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TRC: Kit sends her apologies for scaring you like that. It wasn't her intention. Don't worry, she will be back in two weeks. <grin>

Longer post later.

Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:36:17 PM

Jackal : You know when I read your Cemetery comment , I broke out laughing for some reason . Freak (me) .

Blue Careu : I agree with your teen Anakin definition exactly . It just is'nt Darth Vader without the voice . But the actor would'nt have to be blond , There's alwas hair dye .

SJ : I figure that human blood would probably be as deadly to the fay as lead poisoning to humans . But the quantity would probably be an important factor , as always . A succesful mating should be possible , the only reason I could think of that might inhibit this is if it's a male fay , and the girl is . . . uh , well . . . her first time , or if her walls tear . In either case there would be some bleeding (from what I've read) , and the fay might get some iron on a rather sensitive area .
But even then , that might not be a problem , the iron in blood is surrounded by protein , so that might protect the fay , but since the protein can be de-naturated (uncoiled) under the right conditions you never know .

Casting Call for Dark Wing Duck :
DW- Goliath
Launch pad - Vinnie
Goslin - Arianna
Nega Duck - Thailog
Bushroot - Zaphiro/Sevarius
QuackerJack - Puck
Steel Beak - Dracon (I would pay to see that one )
Liquidator - Jon Canmore
Meagvolt - Fang .
F.O.W.L. leaders : Lexington , Demona , Broadway

Robby : Robocop and Betelgeuse themes , please if you will my man .

Dumlao X : Your the mp3 man right ? Do you know where I can find the complete mp3 to Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio) . I tried to download it off of a site and it only gave me a 5th of the whole song .

Raven Child : Glad to have you . If within a month your on the road to recovery from from your initilal breakdown you should be fine . If your still on the way down however I'm afraid we'll have to place you with the rest of the fallen (gestures to the steal door ) . It's not as bad as it sounds though , you'll have lots of company and I hear that rats not only taste good but make good pets when they're not trying to carve flesh off of you . You are immunised right .

**DC Death**
TRC runs up to DC and as he turns around TRC pulls out a lead pipe from his coat and swings it with all his weight put into the blow , shattering DC's jaw and the majority of his teeth the splinters of witch further shred his tongue and tear the back of his throat . TRC conjures and reaches into one of his portals pulling out a spool of barbed wire . He immediaely begins to loosely wrap DC in the spool . When he is done only DC's eyes remain visible . TRC throws him into a large horizontal washing machine and waits until the cylinder is full of water and then adds salt and chlorine to the mix . TRC kneels down in front of the window and watches DC's initial struggles for air and his spasming frrm the pain . TRC: "Given the promise for the coming story , you better not scare us like that again . AM I UNDERSTOOD ?" TRC then increases the washing machines rpm and walks away .

Doug : Could you please ask Kit not to do that again , she had me scared to death after I read that ". . and bye , too , I guess ." line . Place just would'nt be the same without one of the regular posters .

TRC , Jake , DMW , Anoth and Forfexx have gathered at the site of Miriam's last coordinates , looking over the rift in space-time . DMW : "This should'nt be possible . This rift is stable yet there is minimal damage to the surrounding reality . Eisner must have found a way to stabilize the hole to ensure that it would not merge our realities or cancel them out ." , Anoth peering through the rift :"Eisner's done some impressive stuff with the R&D department here , the energy that must have been required to open much less sustain the rift must be immeasurable . He must have some new power source , not suprising given how much this place brings in and can divert to research ." . TRC getting impatient :"I'm as fascinated by this as the rest of you but do'nt you think we should head after our people ? Khesaat said we were'nt exactly high on time ." , Jake :"Agreed , given the nature of our situation it would probably be best if some of us remained behind to provide a line of defence against anything coming back through other than our own and to inform the Avatar of Gannon of the situation ." . TRC looks into the rift towards the transformed Emerald Palace :"DMW and I'll go . This place reeks of magics , even to my relatively dull senses . The mages should fare better ." DMW looking somewhat skeptically at TRC :"I hardly consider you a mage . But we shall need all available magics , besides your main purpose always was evacuation ." TRC :"Exactly . The rest of you stay here and hold the line , we should be back soon enough ." With that TRC tears a portal open and with DMW guiding him to Wilek , Argent , SJ and Kari's location , they run through battle ready .
**END RP**

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston , Jamaica
Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:30:44 PM

Apologies for the 2x post, just heard about this one, and I'm sure the wrestlig fans in here will know about this soon.

A moment of silence for the late Owen Hart.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:01:46 PM

**enters again, sitting down in the big chair.**

Okay, a little scare there, but I'm okay.


SJ, re: halflings: It comes down to magical interference to create a fae halfling, I think. Consider that the only halfling I created for my fics is a half-fae half-garg, Rain. I would imagine that gargoyles would have a huge iron content in their blood, considering they turn to stone in the morning and all. The only way he could be conceived was with magical interference by one of his parents (Coyote, in this case making himself a gargoyle for one night so that he could be with Turqueza). So I would imagine that natural fae halflings would have a similar interference ... Titania makes herself fully human for so long so that she can be with Halcyon Renard; Madoc in turn probably made himself human for a short time for a one-night stand with Umbriel's mother.


**color returns to face when he sees Raven Child's post, then sinks again when he realizes that it's a Raven and not a Ravyn.**

Raven Child: Greetings, friend. When Deuce gets back, we'll be sure to have him take your sanity for safe keeping. :)

Wilek: Even if I *were* a garg, I doubt anyone would want to see *me* shirtless (Don't even think about saying it, roomie!!!! ;).

Kitainia: Hope you're back soon ... I'll get with Doug and form a lonely guys' club until both of our lady loves return. :)

Pistoff: I'm certainly glad that my '79 Caddy is in much better shape than that, even though occasionally you can open one of the back doors and it won't close ... just got it back from the tranny shop. There's $550 well spent! :)
<<"Darth Vader is HUNG!">> Ohhh, GAWD, did you absolutely *have* to put that image into my brain?! :)

Green Baron: The priest and nun would be Father Dowling and Sister Steve. And I'm a chocoholic, roomie. :)

Tim Phipps: Amen, brother!!

All those still taking exams: GOOD LUCK ALL!!

**tries to smile, but winds up planting chin firmly back in hand and fixates on the candle once more**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:53:21 PM

Yes! Wyvernweb is back! :-)
Blue Caeru
Gainesville, Florida, United States
Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:33:48 PM

Hmmmm.....couldn't get in here two hours ago...oh well. Tomorrow I take my Health and Spanish exams. After three freakin long years I can totally forget all the Spanish I was ever taught....YEAH! My dad is gonna freak when he sees me reading the ep tonight instead of studying...oh, screw him :)

Raven Child> Welcome to the CR! The Happy Queen salutes you!

Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:31:44 PM

Eee, 8 and a half hours of Sailor Moon... What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wanted to study the art style...

Okay, the room seems to be working now... Thankfully. Assuming nothing else happens, this week's episode SHOULD be on time.

Starsinger- Heh, I haven't been posting the eps. I've just been announcing them. Hopefully this summer I'll learn how to do it properly and we'll get all the quirks fixed...

Wilek- I find songs quickly because I have a very good personal search engine... Unfortunatley, I can't find midis that don't exist... So I'm sorry about not finding the song you wanted...

Kitainia- You'll be missed.

Batman Beyond- The villain dead? Naaah...

Wedge Antilles- He's the only pilot other than Luke or Han that survived the trilogy. That says something about him right there.


Lonny looks as the female were-rat teleports in, Jim Iza Noying at swordpoint.
"Welcome back Ratina. Nice to know ONE of my flunkies is usefull..." Lonny sends a menacing glare towards the Dirty Laundry gang, the muffin man, and the timetraveling dog Mr. Peabody and his boy Sherman.
Jim looks at his captor. "Ratina? What kind of name is that?"
"Shut up rich boy," the were rat glares.
"SILENCE!" Lonny stares at Jim, and grins evily. "Well then... You're taken care of... The Ravens were blown up along with Dis Connect... Sevarius Junior and the Dark Mage are nowhere to be found. And anyone else with the knowhow to stop me is out watching Star Wars: Thje Phantom Menace. Excellent, I can now go about unapposed. Except for one last thing..." And with a push of a button, someone is teleported into the room.
Lonny grins menacingly. "Hello Robby. Hope you don't mind, but I'm taking over the CR. And am about to rule the world."
"Wha? How?"
"Simple." And with a push of another button, the entire location begins to shake. A monitor appears giving an outdoor view of just what is rising. There is a gasp all about when what is rising is recognized.

Its the Dark Star.

Sunday, May 23, 1999 10:23:32 PM

**enters, switching the candles out.**

Testing, testing ... the room's back up, I'm just making sure. Longer post later.

**exits briefly**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, May 23, 1999 09:48:54 PM

Testing, testing... The servers have been having problems in the last few hours... Hope it isn't a lasting problem...
Sunday, May 23, 1999 09:48:38 PM

Sunday, May 23, 1999 09:44:42 PM

Hi all (again ^_~)

Starsinger> thanks!

Okay click on my name for Merlin's site; so you can read the poem :)


Bronx Wyvern - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 07:38:33 PM

Bronx, just below name on the add to the comment room page is a place called URL. Start by typing http://and the rest of the address. and You will give us a link. Go for it.


Theresa - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 06:18:37 PM

ARIS - Sharp eye again! I believe that the original Astraea of Greek myth was indeed winged (she's been often identified with the original for the constellation Virgo the Virgin, BTW), which led to my choice of the name for the character.

The funny thing about "Asterius" is that, while I did come across it as the real name for the Minotaur and used it accordingly, I never could locate that piece of information again in my books on Greek mythology afterwards. Kind of spooky, isn't it?

As for the perytons, I got my information on them from a book on mythological animals which stated that they were most commonly found near where Atlantis had once been, which gave me the idea for using them in the story. (My source also indicated that the perytons must not all have perished in the destruction of Atlantis, for they were reported as attacking Roman soldiers on their way to Carthage during the Punic Wars, apparently Scipio Africanus's expedition in the Second Punic War that culminated in the Battle of Zama and defeat of Hannibal).

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, May 23, 1999 06:16:35 PM

Hi all!

Raven Child> Welcome to the CR! *gives her large amounts of housewarming gifts* ^_^

****Batman Beyond Spoliers****
This week's ep was okay. I did like the fact that they inculded some backound on Powers and his family life. Look's like Terry and Bruce will be experiencing double trouble now.

The Darkest Hour pt1> *shudders* ooh... I looked at Merlin Missy's web page and her poem... wow. Can't wait!

Possibly a stupid question> how do you add links here? *scraches head*

Bronx Wyvern - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 04:22:55 PM

Wilek: <<You … carry around a parallel universe?>> I planes-walk through closets. :) Only way to travel … the Closet Nexus has all this great junk people keep losing too … and of course, if you make an effort, you can wander into the Laundry Drier zone too … just follow the trail of missing left socks … Laundry Driers are a pain to enter and exit though … let alone if the one in question is operating.

Doug, Kitainia: Aw … demon cultists, and I wasn’t invited? *fidgets with his holy symbol and sword* Why do I always miss the fun stuff? *pouts*

Weird Sunday Activities: My folks and my Aunt invited me out for the afternoon. Sitting at the bar at the Abington Ale house, everyone else was playing Keno so I figured, “what the heck?” And threw my chips in as it were. Figured I’d play Lexy-chan’s birthday and our combined ages … nothing much happened until we got up to leave and I check the last game … two are up and my last number comes up on the last pick … $25 dollars … weird … kind of romantic, but weird …

Raven Child: Nice to meet you *bow* Toku Kaioto, warrior-monk and Seeker of the truth, at your service. Poet and philosopher as well as the writer of political commentary which will never be published. Welcome.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Sunday, May 23, 1999 04:14:21 PM

Kitainia> Hope you have a great trip/visit! :-) And yes, Wedge Antilles isn't bad-looking at all. ;-)

Wilek> When you said that you almost fit the description of the older Anakin Skywalker, it reminded me of a few posts I saw in a Star Wars forum I visit sometimes... basically the posts I am referring to were all made by anxious fanboys who were convinced they had a better-than-average chance of being cast as the older Anakin for the next movie. Some of them actually posted photographs of themselves and asked people to compare the likenesses, and said they were going to California. I don't know, I just found that sort of weird. I know you weren't trying to do that though. :-)

The Phantom Menace: I still haven't seen the movie, even though I know most of the plot already... yup, I read all the spoilers. But I know it won't cause me to enjoy the movie any less. :-)

New TGS ep "The Darkest Hour: Part I": Ooh, can't wait to read it. :-)

Blue Caeru
Gainesville, FL, USA
Sunday, May 23, 1999 02:27:59 PM

Gargoyles as the cast of Mallrats

Brooklyn: T.S.
Lexington: Brody
Fang: Jay
Claw: Silent Bob
Angela: Brandy
Aiden: Renee
Demona: Mr. Svening (Okay, I'm switching sexes)
Wolf (pre-upgrade): LaFours
Titania: Topless Fortune Teller
Dracon: Shannon
and Greg Weisman as Stan Lee

I'll think of another movie later.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 02:10:47 PM

<<Actually, Al Franken is a better comparison, though he's a buck-toothed moroun.>> You misspelled "moron.":)
Tim Phipps
Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:43:01 PM

I finally did it. It took 3 months, about two hours a week, and reformated it about seven times, but I finally did it. As of 2:30 a.m., I posted BioHazard: Day 1 in the fan fic section. Hopefully now that school is over, I'll be able to produce fan-fic more often.

My Politics: Yes, my politics are fairly liberal, but that doesn't mean I don't agree with what some conservitives or disagree with some liberals. Currently, I'm a registered Democrat, But that doesn't mean I have to vote for other Democraes. In fact, if Bob Dole or his wife ran for President, I might be inclined to vote for them.

The Graduation Ceremony is at 2:00 p.m. today. I can't wait untill it's over. I kid you not, this school has been the most truamatic thing in my life. I'm tired of being everyone's goddamn whipping boy. F--k 'em.

Tim Phipps
Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:53:46 AM

Damn. I thought Asterius was the best sign that Todd studied the subject. I was wrong. That was Astraea. Astraea, daughter of Astraeus and Eos, in greek mythology is the name of one of Boreas' sisters. So the wings do fit with the character.

There's also another version for her parentage and I quote "Astraea, who sometimes is said to be the daughter of Zeus & Themis, is Justice. She lived on earth during the Golden Age, but left when the Age of Iron came, being the last of the immortals to do so."

Do you not also find it nice, that the gods left the earth when the Age of Iron came? It also fits in with one of my pet theories.

Aris Katsaris - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 11:41:39 AM

Assembled at a meeting that inappropriately blasphemes the Blessed Sacramnet in the chapel, ArchBishop Weakland, Bishop Gumbleton, Sister Sue, and a bunch of nominal Catholcis who look like hippies are all eating on the altar with poor table manners while they complain.
"Will Cardinal George cancel our plans to wake up teh Church?"
"Will the Call to Action be erased from Chicago like it was from Lincoln?"
"Well my fellow progressives, we must stop this new wave of Traditionalism and tyranny. We want married priests and all Church doctrine determined by majority rule, thus ending seperation of Church and State. No more Latin Masses! No more Mary worship! No more saints! We want priests and nuns in plain clothes. We shall defy the Pope and corrupt young minds to beleive we are the Church, while we could just leave and join a more Liberal faith. Instead we shall make the traditionalists, who have the gall to keep the Commanadments and the sexism, leave the Church. Are you with me?
"Good, now let us make our offerings to the ram headed god of all progressivism. The Call to Action shall triumph!!"

Outside the church, a priest in nun in their proper garb of collar and habit watch with dismay.
"Steve, I don't like the sounds coming form there. Cardinal George has tried to stop the dissidence, but I think they have some new power."
"Frank, I know some girls from New Orleans who can help. One of them is from here and her Uncle is very active with soem of our faith's best causes, plus I tend to listen when a cat calls."
"A cat? Well, God works in mysterious ways, indeed."
PAUSE RP for now.

Okay, 20 cybercookies to whoever can identify the priest and nun who were just talking.

Raven Child> Welcome to our deranged comment rooms.

**Pete DuPont appears in K-Mart and grabs a rifle. He cocks it and blows Rosie O'Donnel away**
How's that for some violence. Personally, I see Rosie O'Donnell as a Liberal version of Rush Limbaugh, excpet I find Rush funnier. Actually, Al Franken is a better comparison, though he's a buck-toothed moroun. I just see her as another talk show host who will be around longer than Chevy Chase or Arsenio Hall :) I never watched it, though I know Rosie's general ideology, so I wouldn't put it past her. At least Chris Matthews is objective an dGeraldo dosen't blast differing opinions. He in fact invites people to disagree with him, though his politics are well known and appropriate for a man of his past.

Tim P.> I take it you're Politics are much more liberal than mine. I am glad you stood up for a group with differing views than your own. I am not always as open-minded, since I often pick on bleeding heart liberals like Pat Buchanan and Paul Wellstone :)

Spoilers for The Downfall
**Once again, you impress me, Todd. Did you Major in Literature or History? I need to read Critiasa nd it's not in my portable Plato. I wonder if St. Thomas Moore's Utopia will show up in the Gargoyle Universe.

Anyway, I was very impressed with how you described Atlantis as well as the way teh bigoted townsfolk chasing teh mutants were in rags as usually the most intolerant are from the poor and uneducated masses. I also found King Leitos an awful ruler as well as his captain. I wonder if they were inbred. I was glad when they fell to their deaths. As for the Perytons, were they taken from TSR? I was surprised Phobos and Deimos didn't show up in this story though.**

Phantom Menace> I haven't seen it yet. I'll wait til the crowds die down.

Mandolin> Who's Dave?

Starsinger> You'll be roomie four:) I think you will be first to arrive, since I won't be there until twelve or so.

NRA> They're just a citizen's group maligned by the likes of Katie Couric, Maria Shriver, and Dan Rather, because they don't want us run by a compassionate epolice state where we must "do it for the children". They have had soem militia elements, but every group has an extreme wing. I think the NRA made a smart move with gaining Charleton Heston as their President. He's more moderate and a great actor. They just need to gain greater appeal to women and minorities, in a style like that of Jack Kemp's. They need to appear as more than a white male gunclub.

Jackal> I wouldn't recommend removing pinkies. I think you may like teh job. It's not too difficult. As for doing it in a graveyard, I've always thought of that as desecration. I guess that was another reason for you to do it there :)

DiCaprio> He's too well known. The only thing worse would be Macauly Culkin, though his career is dead right now. How about Jaleel White as a Jedi Knight: ::an arm is severed:: "Did I do that?"

Senior Awards> I was an active little suckup, so I got my share, though I thought it was stupid for my family to show. It cost $25.00 a ticket and I didn't want any of them to waste their money. My mother is quite foolish with money, like sending me off to some overpriced garde school, when she wasn't working. She could have educated me at home and saved 3,000 a year, but she has this obsession taht I be more social. Without all the teasing I got in grade school, my gardes would be better and I may have had a much higher average and be even more literate. Who cares if I'd be more introverted. Socialization is over-rated. Academics are more important than taht nonsense. F*** Socilaization!!!

Aris> Nah! That's not much worse than the Greek gods marrying their siblings. Hmmm... I guess that makes Zeus a redneck :)

Zath> Maybe Kitty has scared the goldfish into not eating somehow :)

Kiaoto> Congrats on the liscence. Now, you need to drive down to New Orleans :)

Fanfic Titles>
My first will be Propsero's Isle, becaus eteh Avalon creew will land on his island. I'll think of others after I actually do this one :)

**Washington DC
Two evil-looking Senators appear in an airport looking for the nearest flight. They are Ted Kennedy and tom Harkin.
"Well, I hope we're in time for our appearance at the Call to Action convention in Chicago. We shall lead our end of the Progressive Revolution."
"Yes, Ted, and the best part is no one really sees me as the liberal jerk I am. I should have no problem with my end. We should be in Chicago tommorrow."**
END RP for now

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Sunday, May 23, 1999 09:45:48 AM

Taleweaver, maybe my beloved Faith, will be given the gift of being a Vampyr?!???

<<it's okay to love the recently deceased, just don't *love* the recently deceased.>>
Ya know? It's funny you should mention that! :o) Me and Dezzie were talking about me being in that line of work, we decided that I'm gonna chop off everyone's left pinky finger (all that have one), so she can make necklaces out of them...., don't look at me, it was her idea... I was tellin her if the body looks good and someone's in the room with me, I'll say in a very proper tone, "Excuse me, I have to prepare the body for burial..., Trade secret." :o)

I alwayz thought most everyone did the cemetary thing...., hmmm. Kinda makes me not wanna tell yall what happened tonight..., well last night. Because I have no secrets and no shame and I like to share things that I think are pretty damn cool! How bout if I just put warnings up?? OHHH, wait!!! Guess what?!? I got my CDs from "Play"..., ya know, Play from Columbia House? I was pretty damn happy about that! And my baby girl walked out of the store with 4 packs of gum, I couldn't help but think that was cute..., of course, I didn't tell the store people anything about it, I was like, free gum, YaY!!!

I have this friend, she works at a fast food place (same friend as last night, well the night before), and she works with this dude who's attracted to me. Well, me being the flirtaous person that I am, had to humor him. So when he was on break, he wanted to kiss me. Fine, no big deal for me. We kiss and I say, "You forgot the tongue." Just playin, right, and stick my tongue out. Dude sucks my tongue! I know I had this look on my face like, You weren't really suppose to do that. So I'm thinkin to myself, Dude I know you don't think you're gonna try to shock me and not except me to do something. I didn't do anything at first I went back to enjoying my meal. Later in the night, when everyone was off work, I was putting his lip stick on..., I thought Yeah now's the time. I kiss him and get all freaky with him and stuff, to my surprise he was doin it right back. Hehehee, I found it very hard...., to quit even. :o)
When I open my eyes to look, guess who's watching attentively..., my friend I was with last night. I say "Attentively" to avoid detail..., I'm actually sparing yall! Well, a few minutes later dude was like, I need to leave. And I couldn't help but have this empty feeling, all I said was, "Oh. Ok." When he finally left, me and her were alone, and well..... take a wild guess what happened. Yep you guessed it!! We traded baseball cards and chewed bubblegum, hehehe. But I actually had fun tonight, more so than last night!
But...., I think I'm finally gonna go to sleep now. I wanted to tell someone about my night, because I thought it was pretty damn cool. No drugs, no nothing..., we just had good clean SOBER fun!!

Sunday, May 23, 1999 07:24:56 AM

JackaL: Doesn't matter where you get some, as long as you get some. :)

Coyote: Yeah, it was a pretty interesting car. I forgot to mention that, before the door started opening itself, there was a period of about three or four months when all the doors wouldn't unlock. No matter what I did, I couldn't get 'em unlocked. I would have to open the hatch-back and crawl through the entire car to get behind the steering wheel.

DiCaprio: If I ever met him in person, the first thing I'd ask him is, "Does your mommy know you're not in school today?"

How about ... Mark Wahlberg as Anakin? I can just picture the fangirls sighing over that one. "Ahhhh ... Darth Vader is HUNG!"

Wilek: I'm reasonably sure it was street legal ... possibly. Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't. O_o

Pistoff - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 02:50:01 AM


The screen comes on with an image of Shap and those with him searching the cornfields. Suddenly they hear the noise of Jake's jet landing and look at each other. "What do you suppose that is?" Shauna asks. "Sounds like a jet," says Orion. "I suppose we better check it out." The four of them turn and dash towards the noise, only to be caught midway by a group of cultists. "Get them!" the leader of the bunch shouts. "Get the false minister!" The kids rush forward. Shap looks at Shauna. "You know, I really don't like fighting children." "They'll kill you if you don't, idiot!" Shauna yells back, shooting the leader down with an arrow. Shap grimly nods and bats the cultists away from him, using nonlethal subduing blows. "God forgive us," he says as he disarms the last one and Orion knocks her to the ground. The girl, a short darkhaired twelve-year old with a slightly hawkish profile, looks up at them in shock. "You believe in God?" "Not the same God you do," Shauna answers. "Our God doesn't sponsor killing and fanaticism." "You have a religion that doesn't support acting crazy and killing people?" the girl asks pleadingly, leaping to her feet. "Oh, please, let me join it! Anything to get out of here!!" "Calm down," says Orion. "You don't want to be a member of this cult?" "No duh!" the girl crosses her arms. "I'm not the only one who doesn't, either. It's just that Isaiah is so damn powerful and scary. He has his goons kill anybody who defies him." Shap and Orion look at each other. "I think we can trust her," Shap says. "Listen, lady," growls Jaden. "Your pal Isaiah and his goons have our friends." "I can take you to them!" the girl shouts. "This way!!" She dashes off down the nearest path between the rows. The four Ravens shrug at each other and run after her, towards the noise of the jet.

Meanwhile, in the sacrificial clearing, Jake and Isaiah are clashing blades while the cult rushes about in confusion. DumlaoX kicks his way through several of them and reaches Doug's side, where he produces a knife and begins slicing free the Ravens' bonds between punches over his shoulder. Soon they are all free and leap up to join in the battle. "How'd you guys find us?" Kitainia asks Dumlao. "Jake was looking for you," DX replies. "So I activated the homing device I hid inside your new rocket launcher. When we saw you in a bad situation, down we came." He whacks down a cultist who is wielding Stephanie's katana, tossing it to her with a fast kick. The rest of the Ravens continue fighting, retrieving their weapons from the cultists that have them as soon as they can. Gubio also awakens Mist, who grows to humanoid form and joins in the battle. Kitainia slashes Jacob's throat open, takes her laser from his dead hands, and then makes a post as she begins shooting cultists down.


Hi everyone. And bye, too, I guess. This is my last post before I leave tomorrow. Going back to Houston for a family visit, I will return in two weeks. I will miss all of you, hope you have a good time while I'm gone. :)

Kaioto: Congrats on getting your license. Hope you drive well.

Wedge Antilles: I like him, too. Not as cute as Han, but at least he's available. :) (But I'm not. Thank you for reminding me, Doug. :)

DiCaprio as Anakin: That better be just a rumor, I don't like diCaprio. Even in Titanic, I liked Kate more. Don't know who I'd like to see playing Anakin myself.

SJ: I agree with you about gun rights, thanks for posting your opinion. And you're right, Kmart does sell more than hunting rifles. Doug bought his Colt .45 and Mack 10 shotgun at a K-mart. Got our gun cabinet there, too.

Jackal: Okay, now you've done at least one thing I haven't and probably will never do. :)

Mandi: Doug's glad you got the fic. Hope you enjoy reading it, I know I did. :) And congrats on your new monitor, hope you get to use it real soon.


This week's episode was pretty neat, I enjoyed watching. It had good plot and action, and great development on Terry and Blight. I also thought that Paxton had a lot of potential, he should make an interesting villain. Wonder when Blight will come back, I know he can't be dead. :)


Jaden: Glad you're feeling better. Hope you get completely over your illness real soon.

Stephen: $ Thanks for coming to our rescue. That was unexpected. And fortunate. <grin> $

Alright, I guess that's all for tonight. Too bad I'll have to catch "The Darkest Hour" in reruns. Oh well. Thanks to everyone for being such good friends this semester, see you all in two weeks!!


The battle between Ravens and cultists rages on, Isaiah conjuring a scythe of magical energy and using it to force Jake back. "Foolish grown-up!" Isaiah raves. "Feel the power of He Who Walks Behind the Rows!" "You feel the power of the true God!" Shap suddenly yells, as he rushes in and cuts down Malachi with one swipe of his holy blade. Jaden, Shauna, the unwilling cultist, and Orion dash up behind him, adding their strengths to the fight. Jaden hacks his way to the altar and starts freeing the comatose Tom, while Orion intones a holy word and stuns Isaiah and several of his most fanatical followers. The battle stops instantly, all the children turning to face Orion as they recognize the power of his spell. "Who is this guy?" the jock asks his pregnant girlfriend. "He's a true minister!" the girl who led Shap and co. to Golgotha yells in answer. "These people are here from the true God, the God of our parents. Isaiah has been corrupting us with violence and hatred, and they've come to save us!!" Orion nods. "She's right. Originally we came to get gas, but saving you also became part of our plans once we discovered what had befallen here." "They're here to help us!" the girl yells. "Please, stop fighting them!" Many of the cultists nod, turning and pointing their weapons at Isaiah and his remaining goons as they come around. The goons instantly raise their hands, not wanting to challenge a superior force. Doug takes his shotgun back from one of the kids, and points it at Isaiah as Jake steps back. "Okay, you little creep," Doug says. "Drop the knife, surrender, and we might only punish you slightly for all the terrible things you've done to these kids." Isaiah laughs in his face. "Fool! You don't know my real power, the power of the only true God!! Let me show you!!" He raises his hands and speaks several arcane words, the air instantly filling with dark magical energy and a sense of great evil. "No you don't!" Shauna yells, firing an arrow into Isaiah's side. The child preacher falls back, but speaks the last word just as he hits the ground, opening a portal through which emerges a huge black-skinned demon with glowing red eyes. It carries a huge scythe and bears a disturbing resemblance to the figure decipted in the cultists' church murals. "He Who Walks Behind the Rows!!" Isaiah laughs in maniacal triumph. "Behold they who blaspheme thy name and try to corrupt thy followers!! Destroy them!!" The demon nods, laughing as it swings its scythe at the Ravens, taking down twenty cult children in one swipe. The rest drop their weapons and flee, suddenly very frightened. Isaiah continues to laugh as the Ravens pick up their gear and stand firm against his demon. "Hey Stinky!" Jammer yells, waving a hand in front of his face. "Hope you're ready to die!!" The Ravens all nod, as the huge demon lets out a brutal roar and charges at them, shedding its Christlike disguise for that of a terrible skeletal humanoid with the same glowing red eyes. "It's a giant babau!" Shap observes. "God, grant us the strength to defeat this monstrosity." He and the others raise their weapons and begin attacking the demon as the screen goes blank.


Kitainia - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 02:47:42 AM


[Commander Khesaat, along with much of the rest of the team, has returned to the Avatar Of Ganon, where Agent Rho is speaking with him. "Commander, we just recieved word from Miriam. She's located our missing team members; they seem to be in the midst of an operation to find Dr. Sevarius." Khesaat: "Good; I was wondering what had happened to them." Rho: "That's the good news. The bad news: the Black Ravens aren't responding to our hails. The last time we spoke with them, they were approaching the Iowa border. They haven't answered any of our calls since. That's not like them." Khesaat: "Hm...You say you have Djedi Khenmuur on board?" Rho: "Yes. You said you attended the Academy with him?" Khesaat: "That's right. Oh, the stories we could tell...but this isn't the time for nostalgia. He's the best pilot I've ever seen, and he's not bad in a fight either. If he can't find the Ravens and get them out of whatever trouble they've gotten into this time, no one can." Rho: "Hm...I don't think he knows you work here. Why don't you go to his quarters and give him his new assignment yourself?" Khesaat: "I'd be glad to."]


Pistoff> Was that car even street-legal?! ;P

Zath> Your fish won't eat?...Maybe you'd better take it to the vet...

Robby> <<Is this the tune you're looking for?>> Err...unless its a really odd remix, I'm afraid not; apparently there's some other movie named Futureworld that I was unaware of. Great work anyhow; it's amazing how fast you find these. :)

$Doug> <<you're putting in some interesting plot twists>> Why thank you. ^_^ <<Wonder what you'll be doing with Toto and Dorothy>> Er...I have no idea; probably what SJ originally planned.$

Blue Caeru> <<All I know is that the guy has to be tall, blond, have blue eyes, and speak with a vaguely pseudo-British accent>> Except for the blue eyes, that sounds like my human form. O_o Really; check out the pic of me at my site (which isn't at my name link this time; it's at my last post, I think) and imagine me as a human.

Mandolin> <<and get into my e-mail account that's subscribed to the TGS mailing list! Yes!!!>> There's a TGS mailing list?

Coyote> <<Unfortunately, he has forgotten to put on his shirt first, prompting yells from around the room of "PUT ON A SHIRT, MAN!!">> I'll bet you wish you were a garg right about now; we don't generally operate under such restrictions. ^_^

SJ> $<<you've really added some cool elements>> Thank you to you as well. :) You...carry around a parallel universe? Um...dang, that makes the TARDIS look primitive. :) <<hope I'm not making it too big though...>> Nope. Let's, me, Miriam, Kari, the Hounds, Scarecrow, Maambi, and Giles, right? Not too big a team.$ <<If the fae are allergic (to say the least) to iron, wouldn't it be impossible for them to mate with beings who have such a high iron content in their bodies?>> Only if the human bled on them, continually over several hours or days, and I don't think even Christine would go near that. <g> <<If not, would a human's blood be deadly to a fae, i.e. a transfusion (assuming the fae bleed the way we do) could kill them?>> I think the miniscule iron content of human blood would probably only affect a Fey over the long term, like with Madoc's Vampyres. Besides, I doubt the Fey even have 'blood' in the traditional sense.

Raven Child> Welcome! And do allow Deuce to dispose of your sanity, so that you may embrace the dark wisdom of madness...

$Robby> <<Dang, I need a name for her>> The first thing that came into my head was Rodaani, but that's kind of a dumb name...$

Click my name. I wonder where this warehouse is...


[In Oz, the Lion is in the process of attempting to kill the Scarecrow, who, so far, is doing an effective job of staying out of the way of his deadly blade, but...Scarecrow: "Will you people hurry?! I'm a thinker, not a fighter!" Giles attempts to stake him, but SJ stops him. "Dude, he's not a vampire! Besides, we don't want to kill him if we can help it; he can't control what he's doing!" Wilek delivers a tail-whip to the Lion's arm, throwing off his aim just enough for the Scarecrow to evade him. Wilek: "Well...does anyone know how to break a blood bond?" SJ: "Short of killing the vampire who established it? No." Miriam: "The Tzimisce are rumored to have discovered such magic, but we are hardly in a position to request their assistance." Maambi sneaks off to the blood fountains in front of the palace, a plan forming in her mind...]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:59:39 AM

A reminder to Sailor Moon fans, the Cartoon Network will be showing the 'Lost' 17 episodes as a marathon tommorrow starting around 11:30 mountain time, which is probably earlier for those of you not on a real time zone.


Theresa - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:43:08 AM

***** BEGIN 1ST HALF RP *****
[Scene opens in the cornfield where the cultist children and Isaiah are chanting, as the Ravens are bound to wooden crosses, watching as one of their number is bound to a blood-stained altar...]

As the Ravens are struggle to get free, the child-priest reads a conveluted passage from the bible on the altar, his fellow cultists raising their voices in counterpoint.

Doug looks at Kitania, who is bound next to him. "This is bad, Kit! Really _bad_!"

"We've got to save Tom!" Kit replies, having to shout over the chanting children. "Where are Jaden and the others!?"

Just then, Isaiah closes the book, and everything goes silent. "Hear us, 'He Who Walks Behind The Rows'... we come before you to destroy these adults that blaspheme against your Name!" He reaches down for the rusty knife, turning it so the point hovers over Tom's chest. "Accept this, the first of them, as we destroy all who would turn your faithful away from the Path of your Word!"

"NOOO! DON'T!!" Doug shouts, straining against his bonds. Each one of the Ravens re-doubles their efforts as well, but no one can get free, as Isaiah raises the knife over his head.

"Time to die," he says, the gleem of fanatism in his eyes, as he starts to plunge the knife down...


...only to recoil from the altar, clutching a bleeding hand in shock.

"What the-!?" Kitania cries out.

Suddenly, the air is filled with a roaring; the sound of jet engines on full thrust, as a familar looking jet groans to a halt, flattening the cornstalks in the backwash of its hoverjets. As the cultists recoil in horror at the sight of it, a hatch opens up in it's belly and two forms tumble out...

***** PAUSE RP *****

Greetings all... had a full day today. Saw Phantom Menace for the first time (dang good movie!), and had a meeting with some old friends as well...

DICAPRIO RUMORS - That's all they'd better be... I think they'd be better off finding a new actor to play Anakin.

SUSAN LUCCI WINS - I agree, it's about dang time she won! And those idiots in the production booth have the gall to tell her to "wrap up" her acceptance speech?!? Give the lady a break come on! :)

*** TGS TEASER ***

Coming tomorrow...

The Hammer Falls!

Prepare for "The Darkest Hour, Pt. 1"


And, with that said...

***** RESUME RP *****

The two figures hit the dirt standing, turning out to be DumlaoX - armed with an assault rifle, wearing a biohazard suit - and Big Jake, who has landed next to the altar, seemingly unarmed.

"DX!? JAKE!!!" Doug shouts.

"Miss us?" DX half-quips, pointing the rifle at the cultists.

Isaiah scowls at the tall man. "Blasphemy! You dare to interupt the faithful!? You shall die with the rest of these sinners!"

Jake gives the child-priest a steel-cold stare. "Not likely, boy."

Isaiah recovers his knife with a spiteful glare. "You are unarmed, and are only two against the legion of the Faithful!"

With the speed of a snake striking, Jake draws out a foot-long cylinder and flips a switch on it's pommel; a SNAP-HISS heralds the appearance of a redish-amber blade of energy, humming with quiet menace.

"Dogma sucks, boy," Jake snarls, "let's you and me have a 'Come To Jesus' meeting!"

[The scene snaps closed, as the Ravens and the Cultists watch as Jake and Isaiah face off...]

***** END RP... TO BE CONTINUED *****

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:28:42 AM

Robby I figured out why I couldn't find the eps, you have it filed under /garg not /td.



Theresa - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:26:36 AM

I'm currently listening to the Final Fantasy 3 soundtrack. (Well, 75 midis stringed one after another anyway. It's the same thing really...) Very nice stuff... They have tracks over 20 minutes long! Also got the Chrono Trigger sountrack on file... Anyone else interested in these, I can supply the addy where I got them...

Who'll play Anakin is Star War two- As long as it isn't the kid who played him this time and it isn't a current star... I know... Get Mark Hamill to do it and computer reduce his age to his teens!

Rosie O' Donnel- I like her myself. She has a generally friendly presence.

Bronx Wyvern- I agree, tonight's DS9 was rewarding.

Sylvia- Thanks for te compliments on my TNF pics! If I have my way, the Brooklyn riding the hover bike pic will become an official CR image when all the others do...

Egads, I'm about to devote an entire portion of this post to Xena: Warrior Princess...


Well, this was by far the best compilation episode I've ever seen... The old clips didn't take up 80% of the episode, and in fact only reinforced it. SPiffy. But what got to me is... Xena and Gabrielle STAYED dead and nothing in the story advanced the plot of them coming back any!!! Whats more, this episode indicated they don't come back! Very wierd... But this episode was very funny at the same time... Especially when characters found out WHO they were reincarneted from... And the discovery of the true origin of Y2K... And Lucy Lawless doing a variation on the Joxer theme... But most of all, the people making fun of their own show! "What? You think I'd watch campy chop shop garbage like that?" or "They never should have introduced Joxer to the series..." Most of all, they actually established Xena and Gabrielle as soul mates... It was a very fun and funny episode that had no point at all except it seemed to establish the series was finished! Very odd.. I suppose Hercules is going to fix that in next week's crossover... Maybe the series will focus on Callisto until after Lucy Lawless' pregnancy is over?


Lonny looks at his multitude of flunkies. "I want to know what the progress on Bevard is."
"We wrinkled his clothes!" the dirt laundry ga exclaims.
"I made all his muffins stale! Even the chocolate ones!" Muffin Man beams.
Lonny groans. "At least Dis Connect and that 19 year old HURT Robby before I killed them. What of the rest of you?"
The stormtroopers shake their heads. Three dozen other flunkies give the same response.
Lonny bares his teeth, and his evil goatee helps show off the fact they are sharpened. And his eyes crackle with lightning.
"Wait... Where's the were-rat?" Lonny searches for his best flunkie, the female rat ninja. "Where could she have gone?"

BACK AT JIM'S PARTY (Yes, its still going on!)
Jim looks around as the party rages on, and all his guests are enjoying themselves.
"Gee, I hope nothing bad happens conveniantley in the next few seconds to add drama to the story..." At that moment, a sword point goes across his neck.
"Jim Iza Noying... You're coming with me." Jim eyes the lady were-rat (Dang, I need a name for her!) warily as he holds his hands in the air surrendering, and they teleport away...

Sunday, May 23, 1999 01:19:44 AM

The small rescue team is making its way through the corn fields. Jaden is moving quietly trying to find his friends. Suddenly a few corn stocks move infront of him.
"I GOT YA!" he screams jumping and slashing at the corn and finding nothing. "Stupid birds!"
Screen fades out.
****END RP!!!****

Well I'm almost over this illness. Thanks for the
"get wells" right now I feel fine. Could be the medicine, could be the rest, could be my dishwashing detergent.

Movie cast-I'm thinking, I'm thinking.

Raven Child- Welcome. I know a spiritual healer, channeller, and tarot reader. She lives here in California.

Dags-I can just imagine...If anyone has any reason why these two should not be married, let him-

diCaprio-For the love of God NO! I really don't think that's going to happen. In most of the Star Wars movies they don't really use anyone really, really famous. I hadn't heard of some of them.

Well goodnight everyone.
See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Sunday, May 23, 1999 12:42:12 AM

I, my name is "Raven Child".
*shakes everyones hand*
Nice to meet you all :)
I'm a spiritual healer, channeller, and tarot reader. I am also an artist. Oh ya, and I'm also a Gargoyle fan. I'd thought I would take time and say Hi. I saw the movie casting and couldn't resist. :)

Casting for Star Wars.
Luke Skywalker: Brooklyn
Princess Liya: Sata
Obi won: Golith
Yoda: Hudson
Hon Solo: Lex
Chewy: Broadway
Darth Vader: Xanatos

Well that's all for now, talk to ya all later.

Raven Child - []
CanadaSunday, May 23, 1999 12:25:19 AM

****BEGIN RP!!!!****
Sevarius Jr. stands in shock at what he's just discovered. "Eisner--a KINDRED??? Man....come to think of it, this explains a lot. His sinister business sense, his bloodthirstiness (literally!) in the boardroom, the fact that he's turned Oz into a nightmare realm....he's a vampire!!!"
"Great!" Wilek says sarcastically, and rolls his eyes in disgust. "As if this wasn't difficult enough."
"Well, that changes all the rules," SJ says. "We're gonna be fighting vampires here, folks. And we're gonna need someone to give us a crash course on Kickin' Vampire Booty 101! And I know just the right guy...."
SJ reaches deep into his pocket, and pulls out his a shiny blue marble. "What the heck is that?" Kari asks. "Parallell universe," SJ says nonchalantly. "They come in handy in the multiverse." He carefully set the marble down on the ground. It begins to grow, until the sphere is as large as SJ. Out of the sphere steps a man--more specifically, a handesome middle-aged man wearing formal clothes and glasses.
"Hi, Giles," SJ says.
"Oh, um...uh, hello," Giles says in his British accent.
"Here's the deal--we got a vampire problem. We're gonna need a little help. Care to tag along with us till we get a chance to stake them all?"
Giles was looking at the motley crew of assorted humans, Gargoyles, and...other individuals. "Um...of course. I'd be glad to be of assistance."
"EXCUSE ME!!!" Lion roared, interrupting them. "If you're done with the chit chat, I'd like to kill you now."
*****END RP FOR NOW****

Wilek: I LOVE the direction you're taking the RP! It's always more fun to have another's input; you've really added some cool elements! And as you can see, I've added yet another character to our ever-growing little band (hope I'm not making it too big though....)

Leo DiCaprio Rumor: Well, I see most of you are against him taking over the role of Anakin. I was in another site, and things got pretty violent over the debate. A lot of guys are against it, and a lot of girls were claiming they were jealous, etc. Now, I know this was just a rumor, but my first thoughts about it were something like "I will slit my wrists before seeing a Star Wars movie starring Leo Dicaprio." I'm sick of the guy too. He has one really big hit movie, and now he's god. Sheesh. I think he's overrated to the extreme. He may be a decent actor, but he's NOT the king of the world.
As for other actors taking over the role....Ryan Phillipe would make me suicidal as well. He's another popular young actor, but I have yet to see him do anything to show any real acting talent (IKWYDLS does not count). Hmm....Seth Green.....jaysus, is this guy popular now or what? Well, I think he'd be one of the better Anakin's, but I don't know about him either. I don't know about anyone. I've heard rumors ranging from Seth, to those guys from Dawson's Creek, to what have you. Personally, I would hate to see Lucas cast someone from the WB's teen line-up just because they were popular, and might put a few hineys in the seats. I'd actually like to see an unknown get the part, that way I can watch the movie without any baggage, such as "hey, that's Dawson playing Darth Vader!!!!".

I didn't like this week's episode as much as last week's one, but it was still fun. We got to see a little more of Power's personal life, and were introduced to his son. It was also interesting to see his mind begin to degrade as a result of his condition; I hope they're not writing his character off, I don't think we've seen enough Blight yet. His son seems to be as equally ruthless, and poses an interesting foe for Terry and Bruce. I also liked the fact that, even though Terry showed little emotion over Derek Power's troubles during the episode, he stopped Paxton from taking his father's life. That's keeping with Bats own no-killing policy, and showed Terry's good character. Overall, a good episode, but perhaps not as fun for me as some of the others this season.

Question: I was wondering about the halflings. I don't know if this question has been answered before, and it may be kind of stupid, but how is a successful mating between a human and a fae possible? I ask because of this: humans are supposed to have a high iron content in their blodd, right? It helps produce red blood cells I believe, among other things. If the fae are allergic (to say the least) to iron, wouldn't it be impossible for them to mate with beings who have such a high iron content in their bodies? If not, would a human's blood be deadly to a fae, i.e. a transfusion (assuming the fae bleed the way we do) could kill them? Or would the iron content be too little to make a difference? I don't know, just a weird question rattling on in my brain.

JackaL: You? As a mortician? I suddenly have the overwhelming urge to be instantly cremated upon death....
Seriously, just remember one thing: it's okay to love the recently deceased, just don't *love* the recently deceased. Okay? ;) Oh, and um, congrats on doing that thing you do. Although that's a rather odd place to do it, but hey, to each his own.

Zath: Goldfish have a brain the size of a grain of salt. My suggestion--get a shark. Just a little one. Put him in the goldfish tank. One of them will figure out its available food source real quickly.

Taleweaver: You know, there IS the chance that Faith might not be dead....

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, May 23, 1999 12:11:10 AM

Hi all! Really quickie, Trust No Future w/pics.-> Those pictures are soooo good! I can't decide which one is better. Both are just as good as the other. Oh well, that's all for now.

Sylvia - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 11:25:13 PM

Hey all.
Just a short post, then off to bed for me.

Leo D'crapio> Sorry but that's just plain wrong! He would never make a good Skywalker. His ship sank a LONG time ago.

****Spoliers For Timedancer******
Good story. I liked this one alot :)
(sorry sorta tired.)

Deep Space 9 ep> Okay I know there aren't too many fans in here for this show but *shrugs* what can I say? I'm thrilled that Bashir found a cure for Odo!!!

That's all folks! will submit more tomorrow.
Pleasent dreams all

Bronx Wyvern - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 11:09:38 PM

**enters the room, reeking of cigarette smoke. He switches out the candles and proceeds to change shirts**

Please excuse me for a moment ... I just attended my mother's installation as the new adjutant (read: secretary) of the local VFW post, and I swear half of the post members are smokers!! **gets stopped by several CR residents before dropping his pants, chooses to sit down in the big chair instead.**

Anakin in Episode II: Latest rumor I've heard (from Entertainment Weekly) was that Ryan Phillipe was being considered to play the older Anakin. **groans** This is even worse that DiCaprio, if ya ask me ...

Wilek: Be glad I didn't pull out the long list ... every single one of the stories had five other titles. :)

Pistoff: Well ... that certainly was an interesting sounding car. I'm certainly glad my late-70's car is in better repair than that one ... despite having just paid $550 to get it out of hock again today (but on the plus side, it's got a really nice working tranny now! :).

JackaL: Interesting place to do that.

Dags: Nice casting, but as a Mel Brooks fan, I do have to get a little picky on your list of character names ... Robin's last name in that one was spelled "Loxley" (which made Marian's last name Bagell match perfectly ... think about it: Loxley and Bagell. :), Friar Tuck was changed to Rabbi Tuchman (the travelling mohel complete with his mini-guillotine for circumcisions), and the witch's name was Latrine ("You changed your name to Latrine?" "Yeah ... it used to be $#!thouse.").

**places chin in hand, fixating on the candle. Unfortunately, he has forgotten to put on his shirt first, prompting yells from around the room of "PUT ON A SHIRT, MAN!!"**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Saturday, May 22, 1999 10:02:45 PM

Trust No Future with Illustrations- Clickie my name.

Hmm, not really anything to comment on tonight that hasn't already been said. **Shrugs**

Ah well... Vinnie would make a good Launchpad... And Owen definatley fits the BILL as Duckworth... (Pun intended...) Thanks to those who tossed out ideas! Now to brainstorm some Rescue Rangers and Talespin...

Saturday, May 22, 1999 09:22:18 PM

Mandolin > right, she would be the complete opposite. well.........then how about........Angela or Princess Catherine as Maid Marion's Maid

Anakin in episode 2 > I'd probably play Anakin's part a hell lot better than Leo Decrapio. I've been acting for 6 yrs. I also have the right type of description for Anakin too. (blond hair and blue eyes) and also (mimics Robin of Locksley from Robin Hood: Men in Tights) *speaks in a perfect british accent* I.......unlike other Robin Hoods.....can speak with a British accent...... *bows*

Dags - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 08:52:00 PM

I'm going to gush now and get it over with--great news! I convinced Dad to get me a new monitor for an early birthday present, so we're going to get one tomorrow. So by Sunday night, I'll be able to post more regularly, do web page updates, and get into my e-mail account that's subscribed to the TGS mailing list! Yes!!!

The Leo Rumor> Please, please, let it only be a rumor. I personally can't think of an actor to play Anakin off the bat, but not DiCaprio!

Dags> << Maid Marion's maid - Birdie Yale (from Christine Morgans's fanfics) >> Birdie? As funny as that would be, can you really imagine Birdie delivering the line "No ding-ding without the wedding ring!" and advocating the chastity belt? (With even comic sincerity?)

Doug> I just downloaded the fanfic. Hopefully, I can read it on this machine. Will send you comments when I can. :)

Mandolin - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 08:26:34 PM

Robby be a love and post the link to Trust No Future with your picture. The doesn't have it and when I accessed the TGS site it doesn't have it.

DumlaoX is there any possibility I can get a copy of your story First Love? I found out when reviewing my copy that I didn't get a print of the whole thing.



Theresa - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 07:07:15 PM

Saturday, May 22, 1999 06:12:08 PM

Jackal on Buffy> 1st rule of Sci-fi always find the body. No one's dead unless you have the body, lying around for a couple of days and then bury it 6 ft under. I'm not counting Faith out yet until I see the body. Sorry, this cynism comes from sci-fi inability to keep people dead. It's the same thing with Xena and Gabrielle. Their deaths might have meant something, if both hadn't died twice already. As it is, I'm just waiting for the next episode where they'll explain away how they didn't die. I'll stop before this turns into a rant.
Taleweaver - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 05:02:05 PM

Anakin Skywalker: Hmm, I just can't imagine any of the people named playing him. All I know is that the guy has to be tall, blond, have blue eyes, and speak with a vaguely pseudo-British accent (like Darth Vader/James Earl Jones). As for the Leo rumor - well, I think it's just a rumor with no truth in it at all.

Timedancer: I don't read this series, though I should... but I'm pretty curious about the episode where Sata will lay her eggs. *imagines Sata attempting to rip Brooklyn's head off* Haha, j/k. :-)

Senior Awards: Ick, I remember those. :-P Sort of... they were so boring and I only went because my mother made me. Yeah, I won a few awards, but I felt that most of them were so fake or that I didn't really deserve them. And yes, the athletes are definitely over-rated, as are the preppy "future leaders." Oh, the things all the students knew about these "young pillars of the community" but the adults were clueless about! (Or they chose to overlook them.) Egads, I could go into a whole scathing, cynical tirade about high school and society in general, but I'll spare you all the pain and annoyance.

Wedge Antilles is too cool to describe. :-D

Blue Caeru
Saturday, May 22, 1999 03:50:14 PM

Sorrow > thanks for the comments. True that would be interesting to see them do the dancing and singing.

here's another good movie:
it would be very funny to see them do this one
Robin Hood: Men in Tights Characters with Gargoyles:
Robin of Locksley - Goliath
Maid Marion - Elisa Maza
Maid Marion's maid - Birdie Yale (from Christine Morgans's fanfics)
Little John - Broadway
Will Scarlet - Brooklyn
Blinken - Geoffrey Robbins
Achoo - Puck
Friar Tuck - Hudson
Friar Tuck's donkey - Bronx
Prince John - Castaway
Sheriff of Rottingham - Jason Canmore
King Richard - Xanatos
the mideveal Maffia - Tony Dracon's Gang
Utrine (the witch) - Demona

well gotta go.....*turns on a radio station mike* well, from all of us from the Gargoyle fan CR to all you wherever you are, this is Dags signing out. and remember the light at the end of the tunnel, bades to you....Goodnight!!

Dags - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 02:27:51 PM

DICAPRIO AS ANAKIN?!!! I suppose this means in the next one ther'll be some scene with him and Amidala on the deck of some doomed ship destined to be struck by a comet *slaps himself silly for that* NOOOOO! now seeing him in episode three where he supposedly falls into a pit of motlen carbonite *eeeeevil grin* that'd be worth the money, and as for my vote for Anakin in the next one, I'd say Seth Green, with a possibility of Mike Meyers as Senator palpatine?, here's a possible clip
"hey, where's the republic council?"
"I had them liquidated, they were insolent*

still, it beats the one about him walking around Coruscant, smoking pot with a bottle sticking out of his head

shogun raptor
Saturday, May 22, 1999 02:27:31 PM


The screen flicks on to reveal Shap and Shauna looking around the Onslaught with worried looks on their faces. "It looks like all our friends got captured and taken away," says Shap. "Yeah, that's what it looks like," Shauna agrees. She holds up a dart. "Whoever got them was using tranquilizers." "Guys!" Jaden suddenly calls out. The two Ravens spin around to see Jaden approaching them, supporting a limping Orion. "What happened?" Shap asks as he and Shauna run up to join them. "We ran into one of the local crazy kids!" Jaden replies. "I got him, but he hit Orion pretty good with a paint can." Shap looks over the cleric and heals some of his bruises. "He'll be okay," the paladin says, stepping back as Orion comes around and stands up. "What about Doug and the others?" "We can't find them," Jaden says. "They went looking around town and now they're nowhere to be found. I bet more of those kids got 'em, and now Hades is coming to town, too. I can feel him." "Damn it," Shauna curses. "We have to find the others then. And fast. The people who were at the truck have also been captured." Orion nods. "Alright, but where could they be? We've searched the entire town." "Nope," Shap counters. "There's still the cornfields around this place. And where did that church show them worshipping their demon?" The four look at each other and groan. "Oh great," Jaden sighs. "Searching those fields is gonna take forever." "Then let's get started," says Shap.

The display changes to the place of sacrifice, where Isaiah is still slowly approaching the captured Ravens. Tricia turns to Doug and says, "We have a problem. With my psi powers that are still working, I can sense that boy is an extremely powerful evil high priest. He's gotta be in charge of this cult." "How powerful can he be?" asks Kitainia. "He can't be more than 17." "Powerful enough to throw up a damper over this area," Lathrop says. "None of us can use our magic, or more than our least powerful psionics, as long as we remain inside this cornfield. His powers prevent that." "This is bad," says Doug as he watches Isaiah walk to the altar and set out several objects, including a Bible, a mass of red cloth, and a long rusty knife. "These kids killed their adults, took over their town, started practicing an evil religion, and now they've got us. We can't get out of here, and that jerk is probably going to kill us all. Damn it, how can this possibly go on?" "Maybe God approves?" asks Keith. "No way," snaps Stephanie. "This town is just small and isolated, that's the only reason nobody's found out about this happening before." "Yeah," Tom agrees. "And God does care what happens here, he sent someone to help. Us." Doug rolls his eyes. "Tom, in case you haven't noticed, we're all tied up and can't get free, and we're about to be killed. Some help we're turning out to be."


Hi everyone. How are your weekends going so far? Good, I hope. Mine is, even if there aren't any interesting movies at the theater. Oh well, we all know whose fault that is. <hums Star Wars theme>

Fanfic Progress: Got the first scene done, and a few new characters introduced. Next up, the second scene, with Charlie and the other vampires. Don't know when I'll have the whole fic done. Until it gets out, everyone please feel free to keep reading and sending in feedback on my other stuff. Okay, on to replies.

Tim: Congrats on finishing high school. Hope you enjoy the Gathering this summer. I agree with you about the blandness of senior awards. Didn't get any myself.

DumlaoX: Alison's a great artist. :) Hope you soon have time to post more on the RP site.

Rosie O'Donnell: I've never liked her either, mostly because she tells everyone she's a nice person and then she doesn't act like one. She acts like a stupid loudmouth instead. At least that's what the things I've heard about Rosie and her commercials make me think. I don't watch her talk show, or anybody's. Except Letterman on occasion. He's funny sometimes.

Kyryn: $ That's right, this latest subplot is based on Stephen King's Children of the Corn. That story really scared me when I first read it, so I couldn't resist putting it into the RP somehow. <grin> And since we needed to extend the storyline before we could fight Guod (we want him to be just about to start assimilating when we attack), the best time was now. :) $

Mandi: I sent the fic, hope you got it. If you did, please let me know what you thought.

SJ: Leo diCaprio as Anakin? No! Why must they continue to pick people who can't act? <sighs> I hope that's just a rumor. My choice for Anakin is also Seth Green.

Jaden: Glad you're getting better. Hope your sickness goes entirely away soon.

Wilek: $ Eisner's a vampire, and the lion is bonded to him? Man, you're putting in some interesting plot twists. :) Wonder what you'll be doing with Toto and Dorothy. <grin> $

Jackal: Congratulations on you-know-what.

Hmm, okay, that's all for now. Back to work on my fanfic. Later, people!


Doug stops posting and turns back to watching Isaiah. The child preacher has been conferring with Jacob and Aaron about something, and now he steps forward. "My children!" he calls out. "He Who Walks Behind the Rows has smiled on us this day!! Into our hands he has delievered these sacrifices of more adults who blaspheme his values and name!! Now the time has come for us to destroy them!!" "&^#t!" Doug growls as the evil priest raises his hands and begins chanting words of power. "If any of you have any tricks up your sleeves, pull them now!" Isaiah lowers his hands and shouts, "The time has come!! The power is within us!! Bring forth the first victim!! Him!!" He points at Tom, and two cultists pick up the pole Tom is tied to and set it down on the altar. One of them jabs a needle in Tom's arm and the engineer goes limp. "Don't worry, foolish adult," Isaiah laughs as Tom is untied and forcibly spread-eagled on the altar. "Like the blue man and the false minister whose bodies stand in this clearing, you are about to get your just reward." The other Ravens continue to fume and vainly struggle against their bonds as Isaiah begins chanting once more, this time with many of the other cultists joining him. Kitainia looks at Doug. "We can't stop them," she says. "We can't get free, and the only ones of us who aren't tied up are unconscious." "You're forgetting Shap, Shauna, Jaden, and Orion," Doug says. "I wonder what's holding them up."


Doug - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 02:12:55 PM

Buffy- I missed out on the conversation about it...., Damn Oz!!! I wish I could have been him.... ::sniff:: That was sweet though...., and my poor beloved Faith is dead! I guess that's ok though..., cause that means Angel dies, I hope so anyway, DIE ANGEL!! DIE!!! Please Gooooddddd DIIIIIIIEIEIIEIEIEIEEEEE!!!! (It's not that I don't like him, it's just because he gets to kiss Buffy). ::JackaL sits in front of the TV and eagerly awaits the Ascension::

Channel 5 news crew- Of course more happened with them than what I said, I just saw no point goin into petty details... but I'm EXTREMELY upset they didn't play me!! They could've bleeped me out or something!!! Maybe they didn't like the fact I was blaming them..., but that's their job (to let people give their opinions). The dude with the mic, he was looking at me like, "How dare you young man." I don't know, it was cool..., I was actin like a wild man while I was sayin all that..., ya know how Tupac acted with the media?? Just imagine that, except for I'm a mexican/white boy with long black hair, and I had my violet contacts in, hehehheee.

Zath, can I eat your goldfish?!??

Star Wars- I have no particular desire to see it..., it's nothing I can't wait on..., ya know to come out on video tape. Then again..., it's rare I go to the movies anyway..., even though I like to!

Here's the number two I never typed in my last post:

2. Aside from visiting Rockdale hospital, I went to a job interview...., ok..., Since I came back from Panama City I've been sitting on my ass..., I'm a scrub. Well..., no I'm not, I got money, I got a car, I got my own house, I just ain't got no job. Yes. I am one of the lucky few that have been blessed with money! Cause I have the hook up like that! Anyway, I went to a job interview and everything was goin cool until the dude said, "We do drug tests." Sh*t!
Eariler in the week, I was smokin weed, I did some Acid, cause I was fienin for it...., Well didn't I f*** myself out of a good job!!! ::Sighs::
After the job interview I went to the funeral home and asked them if they knew of any schools in the area that could teach me to be a mortican. They were like, Yeah sure there's one off Panola Rd. So I was like Cool, give me directions. So I went by there..., I'm think I'm goin back to school this fall, heheheee.

I got to have sex in the cemetary last night!!! It was pretty damn beautiful. ::Sighs:: I miss being in a realtionship.... oh well!!

JackaL - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 01:53:59 PM

Aris: Don't worry, that doesn't offend me. I've heard similar things regarding mythological creatures such as the Minotaur and centaurs. And since most people in here answered "yes" in some manner to the interspecies-dating question, I doubt abnybody else would be offended. And besides, we live in a world where people used to have sex with sheep and horses and chickens--and some still do. **shrugs** The usual things that offend most people don't bother me. I'm offended by weird things. Like Ebonics.

Something else that offends me: DiCaprio as Anakin Skywalker. I'm tired of this guy. Let's at least wait till he goes through puberty, okay?

But then, it could be worse, I guess. What if the one they cast is ... Matthew Lillard?? AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Pistoff - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 12:25:54 PM

Wilek- Is this the tune you're looking for?
Robby the CR DJ
Saturday, May 22, 1999 12:02:40 PM

Jaden> I hope you get better.

Todd> Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Dags> That's a pretty good cast. It would be so funny watching them sing the songs and dance around too :)

Sigh...I just realized that in the space that I'm going to see my brother graduate from the Air Force Academy and me going to officer camp, I'll be missing two Garg eps and one TD ep. Sata better lay those eggs next ep or go out of my mind from suspense.

Saturday, May 22, 1999 10:07:03 AM

New Olympians and halflings> My guess is that halflings like Merlin and Fox have human shape simply because their parent fay in question (Oberon with Merlin, Titania with Fox) had human shape at the time the baby was conceived.

That may mean that some New Olympians atleast may be the result of more... kinky (ahem!) matings... We have a number of such ones in Greek mythology. Zeus in various times had transformed into a swan, a golden rain, a bull, etc in order to seduce women... (That's also something similar to what I'll be doing in my fanfic - the father of the original minotaur will be a fay in bull-shape: not Zeus though)

Sorry if I offended anyone...
Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 09:47:18 AM

Coyote > your welcome. They are pretty good books.
Leo Dicaprio as Anakin Skywalker > GOD, I hope not. I'm sick of that guy. Hell, I'd probably do a better job at playing Anakin Skywalker over Decrapio.
Jaden > I know what you mean. I thought Luke would marry Callista, but......He isnt.....*thinks* that would be an interesting site to see....... *evin grin* Callista interrupting Luke and Mara's wedding.

here's a good movie:
GREASE Characters with Gargoyles:
Danny Zuko - Goliath
Sandy Olssen - Elisa Maza (with a blond wig)
Kenickie - Brooklyn
Rizzo - Sata
Doody - Lexington
Sonny - Broadway
Putzie - Coyote
Frenchie - Angela
Jan - Beth Maza
Marty - Fox
Principal McGee - Margot Yale
Vince Fontaine - Xanatos
Eugene Felznik - Vinny
Cha-Cha - Titania
Leo - Oberon

6 more days until I graduate from high school (not counting today of course)

well gotta go.....*turns on a radio station mike* well, from all of us from the Gargoyle fan CR to all you wherever you are, this is Dags signing out. and remember the light at the end of the tunnel, bades to you....Goodnight!!

Dags - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 09:45:56 AM

No, Pandora was never intended to be the first gargoyle. For one thing, that would have reduced gargoyles to a mere offshoot of humans, rather than a race in their own right. (I'm also pretty certain that we indicated that there were gargoyles around already in "Not a Prison Make").
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, May 22, 1999 07:17:47 AM

Robby> It's interesting, the Trio even have the right colors to be the Huey, Dewy, and Louie <<Need help with a few of these>> How about Owen as Duckworth?

Random Thought> I must have the stupidest goldfish in the world. I've had the thing since thursday afternoon, and it can't figure that those little flakes I keep dropping on it are food. It just lets them sink to the bottom and get sucked up by the filter. I've tried big flakes, and I've tried tiny flakes, but this fish won't touch any of them. If it doesn't get a clue soon, it's going to starve to death. I wonder what's wrong, because none of the other goldfish I ever had had ths problem.

**glances at clock** Gee, I'm living on gargoyle time. : ) I can't sleep, so I guess I'll go work on some illustrated quotes in the hope that I'll someday be able to scan them somehow.

Bye for now.

Zath - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 05:17:23 AM

Wilek: Heheh, that's gotta make you wonder ... what the HELL were they thinking?? I mean, the Star Wars Holiday Special must've seemed like a good idea to _somebody._ Even Ed Wood probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere near that thing. Whoever thought this one up should be tortured ... I have an idea ... take one of those blood-pressure testers, wrap the cuff around his neck and cinch it real tight, then pump the thing up until his head bloats and his eyes launch out of his skull and explode against the far wall.

Oh, and I missed something you'd said when I posted last night. You asked about Pizza Hut peddling Star Wars toys. Yup, you're right, we're trying to sell those things. One of them is a Jar Jar Binks squishy toy that looks like something you'd give your dog to chew on. Another is a Yoda cup-topper--but nobody can get the top to snap on the cup. And if you ever did manage this feat, only Arnold Schwarzeneggar could pull the top off again ... maybe.

You'd think Star Wars merchandise would fly off the shelves, right? Well, not where I work. The toys are only 99 cents if you buy a pizza. If you're already spending twenty bucks, what difference will 99 cents make? Well, I can't even GIVE these damn things away. I keep talling people, c'mon, it's only 99 cents! "Nah, I don't want one."

All I can do is shake my head. **sigh**

Senior awards: The only one I got was for "Best Transportation-Only Vehicle." My car back then was a '76 Dodge Aspen station wagon (my dad's car, actually; I will NEVER buy a station wagon or anything resembling one ... unless it's a hearse, of course :). This car had seat belts that wouldn't work, rust eating so many holes through it that it looked like it had Vehicular Leprosy, the driver-side door would fly open whenever it wanted to, usually when I was making a right turn and the centrifugal force almost pitched me out onto the pavement, and there was this funny little quirk relating to the battery. The cable leading from the battery had at some point been cut and reattached, and the severed part was held together by a little plastic clamp. Well, one day the clamp broke. So every time I hit the brakes too hard, the battery would slide forward, the cable would go taut and then it would unclip. Boom! Car would croak and the steering wheel would lock up, and the brakes wouldn't work. I'd just coast into whatever happened to be in front of me. Then I'd have to park, usually in the middle of an intersection, pop the hood, get out and calmly walk around while everybody's blaring their horns at me, push the battery back and reconnect it, then close the hood and get back in the car.

I finally got rid of that thing after I graduated, and a few months later I saw it parked in front of a house on my paper route. Some dip$h!t had bought that thing! All I could do was point at them and laugh.

Kaioto: Congrats on the lisence!

Glimmer: That thing about Rosie and the gorilla made me fall out of my chair, I was laughing so hard. Intersting coincidence ....

Pistoff - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 04:50:52 AM


[In Oz, SJ and the rest have reached a huge black palace. Scarecrow: "The Emerald City...but what have they *done* to it?!!" Scarecrow's question is quite valid, as the City looks less like the enchanted capital of a magic land than a demon-built citadel of evil--the emerald has changed to ebony, every wall bears the carving of a skull, and fountains of blood adorn the garden out front. Maambi: "I rather like it, was never my color." Scarecrow shoots her a glare that could freeze a star, then tells everyone, "There's a back entrance, from which we can rescue the Lion and then find Eisner and the Dorothy. Come." "Who is this Lion, and why are we looking for Mr. Eisner?" This from...Wilek: "Miriam! Hey, good to see you! How did you get here? How did you find us?" Miriam: "The others are rather worried about you; you seem to have disappeared from the face of the Earth. You're needed back on the Avatar Of Ganon." Wilek: "Um...I'm in the middle of something, something that might help us. We're trying to find Eisner because he might know where SJ's dad is. If we can find him and get him to work for us, we'll have a *big* advantage in the conflicts ahead." Miriam: "You could have filled us in on what you were about to do." Wilek: "Oh...sorry. I'll go back and do that now; you guys find the back entrance and wait for me there." Wilek sets off for the rift, and the rest of the team finds the formerly-Emerald City's back door...]


Pistoff>> were right, those lyrics are *rancid*. I've seen less sap in some redwoods. <g> Oh, and I saw a few pics from that Boba Fett animated short. What did I say about it being a bit more tolerable than the rest of the thing? I had to fight hard to keep my eyes from abandoning my head and finding a place where the view wasn't quite so horrible. The cast of Star Wars should sue for that. And Chewie's dad (whose name, I wish I were kidding, is Itchy) is just about the ugliest sentient lifeform in the galaxy. Eesh.

Robby> Does there exist a MID of the theme to an old sci-fi/mystery movie called Futureworld? I just saw the movie (which isn't bad for mid-70s fare) and the music ROCKS. :)

Matt Dymond> <<When asked why the replied that they didn't want to eat the sort of common dishes we have over here like chipmonk and squirrel.>> Eh? Now where did they get that idea? I figure British food is just like American food, except they call chips crisps and fries chips, and that's not much of a difference. :/

Kaioto> Tell Malakai I'm deeply impressed, and if he ever needs employment, I'd be more than happy to provide it. >:)

Aaron> <<I'm evil. I bought merchandise. But it was just there, calling me. Anyway, I didn't spend much.>> If that makes you evil, I'm the Lone Garg of the Apocalypse. >:)

Mandi> <<This year, Dave tells me, they're selling graduation tickets at Senior Awards to ensure seniors don't skip that day.>> aforementioned friend's school had awards and graduation on the same day, in the same ceremony in fact. Twisted, no?

Kitainia> $<<it is a take on Stephen King's Children of the Corn!>> Dang--that was one of my first guesses, but I rejected it because I thought it was incorrect. I really have to start listening to my instincts...$

Coyote> <<Here's the short list of where I drew the titles for G:CM>> The short list. O_o I'd hate to see the long one. ;P

Zath> <<Does anyone have any suggestions for a good flat-bed or warnings about lousy ones?> Don't get whatever one Coyote got; that thing has made him miserable.

Sorow> <<Select any movie and cast the gargoyles in it.>> Um...I wish I could think of a good one.

SJ> $<<I was originally going to have us fight the Lion, then move on to Eisner>> Which fits perfectly into my plans...and trust me, you'll like tonight's plot twist. >:) $ Um...Leonardo DiCaprio? In a Star Wars movie?! BLASPHEMY!!!! <spends several hours roaring loudly and mostly incoherently, except for a few demonic profanities> It's probably not true, but even the thought of it makes me want to go on a rampage with a light-chainsaw. (This is like a lightsaber, but it's a chainsaw. And no, I didn't create this, I found it on the Net somewhere. Infinite weirdness.)


[The team has gathered at the back entrance, and Wilek has returned from briefing everyone else regarding his actions. Wilek: "I called the Avatar Of Ganon, and they know we're out here; they'll tell the Black Ravens and the rest of our team." Scarecrow: "Good. Now, to rescue the Lion..." "No need," says a deep, menacing voice from behind them. The team looks...and sees what has to be the target of their rescue mission. An anthropomorphic lion with brown fur and a black mane, wearing black plate-mail armor and carrying a quarterstaff with a sword blade on the end. His expression is grim, yet somehow resigned. "Hello old friend." Scarecrow: "Lion! How on earth did you escape?!" Lion: "I didn't. I was released." Scarecrow looks at his loyal retainer in puzzlement. "But...Eisner is never that kind to his prisoners." Lion: "Not unless they work for him. I'm sorry old friend, but I have to kill you now, along with your accomplices." Scarecrow is deeply shocked. " sided with me to dethrone Eisner! You were my greatest warrior! How could you betray us?!" Lion: "Against my will, that's how. Are you familiar with a process known as blood-bonding?" Scarecrow and Kari shake their heads...but the others exchange looks of concern and horror. SJ: "You mean..." Wilek: "No way..." Miriam: "This could become most unfortunate..." Scarecrow: "Will you tell me what you're on about?!" SJ: "Blood-bonding is a process by which a Kindred, a vampire, makes a mortal or another vampire his slave." Lion: "Very good. And I'm afraid my new master wishes you dead, and I have no choice but to carry out his will." Wilek: "You mean..." Lion: "Eisner is of the Kindred."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Saturday, May 22, 1999 02:05:59 AM

Greetings and Salutation. I saw The Phantom Menace for the fifth time just now. I keep getting invites an what not, and no one can say no to Star Wars.

The Downfall >Todd, you're Mr. History in my book. This guy basically put Authurian legend into story format for the first season of Pendragon. Anytime I need to kno anything, I know who to go to.

Anakin in two other Star Wars >Anybody but Dicaprio and James Van Der Beek. I would have to shot myself. I really want Seth Green to get this role, as his name has been mentioned as well, along with every other teenaged male star.

Everyone, please go to the link on my name. It's some personal pictures (friends and family) I put on my webpage. I just want some feedback....that and I'm bored.

Okay, all for now.....later

Ordell - [<-- click, come on, you know you want to.....]
Saturday, May 22, 1999 01:51:07 AM

Jaden had by now retrieved his double-bladed axe and was now checking on his friend.
"You are going to have a very bad headache when you wake-up Orion." Jaden said feeling sorry for him. Suddenly Jaden feels a sharp preasure in his head. "No!" he gasps. "He has found me. Come Orion, we need to find and warn the others."
"Things just got a lot more complicated."
Screen fades out.
****END RP!!!****

Well I'm almost well again. I've gone from a fever, light headedness, and upset stomachs to headaches, runny nose, and coughing.

Now this is a weird coincidence-When I got to the part about the girl with wings in Timedancer I had just finished watching Sliders and at the end it had a girl with wings trying to fly.

Luke and Mara Jade- You know I was wanting him to get married but when he asked Mara I was shocked and amazed. I thought he was going to end up this Callista (if you've read the books you know who she is).

Robby- How about Vinnie for Donald and Brenden for Launchpad?

Gargoyle movie casts- maybe when I'm well enough to think clearly.

See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Saturday, May 22, 1999 01:21:54 AM

Taleweaver> Princess Bride is such a good movie! "Have fun storming the castle!"

I got another one, the best movie!
Darkness- No doubt, Madoc
Unicorns- Not Una, ha ha...I just got a funny picture of Bronx running around with a horn attached to his head :)
Goblins- The Unseelie (especially Garlon & Loki)
Jack- Goliath
Lily- Elisa
Gump- Puck
Una the Fairy- Wow, I just realized that! Umm...Demona?
Screwball- Bad name! Definitely Brooklyn. "I vote we run like hell!" :P
Browntom (SP?)- Lex or Broadway

I have the soundtrack to LEGEND, and it ROCKS! Bed...OKIloveyoubyebye!

Saturday, May 22, 1999 01:15:13 AM

No RP tonight. Gonna see what the others do.

Wilek: At this point, I'm open to suggestions about the RP. I was originally going to have us fight the Lion, then move on to Eisner, but you can do whatever you like. I'm game! :)

LUCCI!!! Well, finally she won, huh? I guess the joke wore thin. I stopped watching the daytime emmies once my favorite, Vanessa Marcil, left GH. Oh well, I hear "Win Ben Stein's Money" won best game show. Way to go Ben!!!

UPSETTING (for me) X-MEN MOVIE NEWS: *sigh* Russell Crowe will most likely NOT play Wolverine in the film. Damn. I'm a big Crowe fan, and I always thought he'd be the perfect fanboy pic. He certainly can show off some serious rage, just look at L.A. Confidential.

Kitiana: Good points about Rosie. IMO, she's *not* that great of a talk show host. She never does anything but kiss the hineys of her guests (well...except for Tom that is), and her interviewing skills aren't that great. And she really is a hypocrite. Today she came out and said that K-mart was okay selling guns, that they only sold hunting rifles. I checked out Kmart. They sell a whole lot more than just hunting rifles. Shotguns, a few handguns, the whole deal.

Kaioto: This is why I've missed you!!! You are GREAT at social commentary!!! You're the guy who I can quote to other people.
I agree with you, this is almost a debate about control. This is probably a conservative fear of mine, but it some ways it does seem as if there are people (truth be told, most of them Democrats) who want to take away our 2nd amendment. It's a noble thing to want a society that is independent of such weapons of destruction as guns. But in reality, that society is a long time coming. I may be cynical, but I don't think we as a whole, the entire human race, will be overcoming our aggressive tendencies anytime soon. Taking away the legal rights to guns (all guns, not certain ones, a la automatic weaponry) will make it easier for those who are less challenged by morals. Yes, it will prevent some people from committing violent crimes, but I think that it would do more harm than good, and it seems a little fascist to me. It's not as if I own a whole room full of guns, but I certainly want to maintain my right and ability to own one if I so choose.

Star Wars incidental characters: I too like Antilles and Fett. Wedge only had a bit part in the movies, but in the expanded universe (you know, the one Lucas disavows even though they make him millions of dollars?) his character really got fleshed out with the Rogue Squadron books and comics. (True story: the actor who played Wedge in the SW movies is the real life uncle of current Jedi, Ewan McGregor)
Fett is only in the movies a few minutes, but he's such a badass, you gotta love him! Lucas has said on occasion that he doesn't understand his popularity. Well, he looks cool, he's got a cool concept (villanious bounty hunter), and he took down Solo pretty quickly. I've enjoyed the way he was revived in the expanded universe, and I'm glad to see more of him there. Plus, there are those rumours that we'll get to see more of the Mandalorians in the next two prequels

Finally, I leave you with this: The rumors for the next Star Wars Prequel have begun already. As you may or may not know, the next film will be a "romance". One particular individual who is familiar with romances has been named as the possible choice to play an older Anakin Skywalker. His name: *trumpets blow*
Leonardo DiCaprio.
Yes, HIM. I'd just like to throw this out here, see what people's reactions are. So far, some people like the idea, others don't (and the line has become somewhat stereotypical, with the male SW geeks hating it, and the women loving it). Remember, this is a RUMOR, and most likely false, but what is your guys reaction to Leo as a possible Anakin? Give us your thoughts!!! I'm gonna hear what other people think, before going into SW geek mode and yelling about if I love or hate the idea.
[Personally though, I think DiCaprio is one grade-A hog-smoker. Figure out that little bit of gang code.]

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, May 22, 1999 01:08:25 AM

**enters the room, switching out the candles. Sits down in the big chair and keeps fixating.**

May 21st, 1999. Mark this date on your calendar, for this is the date it finally happened. A day that will live in the annals of pop culture history.
After 19 years, Susan Lucci FINALLY won a daytime Emmy. To the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, this simple message:


There. I'm cleansed.

JackaL: Great rant, dude!

Senior awards: Only ones I got recognized for were two band awards and a scholarship I lost in three years. **sigh** Ah well ...

TPM crowds: We got to the theater early enough to get decent seats for my 79 year old grandmother, but had a decent view. The theater wasn't full, but when we left there was a line down the hallway for the next show.

Kaioto: This is indeed true, but I never used the tools of my scouting trade as weapons of mass destruction.

Dags: Thanks for the info. I'll have to look for that one.

Todd: Actually, I screwed it up earlier. The phrase actually comes from a quote attributed to Dr. Dooley: "I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep." in fact, part of that quote ("Promises to Keep") became the title of a posthumous biography of Dr. Dooley written by his mother.

Movie casts with Gargoyles: Ehh ... I'm a little drained for this one tonight.

**fixates on the candle, even more than he did last night.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, May 21, 1999 11:25:28 PM

Gargoyles as... The third season cast of ReBoot.

Matrix- Brooklyn
AndrAIa- Sata
Frisket- Nudnik
Bob- Goliath
Dot- Elisa
Surfer- Lex
Phong- Hudson
Crimson Binome- Broadway?
Mouse- DemonaMike the TV- Vinnie!
Megabyte- Xanatos
Hexidecimal- Hyena
Hack and Sash- Steel Clan or Coyote robot

Gargoyles as... The Cast of Ducktales!

Huey, Dewey, and Louie- The trio
Webbigale- Angela
Donald- Um... Dunno.
Gyro Gearloose- Lex again
Magica De Spell- Demona
Gizmoduck- Dingo?
Beagle Boys- The Pack
Scrooge- Goliath?
Glomgold- Xanatos? Or would he play Scrooge?
Launchpad- Um... Who crashes the most?
Need help with a few of these it seems...

Could go on and do Rescue Rangers... maybe later. But gee, the thought of Lex playing Gadget... Eee!

Friday, May 21, 1999 10:35:22 PM

I'll take you up on that challenge. How about the Princess Bride?
Wesley/The Dread Pirate Roberts: Goliath
Buttercup: Elisa
Fezzik: Broadway
Indigo: Brooklyn
Finzini: Lexington
Prince Humperdink: Dracon (I was leaning towards Xanatos, but Dracon fits better)
Miracle Max: Magus
Max's Wife: Princess Catherine
Count Rugan: Either Glasses or Pal Joey
The Storyteller: Petros Xanatos
The boy: Alex

Taleweaver - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 10:19:43 PM

I just thought of a really good idea, inspired by Shogun Raptor's version of "Sar Wars".

Select any movie and cast the gargoyles in it. Here's one to get started, a fav movie...
William Walace- Brooklyn
Hamish- Broadway
Stephen- Lex
Miriam- Sata
Robert the Bruce- Xanatos
King Edward- Madoc or Castaway
Princess of Whales- Angela

Now you try one...

Friday, May 21, 1999 09:52:51 PM

**Glimmer come into CR with a super soaker, a paper fan, fallowed by a little boy in his birthday suit and four ducklings. She then points the super soaker at DC and shoots. DC writhes on the floor covered with hydrochloric acid**

*doubletake*How did those ducks get in here? I know, I shouldn't endorse violence in front of children but DC earned it.

95 degrees today and I just realized all the summer clothes I bought are either black on navy. I'm gonna fry come July. On a brighter note, I took the kids outside for a water fight at 7:30 this morning.

Pistoff> I don't know what happened to the doctor. The last I heard he had a bunch of malpractice suits against him.

Todd> NOT pay attention to TGS just because of SW:TPM? You're thinking about some other room, right?

Liked this ep. If Oberon had found out that Demona was casting the fey doomsday spell(what is it called again?) in The Longest Day, would he have destroyed Manhattan? Scary thought. And we also find out the origins of the New Olympians.
In a way, this story reminds me of the Cold War. Everyone becoming paranoid, thinking that some one was out to destroy their country, or in the case of the story, their race. Thank God the little red button was never pushed in RL.
I like the cliffhanger ending. Can't wait for next weeks ep.

Little Nudist Update> Dang it! the one time I leave my camera at home....We went to the house his family is moving into and he went outside to play. Went outside a few minutes later and he was naked and sitting in the middle of a puddle playing with the orphaned ducklings. So cute.
Turns out the house still isn't ready yet so he'll be staying until June. Goody, I love that little guy with or with out his clothes.

Rosie Odonell> As I was reading everyone else's comments, an add for Tarzan came on Disney and Rosie proudly proclaimed,"I am a gorilla."

Christine> How about my names: Danette Jean McCabe. I would be very greatful. And I can't wait for your new book.(kissing up never hurt anybody ;)) Looking for all the hidden garg fanfic referances will be fun.

Interspecial dating> I'm all for it. Mabey then I could find a half way decent guy. Or garg. Or what ever.

**Glimmer heads for the hills**

Friday, May 21, 1999 08:47:19 PM

Zath> Wow, you're right on TD! I absolutely love MST3000!

I'm just a little disappointed cause this ep proved one of my theories wrong. In "Not a Prison Make", Pandora turned into a gargoyle from Brooklyn's blood. In some other ep that I can't remember, it was said that Pandora was the "mother" of the gargoyle race. So I always thought that made Brooklyn the very first gargoyle (in the timedancing sense). But from the reaction of Prometheus to Brooklyn in "The Downfall", Prometheus hadn't met Brooklyn yet which means "The Downfall" happened first. Man, I thought the idea of Brooklyn technically being the first garg was really cool. Oh well...

I asked this before, but can someone please give me Dylan Blacquiere's site? I lost it...

Friday, May 21, 1999 08:30:33 PM


Zath- You found one of the MANY sci fi references in the story. Indeed, those were Tom Servo and Crow. However, the six foot giant prune came from The Muppet Movie. Congrats on being the one who found the reference, even if ya didn't know. Other sci-fi references included Star Trek, Quantum Leap, Speed Racer, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Arnold Swartchenaeger movies to name a few. Part of the fun is hunting for them! Even the entire scene with the rats was taken from varius sci-fi stuff... The director's cut has more references than even *I* remember, and it'll be coming soon. With new pictures hopefully!

Friday, May 21, 1999 08:22:26 PM

massacre. Sorry for the misspelling.
Gyre - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 08:17:34 PM

Entity> Don't get me started on this. The assault rifle issue is a straw dog. The rifles in question are semi-automatic copies of military assault rifles. They are not capable of selective fire, and if you do not know what that means, it simplly means that they can only be fired as fast as you can pull the trigger. And if you cared to take a close look at the legislation that was passed by the Senate today, it would not have prevented the shooters in the Little John, CO. massacer from getting the guns they used in any case. It time you stopped blaming the guns used in crime, and hold those who commit crime accountable for what they do.
Gyre - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 08:13:20 PM

**Zath enters clutching head and screams** School needs to end *NOW*!!! I have so much stupid biology on my mind every time I see a post in here about the NRA, I think it says RNA. Shoot me, shoot me now...

Wow, it would seem I have a bit of catching up to do. First of all, my school's library has closed for the year, so it may be a while before I manage to get any more pictures (including the heap unfinished ones I'm working on now) scanned and posted. My friend I'm drawing the London gargs for might scan that one for me, but other than that I'm not sure what I'm going to do. : ( I'm thinking of getting a scanner of my own. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good flat-bed or warnings about lousy ones?

Robby> I'm sorry to hear about your getting hit by a car. I can't say I've ever been hit, but I've come close on numerous occasions. It sucks to be a pedestrian in Texas. << man with a sock for a head, the amazing Socko>> Have you ever seen the movie "Freaked"?

Fleur> <<three geese, all connected by this piece of string!>> Are you sure that guy was actually a scientist and not just some sadistic SOB? If he wanted to prove the "in end" was connected to the "out end" couldn't he have just dissected a dead goose, rather than doing cruel things to a live one?

SJ> <<Fried Tarantula is actually very crunchy.>> I imagine a raw one would be pretty crunchy too : ) <<it's a cool concept to end a series by killing off the main character>> If I recall correctly, Sledgehammer ended its first season by nuking all of Los Angeles. You have a Spanish broadsword? Cool. If I ever get the money, I want to get a claymore (sp?) to hang on my wall.

Todd Jensen> <<a little consideration for those people who visit here shortly after they've eaten.>> What's wrong with a little extra protein now and then?

Christine> Congratulations on the new house. It sounds great. <<housearming party>> sounds like fun...

I have yet to read the new TD ep., but here are my thoughts (at least the ones that don't repeat what's already been said) on the other recent episodes.
TNF: "Among them were a gold thing with a face, a red gumball machine, and a six-foot prune." This almost sounds like Crow, Tom Servo and Gipsy.

NotW: I really like finally getting to see some of the other members of the London clan and some moments of the story had me LOL. However, the episode left me with several questions, some serious and some not. Why is Caspian worried about the batteries going dead while they move the statue of St. George and the Dragon, can't they turn off the flashlights? If the London gargs have the various abilities of the animals they resemble, can Una and Caspian sense who is and isn't a virgin? Is Copperfield supposed to resemble Mr. Mistoffelees? If Grimalkin is the brindled cat, where's Harpier and the hedge-pig (Spiny Norman perhaps : P)? Given the physical characteristics of the parents, might Griff and Brianna's children end up looking somewhat like basilisks themselves?

Favorite line:
"That thing has my cat!!"
"To the devil with your cat, sir!"
***** END SPOILERS *****

Fire> Nice picture. I like the way chalked pictures look, but for some reason I can't stand touching the stuff, so I never use it myself.

Warpmind> <<HUEY. . Willing to spend up to $2.5 Million. Contact Lennox MacDuff>> LOL!

JackaL> I *LOVED* your rant at the news crew. Too bad they probably burned the tape, it would have made a nice addition to my video collection.

Tim Phipps> <<It was like the Oscars; it was too long and most of the people who got awards didn't deserve them.>> I know how that feels. My school's awards ceremony was this week, too. The darn thing was 3.5 hours long in a freezing cold building (the potted plants were waving in the wind from the air conditioner, which was on the entire time, while I had to sit there, freezing my butt off in a dress) and EVERY SINGLE STINKING $#@*&^*! SENIOR ATHLETE GOT A SEVERAL HUNDRED DOLLAR "SCHOLARSHIP" JUST FOR BEING ON A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a couple of things too, but, other than the one for magna cum laude, they were all just re-presentations of awards I had received from other places throughout the year.

Matt Dymond> I don't know where the thing about eating squirrels comes from. It actually sounds more likely to happen with American rednecks and hillbillies. The majority of us Americans tend to be pretty misinformed about foreign cultures. For myself, the only unusual custom from England that I can think of is putting mayonnaise on fries, but then again I tend to think mayonnaise on anything sounds disgusting.

Okay, that's it for the moment. Hope I can make it back in here again soon. Bye all.

Zath - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 08:08:00 PM

I always thought that "Miles Before I Sleep" came from Robert Frost.

One or two TGS titles for already-released stories that I suggested:

THE HAWK AND THE CROW - Reference to Merlin and Corbie, who meet each other in this one (a merlin is a variety of hawk - Mary Stewart and Jane Yolen have both played much on this in their fiction about Merlin - and "corbie" is an old Scottish word for "crow").

THE DROWNED CITY - The name naturally refers to Ys.

SPIRITS FROM THE VASTY DEEP - A Shakespeare quote from "Henry IV Part One", involving the dispute between Hotspur and Glendower over whether Glendower was a wizard that was a partial basis for the episode idea.

THE DOWNFALL - Inspired by Tolkien's name "Akallabeth", meaning "The Downfallen", for his version of the Atlantis legend, the story of Numenor.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Friday, May 21, 1999 07:21:13 PM


Mike Franks needs to get in touch with GWT/G99 ASAP regarding his con registration. There are several things we need to ask him and we cannot process it until we hear from him.

Mike, if you read this, please e-mail us. If anyone who knows Mike reads this, please pass the message on to him.

Thank you for your attention.

:: PA squeals and cuts off ::

Patrick Toman - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 07:06:36 PM

Caught Mandi's description of her fic titles' geneses, and thought I could jump in on the fun. Here's the short list of where I drew the titles for G:CM:

"The Midnight Visitor" -- alluding to Steve visiting his dad in the nursing home at midnight ... I figured that all that nocturnal living would have permanently screwed up Matt's sleep patterns, leaving midnights the only times Steve can visit him.
"Eyes to the Sky" -- that's where mine would go if I was told an alien invasion would be coming.
"From Ruins Will We Rise" -- actually, this one just sounded cool. ;)
"Pilgrims" -- refers to Lexington and his family, and also to Goliath visiting Elisa's grave.
"Shadows and Memories" -- the "shadow" being Samson in his flashback, the "memories" being Rosanna's of her mother's death.
"The Morning of the Gargoyle" -- derived from both the spell awakening the Clan during daylight and an aberration of the title of the song "The Morning of the Dragon" from "Miss Saigon."
"Captivity and Liberty" -- alluding to Rosanna's capture and what Liberty would eventually name herself, as this is her first appearance.
"Honor Above All" -- Jason Canmore's pledge to Elisa after her death, which he must keep to maintain his honor.
"Soulscape" -- the place where Rosanna and Elisa met in this fic.
'By the Grace of Oberon" -- Oberon's allowance of two gargoyle champions to leave Avalon's relative safety to face the Rokkans.
"Ark of Destruction" -- refers to the ship the humans were being herded into.
"Miles to Go Before I Sleep" -- double meaning to this one, and I didn't even know it at the time: I got the title from a Celine Dion song, which I thought would fit considering that most of the action involves Rain trying to help Rosanna survive after the ark's self-destruction. As it turned out, "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" was also the title of a book by Dr. Tom Dooley, recounting his time in Vietnam as a travelling doctor to the smaller Vietnamese villages.
"The Innocent Warrior" -- in this case, it was Cadillac.
"Prodigals" -- this one's completely screwed up, since it takes the "assumed" definition of the word "prodigal" as its genesis (the prodigals in question being Angela (returning to the Clan) and Samson (being placed under his grandmother's thrall).).
"Faces of the City" -- Morgan, Chavez and Steve Bluestone are the "faces."
"Life as Seen Through the Fish Bowl" -- it was an experimental fic and I thought it needed a suitable title, since it's from "good" Samson's POV, helpless watching his body do Demona's bidding from the fishbowl his mind's become.
"Pas de Deux" -- double meaning: for those who don't know, a pas de deux is a quick two-step dance originally from France. The name refers to both the Timedancing Brooklyn and Sata, and also the dancing around the truth that the modern Brook and Sata have to do to keep from corrupting the future they know.
"Voices in the Dark Night" -- another experimental fic, this refers to the fact that the story is nothing but sound effects and dialogue.
"The Bowels" -- refers to the Labyrinth.
"The Storm" -- while I didn't actually mention it, the fight in this story takes place during the trailing edge of a hurricane.
"Life and Death at Castle Wyvern" -- "Death" is Rosanna's possible one, as well as the deaths Coyote has her re-witness (her mother's and Tommy Walker's). "Life" is Solomon's hatching and the success of Rosanna's operation.
"Green" -- not only is it Lina's color, it's the one representative of jealousy, making it even more fitting for Lina to be green.
"Fairlane" -- Elisa's car. I don't think this one needs much explanation.
"Return" -- double meaning to this one: it could refer to the fragment of Rosanna's face returning to face her as part of the hybrid clone Thorn, or the command Demona can give anywhere in Thorn's earshot to make her teleport to Demona's position.
"Doppelganger" -- not only is Thorn Rosanna's doppelganger, she's also partly Liberty's Rokkan mate.
"So This is Christmas ..." -- John Lennon's "Happy X-Mas."
"Birthday" -- the story takes place on December 31st, Elisa's birthday.
"The Sword of Ares" -- errr, from Demona's dialogue? Ohh crud, I give up, it's another one that sounded kewl.
"Spirits of the Green" -- Zafiro and Obsidiana, appearing as shades to Rain and Rosanna, finally revealing the secret that is Rain's identity.
"Vinnie Quest" -- Most of the story is from a recording made by Vinnie on a handheld tape recorder.
"Friends and Mates" -- The friends: Brooklyn and Vinnie, Coyote and Rosanna. The mates: Brooklyn and Sata, Rosanna and Rain, and (finally!) Graeme and Liberty.
"Moment of Truth" -- your choice, either Coyote's part of the shared incantation, or Samson's attempt to break free of the Obedient Child Spell when Thorn seduces him.
"You're Not Cleared For That" -- Illuminati fic takes its title from the overused phrase from "Illuminati: New World Order."
"Liberty or Death" -- Patrick Henry's famous exclamation becomes even more meaningful when you have a character named Liberty, y'know. ;)
"The Army of the Night" -- the WCC forces are assembled, but the title *really* comes from "Everything Louder Than Everything Else."

Another post later when it livens up.

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, May 21, 1999 07:04:28 PM

Coyote > "Vision of the Future" is the conclusion to the Hand of Thrawn books by Timothy Zahn the first one is called "Specter of the Past" and they just recently came out. As for the book that actually has Luke marrying Mara Jade....well, it hasnt come out yet. but I look forward to seeing it.
Dags - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 06:53:27 PM

Rosie O'Donnel> I can't believe the number of people who dislike her. I can't fathom it. Is it simply because she's a "nice person"? As if because _others_ have labeled her such, that that elevates the standards to which she must reach in her everyday life? Yeah, I'll admit I watch her show pretty often; I like it. I'm not into all that she "stands for" (e.g. I don't shop at K-Mart, I don't like Nickelodian, and I don't use the word "petuty"). But she hosts an enjoyable show, of which her debate with Tom was not a rarity, but a total _first_. IMO, people like Jerry Springer are the poor hosts, and their shows are equally as bad in taste.

How many people in here actually saw the episode with the Tom debate? Moreover, how many saw the ep before? Point is, don't judge something through a .00001 mm telescope. It's the same thing we stress to "Gargoyles" sneerers.

*deep sigh* Well, anyway, this was a rant, I suppose... perhaps I should've put asteriks up (?). But at the risk of inciting an unpopular downwards spiral into chaos and loss of civility, may I ask some of you guys why you are so anti-Rosie? Particularly, anti-Rosie's views? Her main issues are "Why are assault rifles allowed?" and "Why no safety locks on guns?"

On an unrelated, but more pertinent, note: Yes, the upcoming TGS episode is like "The Sun and the Serpent" on steroids. I've never dropped teasers before, so this is my first. ;)

Friday, May 21, 1999 06:51:16 PM

Did someone mention the song "Little Red Riding Hood"? Hee hee... (Click!)
Robby the CR DJ
Friday, May 21, 1999 06:50:03 PM

Pistoff> Liked the George Carlin quote. :-)

Kaioto> Congrats on getting your license... I'll be sure to be very careful whenever I'm crossing the street in Boston... ;-)

Fanfics: Ah, I never know where to start. :-P But I enjoy reading other people's fanfics.

Jedi death: I think George Lucas had said in an interview that disappearing after death is a technique that is learned, and that not all Jedis choose to do it. I also think that they have to be prepared and accept imminent death, like Ben Kenobi in ANH and Yoda.

Boba Fett: Hmm, he can be an interesting character, but my favorite "minor" character is Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles. He actually survives all three movies! :-) Oh, and in the prequels, I'd like to see Mon Mothma. She doesn't really do anything in the original trilogy, but she _is_ the leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Upcoming TGS ep: Did someone say that it was going to be a really long one? Something about the equivalent of a movie? Well then, I'm looking forward to it. :-)

Blue Caeru
Florida, United States
Friday, May 21, 1999 05:54:29 PM

ding ding ding!!

Yes, Kyryn, it is a take on Stephen King's Children of the Corn! Congratulations, you win the cyber cookie. Now what kind do you want. :)

Friday, May 21, 1999 04:57:04 PM

Name Origins > I know mine is Modern English, this is what I found out about my name...what is weird is that "Heather" and "Lynn" both have to do with nature.

Your name of Heather makes you easy-going and refined, but detracts from your physical vitality.
You desire all the finer things in life--lovely clothes, home, furniture, and environment. However,
procrastination is your worst enemy, and you find yourself lacking the ambition to make your dreams a
reality. People are inclined to take advantage of your sympathetic, tractable nature. You naturally
attract people with problems who seek your understanding and advice. You can give good advice
although it is unlikely that you would follow it yourself. You would be most successful in situations
where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or
required to carry responsibility and make decisions. It is difficult for you to be individual and make your
own decisions, for you lack self-confidence. Your desire for sweet, rich foods could cause overweight,
circulatory problems, or weakness in the kidneys.

Some of those things are true...**sighs** very true.

Heather - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 03:43:08 PM

Okay, actual long post here. I got smart, got online, downloaded the entire CR, and then got off to compose in a separate text file. I need to call Dad and get him to follow through on his promise to split for a new monitor for an early b-day present - I'm not waiting til the end of June!

Name origins> Let's see, I looked it up a while ago...apparently, Amanda means "worthy of love." No, really! Don't laugh! I have a book of name meanings; I'll look for it tonight after I get back from the movies.

Fanfic titles> Doug can do it, I can too. Interestingly enough, a lot of my titles have come from lines in the story or something completely outside the story. Let's see, some existing fics:

Good to Be Back: Dingo's line at the very end.
Minor Adjustments: Actually, from a line in its sequel.
Weekend Off: The whole fic is about the weekend off from hell.
Monday Night Blues: The wrap-up of "Weekend Off," on a Monday night.
Trading Secrets: I realized that's what invariably happens in most crossovers - the two fandoms meet and eventually have to reveal their secrets to one another.
Moving On Up: I had finished and proofed the entire thing before I had a title. It was such a weird premise - a Gargs/CitC crossover with Brooklyn and Richard getting over unrequited loves, Matt Bluestone's odd (but eventually good) blind date, and Charlie deciding that gargoyles, not monkeys, were taking over New York - that I couldn't think of what to call it. Then I was listening to the radio, and all of a sudden M People's "Moving On Up" came on. Good enough.
Edward's Shoes: Came with a title already, since it originated as a Creative Writing journal.
Relatively Speaking: Most of the characters had to deal with their relatives at Christmas - Drew and his dad, Callie and her mother, Elisa with the sudden appearance of her cousin, Demona and Angela, Rachel and Samantha - and I couldn't get it out of my head after seeing that same title for a friend's short story.
Future fics---
The Sky's the Limit: Fits with the theme of leaving home on adventure. Plus, I'm leaving the quote from TNG's "All Good Things" in there.
Asking for Directions: A running joke about men (in this case, Xander) finding it impossible to ask directions. I want to end it with Xander finally asking where the hotel is and Buffy saying, "Was that so hard?"
New Blood: Okay, it's a Buffy fic, and has nothing to do with Gargoyles, but this is the title that has stuck better for me than any other fic title. It's the first thing Faith (pre-"Bad Girls") says, and it stuck the moment I wrote it. I've got a new baddie-of-the-week and a new temporary Scooby Gang member popping up in one fic, so it fit perfectly.

Fanfic progress> Looking at all the unpacking and cleaning I still have to do, it may actually pick up when I start work. :) Still rewriting "Sky's the Limit," but part of me just wants to have Maddie land in NYC now and post that out of order. "Reorganizations" is a short transition fanfic, and I'm still trying to give Drew a discernible character. Out of all my original characters, he's the one I've been tempted to kill off. "Asking for Directions" is being a pain because I'm working with a whole bunch of characters - I almost wrote Cordelia out, but then I realized that would deprive me of the "Spaceballs" in-joke. But I figure the Scooby Gang can run into just Rory initially, then Griff, which makes the fight scene easier.

Buffy stuff> Not a spoiler, but I laughed my head off at Xander's line from "Jaws." So did Dave, who was watching it with me; he's only seen two other episodes, since he doesn't have cable, and his house is so far out he can't pick up the WB.

Doug> I am begging you: if you can, please send your latest fic to This stupid machine will not load the GFW archive without disconnecting. If you can send it in text format, I'd be infinitely grateful.

Senior Awards> Ew. I remember mine with little fondness, but for different reasons. I got the Creative Writing Award, then went back to my seat in the back row and literally fell asleep, figuring that would be it. I was involved in plenty of clubs, but refused to hang out with the "popular" cliques, so I expected a nice long nap. Next thing I know, my friend Nicole was kicking me awake. Why? For some bizarre reason, I'd gotten the Spanish Award. I was so surprised I fell out of my seat and just barely managed to catch myself on the chair in front of me. This occurred in front of a gym full of underclassmen. Real graceful, huh? I only think I got that award because all the other seniors in Spanish 4 didn't give a d***. The really sad thing is that I finished up the language requirement two semesters ago and have forgotten a LOT of Spanish. This year, Dave tells me, they're selling graduation tickets at Senior Awards to ensure seniors don't skip that day.

Pistoff> <<And of course the first people to get blamed, as JackaL and SJ said, are the "outsiders.">> I don't believe this. Hasn't anyone else considered other people at fault? The media for hyping this to the point where there are copycat killers who want attention? The parents of these kids? What about the people who alienate the "outsiders" in the first place? It doesn't necessarily justify violence, but kids can be nasty. Pointing fingers at kids who don't fit in only makes them feel - and causes them to be treated - even more like they don't belong. And that's where the rage stems from.

Blaming TV Violence> This post is getting really long, so I'll avoid the rant this time. But if parents want their kids to learn to distinguish between fantasy and reality, they have to be somewhat responsible for that themselves. Yes, younger kids will repeat what they see/hear on TV, but only if there's no one to explain why they shouldn't.

Yikes, it's almost 3 pm. I need to get moving. 'Til later!

Mandi Ohlin - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 02:58:00 PM

So, Aaron--when ya gonns send me an em??
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:45:50 PM

Hi Jenna!

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:41:41 PM

Hey there Aaron!!
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:36:28 PM

Aaron wanders into the CR, again wearing his Knicks jersey, and twirling a toy Darth Maul lightsaber.

Okay, I admit it. I'm evil. I bought merchandise. But it was just there, calling me. Anyway, I didn't spend much.

Yesterday was kind of an up and down day. I didn't have lunch, and my mom's car died, so I had to go pick her up. And I found out how much time and expense (and pain) my tattoo will take.

But on the plus side, the tattoo is possible, the Knicks and the Blazers both won, and I picked up a copy of Garbage 2.0 while I was waiting for the tow truck.

Coyote> Your mom says that too? Mine always says a movie was successful if it accomplished it's purpose. To be a good comedy, action movie, art film, whatever.

Kaioto> Congrats on getting your liscense. Happy motoring.


Aaron leaves, singing "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharohs.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:10:37 PM

**Kyryn strolls in**

Kaioto><<Democrats want to take away our right to bare arms. Some conservatives want to take away our rights to dress and think differently.>>*snicker* I know that you meant 'bear arms' but the typo works perfectly with the sentence that follows. I can just see them trying to ban short sleeves. Seriously: You raise good points, my friend, and speak eloquently *Kyryn bows in Kaioto's direction*. I had some of the same discussions with people at work yesterday. Also, congrats on the license!

Matt Dymond> Chipmunks and squirrels? And you said that these people were from the United States? I live here and I've never heard of any such idea! Maybe if they were talking about the wild backwoods areas of the US, I could believe it, but not Great Britain.

Doug and Kitania> Is it a 'Children of the Corn' take off?

Whoops. Gotta run. They're gonna shut down the servers here at the college for a Y2k upgrade this afternoon.

Later All!

**Kyryn disappears as the server connection goes down**

Uvalde, TX
Friday, May 21, 1999 12:50:38 PM

*6’2’’ with a short crop of brown hair and ice blue eyes, a human figure looking much like a certain warrior monk stalks in, his torso under a plating of body armor and the rest of him obscured by a black trench coat. Over either shoulder he carries a sawed-off shotgun, which he rests next to Mr. Dis Connect’s legs as he pulls up a bar stool.*
“Whiskey,” he barks out over the bar. As his order was served, he placed a cold hand on the talon of the server and locked those disturbing eyes in contact, “Leave the bottle.” The bartender merely shrugged.
Dis Connect glances over nervously, “Uh, Kai, I … uh … didn’t know you drank. That really isn’t like you.”
“What did you call me?” a gravely voice shoots back, the man’s head slowly turning.
“Kai,” DC looks extremely nervous at the reply he’s received. As the man in black’s hand strays towards him, DC flinches, thinking perhaps that Kaioto was actually going to strike him. Instead, the stray hand settles on the nearest shotgun.
“The name is Malakai,” the gravely voice sponded, “Judging by your wealth of ignorance and your expectations of violence, you must be Dis Connect.” The snick-snack of a safety being turned off rings ominously. “You’re the putz I’ve been looking for.” A roar of powder and shot rings as DC’s foot is reduced to ground hamburger.
DC pounds the bar as he chokes down his screams of pain. He can’t do much in the way of control as the man in black shatters the bottle of whiskey over his open wound, letting the alcohol burn into DC like wild fire.
Seemingly ignorant of Dis Connect’s screams, Malakai buries the shattered top of the bottle into the top of DC’s hand and twists hard, ripping apart tendon, bone, and sinew. Leaving the bottle in place, Malakai’s two deft hands wrap back around DC’s head and rake across. With a grim grunt, the man in black pulls and deposits a pair of eye-balls into the tip jar.
The next few minutes mark surgical cuts of a bouy-knife, and the manual removal of the entire digestive system. Then there is a barbed-wire garrote gone south of the boarder. Eventually, Malakai tires of DC’s screams of agony and inserts his hand back into the stomach incision. After a few seconds of rummaging, the man removes his black-leather-clad hand with DC’s still-beating heart. Shrugging, he tosses the organ over his shoulder and uses the other hand to down his shot. Gathering his coat around him, the man in black stalks back out of the room without looking back.


*Kaioto wanders in from the other end of the CR just as the door slams shut on Malakai’s departure. Clad in his customary gray and his eyes matching. He casts a glance over at DC’s ruined corpse and goes slightly pale, shaking his head and muttering about the messes people leave behind.*

Sorry about that, guys. I’ve been stuck in a run around over my ISP for weeks now and had to go through withdrawal and MicroSoft Customer Services. It was a rough few weeks.

Anyway, good to be back. I’m gonna see Phantom Menace this week and I finally got off my butt and took my road test. Finally have my license.

NRA: This organization opposes Big Brother government and the do good work. Sure, there are wacko people out there, why else would we need to protect ourselves? Also, I personally dislike guns, but I’m a realist about this sort of thing. Also, the NRA has a point: If you are kept unarmed, what is there – really – standing between you and criminals or even an oppressive government or rogue military operation? Nothing but hope. The police are not your personal body-guards, and these laws don’t stop criminals from getting weapons. Also, government’s answer to all this violence seems the same for Republicans and Democrats: Take away the power of the individual. Democrats want to take away our right to bare arms. Some conservatives want to take away our rights to dress and think differently. They both want to take away our freedom of information, especially on the internet. Thankfully, the Republicans have enough Libertarians and the Democrats enough people afraid of censorship that Congress hasn’t been able to succeed with “We nee to protect our children” on this one yet.

Coyote the Bando: I was a Boy Scout … we were pretty big outcasts our selves … come to think of it … we had axes and rifle training too.

Rosie O’Donnell: Passionate, inarticulate people are generally more predisposed to assault, verbal or physical. Passionate, articulate people are predisposed to creating political parties involving shwasticas or the scythe and hammer. It is the rational folks who are a force for good, but they need passion to endure all the crap the stupid folk give them, and also they need to be articulate to be heard by the ignorant, who make up a large part of the population. Lastly, tunnel vision is a wonderful thing, ain’t it?

Got to go, post later.

Toku Kaioto
Boston, MA, USA
Friday, May 21, 1999 12:17:17 PM

Aaarggh - too.. many.. spoilers..
Never mind, I've already given up avoid Phantom Menace Spoilers, after all its still about a month before it appears in the UK - but I'm already sick to death of the hype, which is even more annoying when you can't even see the damn film.
Still, The Matrix should be released in a couple of weeks (yes we're THAT far behind) so have to make do.

----------TGS Spoilers--------------------
NIGHT OF THE WEIRD (late review) - liked it overall, good work as usual by Christi and Mike. My only (slight) criticism was that perhaps there were too many in-jokes and references to British TV shows, Discworld etc.. which I felt was a little detrimental to the overall feel of the episode. And the cliched US-Britspeak was still somewhat in evidence (although it is becoming thankfully less common). Great otherwise, shame we didn't see Griff Vs animated statue Griff though.
THE DOWNFALL - also a great story with some interesting ideas (Oberon as Zeus) does this mean there could be a halfling Herakles/Hercules about somewhere in the TGS universe? I liked that the origin of the New Olympians was explored here although there is obviously still more to come (their island for a start - unless they manage to refloat/reclaim Atlantis and shroud it from the world).
-----------End TGS Spoilers---------------

Hmm, it appears some people in your country have some funny ideas about British culture. I'm hoping you can all confirm that these misconceptions are not widespread.
On TV this week, there was a program that was about tourists visiting the UK. One segment followed a group of female COLLEGE students who had come over for a few weeks after graduating. The thing was the producers noticed they had brought tons of snack foods with them. When asked why the replied that they didn't want to eat the sort of common dishes we have over here like chipmonk and squirrel.
Umm... WHAT??
This made just about every paper and current affairs show
this week - mostly wondering where the hell they got this idea. We don't even HAVE chipmonks in this country and very few of us would be able to distinguish one from any other miscelleneous furry rodent. We certainly don't eat them, squirrels or anything else like that. Wonder where that idea came from?


Videogames, shootings and gun control - I'm glad no-one was killed this time, but how long can the problem be blamed on anything else than the fact that unstable individuals with seemingly little concept of right and wrong and have easy access to firearms? I know there are other factors involved in the motivations to these tragic incidents, but at least the consequences would be lessened.

Matt Dymond - []
UKFriday, May 21, 1999 09:47:25 AM

Click my name. Saw this and thought of the Selleck/O'Donnell war. This thing is hilarious. <g>
Wilek again
Friday, May 21, 1999 07:17:52 AM


Jaden and Orion are walking through the desolate Iowa town, alert for danger as they search the buildings and call out, hoping their voices can be heard. No one answers them, and the two look at each other worriedly. They keep walking, and approach two large town houses near the local fire station. "You check the houses," Jaden suggests. "I'll scope the station out." Orion nods and heads into the smaller of the two houses, one hand on his crucifix and the other holding ready his mace. "Is anyone here?" the cleric calls out as he steps over the threshold. "Hello!" "Help!" a child's voice screams back. "Upstairs!! Help!!" Orion rushes toward the noise, but halfway up the stairs is hit in the face by a paint can hurled down at him like a wrecking ball (stunt straight out of Home Alone 1). The cult kid who threw the can runs up to Orion's now unconscious body and dances around it like a wild Indian. "I got the false minister!" he chants. "I got the false minister!" Then the kid falls down dead, a thrown battle axe buried in his side. "These kids are messed up," Jaden snarls as he lowers his arm. "Psychotic, even." He shakes his head and walks forward to check on Orion, wondering how many other Ravens ran afoul of the children and did not have help close by.

The display changes to the cornfields surrounding the town, through which Kitainia, Doug, and several other Ravens are being carried tied to poles by a long procession of young cultists. Malachi walks at the head of the group, carrying an unconscious Mist. Kitainia comes awake as the group marches on, shaking her head in shock as she sees the amount of people who have been captured. She tries to free her hands, but the ropes are too tight for her to slip out of them or use her claws. Kit looks back and sees that Jammer and Daria are also awake. "What happened?" she asks them. "These kids are nuts," says Jammer. "But smart. They rigged several of the buildings in town with traps straight out of the Home Alone films. Even Tricia and Elena's danger senses couldn't warn us about them before we stepped in. That's how they got most of us searchers, I guess. I know it's how they got me." "A bunch of them attacked the truck with tranquilizer guns," says Daria. "I surrendered after they knocked out everyone else." "Oh man," Kitainia sighs. "Some crazy Bible freak's been brainwashing these kids," Daria continues. "I've heard them talking. They all have biblical names, and call God a crazy hateful bigot. They're messed-up." "Great," Kit shakes her head as the procession continues walking, the cultists ignoring their prisoners' conversation. "Not the Fundamentalist Extreme again." She turns to make a quick post.


Hi everyone. Boy, am I up early! :) Shouldn't be a problem, though. Today was my last day at the coffee shop, on Sunday I'll be going to Houston for a two-week family visit. I'll miss you guys a lot during that time, this is my second to last post until then. :(

Name Origins: I called my parents yesterday morning and asked them about it. Apparently there was no special origin for my name, they just took out a book full of names and started sounding each one off to see which one they liked most. I'm glad to know I was lucky to get a nice name, and not the kind of dorky name some parents give their children. :)

Wilek: $ Nope, that's not it. Sorry. I'll give everyone another day to guess before I reveal the answer. Hint- It has to do with a short story by a famous horror writer from Maine. $

Todd: <Thanks for the review> Don't mention it. :)

Georgia Deal: Another school shooting? And it was a Boy Scout this time? My God, why did this have to happen? <sighs> Oh well, at least it's over, nobody's dead, and they got the shooter. Hope the shooting has some positive fallout and that we don't get any more Littleton repeat attempts. I also hope the evil has ended now, and we don't get our freedoms restricted because of all these stupid crazy jerks. Please, God, let it be so.

SJ: You're welcome about the review. I agree with you about the NRA and guns being a help to people as well as a problem. I also share your worries about the upcoming Buffy episode, hope they don't cut it at all. <fingers crossed>

Mandi: Man, you were lucky! Doug, Gubio, and I had a theater full of people, and we had to wait in line for nearly an hour just to get good seats.

Ordell: Yeah, Boba Fett didn't get much screen time, but I still thought he was cool. He just had some kind of aura about him that makes you want to find out more about his character and like it as a result. He also had that cool armor and jetpack. Too bad Darth Maul didn't have a similar aura, many fans were expecting it. :(

Tim: I sympathize with your feelings on the Honor Awards. All the jerks and dorks at my school got them, too, and I didn't get any. Except for Best Smile and Most Likely to Succeed, and those weren't really awards. Congrats on finishing high school. Doug and I look forward to seeing you at the Gathering if we are able to attend.

Rosie O'Donnel: I have never liked her myself. I think she's one of those bad talk show hosts who like Springer and a few others have to create loud and violent conflicts among their guests to distract viewers from all their bad hosting. Of course, this opinion may be wrong since I don't watch talk shows and therefore don't know much about them. But judging by what I've read in the media, it's probably right. :(

Argent: I read the Hambly boook, and don't remember much of it. I do recall, however, that Luke and Callista have several big fights in the story and at the end she tells him that though she enjoyed their relationship, she wants to end it and go make her own life. Luke is understandably saddened by this at first, but eventually he accepts it and parts with Callista as her friend. Then he ends up with Mara, who many fans liked better anyway, so all's well that ends well. :)

DumlaoX: Glad you got the bios. Hope you put them up soon, and that the CR archives get updated shortly so we can send you more.

Okay, guess that's all the current topics. One last thing- A big congratulations goes out to Robby Knievel, whose bravey and skill must be applauded. Today he made the Grand Canyon Jump and survived. Go Robby!! :) Okay, must sleep now. Night!!


The procession stops suddenly, and the poles are set down in a rough circle as the cultists step back and look at the Ravens expectantly as they gather in a crowd. Kitainia looks around and sees that they are in a clearing in the cornfields, dominated by a large rock slab in the center. It is soaked in dried blood, obviously a sacrficial altar. Flanking the slab are two decaying corpses hung on rough crosses, one wearing a torn and stained minister's cassock and the other a police uniform in similar condition. Doug and the other captured team members have come awake by now, and look around worriedly as they watch the cultists. "What happened?" Doug asks, and Kitainia, Jammer, and Daria give quick updates on the situation. Doug nods. "Thought it was something like that." He relates what they found in the church, telling the others that these children are obviously a dangerous and fanatical psychotic FE cult. "What do you suppose they're going to do with us?" "I don't know," shrugs Jammer. "Maybe we should try reasoning with these kids?" "Go right ahead," Keith shrugs from the pole he's tied to. "I doubt you'll have much luck." Tricia glares at him and then turns to the crowd of cultists. "Hey!" she shouts. "Can you untie us, please? We're not here to hurt you, we can even help you if you'll just let us go!" "Yeah!" adds Jammer. "What's the big idea of attacking us all anyway? Didn't your parents teach you that was wrong? And what about your crazy religious views? I mean, come on, any good Christian kids should know Jesus wasn't an evil hateful jerk!" Several of the youths, including an obviously pregnant darkhaired teenage girl and the tall blond-haired jock type standing near her (who's probably the baby's father), listen to the two Ravens' words and nod, their facial expressions seeming to indicate agreement and understanding. Then the more fanatical cultists step forward and spit at the Ravens. "Shush your serpent's tongues!" Jacob yells. "Remember our vows, my fellow Children, and the expectations of our benefactor! Remember also that these people are all far beyond the Age of Favor, and that they have expressed much displeasure with our faith! Beware their false promises, lest you be corrupted and turned away!!" The cultists who seemed to show sympathy earlier nod in agreement with Jacob, some casting a hateful glare at the Ravens in attempts to assure him, Malachi, and the other cult leaders that they are in full agreement with the powerful figures in their group. "So much for that idea," Kitainia sighs. "Oh well, Shap, Shauna, Jaden, and Orion are still free. Maybe they'll be able to help us." "I hope so," says Doug. Suddenly the cultists all turn towards the path leading away from the clearing deeper into the cornfield and begin chanting incoherently as several heavy footfalls approach. "What's going on?" asks Elena, momentarily stopping attempting to escape her bonds. "Someone's coming," Boris replies as the cultists part and Isaiah begins walking forward between their rows. "I bet he's the guy in charge of these brats." "Yeah," Doug nods. "Wonder what kind of crazy he is." The screen goes blank as the child preacher reaches the altar and smiles at the Ravens. Behind him, the cultists close ranks. Tune in next RP to find out what happens next.


Kitainia - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 05:51:40 AM

Oh man, I just found something kinda twisted. It'll piss off the people who are complaining about violence in video games. :) Click my name to download ... **ominous music** ... Nightmare on Sesame Street.


Pistoff - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 04:47:19 AM

RP BIOS-- Listen, whatever you got, send it over. Don't matter what it is. When I get time, I'll work on it more. And Doug & Kitainia, got the bois safely. Thanx.

PIC-- I need to place this on the site but it was done by the one and only magnificent Alison Wilgus. Luv yas hon :)

SW-- good film. made $35 million dollars in one day. Gonna see it with Ali in Boston. Nuff said.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 04:17:22 AM


Today's shooting: Ye gods! As a guy said on CNN this morning, they used to call this "going postal." Now they'll call it "going to school."

And of course the first people to get blamed, as JackaL and SJ said, are the "outsiders." The "quiet ones" who keep to themselves and don't bother anybody. "It's the quiet ones you gotta watch." Well, as George Carlin said, "I will bet you anything that, while you're watching the quiet ones, a noisy one will F**KIN' KILL YOU!"

And naturally violence in movies and on TV will catch a good portion of the blame. Instead of taking responsibility for teaching their kids not to shoot everybody in sight, parents want to claim that the TV made them do it. It used to be "The devil made me do it." Now it's "The TV made me do it."

Well, that's a buncha crap. If TV shows and movies have violence, I'd rather it be _realistic_ violence, where you can see blood and pain and death and know that this stuff isn't pleasent. Compare that to the Road Runner cartoons. The Coyote falls off cliffs, gets mashed by large rocks, blows himself up, takes himself out in all kinds of ways, and then we cut to a new scene and he's fine again. That gives little kids the idea that they can fall from great heights and not be hurt. Here's a true story--I delivered a pizza to this guy, who had a kid maybe seven years old, and the kid was wearing casts on one leg and one arm. I asked what happened, and the father said the kid fell off the roof because he saw one of those cartoons and thought he could just walk off something high off the ground and he would just keep walking, like Coyote does (until he actually NOTICES there's nothing under his feet).

Well, the parents who complain about violence on TV grew up with that cartoon, but I guess that one's okay. It's what their _kids_ watch that's objectionable.

And how about the Three Stooges? Eh? There were guys constantly beating the ever-lovin' $h!t out of each other. Most of the people who grew up watching that stuff turned out okay, I think. Yet the same people won't give their kids the benefit of the doubt; they won't realize that, gee, we turned out okay, so most of our kids might as well.

And what about the music our parents and grandparents grew up listening to? They're always ready to blame heavy metal music for causing violence and teen suicide. Well, what about "Three Blind Mice"? Now there's a sick, sadistic song. Some bitch chopped their tails off! And they were _already_ disabled! But I guess that's okay, because that was _their_ music. It was just as "dangerous" as anything Alice Cooper of Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson ever sang about. The only difference is that parents don't like the latter.

Remember when Judas Priest was put on trial? Because there was a "satanic message" in the song that caused those kids to shoot themselves? (These kids, BTW, were alcoholics, drug abusers, and just plain f**ked in the head in the first place.) Well, I saw a clip from the trial on the news. They played the song backwards, and you know what the satanic message was? Rob Halford's voice could be clearly heard saying ... "I asked for a peppermint. I asked her to get one." That's what they got when they played the song backwards. That should be a clue right there.


Okay, now on to other things ...

Wilek: MST3K might've done the Star Wars Holiday Special, but I haven't seen all the episodes, so I could've missed it. I don't think they got anywhere near this one, though. Too bad, it would've been great. As for the lyrics to the Star Wars theme that Carrie Fisher sang, here's a brief sample: "A day that brings the promise that one day we'll be free. To laugh, to grow, to trust, to love, to be!"

Somebody once asked Carrie Fisher about the Holiday Special. She insisted, "We _never_ did a holiday special." Selective amnesia, apparently. ;)

Tim P: I agree completely. BTW, "athletic scholorship" is an oxymoron that belongs right up there with "military intelligence." :)

JackaL: Woo-hoo! Way to go, bubba! I would've paid good money to see their jaws bounce off the pavement.

Rosie O'Donnell: Aw, screw her. She's not funny, never was, and she's a hypocrite. If she wants to argue with celebrities about stuff like this, she should go on "Politically Incorrect" and see how far she gets.

Pistoff - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:34:55 AM


[Maambi: "Your time is up." The team members look about nervously among themselves. Scarecrow: "Well...alright. But if you try anything, I'll kill you myself." Maambi: "You'll *try*. Now let's go; we've little time." The team, with their newest recruit, continues down the yellow brick road...not knowing that Miriam has come through the rift and is doing an impressive job of catching up with them.]


Mandolin> <<I only saw "Titanic" after my friends dragged me to the free showing at school in November.>> Heh, you couldn't pay me to see that thing. >;) (Unless it were a LOT...)

Another Littleton copycat?! <grr> Why do kids want to do this kind of thing? Is this country's stupidity saturation really that severe?!

kathy> <<Sorry, two days and two soap boxes. What must you people think?>> Well, you seem to have strong feelings about certain issues, and you seem to be rather intelligent. No problems there.

Christine> <<Wilek -- not in either book, either.>> name is a variant of Wilhelm; did you try that?

SOROW> <<Cause Zeus really got along with the ladies>> Heh...remember Umbriel?

Fleur> <<Oooh boy. This is going to be a lesson in resisting temptation. It doesn't come out until June 4 in Australia!>> I'm not likely to see it until the turn of the millennium, which is when I've heard it comes out on video and DVD.

Argent> <<(Plugs ears and begins whistling the 'Star Wars' theme.)>> Maybe Duel Of The Fates--that one really wonderful choral piece from The Phantom Menace--would work better. :)

Warpmind de InzanE> So Macbeth's looking for a used chopper. What, did his personal skycraft break down? <g>

Jedi Death> This would make a kewl name for a band. <g> Anyhow, I always thought that Vader's body disappared, but left the prosthetic stuff for some reason (he had artificial arms and legs, as well as several artificial organs and spinal nerve fibers), which is what went onto the pyre (and probably didn't burn too well).

Tim Phipps> Your experience with school awards reminds me of a friend of mine's similar experiences with one of his schools. Most of the ppl who got trophies and such were on sports teams or something similarly idiotic; in eight years, all he got from that place was a plaque for being on the honor roll (not counting a medal of some sort, which wasn't technically from the school). That all changed when he left that particular school because his classmates were driving him right over the deep end. He transferred to another school, which apparently recognized his talents for what they were because he recieved several trophies at the end of each year. He considers this endlessly amusing, thinking of it as a metaphorical upraised middle finger. I'm inclined to agree. >:)

SJ> <<A few years ago, this guy high on crack and God only knows what else broke into my parents house at about 3 a.m. He calmly sat in my dad's chair, lit a joint, and was toking it up>> Er...what?! <grr> I would have just snuck into firing position and emptied a round into his head without him ever knowing I was there--unless Miriam beat me to it with her throwing knives. <<I disagree with the thought that the NRA is a bunch of terrorist nutjobs.>> Seen the episode of The Simpsons where Homer joins the NRA or something similar? I thought they did a pretty good job of depicting it--they were all about the legal and responsible use of guns. Not something one would normally expect from a show like that. $Um...I haven't seen the Oz movies in a *long* time; is there anything else between now and the Emerald City that should end up in the RP?$

Jackal> You...actually have a point. O_o


[Miriam, still on the trail of the team, passes by what looks like a half buried machine that was flash-frozen before it was buried. Miriam: "Curious." She continues on the trail, wondering who the scarecrow-like male and mysterious female are.]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Friday, May 21, 1999 01:10:36 AM

"What do you think about Mambi?" Kari asks SJ.
"I don't know," he replied. "She's bad news--that much is for sure. But she *is* powerful, and would be a great asset when we come knocking on Eisner's door. Now if only the Scarecrow can decide to let her join us...."
"10 seconds, straw man!"
*****END RP FOR NOW****

I'm so disorganized. So, the thing is, I was supposed to have to go out of town, but that's not happening now, so I'm kinda sitting on my hiney right now at home, just biding my time. Oh well, might as well post.

Jedi Death: Hmmm, cool hypothesizing. Maybe the only truly powerful Jedi evaporate like that. I must admit, it was kind of freaky to see Obi-Wan just vanish like that for the first time.

RP website: This is TOO COOL!!! Dumlao, I'm gonna try to send you a bio in a day or two! This is GREAT for the RP! Thanks!! (nice picture by the way :)

Rosie O'Donnell and the NRA: I saw that thing with Tom Selleck yesterday. I tell you, he's got more control than I do. I was ready to smack her, and I wasn't even in studio. The reason that this has gained so much attention (besides the current gun control debates) is that Rosie is the self-described "Queen of Nice". She's the one everyone goes to to have a quick, simple, kiss-my-ass-and-praise-me interview. Selleck wanted to plug his movie--pure and simple. He didn't want to get involved in a political debate, while Rosie obviously did. If she wanted to get on a soapbox, she should not have done it at the expense to one of her guests. Selleck has a differing political opinion, and I think he conducted himself fairly calmly (although towards the end you could tell he was pissed) and civilly, while Rosie sat there waving her munchkin arms with their sausage like fingers, shaking her giant pumpkin head, and getting all in his face. If you have a differing viewpoint with someone, especially a different political viewpoint, act civilly. Respect the other's opinion (I myself am too often guilty of violating that, I must admitt, but then again I'm not a big-name talk show host). It was NOT professional conduct, at least for her. Like Tim said, she's not hosting Crossfire or Hardball. Anyway, she is a hypocrite. As it's been stated, she does advertisements for Kmart, which I understand is one of the largest retail outlets for the purchase of firearms (I've even heard you can buy a Glock there). AND I didn't like the fact that today, she sorta apologized, but then brought up the GA shootings to prove her point about gun control. Look--don't exploit these recent shootings just to prove your own viewpoint. That's not tasteful.

As for the NRA....I'm not against them. I'm not exactly for them, but I can see that they should be entitled to their second amendment rights. I respect that. I know a few people in the NRA, and contrary to popular opinion, most of them are not militia members, or are planning any paramilitary operations from their basements. I can see why people want to impose more gun control laws, but in someways I disagree with that. TRUE STORY: A few years ago, this guy high on crack and God only knows what else broke into my parents house at about 3 a.m. He calmly sat in my dad's chair, lit a joint, and was toking it up when my mom alerted my dad, who promptly kicked his ass out the house. Now, my dad didn't have to use a gun that time, but it was reassuring to know that he had one in the house if he needed to use it (of course, hopefully he never will have to). The concern I have is probably the concern most right-wing folks have, that being it will be harder for "honest, law-abiding" citizens to obtain a gun for protection, while the "criminals" can obtain them fairly easily (and they are easy to get. Trust me. Growing up in D.C., it's only a matter of knowing which street corner to visit to get strapped). That may be a worst-case scenario fear, though, but still. I think we should still possess the right to "bear arms". Overall, I would say that perhaps more gun control is okay, but I don't think guns were the main issue behind the recent school shootings (although they were a factor), and I disagree with the thought that the NRA is a bunch of terrorist nutjobs.

Just as long as they don't take away the 2 Bowie knives, "morning-star" mace, or Spanish broadsword I own in my small collection of medieval and bladed weaponry.....

Entity: I can't condone all the actions of Howard Stern, but I actually liked the fact that he was calling Rosie on the spot. He's rude, crude, and obnoxious, but he does have a point about Rosie: She is a hypocrite, and not who she says she is (i.e. a "nice" person).

JackaL: I *wish* was there to see the looks on those newspeople's faces. You had some good points there, my friend. When the s*** hits the fan, everyone always looks to the outsiders to blame, when most of the time we're just minding our own. And you're SOOO right: kids don't act this way because of movies glorifying violence, they often act this way because of THE NEWS MEDIA dramatizing (if not possibly glorifying) their behavior with round the clock coverage. It sickens me. I'm glad none of your friends were harmed in any way.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, May 21, 1999 12:31:54 AM

I got back from the Honor Awards thing at our school. It was like the Oscars; it was too long and most of the people who got awards didn't deserve them. All the guys who moon police officers and drive drunk got Citizenship awards and a steriod using jock named "Bump" got another bunch of athletic scholarships. Naturally, almost all of the winners had friends or family members who were in the commities that handed out the awards.

Me? Nothing. Nada.

Bump. A jock named Bump.

A ship named Titanic, a car named Edsel, a blimp named Hindingburg, a space shuttle named Challenger, a President named Reagan, a talk show host named Rosie...

Jackal: I read your last post regarding the school shootings. I agree with you almost 100 percent. And that kinda scares me. And I would have said it a little more eloquently.

Tim Phipps
Friday, May 21, 1999 12:23:43 AM

Two things to talk about:

1. Rockdale is my neighboring county. And I have a couple of friends that go to Heritage, I've talked to them, none were in the area when the shooting happened. It's just kinda strage because I was there Tuesday and I took a friend to lunch...., Anyway, when I saw the media was at Rockdale hostipal, I drove up there. They are on MY terriorty now!! I pulled up in the parking lot, of course the police was there, and it was littered with media people. It was buiness as usual, they were letting people in the hosital that had a reason to be there..., (I made one up, I was like..., my grandma's here). So, I went walking thur the hospital, there were a few media people in there..., it was actually boring in there... When I went back out to the parking lot a person from the channel 5 news kept on sweatin me, I mean justa lookin as hard as possible at me. And I thought YES! This is way I came here! (This is the converstation as best I can remember it).

I said, "Can I help you?!" And he was signalin for the dude to get the camrea.
He asked me what was my opinion on the shootings. I looked at him....., I just HAD to let him have it, cause he was media....
"Are you askin me, cause I'm a Goth?! You see me walkin out of this hospital with my black clothes, my black hair and my pentegram necklace, and you think I'm worthy enuf to flim an opinion?! Well, ok, you're gonna get it! I think yall are f***ed up! You go around sayin all your crap about Goth people, back when this Littleton thing was goin down. And now that you see a Goth and a shooting happens HERE and you wanna ask my opinion, excuse me but I think that's alittle on the prejudice side! All right then, check it out. We all heard the sad boo-hoo story about how guns are bad, Manson is bad, kids are bad. None of this stuff is bad, it's misundestood. If you get a misunderstood kid and he MISunderstands the purpose of a gun, you get tragedies like this! When I was in school I was every bit of an outcast, and if I wasn't worried about my immortal soul, you damn right I woulda shot up my school! You're damn right! I say that with NO shame! But you gotta think about...., why is he soo proud to say that?! I'll tell ya why....., because it's allll about attention. That's what it is. I had no f***in friends in school, I didn't get cool until I got out, but I was alwayz deprived of attention all my life, from my parents, my peers, my teachers.... ::I pointed dramatically at the police offiers:: these law officers.... NONE of these muthaf***as give a f*** about people like me until you do something f***ed up. Shooting up your school is pretty f***ed up! All of a sudden you go from nobody to being...., practically God. Because everybody's attention is on you. And you media people help that hype, that ego boost, because you don't let sh*t be. That's probably the main thing that was goin thur that kid's head eariler, "The news is gonna be here!" You motherf***ers are a big thing! I sit around with friends of mine and we talk about crimes that we can do that are big enuf to make the news! People like me, outcasts like me, that's like the ultimate thing next to being God, is be on the news. Cause you people feed of this sh*t, and people like me feed off your sh*t! It'll never end til we all die! THAT'S my opinion, we're all f***ed until every last one of us dies! So yall toke on that and let me know if it's the sh*t!"
Then I walked away, got in my car, shot them a bird and left the parking lot, (under the watchful eye of the law). Needless to say, I had fun today. But I been watchin the news, they ain't playin me. :( DAMNIT!!!

2. Nevermind..., tell yall later. I'm tired, I had a big day...

City of Death, we will shoot you., Ga
Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:33:29 PM

"Right Here Waiting For You"

To the lonley bando by the candle. Here's hopin' ya don't have to wait much longer.

Robby the CR DJ
Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:32:33 PM

**enters the room normally (finally), switches out the candles, lights the new one, then sits down, chin in hand, already fixating. Makes his comments without letting his eyes drift from the candle's flame.**

**sigh** I'm getting lonelier by the minute ...

Jaden: Hope ya get well soon.

Kitainia: Heh ... I'm glad I've piqued your interest. :)

Today's shooting: **shudders** I hope to God this gets everyone off of the Goth folks' backs. If a friggin' Boy Scout ... let me repeat louder: A BOY SCOUT!!!! ... can do this kind of crap, then *******anybody******** can!!
Makes me ashamed to have been a Scout myself ...


Mandi: You caught that too, huh? Who knows, maybe Wedge will turn out to be Leia's step-brother. ;)

Jedi Death: I finally watched the last ten minutes of ROTJ that I missed in my SW orgy yesterday, and yes, Darth Vader is burned on a pyre. I would theorize similarly to Stephen, that only the masters disappear.

Critics: Well, I think my mother put it best when she said, "It's a good movie if it entertains me." That's all it comes down to ... and TPM *did* entertain me. So in my book it's a good movie.

Ordell, re: Leia's Jedi training: In the Zahn books, not only does Leia receive Jedi training from Luke, he builds her a lightsaber, and additionally her somewhat-untrained Jedi talents allow her to "speak" telepathically with her unborn children. Of course, there *is* some difficulties ... Luke was reluctant to build her a lightsaber until she basically pestered him into it, pointing out that even Jedi librarians in the Old Republic carried lightsabers.


Kyryn: That's exactly the way I would put it. Let me know when Game 1 is, and I'll supply the player effigies to torch. ;)

Starsinger: If GB hasn't sent ya anything, send me a message and I'll let ya know how the deal goes if ya wanna room with us.

Dags: **double takes at message** Luke *marrying* Mara Jade?! When does **this** happen?! **looks at Robby's post** Oh. Okay. Which book is that?

Robby: Congrats on your tenure. Oh, and I have a request in your capacity as CR DJ -- "Right Here Waiting," by Ricahrd Marx. Matches my mood right now ... **sigh**

**fixates on the candle's flame, staring more intently than he has in a long while.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:01:43 PM

Robby > Luke and Mara first meet in the Heir to the empire trilogy, but the hint of them getting married is at the end of "Vision of the Future".

As for female Jedi Knights we have Leia Organa Solo, Jaina Solo, Tenal ka, Cilghal, Lusa, Mara Jade, Kirana Ti, Tionne, Callista, etc.

Dags - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:52:38 PM

**Robby checks through the CR archives**

Holy cow! Yesterday marked the end of my seventh month in here! Gee, time flies when you're going insane! Month 8 starting up... Ha hah ahaaha haaaa!

Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:40:45 PM

Spike, the site refuses admittance.
Theresa - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:57:07 PM

Here's a direct link to the GWT Forum.
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:31:49 PM

**giggles** It's on now ! I'm getting nervous ! **blushes**
Heather - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:22:22 PM

Spike I can't seem to find the GWT forums link. Sorry.

Right now I'm having keyboard problems. I'll try new batteries and see if that helps.


Theresa - [ ]
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:04:51 PM

I don't post a singular reply often, so I'm entitling myself to this one. ;)

Tim> Rosie said Tom _did_ know that they were going to have a talk about the NRA, just that he obviously didn't expect it to be so intense. Rosie was very overbearing and anything but calm, but she didn't exactly "bitch" at him. Sheesh, she makes one slip-up and she's never going to hear the end of it! On a show as unopinionated as hers, I think she's entitled to one opinion. Personally, I don't know the entirety of the situation with the NRA, so I can't judge, but Tom seemed to make a reasonable case for the NRA. But by the same token I agree with Rosie's less-than-articulate, passionate case. *shrug*

As for why I'm defending her? I haven't a clue. It's not like I'm a die-hard fan. But listening to Howard Stern this morning calling her a fat %^&$# has just really irritated me, I guess. (I don't listen to him regularly, only this morning because the day before he had a very interesting guest on. It was some wacko, ex-con, ex-bare-knuckle-wrestler who claims to have been abducted and had sex with aliens called Insectillians and Targzillians... can we guess where those were derived from? *rolls eyes*)

Thursday, May 20, 1999 08:57:24 PM

Argent- Luke gets together with the emporor's right hand woman Mara Jade in Timothy Zahn's official follow up to the series. Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command. All great books which I'm currently re-reading. Worth picking up, they're FAR better than Phantom Menace. No 8 year olds or Jar Jar.
Thursday, May 20, 1999 08:50:32 PM

(Maambi is counting down, and the group is in a heated debate.)
"No! No WAY can I afford to alley with _her_, however temporarily!"
"Can you afford not to?" (asks SJ.)
"Fifty seconds." (remarks Maambi calmly.)
"Yes, I can do without her help! I'm with you guys, aren't I?"
"You forget," (responds Wilek) "that we're only passing through. I think you should seriously consider your decision."
"Forty seconds."

I swear, the world is plotting to get that new Backstreet Boys song in my head. NONONONONONONONONO!!!!
(Plugs ears and begins whistling the 'Star Wars' theme.)
ALL NEW POSTER> Nice to meet ya!
ROBBY> Thanks for the 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' song!
BRONX WYVERN> ***pos. current Pendragon ep. Spoiler*** Danu probably didn't go to Avalon because she said she couldn't favor one son over the other. ***done***
CHRISTINE> Can you look up the names Zachariah, Bryony, and Jacob? Thanks!
DAGS> [Luke and Mara Jade...] Where did you read THAT?!

People eat up to eight spiders in their sleep> ummmmm, How in the HECK do they figure THAT out?
Female Jedi Knights> Off the top of my head, I can name three: Clighal, Jaina Solo, and Tenal Ka. BTW, someone mentioned Callista. Does anyone know what happened to her? (I am NOT going to read that Barbara Hambley book to find out.)

Hey, is it just my computer, or are a lot of the pic links broken? In fact, nearly ALL of them are! (Throws a can of blue paint and several well-sharpened colored pencils at DC. Just because he's dead in the RP doesn't mean he gets to get away with anything.)

***CON'T RP!***
(The scarecrow appears to be in one of those fun 'danged- if-you-do, danged-if-you-don't' situations. Obviously he can use any help he can get, now or later. Obviously he can't trust the witch any farther then he can throw her. He wastes valuable time pacing a rut into the road and muttering to himself.)
"Thirty seconds."
(Argent decides to throw in her two cents) "Hey Mr. High-and-Mighty king, here's a couple of tidbits of Earth wisdom for thought: 'My enemy's enemy is my friend' and 'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer'."
"Twenty seconds."

Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!
(Five months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Argent (aka Tribe Fanatic)
stable, USA
Thursday, May 20, 1999 08:42:16 PM

Hi all!

Name> My first and second name together mean loving little flower. *bright red* This is why children end up hating their parents.

Christine> Congratulations on the house!!

Heather> Hope your arm heals quick.


Glimmer> *reads about the Little Aspiring Nudist, and laughs* My younger brother did the same thing! My mum ended up buying him a pair of pants that had about five buckles, just so she could be sure he wouldn't suddenly whip all his clothes off in public. (not that he didn't try - he got down to one buckle once, before mum caught him. :) )

*notices the SW:TPM spoilers and puts on a blindfold.* Oooh boy. This is going to be a lesson in resisting temptation. It doesn't come out until June 4 in Australia!

Jaden> *Kills Sli Sludge* Get well soon!


The TV switches on, to show Fleur surrounded by six incredibly tall, pale yellow men, each dressed simple tunic and pants, five in pale blue, one in white.
"Ziath." Fleur greets the white-clad leader quietly.
"I wouldn't bother trying to reach that rebel" Ziath reaches into his pocket and pulls something out, throwing it at Fleur's feet. It is a thick gold medallion on a chain.
"Rhoama," Fleur whispers, falling to her knees and gently picking up the medallion.
"He is dead." Ziath snaps, "and so too, are your hopes. You will come with us." The tone of his voice suggests that he does not expect any resistance. Fleur carefully puts the medallion around her own neck, her hair concealing her face. Then she stands, and pulls out the blade. Her would-be captors step back, obviously shocked.
"In honour of my mentor, I will continue the battle" Fleur intones, then leaps.
The TV switches off.

Fleur - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 08:41:09 PM

Hullos Peoples!
Don't have much time
***Warning, Spoilers, Warning***
"Downfall"->I loved it, especially the ending where Sata said that it was time...uh, does this mean that "the big day" will happen in the next ep? I hope so. A pic. would've been nice, but it was still good. All in all I give it 9/10 stars.
***End Spoilers***

Atlanta, Georgia-> Clutches head and moans "not again...." A quote I heard earlier on T.V. that was said from one of the victim's parents at Columbine, "It doesn't matter about gun laws, politics have nothing to do with it. Morality has everything to do with it." Now I know that is not exactly what he said, I know I probably messed it up, but it sounded great when I first heard it and I started clapping at the T.V.
Okay Dokay, that's all for now,

Sylvia - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 08:35:46 PM

My first exam is tomorrow...YEAH! I really need vacation...y mucho dinero!

Rolling Calf> No, I don't think my name is Katharyn :) But it's nice to know there are other happy people out there. They have to be princesses, cause I'm the QUEEN!

Spike> Thank you very, very much! I will mail my order right now, or maybe I should drive it over....hmmmm. No, that would probably freak them out :)

Aris> I agree. I really can't picture Zeus and Oberon being the same guy. Cause Zeus really got along with the ladies.....

Shogun Raptor> Brooklyn as Obi-wan Kenobi???? HHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAA!

Thursday, May 20, 1999 07:54:06 PM

Don't forget the John De Lancie chat tonight at 6:30 PM ( PT), 7:30 PM (MT), 8:30 PM (CT), or 9:30 PM (ET) !!!!!
I'll be there for sure !
**giggles and skips away humming to the song 'I drive myself crazy' by N'Sync**

Heather - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 07:48:56 PM

Ordell > Leia does become a Jedi. She also married Han Solo and gave birth to 3 children, who's names are Jacen, Jaina (twins) and Anakin. Leia also is Chief of State of the New Republic.

Luke is now a Jedi Master and will be getting married to Mara Jade, AKA. the ex-emperor's hand. It'll be interesting to see how powerful those two's children will be......

Dags - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 07:17:27 PM

Thanks for the comments, Aris and the rest. One or two replies about "The Downfall".

I agree that Avallach and Cronos are very different figures, but the "Golden Age" bit does raise the possibility that maybe Cronos wasn't as bad as all that. It's quite likely, at least IMHO, that somebody invented the "Cronos as tyrant" legends for the purpose of framing Cronos in some way. Of course, the big question is who? Neither Oberon or Madoc had the motive (even Madoc, I believe, would hesitate at slandering his own father, especially since it could rather badly interfere with his own claim to the throne), obviously, and Apep (the other possible candidate) was imprisoned and barely able to interact with the outside world.

The New Olympians business is a bit of a strain, I'll admit, though I will also admit that I've often felt that there had to be more behind their origins than simple human-fay matings, given that most halflings (e.g., Fox, Alex, Merlin) look like regular humans. And yep, you got the "Asterius" derivation dead-on correct, Aris.

(Incidentally, we called Madoc "the Dark One" in the story because there was nobody in Greek myth who convincingly felt like him. I considered Hades at one point, who was Zeus's brother after all, but then discarded him because he wasn't actually evil - apart from "Disney's Hercules". The Hades of actual Greek myth was more like Anubis: a rigidly fair death-god).

NOTE ON THE LAST SENTENCE - There's actually a Greek myth, by the way, which parallels the Emir's imprisonment of Anubis in "Grief". King Sisyphus of Corinth had gotten in trouble with Zeus for telling the father of the latest nymph that Zeus had been chasing about Zeus's whereabouts (at a point when Zeus had forgotten to bring any thunderbolts along with him from Mt. Olympus) and so Zeus sent Hades after Sisyphus by way of retaliation. However, Sisyphus managed to trick Hades into becoming his prisoner. With Hades held captive, nobody could die (just as was the case when the Emir had imprisoned Anubis); finally, however, Ares got fed up with the situation (he felt that it took all the fun out of warfare when nobody got killed in the fighting, no matter how badly cut up they were) and freed Hades. Sisyphus finally, after one more wriggling effort which I don't have time to get into here, was sent off to the Underworld, and made to push that rock up the hillside ad infinitum to keep him so busy that he wouldn't have the opportunity to come up with a fresh escape plan.

AIRWALKER - I believe that Hesperia is the Atlantean name for Spain and Ausonia Italy.

BUFFY FINALE - I'm sorry to hear about its potential troubles, and hope that it's just a rumor.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, May 20, 1999 06:31:28 PM

Theresa>> Why not advertise for a roomie over at the GWT Forum? Or better yet, just go ahead and get a room of your own? The special convention rates are available until the end of the month and the more rooms that are rented, the better deal the Gathering will get from the hotel. Everyone will benefit!!
Thursday, May 20, 1999 06:17:39 PM

Shooting in Atlanta, and I see everyone, and everything blamed but the ones who pulled the trigger. When are people going to realize that these kids are just plain rotten people, and should be held accountable for their actions?
Gyre - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 06:04:08 PM

Shooting in Atlanta: Goddammit! Kids these days are stupid. They don't have any personal responsiblity for there own actions anymore. They can't even think of any original crimes to commite any more.

And on top of that, "Miss-I'm-So-Wonderful" Rosie O'Donnell bitched at Tom Selleck about how guns don't fit on that moral pedistal of hers. Then today she goes on TV and says that Tom Selleck didn't know that they were going to talk about the NRA. Since when did she start hosting Crossfire? And then she goes off and refers to the NRA like it was some goddamn terrorist organization! I may not like all of the NRA's policies, but Rosie has gone way too far.

Appearrently in this country, if you stand up for your Rights, your considered a terrorist. If you're a person who doesn't want to accept responsibility and preaches Nazi rehetoric, you're considered a hero.

On the plus side, Rosie did make herself look like a total bitch on national TV :)

<<Personally, I think Cameron should've won the Oscar for The Abyss or Aliens, instead of the one about that damn boat, but SF movies are hardly ever nominated for that award. >> I hear ya, man. I don't know why they gave the best picture award to a movie we all knew the ending to. The best part of that film was when Leonardo died. Hell, they wouldn't even give "2001" Best Picture.

Good news! Today was my last day of school! Now all I have to do is go to that damn ceremony and then I'm free! And for a graduation gift, my parents are helping me pay for the trip to the Gathering in Dallas this summer! WHOO-HOO!

Tim Phipps
Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:59:41 PM

OK Sailor Moon fans. The Cartoon Network will be doing a 17 "missing" episodes marathon Sunday. That's 8½ hours of episodes that were not show.

Attila have GB drop me a line about particulars as a roomie for the Gathering. Thanks.


Theresa - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:54:32 PM

My internet connection has been getting screwy these last few days... it's been taking around twenty tries to log on.

THE DOWNFALL> I'll say this much: Todd is one heck of a thorough writer. I remember this story entering Edits in a state of pristine perfection.

THE PHANTOM MENACE> I, for one, have yet to see this film... and until I do, I think I'm going to simply avoid the comment room altogether. No offense to you guys, but with the volume of spoilers present in here, mere warnings aren't enough. You have to read _something_ in order to see when a spoiler ends, and at that point all there is is another one starting up. I've had a number of close calls, and I don't know how much more my lightning-quick eye reflexes can handle. ;)

SHOOTINGS> I loath the media. I just can't help it, the way they've been covering these recent shootings as though they're doing something so noble. IMO, the other weirdos out there who are "copy-cating" wouldn't be doing so if the crimes hadn't been publicized to such a sickening extent. These people see that others have done it, thereby sanctifying their attempt to do it, because then they wouldn't be alone as the only ones. It's like stealing from a broken candy machine in the school lunchroom -- if you see it by yourself you may hesitate about stealing from it, but if the P.A. system suddenly comes on and announces how tons of other people have been stealing from broken candy machines lately, well... maybe you'll take a swipe at it.

Okay... that might've been a very lame comparison... :)

Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:51:00 PM

****Yet again, more TPM spoilers and comments****
Obi-Wan's telling that Yoda taught him > come on, there are two more movies, and I really want to see Yoda use a lightsaber. Really bad. And Sam Jackson, if possible. I'm guessing Obi-Wan's comments in Empire means that Yoda taught them all.

Did anyone catch the line, "Don't defy them master, not again." From Obi-Wan to Qui-Jon? There should be a cool story there.....

Qui-Jon's attitude to Anakin in latter half of movie > Qui-Jon knew how important he was by then, and having the kid run around a battlefield during an invasion isn't that safe. What was he supposed to do?

Kitania > Boba Fett, cool? He's in the entire trilogy a total of half an hour, maybe 35 minutes beacause of the part in ANH: TSE. Darth Maul was a bad ass, plain and simple.

Okay, question. Anakin is supposidly the chosen one, right? Well he's going to train most of his life, training in both the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force, but just imbracing the Dark Side. Luke, who trains for all of three years, at most, kicks Anakin's ass in Jedi? I believe Luke and Leia are the true chosen one(s) because of the title of Ep. 4 (A New Hope) and Yoda's line in Jedi, "No, there is another." I haven't read any of the books except Shadows of the Empire, and it really wouldn't reveal into Leia's future at all....I've heard she becomes a Jedi, but I don't know.....

Okay, later all.....

Ordell - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:49:45 PM

Kyryn: Well, long episodes and May/June don’t go well with me. :( *sigh* I suppose an early release is out of the question. :(

Todd: SW isn’t released here to August, so for my part, I’m sitting here waiting and grumbling! Although I probably won’t be paying attention to TGS anyway if I can possibly help it, because I just can’t fit it in at this time of year without sacrificing something else, normally of considerable more importance. Nonetheless…


Am I the only one who felt the title was a bit dull? It makes it sound like the downfall might just happen anywhere, and conveyed nothing of the spectacular significance of it. Maybe that’s just me being fussy. I preferred the disclaimer, which was hilarious. And now I get to talking about the piece itself…

Very good, for the most part. I was pleased to see some cool new characters, the Timedancers well written and it was great to see that so much effort was given to kneading in experiences and references to past time-dances. The ending was particularly well written. That said, I felt saddened that while what exposition of the characters we did get was excellent, the numbers introduced meant that they couldn’t all be really dug into as I feel they might have been. Ideally, I would have liked this to have been given a similar treatment as MENAGERIE with 2 whole parts to explore the world. That’s a pity, but maybe in another time-dance. Although by the sounds of it, they aren’t going to be returning to Atlantis pre-destruction, so we’ll only see it through flashbacks if at all.

I loved the ending in particular, but was saddened that there was little of Oberon and Madoc in person. Rather ironic really that ‘the Dark One’ actually was nice enough to leave Atlantis alone when the great ‘Zeus’ actually was a rather nasty chap.

Superb work and a real team player for TGS as a whole, bonding well with both past Timedancer episodes and the main series.



Ed - []
London, England
Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:38:02 PM


Just wanted to stop by and say that this week's Timedancer episode was excellent. Very well written and entertaining. Loved the cliffhanger ending for Brooklyn and Sata.


I was just wondering about some of the names of countries given in the episode. Where exactly are Hesperia, and Ausonia?

Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, May 20, 1999 05:01:22 PM


The screen flickers on, to reveal Hades in his black Range Rover, driving across the Indiana farm country. "Master," he speaks into a radio. "I have regained Jaden's trail after temporarily losing it. I now know that he is in a small town in Iowa, and about to do battle with a cult of evil children." "Get there quickly!" the mysterious scientist who made Jaden orders. "Jaden must not be killed!" "Don't worry, Master. I will be there in a matter of hours. Then I will capture Jaden and bring him to you." "Good." "What about Thailog, Master? Should I do anything about him?" "Whether or not Thailog conquers the world is of little concern to me. He has been a useful tool for finding Jaden, but it is more important for me to have all my creations back under my control." "I will get Jaden back then," Hades promises. "Don't worry." He drives on down the road.

The display changes to the desolate Iowa town, where Doug and the others we saw him with last time are walking out of the church. "Alright," says Kitainia. "We need to find everyone and get them together." "I'll go back to the truck," says Shap. "And tell them what's happening." "I'll come with you," says Shauna. "Alright," nods Doug. "Orion, Jaden, Kit, and I will split up then and start searching for the others. Meet you at the Onslaught in about an hour." Everyone nods and heads out, staying on guard for trouble. Doug heads toward a group of houses off to one side and turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone. Today I've been busy cataloguing and stocking all the new textbooks Bevo's has gotten in. Was about half done with them when my shift ended, hope my replacement can finish the job before tomorrow. <fingers crossed>

Fanfic Progress: I haven't started to write my next one yet, though I have done all the intro stuff. Work has kept me too busy lately, and I've also been taking a much needed break now that the semester's ended. But don't worry, the break will be over tomorrow, work should go back to normal once all the textbooks are catalogued and stocked, and there are no interesting movies coming out this weekend. So before my cousin's graduation next Friday which I will of course be attending, I should have time to get at least some work done. In the meantime, the ideas are incubating in my head and I've thought up some cool scenes. Will transcribe them when I have time to and am ready. Hope you people keep sending in feedback on my currently posted stories while I'm writing this one, I will enjoy getting it all.

BTW, the KODT reference in my last story was yet another thing no one's bothered to guess at. :( Alright, I'll reveal the answer again. One of the minor dragons is named Rotigunthor. That name is an adaptation of the KODT wine-loving swack iron dragon's name- Rotgut. Being as big a KODT fan as I am, I couldn't resist putting it in. :)

DumlaoX: Thanks for making the RP website, so far it looks great. Hope you post the bios I sent you soon, let me know if you need any more data on characters, weapons, or vehicles such as the Road Moccasin and Onslaught.

Taleweaver: I too would like to see a book of Xander-isms. Hope they publish one soon. Maybe fans should start e-mailing WB about it.

Deuce: You have to go offline for a while? Rats, we're gonna miss you. Hope you come back soon.

Jaden, Kaioto: Welcome back to both of you. Jaden, I hope you get over your sickness quickly. :)

Warpmind: $ The RP is like an ongoing Round Robin storyline for the CR. It's several of us CR dwellers and our friends fighting a long and dangerous battle against a terrorist syndicate bent on taking over the world. Thailog leads the bad guys, and many of our old enemies are also part of them. You can read some of the story in the current CR and more in the CR archives that are part of the TGS main page (hope those are updated soon). If you want to join in, feel free to do so anytime. $

GXB: Thanks. :)

Phantom Menace: Kit wrote that earlier review based on our discussion of the film after we watched it. To see what our verdict, look at her previous post. We thought some of the movie was very good, and some was unfortunately not that great and didn't seem like it belonged in Star Wars. Overall, we are glad we saw it, though. Going out and doing so was fun.

Coyote: Well, I'm not going to do that much with Poor Dead Doug, just use him as an interpreter and background character in "Legacy." That story's a long way away.

*mild new Timedancer spoilers*
The Downfall: I thought about the same things about this ep that Kitainia did. It had a very well-detailed setting, good development on Sata and Brooklyn, and neat new characters. I liked the Olympians, Deucalion and Pyrha were interesting (they're probably ancestors of the Great Flood's survivors Deucalion and Pyrha who have the same names), and Leitos was a villain it was very easy to hate. I cheered when he got what he deserved. Great job on this episode, Todd, thanks for writing it. Keep up the good work!
*end mild spoilers for the new Timedancer ep*

Elessar: I heard about that shooting in Georgia, too. Damn that kid for attacking those people!! Didn't anyone ever tell him there was a better way to deal with your anger? <sighs> Oh well, at least this time nobody was killed and they got the perp. Hope nothing too terrible happens to him. <grin>

SJ: I really hope they don't mess up the Buffy season finale. I want to see at least one thing on TV about young people using guns for something good (stopping a demon) instead of all the horrible massacres like what happened in Littleton and Jonesboro. But unfortunately a lot TV execs have their heads so far up their rear ends that they can't tell the difference, so... Whedon has my prayers if he is trying to stop the evil censors, I wish him good luck.

Stephen: Good ideas about Jedi Masters. All this time, I thought the parts of Anakin that were still flesh vanished when he died, leaving the machine shell that Luke burned. That's probably how Lucas will explain what happened with Qui-Gon's body, thanks for sharing it ahead of time.

Name Meanings: My first name has two meanings that I've heard of- "Strong" and "Dark Water." Not sure which one is correct.

Okay, guess that's everything I wanted to talk about. Hmm, I said less than usual. Oh well, I'm off to run some errands before that concert Kit and I are attending tonight. Bye!


Doug is about to walk into a house when he hears a loud scream coming from nearby. "That's Kit!" he gasps in recognition. He draws his shotgun and rushes toward the noise, to find no sign of Kitainia, only an empty noose of rope dangling in the wind and Kit's wallet lying under it on the ground. "What happened?" Doug wonders as he picks it up. Suddenly a child drops onto Doug's shoulders from a tree nearby and presses a chloroform-soaked rag to his mouth. Doug coughs and blacks out. The child jumps off him as he falls down and several more emerge from the surrounding buildings to join him. "I got this one," the kid with the rag smiles proudly, pointing to Doug's unconscious form. "Good," says Malachi. "He looked like one of the most dangerous. The girl with wings fell into Jacob's snare, he's taking her to Golgotha." "The Reverend will be pleased," nods a small blonde girl. "Now we have them all, except for the dark man in white armor, the dark woman with the bow, the wolf creature, and the false minister." "We must hurry and get them, too!" declares Malachi. "Sarah, you and David take this one back to Golgotha while we find the others. Children of He Who Walks Behind the Rows, move out!!" The kids scamper off as the screen goes blank. To be continued.


Doug - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 04:58:35 PM

**A small whirlwind of dust blows into the CR. Kyryn is revealed as the dust cloud dissipates**

Hello all. I've been cleaning out computers. It's no wonder that dust puppies exist. It's amazing the amount of dust that can accumulate in a machine in 6 months.

Coyote> Sure. Join me. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.*grin*

Downfall> Excellent episode, Todd!

Last night I went and saw the Mummy. Two lines stuck in my brain: 'Mortal methods won't kill this guy!' 'Well, then we'll just have to use immortal methods.' *l* I could suddenly see them questioning various immortals: 'So what methods do you use to kill another immortal?' 'No, I'm sorry, I don't think that cutting off the head is going to work in this case. Any other ideas?'

Later all!

**Kyryn opens the window and disappears in another cloud of dust**

Uvalde, TX
Thursday, May 20, 1999 03:41:30 PM

Hi Jenna! No problem. The pic is at
demon3.jpg. You wouldn't have to be quite so specific, but avalon is sort of down right now.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, May 20, 1999 03:34:19 PM

*** SPOILERS FOR 'The Downfall' ***

This was an interesting ep to say the least, which though certainly it didn't possess the emotional strength of 'Requiem' or the innovativeness of 'Brief encounters' or the kind of epic style of 'The Sun and the Sepent' it filled in so much background that it became epic by itself in a way.

It was amazing how accurately the myth of Atlantis was portrayed - the style of concentric cycles for the city, their fight with Athens: those are things that are rarely seen in most modern versions of the myth. To nitpick: Plato has the Atlantis destruction be far earlier to that of Deucalion - the third deluge before the deluge of Deucalion.

I'm not certain I like the idea of Oberon-as-Zeus. I'm not certain I much believe it. If he was Zeus, wouldn't he more often use his most well known name? Moreover I can accept the idea of Odin and Zeus bowing to Oberon - but Odin bowing to Zeus? It creates an inequality between the two mythologies...

And as a second thought doesn't this create a bit of a havoc with mythology? Was Hercules Oberon's son, then? And how does Cronos-as-Avallach fit in? What do we know of Cronos - he castrated his own father Uranus to get the throne, then proved even worse by devouring his own children but the last, Zeus, escaped and in turn destroyed him. He is also sometimes connected with the idea of all-devouring time, and strangely enough with the Golden Age. Now of all the above only the idea of the Golden Age fits in...

Moving on, the name Asterius shows for certain (as if I had any doubt... :) that Todd studied the subject well. Asterius ofcourse is the true name of what is better known with the nickname "minotaur"-"Bull of Minos". Very nice touch.

I hope we learn more about Balinos the Mad - is that a reference to anything btw? - and I hope it was not simple madness that made him join the dragons. Character depth rarely comes from madness...

Finally I must ofcourse comment on the New Olympians origins... I am somehow very ambivalent concerning it. On one hand, it was very competently done, with a bit of sweetness, with some wonder, with two very nice characters Asterius and Astraea as introduction to them.

On the one hand it goes against Greg Weisman's sayings (though that's not so important really) and makes yet another race of creatures be creations of the Unseelie War, something which is beginning to be somewhat repetitive. *Everything* proves to be the result of the Unseelie War and/or Madoc, or feeding into it. Olympians, Vampires, basilisks, yowies (sp?), the sinking of cities and continents, the Phoenix gate....

I don't much like that. Though I've seen people confuse it with the interrelatedness of the Gargoyles series in which everything is connected to everything else, it's not the same. The TGS Unseelie arc smells more like Babylon 5 where a single major war connected various separate threads, rather than Gargoyles. (I can expound more on this, if anyone does not understand what I mean by the difference)

To finish up, this *was* a very nice ep, competently written, and with a truly magnificent cliffhanger :) Some of the background was very nice, some I have different opinions about. But on the whole nicely written.

As a sidenote: it's a nice coincidence but just yesterday, I reorganized my site, and added a small preview of what will most probably be my first story - and it will in part include my version of the origins of the New Olympians, certainly different than the ones shown here...


Aris Katsaris - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 03:28:04 PM

I loved "The Phantom Menace", extremely well done.
The weaving together of the many story threads was
pleasing to see.
Gyre - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:58:03 PM

Aaron--cool!! Let me know what pic you use and if it's on the web anywhere.

Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:47:05 PM

Phantom Menace- Great movie. Not nearly enough Darth Maul, Anakin needed a different set of vocal cords so he could act, and Jar Jar became a decent character once he stopped talking. Best part of the film was the lightsaber duel, which wasn't quite long enough. Nothing to spoil really, and nothing to point out that hasn't already been said by Kitainia.

**Phantom Menace spoiler!!!**

It had great special effects! Ha! There! If you've read this part and haven't seen it, its ruined! you know it has great special effects! You have no reason to see it now! Ha ha! (Sorry, a bit on Conan O'Brian got stuck in my head...)

**End non-spoilers**

Doug- Ack, I meant to say DEUCE come back quick... Oii... Hate it when that happens.

TRC- DOn't worry about how DC is being treated in the RP. I have a plan that'll span... Oh... A week and a half... And when I'm done, DC will be more hated than ever. And feel free to keep on killing him, he's still disconnecting stuff, he's just against Lonny, who's the greater evil.

Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:32:55 PM

Aaron skips joyfully into the CR.

Hey, y'all. LA falls again. I'm happy.

A few quick replies, and a review of ST:TPM

Kitainia> Interesting review. I thought the 2nd half was closer to the real thing myself, but..

Kathy> Thanks for the Hawks/Knicks info. And chalk up another playoff win for Knick head coach Darth Van Gundy.(Take a look at this guy. You'll get the joke) Damn, I wish I lived somewhere where they'd put home games on network TV. All the Spurs games are on pay per view from here on in. Grrrrrrrr. Aaron looks around for an NBA owner to vent on. Finding none, he settles for slicing DC in half with a black-bladed lightsaber.

Anyway, Hi Jenna! The tattoo guy wanted a better pic, so I had to go back to Binkos. I'm headed back today. Hopefully actually get it done friday.

*****Warning! Warning! Phantom Menace Spoilers**********

I maybe in the minority here, but I thought this movie was pretty bad. Aaron does his best Yoda voice.

Bathroom humor, chase scenes without music, Jar Jar Binks. A Star Wars movie needs not these things.

I went in with an open mind, and to a midnight showing with a lively crowd, and I was still disappointed. I admit, the movie had moments, mostly those not involving Jar Jar, Anakin, or Natalie Portman.

And now the force apparently is given to us by microscopic organisms who live inside us? I'm sorry, but something as spiritual as the force should not have a biological explaination, or any explanation. It should just be.

Anakin is the christ child? George is getting farther out there in his old age.

And would someone please show Natalie Portman the old movies so she can learn how to gunfight with a little authority? Leia did it much better.
I can see why Kenneth Braunagh (sp) would turn down being Obi Wan if he read the script. He doesn't get to do anything. He has almost zero character development. He just shows up and is Obi Wan, with, really, none of the youthful rebelliousness he always said he had.

Another question: If Palpatine is Darth Siddous, how come none of the Jedi can sense his presence in the force, even when he's standing three feet from them?

And did we really have to have Godzilla and ET make cameos?

*****end spoilers*******************

Well, the boss is back, and I gotta go now.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:15:19 PM

I'm sure I'm in violation of... some law, somewhere, but I thought this coincidence (?) was weird enough to share. If you guys check out this site:
you may find this ad:
HUEY. . Willing to spend up to $2.5 Million. Contact Lennox MacDuff located in New York City, New York. Telephone: 609-295-6673. -- Posted: 11/25/97

Anybody else feeling somewhat surprised? And who'd think he would sink to the depths of buying second-hand choppers?

I think I could need to clear my head. Where's my coffee maker? *sound of digging through cupboard*

So long.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:09:57 PM

Marius is derived from "warlike"? Huh, and here I've always suspected it had something to do with the sea... y'know "mare". Some relatives also happened to speculate on the possible relation to "nightmare", though... well, let's just say those speculations were violently ended... *whistles*

Well, if my name is related to "warlike", I guess it is convenient that I actually try to maintain a relatively high -level moral code, a code of honor, if you like. Oh, if that code could get me chicks, life would be grand... (oops, revealed too much).

Better shut my mouth, I guess.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Thursday, May 20, 1999 01:44:34 PM

Interspecies dating > dunno if this even needs to be said, but I'm all for it ; )

Names (alphabetically for those who wondered):
** Alister -- variant spelling of Alastair, which is the Gaelic form of Alexander, from the Greek Alexandros, meaning "protector of men."
** Brian -- from the Celtic and Gaelic Briareus, meaning "strong."
** David -- from the Hebrew, meaning "beloved."
** Marius -- a variant of Marcus, from the Latin Mars, meaning "warlike."
** Paul -- from the Latin "paulus" or the Greek "paulos," meaning "small."
** Rahsaan -- not in either book.
** Wilek -- not in either book, either.

Avalon Mists deadline less than a week away! ; )

Christine - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 01:28:13 PM

Hey there Steve!
Thursday, May 20, 1999 01:25:10 PM

JEDI DEATH (Re: Kitania) - First off, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I briefly flipped down the comments/spoilers and I just had to comment on the one think Kit mentioned.

To be honest, I think the only reason Qui-Gon's body didn't disappear is because he wasn't a powerful Jedi Master to begin with. Now, before people start chucking rocks, let me explain my reasoning:

One, when Ben Kenobi died when Vader cut him down, he was basically much older than Qui-Gon was in Episode 1. On the same note, Yoda was 900+ years old when he died in his bed on Dagoba. Two, when Vader dies in "Return of The Jedi", and (if you have to use the novels) Master C'baoth and Luke's clone in "Heir To The Empire" trilogy, all are not close to Ben's or Yoda's age.

Thus, I think the "Vanishing at Death" is something that only the older, more powerful Jedi can master. Sort of an easing of the pain or cesation of life after having lived a long one in service to the Force. Of course, I also believe that only those that serve the Light Side of the Force can do this. (Yes, I realize that Anakin's spirit showed up with Ben's and Yoda's at the end of "Jedi", but remember, Luke had to cremate his body first.)

THE DOWNFALL > Very good writing!

EVERYONE ENDING FINALS > Congrats! Hope everyone did well!

That's all from me for now. Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, May 20, 1999 01:12:30 PM

Noticed there seems to be an ongoing discussion about interspecies dating. Hmmm... I'm for it, provided both species are sentient. In my case, I guess interspecies dating is just as likely as... but you don't want to hear about that. Spotted something about an RP page minutes ago. Checking it out when I've posted this (and maybe I'll even figure out a way of sneaking my own hide in somewhere, maybe as the guy who spends his time being confused?)

Toodeloo... or whatever

Warpmind de InzanE - []
NorwayThursday, May 20, 1999 12:46:20 PM

Yeah, it's true. Yet another "he seemed like such a nice kid" took his agressions out on his class mates at a school in an Atlanta suburb. Fortunately nearly all of the injuries were minor (one girl was shot in the abdomen, but she's out of surgery and in stable condition) the rest of the injuries were confined to the lower extremities and two of the kids have already been treated and released. What is even sicker than the fact that this kid copycatted the Littleton shooting is the local media, who doesn't have a blood bath to cover, seems disappointed by the fact and instead of covering the story and moving on (surely something else is happening in the world today?), they're devoting the bulk of their broadcast to their "investigation". Unfortunately the investigation consists largely of reporters pontificating and speculating because the people in authority (sheriffs, school officials etc) are still trying to figure out what the hell happened and aren't talking yet.
This is Atlanta, people. Sad as it sounds, it's not as if no one's ever pulled a gun and shot an innocent person before.
Sorry, two days and two soap boxes. What must you people think?

The Star Wars Hype: I've been avoiding any coverage of this movie like a plague. Star Wars at the time it was released was fresh, no one had done anything like it. I think there's an awful lot of people out there that are hoping to recover that magic. I'm trying real hard to think of this as just another summer movie. No expectations - no disappointments.
Forgot who asked but it was The Hawks and The Knicks that pre-empted Buffy. To anybody else that gets Buffy out of Atlanta- they're supposed to show Graduation 1 Friday night at 8:00pm. I can't see them not showing part two, they greenlighted the entire finale several weeks ago and they're advertising it in next weeks TV Guide.

Thursday, May 20, 1999 12:43:30 PM

Okay, this has to be a short post. Yep, I'm alive; I'm just borrowing Mom's 486 while I can. No good news on the monitor yet.

Just to get them out of the way...**PHANTOM MENACE SPOILERS!**

Kitania> I agree with most of what you said. But although I found Jar Jar pretty irritating, I expected him to be a lot more annoying than he turned out to be. I had pretty much the same reaction to the "virgin birth" bit. Darth Maul didn't have a lot to do, true, but I read that the actor who played him did all his own stunts - he's apparently a master in kendo, American style karate, and more. He didn't do his own voice, though; I suppose they didn't want a Sith lord with a Scottish accent. :)

Another note that may have been pointed out (but I can't load the whole room on this machine) - in the scene in the Senate with Amidala pleading her case, did they say Bail ANTILLES from Alderaan? Did they really mean Bail Organa and screw it up, or was I hearing wrong?

And lastly: Dave and I were unbelievably lucky. We went to the 10:30 am showing yesterday and got there an hour early, expecting a big line. We ended up sharing a stadium seating theatre with only a dozen other people at most, and no little kids throwing popcorn at us. Who knew?


SJ> << If anyone remembers, before I've said that I have an extreme aversion to that which is "trendy" or mainstream. If an actor is very popular (such as Leo DiCaprio or Matt Damon), I find myself hating them. >> Hype makes me ill as well. I only saw "Titanic" after my friends dragged me to the free showing at school in November. I think too much hype can backfire; I've been trying to ignore much of the "Phantom Menace" hype this spring so I still would have the energy to want to see it. But it's been difficult. And although "Austin Powers 2" is being heavily hyped, well...I wanted to see that before the advertising hit overkill.

Random tangent> I was channel surfing this morning and came across Madonna's video for the "Austin Powers" soundtrack. I'm not a Madonna fan, but has anyone else seen the video? Did anyone else laugh their head off at it?

Christine> Congrats on the house! Yay! :)

Eep, got to go. Need to free up the phone. 'Til whenever...

Mandolin - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:25:07 AM

Servaious Jr--alot of fans felt very disappointed--I liked the movie, but of course there were some flaws. Overall, I liked it though-even though it wasn't perfect. Any one who wants to see both sides of the arguement going fast and furious-check out chat room. Man, it gets hot in there!
Thursday, May 20, 1999 11:20:51 AM

Still here. Funny huh, how when you're supposed to be somewhere else (i.e. out of town) you never really go anywhere? Couple of quick things:

THE RUMORS WERE RIGHT. Apperently, already sometime today, May 20, a month to the day after the Columbine shootings in Littleton, some kid in Georgia has made good on all the rumors and shot up his high school. Jesus Christ Almighty. Copycat crimes are here, folks. The only good thing I can say is that as of now I don't think anybody has been killed or seriously injured.

BAD NEWS BUFFY FANS: The season finale for Buffy is this upcoming Tuesday, right? Well, evidently the WB is petitioning for the episode to be *heavily* cut and edited. Apperently, guns are used to stop the Ascension or something, and whenever someone says "kids" and "guns" in the same sentence, people go crazy nowadays. So, bad for us, they may wind up either editing the show greatly or even pulling it. I feel bad for Joss Whedon, whom I'm sure is doing his best for this not to happen.

Kitiana: Thank you for doing an honest Star Wars review. So many of the fan reviews I've read do nothing but focus on the positive aspects, while not mentioning any problems that exist, as a true reviewer should. And, in defense of Darth Maul, I've heard he's only in the movie for about ten minutes overall; you can't truly develop a character in such a short amount of time. Oh well, at least he looks like a badass! ;)

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:45:11 AM

Greg Xanatos--It reminded me of my fav industrialist too! ;)
Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:33:29 AM


Jenna> I was thinking the exact same thing. Palpatine's plan reminded me of something Xanatos would do. Playing both sides against the middle to become Chancellor of the Republic.


Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:30:24 AM

Boy Scout shoots six, none fatally. Interviewed skinhead wearing a black leather jacket comments "It's not the clothes that make a person."

Guess all of you can wear your black trenchcoats now, it's been proven that even those who don't wear them can be homicidal. Just don't show up at school in your Boy Scout gear.

And call your senators and represenatives and tell them to let us have guns so we can defend ourselves from the wacko's who would have guns no matter how many laws Congress passes to restrict them.

Oh, cool ep Todd, well it looks cool anyway, I'm saving it for work tomorrow when I have nothing to do but sit around and twiddle my thumbs and act busy.

Elessar - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 10:19:08 AM

*******Phantom Menace Spoiler**********
Greg "Xanatos" one of the things about Phantom Menace, I just thought about--Palpitine won, and no one realizes it.

Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:55:59 AM

I must really say that "Phantom Menace" ROCKED!!!! I think the critics who bad mouthed it should be hung. My only real complaints were Anakin's acting, and that Darth Maul was not developed more. I would like to have known more about him. There's still comics and books though. And I got tired of Jar Jar Binks after the first 20 minutes.

If Darth Sidious isn't Palpatine than I am braindead.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:48:21 AM

Interesting ep. I'll have some comments for it, later today. Unfortunately it'll be a while until I will be able to see Phantom Menace where I am living...
Aris katsaris - [katsaris]
Thursday, May 20, 1999 09:07:53 AM

KITAINA AND WILEK - Thanks for reviewing "The Downfall", not only for your reviews being favorable, but for your reviews existing at all! (I was rather nervous that everybody would be so busy discussing "The Phantom Menace" that they'd barely pay attention to TGS for the next few weeks).

I deliberately modelled Atlantis as depicted in the story on its description by Plato, who was the first person to mention Atlantis, and feel rather proud of that. (Note: You can find a link to Plato's description of Atlantis at the bottom of the story).

Ultima Thule I interpreted as an Atlantean-era name for Scandinavia. I don't think that we've got any plans for it at present, but that could always change.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, May 20, 1999 07:13:22 AM


[At Disney World, Miriam is searching about with what looks like a modified tricorder, scanning for Wilek and the others. Unlike the rest of the team, she opted not to search a particular area, instead searching mostly-inaccessible and out-of-the-way locations in all the parks. Her tricorder flashes, indicating...not gargoyle life signs, but something...*odd*. A spatial rift? She proceeds in the direction of the anomalous reading...and sees a hole in space, through which the team members are visible in the far distance. Miriam: "This is Baxter to all members of the search team. I believe I have located our targets. They have apparently entered a trans-phasic rift leading to...I'm not sure. I'm going to investigate." With that, Miriam steps into the other world...]


Sidious=Palpatine?> Or maybe extensive use of the Dark Side just turns everyone into pale old British guys. Look at (and listen to; there's a reason I said British) Vader sans helmet in Return Of The Jedi; he looked and sounded almost like a younger version of the Emperor.

Who taught Ben?> Maybe Qui-Gon had to stop teaching him for some reason, and Yoda took over. (I haven't seen the movie, and I've been studiously avoiding really major spoilers, so if there's a spoiler-type answer to this, I don't think I want to know yet...)


Heh, cute disclaimer, Todd. :P Hm...I wish more humans reacted to us gargs the way Pyrrha does. ^_^ Oh great, Leitos thinks Brook and Sata are either uncouth animals or spies. Eesh. I'm almost rooting for the fall of Atlantis just to get rid of this idiot. Eh--Ultima Thule? I've heard of that place, another mystical whatever from old legends. I presume we'll be seeing it someday? <g> Well, well, well...Astraea and Asterius would seem to bear more than a coincidental resemblance to the leader and security chief of New Olympus. Interesting indeed. Ugh, this pusbag Leitos sure makes himself easy to hate. there was never a 'real' Zeus; that was Oberon...Well, this has been a *great* ep.


Doug> <<Actually razor-edged fans are a real martial arts weapon.>> Really? Kewl...maybe I can incorporate them in my fics. ^_^

$Dumlao X> Intensely kewl RP site. And I hope to have more pics for it at some point. <g> Oh, and...will you be needing descriptions for that weapons section anytime soon? ^_^$

Deuce> Ack, you'll be gone again?! Oh well...I hope this live-in is fun enough to make up for it...<<I can either face her or play dumb>> I'd probably do the latter, except I'm rarely playing...

Christine> <<Instead of all the guests bringing me plants, they can bring weapons...>> I think you'll like the vortex rifle. <G> <<As for mine, Christine is from the Latin "christianus," which means "A Christian">> Um...heh heh heh...<<Hebrew name Miriam, meaning "sea of bitterness, sorrow.">> <blink> Your middle name is derived from the name Miriam? Talk about a unity of opposites. <g> Its meaning may explain a few things about my own dear little professional butt kicking best pal...BTW, what's the meaning of my own name?

Heather> Welcome back! Ew, wrist surgery? Sounds painful...I hope you recover soon! :D

Fire> Impressive pic! ^_^

Toku Kaioto> Welcome back!

Glimmer> <<Thanks for the staple suggestion. But it's not working!>> Dang...have you tried a phase-bonding torch?

Jaden> Welcome back! And get well soon!

Pistoff> <<SF movies are hardly ever nominated for that award.>> So I noticed! What's with that? Is SF still not taken seriously by the awards ppl? <<It was so bad, even the people on MST3K wouldn't touch it with rubber gloves.>> Dang. They'll rip into anything! And they wouldn't go near the Holiday Special? Eek...<<Carrie Fisher _sang_ the Star Wars theme! Yes, somebody actually wrote words to go along with the tune!>> Sounds kind of interesting actually...but, knowing this thing, the words probably stunk. BTW...I heard something about some Star Wars marketing going on at Pizza Hut, something about the place being redecorated as Coruscant or some such. Any truth to this?

Coyote> <<Are you sure that wanting to hurt your past self is exactly healthy?>> me, me and Fic Boy are are two fully separate entities, despite our near-identical appearances and somewhat similar personalities. Don't worry though; I'll make his little life well worth the suffering once my plans for him are complete...but until then, he is my pain-bound thrall! <maniacal laughter> Er...ahem.

$Kitainia> <<Cyber-cookie to whoever can guess where we got this new RP subplot.>> Um...that one episode of the original Star Trek, with Gorgan or whatever his name was, comes to mind, but that can't be right. Either that, or Chapter 2 of the excellent PC game Sanitarium...but that's kind of a loose similarity, so it's probably wrong too...Hm, when I saw the description of the statues in the dark chapel, I couldn't help thinking of Qui-Gon Jinn for some reason, with the long brown hair and beard. Is my mind really that distorted?$

**RESUME RP! This one's kind of long...**

[In Oz, SJ, Kari, the Hounds, and Wilek are passing by an old, rotting mansion. Wilek: "<shudder> That thing's creepy; I feel like I'm being watched." Scarecrow: "We may be. That, my cerulean comrade, is the domicile of Maambi. She was a witch who ruled a large province under the reign of the Gnome King." SJ: "Maybe she'll want to help us; she's got to be almost as ticked off at Eisner as you are." Scarecrow: "Trust me, we wouldn't want her help. She is almost as evil as her former master; she would put me to the torch if she were anywhere near me when I retake my throne." Suddenly, a voice says from behind them: "Perhaps, but you'll need my help." The team turns to see an elegantly attired woman, radiating an air of malevolence. This *has* to be Maambi. Scarecrow: "You! I should have executed you when I had the chance!" Maambi: "Then you'd never find out what Eisner did with Queen Ozma." Scarecrow: "What...?!" Maambi: "I knew that would get your attention. I know much about what the Emerald City has become under Eisner's reign, and your human friend is correct in believing that I want him gone." Scarecrow: "I will never accept your assistance! You helped the Gnome King come into power, you helped plunge Oz into a new Dark Age! You should be cast to the Sands Of Death!" Maambi: "I propose this: I will help you bring about the fall of Eisner and your re-ascension to the throne, and make no further bids for rulership of Oz, and in return, you will grant me complete amnesty and full status as a citizen of Oz. Refuse, and I will proceed without you, and probably take the throne for myself." Scarecrow: "That is madness! I will never comply!" SJ: "Um...I have a feeling she'd be a big help. I mean, she's offering to help us find Eisner and then leave you alone when we're done. It's too good to pass up." Scarecrow: "She is not to be trusted!" Maambi: "Trustworthy or not, I am your only hope. You have one minute to decide."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Thursday, May 20, 1999 03:58:42 AM


The Ravens fall back, all just barely escaping being engulfed by the explosion of DC. When the smoke clears, there is nothing left of him, and the central square of the small town has been decimated. "Is everyone alright?" Doug asks. They all nod, glad they were able to run outside the blast radius. "Good thing the truck's parked on the outskirts," says Jammer. "Our friends who remained with it should also be safe." "What about the people of this town?" asks Shauna. "The ones Orion said he sensed?" Orion casts a quick divination spell and sighs in relief. "None of them were harmed by the blast," he says. "God himself confirms this. The only life taken by DC's explosion was his own." "And," adds Lathrop, "since he's nowhere to be seen, the explosion may have destroyed DC permanently." "Hoo raa!" Tom chuckles. "No more computer problems! Let's celebrate!!" "We can do that after we find help and get our gas," Doug snaps. "If we still feel like celebrating the apparent death of a man who was noble in the end." The Ravens all glumly nod, their mood changing to despair as they remember what DC was planning to do when they last saw him before the explosion. "Let's continue searching the city," suggests Kitainia. "We have to find the people Orion said were here." The others nod in agreement and move out, all in heavy spirits due to DC's death. Kitainia goes with Doug and Jaden to check out the City Hall. As they search the structure, Kitainia makes a CR post.


Hi everyone! Doug and I just got back from a fun night out / end of semester celebration. We got pizza, played videogames together, and saw The Phantom Menace. Look for a review of the movie later in this post. The celebration will continue into tomorrow and possibly the next day as we both rejoice in being halfway through with college. We'll keep you updated on all the fun we have (though, of course, we will still be trying to do some work between bits of it. :)

TRC: Welcome back. I agree with you about DC's character. Hope Robby ends the plot thread he's started with DC soon and puts him back the way he should be. :)

Jaden: Welcome back to you, too. Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you get better soon so you can resume your previous posting rate. Oh, and you haven't missed a lot in the RP. Just read over this week and last week's posts, and you should get most of it. Send Doug or me an e-mail if you need to know more.

Deuce, SJ: Sorry to hear you both will be cut off from the Net for a while. We shall miss you. Good luck getting back to the CR soon. Especially you, Deuce, you being important as the CR admin and all. <grin>

Coyote: Thanks for revealing the origins of the name Lisa. I knew it had many roots, but I did not know there was a Vietnamese word related to it. :) My first name was probably originally based on one such genesis, but I'm not sure which. I know it's not the Elizabeth one, since my name isn't short for anything. Could be the Vietnam one, my father did serve in a MASH unit during America's war over there before I was born. <shrugs> I don't know. Guess I'll have to ask my parents to find out the true reason. I'll do that tomorrow, now that you've gotten me interested. :)

Wilek: Yes, Kitana is the character. I like her very much, both as a fighter and in the Mortal Kombat movies. Those fans of her are particularly cool, as is her kiss of death fatality, which I of course am fond of inflicting on my MK2 and 3 opponents. I enjoy that more than her other moves partly because it's not as violent. She leans forward, gives them a kiss, and they just fall down and die. No blood and there doesn't need to be. Muhahahaha.

DumlaoX: Glad you got the bios safely. Doug sent you some more this afternoon of the main RP villains, hope you got them. I also saw the website you made. Great work on it so far. The background is perfect, and the lead-in paragraph and bios I read were very interesting and well-written. I also liked that great picture of you, did you draw it yourself? :) By the way, there's a pic of my character at Coyote's site which you could use to accompany my bio. Just click my name to get it. Hope you post more on the RP site real soon.

Heather: Glad your surgery went well, and you're still alive. We missed you. Welcome back to the CR.

Welcome back to you too, Kaioto. You I've especially missed. Hope your next post has some more of your intelligent commentary. :)

Robby: Don't worry, he will. Why do you want Doug to come back soon, though? You've never expressed such a sentiment before. Did you think he was going away for some reason? :) If so, I understand. Don't worry, he will make a post tomorrow afternoon probably. He's asleep right now, has to go to work tomorrow morning and catalogue all of Bevo's new textbooks he hasn't catalogued yet and arrange them in the stockroom. Fun, fun. :)


This movie had its ups and downs. The first half of it was very neat and seemed like vintage Star Wars, the second half was also cool but a lot of it was done badly and seemed rushed and cliched. I liked the plot of the film, though Doug and I did spot several places where it could have been done much better. Like the complete reversal in Anakin's character. For the first half of the movie, he seems like a very mature child, almost like Ender, just the kind of kid you'd expect to become Darth Vader. Then in the climactic battle he turns into a kid with amazing luck and little more. He treats the big battle with the Trade Federation as a game when a kid as smart as Anakin should have realized the seriousness of it. Qui-Gon's attitude towards Anakin also undergoes a complete reversal. In the beginning of the film, he is very confident of Anakin and knows he has great potential. Then in the battle at the end he treats him like a kid who needs to stay back, hide, and be protected. One is left wondering why they even brought him into the fight. In my opinion, neither of these reversals should have been done, they didn't feel right for the movie. The earlier character bits with Qui-Gon and Anakin were very good, though.

Charecterization was in fact done very well throughout the film, with the exceptions I mentioned above. There was great interaction between Qui-Gon and Obi-wan, and between them both and Yoda, who had a very good part in the film. Queen Amidala was an especially impressive character, I liked the development they did on her relationship with Anakin and her very wise rule of the planet Naboo. Hope to see more of her in later episodes, Natalie Portman did a very great job with her role. Palpatine was also done well, in both his Senator and Dark Jedi roles. He was clearly established as a powerful master of emotions and conspiracies, and the actor playing him did a great job. Other good characters included the winged elephant-fly creature and the jerk pod-race champion. Both of them had very clear personalities that were established and defined well. I also liked getting to see Jabba, it was cool learning some of his history. (That female Hutt was probably his Aunt Jilliac from the Han Solo trilogy of Star Wars novels, not his wife. Hutts change their sex to breed, they don't get married.)

Then there were all the characters who weren't done so well. Two of these were Threepio and Artoo. Their presence in the story felt very thrown-in, I felt like it was just done so to appease their fans. I also didn't like the fact that Anakin created Threepio, that makes the story have a bit too much continuity. Oh well, that was a small bit of the movie and it's too late to change it now. There were worse bits of the movie, like them making Anakin a virgin birth. That was a bad thing in my opinion, it makes Star Wars too mythlike. Anakin should have been a normally born but extraordinary individual. A kid who is only slightly extraordinary until destiny finds him, and then he makes his own choices that lead him down the right path, the wrong one, and then the right one again- that's how I always envisioned the guy. The virgin birth destroyed that image, I don't like it. Especially since the way in which Anakin was created has uncomfortable connections to a story with a very convulted plotline that wasn't done well even though it was interesting- Parasite Eve. <sighs> At least the bits of his character that foreshadowed his becoming a Jedi Knight and Darth Vader were well-done. I liked Anakin's fears and determination, it was easy to see how they could lead him to evil someday.

Other characters that were thrown into the film include Darth Maul. I was expecting him to be as cool as the hype said he would be, like Boba Fett was. But he wasn't, his character was a Dark Jedi warrior who could fight great and little more. Maul didn't really show any development, he was just Palpatine's chief minion. I didn't like that, wish he'd been further defined. Oh well. The other character who was thrown in was of course Jarjar. That guy was nothing but comic relief and pretty cliched and often unfunny comic relief at that. I did not like him and thought he should not have been in the movie, though I did like his people. Their underwater world was very cool, as were their armies. Their king was as cliched and uninteresting a character as Jarjar, but I thought the mustached soldier Gungan was neat, and would like to have seen more development on him. At least a name would have been nice. :)

The movie also had very well-done visual effects all throughout. The aliens were well-animated, as were all the movie's environments from the underwater landscape to the titanic city of Coruscant. I also liked the fight scenes, which were very well-coreographed and had some interesting players. The end battles were a little too well-done, though. A lot of the good guys' victories seemed a little too accidental and fortunate. Jarjar dances around with a shooting battledroid attached to his leg. Every shot it fires misses him and kills another battledroid. Anakin is taken into a battle on his starship's autopilot and just happens to fire proton torpedoes into the droid control ship's unshielded main reactor. Come on!! Nobody is that lucky, Lucas should have written a better script for those scenes. I guess he was concentrating too much on visual effects.

Overall, the new Star Wars movie was pretty good. The first half of it and parts of the second were excellent. If Lucas had made the changes I suggest above, it would have been perfect IMO. Because of these the movie unfortunately did not have the epic feel that the original Star Wars trilogy had and the novels have sustained. Lucas also broke with Star Wars tradition in one major plot point- Qui-Gon's death. I thought Jedis' corpses were supposed to disappear when they passed away. His didn't. That was something Lucas should have remembered, and thus one of the movie's many flaws. Doug and I give it a 7.5/10, thumbs up. Hope you all go see and enjoy it. Remember, it's Star Wars, but that doesn't mean it's going to be all good.



One word describes this episode- Wow. Todd, you did an excellent job on this story. Your Atlantis had a great mythic feel to it, and all the characters who lived there were well-established and -developed throughout the story. Brooklyn and Sata were also developed well, and their interaction with the humans and Olympians was done with a style reminescient of the best Gargoyles episodes. The plot of the episode was well-written, with characters driving the story as well as the event of Atlantis's doom. I think that Downfall has to be one of the best Timedancer episodes this season, and as such deserves a 10/10. Keep up the good work!!!


Okay, that's all for tonight. Must sleep now. Later!!


"Guys, come quickly!" Shap suddenly yells as Doug, Jaden, and Kitainia come out of City Hall. "What's up?" Kitainia asks as they walk over to Shap, Shauna, and Orion, who have been searching the town church. "Come inside," Shap says, waving at the church door. "We found something you're not gonna like." Doug and Kit exchange worried glances and walk into the church, both get looks of shock as they see the interior. There are no pews or carpet in the room, just a hard tile floor leading up to a dais with an altar. Carved on the two side walls of the chapel are an image of a menacing hateful figure with dark skin, long brown hair and beard, and burning orange eyes. He carries a very wicked-looking scythe and is dressed in white robes stained with blood. The church's west mural decipts the figure viciously massacreing a group of screaming people he is chasing through a cornfield, and the east one him standing proudly in the same cornfield with a number of children and teenagers kneeling reverently before him. The figure is also represented in the image behind the altar, staring down at those on the tiles with eyes full of hatred from where he is loosely nailed to a cross. "That has got to be the most blasphemous image of Jesus Christ I have ever seen," Shap points to the altar's statue. "My evil sensors are going crazy in this place." "These carvings are recent," adds Orion. "The originals were torn down, and they were put up in their place. From them I deduce that a cult of some kind may have taken control of this town. As you can see in the west mural, the city's adults have all been murdered by some kind of demonic figure, and the younger generation apparently started worshipping this figure so they would be spared. Perhaps they are the people I have sensed hiding from us in the city." "You think a demon is really here in town?" Jaden asks fearfully. "This could be something like the Littleton fiasco, albeit carried to much more deadly proportions." "I feel a powerful evil nearby," Orion answers. "Shap also senses it. It may just be the cult whose beliefs are decipted in these murals, or it may be an actual creature of Hell. We are not sure. But I think we need to get out of here, right now." "Alright," Doug nods in agreement. "You have a point. There is definitely something very strange going on here, and these murals suggest a powerful evil force may be behind it. We should try to escape this force before it becomes aware of our presence." "Or battle it," suggests Kitainia. "Maybe," Doug says, noticing Shauna, Shap, and Orion seem to agree with Kitainia's idea. "Let's get the others and discuss the situation. Maybe together we can decide what to do." They nod and leave the church, heading back towards the Onslaught.

Meanwhile, deep in the cornfields, a young boy dressed in overalls is running up to several more children crowded together in a clearing. "Reverend Isaiah!" the boy calls out, and a harsh-featured male teenager in black habit turns to face him. The boy immediately falls to his knees. "As you ordered, I have been spying on the intruders. You were right, they are hostile to us. They set off a bomb in the city square, and then went inside our place of worship. They expressed much displeasure with the images of our benefactor therein." "It is as I feared," Isaiah intones. "What are they doing now?" "Gathering their forces, revered one. Perhaps they are organizing a combined offensive against us now that their search has found what happened to the people of this city?" "Yes," Isaiah nods. "That is probably the case. You are a very wise boy, Malachi." "Thank you, Reverend." "Do not thank me, thank the one who has made you so. He shall lead us to victory against these new enemies of ours. Go, my children. Find the intruders and incapacitate them. Then bring them to the place of sacrifice." "Yes, Isaiah!" the crowd of children shout with one voice. Their leader smiles cruelly as he watches them move out. (Cyber-cookie to whoever can guess where we got this new RP subplot.)


Kitainia - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 03:09:23 AM

Oh, boy, a lot to catch up on. Hope I don't miss anything.

Deuce: I hear questions like that all the time. People are always driving up to our window and ordering a cheeseburger or something, even though they drive right past the enormous Pizza Hut sign. It would be nice if people could pay attention to their surroundings, eh?

Christine: Congrats on the house. :)

Tim P: Yeah, I've heard about Limbaugh's cyst. That's where the similarity ends, though, hehe. I'm hoping I can have mine removed someday, by a doctor who knows what the hell he's doing. As soon as I can afford it, which means it'll probably never happen. Oh, and yeah, I'm a James Cameron fan. I have a tendency to put little references to stuff like that in my stories. Personally, I think Cameron should've won the Oscar for The Abyss or Aliens, instead of the one about that damn boat, but SF movies are hardly ever nominated for that award.

Blue Caeru: Thanks. :) I'm sure there are competent doctors out there, somewhere. I just haven't run into any yet. This reminds me of one of George Carlin's bits: "Somewhere in the world there has to be the WORST doctor. Just by process of elimination." Well, I think I found him. ;)

Starsinger: Sorry about the cat. I love cats, too, and it's always terribly painful when something happens to them. :(

TRC: Not really. I doubt he has brains enough to figure it out. And even if he does, I'm prepared to increase the level of punishment if he gives me sufficient cause. :) I haven't run into him in a couple of days, though. Maybe he's avoiding me ....

Wilek: Yep, the Star Wars Holiday Special was a real must-see, hehe. It was so bad, even the people on MST3K wouldn't touch it with rubber gloves. I mean, check this out--Carrie Fisher _sang_ the Star Wars theme! Yes, somebody actually wrote words to go along with the tune! Oh gawd! The horror! The horror!

Kaioto: Welcome back!

Glimmer: Yep, Carlin's one of my heroes. "Think about the average person ... and then realize that half of 'em are even stupider than that!" **rimshot** And I'm sorry about your sister. That's horrible, what happened to her. Was the pitiful excuse for a doctor ever punished in some way?

Pistoff - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 02:59:23 AM

****NO RP TONIGHT!!!****
Hey everyone!
Guess who's back! How has everyone been. Miss me? Well I've finished with finals (YIPPY) but now I'm sick...sore throat, fever, not being able to think clearly. So what have I missed in RP and comments? Any really cool serves that I've missed?

Interspecies Dating- Sure. Why not?

Interesting piece of news-Did you all know that there is a race horse called Xanadu?

****PAST EP. Spoilers****
Thank God! The Gargoyles finally went on the offensive. They didn't plan on it but it worked out just fine.

In London with the statues, I half expected Griff and Goliath to show up.

Christine-Congrats on the house. I hope you make some pleasant memories there.

Name origin- I think David is Hebrew and I don't know what it means I forgot. When I need a name Jaden always seems to appear in my mind. That's why I used to think that I made it up, because I have no idea where it came from.

Moongoyle- Welcome and did you say that someone needs to watch your sanity? Well I hate to tell you this but we watched our own sanities and they go up and walked away.

Well I'm going back to bed and being sick.
See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Thursday, May 20, 1999 01:03:10 AM

Robby : I suppose I could have mellowed it out a bit . But I figure that with an early warning they could either steal themselves against the impending misery . Or if they do'nt think they can handle it , they can avoid becoming one of (gestures to the thick , steal , barred and tarnished door in the back of the room with the alarm system and food chute , human moans and screams occasionally resonate from futher into the cell ) The _Fallen_ (ominous music plays) .

Interspecies dating : NEVER A-GAIN .

All RPers : Careful on how you go about giving DC character . Remember what happened with Kenny ? Now I ca'nt kill him without a pang of guilt . DC screws with us too often for him to go too long without a painful remorseless death .

Christine : Could you look me up ? My name is Brian Paul Alister Cooke . I'd really like to know the last name if your book covers them . Gracias .

Latest sign of the Apocalypse : I increased the odds that we would have 'A' Level Biology tomorrow by informing my teacher that it was her choice as to whether or not we _would_ have class . Further , I said this in the presence of my fellow classmates . I am still fully functional and I received only threats of mauling and crippling . Normally I would be dead .

Dumlao X : The new page has potential man . I'll send you Jebediah's and my own biographies when I get a chance . If I manage to draw a decent pick of my characters would you like that too ?

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Thursday, May 20, 1999 12:44:05 AM

Still here, at least momentarily. I may still have to go out of town. I just wish this week was over already. A couple of quick comments:

Wilek: Mambi can still be alive. If you want, you can add her to the RP, I won't mind.

Emperor Palpatine: I was always confused about this point in the new films. People are all going, "Is Palpatine really Sidious?" I would have to say yes, because you can't change the fact that Palpatine is the big bad daddy of them all in Jedi. Makes sense if he's a senator by day, Sith lord by night. Which reminds me: hey, all you who've seen TPM, how the HELL is Lucas going to explain who taught Obi-Won? Hmm? Seems to me Qui-Gonn is teaching him everything, when old Ben himself tells Luke in ESB that Yoda was his teacher. I smell a plot hole, Georgie!!!

About Star Wars....Let me say that, much like the rest of you, I'm a big Star Wars fan. I've seen the movies (both original and the kind of absurd Special Editions), read the books, played with the toys when I was a kid. Now, as TPM hits theaters, I look to myself and see a disturbing fact: I ALMOST WANT THIS MOVIE TO FAIL. I really do. I have become so saturated with Star Wars that my soul is sick of it. I hate Lucas, I'm tired of seeing his mug on every talk show plugging the movie every chance he gets and then lying out his ass saying "I didn't want this much hype". I have a total aversion to the fans who actually quit their jobs/skipped classes to wait in line for weeks; they are, IMO, losers who do not have the benefit of a life. It's one thing to love some form of entertainment passionately, like Gargoyles, it's another to get so caught up in it that it affects your ability to function societally (i.e. quit job, skip classes).

*sigh* I'm gonna see the film, and I'm sure I'll love it. But I've pretty much had enough. If anyone remembers, before I've said that I have an extreme aversion to that which is "trendy" or mainstream. If an actor is very popular (such as Leo DiCaprio or Matt Damon), I find myself hating them. Seriously. As soon as something reaches the peak of its popularity, that is when I hate it the most. I don't know, it's probably some really weird psychological problem with me; maybe I resent the popularity because of some sort of low self-esteem, but as of now I'm on almost total Star Wars burnout. I'm sick of hearing about it. I can't take the overkill. So I'm gonna go see the movie, then I'm gonna tune out everything else about it.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, May 20, 1999 12:42:35 AM

Was just song hunting and came accross a tune titled, "Turn to Stone". Appropriate for gargs? I think so.
Robby the CR DJ
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 11:54:27 PM

*****Night of the Weird Spoilers and Question*****
I greatly enjoyed this episode for all the reasons previously described by others. Congratulations to the authors (and the artist). I did have a question. I noticed the hotel manager at the Cumberland Hotel addressed Queen Danu as 'Mrs. Fisher'. Is this meant to imply a connection between Danu and the Fisher King? It would be interesting if she and Duval were related somehow.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 11:51:53 PM

Doh, I knew I forgot something.
****Resume Phantom Menace Spoiler and the like****
Coyote > Palpatine is definetly Sidious. You can tell because of Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi.....anyways, there's alot more to cover in the next two: the fall of Anakin, the birth of Luke and Leia, the fall of the Jedi, complete return of the Sith (if there is a TRUE return) and a hell of a lot more.
****End TPM spoilers****

"I hear the Darth Maul is one bad mother - "
"Shut yo mouth."
"I was just talkin' about Darth Maul."
"We can dig it."

Ordell - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 09:54:37 PM

Can the price of survival be too high?

The Downfall

Written by Todd Jensen

Story idea by Todd Jensen

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 09:52:17 PM

**First Congregationalist Church, Memphis TN
An orange humanoid figure with horns and hooves appears, bearing a strong resemblance to 17th century tyrant and murderer Oliver Cromwell. Assmbled before Cromwell is Rev. Ian Paisley, MP of the evil Ulster Unionist Party, Ted Turner, and Rev. Cheryl Cornish.
"Well, my soldiers, Swaggart is dead and I select you Paisley to replace him on the Orange Council. Duke William will not be with us tonight. He is arranging a way to dispatch of the Green Baron and his scouts. I want you and Cheryl to arrange a way to rid of Attila. That cat has been a pest to our plans for too long. I want you to send soem of your Orange soldiers to end his crime ring. To aid you in your quest will be Calvin, my pet hamster. You shall find him in the Orange Hall in Charleston, West Virginia. Calvin shall prove as ruthless and cunning as Attila, and a much better line dancer. Perhaps taking on a pet requires another pet."
Cromwell disappears in a ball of smoke, as Ian and Cheryl decide to head on to West Virginia**
END RP for now!!

Spoliers for Night of the Wierd
**Yep, wierd is a good word. I loved Dulcinea's role in it, since I am a big fan of Don Quixote. I personally wanted Arthur with Elaine, but somehow I should have realized it would be Jennifer instead. Her father seems to have some sort of insight from his affliction. This should lead to definite future threads. As for Danu, she reminds me of the Virgin Mary in a few ways, especially when she offered Madoc one last chance to redeem himslef. I was also not surprised by Oberon's behavior, since he is a powerful child and little else.**

Kathy and Theresa> I agree with you about castrating pets. I realize taht Attila may not be alive now if he was more aggressive, plus there is an awful stench when a cat marks his territory, and the thought of cuddly kittens being put to sleep pains me greatly. Another problem was that Attila's brother George was trying to mate with Attila and that was a good sign they should be neutered. I also beleive it might be good to have soem human males neutered too, especially my father, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, all teh living male Kennedys, and fathers who don't pay child support or the responsibility to raise some child created by their itches. I believe if somneone can't handle responsibility, tehy don't deserve the privelege. I also think our country would be run better by having eunechs in Office. Of course, I am probably a little twisted to think that.

Christine> I have documents of the name, but I doubt there are any Muldrups now, even in Denmark. I fear that line is now extinct.

Kaioto> Welcome Back

Moongoyle> Are you a Louisianian too?

Blue> I start summer school in June.

Names> It seems my cat has answered that already. One day I'll catch him on-line.

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 09:42:28 PM

**enters the room this time dressed in the robes of a light Jedi, complete with a braid hanging behind his right ear. Pulls out another lightsaber, slices the candle in half, pulls out the remains and switches it out.**

Guess where I came from. ;) **sits in the big chair, sheathing the lightsaber**


This is the kewlest movie I've ever seen. I'm going to be going nuts waiting for the next two! The characters have a lot of promise, especially the Queen and ... folks are gonna shoot me for this one, God help me ... Jar Jar. I can easily see Jar Jar maturing over the time of the next three.
Okay, who here thinks Darth Sidious and Palpatine are the same guy? No ... who *knows* DS and Palpatine are the same guy? **raises hand** ME! ME! ME!!!

DumlaoX: Nice page. BTW, since it's in continuity and all, do you want mine and Ravyn's bits from the RP, even though we're not in it anymore?

Wilek: **raises eyebrow** Are you sure that wanting to hurt your past self is exactly healthy? :)

Doug: Hey, someone who's resurrecting Poor Dead Doug! Hope you have fun with him. :)

Deuce: Lordy, that *is* pretty complicated ... more complicated than my life, at least. Hope everything resolves itself soon.

Aaron: Hey there, another Demona tat, whaddya know. **thinks aloud** wonder how Baby Fey's turned out, it was a really kewl sketch she shared ...

Fixing pets: Three of my four furfoots are fixed. Pinky ... err, Tiki ... is not because our vet told us she was too old to perform the operation on, and besides that she's an indoor cat, so she never comes into contact with any toms.

Okay, I'm sticking for now. I'll see ya when my mental fog lifts ...

**sits back in the chair, fixating on the candle's flame once more ...**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 09:26:55 PM

****The Phantom Menace Major Spoilers and Review****
Oh my God. This movie rocked. So much. We knew it would, just because it's Star Wars. I have about five problems with it overall, though:
1) Darth Maul. He's a bad ass, mark my word. I knew he would be. But he lacked a character and had only three speaking lines. Still, he was a bad ass, and good enough to kill Qui-Gon. But, of course, not good enough to defeat Obi-Wan, who is the man.
2) Jar Jar Binks. Okay, I know he was suppose to be the comic relief, but there was WAY to much of him. But, it's Star Wars, so you can't complain to much.
3) Anakin. Good character, but Jake Lloyd CAN NOT act his way out of a paper bag. There was no consistent character, but I've heard there a sugniffigant time-gap between I and II, so perhaps he will not be in two. My nomination for an older Anakin: Seth Green.
4) Samuel L. Jackson and Yoda were only in the movie for all of twenty minutes. Although, Sam did have THE line. "May the Force be with you."
5) Jabba and C-3PO. Okay, these two were just in it for show. They weren't necessary at all, an C-3PO was just annoying. Jabba actually had a wife though. She was in the back during the podrace.

Well, all for now....later all

Ordell - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 08:59:01 PM

The TV turns on, to reveal a darkened room, lit only by a single candle and the screen of the strange looking machine Fleur is standing in front of, speaking into something that looks like a microphone. The words she is saying do not match the movement of her lips, and the curious in the CR are glad that a multi-translator came with the TV.
"Rhoama. Rhoama. It is Gian. They have found me. Reply, please." She waits several minutes, then tries again. "I need to know that you have found your warriors. Please, Rhoama, there isn't much time left. You _must_ contact me." Again, the only reply is static. Fleur frowns heavily at the machine, then puts on a headset and pulls away a heavy curtain, opening the window behind it and crawling out. She climbs up onto the roof of the skyscraper, where a large satalitte dish stands. Kneeling beside it and opening the access panel, Fleur's frown deepens with the sight of several severed wires, then her eyes widen in horror.
"It has been a long time, Gian" a cold, hard voice says behind her, "but at last, we meet again."
Fleur stands, and turns slowly. She is surrounded.

Hi all, I'm writing this very fast between classes, so it'll be short.

Wilek> I don't think the goose experiment actually hurt the geese, although I can't say it would have done them any good, or that any vitally important information would be learnt from it. Basically, the scientist was just trying to prove a very obvious point about our insides - that the in end is connected to the out end.

Dumlao> The RP site is KEWL! (but where the heck did you find the time to whip it up? :O) $BTW, would you like a bio on my character?$

Ack! I'd better go, or I'll be late! Back later!

Fleur - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 08:58:56 PM

**Glimmer comes in with her arms filled with diapers, duct tape, a staple gun, and rubber cement**

Thanks for the staple suggestion. But it's not working!
The aspiring nudist nephew(love the phrasing Coyote!) still refuses to leave his clothes on. When he and his brother went to bed he ended up striping down 4 times. It was kinda funny to see his brother running out of the room yelling," He keeps throwing his diaper at my head." I even tried overalls. Oh well. *Glimmer opens the door and lets the little nudist loose. "Go, be free!"*

I'm going to miss him when they move into their new house this weekend.:(

Pistoff> You're a Carlin fan? Why does that make sense?;)Sister number 2 had a similar problem with her Doctor. She is now partially disabled as a result.

Starsinger> I completly understand about the cats. My own cats have been gone for a couple of years. *Sniff* My male cat Spencer stayed at my side while I was suffering from a rare disease that temporarily robed me of the use of my legs. And my little calico cat Mousey was a ball of energy.
We had to give Mouse away. Spencer was hit by a car and had to have his eye removed. He survived. A couple of summers later, I went to stay with some friends my parents had Spence put to sleep. They didn't even tell me what they had done until I came home a month later.:(

Wilek Nereus><<"Hey you got your sorceress in my alien!""Hey, you got your alien in my sorceress!"Both:"Mmm! Two great tastes that taste great together!">> You'd better watch out my friend, you're giving me(and probably lots of others) some wicked ideas! A race of alien amazon sorceresses. Hmm, I think I gonna need a bigger sketch pad. And wouldn't you know it, I just bought one this morning.;)

Gyre> I agree with you about Oberon and Madoc. And I don't think you were rude, just extremely fired up over the topic. Everyone has the right to express their opinions even when others don't agree. That goes for you, me, Jenna and everyone else. Oh what a weird place this world would be if everyone always thought alike. Or interpret the written word the same way.

And speaking of opinions...
Desi Arnez Jr. and his wife Amy just bought Boulder Theater. A historical landmark in our town. They plan to completely renovate the inside and paint the building pink. I can understand the need for renovation, but pink?? The reason for the chose in color: Amy's favorite color is pink. Thank God her favorite color isn't chartreues.

I gotta go. Hope to be back on Friday.

Boulder City
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 07:51:54 PM

I'M BACK! *Hysterical Laughter*
I really made it! :)

It is GREAT to be back, even if a 56K modem runs like mollasas compared to my old LAN, I'm greatful to be back. I missed all you guys. Hopefully I can get back on track quickly and make a post soon ... I've missed a lot.


Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 07:34:34 PM

16 and a half hours until I see the Phantom Menace personally...

Todd- There was no point to that Muffin man post except I was in a hurry and not only couldn't read anything much less respond to it, but that blasted song had been stuck in my head since someone in 3r period sang it. Now, it's gone back to Model of a Modern Major General... Oii... I'll find a way to make the muffin man comment relevant. But my official on the record response... Ummm... I was testing the insanity level of the CR?

Neutering- We had our tonkanese cat fixed so he would roam about so much... Now he's gone from the house more than ever. Cats, go fig.

Names- Um... My first two are Robert and John. Those are like 2 of THE most common English names around. Bevard is French, but thats all I know about it.

TRC- Nice way to introduce the newbies... But did ya have to tell them the truth so soon?

And by the way, I don't have a sister, Jim Iza Noying does. We're two entirely seperate entities, I just write his dialouge.

Moongoyle- Welcomes!

Interspecies dating- I imagine I'd actually enjoy that sort of thing, assuming the other species was intelligent...

Wilek- You ATE the Muffin Man? Hmm, like what was speculated Arthur did to Rory... Hee hee... But then, who's the guy in the RP below? Hmm...

Doug- Come back soon man.

Heather- Hope ya get better darlin'.

**RP** Dang, this is a long one... but then, it contains everything I've MEANT to do for the last three days...

Lonny sighs. "Not only has DC once been possesed, but now he's coming after me. Which means not only can I not count on using him, but I can't count on him even fitting into my plans... Unless... Yes, it's time to use plan Omega. A few days earlier than I had wanted, but it has to be that way."
Lonny looks around at his flunkies, consisting of a gangster looking type named Al Detergent, a fluffy looking guy with black shades named Lint Man, and a creature of electric energy called Static Cling. Barely glancing at the man with a sock for a head, the amazing Socko and skipping entirely Nylon Boy, and pausing only a moment to inspect the giant brush, Scrubber, Lonny looks to the flunkie which speaks up. The Muffin Man.
"Plan Omega? But boss, isn't that..."
"Yes, the one that will take care of the Ravens once and for all."
"But what about the other groups? Like Sevarius Junior? Or Dark Mage Wilek?"
"Sevarius Junior has dissapeared off the face of the planet as near as I can tell. And the Dark Mage will come to me once my plan is unleashed, I am sure of it. And then, they'll all be doomed!" Lonny goes into a fit of maniacal laughter, and then pauses.
"How's that for an evil laugh?"
Another of his cronies, a female wererat looks at him. "Um, it might be better if you shot lightning from your eyes or something..."
"Good point. I'll work on it. Now... Someone needs to take care of Dis Connect... Oh screw it, I'll do it myself."

DC appears in the CR, ready to begin his hunt for Lonny, only to see him there waiting.
"Welcome back Dis, and goodbye." Robby's evil twin presses a button on a remote control, and Dis Connect begins to fill with a blue light.
"Wha... What's going on?"
"Months ago I altered your immortal DNA so that on my command, it could perform TWO purposes. One... Teleport you away as it is doing now."
"ANd the other?" DC asks wide eyed.
"You'll find out in just a moment."

A portal appears in mid-air, and Dis Connect materializes above a desolate town. Hit hits the ground and breaks a few bones, but is hardly concerned about that, as he notices the Ravens all around him.
"All of you, clear out!" he yells.
Doug looks on with bewilderment. "DC? Didn't you just leave?"
"Yeah, but now..." Dis Connect's skin begins to bubble.
"It looks like he's about to explode..." Gubio comments.
"Oh spit... Everyone begins to run, as an explosion rings out accross the land.

Back at his base, Lonny laughs maniacly, eyes crackling with lightning.

(Incidentally, most of Lonny's flunkies are characters I made up a few years ago called "The Dirty Laundry Gang." More on them later???)

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 06:44:41 PM

That's okay-no harm done.=D ;P
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:38:49 PM

Jenna> If I gave the impression of being rude, I apologize. I did fire from the hip with that comment. But I still see little of redeeming value in Oberon's attitude at the end of "Night of The Wierd". Oberon after all made a mess of the first Unseelie War, a mess that it is for others to clean up. He abadoned his son to live a lonely existance that drove him into Madoc's open arms, and ultimately ended in Unbrial's death. In a way Oberon is as responsible for Umbrial's death as Madoc is.
Gyre - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:35:59 PM

Gyre- well, you were rather rude.
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:25:01 PM

*sigh* Typo monster got me bad.:(
Gyre - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:15:34 PM

Sorry, was typing so fast, pressed the wrong key. Meant of, instead of og. :\
Gyre - [wseeley@epix]
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:11:25 PM

Oberon showing a soft side at the end, that's a laugh.
The impression I gpt from "Night og The Wierd" is of two
siblings having a spat. If Oberon got anything from the end of the "Night og The Wierd", it's a reason to hate his brother even more. As Danu said, "In death, now you claim him." I see little of redeeming value in Oberon's attitude. This whole Unseelie War thing is nothing more then an overblown case of sibling rivalry that risk growing out of control and engulfing the younger races. To be blunt, both Oberon, and Madoc are more alike then either will admit.

Gyre - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 05:09:47 PM

Hi Jenna! Will do.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 04:54:19 PM

Night of the Weird spoiler********
Excellent--liked Oberon's soft side shown at the end.******

Aaron--let me know how the tattoo comes out--that's something I've always wanted to check out. Em me!!!=D

Jenna - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 04:34:35 PM

Christine> Oh, you want to play stump the name book. Try finding my real name, Rahsaan. Many have tried only one has succeeded in finding my name.

Aptronym> yeah, i try an do that with my characters. That's why Geb was an earthy sort, a real man of the soil, while Nuit was more flighty, head in the stars. Also why Dulcinea is a dreamer. Though I noticed Copperfield's disappearing act, two references for one character, quite a challenge.

Taleweaver - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:42:34 PM

Dang coworkers. Got interrupted before I could post my main reason for being in such a good mood:

After work, I'm off to the tattoo parlor to check on the feasability of doing my Demona tattoo.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:39:33 PM

Hey! ^_^ Just a little quick drop in. ^_^

**Mild TGS Spoilers***

I loved this weeks ep! ^_^ It's great to see Oberon's Mother. ^_^ It was wierd... Oberon acted almost... for lack of better term, Human! The way heacted to finding out about his son... do you think his attiude might have changed just a bit since he last saw Merlin? *maybe?*
****End Mild Spoilers*****

anyhow, I have a new pict that I thinnk Ya'll will like to see. ^_^ It's done in chalk, and it's actualy part of a triad of pictures, but I can't scan in all three pictures at once. :p It's based off a dream where I was a gargoyel. ^_^ Fun!

Name: Meghan has several meanings, but I prefer (sp?) the celtic meaning. ^_^ (I'm Scottish, so I have celtic roots. ^_^) "Great; Able"
My middle name means "Of Love"
and I'm of the clan Cameron. Cameron, and subsaquintly my last name, means "Crooked Nose"

Anyhow, I've gotta' go. ^_^ Ciao! ^_^

Fire - [<---Clicky Clicky!!!]
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:29:27 PM

** walks in with her right arm in a spica-splint and in a sling** Hey, I had surgery on my wrist yesterday on my cysts problem. I just want to say 'I'm here'...
**looks around and sighs**
12 school days until my birthday, June 4th.

Heather - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:17:43 PM

I guess I just got the answer to the name business there, thanks, Christine.
Whacha got on "Marius"? I know, I know, it's a long shot, but after all, I know it's somewhat related to Latin, just not sure about the extent and meaning (grumble, grumble).
Oh, and Christine, I never suspected you to be the kind of person to create lovable characters, and then _frame_ them.
(Sorry, that pun was just too good to ignore).

Warpmind de InzanE - [warpmind@geocities]
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:15:14 PM

Hey there Aaron!! Christine--congrads on the house--look forward to meeting you at the Gathering.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:14:15 PM

Warpmind > House arming? Oopsie ... that's a cat out of the bag, isn't it? Instead of all the guests bringing me plants, they can bring weapons ...

Sabledrake Manor > I do like it, and it would look kick-ass scrolled into the archway over a wrought-iron gate, but as this isn't _that_ huge, maybe Sabledrake Hall would be better ... and then, after I sign my movie deal for Black Roses (starring Salli Richardson, right? <g>) and make all my money, I can buy such a big place in the country that I could personally host a Gathering ; )

Stephen > hey, you better come and visit, since now it's looking like we won't be going to Westercon in Spokane after all. Since we'll be moving, re-wallpapering, good stuff like that.

South Park > yes, they're that way about _everything_, nothing is sacred, nothing is safe. That's what I like about it. Equal-opportunity offensiveness.

Peter > actually, "Peter" is from the Greek, "petra" or "petros," and the Latin "petrus," all of which mean "rock." Which, for a Gargoyle fan, is what they call an "aptronym" (right name for the job/hobby).

Names > If anybody wonders about the origins of their name, I have both my name books right here within easy reach. Got darn near everything in them (except Muldrup, G. Baron, sorry, I think someone must've made that one up <g>).

As for mine, Christine is from the Latin "christianus," which means "A Christian" and my middle name, Marie, is derived in a very roundabout way from the Hebrew name Miriam, meaning "sea of bitterness, sorrow."

Spike > more room for books? Yes, you betcha, but also, finally, the wall space to get those portraits you did of the MageLore characters framed and hung up! ; )

Christine - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 03:01:43 PM

Ah, I'm in such an enormously good mood today.

Throws DC out the window for the Hell of it.

I'm breaking in my first new shoes since before I graduated high school, and they've still got that great new-boot shine.

I got paid, always good.

And I saw the Phantom Menace at Midnight this morning, so I'm running on less then four hours of sleep.

I will review the movie later in the week, when more you y'all have had a chance to see it, and form your own opinions. Also I want to reflect on it, and see if it really was as bad as it seemed at first blush.

Glimmer> try staples on the kid.

Kathy> Was that the Portland-Utah game? Can you tell me who won? I missed it.


Aaron wanders out, humming "Sweet Home Alabama"

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:56:11 PM

Ok, that's two postings in less than half an hour, I just came to think of something: Who thought up Nudnik? And I don't mean who drew him, that's Christi Smith Hayden, obviously, I wonder who got the idea. He's kinda cute.
Warpmind de InzanE - []
NorwayWednesday, May 19, 1999 02:37:09 PM

One minor thing I forgot to add to my post of this morning.
Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia are *not* caused by the same virus. They are two different diseases that have remarkably similar symptoms. The only difference between the two is (Warning: this might be dated information, I don't keep up as well as I might anymore) you can vaccinate for FeLV, but not FIV, the virus that causes cat AIDS. And just like the human counterparts, the end result for animals that contract either virus is a painful death. Both viruses are spread by blood, semen and saliva - so basically, if your cat isn't breeding or fighting you cut its risk of exposure significantly.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:36:32 PM

VERY BRIEF POST on account of I have finals to study for, and can't take time to read everything.... :( But I did catch sight of this.

Wilek> You wrote "...hey, is there an archetype that goes something along the lines of Unity Of Opposites?"
Oh my YES. :) That's a big aspect of the Shadow archetype, along with the Sidekick, the Self/Other, the Evil Twin, and the Return Of The Repressed. I'll be writing about that in more detail next week. :)

Tempted to add another teaser for The Darkest Hour, but heck, everyone's doing that already. :P


Batya the Toon
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:20:25 PM

::looks over Monday's post:: I'm actually seeing the movie today at 4:30, Thursday was a typo.

Doug> You just keep turning out great fics.

Accckkk gotta go. My next post will be a review for "Phantom Menace"

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:16:54 PM

Coyote: Thanks. Hope to add to it ;)

Doug: I might, I just gotta see what has really happened previously on Timedancer (and I partly plan on reading season by season, each series in the sequence they're listed). Plus, I gotta wait until I get my old-games CD (getting my OLD install floppies transferred to CD, just for security purposes). Oh, I'd like to get my hands on the Phoenix Gate now and then.

Christine: Congrats on the house, but really? House_arming_ party? Isn't that getting a little paranoid? Oh, and your printer is relatively lucky. I ran through with printing out an online manual some time ago... 725 pages. The school sysadmin has yet to forgive the guilty... should he dare to step forth. But I never said that, deal?

Now for some other things: What is this deal with "origin of name"? I noticed some mentioning of that here, but what it is referring to is beyond me (guess I missed it, huh?) and I'd like some form of explanation. And how's this RP deal running along? Any info page somewhere?

Oh, well, I must run along now... gotta see if I can get my hands on that "God Save the Gargoyles" book. Hmmm... it is.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:16:21 PM

** Deuce walks in, and emits a long, drawn-out, pained sigh. **

This will be my last post for about a week. Thanks to an at-home grounding and the live-in that starts today... I'm out until Tuesday. NOOOO!!!!!!!!! *kills DC just for the hell of it* This, I believe, will be the longest I have ever gone without some CR contact (there was that one 14-year period, but...). Still, if the live-in is as good as I hope it will be, it just might make up for it. :-/

*shakes head* I just checked my email, and it looks like a friend of mine seems to like me as a bit more than a friend... I can either face her or play dumb... oh, brother, like my life isn't complicated enough. Good thing I don't have to see her until Tuesday.

Taleweaver> I agree with you; someone should publish a book of Xanderisms. He's just so damn funny!

Robby> The Muffin Man? No, I haven't seen him, but when you catch up, do you think he could send me a chocolate-chip banana muffin? Good luck posting the TD ep tomorrow, and "The Darkest Hour" on Monday.

Funny I don't have much more to say. *sighs again*


Deuce - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:14:00 PM

Just stopping by to say hello.
Missed Buff and I was three lines down the first spoiler before my mind registers "It's a spoiler don't read it!"

You know there is one book I'd like to see in the bookstore. Portable Xander. It'd be a shame that all these wittisms aren't availble to sharethrough the ages. And speaking of Xander. Him and Anya aren't as unlikely a couple as that. From Praying Mantis lady, to the Incan mummy girl, to Slayers, Xander has an 'affinity' for the strange girl. I'm mean to the two half way normal girls he's been intersted in are Willow and Cordellia. Willow's a witch and Cordellia can be that way sometimes.

Just a thought

Taleweaver - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 11:55:43 AM

OK, RP fans. We now have a website. Hit my name to get there.

Now understand that this isn't exactly complete. The episodes and posts section doesn't even have a page yet. There are no weapons or villians bios sections yet and the heroes section only has 6 entries so far. But this is a start. And proof I did something :P

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 10:38:24 AM

>>>G99> I'm not going due to my damn drill team camp, but do I send my t-shirt order to the same address as the shirt? Mail? Whatever, whoever knows please contact me now :) Thanks.<<<<

SOROW>> Send your T-shirt order by mail to the same address as the registration.

>>>1.Does anyone know if it counts as "Fan Art" if one of the origional characters is'nt involved in the picture or do
origional works count too ?<<<

Rolling Calf>> If it's done in the style of the show or resembles the characters from the show, it's fan art. Sort of a fuzzy gray area because if you're using all original characters, it also falls into the area of original art, but not if it still looks like something that came from the show.

I'm confused now. *laughs weakly.*

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 08:10:45 AM

Buffy > Growl. It was pre-empted. For a ::shudder:: basketball game. And if I hear one more person say, "but it was a play off game", I'm gonna hurt somebody. Basketball is nothing *but* playoffs. B****ds.

Spaying and Neutering: Guys, stop thinking with your other head. Dogs and cats don't feel the same way about castration as you do. There is no emotional component to sex for dogs and cats.
Why not use some other form of birth control besides surgical sterilization? Mainly because one, a reliable (and affordable) one doesn't exist yet and two, neutering stops most annoying secondary sexual behaviors like roaming, marking and yowling and more importantly, fighting. Many fatal pet diseases (esp. for cats) are spread through blood, saliva and semen. You stop behaviors that involved those and your pet's lifespan goes way up. And then there's all those really nasty cancers and reproductive organ diseases like pyometria. (Major Yuck).

You're probably wondering why I've chosen this particular soap box. I'll tell you. I've worked in both animal shelters and veterinary hospitals. It sucks having to deal with other people's irresponsible pet ownership.

And now for something TGS related: The worst is yet to come. The best is yet to come.

Christine: Best of luck as you embark on that exciting adventure "home ownership" and with all the other changes in your life.

Hello Newbies!

Later all,

Wednesday, May 19, 1999 08:06:45 AM


One thought that ran through my head after discovering that part of the means for the Mayor to achieve Ascension was by eating those giant spiders in the Box of Gavrok: there has got to be a less nauseating way to become a demon! :) (And only the Mayor would proceed to make that remark about the demon spiders being rich in fiber, at that :)

I was also intrigued by the revelation that Buffy has never yet encountered a true demon; next week's episode should definitely be interesting. (Incidentally, in the very first episode of the series, Giles called the demons "Old Ones", which got me wondering about whether this could be a Lovecraftian reference). And I agree that it was just like Faith to cheat Buffy even in death. (Of course, we know from the very existence of the "Angel" spin-off due in fall that Angel will somehow survive. The "preview" clips for next week's episode make me wonder if Buffy will be the Slayer who will get drained - although since her series will be coming back as well, that raises a few possible snags). All in all, the episode feels very good, as usual.

And poor Amy is still a rat....


Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 07:46:06 AM


The Onslaught is now on the home stretch of its journey to Crown Point, Iowa. In the trailer, DC is standing at the window and watching the corn roll by, hanging his head in shame. "What's the matter?" Doug walks up beside him and asks. "It's Lonny," DC sighs. "I still can't remember what he's going to do, except that it's really terrible and involves the CR." "Well, DC," Doug tells him, "like Kit and I said earlier, we can't help you with him unless we know what he's gonna do. And if you can't tell us..." "You don't know what Thailog's doing in Iowa and yet you're going to stop him." "Yeah, but Thailog and Guod are enemies we know. They're predictable. We've never dealt with Lonny before, we can't know what he's going to do." DC nods. "I understand. I guess it's up to me, then." "You?" "Yeah. You can't stop Lonny, but I can. I have to, if he takes over the world I'll no longer be able to mess with its computer systems. And I like doing that too much to ever stop. So I have to prevent Lonny's plans from suceeding. I shall go and do so, there's nothing for me to do here." Doug smiles and claps him on the shoulder. "Alright then, godspeed. If you need any help from us, don't hesitate to page me. We do have a working portal to the CR on board, you know." "I know," DC replies. "Thanks. Later." He walks off and exits through the portal, going back to the CR. Doug whispers a prayer that he will be able to stop Lonny and then turns to make a post.


I am so happy right now. My finals are over, I passed both of the two classes I was worried I wouldn't (with a C, that's better than what I thought I'd probably be getting), and tomorrow night I will see the new Star Wars movie. That, and I'm currently getting a great massage from Kitainia. This has been a good day, I'm glad it's over.

Fic Progress: Thanks again to Peter and Niamhgold for sending in their feedback on my latest work. I hope I get more very soon, particularly from Traveler. Began work on "Beneath the Streets" today, have the foreword and Previously bits done. Will do more later. If anyone's curious, this fic will be another one set in the Manhattan Underground. It will involve the Labyrinth residents, the Rat King, and the surviving vampires from "Slayer Senshi" as well as the regular characters. We'll also have a wedding take place, and finally get to see on stage two religious characters I've been mentioning in a few previous fics- Simon Kurtz and Father Tom Greene. This should be a good one. <grin>

Coyote: Thanks again for the info on Doug Ramsey. You know, I was doing some thinking tonight and realized there may be a place for him in my fanfic saga. I'll make him the chief interpreter on the mutant island nation of Refuge, and of course he won't be dead when we see him and that island in a far-in-the-future fic.

Anonymous: Hope that comics site gets up soon. I am very much looking forward to seeing it.

Pistoff: Yes, she certainly does. :) That's one of the main reasons I often use her as inspiration and sounding board for my fanfic ideas. :)

Big welcome to Moongoyle!!

Christine: Congrats on the new house, hope you enjoy living in it. BTW, I sent you about my next fic and plans to use Aiden in it. If you get the time, please check your box.

Kyryn: Your friends are getting married now? That's great! Please send them our congratulations.

*mild StarWars spoiler*
Shogun Raptor: I think Darth Sidious and Palpatine may be one and the same. Not sure, just a rumor I heard somewhere. :)
*end mild StarWars spoiler*

Tonight's Buffy: Kitainia and SJ have already said all my thoughts on this week's ep. I agree with them that it was very well-done. Can't wait for next week's big season finale. (Oh, and if anyone's wondering, I do have plans for at least one gigantic Buffy-style demon to attack New York in my current fic season. He will be borrowed from Fox's Spiderman, but still. :) Muhahaha.)

SJ: Sorry you'll be going out of town again. Hope you get back soon, we'll miss you until then. :(

Fanfic Titles: <think about what happens in the story, then see if you can relate something metaphorically to it to use as a title> I do this a lot with my fics, too. Here are a few examples-
Inheritance: The Rose is claiming his inheritance from his father in the story, and taking the Kingpin's place as New York's biggest gangster. This one is a little easy to get.
Captives: Goliath was kidnapped and held captive by the Illuminati in this one. Silvan was also held captive by his curse right up until the end. So the title refers to both of them.
One Psycho to Another: This fic was about Demona. In it she changed from a psychotic killer to a psychotic protector and atoner for her sins. She also made friends with one of the biggest psycho vigilantes in New York- Seth, and did battle with a pyschotic gang of bad guys. Obvious where the title came from now, huh? :)
Masterpiece: Turning Rachel into Changeling was Sevarius's masterpiece, wasn't it? :)
Slayer Senshi: A little play on words. Arianna's favorite video game is Sailor Senshi, she becomes a Slayer in this story. I couldn't resist. :)
The Hostage: Lots of metaphorical hostages in this story who were freed in the course of the action. They include Renard, who was a hostage to his cancer and was freed in death; Nikki, who was trapped in a society she could not find happiness and satisfaction in and escaped from it to Earth with the help of her friends; and of course Demona and Macbeth, who were both hostage to their old grudge and in this story were freed of it by swearing a truce. All very good things.
(Future fics)
Beneath The Streets: Most of the action in this one occurs underground, and the clan make many friends who live down there, so...:)
Blind Date: Matt and Nikki start going out together. Yeah, it's not really a blind date by the definition of the term, since they will already know each other. But since he doesn't find out she's a dragon until this fic, and the world will also learn dragons exist in it, its plot can still be sort of called a blind date. :)
The Test: Metaphorical reference to the plot again. Ari will be taking a major Slayer test in this one, identical to what Buffy underwent in "Helpless." Sheppard will also have to deal with a crazed Quickling immortal desperate to take his head. That's gonna be a challenge for him, especially since he'll only have fought two immortals previous to the story and Sykes will have battled at least sixteen.
Night of The Symbiotes: Broadway and Angela get married, becoming metaphorical symbiotes. Venom and Carnage will also be involved in this fic, so the title refers to them as well.

DumlaoX: Glad you got the bios, let us know if you need any more info. Hope the site gets up real soon.

Wilek: Actually razor-edged fans are a real martial arts weapon. Primarily used in feudal China and Japan, by female fighters who could have them as unobvious weapons. Also known as the ginsen(sp?) or war fan, these weapons were known for their ability to quickly kill an enemy by slice to the throat. <ouch>

Okay, that's all for tonight. Later.


The Onslaught rumbles on, and Doug walks back to the others to tell them what DC did. "Hope he can handle Lonny by himself," says Kitainia. "I have a feeling we're going to be pretty preoccupied with Thailog and Guod." "And getting my friends back," Daria adds. "Right," Doug nods in agreement. "Anyway, we're almost to Crown Point now. Once we get there, we'll plan for how we can take on the enemy. Until then everyone can relax a little bit." "This is not a good time to relax, Doug," Jammer points out, tapping the truck's dashboard. "Thanks to that last high-speed chase, we're nearly out of fuel. I hope there's a town ahead, we need gas." "Here's one!" Tricia yells, pointing to groups of buildings beginning to appear around the back road. "Excellent," says Jammer, pulling the truck up to a rundown-looking gas station. "I hope they have high-octane fuel." The Ravens and co. get out of the truck to stretch their legs and look for the gas station attendant. He is nowhere to be found. "Damn it," Jammer curses as he tries one of the pumps. "The nozzles are locked shut, I can't pump gas without the attendant unlocking them. Where is he?" The others look around, surprised at how empty and desolate the town seems. "Hello!" Stephanie calls out, and the others do likewise. No one answers. "You think this place is abandoned?" Doug asks. "No way," says Gubio. "There has to be someone here. I mean, there are buildings, that usually means people, right?" Orion nods. "I sense people here, but they're not answering our calls. I have a very bad feeling." "We'll just have to find the people and make them help us, then," says Kitainia. "The Plane of Petroleum has been closed to us ever since we broke off relations with Gothmenes, and this is the only station for miles, so we can't get the gas we need any other way." "Yeah," Doug agrees. "Alright. Gubio, you and Mist stay here with Daria and her friends. The rest of us will spread out and try to find the people Orion is sensing. Be careful, everyone, I have a bad feeling too." The Ravens nod and begin searching the desolate town. A small child watches them from his hiding place in the cornfield, a worried look coming over him as the screen fades out. To be continued.


Doug - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:47:12 AM


[TRC and Khesaat have gathered the rest of the team...TRC: ", pretty much, Wilek's gone, right when we need him." Khesaat: "And we haven't seen SJ, Argent, or Kari in a while either." Jake: " and Teri will check out Disney/MGM." Anoth: "Forfexx and I will search here at Epcot." TRC: "I'll take the Magic Kingdom." Khesaat: "Which leaves me with the Animal Kingdom--wait, I need to get back to the Avatar Of Ganon." DMW: "Wilek told me he wouldn't come within a mile of the Animal Kingdom; feel free to return to the station. I'll give it a quick psionic sweep and my eagles will search from above, just in case he ended up there anyway." Khesaat: "Thanks. Khesaat to Avatar, one to beam up." Khesaat disappears in a green transporter beam, leaving the others to begin their search. Anoth: "Wait. Whatever happened to our cybernetic enforcers, the Doom Commandoes?" That's a good question; they haven't seen any action in months...]


SJ> <<Oh my just deleted a 2 page post....SON OF A B%!%!@%!@%$!@%!@$%@#&%$@^&*#$%*@$^*@$^*@$^*@$^*!!!!!!>> That happened to me once; DC's still sore and I now use Notepad. Hm...I didn't know that word had so many letters to censor out. ;P <<Someone kill D.C. for me, I don't have the energy.>> I'll mention your plight when I kill him later. >:) <<Makes everything just a little too neat and tidy in the SW universe.>> Or it makes everyone *think* everything's neat and tidy, so Lucas can shock the living daylights out of everyone later. I do that sometimes in my fics--make the characters think everything's peachy, just so they won't notice when I have someone sneak up behind them with a weed wacker and a psychotic lemur. >:) <<Makes you hate the Tremere, huh? ;) I don't know about joining the Tzimisce, though. Those guys aren't exactly much better.>> I think you're right, and I've been rethinking my alliegences. My decision: the Malkavians. Being a CR dweller, I'm practically one of them anyhow (as DC can attest), and their Clanbook has the kewlest table of contents I've ever seen. :) $<<So everyone involved in the RP, I'm sorry, but carry on without me.>> No problem. :) Hope you don't mind me making up a thing or two as I go along...BTW, whatever happened to Maambi from Return To Oz? Was she killed by the Gnome King, or did she survive?$

Pistoff> You half woke up during the surgery...and the doctor messed up the operation...and charged you for it...?! Words fail me. [Lacking a more appropriate target, Wilek punches DC in the face so hard his head rips off--partly in revenge, partly to get psyched for the real death a little later.] <<And speaking of crappy Star Wars stuff, does anybody here remember the Star Wars Holiday Special?>> I've never actually seen it, but from what I've heard, it was *awful*. As I recall, the only good thing about it was the animated short that introduced Boba Fett. I hear Lucas *despises* the Holiday Special and is the main reason it didn't make it to video. Oh well, you should see some of the stuff that was well and truly flushed before it could be inflicted on an unsuspecting public: Someone once tried (and failed, thank the powers) to get permission to write a ballet featuring Darth Vader. No, your eyes don't decieve you. No, I'm not kidding, although I'm still not sure this guy wasn't. Let me repeat this for those of you who still think that was a typo: A BALLET FEATURING DARTH VADER. The mind boggles.

Moongoyle> Greetings newcomer! Lower your inhibitions and surrender your sanity; resistance is futile. <g> <<Am I welcomed here?>> Anyone who likes Gargoyles and pleasantly insane company is welcome; we're very inclusive. <<doesn't anybody else besides me think that cancelling gargoyles was the dumbest mistake of their life?>> Yup, I imagine just about everyone here thinks that way. Or rather, it was their *second* dumbest mistake: Their first was taking Greg off the project. As soon as he left, the quality of the episodes went *way* down. <<I am an aspiring fanfic writer but often has the unfortunate thing of getting stuck in the middle of the story and not being able to think of a title.>> You too? I'm just like that. For getting stuck, all I can do is wait until my creativity divas are in a mood to talk again. As for titles...well, what I do is look for common threads and themes in the story, find a rather cryptic and esoteric phrase that describes them, and use that as my title. Reading a lot, and being familiar with the names of a lot of songs and bands and albums ('This Ascension' is named after a goth band, and I hope to name a fic 'Innocence Bleeding' someday), is a big help, as you can encounter a lot of interesting phrases and such in reading material. My titles tend to be rather convoluted; often, you have to read the entire fic and then think for a bit to understand why I called something what I did. <<I was without sanity for a long time and i kept to myself. It wasn't pretty. :-( >> You'll learn to enjoy it; I did. ^_^

Christine> <<the irreverent South Park guys probably loved it and laughed their collective butt off.>> I HATE them. I mean, do they hold nothing sacred? They'll make fun of anything, no matter how important, just to get a cheap laugh. Including any given religious faith. <<my printer was making wheezes and whines, poor thing!>> At least yours isn't out of black ink. I've been putting off refilling that thing for MONTHS, just because it's such a pain to refill (BJC-4300, BTW). Oh, and I love Stephen's suggestion: call it Sabledrake Manor. ^_^ Or better yet, Sabledrake Citadel. Much more intimidating. >:)

Deuce> <<Death to the big boat!>> Dang right! That has to be one of the worst movies ever made. Besides which, I have a personal score to settle with it: its siren call prompted someone to partially shut down a set of web pages devoted to the great and majestic PC game Phantasmagoria. Partially, as in much of the utility files (hacking programs, a complete set of MID files, a WAV of the glorious opening theme, and most of the other goodies that such game nutz as myself drool over). If such a thing were possible, I'd find a Phoenix Gate and go back and keep the bloody thing from sinking just to keep the movie from stinking. Cameron (I think that was the director's name) should have quit while he was ahead (the Terminator movies). <grr>

I'd better tone down my responses a tad before my post reaches Traveler proportions. <g> And the following won't help much...


[Wilek sees DC trying to hide at his ISP. Wilek: "Hello old friend. There are the obvious issues with SJ to resolve. Internet connection has been strange lately. The speed counter displays a consistently high transfer rate, yet most Web pages take a very long time to load. Some won't load at all unless I turn off images. And at one point, my connection failed entirely, without even bothering to hang up, so I failed to notice until I attempted to download a MID file. Care to explain?!" DC: "Because I have several projects running on the Internet, the kinds of things I don't want a nosy CR sneaking into. Most of you people are pretty knowledgible about computers, and I need you kept away from--URK!" DC breaks off as Wilek grabs him by the throat. Wilek: "So...all our woes are a coverup attempt. What kind? Wait, never mind; I'm sure that will sort itself out eventually. Now, to end our revels..." Wilek begins yet another gory death...but his clone stays his hand. Wilek: "What do YOU want?!" Dark Mage Wilek: "To teach you something about how to deal with these sorts of people. You specialize too much in gore and horror. You know little about the true nature of pain and fear. You said it yourself to that friend of yours: It's momentarily satisfying to simply kill someone, *but* short, you're not evil enough. Allow me." Wilek releases DC, and DMW grins evilly before whispering something in DC's ear. DC, eyes wide with horror, looks at DMW, who simply nods. DC proceeds to cower fetally in the corner and emit the long, loud, undulating wails of a person trapped in his own personal hell. After luxuriating in having shattered DC's mind and soul for a bit, DMW offers him a large hooked knife, which he takes and eagerly uses to slit his own wrists and throat. Wilek looks on in stunned horror; not even his own DC depredations ever prepared him for *this*. Wilek: "Oh, my--what in the world did you *say* to him?!" DMW: "Do you *really* want to know?"]


Robby> <<Hey, has anyone seen the Muffin Man? You know, the guy who lives on Cherry Lane?>> I ate him.

Glimmer> <<Mabye duct tape will help.>> Or staples. <<The one person I trust to tell me what they think says it looks like an alien. It's supposed to look like a sorceress.>> "Hey, you got your sorceress in my alien!" "Hey, you got your alien in my sorceress!" Both: "Mmm! Two great tastes that taste great together!"

Blue Caeru> <<I thought that the expanded universe books weren't considered canon at all.>> Most aren't, but Shadows Of The Empire and the Zahn Trilogy were canonized because they fit perfectly into the SW universe, and Lucas liked them so much.

Kitainia> <<As for Kitainia, well I made that one up, combining the names of the faerie queen and my second favorite Mortal Kombat character>> Kitana? I *love* those razor fans of hers. Is there anything like that in the real world? I once saw a martial arts master practicing with a couple of paper ones, so I figure there must be some use for the design...<<Sorry I didn't, I will try not to let it happen again.>> No problem. Even we CR dwellers can't be perfect. ^_^

TRC> <<1.Does anyone know if it counts as "Fan Art" if one of the origional characters is'nt involved in the picture or do origional works count too ?>> Um...not sure. I guess it counts as fan art if the characters being done are at least a part of a Gargs ficverse.

Has anyone noticed that I'm kind of psychotic lately, with DC $and in the RP$? Maybe I'm becoming a full-fledged CR dweller. <g> Too bad the fanfic/WCC version of me is still rather <ick> normal. <grins evilly at his fic/WCC version, who shudders> But I can make up for that by putting him through multiple varieties of physical and psychological torment. Rest assured, loyal viewers, that in each and every issue of the Station Eight saga, Wilek Gets Creamed. Watch yourself, Fic Boy. <evil grin>


[As Wilek sees the massive cybermech shrug off the Borgified Pikachu's most powerful attack, he resorts to his own Pokemon. Wilek: "Blastoise, attack target!" The Blastoise hits the Tin Man with the full force of its powerful water cannons...but the only immediate effect is a small dent in Tin Man's armor. Wilek: "Oh, shoot...wait a minute...maybe *liquid* water won't work, but...Ice Pokemon all, attend!" A multitude of Ice Pokemon emerge from the dark Pokeball. "Freeze target!" The Dewgong, Cloyster, Jynx, and others unleash their most powerful ice attacks, and within minutes, the Tin Man is reduced to an immobile husk. Wilek: "Even if we don't finish the job, Tin Man will never move again; his structure has been too badly embrittled to risk it. Oh, and nobody lick him, you'll get your tongue frozen stuck. Well, not really stuck, it'll break off..." SJ: "Better safe than sorry. Dugtrio, I choose you!" Nothing happens. Wilek: "This is kind of a weird Pokeball. Dugtrio, attend!" The digging Pokemon emerges. SJ: "Err...tell it to bury Tinman." Wilek: "Dugtrio, entomb target! Advisory: tactile hazard, nature: extreme low temperature." The mole Pokemon sets to work. Scarecrow: "So. That's done, then. Well, it's on to our next target." SJ: "The Cowardly Lion?" Scarecrow: "No, thank the Dark Emerald. He was my chief bodyguard and enforcer before the mess with Eisner started. He refused to accept Eisner's reign, and is rotting in some dungeon in the Emerald City." Wilek: "Doesn't strike me as a dungeon kinda place." Scarecrow: "Eisner changed all that. There were those who rebelled; they now starve in some dismal oubliette which will become their grave if we don't act quickly..."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:17:13 AM

DOUG & KITAINIA-- Got the bios safely. Thanx much.

ATILLA-- If you got bios, send it over & I'll ammend it to the new site.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 02:02:10 AM

**doubles over in pain at SJ's mention of Don Quixote.**

Ehh ... third year Spanish we did basically the Cliffs Notes version of Don Quixote ... half-heartedly studied a summary of the book written in Spanish, then sat through that horrible movie adaptation of "Man of La Mancha" with Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren. Ugh ... give me Richard Kiley any day.

**starts humming "Man of La Mancha" under his breath while fixating once more**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 12:08:02 AM

One last little Buffy thing:

I loved Xander's response to seeing the picture of the demon: "We're gonna need a bigger boat."
THIS is why I love Xander!!! The guy is brilliant!

Sevarius Jr.
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 12:07:37 AM

****BEGIN RP****
"Looks like we got a fight on our hands, boys and girls!" Sevarius Jr. shouts. "We gotta hit him hard and hit him fast!!"
Kari, eager to use her new powers, is the first to attack. With a grunt of exertion, she hurls her spear at Tinman. Remarkably, the weapon simply bounces off of the metal man's hide, falling useless to the ground. "What the...." she says.
"I forgot to mention," Scarecrow said. SJ noticed that the man of straw had conveniently moved to the back of the group of heroes, far away from Tinman. "His armor is enchanted. Conventional weaponry won't work against it."
"Well, you could have mentioned that BEFORE!!!!" Kari shouted.
"Let me give it a try," SJ said. He motioned to the cute little Pikachu still riding comfortably atop his head. "You ready, little guy?" "Pika!" "Okay, let's give it a shot! Pikachu! Thunder shock!!!"
The small electric mouse jumped off of SJ's head with a great leap, and, tail stuck high in the air, began to generate electricity around itself. With a determined look on its face, it prepared to attack. "Piiiiiii kaaaaaa CHUUUUU!!!!!" With a cry, the Pokemon unleashed a tremendous bolt of lightning, the energy beam arcing forward and striking Tinman square in the chest. There was an explosion, kicking up dust and tearing leaves off their branches. When the dust cloud departed.....
Tinman still stood there. Unharmed except for a small black smudge on his chest.
"Oooooh crap," SJ said. Most of the others agreed with him. "Nothing's phasing this guy! Wilek, now may be a good time to try those water Pokemon!!!"
****END RP FOR NOW****

*BIG FREAKIN' SIGH* I'm having a horrible week. The last two weeks, I'm been struggling with finals. Next week, I start taking a couple of classes for the summer (which is never fun, trying to cram 4 months worth of material into 1 month). And now, apperently, I may have to go out of town the rest of the week. The one week I have to rest. Life sucks. So everyone involved in the RP, I'm sorry, but carry on without me. I know I was kind of leading it, but just make do until I get back, hopefully at the end of the week, no later than Sunday I hope.

Wilek: Makes you hate the Tremere, huh? ;) I don't know about joining the Tzimisce, though. Those guys aren't exactly much better. There's a reason they're called the "Fiends".

Xena's "Death": Yeah, I realize that this is probably just the season finale cliffhanger. Still, I think that it's a cool concept to end a series by killing off the main character. It shouldn't be done all the time, but once in a while it's cool, just to be gutsy.

GREAT episode!!!! I can't wait now till the season finale, just to see how the Ascension goes down. Plust this episode was chocked full of cool stuff. Like:
1. Learning that "real" demons are a lot bigger...and meaner. Bravo to Joss Whedon! Frankly, some of the demons we've seen in the past episodes of Buffy have been kind of....well, not sufficiently demonesque (I remember that guy who looked like a yellow dinosaur). Makes sense that the demons we've seen are half-human.
2. Anya in love with Xander. I actually started to like her this episode. Some real good characterization for her. I only hope that, now with Willow taken and Cordy leaving the show, Xander takes the hint and starts a romance.
3. Willow. Oz. The bedroom. What a lucky SOB.
4. Angel getting poisoned. Coolness! (forgive my anti-Angel sentiment).
5. Faith!!!! I realized something with this episode. As much as I was calling for her blood during the season.... I DIDN'T want her to die after all!!! She kind of grew on me, I guess. Oh well, at least she died in cool bad guy fashion, i.e. screwing the good guy even in death.
Overall, EXCELLENT episode tonight. Can't wait till next week!

Theresa: I understand that you are speaking from personal experience, but I still would NOT spay or neuter my pets. I know that just about every authority on animals tells you to do so, but I just can't bear to do it. I mean, you're CUTTING OFF their genitalia. I don't know, maybe as a guy I'm a little more sensitive to such things, but I can't bring myself to do that to another creature.
All I know is, if I was a dog, and my master got me "fixed", I'd lick his face during the day.....and RIP his throat out while he slept!!!!

Coyote: Don Martinez de la Mancha! We had to study Don Quixote back during my high school English 4 class. Totally in espanol, too. Not an easy feat, my friend.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Wednesday, May 19, 1999 12:03:24 AM

**enters the room, dressed up as Darth Vader ... kind of: instead of a cape, he wears a black toga. Unsheathes a lightsaber, switching out the candles and using the lightsaber to light the new one.**

**inhale** Let the orgy commence!! **exhale**

**flips open the facemask, Dark Helmet style**

Sorry. I'm now counting the hours ... :)

Oh, and before anyone says anything ... I am now temporarily a Stars fan. Kyryn, mind if I jump bandwagons to yours for a month or so? :)

Moongoyle, re: titles: Sometimes inspiration for titles will come from the strangest places ... think about what happens in the story, then see if you can relate something metaphorically to it to use as a title. Example from G:CM: My Illuminati fic was titled "You're Not Cleared For That," based on that phrase's over-use in the card game Illuminati: New World Order.

Christine: Congrats! Wouldst that I could attend your housewarming party ... you'll let us see the new digs, right? :)

Bronx Wyvern: Nice to see ya back up and around.

Glimmer: My condolences on your problems with the aspiring nudist nephew. :)

Kitainia: Hmm ... thinking about the origins of "Lisa," it has actually several geneses. Everything from a shortening of Elizabeth to how my ex wound up being named Lisa (turns out it's close to the Vietnamese word for "spring mist," IIRC.).

**sits down in the big chair, flipping down the facemask again. The heavy Darth Vader breathing begins once more as he fixates on the candle.**

Coyote the Bando - []
The Colorado Avalanche can kiss my fat, hairy, perfumed @$$!!
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:01:38 PM

Two arrows fly throught the windows of the Comment Room with steel cables trailing after them . The arrows fly through the left eyes of the CR's local pests . As they vainly stuggle to remove the shafts TRC walks in through the door ; smiles and waves at the both of them ; and then gives a shrill whistle to Jebediah outside who then (with a wave back at TRC) guns the truck engine and drags the two of them through the windows (yes glass shards got lodged in their flesh) and out into traffic . TRC to his com link : "Get them out onto I95 and do'nt stop until they've become dislodged , Ok . Thanks for the favour and I'll see you ina few weeks ."

Pistof : About this Burger King guy your leaning on , are'nt you a little worried about when he figures out that your "Stupid Clutz" routine is deliberate ?

SJ : Scifi's story line was supposed to pick up around a month or so after the series finale on Fox , the idea was that Remy and Wade had made it back to Earth Prime , which had been taken over by the Kromaggs . The reason that Wade was'nt there was that she had been shipped off to a different world while Remmy had been left behind to kill Quinn after their escape .
The escape was supposed to have been orchestrated so that they could follow the sliders back to Quinn and Colin's real home world from which the Maggs had been banished after their defeat by the planet's human popluace . And they did some subliminal programming / brain washing / mind control to Remmy so that he would kill Quinn after they got there .
I agree with you about the origional cast and the new one as well . I hear there dropping Quinn and Colin next season though . I do'nt think I'm going to be watching it to be perfectly honest and while I did enjoy a few of the episodes I found the new season to be pretty disappointing . I guess everyone agrees with me on that one .

Wilek : They never said for _sure_ whether or not it was the real Arturo , but we all assumed so .

Not going to the Gathering Club - (grumble) where do i sign .
This means I'm on the list to get the full picture and step by step walkthrough of what happens right ?

1.Does anyone know if it counts as "Fan Art" if one of the origional characters is'nt involved in the picture or do origional works count too ?
2.Where are our Missing Demonas ?

Newbies : Welcome to our little corner of the internet . Here you get a sample of one of the many options of your own personal Dante's Inferno . If you thought the high school bullies were bad just wait until the staff start teasing you about things WEEKS or MONTHS in the future . Mr. Dis Connect will then prolong the yearning agony by CRASHING YOUR HARDRIVE AT 11:59:99PM on that Sunday . Welcome we hope you have lived a happy life up to this point .
(notes disapproving stares)
And to the Gullible : You ca'nt easily find the quality of the people in here elsewhere .

SOROW : Are you sure your real name is'nt Katharyn . You remind me of a person just as sickeningly cheerful by that name {:-) .

TRC has been going through every ride at Disney since he got there . He has changed into a pair of shorts , slippers , a souvenir T-shirt that he believes he must have been manipultaed into purchasing after he got a little tipsy earlier , a pair of dark glasses and a Goofy hat (Goofy as in the character) . He is carrying around a large shopping bag containing his other purchases including such oddities as life-like lizards , snakes , amphibians , reptiles and his usual clothes .
He is resting on a bench trying to recouperate from the most recent ride and grinning sheepishly at one lady whose shoes he . . . soiled as they were leaving the building . He almost did'nt notice Commander Khesaat as he walked by due to the wardrobe change . Khesaat also failed to notice TRC until after he had passed him when he turned back and began to give an update on there situation . as he finished Khesaat asked TRC if he knew where the others were . TRC :"I saw Wilek last when we were all having that drink at the tables , I still say that pack of cards was rigged by the way , but I saw SJ , his hounds and the Robby's sister a few hours ago , I was a little too sick to catch up to them at the time but I head them say something about looking for Eisner to find Sevarius senior . I have no idea where they went to after that I'm afraid ." Khesaat :"Did you see which direction they were going in then ?" , TRC :"I think they were heading towards Epcot center but I'm not sure , like I said I was a litlle out of it . I would'nt even have remembered if you had'nt mentioned that's where Wilek was last seen . Maybe SJ and Wilek met up there ." , Khesaat :"There's a good chance of that , we need to hurry over there and collect them . Lets go " Khesaat turns and starts to run towards Epcot center when TRC calls after him , "I'll meet you there , I need to change and stash my goods . "
(Onto you Wilek)
**END RP**

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston , Jamaica
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:46:42 PM


The Ravens are quickly speeding down a back road in Iowa, still heading for Crown Point County and their rendezvous with Agent Rho. Inside the Onslaught's trailer, Jaden and the others watch as they leave the wrecked gov't vehicles far behind. "We're safe now," Jaden smiles. "No more govern-mental jerks will be after us for a while." Tricia nods. "At least we can hope not." Suddenly DC smashes open the door of his cage and walks out. The Ravens all spin to face him. "Whoa," Boris whistles. "Have you been working out?" DC looks up and grins at them, the Ravens step back as his features fully shift into those of the evil Agent Tau. "Greetings, Ravens," the evil gov't jerk chuckles. "My name is Agent Tau. I have been sent here to destroy you by Lord Thailog!" "You're not going to have much luck!" Kitainia yells as she, Doug, and Lathrop beam in from the cab-to-trailer teleporter (they saw what happened on the monitor). Kit and Doug raise their weapons and shoot at Tau, but he easily dodges their blasts. Lathrop throws a fireball, but Tau moves faster than lightning and avoids that as well. Elena, Mist, and Gubio empty entire clips at Tau next, but hit nothing but air as he dodges around, bouncing off the walls and doing somersaults and rapid body twitches like the agents in the Matrix. "You can not destroy me!" Tau laughs as he begins fighting back while he still dodges around. Trent and Daria try to stay out of his way as he knocks out all three of the unnamed band members. Then Boris, Mist, Jaden, and Gubio are knocked out by Tau's punches as Doug and Kitainia keep shooting. Just before he can also knock out Shap, Orion launches a spell at the agent that causes him to scream and fall back against the wall. Tau's features fade back into those of DC, who is shaking his head slowly as he comes back around. "I did an exorcism," Orion explains when everyone looks at him. "Thank God it worked." He bends down and begins checking on the wounded. "Who was that guy?" Doug asks as he helps DC to his feet. "Said his name was Agent Tau," says Keith. "I'll call Rho, maybe he knows something. Similar names, and all that." Kitainia nods. "Okay, you do that." She turns to make a quick post.


Hi everyone. Well, Doug's finals are done, so he's happy. :) And I'm happy for him. Congrats to all of you who have also finished. If you still have exams ahead, good luck. Tomorrow, we will celebrate with the Phantom Menace! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!! ahem <grin>

A big welcome to all newcomers!!! Hope you like it here.

*mild Batman Beyond spoilers*
SJ: Thanks for the Batman Beyond comments, it helped me understand things a little better. I wish they had shown flashbacks that would help us see how Bruce and Barbara broke up their friendship, though. That way I wouldn't have needed your explanation to get the full implications of what happened. Oh well, whatever. Thanks just the same for your analysis. Sorry about what happened last night to your post.
*end mild Batman Beyond spoilers*

Pistoff and all who commented on my Angela Nukem bit: Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it. Wonder if I should do one of Cavall chasing, catching, and eating Grimalkin. :) That might be fun.

My name: Well, Lisa and Telman are both Jewish in origin, I think. And I'm pretty sure Samantha (my middle name) is English. As for Kitainia, well I made that one up, combining the names of the faerie queen and my second favorite Mortal Kombat character (the first is Johnny Cage).

Interspecies dating: No problem with it on my part. Of course it's usually none of my business who other people want to date. :)


Well, a lot of things I wanted to say Doug, Ed, and others have already said, so I'll be brief. This episode was breathtakingly excellent. I liked the plot very much, and also the way all the characters were developed. The Illuminati reference and Grimalkin scenes were very amusing, the action with statues and basilisks was well-coreographed, and it was great to see some new and interesting members of the London Clan. Drake was funny. Also liked Danu's involvement, even if the effects her presence had on everyone were somewhat cliched. It's also dissapointing that she's apparently not going to do much to help the good guys' cause. They need all the help they can get. Oh well, at least she's not the Danu of Doug's fanfic. And we did get that end scene where she told Oberon how Madoc killed his son. Maybe that will bring old Obie around to the good side? I hope so. Good development on Madoc in that scene, too. It's even more clear now how insane and evil he is. The picture of Danu was also very neat. Altogether, I give this episode 9/10, thumbs up. Excellent work, TGS Staff!


Wilek: $ I'll miss the bikers, too. $ And I agree with you about the Mos Eisner comment, it was very funny. Thanks also for reminding me about that Star Wars preview. I should have put spoiler warnings. Sorry I didn't, I will try not to let it happen again.

DumlaoX: Doug and I sent you our bios. Hope they were recieved.

Todd: Thanks for the interesting info about Jennifer.

Christine: Congratulations on the purchase of what sounds like a wonderful house.


This episode succeeded on several levels. First of all, it developed many of the major characters in ways that you would expect to see in a season finale (examples- the beautiful scenes before and after Willow lost her virginity, Buffy declaring her independence from those losers in the Watchers' Council and Giles's and Wesley's reactions, and Anya trying to get closer to Xander...who would have thought that could happen?). All the characters were developed well, too, and there was an excellent plot with a lot of great foreshadowing for the Ascension and what may happen to Snyder and the Mayor in it. Angel's wounding and its effects on Buffy were also done very well, the actors really showed their emotions. I'm glad Angel is leaving the show with a bang. :)

The big fight scene at the end was led up to and coreographed very well, I liked all the moves Buffy and Faith used in it. Best of all, the scene ended with Faith's death. Finally, she is out of the picture!! Of course, she may have still killed Angel before she died, which is a very bad thing. But there's got to be some other way to cure the poison besides draining a Slayer, of that I am sure. All in all, this was a very good episode. 8.5/10, thumbs way up.


Hmm, looks like that's all I have to say tonight. Oh well, later!!


"Is everyone okay?" Doug asks as Kitainia turns back to the other Ravens. "Fine," says Gubio as he and the others come around after being healed by Orion. "Who was that guy?" Trent's bass player asks. "Hang on," says Keith from his place at the phone. "I'm finding out. Hello Agent Rho?" "Yes?" Rho says. "It's Keith, we're in Iowa." "Yes, I know. The station's fleet and I are about ready to fly down and meet you. What's up?" "We just had a big fight with some creepy guy who took over DC's body and dodged everything we threw at him except for an exorcism spell. He called himself Agent Tau." Rho's voice suddenly acquires a high level of shock. "Tau? Did you say Agent Tau?" "Yes, I did. The guy also said he was working for Thailog." "This is bad, very bad," Rho stammers. "Tau is a rogue MIB agent who belongs to a very powerful race of aliens. If he's working for Thailog, we have a serious problem. I'll explain more when we meet in Crown Point, I have to locate the file on him. Right now all you need to know is he's very dangerous. Tau can posess anyone, and exorcism spells don't always work on him. Sometimes you have to kill the host body in order to force him out." "How do we kill him permanently?" Keith asks. "You have to destroy his soul gem. It's like a lich's phylactery, and the natural form of his race. It has to be smashed while his spirt is encased in it, though. Look, we'll worry about this later. Let me dig up the data on Tau, and we'll discuss the problem in Crown Point. See you there shortly." Rho hangs up, and Keith relates his information to the others. "This is bad," says Tricia. "Yeah, says Doug. "I hope we can handle that guy if he appears again. Right now, let's get to Crown Point fast." The Ravens all nod and the Onslaught zips onward.

Meanwhile, in the World Devestator, John and Carol Borgy are walking in to see Guod. "Here are the last annoying TV personalities you asked us to assimilate, master," Carol says. Guod turns and smiles at the four Borg-Teletubbies with John and Carol. They chuckle some gibberish and wave back. "Assign them to guard the perimeter," Doug's evil clone commands. "I hope Phalanx Prime finishes that virus soon, because now my Collective is fully ready to assimilate the world." His maniacal laughter echos through the World Devestator as the screen goes blank.


Kitainia - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:46:11 PM


Spaying/Neutering pets. I had the sad incident a few months ago of taking Mischief to the vet. She was pregnant and delighted to be a mom-to-be. She let me know the kittens were due with a great deal of joyful meows. After twenty four hours and no kittens, I took her to the vet. They induced labor. It turned out she had one humongous kitten and it was breach and stuck. They had to do a c-section in order save her life. We had already lost her kitten. She was quite upset and an hour bike ride home did not help. She adopted Lovey's kittens and has been happy. I also had to put down two of my oldest cats, a mother and daughter. It's painful. These cats are as much a part of my life as any of my friends, maybe more so. I lived with
Tessa and her daughter Miss Meme. I had their mother, Dutchess, grandmother, Beauty and great grandmother Nuiscence. I had to give "grace" to her because she caught feline leukemia (kitty aids to those unfamiliar with the term).

Please don't every just say Vet will just 'kill' a pet. Many vets will not put an animal down unless
there is a good reason such as health.

Spaying and neutering adds years and improved health to an animals life. A female cat can have litter after litter until she dies from complications of one too many litters. A male from one too many fights.

Sorry for the rant people, but part of being a responcible pet owner includes population control.



Theresa - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:43:30 PM

Given what's coming out in say, roughly an hour, I decided to post something in here I posted in the s8 comment room.
Garg wars: episode one

Obi-wan kenobi: Brooklyn
Qui-gonn Jinn: Macbeth
Anakin Skywalker: Lex
Queen Amidala: Angela
Jar jar Binks: Vinnie
Mace Windu: Officer Morgan
Yoda: Puck
Darth Maul: Jackal
Darth Sidious: Thailog
Senator Palpatine: Xanatos
Trade federation droids: Steel clan robots

Shogun Raptor
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:42:28 PM

Haven't been here lately because of summer classes.

Star Wars books: Do you mean the "expanded universe" stuff or the novelizations of the original trilogy? I thought that the expanded universe books weren't considered canon at all.

Charles Dickens and SW: Kewl. :-)

Welcome newbies. :-)

Christine> Congrats on the new house and the comic version of "Kittens". And the "Black Roses" novel sounds great; I'd love to read it.

Pistoff> I'm sorry about your bad experience with that doctor. He should have had his medical license taken away from him so he wouldn't have been able to practice anymore. :-( But to use a cliche, don't let one bad apple ruin the bunch for you... I know several honest, compassionate physicians.

The Gathering: Someday, I will attend a fan convention of some sort... :-P

"Night of the Weird:" Great episode, would say more, but I think everyone else has covered it and I have to go study for a psych exam...

Valete familiares. (Hope I got that Latin right :-P)

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:12:23 PM

Neutering: I'm all for animal population control, but couldn't there be other ways to do it? Doesn't this violate some sort of "do no harm" code? It probably doesn't apply to vets. After all, they do put them to sleep (The animals, I mean). I know that condems are out of the question, but couldn't they use birth control mediction or a vasectomy so they wouldn't have to actually remove the genitals?

Look at it this way; How would you like if someone came by and cut off your nuts?:(

Pistoff: Sorry to hear about the pilonidal cyst you had. I heard that Rush Limbaugh had the same condition once:)

By the way, I've been some of your fan-fics. Would you be by chance a James Cameron fan?

To all the new guys and gals: Welcome aboard. I hope you stay around a long time, although, I'm not sure they'd say the same about me:)

And for Gods sake, please don't do anything mean to the newbies for the first couple of weeks!

Tim P.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 09:56:55 PM

Sorrow> Know where your coming from, G99 conflicts w/my two weeks for the National Guard.:(
Gyre - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 09:11:24 PM

Forgot! Hello to all the newbies! There are quite a few. I'm real cool, so you won't need to worry about me. Ha ha, be afraid! The Happy Queen salutes you :)
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 08:24:25 PM

For some strange reason or another, my computer was running the speed of a turtle and I gave up on loading the CR. Sorry...but now I can post forever cause my last project was due today and finals start on Friday. YEAH!

G99> I'm not going due to my damn drill team camp, but do I send my t-shirt order to the same address as the registrations (5 min from my house)? If so, how do I get the shirt? Mail? Whatever, whoever knows please contact me now :) Thanks.

I haven't read the ep yet, so....

Tuesday, May 18, 1999 08:21:49 PM


Kyryn walks in grinning and carrying a hockey stick over one shoulder. She corners Dis and says, "I'm really hacked at you for messing up my server access over the weekend, but I'm really happy that the Stars won last night, so I've decided to combine the two." She proceeds to beat Dis to a bloody little pulp using the hockey stick, then whacks the remains out the nearest CR window.


Thanks everyone for the wonderful compliments and wishes about the wedding. *blush*

Aaron> Okami and I will be partying at A-kon along with our friends Shaddow and Gypsy , who are getting married this weekend. I've been told that we'll be partying in the con-suite on Saturday evening, so take a break from other stuff and come help us celebrate.

Ed> Darkest Hour is actually in two parts, but it starts the whole ball rolling towards the season finale. However, if I remember correctly, both these eps are pretty long.

Christine> Congrats on the new house!

Welcome to all the new folks and returning old folks!

Later All!

**Kyryn heads out the window, looking for Dis**

Uvalde, TX
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 07:49:57 PM

Great TGS ep, Danu's sons need a good spanking.
Gyre - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 07:49:41 PM

**Glimmer's back!**

If I have to play one more game of Candyland I'm going to crack! **pauses to glare at her 7 year old niece and 4 and 2 year old nephews**

Stephan Sobotka(sorry if I spelled it wrong)> So glad you're feeling better.

Christine> Ahhh... Suburbia. Congrats!

the comics> almost up? Goody.

Moongoyle> as a fellow newbie, I greet thee thrice. Welcome to the craziest(and one of the friendliest) places on the web dedicated to the spirit of all gargdom. The new Timedancer episodes are posted on Thursday.

My dentist experience> I like my dentist, I really do. The problems were because they just moved into a new computrized office and I was one of their first victims, ere... patients.
My mother's apointment is for this Thursday. hehehe

I've been taking care of the kids today. I went outside and my 2 year old nephew had taken off his shoes. I put the shoes back on. Went back out again and he had his shoes and shorts off. I put those back on. Came out again and he was down to his diaper(sp?). I put all of his clothes on. Came out again and... you guessed it. He was running around the yard naked. Now I can't convince him to leave his diaper on! Mabye duct tape will help.

I just finished a sketch. Don't know what I going to do with it yet. It's not a garg and each of my family has a diffrent opinion about it. The one person I trust to tell me what they think says it looks like an alien. It's supposed to look like a sorceress. Oh well :)

Travel update- Plans are to leave on June 18th. That is if everything goes right. I won't be back for three whole weeks. :(

It has been almost 90 degrees for the last two weeks. I only have one pair of shorts. That means *shudder* shopping. But I was planning to use this paycheck to remodle. How come nothing ever goes as planned. I'm painting the walls with a celestial theme. Should be cool when I'm done.

**Glimmer prepares to leave, she straights her shoulders and departs saying,"If I'm going down, I'm taking a sales clerk with me."**

Boulder City, NV
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 07:04:35 PM

CHRISTI - Oops; I must have missed your comment at the time. Sorry about that. *grins sheepishly*

The appropriate thing about Dickens references in TGS is that Dickens had one thing in common with "Gargoyles"; his characters were connected with each other in unexpected ways. Two people apparently part of entirely separate plot threads would turn out, near the end of the story, to be actually related, often even parent and child. (Take "Great Expectations", for example, where Magwitch's fellow-convict who betrays him turns out also to be the chap that left Miss Havisham standing at the altar, and Magwitch himself is really Estella's father). Those who think that "Gargoyles" was too contrived in making Hakon Wolf's ancestor, the motorcycle rider who met Lexington in "Awakening Part Three" and the Gen-U-Tech security guard in "The Cage the same person, or Titania Renard's wife and Fox's mother should read some of Dickens' works. (Richard Armour once wrote a very funny summary of "David Copperfield" which emphasized this tendency of Mr. Dickens, commenting that either England was much smaller in Victorian times, or else the Laws of Probability had not yet been passed).

ROBBY - Um, what was the point of that Muffin Man post?

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 06:26:14 PM

**Robby dashes in** Hey, has anyone seen the Muffin Man? You know, the guy who lives on Cherry Lane? I've been looking for him all day....

AH, real post later.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999 06:11:57 PM

Hey there Steve!! Glad to hear your okay. Clicky on this for some art for my fanfic stories-hope to have chapter one of "misbegotten son " saga out during the weekend.=D
Jenna - []
Houston, TX, USA
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 05:25:37 PM

Greetings all... no worries on the health front: still a bit of a cough, but so far no relapse.

NAMES ORIGIN> Hmm, I think I missed the content of this one, but I assume people are giving the origins of their given names? Well, here's what I found out about mine:

Stephen - from the Saxon word, meaning "Royal" or "Crown"
Randall (my middle name) - from Saxon/Briton word, meaning "House Wolf"; possibly also "Guard Dog"
Sobotka - Czechoslovakian/Old Bohemian: "Eve of St. John"; literal translation: "Saturday".

CHRISTINE> Congrats on the new house! Should we call it "Sabledrake Manor" or perhaps "House of Talopea West"? ;) Can't wait to see it!

TGS EP> What can I say about this one? Very well done, for starters! And the confrontation between Danu/Oberon/Madoc was very well done.

DEUCE> Shouldn't we call that "TGS Movie of The Week"? :)

More to say later... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 05:22:38 PM

Night of the Wierd> Ducks under his wing. The Armadillos were Aaron's idea. Thought I did like Drake fighting St. George. This little blue dragon loves payback. And by the way, I noticed Guinevere/Jennifer reference right off. When you're fiance's name is Jennifer you pick up on these things quickly.

Interspecies dating> With all dating it has the potential to be painful. I don't think species would add any more peril when you risk your heart.

See ya all at the Gathering

Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 05:08:55 PM

Hi all.. good to post again, been sick and lots of things at school have been taking up my time!

Interspecies dating- It's peachy for me. It's the inside that counts.

Shauntell- Yes I also did notice a height change on Brooklyn in future tence. Probably because he wasn't finished growing real time.

****Spoliers For Pendragon****
Good job! I liked it alot. The scene that I found to be the one I really liked was when Danu called her children. I found it somewhat hard though to see Madoc and Oberon standing almost close together without getting into some sort of fight- but I suppose every sibling will cover up bitterness from thier parents! (I know I do) My only wonder is why Danu won't go back to Avalon. She didn't do as much harm as she thinks she has.

Sevarius Jr> Yeah, DC does that to my long posts all the time! Sorry about that... :(

**** Warning! Incoming DC death!!****
*Bronx promply spins around to DC who covers in a corner*
Hey you! yeah you c'mere! this is for cutting off people's long thought out posts! *Picks up a whole table set and flings it on him* Here, and have some sliverware to go with that lovely set! *flings chinet at his still body* Heh. Serves you right.
***End Death****

Hehehe anyhow.

Moongoyle- Welcome to the CR! ^_^ :::gives her an honorary badge:::

See ya!

Bronx Wyvern - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 04:55:14 PM

Deuce: Noooooo!!! Not a long episode on a Monday!! Can't you post it on a Sunday or something? *sob* That means there's almost no chance of me reading it until the following weekend. *grumbles*
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 04:43:01 PM

Thanks for all the lovely comments on "Night of the Weird"! I can't take all the credit -- Mike "The Master" Norrish started it and I just stepped in to finish it up. As you can tell, I'm a closet Anglophile -- hence the many Monty Python, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dickens references. I'm rather fond of Danu... she's very subtle for a fay.

Todd>> Right after working on "The Watching Eye", I said that Leonard Camford is modeled after Leodegran, Guinevere's father, keeping with the whole underlying Arthurian myth theme. *bonks him gently with Nerf bat* You need more long term memory!!

Super Cyborg Assault Armadillos>> *points at Aaron Ziegler and Rahsaan Footman* Hey, don't look at me!! THEY started it!!


Christine>> Congratulations on the house!! Now you'll have a bigger dining to cram with books for your booksignings!!

Just a friendly reminder that G99 is fast approaching and the deadline to get the special convention rates on your rooms ends THIS month! At these prices, you can spread out and be comfortable.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999 03:44:41 PM

Night of the Wierd: Great episode, It has a lot of action and some great developement on Danu. The scene with Oberon and Madoc was well written and developed all three of them. Grimalkin is an excellent adversary and was very well written.

Names> I believe that Peter and John are Hebrew in origin, though I could be wrong. Bijl is Dutch for axe and was given to my family in the 13th century by a noble.

Christine> Congrats on the house.

Moongoyle> Welcome to the asylum!

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 03:10:02 PM

Guess who snuck in after all? Dunno how long I can stay, but I'm making the most of the time I have. (Where have I heard that before?)

Pistoff> Doctors, man. You can't trust 'em a freakin' inch.

*****Night of the Weird spoilers*********

Overall, an interesting episode. I love Grimalkin, and how he's the brains behind the whole London operation. Also loved the Dins-Dale! joke, which is a Monty Python ref, not Sonic, for I forget who asked. My only regret was that no politicians were done, because I would have loved to see Nelson climb off his column and start kicking butt. Also liked the Maddoc/Oberon confrontation, and Maddoc's revalation to Oberon about Umbrial. (I'm sorry, I think Oberon is just as big an @$$hole as his brother, and things like this prove it)


Aaron slinks back out, humming "Perfect Drug" by NIN.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 01:38:49 PM

Christine> Congratulations on the house! And as for printing out a novel... be glad it's not a dot-matrix printer. A mere 25 pages is enough to drive one mad....

Moongoyle> Greetings! I'll take your sanity, thanx. Yeah, Gargoyles nevery should have been cancelled, but I don't think a movie would quite beat Titanic the way SW:TPM is going to. :-) Death to the big boat! Sorry.... Oh, and if you have lots to say, feel free to put it all in one long post; multiple posts clog the room.


If the average TGS is an hour-long episode... prepare for the four-hour movie special.

"The Darkest Hour", releasing May 24.

Deuce - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 01:13:36 PM

We got the house!!! Right across the street from a park, corner double lot, huge dining room, living room with _built-in_ bookshelves, bathroom big enough to remodel and add the jetted whirlpool tub I've wanted forever ... kitchen needs work -- country blue with little heart stencils just isn't me ... anyway, we'll be moving right after the Gathering ... housearming party shortly thereafter! ; )

Kittens comic > oooh, can't wait, can't wait!!!

Avalon Mists Deadline > Wednesday, May 26th, coming ever closer! Thanks to those who have been sending me stuff! We'll have more artwork in this issue than ever before!

And speaking of artwork > new pic of Jericho, by Demona May, in the Annex. Click on my name or go to

Star Wars > ignore my prattling; I haven't read any of the books and won't be seeing the movie for another week or so ... but last night, we watched some show that included a few clips from "Park Wars," which some South Park fan did and was so well received that Comedy Central put it up on their site ... got me to thinking ... Lucas seems like the sort who would just absolutely _hate_ these parodies of his mythology for the modern age (or whatever high-falutin' thing he called it), like "Troops" (hysterically funny, btw) and the rest ... yet the irreverent South Park guys probably loved it and laughed their collective butt off.

Black Roses > for those who've wondered, is not a sequel to Curse of the Shadow Beasts (the two sequels were completed quite some time ago and are just waiting and hoping for a publisher). Black Roses is an adaptation of my fanfic of the same name, turned into a modern-day horror novel. No gargoyles, but there are some similarities and in-jokes that might seem rather familiar (detective Mark Gladstone, conspiracy nut, for instance ... or appearances by the hot band Scarlet Angel and teen greasemonkey T.J. Lawton) and the main character, Theresa Zane, was designed with Elisa and Salli Richardson in mind. I printed out 4/5 of it, 435 pages, last night and my printer was making wheezes and whines, poor thing!

Christine - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:54:59 PM

Deuce: Please take good care of my sanity. It has been known to diappear when the door is left open. It doesn't return for a week. The last time I lost it, it didn't come back for a month. I was without sanity for a long time and i kept to myself. It wasn't pretty. :-(
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:16:27 AM

Coyote: thanx for your blessing! I feel like part of the gang now! I am an aspiring fanfic writer but often has the unfortunate thing of getting stuck in the middle of the story and not being able to think of a title. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:13:57 AM

Howdy again. had to write a song for history class. based off YMCA. doesn't anybody else besides me think that cancelling gargoyles was the dumbest mistake of their life?
I'm really enjoying the Timedancer series. I read almost every one and am waiting for a new ep. Like, what;s the time llimit for every new ep. (to rephrase and clarify: how long until there's a new ep?)
Moongoyle - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:11:41 AM

Quickie before work ...

SJ: Bummer about the post, man.

Moongoyle: Yes, you're welcome here. Greetings and salutations, and check with friend Deuce. He'll be more than happy to hold on to your sanity for you. ;)
And no, you're not a freak. We all loved the show ... elsewise I don't think we'd be here.

Coyote the Bando - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:07:57 AM

Hello. Star wars. Episode one. had the ticket practically in my hand and my mom said I couldn't go. really upset. My brother is the star wars guy on C107.5 (radio station). well, leaving the comment room in hopes that I can come back and not be given any flak about it.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:06:35 AM

Hello. Sitting in the middle of my american history class. Yes i am a gargoyles freak. I have the coloring book, three tapes of episodes, stone camo broadway and deluxe wing action Goliath. I loved that show so much and was really p***** off when they cancelled it. Now I live in the hope that they will come out with a blockbuster movie and get even higher money than Titanic. None of my friends understand my obsession. Am I welcomed here?
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:03:57 AM

One more day until Star Wars... one more day until the retreat.

Newbies! *Deuce pulls out his Sanity Vacuum Cleaner and sucks out every last semblance of normalcy from the newcomers* Hehehe....

Aaron> ["Today, billionaire industrialist David Xanatos acquired the rights to everything the Beatles ever recorded, just because he could."] To quote those highly irritating elementary-school-targeting McDonald's ads.... Hey! It could happen!

SJ> ["SON OF A B%!%!@%!@%$!@%!@$%@#&%$@^&*#$%*@$^*@$^*@$^*@$^*!!!!!!"] Thank you for restraining yourself. :-) Good thing that problem we had with assorted extended characters got fixed....

Pistoff> ["Now, if those Total Conversions people could make a Duke Nukem game in which the evil aliens were replaced by Pizza Hut customers ..."] Yeah, and have them saying things like "Can I get a Whopper?", or "Is this Pizza Hut?" (My friend works at Mickey D's, and that's the single most repeated stupid question he gets... "Is this McDonald's?")

And b'dee-b'dee-b'dee that's all folks!

Deuce - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 10:12:47 AM

Todd: Thanks. I was just curious.


Tuesday, May 18, 1999 08:27:25 AM

DOUG - While Madoc did indeed spend much time in Germany, I don't think that we ever really decided to explore any possible connection that he might have had with Hitler or the Nazis; it probably would have risked trivializing that particular historical development, for one thing. (His being based in Germany, BTW, has no intentional connection with WWII; it comes from the Brocken being a traditional site for gatherings of witches and demons in German folklore, it even taking on that role for a "Witches' Sabbath" scene in Goethe's "Faust").

Incidentally, Jennifer's surname was also deliberately chosen; "Camford" is an echo of "Cameliard", Guinevere's homeland before she married Arthur. (Of course, it also has an echo of "Camelot" about it).

And, yes, Danu does have a slight, and deliberate, echo of Lorien about her. (Particularly that bit in the story, which came from the outline that I wrote for it, where she commented about how sad it is when your children fight each other).

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 07:11:40 AM

Fleur: Replacing the goldfish, eh? That's a neat one. And repainting the house. That's priceless. I'd come up with a few more, but it's past one AM here, and my brain shut down early this afternoon.

Jenniren: Glad you weren't hurt, but that bastard who hit you and took off should have all of his fingernails and toenails pulled off with a pair of pliers. Sloooooowly.

Angela Nukem: Wow, I wasn't expecting that to be such a hit. It was just something I did in the spur of the moment. Glad you all enjoyed it.

Now, if those Total Conversions people could make a Duke Nukem game in which the evil aliens were replaced by Pizza Hut customers ...

Doug: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. And Kitainia's epilogue was brilliant. She really knows how to tie up loose ends. :)

Glimmer: Ye gods! That's terrible! You don't want to hear things like that from a dentist! As George Carlin once said, "It's guesswork in a white coat."

I once had a medical comedy of terrors of my own. About six years ago. I had a pilodontal cyst that was supposed to be removed. They kept me waiting for several hours before the operation. They started pumping me full of the sedative more than an hour before surgery, and it started to wear off halfway through the operation. So of course I tried to escape, because I could feel the bastards cutting me. That was right by my tailbone, too, so it friggin' hurt! The nurses were barely able to hold me down. One of them made the mistake of holding my hand, thinking that would make me feel better.

Well, the doctor sliced into me and I squeezed. The nurse couldn't move her fingers for a whole week afterward.

Well, I was out of school for three weeks because I couldn't sit down. I had stitches back there, and this little plastic tube for fluids to drain out ....

Well, years after that, the damn thing still hadn't stopped bleeding, which was why I'd gone under the knife in the first place. One day it got infected, and I went to the hospital again. Guess what I found out?

The doctor had never removed the cyst. But he charged me for the removal. I wanted to kill the bastard, but before I could get my hands on him, he went skiing and slammed into a tree and died. Boy, did I feel cheated.

Okay, now for even more ranting: About the Star Wars special on the Sci-Fi channel tonight.

Ye gods! What a waste of time! I was expecting interviews with the actors and some behind-the-scenes stuff. What I saw instead was a bunch of disjointed segments starring one of Frank Zappa's dip$h!t kids interviewing pathetic fanboys waiting in line, that geek from the Police Academy movies and some other guy doing rap bits while acting out scenes from ANH, and profiles of people who spend all their money on Star Wars toys. The whole thing was worthless. It was the worst piece of crap I've seen since "Event Horizon." They didn't even show the trailer, for chrissake!

Know what they showed? That embarrassingly stupid commercial for the Defeat the Dark Side game, starring that goddamn annoying little Chihuahua. (This gives me an idea ... I think Angela Nukem has just found a new target. :)

I wasted an hour watching this pointless, steaming turd when I could've been writing. Through the whole thing, all I could think about was something I'd read in one of Hunter Thompson's books: "Dull speeches for breakfast, duller speeches for lunch, then bull$h!t with gravy for dinner." Of course, he was talking about something else, but it applies to this just as well.

And speaking of crappy Star Wars stuff, does anybody here remember the Star Wars Holiday Special?


Pistoff - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 04:31:17 AM

dear people of the fanfiction writters.

earlier we spoke of a comics site. its still here we are just waiting for chris(maintainer of this page) to set up the url and stuff he is almost done and then the site will go up.

first comic is christine morgans kittens. As winner of the fanfiction we chose she will get a signed original copy printed out and sent to her via snail mail.

this will go for whoevers fanfiction we choose.
(The site features a computer colorist who works with backround alterations with photoshop for cartoons , bonkers ,101 dalmations and others and of course comic book artists.

as soon as chris gets it set up will upload it and there it will be:P
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 04:14:34 AM

Sevarius Jr.> [Sigh]... Mister Disconnect has often been a nuisance to me as well. If you have a long message to type it'd be better if you typed it in Notepad first and then copied and pasted it.

Todd> Thanks. I stopped the reviews on TGS mainly because I tended to write long ones which took too much time and started to be more trouble than enjoyment for me. But I'll try to write small commentary if I can.

Origin of Name> Well, it's Greek. Aris would be more typically written 'Ares' in English, as it's the same with the god of war. In my case it's also short for Aristotelis (Aristotle) which I believe means something like 'excellent goals'.

I don't know if Katsaris means anything. I don't believe it does.

Hero Quest> Let's apply it to even more stories. Btw, something that perhaps has not been given enough attention is that at some place the Hero often symbolically dies (in his descent to the Dark realm) to be reborn as a higher being in some way.

BABYLON 5: Sheridan begins at his familiar place as Earthforce captain but in an emotional desolation, despaired with the loss of his wife and uncertain of his role in B5. The Call to Adventure is multiple, as are the Heralds. In part General Hague calls him to the rebellion against Clarke. But the certain Departure comes when he meets Morden and when Delenn and Kosh (the wise old man) inform him of his quest.

His departure is his increasing departure from the institutions he believed in - the Earth Alliance, as the galaxy itself becomes a nightmarish place. It takes a literal form when he has to go to Z'ha'dum itself. There he dies and is reborn, though it's still not the end of the journey.

Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 04:01:41 AM

I want to kill someone. I really do. I had a 2 page f@#%in post, and it just erased it. I am seriously restraining the urge to destroy the computer. Someone kill D.C. for me, I don't have the energy. I'll try to say a couple things of what I wanted to say, but ther'll be no RP, as it was erased, and I don't have the engergy at 20 till 1:00 to write it all out again. F@#$ you, you god@#$% worthless piece of @#$% computer!!!!!!

Wilek: I hate it that Anakin Skywalker created C3PO. Makes everything just a little too neat and tidy in the SW universe.

Rev. Attila: You're neutered? I would NEVER spay or neuter my pets. I know, that's not good, there's thousands of strays and unwanted pets every year, yadda yadda yadda. I just can't bring myself to performing such a barbaric act. Dogs and cats live such charmed, simplistic lifestyles. Last thing I should do is take away their privates.

JackaL: Saw the Jennifer Lopez video. She's hot, I'll giver her that!
But have you seen the video for the new singer Bijou Phillips. This is the BEST video on MTV right now. She's a really cute girl, and she spends most of the video prancing about a strip club in her undies with other women, and....maybe I shouldn't be talking about this in a PG board. GREAT video, though!

Sevarius Jr.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:40:31 AM

Oh my just deleted a 2 page post....SON OF A B%!%!@%!@%$!@%!@$%@#&%$@^&*#$%*@$^*@$^*@$^*@$^*!!!!!!
Sevarius Jr.
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:32:17 AM

**BEGIN RP! (For real this time <g>)**

[An ever so slightly tipsy Commander Khesaat, now clad in a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts loud enough to wake Elvis, is participating in some manner of party at Pleasure Island when his commlock beeps, indicating someone's attempting to call him. Khesaat: "Talk, it's your dime. <g>" Rho: "It's me. Commander, I've been trying to get in touch with Wilek for several hours now, and we're almost ready to mobilize against whatever Thailog is doing in Iowa." Khesaat is suddenly in a more serious (and sober; Khafrans can hold their liquor considerably better than humans) mood as he answers, "What? Wilek's gone missing?!" Rho: "He was last seen at Epcot Center." I *think* that was the location of the last RP post before the Rift; I'm not sure. Khesaat: "I'm on it; I'll gather the rest of the team." Rho: "Speaking of teams, the Avatar Of Ganon has a couple of new guests who may be able to help us in our little jyhad against Thailog." Khesaat: "Really?" Rho: "Yes; Dark Eternal seems to have a grudge against them, and we may need you back on board to keep him in line. Unless you think you can be of more help finding our little lost gargoyle." Khesaat: "That depends; who are our newest tenants?" Rho: "Couple of mercenaries; Vashti Toliana and Djedi Khenmuur." Khesaat: O_o "Did you say Djedi Khenmuur?! By the gods, it's a small galaxy!" Rho: "Indeed?" Khesaat: "Djedi and I went to the Academy together! I'll be right up after I fill in the rest of the team about Wilek! He probably got lost in one of the more cavernous souvenir shops or something; you know how he is. Anything else?" Rho: "Nothing I can think of. Avatar out."]


Well, well, a spell to animate stone. That certainly explains the Tremere mockery of gargoyles. I'm still ticked about that. And Grimalkin...he's quickly becoming the single kewlest Unseelie. <g> And Drake (I think that was his name; the dragon garg) needs a serious reality check--he's not a dragon, he's a gargoyle that looks like one. Eesh. And...why do I get the feeling that the Cyber Armadilloes are getting WAY too much development? Pretty soon, there'll be fanfics about the blasted things. And that crack about phantom hedgehogs...I know there's a Sega reference in there, but I can't find it...(Quick note: I played a Dreamcast game today, a demo in an electronics store. That thing stinks like you wouldn't believe. I think Nintendo is safe.) And we finally meet Queen Danu. Wonderful girl. (Does this Elder Court remind anyone else of something from Babylon 5?)


Batya> Well, well...I have a Hero's Quest in my own ficverse, but since I haven't written it yet, I can't give any details...hey, is there an archetype that goes something along the lines of Unity Of Opposites? I'm a REAL fan of those. A Unity Of Opposites, as I've termed it, is something--a person, place, thing, event, or whatever--that combines two wildly different and, common wisdom would suggest, mutually exclusive elements. Puck/Owen is the most obvious, the uptight business drone who's really a borderline-psychotic faerie. Others include the evil little girl (Wednesday Addams, Vitani), the small animal who's trying to conquer the world (Dogbert, Brain, Grimalkin?), and...well, at least one in my ficverse that I haven't written yet that I won't say here for fear of spoiling it.

Brooklyn> She ain't THAT Arianna, Brooklette. But read my third fic and be amused. :) And welcome! Allow Deuce to divest you of your sanity; life's general absurdity is more fun when you yourself are absurd. :)

Arianna> Glad you're back! :D


Aaron> <<The Star Wars books. Lucas calls them canon>> And yet something from the books has been invalidated. The books state that C-3PO is a standard Cybot Galactica (I think) 3PO protocol droid. Yet the movie states that little Darth Vader cobbled him together from spare parts. Maybe CG bought the design from Anakin and that's how he got rich. <G> Or he built C-3PO from spare 3PO parts; who knows.


JackaL> <<as far as I'm conserned there's no purpose in spiders other than to freak ME out.>> Hear here! I think just about every arthropod on Earth should fall to the heavy hand of Technology; those things are *weird*. [Miriam: "The Mantiri and Vratix ambasadors will not be amused."]

Cyrway> Interesting little device, the music gun. I just wonder what it would do if I put in a copy of the Phantom Menace soundtrack and set it to play Duel Of The Fates...

Doug> *mild X-files spoiler* <<Hope they don't try to prove that aliens really were responsible for human existence, I don't like that theory very much.>> "A short-lived system with an extreme star could support habitable planets, and advanced life could be present provided it originated elsewhere. Creatures flushed out of the equivalent of galactic bilge-water from a visiting freighter could conceivably adapt to the new light and reach sapience within a few tens of millions of years. Indeed an empty planet might promote a huge amount of speciation. ~The Star Wars Technical Commentaries" In shorter terms, it could be a little worse. >:) *end spoiler*

Glimmer> As if normal dentist's appointments weren't bad enough...that particular trip was more like a comedy of *terrors*. <shudder>

Random bit> Anyone here have the albums Cinema Choral Classics, volumes 1 and 2? Incredibly kewl stuff; choral is my favorite style of music. And I'm recieving lessons in Latin from them, which is kewl. :)

Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, May 18, 1999 12:06:03 AM

I'm baaack! *watches in dismay as everyone runs and hides* What??

Name origin: My real one? Orli Gal...Orli is Hebrew for "my light" and Gal is "wave"...My Light of the Waves...hmmm...
My char's is Ariana Dominique MacLachlan...if anyone can guess the parentage just from're a real Gargs fan. ;þ
Star Wars> I see it Wednesday at 5:15 pm! My best bud's boyfriend slept there to get us tickets, and in the end it was a different friend who stood in line for 2 seconds who actually got them. ;)
Interspecies dating> Why not? We'd have a lot of halflings around, but what the hell!

Cyrway> Brooklyn and the Spring of Drowned Girl? I'd love to see that! He doesn't get engaged to Ranma, does he???

Ari - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 11:13:57 PM

Coyote - Just wanted to add to the information you gave on Doug Ramsey/Cypher:

Besides being able to read, speak, and comprehend any language, it was also shown in an issue of Excalibur that took place in the Age of Apocalypse that if he had lived, his power might have expanded enough for him to be able to spread a sort of translation field across a large area. (In the Excalibur issue in question, he was able to create a translation field over the entire Savage land.)

Just to add about Douglocke:

Excalibur went through great length's to establish that Douglocke had no relation to Doug Ramsey other than the fact that he was wearing the guy's face. They even went as far as to show up Doug's dead body to prove that the guy was really dead, and not Douglocke.

As of August Douglocke is going to be getting his own title.


The name of his new series is WARLOCK. It seems that Douglocke is really just an amnesiatic Warlock. He is supposed to find out who he really is in this summer's X-over and will then move into his own book in August.

Brooklyn, NY
Monday, May 17, 1999 11:04:04 PM

**A lone teenage girl watches Lonny as he operates. Little does he know that she is a spy for Attila. Lonny merely thinks she is his assistant and consort.**
END RP for now

Name origin. Attila: Thomas picked it out when he got me nine years ago. I was named after teh original.
Forsyth is Scottish. I forget exact meaning. We are Forsyths of Nydrie and Tailzertoun, though.

Green Baron's name origin.

Thomas: Hebrew. Means twin
Muldrup: Danish surname. Not known. In fact, there are no Muldrups in the US. Maybe in Denmark
Logan: Scottish surname. Arrived in US at Charleston in 1690.
Forsyth: Scottish. Changed name from DeForsyth to keep Barony.

Coyote> That is quite a coincidence.

Doug> I was referring to Seth as in IRC Goliath, a friend of Dumalo's.

DumaloX> Do you want bios of my scouts, my slave Baron, and cute lovable me as well?

Star Wars> I wish they allowed cats to theatres. I can wait for it to be on tape. I liked Palapatin in the original trilogy.

Starsinger> You can room with GB, though there are three people there already. It may not be too comfortable, but it would even out the boy/girl ratio. His sister and Coyote are the others staying with him.

Batya> I wonder what my gorup would be. Green Baron, Attila, and teh Catholci schoolgirl scouts. A septernity. Then tehre are those other helpers, liek Tuxedo Bobn Dole, Charleton Heston, Jack Kemp, Phil Gramm. My group is truly unique.

The Avalon crew is a quaternity with Goliath as leader and Bronx as beast helper, but no one in there would be a holy fool, and Elisa and Angela have heroine roles.

Ed Gilbert> I'll miss him, though I never really knew much about him.

Brooklyn> You wish to meet someone. I have a human you may want to meet :)

Interspecies dating> Being neutered, dating si a topic that makes me bitter, but why not,e xcpet that it may limit population in some cases.

Lawrence> I take it a miscarriage would be a great tragedy. It is for humans and there is no population shortage. I imagine there are also cases of stillborn gargs that don't hatch. That would probably be a very sad case, too. With cats, excess kittens are killed unless rescued. Sometimes, that occurs with humans, but I doubt gargoyles would ever do that.

Now, I must go. Meow!! Bye!!

Reverend Attila - []
New Orleans, Louisiana
Monday, May 17, 1999 10:28:33 PM

Coyote: Thanks. Now I'm wondering why the character with a name close to mine had to be so pathetic. :( But I could use that language power, too bad I don't have it IRL.
Monday, May 17, 1999 09:27:48 PM

Okay, here's the skinny for ya, Mr. Elder:

Doug Ramsey
code: Cypher
Powers: Could read, speak and comprehend any language he came into contact with. (mutant power)
Team: New Mutants
Usefulness: About zilch, unless something in a fight required language skills or he merged with Warlock.
Death: Killed by a psycho in a big summer X-books crossover. And stayed dead.
Later was permanently merged with Warlock to form the so-called "new" character Douglock, a member of Excalibur.

Also known as: "Poor Dead Doug."

Coyote the Bando - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 09:26:26 PM

Robby: Excuse me, could you please explain what you're talking about? I didn't even known some X-Man character had my name. Can you tell me more, please? Thank you.

Glimmer: I agree. Seeing those statues come to life in the episode would have been neat. But even without them, it's still very good.

Monday, May 17, 1999 09:17:08 PM

**Glimmer comes back in for a sec**

Quickie- What about the statues of Griff and Goliath? Dang, that would have made the ep even better!

**Glimmer runs for it**

Monday, May 17, 1999 08:46:31 PM

**Glimmer comes bounding into CR**
Did ya miss me? Umm.. don't answer that.

Warning- Glimmer's trip to the dentist: a comedy of errors
I should have known I was in for trouble when I found out that the counters had been installed right before I came in.
I went back on Thursday to get a filling and it should have only taken a half hour. It took 2 and a half hours. The first thing out of the dentist's mouth was,"oops, wrong button." Not good. Then the assistant came in and stepped on his foot and pick up a piece of plastic off the floor and asked the dentist,"Which of the machines did this come off of?" Very not good. They dropped the drill off the tray and on to my stomach twice. I managed to catch it before it hit me a third time. Then there was a loud noise and the dentist asked,"what was that?" Extremely not good. But I lived to tell about it.:)

My nephew was barrowing my mom's video collection and came across The He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special!!! Too bad the reception on our old TV was bad.

TD Spoilers
Frank and Bennet? Nice touch. Why does the name Ilsa Winters sound so familiar? This ep provided a much needed comic break from the seriousness. A gigantic calculater named Ziggy? Loved all the sci fi referances. 4/5 stars for the story itself, 2.5/5 for the story line.
End TD Spoilers

TGS Spoilers
Some one needs to give a dead basilisk to Diane Maza for Christmas. Emrys smoking the textbook- something I've always wanted to do myself. Thanks from all the frustrated students. Holmes and Watson- the staff just couldn't resist could they? So,Danu is trying to influence the war in favor of the mortals with out breaking any 'laws'. I like her character. Good ep 4/5 stars.
End spoilers

Sister is home, I gotta go. See ya all tomorrow.

**Glimmer vanishes**

Monday, May 17, 1999 08:42:10 PM

Ahhh hell, as long as everyone else is doing it ....

Name Origins: **deep breath** Okay ...
Don: Not short for anything, it's Spanish for "sir" (as in knight ... Don Quixote is Sir Quixote.)
Alexander: Comes from a lot of languages, but I got it by virtue of it being my father's first name. (If it had been kept in Spanish, it would have been "Alejandro.")
Martinez: Spanish. And (surprisingly enough ... note dripping sarcasm :) quite possibly *the* most common name in the Spanish speaking world. Us Martinezes are like the Smiths and Joneses of the English world. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:31:59 PM

Doug- Your middle name is Ramsey? Gee, I never realized before... You're one of the few X-Men characters who's managed to STAY dead!
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:31:45 PM


The Ravens are zooming down the Nebraska back road, still being pursued by government agents. Up ahead, the trucks we saw earlier at the highway roadblock are moving into position to block the back road. Jammer curses as he sees them cutting off the gang's escape. Suddenly the ground begins to shake heavily and the trucks all topple over. The Onslaught and the government cars stop, their occupants wondering what is going on. "Geo-dude!" a voice yells suddenly as the ground shakes again, knocking over all the gov't vehicles pursuing the Onslaught. Inside their still standing truck, Doug and Kitainia turn to see three more Borg-Pokemon trainers standing on a nearby hill. "Geo-dude, use your Earthquake attack again!" Brock yells. "Geo-dude, geo-dude." The little Pokemon raises his hands, but Kitainia fires her laser on its most powerful beam setting and obliterates him before he can bring them down. "Drive, Jammer!" Doug yells as Brock screams at them and Misty begins crying. Ash starts looking very angry, and draws one of his Poke-balls. "Charazard!" The huge Borgified red dragon appears and flies towards the Onslaught. Jammer sees it and immediately guns the motor, dodging bursts of flame from Charazard as he zips on, crossing the Nebraska-Iowa state line. Doug and Kitainia take turns leaning out the cab's right window and firing shots at Charazard as it chases them. During the battle, Doug makes a quick CR post.


Hi everyone. Well, here's that real post I promised earlier. Let's see what do I have to say?

First off, congrats to everyone who's finished their finals. My last one is tomorrow, I'm ready for it. After it's over, it will be party time. <grin>

Second, my new fanfic, "Dragon's Game" is up at GFW. Hope all my fans go read and enjoy it, as well as some new readers. Traveler, you'll probably like this one, because it has lots of dragons, including an evil dragon king based on the Jabberwocky. Hope you read it, and I'll appreciate getting your promised feedback very soon. BTW, if anyone's wondering what characters were voiced by the people I mentioned in my teaser post, Hudson Leick did Cerl and Cortesia, Dennis Rodman Denobius (I don't like Rodman much, but he has the right attitude for the purple dragon character I wanted, so...), Camryn Manheim was Tiamat, James Woods did Mortesan and Null, and last but not least Denzel Washington would be my pic for the voice of the twin black dragons Varg and Wave. Jadriel is of course Kevin Spacey, Clancy Brown would do Gordion, and I'm not sure about Killik.

Small note: I will give ten bonus points to whoever finds the Knights of the Dinner Table reference in my new story. Good luck.

Robby: Sorry to hear you got run over, and really mad they didn't catch the guy who did it. Glad you're okay, though. I also saw your pics in Trust No Future. You did a really good job, especially with the one of Brooklyn looking at the time monitor. I think that if Gargoyles ever gets back on the air, one of the animators they hire should definitely be you. And read the story whenever you have time. I don't care when you read it as long as you promptly send me feedback after you do.

Moment of silence for Ed Gilbert.

Pistoff: Good ending to Angela Nukem, that would be a cool battle to see on screen. Madoc shrinking and then turning into an old man before you kill him. Heh heh heh. I also thought Kitainia's ending was very good, especially the Broadway bits, but she already knows that. <grin>

Christine: Congrats on your Black Roses progress, hope we can soon see that book in stores.

*mild spoilers*
Batman Beyond: The episode this week was very well-done. There was a lot of good development on Bruce and Barbara's relationship, which I understood better after SJ's commentary on it (thanks, man!). I also liked the villain, even if she did seem a little cheesy. Hope next week's ep is at least just as good.
*mild spoilers end*


Excellent job on this episode, TGS people!! I liked all the character development on Arthur and the Pendragon cast. The plot was also neat, and so was the action. Favorite moments of mine include Leonard's meeting with Arthur in the hospital, any scene with Grimalkin, and the constable's dillema over whether or not he should accept the gargs' help and its result. Good job on this one, 9/10, thumbs way up.

It was also nice seeing Danu and the effects her presence had on Arthur and company. It was disappointing, though, to not see her taking sides in the war. I thought she cared about the mortal world, but now it seems that she cares about herself, her sons, and her word more. This bodes ill for the good guys' cause. Oh well, I'm sure they can still win without her help. :)

Todd: You based Jennifer's name on Guinevere? Alright, I hope this means she and Arthur are going to end up together! <grin> I'll keep my fingers crossed.


*mild X-Files spoilers*
X-Files Season Finale: My feelings about this one are about the same as SJ's. I liked the plotline and development on Mulder and Scully, but was very much bored by the alien genesis subplot. Hope they don't try to prove that aliens really were responsible for human existence, I don't like that theory very much. In the meantime, I will patiently wait for X-Files to resume in the fall and hope that next season is more enjoyable than this one has been.
*mild X-Files spoilers end*

Origin of Names: Douglas is Scottish, I think Ramsay (my middle name) is Welsh, and Elder is English. So my name covers just about all of great Britain. :)

Interspecies Dating: I have no problem with it whatsoever, as long as the individuals directly involved don't either. Of course I am biased, living with someone whose net-personality is a half-human half-gargoyle and all.

Hero's Quest: Thanks for explaining the archetype, Batya. I think I may have a few things like it in my fanfic saga, but I can't think of them right now.

DumlaoX: Okay, thanks for answering. Kit and I will get you descriptions for the two of us, the Ravens, Agent Ripowski, Guod, and Asil as soon as we can. Let us know if you need any more descriptions besides those.

Warpmind: Welcome to the CR. Good to see another Legend of Darkmoon fan in here. I enjoyed that game a lot, especially the villain (shades of whom can be seen in my characters Jadriel, Cerl, and Null). The action was also excellent, and so were the graphics. It would be nice to see Timedancer do a crossover with it, though I doubt anyone will write one. (Maybe you should yourself. :)

Paul: Welcome to you, too. So you're also a Xenogears fan, huh? That's good. I too liked Grahf as a villain, that's the reason I named Jadriel's headmaster after him in my latest fic. One thing I didn't get about his character, though. Why did he call himself the seeker of power if we only saw him giving power to people? Must be a reference to his past and what made him a bad guy. Yeah.

Gyre: Remember, no RP-only posts allowed. And by the way, it's the Hartz Mountains, not the Hertz. I just found out that Hitler made the V2 rockets in factories there during World War 2. Wonder if Madoc had anything to do with that. :)

Okay, that's all for now. Later!!


The Onslaught drives on, still pursued by Charazard. At least they are until Tricia and Stephanie man the turrets on top of the trailer and also begin firing at the Pokemon dragon. Ash calls it back before it can get too heavily wounded, then he and his other two friends sigh heavily as the Ravens escape. Agent Tau gets out of his wrecked car and stares angrily after them. "Wait for me back here," he tells the survivors of his government strike team. "I'm going after them. Make sure my body stays warm." He suddenly disappears from the body of Kincaid's secretary, which slumps into a faint as Agent Tau disappears seeking another host. Wait for the next RP episode to see who he picks.

Meanwhile, on a highway deep within Crown Point County, Iowa, (by the way, if that isn't the county that recently outlawed sex, somebody please correct me. Gubio's info may have been wrong) a large truck full of Ozarka water is pulling up in front of the World Devestator. "Is this where we're supposed to deliver the shipment, Bill?" one of the drivers asks the other. "I think so, Clive," the other driver says. "This is the right address. Here comes someone to meet us." Guod and Stewart walk up to the truck. "You order four hundred thousand gallons of Ozarka?" Bill asks them. "Yes," Guod says as he signs for the shipment. "Thank you for delivering it. We Borg do get awful thirsty when we have to wait a long time." "Well, I hope you enjoy this water," Clive smiles. "You know it comes from protected natural sources and has several additives mixed in with it that make it taste great." "Yeah," adds Bill. "Don't believe the rumors that it can make people sick, that is the best-tasting water in the world. And your shipment of it will cost you fifty million dollars." "Wrong," Guod snaps at two Borg-drones behind him. "It will cost me nothing. Assimilate them." Clive and Bill begin screaming as they are grabbed by Borg tentacles and the screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:20:16 PM

Gyre- This is your second warning. No all story or RP posts.
Robby the CR Co-Administrator
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:20:12 PM

The Scifi Channel is showing a preview of the Phanntom Menace tonight. Starts at seven mountain time that's in less that an hour.


Theresa - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:10:57 PM

The sea was calm, and the night a jet black. Nothing was on the surface, not even a fishing boat. Suddenly, bubbling up from beneath the waves, six jets of flame broke the surface, and rose into the sky, curving to north, all but hugging the surface as the boosters burnt out. In each of the winged shapes, electronic brains fixed position from navagation satellites high in the heavens, and adjusted course according with preprogramed instructions. As the shapes made landfall, high resolution radar scanners snapped on. The electronic brains compared the results with digital maps stored in memory. The shapes followed a preprogramed flightpath that took them into Germany, and a certain valley near the Hertzs Mountains. Flying right down this valley, the radars scanned for certain features, and compared the results with preprogramed position data in memory.At the target, the six Tomahawk Cruise Missiles exploded, blanketing the Brocken with thousands of heavy iron fragments.

Gyre - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 08:03:35 PM

**enters, takes a brief moment to switch out the candle, lights it, then sits down in the big chair.**

Okay, reply time. :)

SJ: I *seriously* doubt that it's permanent (not like Hercules. :). There's already been discussion among the insiders on the show on how they're going to solve the problem of filming around Lucy Lawless' pregnancy ... whether they keep her out of a lot of shots, or film her from the chest up and use a stunt double for distance shots, or if they ... shock of shocks ... integrate the pregnancy into the storyline. **evil creativity spawn creeps into head** NO! NO!! ARES IS NOT THE FATHER!!!

**composes self**

Sorry. :)

Shauntell: Click my name link to see why I was concerned about how tall Goliath was ... if it works for ya. :)

Batya: At last, a literary practice that *is* put into use in G:CM ... the Hero's Quest. (So to speak ...) Let's see now ...


Hero: Rosanna, of course. :)
Call to Adventure: "The Midnight Visitor" -- first Steve Bluestone, and then Nokkar, who serves as my Herald.
Departure: "Shadows and Memories" -- Rosanna becomes determined to defeat the Rokkan forces after learning that they nearly killed Goliath.
Descent, by the numbers:
"Captivity and Liberty" -- Rosanna captured by the Rokkans.
"Honor Above All" -- Rose is injured in battle.
"Pas de Deux" -- Peter Maza is killed, driving Rosanna nearly over the edge; she takes out her anger on Brooklyn.
"The Bowels" -- Rosanna learns of the retro-virus.
"The Storm" -- Rosanna nearly succumbs to the retro-virus.
"Spirits of the Green" -- Rosanna learns that her lover (Rain) is Coyote's son, feels betrayed.
"Friends and Mates" -- Rosanna lashes out at Rain, but later makes up with him.
"The Army of the Night" -- Demona rises again after the UN bombing nearly takes out all of her forces. Rosanna still has to defeat her to attain the Treasure (Earth's freedom from the Rokkan invasion).
Wise Old Man: probably Brooklyn.
Helpful Witch: Liberty, definitely.
The Helpful Animal: The Fairlane. (I know, it's weird for my Helpful Animal to be a car, but live with it!! :)
Return: WCC!!


Brooklyn: Uhmmm ... hi?

Warpmind: Welcome, friend, to our world of madness. :)

Paul Nathans: Welcome back.

Robby: I can sympathize ... my meal awaits, too ... but at least I eat at the computer. :)

**sits back in the chair, fixating on the candle's flame.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 07:54:31 PM

Doug- haven't read the fic yet, but I don't think I've quite gotten around to the *last* one yet... Heck, I haven't even read a TGS episode in like 10 weeks... Well, Summer's a good time to catch up!

Aaron- Xanatos buys the copyright to all things Beatles just because he can... That's STILL funny!

Hero's Journey- Doesn't really apply to Gargs overall I don't think, though I suppose it could apply to the Avalon Quest/World Tour... But it does apply to Timedancer I think...

HERO. Story starts in Manhattan, which while not a wasteland or at all boring, does lack a love interest for Brooklyn.

CALL TO ADVENTURE. Brooklyn recieves the gate by picking it up... It could be considered given to him by Goliath who would be the herald...

REFUSAL. Brooklyn doesn't want to Timedance, he just wants to get home. This phase is still going in season 2, so its a bit different.

DEPARTURE. Started with the call to adventure, Brook *really* has no choice. Guardians he face include the wierd sisters and other fae. Gains companions like Sata, and much much later, Graeme, Ariana, and after that gets an animal companion in Nudnik.

DESCENT. All the various time dances. Dark Kingdom... Not too sure about this one... Possibly future tense Manhattan?

TREASURE/RETURN- Getting home and ditching the gate.

Hmm, supper time... And I was getting ready to do an RP too... Ah well...

Monday, May 17, 1999 07:49:57 PM

ARIS - I was delighted to see that you went back to doing Spoilers again; I'd missed your commentary on TGS.


There is one element in this story, and which has cropped up in previous "Pendragon" stories, that I'm rather curious about, that was introduced by Christi. In it, Jennifer Camford's father is named Leonard. The reason why this intrigues me is because, in the Arthurian legends, Queen Guinevere's father was named Leodegrance. Now, I deliberately gave Arthur's love-interest the name "Jennifer" as an updated form of "Guinevere"; I wonder if Christi named her father "Leonard" as a deliberate echo of "Leodegrance".


BATYA - Interesting comments on the Hero's Journey. Just for the fun of it, I decided to apply the pattern to one of my favorite works: the Lord of the Rings. Here's what I got.

1. Frodo's journey starts in the Shire, which is not a literal Wasteland (until near the end of the story, when Saruman gets at it), but which does strike him as dull and unheroic; most hobbits are a decidedly prosaic and unimaginative lot.

2. Frodo receives the Call to Adventure from Gandalf, serving as Herald, who reveals to him that Bilbo's magic ring of invisibility is really the One Ring.

3. Frodo initially wants to Refuse the Adventure (when he offers to give the Ring away to Gandalf), but realizes that he must Accept it, and so undergoes the Departure from the Shire with Sam, Pippin, and Merry. The Threshold could be the Old Forest, at the outside borders of the Shire, with the unfriendly trees (especially Old Man Willow) as the Guardians.

4. The Dark Kingdom is obviously Mordor, although Frodo and Sam get there late along the way. Gandalf is obviously the Wise Old Man and Galadriel the Good Mother; I'm not so certain about the Helpful Animal, although Gollum does temporarily fulfill the role. (In "The Hobbit", there's a definite Helpful Animal in the form of the thrush that tells Bard about Smaug's one weak spot, allowing him to slay the dragon. In "The Silmarillion", to be specific in the story of Beren and Luthien, the intelligent dog Huan serves as a Helpful Animal).

5. The Treasure is the Crack of Doom, which Frodo has to reach in order to destroy the Ring. There is a twist though, here, in that his quest fails (though Gollum fulfills it for him). Middle-earth is saved from Sauron and the Shire afterwards restored from its Wasteland condition (though through the other three hobbits, Merry and Pippin driving out Saruman's followers and Sam planting fresh trees to replace the ones that were cut down), but Frodo has a tragic ending of departing this world at the Grey Havens. (Perhaps an example of a not fully successful quest)?

Incidentally, anybody want to try applying the "Hero's Journey" pattern to "Gargoyles" or TGS?

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, May 17, 1999 07:23:37 PM

"Today, billionaire industrialist David Xanatos aquired the rights to everything the beatles ever recorded,just because he could."

HAHAHAHA! I'm STILL laughin'! Real post later...

Monday, May 17, 1999 06:50:43 PM

I may not be here tomorrow. I have to take my mom to jury duty. I'll see everyone wednesday.



Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 06:27:02 PM

Today, billionaire industrialist David Xanatos acquired the rights to everything the Beatles ever recorded, just because he could.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 06:22:35 PM

Grrrrrr. Aaron sneaks back into the CR, pausing only to flagrantly foul DC out the nearest window.

That's for crashing netscape right before I finished this post the first time.

Hi Jenna!

Curse my coworkers. They interrupted me before I could even explain this. (He gestures to his Knick jersey, which for some reason has Van Gundy written on the back of it) Ahem.

The Knicks win! For only the second time in NBA history, and the first time ever in the Eastern conference, in a titanic struggle between evil and, um.. greater evil, the #8 seed has knocked off the #1 seed. I'm lovin' it.

I only wish the Kings could have had similar success. (Projects general feelings of ill will toward Salt Lake City) I have only one thing to say to the Jazz:

Don't wrench your arm patting yourselves on the back. Y'all weren't supposed to *be* in a game five overtime with the Kings. Let's hope this bodes ill for Utah.

I got my ST:PM tickets. Opening show (Midnight) of opening day. I kind of like the idea of Star Wars as a midnight movie.

Then I spent sunday at the SAAS 1st Annual Pre-A-Kon Get in the Groove Anime Dance Party. I have seen the otaku dance, and I will never know fear again.

Kyryn> I would say you should have been there, but I'm sure you were (a-hem) more profitably engaged elsewhere.

Weird thought of the day: Xanatos is the anti-Bruce Wayne.

Cyrway> The music gun. And here I thought it was some kind of audio-molecular vibratory device. ;)

Must go now and finish Night of the Weird.


Aaron wanders away humming "Brighter Day" by Joan Jett.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 05:30:27 PM

Be warned! He (or she) who enters may become too confused with everything else that is out of the ordinary!

Hello Everyone...Too many tests...sooo very tired...Great Pendragon Ep....10/10 stars...Awesome Pic....Spiders?->I don't EVEN want to think 'bout that...Zena and Gabrielle died, again? weird...I no longer watch Hercules because they killed off Iolas (sp?) He was my fav. character->He put a lot of much needed humor in the show...Maybe I should start watching again...Might not be in CR for a while...Have to study for finals...and other tests...Can't go on any longer...Goodby...for now, Pheonix...(snore)

Sylvia - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 05:04:22 PM

Its been a long time. I've got a new Electronic Mail Address to boot. Anyway, I think its about time I offer some commentary, although I feel rather helpless as to stopping the tragedy which I'm sure will happen. (Then again, I'm not doing the writing, and nobody's perfect: More on that in the TGS Commentary).

TGS Commentary: These Episodes are getting cool, although I'm beginning to seriously wonder if Season 2 for THE DARK AGES will make it before Season 3 of the rest. Brief note on TIMEDANCER, obviously we've got a ton of Episodes or Brooklyn and Sata get transported elsewhere while their eggs are ten years in the rookery wherever. Because if not, they've only been TimeDancing for 12 Years, well, Brooklyn, that is, Sata, maybe 4 Years tops.
Concerning today's Episode, here's where my comment on perfection comes in. If Danu would stop being so upset about her own failures and actually make more amends, perhaps even to the point of asking Madoc to grant her one month, or two, to show him what's good in life, and after that, she wouldn't interfere, or something that might also work, things might turn out differently. She tried talking, she could've tried the next best thing. I don't know if the writers realized this or if they just wanted to show that living beings are imperfect. Danu could have done so, but maybe she didn't think of it. Hopefully if Banshee finds her, she may yet change her mind. As for Madoc, either way, I have a feeling he'll end up mortal, permanently, or condemned to a mortal's lifespan. Maeve can take a hike off a cliff, if Madoc's own emotional turmoil 10,000 Years Ago of having his affections not returned and losing his father while having his beliefs challenged hadn't happened, there could've been a rebellion, but with Maeve at the head. Anyway, if the writers are showing how imperfection is possible, thanks a lot!
I was wondering if today's Episode would deal with that dream sequence Dulcinea had waaaay back. I thought it might be symbolic, but I'm not yet sure. I'm still waiting to find out what the Illuminati will do when they find out, assuming they don't already know, and are waiting for the right opportunity, that they've got at least one Unseelie Agent amongst them.

"I am Grahf, the seeker of power. Doth thou desire the power?"-Grahf

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 05:03:23 PM

After a long wait, I have finally acquired Gargoyles, the show from Awakenings to The Journey. (Damn Norwegian TV channels who lack the obvious wisdom to buy this marvel of a show.) After a 36-hour sitting of watching every episode (hey, I gotta rewind the tapes too, y'know) I have now ventured on to TGS. And sitting before the PC, an idea occured to me: If anyone out there is familiar with an old computer RPG called Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon? The game itself is quite good (even by today's... no, especially by todays standards, plotwise), and if there is one thing that might truly benefit (in my humble opinion) both the "show" and the game, it would be someone writing a crossover between EOB2 and TimeDancer. Any comments accepted, even if but containing verbal abuse. But be warned, I may strike back, and last time, I gained blisters on my lips. If anyone should feel I have offended anyone, I hereby do apologize.

Warpmind de InzanE

Warpmind de InzanE - []
NorwayMonday, May 17, 1999 04:50:10 PM

OK, ok..., yall have suceeded in grossing me and freaking me out! I'm calling an exterminator 2morrow morning, to kill every living thing in this house. I have a serve phoiba of spiders, and I will kill myself to get rid of all of them..., as far as I'm conserned there's no purpose in spiders other than to freak ME out.

SO...., did I prevail in making a purity test no one can fail? Unless..., your really screwed up..., in my own test I'm 27% pure.

Yall see Jennifer Lopez's new vid?!?!??! She's right up there with Britney Spears...., I don't know who to be obessed with anymore.... To hell with..., I'll take them both!

Monday, May 17, 1999 04:42:39 PM


Good news to all who have been waiting! My new fic, "Dragon's Game," is now finished and posted at GFW. If you want to learn the history of Jadriel, the latest threat to Manhattan the clan must defeat, go read and enjoy it. I'd appreciate any feedback on the story a lot.


Doug Elder - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 04:16:36 PM


This was an excellent episode.

Grimalkin has fast become my favourite Unseelie. The Pendragon crew is my favourite cast of characters, partly because they’re so diverse. And the Unseelie flashbacks in THE RISING fascinated me. So by rights, I should like this.

Of course, I also like it for the superb writing, delightful plot twists and great artwork. This was also conspicuous for two reasons; an episode which contained a massive highlight point in the war (Danu) and for the first time it’s a Pendragon ep that gets to showcase it. It’s also great because the cheesy nature of previous Pendragon episodes was lessened; even Kevin seemed quite accurate.

To be nit-picky, there are still slight oversights; Montrose, who I believed to be English, using ‘fall’ instead of ‘autumn’. But then I doubt very much I could write American to this degree of accuracy, so top job. (Incidentally though, I don’t think you’re allowed to dissect frogs here anymore - at least not until A-level. I’m not entirely sure about that, but I believe that is the case.)

A showcase episode for Pendragon. I love it.



And now I’ve spent all this time reading and commenting, I’ll probably do really badly in my test tomorrow. I blame you, TGS staff, I blame you! ;)

Ed - []
London, UK
Monday, May 17, 1999 03:43:22 PM

DOUG & KITAINIA-- Whatever you wanna put in the bios is fine with me. No worries on this end.

WILEK-- Got the bios but one question. Who's the badguys & who're the good guys? Please clarify.

KYRYN-- Glad you had a happy wedding.

ROBBY-- Sorry to hear about your run-in with the car. Hope it never happens again.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 02:43:08 PM

Hey there Aaron!!!!
jenna - []
Houston, TX, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 02:34:29 PM

Aaron wanders into the CR, wearing a Knicks jersey. He bows his head.

A moment of silence for Ed Gilbert.

While we're at it, a moment of silence for Oliver Reed, a great English actor, lost forever to drink. Thank you.

Weekend replies:

JackaL Survey> 70.1% pure. Oh well.

Sorow> I saw the mummy for the second time this weekend, and two things struck me.

1. We're obviously operating on the Evil Dead weapons capacity rule. (Grins at Cyrway)

2. One of Benny's lines was *so* Sevarius: "It is better to be the right hand of the devil, then in his path." Great way for Sevarius to describe his alligence to Maddoc, Thailog, or whoever's coin he takes in your fic 'verse. (Still a semi-loyal Nightstone Employee in mine. Heh heh. Just *try* and leave doctor. See how far you get)

As for Isla Winters, I think she was Titania.

Muscle Men> I had a bunch of these. I used to make them fight my Battle Beasts. (The Beasts always won. Hey, I'm a furry fan)

The Star Wars books. Lucas calls them canon, but he also says he has no plans for eps 7-9. If that changes, so may their status. (Kind of like what happened to the Aliens books when Aliens 3 came out)

Pistoff> Angela Nukem. That was really, basically, very vulgar. I liked it a lot. ;) Big cookie to anyone who can tell me what movie that's from.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 02:30:19 PM


Very interesting, and as I thought ... Oberon never knew
Umbriel existed ... the way he reacted in "The Gathering",
I was pretty surprised that he would have disavowed Umbriel
like Madoc claimed ... Also looks like Danu's a dead end -
she's powerless against Madoc ... Let the fun begin

weepinbell - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 01:21:19 PM

*Cyrway looks down at P-Chan. P-Chan looks up at Cyrway, then shrugs.*

Looks like Brooklyn fell into Spring of Drowned Girl in more than just my PKI fics...


Monday, May 17, 1999 12:47:43 PM

I am a lost soul that is no more than searching for love. I am not the Brooklyn you all know, I am from a diffrent universe, a universe of Magic. I am female not male.
And I do know all of the Time Dancer. He hides all he knows of the future in fear that it will disrupt all and kill many. If he told Lex when and how'd he die and Lex avoided it it could cause others to die just to make room for his new fate. And If he told Angela that Demana was going to kill herself Angela might be more nerve recked and than most likely have a heart attack, there for Jerusha will never live. And that could really mess with fates.
Still, E. MAil me. I like to talk. And still wish to meet someone...........

Brooklyn - []
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 11:25:28 AM

Monday, May 17, 1999 11:18:08 AM

*Arianna appears.*
Hi, all.
I haven't had time to read the room since in a while. My apologies for the randomness of my visit (but it is so nice to be back!) I have about thirty minutes (or less) before I leave to go take the....*cue ominous music* AP CHEMISTRY TEST!! :(
I am, needless to say, very very nervous.

That's all I really had to that I thought the spider thing was SICK! Not that I'm worried. Imagine how many insects are inhaled in the average lifetime...
Okay, the Chemistry is getting to me.
I'll go.
Wish me luck!
*Arianna disappears, ready to take the AP Test from Hell.*

Lady Arianna of Annwn
Monday, May 17, 1999 11:09:19 AM

Me again. And P-Chan here...
*Gecko squeals angrily.*
Jenna and Shauntell> Heh...Brooklyn stopped slouching...seriously, FT took place 40 years in the future, Brook's not quite full adult in present day. I've always treated Goliath as roughly seven feet my fics, Brook's a few inches shorter, about 6'9".

And then there's poor Luc, who stops growing at 6'... >:)
*Luc baps her from out of nowhere.*

Anywho...just saw a topic that piqued my interest...
Quaternities> Eep...I've no use for them...Trinities are more my style, mostly because of the Law/Balance/Chaos theorum I tend to play with. Dualities are more my speed too, using the good-versus-evil as well. I can't work with quarternities...for me, they can't work, because usually one guy's Lawful, the other's Chaotic, and the last one's usually playing both their harp stings. Where the fourth person's place in this is no clue to me...It worked for Fanastic Four, but not for me...

Okay, back to work... *PTOOFF!!*

Monday, May 17, 1999 10:56:15 AM

Shauntell--I noticed that Brooklyn was taller in Future Tense too, I always just assumed it was because he was no longer an adloscent, but an adult an had gained some inches because of it.
Jenna - []
Houston, TX , USA
Monday, May 17, 1999 10:27:16 AM

*Ptooffs in, with a little black piglet with a yellow and black bandanna wrapped around his neck trailing angrily behind her.*

Hey, all! Just a warning, I'm on a Ranma 1/2 proven by Gecko here...*points to piglet, who snorts angrily.*


MUSIC GUN> Otherwise known by me as an orgone accumulator. In the Moorcock/Butterworth novels, "Time of the Hawklords" and "Queens of Deliria", they were used against the forces of evil, playing Hawkwind music that counteracted the bad guys' guns, which usually played 10cc and Elton John.

Domo Arigato to all who wished me a happy B-day!

In other news, those who knew about my 50+ missing fic "Equinox", I started to rewrite it when suddenly I get an email from my bro "Blitz" Bumford...he had found a copy on his old Tandy at home. Oh, joy! Oh, happy day!!!

*Ptooff for now***

Cyrway - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 10:24:31 AM

Coyote> You wrote "Quaternity in G:CM: Uhmm ... I don't have one. Does that mean I'm missing out?" Not really. Lots of good stuff doesn't have that particular archetype in it.
[BTW: Never seen anyone spell "nosh" with a G before. Gleep.]

Another Quaternity some of you might be familiar with: The Fantastic Four. (Thanks Alex! *v-hug*)

And as promised: the Hero's Quest archetype pattern. Also known as the "monomyth" or the "Night Sea Journey". (If you're not interested, skip the rest of the post.)

*HERO - sometimes known to be the hero from the start, sometimes not - begins at home, in a familiar world. Home is usually a Wasteland, either literally or figuratively (emotional or psychological wasteland).

*Call To Adventure - something out of the ordinary, an intrusion on the everyday. The bringer of the Call is the Herald; can be another person, an animal, a message, or anything.

*Departure. (Sometimes preceded by Refusal, and then Acceptance, of the Call.) The Hero crosses the Threshhold, something that separates the normal world from the quest-world. Sometimes the Threshhold is guarded by one or more sinister characters, the Guardian/s.

*DESCENT. This is the major part of the quest. The Hero enters the Dark Kingdom, sometimes called the Belly Of The Beast; again, literal or figurative, a nightmarish place. The journey into the Dark Kingdom is the "Road of Trials"; the Hero encounters one difficulty after another, and usually finds helpers along the way.
Commonly found Helpers: The Wise Old Man, associated with wisdom and power. The Good Mother or Helpful Witch, associated with concrete material aid - anything from food and drink to talismans of power. The Helpful Animal. Note: these Helpers sometimes, but seldom, become companions on the Quest.
At the end of the Descent is the Treasure - again, not necessarily literal; the goal of the journey.

*Return. If the Treasure is attained, the Hero returns home, and the world and/or the Hero are transformed for the better. (As my prof said, "Notice the IF. Some quests fail.")

You'll find the Hero's Quest all over the place. I'll give one freebie now: THE DARK CRYSTAL fits the Quest pattern precisely. Any others?

Next up, if anyone's interested: The Shadow.

Okay I love you buhbye! *poof*

Batya the Toon
Monday, May 17, 1999 10:09:29 AM

** Deuce walks in, soaking wet. **

I... hate... this... weather.... And so much to catch up on.... It's not even quarter after eight and this is already starting to look like a bad day.

Origin of names: "Simon" is Hebrew, IIRC, and "Crowley" is Irish.

Robby> Getting hit by a car is never fun... happened to me twice, and I didn't even get scratched. Dinged up the guy's car, tho'. >:-)

Interspecies dating: Why not? I have enough troubles getting a human date anyway, and the wings and tail would be— oh, never mind.

Spiders: Bleggh....

Maybe if the room picks up I'll have more to say tomorrow or at lunch. Home internet access has been, shall we say, suspended. :-/

** leaves, trying to dry himself off. **

Deuce - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 10:08:52 AM

I got my ticket to PHANTOM MENACE!!!! I'll be seeing it this Thursday at 4:30 PM.

Did anyone here see "A Midsummer Night's Dream". If not, I urge you to see it. It was great. Michelle Phieffer (sp?)
was great as Titania.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 09:48:16 AM


Caspian, Lucy and Aslan? LOL! Leo and Una are big Narnia fans, aren't they...

Very nice final scenes with the Danu-Madoc-Oberon meeting. Though I'm somewhat worried that Danu will be used to provide a deus-ex-machina or something like that.

Fun commentary on Xena... Artemis was certainly no Xena though. She was a virgin goddess for starters...


Aris Katsaris - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 09:08:44 AM

*looks over comments about eating spiders *

For all our sakes, we'd better hope that Anansi never comes upon this comment room. :)

For that matter, maybe we should show a little consideration for those people who visit here shortly after they've eaten.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, May 17, 1999 07:24:28 AM

I'll review the new ep tomorrow; don't have much time tonight...

SJ> Saw that V:tM site. <GRR> I used to think the Tremere were interesting, but now...I'm signing up with the Tzimisce. Anyone who creates such a bizarre and horrific mockery of a gargoyle should be staked and left in the sun. I mean, an appearance rating of ZERO?! As bad as the stinking Nosferatu?!! <GRRR> A REAL garg would have an appearance rating of at least 4, even 5 in certain cases (like me). Eesh.

Kitainia> $They killed Cobra and Fauline...?! :`( I remember working with them back at West Gate Mall. They'll be missed...$ <<That's much more entertaining than the Animaniacs spoof of Star Wars that was on this morning, which was <bleah> except for Pinky and the Brain.>> You've got to admit though, it has one of the best lines I've ever heard. To paraphrase: "A wretched hive of scum and villainy: Mos Eisner." ROTFL! Oh, and...doesn't your comment about Amidala qualify as a spoiler?

Robby> <<Incidentally, I REALLLY wanted to use the Akira bike... But I figured that wouldn't get past S&P...>> Poor deprived little me never saw Akira...

Batya> A female of Yoda's race?! This I have to see. :)

Jenniren> <<The car paused, a head poked out the driver's window, noted that I was still standing, and the car zipped off.>> What the...?! Isn't that a hit-and-run?!

Coyote> <takes a piece of Ravyn's birthday cake> You're not the only one. <sigh>

Interspecies dating> Eh...nah.

Fleur> <<In their lifetime, people eat up to EIGHT spiders in their sleep. Gross, ain't it?>> Gross doens't begin to describe it...although I imagine most gargs wouldn't have that problem. <g> Um...that goose experiment...that guy should be SHOT. No, it's too good for him...

Wilek Nereus
Monday, May 17, 1999 02:39:52 AM

Hmmm... let's see. I peeked in on friday I think it was and caught a conversation about Goliath and some other things. I think Don had said he had always invisioned Goliath as an eight foot tall gargoyle himself. I do too. Only, I see him at about 7'8". In "Future Tense" Brooklyn was almost eye level with Goliath, yet still a few inches shorter. Did anyone else notice that? His eyes went to about Goliath's chin of mouth, where as when he was younger his head reached Goliath's should. Or even a little over.
Anyway.... that's just a post I've been wanting to put up for the last couple of days. I wasn't able to do much yesterday.
But all this stuff about Xena and Hercules. . . I don't even watch that show. It's okay, but it's almost kind of retarded. Some eps of Disney's Hercules are even worse, while others are pretty good. I guess it just depends on the person watching and stuff.
Oh well. But I'm goin' to bed. It's almost 12:30 out here and I'm all ready gettin' worn down. Later everybody!!!

Shauntell - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 02:24:21 AM

SJ- Actually, Xena and Gabrielle die all the time. Gabrielle's latest offing was just last season's finale if I'm not mistaken. The both got killed in the first couple of minutes of the musical episode, and were brought back a minute or two later. And Hercules' sidekick Eolus is always getting killed. And that Callisto chick dies almost every story arc she's in. Nah, characters getting killed on Xena means nothing, since they have an afterlife, its really easy to come back by talking to Gods or escaping from the underworld. The shock value of a character on one of those shows dying has long since passed... They're almost as bad as Marvel.

Well actually, Eolus has stayed dead... The actor is just playing lots of different parts this season...

Monday, May 17, 1999 12:09:11 AM

Ok looks like the new story is out, but where is it.
Mad Man - []
Monday, May 17, 1999 12:03:23 AM

Hah....Top ten for the first time....Yahooo....
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:37:09 PM

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:36:40 PM

****BEGIN RP*****
"Why is it that everyone we meet here wants to tear you limb from limb?" SJ asks Scarecrow as they prepare to engage Tinman in battle.
"I'm a popular guy, I guess," the straw man quipped. "Plus, there is the fact that Tinman used to be the general of the army of Oz."
"Oh really?"
"Yes. When he couldn't stop the Gnome King's army, I fired him. He wasn't too happy."
"He still isn't. Oh crap, here he comes!!!!"
And with that, the huge metallic form of Tinman began to lurch forward, it's sharp claws extended for battle....
*****END RP FOR NOW*****

Hmm. Well, this was an...interesting season finale. Nothing like the high-energy stuff from previous seasons, but....Okay, so Mulder's in the looney bin, and Scully seems to have discovered some sort of alien vessel. And Krycek is running around everywhere spying and killing people. And Skinner seems to be working with him. Interesting.
What I didn't like, was more of that mumbo jumbo of aliens creating human beings. Jaysus, if that isn't tired. I always hate it when a sci-fi show pulls something like that. "We're nothing but the helpless pawns to our alien creators!!" Puh-lease. Chris Carter, I'm expecting some sort of Gehenna, you hear me? I'm anticipating a full-fledged apocalypse when the Colonization goes underway, and yet you spend the season finale talking about this crap!! Give me some high tension, man!
Oh well, at least Mulder and Scully weren't making googly eyes at each other. At least this season, IMO the *worst* of the series' run, is finally over.

Quarternity: Hmm.....Me, Kari, and the two Hounds.....Naw. I guess I could be the fool, but I don't think the others would fit.

Interspecies Dating: Sure, hell, I'll try anything once. Gargoyles, fay, whatever. I'm sure it'd be an enlightening experience!

Fleur: <<In their lifetime, a person will eat 8 spiders in their sleep!>> To say nothing of the ones who'll eat them while their awake. Fried Tarantula is actually very crunchy.

Coyote: I won't say anything. Nothing. Not a word about the Red Wings....OOPS! Oh, I've said to much! ;)
(BTW, you do know I'm just joking, right? I really don't mind if the Wings win.)
Just so long as Canada doesn't take the finals.
Okay, now that really was a joke!

XENA fans: I don't know if there are any in here, but I was watching it today (cause it had Hudson Leick in it!), and well......they DIED. Xena and Gabrielled kicked the bucket, bought the farm, keeled over, stick a fork in them, their done. I don't know if this was the series finale, but if it was, Kudos to the folks over at Xena! It takes real guts to kill off your main characters!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:15:36 PM

Am I? Can it be, TOP TEN!
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:03:38 PM

Actually Sixth.

Robbie sorry to hear you were playing that thrilling spectator sport Dodge Car. I play it a lot too.


Theresa - []
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:02:25 PM

We wiped early. Seventh or eight.


Theresa j - []
Sunday, May 16, 1999 11:00:33 PM

5th or 6th
Sunday, May 16, 1999 10:56:09 PM

Top Ten!
Fleur - []
Sunday, May 16, 1999 10:55:36 PM

Sevarius Jr.
Sunday, May 16, 1999 10:50:38 PM

Top ten!

And to alter one of my survey responses from a couple weeks back ...

"He needs some cool tunes
Not just any will suffice
But they didn't have Ice Cube
So he bought Vanilla Ice"
--- from "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)." Yes, I have heard the song now. And it's one of the goofiest songs I've ever heard. :)

Coyote the Bando - []
Sunday, May 16, 1999 10:47:52 PM

Not even Una's tarot card's saw this one coming.

Night of the Wierd

Written by: Christi Smith Hayden and Mike Norrish

Story Concept by: Todd Jenson

Illustrations by Christi Smith Hayden

Sunday, May 16, 1999 10:47:40 PM