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Real quick:

YAY! We finally got a scanner! Now can anyone share any hints on how to link a pic with your name?
BLUE CAERU> No problem. I'll just look for the SW tests when I have time to waste.

$ RP tomorrow, promise. Hey, SJ, Wilek, if either of you does one, just so you know, I won't be meeting up with you guys until at least my next post.$

Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!
(Four months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

Argent (aka Tribe Fanatic)
stable, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 08:05:24 PM

As usual, I've missed a lot, so random responses. :)

SJ << One of DS9's shining moments was that episode starring one of my favorites, Tony Todd, as an adult Jake Sisko trying to save his father from the timestream (I think it was called "The Visitor"?); it was a well-written, well-acted, touching episode. >> Yep, it was "The Visitor," and it's my favorite DS9 episode, with the Dax/Worf wedding right after that on the list (I know some of it was kind of corny, but I loved it, so sue me.) My mother is not a sci-fi buff by any means, although I did manage to get her and my stepdad hooked on Stargate SG-1 when they taped it for me. But when I was watching "The Visitor," she sat down and watched it with me out of curiosity because she recognized Tony Todd. Both of us - me and my mother who never got into Star Trek - were bawling by the end. :)

Robby <<Power Rangers- The really sad thing being in Japan, the stories were actually pretty cool with emotion, plot and drama. I've seen some of the dubs. >> Yes, well, in Haim Saban's little world, emotion, plot, and drama have no place in a children's show. They even desperately tried to use one of the plotlines from the sentai that Lost Galaxy was based on, and while some of that was good (one of the "heroes" spent half the season bent on revenge against the villains even if it meant kicking the Rangers' butts to do it), they kind of fell flat on their face trying to adapt it. I'm sorry, but even though it's a kids' show, a flashback involving the death of a main character's son should not invoke hysterical laughter. My youngest cousin, the newest PR fan, was looking at me like I'd grown a second head.

Doug> "Beneath the Streets" is done? All right!

My own fanfic progress> The Buffy fic that's taken up all my attention is finally progressing very well. However, I'm going to have to drop everything soon to focus on TGS stuff. Hey, a deadline must precede the rantings of the most furious creativity demons!

Dennis Miller> I was digging through all my junk and realized I still have the tapes of his "The Rants" and "Ranting Again." Now that I get my own room at school, I might just get the chance to listen to them once in a while.

DS9 finale> Missed yesterday's airing, so I'm going to program the VCR to tape the 1 am show for a friend. Thanks for reminding me of that. :)

Mandi Ohlin - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 08:00:23 PM

**enters the room, switches the candles out, lights the new one, then sits down in the big chair.**

Hockey playoffs: The @$$holes are eliminated! Woo hoo!!

**composes self**

Sorry. But it looks like I stick on your bandwagon for one series more, Kyryn. :)

Shogun: Lance Henriksen can have a similar voice, if it's pitched right and he's not using that scratchy Frank Black whisper, to Keith David at times. Listen to him at the end of Alien^3, and you'll hear it.

Ed: You're quite welcome. And I also feel honored that you picked one of the scenes I wrote as the most shocking of the season (Brooklyn throwing away the Phoenix Gate.).

**tries to avoid weird stares from around the room.** What? I know the benefits of shock value. :)

Pistoff: Hey, it was an easy jump ... you described Otto as a "13 year old pervo horndog." Reubens has proven:
*he can act like a 13 year old, and
*if he wants to be, he can be a pervo horndog. :)

Starsinger: Yikes. Sorry 'bout your delivery troubles. Hope we can help ya get away from them when ya get to Dallas. :)

Durid: Sure, I need one. **tips the candle toward DC, who has now burst into flames.**

Doug: I would imagine that by the time this gets posted Kitainia has already returned to your side. Hope you're feeling better. :)
**looks toward the newly lit candle flame, sighs sadly, then continues**

Wilek, re: G&E: Ehhh ... yes, my friend, you *are* one twisted, twisted garg. And as for that site ... it's not an elaborate joke, they're a Webspace provider.

Deuce: Thanks ... and nice Dennis Miller quote.

DS9: Two reasons why I gave up on this show after a while ... I had no time to watch it, and the writing got neutered. The last ep that I saw that I really liked was the one with Sisko's distorted reality that turned him into a segregation-era sci-fi magazine writer.

G&E arguments: Call me crazy, but I have a mixed reaction to arguments among two characters I like that are deeply in love. On the one hand, I don't like the argument, but on the other I am an absolute *sucker* for when a couple makes up after an argument or a disagreement.

**sighs sadly once more, looking at the candle's flame** I just wish this had been a simple argument and not something else ... **sighs once more and fixates.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, June 6, 1999 07:32:48 PM

Paul: I meant the whole scene. I agree with you that it's wonderful. Another favorite moment of mine that I forgot to mention is the part in Disc 2 where Fei finds Chu-chu inside the gear hangar. The look on the maintenanace engineer's face (as I imagine it), and the ensuing conversation were hilarious and very well-written. The Gear Hangar, the Aveh Palace, Deus's Final Dungeon, Zeboim, Shevat, the Goliath Factory, and Krelian's Lab Complex are probably my favorite areas in the game. :)

Blue: No problem at all, glad you stayed up for and enjoyed the work.

Sunday, June 6, 1999 06:51:33 PM

Well, if anyone is interested, I'm ready to collect on that bet. The truck didn't arrive until 2 p.m.. At least I had Pete for a driver. That man actually listens when you tell him what order you need something brought in. I called looking for the truck and it was at one point MIA. They knew it should be at stop 4 but wasn't at stop 3 and they couldn't locate the driver. Why was I not surprised?? Long, long day. Oh well, there's always tommorrow. And let's not forget Tuesday's another delivery day.

I too, love the arguements between Goliath and Elisa. Yes, they love each other, and yes, they are raised totally differently with different outlooks and priorities. Goliath with his 10th century upbringing and Elisa with her 20th century upbringing, add the species thing, the male/female thing and I truly wouldn't want to get in the middle of one of their 'discussions'. Look at the misunderstandings between Brooklyn and Sata when faced with something different (like Gwen) or something that sets off the culture flage between them. They're even the same species and only six centuries apart

Later world.


Theresa - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 06:50:47 PM

Jenniren> Seems the law that cannot be broken has had the crap bent out of it when it was convienent for certain fey. The point was no matter how you cut it, Elisa was used. This could possibly lead to Elisa turning her back on the fey, and refusing her help when needed. Titania has a problem brewing that could have repercussions don't the road if titania is not careful. And don't forget Garlon is out there, he might very well cause trouble by seeing to it Elisa does learn Titania refused to heal her. Adjust the telling a little bit, and you have fertile grounds for trouble.
Gyre - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 05:38:02 PM

Okay I scrolled down and read most of the posts from this week. haha I don't mind Puck/Owen being dead that much. I happen to know my favorite character won't die till May 20, 2255. One thing though hehe and you gonna love this I hope:_________WARNING: suggestion for a RP (:P)__In history MacBeth killed Duncan's father Crinan at Dunkeld church. I think a particular talking cat drove him to it. Blast you Grimalkin you Unseelie beast :P. Well I think the guilt from this is maybe what drove him historically to spend a week in Rome in 1050 tosses money to church and peasents alike like rain._______END suggestion for a RP___.
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 05:05:43 PM

Deuce> You said: "Of course, the bleeding wound idea makes Jackal's little fantasy in "The Green" excessively disturbing...."
Someone asked that question in Ask Greg (i.e. what would have happened if Jackal had carried out his fantasy?). The reply was simply that Goliath would have died. I need to go back and reread Ask Greg to see if I can find that question about gargoyles' ability to heal. Not that TGS follows Greg's vision of Gargoyles in all respects, but it's a good starting point.

Todd> Thanks for the information on Trivia. I didn't know Trivia existed outside Disney's Hercules. (No I didn't intend to make that pun, but there it is anyway.)

Gyre> I don't think Titania used Elisa as a test of Demona's redemption. I think she used the situation to force Demona to realize that the clan needed Elisa and that Elisa's death in this manner wasn't really what Demona wanted. Of course Elisa doesn't know that. And if one of the clan informs Elisa that Titania refused to heal her (I'm not sure Elisa was conscious when Titania voiced her refusal) then Elisa might well be upset. This reminds me of the ep where Madoc (or maybe it was Maeve) referred to Goliath as "Oberon's pet gargoyle." It seems to me that Goliath is more like Titania's gargoyle because it is HER daughter and grandson Goliath protects. And Titania knows that Goliath and Elisa are a team and that Elisa's death would seriously compromise Goliath's competence as a protector. He'd be too broken up about it. So, even though she would have wanted to, Titania couldn't intervene directly to save Elisa because of Oberon's law. And her assistance by influencing Demona will have to remain secret. Even Demona doesn't realize Titania intervened. I suspect by this time a lot of the gargoyles are miffed at the Seelies for not helping out more and this may cause problems in gargoyle/fey and human/fey relations in the future. The nature of Oberon's law is a little hard to understand. The fey CAN'T break it. It's not like your Momma telling you not to do something and you can go and do it anyway when she's not looking. It's more like a spell on you so you can't do it. Fey can only find ways around it, as Titania, Coyote, Grandmother, the Japanese Seelie we saw in Darkest Hour, and Puck have done. They can say or do things to influence mortals to act in ways which will accomplish the desired outcome, but the feys can't do the thing themselves. When Titania refused to help Elisa, Oberon was standing right next to her, and Titania was not about to let Oberon see her disobey his law either directly or indirectly.

Harthoth as a villain> I think he's more of an antagonist than an outright evil villain. Whatever he is, I like him and hope to see more of him.

I think having Vinnie eps once in a while would be fun. I enjoyed his occasional appearances on the TV series. A miniseries like Ed suggested sounds good.

***Spoilers - Events from past eps mentioned***
I enjoy the Goliath/Elisa arguments better than the love scenes. I like Goliath and Elisa is OK, but when everything is all lovey-dovey between them I just think it's boring. When they have arguments it points out the differences between the way they think, what they think is most important, what their priorities are, etc. Like the way they disagreed on whether the gargoyles should cause a citywide power outage so the Lethe spell on Demona would be broken. For some reason Elisa was convinced that a 10 second blackout would cause massive riots in New York City (huh?) or something but Goliath insisted on helping Demona. Was Elisa really concerned about riots or was that just an excuse for leaving Demona ignorant and "nice." Again when Elisa insisted on sharing information with Dracon while Goliath wanted nothing to do with him. (Wasn't it one of the guns that Dracon had distributed that saved Morgan and that other cop from the Halflings?) I think Goliath/Elisa disagreements/fights are more interesting to read than endless kissy-poo. :Þ (S.J. has already provided us with an excellent example of kissy-poo ;)
***End Spoilers***

Jackal> I'm glad to know you took my comment the right way. I was afraid people in here would chew me out for putting that image in their heads. ;P

Arcology. What does it mean? It wasn't in my 3-inch-thick dictionary. But today I thought to look it up on an online dictionary and came up with the following definition:

arcology: the fusion of architecture with ecology

Nice word to find in a story about the future. I had wrongfully assumed it meant the same thing as architecture. The ecology aspect adds another element to the description.

I found it at the wwftd Dictionary at
...which seems to have a lot of interesting words.

Want to know what wwftd means? Click my name and follow the "wwftd??" link.

Sunday, June 6, 1999 04:24:57 PM

Yes Ed. Here's my MacBeth webpage everyone. Click link
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 04:24:53 PM

Paul Allan Nathans: (Harthoth) I think the jury’s still out myself. He’s certainly villainous in many of his actions. Not being especially rigorous about the meaning, I’d say he’s a villain.
(Demona) Your ‘spectrum dancing’ attitude towards Demona is interesting. But it’s all so subjective. Her colour would be a lot darker in Goliath’s eyes than (say) the New Olympians. (probably).

Jenniren: Nifty idea. Although possibly a present day one would incorporate past stuff via flashbacks, while a past one could not include present-day stuff…

Robby: Yeah, the attention to detail with all the little characters on the screen where Brooklyn has loads of familiar scenes is fantastic :) As for the Adventures of Vinnie. I honestly think it would make a fairly good mini-series. Maybe a 4-6 story run? :) Or even a Timedancer/Vinnie crossover 3-part story as Brooklyn appears all along Vinnie’s lifespan for… “The Life and Times of Vinnie”!

*notes the reaction of Robby and Stephen to the new series discussions* What a web of deception… ;)

James: Really? Me too.

Blue Caeru: You’re right it is pretty quiet. (for this place). I find it actually nicer when there are less posts and I lose track less easily. It’s a damn good job the S8 servers were made faster (or whatever he did to them) a little while before this room was created or it would be impossible to get the entire room before you’d read CONSEQUENCES from start to finish :)

Ed - []
London, England
Sunday, June 6, 1999 03:01:06 PM

*wanders into the CR and looks around*

No new posts in the past 5 hours? Wow...

Doug> *g* Yes, I'm a fast skimmer. But it was late at night when I read your fanfic and I was tired, so if you quizzed me as to what exactly happened in the story, I wouldn't be able to remember a lot of it. But I do remember that it was a good piece of writing, so please don't feel offended. :-)

*wanders back out of the CR*

Blue Caeru
Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:51:43 PM

Not too much commentary here:

Oberon-Yes, he knew fey could perish, but knowing, and not seeing, after 11,000 years, that fey could perish, made Madoc losing his life that much shocking to him. Thus, what I feel is stage one of possible character development on his part.

Doug-No complaints here, but some commentary.
By the 'Fei and Elly kissing', did you mean the whole scene when he's talking to her before the kiss, or just the kiss? I loved the whole scene, as well as the talk before on the Yggdrasil. Then again, from the battle with Hammer onwards to when Deus begins terraforming was nonstop enjoyment, and I loved every minute of it. Some more than most, like the Zohar Showdown, and the final Fei/Grahf/Lacan Showdown. Then it was back to normal 'as normal as you get in XENOGEARS' until entering the 'outer Deus Core' to see the four support orbs and Deus. Of course, everything in XENOGEARS is incredible, anyway, but those are my favorites.
Also, as for Grahf/Lacan showing up with his "Do you want the power?" those are more favs'. As is the Finale for Disk 2.
Also, I'd figured out ever since I saw the red Gear storming the Gebler Ships after Fei had been apparently losing it again, and no explanation as to what happened, that the red-haired male was Fei.
Finally, when Khan perished, I think that was more of Grahf/Lacan perishing. One of my friends noticed some significance in his parting shot. After all his time of taunting Fei of not having the ability to do anything, he finally has to say 'I'm begging you'.
Those weren't the exact words of my friend, of course.

Seeing as how you're good with Crossovers, presumedly, I haven't read anything yet, simply because I don't like Crossovers, here's one. The Eldridge could be associated with far-future Earth. How about Brooklyn and Sata ending up on the Eldridge at the time of the Abel Contact leading up to the destruction of the Eldridge?
Sound good.
By the way, obviously, the Fanfictions at the Site I gave the Link to can't compare to the real Video Game. No story I've read or seen anywhere has yet been able to.

Demona-Yes, she's not really good, or evil. There's really no good, and evil. I'm not saying 'shades of gray', like Jewel Faulkner is, although its nice to know someone else knows. Gray would be near the center. If using colors, I'd give a full spectrum. Demona is one of those who seems to be really 'dancing those colors'.
Patrick, I wasn't just referring to Demona talking to herself with the compliments, though. I was referring to the start, which is probably my favorite part of the whole Demona parts, where she actually realizes her reason for fighting.

THE DARKEST HOUR: Maybe I was a bit high with my praise, I considered it carefully, and then reconsidered it after sending its post. I'll rephrase that statement. It could rise above the three Stories I'd mentioned, or it could be alongside them, or below. It still stands that it won't touch REBORN AGAIN, or XENOGEARS, though.

"Live!!"-Memory of Sophia
"Very well. I will live, eternally, until the end of time. And if this world isn't destroyed by then, I will destroy it with my own hands!!"-Lacan

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 08:31:37 AM

Seriously, unless the Elisa, and Goliath bit moves forward, Elisa is in danger of becoming a static character as Demona once was with her schemes to destroy humanity. And the Titania's calous use of Elisa mearly as a test of Demona's redemption has got to come back and haunt the fey queen at some point. If the fey are part of the mix, then they are in all the way, and that inclueds being any negative results that flow from their actions, or manipulations.For Elisa this could mean telling Titania to go where the sun don't shine when, and if Elisa's help is needed. For Garlon, this represents a chance to drive a rift into the clan, a possible line of attack. Either way, this is a problem brewing that I hope the TGS staff has given thought to, and I would like to see future stories that address this. Titania has taken Elisa for granted, and that is not a wise thing for anyone to do.
Gyre - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 06:57:34 AM

I read Crosswords part 2
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 06:55:46 AM

Oh yes I finished Dakest hour part 2. I have read all of Gargoyles. All that remains now is Crossworlds episodes of Timedancer
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 05:07:54 AM

It's 3:30 in the morning, but this is probably the last time I'll be on line till some time monday, so here goes. I have several people to answer, and I can't remember who they are, so I'm just putting down my responses, and you all can sort them out.

-The Perils of Vinnie- The first season wasn't really a parody of anything specific, but bad spy/cop movies were what I was thinking about. The second season was a parody of Highlander, and the third was a parody of X-files. Those ideas came to me while I was writing the first one. I made them up as I went along.

-Gargoyles 2K- I didn't really intend for that to be the name. I just couldn't recall the date in the future episodes and in Future Tense (2158, right?) Actually, I like Gargoyles: New Millenium or Gargoyles: Future Shock.

-New Olympians- Jenniren's idea of setting the series in the past is cool. That eleminates most of the problems, and creates a new and interesting setting.

-New Series- I really don't think we need a whole lot more, except that Arthur deserves a whole series to himself. Sharing one with the Gargoyles is undignified. I'd be more interested in "movies" or "mini-series" that used some of these ideas in a limited way, but didn't have to be sustained for several years.

I suppose this probably means I should start thinking about a Vinnie: the Movie fanfic, but don't hold your breath. I have other stuff to do first. If anyone else is up for the task, by all means go for it.
David G. - [david_goodner]
Arlington, TX, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 04:36:13 AM

Blue: My goodness, you are one fast reader! <grin> Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you enjoyed the story.


Sunday, June 6, 1999 03:25:32 AM

SJ: Yup, "The Visitor" was a very cool episode. One of the best was "Duet," from the first season. Harris Yulin stole every scene he was in. And the ending of that ep was sooo un-Star Trek. The DS9 writers had balls, back then.

A while back I heard rumors about a series of DS9 movies being in the planning stages. All I can say about that is ... Oh gawd! The horror! the horror!

JackaL: Hudson using profanity? Cool! Y'know, I bet Hudson knows a lot of 10th-century Gaelic curses, absolutely vicious ones. It'd be fun to hear him using those, because it wouldn't be out of character for him at all. I can just see him hurling some of these epithets at the TV when the dish loses the signal from the satellite ....

A while back somebody in here mentioned that a woman was almost cast as Jar Jar Binks. That got me to thinking ... hmm ... a female Jar Jar ... okay, sure, I'd do her.

**shrugs** I'm flexible .... ;)

Pistoff - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 02:02:21 AM

** Deuce runs in... wet. And it's quarter to midnight. **

What can I say? It's raining HARD, and it's still really warm from the day, and... it reminds me of California....

I only get sentimental and gooshy about two things: Love and California. It's true.

Robby> ["Picard became a Borg, and was fine the next week."] I dunno; "Family" had him— and the _Enterprise_— coping with the mental and physical damage. But I agree with a lot of the other things. "Star Trek" has never been too good for continuity. TGS on the other hand....

Durid> That was an RP-only post. That was not good. Do not repeat. Thank you. :-)

Wilek> ["...what exactly was that particular fantasy?"] Jackal sprouted a chisel and re-carved Goliath's face to be an exact copy of his own.

G & E> I say it should be there, but more in the background. Occasional stories like "Nocturne" are great, but if every episode becomes that, it starts to... *cough*... suck. Heh.

"I think the American people would deify the first President who got up in front of a podium and said… [long, dramatic pause]… 'She blew me! In fact, she's blowin' me right now! But enough about me, let's talk about cutting- [shudder]- your taxes.'" - Dennis Miller

Deuce - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:51:33 AM

Instead of doing the responsible and mature thing, namely study for my finals. I'm going to blow off steam about DS9. So watch out kiddies.
*************** DS9 Finale Spoilers*******************

I'm in the same group that found this disappointing. Some of it I was expecting. I could never compare DS9 and B5, because they are two distinct series. B5 was an epic in the true sense of the word. It took place over a large period of time and encompassed many lives. DS9 is episodic much like a sitcom or a drama. Part of that episodic nature is that there is little continuity. So for those who've argued about the characters getting knocked down and back up next week, I agree, but what can you expect.

The only good was that it did wrap up the loose ends. I'm disappointed that I wasn't surprised. The greatest climatic scenes are stuff i would never have guessed. The conclusion of Q's trial in TNG was good, what Picard figured out was great. DS9, however, *so* predictable. Worf should have taken the Chancellorship when he had the chance. How many times is he going to throw away opportunity? And Damar should not have died. After the amount of development and hope of a new Cardassia, killing him nullified my concern for them as a people. And the fight between Sisko and Gul Dukat, I was expecting a *whole* lot more than just tumbling into the fire. I thought this was going to be a titanic battle. The climatic contest of wills that make good storytelling. Instead he just served his role as the emissary, just being there to do his little task. In a way it's anticlimatic that all this lead up to was one small action. From this little blue dragon's standpoint the struggle between good and evil isn't about doing, it's about being. And I wanted Kai Winn to get her come-uppens, but I was expecting more from the poetic justice department.

I think I've spewed enough venom on this.

********************End of Spoilers********************
My one big hope is that with all these shows going off the air, the field is clear for something new and refreshing. I'm hoping for a few more shows like Stargate, Buffy and Sports Night. I'm hoping for sci-fi that explores who we are not just the next alien species. Fantasy that offers kick-butt action with quirkiness, wit and charm. And drama that offers food for thought.

Elisa and Goliath romance> *Jumps in the audience crowd* Yeah, lets some more Goliath and Elisa romance. *Quickly jumps back to this side before anyone notices* One of the myths I'm trying to debunk is that once your in love the stories over. This is an old wound from Moonlighting. The writers strike certainly hastened it's demise, but once those two got together the show fell apart. I think we can keep their relationship interesting without going to the paperback romance 'My love' every other sentence. Now if only I had a barrel of mead, an Egyptian love goddess and a forty foot statue, then we could have some fun. *shrugs* Oh, well.

Taleweaver - []
Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:40:28 AM

Sorry for the 2X post, but click my name. I'm still not sure if it isn't an elaborate joke.
Wilek again
Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:39:53 AM


[From the Avatar Of Ganon, Agent Rho is surveying the battlefield at Crown Point, knowing that the army there is ready for anything Thailog can throw at them...Khesaat: "Sir, I'm picking up a small Imperial fleet headed for...Chicago, Illinois?" Rho: "Hm...what could Thailog want with Chicago?" Khesaat: "Not a clue, although I wouldn't know as much about this world as you would, seeing as it's not my homeworld." Rho: "Hm...what exactly is Thailog sending to Chicago?" Khesaat: "Scanning...three Imperial-class star destroyers and two Victory-class, with their standard complement of support craft." Rho: "Is that all? Send the Executor-class star destroyer we assimilated a few weeks ago; the Administrator's assimilation torpedoes should make short work of *that* little nuisance. Send along another Executor, just in case. Anything more would be like swatting a fly with a shot from a blaster rifle--satisfying, but ultimately a foolish waste of resources. <blink> I think I've been working with the Administrator too long."]


Spinoffs> I think I'm undecided...the series set in the future would be kewl, but so would either of the other two (the fates know, we need to hear from Fang a tad more often). But...I really prefer the name 'Redemption Squad' to 'Bad Guys'. No offense to whoever, but the former name really does have a nicer ring to it.

Goliath and Elisa's Relationship> Heh heh heh. Here's where I get to show y'all how twisted I am: in my ficverse, in the unlikely event that the two ever get around to <ahem> being physical, one will die in the process and the other won't realize it until it's all over. I'm a sick, sick little garg.

Gunjack> <<Also, IMHO, this constitutes senseless cruelty to the characters in question.>> You say that like it's a bad thing. >:) <<Has anybody here heard of revengefics?>> No, but they sound interesting. :) <<On a lighter note, I remember some talk several years ago about a Disney Afternoon series called Villains that was in the works. It was supposed to star All of the prominent Disney villains, from Pete to Cruella DeVille to Shere Khan.>> Woah...that sounds so kewl! Were they going to use the animal Shere Khan from the jungle book or the humanoid one from TaleSpin (the only real difference being that the latter wears clothing and runs a large company)? <<The year is... oh, aroyund the time of Requiem. Demona is lonely, and sick of watching all her loved ones pass away. But her clan loves her, and would hate to see her die. Is there a solution that will leave everyone happy?>> Make everyone immortal?

Deuce> <<My mom seems to think that preventing my access to the computers at home will stop me from using all computers. Hehehe....>> FIGHT THE POWER! YEAH! <ahem> What the...?! <<Then we'd have Elisa beating the you-know out of Titainia with an iron chain and those boots.>> A chain and boots? Oh, nothing so mundane; second thought, maybe I'd better not say it in here...<<I would love to see someone scrawl on a stone Gargoyle with Magic Marker>> Xanatos: "Owen, take a memo..." Owen: "I...seem to have forgotten my notepad." Xanatos: "Borrow my marker; Goliath will never know..." <<Of course, the bleeding wound idea makes Jackal's little fantasy in "The Green" excessively disturbing....>> I haven't seen that ep in *way* too long...what exactly was that particular fantasy?

Robby> <<The really sad thing being in Japan, the stories were actually pretty cool with emotion, plot and drama>> So I've heard. I seem to remember something about Bandora, the Japanese Rita, having a son who the Rangers kidnapped for some reason? Or am I just getting things mixed up again?

Argent> <<Oh, and BTW, don't you guys think Star Warsians sounds better then Star Warsies?>> Better still, how about Star Warriors? <sudden despairing expression> By the Dragon, forget I said that; it's just too dang corny...

Theresa> <<The bodies will be put in the dumpster. Trash pick up on Monday>> Better quicklime them first to remove fingerprints; I learned that the hard way.

GXB> <<Its funny to watch people with dignity act silly.>> I don't know...I was *real* disappointed with Disney's version of Hades. Here I was expecting something like a cross between Scar and Darth Vader (can't you just see an anthropomorphic Scar in Egyptian Sith attire?), and I got Helios' (I think that was his name; the New Olympian whose head was on fire) sleazy brother-in-law who sells used cars. Eesh.

SJ> A Tale Of Terror...I encounter that all the time in the DirecTv movie listings. (Which reminds me, I'm missing their anime of the week. Dangit.) I was wondering if anyone else had heard of it. I notice that it's rated that just for violence? <evil grin> <<I've always been kind of a sucker for dark fairy tales, ever since I was given a book way back when on the "real" Grimm's fairy tales--very dark and disturbing tales, indeed. Little Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf, Snow White has no Prince Charming to save her from a cold death, etc. They're better than the nursery tales, that's for sure!>> I remember putting weird twists on fairy tales myself, when I was younger. I remember remixing 'Little Red Riding Hood' into a version where, instead of a lumberjack, the hero was a good wolf, an enforcer from some wolf law inforcement agency, who was sent to hunt down the bad wolf, who was some manner of criminal, for crimes against wolfdom or some such. They had Russian names for some reason, and it all took place on some alternate Earth where all the wolves came from Japan or something. I was young then, so it's lame. (At least I was able to salvage *something* from that primitive ficverse: remember the Mage Knights from This Ascension?) I also made the hunter from Snow White a sentient falcon instead of a human. I was a weird kid. (Like I'm normal now.)

$Doug> Er...minor bit: I don't know about Forfexx's clone, but 'Fexx himself doesn't exactly have what could be called a face; rather, he has a mask, something like Vega's from Street fighter. :) <<I'll let you write that RP, if you don't mind>> Sure thing! :D $


[Back at the secret headquarters, WF3 is arguing with Thailog. Thailog: "I don't care *who* died, you are far too important in a command capacity to allow into a full-scale battle! The only reason I let you fight the Ravens is because most of my rank-and-file troops were too inept to pull off such a job and I don't have all that many elite warriors!" WF3: "But my brother and I are clan! Family!" Thailog: "And what of your master print and his 'brother'? You want to kill them, and you seem to have no objection to my desire to do the same!" WF3: "They betrayed us! But Fieger I supported us! He was loyal to us!" Thailog: "You've never been this hung up on honor and loyalty before." WF3: "It's never been an issue before! Cheating and lying and infiltrating one's enemies is one thing, but one's own blood must be honored--and in this case, the only proper honor is vengeance!" Thailog: "Why do I get the feeling that Sevarius made you a tad too similar to your master print. Alright. Go to Crown Point and try to avenge your brother. Don't crawl to my staff for medical attention when you come back in a body bag." WF3 storms off.]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:32:05 AM

<<I think Jar Jar would chew it up and swallow it. Is that really what you want?>>
Hehehe, that's funny!! Then I'd have nothing to lose getting a sex change operation, hehehe. Bobbit who?! Fool, we talkin about Jar Jar! hehehe :o) Nevermind....

I couldn't help but read "Demon Whispers" and I gotta ask..., Christine, is that a morbid fantasy of yours? You know what I mean? Of course it excited me...hehehee.

<<if Goliath ever did use the F word, it would be one helluva shock>>
I'd like to hear from Hudson. That'd be funny! And I'd pay good money for Goliath to say, "Abso-f***in-lutely, totally bitchin, dude." And yes..., Elisa is very annoying, she's too good. She's an NYPD cop!!! There's evil in there somewhere, let it out! Because she's a COP!! ::ahem:: Anyway..., I'd also like to hear Broadway say, "Do I make you horny, baby?" or "M-o-o-n, that spells.... awww sh*t."

Sunday, June 6, 1999 01:13:24 AM

Doug> Just read your fanfic. It never ceases to amaze me how you can integrate so many different "universes." *g* I liked the religious aspects you put in your story. Good plot development.

Star Wars, the great space opera: *g* I think most of them are just rumors... heck, before TPM came out, there were LOTS of erroneous and strange rumors.

E & G: Hmm... no comment at this time. :-) But when was the last time we saw Angela and Broadway go on a "date?"

Blue Caeru
Sunday, June 6, 1999 12:55:36 AM

I finished the Night of the Weird. Main room is my link
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, June 6, 1999 12:04:48 AM


In the mid-Atlantic ocean, a huge gate opens and several Star Destroyers fly out. They cloak instantly and begin heading towards Chicago, ready to execute Guod and Admiral Nipon's diversion plan.

The display changes to the Iowa road where the Ravens are still fighting their latest battle. Evil Forfexx has just leapt into the Onslaught's trailer and is now engaging several of the party with his many razor-sharp metal appendages. Orion and Shap block the many slashes and swings, noticing that Forfexx's evil clone is neither as creative or cruel as the original Forfexx. The clone keeps attacking them, no emotion on its face other than determination. This changes to disbelief as Elena throws an energy beam at it and cuts a hole clean through its chest. Boris backs her up with a bazooka shot, blowing Forfexx into a million pieces. Lathrop waits until they rejoin and then vaporizes the resulting puddle with a spell of extreme heat. "Good job!" Doug calls back to them as he and Kitainia continue their gun battle with Hades and WF1. Doug makes a CR post as the battle goes on.


Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a good weekend. I'll have a better one when Kitainia gets back tomorrow, but today was a good day. :)

Fanfic Progress: I finished "Beneath the Streets" today, and posted it at GFW. Hope everyone reads it and enjoys. I will also appreciate feedback on this story. Speaking of feedback, I still don't have any of the comments I was promised from a certain person. He knows who he is.


Saw this movie last night. Would have been more enjoyable to see it with Kitainia, but since I was bored and needed something to do,...:)
I actually enjoyed the movie very much so. It had a good plot, with very well-written mystery, character development, setting, and other stuff. There were also good preformances from Brendan Sexton, Kate Hudson, Christina Ricci, and the other actors and actresses involved. The movie didn't really have any big overall point, but I wasn't looking for one. There weren't any cool special effects either, but that was no problem since this movie didn't need them. It had very good acting, characters and script. I give it 4/5 stars, thumbs up. Too bad it was the only good movie that came out this weekend.

Next weekend will be another story- Kit and I will go see Austin Powers 2.


<<a CR dweller remaking the world in his/her own image may be a good thing.>> I don't know if I'd have the wisdom and intelligence needed to remake the world into a better place. If anyone who reads this has these qualities as well as the power and will necessary to change the world for the better, I wish them good luck.

Crash31: Welcome to the CR. Hope you and our other recent newcomers enjoy it here.

Ed: Good comments on Timedancer season 2 overall. I agree with all your awards.

Christine: That was one hell of a naughty story. Possibly your most wicked one yet. :) Thanks for the entertainment!

New Series: I don't think TGS needs one personally. If they break Pendragon back off from Gargoyles, and concentrate on the series they have, they'll do fine. Here's hoping we get some new Timedancer and Dark Ages episodes real soon!

SJ: $ Don't worry, you should get your chance to rescue him. I'll try to make sure you do either before or while they're launching the assimilation missiles. Thanks for not getting mad about my moving ahead on what I thought was a neglected thread, hope you get back to and finish your Oz bit soon so I can start doing my major plans. <grin> $ Thanks also for recommending a film I shall check out very soon.

Wilek: $ Okay, thanks. I think I'll kill off WF1. Then I'll let WF3 go revenge-crazy and later get assimiliated by your Borg (I'll let you write that RP, if you don't mind). For further details, see the RP below. $

Happy belated birthday Keith David!!

Paul: Thought that was it. Okay, here goes:
Favorite Moments- Any character development moments for Fei, Elly, or Citan; the religious debates that occur between Billy, Jessie, and Stein; Fei's talks with Krelian about humanity and what it means to be alive. Also the part where Elly helps Fei and Rico save Nortune from the falling ship-bomb, the battle between Seibzehn and Achtzehn, the Fei-Ramsus fight on Babel Tower, Fei and Elly's kiss and subsequent you-know-what, Erich's brave sacrifice, and the beautifully animated ending scene.
Least Favorite Moments- The parts when Grahf makes a bad guy even more dangerous with his power, the death of Alice and Timothy, the death of Khan, the part where Citan betrays the party, the part where Elly gets posessed by Miang, any moment of sudden unexplained confusion in the storyline (most of these involve Id). I also didn't like it when Fei forced Elly to stay out of the action (you hardly get to use her in disk 2, and IMO, that's not a good thing), or when Fei was locked up by Queen Zephyr because of his psychotic alter-ego Id.
Those latter moments made for a more realistic and meaningful story, I know. But that doesn't mean I have to like them, right? :)

Gunjack Valentine: Thanks for making me laugh with that funny Cyrano skit.

Stephen: Glad you've made progress on your novel. I wish you continued good luck with it. $ BTW, is there anything major you want me to do with your character in the RP? $

Pistoff: You're welcome. I too hope Highlander 4 makes sense.

Argent: Welcome back! And good luck on your remaining exams.

Okay, guess that's all for tonight. Later!


Doug turns back to the fighting, just in time to watch Kitainia fire a rocket into the passenger side of Hades' Range Rover, shattering the windshield and causing Hades to leap out and roll to the side of the road. Jaden's nemesis shakes his fist at the Onslaught as it leaves him behind. WF1 remains trapped in the burning vehicle, which explodes and consumes him in a roar of flame. "Your sister killed my brother!" Wilek Fieger III rants at Stephanie, gaining a new vigor as he sweeps his sword to first disarm her and knock her down. Keith leaps up out of the trailer's top hatch and throws a ninja star to disarm WF3, preventing him from giving Stephanie the coup de gras. Laser fire suddenly rains down from overhead, coming from some scout ships from the army with which Agent Rho has fortified Crown Point. "Too late!" WF3 screams. "We're too late to finish them!" Storm Eagle swoops down and picks him up by the arms. "We may have failed this time, Ravens!" she calls. "But there will be another battle! We shall yet avenge our dead families! Be warned!!" The laser fire begins flashing through the air directly beside her, and Storm Eagle is forced to soar away at incredible speed. Doug watches her go and then grabs the truck's CB radio mike. "Thanks, Agent Rho," he says. "We picked you up on radar," Rho says. "Looked like you might need some help." "We did. Thanks for sending some." "Is everyone alright?" "I think so," Doug says. "We're coming into Crown Point, okay? Meet you outside of City Hall." "Got it," Rho replies. "See you in a few minutes." Doug hangs up the mike and begins checking his friends for wounds as the screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 11:50:46 PM

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive. And do something I forgot to do on my last post. ...Now where is DC?

***DC RP***
"Ah, there you are, I've been looking for you!" DC starts looking around for a quick escape. "Oh don't worry, I'm not going to turn you into a doe again. In fact, I am here to thank you!" and Durid holds out his hand.

DC looks incrusably at the extended hand, mouth open in shock, "I upgraded my computer not only with a new Modem, but a Sound Card as well. You did not cause me the least bother with that, though I am sure you were really tempted. It must have taken alot of effort not to mess with my computer when I did that! Congrulations, you are improving!"

DC shakes himself, smiles in relief, and a little pride. He extends his own hand into Durid's and ZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAP!!!! DC's entire body starts shakeing uncontroabily as the 300,000+ volts runs trough it.

"However, since then my computer has compleatly frozen up when I disconnected from the net several times. And sounds I could play on my computer before have just disappeared, and my Printer is acting funny." Durid smiles pleasantly as DC starts smokeing, "So this little joybuzzer spell should teach you not to do that again..... Um, you can let go now, I'm not holding on to you anymore. DC... DC!!!" DC just continues shaking from the electric currant running through him.

Durid slaps his head in sudden realization, "DOH! I forgot, electircty makes every muscle in your body clench up. You can't let go, can't you?" DC's entire body is still smokeing and shakeing, but his head goes back and forth more than the rest of him. "Oh no, I'm going to have to stand here until you combust, won't I. Eh, sorry DC, this is alot more severe than I had planned." DC suddenly bursts into flame. "Uh, anyone need a light?"
**end DC RP.***

Durid the Druid - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 11:35:58 PM

DS9 finale- Maybe its because I haven't been spoiled by Babylon 5 like everyone else in here apparently has, but I rather enjoyed the final episode of this. Just about everyone was focused on, and there was a true final episode feel unlike TNG's final episode. As far as some of the deaths being pointless, well, that how deaths usually are. They can't always be grand affairs that have an entire episode building up to them. And the characters did evolve over the course of the series and have continuity, though they didn't plan ahead in early seasons and so screwed up in that department then. (Of course, Next Generation was actually worse about this. Worf broke his friggin BACK in one episode and was ine the next week. Picard became a Borg, and was fine the next week. Picard spent 40 years in 40 minutes and was fine the next week. At least DS9 tried...) Ah well, I'm not going to bother saying anything else on the episode or pointing out the good points or defending the show since everyone else in here hated it, actually watched it and isn't basing their opinions on assumptions, it would just be a waste of everyone's time to say more.

Of course, now that DS9, Hercules, Xena, and Beastwars have ended, no new episodes of Dragonball Z seem to be coming, and War Planets and all the WB shows are reruns... I have nothing to watch all summer, and none of my shows are returning next year. Hmm... Guess I'll start spending my time on something else...

Stephan- Congrats on your first chapter!

Argent- I don't know who does the voices of Piccolo or Vageta. All the names are listed at once, and not by character. I suppose I could find out tho...

Entity- Well, with the killings of Tasha Yar and Jadzia, keep in mind the actresses were leaving the series without much advance warning. The writers had only a little time to doctor their scripts. (Granted, Jadzia could have died fighting rather than being hit by a fireball...)And Tasha Yar's death was largely pointless for two reasons. One, the actress didn't want to do an entire extra episode, and they wanted to prove that if minor side characters can die pointlessly, so can main characters.

Saturday, June 5, 1999 11:15:50 PM

***BEGIN RP!!!!****
With a triumphant cheer, the heroes defeat the last of the Brujah vampires. The battle, while difficult, went remarkably well--everyone came out of it with a minimum of injuries. Scarecrow was actually the worse for wear; during the course of the fight, a bit of his stuffing was knocked out, but other than that little loss of dignity, he was fine. Everyone prepared themselves for the true battle that lay ahead--the assault on Eisner himself.
Hesistantly, they marched through the city streets until they approached a large palace. It had been beautiful once, carved entirely out of glittering emeralds. Now, it had been corrupted by the darkness that infested it like a cancer. The green was covered with an oily blackness which moved in the night, that seemed to undulate like a snake. Slowly, they approached the gates to the palace, huge doors stained with blood.
"Okay," Giles was telling them. "From here on, things will get rather ugly."
"I haven't exactly noticed an abundance of sunshine already, Giles," SJ muttered.
"Yes, well things will be even more unpleasant. Eisner is the master vampire here, the elder or prince of the city. He will be immensely powerful, and will be no doubt heavily guarded. This is a battle we may not be able to walk away from."
"We have no choice," Wilek says bitterly. "Eisner knows where SJ's dad is, but more importantly, he may have Argent and her draco!" He flexes his muscles, readying his talons for the fight. "We're going to have to take him out!"
****END RP****

Hey guys, I gotta recommend a real good movie to you. It may seem a little see, the film is SNOW WHITE.
Not the cartoon. It's title is "Snow White: A Tale of Terror", and it's one awesome gothic horror film made a couple of years ago. It stars Sigourney Weaver, Sam Neill, and Monica Keenan (of Dawson's Creek fame). It's the same theme really--stepmother uses her sorcery to attempt to kill beautiful stepdaughter--but it's a very well done film. The plot is very interesting and well-written, with certain twists to the old legend (for instance, Weaver, who plays the stepmother, doesn't turn evil until her pregnant child is born stillborn and she goes mad with grief; another twist is that the 7 dwarves aren't dwarves, but miners, and one of them finds romance with Snow White). All in all, it is a wonderful film, very dark and gothic, with good writing, great acting, and some very great scenery (they filmed in Prague). I recommend it to anyone who's a fan of dark fantasy or gothic horror.
I've always been kind of a sucker for dark fairy tales, ever since I was given a book way back when on the "real" Grimm's fairy tales--very dark and disturbing tales, indeed. Little Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf, Snow White has no Prince Charming to save her from a cold death, etc. They're better than the nursery tales, that's for sure!

Goliath/Elisa romance: Less of this please. Seriously, I like romance and all, but....okay, I don't like Elisa. I've mentioned that before. I think JackaL agrees with me on that too....she just doesn't do it for me, as a character. I always found her more of an annoyance than anything else.
BTW, about romance....For me at least, it needs to be done well. I was reading some piece of fan fiction the other night, and the whole thing was Goliath to Elisa: "My love...." "Beloved...." "My angel..." PLEASE. Made me want to retch. You can have romance without the saccarine melodrama. Nobody I know of walks around their boyfriend/girlfriend saying "My love!" ten times in as many sentences. I felt like I was reading a Harlequin romance that just happened to involved Gargoyles.

Pistoff: I totally agree with you about DS9. I am one of those who believe Berman and the rest ripped off B5 when they themselves couldn't come up with decent plotlines (JMS even so much as came right out and accused them of it). And you're totally right about the stand alone episodes as well. The episode with O'Brien in a jail cell--I loved that episode. It was packed with emotion; the remorse Miles felt over killing his cellmate E'Charr was tangible. Then the next week, back to the same crap again, no change. One of DS9's shining moments was that episode starring one of my favorites, Tony Todd, as an adult Jake Sisko trying to save his father from the timestream (I think it was called "The Visitor"?); it was a well-written, well-acted, touching episode. Then next week, back to the same crap. DS9 was so inconsistent that way. As for Voyager....don't get me started. I watch solely for Jeri Ryan's tight ass, and little else. It might be a blessing that when Voyager ends, the franchise takes a much needed break to rest it's weary bones.

Oh, and no surprise Brigitte Bako was in a soft-core porn film. I love the lass, but how to user her assets, and has several times in numerous films. Not that I'm complaining, *wink wink*. ;)

MORE X-Men casting rumors: Apperently, the Gina Gershon rumor is false...damn.
Patrick Stewart HAS signed to play Xavier, but it hasn't been announced yet, and most likely won't till the entire cast is finalized.
But it is now being said that the part of Wolverine may seriously got to actor Dougray Scott, best known for his roles in "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore, and the upcoming "Mission Impossible 2" film....

Some Star Wars: Episode 2 possible rumors: Again, it's too early to tell, so this could be BS....but some guy writing Lucas' biography has stated he was told the next SW film will have one big-ass underwater battle-to-end-all-big-ass-underwater-battles, possibly involving the assault on the Jedi by a primitive form of stormtrooper. Almost certainly, Palpatine/Sidious will begin to form his Empire and seize even more power. But it's also being stated that it could be revealed that Palpatine is related to Obi-Wan....and that Palpatine is Anakin's father....which, in my opinion, would make the Star Wars universe one giant incestous den of inbreeding. I was grossed out enough by Luke and Leia being siblings (c'mon--they KISSED a few times before that particular revelation). Don't make any more of the characters related! one over at Lucasfilm is refuting the Leo-as-Anakin rumor so far....I think they're doing it to f*** with us.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 11:00:48 PM

New series> I would like to see Future Tense be made into a series. Because we could see brand new characters execpt, for Broadway, Angela, and Demona and also we can see the descendants from the Gargoyles now in 1999. But if the TGS dose not make the series thats ok because there is still Timedancer because Brooklyn and Sata mostly raise the twins in the future I think.

Would Coldstone and Coldfire still be around in 2158?
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Saturday, June 5, 1999 10:51:09 PM

**REAL POST IN A MINUTE. <Mask voice> BUT FIRST...***

Attention everyone! I have a new fic up at the GFW archive. It's called Beneath the Streets, and involves the Labyrinth, some vampires, the clan, and the mutates. If you like, please go read it and enjoy!


Doug Elder - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 10:37:20 PM

Stephen> ["Well, we can't have an ep with them kissing all of the time!"] And why not? :-) God knows I'd volunteer to write it.

Pissy> [" knew the characters would be the same in the next episode as they were in the current one."] No kidding. That's why I like Voyager way better: they have continuity! Lots of it!

Chiselling Gargoyles: Hmm... I don't know our official position, but I thought "Menagerie" pointed out that a gargoyle being chipped or otherwise damaged while in "stone" sleep wouldn't be very good; Sata seemed quite concerned about it. Scary alternative: what if even the slightest damage resulted in them not waking up again? Of course, the bleeding wound idea makes Jackal's little fantasy in "The Green" excessively disturbing....

Gotta run.

Deuce - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 10:09:34 PM

Quick note (for once):

Argent> I don't exactly remember where I found those SW-personality quizzes; I was just surfing that day. Sorry. :-( All I know is that I found them on some magazines' sites, and one of them was a women's magazine of all things.

Blue Caeru
Saturday, June 5, 1999 09:26:20 PM

Todd>> I know Madoc was much more dignified and aloof. That's what makes imagining Madoc acting like that so funny.

Its funny to watch people with dignity act silly. That's one of the things I like about the Hercules series. I always saw Hades as a very dignified character when I read Greek Mythology (My Mom raised me on Greek Mythology). So I find the way they depict Hades (and the other Gods) hilarious.

Thanks for the info on Trivia BTW. Todd you know a lot. Are you actually Trivia in disguise? :)

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 08:42:39 PM

Hi all.

I saw the "The Mummy" the other day, and I gotta say that it was even worse than "The Phantom Menace". It didn't even try to distinct itself from Indiana Jones, except in its lack of charisma, and it forced the cliche every opportunity it had. Did anyone else make the connection between the scene where Brenden Frasier and the love interest are in a "Fine!" "Fine!" fight, and the very same fight Indy and his love interest had (can't remember in which of the three movies it was, though)?

Well, anyway, the one entertaining aspect of the film was the similarity I saw between the main villain and the evil priest from "The Sun and the Serpent". I also thought of Harthoth. Actually, I guess the whole movie made me think of "The Sun and the Serpent".... and how much cooler it'd be to see _that_ on the big screen.


Deep Space Nine Finale> A let down, I agree. It was incredibly unfulfilling. The only cool part was when the Founder ordered Dumar's replacement to be executed and as he was dragged away he yelled that he was loyal, and then she turned around to Weyoun and ordered him to exterminate the Cardiassian population. That segment all-around reminded me of "Exosquad".

There were lots of disappointments and perhaps even more plotholes, but the greatest mistake made was killing off Dumar. He was finally changing into a likeable character, and it made so much sense for _him_ to be the next leader of Cardassia; for it to be his penence to take what's left and rebuild a better world. Now, who will lead Cardassia? We're not told! It's bad enough that they killed him, but it had to be yet again a stupid death! Star Trek is INCAPABLE of killing someone right. First Tasha Yar, then Jadzia, then Gowron, and now Dumar!

One last thing I gotta mention: When all the characters were going on a nostalgia trip, there was not ONE memory of Jadzia in Worf's!

Okay, end rant.


Saturday, June 5, 1999 08:36:02 PM

Starsinger runs into the room screaming at the top of her lungs!!! They did it. They finally did it.
They've been messing up my grocery order for MONTHS!!! And what stupidity did they do today??? They sent the truck to Salt Lake City. How can you mis-route a truck so badly?? Salt Lake City is west of Denver, not south. Have you ever tried to get soft serve mix on a Saturday? Can't be done. It was bad enough when they sent three cases of foot long hotdogs labled as breaded chicken (I needed the stupid chicken.). Then they sent a case of sporks labled as 2oz souffle cups. Stuff like this had been going on for months. They changed us from Phoenix back to Denver and they promised things would go smoothly. Next story. (The trick to telling a good story is to find some fool to believe it. I'm cynical now.) Oh well, a chance to ride the time clock tommorrow. They said we'd get the truck in late tonight or early in the morning. I told him I'd be at work at seven. Bet they'll be late.

I'm calm. I'm calm. The bodies will be put in the dumpster. Trash pick up on Monday.

Starsinger who really believes they need three things at the warehouse. The ability to read. The ability to read English (since everything is printed in English.). And most important READING GLASSES.

Theresa - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 07:56:07 PM

I also saw the "Pool Party" episode of Disney's Hercules, although I'll confess that I *can't* picture Madoc acting the way that Hades did in that one; he's much more dignified and aloof, at least, in my vision. (Or rather, thanks to "The Darkest Hour Part Two", he *was* much more dignified and aloof). Now Loki, on the other hand....

One of my favorite lines in that ep: Zeus saying to Hera after getting the Hades invitation to the pool party, "Don't we have a bridge game with Odin and Frigga that night?"

BTW, did anybody else notice that Keith David's voice for Apollo in that episode really did sound *very* Goliath-ish?

TRIVIA NOTE ABOUT TRIVIA - Trivia was a real deity in classical mythology, although actually a goddess rather than a god (and often thought to be the same as Hecate, goddess of witches - who's shown up a couple of times in "Disney's Hercules", incidentally, as a rival to Hades for control of the Underworld). The name "Trivia" really is Latin for "three roads". I've read one account of how the name came to be bestowed on little tidbits of borderline-useful information; people would often, when they met at crossroads, stop to chat with each other about various little things, which consequently were named "trivia" after the location.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, June 5, 1999 07:48:51 PM

I saw the DS9 finale. I must say that I liked the B5 finale "Sleeping In Light" MUCH better. There were too many similarities between Sisko and Sheridan for me in this.

I recently saw an episode of Disney's Hercules where Hades invited the other gods to a pool party in the Pool of Forgetfullness. It was a very funny ep, and I couldn't help but think of Madoc doing this to the Seelie Court as part of one of his schemes to conquer Avalon.

::imagines Madoc in a "Kill the Coon" apron and chef's hat. With a spatula instead of sword::
::Madoc sees Oberon and Titania leaving::
Madoc: "What. Leaving so soon?
Oberon (looking for an excuse): "I'm sorry, I'm looking for the little fay's room."
Madoc: "Go in the pool"
Oberon: "Is that sanitary?"
Madoc: "No. I mean swim in the pool."

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 07:24:51 PM

Been behind since Wednesday, FINALLY I'm caught up!
BATYA & ALEX> Congrats! (Blows bubbles at the happy couple instead of rice. Rice is bad for birds.)
ZATH> [evil overlord checklist] Truly, words to live by. :)
It's a lot of fun naming villans who have made those mistakes.
ROBBY> On DBZ, do you know the actors who do Piccolo and Vegeta's voices?
HEATHER> (Spots the birthday girl's mini-menagerie.) Oh cool, now Jewel*D will have someone her age to play with! Whatcha gonna name the unicorn?
BLUE CAERU> Where are those Star Wars personality tests?
AARON> [Trekkies or... whatever hard-core Star Wars fans are called...] I don't know really. Oh, and BTW, don't you guys think Star Warsians sounds better then Star Warsies?

Color and pic> I post in sky blue 'cause that's my favorite color. I use Bronx because not many people use him.
CR anniversary> Cool! We should make T-shirts for the CR clan or something.
My temperament> Idealist/Councilor. Ah, maybe.
Batman singing> I have _got_ to see that commercial! Rotten cable company.
Only four more finals to go!
Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!
(Sics a rabid horde of chameleons on DC for pestering her the entire post.)
(FOUR months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps!)

stable, USA
Saturday, June 5, 1999 06:46:27 PM

ARIS - Interesting comments of yours re "Bad Guys". As for your query about the Director being both anti-Illuminati and a civil servant:

1. Greg never said that he was an *American* civil servant.

2. Our information that the Illuminati have a hold over the President comes from Matt in "The Edge". But remember, at that time, all that Matt knew about the Illuminati was based on the rumors that he'd heard; he hadn't gotten in yet. And he's been wrong about the Illuminati before; remember how he thought that the Silver Falcon caper was about them and it turned out to be Tony Dracon after Mace Malone's ill-gotten gains instead?

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, June 5, 1999 06:30:35 PM

GUNJACK VALENTINE - It's true that in the whole 3 seasons of the show, the Gargoyles kept refering to their state in daylight as stone, but if you have some free time to go through the AskGreg archives, it states there that Gargoyles transform into an organic stonelike substance during the daytime rather than actual stone.

The reason that you don't see any internal organs when a Gargoyle is smashed is because when they transform into that organic stonelike substance, it's a transformation that goes from outside to inside. The outside of a Gargoyle, the skin, transforms, and then the insides transform. When the Gargoyle wakes up, the transformation starts on the inside with the interal area's turning back into flesh and blood, and then the outside transforming until only a thin layer of stone is left that they break out of.

So when a Gargoyle is chisled, if let's say a name was carved into him or her then when they transform, there should be a wound in the shape of the name that was carved in. At least that's how I see it.

How does the TGS staff see it? I've read fan-fiction where a Gargoyle could get carved up and then wake up with no damage, but that seems to go against the first rule of the Gargoyles Universe: "Nothing, absolutely nothing is ever easy in the Gargoyles Universe." If a Gargoyle had his or her wings carved off in daylight, then I figure that they would wake up with two bleeding stumps on his or her back the next evening. And if a word was carved in then the Gargoyle would wake up with a bleeding wound in the shape of the carving. But I'm not entirely sure how TGS stands on it.

Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, June 5, 1999 06:05:54 PM

Just read Odd Couples
James Birdsong - [LennexMacDuff]
San Diego, CA, USA
Saturday, June 5, 1999 05:59:13 PM

Damn it! Computer had a brainfart. Anyway ...

SJ: I agree completely about DS9. The show's been unwatchable for years, not only because of the blatant rip-offs of Babylon 5, but also because the show is just plain boring. Maybe they weren't trying to rip off B5's stories, but they definitely tried to copy the story-arc structure, and failed miserably. The show was at its best when it did character-oriented, stand-alone episodes. But when they tried tying everything together, it tanked. Remember the episode where O'Brien was put in that virtual prison and it screwed him up so badly that he was ready to commit suicide? Well, it the very next episode, he was back to normal, as if the suicide thing had never even happened. That's what made DS9 boring--you knew the characters would be the same in the next episode as they were in the current one.

And yes, I'm a fan of Michael Wincott. It's too bad he didn't get more time on screen in Strange Days and especially Alien Resurrection. I still laugh when I remember his line about the authorization code in the docking scene: "I've got your code right here: E-A-T-M-E!" hehehe

Steve Gooch and Tim P: Bingo! I'm always surprised to find somebody who knows about this movie, since most people I mention it to have never seen it, and in some cases have never heard of it. It didn't do very well at the box office, which is a damn shame. It was an intelligent movie, but it didn't make any money, while a cheap-thrills popcorn movie like Independence Day breaks box-office records. Typical.

BTW, I found it rather amusing that Brigitte Bako played a hooker in Strange Days, then went on to do a voice for a Disney cartoon. Mostly because Disney execs are whores in a figurative rather than literal sense. ;)

Green Baron: You quit your job??? Well, I hope you find one that works better for you. Want mine? I don't want it anymore, heh. ;)

Aaron: Ohhhh. Oops. Isn't that aggravating, when you think of something and almost immediately somebody else comes up with the same thing and publishes it or puts it on TV? A while back I was thinking about ergonomic keyboards--my idea was that a keyboard should be split in half in the middle and bent so it would fit the angle that your wrists naturally rest at--and guess what? I watched C/Net Central this morning, and they showed an ergonomic keyboard exactly like the one I'd envisioned! Grrrr!

Oh, and Christian Slater doing the voice for Koz? Wow, I hadn't thought of that. Not a bad idea. :)

Highlander 4: Let's hope this one at least makes sense. Still, it's hard for *any* of the sequels to make sense, when the first one had such a definite ending point. The "Renegade Version" of Highlander II was a lot more coherent than the theatrical version, and it's a pretty good little movie if you ignore the Highlander context. But the third one was a retread of the first, with worse acting. I hope the people making the next one know what they're doing.

Coyote: Paul Reubens as Otto Fellatio? ROTFLMAO!!! My god, why didn't I think of that??

Blue Caeru: Ahh, my fanfic characters are invading people's dreams! BWAHAHAHA! I really *am* a mastermind! My global takeover has begun!!

Ahem. Sorry, that's my impulse control disorder kicking in again. I'm okay now. Really.

TRC: Oh, I know about potholes, heheh. We've got more than our share here in Coos Bay. There's a part of town called Bunker Hill, where most of the major hicks live. No street lamps, no porch lights, no paved roads. There are potholes there that can swallow entire cars. I was driving along one afternoon, saw a Geo Metro drop into a hole about 1,000 ahead of me, and I never saw it come back out. When I drove past, there was no trace of it whatsoever.

And isn't it fun to learn how to drive on a stick shift? I learned on an '81 Volkswagen Dasher (diesel model, for chrissake!). It had one of those gear shifts that you had to push straight down, then move left and forward in order to put it in reverse. Most of the time this car would go into first instead of reverse, and if I had a nickel for every time that piece of crap almost dumped me over a cliff, I'd be able to buy the Gargoyles rights from Disney and start producing my own series. ;)

Doug: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the Jack Hammer story. A few of the details will probably have to be adjusted by the time it's posted, but it'll be mostly the same as the one you read. Again, thanks! :)

Fire Storm: I remember reading a paper about the grammatical uses of the F word a few years ago, but I lost my copy of it. Thanks for the WAV file, it was hilarious.

Gargoyles and profanity: Well, I don't have a problem with Keith David cursing. After all, if it's in the script, he pretty much has to say it. But Goliath has evolved in such a way that he probably wouldn't use profanity, even though profanity itself has pretty much lost its shock value due to overuse. Demona and Brooklyn are far more likely to swear, and since Elisa's a cop, she would probably use the F word quite a lot if her dialogue weren't limited to what could be heard in an animated series. Still, if Goliath ever did use the F word, it would be one helluva shock ....

Saturday, June 5, 1999 05:05:49 PM

Okay, finally I can get to the replies ....

Pistoff - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 05:02:14 PM

Some seem to think Elisa would want to beat the crap out of Titania for refusing to heal her, for using her simply as a test of Demona's redemption. Though no doubt the thought will cross her mind, I see it more along the lines of at some point Titania needing Elisa's help, and Elisa telling the fey queen, "You were willing to let me die, so F*#k you.", and turning her back on Titania, and walking away.
Gyre - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:48:44 PM

Some seem to think Elisa would want to beat the crap out of Titania for refusing to heal her, for using her simply as a test of Demona's redemption. Though no doubt the thought will cross her mind, I see it more along the lines of at some point Titania needing Elisa's help, and Elisa telling the fey queen, "You were willing to let me die, so F*#k you.", and turning her back on Titania, and walking away.
Gyre - [wseeley@epix.ner]
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:47:15 PM

Whew! Never stay up late reading Anne McCaffrey's books until 3am... it will kill your day sleeping.

COMMENTS ON NEW SERIES> Well, I really can't comment too much on this, since I am in the Staff Heads... but I will say I am seeing all the comments. We'll just have to see what's what later...

GOLIATH/ELISA & SMOOCHING> Got to watch the S&P on something like this... Well, we can't have an ep with them kissing all of the time! Wait... that might not be a bad idea! Nah...

IN OTHER NEWS> Last night I finished the first chapter of my sci-fi novel "ALDEBBARA", and have made good headway into chapter two! HURAHH! A First for me, since all of my previous attempts to get a novel started fell short of the first chapter every time. I like the way the characters are showing in this one.

Anyway, if things allow, I might just do a reading of Chapter One at the Gathering... in the lobby or somewhere, since it's not an offical event. :)

Well, that's all from me... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:30:52 PM

Dangit, forgot to put my name on that one. sorry folks.
Gunjack Valentine
Dallas, TX
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:05:33 PM

*Valentine runs into the room dressed in a frilly "three musketeers" outfit, waiving a
rapier, and shouting at invisible opponents*

Ha! So the foul minions of ArKivE have caught up with me, aye? Well, take that,
Lethe.wps! Ha! you think a smattering of text has a chance of beating the redoubtible
Marius Valentine? Oh no, Crossroads1, you crafty rouge, I’ve beaten better fics than you!
I was wandering this site while you were just a twinkle in Footman’s eye! Nay, you’ll not
best me this time, you old villian. En gaurde!

*He stumbles back a bit, and glares at the empty air*

Oh, so that’s the way of it! Fifteen against one, aye? Well , I fight on, I fight on, I

*He groans, doubles over as if stabbed, and sags to the floor*

Ooo, I think they got me... I’m done for... please give my fanfic ideas a good home...
somebody feed my goldfish...

*flops around a bit, and then lies still...for about five seconds. In a blink, he’s back on his
feet, grimacing.*

Dangit, I knew I shouldn’t have watched “Cyrano” all those times... Ah, well.

Jenniren, thanks for the links. It’s a rule for me that I NEVER read stories out of
sequence, so I’m five behind on Timedancer. That leaves me w/ fifteen episodes to read in
the next twelve hours, and then I’ll be caught up on everything but the last third of TGS,
season 2. Thank God for speed reading...

RE> New Series - My vote would definately go to Gargoyles2158. As I see it, this series
has the most room for expansion of any of them. As to the comment that it might spoil
TGS, I point to the fact that we already have two series that are back-to-back
chronologicaly (Dark Ages and Gargoyles), and that doesn’t seem to cause any
problems... although I admit that knowing that Asriel, Thersites, and all the rest are going
to end up as gravel does tend to put the series in a fatalistic shadow...:(

On a lighter note, I remember some talk several years ago about a Disney
Afternoon series called Villains that was in the works. It was supposed to star All of the
prominent Disney villains, from Pete to Cruella DeVille to Shere Khan. Sounded like a
great idea at the time, especially the thought of those last two trying to work on the same

Airwalker><<I'm curious because I've read some fanfiction that takes the idea that a
gargoyle could be carved while asleep and wake up the way it was carved with no
damage. I was wondering what the position of the TGS staff was on this.

(My personal position on it is if someone carved their name on a sleeping gargoyle, when
the gargoyle wakes up he or she would have a bleeding wound.)>> Merlin’s hints
notwithstanding, the original series stated that gargs turned into ordinary stone during the
day. In otherwords, they’d be the same physically as a bunch of regular statues, just a
homogenous chunk of stone. I’ve never seen anything to disprove this. For example, do
you find internal organs lying around after you snmash a gargoyle? I don’t see how a
chisel wound inflicted on the stone form could carry over, as it seems that the internals of
the gargoyle magicly reappear whenever they awake. It seems that the viens and such
would simplu adjust, leaving the poor sap with a new scar.

*Valentine glances at his watch*

Ooops, looks like it's time to go. See yall around. By the way, try to figure this one out for kicks.

SITUATION - The year is... oh, aroyund the time of Requiem. Demona is lonely, and sick of watching all her loved ones pass away. But her clan loves her, and would hate to see her die. Is there a solution that will leave everyone happy?

Whaddiya think?
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:02:27 PM

**Robby enters humming** Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit... Bugs Bunny marathons... ya gotta love 'em.

Ed- You gave me your award for best Timedancer art... Cool!

Aaron- Trekkies by far outnumber Warsies. Look at the sheer quantity of Star Wars stuff. There's far more movies, television series, and books and such. In quantity Star Trek wins by far, which means its quite likely that there's that many more people who buy the merchandise, hence, that many more fans.

Sylvia- Timedancer season 3 will start when it starts.

JEB- The Quigmans is a local one panel comic strip with terrible artwork I usually avoid.

David- That does it, we're dropping all our plans for season 3 stuff and doing the misadventures of Vinnie instead! 8) Seriously though, funny stuff. Each season is a parody of really bas spy movies, Highlander, and X-Files, right?

Power Rangers- The really sad thing being in Japan, the stories were actually pretty cool with emotion, plot and drama. I've seen some of the dubs.

Ed again- We're not doing Bad Guys, New Olympians, or Garg 2158, we're doing the adventures of Vinnie I tell you!

Talk about Badguys and chislers and such- Can't... Give... Opinion... On staff.. Have classified... Knowledge...

SJ- Xanatos vandalizing the gargs... Funny...

Hitchhikckers Guide to the Galaxy remake- last I heard, a major network was going to make 5 two hour movies covering all five books...


Up in the Dark Star Two, Dis Connect surveys all, planning, and calculating...

Meanwhile, in a small, now abandoned town, exploded pieces of an immortal begin to come together...

And also meanwhile, back at Disneyworld, Jim Iza Noying is spending time showing his new found lady friend Tina around the park.
"Ya know, this party is pretty dull... Usually something big woulda happened or started by now..." Jim stops and waves to Freakazoid.
"Hey, what are you doing at a Disney theme park?"
"It's one of your parties. I couldn't miss it."
"Ah." And then suddenly, music begins to play, in the tune of Hello, Dolly.
"Bonjour, Lobey...
Oui Bonjour, Lobey!
We're so pleased you've come back we had to scream! (Auugh!)
We see your veins, Lobey,
And your brains, Lobey..."
And over the course of the next few minutes, a great big song number goes by (Click my name for the full lyrics)and it seems Jim's party is doing just fine after all.

Saturday, June 5, 1999 03:55:52 PM

Once again, being grounded rears its ugly head. :-P My mom seems to think that preventing my access to the computers at home will stop me from using all computers. Hehehe....

Christine> New story? And me under legal age. Bleh. You're going to Vancouver, eh? It's gorgeous this time of year. Rainy, but beautiful.

Gyre> Then we'd have Elisa beating the you-know out of Titainia with an iron chain and those boots. I would PAY to see that.

Blue Caeru> Batya was referring to Track 23 on the X-Files _Score_, the Mark Snow CD. The rock CD is completely different, but just as good; I'd suggest buying both. :-)

Coyote> Congratulations!

SJ> I would love to see someone scrawl on a stone Gargoyle with Magic Marker, seeing as how stone skin degrades after a couple of hours (Hunter's Moon notwithstanding).

Movie rumours: Jim Carrey's name has been linked to a Summer 2000 remake of _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ movie (oh, God, no!), and _The X-Files: Invasion_ is coming out Summer 2001. "Invasion"? I think I know what that means....

Anyway, I should get books so my mom doesn't get too suspicious. :-P Back on Monday for the new TGS story....

** teleports out **

Deuce, from the library - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 02:39:48 PM

I had a thought about the New Olympians series. What if, instead of focussing on them in the present day, the series focussed on the time when New Olympus was first being founded? The Timedancer ep "Downfall" provided a starting point. There were several interesting characters in "Downfall" who I'd like to see again and a follow-up series could include topics like the introduction of New Olympians from remote parts of the world like England, India, Japan, etc. and the subject of New Olympus' relations with the outside world. Did any New Olympians venture into the outside world looking for fellow human/fey outcasts who might need rescuing and refuge? Were there ever any trade relations between New Olympus and the outside world? Eventually they'd probably need more raw materials for building among other things. If the series were done in flashback (maybe as stories told by present day New Olympians) then several historical periods could be visited. We might see New Olympians travelling to the mainland at various times in history in order to discover what progress had been made in the outside world and whether it affected the safety of Mount Olympus.

Saturday, June 5, 1999 12:39:18 PM

Headed off to Vancouver B.C. for the weekend! And then the new job starts. Will let you know how it goes! ; )

Christine - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 12:22:35 PM

Paul> My guess is that Oberon has realized that fey can die ever since his father death. Atleast, he should have done so.

Bad Guys> Something else also interests me. The Director is supposed to be a civil servant, isn't he? My guess is that he's an American civil servant since Dingo, Fang and Robyn only committed crimes inside the US (atleast I think so). Two questions:
a) If the Illuminati do control the president, how come the Director opposes Duval?
b) How the heck does Yama get involved all the way from Japan? What kind of leverage does the Director have against him? (Ofcourse it may be as simple as 'We'll turn you over to the Quarrymen - but couldn't he escape? Or would he have driven away from his clan, or something like that?)

Aris Katsaris - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 11:29:25 AM

Gunjack Valentine > Re: Elisa and Goliath's dating frustrations. We actually covered that this season in an episode called "Nocturne". And Silver Arrow > While "the relationship" hasn't been at the center of the season, it has been showcased here and there. Rest assured, when time permits Elisa and her favorite lavender gargoyle are gettting their fair share of smoochies. :)
Saturday, June 5, 1999 09:15:41 AM

First of all:

Mandi-I'm not angry. I don't get angry at trifles such as those. I was just informing you vociforously. Its not a problem.
As to the person that claimed Rich Orange, I could take it if I want, just to show that no one owns a color. I chose Bright Yellow because I liked the Color.

Now that that's settled:

1.) Harthoth is not a villian!! I can see where many can say Madoc is a villian, but Harthoth is definately not a villian.
2.) Gwenywere seems to be kinda' like Ramsus here. She obviously really needs to be loved by someone, which is why she thought that Brooklyn was interested in her. I just hope she can get through her problems without us getting a THE GARGOYLES SAGA Version of poor Kahr.
3.) With Alexander, I think Harthoth was using magic to seal Alexander's debt.
4.) Heh. Finally, an actual cliffhanger for a Season Finale!! All right, THE GARGOYLES SAGA Staff!!

Okay, now we're onto the main comments.
Elisa-She is by no means being degraded to 'love interest' and 'sacrificial victim'. She can't always have center stage. Elisa is not center-stage in GARGOYLES Plotline. Nor is her and Goliath's relationship. In the whole scheme of things, as I see them, Elisa, Matthew, and the rest of the humans who were friends to the gargoyles in Manhattan are hinge. Hinge in a starting point for the gargoyles-human relationships. They're not insignificant, though. There's plenty more character left, its just that this season is more fey-oriented for the past recent Episodes. We've been seeing some possible character development there.
Someone asked why they aren't in a relationship. Last time I checked, being in love with someone can be interpreted as a relationship.
Also, to the person who seems to think the THE GARGOYLES SAGA Staff are trying to insinuate any mating, well, wake up! That's not going to happen. Mainly because one, he's in love with her, obviously, but hasn't taken her as a mate yet, or vice versa. If such does happen, which is doubtful, it'll be interesting to see whether gargoyles ceremonies or weddings come into play, or both, and how they're interrelated.
Also, Brooklyn hasn't had any other 'mates', while I'm on this topic. He had love interests, but not mates. There's a tremendous difference.

The Fey-Madoc and Oberon seem to me, to be a stage for Oberon's further character development. When Madoc perished, Oberon seemed to finally be hit with the fact that a member of his family could perish, that fey could perish. He knew it was possible, but obviously wasn't prepared to be hit with it. I think the whole Madoc-Oberon plotline was for character development among the fey. No more for Madoc, but it seems obvious its for Oberon.

XENOGEARS-Its a Role-Playing Game for the Sony PlayStation, and what I think is the best story that exists. Yiy. You need to get around, Jenniren, the 'Other' is tantamount to that.

Doug-Yes, I'm referring to XENOGEARS. Please answer now.

Final Note for Now-Todd, thanks for proving that there are still others who remember that little bit about Titania.

"Everyone wants somebody to love them."-Elhaym 'Elly' van Houten

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 08:54:40 AM

Airwalker: I guess that upon thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure why they would stay near NY. I guess I just assumed that because they would oppose the Illuminati and because a lot of Illuminati stuff would happen near NY, they’d want to be quite close. I always assumed they’d have missions worldwide, but I don’t know if they’d form a base. Also of course, if BG was a spin-off incorporating much Gargoyles material they’d presumably have a few crossover adventures with the Gargoyles, more likely than not in their protectorate. Of course you’re right though – on thinking about it, they would steer clear.
Regarding G2158, the difficulty is that flashbacks are difficult to perform without ultimately giving too much away. DA has loads of flashbacks. We already know what becomes of the Archmage, Hudson etc.

Blue Caeru/Coyote: Thanks! :)

David G: Erm… but then Gargoyles would meet up with the spin off in 7 months! (or less, depending how far this
season goes).

Todd: Hmm. But if the Director is a Xanatos-like figure he might be more concerned in achieving his own goals than donating his crack crime-fighting team as to save the day in the areas of the world not blessed with a local clan, former monarch or mythical creature to protect them.

Saturday, June 5, 1999 08:02:29 AM

BAD GUYS - While I can't say anything about what the TGS staff is or is not doing about this one, I do think that if it had actually been made by Greg, it probably would not have been set in Manhattan, for another reason besides that given already here: Manhattan in the Gargoyles Universe already has the gargoyles and the NYPD both for handling crime, so it would be a bit redundant to be sending the Redemption Squad there as well; they wouldn't be needed. The Director would be far more likely, IMHO, to be sending them to places on the map which didn't have "local super-heroes" (which means that London and Prague would probably also be out as settings).
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, June 5, 1999 07:10:40 AM

Just another quickie, since it's 3:20 AM and I don't have time for much. I'll get to the replies tomorrow, but there's one I just have to do right now.

David g.: About your spinoff ideas, namely Gargoyles 2K. You're gonna have to change the title, because that's what my series is called. I started posting them back in October. The site went down and lost my stories, and I had to repost them later, but I originally started in October. At any rate, they've been in the archive for quite a while. ;)

Pistoff - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 06:19:10 AM

*Valentine staggers into the room, looking bleary-eyed and desheveled, and draws himself up to his full hight*

Listen All, for I have words of vast wisdom to impart! *There is a loud thump as he falls on his butt* And the words are: NEVER read TGS episodes for more than seven hours straight. It does funny things to your head.
*Groan* Oh, man, and I had plans for tomorrow, too...

Well, I can't get much more tired than this anyway, so I might as well hang out for a bit.

Silver Arrow>> I heartily agree that there needs to be a heck of alot more smooching between Elisa and Goliath. Everyone else is gettin' along just fine in the romance department, but these two seem to be getting left in the dust. Call me an old softy, but the Goliath/Elisa romance has always one of my favorite parts of the basic story, and it's sad to see it so neglected. Serriously, people! I just got done reading "Reunions" (Ya, I know, I'm behind), and as soon as the two lovebirds start settling down for some nice necking, someone tries to blow up the castle. If this kind of thing happens EVERY time the two of them try to have a little intamicy, Goliath must be climbing the walls by now. I can almost see it...

Brooklynn - (Intruding on G&E's Intimate Encounter) Excuse me Goliath, but we just caught somebody purse snatching. what should we do with 'em?

Goliath - (Growls angrily and slams his fist into the wall) That's the fourth time this week! (Grabs the criminal and throws him off the top of the Eyrie Building) That'll teach those punks to keep interrupting me!

Also, IMHO, this constitutes senseless cruelty to the characters in question. Maybe it's time to start up an old idea from before my exile.

*Pauses and looks around innocently*

Has anybody here heard of revengefics? ;)

Gunjack Valentine
Dallas , TX
Saturday, June 5, 1999 04:55:01 AM

Whoever said it was Keith David's birthday> Are you sure? The IMDb claims it was back in May. Oh well, they've been wrong about lots of other things...

Of all the spin-offs discussed, I’d most like to see Bad Guys. It seems like the type of series that both the writers and the readers could have a lot of fun with.

David G.> <<Broadway as a Hudson-esque 'old soldier' has some appeal ("In my day we had to live in a clock tower, and we couldn't get pizza delivered. We had to carry it ourselves, upwind, both ways. You youngsters don't know how good you've got it...")>> LOL : P I can picture him then going off on a rant about having to go through the entire fimbulwinter (sp?) wearing nothing but a loincloth, because designer jeans with tail and knee spike holes didn’t become available until 2023.

A Question About Dark Ages> What exact color is Thersites? The stories say he is "gray-green", but that could describe a lot of things and I want to make sure he looks half-way accurate in my pictures.

Zath - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 03:56:46 AM

AOL's kicked me off twice now before I could finish my post. If I was more in the mood, I'd off Dis Connect. No wait... He took over the Dark Star Two and killed my superior evil twin... Messing with him might not be a good idea...

Anyhoo, its back to the 48 hour Bugs Bunny marathon for me!

Saturday, June 5, 1999 03:44:36 AM

Glad you seemed to enjoy "The Perils of Vinnie." I do have a comment or two (or more) to make about some of the other series ideas.
-Bad Guys/Redemption Squad- this is cool. I don't know exactly how well it would work, but it's cool. As Dingo demonstrated in Darkest Hour, the reformed villians might not be totally reformed.
-New Olympians- With the current situation the world is not ready for the knowledge of New Olympus. On the other hand, a limited number of Olympians might get by as "super-heroes." The way has been paved by (ironically) the Pack and later Dingo and some others. My version of the series would set up this limited introduction before springing the whole city on everybody. You'd have to do something like that, or you really wreck the setting by creating too many changes all at once.
-Gargoyles 2k-(I'd leave out the exact date. Maybe call it New Millenium) This one would need to focus on political problems. From limited exposure you can figure out that the world is not as rosy as it first seems. Humans and Gargoyles would still have internal pressures, and there are several different groups of people (Those in the Arcology, those who want to be in the Arcology, those who don't...) who would have conflicts. References to the past could be pretty limited. Broadway as a Hudson-esque 'old soldier' has some appeal ("In my day we had to live in a clock tower, and we couldn't get pizza delivered. We had to carry it ourselves, upwind, both ways. You youngsters don't know how good you've got it...")

David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Saturday, June 5, 1999 03:19:30 AM

Read BloodMoon I did
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Saturday, June 5, 1999 01:20:07 AM


[Djedi: "Onslaught, this is the Ice Dagger! Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that a Tenebrian dre'kketh we just toasted?" Doug: " was a dre'kketh, yes, but Tenebrian?" Djedi: "The species' planet of origin, Mundi Tenebricosi. You told us earlier it was a clone of something from the Dark Star or whatever those lunatics are operating from these days?" Doug: "The Avatar Of Ganon, yeah." Djedi: "By the gods...first Imperial stuff, then Borg, now Daleks and dre'kkeths. What in the worlds have we gotten ourselves into..."]


Doug> <<Quick RP question- is it okay if I kill off Wilek Fieger III or I? Just want to make sure you don't have any more plans for their characters before I do.>> Sure, go ahead. On second thought...leave one of them alive for now, whichever one you'd like, then have him sent into combat with our Borg. >:) $ <<Ooze was one of them, Goldar was another, and a third was Zed (before he married that awful Rita, of course).>> I think so too. Sometimes I wonder what Zedd looked like under that helmet. Probably a bloody skull, which is most likely why they never showed him without it (that I know of, anyhow)...You have to admit, Rita got a fun line in the movie: something along the lines of "THIS is what you've been looking for? A tub of snot?!" Still, I wish they hadn't been so thoroughly defeated when the Machine Empire came along. I mean, reduced to living with Master Vile...<shudder>


Robby> <<If they tone done the bad comedy and give him less lines in the next film, Jar Jar will be pretty cool.>> I've heard rumors he isn't even going to *be* in the next movie. But I've heard the Mandalorians will be, along with prototype Imperial stormtroopers.


Gunjack> Clan Mainline? Kewl...

Warpmind> <<what would be called the Darkfire area?>> Um...the observatory? The torture chamber? The ritual alcove? The royal chapel? Stellar cartography? The media room?

Todd> <<Demona is about to cast a magical curse upon Goliath when Puck sneaks up behind her and yanks her tail; Demona lets out a few swear words in her anger in the middle of the incantation, which alters it so that Goliath can't keep the swear words out of his speeches.>> ROTFL! Who wrote it, and what's it called? Or do you remember?

All newcomers> Welcome! :D Check your sanity at the door, and do avoid the 'gators; it's been a while since they've been fed. <pushes DC into the moat> Never mind...

Jenniren> <<Does Spawn always cuss like this? I don't get HBO and haven't seen a complete episode.>> Um...I don't know if it counts as a proper episode, but I have the animated movie (from which the series presumably originated) on tape, and he doesn't swear much. The only one I remember is "What the h--- do you want?" Clown's classic reply: "The real question is: What does Hell want with *you*?" >:)

Jackal> <<If I stick my (censored) in his mouth to shut him up, would that make yall happy>> Er...I don't think I even want to comment.

Keith David's birthday? Kewl...

Christine> <<Pointless, plotless, utterly without any redeeming value, and nuttin' but naughtiness.>> Um...I know there's something I should be saying here but I can't think of what...<g>

JEB> <<the Federation was the US, the Vulcans were the British, the Romulans were the Germans, the Klingons were the Russians, the Ferengi were the Japanese, the Borg were the Chinese, and the Bajorans were the Israelis.>> I always thought the Borg were Microsoft, the Federation was Nintendo, the Klingons were Sega, and the Romulans were Sony. This is how messed up I am. <<I seem to recall seeing a timeline on some site, maybe I can dig it up from my pile of bookmarks...>> That would probably be, one of my favorite CV sites.

Jenniren> <<Is Fox still financially supporting Dingo after "Walkabout?" If not, I don't know what he'd be doing as a source of income.>> Maybe he just got a job. Would anyone recognize him in civilian clothing if their only previous look at him was in the Matrix armor? I doubt it; he probably does something to conceal his face (I know he didn't at the end of the TV ep, but he probably did at some later time, since that's what superheroes do. :) ). So probably he's usually a normal person, then when he hears of something really bad going down, he gets off on some pretense and goes to take care of it. A tad cliche and stereotypical, but it works.


[In Oz, the team is just finishing off the pack of Brujah that attacked them--it was a long, difficult, brutal, and bloody battle that there's neither time nor space to recount here--when Miriam's commlock chimes. Wilek: "I thought comms didn't work in here!" Miriam: "So did I...<answers call> This is Baxter." Rho: "This is Agent Rho. I had a few members of our team set up a comm relay through the rift. Since we're talking to each other, I can only assume they've succeeded." Wilek: "Kewl. Hey, what's going on out there?" Rho: "Rather a lot--your friend Doug and our new employees are on their way to Iowa, and if what we've picked up over the CR's comms channel is any indication, I think they're in trouble. How long are you people going to take?" Wilek: " could be quite a while; we think Argent and her draco have been captured--" little do they know--"and even if we find Eisner, we don't know if he'll be willing to tell us what happened to Sevarius." Rho: "Is there anything you can do to speed things along? Big things are going to be happening rather soon, and I'd prefer everyone to be here when they do." Miriam: "We'll do our best."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Saturday, June 5, 1999 12:57:58 AM

Coyote> really? dang, whoever I heard in that thing sure sounded like him, maybe he has in a voice in it and maybe he doesn't, but I could've sworn it was him
Something about mary> HER STEPFATHER WAS KEITH DAVID?! well that's certainly could spark a few sick creativity demons

Shogun raptor
Saturday, June 5, 1999 12:41:46 AM

***Very Brief RP!!!***
Dr. Anton Sevarius stood amongst the Phalanx, sweat on his brow. He had done their foul work--created a virus that would efficiently assimilate the entire world into drones--but now he knew time was running out. If Junior didn't arrive soon....
Absently, he fondled the beaker hidden in the pocket of his lab coat. This was his one hope. If all else failed, he still had this plague to wipe the Phalanx off the face of this earth...
***End Brief RP!!!!****

Doug: I don't mind you adding to that bit of the RP. I had planned to get back to it, eventually. However, I would ask you to please hold any major plans (you know, like all of earth being assimilated) until we finish up our own little "Oz" bit, which I hope will be soon. I had still wanted SJ to rescue his dad. :)

More Movie RUMORS!!!!
Potential good one, and potential bad one. Here's the GOOD NEWS: Gina Gershon was rumored to have been asked to play Mystique in the new X-Men movie. Personally, I'd LOVE to see it happen. Pardon my language, but I've always had the "steaming undies" for her, and I'd love to see her as Mystique. Unfortunately, the same rumors saying she was offered the part claim she turned it down due to a scheduling conflict. Bah.
Potential BAD NEWS: Keanu Reeves is apparently going around saying he is involved with the new Lord of the Rings films. I don't know if this is true or not; it IS a fact that he has expressed interest in playing the part of Strider, but I don't think he's been chosen for it. If this is true...well, it can be good or bad, depending on whether or not you're a Reeves fan. (However, it has been all but confirmed that teen actor Elijah Woods will be playing the part of Frodo.
Oh, and too any LOTR fans, I suggest going over to the "Aint-It-Cool-News" site (at and running a search for Lord of the Rings. You should come across, eventually, two full interviews with Peter Jackson, the writer/director for the project. He explains what's going to be in the film, and what's going on. I do believe that the Hobbitts will be CGI shrinked, though.

Something About Mary: Funniest movie I've seen in a long time, and I'm notoriously not a huge comedy movie fan. So many funny bits....from the beginning "franks and beans" scene with Keith David, to the psycho dog, to Matt Dillon's horrifying--but blackly humorous--speech on "retards", to the infamous "hair gel" scene. Crude humor? Absolutely! But I laughed none the less. Have you seen my baseball?

David G: Fox television is on the phone, they want to hire you as a programmer.
Seriously, I like you ideas for Garg spin-offs, especially the Vinnie one. Sad thing is, nothing as remotely cool as those will EVER make it to primetime tv!

I was able to purchase one of the super-rare Gargoyle comics today! It was issue #7, where the gang fights the Pack. Know what? sucked. Seriously. The art wasn't that great (although Lex did look cute with those big, owl-like eyes of his), the story wasn't that intriguing (the tv show was sooo much better), and, unfortunately, while it starred the characters I know and love, I can see why the series was canceled. I know it was debated in the other CR, but we really should have a Garg comic book. With good art AND stories.
BTW, did anyone else notice how totally f***ed up Jackal's costume was?

*Sigh* Well, the Avalanche lost to the Stars tonight. Dang it. I really did not want Dallas to win (sorry Texas residents). Oh well, here's to Buffalo; win it big, boys!!!

Jenniren: Now that you mentioned that bit about chiseling, it makes me wonder how many times Xanatos has been up to the castle walls to mark his own initials or otherwise vandalize the Clan...
Fox: "DAVID! Are you drawing mustaches on Goliath again?"
David, nervously: "N-No dear! Honest!!"

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, June 5, 1999 12:30:31 AM

Airwalker> I think Yama would have problems in America, and Manhattan in particular, simply because he's a gargoyle. Since most New Yorkers don't know spit about gargoyles, he would automatically share the same bad PR as the Manhattan clan. It would be interesting to see how the Director managed to get the Bad Guys to work together, especially Robyn the ex-Hunter and Yama. Is Fox still financially supporting Dingo after "Walkabout?" If not, I don't know what he'd be doing as a source of income. Since the Director is Duval's adversary and Duval heads the Illuminati, and Fox knows her husband is a member of the Illuminati, Fox might be very interested in keeping in touch with Dingo after he joins the Director's Bad Guys.

Re chiseling> I think someone asked this question in the Ask Greg Archives and the answer was that it would depend on the extent of the wound and how long it was before sunset. So a minor wound, like initials, that was carved around noon would probably heal without a trace. I don't know if anyone's actually quantified the degree of damage that could be inflicted and how much time it would take for the gargoyle to heal without scarring. Or whether a stone limb that was knocked off during stone sleep could be reattached with duct tape so it would heal -- provided there was sufficient healing time before sunset (similar to the way human limbs can be reattached if proper care is taken).

Friday, June 4, 1999 11:53:52 PM

Shogun: Actually, I just came from Disney's official Tarzan site. Tarzan's simian father is voiced by ... Lance Henriksen, which we had such an animated (excuse the pun) discussion about earlier this week.
Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:39:07 PM

Perhaps I should Clarify, when I spoke of his father, I meant his adopted Simian father.
Shogun raptor
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:26:28 PM

Speaking of Keith David, I'm not sure, but I think I heard his voice in a trailer for the new Tarzan movie, (so help me, the lord of the apes looks like he has frog feet) doing the voice of the kid's Father, and no, I don't think Salli Richardson is the voice of the mother
Shogun raptor
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:23:06 PM

**enters the room grooving to Robby's song selection, sits down in the big chair.**

All ... my ... friends ... get a lowrider ... :)

I *thought* that was the song you were thinkin' of, Mr. DJ. :)

Heather: Today's the big day!! **the floor opens up, allowing a huge cake ingress to the room, with 15 butane torches at its peak.** Happy birthday! **hands the remote to Heather** Here's your Execution cake. Pick yer flavor. :)

Ed: Thanks for the analysis. As always, your view is quite clear and accurate. :)

Keith David's birthday, too? Super coolies! **takes a hunk off of the cake Aaron brought**

Christine: Bravo to you for flying in the face of your critics!!

Gyre: Are you offering Elisa a clip of iron bullets, perchance? :)

Real Life good luck, for once: This afternoon, when I came into work, one of the store's managers told me, right as I'd gotten in the door, that the other two store managers wanted to see me. Thinking I was in trouble, I went in the office, expecting the worst.

Turns out, I'd actually done something right ... I'd won two tickets to a NASCAR race (the Miller 400 next week). And the way I won them? I sold enough Splitfire spark plugs to put my individual sales figure third in the Detroit area for the period they were tracking. And the top five sellers won pairs of tickets.

So what can I say? Except ...

**leaps out of the chair, running up the walls of the CR.** YEEEEEE-HAWWW!!!! **jumps down, composes self, returns to the chair, and fixates once more, albeit smiling widely. :)**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:03:04 PM

ED - What makes you think that BAD GUYS would ever have been based in Manhattan? It was always my impression that they would probably avoid the eastern United States like the plague.

Think about it: Dingo's free because Xanatos probably broke him out with the rest of the Pack prior to GRIEF. So he's a wanted man in the U.S. Robyn is gotten out of prision by the Director but it can't be a legal release. The people would never stand for having someone who bombed a building let out of prision. So she's probably as much of a wanted criminal in America as Dingo is. Fang doesn't want to go back into a cell, so he would want to be avoiding the Mutate clan. Yama is the only one who wouldn't have any problems in America unless you consider the fact that he and Angela aren't exactly on the best of terms and I don't think that he wants to confront Goliath either. He's still got to be a bit ashamed of his role in BUSHIDO.

I always thought that they would be based out of Australia since Matrix did take over and transformed that whole complex where he was created. (I know that the end of WALKABOUT implies that he abandoned it to merge with Dingo's suit, but I can't believe that Fox wouldn't take advantage of the situation to try and keep the Matrix at least within a little sphere of influence by offering Dingo some financial support and maybe continued use of that research base.)

As for G2158, I think that it could be done well without ruining the main GARGOYLES series. The main series now does make some references to DARK AGES sometimes and doesn't ruin any of the plots shown there. As long as it lives more in it's present and doesn't concentrate on the past, then there shouldn't be a problem.

I don't think that it would be able to divorce itself from GARGOYLES because there would be certain characters who would always act as anchor's. We have Demona, Macbeth, Angela, and Broadway. There's also Merlin, Alex, and probably Lexington. Not to mention Brooklyn, Sata, and the twins. This series would have to have a completely different concept than the one behind GARGOYLES, but then again it's a completely different situation going on than the main series.


I've been wondering in wake of reading about the concept of the Chisler's that was introduced in the most recent episodes of TIMEDANCER. We know from the episodes that they literally carve and mutilate sleeping gargoyles.

Now my question to the staff is exactly what is their concept of the damage a gargoyle would have when they wake up after being worked over by someone from this gang. For example - If a chisler carved a word into a sleeping gargoyle, when that gargoyle woke up would he or she wake up with a bleeding wound in the shape of whatever was chisled in, or would they just wake up with a scar in the shape of whatever was carved in?

I'm curious because I've read some fanfiction that takes the idea that a gargoyle could be carved while asleep and wake up the way it was carved with no damage. I was wondering what the position of the TGS staff was on this.

(My personal position on it is if someone carved their name on a sleeping gargoyle, when the gargoyle wakes up he or she would have a bleeding wound.)

Brooklyn, NY
Friday, June 4, 1999 10:50:04 PM

Jennifer in HB, CA >

The link to "Survival" is

The link to "Crossroads 1" is

The link to "Crossroads 2" is

"Crossroads 2" is in the "Current Episode" place so you shouldn't be having any trouble finding that one. Apparently "Crossroads 1" has not been added to the archive yet. The archive link for "Survival" seems to link to "To the Soul" instead, which means they haven't been able to fix it yet. People are busy this time of year and some of them don't have access to competent computers so you need to be patient.

You can also find "Survival" and the two "Crossroads" eps at the TGS text website at

Friday, June 4, 1999 10:47:34 PM

Sorry, Post Script:
David G.> I was laughing at "The Perils of Vinnie." :-)

Blue Caeru (yet again; she needs to get a life)
Friday, June 4, 1999 08:35:51 PM

Batya> I feel like buying "The X-Files: Fight the Future" CD now... it's the music from the motion picture that you're referring to, right? Too bad I don't have the cash at the moment. :-P

Robby> Well, I guess over-acting can be considered bad acting?

ED> Nifty overview of the second season of "Time Dancer." :-)

Well, approximately 52 hours left until the next TGS episode. *g*

Blue Caeru
Friday, June 4, 1999 08:31:44 PM

Hey Everyone
You know what I think, I think they need to put more romance with Elisa and Goliath. Get a inter-racial relationship going with those two.

Oh and then Timedancer has been sooo good. I hope they don't keep Brook and Sata seperated to long.


Silver Arrow - [``]
San Diego, CA, USA
Friday, June 4, 1999 08:30:39 PM

Has anyone given any thought as to how pissed, and potentially embittered Elisa will become when she learns
Titania refused to heal her, and that all Elisa was to Titania was a test of Demona's redemption.In fact what if Elisa got it into her hear that Titania would have allowed Elisa to die if Demona chose not to save her? This could throw an interesting twist into things.

Gyre - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 08:14:51 PM

Aaron: Well, I think it’s most likely that any new TGS series would be another of Greg’s original plots, although I must say it might be fun to see some of the newbies get their say. I’ve always thought Melchior, Soul and the rest of the gang from MENAGERIE really demanded a return, and imagine them in their own series!

But looking at the remaining options…

Hmm, this one has the characters. They’ve already thrust Fang out there (and he’s gone disappointingly quiet). Robyn we met in DOUBLE TAKE, and got a glimpse of what she’s doing. With the Unseelie conflict over, it might not be a bad time for Yama to move on, and the same with Dingo who may consider that the principle meanies in Australia are largely quieted. So TGS is really perfectly ready to swing open the doors and get ready for action on this front. Duval, although disappointingly quiet this season, is still at large and a character that by all accounts demands further stories. I imagine that this one probably wouldn’t finally make it because ultimately the Redemption Squad could easily hitchhike with Arthur’s crew in Pendragon or Goliath’s clan in Gargoyles as anti-Illuminati stories. And since they’re presumably based in Manhattan it would seem more logical for them to be another group of clan allies as with the clone clan, except with relations far more tense.

Theoretically, this has the most to give that’s different from what’s already there but there’s no way the world of TGS post-Unseelie is ready for the New Olympians. The gang themselves probably aren’t either. And also while I find them fascinating, they’re not among the most popular and many of the writers might overlook them when given the chance to explore, say, Demona and Macbeth in a slick new 2158 setting.

This is the logical one. Since it’s unlikely the staff is going to begin a fifth series, this would be the logical Timedancer replacement and would continue with much the same plots. And judging by the job the staff did on CROSSROADS and REQUIEM it’s pretty promising – although some it is confused in places that gives a great room for expansion. But I find the futuristic bits really nauseating in places (sorry Wilek :)). But with so many open paths, fan support spilling over from Timedancer and of course the TGS love of keeping the audience in suspense for a close season (do you hear me, authors of the Gargoyles season 1 and Timedancer season 2 conclusions?!) it seems that this is the most likely. The most worrying thing about this would be that it would either overshadow Gargoyles by giving away too many secrets or make it seem completely divorced by not touching the stuff, giving the show very little sense of history. It’s a fine line to draw.

Of course, we’re still hanging around waiting for the second season of DARK AGES and there’s a mysterious – perhaps even ominous – quiet from the Pendragon quarters regarding post-season 2 action on that front. Still I guess that it’s just the symptoms of the staff being overworked and *glares at the Pendragon portions of the TGS production team* that they wouldn’t possibly induce the kind of traumatic wait upon their legions of fans that Dark Ages is suffering. ;)

JEB: With a cliffhanger like that you’re off to a damn good start. I’m actually rather relieved that further use will be made of the ‘Timedancer’ angle. I’m really not entirely sure what to expect with the whole division thing (wipe those smug smiles off your faces, all you ‘orrible little TD staff finks ;)) but it certainly has a lot of mileage. Whether this means Brooklyn will be dumped back fairly quickly, will be popping in and out or even if the Timedancer spectrum will be divided between Brooklyn and Sata sections, it’s all very promising, I guess dumping Brooklyn back with Meryt for a couple of years is the obvious torment. :}

Desdemona: Maybe we should have a ‘not-Gathering 1999’ party on the ‘net for the poor souls not able to attend! :)

I've just realised something... HOORAY FOR THE TGS TIMEDANCER STAFF!!!! I've got exams starting next Thursday so if there was an ep I'd either (a) not be able to read it or (b) not be able to control myself and suffer! Nice job guys! ;)

Ed - []
London, England
Friday, June 4, 1999 06:19:23 PM

Heather> Happy birthday hope it is a great one

This is the season final for Timedancer no! Anyway this episode a great one to end the season with. To bad Demona was not in this episode because I would've like to see how she likes beging a grandmother. The ending of the story was sad because Brooklyn had to leave Sata in the furture by her self. Hopefully he will return to 2158 in time to see the birth of the egg's.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Friday, June 4, 1999 06:17:34 PM

Wew! Just got done catching up with this weeks chat. It's amazing how much I missed in the last five days. Was busy trying to get through finals. Yes, ~sigh~ I'm still in highschool and have another year to go. My mother didn't let me start school until I was seven. It turns out that I'm one of the oldest in my class. Luckily my grades are high enough that the my highschool allows me to take a couple of college classes instead of staying at highschool all day. Not only that, they pay for the the classes too. Saves me a lot of money and I'll be a sophmore in college by the time I graduate from highschool!

The time dancer season is over so soon? Sniff Sniff
Really can't wait until next season starts.

Guess it will be pretty empty here when everyone is at the Gathering. ~Growl~ I wish I could go too. :(

Oh yeah, Congratulations Alex and Batya
-and Happy Birthday Heather (I know it's a little late)

See ya later

Desdemona - []
Garfield, Wa
Friday, June 4, 1999 05:36:25 PM

regarding TimeDancer: What "Crossroads?" What separation??! Haven't read anything like that, no sad ending, and I've read every episode posted. Seems to be missing a few parts....and what's the with the "Survival" boo-boo? Yet another no-show episode. Hmmmm....
jennifer - [LovCetacea]
Friday, June 4, 1999 05:31:31 PM

*JEB walks in, up the wall, and sits (upside down) on the ceiling.*

Green Baron> You quit your job? Hm. Well, good luck in finding a better one. And congratulations to your cousin. :)

Zath> All right, thanks fer the permission. :)

Star Wars Episode 1 Stereotypes: *SPOILERS?* I agree that the Trade Federation is supposed to resemble the Japanese, and that Watto might be Italian, and that the Gungans are probably Caribbean. That was my personal impression upon seeing Ep 1, anyway. *END SPOILERS?* (BTW, what in the world are Rastafarians? I've never heard of that nationality before...)

This reminds me of a discussion I once had over Star Trek, how the various alien empires and whatnot were supposed to parallel Earth nations... (no offense is meant to any of these nations, this is what we guessed) the Federation was the US, the Vulcans were the British, the Romulans were the Germans, the Klingons were the Russians, the Ferengi were the Japanese, the Borg were the Chinese, and the Bajorans were the Israelis. Couldn't quite figure out what the Cardassians (the Nazis, maybe?) or the Dominion were.

Batya> "The Time of Your Life" is also a good TD song, agreed.

I REALLY need to buy the X-Files soundtrack, don't I?

Coyote> Well, it could be Ash, then...
And I'd certainly be glad to attend a WCC/CRazy Clan fused party. :)

SJ> MICHAEL JACKSON as Jar Jar Binks?? Eh... o_O

Wilek> If I'm not mistaken, the first Castlevania takes place in the 17th century or whereabouts, so the Vatican was around- but I'm rather sure the Belmonts have no ties to it. I seem to recall seeing a timeline on some site, maybe I can dig it up from my pile of bookmarks...

Family Guy & Futurama> Ah, thanks for the opines and info. :) Robby says my POV on those series best.


Power Rangers Movie> High point of the saga. After that point, it was all downhill.

Vampires> I wasn't fond of this movie, either. It struck me as little more than a gorefest, and the characters weren't likable. It could have been done way better...

There's Something About Mary> The only good part of this movie was the dog. :) The rest was very lame and often crude.


Lord of the Rings> Rumor has it that they might use normal-sized actors for Bilbo and such, and use CGI to shrink them... I hope not.

Todd> Heheheh, I remember that fic... :)

Welcome to all newcomers! :)

Jackal> Glad you've got some hope now... good luck.

ED> I think I speak for all of us staffers (and I hope I'm not being too presumptuous in doing so) when I say that we're very glad to hear you enjoyed this season, and that we're quite proud of the work we did. We only hope we can impress you as much with Season 3. :)

TrekkERS vs. Star Wars fans> I think the Trek fandom is definitely older, but there might be more Star Wars fans... liking Star Wars seems to be considered more mainstream than liking Star Trek (maybe 'cause Star Trek has a more intellectual [and thus "nerdy"] feel than Star Wars does).
No, I am not maligning Star Wars or Star Trek, they are both very good.

Aaron> Heheh, like to see that commercial would I... what's Quigmans?

And... happy birthday Keith David! :)

*JEB floats down to the floor, gets out a laptop, sits down with it in mid-air, and levitates out, working on some HTML.*

JEB - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 05:06:58 PM

Hello, people. What I should be doing is either (a) working, or (b) getting ready for the Vampire game I'm running tonight, but doing a post for the comment room sounds more interesting than the first and easier than the second.

I've actually been thinking about potential new series for TGS. Here's the results:
-New Olympians- season 1, Proteus escapes from prison (again). This time he's learned that there's no percentage in trying to take over New Olympus, so he steals a ship and heads for the outside world. Chase is given by a team of agents from New Olympus, including Proteus's estranged daughter, Callista (Which should really be Callisto, but that sounds ugly). Proteus hooks up with various criminals, using his shapeshifting and Olympian technology to create a criminal army. The season ends with the agents capturing Proteus, but utterly blowing thier cover in the process. Season 2 and subsequent seasons follow the changes on society as humans and Olympians mix. Somewhere down the line, the Olympians decide to leave earth and colonize the stars, just in time to run into the big nasty aliens that are waiting to invade.

Shadow Warriors: The Illuminati - I don't have a plot for this series, just a basic idea. The series is kind of X-files/Millenium, Gargoyles style. Matt could be the main character. Whatever the case, the protagoinsts would travel the world being manipulated by one faction of the Society while trying to investigate other factions. This would be an opportunity to have people interact with the Ishimura gargoyles, the Golem, and Dingo, along with any other interesting people who might be involved with the Illuminati.

The Perils of Vinnie (Yes, it's still a joke) - Season 1, Vinnie becomes a security guard in Tokyo. When he accidently dropps Mr. Carter and fires off a volly of pies which happen to hit a hiding ninja, thus foiling his plot to assassinate a powerful corporate figure, Vinnie is thrust into the world of international espionage and organized crime. Meanwhile, the Ishimura gargoyles are seeking to expand their influence outside of their home village. They don't want to reveal their existance, but they do want to fight the evil ninja clan (which has surviving members of the Tengu clan as operatives). They use Vinnie as a cover. He's so obnoxious and incompetant that his very presence brings utter chaos (Kind of like Inspector Cleseau [sp?] in the Pink Panther movies), shielding the gargoyles efforts. Season 2 - Vinnie dies, his luck finally running out. Then he rises again, only to learn that he is one of a race of immortals who can only die if they're drowned in some form of pastery. His mastery of the pie gun makes him an ace warrior in this hidden war, and other immortals are constantly seeking him out to do battle. He forms a relationship with a beautiful artist, and is constantly worried that his enemies will harm her. She is constantly worried that he will accidently set something (his hair, her hair, the house, the city) on fire with her welding torch.
Season 3 - Vinnie finds out that, no, he wasn't really immortal, it's all the result of an elaborate hoax by the government. He sets out to prove this, joining the FBI and investigating all the wierd cases. The FBI gives Vinnie a partner, an attractive medical examiner who is skeptical of all his theories.

I could go on, but someone might actually figure out how to throw things at me through the phone lines (it worked in Ghost Dad) so I won't.

Oh yeah, when I complemented the TGS writers, I forgot to include the artists. You guys amaze me. Your work always adds a demension to the stories. Thanks.
David G. - []
Arlington , TX, USA
Friday, June 4, 1999 04:52:20 PM

<<Mark hammill doing porn- And so has David Duchovny!>> Hey! Another Gargoyles Seperation! Brigette Bako was in the soft porn film "The Red Shoe Diaries" with David Duchovny. Duchovny is in "The X-Files". God, Bako is hot! It's a damn shame she won't be attending the Gathering (but we can hope;).

Keith David was in "Platoon" with Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen and his dad Martin Sheen were both in "Hot Shots Part Duex."

And the list goes on and on...

Tim P.
Friday, June 4, 1999 04:22:41 PM

Aaron > you're right, that was Brian Blessed.

Colors > I chose white for purity ...
... which leads directly into my announcement that my latest story, "Demon Whispers," is now on the Adult site. Pointless, plotless, utterly without any redeeming value, and nuttin' but naughtiness. ; )

Christine - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 04:13:15 PM

Possibly my last post until monday, so I thought I'd share this with y'all. The local paper had a little section entitled "Things we'd like to hear Yoda say." These are my favorite four.

"All about the benjamins it is."

"NBA action, fantastic it is."

"Finger-lickin' good I am." And my personal fave..

"Sold out George Lucas has."

I'm sure there must be others.

And speaking of Yoda, did anyone see the Quigmans from tuesday, with Yoda, and Samuel L. Jackson? They're sitting in a car, and Yoda says "And you know what they call a big mac?"


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, June 4, 1999 03:35:03 PM

Oh, duh, I forgot to ask (it's probably been answered, but TOO BAD, I'll ask it anyway)
(Clears throat)
When is Timedancer season 3 going to start?

End long-short thing on question***


Friday, June 4, 1999 03:30:15 PM

In season 2 of Timedancer, the story Survival is a copy of the first half of the story, why ?. Can you fix this ?
Drow - []
CanadaFriday, June 4, 1999 03:20:17 PM

Hi all!
Haven't been around in a while- but school ends next week and then you'll have to kick me out of the room! Hee, Hee!

Timedancer- I'm still in shock. Beautifully written! I almost started crying (okay, so maybe I did start crying-just a bit) when the ending came around, even if I knew it would turn out ok.

Gargoyles- Just one little question- what happened to the Banshee? That's all. Oh, man, now I'm going to not get any sleep on wondering what is happening next week in TGS. I must say, you caught me totally off guard with both Gargoyles and Timedancer. Two GREATLY written stories.

****End Spoilers/comments****

I still haven't gotten around to reading the CR, but I'll do it next week if I can, after finals.
I also picked a new color! okay, sorry, just a bit hyper.


Sylvia - []
Colorado Springs, CO
Friday, June 4, 1999 03:17:02 PM

Thanks for the tip Robby. I had no idea those Thundercats blooper sites existed on the net. I found one and linked it to my name. ;)

Jackal> I think Jar Jar would chew it up and swallow it. Is that really what you want? 8Þ

Friday, June 4, 1999 01:43:06 PM

Why is it I always rembember something else I wanted to say just as I hit the submit button?

Anyway, I wanted to ask y'all what you thought about this question: Are there more Trekkies or more... whatever hardcore Star Wars fans are called? Not that they're mutually exclusive states of being, but it is one of those questions that tell you a lot about someone, like the Elvis/Beatles question.

Thanx. Later.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:39:44 PM

Aaron drives his Nova into the CR towing a huge half angel- and half devil's food cake, which he manages to park on DC.

It's Keith David's birthday today, so everybody have a piece.

As a favor, does anybody know who did the voice of the Gungan leader. I thought it was Brian Blessed, but I couldn't stay for the credits. Thanks. :)


Deuce> Time of your life was your class song too? It beat out Ice, Ice, Baby by 5% vote for us.

Toku> Does the unicorn sound like Frank Welker, by any chance?

SJ> I liked Vampires okay, I just thought James Woods got really gratuitus (sp) sometimes. And I thought it would have been better if they'd really got Maryln Manson to play the head vamp, since the guy doing it looked just like him.

Tim> Gargs is great for playing six degrees of separation.

Wilek> The Vatican dates back to the days of the Holy Roman Empire (which was neither holy, roman, or an empire) It's nearly as old as Demona.

Must go now and work on the next gargs cast: Heathers. Can't you just see the weird sisters as the three Heathers? What do you want from me, I'm evil.

Aaron leaves, but not before handing out plates and a chainsaw to cut the cake. He exits, humming "Angry Boy" by Cree Summer.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:28:27 PM


So the Timedancer season appears to be over almost before it even began. Of course, much of this is to do with the delays beforehand, the surprise arrival and the fact that nobody knew it was ending until after the actual post. So now that it has become a past season in the TGS tapestry how does it live up to scratch?

Spectacularly, I’d say. But let’s have a look at some reasons.

When we were given the first Timedancer season we got a series of single episodes fronted by a 2-part Gargoyles crossover. OUT OF JOINT, while fairly good, was only really a 2-part story because it had two stories in it – a Gargoyles story and a Timedancer story. So for the most part, we were given single episodes that bear a great reminder to the world tour series in Gargoyles. Some episodes were good, others were disappointing. None were abysmal, but in a few places the limited cast just dragged the whole affair down a knotch. Very much like the World Tour in fact. The arrival of Sata perked matters up a bit, but for episodes they became mated and it was back to square one with a perhaps disappointing speed. We ended the season with nineteen episodes with varying degrees of relevance to each other and largely staccato in plot.

Season Two began with a four-part story. That knocked me for six. Not only was it stunning that a 4-part story had (finally) been incorporated, but that rather in the main Gargoyles/Pendragon series despite working at enormous scale and with a massive cast of characters, it was in the series most limited in that respect. And what a 4-parter, but don’t let me get into that. Of course, all that would be fairly unimportant if this was another loose link lying around. But it wasn’t. Apart from being a stunning story it also set the scene for CROSSROADS thus allowing the season to end similarly to the way in which it begun. It might have been a small touch but it adds so much to the smooth running of an otherwise jumpy series. Delightful.

THE SUN AND THE SERPENT didn’t only look forward of course. I was gratified that an episode was presented in which Brooklyn looked back, with reflections on his past love interests in PART FOUR and some stunning insight into Meryt, who quickly established herself as my favourite among the Timedancer cast of protagonists. This was echoed later as well. In DOWNFALL we also saw some brief reflections, and proof that Brooklyn learned from past experiences. Great stuff.

The relationship between Brooklyn and Sata was subtly plotted. It had a general development but it also lapsed and changed pace in a very realistic way giving it overtones of the original Gargoyles series – this season Timedancer really seems to have hit the nail on the head. Sata’s reaction to Brooklyn’s past mates as early as the first story is obvious, but we also see how Brooklyn and Sata compliment each other in SPIRITS, THE ART OF WAR and CONSPIRACIES. And still new angles were added. MENAGERIE showed the opposite of the aforementioned three, by showing their prowess apart and giving their unity new meaning.

Then we had another less obvious entanglement to the delicate web of TGS: Timedancer – the actual involvement of the Gate itself. In hindsight, Brooklyn’s fears and hatred of the Gate were really beginning to ferment with some of his comment in THE SUN AND THE SERPENT but when it seemed that they were going to be separated in MENAGERIE the truth really hit home and we saw some delightful scenes. The slow path that lead to Brooklyn realising the Gate is his duty was a splendid and beautiful arc, and I feel that the section in CROSSROADS PART TWO where Brooklyn throws the Gate away is possibly the most stunning scene this season for the same reason. At last we see a real plot in Timedancer reaching fever pitch. Or so you’d think, until you scroll down to the cliffhanger, and realise what a labour of love this season has been because ALL the Brooklyn and Sata plots come together. Or rather, fall apart might be a better choice of words. The season conclusion was absolutely beautiful and really showcases the power of the season. Further it proves that stories can be written without psychopathic all-powerful enemies tearing up the place every week (ahem). Instead, Timedancer has become a weekly showcase for brilliant, touching tales that really dig deep into the central characters. Until MENAGERIE PART TWO was released, I had never felt so emotionally moved by a set of characters making their debut. (The touching part of REQUIEM of course was Demona and Macbeth so they don’t qualify).

And while before it was just assorted villains, we finally have two primary antagonists for the series in Harthoth and Isfet! Excellent! This means so much to have some opposing force to merge in. Further, Timedancer hasn’t botched the role of providing great exposition to support the other episodes – FROM THE HEART, SURVIVAL, CONSPIRACIES, THE DOWNFALL and SACRED PATHS all made the other episodes proud.

One of the criticisms levelled at the series has been the distinct lack of future episodes. This is true, although for me I’d shrink that further and note many of the stories seem to be based in the last few centuries which was rather disappointing for what I imagined to be far more random. But then, the stories that are being given are still just about the best that could be expected, and I must put my hand up as being in the group that has more of an interest in past-based more mythical tales than hi-tech, future tense stuff. It’s not week-in week-out perfection. We saw weak episodes as well, but because they harmonised with the rest so well (a trait not exclusive to Timedancer in TGS), this seemed far more forgiveable than previously.

Sata’s pregancy built gloriously. First we got slight suggestions, then the announcement, then it was clear that her condition was deteriorating as a result of the strain. Cliffhangers of varying severity smudged the bulletpoint nature of the series. It gave the series a thread to follow through the stories. SURVIVAL ended in such a way that gloriously drew forward to the next episode; the same with THE DOWNFALL.

Light touches made so much difference in Timedancer. The Vinnie hints in TRUST NO FUTURE, and the distrust Brooklyn carried forward into THE DOWNFALL was lovely. AN EYE FOR EYE gave us that glorious scene where Odin lost his eye. And perhaps more importantly, Brooklyn and Sata are not static characters. They have a constant trauma because of the Gate but it changes over time in a beautiful way. Initially, it was Brooklyn’s frustration and misery that was encapsulated at the end of last season, and then we were given glances at the sorrow left behind with Meryt. Now, it’s more a feeling of growing oppression towards the Gate. And their banter is consistent without being repetitive. Their commentry on the new situations that they find themselves thrust into is very insightful.

We had stories that didn’t end at the end of an episode. We had a 4-part tale, two 2-part tales, 2 stories with an adjoining cliffhanger and a cliffhanger leading on from THE DOWNFALL. In fact, the entire series had a constant feeling of ‘oh, I must find out what happens next time!’ And of course the team didn’t disappoint.

I’d especially like to congratulate all the writers/break-down-guys that made their debut in TGS this season, and all the artists that helped out. Some of the TRUST NO FUTURE illustrations really brings to artwork the collaborative qualities which so enrich to writing and planning side of things – the attention to detail is marvellous. To Rahsaan Footman who seems to have had an orchestral part in some of the very best TGS episodes and whose writing skills seem to have improved incredibly over the last year, I salute you. But I also salute the rest of you who have had an involvement including the largely thankless proofreaders, the splendid artists and the writers.

I’m going to give a few awards based on my person opinion…

Best recurring character: Meryt
Best villain: Harthoth (obviously)
Best cliffhanger: THE SUN AND THE SERPENT PART THREE (tied with THE DOWNFALL, but this had so much urgency to it without being excessive).
Best new character: Soul (his other pals from MENAGERIE hot behind him)
Best multi-part story: THE SUN AND THE SERPENT
Best artwork: TRUST NO FUTURE

A superb season. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to set up camp and wait for season three.

Any time now gang, take it away! :)


Ed - []
London, England
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:03:19 PM

Zath- I believe Raptor was the mechanical bird in Hunter's Moon.

Also, the Thundercats swear a LOT in Blooper reels you can find all over the net. Now where'd I put that link...

Coyote- Well, the song I was thinking of happens to be attached to my name...

Friday, June 4, 1999 12:55:57 PM

"F" wav- That was the funniest thing I've heard in awhile...., and it's soo true! :o)

Jar Jar Binks- OK..., I think he's cute. If I stick my (censored) in his mouth to shut him up, would that make yall happy..., it would make me happy, hehehee.

Anyway, my appointment with my lawyer went well, for the first time since I got locked up last week, I feel a sense of hope! (That alone is worth what I'm being charged). Thank you everybody for your support on this!

Friday, June 4, 1999 12:42:11 PM

Coyote: Yeah, I was shocked too! A week ago, I found some tickets for $480 for the two of us, but then I tried to buy some last night, and this set for $440 came up!

For the... <Ahem> "F---ed up" people in this room, my link is to a WAV file I have telling the many gramatical uses of our favorite F word.

Fire Storm - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:22:07 AM

**enters the room, switches out the candle.**

Quickie while I get ready for work ...

Robby: That song wouldn't happen to be "Lowrider," would it? :)

Fire Storm: I had my tickets since early April. After taxes I spent $240 ... not bad, but still $20 more than you spent apiece. Well done, friend. :)

Wilek: Oy ... this figure doesn't come from any series, actually. She's a character from a comic called "The Ravening." The figure was put out by a company called Rendition Figures from Poway, California ... their entire line consists of eight figures, the most well-known character among them being Cavewoman.

TRC: You might be reading a little too much into it, but the heartbreak's still there ... last night I was hamming it up a bit to go with Theresa's comment about trying to maintain my "macho image," but the sentiments were still genuine.

**sighs** You know the scary thing about this action figure? It has the real Ravyn's face ...

**looks at the candle, sighs sadly, then leaves.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, June 4, 1999 11:06:47 AM

Re that F word thing> My objection was not so much to use of the F word per se (I got used to hearing it tossed about incessantly back in high school) but to hearing a powerful character saying it in such a deep, timelessly sepulchral voice. It sounded awkward. I am basing this entirely on viewing the QuickTime movies on the Spawn webpage, which are only excerpts and may be out of context. I haven't seen "There's Something About Mary" and I don't doubt that Keith David can cuss a blue streak (and do so most convincingly) when he sets his mind to it (most actors can). Maybe it was the tone of voice Spawn used while saying it that just didn't seem to fit. If he'd used the same tone of voice he used as Thailog saying "Didn't you search him?" I think it might have sounded more believable. As it was, I felt it took away from the menace in Spawn's speech to have him use common street talk in that context. Does Spawn always cuss like this? I don't get HBO and haven't seen a complete episode. Sorry if I can't express myself clearly, but artistic preferences are sometimes hard for me to clarify - and my objection is an artistic and not a moral one.

Todd> Do you remember whose fanfic that was? It sounds hilarious and yah I wanna read it ;)

In case anyone is interested, my computer is a 486 which used to belong to my mother. There are files on it that date back to 1992 so I guess that indicates how old it is. It has an 800 megabyte hard drive and most of its memory is taken up by Windows 95 and other basic MS programs like Word and Excel. They don't make 'em like this anymore - and for good reason. About the only games I can play on it are Tetris and Solitaire. I hope to get a new computer soon so I won't have to be so concerned about memory and crashes.

For some reason I got the impression that Jar Jar smelled really bad (worse than the other Gungans) and that was the real reason why he was exiled (not that his being annoying wasn't enough). Maybe it was because he looked like he had no concept of personal hygeine. But some of the impressions I get from things defy normal logic and are probably best left unexplained. I'm sure you've all realized this by now.

I guess I'm a little late saying it but Happy Birthday Heather!

I gave up trying to take that personality test. I couldn't decide what answers to put because half the time I'm one way and half the time I'm another and sometimes I tell myself I'm one way when I'm really another as a coping mechanism (or for fun) and I've done this so often I can't tell which way I am anymore. You get the picture? I think a certain level of sanity is required to take these tests and have them give you an accurate assessment. Since I know I'll never get an accurate answer anyway, I ask myself why bother taking the test. You do see the logic in that, don't you? I've kind of had it with taking tests anyway. No offense to those who enjoy them. ;)

Colors> I choose different ones. I avoid dark ones because they don't show up on my monitor. I avoid yellow because I don't like yellow. I avoid white because it's boring. I'm using pink today because I find it amusing to use along with this particular picture, which is amusing in and of itself. Sometimes I choose a color because I think it will color coordinate with the picture I want to use.

Friday, June 4, 1999 11:06:02 AM

Heather> ["I'm the baby in the TGS CR group !"] I don't think so... I'm about 20 days younger than you. (The blood of a nitpicker flows through my veins, I tell you).

Batya> ["The track "Facts" from the "X-Files: Fight The Future" album...."] Whoa. It does. Coooooooll.... [re: The Gungans] Yeah, if I were a silly CGI lizard-like thing, I'd be insulted. George Lucas is definitely prejudiced against Gungans. How racist. :-P Oh, BTW: "Time of Your Life" was this year's senior class song for my school.

Colours: I use Off Red, and I don't think anybody else does. I like. It's cool. Actually, back when I posted to the S8 CR (like 1996-7), I used Xanatos' Armor pic and Bright Magenta for a colour. Weird, eh?

SJ> ["...that word is a common adjective here."] Actually, it's a noun, verb, interjection, and adverb in addition to adjective. :-) We spent a whole English class on that.

Heather> Watch out for the unicorn, those horns hurt if they stab you. :-) Just kidding. *gently birthday bumps her 16 times* Have a good one.

Oh, yeah: Crash31 is the guy sitting behind me. There is no need for him to surrender his insanity... I don't think he ever had any. :-)

** leaves **

Deuce - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 10:16:19 AM

So it seems i have bumbled upon this comment room. i have found it to be deep and most of all long winded...i might come here again, but i dont think my life expentency(76) accounts for all the reading id have to do to understand most if not all of this...text. Although i do have icq( a much easier median)17851733, im on alot in the evenin's(mst)
who knows...i could stick around, but im sure you wouldnt liek that would you*L*
ta ta for now
Ineffable as Always

Crash31 - []
Edmonton, Alberta, Country
Friday, June 4, 1999 10:09:05 AM

Time's running out!!

If you're planning on entering artwork in the Gathering 1999 Art Show, the time to pre-register your entries is now! I'm compiling a master list to organize the show and keep track of sales plus pre-printing title cards. Certificates will be issued to each participant so no matter who wins the balloted judging, everyone comes away a winner.

Haven't received a copy of the G99 Art Show Rules & Regs? Just drop me an email! For those of you who can't make it to Dallas, I'll be accepting mail-in entries through June 18th. I'll also be checking in artwork at the door for you artists attending G99. Living outside the U.S. and wanting to participate? Let me know and we'll work something out... I've got a packet of art-quality computer paper and fresh toner in my color printer. Why miss out on the fun?

And we'll see YOU in Dallas!
Spike - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 10:05:57 AM

Todd--Liked the story below.
Friday, June 4, 1999 09:52:33 AM

GARGOYLES SWEARING - I once read a Gargoyles fanfic which had Goliath doing that (although printed all in asterisks) temporarily. Demona is about to cast a magical curse upon Goliath when Puck sneaks up behind her and yanks her tail; Demona lets out a few swear words in her anger in the middle of the incantation, which alters it so that Goliath can't keep the swear words out of his speeches. The rest of the gargoyles and Elisa are appalled - Angela is bewildered because she's never heard any of those words before (not that she hears too many of them because Broadway quickly puts his hands over her ears). Fortunately for Goliath, Puck undoes Demona's curse before things get too out of hand.

I'd certainly like to see "The Lord of the Rings" movie when it comes out. I'd certainly enjoy a proper fantasy movie out there rather than just more sci-fi.

Why not Mark Hamill's "Joker" voice for the voice of Loki?

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Friday, June 4, 1999 07:25:56 AM

Hmmm... took that Personality test... apparently I'm some sort of Performer... I dunno... I display a fierce wordplay, true, but I don't always have the latest jokes (but on occasion I do bring in ones that are aged beyond recognition). Hmmm... Oh, well, I'll figure it out, I guess.

La'Chaim (hey, *I* don't know how to write in Hebraic)

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Friday, June 4, 1999 07:25:12 AM

I'm back... and now it seems I can access the web for the rest of this semester... that is, about two more weeks. Damn, my old four-bleedin'-eighty-six is slow. But! It still works (little blessings). Anyway, if anyone has read any of my work on my page (and kept their sanity intact), please give me some feedback. Anyy kind will do, criticism, constructive criticism, groundless praise <----HINT!, anything. But spare me the blistering insults, those I get enough of from my classmates. They haven't out-insulted me yet.

Oh, I spotted something about the F-word being commonly used around here, or something. Really? Well, remember this: if someone curses for a long time, all without using the F-word... he's pissed. Stay away. This is spoken from experience.

Oh, and Christine: If your new house winds up being called "Sabledrake Hall", one may be led to wonder: how to appropriately name the various areas of the house? (Sure, the dining room would be the Lord's Retreat, and the library the Miridan room, hmmm... what would be called the Darkfire area?)

Anyway, be careful on the Internet. There's a lot of us strange people out there.

Z ya.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Friday, June 4, 1999 07:07:39 AM

*looks around at her presents and sweatdrops ^_^() ** You guys must like mythical animals or something ? Not like I'm complaining...**giggles and hugs all of her animals**
Keith David using the F word > I saw "Something about Mary" and I didn't like it at all. Once I saw Keith, I got excited. I only saw him in a picture and now on a movie I was in awe.
I also saw him in "Armageton(sp)" as that General dude.

Heather - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 05:43:33 AM

Oops, forgot to put my name on that post w/ the Gibber. Sorry!
Gunjack Valentine
Friday, June 4, 1999 03:42:42 AM

*Valentine stumbles over something invisible. A lo9ok of horror washes over his face, and he begins to bang his head vigorously against the wall*
dangitdangitDangitDANGIT!!! That's the fourth spoiler I've tripped into!
*regains his composure and grins sheepishly*
Sorry about that, people... it looks like I'll have to avoid this place until I get caught up on TGS. But before I go...

Heather, this is for you. *reaches into N-space, and pulls out a squirming bundle of fur with a three foot tail*
It's a Gibber, a cute little beasty that resembles a cross between a squirrel and a kangaroo rat. Just watch out, he's r-e-a-l curious...*grimaces as the Gibber makes of with one of his handguns* I hope he doesn't hurt anyone with that...

As for clan names, how about "Clan Mainline"? After all, the Gargoyles Saga is the official gargoyles reality, and thence the Mainline. Speaking of which, kudos to whoever got the idea of sticking reality travel into the plot. I live on that stuff!

Also, to whoever started that thing of imagining what you would remake the world to be: Bad idea. BAAAAAAAAAD idea ;). I don't know about the rest of you, but the sanctum sanctorium of MY mind is not a place many people would want to visit.

Anywhoo, see ya in a few days! *Turns to leave, but stops as a gunshot rings through the CR* Oh, dear. I hope this won't end in a lawsuit...
Friday, June 4, 1999 03:40:37 AM

Wilek> It was from an episode of the Simpsons. Springfield had a renaissance fair and one of the tents had "mythical" animals including the esquilax, which as you said was just a rabbit, and a two-headed hound that was born with only one head, which was a plain old puppy.

Robby> When did the Thundercats swear like sailors? I actually *saw* Howie Mandell do it on a show HBO.

And just so this post is actually somewhat related to Gargoyles, I looked up Gremlins in the IMDb to find out how to spell Howie Mandel's name and he was listed in the credits right under Frank Welker. Then I looked up Frank and it said that for Gargoyles he did "Boudicca/Gilgamesh/Polar Bear/Alexander/Raptor/Banquo/Kiron". Who/what was Raptor? I don't remember that one.

Wow, three posts in less than 9 hours. I need to go to bed.

Bye all.

Zath - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 03:24:07 AM

Green Baron: Well, I don't know about Mark Hamill, but I know that Maria Sirtis <SP> was, and John Wayne Bobbit is.

Jackal: Wow... another thing we agree on... this place is NOT insane!

Coyote: Got travel tickets?, NW air, $440 for LM and I. So thats $220 for one. Just FYF.
For my van... only thing I want to be able to move with a switch is the Surface-to-air missle launcher.

Jackal: OH! "The many gramatical uses of the word 'F$%#'" I have that WAV somewhere!
I made one of "Dude"

Some of the crazier members of this room, if they were to remake the world in thier image, may be a better world than if it were remade by some of the more saner people.
Odd, eh?

Fire Storm - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 02:42:40 AM

The midi attached to the name goes to my lady fair, the birthday girl. Happy Birthday Heather.

Zath- Sorry, but I couldn't find that one! Run by itself pulled up about ten thousand possibilities, and "Collective Soul" didn't pull up any possibilities. SO either the midi doesn't exist, or its so dang elusive none of my search engines can find it. Sorry. 8(

TRC- The Lady in Red can be found at
And New York Mining Disaster can be found at

(Sorry for not posting them as name links, but I didn't want to clutter the room.)

David G- The Vinnie Show? Hey,screw season three! Lets get the staff to do that! Yeah!

Keith David using the F-Word- As someone else said... Not nearly as bad as hearing Howie Mandell say it in his Bobby voice... Or hearing the Thundercats swear like sailors for that matter!

STephan- SInce no one else has... **Throws a stone at him** There, you've been stoned. Happy?

Blue- I've never really heard overacting in animation... Underacting sure... bad acting sure... Use of a really annoying voice you just want to shut up... But overacting? Thats really hard to do in animation. Especially since they usually go through multiple takes to get what the director wants.

Green Baron- You quit your job? Ah man.. Hope you find a funner more rewarding one soon!

Futurama and Family Guy- Futurama basically ran on a one gag concept which got old real quick. Fry and his companions talk about something at the start of the episode and how its changed since the 20th century, Fry royally screws things up given this change, and one character saves everybody's butt at the last minute. It got old real quick and put in a lousy timeslot. And its in reruns. As far as Family Guy, it tried to do what The Critic did so well with absolutley no success in my opinion...

Mark hammill doing porn- And so has David Duchovny!

Glimmer- The best beef jerky ever made? I don't know... I've had some good beef jerkey before... Is your beef jerkey endorsed by Macho Man Randy Savage and his cool catch phrase of "Oh yeah!"?

Television being blamed for violence- Minnesota governor Jesse Venturra was on Larry King live tonight... And he said he believes time shouldn't be spent attacking movies, but on parenting! Finally, someone in an office of power who knows better!

Toku- You gave Heather a UNICORN? How the heck am I supposed to top that?

Coyote- You and Theresa's conversation got me thinking of a certain song... I may hunt for that in a minute...

Jar Jar Binks- I actually liked him once he shut up. He's a pretty neat character to see how he sleeps in a chair, or to hear him say "People gonna die?" Its when he's talking real fast in that strange dialect and getting electrocuted he's annoying. If they tone done the bad comedy and give him less lines in the next film, Jar Jar will be pretty cool.

Mensa- I'm sure 1250 on the SAT is all thats required, I have the card in front of me. Remember, the stupid people don't even take the test, so having a decent score on the SAT is in comparison to the other smarties. Given that, 1250 is pretty good.

Wilek- In typical legends, only pure of heart maidens or elven females are able to touch unicorns. I assume the gender notwithstanding remark applied to the fact Kaioto's not a girl.


Jim is wondering around Disney World, greeting all the guests who have stayed for the duration so far. He runs accross Demona, who's hair is no longer died green and is out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show outfit.
"Hi Demona! Having fun?"
Demona grits her teeth, and stares, seemingly in pain. "No..." she grimaces.
"Why not?"
"THAT!" Demona groans. Jim Iza Noying turns and sees Brooklyn, grinning like an idiot.
The beaked gargoyle mutters like an idiot. "Demoname back to me! We made a cute couple at Jim's last party!"
"I was drunk!"

Jim shrugs and leaves the two to their own matters and wanders around until a black haired young woman stumbles into him.
"Oh, I'm sorry," she immediatley appologizes.
"That's okay," Jim starts. "I'm Jim by the way."
"Hi. I'm Tina."
"Pleasure to meet you Tina." Jim looks at her for a moment. "You look a little familiar..."
"Can't be. We've never met."
"Hmm, I suppose not." After a moment of silence, Jim asks. "Are you aware you smell like cheese?"

Friday, June 4, 1999 02:38:41 AM

<<a CR dweller remaking the world in his/her own image may be a good thing.>>
My world would be soo pretty, the sky would glow brillant colors during the day, and the nights would be sooo wonderful. Eveyone would be so nice, it'll be sickening. The trees would bleed soo much during night fall, you may slip in the blood, so becareful! And at 5:55pm everyone will scream why facing the west. Gargoyles would be real. Especially Sata...., and there will be no more INJUSTICE!!!! ::ahem:: Not that I'm speaking of RL events or anything.... Aside from that..., everything would be pretty much the same..., I guess..., I reserve the right to change my mind!

Anyway..., Naww, I don't think of myself as crazy, I really don't, I just think that I like to have fun, ya know?

JackaL (again)
Friday, June 4, 1999 02:23:58 AM


The CR's TV comes on with an image of the Phalanx-covered Sphinx and Pyramids. The camera moves in to where Cameron Hodge, Phalanx Prime, and Dr. Sevarius are standing in the latter's laboratory. Two test subjects are tied down before them. "Now, Emperor," Sevarius is saying nervously, "this latest virus is still in the experimental stages. I do not think it is yet ready for human testing." "It does not matter what you think, Doctor," Prime snaps. "Lord Thailog is demanding we move ahead, so is Guod. My impatience equals theirs, and surpasses it. We will test the virus now!" He picks up a vial of green liquid shifting with glowing colors and pours it on the test subjects. The two Egyptians instantly scream in horror, then begin twitching in epileptic spasms as Phalanx-spores break out over their skin. Finally they stop twitching, ooze out of their bindings, and get up from the lab table, having become fully evolved Phalanx drones. "Well, what do you know?" Sevarius muses. "It worked." "Yes," Phalanx Prime grins. "The plan can now proceed. Hodge, ensure that this virus is mass-produced. In about seventy-two hours, when we have enough of it to infect the entire human population of this world, we shall be ready to launch our spore-spreading missiles. Good work, Doctor. After we take over the planet, you shall have your reward." Sevarius nods. "Of course. I am eagerly waiting for it." Son, he thinks to himself, you were supposed to have come and rescued me by now. Why have my prayers gone unanswered? Where are you?

The screen changes to the current battle raging on the Onslaught. Mist has just thrown Evil Raoul off the truck's side. The drekketh-garg tries to leap back up, but is incinerated by a shot from Djedi and Tolianna's Ice Dagger. Stephanie continues to clash blades with Wilek Fieger III as Jake and the Ice Dagger battle Storm Eagle. Doug and the others are continuing their gun battle with Wilek Fieger I, Evil Forfexx, and Hades. As his latest shotgun blast spangs off the side of the enemy's Range Rover, Doug turns to make a quick post.


Hi everybody. Well, it's the third day of June. Three more days till the return of Kitainia. Three more days, three more days...hope I can survive it. :) Anyway, glad you're all doing alright. Let's get on to the post.

Fanfic Progress: I finished the wedding scene today. Next up- Max's escape from the other vampires, and then the battle. This story is going well. Hopefully I'll have it posted early next week.

Pistoff: Got your draft, thanks for sending it. I enjoyed the story a lot, especially the character development on Jack and Delilah, and the scene where Jack got his sweet revenge. :) Keep up the good work, my fellow ficwriter friend!


Crossroads 2: This was a great story, even better than the first part. I liked the developments between Brooklyn, Gwen, and Sata. The scenes with Brooklyn and Gwen were particularly enjoyable, I hope we get more character development on here next season. Her and her mate. :)

It was also cool getting to see Harthoth again. I wasn't surprised to find out he was behind the Halfling plot. Wonder what he, Isfet, and Apep will be up to in the future now that the latter is back in his body. <gulp> Good development on Brooklyn all throughout, the ending scene with him and Sata was very sad, even though I did see it coming. The pic had a lot of emotion and really communicated Sata's feelings at the departure of her mate. I hope the Gate lets Brooklyn come back into Sata's life real soon, I'm worried about what will happen to them while they're away from each other. Season 3 better begin soon.

Overall, this was an excellent episode. Great vision of the future, and developments on all the characters. I give it a 9/10, thumbs up. Great TD season finale, TGS Staff!


Gunjack Valentine: Welcome to the CR. This "RP thingy," as you put it, is an ongoing Round Robin story some of us posters started in here a while ago and are continuing in this present day. More info can be found out about it at If you want to join us, feel free to do so. Hope you enjoy your adventures in the CR.

Fanfic Character Voices: I think I've mentioned before who I'd want to do the voices/acting for some of my characters. In case anyone forgot, here are my top choices for the more popular characters again:
Agony- Christopher Walken.
Laura- Jennifer Lopez.
Seth- Bruce Campbell. Kurt Russell would also work well.
Zack Sheppard- either Anthony Edwards or Nicholas Cage. Nikki- Kate Hudson (BTW, she has a good-looking smallpress movie coming out this weekend called Desert Blue. Look for a review of it in my next post.)
Gary Parker- Matthew Broderick.
Jadriel/Daniel Jade- Kevin Spacey.
Silvan- Gary Oldman.
Nick Mackovic- Alec Baldwin.
Duval- Patrick Stewart.
Rachel- Rachel Leigh Cooke.
Charlie- Not sure, I've never thought about who would play his part. If anyone has read "Slayer Senshi" and wants to make a recommendation, be my guest.
Johnny- Keanu Reeves.
Father Greene- Anyone who can sound like our own Green Baron, only slightly more grown-up. <no offense>
Simon Kurtz- Robert Duval.
The Rose- Nick Jameson (the guy who did his voice in the Fox Spiderman series).
Micheal Canmore- Matthew Lilliard.
Muscles Malone- also Bruce Campbell. :)
Rat King\Flinders- Kevin Costner maybe. Again, I'm not sure.
Crow- Emily Bergl (the girl who starred in Carrie 2).
Justin Brumley- Ben Stein.

SJ: Glad you feel that way about us. I feel the same way about you, man. Really value you and everyone here as a friend, wouldn't trade y'all for anything. <grin> $ Oh, and SJ, I hope you don't mind me moving your threads ahead a little bit in the RP. $

Wilek: $ Quick RP question- is it okay if I kill off Wilek Fieger III or I? Just want to make sure you don't have any more plans for their characters before I do. $

Robby: Thanks for finding the song.

Soundman: Thanks, but Robby already got an MP3 of it for me. Several, actually. Regardless, welcome to the CR.

Jenniren: Xenogears is a Playstation RP game. It has very good story, animation, and characters. I'd recommend you try it, if you have the money, hardware, and time.

Alex, Batya: Good luck on your honeymoon, hope you two have a long and wonderful life together. :)

Elder Court: I don't plan to feature them in my fanfics. It's not that I don't think they have great potential, they do. I just think that with Danu, the Seelies, the Unseelies, and the Sea Court (Tethys, Poseidon, Mannan Mac Lir, possibly a few others), my universe already has plenty of fay.

David G: No problem. Keep making good comments like you have and I'll probably keep responding to them. <grin>

Happy Birthday Heather!! <kills Binky the Clown in the most quick and violent way possible> There's your present. I got rid of him before he could annoy you. Also, hope you'll accept this box of cyber-cookies (the flavor is yours to choose). Thanks for being a great friend!

Power Rangers Movie: Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed Ooze as a villain. His speech at the Command Center's destruction was just one bit of his many good lines. I think some of the PR villains had staying power and if they'd been developed more could have been really cool. Ooze was one of them, Goldar was another, and a third was Zed (before he married that awful Rita, of course).

John Carpenter's Vampires: I remember that movie. Didn't like it at all. In fact, I hated it so much that I named one of my fanfic saga's bad vampires after the main character- Jack Cross. (Yes, I know that in the movie his name was Jack Crowe, but I didn't want anybody mixing him up with Jadriel's lover Crow. Jack Cross sounds cooler anyway.) We'll see this character as a villain in my next fic.

Aaron: Writers' collective unconscious at work again? :( Personally, I like your fanfics' Frank Black a lot better than the Millenium guy. Keep writing good stories, man.

JEB: Never liked Family Guy. Futu-rama had its season finale a while ago. I hope it comes back to Fox real soon.

And no, I didn't know Dahak was an evil Babylonian dragon. I thought Tiamat and her spawn/champion Quingu were the only ones. Thanks for the info, wonder if this new bad dragon will somehow turn up in my fic.

Mandi: Hope the WB execs will read and listen to that article. Last I heard, they're not showing the season finale until July.

Colors: I picked orange because it's the color of my university. For similar reasons, Kitainia picked white.

Hmm, nothing more to talk about. Okay, that's all for tonight. Later, ppl!


Doug turns back to the battle, just in time to assist Kitainia in shooting out the Range Rover's left front wheel. Hades curses as his vehicle nearly tips over, then mumbles a quick spell to fix the wheel so he can keep chasing the Ravens. Jaden watches what happens and growls, realizing that he'll have to take Hades down if they want to end this fight. Meanwhile, Storm Eagle throws a large fireball at the Ice Dagger, inflicting heavy damage. Djedi banks it, and continues firing lasers at Eagle along with Jake's hoverjet. On the ground, the black Range Rover once again pulls alongside the Onslaught. Its right rear door opens, and Evil Forfexx knocks Shap and Orion aside as he jumps through the Onslaught's side door, hitting the floor as a pool of molten metal. The Ravens inside the trailer step back and get ready to fight Evil Forfexx as he T-1000 style flows back into his humanoid form. Mist jumps down to help them, leaving Stephanie to handle WF3. And the fight goes on.

The display flickers and changes to Guod's command center. He is talking to Admiral Nipon via viewscreen. "Let me get this straight," the Admiral says. "You want me to send all my remaining Star Destroyers to attack Chicago two days from now, in hope of drawing those Avatar of Ganon forces away from you?" "Yes," Guod replies. "Can you do that?" Nipon thinks for a moment, then shrugs. "Alright. But I'm holding back the Eclipse-class Destroyer as a reserve, and I'm putting that fay ally of ours, Dahak, in charge. Though I will send my aide, Captain Teruda, I won't be going myself." "The rest of your forces will be sufficient. What are they, three Imperial SDs and two Victories?" Nipon nods. "Each with full complement of TIEs, walkers, and troops." "Good," Guod says. "That will do nicely. I hope this diversion works." He ends the transmission as the screen goes blank.


Doug - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 02:05:07 AM

<<that word is a common adjective here>>
The "f" word is more than an adjective!! It's a noun, a verb, a complete sentence, one of those words that express things.., a conjuction..., it's the perfect word. Second best being the "s" word, that one also can do anything....

<<Remember that...>>
I'm begining to wonder if you know what I was starting to think.....

Color- Uhh..., It sounded cool..., "Pale Purple"..., like it's dead or something..., so I like it!

CrzyDemona, how do you know that?!? :o)

Awww...., Mesa likes Jar Jar Binks...., ALOT!!! heheheheee :o)

JackaL - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:56:45 AM

Jackal> <<Why is it that newcomers are asked to check their sanity at the door? We're all pretty sane..., Mesa called Jar Jar Binks....., right?>> I...think you just answered your own question. :)

Gyre> <<If Madoc was every bit as strong as Oberon, and Oberon survived being shot with an iron harpoon right in the chest simply by pulling it out, why would one blow with an iron mace kill Madoc?>> Because it was a head wound, I suppose...

Jenniren> I *think* Xenogears is an RPG, but I'm not sure. <<Does anyone else in here think hearing Keith David's voice use the F word is wholly inappropriate?>> Me, although I think that word's inappropriate for anyone...

*TD micro-spoiler*
Ed> <<Of course, if G2158 also swooped to include Demona and Macbeth, more Gwen and a bit of Xanatosian history (and less holographic what-nots and electronic thingamijigs) then it’d probably be more intriguing.>> But the what-nots and thingamajigs are so much fun! ;P
*end spoiler*

Text colors> I orginially used dark blue, because that's what color I am; I switched because it was hard to read.

David G.> <<I think New Olympians would be interesting, but the problem is that either the setting is kind of limited, or there'd be almost no way to keep the "big secret" if the Olympians started interacting with the rest of the world.>> I think that in Greg's Master Plan, the New Olympians series begins with the NO's revealing their existence in a rather spectacular manner, so I don't think keeping the secret would be that big a problem.

Stephen Sobotka> <<I know a lot of people are going to probably stone me, but I based them on the rant Ivan Ooze (the villian from "Power Rangers, The First Movie) was saying as he blasted the Command Center to bits.>> Hey, at least the movie wasn't quite as odious as the show. <<Of course, I was imagining the voice of John DeLancie (Q from ST:TNG) saying the lines... hey, he'd make a great Loki!>> Heh...I always imagined Matt Frewer as Loki, but that wouldn't work well since he's already taken by Jackal...

Aaron> <<About a year and a half ago, I wrote a story involving an elite mercenary organization called Vampire-Killers, who were tied to the Vatican. Then, six months later, out comes John Carpenter's Vampires featureing an elite mercenary organization called Vampire-Killers who were tied to the Vatican.>> It might interest you to know that the first Castlevania game was called Vampire Killer in Japan. Don't know if Simon Belmont was tied to the Vatican though...or if there even *was* a Vatican back when that game took place...

JEB> <<Did you know Dahak is the name of an evil dragon from Babylonian myth? I'd always thought the Xena-Hercules people made him up, until I read that... of course, their Dahak is rather different...>> Wow...I wonder if the Babylonian Dahak will show up in TGS.

Glimmer> <<I was being figurative. But you knew that, right?>> Yup; that's just an example of how my mind works. ;P

Kaioto> <<Yes, I know what it means to be able to be able to touch a unicorn, OK, Gender notwithstanding.>> Do...I want to know?

Coyote> <<an action figure caught my eye ... a female action figure ... AND HER NAME WAS RAVYN!!!!!>> Wow. Um...what series was this figure from?

Racism in Star Wars> Um...I always thought they just had those accents because they sounded kewl and were appropriate to the general air of the character. I thought Jar Jar and Watto did sound vaguely Caribbean and Italian, but I didn't read much into it...

SJ> <<What if, all of a sudden, Goliath started swearing like a sailor, to everyone's astonishment?>> I'd prescribe a psychic probe with possible subsequent exorcism or soul transfer. <<that CAN'T be right, cause no way in hell I belong in there...>> I don't know; you *are* the son of the world's foremost geneticist...

Heather> Cute unicorn. ^_^

Blue Caeru> <<Suddenly, Pistoff's JACK HAMMER bursts into my room shouting, "Die, Jordan, die!" and trashes my stereo, and I was merrily chanting along with him.>> Weird dream. Some of my classics have involved an insane Borg clone of myself and a few transforming Daleks that looked like they were designed by H. R. Giger (I'm not making this up). Hey, has anyone else had odd dreams involving fic characters or strange, distorted versions thereof?

Taleweaver> <<You wouldn't believe some of the evil schemes I've come up with just waiting for the bus.>> PLEEZ TELL US!!! :D Who knows, a CR dweller remaking the world in his/her own image may be a good thing. <glances at Jackal> Or not...

TRC> <<Anyone else realise who it is doing a little voice work for Cartoon Network's DBZ promo. adverts. ?>> Heh, I did notice Keith David doing those, yes. He also does the Batman ones, appropriately enough. <<I would willingly shed blood to hear that>> I don't need the excuse. >:)

Zath> <<Here, it's an esquilax, a legendary horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit.>> Er...if something has the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit, is it not a rabbit? <<That's not half as disturbing as hearing Howie Mandel (sp?) cussing people out using Bobby/Baby Skeeter's voice.>> Um...*dang*. That, I think, has spawned a few nightmares.

=You should never pick up strange chicks from a rooftop in Manhattan. Weird things might follow them home.=

Wilek Nereus
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:49:08 AM

**Zath walks in and happily takes a handful of jerky from Glimmer.** Why thank you.

Keith David Swearing> That's not half as disturbing as hearing Howie Mandel (sp?) cussing people out using Bobby/Baby Skeeter's voice.

Heather> Presents? You want presents? Uh, okay... Hmmm, where am I supposed to get mythical animals at this time of night? **Zath produces an old top hat out of thin air, reaches into the hat, pulls out a small fuzzy white animal, and gives it to Heather.** Here, it's an esquilax, a legendary horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit. Make sure you keep it away from Kitty. ; )

Robby> Could you please find a midi of Collective Soul's song Run? It was voted as our class song, and I have no idea what it sounds like.

**Zath takes out what is supposed to be a smoke bomb and throws it at the floor. Unfortunately, Zath reached into the wrong pocket and threw a real bomb instead, blowing a six foot wide hole in the CR floor. "Oops, good thing no one was standing near by. I'll send Thailog Horror in with some plywood to fix that in a little bit. Sorry about this..." An embarrassed Zath leaves through the hole.**

Zath - []
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:07:29 AM

Kaioto< *LOL*
Friday, June 4, 1999 01:01:31 AM

Batya : Sorry for the typo . I just think of My friend David (Batta) whenever I read your name .
The Rolling Calf
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:13:43 PM

One more night at Cascade Hall! One more night at Cascade Hall! I can't believe I'm really leaving! Ah, if only I were quitting to make a living from my writing ... sigh ... but Harbor House should be very nice.

Casting > oog ... I wouldn't even know where to begin, except maybe with Christina Ricci as Birdie Yale.

Christine - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:10:42 PM

(Takes a large bite out of his jerky) , mm , good stuff Glimmer , thanks .

(If you guys'll spill your guts then so can I)
Man , a whole year .
When I first noticed this place it was on a routine trip to the main TGS site hopeing against hope that I had endured some form of suspended animation the previous night and I was at least a few weeks closer to the new season (pathetic aint it ) . Low and behold , there it was , the link that made my life so much more interesting . I came in , liked what I saw , but I am a rather shy person by nature , and after the amount of self-righteous pricks I had come across in the last Comment room that I went to I was kind of afraid of getting involved in something that'd make me so angry again that I'd become intolerable . (happened before , not a pretty picture) . When I finally got up the courage to make my first post you guys and gals made me feel welcome , that just do'nt happen often , so I've never been gone for too long . Even if someday I do have to leave for awhile . I'll always be back {:-) . "Clan" is so appropriate it is'nt funny .
Ok , enough of the nostalgia . My vote for the clan name goes towards "TGS CR Clan" .

Transport - First off , a few facts about our little , "Island in the Sun" .
You can drive from the most Easterly to the Westerly points in less than 5 hours if you're good . All that time is mostly due to the Mountain roads , so if you stick to the coast you can make very good time . We're that small .
We have what are referred to as "Pot Holes" , these are cavities in the road surface that vary from 2 inches to 8inches in depth (they do get deeper but those are rare , well , they used to be ) , for those who do'nt know .
Our roads are very narrow by comparisson to American and Canadian ones .
Now , in this household we have two vehicles , a Volvo and a Subaru Outback . There are three of us living here right now . I am the one who is presently learning to drive (stick shift) . The only way I get around is to either , bum a lift , take the bus (shudder) , walk , ride or get my Mother to come with me so that I can drive . More often than not , I end up walking wherever I want to go , the bike is too unwieldly to carry into any store , and only a total idiot would leave his bicycle in the racks . The bus , the worst and most likely scenario is that you'll have to wait 45 minutes for a bus heading your way , you end up on the most overpacked one that's leaning over to its side at so steep an angle that if a corner is taken too quickly you are going to tip over . If there is a gunman on the bus and the police stop to perform a search , chances are you will be the unlucky one made to conceal the firearm from the officer who will spend a ridiclous amount of time B.S.'ing the passengers .
When you walk . . . . . let's just say that there's a good chance of you getting hit by SOMETHING , I've been hit by a bicycle , and narrowly avoided loseing a leg or foot or toe to one telephone company van driver .
When you bum a ride , make sure of one or two things . You're stronger than the person in the car or you know the person . Otherwise , FORGET IT.
My preference is naturally to take the car , the Outback . I get a high ride , the bumps and lurches are minimized in this vehicle , the mileage is good , and it can move fast enough to get me out of trouble .

Well that was ridiculously long .

Keith Davis's Dialogue : Spawn is'nt the only role he's ever done where he did alot of cursing , I do'nt remember the names of the shows I've seen , but he did some pretty serious lines .

Anyone else realise who it is doing a little voice work for Cartoon Network's DBZ promo. adverts. ? (hint: see above)

Robby : Who is it that narrates The Outer Limits ? Is that Tony Jay ? Cause when I finally saw his face while he was doing the promo for the 100th episode he had this creepy look that would tie in with what you said about him .
And for song requests . Could you play Lady in Red for me . And Beegees "New York Mining Disaster 1941" for the Bando in the corner .

New quote :
"Scare him ??? You ca'nt scare him . That man will cut your throat and write a hymn about it .

Green Baron : The Gungan's a Rastafarian stereotype ? hmm , I think I'll go see it the last day it's showing instead of anytime within a week of the opening . That's some treacherous territory there .

Personality Test : The 1st time it said that I was a Idealist Artisan , the second time it said that I was an Artisan Composer . I just do'nt know what to think of this .

Batta & Alex : Congrats you two .

Coyote : I hate to see a grown man cry . Am I blowing things out of propotion or are you steadily getting deeper and deeper into this heartbreak . Cause that ca'nt be good for your health and I'm starting to worry about you .

Am I the only person in here who does'nt get off from school until July ?

Heather : Ok , a gift that wo'nt eat you or anything else that you own , particularly your most recent acqusition . hmmm . Nothing on hand . But . . (opens a portal jumps through and reappears a few moments later with a small box in hand ) . Here ye go . spring water from Reich falls . Enchanted of course . A drop'll give you an energy boost on those taxing nights without any side effects . Bit of advice , _one_ drop suffices quite well , and we only know how it affects _humans_ . Enjoy .

S.J. : I would willingly shed blood to hear that .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:09:58 PM

Kaiato> Idealist Teacher, hmm. You and me both. Though i'm fighting Fate on that one. I could be ruling this world, if it weren't for this moral instinct. You wouldn't believe some of the evil schemes I've come up with just waiting for the bus. But I can't because of scrupples. Thank goodness for the written word. At least I can't relieve that evil impulse that way.

But i do agree with you on equality of opportunity if not results. This is where Fate and i agree. I'll give you the shot, you have to make the most of it.

taleweaver - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:00:23 PM

Pistoff: The voice for Otto? Half the guys at my school would do, but if you wanted a famous actor, I'd suggest Adam Sandler.

Brigette Bako as Iris? Hmm... Bako was in Strange Days along with Micheal Wincott, which was written and produced by James Cameron (his then wife Katherine Bigalow directed it). Cameron written, directed, and produced Aliens that costared Lance Henrickson. Wincott was in Alien Ressurection.

Weird. First it was the seven degrees of Kevin Bacon, now it's the seven degrees of Gargoyles.

Tim Phipps
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:57:26 PM

All right, I am back once again. :-P I've been unusually loquacious this week, don't you think?

I've been having some really bizarre dreams lately. A couple of nights ago I was beating up some guy for ticking me off, and I would probably _never_ do such a thing IRL. The scary thing was that I really felt full of rage. Then today while I was three-quarters asleep, that irritating song by Jordan Knight ("Give You Some"??) came on the radio, and I wasn't exactly happy with that. And guess what my sub-conscious did? Suddenly, Pistoff's JACK HAMMER bursts into my room shouting, "Die, Jordan, die!" and trashes my stereo, and I was merrily chanting along with him. Then I fully woke up and grinned at how weird that dream was. I think I've had too much on my mind lately, so my brain is venting. Makes for good RP fodder though. *g* Okay, methinks I've sufficiently scared most of the people in the CR now...

Stephen> Or is it "Doctor Who?" :-)

Yet more on Personality tests: I've taken a couple of "personality tests" to see which Star Wars character I'm most like, just for the hell of it. o_O But I took 2 different ones, and both said I was C-3PO. *sighs and chuckles*

Heather> *looks at the unicorn* Aww... it's adorable. :-)

Batya> That Greenday song fits Time Dancer very well, IMO.

Robby> So does "Time" by Hootie and the Blowfish. :-)

Hmm, one of these days I'll have to do a semi-spectacular RP entrance (or "Blaise-ism") to let my imagination run wild. Well, that's all I can think of to post... for now. *ominous music plays* ;-)

Blue Caeru
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:49:29 PM

No RP tonight. Just cause.

Racism in Star Wars: Well, it was soooo obvious that the Gungans WERE some sort of Rastafarian/Jamacian stereotype (their way of speeking, their ears, which could act like dreadlocks, etc.). I don't know if that's exactly racist though. The Gungans were fairly okay (except for Jar Jar); I mean, they were heroes, and did play an important part.
As for the Trade Federation Nimoudians, it was also obvious that they were speaking with some sort of Asian accent. This could be considered racist; there wasn't any real excuse for them having that dialect. If anything, I found it annoying at times; it sounded as if I was watching a bad Charlie Chan movie.
As for Watto...I didn't see him as a Arabic or Mediterranean stereotype. Although, he did seem vaguely Italian to me...but then again, he's a 3 foot tall flying alien...thingee, so it's kind of hard to judge.

WEIRDEST rumor that I've heard about Episode 1: In case some of you didn't know, actress Jennifer Tilly recently said that she wanted Jar Jar's part (hmm....Binks with breasts...well, there'd be two good reasons not to find him that annoying). But the weirdest thing--apperently, MICHAEL JACKSON wanted to play the part of Jar Jar Binks. But Lucas turned him down cause he was too high profile.
Yeah, I can picture that. Wacko Jacko as Jar it really safe to leave him around young Anakin?

Keith David and the "F" word: I don't think it's inappropriate at all. I may live in a jaded part of the world (i.e. Washington D.C.) but that word is a common adjective here. I'm sure it's different around the country (and world), but here, that's how people talk. Swearing is a part of adult life. I doubt Keith only says that word for the camera. I think we're all adult enough to hear that world, even coming from KD's mouth.
However, it does spawn a rather interesting creativity demon. What if, all of a sudden, Goliath started swearing like a sailor, to everyone's astonishment? I'd PAY to see that!
Brooklyn: "Goliath, Demona's trying to kill humanity again!"
Goliath: "Aw, that f***ing b**** again!"
Brookyn, jaw opened: "WHAT????"

Aaron: I suggest you read the novel "Vampire$" (yes, with a dollar sign) by John Steakly. It was the book that the movie was based on. Personally, I thought the film wasn't that bad--it had quite a few problems, but the premise was good, and it had some good moments (including, but not limited too, Sheryl Lee gettin' nekkid). The book, however, is pretty good, with lots of action.

Mensa: Are you sure about those qualifications? If it's only a 1250 to get in, I could qualify. And that CAN'T be right, cause no way in hell I belong in there...

Old style Fantasy fans: Some good news for ye--a Dungeons and Dragons film is in the works, with both a cast and a script pretty much completed. Add this to the Lord of the Rings trilogy coming in the next few years, and things are looking up for the old fantasy genre!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:47:07 PM

I still think the pictures you want to put on your caddy will look extra "kewl". What can I say, I live in the heart of low-rider country. And crusing down central on a friday/saturday is how you wow the chicks.

Who really is logging off and getting her beauty sleep

Theresa - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:04:40 PM

**tears away from his sad fixation for a brief moment**

Starsinger: No need to duck. Actually, I never said anything about making it a lowrider ... just putting the murals on. I'm not really into the whole hydraulic suspension scene, and the last thing I need is a car that's rigged with enough switches to make it do the Macarena (like one that I'd heard about. **shudders** ). I just wanted to dress up my car, turn it into something a bit showy, y'know? On top of that, it's my everyday use car, and putting a hydro-multi switch suspension on it makes it street-illegal ... meaning that while I'd have a really impressive ride, I wouldn't be able to drive it four blocks to the supermarket without probably attracting sirens.
It rides low enough as it is ... it has an air-ride suspension on the rear axle, and that's enough for me. :)
(Though I do agree with one of your statements ... with the amount of engine work that's been done on that car, it *does* take a lot of balls to drive it, considering that I'm nearly a nervous wreck when I do ... always watching for something to go wrong ...)

**fixates once more**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:00:07 PM

Coyote of course you have a macho image. It goes with low-rider cars. After all, it takes balls to drive a car that hops up and down. (ducks rather fast.):)


Theresa - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 09:51:22 PM

**holds the equine in her arms, cooing it and smiling** Thank you so much, Kaioto. **smiles at him and hugs** That is very sweet.
Robby : Can you get me a happy birthday MIDI for me ? Please...**flutters her eye-lashes at him**

Heather - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 09:41:41 PM

Colors> Heck with it, I'll stick to yellow out of habit. (Note to self: When making a post at times you are not fully awake, refrain from making stupid foot-in-mouth outbursts even in the context of a joke.)

I lost interest in "Futurama" and I never really got into "Family Guy." Stewie is kind of funny, but the rest of the characters on that show didn't really impress me that much.

Stephen> << Heh! I know a lot of people are going to probably stone me, but I based them on the rant Ivan Ooze (the villian from "Power Rangers, The First Movie) was saying as he blasted the Command Center to bits. >> You did? I thought it sounded familiar, but then went "Naah..." I wouldn't stone you for that; I took my (step-) nephew to see it for Christmas, and that rant was one of the few saving graces. As for the 30th I want to say Star Trek only because that showcases Shatner (I'm really sick of the man, although that made his guest shot on 3rd Rock fairly appropriate), but I'm probably wrong.

Batya and Alex> Again, congratulations! I hope you two remain as happy as you are now!

Jenniren> << Does anyone else in here think hearing Keith David's voice use the F word is wholly inappropriate? >> After seeing "There's Something About Mary" three times in one weekend? (I found out my dad and then my two best friends had never seen the flick after I rented it) I thought it was pretty funny. If he was doing Goliath, yes, but other than that...naah.

More Phantom Menace stuff> Anyone heard the newest reason to hate Jar Jar? According to last night's news, it's now being claimed that he's a racial stereotype - people claim he has a Caribbean accent. First off, he's NOT EVEN HUMAN!! Second off, isn't it enough to dislike the character because he's just plain irritating? And lastly, if they want to consider aliens racial stereotypes, why hasn't anyone noticed that all the Trade Federation aliens sounded a lot like they had a stereotypical Japanese accent? These guys were the ones trying to starve Naboo and help Palpatine get what he wanted (unknowingly, but still)!

Buffy season ender> The media are not all siding with the execs' decision. I just read a short column in the latest Newsweek about the cancellation, copied below:

Leave it to television executives to take a stab at responsible programming - and miss. After airing part one of the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' season finale, the WB network has infuriated fans by yanking part two until school's out. In the wake of the recent wave of school shootings, WB honchos were worried about their show's violent graduation scene. Several newspapers have published articles praising the network's decision, but show devotees say the network suits are just playing politics with the popular teen fantasy series. After all, the scene in question actually involves Sunnydale High's students taking up bows and arrows against a 60-foot reptile. Were copycat crimes really a big threat?

I don't know if "until school's out" is all that definite: that varies by county. Besides, here in Harford County, public schools are gonna be open until June 22nd this year. Here's hoping the WB isn't going by our school calendar. :)

that's all for now...stuff to do...

Mandi Ohlin - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 09:21:03 PM

**enters the room, no longer vibrating. Switches out the candles easily, then sits down.**


"Crossroads Part 2": **sniffles** You like me! You really like me!!

**composes self**

Sorry. However, I must say right here and now ... Rahsaan, without you my participation in the ep would not have been possible. Like I told ya numerous times ... the ep was your baby, I was just the $2.50/hr babysitter. **salutes** Thank you so much for giving me the chance for my first TGS byline.

That having been said ... thanks to everyone who has made comments about the ending. **sigh** Boy it feels good to accomplish something great. :)


Gunjack Valentine: Welcome back!

Pistoff: Howzabout Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) for Otto Fellatio? :)

Batya and Alex: Good to see you two enjoying wedded bliss. :)

Rahsaan: Sure, laugh maniacally. Mind if I join you? HAH HAH HAH!!! :)

Heather: Happy birthday a day in advance. :)

GB, Starsinger: I'm game. Hell, I'll bring the Vernor's. What say ye, all folks going to the Gathering ... I'm willing to integrate the WCC wrap party and the TGS CRazy Clan party!

JEB: Dunno ... Lina had a particular twang to her voice that Misty also has, but that Jessie lacks. (of course, Ash has that twang, too ...)

Batya again: Dang, wish I'd thought of that. Last night it was between "Time" and "Bat Out of Hell," which would have required a *lot* of explanation of how the lyrics fit to the ep. (Basically, here's the lines that related:
"Oh baby you're the only thing in this whol world
That's pure and good and right
And wherever you are, and wherever you go
There's always gonna be some light
But I gotta get out, I gotta break it out now
Before the final crack of dawn
So we gotta make the most of our one night together
When it's over you know, we'll both be so alone ...")

Starsinger again. **sniffles, takes the tissue** Thanks again, roomie. **starts sniffling louder** I can't seem to get through a day lately without anything that reminds me of her. **sniffle** Folks wanting parts for Sunbirds ... white Pontiacs in our parking lot ... **sniffle** and the one that pushes me over the edge tonight:
Visiting my favorite comic book store this evening, an action figure caught my eye ... a female action figure ... AND HER NAME WAS RAVYN!!!!!

**bursts into weeping histrionics, composes himself briefly, then continues**

Sorry about that. And I bought the figure, too.

(BTW, Starsinger ... who ever said I *had* a macho image to begin with? ;)

Colors, for any who would be interested: Mine actually started out as "Rose," but after a major redo on the room, the "Rose" option was gone (incidentally, yes, I picked Rose because of my character. :). Since it appeared as dark red anyway, I went with "dark red" afterward, not knowing that it was an entirely different color.

**sits back in the chair, but his eyes start welling up again. Bites his lip and fights the tears as he fixates.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, June 3, 1999 09:19:44 PM

Character Sorter: Here I go again trying the find a round hole for a pryamidal shape …
I'm an Idealist Teacher … hm … I guess that isn't too far off the mark. Good God, I could run my own country if I really believed in its principles, eh? Well, Gorbachev I ain't, but it is nice to know I can make a difference in people's lives. Still, I don't think I exhibit excessive charisma, at least not in social situations, though I seem to have mastered the formal, suit and tie event good impressions. More interesting is that I lie on a cusps that let me lean into being a Champion, Inventor, or Field Marshall. Damn … that'd almost be dangerous if I were a nasty person.
I only scored one point higher for idealism than ration or guardian, however. I guess it comes from a belief in preserving equality of opportunity while not that of results.
Hm … I'm far more expressive than reserved it seems, and my scheduling and probing are balanced. I guess balance is all the better to use to express myself *grins* Take that which is most useful at the time …

Spawn: What can I say? The show is dark, depressive, violent, and bombards you with negative energy, and yet, it evokes a sense of triumph and quiet strength because Spawn keeps walking away from this world bloody but unbowed. It doesn't upset me in the slightest.

JackaL: *gravely* Love you too, man. My life is better having known you. Remember that before you do something to risk wiping yourself out, OK?

Heather: Here you are, little lady, *Walks over to the CR Closet and opens the door. Inside one can see the back wall of said Closet has apparently decided to be replaced by a brown rough-stone passageway leading to God-knows-where. Kaioto wanders back into the depths only to emerge in a moment with a small silver-purple baby equine in his arms. On it's young head is the beginning of a bright golden horn. Gently, he places it at Heather's feet." There we are. This little one was orphaned. I think a fair maiden like yourself could give him the care and attention he needs?

*glances over at a few snickering know-it-alls and a few mythology critics* Yes, I know what it means to be able to be able to touch a unicorn, OK, Gender notwithstanding. (this is the 90s) Anyway *smiles at Lexy* Good things are worth waiting for.

Green Baron: Charleton Heston may make a good spokes person for the NRA, but that doesn't make him God. *snickers* Though I will admit that trying to give the NRA a good name is pretty close to walking on water …

Highlander 4: Is this going to be yet another movie that either must be ignored by the public for the sake of the integrity of the story (Highlander 2) or another movie that says that the ending of the previous movie wasn't REALLY the Prize (Highlander 3)?

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 08:53:36 PM

**Glimmer comes into CR and passes around the best beefjerky ever made**

That personality test must have disliked me. It took me seven tries before I convinced Mr. DC it was in his best interests to let me see the results. On the eigth try I found out I'm an Idealist/Healer.

Wilek> Walt rolling over in his grave.... I was being figurative. But you knew that, right?

Green Baron> The kilt looks great on you. Most people can't quite pull it off, but you, you make it work somehow.

Spawn(the cartoon,not my fellow newbie)> Didn't like it. I haven't seen the movie and probably won't.

This was the season finale for TD? Dang, I hate reruns.
Mini spoilers for TD
So masks really are all the rage in the future? ROTFL
Heart breaking ep. Well written, but heart breaking.
End 'do these even count as spoilers?' Spoilers

Geeze Louise! My discman started to spark and smoke last night. I have to buy a new one tonight. No way am I going to go road tripping with only a county music station to listen to. And CDs are a necessity for staying in a certain small town. Four way stop. That's it. That's the whole town. The graveyard takes up 1/4 of that.

I'm going to see SW:TPM tomorrow. 'Bout time.
But first I'm off to read Avalon Mists.

**Glimmer leaves CR while searching the sale ads for a new discman**

Thursday, June 3, 1999 07:55:49 PM

Thanks to all those of you who looked at my page (even those who don't want to admit it ; P). Hopefully I'll get a scanner soon so I can add more pictures to the gallery. I only have three more images ready to go up and two of those I'd like to put on the illustrated quotes first. The third I'm saving for if I ever manage to worm m way onto the TGS art staff. (How does one go about doing that anyway?) In the meantime, I need to think of other things to put up.

JEB> <<Could I add a link to it on my links pages?>> I'd be flattered if you did that. Not too mention every hit my page gets supposedly enters me in some prize drawing Geocities has, so please, go right ahead. : )

Robby> <<Interesting how many of us in here qualify... Says something about the crowd Gargoyles attracts doesn't it?>> Maybe someone should mention that to Disney. Then they could start making the show again and their commercials could claim watching it made people smarter.

Cars> I drive a 10 year old Corsica. At first it gave me a lot of trouble, but lately it has been behaving itself. I tried naming it Bronx because it's roughly the same color and shape, but the name didn't stick. Usually I just think of it as "The Scow" because of how full of garbage it was after the road trip it took to get it home once I got it from my grandmother.

Zath - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 07:50:04 PM

Starsinger stops to make entry in her note book. "Request party floor when checking in."

Colors or colours as some write it. Ravyn and I both love purple and Elisa. We shared. She liked a different shade that's all. (Hands hanky to Coyote before he gets all teary-eyed and ruins his macho image.)


Theresa - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:45:24 PM

*pokes her head back in* I knew I forgot something...and then another thing came up while I was posting.

The thing I forgot: Yes, that Hootie song is a nice Timedancer reference, but I prefer "The Time Of Your Life" by Green Day.
"Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life.

"So take these photographs and still-frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it's worth, it was worth all the while
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
I hope you had the time of your life."

The new thing: Green Baron> Lucas is Jewish? First I've heard of it. _Spielberg_ is Jewish, but I don't think Lucas is. And I didn't actually notice anything even vaguely stereotype-Jewish about Watto. [The Gungans, on the other hand, were definitely meant to evoke something vaguely Rasta / Jamaican. Didn't find it offensive, but found it kind of odd; would have been a lot happier if we'd ever heard a single complex thought expressed in the pidginesque language.]

More SW Ep1 comments next time. Ciao!

Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:42:00 PM

Star Wars Rumor...

Mark Hammil and Mark Singer (from "V" Fame) were in a soft porn movie called "Silk Degrees".

Rumor is true... and don't ask how I knew that.

Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:23:39 PM

*strolls in with a black-covered paperback in his hand*

I now realize my return post may have been too large- I'll try to keep it down from here on in, deal?

Wilek> Thanks for the welcome back. :D And also for the information. :)

Coyote> I have no idea what Lita Inverse sounds like, but maybe she plays Jessie? Some voice actors can sound amazingly different in different roles (compare Mark Hamill as Luke in Star Wars to his voice as the Joker in BTAS).
Ah well, just a stab in the dark. ["OW!"] *grins sheepishly* ..Oops, sorry 'bout that...

Jackal> Received your friendship message... thank you? :)

Zath> A clan portrait sounds like a kewl idea. :) But who would be interested in making it..? *looks around at the active and lurking artists in the room* And your page is hardly pathetic- it's an excellent start, and I look forward to seeing more artwork. :) Could I add a link to it on my links pages?

Robby> Ah, ol' Hootie and the Blowfish. Been forever since I heard them... definitely an appropriate song for "Crossroads."

Heather> Welcome back! :)

DS9 Series Finale> I was going to post a review of this, but, for Patrick's sake, I'll hold off.

Pointless Fact> Did you know Dahak is the name of an evil dragon from Babylonian myth? I'd always thought the Xena-Hercules people made him up, until I read that... of course, their Dahak is rather different...

CR Colors> I like blue. So, I picked Sky Blue. No real deep reason. :)

Rahsaan and Coyote> Terrific job on "Crossroads" Part 2. :) Comments are in the mail.

Thought> You know, I haven't seen "Futurama" or "Family Guy" mentioned in here in a while. Everyone lose interest or have they already gone to summer reruns? Me, I lost interest..

Well, until next time. *waves*

*walks out, reading "The Return of the Sorcerer" in his little black book*

JEB - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:12:11 PM

Pistoff> I screwed up. That's supposed to read "My choice for the voice of Koz: Christian Slater."


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:10:35 PM

*pokes her head back in* Little postscript to my last-week's post about inspirational music. [TDH II SPOILER!]
The track "Facts" from the "X-Files: Fight The Future" album goes with the scene where Madoc is dying, the dome around the Conservatory Gardens goes down, and the rain begins to fall. Picture it in semi-slowmotion. (I did.)

Later, rookery sibs. You know I love you.

Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:09:02 PM

Aaron strolls into the CR, muttering something about beheading his coworkers.

I dunno how long I can stay, so here goes.

Robby> Thanx for the COS info. I remember that, now that you mentioned it.

SJ> Highlander 4? Kewl. I'm a rational mastermind too. (Funny, I always thought I was a mad b'stard. Oh well)

Bishansky> You don't have to tell me twice about Crusade. If it's got Gary Cole in it, I'm there.

Kyryn> Any chance of Himura Kenshin showing at Disney? I wanna ask him how he gets his hair like that. I want that hair.

David G> Alien invasion of Britan? Happens every week. That's why U.N.I.T. exists.

The spawn series> I watch, mostly for Keith. And I like Sam and Twitch. If it's ever going to rise above where it is now, HBO's really gonna have to spend some money to make it an hour show, and make more then six eps a season.

Pistoff> I knew I should have clarified that remark. That or quit referencing my fics before they're posted. I meant my Frank Black, Demona's mate,(Who hasn't been exactly the positive influence on her that Koz has) not Chris Carter's Black. Mine looks nothing like Lance Henrikson. More like Gary Cole, actually...

It's sort of funny about the name, really. Way back when I first started writing, (Aaron starts doing the Wayne's World flashback motion)

..I created a psycho ex-XE troubleshooter named Frank Black. (Actually I didn't so much create him as he just appeared, but that's another story)

I went my merry way, and about four months later, Fox released a new show called Millinium which horrified me for two reasons.

A. It took X-Files' friday timeslot.

B. It revolved around a character named... Frank Black.

I thought about this for a while, and then decided to Hell with it. I liked the name, and who's ever going to read my fan fiction but me, anyway? ;)
This was before I discovered this wonderful loony-bi- I mean, home away from home here in the CR.

So I kept the name. Besides, I think some singer beat both Carter and I to it anyway.

This is not the first time this has happened. About a year and a half ago, I wrote a story involving an elite mercenary organization called Vampire-Killers, who were tied to the Vatican. Then, six months later, out comes John Carpenter's Vampires featureing an elite mercenary organization called Vampire-Killers who were tied to the Vatican. I think my story was better though. No brag, I just thought Vampires sucked. (No pun intended)

Pistoff> My choice for the voice of Christian Slater.


Aaron skips out triumphantly, humming "Red Right Hand."

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:06:12 PM

**Green Baron enters wearing full Forsyth tartan holding a claymore. He then skewers DisConnect with his claymore and takes his wallet. Euros?? No wonder this guy lets himslef get killed. All he has are euros and they keep depreciating against the dollar :) **

Hello all. Since we're a Clan, I guess I should dress the part. I hope you ladies like my kilt :)

Heather> Actually, Deuce is younger :)

Gyre> Oberon is a d*ck. Too bad, it would be too controversial to have God (played by Charleton Heston) come down and start firing some iron shells into him :)

Robby> I only got a 26 on my ACT. I guess I wouldn't qualify :(

Update> I have two important bits of news.
1) I quit my job. It was stresing me out.
2) My cousin will be a father in July and he'll be christened on August 15, Feast Day of Mary's Assumption, and I'm going to be a godfather :)

Theresa and Coyote> How about we throw a party for the TGS clan at our room, provided no one trashes the place and raises our bill :)

Star Wars rumor> Has anyone heard that Mark Hamill is a porno-star?

Jackal> That was a very touching e-mail. It's nice to see that side of you.

Shogun Raptor> I saw an article discussing the sterotypes portaryed in Star Wars. I thought the Gungans were an Italian stereotype, not Rastafarian. As for Watto, I doubt it, since Lucas is Jewish, though I wouldn't put it past Mel Brooks. The Trade Federation, may somewhat appropriate considering Japan is known for some sleazy trade practices, like federal subsidies, tarriffs, price quotas, and other Buchanan-like measures to limit free enterprise. I mean no offense to anyone Japanese, but as a nation, their Government is way too active in their trading.

Personality Test> I scored Guardian-Inspector. I took those in religion class and I always wound up the same personality type. I always like tests like that.

Gotta go before I miss Mass. Bye Bye!!

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:02:13 PM

Sorry about the double post, but...

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr.> Was Loki referring to "Star Trek?"

Blue Caeru
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:55:19 PM

CR Text Colors: I think 2 other people use powder blue: Fleur Rine and Heather. Not that I have a problem with it. :-) We each use different pictures anyway, so I think it's easy enough to distinguish between the posts. I just picked this color because it's similar to the light blue I used in the Gargoyles Chat Room (back when I used to visit there anyway, and when I was new to the TGS fandom). And blue happens to be my favorite color. :-)

Robby> A viable point about voice-acting, but I've heard that there is a tendency to over-act since the actors can't convey anything with their body movements. Hmm, two different sides, based on the same reason...

TGS series: Well, once this season of "Gargoyles" is over, I'll have to get around to reading "Dark Ages" and "Pendragon." I guess I might as well reread all the eps from the past 2 seasons of "Gargoyles" too. At least I won't be completely suffering from deprivation. *g*

Mensa: Spiffy, I qualify too, although I really dislike those tests. :-P But yes, I think it does reflect well on "Gargoyles." ;-)

Blue Caeru
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:53:27 PM

ED - Actually, I was referring to the lines Loki was saying as he blasted each of the generators in turn. Heh! I know a lot of people are going to probably stone me, but I based them on the rant Ivan Ooze (the villian from "Power Rangers, The First Movie) was saying as he blasted the Command Center to bits. Of course, I was imagining the voice of John DeLancie (Q from ST:TNG) saying the lines... hey, he'd make a great Loki!

BTW, Can anyone guess what TV series Loki was lamenting over, having missed their 30th Reunion? :) Cyber cookie to the winner!

Maintain and Check Six! (Dang! Two posts in one day!)

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:52:42 PM

Two quick things...

Pistoff: I'm assuming your mention of Brigitte Bako voicing Iris was a throwback to "Strange Days."

Keith David and gratuitous use of the F-word: "There's Something About Mary." It took me half the scene to even *realize* it was him. 'Nuff said.

==I shall return. -Doug MacArthur==

Steve Gooch - []
Malverne, NY
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:39:45 PM

**runs in and hugs everyone and hugs Robby** I'm back ! I don't know my grades but I hope they are good. **kisses Robby**
Tomorrow is my birthday ! 15 ! I'm the baby in the TGS CR group ! **smiles widely** I like it ! I want presents !
** Timdancer Spoilers**
I loved it! I liked how you guys made Angela and Broadway the responible parents about Gwen's behavior. Gwen is the comic of the clan I think. She kinda reminds me...of me. **blushes and hides behind Robby**
**Ending Spoilers**
Anyway, my parents gave me one of my presents early. It's the new Blackstreet cd. With the song "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" featuring Janet Jackson and "Take Me There (Remix)" from the Rugrats movie.

Heather - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:15:33 PM

I agree, Oberon needs to be brought to account for his actions. He made a mess of the First Unseelie War, sat there, and allowed the younger races to fight the second one for him, then calmly refuses to heal someone his brother almost killed siting Non-Interferance in Mortal affairs. Clearly Oberon is not the ruller he thinks he is.
Gyre - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 05:11:43 PM

First of all, a couple of stray comments.
TGS Writers - I'm very impressed. I found this series a couple of months ago, and didn't think it would be very good. I've now read everything but Dark Ages, and the quality has consistantly suprised me. Any negative criticism I might have, and there's very little, I will save until some of you have had the chance to read my writing. I'd like my comments to have a basis for comparison.
Doug - I should have said this sooner, thanks for your responses to my various comments.
New Series - I think New Olympians would be interesting, but the problem is that either the setting is kind of limited, or there'd be almost no way to keep the "big secret" if the Olympians started interacting with the rest of the world. How about "The Vinnie show?" (Oh please God, let that be a joke) An idea that just popped into my head is to do a show about a few wandering gargoyles, maybe from Ishimura, who want to see the wide world. They would need humans to help them, but that's no big problem. Then there's the Illuminati. "The Eye and the Piramid" makes a cool title.
Timedancer - I haven't read it yet, except for the last couple of pages so I could get to sleep last night. That was a total surprise. If the rest is as good, then Wow.
WB Comercials - I haven't seen the one with Jigliepuff (sp?), but the one where J gets replaced with Bulbasaur is cool. So is the one where J meets Terry McGinnis (sp? again).

Now for my main comments, "What I think should happen." Please note that all opinions are mine, and probably not worth the ones and zeros they're made of.
Elisa as '5th wheel' - this is kind of a problem. They handled a simmilar issue in Buffy by giving the protagoinsts situations that required the specific skills of the weaker characters (really just Willow, but that's enough for me). TGS has the same option. Back in the first season of the TV show Goliath said he 'needed a detective.' If the Illuminati becomes the major threat, he will again. For that matter, Tony Dracon may have helped save the world, but he did it while re-building his criminal organization.
The Death of Owen - I'm of two minds about this one. I really liked Owen, and Puck. On the other hand, resurecting him presents some problems with story credibility. If he was faking his own death to fool the Unseelie, he could have come back by now. Also, when you get into the habit of bringing people back from the dead, death becomes less important. If you only get one shot at life then when you give that life for someone else, it's noble. If you're half likely to come back from the dead, then it's just nice.
TGS story direction - I've already said a few things in this direction. Pendragon should split off if at all possible. Arthur's mythos provides lots of room for mystical story telling that the Gargoyles aren't quite as cut out for. For the Gargoyles, the fact that humanity is increasingly aware of their existance should become a major factor. They should also start building a society, rather than just a smattering of independant clans.
Demona - Before she can really be redeemed, she needs to go on a quest of atonement. In Malory, Lancelot got the crud kicked out of himself when he failed to reach the holy grail. ("You are not the greatest knight, but you ARE the greatest of sinful knights" has to be one of the coolest, harshest things any literary character has ever said to another, right up there with "I have no father, and you have no son.") Demona's quest could begin when she tries one more time to destroy humanity, and unleashes some sort of Power from the Dark Beyond. Discovering the evil nature of this entity, and seeing it reflected in her own life, could truly make her understand what she is and what she's done.
The Fey - The Elder Court is too rich with story material to ignore. Somehow, they need to be used. Meanwhile, Oberon has to face the responsibilities of his actions. Umbriel could have done this admirably, but he's dead. (See Puck comments for my opinion of bringing him back to life)

OK, this post is getting really long, so I think I'll stop for now. I hope you folks (Ya'll in Texan) enjoy reading it. If you agree with me, cool. If not, then I hope I've given you some food for discussion.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 04:23:51 PM

Airwalker- Actually, I'm not really that sure when "Before you know it" actually is. But if you think about the phrasing, you'll "know it" has arrived when the first episode goes up, but we'll have been teasing about it before then, so the new season will be here "before you know it." Hee...
Thursday, June 3, 1999 03:52:25 PM

Stephen: The Loki scene at the beginning? Which? The hilarious ‘time to Ragnarok and roll’ one? (I couldn’t stop laughing for a while there :))

Robby: Ah-ha! Now it all makes sense :) As an incidental note, I think this season size was pretty nice although it went quicker than it otherwise might because so much was taken up by multiple part stories. (Not that I mind).

Taleweaver: Maybe it’s your (second) natural talent! (besides writing excellent introductions and conclusions to Timedancer seasons of course! :)).

Thursday, June 3, 1999 03:18:22 PM

ROBBY - When you say the next season of TIMEDANCER will be here before we know it, could you give us a little more specific number? Is before you know it around the end of August or around the beginning of October?

I am relieved to here that there will still be more GARGOYLES/PENDRAGON episodes this season, it's just that the season finale of TIMEDANCER took me by suprise. I was expecting for the staff to mercilessly tease us for weeks in advance about the season finale of any of the various saga's and that didn't happen here. Still, considering the ending of the current TIMEDANCER episode, it does mark a very good point to end a season.

(By the way, I saw that Batman singing Jigglypuff commerical and I swear it left me momentarily speechless and then cracking up for almost an hour.)

Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, June 3, 1999 03:14:56 PM

Thank you! Thank you! For all the kind compliments. Now I can laugh maniacally. It was tough keeping a tight lip from last week on Crossroads. Though lately all the stories I've written have some sort of infidelity hinted at and I'm a pretty committed guy. Sometimes writing this stuff I feel like Homebreaker R Us. You make 'em, we break 'em.

I am glad people like the Egyptian cast. It validates all the spark, sweat and tears on them. Can't say what the future will hold, but it means a lot that you like them.

Taleweaver - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 02:39:26 PM

TGS series in general- Yes, Crossroads part 2 *IS* the season finale for Timedancer I'm afraid. But breakdowns for season three have already been done, so the new season will be here before ya know it. Dark Ages season 2 is progressing nicely, and that will be here even sooner. (I'm working on one of the stories involved myself!) But don't think it is over yet and that we're all doomed to months of nothing new... The main Gargoyles/Pendragon season still has quite a few episodes left! I won't disclose the exact ammount, but we have some more weeks yet...

As far as why Timedancer isn't going to last longer than the Gargoyles season, remember that at the time, Dumlao didn't think Timedancer was going to start until late April. As it is, it started much, much sooner, and so, we get a season finale that much sooner.
**Starts cracking up** Hee hee... Every time I think about Batman going into the Jigglypuff song I can't help but crack up... Hee hee...

Cars- Um... I have no where to go most days so I don't drive yet... However, I may have to come up with a creative way of getting to Dallas at the end of the month...

Paul and Mandi- Actually, if you make a very big case about it from the start, you can claim a color as your own. But you have to do so from the first day you use it, and no one can be using it at the time. So its too late for either of you to claim that yellow as your own. But thats why no one else uses Rich Orange but me, cause its MINE! But, I've let slide those who've used it on occassion. I only claim the color because its unique in this CR...

Mensa- Interesting how many of us in here qualify... Says something about the crowd Gargoyles attracts doesn't it?

Blue Caeru- Generally actors do a superior job in voice acting than regular acting, because they have to put everything into their voice and not their appearance. (Well, one exception being Tony jay. That guy scares me when you see him playing a part! He has the looks that go with the voice!)

Speaking of voice actors... I was flipping channels earlier today, and for a few moments the channel happened to showcase Captain Planet. (Icky poo!) And they had a great inside gag... Near as I can tell, the characters were involved in some sort of movie production... And the following lines occured between the director and Linka (Voiced by Kath Soucie. with some funky accent)
Linka-"Who hired that actress? She's terrible!"
Director-"Don't worry about it. We can just have Kath Soucie dub the lines later."
Linka- "I hope this Kath Soucie person is a very good actress!"

Heh heh heh. I didn't stick around much longer, but its a fun inside gag. Kinda reminiscent of a Jonny Quest episode that was less blunt about it... The characters were interviewing a villain named Surd, voiced by Frank Welker.
"Yes... I know all about your fathers. The news interrupted Scooby Doo three times. And it wasn't even one I'd seen yet!" Of course, that being a tribute to Frank's role as Freddie...

Clan name- Hmm... Nope, nothing creative is forthcoming.
The TGS CR Clan is the simplest and most accurate... But it lacks something...

Kyryn- You make a good Princess Kahm! I like Outlanders... It's a fun movie/manga...
"But sir, the men want to live!"
"You're excused..."

Coyote- You already know what I think of the story. I proofread it!

Wilek- Oh right, THATS what the party is for...

Thursday, June 3, 1999 02:17:46 PM

Greetings all...

First off, Kudos to Rahsaan and Don for a damn fine job on "Crossroads 2"... Very good, fellas! Great way to close out the TD season...

KEITH DAVID CURSING> Actually, if you watch a film called "They Live!" (co-stars Roddy Piper), Keith also curses quite a bit in this one too. He also gets into a big, knock-down, drag out fight between his character and Roddy's... And you thought all Piper could do was "wrassel"! :)

MY LAST WORDS ON TDH> Since my fellow writer's are identifying scenes they did for "The Darkest Hour", I assume I can mention one or two of the ones I did: The Ishimura scenes (which were a treat to do) were a challenge, as were the scenes leading up to Demona's big decision (The ER scene and the one with the Clan gathered around Elisa's deathbed)... One scene though I'm surprised no comments came on was the Loki scene at the beginning! <grin>

And, in case my nickname wasn't a big of enough giveaway, I did the Coldduo's battle scenes...

Well, that's all for now... and as Kathy said, just wait... it ain't over yet!

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 02:17:16 PM

Jenniren : I think Xenogears is an RPG video-game for Playstation that didn’t get released in this country (England). Not too sure though because (a) I own a Saturn not a PS and (b) I don’t live in the USA. So I’m just going by what I’ve heard/assumed…

Robby: Season finale?! Pull the other one – it’s got bells on it! I remember DX saying that TD would run longer than Gargoyles/Pendragon which would end in July. Or is this an evil TGS plot? Or was this so you could leave TD on a cool cliffhanger and start TD punctually next season? Which, I suppose is a fair way of doing it.


Stunning, well-written, heart-wrenching in end, and… Sata caught Brook and Gwen twice? Sounds like a certain Aussie soap opera… back in business with Isfet and Harthoth? Good show!

Nonetheless, this episode was very good and I loved the scene with Brooklyn throwing away the Gate and being taken back in the ending.


Airwalker: It seems likely that G2158 will pick up after TD because it would flow on so perfectly. But while I like the futuristic episodes, I still find Pendragon generally more interesting. Of course, if G2158 also swooped to include Demona and Macbeth, more Gwen and a bit of Xanatosian history (and less holographic what-nots and electronic thingamijigs) then it’d probably be more intriguing. As it stands, it’s a nice one-shot but while Gwen demands development, the rest seem all *too* futuristic. And also, it’s hard not to give the game away for modern adventures. I suppose after TD I’d be more curious to see ‘The New Olympians’ as a continuing series.


Ed - []
London, England
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:26:46 PM

Deuce> Perhaps, but a 12 guage firing iron buckshot would have been a better choice of weapons on Demona's part.
Gyre - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:19:08 PM

JENNIREN - Well, in "Ill Met By Moonlight", Oberon stated that Titania had originally been a lot more unpleasant towards mortals, which was the catalyst for his banishing her and the rest of the Third Race from Avalon for a thousand years. So back in the days of Greek mythology, she could have been "Hera-like".
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:16:09 PM

*Alex and Batya enter the room amidst a shower of rose petals*

ALEX: Hi all! Thanks muchly for the congratulations. Don't forget: make your checks out to Toon Town Enterprises, c/o of me. :)

*Batya thwaps Alex on the arm*

BATYA: But in all seriousness. It's wonderful to see all the good-wishes from you guys. "You like us! You really, really like us!"
Speaking of which -- it's also GREAT to see all the positive responses to The Darkest Hour. I've been very proud of this story ever since it started to look like a complete work, and I'm really glad to see that some of the scenes I was proudest of (both my own work and my co-writers' work) received such acclaim. Once again, many thanks to my co-writers, contributors and editors: Todd, Stephen, Christi, Patrick, Kathy, and others as knows who they are. [And yes, that scene with Demona talking to herself was mine -- thanks to Constance Cochran for the late-night phone conversation that inspired it.]

Well, we gotta get going; a newlywed's work is never done. :) Anyone who's been sending me email, I haven't been able to check for a while -- hoping to clean out my inbox tonight.

Good night, good luck, win awards!
*Alex and Batya drive off in a rented Batmobile with a JUST MARRIED sign on the back, and shoes and tin cans clattering behind them.*

Alex & Batya "The Toon" Wittenberg
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:51:49 AM

Crossroads Part 2: Great conclusion to the episode. Harthoth and Apep being the ones responsible for the kidnappings was definitely unexpected. It seems likely that Alex and Merlin (and possibly Nimue) will have to fight Apep as halfling magic is the most powerful type that can affect him. The characterizations were very well done, especially of Brooklyn and Sata. The final scene was amazing.

Heather> Happy birthday

Happy Birthday CR!!!!

Cars> Currently I rely on my mom's '91 Chrysler Dynasty, though I don't really have many places to go so it's not a problem.

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Thursday, June 3, 1999 11:27:07 AM


Great episode. I loved the Brooklyn/Gwen moments and Sata's reaction. That was just great. (I wonder, now that Sata is stuck in the future without Brooklyn, how will she and Gwen get along?)

So Harthoth and Apep are the villians of this particular piece. I'm glad to see them return. Of all the TGS staff creations in Timedancer, I have to say that the Egyptian characters - Apep, Harthoth, Isfet, and Meyrt - have been among the greatest and most interesting. Harthoth seems to have become even more ruthless over time, although I can't see how he can expect Alex to keep his vow to him. Harthoth's being responsible for harming Alex's daughter should cancel out any promise Alex made.

The ending was just so sad. We know that everything turns out alright but still it was just so depressing. I know that Broadway and Angela are trying not to reveal much about their past and Brooklyn's future to him, but they could have at least told him that everything will work out in the end. That can't really hurt and would give him some hope. (Is it my imagination or will Brooklyn, before returning to Sata and the Twins in 2158, return to an earlier than 2158 but still future Manhatten? It seems like that from some of Broadway and Angela's comments.)

This is the season finale Robby? It's a good point to break at but damn, are the staff trying to torture us or something? Now we have to wait a few month's to see the continuation of the story? Shouldn't TIMEDANCER end later than the main TGS because it started later?

I'm curious, which character's here are Brooklyn's descendants? Graeme and Ariana should either be very, very old or dead, but their children should still be around. So where are they?

And as long as I'm asking "Where are they now?" questions, where are Lexington and Demona? Some clue was given for Lexington although I would love to see exactly what his future is. And Demona, well I would just love to see her in the future, and how Brooklyn would relate to her in light of what he said to himself in the end of REQUIEM. Will he tell her about Jerusha and try to prevent the future that he saw? (Also I'd love to see how Demona relates to her grandchildren. I got the impression from REQUIEM that she had a particularly close relationship with Gwen and I would love to see some of that.)

Also I can't wait to see Meyrt in the future.

I love seeing the TGS universe future. I have to request that the staff spend a lot of time in this period. We know that the Twins were raised for a good amount of time in the future and I would like to see a lot of it. (Also when TIMEDANCER comes to an end - it has to since it has a set 40 year time period to cover and has to end eventually - that the staff will do a Gargoyles Future series. These future characters are just really interesting and I would like to see a lot more of them.


Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:54:10 AM

Reading over my previous post...
"Darkest Hour 3 - Search for Owen".
Bad creativity demon.

Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:50:16 AM

Kathy> Thanks for the tip on how to find files. But there was no QuickTime Movie listed in the Start/Find/File/Advanced scrollbox. So maybe that means QuickTime automatically downloaded some viewing and filtering software that my computer lacked and which wasn't deleted after I looked at the movie. That's all right if I'm going to be using it again anyway next time I look at a QuickTime movie on the web, but 2 megs worth seems like a lot - and if it's cumulative so that I lose this much memory each time I look at a QuickTime movie... Let's just say I'm not going to be in a hurry to look at any more QuickTime until I know where the megs went and that the situation won't keep repeating itself. Looking for information on the QuickTime website was phenominally unsuccessful.

I wish I knew of a way to find files by date. My brother said he knew of a program for UNIX that would find files by date, but not of one for Windows or DOS.

About the Spawn QuickTime movies I did see> Does anyone else in here think hearing Keith David's voice use the F word is wholly inappropriate? I don't really have much problem with street talk if it fits the character, but to me, a voice like Keith's just isn't believable using street talk. IMHO If Spawn's gotta swear, they should have chosen another voice actor for Spawn and had Keith voice a different character.

About the Illuminati being the Gargoyles' next big adversary> I know they're around in future stories, but what if the organization was broken up in this time and then resurfaced again in the future from seeds laid in the past. Kind of like those mythological monsters where if you cut them into little pieces in an attempt to destroy them, each piece will grow into a new monster. If this happened, the future Illuminati divisions might not communicate honestly with each other and might have very different agendas. That would make things complicated for non-Illuminati who were trying to figure out what the Illuminati was up to. Come to think of it, what if such a breakup happened in the past? Is this a creativity demon or what?

I don't think we've had a Thailog story in here, have we? (hint, hint)

Re Weepinbell's Fun thought ("Will we ever see a Timedancer series of episodes when Brooklyn and/or Sata and company wind up in the great war between Avallach and the Dragons, or one where they encounter Madoc?") Yes! Yes! I want to see this one too!

I wonder if Owen's death will be like Mr. Spock's.

If Oberon was Zeus, does that mean Titania was Hera? Or was Hera someone else? Hera was often portrayed as exceedingly jealous and spiteful in Greek mythology. So if Titania was Hera, she has either matured tremendously since ancient Greek times or suffered from unusually bad PR.

Someone please answer the following question:
Xenogears is:
1 A movie
2 A fanfic series
3 An RP game
4 A Doom-type video game
5 It doesn't exist. It was mentioned in here as a joke just to confuse us. Many people went along with the joke because they thought it might be something cool they hadn't heard of and did not want to admit they didn't know what the he!! it was.
6 Other (please elaborate)

I haven't read Crossroads 2 yet, but that picture at the end looks so sad. Poor Sata. Great picture.

Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:45:06 AM

******************DS9 spoliers*******************
Well I actually didn't see it- but I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. The way Duece and Sj are talking-makes me glad I missed it. I used to love the show, and I hate to see what I't become. I remembered when I watched Bab5 closing, and the one 2 eps before it where Garibali leaves--I cried during those. And I loved the old Star trek-campy as it was and some of next gen--I hate to see the way DS9 has really gone down hill.
It stings.

Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:33:16 AM

I was going to write something emotional and sappy, but then I figured it would be a waste of time. Y'all know how I feel, and why I love this place the way I do. I'm definitely going to be here for the 2nd anniversary, and the 3rd... (not just 'cause I'm the co-admin, either :-)). *sigh*

SJ> I agree with you about the DS9 finale. It seemed to fall awfully flat, didn't it? To me, it seemed like they took a one-hour show, and stretched it into two hours with the help of boring, useless B-plots and those emotional montages. I did like the space battles, as brief as they were, and the opening scene with Bashir and Ezri had me hyperventilating. (Nicole deBoer is the _only_ reason to watch Deepwater Black on YTV, IMO).

Gyre> Think about this: would a bullet to the chest do less damage than one to the head? By its nature, a mace is made to do more damage... and I'd say Demona struck a killing blow to him there.

All for now, time to check my email. (I know I don't have any, but I still want to check).

** leaves **

Deuce - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 10:12:02 AM

This question came to me out of the blue.
If Madoc was every bit as strong as Oberon, and Oberon survived being shot with an iron harpoon right in the chest simply by pulling it out, why would one blow with an iron mace kill Madoc?

As for Puck being dead, the scene from "Tom Sawyer" where Tom fakes his own death comes to mind. The season isn't over yet.

Gyre - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 09:49:41 AM

Glad to see all the comments on "Darkest Hour." To whoever asked, though, I can't take credit for the scene of Demona talking to herself. I believe that one was Batya's. It's nice to hear, though, that people have read enough now to recognize individual writers' styles.

Fasten your seatbelts, though, everyone. The ride isn't over yet. After the battle comes the aftermath...

Star Wars, Ep. 1: Saw it on Sunday. I thought it was good, but not worth the hype it had been given. If I had stood in line for two weeks waiting to see it, I would've felt let down. And the plot had it's share of holes and nits, too.

DS9: I don't suppose I could convince everyone not to post any more DS9 spoilers until the weekend... I looked away real fast when I saw the first ones... you see, up here in Cleveand, we don't get to see that two hour finale until Saturday night.

GWT/G99 News: Good news - the hotel has extended the special room rate for a couple more weeks. That means you still have time to book your rooms, if you haven't done so already. For more details, see the post our con chair left in the Station 8 CR.

Patrick Toman
Thursday, June 3, 1999 06:15:45 AM

One last note for the night: whoever is planning out the Timedancer eps, PLEASE include more jumps to the future!
If memory serves, there have only been two or three stories set in the future, plus a few passing references.
"Future Tense" was my favorite episode from the original show, and it seems a pity that we only hear about the trips to the past. Anyway, great stuff!
Gunjack Valentine
Dallas, Tx
Thursday, June 3, 1999 04:26:50 AM

Doug- This link doesn't link directly to the song in question, but to a page with 6 different variations of it. Enjoy.
Robby the CR DJ
Thursday, June 3, 1999 02:45:59 AM

<<wouldn't it be awesome to have Lance Henriksen do the voice for a Gargoyles character>>
Why yes, I believe it would.

<<Jackal actually seemed like a normal fellow at first>>
Well, up until the point I said something about Brooklyn singing "I'm a little teapot". But still, to this day, I'll still say Brooklyn can say anything and it will sound cool, like, "If you go clean your meatloaf I will think about it."

Hmmm..., random question..., WHY?!?!?!?!?!! No really...., Why is it that newcomers are asked to check their sanity at the door? We're all pretty sane..., Mesa called Jar Jar Binks....., right?

JackaL - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:57:41 AM

Robby> <<Actually, the last one never ended... I don't even remember why it was started now...>> To celebrate Gargs winning the USA poll, and just as it as about to end, the issues with Wyvernweb came up and crashed the CR, and when it came back, you continued the party. <<he begins singing to put Robin to sleep... "Jiggilypuff..">> ACK. I have to wonder what they spike the water cooler with at that place.

Cars> Heh...Where I live, the only things within walking distance are the neighbors' houses, and there's nothing there that interests me. All the stores and such are far enough away to necessitate driving, and as I can't drive, it falls to Miriam to do the chaeuffeuring (sp?).

FS> <<I was just checking to see who made it, and I found out (READ: ABSOLUTELY FLOORED to find out) that one of my stories actually made it!>> You too? I was amazed when one of my stories made an earler AvMists.

Theresa> <<So, it's really been a year. We've celebrated weddings, engagements and birthdays. We've had people come and people go (hands another candle to Coyote). Graduations. We've shared our happy times and our crying times. In short, we are a family. No, we are CLAN.>> <snif> That was so beautiful...I never really looked at it that way. We *are* a clan needs a name? 'bout Clan Malkav, after the psychotic vampire clan from Vampire: The Masquerade? Nah, too obscure and confusing...Clan of Lost Minds? Clan Arkham? Clan of the Shattered Lens? Hm...

Xenogears> All I know of it is that it's a PlayStation game of some kind...

Mandi> <<If you ever get your hands on a copy of Toy Fair, check out the "Twisted Mego Theatre" in every issue.>> I have an issue of that, and I've seen one of those. Sick, weird stuff.

Did I ever congratulate Alex and Batya? I forget, so I'll do it now anyway. :) Congratulations!


[For no apparent reason, DC finds himself in a darkened room...and the Administrator, a Borg Queen, strides toward him, calmly and sedately. DC steps back, not having any idea what to expect. Abruptly, the Administrator embraces and kisses him, for about a half minute. As they separate, DC wonders what that was all about...then falls to the floor in abject agony as the Borg nanites that the Administrator surreptitiously injected into him while they kissed stimulate the nerve endings that the body uses to sense pain, sending him into excruciating and unimaginable torment. Her work done, the Administrator leaves, as Wilek enters. "You won't be assimilated; that'd be letting you off too easy. Not after offlining me upward of ten times today and completely messing up several large downloads. The Borg can be quite creative in their application of pain. Enjoy."]


All newcomers> Welcome! :D Bid farewell to the last threads of your sanity, as this place is inimical to logic and reason.

Jenniren> Hm...not sure what the problem could be...

JEB> Welcome back! :D <<what's the Sigma Virus? The bad guy from the Mega Man X series?>> Yup.

Zath> You've got the beginnings of a very kewl little page there. Can't wait to see what else you fill it with. :)

Gunjack Valentine> Welcome back! <<you guys and gals have probably got no idea what it's like to get back on the net after a year without it.>> Ack...and I don't think I want to find out either; I'd go nuts! (Even more than I already am...)


So...the Xanatos/Renard medical staff knows about New this common public knowledge? Hey, Merlin's still alive. Wait...a combination duel and ballet? Twisted stuff. I like it. :) <<There's been a theft: Cleopatra's Needle.>> Woah. Why did I just think of 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego'. :P Ack...they're taking the souls of Halflings? I didn't much like Madoc's Vampyres, but no one deserves that ('cept maybe Madoc, and it's a little late for that)...Um...the computer's synthesized voice sounds like Lex? Uh oh. Anyone here ever see a Star Trek TNG ep called 'The Nth Degree' (I think)? Wait a minute, a black and gold gargoyle from Egypt? I've seen this before...So this is why Harthoth is collecting Halfling souls. AW SHOOT. And the end of must be one of the saddest scenes ever written for TGS. :`( I wonder how they're ever going to get back together...


Fanfic Character Voices> I don't really know who would do the voices for most of my characters. Miriam sounds a lot like Lara Croft, Anoth sounds like Alexander Siddig, and Dahak has this whole Jeremy Irons air. My voice...sounds somewhere between Reboot's Bob and The Lion King's Simba (or Kovu, I can't tell which), with just a little bit of Mark Hamill...I think...

SJ> Grey October isn't so cheesy. Kinda kewl, actually. It'd make a great name for a band. :) <<I'm not good at naming cars unless the name has a profanity somewhere attached. ;)>> I'm not good at naming cars, period. Starships, yes; fortresses, yes; clans...well, not so good. But I've never understood why ppl name their cars...<<BTW, does anyone else think that the Breen are TOTALLY ripped off from Star Wars? I mean, come on! They look EXACTLY like steroid-pumped Ubese bountyhunters (that guy Princess Leia passed herself as in Jabba's palace). The helmetls are the same, the voice is the this a joke?>> Maybe it's a homage. Either that or the Breen *are* the Ubesians and there's something Lucas isn't telling us. ;P

Wilek Nereus
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:43:14 AM

Hey, I have the CD of Bob Seger's Greatest Hits, I Ought To be Able to Whip Up An MP3 I f You Like... Just give me a few days... Is this the season finally (however you spell it) of the series for the year? I NEED MORE!!!! (Sorry, adictions ya know...) :) NHow all we need in the wedding for Goliath and Elisa not to mention Matt and Sara... Not to mention Claw and Sharon who seem to be geting along quite well... God help us, what are we gonnna do with out Owen!!! (I need sleep...)
The Soundman - []
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:37:05 AM

Song request- Robby, could you please find Against the Wind for me? (you know, the song that goes "against the wind, I'm still running against the wind, watch a young man running against the wind...") Thank you.

More later.
Thursday, June 3, 1999 01:18:21 AM

***BEGIN RP!!****
One by one, the Brujah each pull out some form of firearm. Nonchalantly, they point them at the heroes.
"Aw crap," SJ mutters, an angry look on his face. He hit the palm of his hand on his forehead. "Stupid, stupid me! I KNEW I was forgetting something important about them!"
"I think a few dozen sub-machine guns are something you should have remembered!!!!" Kari shouted.
"Man, I wish Rosie O'Donnell was here," SJ admitted.
"Why?" Wilek asks. "Cause she's for gun control?"
"No. I'd use her tubby behind as a shield"
[NOTE: I will gladly take any heat for that rather tasteless joke]
Abruptly, one of the Brujah fires his handgun, a simple "police special", striking Scarecrow square in the chest. The former leader of Oz is knocked to the ground; his friend Lion rushes to his side.
"Are you okay?" he asks.
"Yeah," he grumbles. "Luckily for me, I'm made of straw, not flesh and bone. Unfortunately, the rest of you aren't."
"Enough stalling," one of the vampires says with a sneer. "Now, you ALL die!"
*****END RP FOR NOW!!!****

Happy Birthday CR!!!!
I have to agree completely with Robby. It's been almost a year ago that I blindly stumbled into this little den of madness. I was searching for fan fiction on the net, found a link to something called "The Gargoyle Saga" (based of course on one of my favorite toon shows--favorite shows, actually, period--of all time), saw another link for the comment room, and...well, as the cliche goes, the rest is history. And truth be told, while I was a little jerk in the beginning, I have grown to love this place (it's kind of hard not to :). It's just like home--a little weird, a little crazy, but I'd never trade it for anything.
But most of all, I'm happy to have met such wonderful people as I have in here. Since coming here, I've been involved in discussions--and arguments--with people from literally all around the world; and, and this is the best part, made friends with those same individuals, who come from diverse backgrounds, such as the inspiringly religious, more "conservative" (not necessarily the party, boys) Kaioto and Green Baron, to the wonderfully crazy JackaL. I wouldn't give up anyone of you folks for anything. Some of you--maybe most of you--I'll probably never meet face to face, but I consider you all my friends. And I hope that in some way I have brightened your days as you've brightened mine.
I plan on being here for the 2nd anniversary, and I hope you-all (and those who have left us, like you, Ravyn) will too!

No offense, but....this may be one of the worst finales for a show I've ever seen. I was totally not into it. Honestly, I haven't been into this whole season; in my opinion, the last couple of years of DS9 have been focusing on the Dominion War far too much.
I don't know, maybe I was expecting too much. I found the final conflict less than thrilling (the space battles weren't that spectacular and the villains gave in rather easily). Sisko's "death" for me lacked no emotion whatsoever. It was like, "oh, the Prophets are talking to me, I'm gonna have to plunge to my demise with Gul Dukat, yadda yadda yadda". The goodbyes of the crew weren't even that emotional for me. Only when they started that montage of clips from previous episodes did I feel a little sad (but then again, I'm a sucker for montages--they always make me sad).
There were a few things I liked, though. The death toll of Cardassia was one; while I think it could have been handled better (we never got to really SEE what devastation the Jem'Hadar wrought), it did give the previously long-term villains some sympathy (I don't care if they enslaved the Bajorans, no one deserves to lose over 800 million lives). The montage was good, as I said. Kira looked cuter than ever (she's way hotter than Dax, IMO). It was good to see the Founders humbled. But overall, not a very good episode.
I may receive some flak for this, but I thought the B5 finale was much better. I damn near cried at the end of that; still when I watch it, I feel proud to have been a fan of such a show and sorrow that it has to end. I didn't get that with the DS9 ending.
BTW, does anyone else think that the Breen are TOTALLY ripped off from Star Wars? I mean, come on! They look EXACTLY like steroid-pumped Ubese bountyhunters (that guy Princess Leia passed herself as in Jabba's palace). The helmetls are the same, the voice is the this a joke?

Spawn: I'm rather disappointed with Spawn. In all incarnations, except for the toys. I don't know about the current issues of Spawn, but the first issues of the series....terrible, in my view. Wonderful art (Todd has talent, not doubt about it), but not very good writing. Maybe it's improved in the time that Todd's taken off, I don't know.
The animated series is okay; frankly, I appreciate an American cartoon show that isn't afraid to give us violence, naughty words, and a little sex. It's a tip of the hat to the Japanese, who've for years made adult anime features. But I do think that often, too many times the plot of the show does resort to several minutes of seeing homeless bums get wasted gratuitiously by the villain-of-the-week, only to have said villain get ripped apart by Spawn in the next several minutes. The only character I think has any real charisma is the Clown--now there's a cool character!
As for the movie....sorry, I hated it. No discernible plot, bad acting, cheesy special effects; WORSE than even Batman and Robin (which is pretty bad!) I got it as a Christmas gift a year or two ago by a very close loved one. So close, I didn't have the heart to ask her if she kept the receipt. I wound up cutting my losses and trading the cassette in for store credit at this used book store, so something good came out of it.

Drownded City: Is the link working now? I too this very day went looking for that episode, and it wouldn't work...

Cars: Well, my Olds is sitting in the yard right now. Until it gets a new carbureator (which is expensive), that's where it'll sit. I got a new car for a couple hundred bucks (plus a couple hundred more to fix the engine). It's a small, gun-metal grey Subaru. It ain't luxurious, but it gets me where I want to go without dying on the Olds. I call it the "Grey October". As in "gun-metal GREY" and "Subaru-->SUBaru-->SUB-->SUBmarine-->The Hunt for Red October". Cheesy name, I know, but I'm not good at naming cars unless the name has a profanity somewhere attached. ;)

WB commercials: I HAVE to see the new Bats one! They do make some fine commercials, don't they? I remember back to the Thanksgiving one, where all the toon stars were lined up for a feast...and someone breaks wind. Then everyone's clawing for air, Superman is makind funny faces, people are choking....okay, it's low-brow humor, but it was funny! :)

Pistoff: Are you a fellow Michael Wincott fan? Personally, I think he was awesome in "The Crow". Top Dollar is one of my favorite all time screen villains.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:38:29 AM

Coyote: Interesting list. Henriksen's got a great voice. I've thought a little about voices for my characters, but I haven't done a whole lot of pondering. For Jack Hammer, I'd pick Michael Wincott. For some reason, every time I read any of Jack's dialogue, I always hear Wincott's voice. For Iris, I think it would be fun if Brigitte Bako did it, just to see how many people get the pop-culture reference. ;) For Koz, I'd always pictured Jonathon Brandis, for some reason. **shrugs** For Otto Fellatio, I'm not really sure. Anybody who sounds like a 13-year-old pervo horndog, I guess. I haven't come up with anything for the rest of the characters. Denis mentioned some actors to me, but I don't remember the names because I've never heard of them before, heh.

Owen's death: Hmm. Well, even if Puck isn't sharing Alex's body, there could be a possibility that Puck split a part of his consciousness off and planted it in Alex's mind. Just a small piece, like the way Kosh put a part of himself in Sheridan. Just a weird thought ...

Pistoff - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:25:43 AM

I just read The Drowned City
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:24:23 AM


Hmm, so now we know what Harthoth and the Great Worm were
planning ... I wonder whether Oberon will get involved in
THIS war or not ... Harthoth seems to have a much larger
organization than last time, as well - I wonder whether
Garlon or other Unseelie still alive might help out ...
As for Brooklyn, we know that he'll come back, but how long
before he returns?


Fun thought: Will we ever see a Timedancer series of episodes
when Brooklyn and/or Sata and company wind up in the
great war between Avallach and the Dragons, or one where
they encounter Madoc?

weepinbell - []
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:15:06 AM

Robby> It's the season finale of Time Dancer?! I didn't know that! Well duh, I guess I should have known. *slaps herself* Ah well, I guess I'll have to wait longer than I thought to find out what happens.
Blue Caeru
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:11:10 AM

I am here once again, instead of studying. :-P Anyway, I just finished reading Time Dancer.


Great episode! I was near tears at the scene where Brooklyn leaves Sata (yes, even though I know how it all turns out). And Gwyn hitting on Brooklyn like that... well, I was a little surprised at how amorous she was. It was kinda funny though when Brooklyn found himself in such a compromising situation. There's got to be a third part to this story. So, we find out the reason for the kidnappings... what's the evil dragon going to do now that he has a corporeal form? And what will Alex be forced to do since he owes one to that devious gargoyle whose name I can't remember? Gee, I look forward to TGS eps even more than some TV shows. :-)


Blue Caeru
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:08:29 AM

A song appropiate for the season finale of Timedancer... "Time".

Why you punish me?
Can you teach me 'bout tommarrow
With all the pain and sorrow
Running free
And tommarrow's just another day
But I don't believe in time."

"Time, you ain't no friend of mine."

Robby the CR DJ
Thursday, June 3, 1999 12:06:17 AM

YeeeHAW!!! you guys and gals have probably got no idea what it's like to get back on the net after a year without it. The last time I was on, TGS was just getting started, & I thought that it was a stupid idea. After reading through all but "Pendragon" and the second season of "Gargoyles", I'm glad to see that I was B-A-D-L-Y mistaken. Kudos on a great series!
Two things 'fore I go. The link to "Survival" (Timedancer, second season) is a repeat to the preceading story. somebody please fix it... I'm in suspence here!
Also, what's the deal w/ this RP thingy?
See ya at the gathering!

Gunjack Valentine
Dallas, Tx
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 11:17:55 PM

**deep breath** Thanks, Robby, for lettin' me do this. You're good people. :)


Brooklyn must make the hardest decision of his life.

Crossroads, Part 2

Written by: Rahsaan Footman and Don "Coyote the Bando" Martinez

Illustrations by: Amber

Coyote the Bando - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 10:52:07 PM

Just a quick post today.

Personality Test Results> It claims I'm a Rational Architect. Some parts of the description are dead on, but others are pretty far off.

Clan Name> I like Deuce's suggestion of the CRazy Clan. Hey, if we're a clan, then someone needs to do a family portrait (no, I'm not volunteering, so you can stop looking at me that way ; P).

Robby> <<29 or above on ACT, or a 1250 on SAT>> That's all? Cool, I qualify too. It's interesting how small a gap there is with SAT scores between merely not having to take the TASP and qualifying for Mensa.

For anyone who cares, I've finally put some stuff up on my web page. There's not very much there now, but I hope to add some more things soon. Anyone interested can click my name to see it. I'd really like any feedback anyone feels like giving.

Zath - [<-- Click to see my pathetic little page]
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:57:38 PM

**stops fixating for a moment, but continues to vibrate. Checks tachometer** 7000 rpms ... uh oh ...

'Toons sharing voice actors: It's not just Canadian productions. Japanese dubs sometimes share voice actors, too. Case in point ... the same actor who provides the voice of Brock in "Pokemon" can also be heard as Gourry in "The Slayers." I've heard that the actress who does Lina Inverse in "Slayers" is also in "Pokemon," but am unsure who she voices ... best guess is Misty.

Lawrence: You're not the only one eagerly awaiting tonight's episode ...

**vibrating gets even more violent, even moving the chair around the room. Checks tachometer**

7250 rpms ... if a piston suddenly comes flyin' out of me, DUCK!

**returns to fixating the best he can**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:37:48 PM


The screen comes on, with the Onslaught driving towards Crown Point. The MonkeeMobile suddenly comes alongside it and Mike and Peter lean out and fire their laser guns at the truck's sides. "What the heck?" yells Doug. "Bad guys," says Kitainia. "Time to fight." Doug nods and loads his shotgun. He and the other Ravens then rush to their battle stations, and begin fighting the group of evil clones. The sunroof of Hades' Range Rover opens and Evil Raoul flies out with Wilek Fieger III close behind. "Careful, brother!" WF1 calls. "Our psychic advisor here says that we're way outnumbered by the nineteen people in that truck!" As if to punctuate his statement, Tom and DX fire the turrets on top of the truck and forces WF3 and Raoul to come down or risk getting shot by the spray. They lands on top of the truck, WF3 pulls out an energy blade, and the pair start heading for the nearby access hatch. Stephanie and Mist leap out of the hatch as they reach it. Kit's sister begins a swordfight with WF3 while Mist and Raoul get into a huge cat vs. Alien/gar-dog scuffle. Doug, Kit, and the others get into a gun battle with the MonkeeMobile's occupants while Hades and WF1 pull back to avoid getting shot themselves. Storm Eagle screams out an evil cackle and flies down towards the truck, firing magic bolts that knock out the turrets. Tom and DX barely get out in time to avoid being vaporized. "Where the hell is our escort?" Kitainia asks as she fires her laser and kills the Evil Teri clone. "Here they come," says Doug. In the sky outside, Jake's hoverjet descends, just behind it is the Ice Dagger. The two ships join in the battle, firing a dizzying spray of bolts that the bad guys are forced to dance around and dodge. As the exchange of fire continues, Doug makes a CR post.


Hi everyone. How's it going? Can't believe the CR is a year old today. Like the rest of you, I'm very happy to be here, and glad I can count all of you as friends and clan. :)

Fanfic Progress: Got a little farther on my latest story today. One scene left before the wedding, and four before the big battle. After that's over, the story will be done. I'll probably have it out sometime next week.

Traveler: It's been three days since you told me it would be one. I still don't have your feedback. Hope you're doing okay, man. I'm patient, but I'm really getting worried about you. :)

Pistoff: If you want to mail me that draft, go ahead. I look forward to reading it and "Truce" (when the latter comes out).

Durid: That's alright. I know that FoN was one of the first long stories I wrote, it's understandable that it would take you some time. Hope you're enjoying it, and good to see you posting again.

Green Baron: $ Actually, I have another plan. :) You'll see what it is in my next post's RP. $

Paul: Least favorite and favorite moments in what? Xenogears?

SJ: They're making a fourth Highlander movie? Cool! I can hardly wait to see it. Thanks for telling us it was coming out.

Evil Villainess Clones: $ Well, Asil does generally wear a dominatrix-style suit of form-fitting black reflex armor, more sinister eyes than Kit's, and some violet and crimson streaks in her hair. So I guess she does fit the mold for female evil clones. You can also tell her apart from the real Kit by her ragged earlobes, bad psychotic/manipulative attitude, and generally more bloodthirsty and deranged expression. Asil usually shoots people before asking them questions, too. $

Personality Test: It said I was an Operator/Artisan. Hmm. I think the results may have been a little off.

Christine and all who contributed: Great job on the latest issue of Avalon Mists. I especially enjoyed Firestorm's story, the Party on Avalon stories, and the hilarious cartoons. I'd say more, but I don't want to do a spoiler. Thanks for providing such an entertaining fanzine, and keep up the good work!

Welcome to all CR newcomers! Hope you like it here.

Firestorm: Like I said before, our lives are different. You need a car in Dearborn, I don't need a car here. We also have worse drivers, apparently. :( Thanks for going into detail about the differences between our lives, I look forward to finding out more of them in your future posts. Glad I answered some of your questions, and that you weren't too offended by my responses to your query. :)

Robby: I agreee, that Batman commercial is hilarious. Batman has a great singing voice, too. <grin>

David G: Yeah, the next big problem for the clan should be the Illuminati. But I doubt they'll go down as easy as Madoc did. I mean, they're still around in 2153. Whether they fight the Illuminati or not, the clan will definitely have its share of problems. Especually since Thailog, the Ultra-Pack, Coldsteel, Fang, Clifford, Lucius, Morgana, and several rogue Unseelie are still on the loose.

Spawn: Both the movie and the comics have stunning artwork, pretty good characters, and decent plots. I don't really have a preference for either one of them, though I think the movie could have benefitted from the characters of Twitch and Sam. :)

Okay, that's all for now. See y'all again after I read the new Timedancer episode. Good night!


Doug turns back to the fighting, just in time to dodge a slimeball fired at him by Geraldo's evil clone. "Ugh!" he wrinkles his nose as the toxic green sludge spatters against the side of the truck. He shoots back with his plasma shotgun, disintegrating Geraldo's head with a single blast. The Monkees are forced to push their door open to eject the body, thus leaving their flanks wide open to a barrage of shots from Shap, Shauna, Boris, Lathrop, and T-Loco. Dave and Mike both fall after being hit by several armor-piercing rounds, Mickey takes an arrow in the face, and Boris's bazooka-shot hits the hood of the MonkeyMobile, destroying its engine and forcing it off the road. Pete hops out just before it crashes, but a lightning bolt from Lathrop's staff hits him before he can get up. The Ravens turn to engage the Range Rover, exchanging shots with Hades, Evil Forfexx, and WF1. Mist and Stephanie continue their battles on top of the trailer. The jets fire down another spray of laser blasts and Storm Eagle flies up to engage them with battle magic at pointblank range. As the suspense builds, the battle goes on.

Meanwhile, in his World Devestator, Guod is recieving a report from Stewart. "Master," the young Borg says. "Thousands of troops from the Avatar of Ganon are assembling in Crown Point. They have evacuated the city and most of the surrounding area, and appear to be massing for some kind of attack. Master, these guys are only thirty miles from our position. What are we going to do?" "Our Stealth camofaluage should keep the Devestator hidden until it is time to begin assimilation," Guod says. "I doubt they know we're here anyway, they probably only suspect. Just in case, though, I think I'll ask our friend the Admiral to arrange a little diversion to get rid of these AoG forces, or at least put a dent in their ranks." He picks up the telephone and begins dialing as the screen fades out. To be continued.


Doug - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:16:45 PM

Boy one whole year. I remember when this room began.

TGS CR Clan> I like this name. I guess im in this clan as well.

I guess im not the only one that likes charmed in this room.

Can't wait untill to read Crossroads part 2.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:16:09 PM

Robby/Deuce are there anymore pictures for The Darkest Hour Part II. If I'm going to do a 60 page printout I'd rather wait if there are. Yes, that was on long story.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:14:15 PM

Robby/Deuce are there anymore pictures for The Darkest Hour Part II. If I'm going to do a 60 page printout I'd rather wait if there are. Yes, that was on long story.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:12:33 PM

** Deuce runs in a slits DC navel to sternum with a large kitchen knife. **

Dirty bastard. Cut me off just as I was starting to post.

As I was saying, the personality test results (final version) have me pegged as an Idealist Healer and an Artisan Composer. The descriptions are dead-on, too. :-) Not as exciting as others in here, but good enough for me.

Demona's sacrifice: I can't imagine dying is fun, even for an immortal. *gestures to DC*

Kyryn> I like "insane clan". Maybe the Insane TGS Clan? Or maybe just CRazy. (DOuble CAps intentional).

** tiptoes out, trying not to step in DC's blood. **

Deuce - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:12:26 PM

*Opens the door to the CR, "Time Warp" playing in the backround, quickly she slams the door in embarrasment* I swear, my life is getting very weird seeing school is almost over for me.... (*7 more days and counting!!!!*) Oh well! hope everyone had a good memorial day weekend. I did!

Without further ado, my two cents (what it's worth sometimes)

*****Spoliers for the Darkest Hour pt2*****

I was away when it came out at midnight but that didn't mean I wasn't antisipating!(sp? probably)

First off, I was blown away to see that Owen is truly gone. However, seeing other comments made me realize that there is still Alex to consider. Perhaps it is true that Puck is inside Alex so that the promice to protect and teach the boy would still be there. Truly though I think that Puck knew of his death, so he taught that kick ass spell to the smart kid.

I was happy to see that also the other clans around the world were inculded, though not seeing how the Guatemala clan and in Prague wasn't inculded I was somewhat dissapointed. Also, I thought that the scene with Macbeth could have been more elaborate. TGS kudos are still in order though!

I must agree also when I say that Oberon is such a jerk. Friends and family risked their lives for his sorry butt and he didn't even give a simple thank you. A year of worry and fright isn't exactly something that you don't ignore. I was so angry that he waved Goliath away with Elisa dying in his arms like he didn't give a hoot.( I gotta mention this part made me cry!) Saving a life rather than burying one is soo much more rewarding *grumbles*

On that subject, it was so cool to find out that Demona was the one in the prophesy. Man she kicked Madoc's @$$ really good. *gives her a award for best action* Seeing her other sides made me happy to see that she still bears a consince. Also proving she's do anything for Angela, including healing her enemy.

All in all, this was a wonderful success to TGS. congrads to all who wrote it!
*****End Spolers*****

CR> Wow, it's been a year already? Sure I know I'm still tecnically a newbie, but that doesn't mean that I never dropped by to read :)

Will post more later! bye!!

"Twidle blane and Twidle brain? If it's all the same I'll play your game!"

Bronx Wyvern - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 08:35:26 PM

I just read "Hazards"
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 07:51:55 PM

Oops, forgotted this did I...

Kyryn> Interesting pics there... :) Okami is a lucky man. :)

Zat iz all. *teleport*

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 07:19:25 PM

*walks in briskly*

Whoa! Been quite a while since I posted, though I have been lurking (as a few of you know). I figure it's time to catch up again, since I graduated and all.

Amazing to think it's been a year this week, eh? I may have been in and out at times, but I know that this is one of the best communications forums I've ever been to on the Net. The people here are friendlier and more open here than even those in other Gargoyles forums, and it's always been a great read, even when one isn't contributing. *holds up glass of soda in salute* Here's to another year for the Comment Room and the TGS CR Clan!

*downs the soda, and sits down*

Now, let's see what needs spoken of, eh?

Graduations and such> This happened with me last week... I wasn't looking forward to it, but I'm glad I went- otherwise, it'd be one of those life-regret things. And I didn't expect anything at the Senior Awards, but it turned out I did win the Maryland Certificate of Merit, along with the other top people in my class. :) All in all, I had a pleasant final week of high school. Now I just have to wait until G99.. :)

Episode 1> In short, I was disappointed. I could go into the many problems I had with it, but that would make this quite a post...

TDH> Glad to see this was received with the impact we'd hoped for. Congratulations to all the writers and artists who were responsible for this. :)

Wilek> I know Jobe, the MCP, and the Virtuosity guy, but what's the Sigma Virus? The bad guy from the Mega Man X series?

Why'd I join TGS> Mostly, because I wanted to be part of something bigger, something that was affecting the fandom as a whole. Plus, I figured it'd be a fun experience. :) And for the most part, it has been, though there have been a few, er, bumps along the way.

Tae Bo> It just strikes me as another fitness fad, one that'll pass in a few more months.

Heather> You won't see this until after the fact, but, happy birthday. :)

Coyote> Interesting parallels between the Elisa-Demona-Angela dynamic and the Batman-Ra's Al Ghul-Talia dynamic- I'd never noticed that, but it makes perfect sense...

Illuminati Associate> I've noticed you have a list of chatter IPs. Could you please take it down? You've made a number of people rather unhappy by endangering their privacy in this way.

Zath> Congratulations on your graduation! :)

Pistoff> The nature of the GFW Fanfic Archive now is such that linking directly to any story is impossible- it's all Java and CGI-based and such. Maybe it's more secure or whatever, but it's a hassle when you want to save a story...

Jackal> Hope you can escape this injustice. <:|

Robby> Congrats on qualifying for Mensa. :) 1250 on the SAT qualifies you for that? Hey, I could join up, too...

Buffy Finale> We have to wait until July? *growls*

SJ> They're making a Highlander 4, with the TV series cast? Could be good...

Personality Test> I also came up as a Guardian/Protector.
The number of Rational/Masterminds in here is frightening... <:) Now we're also getting a lot of Idealist/Counselors, too. *raises eyebrow a la Spock* Fascinating.

Steve Gooch> Optimus Primal and Marsala were done by the same voice actor? Now that I think about it, they do sound alike..

Voice Actors> I've noticed there's a lot of cross-use of voice actors in Canadian-dubbed shows (Beast Wars, Reboot, Dragonball Z) but not so much in American ones (excepting Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, and Kath Soucie, who seem to wind up in EVERYTHING). Maybe the Canadian voice actors are closer-knit or something, I dunno.

WB Commercials> They definitely have fun making those. :) Seems like there's a few others I can't recall... oh yeah, the one with Agent K replacing J with Bulbasaur because the latter has built-in weaponry... or the one where Brain is trying to recruit Superman as his new partner...

Spawn> I only watched one episode, and was rather disgusted by the gore and violence level plus lack of interesting story, so I didn't ever watch it again.

Glad to see the oldbies returning and new blood coming in as well. :)

TGS CR Archive> Looking through this, it's interesting how things have changed... whatever happened to AoTN, Laudre, the Guppi, Tanika, Apollo, One-Eyed Squid, Vashkoda, Cassandra, Soleta, David? Jackal actually seemed like a normal fellow at first... little did we know, eh? ;) ED and Lady Mystic's first posts could fill books... :) SJ started out rather argumentatively (gotten way better since, fortunately. :) Remember when we had survey after survey (and they drove some people nuts)? Almost everyone had different colors... the earliest version of the RP began in the fourth week... ah, memories. *makes note to look more later*

It seems my very first post was on Sunday, June 21, 1998 at 12:35:40 AM. And all I did was plug my site. I sure have changed, haven't I? ;) ;)

Let's see, responses done, sent mail to Batya, sent mail to Gorebash, what else... oh, yeh. For fans of my site, it was updated *counts on fingers* twice in the last month, and I plan to update it again this week, and more often now that I have time to do so. :) Oh, and in 18 days, the 2nd anniversary... :)

Oh, wait.


If you have a place on the web where you have stored your accounts or pictures of those events, please e-mail me with the URL- I'm trying to track those all down and I know there are more than in the search engines.

Hm.... that be all, me guess. Feels good to post here again. :) See y'all later! :)

*briskly walks out*

JEB - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 07:06:12 PM

**stops fixating for a brief moment, but keeps vibrating faster. Checks his tachometer.**

6000 rpms and climbing ...

Pistoff: Saw your mention of Lance Henriksen ... click on my name link. When I made up a cast list for my fics, I gave the characters ideal voices, and good ol' Lance was one of 'em (Clan Detroit elder Dodge).

Fire Storm: **wrings hands conspiratorially** heh heh heh ... time to gang up on everyone else for when we get down to Dallas! :) j/k

**returns to fixation, after noting that his tachometer now reads 6500 rpms.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:36:36 PM

Darkes Hour Spioler:

Hello I loved the episode but believe that Owen/Puck should not have died. I was thinking that maybe in the next episode maybe you can bring Puck back. i.e.: Titania might bend the rules and bring Puck back in a different form. It was just an idea. We just don't our beloved Puck/Owen gone from the The GS. Thanx for listening,


Kat - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:31:38 PM

Fire Storm > ::blush, grin, fidget:: Gee, I'm sorry ... I should have e-mailed you to let you know I got the story and all ... and for the record, I really enjoyed reading it! And that cartoon with the eggs is one of my faves too ; )

Christine - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:20:01 PM

Didn't plan to double-post, but I just have to respond to this ...

Kyryn: We can be the insane clan, eh? Hey, how about ... Insane Clan Posse? Hoo-ah!

**turns and runs from the hail of eggs, rocks and tomatoes**

Pissy again
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:02:17 PM

Hmm ... apparently I'm a rational mastermind type. I guess that fits, though I've never given enough of a damn to mastermind much of anything. ;) Nice to know the capacity's there, though.

Nicodemus: (re: karmic balance) Well, one thing experience has taught me is that there are always gonna be scumbags causing trouble. Doesn't matter how many you get rid of, they'll always be replaced. As for Demona's sacrifice, I think that was just about her being torn up inside over what to do. Obviously, she can't sacrifice her life, but she saved the life of a woman she hates. She did the moral thing, which was probably more painful than the physical agony and death she experienced.

Gee, wasn't that nice of her? ;)

Aaron: Claw Hammer, eh? Hadn't thought of that. Not a bad idea. Jack can handle Obie all by himself, though it would definitely be fun to have Frank Black involved somehow. By the way, wouldn't it be awesome to have Lance Henriksen do the voice for a Gargoyles character?

Steve Gooch: LMAO! Gargs in T2. Love it. Though in this case, molten iron would've worked better. But what the hell, it was fun. :)

Say, that gives me an idea. How about gargoyles starring in TV commercials? We already know Goliath does voice overs for TNT ...

Cars: Well, I do need one for my job. Every other job where I live is minimum-wage, so at least now I get paid for each delivery and occasionally I'm lucky enough to get a tip. Besides, have you noticed the way people drive? It's like they're playing Car Wars. "Stop sign? What's a stop sign?"

If I'm gonna be out in that kind of situation, I'd rather have a ton of steel surrounding me. ;)

SJ: I've never heard of Xenogears, either.

Coyote: Yup, that does make a big difference, doesn't it? When you deliver to people's houses, you never know what to expect. heheh

Oh, and I enjoyed the Spawn live-action movie, too, even though it lasted less than a week and a half in theaters here. I've never read the comic (costs too much, $2 or $3 for a 22-page booklet??, and there's too many titles to keep up with, so I gave up on collecting comics), but I enjoyed the animated series. Love the movie, though. "This suit is BITCHIN'!!" hee hee

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:58:09 PM

**Kyryn drives up with her Saturn loaded with stuff**

Fire Storm>ROTFL on the acronyms. I agree, TGS CR Clan sounds cool. Of course, we could always be the insane clan since Deuce has confiscated all our sanity...

BTW, I found some of my old costuming pics and put them up.
Click my name to see.

JEB> There are a couple of shots of the Klingon Bunny there.

Ah well, later all!

I probably won't be posting this weekend because of A-kon.

**As Kyryn drives off three signs can be seen in her back window: A-Kon or Bust, Go Stars, and The Gathering '99**

Kyryn - [<<-clicky, clicky]
Uvalde, TX
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:57:11 PM

Starsinger: Me? Mad at you? Never. THATS just impossible! I can't be mad at you! Your just too nice! :)

Coyote: I forget... ARE you going to the gathering? Well, bonnieway, I REALLY want to show LM Harsens Island and it wouldn't be too far of a drive more to stop by and see you too. Is a sunday good for you, or would a weekday be ok?
Speaking of bad roads... i REALLY should post a picture of Paul street... Geez... and I thought pictures of shelled airstrips in Yugoslavia were bad!

TGS Clan: There are WAY too many CR's to just be known as the CR Clan. Which CR? The S8 CR? The Aimee Studio CR Clan? The Broken Link CR Clan? You get the picture...
Also, CHAT room has the same Abbrv as Comment Room, too.
So, what do we call ourselves? The TGS clan? The TGS CR Clan? The TGS CR ABC Clan? The TGS CR NY LA DC TGIF...
I think that the TGS CR Clan is the best one.

Link is to Avalon Mists... for no particular reason... ;)

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:23:42 PM

I just took the personality test. The results are:

My Temperament is Rational : NT
My variant temperament is Mastermind : INTJ

Tim Phipps
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:08:34 PM

::JackaL raises his hand timidly::

CR's one year- A year..., damn. A year? This.... has been one of the most craziest year's of my life. And I'm glad I've had you people to help me thur it. Hopefully I'll be around for the second anniversary. But if I'm not.., I love you and I care about you all.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:07:09 PM

"Aftermath I": Ooh, a sort of "follow-up" episode! I love character development. :-)

Personality: *sigh* Okay, I took it again when I was fully awake and I came up as an "Idealist-Counselor" who scored a "perfect" reserved-introverted type and is a "scheduler." I guess deep down I AM an idealist because I really want to do something that will help humankind (and gargoyle-kind too, if I could *g*)... there's a streak of optimism I just can't kill even though on the outside I seem quite pessimistic.

$Jim's Party: I had an RP going on there, until the Wyvernweb problems... then I just dropped the whole thing.$

Gargoyles voices: I agree, Keith David has a great voice. It's nice and deep. I think all of the voice actors did an overall wonderful job on Gargoyles, with the exception of the guy who did Matt Bluestone's voice (Is it Tom Wilson?). He was good most of the time, but I remember there were a few instances where I felt he was over-acting and his voice got on my nerves. Anyway, I really liked Marina Sirtis... Demona's voice was just dripping with acid, without sounding exaggeratedly "evil." I think she does better acting in Gargoyles than in ST: TNG. Same goes for Jonathan Frakes. But maybe I'm just biased here... :-P

CR Clan: *g* Fascinating concept. Well, I am glad to have met all of you... I admit IRL, I probably would not have had the chance to even talk to some of you, me being a quiet person most of the time. *hopes that sentence came out okay*

Blue Caeru
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 04:56:18 PM

The Darkest Hour 2> What can I possibly add to all the glowing praise? Brilliant, apart from not having all the different battles resolved - hopefully they will be dealt with next week.

Red Dwarf> Questions to the (numerous) RD fans here - Have they shown any of the 'Remastered' versions yet. The first few seasons are being revised with added computer graphics sequences and re-edits. Ugh - they just showed the rework of 'Polymorph' - one of the best episodes of the whole series... and they've ruined it. Rimmer's mum's voice has been re-dubbed REALLY badly and some footage and the dodgy special effects we know and love have been badly digitally enhanced. Ugh tape or buy copies of the originals now, as they will soon be replaced with the 'enhanced' versions.

Matt Dymond - []
UKWednesday, June 2, 1999 04:41:30 PM

Deuce> Thanks.
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 02:58:36 PM

Anonymous> Boy, am I ever stupid today. Here ya go.
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 02:38:45 PM

Fire(space)Storm>> Sorry about that. I had forgotten which way you liked it.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 02:03:00 PM

Deuce> You forgot to add the link to the TGS Comment Room archive...
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 02:00:56 PM

Scary... I took the Keirsey test again, and now I'm an Artisan Composer, which I think is more like me. I put a little more thought into it this time around, I think. :-)
Deuce - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 01:58:31 PM


Sorry I've been away so long, but I have two very good reasons. 1. I've been out of town with no computer (terrible I know) 2. I'm taking a fast track history course which is trying to fit 16 weeks of work into 3 weeks.

****EP. SPOILERS****
It was amazing! I would have gone crazy if Elisa had died you realize. I almost start screaming NO! several times.
If the some of the Unseelie got away I hope they get hunted down before they cause anymore trouble.

Well back to school. See ya later!

Jaden - []
Los Alamos, CA, U.S.A.
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 01:27:41 PM

Don't stop downloading those episodes yet! There's so much yet to come!

Coming Next Monday: Aftermath 1

Jenniren > Try doing an advanced search. Go to Start -> Find -> Files and Folders -> Advanced, then scroll down until you find Quicktime Movies. Then click "Find Now". Hopefully you'll find your a.w.o.l. files :)

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 01:25:49 PM

**enters the room, taking the candle from Starsinger.**

Thank you, roomie. **hugs her briefly, then switches out the candle.** She's right, guys. We *are* Clan now, for better or worse this room has made us like a family. And I wouldn't have it any other way. **sits in the big chair**

Pistoff: Well, the thing that made my job a lot easier was that the folks I was delivering to were *not* at home. I worked in the Commercial Accounts division of the store, which delivers to shops as opposed to homes. All of the guys were very professional about their conduct when I delivered things ... though some I wondered about (there was one mechanic at a shop who seemed like he was hitting on the other driver (who was married), a very attractive 20 year old blond woman from Long Island.).

Doug: You're quite welcome, dude.

AvMists: Oh goody, it's up ... and so is my profile on Rain. Coolies!!!

Spike: Nice "doodles." :)

**joins in on tossing the confetti for the room's first anniversary**

Robby: 29 on the ACT qualifies? Then that means I do, too.

Spawn: Yes, Keith David does as good a job with "Spawn" as he can, considering the material. Personally, and I hope this doesn't torque you off, but I found the TV series a little on the dull side ... too much into trying to shock the audience and not enough on plotline. Though the movie, which a lot of people didn't like, was the "Spawn" that I liked.

Fire Storm: Good analysis of why Michiganders *need* their cars. Of course, there's one thing I wonder about, tho' ... if the guys in Lansing know we use our cars so much, why are the roads so damn CRAPPY?! :)

Personality Test: I came up as Idealist/Counselor, too.

Kyryn: Let's just hope Modano, Hull and co. have enough steam left in 'em to snatch Game 7 from the Antichrist and his legions (read: Claude Lemieux and the Avs.). **hands over a wooden case** Just to keep ya occupied, here's some Av player effigies for ya to burn, torture, abuse, disembowel, etc. :)

New folks: Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, c'mon in. Friend Deuce will take thy sanity from thee as thou enterest.

**vibrates violently, checks tachometer** Hmm ... 5000 rpms. I'm getting close to the redline. I think I'll be there by the time the ep posts tonight. :)

**through his vibrations, plants hand in chin and fixates on the candle's flame**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 01:14:12 PM

Deuce> Name isn't clickable...
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 01:03:09 PM

Fire Storm> ["Clan TGS?"] I was thinking more along the lines of the CR Clan. :-)

Anonymous> Due to a small freak of nature, I lost the ability to upload files just as I completed an update to the archives. However, once my computer is running at full capacity, I will begin archiving the room regularly and updating the archive page. Still, to see old ones, click my name.

Jenniren> I know what that's like. I had a puny little 486 for the longest time, and even with an extra 2.0 GB drive on the side, the main system drive was constantly filling up. The whole thing caved and we got a P2/350 in October, a few months before the P3's came out. I kick myself every day. :-) Maybe the lost file is in a temporary file folder somewhere.

See y'all around!

Deuce - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:57:42 PM

Is anyone in here familiar with QuickTime? I watched a couple of the QuickTime movies at the "Spawn" website that Angie mentioned ( and now my computer seems to have lost 2 megs of memory. This is after emptying out the cache and restarting, etc. I'm wondering where the space went. Do I have a "Spawn" movie on my hard disc somewhere? I know it didn't download into my temporary file location because it is too small to hold a complete movie. Does viewing a QuickTime link automatically install viewers or filters that take up 2 megs of space? 2 megs is not a huge amount of space for most computers, but mine is a dinky hand-me-down that used to belong to my Mom and I have no megs to spare. Besides it really bothers me when I can't figure out mysteries like this.

Jenniren - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:47:12 PM

Hi folks. Just took the personality test. Idealist, Councelor. I've done similar tests before, and that fits pretty well. I'm also completely introverted, no great surprise. I only like to express myself behind a shield of annonmity (Theater, RPGs, writing...)

Oh well, on to something new. I thought it would be interesting to post some predictions for new directions of TGS now that the Unseelie have been mostly vanquished. (Reporter-"Goliath, the greatest threat to humanity has just been defeated by your bitterest enemy, what are you going to do now?" Goliath-"I'm going to Disneyland.")

I think the next big problem is the illumnati, which will slowly fragment into several seperate factions. Garlon will use the Unseelie moles in the Society to rebuild his powerbase, along with stray Halflings he can find. Garlon is a much more frightening enemy than Madoc was, because he's not a megalomaniac. Madoc's greatest weakness was his belief in his own supremacy. Garlon spent several centuries as a rodent, learning his place in the food chain.

Another faction will build up in England, possibly using Lucias (?) as a figurehead. He's too loopy to do anything useful himself. When the Illumnati disolves into internal war, Xanatos may be forced to take an active role, just to protect his holdings. This will result in strain on his relationship with the Gargoyles, as he has to go back to being sneaky and deceptive.

I'd really like to see Pendragon split off from Gargoyles, particularly since that would mean an extra story per week. I also think the alien invasion is comming, and that it may qualify as "Britain's Time of Greatest Need."

That's about all for now. OH yeah, happy birthday, CR. I've only been reading the comment room for a couple of months, and only bothering to say anything for a week or so, but I've enjoyed it.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:34:43 PM

I discovered this sight a few months ago , and i began to print stories and lug them home every night.While i have liked some more than others, or i didn't always agree with the outcome, i have enjoyed every one. I was there when Gargoyles premiered and i was there with a tear in my eye as it ended 3 years later. ( i do not count the goliath chronicles as having anything to do with Gargoyles, even though you guys incorporated it well) Point is I am happy to discover that something that brought me such joy, continued on through the people who loved it. Now for the reason i am here... I LOVED the Season finale. It was s0o well thought out and excuted. High praise people, high praise indeed!!!!! I do a little art and i write a little, if you ever need help getting this wonderful product together give met a jingle. ( okay i will stop babbling now)
D.J. - []
chicago, il, usa
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:23:13 PM

Where is the TGS Comment Room archive?
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:16:22 PM

Click on my name to see my Madoc figure (Along side some of my other merchandise). This pic was taken by JEB and is on his site.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:04:21 PM

Fire Storm> It's okay. I don't have any new custom made figures yet. Hopefully I'll have one of Maeve done in time. I'm making her out of a Toy Biz Black Cat figure.

Christine> I guarantee that you'll be a Ewan MacGregor fan after you see "Trainspotting" and "Shallow Graves"

BTW> Who do I send pics for the Illustrated Quotes section? I've got a pic of Madoc for it. It's a scene from "The Darkest Hour Part Two"

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 11:59:42 AM

Mandi: Thank you! I hope you like it.

Fire Storm: Yeah, my name is WITH a space...
oh, never mind... I give up. :)

CR Birthday: Ya know, this place has really changed since it started. At first, we just talked about the stories, and very little about each other. Now, we basicailly know many people's personal lives (Well... that is a good thing and a bad thing...).
I have to agree... we are a Clan now, arn't we? Clan TGS? <G>

Greg: Sorry about the mix up. Got any new figures this year?

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 11:52:25 AM

**A window opens, showing Kyryn and Bandit with a long line of howitzers. They fire off twenty-one in sequence. Downrange, Dis Connect can be seen dancing around frantically in an effort to evade incoming shells.**

Happy Birthday to the CR!

Sapphire> The Drowned City link for the main archive should be working now.

Well, according to the test, I'm an Idealist Counselor. *blink*. Funny, people keep telling me that I should be a psych. And I keep telling them that I'd go crazy if I did that on a professional basis. Ah well, at least they have a 'free' ear to bend if they need to talk.

Cars> Hey, I grew up in LA (as the song says - Nobody walks in LA), then moved to Denton, TX and now I'm in Uvalde. Being carless may work if you're in the middle of a major metropolitan area, but it doesn't work if you are 40 to 90 miles away from the nearest large city- especially if your job is in that city. *grin* I'm looking forward to the fall of this year, since I'll finish paying off my Saturn then. To be honest, I wouldn't mind not having to pay for a car and all the associated expenses that go with it.

Coyote> We're not out of it yet!

Robby>ROTFL - I haven't seen that new one yet, but I'll have to watch for it, especially since I'll be at A-kon this weekend and Pokemon will probably be a big thing this year.

Later All!

**Kyryn and Bandit have contacted a massive amount of anime characters and told them about the ongoing CR party. Hordes of anime characters descend on Disneyworld to join the party.**

Uvalde, TX
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 11:45:29 AM

I'm back, hooray! Actually I didn't go anywhere I've just been totally busy. Finally got a set of Gargs tapes (Thanks Xeennexx =). Which are really make making freakout at the quality of animation, I've been watching so much Pokemon that Gargs looks like super-slick CGI.

Pesonality Test: Add another mastermind to group, rather suprised me, I don't think of myself as a mastermind, more like a hermit slaving away at college. Which is another of the many reasons why I haven't been here latley.

Darkest Hour: Yowza, I spent three hours reading the second part, that was awesome. Except for the fact that it's most like this season's finale. Oh well, bring on the Dark Ages.


Elessar - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 10:51:57 AM

Mandolin> MS Access? My condolences. IMO, Microsoft Office is a neccessary evil, yet one I must stay away from as much as possible. Eg: converting dBase data into Excel format. Not fun. At all.

Robby> ["I qualify for Mensa!"] Neato. I think I do, too, but they haven't got me to sit still to take a test since the second grade. IIRC, my IQ from that was near 155 or something. I'm not interested in exact values.

SJ> ["I hope somebody sprinkles iron shavings in his
tidy-whities."] Owchie. How about an iron pole up the— nose?


Personality test: I'm a rational architect. I am? I'll have to check it out later.

Deuce - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 10:16:36 AM

Sappfire check your e-mail. I sent the url for the text site and it does access. I checked.

Anytime something is broken in the main site check the text site. It accesses from the main page. I found the side bars on the individual pages still have the old region 3 addy.

Hope this helps.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 10:15:52 AM

ATTENTION SITE OWNERS!!! uhm.. in the gargs episode archive, the drowned city is a broken link. this is distressing to me, as im printing all the episodes and making books so i can read the eps at my leisure. and ive never read that one (ive just started reading season 2) please fix!!
Sapphire - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:58:47 AM

Just popped in to say congratulations to Alex and Batya! May you have many long and wonderful years together!
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:53:49 AM



Also on the same day, Natalie Portman turns 18.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 09:19:38 AM

Paul> <<First of all-Its not your color, whoever the blazes said so!! I've been using this color for a long time, maybe you have, and no one owns any color. So there.>> If you reread the Blaisism that popped up in, that was said by my irrational side, which I promptly clubbed with a shovel. In short, it was a joke, albeit a bad one that I wrote while half-awake. Of course no one owns any color. I know that, I was just being goofy. But now I'm sorry I even made the joke. I had no idea that would make you so angry; I'll use a different color from now on if you want me to. I only picked yellow because a) it was readable and b) I figured no one else would.

Fire Storm> Checked out AvMists very briefly, and I can't wait to read your fanfic. (Lunch break...)

Robby> <<Sometimes I think the people who put together the animated series commercials at Warner Brothers should be in here because they have some interesting creativity
demons of their own it seems!>> No kidding! Although I still haven't seen the "Jigglypuff" one... But you want some really screwy creativity demons? If you ever get your hands on a copy of Toy Fair, check out the "Twisted Mego Theatre" in every issue. (A friend of mine has a subscription, and I borrow the magazines just to read the jokes.)

Cars and Carpooling> I don't own a car for a couple of reasons: first off, I'm a horrid driver, so it's probably better for everyone involved if I stay off the road. Second, because of this my insurance is anything but cheap, and getting my own car would make it skyrocket. Besides, I carpool to work anyway.

Anyway, my supervisor just walked in, so that's all for the moment...

Mandi Ohlin - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 08:53:14 AM

Fire Storm> Actually, I made the Madoc figure that was at last years' Gathering. You'll get to see it again this year too.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 08:29:26 AM

Theresa- Very well said. But on top of the ceremonies of birthdays and weddings and graduations and the sharing of happy times and crying times and being a clan... (I never thought of it that way before. We are clan aren't we?) We've all become friends, and the world seems empty when some of us are gone for a while (Come back soon Kit and Ravyn!). Because of this room, some of us have found love, (Looks in Heather's direction) and made friends that will no doubt be lifelong we never would have met otherwise. Off the top of my head I can name two dozen people who come here regularly that I care about, and with only a little bit of thought, I can conjure up the names of everyone else and realize, everyone who comes here is important to me. I personally have managed to post at least something every single day since I've started coming here over eight months ago, and have always found it worth my tme to do so. I wish I had been here from the start, but I did not have net access at the time.

This room started as a place to comment on the latest TGS adventure, and while it still serves that purpose, (some times more than others) it has grown and evolved into something more. A second home.

We talk about movies and games and shows and life and stories and just about anything else that comes to mind. We write stories together in RP and spend time in here that could be spent elsewhere. We choose to occupy this place with all that we do because its great to be here. I personally care so much about being in here that I've taken up varius duties like wiping the room, announcing episodes and playing songs, (Like the one attached at the end of this post) and I enjoy doing it. Visiting this room is usually one of my first priorities upon having computer access any given day. You people are my friends, and I know I intend to be here for this room's second anniversary. As Theresa said, we are clan. And that's something worth celebrating.

And Jim Iza Noying is going to throw one heck of a celebration.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 07:18:06 AM

SEVARIUS JR. - If it makes you feel any better, I never heard of "Xenogears" before either.

ROLLING CALF - If you mean that Jon Canmore/Castaway's continuing to hate the gargoyles even after it turned out that Jason survived the fall from the dam in the series seemed illogical, I'll have to disagree with you on that. First off, the fact that Goliath had *almost* killed Jason was just as bad in Jon's eyes as if he really had killed him. And second and more significantly, just a couple of minutes after Jason returned, Jon had accidentally shot him while trying to kill Goliath, which was what really pushed him over the edge and made him become Castaway. It was the fact that he himself had seriously injured his own brother, and wasn't able to face up to it (just as Demona couldn't face up to her part in causing the Wyvern massacre). So he vented his unadmitted self-hatred outwards on the gargoyles as whipping-boys.

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 07:00:03 AM

Xanathar- As room co-administrator, I have an extra set of keys! Here ya go. **Hands over an ordinary set of keys** Use them to get out, but then give them back and DON'T EAT THEM!
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:49:13 AM

So, it's really been a year. We've celebrated weddings, engagements and birthdays. We've had people come and people go (hands another candle to Coyote). Graduations. We've shared our happy times and our crying times. In short, we are a family. No, we are CLAN.

Here's to next year. With a return of the missing ones and a welcome to the new ones.

Cars>> Look at the way some of our member treat their vehicles. Pistoff uses his as a tool for work. Firestorm (no space:) as a way to work. Coyote as a foremat to celebrate his heritage and showcase his art (love that drawing). Some of us are too young to drive. Some too smart. Dodge car is a spectator sport out here in Albuquerque. I, myself, ride a bike and use the bike racks on the bus. Using the bus in Albuquerque means that everything shuts down by 7. They think no one really needs to go anywhere on saturday and if you're not a Mall Bunny you don't need to go anwhere on Sunday. Ahhh the joys of alternate transportation.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:47:11 AM

***Xanathar walks into the CR just as Firestorms bannana cream pie bomb goes of and gets covered in pie fragments.***

(Wipes pie of face)Hi everyone!! :-)

Personality test:HMMM! I got ARTISAN,COMPOSER for my temperment and RESERVED,FRIENDLY for my personality.(looks at results again ,umm ookay!!*Roguish Grin*)

SPAWN: Welcome to the TGS Comment room (runs over to the CR door,shut's it,locks the door and then eats the key)Stay a while....Stay FOREVER!!!MMWWHHAAAA!!!!! :-)

Oh well gotta go (turns to leave but remembers he just ate the keys to the door)UMMM does anybody have a spare set of keys on them :-)

Melbourne, victoria, Australia
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 06:34:53 AM

Sometimes I think the people who put together the animated series commercials at Warner Brothers should be in here because they have some interesting creativity demons of their own it seems! First the was Brain posing as a Pokemon... And then "This is the Brain, this is the Brain on Bugs..." ANd the new superhero blunders "Dry clean ONLY..." or even the commercial where Batman gives Supes fashion tips... And now... The most twisted commercial they've had yet...

Batman is getting ready to go off on his nightly patrol. Robin is clearly tired, and trying to get to sleep. But before Bats leaves, Robin speaks up. "Come on... You promised." Bruce growls his dissaproval, and then in that low voice of his, he begins singing to put Robin to sleep... "Jiggilypuff.."

Its so danged funny! Especially when you see and hear it!

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 05:33:00 AM

To quote the Immortal Hunter:
"Dern Lot Boys!"

And no, I don't need the priase or glory... it just feels GOOD getting it posted on AvMists... But that dosen't mean I don't still want feedback! <Grin>

Fire Storm
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 04:24:49 AM

Well, here I was, clicking a link that Christine made in the room, and lo and behold, on line number 6, "Fiction Feature" is my own story, "Through Eyes All Too Human"!
I was just checking to see who made it, and I found out (READ: ABSOLUTELY FLOORED to find out) that one of my stories actually made it!

And no, I don't need the

(And no, I won't talk about my stuff. Thats what READING and e-mail feedback is for!)

Michael Heitz: (If your in here... if not, I will email this.) Interesting cartoons (I especially liked the one with the eggs in the rookery!)
Also, I hope to see the figures at the Gathering! (Did you make the one of Madoc last year?)


DOUG: (Short answer. More to come later) Your post DID answer a few questions we did have. We (LM and I) thought you had another source of income other than your jobs, and it appears we were right.
About the car... in Dearborn, cars are a necessity. The bus stop is at LEAST a quarter mile from our house, and the nearest place to get groceries is 2 miles away at least. When we buy food, we have to buy for a whole family, so taking a bicycle is near impossible. Same for the bus.

If I took a bus to work, it would take me 45 minutes to go what normally takes me 7 minutes in my car. (Also, the bus schedule is NOT set and changes WAY too much.)
Bicycle is not much better of a option for my work, due to construction (On ALL of the local bridges), Unfriendly drivers, NO SIDEWALKS (The ONLY way to my work, or any place even remotely NEAR here, is by major road (IE, No sidewalks) or Freeways). Lets not forget WINTER time... Ever have 12 inches of snow fall in 24 hours, No plows running (And when they do, they block off your street and/or driveway), Windchills of -20 to -30, falling temps, sleet, and YOU STILL HAVE TO BE AT WORK!?! If I even TRIED to walk, I would be dead by the time I got a quarter mile away from my house. And no, buses don't work well after the temp gets below 10, or at all below -10.

PLUS, I get about 20 miles (Using a previous co-workers measurments using a walkers odometer) PER DAY. Most days, I feel so exausted from walking/running around my work, I can barely stand, let alone walk or bike ride the many miles home... with no streetlights, through a not-quite-safe area of town... at 10 pm. Hell no.

Carpool? Sure... if my nearest co-worker didn't have a conflicting schedule to mine. All the rest (That share my schedule) live about 20 miles away.

Car fees? Well, I can get a tank of gas for $13 and it lasts me almost two weeks, insurance may be bad, but at least I don't have to worry about tickets. You see... I actually drive SAFELY and BY THE TRAFFIC LAWS. I have only had one ticket beacuse I had to block the sidewalk on my driveway to park. People around here have a tendancy to go overboard on cars, unfortionately. The ratio of cars per house is roughly 3:1 or 4:1.
Incidently, the number of people per house is about 6:1 to 9:1, but the number cars per driver is about 1:1. (for the most part, anyway... some houses have 6 cars per house, some have 1... some NEIGHBORS, who will remain nameless, play midnight basketball on the friggen driveway RIGHT BELOW MY WINDOW WHEN I AM SLEEPING! AND WHO THE HELL VACUUMS THIER CARS AT 2AM?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

So, needless to say, Dearborn is a car town, and there is NO way around that. Detroit got it's nickname "The Motor City" for a good reason. Not only do we make cars, we buy them and use them also. Do we have a choice? No. Would I have it any other way? HELL NO.

Given, if I was in DC or NY, where there is RELIABLE public transportation, yeah, I would use the subway. But to impliment that in Detroit/Dearborn would cost many billions of taxpayers dollars, and in a state where we don't have enough money for the schools or roads... well, lets just say that the 10.0 mill increase needed to do that on the November ballot just won't pass. We pay too much in taxes as is.

Southeastern Lower Michigan is NOT as compact as some other cities. We are growing out from Detroit at an alarming rate, so relying on public transport is impossible. PLUS, city bus schedules don't exactly match eachothers well. And if growth was consistant and grew just outward, not in clusters, it would be easy. But it grows in clusters, all miles away from each other. The city/cities are growing and/or being remodled in patches. A little here, BOOM! More jobs here, but no increase in busses for at LEAST 18 months. Solution? Ya need a car. IBM is opening a building on the other side of town, no where near a bus stop. Solution? CAR. Metro Airport? HA! Try getting to Metro by ANY means other than Cab or Car.
Oh yeah... they have tried to improve the busses, but with little avail. Sure, they are on time more, but bus stopps are still a 45minute to a hour wait.

Jobs are in one section of the city, houses are in the other. Thats just the way our part of the state is. Sure, some houses are near some jobs, but that only accounts for 5% of the workforce. Besides... Just beacuse you live near McDonalds, does it mean you want to work there? Personally, I am going to apply at IBM.
More than 75% of the people at my work live more than 10 miles from my work, with half of those people not even in the same COUNTY!

If your going to lecture ANYONE about cars, talk to my co-worker Sami who lives across the street from my work. He drives a gas-gulping hot-rod to work. HE should get a car lecture, not me who drives a car that get's a respectable MPG.

<FS looks up at his post.> If that was the SHORT post, I'd hate to see the LONG one! Next time, FOOD and CLOTHES.

Dang... it took me two hours to write this with LM at my side <Hugs!> and no one else posted during that time!
The Middle of the night... the only time you can get things done without interuption.

<Hunter Fire Storm and Bubba stroll into the CR.>
"Well, I's hear that this CR be a year old!" He turns to Bubba and whispers in his ear. "Lock and load, Bubba!"
<Taking the cue, Bubba ducks behind a wall of sandbags that mysteriously appeared as HFS pulls out a large pie-shaped bomb with a timer on it. As the timer counts down, some of the more timid CR residents run for thier lives. When the timer hits 0, everyone ducks, but nothing happens. After a few seconds, HFS stands and swears.>
"Thats what I's gets fer buyin' day-old pies!"
<He walks over to the bomb and gives it a good swift kick. The SECOND his foot hits the bomb, it explodes, covering him (And everyone else in the CR) with Bananna Creame pie filling. HFS wipes his face off before swearing.>
"Dern Lot Boys."
<Bubba, totally clean, pops his head out from the bunker and laughs silently.>
"Aw, shut up."
<HFS scoops up some of the pie from his face and throws it at Bubba, stopping the mute Bubba in mid-laugh.>
"Dere now. SHUT UP! We's got anotta job ta do. Where's the OTHER Fire Storm and Lady Mystic? I's hear it's thar three year aniversary yesterday."
<Bubba mimes something to HFS>
"Wha...? Bubba, I's don't CARE if that's bad rammarG! I's just NEEDS TA KNOW WHERE THEY BE!"
<Bubba gives a shrug that says "I give up" before pointing to Fire Storm and Lady Mystic sitting at thier fountian>
<HFS pulls out a Double Barrel Mr. Carter and fires multiple Strawberry and Raspberry creame pies at the lovebirds, knocking them in the water. Fire Storm, a little mad, raises his right hand at HFS, exposing his jeweled golden Glove-of-Ra, when he notices LM wet in the fountain. He gives a little rise of his eyebrow and a sly grin, he dives into the water to join her. (Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more SAY NO MORE!)>
"Well, our job ere is done, Bubba. Let's go."
<HFS gallops like he is riding a horse with Bubba, following close behind, clapping two coconut halves together as they ride off into the sunset.>

Fire Storm/NIGHT FLAME - []
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 04:22:19 AM

Hmm, my personality test registers me as an Artisian Idealist who is reserved and friendly... I suppose that fits...

Zath- Mensa qualifications vary from state to state I think, but the ones I know for sure are a 29 or above on ACT, or a 1250 on SAT.

TRC- Lonny is dead. Addressing comments to him is pointless. I'm gonna miss him. He was evil, but he was fun.

I think just about everyone agrees that "Code of Hero" was one of, if not THE best episode of Beastwars. (It was the first episode I taped to save and not to simply sleep in for and I have copies on three seperate tapes of that episode...)

Also, its not really Mainframe's fault they had to cut the episode back, they have a budget. Despite being one of the best animation studios around at current, they lose money like no one's buisness all the time, they can't always afford to give what is sometimes needed. (Which is why, I suspect, that two of War Planets first season episodes were full of flashbacks) But they try. With "The Agenda" they spent more on the first act of the first episode than they sometimes spent on entire episodes. Mainframe tries, but has limits. There is no original script of the third part of Nemesis, they had just planned it to be three parts, and ended up writing it to fit two.

Great quote by the by.

And I sympathise about the cat song, that thing is a bugger to get out of one's head.

SJ, Wilek, and DOug- Actually, in that particular incident, SJ had ASKED for someone to shoot him in the head apparently, and Doug was willing to ablidge. I'm not sure about the circumstances behind that, they happened the week before apparently...

SJ- I too was pretty shocked to see Lonny go. Especially at the hands of DC... That guy always seemed like such a meek loser when we killed him in here... Its another reason to hate Dis COnnect. Lonny may've been a villain, but I liked him!

Steeve- All those voice actors showing up in other places together isn't uncommon. Usually voice actors do more than one thing, and studios keep certain voice talent they like together. For instance, Mainframe consistently uses Scott MacNeil for all of its series, but Dragonball Z also uses him. (The both also got the guy who plays Goku... He was ReBoot season 3's Bob.) Outside of the big names like Jeff Bennet, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker, and Kath Soucie, voice actors are almost always associated together. (But the biggies are everywhere anyhow...) Another example, Rankin Bass used the same people for Thundercats and Silverhawks...
And Robotech liked the same actors too...

Spawn- AN entire post in here dedicated to McFarlane's character? I do believe thats a first...

Wilek- Not really surprised I qualify for Mensa, no... But this CR consists of people who are generally smarter and more intelligent than people you'd usually meet otherwise... I gotta agree there. As far as a party? Um, the last one never ended...


Jim is talking to the MST3K guys who crashlanded with him after escaping from Lonny.
"So you're throwing a party to celebrate this CR being a year old?"
"Actually, the last one never ended... I don't even remember why it was started now... Ah well. As it is, the last one didn't really wind down because the CR went funky for a week and it threw everyone off... And then a bunch of people went off on some mission to find Eisner... And others got involved in other things... And then Lonny blew up EuroDisney and kidnapped some people... The party's been going, just hasn't been paid attention to." The rich guy shrugs, and continues his walk towards Disneyworld, where the party is about to pick up again...

Wednesday, June 2, 1999 02:34:29 AM


[In Crown Point, Iowa, the forces of the Avatar Of Ganon are assembled. Several atmosphere-capable starships hover overhead, hundreds of starfighters patrol the area, and thousands of Borg, Daleks, and battle droids of all shapes and sizes, from tiny scout probes to Borg scuttlers and raptors to flying Angel Daleks to eight foot high Dark Troopers, prepare for combat. All is in readiness for whatever is to come...]

**END RP!**

Zath> Kewl list. I actually went to the trouble of compiling the whole thing into one big HTML file, for future reference. >:)

Pistoff> I'm not sure if it's possible to link to an individual story in the GFW archive (although I'm still trying); probably you'll have to tell us the author and title...

It's been pretty well established that Oberon is a thoroughly horrible individual for making us clean up his mess. But...what evidence is there that the rest of the Seelie Court shares his sentiments? Obviously there are a few, such as Puck and Coyote and possibly Titania, who wish to help. But...are they the minority, or are there quite a few who are simply afraid to speak up for fear of calling Oberon's wrath upon their heads?

Reachel Bokor, Spawn> Welcome! :D Allow Deuce to remove your sanity, and take your place among the happy residents of the TGS asylum. :)

Green Baron> <<Besides, the Force strikes me as Hindu anyway.>> Really? Interesting. I've never really seen anything spiritual about the Force; I've always thought of it as just another electromagnetic field, albeit an extremely useful one...

GXB> <<But Natalie "Queen Amidala" Portman is a babe.>> What I love about her is that voice. :)

Wow, the CR's now a year old. $Hey Robby, is that party still going on at Disney World?$

Robby> <<And I qualify for Mensa! Cool!>> You're surprised? You *are* a CR dweller after all; we're the next step in the evolution of the mind. :)

Glimmer> <<old Walt is either rolling over in his grave or standing up to appluad the staff for pushing that envelope just a little bit more.>> I'd enjoy seeing either, since he was cremated. <g> <<What do you get a 75 year old woman with 19 kids, 18 childen-in-law, scores of grandkids and a half dozen great-grandkids for her birthday?>> A padded cell? <g> <<And I won't be able to read the room tomorrow, I'm going to a slaughter house.>> AUGH. I've heard about those things. If I ever had to go in one of those places, I'd be so busy vomiting that I'd be unable to give the command to blow up the place.

SJ> <<It appears that I'm (big surprise) a RATIONAL, and that I'm also a MASTERMIND>> You too? That's the exact verdict I got. Being a CR dweller, I wasn't greatly surprised by the Mastermind bit, but rational? Me?

I had a very odd Star Wars related dream a while back. A thoroughly insane Darth Maul was waving that kewl twin-blade lightsaber about, bragging about an iron something-or-other he'd installed in it, presumably for the purpose of harming Fey. Odd, since a lightsaber could probably kill a Fey all by itself, but my dreams are the diametric opposite of logic anyhow...

Wilek Nereus
Wednesday, June 2, 1999 12:48:05 AM

Congrats to the people who wrote The Darkest Hour stories. They were very well written.

Two villains end up being heroes. What an interesting twist to the story. The scene with George dying was very touching. Ah darn! I can't think of anything else to say. Umm. Oh, um. I wondered what Dingo did with the Whowie too. Oh, and speaking of Spawn...
**end Spoilers**
Did you know Keith David, the voice of Goliath(duh), voices Spawn in "Todd McFarlane's Spawn" on HBO? Cool, huh? It's an adult cartoon, and like most adult cartoons there is some inappropriate content on the show(from what my friend told me). I myself haven't seen the cartoon, but I plan to check it out. I didn't find this out until like last week when my friend pointed it out to me. She said that she was just watching TV when all of a sudden she heard Goliath's voice. So she sat down and watched the marathon that was going on then(If only I had known). Then she told me about it the next day. At first I couldn't believe. I was like,"No way. You must be mistaken." So I went on the internet and found out for myself. Low and behold there it was, the listings for "Todd McFarlane's Spawn". Then I saw that Keith David was indeed the voice of Spawn. I'm not really into violence and nudity and stuff, but I'd be willing to go through that to hear his voice. That wonderful voice. That beautiful. (sigh) He voices Spawn exactly the way he voices Goliath. So if your chic like me who absolutely loves his voice, then check out Spawn on HBO Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays on HBO. Why? Because his voice is da bomb, okay?! He has the bombest voice on Gargoyles. He has the bombest voice on Spawn(I haven't seen the show yet, but I just know he has). In fact, he's got the bombest voice in the whole world. Yes he does!!! If I ever found a guy, besides Keith David, who had a voice like that...I'd be all over him like cheap cologne. Nice and deep and smooth, the kind of voice you could listen to give the most boring speech and still be captivated.(sigh) I know what your thinking. I'm some hormonally challenged chic. Well, think again, person. I'm not. I happen to have a boyfriend. But I still think Keith David's Goliath/Spawn voice is bomb. You know his voice is bomb, lady. Don't deny it. You Brooklyn and Owen lovers can't deny it either. You chics who absolutely love Goliath and his voice(like my friend and I) know what I'm talking about. Yeah! Power to us, man! Yeah! Hey, who's going to see the new Austin Powers movie. I might go to see it. Well, I'm done with my obsessive rambling. Oh, yeah, go to HBO's Spawn sight. There is a place called the movie vault and you can watch the little preview movie things. There's a little box think at the top right hand side of the screen. It says This Season. Pull down and you should see a some titles. Go to the first one that says Home Bitter Home and load it. Near the end you will not believe your ears. Oh, my goodness, man! Go to the sight and watch the little movie and you'll see what I'm talking about. It was such a shock, man. And he sounded just like Goliath when he said it. Before, I just couldn't imagine... Anyways, click on where it says Spawn. Ya, know. Where my name is suppose to be, and it will take you directly to the Spawn site. Well I gotsta be goin' now. I'm done now. YOU: It's about time, sheesh. ME:
Well fine then, be that way. Bye.(stomps off) Man, I have to calm it way down on the highly caffeinated sodas. I'm usually not like this okay. I'm just hyper. Okay, I promise you I'm done now. Bye.


Spawn - [none of yo@]
Seattle, WA, Isn't it obvious
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:59:41 PM

Avalon Mists is now posted! The summer issue is up, with many great fics and pics and some special treats. Check it out at

E. McGregor movies > nope, neither of those ... did he do a guest spot in the hostage ep of ER or am I thinking of someone else?

Christine - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:45:26 PM

I must say I'm puzzled with the results of that Personality test; I am most definitely not an IDEALIST. I think I need to take it when I'm in a better state of mind (i.e., when I've had enough sleep). Fascinating though, Steve.

The Gathering: I wish it could be held in Florida some time. How about Orlando, people who plan this stuff? Plenty of hotels and convention centers (on International Drive), and recreation (theme parks, etc.) in case the Gathering itself isn't enough excitement for some people. *sigh* Then again, I don't know how I'd get out there, still being depedent on my parents and all. *makes a face*

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:45:16 PM

Personality Test Results: It appears that I'm (big surprise) a RATIONAL, and that I'm also a MASTERMIND, a combination they said is only found in about 1% of the population.

I always knew I was more of a rational being (mad scientist stuff aside). It was interesting to see that I was a mastermind as well. Gee, maybe I am cut out for the overlord job, after all! ;)

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:35:02 PM

Hey all, I'm actually posting in a PM hour. Amazing.

Ugh, I'm so tired. I had to sit through an eight-hour state-mandated course today, 9-5, just so I could take a 25-question "test" that took me all of two and a half minutes. This is what you have to do to get a job in private security in New York State, people. Oh, well, at least I got the job, it's close to home, light work load, and pays well.

All this Best Wars talk reminded me of some checking I did on IMDb earlier. I had been going through a bunch of old tapes of Exo-Squad episodes (love that show), and looked up the show on IMDb, traced the voice actors and creators over to Beast Wars, War Planets, and a slew of other shows. Optimus Primal? That's the voice of Marsala. Gotta love it. Seems the whole cast was on MacGyver at one time or another, too. odd... :)

TRC > Thanks, the car is definitely my style. Would've preferred a '93(R), but the GT'll do just fine :-)

Pistoff > Dammit, now look what you've gone and done! I swore I'd never do one of these things, but...


Linda Hamilton/Sarah Connor > Demona
Arnie Schwarzenegger/The T-800 > ColdStone. C'mon, exactly HOW badly did Garlon mess him up and he kept on coming??
Robert Patrick/The T-1000 > The ol blue bastard Madoc, of course
Edward Furlong/John Connor > Uh, Angela? Call it creative license.
Joe Morton/Miles Dyson > Considering the circumstances, George Harrison.
Michael Biehn/Kyle Resse (Director's Cut) > ??? (Had to throw in Biehn, tho, seeing as he's one of my favorite actors)

Come to think of it, that movie had a really small cast of mains. But it'd be worth it to see Madoc blasted to pieces by a 12-gauge, nailed by a 40mm grenade, and dropped into a vat of molten steel. :)

Kyryn > TGS *isn't* ending the season next... well, there I go again, assuming things. Guess I made an ASS out of just myself then. After TDH, however, I just have to wonder... how'ya gonna top THAT?!

SJ > Highlander 4 is supposed to come out when? IMDb says this summer... but I haven't heard any hype. Any news on a release date? Oh, and... you know if there are any TPM posters of just Darth Maul's face, maybe with that slammin double-saber in 'em too? I just love that guy.

Want to take a nice, scientific personality test? Clickie-clickie my name, and share with the group. I personally came up as a Guardian/Protector. Fancy that. Could Gargoyles actually have an effect on viewers' personalities? Sounds like an interesting research topic to anyone majoring in psych. Check out the page, it only takes a few minutes to fill out both parts.

'Night all

==I love defenseless animals, especially in a good gravy==

Steve Gooch - []
Malverne, NY
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:56:06 PM

***BEGIN RP****
The fight against the Brujah is actually going fairly well for the heroes. Slowly but surely, they are beginning to make a dent in the vampire ranks, inching ever closer to Eisner's throne room.
SJ, however, gets a uneasy feeling in his stomach. "Something's wrong..." he mumbles.
"What?" Kari asks him, driving her spear through the throat of an approaching vampire.
"There's something about the Brujah I'm forgetting about. Something important...."
"I know," one of the vampires says with a toothy grin. He holds up an Uzi, it's black metal glinting in the moonlight. "It's that we Brujah love weapons as much as kine do."
And with that, the vampires begin to each pull out some form of firearm, all loaded and ready to fire....
*****END RP*****

Good news, Star Wars fans! Apperently, a designer who worked on the previous SW film (ep.1) and is working on the next is reportedly working on some new designs for....Darth Maul. Looks like he may not be as dead as we think he is! I can only hope that if this rumor is true, that for the love of God Lucas actually gives him something to do this time around.

Good News, Highlander Fans!!!! Apperently, the rumor is that fan favorite, Methos, will have a small part in the new Highlander 4 film, starring both Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert!

Wilek: Yes, actually, when I first entered the CR, almost a year ago, I was somewhat....combative. A bit, um, overzealous. I think I had ticked off Doug that particular time....Oh well, we've gotten over it, and I've mellowed out. ;)
Oh, and don't be so critical on your writing. I for one think you are a wonderful writer, and while you may feel that you are amateurish now, there's 100% chance you're going to improve, big time (I can tell already). It's just that all of us other writers sort of pale in comparison to the great work done by the TGS staff. :)

JackaL: Wanna call me, huh? I might take you up on that! ;)

Oberon: Well, now I feel vindicated!! I always thought he was a supreme dick, and now I know I was completely right. He's such a pompous ass. He's the reason so many folks are so uneasy with changelings and fae--if their first impression is of this jerk, who'd want to ever meet a member of the 3rd race? And we, the humans/Gargoyles, had to do damage control and deal with his problems, i.e. the Unseelie. Worthless a-hole. I hope somebody sprinkles iron shavings in his tidy-whities.

Deuce and Greg: Ok, now, I'm gonna have to fight you two for the hand of the lovely Miss Natalie Portman! ;) She is gorgeous, isn't she? Best part of it is, she turns 18 in about a week, so she's legal. Hallelujah!

Xenogears: This may just be me, but am I the only one in here who has no clue as to what Xenogears is?

Robby: I was actually pretty shocked to see Lonny die. I mean, I never knew DC had it in him....he's gonna pay, my friend. I'm rather partial to evil twins, myself. ;p

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:50:23 PM

<<..dead body in there with you two?>>
Two?!?? hehehee

I was thinkin..., really I was..., maybe *I* should hook up with this city's demonic mayor and everything will be ok, I can assist with his Ascension!! Won't that be fun?

I gotta quote something..., sorry if yall hate this..., "All sinking and no power!!! Whena yousa tinkin wesa in trouble?!!!"

JackaL - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:32:47 PM

**Glimmer comes into CR and reads over lasts weeks posts**

clothing optional CR> I was just kidding! Honest!

SJ> I'll email you those titles as soon as I can get the email working *growls at Mr. DC*

Jenniren> <<I hope Aleta gets permenatly annihilated in part 2. She's the consummate annoying little airhead and I can't believe she would truly be popular in any time period.>> Artificial, very much so. Intelligence, no. And maybe the reason she's so popular is that all the good shows have been restricted or taken off air all together. Dang sensorship. Look at what's happening to tv today and try to imagine the future. 572 chanels and nothing to watch.

TGS Spoilers
Wow again and again and again. Puck is really dead? :(
George Harrison redeems himself. That was a nice touch. Predictable, but nice. Everything else was very unpredictable. Demona saved the world and the race she had spent a lifetime hating.
People spontaniously(okay, so I can't spell) combusting, kids with weapons, a guy getting the side of his head smashed in with a mace- old Walt is either rolling over in his grave or standing up to appluad the staff for pushing that envelope just a little bit more. I just hope there is a fallow-up story next week that deal with the after mass.
I only had a couple of problems with this ep that aren't even worth mentioning. 9.5/10 stars
end spoilers

Lawerence Stone> I like Charmed. I'm not exactly a huge fan but it sure beats some shows.

whow that was weird, my moniter just started to blink and fade out but it's back.

Zath> <<We can still get around Owen/Puck's demise. What if he's only 'mostly dead'>> Does Miracle Max make house calls? Or should we just feed him a Hershey bar and see what happens?

Heather> Happy birthday and good pics.

Still preparing for, ugh, the family road trip. What do you get a 75 year old woman with 19 kids, 18 childen-in-law, scores of grandkids and a half dozen great-grandkids for her birthday? I was thinking a trip to the Bahamas but I only make $300 a month.

The 17th will be my last day in here for three weeks. Unless I convince one of my cousins to let me send ya all a cyber-postcard.

And I won't be able to read the room tomorrow, I'm going to a slaughter house.Dinner had a name and his name was Beefstew. I called him stewie for short. My Dad and I think up twisted names for our steers. So far we've had Dinner, Supper, Steaks, Babie Q(a heifer),Tacos Supreme, Hamburger Helper,and Chuckwagon. We called him Chuckie after my favorite uncle. Last time I was at the slaughter house I almost passed out walking through the meat racks *shudder*

I still have to walk home and it's starting to get dark.

**Glimmer disappears**

the best dam town, NV
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:10:12 PM

Sorry for the recent silent period , I HATE EXAM TIME , so expect this stuff to be late . Course now it's worse cause I had to SKIM the room .

Lonny : I agree with you about Dinobot's death (best Beast Wars ep. in my opinion) But he got some decent air time in that one , he died saving the future , He used up all his power . That's the main thing that can kill a Cybertonion .
We do'nt know the kind of punishment Owen can take and besides , I do'nt want the Staff to have killed him in such a way . I do'nt believe the staff WOULD have killed him in such a way (can you hear the denial) . So I have to believe that we're not done with him yet .
I ca'nt believe Mainframe would do that , mind you I liked the "Fly the shuttle through the cockpit " ending . Do you know if they ever wrote a script for the origional three parter , I would love to read it .

Quote :
Megatron : "What possible reason could you have to disobey me . I am your master , I am your CREATOR ."
Dinobot : "And I . . . . have my honor ."

Rhinox : "For everything that ever was ."

I side with Wilek on his opinion of TGS . My only problem with the second season is that it did'nt have enough emotional buildup for me , but last nights ep. had that in SPADES . So I'm happy .

Steve Gooch : Nice to see you're back man , congrats on the car , it fits you .

Heather : Actually there have been sitings of Tasmainian tigers/wolves for the past couple of years since they have been labelled "Extinct" . We've lost too many species already due to human interference already , so here's hoping .(Forgive the cheese)
Chances are I wo'nt be able to post again on your Birthday so early Happy Birthday , I'd write you up a gift but I do'nt think you'd like what I'd send (ate one of the delivery men last time) .
Real nice artwork too .

Ok , I'm almost over my denial that Owen is really gone , the one thing that keeps me going is the thought that TGS is'nt going anywhere for awhile (RIGHT?) , and the points raised about Alex's referal to Puck in "Crossroads" .
I really enjoyed this ep. , as I said before , you provoked alot of emotion , you had me in suspense , you made me worry , you had me cheering and all the other importamt ones that I've decided not to go into detail about . I just wish you'd said what Dingo did to the Whowie , did he pull some "Spawn" tecniques by turning himself into a spike or just tore off a light post and braced it on the ground ?
The only other shortcoming that bares mention in my opinion is that we were never told what happened to some of the other clans and the Golem , we can guess what happened to the Unseelie but we have t guess at what they did before retreating .
The cold duo's fight was extremely well done . Just call me soft for those "YOU CA'NT STOP ME M*********" scenes .
One last thing . . . . Demona . I never would have guessed .

Castaway : He's BEEN insane since he thought Jason was killed , strangely enough his return did'nt set him straight , that was the main thing I disagreed with in the whole plotline , scratch that , the _only_ thing . Last we saw him he was an egg plant speaking like broken record . He's supposed to be useless to anyone . Particularly the Unseelies with warriors so much more powerful . (a wisp could take care of him right now)

Lexy : We'll be here keeping you company during the gathering .

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO , "The cat came back just started running through my mind . The agony , the pain . The dancing electric blue light of the cattle prod .

Robby : Those "Neat Entrance" that we all used to do were Blaiseisms . The general reference to any fancy entrance into the CR . I really miss doing them myself but you see then we did'nt have any official RP . The Blaiseisms turned into short stories , then the short stories got longer , then we all just hooked up with Doug and Lisa's(now Kit's) RP universe . So we really do'nt do both , take up too much room .
My colour never changed byt the way , just my name and picture . But the picture was only temporary since I'm using it again now that it's back .
Congrats on your qulaifictaion .
Sesaon end - I'm sure we're not done yet , they said that we would be going past the 4th of July . I'm holding em' to it .

Doug : Nice to have ye back .

Blue : _Just_ a year , you sure it's just that . Seems like the folks and the place always been apart of my life , even if I ca'nt really be considered a regular .

RP at another time .

The Rolling Calf - []
Kingston, Jamaica
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 09:32:10 PM

First of all-Its not your color, whoever the blazes said so!! I've been using this color for a long time, maybe you have, and no one owns any color. So there.

THE GARGOYLES SAGA: THE DARKEST HOUR, PART II: Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Not perfect, I can see where the cliffhangers with the Guatamalan Clan, the Caledonian Clan, Natsilane, Fara Maku, and the Prague battles fit fine, but what the blazes happened to Lucius Adrians, and his friends!? There should've been some hints to what happened in the Episode. The flow is majorly disturbed here.
Well, unless the next Episode, Season 2, or Season 3, starts off with Lucius. Enough griping. Onto the rest.
First of all, the part with Demona near the beginning. I think I've recognized various writing styles by now, so I'll try to give credit here. Great job Patrick! Its nice to know that Demona finally realizes that she's not stopping her 'justice' because it would hurt Angela, and that she's not just tiptoeing to not hurt Angela, but that she's fighting for Angela. That's a step. One human friend, and a reason to fight for sure. Not a reason to live yet, but she's finally made a real step.
Incredible job with George, Christi!! I might have liked that part even better. Final realization and understanding and yet he perishes. 'Lie of a life', and finally realizing that he's been blaming others for circumstances or his own faults. From the beginning in the Castle when he's floating and pondering escalating to the cliamx with the bells. The start was great, but once it got back to him, when George realized what he was going to do, it really escalated. Anguish-filled, and in the shaft, especially at the final part, not before he's found, but the one before that, was very anguish-filled and much, much higher than anything GARGOYLES Fanfiction, or GARGOYLES, the show, has achieved at any point. That part was perfect!!
Emrys and Madoc. Final showdown. Madoc was affected by Emrys' words, I think he spared him because deep down, he might still, on a base level, care for him. After he'd heard Emrys' denunciation, I think it triggered something. He didn't survive, I wasn't too upset, but he still could've had a chance. As for the prophecy, I'd considered everything from union to Lexington's cybernetic enhancements, 'human-made', and all possible meanings of undoing. I believe I'd thought about Demona alone once, but when she nailed Madoc I'd thought that would have thrown enough of a monkey wrench in the Sisters' prophecy that they couldn't come out with their manipulations. Too bad they did. If it had been anyone else, I was pretty sure they'd find a way. As for why it wasn't a long fight, Madoc would've figured out really quickly that Demona obviously had some sustaining spell, and removed it. As for multilating Lexington, to the person who said Madoc wouldn't do this if he really was his friend, note Madoc has been uncared for so long he doesn't know how to relate to others. He had a chance, but not everyone can win this. At least some are. The only person he truly cared for, I believe, was his mother. Well, to the point where he wouldn't hurt her. By 'truly cared for', I mean, knew enough not to hurt her, although, even then, he placed his own actions above her feelings, or he would've stopped for her sake. Many people do that. As for his last line to Oberon... He reflects a lot. He wouldn't admit defeat even when he'd lost. He did win, in a way, simply by doing something mean to Oberon after all those years. Great characterization. As for Demona's overhearing of Madoc's words, heh, interesting. Remember Angela's words to Demona in PERCHANCE TO DREAM. They almost exactly match THE DARKEST HOUR, PART II. Well, not in words themselves, but in the meaning, and by that, in the underlying way of meaning. Angela didn't cut ties with Demona yet, Emrys did denounce Madoc completely.
The Dulcinea dream-scene was handled, I see. Just what type of 'mystical 'in-tuner'' is she, I wonder. Ah, well, that's not unique, I'd think.
Anastasia/Fox Scenes. I think I remember the description of someone like Anastasia in OFFERS. Handled well, indeed.
More commentary on Madoc showdown. Simply great, obviously. The whole showdown was awesome. I was convinced Elisa might perish, and I thought that her taking the arrow for Angela might've reevaluated Demona's opinions. Apparently not. Yet. I'm not sure. It didn't seem to play much afterwards, or maybe it did, on another level, and yes, I'd already known that before the other posting of whoever, so I'm not arguing back to you, whoever you were.
As for Elisa's healing, if she didn't perish, which I did consider possible, I'd figured on some others, but Demona, most likely. That part on the balcony could've been her conscience in her mind's eye, or Titania, or both. Did anyone else see the possible double-meaning in the line 'She'd always been alone.' before she took off?
If there was a double-meaning, and its not a Spoiler to say so, I hope you can actually comment on this, Patrick.
All in all, wonderful. THE DARKEST HOUR, PART I, with its incredible parts, also, its almost constant, from the beginning, well, at least past the end of the Council, I believe, when Garlon, and the Morrigan began to talk, and it panned away, underlying direness, and feeling of how bad things really were. In THE DARKEST HOUR, PART II, Demona, George, Emrys, Madoc, Elisa's fate, and all the rest, made this multi-parter Episode one of the best Stories I've read anywhere. There's only two above it, the BREATH OF FIRE Fanfiction REBORN AGAIN, and the best of them all, which is, obviously, XENOGEARS.

Athenaverse: My stories do include the others like the rest of the writers do, I only have one posted. As for the term, that's because Athena is kind of the central point to the whole saga, the questions about 'artificially created lifeforms' for lack of a better all-encompassing terms being able to really live.

XENOGEARS: No, Duh, Demona is manipulative! That's obvious. Still, she's not as cruel as Miang, and she, and Krelian could teach all of the manipulators, save maybe Harthoth, lessons in manipulation.
I understand now, Doug. Least favorite moments? Favorite moments?
Err, XENOGEARS is a Video Game, whoever said 'seen', I believe the person who commented about Demona's manipulations.
I know you were just comparing, Doug. I was just mentioning some of the more 'far-outs'. Oh, I remember it was Broadway as Rico, I believe. That is also far out. I dunno' of a different person, though, but size alone does not determine.
I've decided not to do the Grahf/Lacan/Madoc Scene as of now. It'd just not be too great. The Grahf/Lacan Scenes I'm referring to were great, but it seems kinda' 'dumb' associating them with Madoc.
That's all for now.

"Everyone is searching for a reason to live, a reason to fight."-Maria Balthasar

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 08:46:02 PM

**Mandi comes in, with a bunch of overzealous inch-tall BtVS creativity demons on her shoulders, pulling her hair, clinging to her get the idea.**

*THIS* is why my Garg fanfics are in a rut. Would you believe these guys are only from one fanfic? :)

Taleweaver> Actually, the problem lies in the fact that I have a bunch of outdated tables of info about chemicals that I have to reorganize and re-query by CAS number...and it's starting to look like I'll have to re-enter half the data myself - one table has the CAS numbers as text, one has them as integers...well, I'm home, I don't have to mess with that til tomorrow. But thank you for offering.

Spike> **gapes in shock** Doodles? You call those doodles? Oh, man...**insert Wayne and Garth's "WE'RE NOT WORTHY!" routine here**

BtVS finale> Joss Whedon posted on the posting board at the official site about this, but all he would say was that "Graduation Day, part 2" would be airing sometime in July. (He added: "Hey, at least we won't be up against the final Home Improvement.") *sigh*

In other non-Garg season premiere/finale news, Stargate: SG-1's new season (on Showtime) begins ... June 25th?? Aw, hell, I'll be at the Gathering! Everything's going on the 25th around here! :) But maybe I can coerce Mom to tape it.

Obi-Wan's master> Well, who's to say Yoda didn't have a hand in Obi-Wan's training as well? Perhaps the Jedi Council members had more of a role in training Jedi apprentices than we saw. Besides, by the time SW rolled around, Jedi were few and far between: Yoda was the best choice.

Blue Caeru> Hey! The CR first anniversary!! Wouldn't that call for an extended RP party? Anyone?

To all the new people I keep forgetting> Welcome to the room. Enjoy. :)

Mandi Ohlin - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 08:38:38 PM

Deuce> <<absolute power is very cool. Oops... I mean corrupts absolutely>> I don't think Oberon is corrupt, just unbelievably full of himself.

Kyryn> << In relation to where? >> He was my psychology teacher, and he said he had a summer home in Uvalde, so I was wondering if by some strange coincidence you happened to know him.

Is Titania really that weak? She claimed she couldn't do any magic just because she near iron, but Puck managed to turn every human in Manhattan into gargoyles while he was wrapped in iron chains. For some reason I always thought Titania was actually stronger than Oberon and just pretended to be weaker for the sake of his ego.

I really like the picture of Demona attacking Madoc. Too bad it couldn't have shown the moment of impact. I guess I'll have to draw my own >: )

Nicodemus> With Elisa at least, I don't think Demona's death was the actual sacrifice. She gave up a chance to be rid of Elisa forever (which may cost her a "destroy the humans plan" in the future), which would probably be worth more to Demona than a lot of pain. When she saved Angela from Madoc, I think it was just an excuse to smash someone's head with a mace.

Jenniren <<here are certain advantages to being in a fuzzy instead of in an Owen body. For one thing, you don't have to clean up after Nudnik>> But if he's in the fuzzy then he runs the risk of being chewed on by Nudnik, probably a fate worse than having to mop up gardoggy-doo.
***** END SPOILERS *****

Robby> So what does it take to qualify for Mensa? $<<the funnest one I had is gone now>> There's always time travel. Maybe DC killed a Lonny who was visiting the present while on vacation from five years in the future, or is that stretching things a bit?$

Zath - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 08:07:40 PM

Got my ACT scores back today finally... And I qualify for Mensa! Cool!

Zath- The Evil Overlord checklis is great! I'll be sure to keep some of that in mind when writing evil villains! Of course, the funnest one I had is gone now... 8(

Deuce- So your evil twin is gone too eh? Hmm. Wish I could sympathize with your hair problems, but I can't. I never do anything to my hair except trim it every once and a while...

Hmm... Still the whole room is buzzing about The Darkest Hour and little else... Gee...

Aaron- Um, Lonny's dead... He was brutally murdered by Dis Connect yesterday... He can't hear you say thanks for the explanation...

As far as the Queen reference, someone pointed it out ten months ago that Demona says "ANother one bites the dust..." while smashing humans in CIty of Stone.

Green Baron- We *DID* already do the Rising. Reread my message carfully... It was a ten month old post in response to 10 month old postings...

Blue Caeru- Evil villainesses usually have darker colored hair, slightly more sinister eyes, and more revealing or form fitting clothing.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 07:55:03 PM


WOO-HOO! This episode was almost everything I hoped it would be. Lots of action, good story, the Unsilll got their asses kicked, Lex didn't go postal, and had an all-round happy ending. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Season paid off!


Tae Bo>> I've tried it. It increases muscle flexibility and endurance, but doesn't make you stronger or give you any practical fighting skills perhaps unless you've had some previous martial arts training. I myself took about 4 years of Tae-kwon-do when I was younger, but it got too expensive and the Feds chased the instructers out of town.

Want something better than Tae Bo? Check out They sell videos that teach Navy Seal Unarmed Combat and conditioning skills and a Marine Close Quarters Combat Manual. I'm gonna get me these once I have my own credit card.

Tim P.
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 06:13:48 PM

The Gargoyles Collectible Card Game is coming...
Now that I have Internet access again.
Interested? Email me, with the subject heading "Gargoyles CCG".
Be seeing you...

Galvatron - []
Long Island, NY, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 05:53:36 PM

Sorry about this double post, but I was looking at the CR archives and noticed that today the TGS Comment Room has been up for one year. I don't know about anyone else, but I think that's spiffy. :-) *runs around the room and tosses some confetti around, then leaves*
Blue Caeru
Florida, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 04:57:08 PM

*****The Darkest Hour 2 Spoiler*****

Very exciting episode. It gets 9.9999 out of 10 in my opinion. It would be 10 out of 10 except we never saw what happened to the Guatemala clan and the Golem. I'm not sure what happened to Natsilane or the Scottish gargoyles either. Last I remember the Scottish gargoyles were retreating into the tunnels because they were more defensible. Also, did Grandmother help Natsilane during his battle by by offering opportune tips about his opponents' weaknesses the way the Japanese fay helped the Ishimura clan? I hope we'll find out what became of these groups in the aftermath episode(s). The next episode will be a new beginning in some ways and has the potential to be a great ep in a different way. There are plenty of loose ends to tie up and opportunities for character development, etc.

Was Sora Kai's mate? Or am I misremembering once again? If so, his reaction will be interesting, though sad.

The Darkest Hour 2 was a very long episode - as long as 2 or 3 regular episodes. I do appreciate not having to wait 2 or 3 weeks to see how it all came out.

I feel sorry for the Whowie. Poor stupid thing. All it ever really wanted was dinner. It never had a clue.

One of my favorite parts was George Harrison's decision to ring the bell. I hope his daughter is told that her Daddy died a hero. I wonder what the other halflings would think of his decision. Do any of them know of it? They're probably glad to have Madoc out of their heads. Or maybe some of the other Unseelie fay will take them over. It would have been interesting to see how George's character developed had he not died, but I guess there's not much point thinking about that. The "glorified doodles" of him are great, Spike - nice facial expressions.

I also liked Emrys confrontation with Madoc in the Conservatory Garden. I wonder how Emrys will deal with Madoc's death. Now that he's finally free of him what will he want to do? Go back to England and rejoin Arthur, certainly, but what else? I suppose they'll have all those unorganized Unseelie who were formerly under Madoc's leadership to deal with at some point.

King Arthur didn't have as big a role as I'd expected. He was important, but not significantly moreso than the rest of his gang (Dulcinea, Leba, Rory, etc.) Then again, he is the one who assembled them... But since he was supposed to awaken in the hour of his country's greatest need, perhaps the Unseelie threat wasn't really it...or at least not all of it. (I see Blue Caeru has also noticed this). Maybe there's another big threat looming over the horizon that he's going to have to deal with. The Illuminati would be the most obvious guess, but I'm not sure how big a threat they are to the general population. They've been around a long time and haven't done anything really far as I can tell anyway. They're not out to destroy the world or anything, are they? So maybe there's some other threat for Arthur to deal with.

I wonder what the Weird Sisters are going to do with Maeve. Did they capture her at the behest of Oberon and Titania to be put on trial? Or do they plan to do something with her themselves? Probably the latter. (Uh-oh).

I'm glad to see Lexington played such an important role in the battle. It was good to see him have the opportunity to do something useful with his unique skills.

I hate that Garlon got away. Garlon makes me ill like I swallowed live worms or something.

I'd have liked to see Goliath get his hands on Madoc after Elisa was shot. I got so frustrated when Madoc magically stopped him in mid-leap. I suppose Goliath was frustrated too. Oh well. Can't have everything.

I don't know whether it's been mentioned, but Demona saw Elisa take the arrow meant for Angela. That means Demona owed Elisa. Twice now Elisa has saved Angela's life but this time Demona saw it happen. Even though Demona hates Elisa, I doubt she could ever be satisfied with herself knowing she hadn't paid off her debt to Elisa in full. It's just one more reason Demona had for saving Elisa. I liked Coyote's comparison of Demona to Ra's al Ghul too. The Talia/Angela connection is interesting and, like Demona, Ra's al Ghul is a complex villain who doesn't always act as you'd expect.

Airwalker> Titania did help Elisa indirectly by influencing Demona's decision at the end. She doesn't seem to want Oberon to know she's helping, though, so she couldn't offer help earlier when she and Oberon were there to fetch Madoc's ugly body. I think only Oberon would be able to directly break the law forbidding direct intervention. The other fay have to be more clever about it. They can help, but they need to be very clever about how they help. I don't think Coyote will desert Beth...or Grandmother Natsilane. And Anubis (unfortunately) doesn't seem to have abandoned his responsibilities at all.

I like the idea someone (PKat?) proposed for Puck being in the "fuzzy." There are certain advantages to being in a fuzzy instead of in an Owen body. For one thing, you don't have to clean up after Nudnik. So Puck may be in no particular hurry to resume that noisome duty.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but Atsuma the "dragon" that attacked the Ishimura clan wasn't really a dragon, was he? He was a fay that took a dragon form and that was why he was vulnerable to iron. Right? I don't recall Apep being vulnerable to iron and also I believe his magic was described as being dragon magic, different from fay magic.

Congratulations to Batya and Alex.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:46:53 PM

Mandi> If you need help with MS Access, email me. I've been called the Access king. It is a frustrating program, but we dragons can be extremely patient.
Taleweaver - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:42:32 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Not one but TWO different people sent me copies of TDH2 for my reading pleasure. Once again thank you Ed and George.

(Walk alway using DC as a soccer ball.)
Dreadnaught - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:37:13 PM

**Mandi suddenly appears, emerging from a pile of computer manuals and Post-Its.**

Did I mention that I hate MS Access? Well, I do! Almost an entire day trying to get two queries to work! Gaah!

Ahem. We now return to your regularly scheduled posting.

Fanfic Progress> Ehh, not much. The only independent fanfics that are progressing on my backlog aren't Gargoyles fics. **Notices the looks the veteran TGS staffers are giving her** I said independent fanfics! I swear, I'm working on it!

Spike re: Anne McCaffrey> Okay, stupid question because I'm behind. Is "The Tower and the Hive" the next book in the series she started with "The Rowan?" If so, I'll see if the library's getting it county library has a really good sci-fi section.

Okay. Half an hour til I get out of here...let's see if I can't have something to show for a day's work..

Mandolin - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:31:03 PM

"The Tower and the Hive": Yeah, I just realized it's been out for a while now... okay, so I don't get out much. :-P Anyway, I've read some other reviews, and they basically said the same thing Spike said. Darn, and she usually does such a good job. I think the cover looks too "romantic" as well, since it's been said that this novel has more political issues in it. Darn, darn, darn... this is the last book in the series.

Batya> Congratulations to you and Alex. :-)

Illuminati Associate> Interesting site. :-) But I thought the Illuminati only wanted to control the gargoyles for some reason, not wipe them out?

Sudden thought: I know "the Darkest Week" is over now, but there was some talk about the physical appearance of an evil version of someone. Okay, the "classic" is that a villain has a goatee. What about a villainess? Hmm, she usually wears some dark, tighter-than-usual outfit and has dramatic make-up on. Okay, that was a stupid creativity demon. :-P

Well, that's all for now.

Blue Caeru
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:26:42 PM

Obi Wan's master - The other thing about the Yoda/Qui-gon problem is that Obi Wan was communicating with Luke across the barrier of time and space. "The Jedi Master who trained me" is shorter and more communicative than "the Jedi Master who never really liked my master, but was probably smarter."
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 03:15:08 PM


I saw "Phantom Menace" again the other day. I enjoyed it even more this time than the first time.

Anakin being a virgin birth> Why do I have the feeling that this is even less credible than when Obi-Wan said that Vader betrayed and murdered Luke's father.

For those of you who were wondering why Obi-Wan said Yoda trained him in the original trilogy. I think he trained him before letting Qui Gon complete his training. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it.


I'm glad to see that everyone liked "The Darkest Hour" we had this ending planned for over two years. Wait till you see what is yet to come. The Unseelie War is the introduction to the vast world of The Gargoyles Saga.

BTW I would like to publically congragulate the writers for the magnificent job they have done on this story. And Jen "CrzyDemona" Anderson for the wonderful art she did for this group.

Christine> yeah Obi-Wan is awesome in this movie. I've been a fan of Ewan MacGregor's work from day 1. Have you seen "Trainspotting" and "Shallow Graves"? They're both great movies.

But Natalie "Queen Amidala" Portman is a babe. And she's older than me by only two months and nine days. Hmmmm. Hey a guy can dream can't he?

I got my hotel reservations for G99 last week. All I need to do is book plane tickets (which I'm doing this week) and I'll be all set. Now I'm off to work on my Madoc costume.

Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:56:43 PM

**Kyryn peers in**

Reachel> Welcome to the CR. Deuce will confiscate your sanity if you haven't already lost it. The link for Night of the Weird should be working now.

Nicodemus> He might not be able to kill her; but if he had won, he could have put her through physical and mental pain for as long as he held her prisoner (a couple of thousand years maybe?). That, in my book, would be a very big fear. That, plus the fact that she is acting to protect Angela, since if Madoc won, there would be no place that she could have hid herself and Angela from him.

Heather> Happy B-day! Wonderful pics!

Green Baron> Regarding the pics: Last night I only saw one, but it should be there. Try going to the story and then reloading the page.

Spike> You do beautiful work. I wish I could 'doodle' that way. Of course, I realize that you spent many years getting to this point. :)

Batya> Congratulations to you and Alex!

**Kyryn disappears**

Kyryn - []
Uvalde, TX
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:44:10 PM

Now, Father Frank, Sr. Steve, and the Catholic schoolgirl scouts stand outside the Progressive church ready for a showdown against the dissenters and all their evil forces.

Inside, Tom Harkin and Ted Kennedy lead the others in an a battle that coudl be avoided if they just joined another faith and left true Ctaholcis in peace**
END RP for now!!

Heather> You probably won't see this until you get back, but Happy 15th.

Lawrence Stone> I used to watch but I don't have the time now.

Jenna> I agree with you that Anakin's birth is not a remake of the Christian birth tale, namely for two reasons,
1) Anakin turns to the darkside. He is not a saviour but a repentant sinner
2) Shmia has no special role and she is just there as a mother, albeit a good one. Of course, many "Christians" are very guilty of giving Mary a lesser role than she should have in a Christian's life. For those who aren't Christian, don't worry about this subject.
3) Anakin is not celibate. Jesus was.

Besides, the Force strikes me as Hindu anyway.

Sevarius Jr> I hope you can see my points here as well. The second reason alone is all I need to not regard this as a take on Christianity, though I also agree that it really wasn't all that good an idea to do that, since it would just stir up this kind of controversy.

Alex and Batya Whittenburg> May you have a happy life together for the rest of your days and enjoy the Honeymoon :)

Thomas M> Welcome to the crazy CR :)

Doug> $If you want to send in any reinforcements, now is the time$

Kaioto> $You may have some interest in this next battle. It should be fun to see Ted Kennedy's reaction to holy water :)$

DumaloX> Your site is good, but there don't seem any entries for villains or anything beyond heroes. I guess it's still under construction.

Spike> I am very impressed by your artwork.

Jackal> What happened to you is awful. I hope you can get off and they catch the real guy. Your past record may hurt you :(

Kaioto> I know a book you may like. It's called Ecumenical Jihad, and it's basically a calling of people of all faiths, particularly the big three, to rise up against postmodernism, secularism, and Americanization.

Patrick> I still can't find Crazy's pics.

Todd> I thought we already did The Rising.

Gotta go. Bye to all :)

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:31:12 PM

Aaron wanders in, again wearing his odd combo Spurs/Knicks jersey.

I'm baaaaaaack.

Sorry, but wading throught four days of posts takes a while. I haven't even had a chance to read the new ep, but I'll get to it.

What a great weekend. The Spurs win twice, the Knicks win once, and I spent sunday communing with fellow Otaku. Although, I'm getting ready to take a quarryhammer to Dave Checketts. I'm really tired of him.

Pointless rant coming.

Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy has already made history, taking a 8th seeded team to a conference final. To do so he beat the all-time playoff wins leader, Pat Riley, and then the all-time wins leader Lenny Wilkens. And he's ahead of Larry Bird right now. And at the end of the year, he's gonna get fired and replaced by Phil Jackson, who's a major flake, IMO.

End unrelated rant.

BTW, has anybody ever noticed how much Larry Bird looks like a changling?

Replies now.

Pistoff> You forgot Claw, the third Hammer brother. And as for kicking Oberon's sorry @$$, Frank Black wants to know if he can help. He doesn't like *any* of the fey, especially ol' blue.

Lonny> Thanks for explaining the goatees thing. Got it in one.

Robby> COS has a queen reference? Where? Where?


Aaron wanders away, humming "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Stones.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:25:45 PM

*** Deuce walks in, waving a finger in DC's face. ***

Ha. Ha. Funny. You thought blocking Shadowknight's last post was cute, eh? Now I look like I don't know what I'm talking about! *DC quivers* But, since it was a pretty awful post, I guess you did a favour. *Deuce draws a gun and shoots DC in the foot* Don't let it go to your head.

Christine> You like Obi-Wan, eh? He's pretty cool, but Queen Amidala is the absolute best. What a babe. Actually, my new haircut is similar to Obi-Wan, only without the long in back.

David G. ["It would have been fun to watch Demona get medieval on Madoc for several pages, though."] Aye. With iron-toed boots, preferably.

** with that lovely thought in his head, Deuce touches his wristlink and teleports out. (New toy.) **

Deuce - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 01:15:55 PM

***RP Entrance***
The sky darkens and a storm rises from nowhere. A lightning bolt hits the ground before you, and when your eyes clear a slightly singed Durid is standing before, hair streaming out of his head like Albert Enstien. "OooK, I don't think I'll be traveling by lightning again anytime soon" *Cough cough, hack, wheeeeze* "And here I was hopeing to out do *cough* Mr. Sobotka's entrance. I hope you don't mind if I smoke a bit, litterly?"
***End RP entrance***

Heather> Well, let me wish you happey birthday early then.

Lawrence Stone> Here's another fan of "Charmed". Not a big fan, but it's getting better the longer it runs.

Doug> I've been around, just haven't been posting. And um, sorry, but I still haven't finished "The Fall of Nightstone".

Ah well, companys here, so I better finish reading the CR later. Just one question unrelated to TGS>
Does anyone know when the season fanaile for Buffy is going to come out? I checked the TV guide, and they're running re-runs.

Durid the Druid - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:59:48 PM

Actually, she may not have known it, but Demona WAS in danger from Madoc. Madoc and Oberon are more powerful than the other fey, as evidenced by the fact that Oberon was about twice as obnoxious as Superman when he was temporaraly reduced to "child strength" (in Ill met by moonlight, if I remember correctly). Madoc was able to remove other spells cast by Oberon (on the Banshee, and on Puck) so he could have removed the Wierd Sisters' charm on Demona's life if he had time. All that saved her was the sudden, savage, and decisive nature of her attack.

It would have been fun to watch Demona get medieval on Madoc for several pages, though.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:34:04 PM

Coyote > the funny thing is, I _wasn't_ an Ewan McGregor fan before this, and somehow doubt I will be after ... but in the meantime, I plan to get the Obi-Wan calendar, the copy of the book with Obi-Wan on the cover, a poster, maybe an action figure ... mmmmm .... ; )

Christine - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:33:58 PM


It was a great episode, and a lot of the good points about it have already been mentioned by others. So have some of the bad, like the episode being too short (something as major as the fall of the Unseelie Court could, and maybe should, have easily become a three- or even four-parter) but that still isn't too bad. Like I said, it's still a great episode.

A couple of comments about this episode, though:

For one thing, the loss of major Unseelies beyond Madoc somehow feels like me to have disturbed the balance of the TGS universe (Madoc getting killed I don't care about, it's the other major Unseelies getting killed at one time that concerns me). I don't mean storywise balance, though. I mean in a karmic, Yin-Yang sort of way. As there is good in the universe, there must also be evil, and with such heavy losses inflicted upon the forces of darkness, it makes me wonder if the karmic balance of the TGS Universe has been massively disturbed. I'm not saying that reality in that Universe will tear itself apart because of this (or anything even remotely that spectacular), but eventually, there has to be something to replace the void of the Unseelies (even though said replacement may not take place for a few centuries). And the problem is, the replacement may be something worse than the Unseelies themselves; something the good guys can't handle... (Sorry about sounding like Yoda or something, but it just feels that way to me for some reason.)

On a completely different note, I think the scenes with Demona 'sacrificing herself' for Angela, and then Elisa, are very good, but there's a big problem which spoils the drama for me. It's the fact that Demona, by cosmic law, _can't_ die or be killed by anyone except MacBeth. It means that at no time during the episode did she really put her life on the line. She _knew_ in the TGS Universe that Madoc couldn't kill her (put her in the hospital for a month, maybe, but not kill her), nor could she die from the use of the bloodstone on Elisa. This made her decisions a _lot_ easier for her, by de-elevating said desicions down from "Do I want to sacrifice my life for this person?" to "Do I want to go through a whole lot of pain for this person?". In my mind, it really cheapens the scenes, because Demona really isn't sacrificing _anything_ irreplacable (which we usually consider a life to be) for Angela or Elisa here (it would have been more of a sacrifice if she had to give up, say, another 'destroy the humans' plan or a piece of her soul to save them). I'm not trying to say this to tarnish the work of the people who made this episode, I'm just pointing out something that I noticed about it, and that no one seems to have commented on yet. (I _really_ hope I haven't stepped on any toes here today...)

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:22:36 AM

Can't get into the "Night of the Weird" story. Link seems to be invalid.
Reachel Bokor - []
Hillsboro, Or, usa
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 11:06:37 AM

**Kyryn peers in**

Zath> In relation to where? My being involved in A-kon? the Dallas area? Fandom in general? The name vaguely rings a bell; but then, I know a huge number of people by sight and not by name, or just by nickname - especially if it is related to conventions, renfaires, and such.

Steve G> Where did you get the idea that TGS main season ends next week? We've still got a lot to go!

**Kyryn disappears**

Uvalde, TX
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:26:07 AM


*** Deuce walks up to the smoking body of his evil alter-ego, scowling. ***

SK... you broke so many rules. A nearly all-RP post, you endangered the room... I give you form, and this is how you repay me?

*** Deuce seems to try to say something else, but stops. He bends over SK's body, and grabs his shoulders, squeezing. Hard. Finally, his fingers puncture the skin, muscle, and tendons. Unconsious, SK still manages a groan of pain. Deuce's image becomes shimmery, liquid. He flows into the finger-holes in Shadowknight's shoulders.

*** The change is immediate. The long black hair shortens extremely, lightens, and gains a bad dye job (my mom's fault). Many of the muscles shrink, the body itself gets shorter, and under the eyelids, Shadowknight/Deuce's eyes darken, and mix with green and grey.

*** Finally, Deuce sits up, having reconciled his dark self. ***

*****END RP!*****

It's good to be back. *cracks neck* I slept funny last night, and I am in _dire_ need of a neck massage. Eck.

Kaioto> You're back! Excellent!

SJ> ["Maybe he went psycho cause the executives didn't grant him his own episode."] Something like that, I think. Maybe 'cause he was feeling neglected, and ignored, by his clan as well as the writers.

Robby> ["Your pic has been replaced by one of Rory and a 2 of hearts playing card... Oh wait... Never mind..."] I don't know why, but I fell over laughing when I read that.

Heather> ["Four more days until my birthday !"] Hey, that does make you a bit older than me. My birthday's on the 25th, however many days that is.

Airwalker> ["Oberon and the Seelie are such scum."] Power corrupts, and absolute power is very cool. Oops... I mean corrupts absolutely. :-)

Bye, Heather! Have fun.

*** The bell rings in the background, and Deuce walks away, revealing leopard-spot dots of blond in his hair. He wheels around. ***

THAT'S what I get for letting my mom dye my hair.

** leaves **

Deuce (finally) - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 10:18:24 AM

re: Anne McCaffrey>>
Well, I bought "The Tower and The Hive" as my Mother's Day present this year (my males can be impossibly dense around the holidays) and have read through it a couple of times. I love Anne's work to distraction but she's reached the point where she *really* needs a tough editor willing to work with her. I liked the book but it was too disjointed. The more detailed areas involving the Hivers was just not as interesting (and quite confusing in places) as some of the more personal relationships, which were built up to a point and then abandoned just as they became interesting. Not like Anne's previous work at all. Some writers retain their focus as they age -- Ellis Peters of the Cadfael mysteries comes to mind -- but I'm afraid that Anne is not.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 09:27:38 AM

You love me ! You really love me ! **hugs everyone and kisses Robby right on the lips and holds the kiss for a minute** Love ya. **walks away**
Thanks for the awesome comments everyone and see ya Sunday.

Heather - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 07:06:30 AM

Hey Everyone!!!

***The Darkest Hour PT2 Non Spoilers***
Wow this story made Monday worthwhile for me(but then every TGS story does that<G>)Great Stuff!!!!:-)
***End Non Spoilers***

Happy Birthday Heather and congratulations to Batya an Alex!!

Oh well gotta go cya's!!

Melbourne, victoria, Australia
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 06:24:46 AM

Son of a bitch! It still isn't working! **sigh** Screw it. I'll try again tomorrow, when I'm awake ...
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 04:56:46 AM

Dammit! Link didn't work. Try this one ...
Really Pissy - [<--Try again]
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 04:53:12 AM

Oops, sorry for the double post, but I forgot something. Click my name for a glimpse of things to come ... ;)
Pissy - [<--CLICKY CLICKY]
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 04:50:10 AM

Steve Gooch: Heheh, I can just see Demona pumping the shotgun one more time and snarling, "You're terminated, f**ker!" BLAM!

Of course, that image would've worked better if she crushed him in an iron hydraulic press ... Then Jack Hammer could walk up to the remains and growl, "Terminated!"

Doug: Well, it'll probably be a couple of months before that story is posted. I've got a rough draft of it ready, though. If you'd like me to email it to you, just let me know. :)

Pistoff - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 04:05:07 AM

If you liked the evil overlord list SJ provided last week, click my name to see a much longer version.
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:14:32 AM

**A huge swarm of ants crawls into the CR, each ant carrying what looks like a tiny ball of colored Silly-Putty. The ants begin to heap the bits into two small piles shaped like feet. As the ants continue to work, the piles grow to include legs, and finally, all of Zath. Zath shakes off the ants and coughs up a couple of larva. "Man, I have *got* to find a better way to travel..."**

Wow, I leave for a couple of days and look what I miss. Anyway, I am now officially out of high school. The long boring ceremony was on Friday (nothing interesting at all happened, the salutatorian’s speech was mostly bad jokes ripped off from various humor lists on the internet, and I got really depressed, not because I was leaving school but because everyone kept claiming that *these* were the best years of my life. **shudder**) and I got my actual diploma today. Now I need to catch up with the room.

***** WARNING, DC DEATH (why? because I want to)*****
**Zath walks up to Mr. Dis Connect, stomps on his foot, and then pokes him in the eye with the Sharp Stick. DC howls in pain and falls over backwards into the moat, which looks murkier than usual. He staggers to his feet in the shoulder deep water, sore but otherwise unharmed. He glowers up at Zath and shouts "What was the point of that? The gators have all learned how useless it is to eat me."
"Maybe they have," replies Zath as music from some unidentified source begins to fill the air [click my name], "but he hasn't."
"Who?" DC turns to see the source of the music, an enormous dorsal fin slicing through the water towards him, and has time for one last scream before he is bitten in half and eaten by a monstrous creature that looks like it may have once been a great white shark. When he is finished, the mutated shark swims away still accompanied by the fading sound of classical music coming from its guts.
***** END DC DEATH *****
Okay, so maybe only one or two people will get that, but it was fun. The music (Bolero) also goes pretty well with the current TGS episode.

JackaL> <<Speaking of coffins...., quite an interesting place>> With or with a dead body in there with you two?

Blue Caeru> <<Anne McCaffrey is finally publishing the conclusion to the Rowan saga>> "The Tower and the Hive" is already out and it's even made it to my little hole in the wall town. I haven't read it yet, but the cover looks more like something off a romance than scifi. I liked the cover art for the earlier stories better. <<I don't like to be left hanging>> I don't know about most of her series’, but her son is supposedly going to take over Pern when she dies.

Someone (I forget who) said they lost Drake, was he dead, or was he just wounded and unable to continue fighting?

Okay, so we actually do have a body in the morgue. We can still get around Owen/Puck's demise. What if he's only "mostly dead"? **Zath imagines Owen later storming up to Xanatos and demanding David return his loose change.**

Wilek> Personally, my irrational side is the part that gives me the most entertainment so I try to feed it whenever I can.

Spike> I like your "full-color doodles"

Heather> I like your drawings of the Australian gargs. Also, happy birthday a little early.

Kyryn> I know this is probably a silly question but I was wondering if you knew anyone named Tim Brown.

Steve Gooch> Your calling Madoc "the ol blue bastard" made me think of him as a Blue Meanie and now I'm tying to figure out how to cast the gargoyles in The Yellow Submarine...

Zath - []
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 02:09:22 AM

<<Kinda distorted. You got a nice southern accent though!>>
No, no, that wasn't me. That was a friend of mine named Jeremy and his girl friend and some other people..., I made the wav though I just don't remember what's all going on. It was one of those times I was on something. (Who knows) But it kinda freaked me out cause, I know that's my friends talking I just don't know what's going on. Hey if you wanna hear me, I can hook you up..., I tell you hey personally.
How yousa tink about dat?

Legal sh*t- No comment at this time. Just wait until it's done, though...

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:41:34 AM

I just read all the Timedancer episodes I hadn't read yet ]:)
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:40:15 AM

**Robby beams in, clad in a classic Trek uniform, sputtering something about "There is no such things as a Vulcan death grip," and "I sent them to the Klingons, where they'll hardly be any tribble at all..."**

Just finished the classic Trek marathon on the sci-fi channel. From 6 AM to 10 PM, old Trek. Well, one little break during a dull episode to check in here... The Trouble With Tribbles was the number one episode...

Other comments... Lets see... Darkest Hour... Darkest Hour... Darkest Hour... Gee, you'd think this was a place where people commented on the latest episodes or something... Been a while since any story so filled the room like this...

My 10 month old post- I don't know *what* I was doing there... That my friends, is the result of many, many hours without sleep.

Heather- You know I'll miss ya...

Argent- Lonny is not *MY* evil counterpart. I'm his evil counterpart, since he's a year older than me. But the evil twin of an evil twin is a good twin, and so I'm good... Mostly...

A moment of silence for Memorial Day...


And now... The conclusion to the Lonny/Dis Connect RP!


Rick Morrannis is sitting in a judge's booth, and staring at Lonny, clad in a tailored dancing outfit, and at Dis Connect, who has a bullet wound in his stomach and a bullet in his shoulder. Lonny looks at his competition, and grins a sharp toothed smile.
"The rules are simple. We dance. The loser dies."
Dis Connect glares. "And how do you plan to kill me? Even with this energy stopping my powers, I am stil immortal. I can heal from anything as soon as I escape."
"I know... Which is why the loser dies in this room. With one of these..." Lonny gives DC a backback and straps it to him, then attaches a similar one to himself. "These backbacks are full of explosives. The loser will have his detanated, and die. ANd now, we begin."
Music plays, and Lonny dances with incredible skill. He jumps, he pirouettes, and does dance steps that make Michael Flatley, lord of the dance look tame.
Dis Connect however, normally has no dancing skills, and is currently suffering from two bullet wounds. Rick Morrannis declares the winner within moment. Lonny sneers as Dis Connect's eyes widen.
"Oh spiiit..." ANd with a resounding explosion, DC is killed, and a large hole is left in the floor.
Lonny frowns. "Hmm, hadn't thought about that happening. Ah well..." He turns off the device that had stopped DC's powers, and goes about his buisness. Rick Morrannis starts to say something, when Lonny suddenly screams.
"MY EYES! MY ELECTRONICLY ENHANCED EYES! THEY DON'T WORK! I'VE GONE BLIND!" Lonny hears DC's evil snicker as a gunshot ring out, and he is shot in the back.
"I disconnected them of course so you can't fight back. Heh heh. And you should have remembered, I reassembled even after you nuked my very atoms. I'm a very hard man to kill Lonny."
Dis Connect gives an evil chuckle as he shoots a blinded Lonny again and again. He grabs him, and holds him over the hole created by the explosion just a little while ago.
"Prepare to die Lonny."
The evil twin gives a chuckle. "Well... Who wants to live forever?" (click!)
Lonny is dropped from the Dark Star Two, several thousand feet in the air. Dis Connect teleports to the ground, and watches Lonny's body snap when it hits the ground with a thud.
Then, not taking any chances, Dis Connect teleports Lonny back to the Dark Star, and drops him again. After making sure Lonny is dead, and that no tissue samples have been taken for cloning, and that this Lonny was not a clone decoy of a real Lonny, he is dropped into a blender, pureed, and then burned afterwards. Lonny is gone as Dis Connect teleports to the Dark Star and begins repairs. He looks over the landscape, and laughs as the dark form of the Dark Star Two moves about. Soon, *he* will rule the world and destroy it all.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:15:14 AM

Steve: Whenever you get around to reading my fanfics is fine, as long as you eventually do. <grin> Look forward to getting your feedback after you read them, and reading the rest of your novelization of The Rock.

Wilek: I don't know if it's the Gwyn from Welsh mythology or not. I just know that in The Rising, Herne was seen talking to the second-in-command of his huntsmen, and it said that huntsman's name was Gwyn. Gwyn has not been seen since The Rising, or if he has we haven't heard his name mentioned. So what he's been up to (or even what he's like, since the TGS Staff have never really detailed his character) we don't know.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:11:42 AM


[On the Avatar Of Ganon..."Agent Rho, this is Commander Khesaat. Our ground and air forces are gathered at Crown Point, Iowa, at full battle readiness. Djedi and Toliana have detected something odd in pursuit of the Onslaught, though they're currently too far away to tell what it is." Rho: "Keep me apprised. Avatar out."]

**END RP!**

Doug> <<Also, don't shoot SJ in the head... ~Robby>> I take it you two haven't always been on the best of terms. <g> $BTW...the Ice Dagger is still flying escort; feel free to call them if you need to. :) $

PKat> Welcome! A word of caution: many of us, myself included, possess thought processes and general views that differ slightly or significantly from cultural norms. In other words, we're barking mad. Do please join us; sanity is such an irritating little concept. :)

Warpmind> <<By the way, does anyone else seem to think the Golem appears to be rather an ancient voice-activated android than an ancient magical clay creature?>> Hm...fascinating concept...maybe he was a Talos prototype?

Gyre> <<So I gues the TGS staff has decided Elisa is to just stand around being a cop w/Goliath, or the clan bailing her out of trouble all the time.>> Well...I wouldn't go quite that far, although I admit there's not much that can be done with her; I'm leaving her out of my ficverse altogether and hoping no one notices. :) (Oops...)

Happy Memorial Day!

Batya and Alex> Congratulations! <throws rice, which somehow accidentally kills DC>

Spike> <<And one of these days, we'll have to tell you guys just what kind of off-screen shenanagins went into it as well!!>> Would 'one of these days' happen to translate to approximately 'your next visit to the CR'? <g> Oh, and phenomenal pics! Dang, if I could draw 'glorified doodles' like that...

Why I *didn't* join TGS> In all honesty, I figured I couldn't hack it. I mean, besides the fact that I'd be expected to assist in the creation of masterpieces like the most recent offering when I am clearly an amateur, I'd have to do it on schedule. My creativity divas are in the habit of storming off to their trailers at the most inconvenient times. That and the fact that I'd have to take, what was it, 50+ mails a day? <brief vision of Wilek's ISP undergoing a biokinetic explosion from mail server overload, killing DC> Besides, you just know who'd end up making an unnecessary cameo. ;P As for why I do fanfic in general...I do it to get it out of my head. For as long as I can remember, my mind has been like a Borg ship, capturing parts of everything it encounters and assembling it into some insane narrative that I'm only now beginning to try and piece together. I don't know if I'll even be able to do it, at least within my lifetime. But any failure won't be for lack of trying.

Heather> Happy birthday! :D <wheels in a huge cake, running over DC in the process> Oh, and those pics of yours are incredible! :)

Illuminati Associate> Hm...your site is quite kewl looking, well-constructed, and generally very good. <sees the Quarrymen paraphernelia scattered about> Why then does it frighten me so?

Just thought of a new virtual bad guy to add to my little creativity demon thing from my last post: Megabyte. :) (Why didn't I think of him before...)


Doug again> Wait a minute, Gwyn's an Unseelie? Gwyn from Welsh mythology? I'm glad I made the decision to split off my ficverse into an alternate universe from TGS, or I'd be in *trouble*...


Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, June 1, 1999 12:03:06 AM

No RP tonight. For reasons too complicated to get into, this Memorial Day was unbelievable...and not exactly in a good way. Let's just say the day started with good intentions, but sorta spiraled downward....

Owen/Puck: Still dead, huh? You know, whenever a series kills off a main character, I'm usually a bit shocked and pleased at the same time. Shocked because, hey, who was expecting that, and pleased because it shows the authors of the series have the initiative to keep their project evolving. However, with that said, I gotta say I'm gonna miss Owen an awwwwwful lot should he stay dead. Somebody suggested a ghost--is that possible? I mean, why not, the fae are already a bit odd, why not have Owen's ghost flying around the castle? Oh....I just miss him.

Why I Joined TGS: Well, I was enticed by the level of storytelling, so I--waitta minute. I never joined. Well, the hell with this paragraph!

Wilek: Didn't like the site, huh? ;) Personally, I loved the cute little Satan-Yoda bearing the "This is your God" sign. And the happily power-walking Christ. "The Force is Jesus!" Those guys have a sense of humor! :)

Robby: Loved the retro flashback. Yes, I was experimenting with colors back then....

JackaL: Maybe it was my computer, but that wav file came out all funky. Kinda distorted. You got a nice southern accent though!
BTW, I visited your site today. LOVE the Brittany pics!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:44:37 PM

Hey all,

Well, I waited until Friday before reading Part one of "The Darkest Hour," just so I wouldn't have to live for a week in anticipation of the finale, and it paid off. REALLY LONG commentary ahead:


I... Loved... this... story. That's it, nothing more needs to be said - though I will anyway :)

First of all, this was some of the best, if not THE best, action in both seasons. Non-stop, take-no-prisoners, balls-to-the-wall kick-ass-take-names action on a scale that I haven't seen in a long time. So I'd like to give all involved a collective HOOYAH! for effort in pulling off what looks to be the best season finale since Hunter's Moon.

The action was awesome, the dialogue was way above par, and the realism was far beyond anything I'd expected. People got HURT, people got KILLED - exactly as it should be in war. The scenes with Dracon at Mr. Jaffe's store and Morgan at the crime scene were excellent; at last somebody wisens up and uses a GUN on those damn Unseelies. The Brooklyn/Loki fight, though short, was top notch; I could really feel what was going through Brook's head when Loki was taunting him and threatening his family. And the Gate dust - whose idea was that? It was fantastic.

The Garlon/ColdDuo scenes were also wonderfully-crafted. I like those two because you really can beat the crap out of them, blow off limbs, and they still keep coming. Reminded me of The Terminator in that regard. I'm glad Garlon got away, though it would've been nicer if he'd really been on the brink of death before teleporting away.

For a while I was worried that Hudson and Bronx might not have made it, the way that Madoc quipped "Garm has been avanged with the beast's death" and then not hearing from them until the end really had me in suspense.

The scenes in the Conservatory Gardens were some of the best I've ever read. Merlin's line "Father? I HAVE NO FATHER. And you have no son." sent chills through my spine. A terrific end to the confrontation between him and Madoc. Also really great work on the "interrogation" he gave Goliath. These scenes could've used an Angela-vs-Maeve fight, though.

I have to say that as soon as Demona was first mentioned in Part Two I knew she'd be the one to waste Madoc. Just knew. And the way she did it - just hilarious. I just find smashing somebody's face in with a mace incredibly funny in this context (though running him through with a sword or section of wrought-iron fence could have also worked :). Great illustration on that, as well.

I was a bit surprised by Elisa's wounding, but that only threw me for a little while, I must say. I knew she'd get patched up by the end, but Demona playing a hand in it I didn't anticipate. I love irony.

Loved the scene when Sara ran into Graeme and Ariana, with the latter throwing her a machine gun. Some scenes with the twins clearing a hallway of Redcaps by emptying a few magazines would've been sweet.

George's sacrifice was nicely done (great work Spike), though it's too bad Richard wasn't there to give his brother some last words. (Which reminds me I also would've liked a scene where Richard used that gun George sent him to defend Quinn and her daughter against some Unseelies or Halflings.)

I really loved Lex's part in bringing down the court by unleashing the computer virus on Madoc's systems. I always wondered exactly how Lex would get his revenge on the ol blue bastard, and this was the perfect way. He did what he was best at (computers) and dealt a major blow to the Unseelies. (And I love it when seemingly insignificant items from past episodes make their way into the present. How *did* Lex know Xanatos kept that virus, or even had it in the first place?) (Side note: Xanatos launching an ASAT to take out Madoc's satellite would've been pretty spectacular, too :)

Still... can't... accept... Puck's death. Sorry, but until this season's TOTALLY wrapped up I won't be coming to terms with this. It just seemed like something of a ripoff the way the liveliest character in the cast didn't even get an "onscreen" death scene.

Oberon really pissed me off at the end. It's like, "Here, bear the brunt of an 11,000 year old grudge, defend yourself from MY angry brother for three years, kill him for me, clean up all our garbage, and.. oh? what's this? could I be troubled to help one of the world's saviors? Nah, too much bother." Prick.

Skimming back over the episode, I'm sorry that all of the worldwide battles didn't rate an ending. What happened with the Scotland clan? The Guatemala clan? Natsilane? Max and the Golem? Fara Maku and Tea? They were just left hanging and we don't know whether they won or lost. (Great job on Dingo though. At LAST the Aussie makes it into TGS :)

Overall, I absoultely loved this (climax/finale). Congratulations to all involved, you all rate a few dozen pats on the back. And to the staff members not mentioned in the credits, the proofreaders and all, congrats as well.


Pistoff > <see Demona go Sarah Connor on him> Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!! I can just picture her, pumping a 12-gauge one-handed, limping from tree to tree, blasting the ol blue bastard into smaller and smaller parts. :)
(Oh, and I gotcha beat. I started reading the ep around 3:45 AM. Didn't finish for two hours :)

Doug > Good to see somebody knows I'm alive >:) MAybe after this TGS season ends next week I'll finally get the chance to get current on your fanfics. And finish off the Rock novelization. And... well, you get the idea. I've got too much to do before I start this new job :)

'Night all. Tonight's quote just seems too appropriate for these past two episodes to pass up :)

==We seemed to see our flag unfurled,
Our champion waiting in his place
For the last battle of the world,
The Armageddon of the race

-J.G. Whittier==

Steve Gooch - []
Malverne, NY
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:37:12 PM


The TV switches on to reveal the jock and his pregnant girlfriend waving as the Onslaught pulls away from the Des Moines Unemployment Office. "You think they'll find good jobs?" Kitainia asks Doug as they wave back from the cab. "Hope so," Doug replies, crossing the couple's names off his list. "Okay, that takes care of every kid who used to be a cultist. Except Ruth, who's staying with us. DX and Jaden are training her in the use of her new equipment, including the exo-suit." Kitainia nods. "Okay, that's good. Shall we head for Crown Point now?" "Yes," Doug says. "Jammer, take us there at the highest possible speed." As the Ravens begin their journey to meet up with Wilek's forces (they should be assembling in Crown Point by now), Doug turns to make a CR post.


Hi everyone. I'm back. Happy Memorial Day, hope it was a good day for all of you. I know it was for me. :) Despite Kitainia's absence. :(

<Salutes the flag in the corner, taking a moment of silence in appreciation for our fighting men and women who have stood, and still stand, for our freedom>

Fanfic Progress: I'm back to work on the story now. Have about four scenes to go before the wedding and gargs vs. vampires battle that will follow it. I think the story will be done in about two weeks or so. Hope I get more feedback on Dragon's Game and my other already finished stories before it comes out. :)

TGS Staff: My apologies for the possibly offensive wording of my hopes in the last post. Kyryn, thanks for pointing it out. I will try to be more constructive in the future, and hope that in the rest of its current season and future ones the TGS Staff does not _repeat_ any of its past mistakes. (Hope there's nothing with a negative implication in that. <fingers crossed>)

Firestorm: BTW, you gave some very good advice to the TGS Staff in your last post, in my opinion. I hope they'll take it. Oh, and if anyone's curious, I write stories for much the same reasons Firestorm and SJ do- to enjoy the expression of my creativity and getting feedback from people who have also enjoyed it. As long as I keep getting enjoyment from and feedback for my writing, I will keep doing it. I did consider joining the TGS Staff at one point, but I decided not to when I realized I probably wouldn't have the time for it. <shrugs> Oh well, so far TGS is progressing very well, so I don't think it really needs me.

Paul: Sorry if I got a lot of character comparisons wrong. It's hard to equate Gargoyles with Xenogears when so much of their stories and characters are different. I matched the characters in personality and other traits as best I could, but I was bound to get some of them matched up at least slightly wrong. Thanks for pointing out which ones I did. :)

Oh, and thanks also for posting that link. I read some of the fanfiction on there earlier today and enjoyed. Will read more later. If you're wondering, I think it's a very nice website with lots of entertaining stories. Too bad none of the ones I've read so far compared to that of the original videogame.

Coyote, Stephen: Thanks for your comments on my earlier post to Firestorm, and for your support.

Blue: Thanks to you also. And yes, Kit and I do live very full lives. <grin>

Mandi: Thanks for mentioning those movies. Now I know I have seen Russell Crowe. I liked him in LA Confidential and Virtuosity, but I agree with you that he probably wouldn't make a good Wolverine.

Durid: I missed you, man. Glad to see you back in here. :)


This was a pretty good episode. The action was all written spectacularly, so was the character development and most of the plot. I especially enjoyed the scenes where Lex unleashed the Coldstone virus on the Brocken's computers, Elisa lay dying and was then saved by Demona, Dingo vs. the Whowie, Madoc's verbal duel with Emrys and his subsequent breakthrough, and the parts where George was making his brave sacrifice. That last group of scenes was especially poignant and almost made me cry. Great development on George in this story, and on Demona. I liked the emotions that went through both their minds as they went through the plot. The plot's many surprises were also interesting and enjoyable, especially the revelation that dragons are apparently affected by iron in the same way as fay. I'm also very glad to see Madoc and so many of the other Unseelie taken out, I was standing up and cheering as I read of Madoc perishing and his Court crumbling at the same time (he must have magically bonded all the other Unseelie to him to make them serve him so loyally, that's why they all felt his death). The battle scenes were very fast-paced and exciting, not to mention so well-written I could almost see them before my eyes as I read. The pics were also very well-done.

Those were the good points. However, this episode also had its disappointments. First of all, I was slightly miffed when Owen/Puck stayed dead. I liked that guy a lot, and wanted to see him come back. <shrugs> Oh well. The major disappointment of this episode was the number of loose ends it left dangling. Yeah, Madoc, Rangda, and Loki are dead, and Maeve, Atsuma and possibly several other Unseelie have been captured by Oberon and will be dealt with somehow (hope they get a more fitting punishment this time around). But Garlon escaped, and we didn't see the fates of Sekhmet, Lucius, Grimalkin, Rhea, Anath, Hutzipochtli, Morrigan, and a few other Unseelie in this episode. This causes me to wonder if they're still around, and if they'll make more trouble (probably). The Wild Hunt escaped too, I bet they'll be back. Herne may be dead, but Gwyn can still take over. I was also distressed that we did not see how the Guatemala clan or the Golem and his rabbi helpers fared in their battles. I'm really worried about them. I'm also worried about Natsilane and the London and Caledonian clans. Their battles were shown to us in the story, but left unresolved at the end. I know the forces attacking them probably withdrew when they felt Madoc's death, but did our heroes survive or not? I'm really disappointed that us readers didn't find out, hope the story is followed up soon so we can learn what happened.

<Moment of silence for Sora, Drake, and every other casualty of the Unseelie War on the good guys' side>

Overall, this story had its ups and downs. It had a good plot, great battles, and lots of character development. I think it should have been longer, though, and incorporated more action. Maybe then it wouldn't have left so many loose ends. I give it a 7/10, thumbs up. Looking forward to the rest of the TGS season, hope the threads not resolved in Darkest Hour are resolved in future fics.


Kaioto: You're not the only one whose writing this place has had a significant impact on. Mine has also been affected by our discussions in here. I've gotten many great story ideas and insights into the Gargoyles characters because of this place. Thanks for contributing all of them, everyone. Please keep doing so. :)

Traveler: One more day? Okay, good. I'm eagerly waiting now, hope you deliver. Thanks for letting me know how close to sending you are.

SJ: I am proud of my income, don't worry. Of course, like anyone else, I wish it was higher. :) Will miss you at the Gathering, thanks for posting that entertaining Star Wars link.

Wilek: <several Big Scary Things that are under the control or influence of a Bigger Scarier Thing> Right, that is even better. <thinks of his fanfic and grins>

Heather: Happy Early Birthday!!! Also, thanks for posting more of your artwork. I like the latest pics.

Batya and Alex: Congrats to both of you on your wedding. Hope you have many happy and wonderful years ahead.

Peter, everyone else: Thanks for the welcome back. It's good to be back here. :)

Pistoff: I agree with you about the value and lessons of feedback. Looking forward to reading your Jack Hammer vs. Oberon story, please let me know when it goes up.

Okay, I guess that's all the topics I wanted to comment on. Later everyone, hope to see you again tomorrow. Good night.


The Ravens drive on down the highway, passing a sign that says "Crown Point- 30 Miles." Hades follows behind them in his black Range Rover, wondering when it will be time for him to make his move. Suddenly the air flickers around him and a portal opens on the shoulder. Hades pulls over and watches as Storm Eagle, Wilek Fieger I and III, and the evil clones of Wilek's friends Raoul, Teri, Forfexx, Geraldo Rivera, and the Monkees (who earlier infiltrated and blew up the Dark Star if you recall) step out. "Thailog sent us here to assist you," Wilek Fieger I tells Hades. "Your battle against the Ravens shall now be easier because of our aid." "The blue gargoyle clone speaks truthfully," Storm Eagle intones, raising a hand and charging it with green energy. "The Ravens wiped out the rest of my unit earlier. The casualties of General Zale's Foxhound Special Forces shall be avenged." Hades smiles at the evilly grinning ash-blonde woman in black SPETS uniform and looks over the evil clones, smiling when he sees the powerful laser-rifle/guitars the Monkees are carrying, Geraldo's slimeball cannon, and the maniacal leer in Evil Forfexx's eyes. "You will all doubtless prove useful," Hades tells the Fiegers. "Thailog has my thanks for sending you in to help. Shall we catch up with our targets? It is imperative that we attack them before they reach Crown Point and discover what your boss has lurking in the nearby cornfields. Let's go!" Most of the group piles into Hades's Range Rover and drive off. The Monkees summon their Monkee-Mobile, hop into it along with Evil Teri and Geraldo, than follow behind. Storm Eagle takes to the air and acts as spotter. They all start chasing the Onslaught and are gaining on it as the screen fades out. To be continued.


Doug - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:05:30 PM

Whew! Haven't been able to check in for a few days. A lot to catch up on, as usual.

JackaL: Ye gods! That really sucks about you getting arrested. Best of luck to ya. I hope you don't go to jail for something you didn't do. Get a good attorney and milk it for all it's worth. Rake the bastards over a cheese grater, make 'em pay for what they're doing. Hey, maybe you can get book and movie rights out of it, if you play it right. At any rate, good luck, dude.

Coyote: Yeah, everybody who works in a store has to deal with idiots and scumbags, but when you deliver things--pizzas, flowers, auto parts, whatever--there's an additional factor: you're going to somebody's house. People in their own houses have the idea that they can say and do whatever they want. In public places, people are more compelled to behave themselves, but in their homes, they feel they can abuse you in any manner they see fit. I'm glad the auto-parts thing is working better for you; I'd try it myself, if I knew anything about that stuff. I've heard plenty of horror stories from other pizza delivery people, but not many from other delivery jobs. Though there was one I heard a couple years ago that was amusing ....

A guy in my creative writing class at the local community college was telling this story about delivering flowers when he was my age (he's in his 60s or 70s now). He went to this old woman's house and the door opened ... and she was wearing an open pink bathrobe ... and not one damned thing else! Then she had the nerve to ask the delivery guy what he was staring at. ;)

Paul Allen Nathans: (re: criticism) Well, TGS is one of the things we're supposed to talk about here. If people have problems with the stories, this is where to air them out. That's how writers learn to do better. Obviously, you can't please everybody, so you just learn to take criticism with a grain of salt. I've had magazine editors and publishers pissing on me for ten years, and sure, I'm angry for a while, but then I just let it go and move on. Bad reviews and criticism are occupational hazards when you're a writer, and anybody who can't handle these things should just get the hell out of the business. If you examine criticism and look at your story objectively--and if you realize that this or that critic might have a valid point--your writing will only improve. Criticism you don't agree with, well, you can just ignore it.

Todd: Don't be so hard on yourself. The Unseelie stuff wasn't a bad idea, it was just dragged on too long--or, maybe, too much of it was concentrated on at once. In any event, the story arc seems to be over, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Kyryn: That's a very healthy attitude Okami has. If I can ever escape the pizza-delivery business, I'll have these memories to help me cope with annoying customers, because, as you've pointed out, there are worse people out there. We know, because we've met them. ;)


I decided to read this one last night ... at about 3 AM. Somebody in here mentioned Demona saving Elisa's ass, so I got curious. And I have to say, not too shabby. :) The action sequences were well written and far ballsier than anything we would've gotten out of the TV series. I loved the conflicting feelings raging inside Demona, and the way she saved Elisa was pretty cool. I loved the way she rationalized her actions, and her comment that the clan needs Elisa. That must've surprised the hell out of Elisa. ;) And Elisa's final comment to Demona was wonderful; I just hope Demona was still close enough to hear it when Elisa said it.

And, best of all, the Unseelie war is pretty much over. Sure, Garlon's still there, and Maeve wasn't taken out, so they could cause trouble later. But it wouldn't be anywhere near the same scale as what we just saw. It should be interesting to see everybody cleaning up the mess and rebuilding.

One thing disappointed me. Madoc's defeat came too quickly. After making him such a badass, Demona thumps him once and he dies. He'd shown himself to be such a bastard that I was hoping he would get a brutal beating before the killshot. It would've been satisfying to see Demona go Sarah Connor on him and trounce him from one end of the city to the other before finishing him. Or at least have an extended fight between the two of them. But oh well ...

As for Oberon ... what an asshole!! Elisa and the others fought his war for him, and look how he thanked them. He wouldn't even lift a finger to heal her, even though it would've just taken a second of his time. She nearly got herself killed stopping somebody Oberon should've stopped himself, and all he did was shrug and leave her lying there for the buzzards.

Oberon needs to get his ass kicked! I've got a story in which Jack Hammer does just that, to be posted later, when the current arc Denis and I are doing runs its course. But if the TGS staff ever wants to borrow Jack for a little payback, I'd be more than willing. Jack is the perfect man for the job. ;)

Pistoff - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 10:54:01 PM

The Illuminati HQ website is up! The bare-bones of it is just finished. More to come! Humanity will SURVIVE!
Illuminati Associate - [<--Illuminati HQ]
Monday, May 31, 1999 10:12:47 PM

Heather> Happy early birthday hope it;s a good one

Do any of you like Charmed? I do im a big fan of the show?

this episode blew me away! The action was great. Maboc is finaly dead and alot of the other Unseelie as well. A while there I thought Elisa was going to die. I was glad to see Demona cure her I was shocked that Elisa said that the Clan needs her to.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Monday, May 31, 1999 09:22:18 PM

Darkest Hour Part 2: The best fanfic of season 2 I've ever read.
Great work from the TGS-staff.

I'm curious what's happend to Garlon and what will Oberon do with Maeve.

Will we see a cure for the halflings ?
Puck dead, no new jokes ? - Come on.

Spike: Great work your pictures from George !!! As alway of course.

Argent: New "Dark Ages" eps ! GREAT In 5 months ? OUCH

That's it for now, good night.

Thomas M. - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 09:20:03 PM

Just dropping in to let everyone know that one of Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson's pics for The Darkest Hour 2 has been uploaded. More will be coming shortly. Apologies for the delay.
Patrick Toman
Monday, May 31, 1999 09:01:48 PM

Argent - Silkies are "wereseals." They come from northern British/Irish folk tales, and a few other places. Silkies are faeries with two forms, a seal and a human. Some tales have female Silkies being seduced by human men, who can trap them by getting their seal skins (The Greek Niads are similar). Others have male Silkies seducing human women and luring them out into the wild sea, never to return. Look for collections of Irish folk tales to learn more.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 07:57:59 PM

**walks in blushing all over her face** I got pictures for you guys to look like. Don't laugh, I did five pictures in two days.
Four of them are "what if" of what Australian gargoyles would look like...if they're any.
Bando: He looks like a tasmanian tiger (the extinict(sp) dog)
Brandi : She is young and looks like a Bandicoot
Dundee : He looks like a Sugar Glider (a gray/black flying squirrel)
Katyaa : She looks like a kangaroo (my first pic)
My last picture of what a british gargoyle would look like. Not like the ones over in London but they had human features and not animal.
I named this gargoyle, Darcy. **blushes* I couldn't help it.
He's a cutie though.

And thanks everyone said "Happy Birthday"...I need it !

Heather - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 07:18:42 PM

Ugh, I just started immunization for Hepatitus B. I HATE shots. Plus I have a religon and science quiz (QUIZ?! THE FREAKING THING IS 90 QUESTIONS!) tomorrow, I missed Pokemon, all of my favorite shows are in re-runs or probably will be, the Indians got swept by the Red Sox, and finals are next week.
*sigh* Don't mind me, I'm just cranky because my sibs get out of school a week before I do.
Grrrrrrrr. First off, I'm going to respond to a comment made by Glimmer earlier: Why doesn't someone drop a one-ton jello mold on DC? Because it's much more fun to drop THREE of them on him. (Gestures to the hapless hacker, who is attempting to break out of his gelatinous prison.)

The Darkest Hour> Fantastic job to any and all involved!
LONNY> Laughed through the entire song, and thanks to you and all the other evil counterparts for making this last week such an interesting one.
DAVID G> Thanks for the info on pookas. So what are the details on silkies?
SOROW> You probably won't see this, but have fun!
SHOGUN RAPTOR> Mark Twain wrote it best about that sort of situation: 'Rivals become brothers when a common affliction assails them and a common enemy bears off the victory.'
HEATHER> Feliz Cumpleanos ahead of time!

(The scene: a circular flight of dank, crumbling stairs customarily found in an antagonist's fortress. Figures of various sizes, temperaments, and appetites scatter from an approaching light as Venrik, then Argent with Jewel*D on her heels, make their way down it. The vampire and the trainer are carrying high-power flashlights. [both of which, for the record, have fresh batteries.] The only 'horrors' they've faced so far have been a couple of loose stones and cobwebs.)
"...and the next thing I know we're wandering around in this tower. I have no idea how we got here or what happened to the others." (Argent finishes bringing Venrik up-to-date. Venrik's brow furrows as he thinks for a minute, batting aside some vines and ivy. Jewel*D pounces on something, misses, then turns and snags a bolder creature that has been tailing the group for some time.)
"Jewel*D, don't eat that, you don't know where it's been."
(The draco whines plaintively.)
"I _know_ you're hungry-"
(Jewel*D yelps suddenly, jerks her forepaw away, and the creature scampers free. She snarls and swipes at it. Argent sighs and bends down to examine the wound.)
"Great. That thing better not have been poisonous." (Venrik, noticing the pair are no longer with him, climbs back up.)
"It is not wise for us to be separated-" (Notices the blood on Jewel*D. Suddenly, his voice his harsh.) "How did that happen?"
(Jewel*D chatters and chirps. Argent translates, and Venrik frowns at the white substance left on Jewel*D's claws.)
"If your charge's blow wasn't fatal to that thing, then poison is the least of our worries." (He grabs Argents arm.) "Come, we'd best get as far as we can while we have the chance!"

Gotta Jet. Go Tribe and Happy Memorial Day. (Follows suit and salutes the stars and stripes. Hits a button on the stereo, and a lone trumpet begins playing 'Taps'.)
(Five months 'till the new 'Dark Ages' eps)

Argent (aka Tribe Fanatic)
could be better, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 06:53:22 PM

**enters the room, replacing the old candle with one stamped with the crest of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.**

I hope mom's VFW post doesn't mind my borrowing this candle for Memorial Day ... **sits in chair**

Oyy, this did not feel like a holiday at all. While my mom got to have all the fun of marching in a Memorial Day parade (in the rain, in full Navy dress, with the rest of her VFW post), I hadda work!! Ugh!


The ending of this story should bring to a close any doubts about Demona's change of character, if you ask me. Just look at the way she keeps her detachment from Elisa, even while she's sacrificing some of her own blood to save a *human's* life. And her reason? "For Angela's sake."
The relationship between these two very headstrong women has become similar to ... don't stone me, it's a Bat reference ... that of Batman and Ra's al Ghul, if ya notice. What it boils down to is grudging mutual respect, but antagonism at the same time. However, the one considered "villain" (Ra's/Demona) tolerates the one considered "hero" (Batman/Elisa) for the sake of family (Talia/Angela), who has a close bond to the hero (Talia's madly in love with Batman/Angela and Elisa are like sisters). This is why Batman always survives his encounters with Ra's al Ghul ... this is why Demona spares Elisa's life.


Christine: You and about 80% of Ewan MacGregor's fans worldwide, I think. I'm sure everyone's surprised that he *didn't* manage to work a frontal nude scene into it as he has in most of his previous movies.
Though I can't complain too much. **pins on the crest of Clan MacGregor** After all, the guy's Clan!

Robby: Only two words for ya, man ... **hits "play" on the boombox blasting the Bee Gees** BOOGIE DOWN!! :)

Why I joined TGS: I just realized I forgot to answer this. Well, to be quite frank, I joined TGS to gain experience in writing something similar to a TV show as a member of a team ... the better to help my screenwriting aspirations.

Heather: Come back soon, we'll all miss ya while you're gone.

**turns to the U.S. flag in the corner of the room, gives a crisp, military salute, then sits in the chair, fixating on the candle's flame once more**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, May 31, 1999 06:16:19 PM

Kyryn - thanks for the book references. I'll add them to the huge list of books I need to read. The next one I have in mind is called "A World Lit Only by Fire." I can't remember the author right now. The book is about the mindset of people in the middle ages. I also suggest "Only You Can Savd Mankind" by Terry Pratchet (anything else he's ever written - including his 3rd grade "what I did on Vacation" essay - is probably good, too). You'll never play Wing Commander the same way again. (assuming you did in the first place)

Dreadnaught - Since my ISP is wierd, I download the stories into word. I'll try to E-mail you my copy of Darkest Hour part 2, and we'll see how that works.

People in general - Sorry about that wierd double post earlier. My net connection is psychotic sometimes.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 06:12:56 PM

Spike: Good grief, if those are ‘glorified doodles’ let the world fear when you really get to work! ;) Still, these ‘off-screen shenanigans’ sound interesting…

Blue Caeru: Well, when I say epilogue, I mean I fear that’s the problem I think the staff seem likely to face. I’m not trying to prejudge it or anything. :)

Monday, May 31, 1999 06:05:22 PM

I meant besides.:)
Gyre - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 05:57:15 PM

Who says the war is over. In case anyone missed it, Garlon is still on the loose. I'm sure other Unseelie are as well.
There is a potential source of trouble. And if Madoc's death signalled the end of the SUW, every war has an aftermath, a period of rebuilding. Hopefully the writers involved with TGS will have something more for Elisa to do besodes get into trouble, and have to have Goliath, or the clan save her butt.
Gyre - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 05:56:04 PM

Heather> Happy early birthday. :-)

******* MORE COMMENTS ON TGS EP *******

Someone mentioned that "The Darkest Hour" should have been the season finale. Well, it did feel like one to me, but I won't curse every episode afterwards by labeling it an "epilogue." Except for the one next week, but I just want a follow-up to how everyone's doing after the battle... after all, no one emerged unscathed. There are also some loose ends, but I suppose those could be saved for material for later stories. Like: What do the Illuminati know of this? What will be the explanation given for the bizarre events that occurred around the world? What will happen to Arthur now that he's saved England? (If the Unseelie were the great danger he was to save England from.) Whew, lots of questions... I'm looking forward to finding out at least some of the answers.

******* END COMMENTS ON TGS EP *******

Blue Caeru
Monday, May 31, 1999 05:49:37 PM

Well, 4 more days until my birthday and I won't be here for it. I'm going to Mississippi for the weekend. So I won't be able to read the rest of Crossroads. **sighs** Robby, did you get my letter ? **kisses** See ya.
Heather - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 05:05:41 PM

This is for the newlywed Batya "The Toon" Levin... Or rather, Mrs. Batya Wettenberg... Congrats to you and Alex both.
Robby the CR DJ
Monday, May 31, 1999 03:29:16 PM

(Stalks into the CR) "DC!!! Where are you, you son of a @#$%^!!!" (Spots Disconnect.) "There you are! ALPLHA STRIKE!!!"

(An IMMENESE swarm of mini-missiles and PPG blasts obliterate DC where he stands, leaving a thin paste on the walls and floor.)

What was that all about? I CAN'T FINISH DARKEST HOUR PART 2!!!!
I can get to the part where the Japanase Gargoyles are getting ready to finish off the dragon and it just ends mid-sentance, someone help, PLEASE!
Dreadnaught - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:50:51 PM

So, that's it, elisa's only role was to suttlely influence Demona's change? come now, Elisa must be meant for more then that.
Gyre - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:37:24 PM

**Kyryn sneaks into the CR for a few minutes**

Pistoff> Okami is now Inventory Control Specialist for a Payless Cashways (hardware chain). He gets paid a little more and doesn't have to brave the street crazies, but he still has to deal with some of the world's most insane and idiotic people. He says some of the pizza delivery memories help keep him from throttling people occasionally, because he knows that there are worse people out there.

David G> Mention silkies and you get referred to 'The Secret of Roan Inish' - a very good movie IMHO. For pookas, I'll also refer you to the book 'War for the Oaks' by Emma Bull. And for an excellent look at seelie/unseelie wars, read 'The Jack of Kinrowan' by Charles DeLint

TGS Staff> I volunteered to proofread because I hate seeing errors. I ended up as Head of Edits for Season 3 - go figure. It's fun, but it is a LOT of hard work. I ended up co-writing an episode, but I am not primarily a writer. It was a lot of sweat, blood, and angst, but I actually had fun.

Doug> No offense, but I wish you would use some other term than 'correct their mistakes' when referring to TGS storys. It makes it sound like we are releasing first drafts of episodes and we should go back and fix them. What is put out for the public is a looong way from the first drafts that are turned in to editing.

Tae Bo> It is an exercise form that appears to have a fair number of elements taken from Thai Kickboxing and a few other things thrown in. This is not to say that it is 'bad' per se. I can't say with fairness since I have never practiced Tae Bo. *shrug* - to each their own.

On places shown on TV> My personal theory is that there is an alternate reality known as 'TV/Movieland' that exists alongside ours and matches in some places, but not others. Having grown up in LA, I saw more 'impossible' driving shortcuts than I care to mention. I'd love to be able to go from the Riverside area to Santa Monica without the intervening 40 or so miles and hour's drive time in between. The Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex is almost as fun when you see Walker (of Walker, Texas Ranger) go from the Fr. Worth courthouse to a Dallas parking garage without using a car or having any of the intervening 40 or so miles and associated drivetimes. Funny, I can remember an old epsiode of Remington Steele that passed off part of Marina del Rey as the French Riviera(*l*).

A moment of silence as we remember all those who have served in many ways over the years and given selflessly that others may live.

**Kyryn pauses with a hand over heart and faces the flag in the corner for a moment, then leaves to work once again**

Uvalde, TX
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:33:42 PM


[Stephen comes into the CR, via the front doors amid a fanfare of herald's trumpets. Pausing to pass bouquettes to Kathy, Christi, and Batya, and chocolate cigars to Patrick and Todd, he turns to make a CR Post]


Greetings all, and I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. [Stops to salute the flag in the corner, taking a moment of silence for his fellow fighting men and women that stood, and those that still stand, for our freedom.]

Many thanks to everyone's comments so far concerning "The Darkest Hour". It was a labor of love and hate at times, but the end result is fantastic; especially for all of the reactions to all of the characters and the goings on. Much kudos and praise to my co-writers (nods to Todd and Batya) and to the conspirator-errrr, *contributors* (nods again to Christi, Pat, and Kathy). I haven't seen any of the artwork from Jennifer or Kenna, but I know it will be great!

From myself, thanks for the comments on the scenes I did. I dunno if I can point them out just yet, so I'll keep mum for now until more people read the story.

Well that's all from me for now. Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:01:40 PM

***RP Entrance**
The winds rise, creating a collum of leaves. When they disperse Durid is revelad from within the collum. "Ah! Glad summer is finnaly here. I can do that now without freezing my totsies off, I tell you a robe isn't exactly the best winter clothing!"
***end RP entrance***

Why I joined TGS? >Just noticed this question when I looked back, and my answer? I enjoy writeing, and if I can contrubiute to something like the TGS (and keep the Gargoyles alive as well), all the better. **shrug** See that how you will. May not be the best absolutly selfless answer, but tis and honest one. Uh, where where did that accent come from? Ugh, this commet room is affecting me more than I thought, and I actually got a 55% sane on that test awhile back. Wonder how long it will last....

Blessed be!

Durid - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 01:32:52 PM

The Darkest Hour Part 2: Wow. This was an amazing conclusion to the episode. The action sequences were fantastic and the characterizations were wonderful. The scene with George Harrison was especially well written. I just wonder how Madoc thought he could take on the world's armies, when during the battle Unseelies were falling left and right to just a few Humans and Gargoyles. Fay are hidously vunerable to iron and there is still a great deal of iron used in weapons today. The cost to the Unseelie would have been enormous. It was somewhat dissapointing that we didn't see the conclusions of the battles in Guatamala and Prague, though it was great to see Dingo and the Matrix again. I too think that Puck is still around somehow, as evidenced by Alex's spell. The scene with officer Morgan was very entertaining to read. The final battle was Madoc was powerful and very well done, especially when Elisa was shot. I enjoyed how Demona was portrayed thoughout the episode, especially when she saves Elisa's life. It serves to demonstrate just how complex a character Demona is, as she doesn't even understand herself.

I was part of the worship team for a city-wide College and Careers service this weekend at my church and had an absolute blast doing it.

Doug> Welcome back!

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:41:40 AM

Talk about a rut.
Gyre - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:36:09 AM

"Over all "Darkest Hour" was great, but again Elisa get's short changed. In developing Demona, you've painted Elisa into a corner. W/o Goliath, or some other Gargoyle to bail her out of trouble, she's toast. Her brother has flight, and those elictric blast of his, Beth has magical abilities, hell even Angela has magic, but Elisa is just a cop, encountering beings who totally outclass her. So I gues the TGS staff has decided Elisa is to just stand around being a cop w/Goliath, or the clan bailing her out of trouble all the time.
Gyre - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 11:34:54 AM


I have to say that the Staff took me by suprise many many times during this episode. Great job on that.

I was sure that Owen/Puck wasn't going to stay dead, but he is. (On the other hand, Ghosts do exist in the Gargoyles Universe. If Puck feels that he's still got onresolved issues then his spirit might be lingering around.)

And with Demona being the fufillment of the prophecy, when that happened, I just slapped myself on the forehead. It's so obvious and yet it's something that never really occurred to me. I kept thinking in terms of either Goliath and Elisa or Demona and Macbeth being that union. (I imagine that the Weird Sisters probably had a Demona/Macbeth union in mind originally but Puck changed all that.)

I know that Elisa can't really be killed off since her relationship with Goliath is just too major a story for it to happen. But there were some moments when I wasn't quite sure what would happen. After all the staff stood firm in killing Owen/Puck. Still I'm glad that Elisa didn't die. It would have been so depressing.

Oberon and the Seelie are such scum. I stand by that. I don't care what they intend with their manipulations. They dumped their problems into the mortal world, tell the Gargoyles to clean it up, and then in the end, they don't even bother with giving a helping hand in the clean-up or just saying "I'm sorry". Those bastards.

I liked George Harrison's final rebellion. His death was painful but at least he died as a free man. I will be seriously upset if we don't at least get some of Richard's reaction in next week's episode. It's just too important to leave out.

There were some things that did bother me. In the last episode both the Guatemala clan and Golem were shown but here we saw absolutely nothing of them. Instead we got a glimpse of Fara Maku. That part felt out of place because there was no mention of it in the last part and the absence of the other two scene's that were introduced in the first part also stood out.

I wonder how all this is going to be explained in the human world? I mean, the Gargoyles just saved the world from Ragnarok and they will just probably be blamed for all the mess and confusion that happened that night. There has to be a way to turn this into good publicity for them. (On the other hand, all this might just lead to a resurgence of a Quarrymen-like group.)


Brooklyn, NY
Monday, May 31, 1999 10:31:25 AM

So you say you want pictures for "The Darkest Hour"?

Personally, I wasn't brought into "The Darkest Hour" until Edits to check the George and the Halflings scenes for consistancy but I wound up re-working a few scenes here and there. (That would explain these glorified doodles. Since I'm not the assigned artist, they can't be included but I rather thought I'd throw them up for the heck of it.)

Thank you very much for all the warm response the story has received so far!! A lot of hard work by many talented TGS staffers has gone into it. *laughs* And one of these days, we'll have to tell you guys just what kind of off-screen shenanagins went into it as well!!

Monday, May 31, 1999 10:16:02 AM

**giggles as she walks into the CR** Four more days until my birthday ! I'll be 15 ! I want presents !
**bluhes** Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Anyway, **looks at Robby** where are those pictures on the story? **narrows her eyes as him and gives him 'the look' **

Heather - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 09:47:04 AM

Warpmind de InzanE: Well, your GOLEM comments may be accurate, but that's just the problem with trying to incorporate a lot of nationalities at once. They still have a fair degree of accuracy in their workings (notably in the History, from what has turned up in the Comment Rooms). But they aren't perfect. Hence the cockney cabbie in M.I.A.
Monday, May 31, 1999 07:55:42 AM


Is this the end of the season? Because if not, I think it should be, because it rounds everything off so dramatically and perfectly that anything else tagged onto the same season at this late stage almost has to have the ‘epilogue’ effect.

Still… this was a superb episode. The George final scenes reeked brilliance. The Elisa final scenes didn’t match; it was almost certain that Goliath wouldn’t have his main love interest killed off, so I was expecting either Danu or Demona.

The Manhattan sections were near-flawless masterpieces. The ‘around-the-world’ portions were largely unsatisfactory. Over the two parts we saw bits of world-tour follow-ups chucked in almost for the sake of it, but little followed up. Where was the Guatemalan fight-back? And why did Arthur Pendragon get about 2% of the total story, even though this series is supposed to be a Gargoyles/Pendragon merger? Sure, he’s only the spin-off but there was so much to tell! What happened to Grimalkin, and where did all these flying cats appear from?

Don’t get me wrong; the story was excellent. But it left so much that it feels incomplete. I honestly think this should have been four parts, not merely two!

I guess I’ll wait ‘til the end of season before passing judgement, but this was the climax of the whole season, and I personally think should have been the massive conclusion that answered the questions. Or maybe I’m just proving how the TGS staffers are the masters/mistresses of suspense! ;)


PKat: I had a similar theory when Alex was chanting, but gave it up – I thought that Puck had switched with Alex, but immediately realised that would just kill Alex, and gave up. I never thought that they could share, nor that he could be in the fuzzy… that’s a really nice idea, actually.


Ed - []
London, England
Monday, May 31, 1999 07:50:46 AM

Hi again. I'm back after finishing my finals, and spending the weekend in isolation watching Gargoyles (duh). Insomnia is bliss, and caffeine a gift from the Gods (never mind who among them are responsible, could make for an interesting discussion, though).
A little observation in "Golem": I don't know how many of you guys have ever been to Prague, but I have, twice, last time this year, and I can with great confidence state that the car chase scene at the beginning of the episode is beyond unlikely. First of all: the police down there don't have that kind of cars. That would be way above their budget. They use old skodas instead. Next, they chased Brod across the Charles' Bridge (I recognized the statuary), and I've walked across more times than my feet care to remember. There is scant room for two cars side by side on that bridge, three cars is an impossibility. There. Now I got around to saying that.
By the way, does anyone else seem to think the Golem appears to be rather an ancient voice-activated android than an ancient magical clay creature?

Oh, my fanfic page is up. Just follow the link here.

Catch ya later, cheeseheads (takes one to know one, eh?).

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Monday, May 31, 1999 07:36:13 AM

Sorry..., this link is right...
Crackhead J
Monday, May 31, 1999 03:04:59 AM

Some friends took me to see the Star Wars movie eariler...., I liked it, I mean, I don't know if I'd watch it more than 3 times, but I liked it. Jar Jar wasn't *that* bad..., as a matter of fact I wanna have sex with him! :o)
Aside from that I really have nothing to say, but then do I ever? Hey yall, I found this file on my computer and it's a really weird wav, it's close to 1mb in size. I know I made it, but I don't remember what's all being said, so I thought I'd run it by yall (if you want to download it), to see if yall can help me. I think I have the link right..
OK, that's it for now...

Monday, May 31, 1999 03:00:34 AM

This is my official delurk...I didn't plan on doing it and I'll probably never do it again, but this is too important to leave unsaid. The Puck is my favorite character both in TGS and in lore. I refuse to believe he is dead and here is why...
1)The fact that Owen did not immediately change into the Puck when Alexander and Fow were his natural for the elfshot would have been useless. If he had time to realize that Alexander was in danger, I believe that he had time to react in a slightly more appropriate manner..
2)Alexander in the Rhyme.

I pose a theory...mine alone..the original Gargoyles episode that dealt with Coldstone and the soul transference showed us that two souls can exist in one body via magic. The Puck transfered his soul either into Alex or his "fuzzy" and Owen's body act as a shield totake the elf shot. This both protected Alex and Fox, and lead his attackers to believe taht the Puck was dead...if even Titania was fooled..Well, anyways, it would explain Alexander's sudden ability to speak in prose...and it would make one Puck fan feel a whole lot better...Take it or leave it...I suppose my theory was mostly for myself and only time will tell if I am correct..
*********************End Spoilers************************

PKat - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:40:42 AM


*stunned silence*

Wow. I loved it! Great job! Not at all what I expected, which was _wonderful_. That was just fantastic. Kudos to the TGS Staff.

Serenity - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:31:13 AM


Wow. Owen/Puck is _still_ dead. I didn't see that one coming. Or the one about Demona being the one in the prophecy. Or Elisa being thatclose to death. Or Brooklyn defeating Loki like that. Or George Harrison breaking free from his bondage and sacrificing himself in such a painful manner. Or Demona dying for Elisa. A thrilling conclusion, IMHO. Good stuff: Most of what I mentioned right before, and some finer details. For example, George's final thoughts when he's ringing the bell - they just really hit me, emotionally. The sequences with Beth and the Dance were good too. I wonder how Lexington will be now that Madoc is dead. Will Lex feel that he's been avenged or what? Hopefully he will be little happier now. Small Stuff I didn't care as much for: I didn't know most of the characters across the world, but that's probably my own fault for not reading "Pendragon" or not paying enough attention when I'm reading sometimes. (Nicely-written action sequences though.) Oh yeah, and Owen/Puck is still dead.

******* END COMMENTS ON TGS EP *******

Ugh, it's late... I'm pretty sure I'm barely coherent.

Blue Caeru
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:22:52 AM

Very sorry...I'm really tired and should have waited till tomorrow to post....


I have to voice my opinion on one small thing.
First off I loved the story and waited impatiently for this final part but....
Do you HAVE to kill Owen?!
An unhappy Owen/Puck fan,
Jessi B.

Jessi Brimer - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:21:04 AM

Wilek and SJ- I escaped from Lonny with everyone else in the theater DC disconnected on Saturday. And as far as keeping an eye on Lonny... I probably should, though he didn't do anything too bad while he was here.


**Lights begin to flash, and things go wierd. Robby enters the room in a 70's hippie getup, (Especially strange since he wasn't born until 1982) and everything is caught in a time warp... He is suddenly in the CR from a time before he ever had net access... This dates back to about July 15, 1998... Around noon.**

Fire Storm- Congrats on being the 10,000th visitor... And you're right, that scene in City of Stone *is* a Queen reference...

Todd- 84 days until the rising? That is sooo unfair!

Reprisals is the number one TGS story of season 1 eh? Neat...

SJ- Ack, your color is... Purple!

Coyote- And your color is funky too! Ahh! But I agree, the song "Words Get In The Way" definatley applies to Goliath and Elisa's early relationship...

DumlaoX- Your pic has been replaced by one of Rory and a 2 of hearts playing card... Oh wait... Never mind...

Gargoyles movie- Still no news? Aww man!

Doug- Ack, you're posting in blue! Whats this about getting George off your tail? Hmm, suppose I'd have to go further back in time to find out. Naaaah... I won't.
Also, don't shoot SJ in the head...

Lisa? Who are you? Your writing style seems... Familiar... Hmm...

**Robby shakes his head and gets out of the timewarp.**

Very strange... ANd what have we learned from this? Well, the CR didn't fill up quite as much as that little bit of post covered three days... Everyone used to post in the wrong color, and people made neato entrances all the time, and the insanity was up there! But this is without question my most insane act ever!

Monday, May 31, 1999 02:14:02 AM

I have to voice my opinion on one small thing.
First off I loved the story and waited impatiently for this final part but....
Do you HAVE to kill Owen?!
An unhappy Owen/Puck fan,
Jessi B.

Jessi Brimer - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 02:13:14 AM

DARKEST HOUR PART 2 SPOILERS (along with random ravings of a sleep deprived SCAdian)
Wow. I've been awake for more than 24 hours. Part of that was trying to rescue a campsite in the middle of the night from a thunderstorm. (My new tent isn't waterproof, either) I could have been asleep 2 hours ago, but I had to read the Gargoyles episode first. If it hadn't been this good, I would have been really annoyed. Anyway, on to the commentary.

"Things are different now," said Titania gravely. "You can only bend something so many times before you break it altogether."

That was one of Titania's better cryptic comments. My bet is that she was refering to Demona's vendeta against humanity. I'll let you all mull over that one later.

I completely blew it on the Owen Resurection prophecy, and only scored 50% on the Demona/Macbeth prophecy. Now I have a new prophecy. Preston Vogel will go to work for Xanatos. He hasn't got anything better to do.
Oh yeah, the Wierd Sisters nailed the bit about Madoc not getting back into Avalon. The deadly stroke came almost in the same minute as he learned the spell to return. Nice touch.
I was a bit disapointed that Arthur didn't get the chance to tilt with a Shide Knight, but that would have meant he needed a horse. I'd also like to know what Morgana was up to during the war. (I guess I'll have to look into that in the fanfic I'm contemplating)

Anyway, good episode. I'm going to bed now, and if I wake up in the same day I went to sleep, I'll be kind of disappointed.

END SPOILERS (and ravings of sleep deprived SCAdian)
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 01:44:08 AM

DARKEST HOUR PART 2 SPOILERS (along with random ravings of a sleep deprived SCAdian)
Wow. I've been awake for more than 24 hours. Part of that was trying to rescue a campsite in the middle of the night from a thunderstorm. (My new tent isn't waterproof, either) I could have been asleep 2 hours ago, but I had to read the Gargoyles episode first. If it hadn't been this good, I would have been really annoyed. Anyway, on to the commentary.

"Things are different now," said Titania gravely. "You can only bend something so many times before you break it altogether."

That was one of Titania's better cryptic comments. My bet is that she was refering to Demona's vendeta against humanity. I'll let you all mull over that one later.

I completely blew it on the Owen Resurection prophecy, and only scored 50% on the Demona/Macbeth prophecy. Now I have a new prophecy. Preston Vogel will go to work for Xanatos. He hasn't got anything better to do.
Oh yeah, the Wierd Sisters nailed the bit about Madoc not getting back into Avalon. The deadly stroke came almost in the same minute as he learned the spell to return. Nice touch.
I was a bit disapointed that Arthur didn't get the chance to tilt with a Shide Knight, but that would have meant he needed a horse. I'd also like to know what Morgana was up to during the war. (I guess I'll have to look into that in the fanfic I'm contemplating)

Anyway, good episode. I'm going to bed now, and if I wake up in the same day I went to sleep, I'll be kind of disappointed.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, May 31, 1999 01:43:39 AM

**No RP tonight; think I'll wait and see what the others do...**

Heh...Lonny complains about it being a slow night, then Doug comes back with a near Traveler scale post. Hilarious. ;P

Doug> Welcome back! :D <<And I couldn't say it all earlier because of this room's new load limit feature on submissions (didn't know somebody had put one in).>> That was probably done when Traveler's last record-setting post messed up the system. :P j/k <<Or better yet, several Big Scary Things to defeat.>> Of course--or, even better, several Big Scary Things that are under the control or influence of a Bigger Scarier Thing. Heheheheheh....

Mandi> <<**At this point, the completely irrational facet of Mandi runs into the CR and shouts: "PAUL! STOP USING MY COLOR!" Mandi promptly clubs her irrational side in the head with a shovel, and two of her creativity demons drag the body out.**>> You have one of those too? Ugh, I *despise* mine; I think it hates everyone and everything on the planet earth, especially my friends in here (so of course it must DIE). Try encasing your irrational side in black crystal; it works well for mine.


Jenniren> <<The heads of some of the divisions may even be elaborate computer programs.>> Which gives me a kewl creativity demon: we are shown the Illuminati Grand Council, and among the humans sit holograms of Jobe, the Master Control Program, the Sigma Virus, and the dude from Virtuosity. :) (And maybe the Voyager holodoc's evil twin. Wouldn't he make a great villain?)

**END SPOILER Although I'm not sure if that even counted as a spoiler...**

Durid> Welcome back! :D

Mr. DC won't let me read the new ep. I'll take care of him and the ep tomorrow. <grins evilly at DC>

Toku Kaioto> Welcome back to you too! Too bad you missed the Darkest Week; Malakai would have enjoyed having free reign over the CR with the other evil twins. <g> <<I like the story again, but this is the point in which my own writing must blatantly ignore the TGS timeline I was writing around.>> You're also writing an alternate universe? I had to because I'm hoping to do a Thailog story and I don't know what TGS has in store for him.

Tae Bo> Don't know anything about it. I'd probably prefer Kendo anyhow; it's pretty much identical to the fighting style of most lightsaber duelists. :)

SJ> <<I actually applauded him turning evil in "Tense". It actually made him a more interesting character in my eyes.>> That and he was pretty much a psychotic Borg. :) <<A sea god, huh? Is there any fae heritage in you background you aren't telling us? :) >> Not that I know of...but then, I've been told I'd be a great magic user if I put my mind to it...Oh, and that site...PLEASE TELL ME THAT WAS A JOKE. <shudder> I...words fail me. I wonder if there's any significance to the fact that my computer was offlined once when I clicked the link and again right after I left. Maybe they're under the influence of the remnants of the Empire and are trying to undermine the New Republic?

Hey, I can get into the TGS site now. :D Which means...

So...Titania *was* at Halcyon's funeral. And...why exactly does she want Owen/Puck's body? Hm...<<"This," said Coyote. He held something tightly within his hands. When the two bent in to see, two spiders emerged from his fist, leaped onto the demons, and bit them.>> Sick, that. Suddenly, he's more interesting. >:) So Madoc knows The Bells by Edgar Allen Poe. He's well-read, I'll give him that. Heh, ppl were complaining earlier of Lex not having enough to do? :P <<He'd seen commercials where they sat on their pads all day and croaked while lizards plotted their downfall.>> ROTFLMTO! :D Wait a minute...Garm was killed by falling from the castle? Is he even a proper Fey beast? Or is he a Halfling or some such? Hm, so they've gotten the iron bells back online. Hope Titania has enough sense to get out of there while she still can...So particle weapons hurt Fey just as much as simple iron. As there are a lot of particle weapons in my ficverse, I'll have to keep this in mind. :) Um, when did Alex learn to talk? O_o So Demona killed Madoc. Who was it here who predicted that the 'union' might be Demona herself, alone? I forget...Hm, Demona died to save Elisa. It's fun being an immortal, no? :P So the Unseelie war's over. Impressive ending. Can't wait to see what you guys do to top it. :P


Robby> Welcome back. I see Lonny saw fit to release you from his evil clutches. :) (Or did you escape?)

Wilek Nereus
Monday, May 31, 1999 01:35:02 AM

Criticisms > _finally_ I get some? ; ) Like others have said, the best way to write is to do it for oneself, not for an audience. I know that I am a matchmaker, romantic, and occasional bawdy wench; it comes through in my writing and gaming quite frequently. I've got no problem with that. Some don't care for it. <shrug> To each their own. I personally have enjoyed exploring my version of Demona's dark deep nasty psyche. Some argue that my stuff wouldn't happen in the show. Isn't that the point?

Episode I > many things bothered me, but the strongest thing I have to say is not even that Jar Jar must die, but that, oh, lordy, I think I'm in love with Obi-Wan!

Christine - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:48:55 AM

And here's a lighter version of "Dance of the Sugerplum Fairy"...
Robby the CR DJ again
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:37:45 AM

Durned Dis Connect won't let that song through... Ah well, this version is darker anyhow...
Robby the CR DJ
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:34:27 AM

A song that is rather ironic given the story this week... Or maybe its appropriate?

"Dance of the Suger Plum Fairies".

Robby the CR DJ
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:30:39 AM


Hmm, Demona and George Harrison, the heroes. Quite a
contrast, huh? I guess Puck really IS dead ... Garlon's
still loose, but without Madoc isn't really a threat ...
where does the series go from here?

weepinbell - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:30:18 AM

Just writing to say that I read the posts to me and I will write about them tomorrow.

But now, I am going to read "The Darkest Hour" Part 2

Fire Storm - []
Monday, May 31, 1999 12:21:29 AM

** The Darest Hour : Part 2 Spoilers**
**tears up** It was a tear-jerker ! The part where Elisa was dying, I was crying ! I thought you guys were going to give her the boot. **gets a tissue and blows into it** The story overall is awesome ! Finally the Uniseelie(sp) is gone ! Outta here, bye-bye ! Ciao and all those crazy sayings baby.
**Ending Spoilers**

Heather - []
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:49:56 PM


Now to read part 2 of the Darkest Hour
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:24:19 PM

Top 10, I hope!!

***BEGIN RP*****
To everyone's amazement, Giles suddenly jump kicks a Brujah vampire, knocking the creature onto it's back. In one fluid motion, he rams the stake into its chest. With a scream, the vampire explodes into dust.
"Whoa...." SJ mutters. "The dude's got moves!"
Beside him, Kari attacks another Brujah with zeal. She uses her spear as a club, swinging it expertly at the vampire, caving it's legs out from underneath it. As it kneels befor e her, she rammed the pointed end home deep within it's chest.
The Hounds likewise amused themselves by tearing out great chunks of the vampires' flesh. Normally, the vampires would be able to recover from their wounds--but the Hounds were too efficient. They were literally ripping their Brujah opponents into shreds, leaving the Kindred incapable of healing their wounds.
Lion readily joined the fight, using his sword to decapitate a charging vamp. Scarecrow, content to have his old friend once again by his side, made sure to stay close to him. Vampires may not be able to drain blood from a man of straw, he reasoned, but it didn't hurt to protect oneself.
"We have to reach the throne room!" Wilek said, dispatching another Brujah vampire with ease. "If Eisner gets to Argent..." He didn't have to finish the sentence. Everyone knew what horrors could even now be facing their friends....
****END RP FOR NOW****

Doug: Glad to see you back! Glad to see your trip wasn't too bad as well.
BTW, not to bring up a potential sore subject, but 18 G's a year isn't too shabby. You should be proud of that. After paying all my bills, I look at my diminished bank account and feel like weeping. Just one of the reasons I won't be going to the Gathering this year...

The Unseelie Thing: I'm gonna agree with a statement Doug made. For his own Apocalypse, he's building it up over several "seasons". The more I think of it, I would have liked to have seen that. I can't claim to even begin to know what the TGS staff has in store for us; maybe you guys are planning on making TGS an indefinite series, maybe you'll end it after a couple of years or so. But, personally, I think there would have been a bigger pay-off had the Unseelie "Apocalypse" occurred throughout the, say, fourth or fifth season than the second. Lots more build-up, lots more anticipation/tension. But then again, that's just my opinion; it's not as if I'm saying TGS is bad or anything, which it isn't.

I would have to agree with Fire Storm, also. I hope you TGS folks are writing because you enjoy it, not to gain recognition and/or get good reviews for your work. I remember someone on the staff, forgive me for not remembering exactly who, who was debating whether to quit or not because he/she no longer enjoyed their task. That's the attitude to have; you should do what you do because you enjoy writing entertaining stories for yourself and others, not to be part of some lucrative TGS project.
My motto, of course, is that I am my audience. I haven't written much, but when I do, I write because I enjoy it, and I write that which pleases me (no offense, but in that regard, I could care less what others think about my writing). That's how it should be; if you aren't writing because you genuinely like writing stories for yourself, and others, than the work will suffer, IMO.

Static Characters: I don't think all characters should remain the same, but in some ways I think it can actually do some harm if *every* character is changed. I may take some heat for this, but in one way I was a tad upset with the Gargoyles series because as soon as they created an interesting villain, they turned them into a hero. Macbeth, Demona (although she showed her evil roots there at the end with Hunter's Moon), Xanatos, Dingo, and Fox were all examples. Villains can reform--but that is a rather high number of reformees for a show. It added depth to their character, but I for one enjoy a good villain that is unredeemably a villain, and won't become one of the good guys. And, arguably, those were the best villains of the show; IMO, they don't get much better than MacBeth, Xanatos, or Demmie. At least Thailog, Sevarius, and the twins (Jackal and Hyena) stayed to their evil roots.
It's not as if I was displeased with the way the reformees were handled (well...except maybe Demona). I think a character does need to change, but I would have to disagree that necessarily means they have to go from good to evil, or vice versa to do so. Oh well, I just like me villains too much I suppose! ;)

Tae Bo: Looks to be part latest ridiculous fitness fad, and part actual martial arts workout. Plus it's sold like, a zillion copies already. Personally, I'd be inclined to take it up...but I'd never let anyone see me do it. Too embarassing.
BTW, has anyone else seen those reports about the founder of Tae Bo, Billy Blanks, being a cheap skate who rips off everyone he works with? Pretty funky....

Lex, Good or Bad?: This may sound odd, but one of the great things I loved about the "Future Tense" episode was it finally gave Lex something interesting to do, albeit it was conquer the world. I mean, come on! Lex was perhaps the LEAST developed of the main characters. Angela got WAY more of the spotlight, as did Broadway (off the top of my head, I can count at least 2 episodes focusing primarily on him, 3 i f you count TGC), same with Brooklyn, of course Goliath (but that I can forgive, he's almost the star), but hell, Bronx almost has more of a part than Lex. Right now, I can only think of one episode that sort of highlighted Lexington, and that was "Thrill of the Hunt" (but then again, the Pack took up a lot of the spotlight too). Why wasn't Lex given more time? He obviously has a huge following, and it's not as his character is unworthy of attention.
I actually applauded him turning evil in "Tense". It actually made him a more interesting character in my eyes. Maybe he went psycho cause the executives didn't grant him his own episode. ;)

Wilek: I found this interesting little tidbit in a book of Greek mythology I was reading today:
"NEREUS: A sea god, the son of Pontus and Gaea, husband of Doris, and father of the Nereids (sea nymphs)."
A sea god, huh? Is there any fae heritage in you background you aren't telling us? :)

Robby: Glad to see you back. You should keep a close eye on that double of yours, huh? ;)

Are the Force and Star Wars evil? Click on my name to see a pretty funny site that says YES!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:21:31 PM

TOP TEN!! Hopefully.

**fixates once again, sighing.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:21:04 PM

I live. The time of my return is near.>:] Number SIX!!!!!

>Cyrway- Happy *very* belated birthday, as for the story's you and Stormy have recently posted, excelent. But more on that later...

>Doug, expect something in your e-mail VERY soon. (According to my perception of time that equates into about another day at the most).

Traveler - []
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:21:01 PM

Unseelie War: I like the story again, but this is the point in which my own writing must blatantly ignore the TGS timeline I was writing around. Ragnorok and the clash against the old gods is very different in my writings, as I have more mortals rise to strike down the Fey oppressors. I also don't shy from religion or reduce it to preaching, so I realize that there are many faithful who would object to enslavement by the old pagan gods or evil. There are many who would give life and limb without hesitation, and a hundred fold more who would take up arms. Out of these, there needs be only a handful to raise an army. Wiccans, Moslems, Catholics, Priests, Parishoners, and Rabbis all would add a few to an army which would strike fear into the heart of the Unseelie court, discarding iron for blessings on weapons with effective results. The magic of Faith and clerics has always been an unquestionable counter to the mysticism of elf-races and arcane tomes because the Human Spirit can never be defeated. And ultimately, the arrogance bread of easy power shall be the Third Race's downfall.

Incidentally, this place is having a noticeable influence on my writing. I was thinking about the final battle with the Unseelie last night and wound up typing. By the time my hands rested, Madoc was ripping his blood-strained blade out of my main character's chest. I'd say that killing him was a big deal. Still, there is much retribution in the killing of a Seeker of Truth, not the least of which is the angry blue-luminescent, Jedi-soul figure who rises to stand next to his own corpse. Madoc should've paid more attention to Star Wars … "Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you could ever imagine." The Fey have the weakness of immortality, the inability to conceive of Transcendence.

That reminds me of a story I have on the back-burner, involving the most elite and aspiring Seeker of Truth in the world at the time, one Gregory Beidin. He's dead at the end of the story, his blood drained in a Thaumaturgical ritual used to invest the leader of the Luciferian Cult with immortality. Too bad the passage quoted merely said, "He who drinks the blood of a Seeker shall not die by the hands of any living man or beast nor shall cruel time touch his body." There is always two reasons that you aren't going to die a certain way. Invulnerability is the automatic first. Can anyone guess the second? A hint for the Jyhad and Vampire players out there: Tainted Vitae.

Graduation: Never impressed me much at all.

Demona: Yeah, it was sudden, though she did go through one Hell of an experience. However, I do believe that there was a need for more adjustment and reflection … the last year of TGS timeline time was horribly rushed to fit all this in one season … also, don't assume just because she does many pragmatic, and a few nice things that she's suddenly gone from good to evil … even Hitler had a charitable side at some point, and people had him as a houseguest once or twice I'd be willing to bet.

Todd: *Remembers a few old Star Trek scenes where Kirk is smacking Spock around* Get a hold of yourself, man! You guys have done a damn good job and created something that wasn't there before. It's a great challenge that you were never expected to meet perfectly. Nothing is ever perfect. This was a damn professional job for something as thankless and unpaid as TGS. You did it for the Art, and for a Dream we thought died prematurely. Never be ashamed. It was amazing quality for a committee. This is a violation of the Natural Order. Nothing done by committee is ~ever~ supposed to work.

Toku Kaioto - []
Boston, MA, USA
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:15:39 PM

Hopefully. Third.


Theresa - []
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:07:02 PM

Top ten!
Toku Kaioto
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:05:50 PM

1st !
Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:02:32 PM

Ah, its good to be back... This story's illustrations aren't quite set up yet, but they should be attached by tommarrow. Enjoy!


The Unseelie Court realizes its destiny.

The Darkest Hour, part 2

Written by: Todd Jenson, Batya "The Toon" Levin, and Stephen Sobotka, Jr.

With contributions by: Christi Smith Hayden, Kathy Pogge, and Patrick Toman

Illustrations by: Jennifer "CrzyDemona" Anderson and Kenna Street

Sunday, May 30, 1999 11:01:28 PM