL it is. Maybe I should agree with all those paranoid types--maybe we should censor the internet, free speech be damned.

*Sigh* Ignorance reigns supreme.

Wilek: If you want a good source book for angels, both saintly and fallen, try "The Dictionary of Angels" by Gustav Davidson.

Doug: Astaroth actually has an interesting background. He is apperently a great duke of the infernal regions, and before his fall was a prince of either the order of thrones or of seraphim. Voltaire claims he was also a god of Syria, and he was one of the 7 princes of Hell that visited Faust. All that, plus he apperently was actually a rather good-looking demon! ;)

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 09:39:34 AM


Unless there's a second source for the name, Tethys comes from Ancient Greek mythology. She's the wife of Oceanus, the Titan of the Ocean, and a Titaness herself. This fits with her being a kinswoman of Titania, and it agrees with what I had previously thought, that Titania's name indicates her position in Greek mythology.

*Spoilers for my fic -if I ever finish it-* In fact in the fanfic universe I'm imagining Oberon was also once considered a Titan, Hyperion to be exact. But then again he's also the Norse Buri and the Celtic Arawn. *End spoiler*


Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 08:45:44 AM


Alfred Lord Tennyson, the Victorian English poet who wrote so much famous Arthurian poetry (such as "The Lady of Shallott" and "The Idylls of the King"), also wrote a poem about the Kraken in his youth. It isn't considered one of his better poems, but since we introduced the Kraken into TGS this week and had it confronting Arthur, I thought that I'd print the poem here.

Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth; faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millenial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge sea-worms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by men and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die.

BTW, Ys and Dahut are a genuine Breton legend, and later this week, I'll see if I can get a link to a website about them posted here as well.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 07:27:18 AM

Hey, everyone. For future reference (and in the unlikely event that wyvernweb takes another vacation), please visit and bookmark the backup TGS site at (click my name).

All the stories from the past and current season are there, and the site is updated every week with the new stories just like this site is. And in the event of more server problems here, we will always continue to post the eps on schedule over there.

Patrick Toman
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 06:19:46 AM

Hey! I haven't dropped of the face of the world; I've just been busy (And I owe Disconnect a most gruesome demise for making the computer I was one crash just as I was about to send this. Little annoynace, you just remember what I did to you last time... "113 yerars of Castrating Bitches," and all that). Anyway, all written work is due this Friday, so I'm a wreck. Arg. Oh, well. I just accept that I'm not going to sleep between now and then (quadruple espressos have become my friend...), and that my birthday's gonna just not exist (it's this Thursday) until after the fact. Oh, well.

Music and fanfic: <g> I think everyone who reads my fanfic can all safely say that music plays a big part in it! I know I listen to music when I write, and it big time effects what gets produced. Ie: "Without You" was written to "Without You" from _Rent_, "Turandot" was written to the opera "Turandot," all of _Requiem_ was written to the second act of the opera "Tosca," "That euer was" was written to Alanis Morisette's latest CD, "Liebestod" to Beethoven's "Moonligh" Sonata, and "Nell'ora della morte" to "Angel" and "Uninvited." The darker the music, the more messed up the story. heh heh heh...

OK. Must return to C++ programming and writing a paper. Arg...

jewel - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 04:36:20 AM

QUICK COMMENT - Seeing everyone's comments on Asrial and the general cosensus on her somehow surviving the massacure at Wyvern, added to the fact that I'm on the TGS staff, just makes me want to say one thing:

Hmmmmmm... (What?!? You think I'm gonna give away a freebie?)

And, since I'm still up:

***** BEGIN RP *****

[Show a scene of the aftermath of the 'lothian battle, as a elfin female with silver hair in a mechanic's cover-all pulls a jeep up alongside the infamous "Big Bird"]

Jess quickly leaped out, hauling the plastic-wrapped body of DX onto her shoulders as easily as picking up a bag of potatoes.

"Not that I don't want to leave your ride behind," she tells her unconsious bundle, "but I think we'll get to the capitol a lot faster in mine!" Shaking her head, she tromped up the boarding ramp. "Wonder what Jake would say if he knew I was talking to someone in Saran-Wrap stasis..."

After stowing DX in one of the collapsible crash bunks, Jess sealed up the jet and, taking the controls, began to start her take-off list.

Suddenly, a warning light flashed on her command panel; proximity alert! The main screen began showing spacial displacements all around "Big Bird", revealing by the jet's IFF to be Borg energy signatures.

Swinging around to look out of the cockpit, Jess's violet eyes widen as she sees a double-score of Borg drones start to advance towards her.

"Dang it! Command: Activate Gravametric Shields!"

With that, a multi-hued field of energy immediately snaps into view around "Big Bird". At once, the Borg launch asimilation tentacles, but none of them can penatrate the shifting shield.

"I hate fast good-byes! But, in this case... Command: Emergency Take-Off... Full Military Acceleration!" Gripping the controls, the mechanic watches as the view outside changes rapidly, the modified supersonic jet leaping into the sky like a stung horse before it rockets away from the Borg drones.

Sighing, Jess tells herself, "I hate those close ones, too! Next stop, Washington D.C."


[Scene switches to a location back in Iowa, as Big Jake brings "Sara-Jane" to a rolling stop before a box canyon]

Jake watches with a cold look in his eyes, keeping his 'bike on idle.

"I know you're here! Show yourself," he says, drawing out a large, wicked looking rifle that closely resembles a old-style Winchester. "Show yourself, before I start landscaping!"

Just then, a familar looking female appears from behind a boulder. "Greetings from my Master Guod, Drifter... you foiled my attempt to eliminate the Traveler, but you won't stop us from eliminating you."

"I should have known it was you, Bess. You're like your sister... you never know when to quit!" Jake replies grimly.

"I have no sister," the fem-Borg replies emotionlessly. "I am Two-of-One, and I serve a new master now!" At her gesture, several other Borg drones appear, faning out beside her.

"You better think about what you're doing, Bess," Jake warns. "I can still save you."

"Save your concern for yourself, Drifter," 2-of-1 replies.

One of the Drones speaks up, "She is of Borg now, Human! Prepare to either die or be asimilated!"

Jake turns Sara-Jane to face the phalanx of drones, wheeling his rifle around to arm it. "Fill your hands, you sonofab!+@#!!!"

[Scene closes as Big Jake guns the throttle, sending Sara-Jane and himself charging towards the Borg]

***** END RP (for now) *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 03:50:56 AM

*DumlaoX walks in to the newly restored comment room screaming out the chorus to Master P's most popular song*

Make 'em say uhhh! Uhh! Na na na na, na na na na.

Yeah! The room is back online and so are the stories. Don't remember if I said this before, but thanx for all the positive feedback on Hazards. Remember, though, this episode was never my idea. If anything, Alison did a great bulk of the work, including the death of Umbriel. Gotta give her props for that.

But since there's nothing else I wanna discuss, aside from a welcome back to the fans here, I'll divulge in a little...

***BEGIN RP***

As a bloodied and bitten hand rose from the corpses, Jess jumped back and whipped out a pistol, aiming it at the hand. As she steadied her aim, the hand roughly rushed the corpses fo the yugoloths aside, revealing a living, breathing yugoloth struggling to escape.

"What the hell?" Jess muttered to herself as she took a bead to the demon's head. She would have fired if not for the fact that the creature could not free his foot from the biological grave. After screaming, the yugoloth cut off his foot and lunged at the ground in front of him, ignoring the woman. As the creature attended to his wound, a second hand emerged from the pile. It was bloddy. Bitten. Human.

"You stupid fool," the yugoloth shouted out as DX struggled to emerge out into the light. "You cannot kill us all. I shall return and finish you off if you manage to survive this. And next time you will not have a chance to bleed on us." With this, the creature regenerated his foot and looked at Jess. With a smile, the yugoloth spoke. "I never existed." A bright white light filled the area, causing the creature to dissapear. Jess recovered and looked at everything around her. She remembered nothing and only saw the torn body of DX, slightly moving. As she rushed to his scene, she heard him softly utter a warning.

"Don't... touch... me," he said, struggling to say those words. Just then, the headset began to ring. Jess carefully took it away from DX's head and put it on hers, recieving the transmission.

"DX?" T-Loco asked.

Jess responded. "Sorry. I'm just a friend. But DX here seems to be on the verge of death."

"Did you touch him?"

"Only his head to get the headset."

"Did you get any of his blood on your hands?"

Jess looked to see her hands spotless. "My hands are clean."

T-Loco breathed a sigh of relief. "Good." At base, she took some vital signs of her brother's failing health. "OK, looks real bad. I need you to go to his jeep and go to his glove compartment. Hurry."

Without delay, Jess ran to the jeep and opened the compartment. "What am I looking for?" she asked.

"A green ball with a button." Within a few seconds, the object was found. "Got it," Jess responded.

"Great. Stuff it in his mouth and press the button." As Jess ran over to DX's body and did so, a tube from the sphere was plunged down his throat and a suit of plastic wrapped around his body. T-Loco checked the vital signs and saw them stabilizing. "Looks like he'll be in stasis for a while. OK, I need you to stuff him in the back seat of the jeep and drive him to Washington."

Jess' jaw dropped as she stuffed the body into the back seat. "Why Washington?"

T-Loco responded. "Gotta go help the Ravens."

***END RP***

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 02:41:40 AM


[When we last left Disney World, the Time Lord known as the Doctor had just informed Wilek that he'd been tricked into smuggling a Borgified Dalek into the park, where it proceeded to try and kill Wilek. Wilek: "How in the world did Guod get his hands on a Dalek...wait a minute...oh, man..."]


[Wilek walks into the CR and sees DC. He then smiles, the ear-to-ear grin of the irredeemably psychotic, and laughs, the bone-chilling cackle of the homicidal maniac. Forfexx would be proud. DC, knowing that Wilek is now completely apesh<censored>, turns to run, but the insanely enraged gargoyle interrupts his flight, leaping at him and clasping his hands around his throat, rendering him unable to breathe. Wilek: "Hello, you <censored>. It's...interesting to see you here again. <twitch> I...don't much like being locked away from most of my friends for days at a time. Neither do I like being unable to access my e-mail. <evil laugh, twitch> Tell you like pain, and tire chains, and Hostess Twinkies? <more psychotic laughter>" What goes on for the next few days is inappropriate to a PG room, but it involves acts that would sicken the most jaded serial murderer. By the time it's over, DC is a mutilated, barely-coherent shadow of a human being. A now-calmer Wilek informs him, "Well, now that you've been duly compensated for your actions, it's time we parted company." Wilek injects DC with something. DC begins twitching and screaming and discharging foul and unnatural substances from every orifice of his body. "That was from your employee, Sli Sludge. He thought he was developing a new way to make the other CR dwellers sick. He was wrong. Farewell, and enjoy the sweet suffering of the condemned..."]


Jackal> <<And also, if it wasn't for our good friend Satan, there would be no God.>> Everything I wanted to say about that has already been said.

Steve Gooch> <<Do you put your stories to music?>> Not exactly, but I do sometimes have specific musical styles in mind for certain characters and scenes. Right now, I'm listening to something from Hellraiser 2 (great soundtrack) that would go well for a scene I'm planning for a future story. Oh, and there's a concert in my next fic.

Christine> <<I yearn for the good old days when bands' names might not have made sense but at least didn't conjure grody images>> Which reminds me...for no reason that I can discern, I've been collecting phrases and such that I think would make interesting band names. If y'all care, I could post it...

Kaioto> Where in the *world* did you get that information about the Hierarchy of Hell?! In mine...well, I doubt I'll ever get the chance to use it, but a demon named Apollyon is second in command, Renon (from Castlevania 64) is sort of a bodyguard/enforcer/bounty hunter, Aiwaz (anyone here familiar with Aleister Crowley?) is some kind of aristocratic functionary, $I might borrow Gothmenes if Doug doesn't mind,$ and there's someone named Mephisto who performs some function that escapes me just now. <<I'm also pissed off about this because the media is doing a negative fashion number on trench coats instead of reporting news.>> Same here. I mean, I like the look, even though I hate what those kids did while they were wearing it.

Stormy> Kewl song. I wonder where I can get a MID of it...

Deuce> <<I know _I'd_ hate to write the scene where she dies.>> I'd love to, if I knew much about her (and if I liked her more). I don't know why, but I enjoy killing off characters, no matter how much I like them.

The Littleton thing> I heard that they were *viciously* abused by several of their classmates. I can see how that can drive anyone to murder or suicide; a friend of mine had to leave his school because of it. Why video games and such are taking the blame is beyond me. I've killed thousands, if not millions, of virtual characters in video games, and I don't plan to go on a murderous rampage (in RL anyhow). If video games influence someone to do something like that, there was something wrong with them in the first place...although, I have to admit, some twisted little part of me was wishing they'd been more efficient, and only shot the ppl who tormented them, instead of going after the whole school. In my aforementioned friend's school, a surprising portion of the student body (and a few of the teachers) deserved to die for what they did to him.

Fleur> <<I don't know if this is happening anywhere else, but one of the radio stations is running a compition about this. They've got ten couples, and they set them up in a hotel room on the weekend of April 9th. The deal is, the first baby born on Jan 1st, 2000 gets a truckload of stuff, and a $20000 education package.>> What the...?! I think I read about this somewhere, but I was sure it was a joke! <<Can anybody guess what immediately sprang to my dirty little mind?>>, and I have to admit I'm rather glad of that...

Doug> <<Wonder where Astaroth, the Grand Duke of Hell and my personal favorite demon, comes into play.>> In my ficverse, he's not a demon at all...unless there *is* a demon named Astaroth who my ficverse's Astaroth named himself after (a distinct possibility). I you know much about Astaroth (the other one, not my character)? Two of my favorite songs (Chapel Pain from The 7th Guest and Consumite Furore from Phantasmagoria) mention his name, and I can't find out anything about him! (Um...he *is* fictional, right? I'd hate to think either of us found an actual demon this interesting...)

Weird Vampire: The Masquerade Creativity Demon Ahead> The following question, asked of a younger vampire by an elder one, along with its possible implications, has been running through my head for days: "What do you mean you Embraced a Pokemon trainer?!" I'd better shut up now before the Antediluvians themselves come for my blood...

Jackal> Those lyrics from Divine make me think of Mr. Disconnect for some reason.

Coyote> <<Yup, unfortunately, if he has the Gargs on him, they're probably on his @$$.>> Oh, merciful Danu, what has he done. Ack.

SOROW> Incredibly kewl poems.

I'll bother with the new TGS eps tomorrow...


[At Blizzard Beach, Commander Khesaat--attired in swimming trunks loud enough to wake Elvis--is enjoying the various waterslides when he hears his (thankfully waterproof) wrist communicator signaling him. Khesaat: "Yes?" Wilek: "It's me." Khesaat: "Hey! Wilek, you have to get over here; these rides are incredible! If we had anything like this on my homeworld--" Wilek: "This is important. I was just attacked by a Borgified Dalek. The only Daleks that are anywhere near here are at our research station, and we haven't been stupid enough to assimilate any of them." Khesaat: "What...?! You mean..." Wilek: "I have reason to believe that Guod's forces have assimilated the base." Khesaat: "Oh, no...Contact the Avatar Of Ganon, make sure Agent Rho knows of this and ask if he needs our help! If the Borg have our Daleks..." Wilek: "They may have the upper hand."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 01:31:38 AM

Well, it is certainly good to see everything up and running again. Glances at the remains of Disney World … darn it … Malakai must've had a hand in this ~ somewhere ~ … sigh … well, there is always the next party … :)

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones had a concert at my school last night. They were nice enough to let a local band called Herself open for them, but they sucked pretty bad. They weren't really Goth. They weren't really Industrial, just obnoxious and poor. Industrial Waste would be the best label of their style. I thought maybe it was the class of style and my own distaste, but I checked around with the more dedicated fans in the Boston Area, and they agreed these guys from Natick were bad. So, I wish I'd skipped the first hour of the concert, but I wouldn't have traded the next 2 for much of anything.
The Bosstones' traveling companions where H2O, a band from NYC with a great variety of the hard-core styles of music, Punk, Hard Core, Ska, etc. They had a lot of talent and positive energy and got the place jumping, which was quite a feat after how negative the crowd was feeling after the first act. It was only courtesy that kept us from booing Herself off the stage.
H2O brought up Littleton between sets, talking about how much Bulls*** it was for the media to try blaming it on music and stuff. "The music, music is a positive thing. It's made as an expression and a positive. Don't blame it on the music, because that's ignorant. What I want to know is what was up with these kids' F***ing parents? Serious, that's some f***ed up s*** going on. Sad, sad s***."
They also mentioned how much cooler it was at Bentley College with the set up from the last weekend at Babson. Down at Babson College, they hadn't let the Anti-Racism table set up. The Boston Area has a strong following for SAR (Ska Against Racism) as well as the BA-RA (Boston Anti-Racism Association). Bentley College is really into that stuff though, and we received them with open arms.
When the hour finally came for the Bosstones themselves to play, all that was the first act was forgiven. The place was bouncing like there was no tomorrow. Everybody was on the floor, jumping, dancing, moshing, singing along. At one point, Dick (The lead singer) looks around between sets and says, "Hey," pointing behind him to the rest of the band, "Those guys play, he dances better than I do, and you guys know all the words … what the hell do you need me for?" He laughed. He got the crowd really into everything. I was deaf as a post the entire night afterwards, but I was way too buzzed from the entire experience to care.

Aaron: Don't just fear the Republicans. The Democrats are the ones who support an overt Big Brother. They're the ones trying to psychologically reprogram kids in grade school and handing out Ritalin like candy to try and promote "Normalcy/Equality"

JackaL: I don't think we are all desensitized, but we aren't naïve to the human capacity to mistreat others. I think we are tired of this shallow, self-absorbed, NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) mentality that mainstream culture promotes. Violence and genocide are tolerable as long as it isn't in OUR country. A shooting couldn't happen in MY school. ~ I ~ know ~ my ~ limit for alcohol consumption. ~ I'm ~ not an addict …

"Ignorance Sucks" - Official Slogan of the Boston Anti-Racism Association.

**Heads back out, humming to the beat of "F*** the Nazi Boys" by H20**

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 01:16:33 AM

Some retarded sh*t I got ahold of...
Translation: That bleached blonde chic is half naked. I think she's conceited.

Politically Correct term: I think that particular BREASTED AMERICAN engages in ARTIFICIAL STIMULATION, therefore the BREASTED AMERICAN is HORIZONTALLY ACCESSIBLE.
Translation: I'll leave that one alone, hehehee.

Translation: Maybe the hoe is just stupid!

Other dumb stuff: She is not an AIRHEAD - She is REALITY IMPAIRED.
She does not NAG YOU - She becomes VERBALLY REPETITIVE.

<<Well, even if she is a moronic caricarture of blatant falseness, at least she has one good song to her name (Sometimes).>>
Hell yeah! That's my song!! I wrote it! I sang it too! Don't I sound good?!??
Sylvia, I wouldn't go to school either. No education is worth loosing your life over..., unless it's being educated about Britney Spears, hehheeee..., Anyway, seriously, I'm not sayin quit school, I'm sayin take precautions, ya know?
Yall remember my crack addicted web site, with my crack addicted fanfics? Wanna take a hit.., everyone's doin it, come on, visit my web page, just oooonnnnne hit, that's allll, promise, promise, promise, heheheeee.

JackaL - []
Ga, Usa
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 01:15:56 AM

Airwalker> Thanks for the clarification. All your calculations really make sense and now I can go to bed without it on my brain :)
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:45:03 PM

Quoth... "It is GOOD to be BACK!"

FICS TO SOUNDTRACKS - To be honest, I've been doing a lot of my writing to music, so a lot of it does fill into a soundtrack in my head sometimes (I got the inspiration for the title of a recent story "Concrete & Steel" from the song of the same name by ZZ Top). Incidentally, the last few parts of my "DeGuy Saga" are done to the themes from "Independance Day"...

But, I'm in the same boat as Christine. I love 80's music! Especially really good guitar driven ROCK!

LITTLETON - If parents would take more responsibility for, and take a stronger interest in their kids and what they do, then things like what happened in Colorado wouldn't happen. And that's all I have to say...

I'll have my end of the RP up as soon as I see what Dumlaox has in mind... :)

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:42:27 PM


The screen comes on with a display of the interior of Guod's World Devestator. The evil Borg-clone is doing a a conference call with Phalanx Prime. "I have just sent my Borg after the last recruits for the army," Guod is saying. "Carol just brought in the casts of Family Guy and that new UPN show Home Movies. They are now part of our collective." "Good," says Phalanx Prime. "Where are you now?" "We're touching down at the planned site. Soon our Devestator shall begin assimiliating the planet." "Wait." "Wait? But I'm ready to start assimiliating now. What do I have to wait for?" "Sevarius hasn't finished out assimilation virus yet." "That man is going to take forever. I want to start assimilating the world!" "You have to wait," Phalanx Prime snaps. "I order you to wait." "Fine," Guod rolls his eyes. "But if I wait too long and your doctor costs us the operation it'll all be your fault."

The display changes to Washington, DC, where Doug, Kitainia, and the other Ravens are checking into the Watergate Hotel. "Doug," Jammer is asking, "are you absolutely sure we should stay here?" "We're short on money," Doug reminds him, "and this is the cheapest hotel in town. Don't worry, guys. Just go up to your rooms, settle in, and get ready for that hearing we have to go to tomorrow. Okay?" The Ravens nod and walk upstairs, leaving Doug and Kitainia to finish the check-in procedures. Kitainia hands Doug the necessary forms and then turns to face the CR.


Hi everyone. How does it feel to be back in the CR? For me it feels great. I went so crazy with CR deprivation. :) Speaking of which... <Kitainia pulls out her LAW rocket launcher and blows to smithereens the acid-filled barrel in which she and Doug previously locked DC. The explosion throws DC's body into a Futurama suicide booth set to deliver six hundred sucessive slow and horrible deaths. DC screams in agony as Kitainia locks him in there, then turns back to finish her post.>

Dumlao: $ Don't worry, the yugoloths will come back. Not for a while (it will take Deavik some time to find out his plan failed and all the legions he sent after you got killed), but they will come back. :) $

Asrial: I too hope she survives, though if she dies that will also be okay as long as they do a cool and meaningful death scene.

Thanks to all who expressed their pleasure at me getting along with Doug's dad.

Colorado Shooting: No comment on this. Everything I think about it has been said already. I wish those crazys had found a good counselor to talk them out of it before they started blowing everyone away. As for the aftermath, well, I'll deal with it however it affects Doug and me. <shrug>


Survival: Great job on this one. I liked the development on Brooklyn, Sata, and Etolie. The action was great, and the end was priceless. I also liked it when Xavier got what he deserved. Wonder if the London clan still has any French garg genes in it. Everything else has been said. Can't wait for the next Timedancer ep.

Drowned City: This one was also neat. I liked the two plots, great action with the Kraken and the Whowie. Also good development on Arthur and Madoc, and I liked seeing Nimue again. The Siren was a very good character, hope she's still alive. I also enjoyed the sea creatures, hope to see more of them in future fics as well as the Elder Court. As for that magical hamper, I hope Arthur soon puts it to good use. :) This ep gets 8/10, thumbs up.


Fleur: Liked your rant on the Colorado shooting. Good job on "The Return." I especially enjoyed the character development. Also liked the action sequences. Keep up the great work!

Hugo Weaving: I too enjoyed him in The Matrix. He's obviously a very good actor, too bad we don't see more of him in US-screened films.

Britney Spears: Well, even if she is a moronic caricarture of blatant falseness, at least she has one good song to her name (Sometimes).

Doug: "The Hostage" was an excellent fic, but then you already have my feedback. Hope you get some from other people, too.

Carolynn: No, real bad guys stamp the name on their white hoods, their blatantly displayed swastikas, their big guns, their Bible pounding, their evil actions, and especially their hateful expressions. :)

Robby: $ Sounds like we missed one hell of a party. <growls> Damn you, DC! $

Okay, that's all for tonight. Be back tomorrow to comment on the new Buffy episode. (About time we got one.) Good nite!


"Okay," Doug nods as he finishes signing the forms. "We're checked in now. Shall we go see what a room's like in this place?" "Alright," Kitainia agrees. "By the way, where's Agent Ripowski?" "She went to the FBI Building," Doug says. "Said something about having to make a report."

The display changes to the FBI Building, where AD Kincaid has just finished a meeting with Agent Ripwoski. "Good job with the Ravens so far, Janice," the Assistant Director is saying. "You've handled yourself well in the face of all their chaotic behavior and misconduct. Hopefully after tomorrow's hearing we won't have to worry about them anymore." "They are doing good things, sir," Janice says. "And all the misconduct and other stuff can be explained. Are you sure this hearing is necessary?" "Yes," Kincaid snaps. "Congress charged me with overseeing the operation to neutralize the threat posed by Thailog. I think I'd know if we didn't have the right people on the job." "Alright, sir," Janice shakes her head slowly. "I just hope the Ravens don't miss out on anything important due to your hearing getting in the way." Kincaid stares at her, looking slightly worried. "That will be all, Agent Ripowski," he says after a while. "Dismissed."


Kitainia - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:36:03 PM

Oh DC... **Robby calls out to the evil one and proceeds to do things to him too violent for a PG rated room. Or an NC-17 room for that matter.**

Ah, its grat to have the room back, ain't it?

Airwalker- Your calculations make sense. I can't say more than that.

As far as illustrated quotes, I have no skill in code writing, and Duece is kinda busy gettingother stuff in the room set up. So, temporarily on hold, but not abandoned.

Littleton- Reminds me of something someone once said...
"I hate how when you watch news reports , and a witness always says, "I never saw it coming. He was one of those quiet types who kept to himself.' Just once I want to see someone say 'I knew it was gonna happen. He was one of them quiet types who keeps to himself."

Other than that, my opinions on Littleton have already been expressed by others.

ReBoot season 3- Kicks butt! I haven't had this much fun with any show in far too long! The losers who killed the series need to be dragged out into the street and shot!


Jim stands amid the smoking ruins of the "Its a Small World AFter All" ride. Its fate was well deserved. As Jim Iza Noying surveys the damage, he comments on all thats happened while the room was down.
"WOw, it was really neat when the Godfather and James Bond and Jaws all showed up. And when all those peple from the new Star Wars movie showed up! This was a kickin' party! Except for the tornado that brought that one girl and her little dog..." (click)
His sister Kari standing beside him nods.
"I'm rather surprised about the whole "Full Monty slash hooker slash Rocky Horror Picture Show" incident though. I didn't think anyone could do that kind of stuff at Disney World."
"Eh. Its after hours. Besides, you participated sis."
"I was possesed by an alien!"
"Sure, excuses excuses..." Kari growls at her brother, and tromps off to find SJ.
Jim sighs. "Its a shame no one else got to see how this party went though."
Jim's eyes widen in delight...


Monday, April 26, 1999 10:37:34 PM

*flies into the room, chucking candles, incense, and copies of this stupid book from my English class, "The Shipping News"*

Alors, salut tous les personnes ici :) J'espere que vous etes tres content ce bon, bon nuit!

I think Calvin and Hobbes summed up the extensive violence in America today, perfectly.

Hobbes: "Don't you find all this [TV] violence desensitizing?"
Calvin: "Nah, I'd like to shoot all the idiots who think this stuff affects me."

Sad, but true.

What else is there to add? I was sorry to read your post, Bronx. It brings up something that I've been itching to share with the rest of you...

Being a high school sophomore, I was a bit nervous when I got to school Wednesday to find the cops in the front. Now, lemme tell ya, my town is a pretty quiet little place; it's half an hour from Manhattan, but there's no drive-bys or gun problems. It's a nice suburban little town, y'know? Without even telling us what the heck was going on, these cops took away my friend's trenchcoat as he tried to get through the front doors, the same one he's been wearing the past two years. If they thought he was a real threat, why didn't they call the school's office? If he really WAS a threat, taking away a trenchcoat certainly wouldn't stop him ("Gee, now that my coat is gone, guess I won't be able to fire the mini-AK-47 I have stashed in my backpack...")

It was such a blatant, rude act of stereotyping that the principal made the cops return the coat and give a full apology to Mike. Ms. Donohue knows all the kids at school and knows he'd never cause a problem, and she was horrified that they'd do something like that without any school permission and with a total lack of respect to the student.

Interesting we're talking about the Unseelies in here at the same time :) Even Nicholas Maddox din't go around with "Bad Guy" stamped on his forehead. Neither do real villains, either on their foreheads or on their trenchcoats :D

MARY FLANDERS< Hey, how're ya doin' this week, darlin'? Feelin' better? :)

Runnin' out of time. Gotta run. Everybody, read and enjoy Survival if you haven't already! I had a lot of fun writing it; I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun readin' it :)

A tout a l'heure, mes amis :) Till next time, rock on! *kapwing!*

Carolynn Marie - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 10:21:37 PM


Hmm. Elder Court. Is this where Danu is hiding? Where are
these folks? What's their story?

Great episode; introduces a whole new dimension to the
Fey war.


Recently posted three new stories in my pokemon fanfic
series ... well, back to work ...

weepinbell - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 10:01:03 PM

SOROW - In regards to the Timedancer timeline, here's what I figure:


So far as the last episode, the Timedancer's are about 11 years into their travels. Because the twins were 18 years old when the time traveling ended and you have to add to that the 10 years that their eggs would have to sit in a rookery, plus let's say that Sata was pregnant for about a year (I'm not sure about how long a Gargoyle will carry an egg around so I'll stick with about 9 month's to a year) so it would mean that 29 years have yet to pass from the 40 year timedance.

So 11 years have passed so far. We know that Brooklyn spent 3 years of that 11 with Meyrt and 1 year traveling with Sata before they got married. The first half of Timedancer Season 1 probably happened in Brooklyn's first 5 years, then he spent 3 years in Egypt, then he wandered for about a year, then he met Sata and they spent a year wandering before getting married, and then they so far they have spent a year wandering up to the current episode.

At least that's how I figure it. TGS staff, am I more right with my calculations?

QUESTION TO DEUCE, ROBBY - I posted this question last week but then the sites went down so I'm asking again: What is the status of the ILLUSTRATED QUOTES page? Is it still being worked on? Has it been forgotten about? It's a project that I really was curious about but since DumlaoX sent out a call for pictures, I have yet to hear that much about it. So what's the status of it?

Brooklyn, NY
Monday, April 26, 1999 09:47:35 PM

Shameless Plug Alert!!!

My new fic, "The Hostage" is now posted at GFW. Go read it if you want to learn about Nikki the Dragon's
past. All readers enjoy!!

Traveler, if you're reading this, don't forget you still owe me feedback. Later.

Doug Elder - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 09:45:16 PM

The Gargoyles CCG is still coming...
Despite the fact that I couldn't get into the comment room for a whole bloody week.
If interested, email me.
Be seeing you...

Galvatron - []
Long Island, NY, USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 09:23:03 PM

Yay! Back! Wow, did I miss this place!

On gamers, outcasts, and suicide -- the really ironic part is that gamers as a subset of teens have a much lower suicide rate. Why? Gaming focuses on problem solving and is a social activity, two things that go contrary to usual suicidal ideations.

Christine - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 08:50:50 PM

Hey all, Lot of things have been going on since I last posted my comments! For one thing DC had the nice opportunity to mess up my computer and block me out for the majority of the week!. *kicks DC* pardon me. For this was a very annoying thing for me.AS for no doubt everyone else. So without further ado, my comments.

****Spoliers For Hazard****
Hehe never would have seen it coming, Elisa and Goliath playing miniature golf....but with a price of the unseelie. The episode was good and it did have it's humerous points to it.. but when I read down to were Umbriel passed away,I was really surprized on the fact I was upset that he died. Villians in the end always make a twist that make you remember not the bad points, but the good. Umbriel was never a villain, but did posses(spelling! *frowns* can't spell today) fey heritage.Good picture with the Banshee on the beach.
***End spoliers***

More Rambling> Alright, time to add my 2 cents to this tragety in Colorado.( This is somewhat late but I need to talk about this.. I'm really feeling creeped out) Today at my school ABC intruded into the campus and went around in the lunchroom asking any kid they could get their cameras on inculding me : "Do you ever feel like an outcast? Is there a trenchcoat Mafia in your group of friends?" First and foremost there has been cliques and groups of people in social lives forever. Nothing has ever changed that situation, true there may be people that think they are outcasts, but they definetly do have friends. Yes, I too am a goth person, I RP normally, play D&D, shadowrun, ect all the time.Normally in a week I wear a trenchcoat, ( plus baggy jeans and eccentric tee-shirts) because the building is drafty and also keeping fashion in mind I do this. And hard rock music with explict lyrics isn't any new news. It is sad and unecessary that they blame these items for the deaths of people my own age. It does not take material possetions to corupt and blind people to such drastic measures. Those kids had much more problems than that in their minds to kill 15 people then take their own lives.
>End Ramblings

See you all soon

Bronx Wyvern - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 08:40:32 PM

Hey Aaron!!!It's your roomie Jenna!!


Jenna - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 08:14:48 PM

Hey Aaron!!!It's your roomie Jenna!!


Jenna - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 08:14:40 PM

Better late than never... now that the server problems are fixed...

Presenting this week's TGS episode:

Arthur tackles his strangest case yet when something
odd washes up on the beach.

The Drowned City

Written by: Todd Jensen and Greg Bishansky

Story Concept by: Todd Jensen

Illustrations by: Damocles


Patrick Toman
Monday, April 26, 1999 07:39:14 PM

Sorry for the 2x post, but I guess I missed a few posts while I was writing my post, I guess the story is up! Yay!
bye now,

Monday, April 26, 1999 07:37:47 PM

Hopefully short ramble on Littleton mass.

Pheonix trots into the CR and, with burning red eyes, asks how the hell people weren't surprised with this.
Okay, so I'm sorry if I affended anyone, but you seriously don't know if it's going to happen unless it happens to you or near you. Right now there is a rumor going around in all of the Colo. Spr. and area schools that that school is next. Hell- two of the schools even had bomb threats! There is a rumor that Coronado is next (I don't know if its true) but its supposedly going to be this Friday and I am not sure if I am going to go to school.
~End rant~

Okay, sorry 'bout that, but I got really f***ing pissed off while I was reading last weeks CR.
As for the goth- that is no prob with me

TGS EPs- postponed until next week! NUTS, oh well, its a bad enough week as it is.

Well, I guess I'll leave now, Later all!

Colorado Springs, CO
Monday, April 26, 1999 07:32:12 PM

If you go to the text version only site the new ep is there, called "The Drowned City."
Monday, April 26, 1999 07:28:53 PM

Seems the room is working again. And it wiped itself so thats taken care of... Unfortunatley, my computer is going psycho on me, so I can't post this week's story. Someoneone else is gonna have to. Sorry for the delay folks, but we're back in buisness!
Monday, April 26, 1999 07:26:03 PM

YES!!!! I'm in!!!! After a week of getting a 'server could not make a connetion' I'm back! what the heck happened with the Internet?

Littleton Shooting>I was deeply shocked when I found out about on Tuesaday during 7th period. Those boys are evil to the core. I heard on the news that on the website they had they said that insanity was healthy. Yeah, but they're not an example of healthy insanity at all. Now they're going to give us fun crazy people a bad name!

My school is going to send them a banner with our signatures and words of condolences and offer to be penpals for them if any of the kids there need someone to talk to. This is a very tragic thing that happened. At my school someone was murdered too, about 16 years ago. He was vietnemese and was killed by a boy who hated his ethnic group. They got into a fiight at lunch, and one of the boys went to his car and pulled out a long knife and went over and rambed the thing up the middle of his chest into his heart. He went to jail for it. Now we have a 'Human Relations' book printed out every year trying to prevent racism and descrimination.

Mary Flanders
Monday, April 26, 1999 07:17:52 PM

Oh my gosh! I thought my computer was just fooling around with me and I was almost crying because I couldn't get in here for four days! I'm sooooooo happy :) There's so much to write!

I didn't get the Attitude Award that I was nominated for, but at least I was thought of. It's a big popularity contest anyway!

My World Experience class went on a field trip to the local cemetery for a Romanticism project and I saw some pretty familiar names: Hawkins, Owen, Harrison, Jasper... pretty scary huh?

Happy birthday to anyone that I missed!

Welcome to all the new people that I missed! I'm really cool and you won't get any trouble outta me...

Deuce> I got your e-mail! Thanks for the support, but it looks we got back in here alright! You're a very sweet person :)

I was just wondering if someone could give me a timeline for Brooklyn's far in his travels did he meet Sata, get married, find out she's pregnant...etc. I want to make sure I'm getting his age right at all the proper times.

For a Romanticism project in school, I have written two more poems. I think everyone enjoyed my first about angels and I hope you like these! Give me some feedback too :)

I sit and write.
My pen is still,
Pondering out my window sill.
How to write what my heart
Is sending to my mind.
And yet my pen is still,
Among all the comparisons
My human eyes can find.
Contrasting colors of flesh and blood,
Their splashes softly sway;
Indifferent to the pace of time
When all is dead and blown away.
I sit and write.
My pen is still,
And stay there as it may.

Incense floating amidst a lonely grove,
Waves of curling essence. Spiral and dissolve!
Like this, your distractions dissipate and lessen your resolve.
Heaven's angels call thee home; Out of thy cove
And reveal thy true self. What drove
Thee from His proper path? Cannot He solve
All the problems of the world? Life does not revolve
Around your petty differences, the conflicts that you wove.
Your earthly life and silent distraught
Brought no more than tears and sorrow.
Find comfort in the blessed morrow,
His hands to you have caught;
Your broken wings
Are mended. This healed and reborn heart now sings!

I hope you like them, and I think you can guess where I get my inspiration from :) That's all for now! OKIloveyoubyebye!

Monday, April 26, 1999 07:16:16 PM

Whoops, almost forgot.

Tattoos> I don't care where he has them, I just wanna know where he *got* them. I want one. Not the whole gang,(I'm not *that* into pain) but maybe a certain red-haired lass...

Pistoff> You've got kids? I'd pictured you as younger then that. Sorry.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 06:39:31 PM

Sorry for the 2x post.
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX , USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 06:29:35 PM

Aaron wanders in, again wearing his trenchcoat. He spots DC.

"I let you live once, and this is how you repay me?!? A three day lockout?!?" Aaron does a flying leap across the CR, and whales on DC with one of those kick-a$$ Agent blur-fist moves.

As you may have guessed, I finally saw The Matrix, though not in the circumstances I would have liked. But I saw it, and it was cool, although I can't figure out why the AI entities didn't EMP shield their hunters. And I thought Neo not dying, at least physically, at the end was a bit of a cop-out.

Well, I did it. I wore my coat in RL for the first time in three weeks. I wasn't a statement, it was raining like all get out this morning. But when the rain cleared and I was still wearing it, no one would make eye contact with me in the hallway.

Cyrway> I didn't mean to imply that you had ripped off the Willed Word. I just thought I'd be a cool crossover. Maybe with Custer seeking out Caligo to teach him how to *really* use his talent. Or perhaps Cassidy could hang out with the Outklaws. I think they'd get along great, esp. S&W.

Strange image and possible FILK: John Canmore sings Jimmy Buffett's "Pencil Thin Moustasche."

Anyway, it's late, and I have to go. See y'all,(cross fingers) tomorrow.

Aaron leaves, humming "Gypsies in the Palace."
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 06:28:39 PM

Aaron wanders in, again wearing his trenchcoat. He spots DC.

"I let you live once, and this is how you repay me?!? A three day lockout?!?" Aaron does a flying leap across the CR, and whales on DC with one of those kick-a$$ Agent blur-fist moves.

As you may have guessed, I finally saw The Matrix, though not in the circumstances I would have liked. But I saw it, and it was cool, although I can't figure out why the AI entities didn't EMP shield their hunters. And I thought Neo not dying, at least physically, at the end was a bit of a cop-out.

Well, I did it. I wore my coat in RL for the first time in three weeks. I wasn't a statement, it was raining like all get out this morning. But when the rain cleared and I was still wearing it, no one would make eye contact with me in the hallway.

Cyrway> I didn't mean to imply that you had ripped off the Willed Word. I just thought I'd be a cool crossover. Maybe with Custer seeking out Caligo to teach him how to *really* use his talent. Or perhaps Cassidy could hang out with the Outklaws. I think they'd get along great, esp. S&W.

Strange image and possible FILK: John Canmore sings Jimmy Buffett's "Pencil Thin Moustasche."

Anyway, it's late, and I have to go. See y'all,(cross fingers) tomorrow.

Aaron leaves, humming "Gypsies in the Palace."
Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, April 26, 1999 06:28:31 PM

Okay ... I'm calmer, I'm cleansed (after my prior post), and now I'm gonna give a shot at replying to *EVERYTHING* that I missed, including what probably was a juicy conversation about Littleton.

High school shootings: There is nothing more I can add to this that hasn't already been said. All I can say is that the incident has even *further* increased my concern for all of my friends. And in particular ... **points to the candle** ... the one who this candle burns for. I *especially* worry about her safety because of what I've gathered about where she lives from our conversations (she said there was a definite militia presence ... which makes it extremely easy for someone to get weapons). It may be a hollow worry, but it is mine.
See, I don't think it's the goth, or the media, or the 'Net, or any of that kind of crap they've been talking ever since. No, it's the upbringing, and the morality teaching that goes on in the home ... or rather, the lack of ... that causes these situations. As much as American parents (not singling anyone out, but in general) would like to have their government regulate their children for them, ultimately it is their *own* job, not anyone else's, to raise their children. Hillary Clinton held a press conference blaming the media and begging for parents to join in on censoring the media. I don't care how disrespectful this sounds, but anyone who thinks that they can restrict *my* media just because they think it'll create violence can kiss my perfumed arse.

**deep breath** Okay. Now ... where was I? Ah yes ...

Doug, Kitainia: Certainly glad that your meeting with Doug's dad went well. I wish my ex had gotten the chance to meet my dad ... **sigh** oh well.

FS: **grin**

Christine, re: "Tittany Spears": Ooooh, good one! :)
I have an AvMists file I'll be sending ya in the next couple of days. :)

Music for fanfiction: It's ironic that this topic came up while I couldn't access ... it just so happens that part of my preparations for WCC was buying a copy of the soundtrack to Independence Day, just to get myself in the right mindset. :)
As for music as a theme for fanfiction ... I've used this once ("So This is Christmas ..." was centered around "Happy X-Mas" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono), have thought of others but never written them, used a song as a tagline for WCC ("Everything Louder Than Everything Else" was the source for the term "The Army of the Night."), and will have a song as a .wav file attached to the bottom of the end of WCC. Which one? I ain't tellin'. :)

Galvatron, if you're still here: I'm interested.

Cyrway: As if you don't hear this enough from me ... Thanks for the new pics!! :)
(Incidentally, the Mustang and Dodge pics are available in Cyrway's room in my Gallery, as well. Clicky on my name link to go to my site.)

"ReBoot" Season Three, re: AndrAIa a babe: I wholeheartedly agree. This fact alone has been one of the big highlights of the season. That and picking out what wouldn't have passed American S&P had the third season aired. My list thus far:
Enzo losing his eye
AndrAIa's cleavage
Any PDA between Matrix and AndrAIa
Line from Friday's ep: "Too late, lover."
Scene from today's ep: AndrAIa kills an infected Guardian by shooting her fingernails into the Guardian's throat.

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about the lost third season. It's been quite a ride thus far, and I look forward to checking my tape every day.

Fleur: Uhmm ... unfortunately, either the Gargs tattoos on the guy are hidden when he does interviews, or he doesn't have them on him anywhere. No, actually that's not true ... I have seen this man interviewed on TV (I think it was The Daily Show), and when they panned around his body to try to get all of the characters in view, I thought I caught a part of Goliath's wing ... sticking up from the waistband of his boxer shorts. Yup, unfortunately, if he has the Gargs on him, they're probably on his @$$.

Cyrway again: Vinnie and Akira?! **laughs** They gonna get smashed like Vinne and Brooklyn did in mine? :)

Okay, I think that's about it for me right now. More later when my brain grows back. **sits in the big chair, after clearing some old wax out of it** I think ya know the routine by now. **plants chin in hand and fixates on the candle's flame.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 26, 1999 06:12:23 PM

YaY!!! I made it!!! I made it!!!!!
Monday, April 26, 1999 05:53:00 PM

I started to make an EDUCATED comment about Satan and God, but then as I read it I was like..., wait..., I'm defending Lucifer, he's never done nothing for me..., then I thought, I'm kinda dissin God because "it"<--(politically correct term), has only caused me pain and damnation. So, I decided not to post it because I realize some of you God still loves and yall love "it". :o)

Diff subject: This school shooting that happened in Colorado makes me sad. When I first heard about it, I got all mad and everything and then I started thinking What if that was my son's school? I started feeling bad for the parents of all those kids..., and when this girl came on TV talkin about how this one girl got shot and this black kid got shot and she was all crying..., that f***ed me up. So I started crying, I was patheitc, I called my mom and I was like, "These godd**n kids aren't safe in school anymore!" I mean, I cryed that sentence out. I was was telling her, "What if that was {my son's} school? If I caught the people that did it, I wouldn't give them the pleasure of me eating their body." (Me and mom are pretty close, I can say things like that). I also started feeling bad about the time I was in 6th grade, I was going to school at Connel in San Antonio, one of my friends told me to keep his gun in my locker and I said, "Cool. OK!" God, I would go crazy mad insane if my kids were killed in school. I feel sooo bad for the parents that lost their kids, I couldn't comprehend pain like that. Uh-oh I'm upsetting myself again... moving on....

Ohh, can I wright some lyrics down, cause I'm really feel it right now....
"Every time, godd**n, I look at my son, I see something I can't be. Beautiful and care free, that's how I used to be.
Like some godd**n f***ing freak, I'm so pressured, I'm so worried, something takes a hold of me, something I can't believe." -KoRn Seed

Well, since I've been thinking about it, and I haven't been able to post in a couple of dayzzz..., (I've been saving this post in notepad). I think I'll let yall know why I think KoRn is the best thing to happen to muzik.., lyrically. Check this out, I feel it man!!
"Angels stabbing me inside..., Nothing changes, just rearanges for me this time. / I can never win, myself I don't like, I don't like, I don't like.." - It's On!

"Everytime I start to believe something's RAPED and taken from me. / Can't I take away all this pain, I try to everynight all in vain, in vain." - Freak On A Leash

"Every time I reach for love, it's taken away. / There's nothing wrong wanting to be loved.
Is there something wrong with me? For once in my life I'd like to be really set free. / It's time to die- Is that what I want?" - B.B.K.

"I see your pretty face smashed against the bathroom floor!" - Pretty

"Laying by my precious, not long ago. Hiding behind the shadows of your broken soul. Why is it alwayz, you want something you can never have? / Why is it always, you f*** up something you have alwayz had? / I HATE YOU! Can't you feel the PAIN?!?" - My Gift to You

"Anger inside builds within my body. Why'd you hit me? What have I done?" - Clown

"I hide only to defy you. Take away the only love inside you. I see your face through everyone. Inside I've just begun.You think I'm out to scare you. I'm only out to prepare you, for when you stop and turn around- Your body's going down! / You're suffering 'cause of me, it's divine. / You know what?! F*** you! I'm fed up with you, I'm not as good as you, f*** no, I'm better than you!" - Divine

Sorry about going thur all that, but these songs make me feel good and give me a warm tingly feeling inside.

More about the shooting: I honestly don't see how yall can say this massacre came as no surprise, have yall become that desensitized? I'm a Goth, and I don't give a sh*t how people think this came about, point is it did, and people are dead. Kids at that, who will never have the chance to experience real love, or maybe even have sex, to drink, smoke, have another birthday, have kids of their own, experience the joy of their kids having a birthday. Anything and everything that can be experienced in life was raped from them..., but yet some of you can say this came as no surprise..., Yes I am a little extreme on some things, but the taking of a human life is alwayz a surprise to me. I don't mean to talk bad about anyone, maybe it's just my parental feelings taking over, I don't know, but that's just how I feel...

<<I'm a Goth, and I'm going should be watched with a close eye...>>
I feel ya! People already know that I can be a loose cannon, and the more I think about this media crap, the more it pisses me the f*** off! The way I feel about it, if people wanna watch me with a close eye, let 'em, as a matter of fact, I'll give them something to watch! (That way I can perform some..., ART...., on people, hehehehee).

Monday, April 26, 1999 05:52:15 PM

TOP TEN!! and the first time on since Wednesday. DC will die later.
Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Monday, April 26, 1999 05:50:35 PM


**enters the room, looks around at the sea of wax the last candle has become, then looks and sees DC trying to hide behind the inundated big chair.**

Hey you. Yeah you. Get yer mangy little arse over here!

**DC approaches nervously. Coyote grabs him by the scruff of his neck, slamming his head into the floor and holding his head under the sea of melted wax.**

I'm gonna let you live long enough to experience PAIN for every friggin' DAY I haven't been able to get through to this site. This is for WEDNESDAY!!

**pulls DC's head up, bites his nose, pushes him back down.**

This is for THURSDAY!!

**pulls DC's head up, headbutts him, pushes him back down.**

This is for FRIDAY!!

**pulls DC back up, shoves fingers up his nose and rips it off, then dunks his head back down**

This is for SATURDAY!!

**pulls DC up, delivers the Mother-Of-All-Painful-Crotch-Shots with a steel-toed work boot, then dunks his head back down again**

And finally, this is for SUNDAY and the bulk of TODAY!!

**By this time, the wax has solidified around DC's head. Dc desperately tries to escape, only to have his body pulled away from the wax ... *without* his head**

**deep breath** There. I feel cleansed.


And after all that, I only have a couple of things to say.

First off ... if I still qualify, TOP TEN!!

Second ... Bronx: It was decided that this week's episode be pushed back to next week, until Wyvernweb stabilizes.

There. More later tonight. If I can get back.

**remembers to change the candle ... for the first time since Wednesday ... lights it and leaves.**

Coyote the EXASPERATED Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, April 26, 1999 05:26:24 PM


Fifth! Due to the server/router strangeness.

Uvalde, TX
Monday, April 26, 1999 05:18:41 PM

I'm in the top ten! whohoo! anyways, I've been gone for so long because Mr. Disconect has been really really mean to me :( will post more later! Oh, and does anyone know were the new episode is for this week?
bai bai

Bronx Wyvern - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 05:06:34 PM

what is going on with the server??? Trying to access it has been near impossible

Jenna - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:37:21 AM

*Walks in in her normal work attire: Black skate shorts and a Rainforest Cafe tee shirt. The boots are LL Bean hikers, the lipstick and nail polish is gone, and the vest, though black leather, is a more acceptable short one.*

Domo Arigato to all who sympathise with the stereotyping of ppl...even Jackyl emailed me with his agreement. I'm right now writing an Editorial to the Morning Sentinel (The Waterville newspaper) and, because it's also online, I'll post the link if it gets printed.

Oh, and SECOND!!! *does the dance of joy*

Okay, back to Gargoyle matters...

***Somewhat Scriptae Caligorum Spoiler***
I finally got to see Genesis Undone, thanks to Stormy...and she's got a point about it..."Which would Mal like to be, covered in green ooze and dying or loose an eye, go insane, and become a Grey Lord?" Little Anton...*shivers* first, I thought he would make a good model for the Grotesques...nope, not anymore...all in all, I kept thinking during the entire ep Mal was going to wait until Goliath and the clan left before he announces: "Okay, someone can get the hose now...Goliath fell for it and this pastasio pudding's drying in my hair!"

As for Runaways...AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! *pulls hair out.* Poor Brook...I'm still keeping the ep...they all have to have the blackmail ep...for Gecko, it's "Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter"...

And my stepfather agrees...we watched City of Stone and Future Tense last night, then switched it to Runaways...Poor guy...

Now I can see why I never watched the Goliath Chronicles...

But now I'se gonna have fun with Vinnie and Akira... *giggle*

***End Spoiler*

Aaron> Hey, I thought up the Willed Word all by myself!
*Luc stares at her.*
LUC: You ripped it off from David Eddings.
ME: No I didn' can even ask had the Word before I even picked up the Belgarion...
But seriously, dude, the half-n-halfs are fun to play with...aren't they? >:)

Finish, damn you! FINISH!!! At least get me to the court scene! Heh...poor Petros...I think He'd be better off back in Bar Harbour..."WHEN I SAY WINSLOW, YOU SAY RAIDERS!!!"

Everything about MDI is true in this fic...they have the world's worst Football team...
***End HC***

Stormy> Re: Elisa's Minivan, et al. should see "Perfect Tense", the Sister fic to "Night of the Hawk".
LUC: I'm stuck in a bad episode of "The Brady Bunch"...Otherwise, DOMO ARIGATO FOR THE TAPES!!! *Cranks up the battle between Megatron and Optimus Prime.* I was wondering what "EAU" was about...until I put it on...Didn't get too far...Mom and Ray wanted to watch Awakenings.

Well, off to work on April's submittion to MGC...Wonder what I'll do...


Cyrway - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:20:04 AM

SECOND!! Not often you get to do that this late in the day ^_^

Anyway, I can get into both CR's fine, though I've heard fast modems get in fine, that would include my ISDN modem.

I had the wierdest thought in the shower this morning. What if Dragonball Z and Pokemon had never existed, but instead we got Pokeball Z?

Go-ku grab the 7th Pokeball!

Ahhh, Krillin, there's a Articuno coming out of it!

Wierd, eh?

Elessar - []
Monday, April 26, 1999 11:09:11 AM

The room has been cleared; not out of neccessity, but because it's time, and if the server comes back up unexpectedly, we could be flooded.

Fleur> *applauds* Ooh, damn good rant! Said things I would have tried to say had I been of a clearer head and had more time. And I so thoroughly agree.

On that note, did anybody watch the 48 Hours special Saturday night on the Littleton massacre? God, it was so depressing... hell, even I cried.

Well, I'm going to leave now, but I'm coming back at lunch to see if the situation has improved. Talk to y'all later!

Deuce - []
*burns effigy of Tommy Salo* River City, Alberta, Canada
Monday, April 26, 1999 10:08:18 AM