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Hello everybody ,this is FAR OUT! :):

...hi there ,Exin yelling!

...if anyone's interested to take a look on my site ,give a comment on my guestbook! :):

Greets to>Jenna ,Demona Wyvern(Why are you gone so soon and dont reply my mail?),Durid the Druid(Thanx for reply! ;):),SuperG&S.Marie(Thanx alot for the moral support).

Exin - []
C64 Rulz!, Manga Rulz!, Macintosh suxx! :):
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:41:59 PM

About banned films: The Monty Python classic "Life of Brian" was banned in Norway for... what... 15 years, I think, on claims of blasphemy. I guess there was a South Park episode that summed up our tilted world pretty well, the Christmas episode! (The one where Kenny survived, guys. Kenny survived) The entire town set out to make it the most non-offensive Christmas ever. So, in the end, nothing, I fear, will ever be fully able to avoid all claims of blasphemy. Heck, I might be treading on a few feet right now, but wasn't it some baptist church that accused Disney of promoting adultery and premarital sex? It's a tilted world, guys. Let's hope we grow beyond it someday (yeah, right).

Oh, and I repeat: Those of you who tried to solve my sixpack of riddles, please notify me of your e-mail adress so that I can send you the "prize surprise".

By the way, any Norsemen going to The Gathering?

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:29:55 PM

Two days people. The clan is gathering.

Paul he really goes by the name Pistoff.

Hey roomies. My notebook says party floor correct?? Sorry about the spamming GB. It only took til this morning for your update to surface. Saw the happy dance Coyote. High five.


Theresa - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 09:58:34 AM

Video Games-I know what's real and what isn't. I am going to be to the point here, so some context may be interpreted as insulting. They are not intended to be insulting, so please do not take them as such.

First of all, and I know who you are, I just don't mention the name, because I'm not so sure it isn't a conjugated cuss word followed by a real word, please watch your language when talking to me.
Secondly, Stories are supposed to be other worlds. I regard them as such. I hate no one, even though I may feel insulted with comments about Video Games like Christine's, as offhand as it may be, or yours, too. Sitting there watching the stars and the fireflies while Luna is singing a beautiful song, watching as people are struggling for a purpose in life, and much more. Don't you know what its like to be absorbed in a story!?
I get absorbed in GARGOYLES, and in THE GARGOYLES SAGA. I experience the emotions and the thoughts of the Characters in many stories. For Video Games, it all comes down to a simple quote here:

"You've played their Games, now live their worlds."-PHANTASY STAR Ultimate
"I already have."-Me

That's enough for now.
If you're still clueless, I'll continue.
Again, nothing was meant as an insult here, if you feel anything was, I'll apologize, but I need to get my point across. Even if it isn't believed, I would like it understood.

Season 3-If it focused on Goliath and Elisa in some points, who says its their relationship!? Ai yi yi! Is there one person here who agrees with my portrayal of Elisa's character a while ago or does everyone else think her relationship would consume her life?
Speaking of which, for Matthew, I don't think he could've developed that fast.

Titania and Isis-Okay, I've kept on forgetting to put this in. Titania could heal because these were cybernetic gargoyles, she could probably manipulate their bodies because of their original composition. Either that, or Isis didn't possess the ability to hold Meryt in a 'soul stasis' state like Titania could do. If she'd appealed to Titania, I doubt she would've wasted her time. After Meryt was 'elsewhere', fixing her body would've been useless without knowing soul transferrence. Again, same thing. She just didn't possess the abilities, I bet.


"With every breath you take... and every note you sing... the time of your true awakening comes closer."-Ghaleon

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 08:21:44 AM

Rather a late appraisal, but here goes..

*************TGS Spoilers***************
(Yeah, like there's anyone left who hasn't read it yet)
I certainly enjoyed the episode immensely. Amusing and didn't drag at all for such a long episode. What I would comment upon is how the now massive ensemble cast is diluting the series too much. There simply isn't enough time to deal with all the characters satisfactorily and many are being pushed aside or given only fleeting appearences to remind everyone they are there.
Other than that I think that Demona's acceptance has happened a little too quickly after all she has done. She may well have turned the corner, but you can't just get rid of a thousand years of hatred over a couple of seasons.
What I'd like to see next season (how much is left this year BTW?) is a return to concentrating on the principal characters - Goliath and Elisa's relationship and Demona's struggle against the darker side of her nature, Lex having to deal with his loneliness etc..

*******End Spoilers *****************

Gargoyles video game> The Genesis/Mega Drive cartridge wasn't released over here and the only ROM image I've seen doesn't work correctly with any of the emulators.

After playing Capcom's awesome POWERSTONE game I'd imagine a Gargs game based around this could be really fantastic. Let's face it there's easily a big enough cast to sustain a 1 on 1 fighting game. Can't wait to get this on the Dreamcast as it'll be a perfect conversion, since the arcade hardware that runs it (and Crazy Taxi and House of the Dead 2) is almost identical . Another genre it would translate into well would be an RPG, using something like the Shining Force 3 battle system, for multiple character battles over varied terrain and in the air.

Tim P> There are a few other English fans about, myself included. I know of another 3 plus my housemate from university and someone he's converted. Two of them: Ed and Kathreen post in this room from time to time. Best place to lookup addresses is Jeb's Fan directory. The european fan list page is at:

And no, I can't make the Gathering again due to financial commitments (car, outdated PC etc..) I'm hoping I may be able to make it next year.

Matt Dymond - []
UKWednesday, June 23, 1999 06:29:19 AM

Fleur:*raises brows* Really? My dad had to hand in both his semi-automatics that he had from his father. But maybe they weren't old enough to be classed as antiques.>>I was refering to the pieces kept in museums but I'm probably wrong about the whole thing:-(,I'm sorry to hear that your father had to hand over his guns,I never really liked these gun laws do they really think that it would stop criminals getting their hands on machine guns?sure it may make things harder for them but not imposible.

SOROW:See you when you come back.

Green Baron:Can you tell JEB that I'm sorry as well,I had forgotten about his post*repeatedly bounces forhead off a nearby wall*:-(

Melbourne, victoria, Australia
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 05:37:40 AM

Ordell : I agree with Robby, in just one weekend the latest Disney is a blockbuster and this person you're talking about sounds like some jerk that dislikes family entertainment(sp).

Pistoff : Shows like Star Trek and Gargoyles got people ideas for stories and art. Just look around you. If Gargoyles is "just a TV show" than this comment room, this TGS series, and all of Station 8 wouldn't exist.

Heather - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 05:09:40 AM

Ordell- "Disney is in a period of weakness"? Gee... I had no idea that releasing a successful blockbuster animated film last weekend counted as a period of weakness...

Wednesday, June 23, 1999 03:25:07 AM

This article was posted at concerning the press confrence about Kevin Smith's Dogma.

Before you read this article, and feel that I snuck in to spy on the proceedings, it should be stated that I honestly am a writer for the NYU publication, The Plague, as I stated when I signed in. I went as a matter of curiousity, without seeking or receiving permission, real or implied, from News Askew, View Askew Productions (including any person connected therein, legally or in any other way), Kevin Smith, Miramax Films (or its subsidiaries), the Weinstein Brothers or their lawyers, or Disney. I went of my own will and desire, and, as such, humbly request that any hate mail, responses, criticisms, or compliments, by sent directly to me -- -- and that I be referred to as an independent source (or by my name, Sean Richardson) and not a "spy" or anything else. Whether or not this is published in The Plague, we shall see. (I doubt it, but I can hope.)

[Also note that anything in quotes after this is a quote from Catholic League president William Donohue unless otherwise indicated.]

Now that that's out of the way... The Catholic League is at it again. I'm sure that's what many people will say. After their recent conflict with The Simpsons ("We showed them, insult anybody, Baptists, Protestants, Presbyterians, just not Catholics!"), they've moved on to bigger things.

Is their conflict really with (Kevin Smith's) Dogma? Partially. After "requesting to see the script and the film countless times," Donohue settled for reading the third draft off the Internet. [He acknowledged after the conference to one reporter that the final shooting script was Draft Five, and that he read Draft Three, and they had already cut the "particularly blasphemous segment" regarding Hosties' Cereal.] When I arrived, slightly late, he was acknowledging that this protest would likely provide a slight bump in the film's grosses, and also said that thier "plans" for Opening Day were still being decided.

When Askew-friend John Pierson, in attendance, pointed out that Kevin was a lifelong devout Catholic, Donohue dismissed that with two quotes from Kevin (I know they're available elsewhere on News Askew); one regarding Sunday mass being difficult to sit through sometimes, the other regarding his crisis of fate leading to this script, to which Donohue replied, "I'll introduce him to some good priests to help him through, but don't write a movie like this!" (Apparently, the film does not affirm faith.)

His specific complaints were as follows:

(1) Joseph and Mary having sex.
(2) Jesus' descendant (!) working in an abortion clinic (!!!)
(3) The "Howard Stern" type dirty humor throughout, that "the country is growing tired of." [If given another chance, I would like to ask Donohue how he feels about dialog like that making the film, and therefore the faith contained within, more accessible to today's youth, a generation or two removed from him as we are.]

But, it seemed, he had bigger fish to fry, making the primary target of his talks not Kevin Smith, or Dogma, but Miramax films and the Weinsteins specifically. [He still has not acknowledged that the Weinsteins, not Miramax, own Dogma.] His (by his own admission) large scale plans call for Disney to altogether drop Miramax and return to being "family friendly". Being extremely cordial to Mr. Pierson, he acknowledged that "those guys (the Weinsteins) are no dummies .... they've released many extremely good films, but they feel the need to continually attack the Catholic faith ... I feel that they will do quite well on their own, especially if they lay off the Catholic-bashing." He feels, though, that while Disney is in a period of weakness (profits are, apparently, down), now is the time to "exploit" that and get Disney to completely drop the Weinsteins and their "agenda".

The League's goal (and, misguided though this may be, I do think they have pure motives) is singular, he says. They don't care about politics (he endorses nobody, but will commend a politician who denounces Dogma as blasphemy, even Hillary Clinton, as the reporter asked); they're "not out to be liked", or "assimilate" (as "many Catholics are nowadays"), just to stop the "growing" prejudice he feels exists for and towards Catholics, not as individuals, but as a faith and a church.

After the conference, I myself asked two questions.

Q1) Do you feel the Weinsteins' fear of violence is justified, not neccessarily sanctioned by the League, but from more zealous members?

A1) No, because there is not one incident of violence in the history of the League.

Q2) If that's true, then why not issue in a statement, even in conjunction with the "re-doubling your efforts" one, that such tactics will not be accepted or condoned?

A2) (thrown, visibly slightly annoyed) Well, I would think that's gratutious, but it is ... it's a good thought.

Me) Thank you.

[it should be noted, I had no tape recorder; those are not direct quotes, however they do convey both the intention of the statements and, wherever possible, the verbatim account.]

Thus ended my face-to-face meeting with him (by his own admission, more than he has had with Kevin).

Other things of note from the conference:

-- The press packet included the Weinsteins' attorneys' full letter. I know this was originally intended to be private, however, since they are now making it public, I'll transcribe that for you as well, ASAP.

-- A similar letter did stop protests of Corpus Christi after two days. However, in the interim between then and now, the League researched and found that the legality of their "blame" is questionable. (Thanks to John Pierson for that tidbit.)

-- Donohue specifically thanked Ben Affleck for his quote regarding the film being designed to push buttons.

-- He also brought up a quote from Roger Ebert, "Nobody in attendance was offended," responding: "Why should they be? They went to see the movie, they're not the ones we expect to be offended." (Ignoring that Ebert pointed out his own lifelong Catholicism in the article.)

-- Though one reporter was quick to label Kevin as "an ex-Catholic posing as a Catholic", Donohue dismissed that by saying, "I don't care if he's a Buddhist!" adding it was the film itself whose blasphemy was important, moreso than the maker's.

In the coming weeks, we'll see if he releases a statement in indirect response to my question (which, sadly, most reporters didn't see, though Pierson commented to me afterwards about it), but I assure you all that if there is another press conference like this one, I'll do everything in my power to attend and report on it as unbiased as possible as both a Christian and a Kevin Smith fan, as well as bringing any of my own points (like the Language = accessibility one) into the discussion.

From the field,
Sean Richardson

-Sean is not a member of the Associated Press, View Askew Productions, or News Askew, but attended the conference as the lone reporter representing any publication from New York University.

Well, I'm suprised. Anyways, this is going to draw out longer than it should. This is one of the reasons I despise organized religions, this and the godhatesfags guy (names escapes me), he's a complete psycho.

All for now.....

Ordell - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 03:14:21 AM

What the heck is Rebopot? Dang typos...
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 03:10:27 AM

Gonna be doing that from now on, so get used to it... The other room really needs visitors...

And it seems I can now officially join the list of people who WON'T be going to the Gathering... Not due to lack of effort, but idiocies in the airlines. If I went, I'd be there for about 2 and a half hours. Not quite worth it I'm afraid. Happens to the best laid plans of mice and men... **DOuglas Adams enters the room**
"What do men have to do with it?"
Ah well... Who's up for "JIM'S not at the GATHERING PARTY"?

Ordell- Thanks for the letter from Kevin Smith, he sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

Wilek- When I mean the final chapter of ReBoot, I mean the last four stories. 3.4.1-3.4.4 Those were AWESOME, among the best animated episodes of anything I've ever seen... Everything on the way is great too, only barely topped by some of Disney's best stuff, and even then, Disney has the advantage of raw episode count.

Also, remember, ReBopot season 3 had Canadian S&P, they were somewhat more leniant.

Also, where the terms Lord and Lady are concerned, Lord CAN apply to females. Example, in ElfQuest, the main vilainess is named Lord Winnowill... And she was one bad mother...
"Shut your mouth!"
I'm only talking about Winnowill...
"We can dig it."

X-Men movie- I swear, if they really go through and do that to Rouge, I will boycot the movie...

Doug- Thats how the Gargoyles game SHOULDA been... I can imagine it... Goliath being the strongest, but also the biggest and easiest to hit, and not quite as fast... Lex being the fastest by far but the weakest... And Brookyln being somewhere in between. Hudson probably woulda been left out except as a minor character, and I don't know how Broadway, Bronx or Angela would fit in if it was a Final Fight type game... But if it was a fighting game... Ahh... They could easily have all seven gargs, Elisa, Demona, Coldstone, Xanatos in armor... But nope, what we got instead was a BAD Megaman wannabe withjust Goliath... Oh well... AT least it had graphics and moves...

Coyote- nice to see you happy again! ANd Ravyn, you come back and stay back, ya hear!

JEB- I was supposed to say something to you about where you were now, but I forgot. Oh well...

Fleur- Nice ta see you back!

Wednesday, June 23, 1999 01:23:15 AM

Cyrway: Ye gods! I'm sorry to hear about your job. I hope you can find another right away.

I can understand how you feel, btw. I just found out that my Pizza Hut may be shut down in a month or so. There's a rumor going around that the area manager has renewed the lease on the building for another two years, but so far it's unconfirmed. To be honest, by this point I couldn't care less whether it stays open or not. I'm tired of 9 out of every 10 customers treating me like crap every day....

Traveller: Glad you liked "Darryl at the Bat." A Carlin fan, too, eh? :) Cooooool! Carlin's one of my heroes. "Think of the average person ... then realize that half of 'em are even stupider than that!" Another of my heroes is Hunter S. Thompson. "Never lean on the weird. Or they will chop your head off. And perverts will eat your brains." :) :)

Zath, Coyote, and others interested: For some truly frightening "trekkie" stuff, click on my name.

Pistoff - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 01:22:25 AM

There is the sound of a battle coming from outside the comment room door. Growls, thumps, the occasional gasp and uncomplimentary word. Then there is a loud scream that soon fades away, followed by a death-rattle. The door to the CR bursts open, and something very big and green comes running in, only to be stopped by the Bouncer tree, which immediately grabs it with its tentacles. Fleur walks into the CR - bruised, battered, bitten, bleeding, but triumphant. Behind her can be seen the bodies of five other big green things. As the tree 'removes' the exam monster from the CR, Fleur walks across the CR and throws herself on the couch. After looking around with air of somebody _very_ glad to be back, she starts to speak.*

Hi all!
Thanks to everyone who wished me luck! One more exam to go!
Which gave me just enough time to come visit y'all! :)

Oh, not fair, not fair, NOT FAIR!!! The three or four weeks I don't have time to read the TGS stories and they are the most mind-blowing, kidney-bursting, cornea-burning episodes of the season. Okay, I'll run thru each story, giving my thoughts as I read.
Hmm, Madoc said there were 12 clans of gargoyles? Okay, we've got Guatamala, England, Manhattan of course, Ishimura, Avalon, Scotland, New Olympia....Who have I missed? That's just over half. Puh-Lease tell me this is an inkling of future plot-lines.
*long silence* Owen....dead?
Matt and Sara sitting in a tree. *grin*
Kewl picture.
Oh my god... *immediately clicks on part 2*
Yes! Ariana, Graeme and Nudnik - Death on legs for the Unseelie! (Kudos to the TGS staff for that one - I'm a bit tired of seeing those kids in the 'we're only here to be cute' role. Having survived all that Timedancing, and with Sata for a mum, they'd have to be good fighters and I'm glad to see them kicking butt.)
And MACBETH joins the fray with the evil fae! This just gets better and better! AND Joanna! (I always suspected there was a warrior-type undeneath that calm-teacher exterior. :))
Hey, this battle's turning out to be just a massive reunion for the gargy characters. Wonder if Fang or the Ultra-pack will be joining Dingo and Matrix in this battle to end all battles?
Yep, it's a reunion. Dracon's joined in.
And a Dragon. Traveler must be bouncing out of his skin with excitement. :)
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm rooting for George Harrison.
*Does Goliath impersonation* ELISA!!!!
YES!!!!!! DEMONA KICKS BUTT!!! MADOC HITS THE DIRT!!! Can I have a replay??? >:)
And Loki has fallen. It's carnage for the unseelie, people. And Herme falls to a laser cannon and a great quote from Xanatos..."
Whoa... where the heck did Alex learn to talk like _that_? (Just a question. How is Alex _Oberon's_ heir? I mean, the kid's related to Titania, not the overgrown smurf. He's just Oberon's step-grandson. Unless, of course, there's more to Titania's family tree than we know about, and maybe her and the big O don't have any kids of their own.)
And Garlon has fled the battle field like the coward he is, Mageler's gotten the wrong end of a javelin and the dragon does a shiskabob impersonation! *suddenly realises that, in her excitement, Fleur has started talking like Eddie McGuire.* ARRRGH!! *She slaps herself. Hard. Then takes a deep breath, calms down and reads on.*
That big blue sonofab**tch! Elisa and the clan risk their lives to stop _his_ brother from taking _his_ throne and he says he can't help her because of some stupid law! "That's her concern, not ours".. arrogant scumbag.
Whoa. Demona _saves_ Elisa. There's a plot twist.
In the end, all I can say is: I humbly bow to the greatness that are the TGS writers and illustrators.
Man, I just love how the writers are handling Xanatos' reaction to Owen's death, the mix-ups with Matt and Sara, and Demona (guess it must be hard coping with saving somebody you've hated for so long).
Allright. If fuzzy's head starts turning 360's, I am out of here.
Oh how nice. Titania has a soft spot for her grandson. I'd always wondered if she had a heart, or just a sharp mind.
Final conclusion: *sniff* Beautiful, just beautiful.
YES!! OWEN IS BACK!!! Loved the scene with Xanatos & Owen when Owen does the resurection thing - it was so perfectly in character for them.
Why do I get the feeling Nikki is going to be a lot of trouble? Things are going to get messy, methinks.
Emrys (yeah, I know it's spelt wrong - sorry) joining the Wyvern clan sounds a bit strange to me. He's Arthur's right hand, um, boy. But he's probably only considering it 'cos Oberon will take Alex away if they don't find anyone to teach the little tyke some magic.
Brain has burst. Will read and comment later.

Six degrees of gargoyles> Oh help. Now I'm going to be spending the rest of the day linking people to gargoyles. :) I'm definately coming back to you all on this one.

Wait a minute! The CR is one years old? OH MY GOD!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CR HAPPY BIRTHDAY C-RRR, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CR!!! Here's to many more years!!!

Welcome to Oracle, Forrest (>There is no way you can take more of my sanity than has already been taken. I am insane beyond comprehension< hehehe, you're going to fit right in. :)), The Stranger, Amy da tigger, The Anonymous and all the other Newcomers I've missed!

David G> >Anybody but me scared about when this kid starts throwing tantrums?< Oooooh boy. I just got a mental picture - Alex, red-faced, is glaring at a rat. Fox is nearby, looking through one of those parenting books, mumbling 'I wish one of these things could tell me what to do when your son turns his dad into a rodent" Meanwhile, Goliath and Elisa, oh, and Talon too, are just standing there, grinning very widely. >:)

Aaron> >Demona's Extremely High Impact aerobics. < *Laughs helplessly until she falls over.*

DeForest Kelly> He will be missed.

Jenniren> How's this for an example of a gargoyle-collective psychic link? I was going to ask about the ages of Garg characters in this post for the fic I'm working on. Have you been reading my mind? If you have, do me a favour and tell me what it says. :)

Paranoid writer> Yeah, I'm one of them. And SJ, you're not the only one who never shows their family members their work. Heck, the only reason my mother actually got to read my year 12 writing CAT was because the computer disk holding it crashed and she managed to read them while I was frantically re-writing them from my rough drafts.

Arming the clan> Well, I guess I could see the gargs with some kind of jet-pack arrangement, so they won't have to climb high enough to glide, and maybe some armor, but other than that, I just can't see them with actual weaponry. After all, they fight to stop the bad guys (eg muggers), not turn them into little pink piles of goo. But I guess Elisa could use an exo-suit of some sort when she's fighting the seriously weird (like the Unseelie), but she's shown time and time again that she doesn't need one, so it wouldnt be much use.

Alex summoning Titania> Maybe he could do it because he was family, you know, blood being thicker than water and all.
Welcome back Dumlao. :)

Welcome back JackaL and Aris. We're family again!!

Christine > >>Is it just me, or does it seem both ironic and unfair that we’re not supposed to discuss sex except in themost vague or clinical of terms, but several posts a day include gruesome acts of torture and dismemberment? Violence is okay, sex is ‘verboten’...I get really sick of that.>> You're absoultely right, and I won't say anymore because it'll only get me into trouble.

Sleep deprivation> most of the time, I just stumble around putting my clothes on back to front and interesting stuff like that. And weirdly, sometimes my eyes start hurting in bright light. (NO! I am not a vampire!!)

SJ> Congress voted down a law that would control the internet. Hope those fat b**tards in Canberra will do the same.

Robby and Heather> *big hugs* You guys need them. My thoughts and condolences, are with you both, and if there's anything you need, you know I'm here.

JackaL> *smiles* I'm glad you've found love, buddy. I hate being obvious, but if she doesn't believe your feelings for her- CONVINCE HER!! :) Good luck, and again, if there's anyway I can help, let me know.

Bronx Wyvern> *Reads Sphinx riddle and grins* Has you read 'Pyramids' by Terry Pratchett? His take on this riddle is hilarious.

Cryway> Good luck in the job hunt!

Kitania> Oh no! How horrible, not being able to go to the Gathering! Well, at least Doug will be there, and he'll be able to tell you all about it.

Traveller> Welcome Back!! >Yes, Rammstein does make for kick ass driving music. (Although you have to keep an eye on the speedometer....>:))< *grin* Tell me about it. I'm just lucky I haven't been caught.

Xanathar> re: gun law >antiques where the exeption but if I remember right they had to have their firing mechanisms removed< *raises brows* Really? My dad had to hand in both his semi-automatics that he had from his father. But maybe they weren't old enough to be classed as antiques.

Lord Ravyn> Whoohoo! *hugs* Welcome back!

*Fleur takes a deep breath and leans back against the couch*
Finally done! RP next time, I promise - it's going to be a big one, and I think this post is long enough as it is without killing the CR. :)


Fleur - []
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:59:40 AM

**Begin RP***
Shogun Sat down as Abel filled him in on the details of the latest bounty to hunt
"The bounty is one hundred billion credits for Haim Saban, Alive or sent to another dimension"
"alive or sent to another dimension? what do they mean by that?"
"my guess is that they want him dead, but they don't want to offend the sensitivites of other intergalactic mercenaries"
Shogun gave an exasperated sigh
"Does it say who originally posted the bounty?"
"Yes, a human by the name of Greg Weisman"
"Wait a klik there, Greg Weisman, how'd he get his hands on that many credits? for that matter, how'd he get the message ou this far in space-time? last I checked, earth at that time didn't have the degree of technology needed to transmit info this far out, and for that matter, last I checked, Weisman was some TV writer who created some animated show about a bunch of gargoyle-y looking guys, you remember it, it had all those voice actors from that star-something TV show with all the trekking"
"I don't know either, but as you recall, odd circumstances are a pretty regular occurrence in this like of work"
"good point, so what if we're walking into a trap, besides, after that last go-around, I don't know about you guys, but I could use a little work-out"
the other members of the deadly seven nodded in agreement
"It's settled then, Doc, set course for Earth, 1996, Los Angeles, get ready boys, we're gonna bust into show business"
**END RP..for now****
Zath, jenna>*ROTFLMSAO You wanna hear something scary? I think they ARE serious!!!!, and for some reason I am reminded of that DS9 episode where keiko O'brien pi**ses off a bajoran by calling those Orb guys "wormhole aliens" instead of "prophets" *presents the owners of that website with the "Don Quixote award for misguided quests" where they join the ranks of such notable misguided knuckleheads like Jerry "Kinky winky" Falwell* kind of Ironic when you think about it, here they are with a website and they use computers on star trek, I'm surprised they don't call the internet a tool of a certain individual *turns into Dana Carvey's famous "church lady" character* could it be...hmmmm SATAN!? *reverts* these guys make the church lady look open-minded

Shogun Raptor
Wednesday, June 23, 1999 12:18:20 AM

It's 11:00 pm Central time - do you know where your meat bodies are?

I think I forgot to say goodnight last time, so I'll try to be extra nice today, and, since I'm in a Sandman mood...

Every night we create the world in dreams, may the worlds you create be places of Light, and may the Darkness be banished with the night.

(I guess day sleepers are on their own)
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:53:16 PM

**stops fixations once more briefly**

Kaioto: Yep, you certainly did say so. :)

Wilek: Mainframe Entertainment did get away with a lot of great satires ... notice the sheer amount of Picard-parody binomes that appeared (including one that got fragged by Megabyte), the Frances McDormand "Fargo" binome ("Oh yah, fersure, dontchaknow?"), and the Mulder and Scully clones from "Trust No One" (the Scully clone, "Data Nully," actually being voiced by Gillian Anderson.). What made it for me was that Gabby was going to chronicle AndrAIa's adventures, and in the game AndrAIa rebooted as Xena ... seeings as how that was the main reason Gabrielle wound up with Xena in the first place in the *real* show!

**returns to happy fixation. Last time, promise!! ;)**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:21:08 PM


[Wilek is speaking with the commander of the Avatar Of Ganon..."So the Ravens have encountered Traveler again. These ships of say our fleet would have a hard time taking them down if things went wrong?" Rho: "Apparently. Khesaat and I consulted the Nation Of Worlds about some of the 'toys' he uses. None of the member worlds have been able to make any sense of his power and technology...except the Psyll Synod. They say some of his technology is similar to their own, if somewhat more advanced." Wilek: "More advanced? The Psyll are almost unstoppable. They're like the Vorlons on steroids." Rho: "That's what scares me. But he doesn't seem to think things through. Remember the Dragon Virus, how it unexpectedly mutated into a lethal pathogen? An example of faulty genetic sequencing. He's completely insane, and it affects everything he does. I'm just glad we're on the same side...and I hope we stay that way."]


Traveler> <accepts flame thrower> Why thank you. ^_^ Hey, have you ever considered upgrading to plasma throwers? They're like flamethrowers, but more so. >:)

Robby> <<Well then, you're in for quite a treat... Just wait until the final chapter...>> Heh...I've seen the very last episode (which, other than today's and yesterday's eps, is the only Season 3 ep I've ever seen). :) Of course, all the *real* fun happens on the way there...<G>

SJ> DiCaprio's looking to star in *another* movie?! DANG. I've heard he's being considered for just about every new movie under the sun! Hey...what if he were accepted for *all* of them...? He'd never be able to keep up with the workload. *He'd go insane*. I'd pay to see that. >:)

Jaden> <<Do you know how long it took me before I figured out where I had heard your name before?>> Heh heh heh. It's a pretty obscure novel, isn't it. :) Oh, and about classes...ack. A friend of mine was the same way. By the time he got home, he was barely awake. Barely alive, for that matter. I hope things change for you soon. For the better, of course. :)

Jenniren> I think I had a dream kind of like that once. When I have dreams like that, I simply try pretend they don't exist. If that doesn't work, I pretend *I* don't exist. :)

Heather> Cute comic. ^_^

Green Baron> <<Nobody wished JEB goodbye when he announced he'd be in my beloved city. He felt very neglected about it.>> Really? Ack, I can't believe I was so dumb that I missed that! Tell him I'm sorry! O_O <<Some jerk hacked into my AOL account and wrecked it>> You have my sympathy; that kind of trouble is always tough to recover from. I hear AOL has all kinds of security problems.

Aaron> <<If anyone would like to tip DC over for me, I'd be obliged. Or spin him around, or whatever takes your fancy.>> Muhahahahaha. <hangs DC sideways from the ceiling and bats him around like a pinata>

Jenna> Oh, that site...<shudder> I was genuinely afraid of this person, until I came across the disclaimer about it all being a joke. And even then, it's a fairly twisted one.

Lord Ravyn> YEAH! I am *so* glad to see you again! I hope you get to come around more often! :D (Since you're a girl, shouldn't it be Lady Ravyn? <g> j/k)

Zath> <<I really don't think Greg Weisman needs to know I think the new member of the Pack should be the Taco Bell chihuahua>> LOL! :D Actually, that's not a bad idea. He could be the tactician/propagandist/spy. :)

SOROW> You'll be gone for a few days? Bye, and good luck catching up when you get back! <G>

Coyote> <<I think you got a treat today in your ReBoot Season 3 watching when ya saw AndrAIa and Matrix as grownups. :)>> True, but the real treat was that Gabriella binome. I'm amazed they got away with that. :) (And for some reason, I'm under the impression that Andraia and Matrix would make kewl gargoyles...) And it's interesting to see the different systems and such. I've read summaries of every single episode, but somehow it's just not the same...


[Rho: "One other thing--Anoth and those allies of his have derailed the entire Chicago invasion." Wilek: "By themselves?!" Rho: "Essentially; our Executor-class Star Destroyers weren't able to do much from orbit. Anoth apparently smuggled himself and his friends on board their command ship to settle an old score. Dahak got away, but the entire Chicago invasion fleet got blown to scrap metal. The surrounding area will be uninhabitable until we send in reclamation droids, due to radiation from the ships' power cores, but it's nothing a few days of cleanup won't handle. Oh, and Anoth has rejoined us, on a more or less permanent basis." Wilek: "That's good to hear; he's one of our most powerful magic users. Hey, has anything happened at Crown Point yet?" Rho: "No, we're still patrolling for any sign of trouble." Wilek: "Good; I want to be there when whatever's about to happen happens. SJ's about to find out where his dad is." Rho: "From Greg Weisman?" Wilek: "Um...yeah. How--" Rho: "We have something of an understanding. Avatar out."]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:13:23 PM

IT'S GONNA BE A PARTY, YALL! BOOM BOOM! Sorry, random song I heard today. I really don't have much to say. I'm getting ready for my drill team camp at A&M, the freakin' reason I can't go to G99! Well, it seems we'll have to cope. I have to leave at four in the morning on Thursday and I'll be back just in time for the new ep. Can't wait. Until then, bed never looked so good. I'll post later tomorrow. OKIloveyoubyebye!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:10:57 PM

*walks in a glances at Lexy's post … soon is blushing furiously and gives the door he came in from an unsteady glance but a grinning Coyote the Bando is standing in front of it, grinning widely and wagging a finger at him*

Aw … jeez … If that don't beat all. *blushes again* Well, anyway, good luck at the Gathering, my love.

Coyote: *Grins* *smirks* SEE! I told you so! *smirks some more and is quite pleased with himself*

To all going to the Gathering, my best wishes. Next year I'll be able to join you all, God willing. *smiles* Remember me, and take good care of my Liz-chan, OK?


Toku Kaioto, CR Sage - []
Boston, MA, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:55:02 PM

**stops fixation for a moment**

Zath: Actually, she was a juror for the Whitewater trial. And if she'd worn wings, a tail and prosthetic brow ridges, she probably wouldn't have made news ... she would've more than likely been thrown in the loony bin (not like she didn't warrant that already! ;).
I must say, though, that, despite my having been a member of a Star Trek club in college, I am very relieved that I never became *that* obsessed of a fan of *anything.*

**sits back in the chair and continues his happy fixation on the candle, interrupted briefly by quick rereadings of Lord Ravyn's post. ;)**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:49:59 PM

Wow, this place is really slow (again) tonight.

Pistoff> <<Trekkies who whip out their phasers whenever somebody disses their show. Star Trek is only a TV show, but a lot of people bury themselves so deeply in that world that they can't tell reality from fantasy.>> That reminds me of that woman who was on the OJ jury (at least I think it was the OJ jury I could be wrong) who showed up wearing a Star Trek uniform every day. I wonder what would have happened if she had worn wings, a tail, and prosthetic brow ridges instead.

Zath - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:44:18 PM

Paul: I'm the one who said "They're only video games." As for how I'd feel if somebody insulted Gargoyles, honestly, I couldn't care less. If somebody doesn't like the show, that's no reason to hate that person. And if somebody told me that Gargoyles is JUST a TV show ... guess what, bubba? It IS just a TV show!!! In fact, it's a CANCELLED show! We happen to enjoy the show and a lot of us write our own fics based on it, but the fact is, it's only a TV show. Jesus, you sound like one of those Trekkies who whip out their phasers whenever somebody disses their show. Star Trek is only a TV show, but a lot of people bury themselves so deeply in that world that they can't tell reality from fantasy. The phaser is just a toy. And Gargoyles is just a TV show. And video games are just video games. Don't take them so seriously. Pull that corn cob out of your ass, bubba.
Pistoff - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:30:29 PM

**enters the room, but smells the familiar perfume ...**

"Lord Ravyn": You realize, of course, that you've just made my summer. ;)

**switches out the candles, but makes a point of hanging on to the one just removed. Places it in his pocket**

I was wrong last night ... **now** it's truly the good times. :) **sits in the big chair**

Traveler: Hmm ... welcome back, friend. :) And I'll take your comment on the TGS eps you've lurked through as a complement, considering "Crossroads pt. 2" was one of them. :)

Wilek: I think you got a treat today in your ReBoot Season 3 watching when ya saw AndrAIa and Matrix as grownups. :)

Shogun: Rather ... unusual six degrees, but I will put it up on the page.

Robby: Does that mean that he *did* "catch 'em all?" ;)

Doug: Glad ye approve of Changeling's appearance in "Into the Fray." Rest assured, she'll be showing up in some more interesting situations later, believe me. :)

Green Baron, Starsinger: I'm ready!

Stephen: Does the brew have to be alcoholic? :)

Milady Arianna: Man, that's rough. **sigh** Ah well, maybe next year, eh?

Green Baron: Please extend my apology to JEB. I did not mean to snub him.

Aaron: Okay. My mistake, mea culpa. It's just "The Producers" is one of the few Mel Brooks movies I've never seen, is all.

**reaches "Lord Ravyn"'s post again, and can't help but grin widely.**

Tim P.: Actually ... that wasn't the British government banning "A Clockwork Orange." Kubrick *himself* enacted the ban.

**sits back and fixates on the candle ... but this night, it's a *happy* fixation!!**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 09:13:12 PM

Zath- Thats EXACTLY the kind of stuff that needs to be in the Station 8 room to liven it up! Post those thoughts now!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 09:10:42 PM

Heather> What a weird coincidence. The day before you posted your picture, I got my hair cut and now it looks just like yours. Also, I like your picture of Demona. I think the only reason it looks like she's standing in tar is because her foot is missing, making it look like she's up to her ankles in something.

Jenna> *snicker* Are those people serious? (by the way, you put an extra "s" in the URL. it should be "")

Robby> I've lurked in the other room a couple of times, but I never have anything to add to the discussions. I really don't think Greg Weisman needs to know I think the new member of the Pack should be the Taco Bell chihuahua ; )

Heh heh heh, right now I'm listening to the soundtrack of Les Mis (london cast) and Javert always makes me think of MacBeth, especially when he says "I've hunted you across the years". Maybe if I ever have an entire month free I'll try to filk the entire show. *evil grin* Xanatos could be Thenadier and sing "Master Of The Castle" with Fox...

Zath - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 08:51:54 PM

Okay... I suppose this needs to be done... And I'm the room C0- administrator so I guess I should do it...



Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:41:45 PM

Damn!! Well I'll try again later!!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:19:16 PM

Anyone who want's to see something freaky, scary, silly, weird, ect--click below--can you imagine if these guys got a hold of gargoyles?? I shudder to think--laughed my *ss off at this!!!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:17:42 PM

Greetings again... I have to make a short announcement, and, if it goes against the rules of the CR I apologize ahead of time.


TO ALL LEGAL AGE ATTENDEES! Happening either the Friday night or Saturday Night of the Gathering is a special room-party event...

The 1sr Annual Informal Beer Tasting Party & Fiction Roundtable, hosted by me, is a chance for everyone of legal age to get together and sample microbrew beers, ales, and lagers from the Northwest. We are also going to be having a "bull" session of selected topics in fiction, as well as a reading of the first chapter of my first novel.

I encourage everyone to attend (even though only those of legal drinking age will be served samples), since this is a fun event for everyone, to help break the ice of the first night of the con.

Also, while I will be supplying a good selection of beers to taste, if anyone has a favorite local brew or microbrew beer that they would like to share, I encourage them to bring a bottle of it to the party so we can share in it.

It's going to be a blast, so I hope to see you all there!


Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:17:17 PM

Banned Movies: In England, Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" played successfully in theaters for a year until a distribution ban was placed on the film after several copy-cat crimes were committed. The ban continues to this day.

Any English folks coming to the Gathering? I can make a few copies on VHS tape for you. It's legal as long as I don't sell it to you;)

Tim P.
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 05:22:02 PM

Tuesday, June 22, 1999 05:05:20 PM

Thoughts about Dogma: It's really a shame that the Catholic League is making such a fuss about this. We were on our way to be one of the most modern and sensible christian religion (ie. The Pope decreed the possibility of evolution), while Billy Grahm still (for example) still beleives that the rain that caused Noah's flood was the first time it had ever rained on earth. Now however we have a bunch of people who take themselves much too seriously setting back what the papacy has been trying to do for the last 20 years. So what if "Dogma" ridicules the Catholic Church (or any church for that matter) in a year people will forget about it. Also, while I doubt that it is something people need to worry about... even if it did send anti-religious messages to such a degree that the christian church needs to feel threatened, they are trying to clean up a pile of crap by using a fan. All they are doing is getting themselves full of sh!t.

Remember Email! :)

Ash - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 05:01:11 PM

JENNA & AARON - If you all get into the Lobby on Friday, then look for me around the Registration Table... I should be there. Just remember to look for the guy with a buff-tan colored fedora with a white band on it. :)

TO ALL THE GATHERING ATTENDEES - Look forward to seeing you there!

AARON (Re: KUSANAGI'S CAMOFLAGE) - I'd say the reason she doesn't use a coat or a suit is the fact fabrics can be torn, and then there goes the camoflage.

KITANIA - Dang, I was looking forward to seeing your Elektra costume! Are you going to at least post a picture of it so we can see? I assume Doug is bringing those copies of my stories with him for me to autograph anyway... I'd hate for you to not get those at least.

DOUG - I look forward to meeting you at least! Be sure to stop by the informal beer tasting party I'm throwing... it will be either this friday night or Saturday night at the con.

As for what I mean by the Big Blue... I thought Thailog's color was deep indigo blue, not black, so I was referring to him.

WILD WILD WEST CR - hmm... I'd most likely be the local Tavern master or Barkeep. For some reason, I picture myself as that one bartender called Handlebar from "BraveStarr" (I loved that cartoon! Futuristic Wild West! YAHOO!)

And yes, I can see Christine as the local Madame... with her collection of soiled doves at the wing. :)

WILEK - Well, Mike's a cagey character in his own right. And besides, his cybernetics are going to give the Rokkans something to think about... I just hope Don uses them to their fullest potential. :) <winks to the Bando!>

X-MEN MOVIE - They're going to do WHAT?!? Ah, no! Not my favorite southern Belle! The only way Rogue should have any telepathic powers is if she drains them from another telepath! Grrrr... now I'm getting ticked!

SEVARIUS JR. - Very good pic of yourself... which triggered a sort of creativity demon for my next Garg-fic series. :)

Well, that's all from me... Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:53:01 PM

**The door opens. A shadow is standing in the hall, and the candle flickers slightly. To some of the room's older residents, the shadow is familiar...**

Hey, all! This has to be really quick, but I just wanted to say that I'm still alive and well. I still miss you guys and hope to be back permanently soon. By the way, Coyote, I loved the WCC story! Although I hope me and Alex patch things up soon! ;)

Also, great choice of names in the latest TGS story! I rather like the title of 'Lord' Ravyn. ;)

Well, I have to go. :( I'm actually going away from my home for a few weeks, and I never really get any on-line time anymore. So just bear with me, guys, and I'll fully return someday! :)

God bless y'all! :)

Lord Ravyn
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:52:38 PM

I have a feeling TGS is heading towards the "Bad Guys" series, I can feel it. But where they will run into the biggest trouble is with the Dingo/Matrix technology. If you make Dingo too powerful, he really doesn't need the other members of the team... so to keep him from taking over the entire series here are a few suggestions:
Do not make the matrix able to communicate with the outside world except through Dingo. ie: Do not allow it to receive police radio signals, telephone calls, or internet stock tips. Why? Well, first of all it goes against the original series. They needed to enter "Dreamtime" to communicate with the Matrix. Dingo's ability to communicate with it telepathically is probably due to the merging that occured in that state. Secondly, keep in mind what the Matrix can do... which is basically replicate cell sized robots in an infinite capacity. That's about it. I don't think it could make a modem, transmitters etc. I also don't think the matrix could make firearms or lasers. Heck, I think most of Dingo's new suit is the old one, with Matrix covering the outside and augmenting the metal suit he had.
For inspiration of what Dingo/Matrix can do I would model him after two Marvel comics characters, Venom and Iceman. Venom for the bonding with an alien intelligence, and the resulting relationship, and Iceman... well because Iceman can make an infinite amount of ice the way Matrix can make an infinite amount of metal.

I would like to see from TGS a little more chance for fan involvement over the summer months to keep people interested. I've been thinking of holding a "If I was Madoc" contest where people could submit different timelines of they would have made the events of the Unseelie war, and then have people vote on them.

Just some thoughts... oh and send me some email SVP. Arrogant Critics at Large don't seem to get much ;)

Ash - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:46:45 PM

Just a few comments for now.
Green Barron> bummer about your account. Violating someone's property is not cool. It's not funny. It's not anything but violent, immature, and pathetic. (end rant)

Oh yeah, just to be clear, I was uncomfortable defending the English over the Scottish. One half of my heritage wishes the English would go back where they came from (prehistoric France and Germany) The other half thinks it's really neat to drop bombs on their major landmarks. Neither side has anything particular against the Scottish. Even so, I'm sort of an Anglophile.

If that's still a problem, I suppose you'll recover from the pain some day. :p

Warpmind> Got my prize. That was cool. It raised some eyebrows at work, though. I forgot to plug in my headphones before I played the sound files.

Fanfic stuff> I'm almost done with the first Freelance story, which is probably going to be called "The Enemy of my Enemy." I know how it ends, which is a plus. I just can't seem to make myself finish it. And now I've got a friend who wants to go see Austin Powers tonight.

What do you guys think, write the big fight scene or go see Austin Powers?
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:32:27 PM

I forgot to mention something. MY new AOL IM is GrnBaron77. Some jerk hacked into my AOL account and wrecked it, so that is how I can be IMed.
Green Baron
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:22:28 PM

Okay, I *finally* finished SOSN, and I gotta say.... I don't know. There seemed to be a whole lotta off-kilter behavior in this one. And if that dang wedding got any more elaborate, Peter Cook was gonna come out and talk about "mawwiage"

Green Baron> Actually, I should have turned it *sideways* now that hurts. If anyone would like to tip DC over for me, I'd be obliged. Or spin him around, or whatever takes your fancy.


Aaron leaves again, humming Motorhead's "Too good to be true."

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:19:35 PM

Found this neat pic of... uh... that red-faced spike-haired guy from The Phantom Menace, whatever his name is.

Hey, was that a scorn I heard? Gimme a break, guys, the film is due over here in September or something. (Grumble, grumble, curse, swear)

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 04:01:58 PM

*growles* ya..double post..darn slow comp *L*
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 03:35:42 PM
IP: *growles* ok ill try this again..

Spike- got your em 1000x's thanks!!!

*waves* see ya all in Dallas!! *grins*

Tuesday, June 22, 1999 03:34:42 PM

OH Spike got your em 1000x's thanks!!

SEE ya all in Dallas!!!


Tuesday, June 22, 1999 03:32:26 PM

*runs back in* *glances at Christin's comment* *s/nods in agreement**feels really dumb* hey so the gathering starts on friday..but um when are we all supposed to arrive? My dad has to drive me and two other ppl 4 hours to get there and he wants to know round abouts when to show you guys come on thrusday night? or friday morning? hmm or is this a dumb question and it all depends on your reservations:p *sighs* somebody if you know PLUEZZ tell me! and again *grins* art info?? is it too late!?? I must know!

Tuesday, June 22, 1999 03:19:30 PM

**Land of Oz
It seemed that everything was finished with Eisner's death, but one figure appears, a truly dangerous one. It is Fr. Kane, the evil progressive Jesuit who helped create Nothing Sacred. Walt wraps himself around the Liberal priest until he continuously agesa nd withers to dust. As soon as he does that, the room is filled with blue light, as a beautiful woman with an aura of motherliness appears. Roy and Walt Disney genuflect and kiss their rosaries. Reverend Attila meows and noozles the Queen of Heaven in the same way he would have greeted his human mother, only with more love. Walt then enters Mary's arms, as she says, "My child, you have fulfilled your quest and destroyed the blashemer who donned the cloth to dishonor my Son. Now, I have written your Indulgence and your time in Purguatory is at an end. Come with me to Paradise. Roy and Attila, you are needed back on Earth,and you must keep Ted Turner from trying to take over Disney."
Attila responds saying, "Don't worry. Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett now have controlling shares of Disney. And a lot of people donated their shares to Mother Angelica when it crashed after Mike's death. Those three should keep Disney in good hands."
"I am greatful for your efforts feline, and so is my Son. He wishes to award you with a soul, though now you may need to go to Confession for firing your gun at GB so often."
Attila and Mary laugh, along with everyone else, and in the next few minutes, Mary, Attila, Walt, and Roy dissapear.**

SJ> I'm glad you found Nothing Sacred blasphemous. I am so sick of the way elites try to show dissenting herectics as the good guys. It was also a bomb, just like Corpus Christi. Disney lost a lot of money on NS,a nd it serves them right :) Another one you forgot was the movie Priest.

Ordell> Interesting quip by Smith. Now that I think about it, the Catholic League (which I am a member of) may be making much ado over some silly movie, though I don't see how it's pro-Catholic. I hope that press interview will reveal more. Miramax also made the movie Priest, which also irked the League. I guess I'll just chalk it up to a great Organization being wrong on an issue. It happens.

Traveler> Cough syrup? Nah! That is the result of too much caffeine and C-Span :) I agree with you about Seperation of Church and State, especially on teh otehr end. I want the Federal Government to butt out of influencing Mother Church, too. You are right about nuns, but the ones in habit are awesome; it's just those plain-clothes, progressive feminazis that should be sent to Afghanistan who bug me.

Doug> $I like it. BTW. Rev. Attila can control OJ, who can hack up some Borg, but as long as we get to save the original Attila and de-Borgify him.

Wilek> $Actually, Dahak can't raise the dead.It will be shown below.$

Robby> I hope you're feeling better. Losing a grandparent si always sad, and all of mine are dead. BTW, I'll gladly take Political Advisor as a role, and Attila could be the CR Chaplain and naked boy.

Note to the TGS CRazy CLan> Nobody wished JEB goodbye when he announced he'd be in my beloved city. He felt very neglected about it.

Starsinger and Coyote> Ready roomies? :)

Aaron> Actually, you should turn St. Andrew's cross upside down. That is even more painful :) Of course, that is too good for DC. Actually, you should lock DC in a cell with the Mr. T from Eddie Murphy's dream :)

David G. <<A nice Irish/German boy like me feels a bit uncomfortable defending England, but if I have to choose one or the other...)>> I'll pretend I didn't hear that :p

Wild West> I could be the owner of the Good Bank.


As everyone leaves the now liberated city, a demon appears in the open. It is Ted Turner.

"Little does everyone know I raised the corpsesa, and I had a hand in Eisner's destruction. Now, I must defeat Murdoch, and then Mother Angelica, and I shall have my revenge on Attila and Buffett, and be supreme Lord of Cable. Mwa Ha! Ha! Ha!"**

END RP for now

Green Baron - []
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 03:17:01 PM

**Heather flies in her Sailor Midael outfit giggling the whole time** Guys and gals, look at this. A friend of mine from the Sailor Angels RPG made this kawii comic strip.
The guy with red wings is Belail, the Lord of Lies (bad guy), the girl in the first box is Sailor Nathaniel; Angel of Fire, and the red-head girl with the blue bow in her hair is my very close friend, Sailor Ruchiel; Angel of Wind.
You gotta look at this !

Heather - The Blushing one - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:56:06 PM

Warpmind> <<Memo to self: check CR more often than once every 24 hours. It is shocking how much text is capable of piling up in such a place in just one day. >>

Don't I know it. Which, (in conjecture with the main comment room dying), has become quite depressing to me. I can't possibly read everything (not even most) that's being posted here, and there's practically nobody who cares to post *there*.

Okay, I'll stop whining about the imbalance between the rooms, and so on. Just one final question: Do all the tens of people who post here exclusively even read what's going on at that one? Or are only four, five reading what is being written?

Aris Katsaris - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:51:41 PM

Ack!!!! Aaron, are you ready for the Gathering? hey? Do you even have a clue as to what Mike and I look like--check out our wedding website--under about Jennifer and Michael--there's pics there. I should be arriving in the lobby about 2 or 3--see you there!!!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:34:21 PM

Aaron kicks open the door of the CR and sweeps a menacing stare over the room. Spotting DC, he pulls a nailgun from under his coat and pins him to the wall by his collar.

This is for everthing yesterday, everything today, and whatever you did to my car! Annnnnnnd, in honor of the debate over DOGMA...

Aaron reaches under his coat again and pulls out a ten foor St. Andrews cross. (Hey, I told you, it's a dimensionally trancendential coat) And proceeds to nail DC to it.

Have you any idea how much this should hurt, if you regenerate constantly. Heheheheheheheheheheh. Sorry. Onto replies.

Argent> Is it against the rules to "accidently" bean the opposing pokemon trainer in the head when you throw your pokeball? Just curious.

Sobotka> Yeah, but the other guy had a holocamaflage coat. Why couldn't the major have had one of those, instead of stripping?

David G> Your comment on Sandman brings to mind an intresting crossover: Arther and John Constantine run into eachother in London, since Unseelie weirdness should be right up John's alley.

Coyote> Actually, my image was of you as Gene Wilder in The Producers, not as a towel. Although...

Traveler> Of course there's a conspiracy to keep anyone in Buffalo from winning a title. Cancerman said so.

Doug> I like the idea for a gargs side-scroller a la Maximum Carnage. I'd always hoped for a fighting game, myself.

Lady Arianna> Yes, I can see it now, all the Texas fans party, while the sports media, based in NYC, talks about tainted titles.

p.s. Where is Christine's new story? I can't find it anywhere.


Aaron walks out singing "Summertime Blues" by Joan Jett, pausing only to smack DC a few times as he leaves.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:21:03 PM

Xanathar - You're wellcome.

Re the X-Men movie - I don't suppose there's any place we could email to express our displeasure about the treatment of Rogue's character. Why in blazes do they think they need another telepath? I wonder what age group they're targeting for the movie. Rogue's power isn't that hard to understand.

Nothing much else to say today. I enjoyed reading Ed's and David G.'s posts and agree with much of what they say. Pendragon has a lot of potential and I enjoyed all the flashbacks in the early eps that showed how it was the 'villains' came to be the way they are.

Yesterday I had a really disturbing dream about Jesus Christ becoming a cannibal. It wasn't scary while I was having it, just really disgusting. I can't understand why I'd have a dream like that. It's probably best forgotten, but I keep wondering if it means anything. I wish I could just forget it, but the potential symbolic implication is troublesome.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:19:48 PM

Mandi: That's okay. Whenever you can get around to it is fine. I'm probably not going to pester you like I did Traveler, seeing as I like you more. :)

Question about the Gathering: Is there anyone who's going and still needs a roommate? If so, I'll be happy to fill in and split costs, needing a place to stay during the Gathering and all. Send me an e-mail soon please. Thank you.

Doug - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:09:02 PM

Mandi Ohlin > Actually the Dr Evil figure is out

Princess Mononoke > noooo I was looking forward to grrr fine all I got to say is “Hi Ho Hi HO it’s a pirates life for me”

Wild west Town >hmmm how about either a Texas ranger or cue music “bow wow (bad attempt at the music for the good the bad and the ugly)” I’ll try to be the good.

Gathering> nope can’t go . But next year is a definite yes

Tuesday, June 22, 1999 01:50:24 PM

~~ Stuff re: Something Old, Something New ~~

Okay, I should really be sleeping, but I had to read the new story ... just got one thing to say ... how the HELL did you get the party scenes past the censors?!?!?! ROFL! A little more than just that title seemed familiar! Should've built a robot ... <snicker>

Actually, I have more to say than that -- cast of thousands, very well done, sweet and touching ... and coming back to my original point ... the dirty tail trick, Christi? Naughty, naughty thing! ; )

Lovely pics, too ... of course, has anyone ever known Christi to produce a less-than-great piece of artwork?

~~ Okay, done with that ~~

Precocious > thanks, all, for the comments! I had a lot of fun with that one. Harry the Hammer is a kook, but I'm starting to think there's more to him than meets the eye, and he will be back in the upcoming story "Damien" (and with a title like that, combined with Harry's obsession, guess what it's going to be about! <eg>).

Christine - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 01:02:08 PM

David G: You're so presumtious, I'll never talk to you again !

Just kidding ;)

Actually, now that all six riddles have been solved correctly, I declare the "contest" for ended. All who tried their minds and survived with sanity intact, contact me via e-mail, and I'll reply with a humorous surprise. Mark my words, it will be nothing illegal. At least not to my knowledge.

Memo to self: check CR more often than once every 24 hours. It is shocking how much text is capable of piling up in such a place in just one day.

Oh, and if anybody would be so please as to give me *feedback* on Manxine soon, I'd probably stop harping about it.

So long, won't be seeing you at The Gathering this year... maybe next time. :(

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:34:55 PM

*Arianna pops into existence for the first time in weeks.*
Hello, all.

I swear, every time I said that I would go to the CR again, something came up as though specifically to keep me away. Lucky for me, I managed to actually get here this time. I guess we'll see if my streak of bad luck concerning free time continues.

Actually, I think it's because I'm working -- since I'm just working the summer, I get all the wierd hours. Which happen to be the times I used to post. Luck of the Irish.

Well, two weeks (plus) of posts to catch up on -- I better get started!

From Last Week>

Kaioto for CR Sage> Definitely! I can't think of any one better suited for the job. :)

Star Trek Movies> Well, I suppose the sooner we get rid of a couple of Next Generation people, the sooner we get some of the DS9 characters in there. I personally want to know what happens to Sisko, as his life "is not linear". As for Michael Dorn not being in the next movie...I don't know. It would eliminate the need to make up some story about how Worf got back to the Enterprise (and since he is now an Ambassador, it would have been pretty difficult.). If Data dies, as Spock did in the Wrath of Khan, I have but one question -- Will he actually die? Or will we get him back? I can see it now -- Star Trek XI: The Search for Data. (and as Trek III was one of my least favorites, I look not forward to going through something like it again.)

All newcomers> Welcome!

Robby> This is a little late, but my condolences about your grandmother.

Heather> This is late too -- but I am so sorry about your friend.

Jar Jar Binks> This has nothing to do with whether or not I like the character (as I still haven't seen the movie!), but every time I try to say that name, I say it wrong. Usually I switch around the first letters of the names -- And I come out with Bar Bar Jinks. Sorry, random -- but true.

Stanley Cup> Well, the Stars won, did they. I'm happy for them and their fans in Texas. Now lets hope my favorite Texas Basketball team, with my two favorite NBA players (Robinson and Duncan -- But I've been rooting for Timmy since Wake. Of course, I live in Winston-Salem, so I always felt an affinity for Wake Forest Basketball. That didn't stop most of my friends from being Carolina fans, tho...) can win the NBA playoffs, and then we can have a super-big party for Texas sports fans!

Wow, I made it to this week!!! :)

Coyote> Well, let me say that I read the first part of WCC -- it's beyond great. It's absolutely spectacular...I love seeing all these people I recognize in it! I can't wait for the rest! :)

Wild West Town> Who would I be? I haven't read/seen any typical westerns since I read "The Outcasts of Poker Flats", which was about two weeks ago as I prepared for my English III Honors exam. Needless to say, I can't even remember the major roles in a western anymore, much less identify with them. :)

C.S. Lewis> I saw him come up in here. I've never read any of his Narnia chronicles, but I have read some of his non-fiction. "The Great Divorce" was wonderful -- very very good. Another one I read, and recently, too, was "A Grief Observed". Very comforting book. Highly recommended.

The Gathering> Well, count me in on the CR party. I'm not able to make it this year. What kills it...I was supposed to be GOING TO TEXAS THIS WEEK WITH MY GRANDMOTHER!!!! But I can't because I got a summer job so that I can go to Boston for HMC in February. The annoying-ness of it all. It's killing me. Add that to the fact that, also because of said summer job, I'll be staying home from New York, and I won't be seeing any of my family up there for quite possibly an entire year. Which will make it two years, as at this point I haven't seen any of them for year. Ah, well.

Well, having been out so long, I'm sure there's someone or something I missed. Sorry 'bout that.

Well, I better go. A parental unit will be returning shortly with my sister, who was has art classes every morning for awhile. If I'm on the 'net when they get here, bad things will happen. So I'll go. See y'all later...and this time, it's a promise! I anticipate actually making it to the CR (hopefully) at least once a day from now on. Later!

=And then of her, and of every created thing I praise, I should say "In some way, in its unique way, it is like Him who made it." Thus up from the garden to the Gardener, from the sword to the Smith. To the life-giving Life and the Beauty that makes beautiful.=
(from C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed.)

Lady Arianna of Annwn
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 11:45:15 AM

I'm moving to Austin sometime before August. It's going to be a hastle, but once there, it's going to be great.

Anyways, for all fans of Kevin Smith and all wondering about Dogma, I found this letter from Kev at It pretty interesting.

"Do I advocate censorship? When that censorship is in the form of a violent act to silence someone a group doesn't agree with, then absolutely. And it's not... NOT... even in the same ballpark as pointing at a 'Natural Born Killers' and saying "That there movin' pitcher makes people kill!" Holding up a work of fiction (like 'Catcher in the Rye') and insisting that it incites violence is like holding up a copy of 'Playboy' and saying it incites masturbation. 'Tis not the book, but the hand of the book-looker that commits the act.
But there's a fundamental difference with William Donohue's war-like chatter in regards to 'Dogma'. He's not discerning the flick as a work of fiction that people shouldn't lend much credence to. He's maintaining that it's out and out blasphemy - and worse, he's selling this to a wide, disparate group of the faithful. Their reactions may manifest themselves in postcards that say they disagree with 'Dogma' and urge us to reconsider releasing the film (of which there are many), or threats of violence against anyone remotely involved with the film (of which there are also many).

For anyone to point to the League and maintain that if anyone gets hurt over this movie, the League is going to be held responsible is NOT the same thing as some conservatives maintaining that Hollywood is to blame for Columbine. They're not even in the same ballpark. Bill Donohue and the League have made their position clear from the get-go: 'Dogma' is a blasphemous, evil work, that they object to and want to bury. And in saying as much, he's used questionable terms and phrases that can be (and apparently has already) construed as a call-to-arms, as it were. Now we've made our position clear: if anyone... ANYONE... gets hurt in the process of their protest, we're holding Bill Donohue and the League responsible. What does that mean? It means exactly this: if anyone... ANYONE... gets hurt in the process of their protest, we're holding Bill Donohue and the League responsible. Does that amount to much in, say, a court of law? Probably not. If someone DOES get hurt, I imagine we'd have a hard time convincing the court system that Bill Donohue and the League should be held responsible. No - this was just a private (mind you, the letter that was sent to Bill Donohue was not a public, soap-boxy affair; it was done quietly, so as not to make a grand-standing deal about it) conversation between two parties, so as to make our position understood. You'll note that, again, no one from the Weinstein side of the equation is fanning the flames in print, looking for the war of words Bill Donohue seems to desire.

One party would just like to simply distribute its pro-faith/pro-Catholic (oh the irony in all of this) film, while the other party is rattling sabers very publicly, drumming up far more interest in the movie than it's probably due (as the filmmaker, I'm depressed by the expectation the League is saddling this film with; folks heading into the theatre based on all the League has said about the film, hoping to kick back for two hours worth of church-bashing are going to be sadly, sadly disappointed in how devout and faith-friendly the flick actually is).

And I'll point out that I, myself, have never been contacted by William Donohue or anyone from the Catholic League. Why not, you may ask? Because I'm the very small broom-handler in this trumped-up witch-hunt. No - Mike Eisner is the target here, folks; so much so that - even though 'Dogma' is no longer a Disney or Miramax film - Bill Donohue is demanding that Disney dump Miramax now. Why? What does that have to do with anything at this point? It's about publicity, friends. You want national attention, you don't attack the 'Clerks' guy; you go after the head of one of the most widely recognized corporations in the world. And even when the wind's been taken out of the sails of your attack (ie - Dinsey no longer has anything to do with 'Dogma' domestically), you create some other new issue (like "Well... Disney should dump Miramax! Yeah! That's it!") out of something small (like a letter that quietly states our standing on the thousands of threats we've received, since Bill Donohue started his anti-'Dogma' campaign).

And in the midst of all this sad politicing, I find my faith in Christ is even stronger than it was before, and I find myself really sympathizing with the Man. Could you imagine having to watch this and all the far, far worse inanity carried out in your name, when your central message was one of peace and tolerance? And pile upon that the fact that all the money the Catholic League will have raised for their 'war' against 'Dogma' would've been far, far better spent clothing and feeding the poor (and before ya'll go pointing fingers, let me assure you - doing so only as a pre-defense, and not as any sort of glory-hounding grandstanding - that a sizeable portion of what I annually make goes toward charity and Christian acts).

No. God doesn't have enough liquid assets. Sure, the Lord has the planet, but we already swiped that from the Almighty ages ago (or, at least, so we think).

I have no desire to sue God, thank you; nor anybody else for that matter. But the Bible is still REPUTED to be God's words, while we've seen first-hand that what William Donohue has said were HIS words. I don't see God in the pages of the New York Post, blabbing on about 'Dogma', or rather, Disney.

I grow weary from talking this to death. I'm not Lenny Bruce (in many, many ways), so in the future, I'd like to limit the amount of constitutional rights arguments I have to comment on. Can't we talk about dick and fart jokes, and even the Lord instead?

Oh right - that's what got me into this position in the first place."

Might I say something. This letter raises my respect for a man I already had a high amount of respect for. Even though I am Athiest, I respect anyone who can stand by what they believe in. Supposidly, there's a press confrence with Donohue and Disney and/or Miramax taking place today. Should be interesting.

More later.....

Ordell - []
Odessa, Texas, soon to be Austin
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:38:52 AM

Traveller> The game is one of the Marathon serie. I forget which one.

*DarkAngel does the Secret Bungie Software Fans Handshake*

Forget the Illuminati boys and girls. They're so "passé". Bungie Software is on its road to total world domination and nothing can stop them. Bwahahahaha.
CanadaTuesday, June 22, 1999 10:29:16 AM

Steve Sobotoka---the dark one is not Thailog???? Ack!! Is my fav ever going to make a apperance in TGS, or is he pretty much given up as DOA??
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 10:16:14 AM

First of all:
Christine: So it was a jest. Regardless, I was just defending Video Games, just in case. However, you said you didn't like the glowering. So, sorry.
To the person who said "They're just Video Games", how would you like it if you felt someone insulted GARGOYLES, you responded, and someone said back to you "Its just a Television Show!"?

THE GARGOYLES SAGA: SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW: Great Episode with great pictures. Seven pictures. Yi! That's apparently a new record of pictures in an Episode. Although someone needs to fix Angela's color in the picture with her meeting Andrea.
The Episode was great too, of course. I was a bit surprised to find Lord Ravyn wasn't Roland, unless, of course, it just wasn't necessary to mention so. The mention of his eyes got me thinking.
Graeme's reaction to the dance was neat. Mine would've been the same, save I wouldn't have ceased to pester Brooklyn until I got through to him. I might have also made some other comments concerning the type of dance... If I read it right, its a stupid 'show-off-looks' dance, and I think looks are nothing.

Lexington and Liz-He said he's not interested her in the way that Broadway supposed before, so why look for possibilities? They're there, possibilities, I mean, but that doesn't mean they exist. I guess we'll find out.

Kitania-I'll hear from you soon, then. Okay.

"This adventure is nothing without you!"-Alex

Paul Allen Nathans - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 09:30:03 AM

You know...when the supposedly direct network connection to the Net I have at work loads everything slower than my dialup at home, that's a sign something's wrong. (Die, Windows NT! Die, die, die!)

Doug> Fanfic comments? Gah, I'm so behind at reading fanfic it's not even funny...see the network probs above. My stepsister, stepbrother, and his fiancee came back to town for the funeral, and naturally the phone line has quadrupled in demand here.

Christine> Aaaahhh! Stupid network keeps telling me your server is nonexistent! *sigh*

Wilek> << There are Austin Powers figures? ACK. That summons a few grotesque and bizarre images. >> Er, just Austin and Felicity are out, although I heard they're working on Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Personally, I'm not going to bother with Fat Bastard. :)

Kitania> You're not going now?? Awww...and I was looking forward to seeing you there...

David's Pendragon comments> I can respond to them since I have yet to have a hand in Pendragon breakdowns in any shape or form ... Hey! I'm not the only one who thinks that the supporting cast is continually in the background. I agree, it's getting too muddled; it seems as though the Pendragon eps are trying too hard to make sure every character has a mention. I'd like to see some development on the supporting cast, and Rory most definitely must run into the Banshee again, what with the ending of "Hazards." *sigh* Anyway, I'll save the rest for when we do hit those breakdowns...

Deuce, Coyote, Wilek> Thanks. :)

Back to Access work now...

Mandi Ohlin - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 08:35:34 AM

Hi all!!

Traveler:I've also heard that since there is a COMPLETE ban on firearms in Australia, that your Olympic shooting teams have to go to a different country just to practice. I believe the same thing happened in England. Comments? True or not?>>True but it's not a complete ban only automatic and semi-automatic weapons I remember when they first introduced the ban,all the farmers,sport hunters and gun collectors were pist-off to the point of protesting outside parliament house because they had to hand over thier guns(antiques where the exeption but if I remember right they had to have their firing mechanisms removed)

Ghost in the Shell:Good movie the first Manga I ever saw I loved the whole spider mech scene.

Jenniren:Thank you for putting up those links about sleeping disorders the other day.:-)

CR Party:Count me in! I don't think I'll be getting to the gathering anytime soon:-(

Goodnight all!!

Melbourne, victoria, Australia
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:37:25 AM

Three more days people. There is sooo much to do and I was over at my mom's for a father's day/birthday dinner. My little sister showed up and I was kidnapped.


Theresa - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 06:08:03 AM


Doug and Kitainia have just finished sighing in exasperation as they realize Traveler has returned to the fray. "Shallow Mouth said he would find him," Doug recalls as they go back to killing zombies. "I guess he did." Kitainia nods. "Wonder if we'll see SM again any time soon." "I don't know," Doug says. "Anyway, we'll soon have even more trouble with Traveler running around. I'm especially worried about those battleships of his." "Don't worry, Doug," Kitainia smiles. "Remember the RP rules. If good guys can have ultimate super-weapons, the bad guys have license to find some way to completely blow them up." Doug returns her grin. "Well then, maybe Thailog will handle the annoying bastage for us. Anyway, let's keep doing our part and taking care of things. If all goes well, Traveler will keep appearing on the scene as little as he has in the past, and he won't be much of a problem." Kitainia raises her eyebrows. "I don't know about that." The two shrug and go back to fighting off the undead army. Doug downs the skeletons of Richard Daley I and II with his shotgun, and then turns to make a post while continuing the battle.


Hi. Today was a pretty good day. The boss gave me the necessary time off for the Gathering this weekend. I just have to put in three ten hour days starting tomorrow like Coyote does. He said that since I've done good work so far, and he has a lot of new employees who need to fill in their training time requirements, he could easily make up the lost time caused by his absence. I thanked him very much.

So what's the catch in this? Well, as you all know by now, if I come it'll be without Kitainia. That means I'll be taking the bus to Dallas and back (no one can spare me a car, and I don't have the license to borrow Kit's motorbike), and I'll be spending a few days without her. I can easily handle that, of course, I've done it before. I'll just miss my SO a lot. :( So anyway I'm probably going to come. Kitainia wants me to go, and the rest of you seem to also, and I have the time and money so I don't see any reason why I shouldn't. Hope to see you all Friday night. :)

Fanfic Progress Update: Gotten some good work done on Hobgoblins. The first three scenes are finished, so are the into and Previously section. I'll keep working on it in the free time I have in the next few days, then take a break for the Gathering and resume when I come back. Hope it turns out well. Oh yes, time for a teaser. :)


Coming in mid to late July.... The Rose recruits a deadly new gang of heavily armed and insane thugs. Led by none other than the Hobgoblin himself, these guys wreak havoc and mayhem on New York City. The police, the citizens, and even Xanatos and his Steelclan are nearly helpless against them. The clan want to help, but how can they be since the Goblin Gang is smart enough to restrict its capers to only occur during the day?

We'll also find out what's happened to the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, the Incredible Hulk and his pals, and a few other Marvel characters present in universes I absorbed into my ficverse (had to deal with them sometime). And Muscles Malone may soon be getting ready for war...with Jadriel.


Hehehe, should be fun writing this one. Hope you guys continue reading my current stories, and sending me feedback. I've gotten some, but can always use more. :) On to replies.

Heather: Sorry to hear about your friend's suicide. I've had to deal with that twice myself. It's a terrible thing, hope you can deal with it. If you have trouble, we in the CR will always be there to help you. :) Good job on those pics.

Stephen R. Sobotka: Please answer this question in your next post- ***Who or what is the "Dark Blue Bugger" you were referring to last week?*** I know it's not Thailog, he's black. Can you please explain the reference? Thanks.

Jackal: Sorry to hear she doesn't care as much about you as much as you do about her. I hope it's like Kitainia says, maybe she just needs a little time. My best wishes for your relationship, hope it improves soon along with your mood.

Wild West Town: Since Deuce and Robby made themselves Mayor and Sherriff, I've had to reconsider my choice of positions. The best choice I came up with was the local Buffalo Bill type. Like him, I control a crew of interesting characters with amazing skills that often astound viewers, and I'm also a damn good shot with a gun. :) Yeah, he works for me. I'd be just like him except I wouldn't kill as many endangered species. :)

Gargoyles Video Game: Never played it myself. I always hoped for a Final Fight genre type of Gargoyles game, one where you could be Goliath, Lex, Brooklyn, Broadway, or Elisa (the latter would wear a jetpack so she could fly same as the gargs in some levels) and take on all the bad guys from the original show in side-scrolling levels. Streets, Rooftops, the castle, the Labyrinth, Avalon, all these and other places could be levels. With street thugs, Dracon Goons, robots, XCG, Steelclan, Quarrymen, the Clones, and so on as regular enemies and Glasses, Dracon, Fang, the Pack, Thailog, Coldsteel, Castaway, Xanatos, Demona, Puck, and Macbeth as bosses. Oberon could be the final boss. You could get special items like food (for healing), a sun amulet (more level time), and supporting character icons (allow you to call in a character to help you by attacking a bad guy. There could be ones for Talon, Hudson, Matt, Bronx, Titania, Renard, and so on). That game would be really cool, wouldn't it? :) Too bad it never got made.

Heather, Robby: Glad you two have made up. Hope to see you both at the Gathering. :)


I liked Something Old, Something New. It had a good plot that flowed well and built up anticipation to the big wedding at the end all throughout. I liked all the developments done on plot and characters. It was good to see Richard again, he had a nice emotional reaction to George's sacrifice. Glad he's marrying Quinn. Also liked the scenes with Liz, I hope TGS will show us her prom with Lexington. :) The scenes with Andrea were nice too, I hope to soon hear more about that Gargoyles Protection Act. The Dark Ages bit was nice to see, if a little rushed. Hope the TGS Staff doesn't use it as an excuse to skip over all the development that should be done on Goliath and Demona's DA relationship (her teaching him to read, his reaction to her magic studies, etc.). I'm looking very forward to the next season of DA.

The two pre-wedding parties were a little convoulted in plot and somewhat confusing (Graeme and the stripper, the things Ed mentioned about sex), but they were still a good and funny read. I liked seeing Graeme and Ari's reactions to them and preparing for the wedding ceremony. They got some more great lines. :) The pics throughout this episode were also excellent. Thanks for showing them to us, Spike.

Everything else has already been said, I give the episode 8/10, thumbs up. This is definitely another TGS ep I'll be adapting and borrowing scenes from later in my fanfic saga (Night of the Symbiotes Part One, to be exact). Pretty good job done by all who worked on it. Keep up the good work, TGS Staff!


Coyote: Good job on "Into the Fray." I liked seeing Samson cured (though he is still a slave to Demona), and the planning session was well-written as were the buildup scenes to the cliffhanger at the end. Changeling was good in the scenes she was in, though I wish we got to see Alex's reaction to her appearance in response to his spell (could have made for some interesting lines, given their sibling rivalry in my fics). Oh well. Look forward to the actual battles against the Rokkans, hope they come out real soon. Also, thanks for the character license. I'll think about whether I might need your characters in my fic saga, and let you know if I do.


Stephen King: I heard about his accident, hope he gets well soon. Maybe he can write some more chilling novels while he's in the hospital. :)

Mandi: Glad to see that your life's become less hectic. Hope you soon send me the promised comments about my latest fics.

Christine: Great job on Precocious. I give it a 12/10, thumbs skyhigh. For a complete review, see Kitainia's earlier post.

Spike: I sent the G99 staff an e-mail about that writers panel you mentioned last week. Hope I can still get on it when I come.

Cyrway: Sorry to hear you lost your job. Good luck finding a new and better one.

X-Men Film: I think that's a safe bet about Magneto, SJ. I really hope they change their mind about Rogue. If they don't, I'm almost tempted to boycott this one, Patrick Stewart or not. :(

David G: Good suggestions about Pendragon. I agree, it needs to be a seperate series again. It would just be more interesting and in-depth that way. Hope it goes back to being its own series soon. And when it does, it includes all the suggestions you've made. :)

Ed: I agree with you that it's not a good idea to have your stories focus on too many characters at once. Some writers can pull it off and still have a pretty good tale (this includes the TGS Staff who have worked on recent episodes, IMO), but they're few. I don't know if I'm one of them, if not I hope I'm avoiding the problems associated with large amounts of characters to focus on in my widely populated fic saga. The type of allocation you mentioned for the original Gargoyles show is the kind of thing I usually base my outlines on. I concentrate on some characters, explore others, and keep the rest in the background but still developed nonetheless. That way helps to me keep my stories character-driven. :) Thanks for mentioning it in here.

Ghost in the Shell: Haven't seen it myself. The main character's name reminds me of something, though. Kusanagi is one of the three treasures of the Japanese Imperial Family. It's a katana made of crystal. The other treasures are the Sacred Mirror of Omikami, and...rats, I forgot. Anyway, I'm wondering if these objects will show up as magical artifacts in the TGS ficverse. I know they will in mine. (Now if I could only remember what the third one was.)

Ash: That would be funny if it did happen. Thank God it hasn't happened with my own original fanfic characters, though I would never kill them off to put the focus back on the originals even if it did. :)

Traveler: Glad to see you back in here. :) I've been missing your insanely long posts. Thanks for getting my reviews finished before your return. About Agony, no problem. You're entitled to your opinion. I hope I get Agony back in character (in your opinion) in the upcoming stories that will feature him as a regular character (there's one coming up after Voyage that I don't have a title for yet, it will feature him, Laura, Seth, Graeme, Changeling, and the Avalon and Ishimura clans). $ Good return to the RP, but I seriously hope you give your character some kind of limiting factors soon. I don't want to have to somehow cause him to lose all the great and terrible godlike power he seems to have amassed. (If I have to do that, it would be because I don't want our victory to be too early or too easy. Despite his obvious insanity, your character is still a bit too powerful and dangerous for comfort. I'm sure you can understand.) BTW, I hope you don't have a problem with my character's attitude towards you in the RP. If you do, know that the attitude is entirely your fault. :) $ Glad you're going to read my latest fics.

Green Baron: $ Is the bit at the bottom okay for your RP characters? Hope so. If not, we can always say you changed your minds at the last minute. :) $

Jaden: Sorry to hear your classes are so tiring. Hope the pressure on you eases up soon.

That's all I had to say. See you guys later, and see you in person at the Gathering. :)


The Ravens and their allies have by now eliminated nearly all the undead. They are growing tired, however, and hope the battle doesn't go on too much longer. Suddenly the remaining zombies shake and fall over, as if the necromantic power that animated them is gone. "Dahak must have left the area," Green Baron speculates just before the remaining Star Destroyers attacking the city explode in a roar of flame and scattering of metal bits. "I guess Wilek got them!" Doug grins. "Looks like the city is safe now." The Baron nods. "Let's help clean it up a little and then, with your permission, the Scouts and I would like to accompany you back to Crown Point." Doug nods. "Sure. We'd be more than happy for you to come along." With that, the good guys split up and begin cleaning up what they can of the enemy's remains.

The display changes to Thailog's secret base, where Dahak has just faded into existence before the other bad guy leaders. "We saw it all on the satellite feed," Thailog growls at him. "You failed!" "And," Nipon adds, "you lost my favorite captain. Also, thanks to your blundering, I have only one Star Destroyer left." "My apologies," sighs Dahak. "I wasn't expecting to run into my old enemy Anoth. At the least, we managed to accomplish our mission of distraction. The enemy's forces were drawn away from Crown Point for a short time, and both of the Super Star Destroyers they used were heavily damaged. We also destroyed a lot of their fighters, bombers, and other assault ships. So we gave as good as we took." "Be thankful for that," Thailog snaps at him. "In any case, our attack on Chicago is now over. We shall return to the original plan, that of assimilating the planet via our missiles and the World Devestator based near Crown Point. Phalanx Prime has assured me that the missiles are nearly ready to launch. I think it is now safe to begin our countdown to when the operation shall begin." "Alright," says Zale. "I'll notify Guod." The screen chooses this moment to wink out.


Doug - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:57:37 AM

I just don't have the strength. These classes that I'm taking make one day seem like two. They shouldn't be that hard, but for some reason I feel so drained. Sometimes I find myself asking "What's the point of this?" and "Why am I even bothering with this?" Most of the time I can't give myself a very good answer.

Robby-I'm sorry to hear about your loss. It's never easy when you lose someone.

Jarjar-goyle-Image forms in mind...AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH get it away!

Episode Spoilers-I can only hope that I can have a wedding half as good as that one.

Wilek-Do you know how long it took me before I figured out where I had heard your name before?

Coyote-Great job on that WCC.

I'm going to sleep.
See ya later.

Jaden - []
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:38:47 AM

*glides in* :P OK im back..*sighs* sorry these postes are all going to be late but I've been busy, out of state, and umm the comp I suppose i have an excuse..

Latest TGS gargoyles ep..what can i say FAB!!! I loved it! It actually had *gasp* LEX AND LIZ! *shakes her head to the wisper'ers in the back* ya ya..weve seen liz..weve seen lex but have we seen Lex _and_ Liz? Its been almost 2 years since they met and STILL nothing..but hey now that that darn war is over..*grins*
The whole wedding thing was very nice and two BIG thumbs way up for christi on them pics. Ya did a lot*is in aw* *grins* I really liked the whole Brooklyn giving his bro's some..'info' *L*
Lex gets to go to Liz's Prom? hmm this should be interesting..
***End Spoilers***

Christi- As I said great job on the pics. They were splendid. I finally got down here (texas that is) and I have the painting done..and I am still very interested in displaying the painting..i think you said something like it would be 5 dollers? I am at a new addy ofcourse..could you pulleezzz send any info for the art show as in what do i need to fill out? Do i turn it in there..or..ahead of time? THANKS

Patrick- OK so i AM GOING for sure..*sighs* im SO sorry for the inconvenience this has been..but for sure i am attending and I was supposed to be helping out at the Gathering and I was interested in either the Art Gallery or the Rookery room..I dont know if i can still do so since i was unable to respond in time..if i still can please tell me at this addy..
I would be more then willing to still help out. But if it is too late then just tell me.

Christine- new fic??? AHHH *runs to go read* :D

everyone who said goodluck to me and Kai- THANKS *grins* but I wont need much luck..seeing as how my boyfriend is the sweetest, mostluvablest, caring, thoughtfulest, cutest, funniest;) smartest, most gracious boyfriend in the whole wide universe *S* :P

Kaioto- Texas heat? *grins* whatever do you mean??? *looks so innocent:)* *shakes her head* really..where _do_ you come up with such things? OH and here is kitties EM addy... SOOO send your pic OK???? *grins* were all just dying to see ya;P

Kaioto for umm that one position in here:P

ya ya so im your G/F and I forgot something important..*shrugs* you know im too lazy to go look it up now..what was it sage? Ahh whatever i got the idea anyway. I totally agree and you have my vote..*evil grin* >:) this will give me a chance to be extra annoying perhaps? *LOL* J/k J/K!! *sighs* *wouldn't dream of it..* :)

Lexy - []
West Bend, WI, USA
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 02:07:35 AM

$<<It almost reaches orbit when it begins falling, from *just* high enough to avoid burning up in orbit.>> That was supposed to be 'burning up upon reentry'. Eesh. And just so this won't be an all-RP post...$

X-Men movie> They're doing what?! If there's one power that Rogue *doesn't* have (not for long, anyhow), it's telepathy. Why are they messing with her character like that? I don't know who this actress they've chosen is, but I hope she at least has a decent Southern accent...

Wilek again
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:56:31 AM

Pokemon fans... Clickie!
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:51:55 AM

SEVARIUS JR. - I don't have anything against the actress they picked. I just can't believe that they would butcher a character so much. You'd think that with so many telepath's in the X-verse that they would be able to find another character they could use instead of destroying a perfectly good one.

I understand that she has a slightly convoluted history. Bringing it all in would only confuse movie audiences. But there are better ways of getting around those "difficulties" than to changing the character completely. I was telling a friend of mine, if they want to get around her past, just tell us that she is a mutant with super-strength, invulnerability and flight, who covers herself up, and has a mysterious past that she doesn't want to talk about. That's all we need to know at this point. Everything else is just details.

I basically stopped reading the main X-books because they really started to suck (I still pick up X-Force and Gen X, they are very well written) and this news doesn't make me any more anxious to see the X-Men movie. Even if they get everything else right, this will just grate on my nerves if I see the movie.

When will Marvel learn? A small change here or there isn't so bad but you have to remain true to the original material?

How much do you want to bet that Magneto will be made out to be a completely evil bastard with no redeeming qualities on the logic that because he's opposing the X-Men, he must be evil?

Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:48:57 AM

I just read "Something Old, Something New"
James Birdsong
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:43:04 AM

Geez, hardly anyone's in here! Guess all those other folks have headed out to the Gathering. Wish I could be there with you. Oh well, here's the RP.

As the sun's rays begin to shine upon the face of Oz, the new day brings a new order. Already, much of the darkness and gloom that pervaded the Emerald City had begun to recede. The walls of the once great city even began to shine again, although it was only a dull glimmer. Inside the Palace, the heroes collected themselves. They were bruised and battered, but they were alive. They had faced one of the toughest challenges of their lives, but together, they came through it.
Wilek, now transformed into this human form by the daylight, was up and about. He was still a bit weak from his injuries, but it was clear to see that he would be fine in no time. Miriam was there to support him whenever he needed her. As for Argent and Jewel*D...well, besides their injuries, they were still going strong. Roy Disney stood off to the side, his armor stained with blood--fortunately not his. The Rev. Attila was beside him, licking his matted and ruffled fur in an effort to make himself presentable. Giles looked very weary indeed, but then again the Watcher had fought just as hard as any of them did in the battle. The Hounds...well, the Hounds were being themselves. After an entire night of fighting, after receiveing dozens of cuts and scrapes, they were still as energetic and ready for action as ever. Mambi stood off to the side, still seemingly detached from everyone as if they were beneath her. On the throne platform, SJ and Greg Weisman were attending to Kari, Lion, Dark Mage Wilek, and TRC, all of whom were recovering nicely and regaining their strength rather quickly.
"Oh no!" Argent said suddenly, looking around. "Where's Venrik? He...he didn't get hit by the sun's rays...did he?"
"I'm over here!" came a voice from the shadows. "I had to hide in the shadows till the sun came up, but I'm fine."
It was beginning to look like a beautiful day.
****PAUSE RP****

Hope you guys liked my bit of the RP. A bit of a deus ex machina, I'll admitt, but who here *hasn't* wanted to see Greg give Eisner what for? ;)

Airwalker: THANK YOU! I'm glad someone brought up that bit about the X-Men movie. I had planned to talk about it myself. Let me say this: I really, really, *really* had--key word here being "had"--high hopes for this movie. I thought, this is the comic-book-movie that will prove that comic-book-movies don't have to suck (well...I thought Blade was cool, but X-Men are more mainstream).
Now they go and pull a move like this. Anna Paquin? As ROGUE??? Uh uh, no thank you. As Jubilee, I can see, but Rogue? And what are they thinking about changing the character? I know, I know: certain "creative licenses" must be taken in order to make the film more marketable to the majority of the movie-going public. But, in my opinion, this is not a creative license. This is the total rape of a character. It's like taking Batman, giving him all of Superman's powers, giving him Superman's costume, his job, his friggin' spit-curl hairstyle, and still claiming that he's Batman. No, he's some bastard of a character mascarading as Batman, just as this is some bastard version of Rogue. Personally, I wish they'd just drop the name "Rogue" from this character. Make her a totally new character, with a totally new name.
Sorry if this has turned into a fanboy rant, but I got a little peeved. I can take little changes to the characters, but well....way I see it, this isn't a change. This is taking an established character, totally redesigning her until there's not one small speck of similarity left to the original incarnation, but keeping the same name. Screw that.

We're Up To, I Believe, the 14th Sign Of The Apocalypse: Francis Ford Coppola wants to make a fourth Godfather film. And guess who he wants to star in it? That's right. You couldn't escape his name even if you punctured your eardrums with pencils: Leo DiCaprio.
When I heard this, I had to stop what I was doing and laugh good, long, and hard for a solid 10 minutes. The Hairless Man-Boy? In a GODFATHER movie? Unless it's to see him get blown away in the first 5 minutes, count me out. However...if making this movie will keep DiCaprio from starring as Anakin Skywalker in Ep. 2...then all I can say is, Go for it Leo! The "family" needs you!

CR Party: As I said, I'm not going to the Gathering **whimper** So I guess you're stuck with me at the party.

Cryway: You lost your job? That's horrible! After you sent me that GREAT pic and everything...damn. Well, here's to you being gainfully employed, and quickly too!

Heather: I'm sorry about your friend committing suicide. I myself can say I am fortunate enough to never have had a friend who has done that, but I did know someone who did end their life. It was a terrible, devastating tragedy for the family and the friends that individual left behind. You have my condolences.

***RESUME RP****
Scarecrow grinned triumphantly. "Finally...Oz is mine once again. I will rebuild this land--better than before. It will once again be a place of peace and beauty." He looked Dorothy in the eyes. "And I have you to thank for it, my dear."
"Wow," SJ said, coming over to them. "I never knew that Dorothy had such power."
"Oh yes," Scarecrow explained. "You see, all of us here in Oz--we exist in part because of Dorothy. It is her dreams, her wonder, and her love for this place that sustains us. She gives us life, power, everything. That's why it was so important for me to find her. For truthfully, whoever controls Dorothy controls Oz. But now that she is back by my side, we can rule Oz together once more--as King and Queen. We can make this land a beautiful place once more." A tear of happiness rolled down his sewn-on face. Lion, his valiant general, came over to kneel before his sovereigns, then embrace them.
The Ghost of Walt Disney floated down to hover near Greg Weisman. The Greatest Hero of Them All, Greg looked across the palace room at all of the individuals who had risked their lives to save Oz. He swelled with pride. "It does my heart good, Walt. To see so many people who appreciate what we've done, and wish it to continue." He turned to see Sevarius Jr. standing off to the side, looking very depressed. Kari was trying to comfort him, but even a beautiful girl hugging him couldn't cheer the occasionally-mad scientist up.
"I...I know we had to kill Eisner. There's no question about that, and if I had to do it all over again, I'd change nothing. But..." he sighed. "I just wish I had been able to find out from Eisner where my dad is."
"Maybe I can help," Greg offered, walking over to SJ.
"Well, Eisner may have owned the copyrights, but I DID pretty much create the character. That reminds that Eisner's gone, I wonder if I can buy the rights to the show...."
"Mr. Weisman, sir? What exactly are you saying?"
"I'm saying I know where your dad is, SJ. I can tell you exactly where he is."

Sevarius Jr. - [<------LOOK!! A picture of ME!!!]
Tuesday, June 22, 1999 12:04:37 AM

***BEGIN RP****
Shogun Raptor and Doc Congo, two members of the deadly seven strode down the metal corridor of the mechanical planet, Doc Congo, the resident mechanoid medic monkey carryied a large sack of some kind, before long they reached their destination and were met by a rather human-looking mechanoid with a buzzardlike face who looked that the group of mercenaries quizzically "Did you get him" asked the creature in a voice rich in mechanical reverb with a slight russian accent. "do you have our payment?"
Responded shogun matter-of-factly?
"Indeed, now for your part of the bargain"
"agreed, Doc, show agent lazerbeak here here our quarry"
With that, Doc Congo proceeded to dump the contents of the sack onto the table they were gathered around
"bring in the witnesses to determine if these are indeed the remains"
Suddenly, a much larger red mechanoid who stood easily as tall as Doc Congo and was strapped to a restraining device A'la "silence of the lambs" was escorted in, he thoughtfully looked at the remains
"Let me see the head"
one look at the cranial remains confirmed the red robot's opinion
"this is him....yessss"
the beaked mechanoid was the next to speak as the big metal Hannibal Lechter impersonator was hauled back to whence he came
"did he prove to be much trouble?"
"hardly, his human followers were the problem, but they were soon...otherwise detained and remember nothing of him or his influence as for the primary target, he went down with a minimum of effort, if memory serves, his last words were somehing like "why universe hate wazzpinator?" or words to that effect" All had a hearty laugh at the thought of the final words, the money exchanged hands, doc looked at his electronic coffer and a look of surprise played across his face "hey! there's only fourty-five thousand credits, where's the other half!?"
"processing fees" noted their mechanoid contact
Incensed, Shogun leaned over the table and hoisted lazerbeak into the air by the throat
"IT'S NOT MY FAULT" he croaked, gasping "It's a series of new taxes by the tripredacus council!"
"just for that" threatened Shogun "the price DOUBLED, one-hundred eighty thousand or we all go up in smoke, Doc, yer self-destruct sequence if you please" Without a second thought, Doc congo began to overload his own internal reactor, fearing for his life, the weasely mechanoid added the neccessary credits and ran off, Doc proceeded to de-activate the self-destruct seuqence and mutate and mechanoid gorilla walked back to their ship, the "original Sin" "I really hate having to do that every time a client stiffs us" noted Doc
"I know Doc, but I can't threaten every employer who stiffs us by whipping out a thermal detonator, so I figured a mechanoid reactor would work just as well, besides, we won't do any more jobs for these cheap bolt-heads if we can help it, lousy cheapskate predacons"
The two entered the ship, their three sentient shipmates' questioning looks spoke volumes,
Fenrir, the exiled unseelie wolf was the first to speak
"I saw what happened with the accounts, you had to do the "my kind of scum" negotiations again, didn't you?
"very estute,old friend"
Suddenly, Abel approached him, Shogun turned his attention to the hemovoid
"what is it?"
"we just recieved word of a new bounty, on your homeworld, from your time"
"A new bounty to hunt? on earth? FROM MY TIME? we didn't have that kind of technology back then, who's the bounty on?"
"you'd better sit down for this one, it'll be a long story"
***END RP****

(I'm not going to the gathering and most professional sports teams in Miami aren't that great, so I gotta take what sports victories I can get, speaking of which, I don't know which is worse, the fact they were treating these guys like heroes for just being better than some other guys at sports, the fact that all these politicians were supposed to show up or the fact that all they did was send some aids to gove long-winded speeches. Did I mention how this fits the pattern of what drives those "outside the norm" to do some sick things?

and now for something completely different...
*extremely evil grin*
Furby to Gargoyles....Go!
Furby is based obviously on Gizmo...
who was in "gremlins" with Billy Zane....
who was in "titanic with David Warner....
Who did the voice of the Archmange on Gargoyles...

Wild west comment room> hmm, Kane's already taken and I can't think of what part a mutate reptile with a warped sense of humor and a talent for mindless trivia? I got it! local inventor/scientist/blacksmith, you know, like Doc Brown in Back to the Future 3

Shogun raptor
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:59:32 PM

Traveler- Your rant on the movie DOGMA being banned reminds me... Princess Mononoke is also being banned by religious groups. I know as a fact it'll never get to San Angelo for that reason... Stupid Christian Coalition... I have absolutley nothing against any religion, since any of them could be right, but I *DESPISE* censorship... But, I'm not in the mood to go into a rant right now, so I won't.

As far as you spreading like a virus... Nah. I just remember the DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGONS DRAGON KING DRAGONS thing you did a while back.

Ordell- You weren't around in the good old days were you? Why, Traveler used to do posts that would fill thirty or fifty screens... I'm not exagerating! He even managed to break the CR once because his post was so long, so parts of his message repeated for no reason. ANd since Doug learned there are safeguards in place now, Traveler will ALWAYS have the record for longest post.

Wilek- Just now catching ReBoot season three are you? Well then, you're in for quite a treat... Just wait until the final chapter...

Monday, June 21, 1999 11:51:41 PM

Ohhhh.... crap!!! I broke the CR again!!! *hehehehheheheahhahahaha*

But anyway the line: <<*Doug and Kitainia both
turn quickly expecting to find some otherworldly beast trying to de-capitate on of them, but instead they find nothing.>> Should be: "one" of them, not "on" them. And the rest of the post that got cut was: <<Hmmm... now to go read Christene's, Doug's, and Coyote's new fics. Jeez, am I glad I don't have to work tomorrow...>>

>Ordell- Actually that's only my second longest... And thanks *bows formally* for the info on the movie.

>Wilek- <<Welcome back! :D>> Thank you.>:)) Have a flame thrower.>:))

Traveler - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:49:09 PM


[As the sun rises in Oz, the unconscious and barely alive Wilek undergoes his daily transformation into a human, his wounds healing as he changes. He awakens, dizzy, sore, and disoriented, wondering why the throne room is suddenly empty of the vampire's minions. He asks one of the others what has happened, listens to the rather long story in amazement, then contacts the Avatar Of Ganon over the comm relay..."Yup, that's what happened. Not sure how Greg got here though. No, I don't know how we're going to find Dr. Sevarius now. Maybe Eisner kept records or something. Oh, and when we get back, some of us may require medical assistance. treat dracos?"]


SJ> Kewl pic. :)

Tom> Welcome, and know the black miracles and dark wonders that accompany true chaos of the mind...

The TGS halloween party that we've heard so much about but never seen (spoilers? perhaps very minor ones)> Maybe it's one of those things that the staff will never reveal anything about, that is intended to be left to the reader's imagination. (And I just know that it'll spawn a few rather interesting fanfics. <G> )

Heather> Lovely pic. You do look a lot like Christina Ricci. Which is a very good thing. ^_^ Oh, and great Demona pic too. :)

Aaron> <<My only question was why did the heroine have to get naked to use her holo-camaflage, when no one else did?>> Err...I thought I saw her using some kind of cloaking suit at some point? With kind of a transparent veil or something? I tuned in just as she and that guy with eye implants were beating up that one guy who'd been 'ghosthacked', whatever that is, and that was when the cloaking suit was in use.

Ironwolf> <<I noticed some other fanfic pulls too.>> Really? Hm, the only one I noticed was the 'robot' line (at least, the only one that can't be put down to coincidence). I'm bad at noticing that kind of thing. :}

Mandi> <<I'm still trying to get my hands on the Austin Powers action figures.>> There are Austin Powers figures? ACK. That summons a few grotesque and bizarre images. Speaking of which...


Did anyone see tonight's ep? For those of you who haven't been keeping up (such as myself, I must admit), Megabyte has essentially enslaved Hexidecimal, to use as a weapon. At one point, MB conferred with his chief scientist regarding how to keep her confined in the long term, powerful as she is. The scientist expresses amazement that she's been kept captive as long as she has, and wonders if she's faking being unable to escape--in fact, suggests, "Maybe she *likes* being tied up." MB responds: "Let us not even think about *that*." I guess you had to be there, but this line had be LMTO. I just know that wouldn't have gotten past ABC's censors. :)


Cyrway> Lost your job? Ack, sorry to hear that. Ah well, you'll probably find a better one. :)

Mandi> Someone else lost a loved one?! <sigh> I'm so sorry. <hugz>

Kitainia> Can't go to the Gathering? Dang, and you found out just days before it started...and you live so close, too...<sigh> Ah well, join the club. That's what those 'I Attended The Gathering In Spirit' banners on websites are for. :) <<I'm on a heavy dose of coffee, and I'm not sharing because it's hard to pass out over the Internet.>> I've been working on that. HTML, HyperText Markup Language, is of course inadequate to the task, but the recently invented MRML (Mind Reading Markup Language) seems to be heading in the general direction we need. If we can figure out how to dismantle an object's molecules and transmit them and still get them back safely at the other end, CBML (Caffeinated Beverage Markup Language) may soon be a reality. Of course, there are rather serious hurdles--besides the aforementioned pattern retention barrier, there are grave concerns regarding bandwidth and load times; the pattern data for even a small and simple object consumes several gigabytes of storage space--but with current breakthroughs in transmission hardware, such as the 400KBPS sattelite modem, such matters may soon become trivial. <blink> OK...$<<Hope you have fun finishing off the rest of the Imperial ships attacking Chicago.>> I can do *that* as well? Heh heh heh...this will be *glorious*. >:) $

Stephen> So Mike's yours. Tell him I might not be so kind as to save his butt next time he does that. ;P j/k

Deuce> <<You haven't heard of CTP, the Caffiene Transfer Protocol? I'm afraid I don't have time to explain it right now, but it's very useful.>> Wait a minute, someone else is already working on this? Hm...inventing a new protocol...that's brilliant! My design team has been trying to work with HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol); it never even occurred to us to try something else! Thanks! :D

Ash> <<was he killed because he was becoming more popular than the canon characters?>> <chuckles evilly for a bit> Quite honestly, the main reason I plan to kill off much of the canon cast in my ficverse--and I hope I can pull it off--is so my own characters can be the most important ones in my version of the Gargs universe, rather than the Manhattan clan. (Hee hee, I'm evil! :D )

Traveler> Welcome back! :D

**RESUME RP! This one's insanely long...**

[On Teruda's Star Destroyer, Anoth and Dahak are *still* fighting, and the clock is ticking. Even if the self-destruct timer weren't steadily counting down, the flight control console is kaput, which means that the Star Destroyer is locked into the last course it was on before this all began--namely, right into one of the Imperial ships, which has been sufficiently badly damaged that it can't get out of the way in time. Fourty five seconds...Jake: "C'mon, Anoth! I know you have a score to settle, but we'll get another chance!" Dahak: "Loath as I am to admit it, your flea-bitten friend has a point. He who fights and runs away..." With that, Dahak vanishes in a green mist. Anoth: "Blast. We could have ended this..." Thirty seconds...Teri: "It's time. We'd better go now; I'm not sure how long it'll take an escape pod to get far enough away from the explosion of this thing." With that, Forfexx teleports them to Teruda's escape pod, which they launch mere moments before it would have been too late. Just as they leave the blast radius of the explosion that's about to happen, the Imperator-class Star Destroyer collides with one of the two remaining Victory-class ships, driving it into the other one, beside which it had been flying.] At least I *think* there were two left; I could be mistaken. If so, we'll say they called for backup. :) [The Imperator-class vessel then self-destructs in a titanic explosion, sending bits of all three starships raining all over the city. Anoth: "<sigh> I came here intending to destroy Dahak, and he escaped. I cannot believe I failed so miserably." Teri: "Well, we *did* take the Chicago invasion offline. That was more than the Super Star Destroyers up in orbit could do." Jake: "Although we *did* rain pieces of ships everywhere. You just know the EPA's going to take it out of our hides." Forfexx: "<hehee> Makes me glad I haven't had a 'hide', as such, for the last few centuries or so. But from what I hear, the people who own the Avatar Of Ganon pretty much control the EPA anyhow, along with a lot of other things. Cheer up, brother; we did a lot of good out there. And the Imperials screamed nicely. <heeeheehehee> I wonder if anyone will ever find Captain Teruda's head..." Just at that precise moment, Teruda's charred skull, which had been severed from its body by Forfexx several minutes before the explosion, is being propelled high into the air by the force of the explosion. It almost reaches orbit when it begins falling, from *just* high enough to avoid burning up in orbit. By the time it reaches the ground, it's travelling at an *extremely* high speed. And somehow, Mr. Disconnect happens to be standing exactly where it hits.]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:42:31 PM

Traveler> I think that's the longest post I've ever seen. With Dogma, the cut scenes should be put on the DVD release of the film. Though I can't garuntee it, that's the most likely format for them, if Kev doesn't decide to put them back in the movie......

SOSN> Those pics are great.....

Ordell - []
Odessa, Texas
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:38:34 PM


Flashback: (These are always fun>:)
Place: Colorado
Time: Just after the two nukes that were launched from NORAD were destroyed.
Scene: Reserved hotel room where Traveler and his minions (I love that word, don't you?>:)) are currently preparing to check out from. *Looking out the window* Traveler: Well there's something you don't see every day... ShallowMouth: What? The remains of most of the Imperial Navy crashed into the outskirts of Denver? Traveler: No, that happens often enough... every third Monday if I remember correctly. You wouldn't believe the traffic jams. But no, I'm talking about the two ICBM's that were just launched from NORAD and intercepted and destroyed by two other missiles. CC: Why is that so unusual? Traveler: Because last time I checked NORAD wasn't a missile base... Hmmm... maybe they remodeled. Anyway we have to leave soon. It seems that who ever shot down those two nukes forgot about what would happen to the plutonium pits. Now depending on the wind patterns, several to several hundred square miles of Colorado is unusable for the next few hundred thousand years. But on the up side, property prices should go WAY down, and I'll be around long enough to take advantage of that fact.... providing of course that the Earth is still here... Still though, it's to bad someone found the low yield nuke I planted inside NORAD, at least with that the damage would have been localized AND we would've gotten a spectacular fireworks show to-boot! Oh well, on to the next erratic course of action. ShallowMouth, I want you to keep an eye on the Ravens and their allies for me. Do not let them know your there and do not aide them in any way. Strictly surveillance, understood? ShallowMouth: Yes, but might I ask where you are going? Traveler: To get some of my old toys. *heheehheheehhehe* *Traveler opens a portal to one of his hanger bays, he and CC step through.* Traveler: CC, I know it'll take a month or two but I want you to pull the "Ignie Ferroque" out of mothballs and get her assault ready. I'll be doing the same to the "Boomer". CC*shocked expression*: Whoa, whoa, whoa... I can understand the "Ignie Ferroque", but THE "Boomer"? You originally mothballed *THAT* ship because it was outfitted with the.... Traveler: Yes I know. *hehehahahahah* Let me put it this way, the Ravens have been stumbling around in the dark only able to put out the fires they see. Thailog and his allies are much better organized and possibly better equipped even though the bulk of them are incompetent. Think of the "Boomer" as a fail safe. CC: Yeah, well that's one hell of a insurance policy if you ask me...


*Suddentaly in the TGS CR, an odd electrical storm whips into existence. Gigantic bolts of *black* lightning begin to arc off of the walls and at the center of the storm a vaguely familiar vortex forms. And as the storm subsides as quickly as it began, a single form is visible in the shadows where the portal had once been.* HHHOONNEY!!! I'M HOME!!!!!!!!! *MMMUUUUUUAAAAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!* As you may have already guessed I, known to most of you as Traveler, am back. (I never really left, just went into an extended lurk) As for the reasons why I havn't been around... (posting) well these posts of mine DO take a decent chunk of time, and I was feeling creatively drained somewhat. Not to mention I owed Doug what turned out to be about 40K of reviews for most of his stories and didn't want to show my armored mug in here until that was finished. Then there was the usual end of the semester khaos (yes I know, but that's how I'm spelling it.>:)... and other RL stuff to do that kept me occupied. You all know how it is. Now on to the fun stuff..... (besides the RP.>:))

*****A five asterix salute, and a few lines of silence for DeForest Kelly.*****



*Said in a hushed, awed reverence, reserved only for when in the presence of great works of art or beauty* "DAMN".



>Something Old, Something New- Now this felt like it wrapped up allot of the remaining loose ends. Though, keep in mind there are still a few out there. And jeez did you writers slip a TON of references to various fan fiction weddings into this one... I'm still wondering about the name of the place where Fox picked up that cake... And Xanatos should be glad that he ended up with a halfling instead of "just building a robot". *hehehehehehheh* The flashback sequence fit well into the story, but skimped on details towards the end. However I did like seeing Theresties(sp?) character again. (I find him one of the most amusing...) And was the "Norman Advisor"(?) who we all think it was? All and all a kick a$$ episode. Special mention for the art, they were all great, but I think my favorite was Graeme, Arianna, and Nudnik in a pile.

One thing though that I'm surprised NO ONE has commented on(though some have come VERY close to the idea just not put it in words), is that when Demona killed Madoc (after hearing Emerys's account of how he (Madoc) manipulated humans for several millienia into destroying/fearing/and the general dislike of gargoyles), she completed the cycle he started and that has ruled most of her life. Think about what a crushing revelation that must have been for her. For over a thousand years she has hated humanity, and sought their complete and total distruction for what "they" did to her and her Clan. Then she finds out in the span of about 5 minutes or less that the fey standing a few yards from her is and has been the (Metallica fans please excuse the the use of the song title) "master of puppets" behind most if not all the mass slaughters of gargoyle clans around the world (something she never would have known or believed in any setting but this one) for the past.. what 10,000 years?... including her own. What a profound thought for her... the humans were just pawns. "Ahhh... for those rare moments of total sanity and insanity, that instant when what you perceive to be reality becomes crystal clear, and you know who you are. Ever so fleeting, and always just out of reach... but when there, oh! All things and nothings are possible from there!" -Traveler (excerpt from "The Ravings of a Madman: Volume XI")


>Fleur- Good to hear from you again. Good luck with those exams. Oh and I don't know if you remember asking this but the answer is that: Yes, Rammstein does make for kick ass driving music. (Although you have to keep an eye on the speedometer....>:))

>Doug- So you got a job at Domino's ehhh? Ya know you think you would have learned something from listening to Pistoff...>:)) The only thing I can give you is well wishes .... and a term that I use to refer to dealing with the general public.... "Patient contact". *hahhahahahahhaha* BTW, I still think that Agony was out of character...>:))

>Kitainia- <<I think, that baring anything unexpected such as a Traveler interference or some secret weapon that Thailog has and we don't know about yet, we have a very good chance.">> Well if that wasn't a hook to try and get me back into the CR and RP I don't know what is. Thanks for the invite. But remember.... you brought this upon yourself.>:)) *insert maniacal laughter here*

>Nascar- It's all right. I can't understand watching it on television.... it's like golf, only faster... (That one's going in the old quote book>:)) Now actually going to the track and seeing it first hand, THAT'S an experience. But whatever you do, DO NOT eat the French fries. EVER.

>TGS CR- OK, since were kind of doing interesting game quotes try this one on for size, it's a personal favorite of mine and I've been looking for an excuse to include it in one of my posts and given the discussion on Sex and Violence...:

Engineering Access 19-f<39.992.19.2>


Strive for your next breath. Believe that with it you can do more than with the last one. Use your breath to power your capacities: capacity to kill, to maim, to destroy.

And just where do your capacities come from? Why do you always go where I want and do what I say?

Perhaps you're just running a fool's errand, doing everything as I've planned, never able to change your course. You would do well to believe that I know the outcome of your battle with the Pfhor already, just as I can decipher the chaotic motion of gas molecules in the clouds of Tau Ceti IV.

Or, perhaps, that is not the case.

Perhaps, you are doing what you were meant to do. Your human mentality screams for vengeance and thrives on the violence that you say you can hardly endure. Your father told you as a child to always fight with honor, but to always fight. Do you care about honor, or do you use honor as an excuse? An excuse to exist in a violent world.

Organic beings are constantly fighting for life. Every breath, every motion brings you one instant closer to your death. With that kind of heritage and destiny, how can you deny yourself? How can you expect yourself to give up violence?

It is your nature.

Do you feel free?

You should go to this location
and retrieve a device that the
S'pht have provided for us.
It will allow you to slay more
Pfhor. Does that make you


Your thoughts? Anyone? (For reference Durandal is an AI so he CAN decipher the chaotic motion of gas molecules in the clouds of Tau Ceti IV.) For extra points guess the name of the game.>:)

>To all Stars fans- *Ice skates *POP* out of Traveler's boots and as the floor of the CR ices over, he begins to skate around to the tune of the "Saber Dance"* Look it's just not right that a hockey team based in a city that barely gets (if any) snow, let alone ICE and lakes freezing over should even be an NHL hockey team. Had the positions been reversed, and the Saber's made that winning goal, the refs would have disallowed it in a heart beat. He was clearly in the goal crease. ( All who saw the footage know what I'm talking about) In the end the Stars won that game because they have larger financial backers, and that their is some conspiracy behind letting any professional sports team from Buffalo win a championship. Yes I'm defending the home team, but the Stars won because the Ref made a crappy call. I would not be putting up a stink had they won with a clean shot. The most I CAN give the Stars though is that they wouldn't have been there in the first place had they not earned it.

>Star Wars personality test- Well the first time I took this, it came out:

Boba Fett:
Ruthless bounty hunter, or glorified UPS man with a few scalps on his belt? Yes, your match is a bad-ass fan favorite and amoral gun-for-hire. But he also ends up hauling carcasses around and delivering them to his boss of the moment.

The second time, when I wasn't so tired, and thought about the questions more... well *hehehhehehe* take a look:

Darth Vader:
So you wonder why people make fun of Bill Gates and think that Machiavelli was a softie. The Sith Lord is your man. Promotions will be yours, whether they are offered or not.

I guess this means you all have to start adding the line: "Dark Lord of the Sith" after my name when you address me.>:)) *hehehhehehehehe*

>Sports- I only like hockey, and even then I'm only a casual watcher of the game (except during the end of the playoffs>:). The rest of my opinion is voiced quite accurately by Sevarious Jr.

>Jar Jar Binks- MUST DIE!!!!!!!!! (Hmmm.... I wonder what Bar-Be-Que Gungan tastes like...>:))


Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace- Heh, I like writing out the whole title for two reasons; first it annoys people, secondly because it wastes space... just like this is, and that annoys people too.>:)) But anyway I felt that the movie overall was geared more toward the kidde crowd. But then that should have been expected since Lucas *IS* a marketing genius. Just watch, as the target audience gets a little older the subject material in the prequel/sequels will as well. Hopefully. The movie wasn't an "Empire Strikes Back" but it was OK. You have to give it this though... that was *THE* coolest lightsaber duel ever put on film. And I believe my feelings about Jar Jar have already been expressed above.

>Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me- I don't think some of the people here understand that the reason the plot seemed ripped from the first one was because TSWSM was not only parodying the 60's and the spy genre this time around, but also itself. And come on.... tell me honestly that you didn't laugh during the "I'm higher on the food chain!!! Get in my belly!!!". *MMMMUUUUUAAAAAAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA* But really, for the most part I liked it. Sure some of the humor was crude but if you can't laugh at it then your just missing out. There *IS* a difference between bad humor and crude humor.


>Jackel and Aris- The room wouldn't be the same without you two. Welcome back.

>Gunjack Valentine- <<I used to get a real kick out of being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My usual response of “Weapons Engineer”>> Dude... get the HE#^& out'a my head NOW.>:) You think it caused a stir at your school, I unfortunately went to a Catholic School... *hehehehheehhe* *said in the most sarcastic manner possible They LOVED me there.>:)) <<I’ve been interested in violence, or the implements that inflict it anyway, since *W-A-Y* before I can remember. Ever since I could put pen to paper, I’ve been designing guns, armor, fighters, you name it. My parents tried in vain to dissuade me from these tendencies, and I still occasionally startle my dad with my rather pragmatic worldview.>> I said get out of my head!!!!! *hehehehehe* When you don't startle them anymore is when YOU should begin to worry.>:)) Have any plans to actually build some of your stuff? I do.... (let me put it this way, an E-Frame type instrument of destruction is NOT impossible to build with the current level of technology available. Just VERY expensive, but in 10 years.... who knows>:)

>Sleep Deprivation- When I reach that point anything and everything becomes extremely hilarious to me; I can't stop laughing.

>Arming The Gargs Up The Wazoo- Well, I guess as far as the TGS take on them, no... not anymore than they already are, except when the situation calls for it. (IE. The Unseelie war) But I've always thought that the loin cloth look went out with Fred Flintstone. They should get some light armor or SOMETHING that would offer a slight bit of protection but not impede their agility or speed.

>Stormy- Yea! Stormy's back! Ya know, when you reposted "BLACK WINGS PASSED OVER" here, I re-read it. And I was reminded just how good that fic is. That's right it's not a fanfic, it's a fic. Everything is just setup and executed perfectly, this one story feels like it could be it's own universe, yet it fits in with the rest of your stuff (and now Cyrway's) perfectly. Then I read "ICONOCLASM" posted and written as a joint venture between Cyrway and yourself, and was reminded with glee how much you two love to torture your characters.>:)) *hehehehhehehehehehehe* It would seem that Caligo has another co-worker that's in the "Familiae" now.... *hehehehehahhahahahha* BTW, What is Cyrway up to? She hasn't been around here for awhile....

>Deuce- See ya around... well your text anyway.... But computer access from your home shouldn't be all that hard. Just bash your parents heads in with the candle stick in the conservatory... just make sure that Col. Mustard doesn't see you...

>JEB- Hey, how ya' doin'? Ummm.... I got a bio from Cyrway with the header that YOU (as in JEB) had started it. Question: Just what *EXACTALY* am I suppose to do now?

>Theresa Starsinger- <<Horrible thought for the day: What if they made two versions of all anime/cartoons. One for the 'delicate' American sensibilities and one for the 'real' world?>> To late, they already do. Ever hear of the group known as the FCC? They have this little thing called censorship...

>Blue Caeru- <<Hope I haven't offended you. <:-(>> I wouldn't worry to much if I were you. I think it takes allot to offend someone in this room.

>Sevarius Jr.- <<ABSOLUTELY GREAT FRIGGIN' NEWS!!!! I just heard that the House voted DOWN a bill that would have removed free speech protection from the entertainment industry.>> Why that is absolutely friggin' great news!!! Now lets form a PAC to get a law passed that says an Evil Dead 4 has to be made with Sam R. directing and Bruce returning as Ash.... >:)) *hehehheeh* <<Then worship at the altar of Cryway as I do!!>> **Traveler looks over at S.J. after he finishes arranging the "Mighty Mutanimals" totems into what vaguely resembles a nativity scene...** Traveler*in a low reptilian voice*: Ahhh... fresh meat...>:] Hmmm... Since Kevin Smith is responsible for DOGMA, does this mean that it's part of the View Askew universe? If so here's a little side note I pulled off of.... I think it was AICN: <<In the View Askew universe Canada has only been a civilized country for 15 years. Leonardo is also a well respected missionary because a few years back he was the one who introduced fire and clothes to the primitive Canadians. I know how weird that sounds but I swear Smith said it himself.>> The responses from our Canadian friends in this room to this should be interesting....>:)) *I love being the instigator* Ohhh... BTW, that was a sheer genius twist with Weisman. More on DOGMA in about one line.->

>Kevin Smith's Movie "DOGMA"- The Catholic League is trying to get it BANNED from theaters???!!! I am R.C. but the Catholic League can go scr#$^ itself inside out and back again. If it's one thing that I can't stand it's some group of people (most of all a NON-ELECTED group of people with NO GOVERNMENTAL affiliation or power, rightly so since I firmly believe in the separation of Church and State FOREVER) telling me and/or everybody else what they can see/hear/do/etc.. It's bad enough when we have Congress (Or the FCC for that matter, and yes I have a "problem" with them as well.>:)) trying to implement censorship of some sort, but at least they are the morons who are legally suppose to be able to do that sort of thing because "WE" put them in office. So needless to say *IF* they succeed in getting it banned... well then I'm off to Canada, I live close enough to the Peace Bridge to make a day out of it; but just to see a movie?

Perhaps the reason the Catholic Church is so against this movie, or any form of satire directed at it, is not because it's "blasphemous", but because they are afraid of what satire is meant to do. Cause people through humor to examine or re-examine what they believe about something normally unapproachable. (We have, as a people been doing this to government since before we were even a recognized country.) What does this mean? Well instead of having a "flock" of complacent sheep who will do as THEY say with nary a complaint, they'll suddenly have a growing number of people questioning their faith and/or simply asking why. And that simple thought and question, why, is all that is needed to get people to show some free will of their own. And bingo!!!! People thinking for themselves are allot harder to control and/or influence than a "flock". And this is what it comes down to. Money. Make no mistake the Catholic Church, like ANY OTHER large organized religion, is a business. Truthfully, the only members of the Church that I have almost instant respect for are the priests (I've only met ONE nun that didn't seem slightly... off). They're out in the community actually doing something to try and make a difference. Any higher in rank and I think that they are too caught up in in-house political games and trying to influence the local/state/federal governments to be of much use to the people. This rant is over... for the time being. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go listen to some Iron Maiden and White Zombie just because I still can.

>Pistoff- LMAO at the monologue you posted from Dennis Miller. I read it and immediately put that into my quotes folder.>:) Truly comedians are this age's gifted social commentators. George Carlin is my personal favorite.

>Xanathar- I've also heard that since there is a COMPLETE ban on firearms in Australia, that your Olympic shooting teams have to go to a different country just to practice. I believe the same thing happened in England. Comments? True or not?

>Green Barron- <<At a closer look, it's OJ Simpson, and he was trapped by Sevarius and turned into a genetically enhanced super-stabber>> <<Marshall Applewhite and his followers are partying since they've entered the second level.>> Green Barron... Dude... Lay off the chough syrup... Seriously...>:))

>Zath- *hehehehhe* It works. *hehehehahahahh*

>Amy Da Tigger- Welcome to the room. <<Mommy could be a 30 watt while oberon's children might just be like Christmas lights and the string is Avalon.>> Interesting analogy, I think your insanity will fit right in.>:))

>Ordell- <<I'm also lucky enough to have been able to screen the uncut, no score, version of the film soon after the shooting and FX were complete.>> *Traveler's face plate morphs a cartoonishy large jaw which hangs open for a few moments* You lucky bast#$&. And you say that they've had to cut a lot of Carlin's stuff and a few of Chris Rock's scenes? Hmmm... do you know by any chance if they will be included in the home video version at the end after the credits? Or even better... a "Director's Cut" version of the film.>:)

>Robby- <<Traveler when he's around is the Stranger who comes to town every now and again...>> It's nice to know that my brand of insanity has made a lasting impression on the other members of this room.>:)) But maybe that's just because it spreads itself like a virus, I don't know...>:))

>Cyrway- HEYY!!!! THERE YOU ARE!!! Hmmm... lost your job or quit? Did you get a letter of recommendation? Did you leave a little surprise in their computer network? Or a back door into it perhaps? Ahhh.... nothing quite like the feeling of industrial sabotage in the morning... or afternoon.... or heck, anytime for that matter! <<I'm in the process of looking for a job, and if anyone has an suggestions...>> Well if you don't mind the STRONG possibility of moving you might want to try AT&T. They have an excellent benefits program, and will pay your way for more college while your working if you so choose. I believe that there's a test you have to take before they consider hiring you, I think it's meant to gauge what department you'd best be suited for working in and your general intelligence level. (My Uncle works for them, that's how I know this.) Good luck in your hunt!


Scene: The hanger bay we last left Traveler and CC in, only a few months have past, and both ships are now ready. CC*looking down a manifest*: All right, both ships are now battle worthy, now what fearless leader? Traveler: Now we give the Raven's something to worry about... *heheheheheh* *Traveler opens a solid holographic terminal infront of himself and proceeds to check on the location of the Ravens de facto leaders. Doug and Kitainia.* Hmmm... so that's where they are, Chicago. According to the last time I checked ShallowMouth's intel reports I would have guessed that they would still be near Crown Point. That reminds me, CC if there are any great masses of Thailog's troops in or near Crown Point they must be either hidden or cloaked somehow. While we're on route see if you can come up with a way to detect them. It doesn't have to be surveillance quality, just enough so that we know the general area they're in. CC: Well, if it's underground I think Wilek's allies in the Avatar of Gannon would have picked it up on their scanners by now. So it would most likely be a cloaked vessel of some type.... Traveler: Yes, so when you get there you might want to start by scanning for heat emissions not belonging to the Raven's or their allies. *Traveler turns back to the screen and begins to open a communications channel* Meanwhile back in Chicago the Ravens have joined the Green Barrons forces already in battle. Unnoticed by everyone though is a trash can which wasn't on the street behind them before they arrived, which was now quietly disgorging from it's side a small black floating sphere which takes off towards Doug. As the spot where it came from reforms, one could say it looked almost like liquid metal... While Doug is busy introducing the legions of undead attacking them to the kiss of his plasma shotgun he doesn't notice the black spheroid speeding toward him from behind, but Kitaina does. Kitainia: Doug!!! BEHIND YOU!!!! As Doug begins to turn Kitainia picks up a sewer cover and dives trying to block its path, however the sphere neatly dodges her and continues on it path... when just feet from Doug's face it just stops and floats in mid air. Doug: WHOA!!!... Wait it stopped... what the hell? *At this point a small slit opens in the spheres side and it begins projecting an image of Traveler and CC in what apparently looked like the mother of all storage faciliates.* Traveler: Ooooo... nice try at a save Kitainia but I still got on base.>:) *heheheheh* Anyway, how are you two doing? Haven't spoken to you for a while, although I have been keeping an eye on your activities... Doug & Kitainia: TRAVELER!!! Kitainia: Oh no, not him... again... Doug: What, may I ask do you want? We are a little busy right now in case you haven't noticed. *Doug turns slightly to shoot a zombie who was trying to sneak up on them* Traveler: Want? No, I don't want anything... right now. *CC starts to snicker in the back ground* I'm just calling to inform you that the reason CC and I haven't been annoying and confusing you as of late is because we've been busy ourselves pulling two of my ships out of my little toy box. One is a battle cruiser, the "Ignie Ferroque", in case your curious it's name means "(with fire & with sword), it was (and still is) a stock phrase used to describe the results of a destructive raid into an enemy's territory, whose sole purpose is to generate fear, terror, and destruction". This ship is the likes of which even Wilek's friends with all of their Imperial and Borg hardware have never encountered and don't stand much of a chance against, unless they send about a quarter of their combined fleet after it... and even then they'd have to catch it; that is of course if they try to oppose me.>:)) The other is called the "BOOMER"... and well, it's similar in design and construction, but differs in one very meaningful way. It carries a weapons system known as the "Trih Xeem". As for what that name means, and what it does, I might tell you a little later, perhaps after the uncertain out come of the battle-to-be at Crown Point. I'll give you a hint at WHY I pulled that particular ship with that particular weapons system out of mothballs. If "BOOMER" were an insurance policy, it would be called "Scorched Earth". Doug: It's nice to know you have so much confidence in us. And now I know you are crazy if the Trih Xeem does what I think you just implied. CC*laughing*: Ohhh... it does, just not in the way or scale you expect... *hehehehe* Just be glad he ddin't pull the "Leviathan's Wraith" out of storage... Kitainia: Well if your so dead set against Thailog or one of his allies winning, WHY AREN'T YOU DOWN HERE HELPING US MORE???!!! Traveler: Just because it annoys you all ssssoooooo much.>:)) *MMMUUUUAAAAHHAHHAHAHHAAHHA* Traveler out. *the screen flickers out then back on with Traveler pointing behind Kitainia* Oh my God!!! What the hell is THAT???!!!! *Doug and Kitainia both turn quickly expecting to find some otherworldly beast trying to de-capitate on of them, but instead they find nothing. Turning back to the screen glaring at Traveler they find him and CC in stitches on the floor laughing at them. They begin chanting: "Monkeys only loo-ook, monkeys only loo-ook...." Doug: That's it. *He raises the plasma shotgun and fires, destroying the communications device.* Kitainia: Thanks, I didn't know how much more of that I could stand. Doug: Yeah well now it seems as soon as this battle is finished, and if we survive the one apparently waiting to happen at Crown Point like Wilek thought, we'll have Traveler to worry about now. Kitainia: So in other words... Doug and Kitainia *said together and in the same tone that the little girl from poltergeist used*: Hee'sss Baaccckkkk.....


Hmmm... now

Traveler - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:16:15 PM

**returns to the room, sitting in the big chair**

Ahh, happiness all around, these are good times. **plants chin in hand momentarily, fixates for a moment, then comes back to his senses.**

Aaron: I'm not the one crying as the Crying Towel. I'm the one you cry on. But that *is* a pretty silly image. :)

Mandi: **sigh** More death. Sometimes it comes in droves, and ya can't do anything about it. Ah well, my condolences to you, as well (if I didn't give them earlier). **hugs**

Christine: I will be sure to read your latest when I get the chance ... unfortunately it's probably not going to be until after I get home from Dallas. Though I will *definitely* be looking forward to seeing your take on a G&E child. :)

Cyrway: Hmm ... willing to relocate? My mom just got a new job, and they've asked her to recruit folks. ;)

Heather: The Demona pic looks good to me. :)

X-Film: Ugh. The rape commences ...

Robby and Heather: Never mind, Deuce. And never mind me, you two get as gushy as you wanna be.

**quick salute to Spike and Patrick** Excellent work, folks!

And as for the evil lord's name (Lord Ravyn) ... **shudders** That's just too creepy. If I'd been on staff during this one's breakdowns, I would've campaigned to have his name changed to something else. (Then again, I'm probably going to find out there actually *was* a Lord Ravyn in medieval Scotland. :P)

Kitainia, et al, re: "Into the Fray": Thanks for the complements, really. As for Kitainia's concern about its length ... it was originally meant to simply be a beginning bookend. The stories for the individual teams will be much more involved, believe me.

Kitainia, re: work woes: Bummer. **sigh** Ah well, here's hoping that at least Doug makes it, though he'll probably wind up joining me in the Gathering Lonely Hearts club. ;)
Seriously, though, I'm having work woes of my own ... tomorrow is the first of three consecutive ten-hour days I have to work in order to keep my full-time status and still get the three days off I need for the trip. BIIIIIIG fun. :P But I just keep thinking to myself ... "it's only a few more days ... and I'll be with everybody in Dallas!" :)

Stephen: Very thorough and complete summary of "Ghost in the Shell" there, friend. Thanks. I've seen that movie a number of times, and every time I get a little more out of it. :)

Selling booze: In Michigan, you only have to be 18 to sell alcohol, but you still have to be 21 to buy it. *And* the state law states that alcohol cannot be sold before noon on Sunday.

**sighs** Ah well, back to my sad, lonely fixation ... **plants chin in hand, fixating firmly on the candle's slow burning flame.**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:15:08 PM

Geez I wish I trusted myself not to give anything away... I miss giving reviews to each week's episode... Ah well... I'll only be deprived a few more weeks...

Ghost in the Shell- Part of the reason the movie made little sense is because it was based off of a much longer Manga... In the same way Outlanders was an 800 page epic and yet got condensed into an hour long movie... Which reminds me of an Outlanders quote...

"But sir, the men want to live!"
"You're excused..."

SJ- Nice to know you're pulling for my home team... Spurs weren't doing too hot tonight last time I checked...

X-Men movie- Why is it I've always known if that thing ever got made it would be screwed up?

Deuce- Co-Administrator, sanity checker, and local... What? I'm curious now.

Kitainia- Ah, you're not going to the Gathering either? Poo... Myself, I still don't know if I'm going or not. Won't know until the day it starts matter of fact.

Argent- Part time Pokemon and draco trainer in a wild west setting would probably be a rancher, someone who raises livestock like horses or cattle.


Jim Iza Noying, Tina, along with a small robot and forty guys in cloaks are tromping about in a flurry of snow. They seem to be in Antarctica. Off in the distance, a fire roars, and as Jim approaches, he sees it.
A giant, 40 foot tall butterfly. Presumably named Bob.
"Hoo boy..."

Monday, June 21, 1999 11:07:45 PM

My net connection hasn't worked all night. I don't even have time to kill DC. Fortunately, this post was long, so I wrote it in Notepad. Unfortunately, this post is long, and I hate taking up too much time.


It's that time again, kiddies. Time for another Obnoxiously Long Post by David G. Today's topic, Pendragon:

First of all, Pendragon deserves it's own, personal sixteen or more episodes a season. Arthur, Once and Future High King of All Britain, shouldn't have to share space with a bunch of commoner gargoyles from Scotland of all places. (A nice Irish/German boy like me feels a bit uncomfortable defending England, but if I have to choose one or the other...) It's just not dignified. Besides, Pendragon has the capacity to be a much different, more interesting series than it is, but it needs more space.

Let's see what we have to work with.

First of all, there's the Arthurian Mythos. Besides Malory's version, there's a wealth of material to work from. The Quest for the Holy Grail has to happen some time. It'd also be cool to see Rory cast as Gwain in 'Gwain and the Green Knight.' Arthurian legends touch upon almost the entire body of Celtic myth, allowing for all kinds of 'faerie tales.' Even though the Rising is over, there are still lots of Fey around. In fact, without Madoc to hold them in check, the Fey not loyal to Oberon could be more of a danger than ever.

Next, we have a cast of interesting characters. I'm not going to try to analyze them all here. Arthur is actually the least versatile of the bunch. He provides the keystone of the series, but isn't really the most active character. This was true in the Mythos as well. Most of the tales of King Arthur actually concerned his Knights more than him. Parzival, Tristan, Lancelot, and Yivane all had major stories that barely even featured Arthur.

Merlin, in the guise of Emrys, has a lot of potential (if he stays in London, otherwise he's a Gargoyles character). He needs to be played a bit differently, though. So far he's been treated mostly as a child. The fact he's 1500 years old should be played up more. Even if he doesn't have much power, he should have knowledge enough to tempt Faust.

Rory is also full of potential, particularly if the Celtic angle is played up. Besides that, eventually he and the Banshee need to have a meeting.

The mundane Knights deserve some development, too. I can't say much about them right now since so far they've been pretty much reduced to playing Xander and Willow to Arthur's Buffy (Oh, that was a mental image I could have done without). That's not to say that they're not interesting characters, it's just that they need to be used more, and focused on more closely. Agents of Pendragon Investigations would have been seen all over London during the big battle in Darkest Hour. That almost has to be good publicity. How long will it be before Arthur has to send Knights out alone, or in pairs, to deal with cases since he's too busy to handle them all himself. Rory has the potential to make a great leader. He's not as confident as Arthur, which means he'll try to protect his people more than he'll try to win. He'll be more worried about how well he's doing, too, kind of like Brooklyn, but with a magic spear.

We haven't seen Morganna at all lately, and Nimue only once. After the betrayal of Corbie, it might be possible that Emrys was drawn to his old flame, which could be amusing.

For that matter, Nimue is one of the few people who might be able to get into Avalon besides Goliath and Angela. Emrys, too. If any of the free Unseelie wanted to stage a rescue operation to save Maeve, Europe would be a good staging area. Kidnapping Emrys or Nimue would be a sure way to attract Arthur's attention.

Then we come to the setting. This is where things get really interesting. New York is a modern place. It's only around 200 years old. London has existed in some form since before the fall of the Roman Empire. It's a mystical place. Fog shrouds the streets at night. The buildings are stone instead of steel. Throw in a little real magic, and it gets even more interesting. I urge the TGS staff (and everybody else) to read Neil Gaiman's novel Neverwhere. Read the comic Mage, too, even though it's an Image book right now. While you're at it, read all the Sandman comics. They don't really have any bearing on this discussion, but read them anyway.

Once you start to take full advantage of all the rich story elements, there's so much to do that you may not even know where to start. Recovering the 13 treasures, if handled properly, could last for two seasons. The race could begin against some adversary who, at the end of the season, acquires a heavy advantage. The next season is less of a race, and more of a war.

Assuming the TGS staff has decided that Duval is, in fact, the immortal Fisher King, then a confrontation between Arthur and the Illuminati is inevitable. The Fisher King was the guardian of the Holy Grail, wounded for all time by the Spear of Longinus by Sir Balin, knight of two swords. The Grail could keep him alive, but it couldn't heal him.

I've said before that the Illuminati are the next major threat after the Unseelie but before the alien invasion. The organization is so vast that Arthur and his Knights couldn't hope to defeat it, but they might foil its worst plots. Also, there have been hints of rifts within the Society. Arthur could be recruited, knowingly or in secret, by the Fisher King as a weapon in the Illuminati Civil War.

There are less obvious threats as well. Arthurian legend mentions dragons, which leaves room for some interesting plots. Half of the Fey are dead or scattered. The other half don't want much to do with Earth right now. The Dragons may not be as defeated as everybody thinks...

Last, but not least, a full Pendragon series might mean the TGS staff has to expand, which would possibly mean that I could get in. (just kidding - actually, that might be cool, but it's a little early for me to be asking)

My point is, Pendragon has been getting the short end of the stick for a while now, and it deserves a lot better. With Pendragon the TGS staff has an opportunity to try things that wouldn't work with Gargoyles or Timedancer, and they have good material to work with.

I hope I didn't step on any toes here. These are just my ideas, and are really intended to help something I like a lot be even better.

Told you that was long. I didn't notice anything else I needed to say, so I'll sign off now while I still can.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 10:50:01 PM

Two weddings in one season? Isn't that what sitcoms do to grab ratings? ;) Yes, yes I'm being a smart ass. I know... but I can't help it.

There has been something I've been wondering though... was George Harrison fated by TGS to die from the beginning, or was he killed because he was becoming more popular than the canon characters? I've heard that happens in some fan-fiction series continuations.

Monday, June 21, 1999 10:35:06 PM

This is being done way too fast....

SOROW> ["I would be... the beer wench?"] *Deuce falls over laughing* ["To all us not going to the Gathering, CR PARTY OF what? FIVE? SIX?"] Count me in... actually, it starts on my birthday... blegh. :-)

Kitainia> ["I'm not sharing because it's hard to pass out over the Internet."] You haven't heard of CTP, the Caffiene Transfer Protocol? I'm afraid I don't have time to explain it right now, but it's very useful.

And since the room won't load further and I shouldn't be here, au revoir!

** runs out **

Monday, June 21, 1999 09:57:00 PM

A bit of bad news... I won't be putting a sign up at the Gathering for all of you to autograph :( I called the hotel and asked about three people, and they wanted to charge me a buttload of money that I can't afford. Oh well, I guess fate sucks like that!

Wild West CR ?> Hmmmm... I'm the happy one and that makes it my duty to make everyone else happy. So I would be... the beer wench?

I just recently rented There's Something About Mary for the first time, and I'll just say I laughed the hardest when I saw Keith David with an afro! Try to imagine Goliath like that! And picture this... GOLIATH: (sullen face to clan) I'm afraid that Madoc is alive and has murdered Oberon. *clan gasps* GOLIATH: Naw, I'm just f***ing with you! :)

WOW! This was probably one the best eps yet! I'm glad we got to see more of Richard, Liz, Andrea and such. A lot of lines were absolutely priceless! And the pictures, GORGEOUS! I must say that the bridal shower and bachelor party were... interesting. Though I thought Broadway asking about *after the ceremony* was so innocent of him! And I can just tell that when Graeme and Ariana grow up, they're going to be heartstoppers!

To all of the Gathering goers, travel safely and take lots of pictures!

To all us not going to the Gathering, CR PARTY OF what? FIVE? SIX? Yeah, Positive Rush!

Monday, June 21, 1999 09:44:14 PM

Forgot to put end spolliers
lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Monday, June 21, 1999 08:18:05 PM


Heather> Nice pice of Demona

WOW! This episode was great. It had really lovely pics. I liked the flash back scenes they were pretty cool. So I guess thats when Demona and Goliath fell for eathother. The matething cermoney was well written the rest of the story as well. Liked the scene when Ophelia surprised Angela and the little guessing game Angela was trying to figture out who Ophelia liked.

Quistion> Was one of the eggs in the rookery back in 971 was one of Hudson and Deborahs Children? Probably so because they were see young enough to have at least on more child.
Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Monday, June 21, 1999 08:13:22 PM

Quick post before I go try to make headway on my costume.

Spike> <<Leo and Una's newest child is Aslan.>> LOL!! I love it! I still have all of the Narnia books on my bookshelf...sigh...

Kitania> Thanks for worrying, but I've been I said, it's just been insane around here.

Deuce> Bartender? I'm not old enough to [legally] drink, but I don't remember if you have to be 21 to SELL beer. Of course, I could be wrong. Funny you should suggest that, because I was working on a BtVS crossover (non-Garg, don't ask) where the out-of-place character ends up bartending at the Bronze. :)

Great, it's eight pm already...where'd the evening go?
Mandi Ohlin - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 08:04:17 PM

Lawrence Stone - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 07:56:33 PM

Greetings all... Boy, a lot to comment on here!

CURRENT EP - Very good story! And as usual, Christi rocks the block with great artwork. I loved the Pic of Andrea (Finally, I get a clear picture of what she looks like!), and the Ari in her kimono. Yes, I was cracking up with the "I look like Dad in drag!" line... Kudos to all my fellow staff members.

GHOST IN THE SHELL - The plot, to really clarify, is that a sentient program called "The Puppet Master" was trying to escape the clutches of a shady government bureau called "Division 6". To counter it and capture it, they call in a team of anti-terrorist/specialists called "Division 9", who is lead by Major Kusanagi - the cyborg with the Thermoptic camouflage - who capture the Puppet Master. But, a team of crooks steal the PM, and it's up to Kusanangi and her team to get him back. In the end, after a brutal battle that nearly leaves the Major in a scrap pile, She and the PM merge their collective beings into a new lifeform, which Kusanagi's partner Bateau has it implanted into the cyborg body of a young girl.

The point of Kusanagi being naked when using the TO-camoflage was simple: the mechanism was implanted in her skin and body cells. Since we know a cloaking device (in theory) needs a powerful computer to to the calculations of bending light for something as large as a battleship (for all trek fans know this), for the human body it would be simpler to have said computer for Kusanagi's camoflage to just handle the parameters of her own body, and not the changing ones of her uniforms or regular clothes.

It's a heavy movie, but damn good visiuals by the guy that did AKIRA. Also, it has one of the best lines I've ever seen in a battle (after the big final one):

BATEAU: You alright, Major?
KUSANAGI: Yeah... more or less. What did you hit (the spider tank) with?
BATEAU: S.I.B.G. ... Standard Issue Big Gun.

COMMENTS FOR "PRECOCIOUS" - VERY VERY Good one, Christine! I love all the work on this one! Especially the emotions with Elisa and Demona.

COMMENTS FOR Part 1 "WCC" - Nice Opener, Don! Can't wait to see what you put Mike through.

Can't wait for the Gathering! Thanks for Responding Aaron! Jenna! You out there???

Well, that's all from me for now. I might have a riddle before I leave for Dallas.

Maintain and Check Six!

Stephen "Coldstone" Sobotka, Jr. - []
Spokane, WA, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 07:34:48 PM

(Argent takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, from exhaustion as well as from the grim scene the sun illuminates.) "Well, if nothing else, I'd say that's justice."

(Walks in with a 'canary just clobbered the cat' expression.)
I'd say today made up for that nasty cold. Dragon Ball movie this morning, fantastic TGS tale (what can I say, I'm a sucker for romance!), and just got back from Tarzan. Now for some replies:

AMY DA TIGGER> Feel free to contribute to the general chaos and insanity!
JENNIREN & TALEWEAVER> Yup, the answer's 'e'. Good job!
ROBBY> I know this sounds really cliched, but I know how you feel, and I'm sorry.

SO,SN> Great job all around! Those were some gorgeous pics, especially the last one.
Toku as CR sage> I'll drink to that!
Nickelodeon> Like their slogan says, it's a network 'just for kids'. Eventually, most kids grow up and out of the new shows, and consider the majority of them trash compared to the shows they grew up with. But as they leave it behind, the next group takes over. It's a continuous cycle. (But it's a double-bladed sword. That's the same reason shows like 'Power Rangers whatever-it-is-now' are still on the air.)
The CR @ cast of the Wild West> I have no clue what a part-time Pokemon and draco trainer would turn out to be.

***RP CONT'D***
(Jewel*D lands heavily next to Argent. She yelps in surprise as she puts weight on her left foreleg, shaking Argent out of the reverie. The trainer quickly begins to examine her friend, wincing but otherwise ignoring her own condition.)
"Oh no. Let me see. Hmmmmm... not too bad, that's a clean break. Anything else?"
(Jewel*D pants a yes, her amethyst eyes wide.)
"Shshshhh, it's okay, shhhhh. Todays battle's over. It's okay to be scared now." (Argent runs a hand along Jewel*D's neck, careful of the fresh wounds, and strokes the bases of her horns.)
"Shrink down, we'll go to the others."
(Still gasping heavily, Jewel*D strains, but can't. She grits her teeth and tries again...)

Gotta Jet! Go Tribe!

satisfied, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 07:11:20 PM

Warpmind> never mind, they weren't as hard to find in last weeks CR as I figured. I don't know if anybody has done this yet, but here are all the answers in easy form. I've also added a bit of commentary, mostly because I think you'll find it interesting. If you are offended by my presumption, please send me a scathing E-mail, and I'll never do it again.

1 - You own me/yet in all the world/you ues me the least/the ones you know the most.
Answer - name
Commentary - this one's good. I'm not sure I would have solved it if I hadn't already seen the answer.

2 - We pass in three scores/on our one minute journey/never side by side/yet none of us is first/who are we?
Anwser - seconds
Commentary - technically, one second IS first, but that's a good pun, and a riddlemaker is allowed quite a bit of poetic license, otherwise I'd be doomed.

3 - Your head rests upon me/cowards have me not/my slightest flaw will hurt thee/what is the name I have got?
Answer - spine
Commentary - Just a triva note. Medieval medical philosophy stated that courage rested in the liver, I believe. You might find that useful to know some day, particularly if you ever go on Jeporday.

4 - Once a symbol of death/now a symbol of life eternal/once carried on the shoulder/now worn around the neck/what am I?
Answer - cross
Commentary - I liked the poetry of this one, but you might consider re-wording the first line to avoid using the word "Symbol" twice.

5 - Usually cast in metal/my value is small as can be/every man still seeks me/only to give me away/yet my worth is close to naught/fear not/in time it will grow/who am I?
Answer - coin (pence)
Commentary - More historical trivia. The sin of Usury, charging interest on loans, was considered a sin because it was unnatural. The reason for this is that coins were Mineral, and minerals couldn't grow as Vegetables or Animals could.

6 - No mortal can ever touch me/I exist in no physical form/yet man has divided me/broken me up/and none shall ever elude me/What is my name?
Answer - time
Commentary - I'd change the order of the lines a little, but I'm not sure how to do it. Meter's a bitch sometimes, isn't it? I have this one riddle I really love, but it's one syllable in either direction of being a perfect Hikyu.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 06:46:00 PM

Uh, that should have been "Hope it's held somewhere we can afford to go." Held, not Heard. Sorry about that.
Monday, June 21, 1999 06:37:35 PM


Having left some of their number behind back at the jet, the Ravens have comandeered an unused school bus and are now driving towards the main area where Green Baron and his crew are fighting the undead. On the way, they pass Chicago's two most well-known landmarks the Sears Tower and Wrigley Field. As they continue to get closer to the action, Kitainia makes a CR post.


Aargh! Fragging dang blast!!! GRRRR!!! <calms down, sighs> Hi everyone. Bad news. I can't come to the Gathering. Why?, you ask. Well, the boss won't give me the days off, that's why! I'm almost tempted to quit, but nah, it's not worth it. Needless to say, I'm really mad and disappointed about this, I was really hoping I could come down and meet all of you. But now...<sighs> Well, maybe Doug will still be able to go and he can give me a report like he did last year. Depends on what his boss says. And maybe next year, we can both go to the Gathering. Hope it's heard somewhere we can afford to go. <sighs again> Oh well, on to replies and comments.

Robby, Heather: Glad things are patched up between you two. Sorry about your grandmother, Robby, and Heather, I'm sorry to hear about your dead friend. Suicide is always a terrible thing. Hope you both get over these deaths soon, and always treasure your good memories. Heather, thanks for the nice pics of Demona and yourself.

Kaioto: Thanks for your excellent comments on the recent fight. Glad to see you as CR Sage. You of course got my aye vote. <grin>

Wild West Town: I'd probably the local Justice of the Peace, just because I always admired the girl who was on an old Wild West/sci-fi cartoon called Bravestar. Either that or the local Calamity Jane.

Deuce: I'm on a heavy dose of coffee, and I'm not sharing because it's hard to pass out over the Internet. ;)

Jackal: Glad to hear you're in love, but disappointed that she doesn't return it. <sighs> Maybe she just needs a little time to develop the emotion, I hope that's all it is. Good luck to you both, hope you're soon feeling better. :)

Paul: Haven't read Myria's Legacy yet. I will when I get time (probably this weekend) and then send you an e-mail about it. Hope you soon apologize to Christine.

StephenRS: Repeating the question- Who is the "Dark Blue Bugger" you were refering to last week?

Weekend Movies: Saw General's Daughter and Tarzan. The first was a little brutal, but both were excellent films. For complete reviews, see Doug's post last week. Next up in the movies to see list is Wild Wild West, coming out next Wednesday. :)

Wilek: $ Don't worry about Teruda, we didn't really have any more plans for him. Hope you have fun finishing off the rest of the Imperial ships attacking Chicago. <grin> $


Something Old, Something New: This was a very good episode, I thought. The preparations for Broadway and Angela's wedding were done well, the bachelor party and bridal shower scenes were interesting and hilarious, the buildup to the wedding provided great scenes and an excellent sense of anticipation and excitement, and the wedding itself was just beautiful. I liked the development done on all the characters- especially Goliath, Demona, Elisa, Broadway, Angela, Ari, and Graeme (the last two had some very funny scenes, such as Graeme's reaction to the stripper vis a vis everyone else's, and especially Ari's dressing up like "Brooklyn in drag" and her comments to Graeme when he told her how nice she looked). The pictures were all excellently drawn and colored, I think they're some of Spike's best work yet. Seeing Richard's reaction to his brother's death was also a good scene (with some excellent emotion-packed lines), and I also liked seeing more development between Demona and Andrea as well as Lex and Liz (So when is her prom? This we have to see!).

The Dark Ages bit was nice, too, if a bit brief. I was a little miffed about Lord Ravyn (his name is slightly uncomfortable for obvious reasons, so was his symbol) but he still made an okay villain. Good development on Demona and Goliath in that bit.

I also liked seeing Tanya Spencer again, I was wondering about her fate. Hope Xanatos can do something for her, and wonder if there are any other surviving Halflings. My only disappointment with this episode is we didn't really get to see what any of the remaining bad guys have been up to (Are they just going to stay low until next season and not threaten the clan at all?). We also still didn't see the battles in Prague, Caledonia, Queen Florence Island, Guatemala, and London resolved. I'm glad Arthur, Micheal, Brianna, Griff, Leo, Aslan, Una, and Lucy came out of the London fight okay, but what about everyone else? Hope these loose ends are soon tied up, I'm really worried about Natsilane, Obsidiana, and Zaphiro (when we last saw them, they were met with quite overwhelming force).

All in all, the ep gets a 9/10. Good job, TGS Staff. Hope it continues for the two or three episodes left in the season. :)

ED: Good points about the episode. I don't agree with them that much, but can see where you're coming from. I too hope we get a Pendragon ep real soon and that next season Pendragon and Gargoyles are seperated again.


Coyote: Good job with the first chapter of WCC. It was a little shorter than I expected, but still a nice story. The scenes with my characters were well-written, IMO, and it was good to see some of the cliffhanger threads G:CM left dangling resolved. Great mixing of seperate ficverses. Hope you keep up the good work, can't wait for Chapter 2!

SJ: $ Nice job on that last RP. I liked how you had Eisner downed by Greg. I do wonder how you're going to find your dad without Eisner, though. Good luck. :) $ Cute picture of you, too.

Mandi: Glad to see you back in here. I was getting worried about you. :)


Christine: Great job on your latest story. The interaction between Demona and Harry was priceless, as was that between Elisa and Dracon. I adored Elisa's line to him about who he was dealing with. :) Good development on Goliath, Elisa, Dracon, Xanatos, Amber, Demona, and Harry all throughout. I was laughing my head off every time I saw some of Harry's insanely dopey fanaticism. Excellent plot on the story, too. I give it a 10/10, keep up the great work!


Airwalker: I agree with you about the X-Men movie, they should have kept Rogue's character the way it should be. Good comments on Broadway's parentage, too.

That's all for now. Once again, sorry I won't be attending all the Gathering. Will miss all of you. <sniffs> Later.


The Ravens arrive at the main scene of undead fighting and join Green Baron's forces. Their reinforcement increases the defenders' morale and soon the remaining undead forces are cut in half. In the sky overhead, only three enemy Star Destroyers (an Imperial and two Victories) remain, the rest having been blown away by the Planner and Doer's continuous laser barrages. It looks like the battle for Chicago is now turning in the good guys' favor, and because of that it will be over soon. In the meantime Kitainia and the others continue to fight.


Kitainia - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 06:35:44 PM

Speaking of C. S. Lewis (since Spike brought him up), alongside his Narnia books, he also wrote a fantasy novel for grown-ups called "That Hideous Strength" which brought in Merlin awakened in the modern world. I wonder if Emrys ever read it, and if so, what he thought of it. It's the third book in a very good sci-fi/fantasy trilogy, the other two books of which are named "Out of the Silent Planet" and "Perelandra"; I can highly recommend them. Incidentally, "Out of the Silent Planet" includes a discussion of a form of evil which Lewis's characters describe as "bent" (doing evil things for a more or less good cause) which makes me think of Demona and her genocidal efforts.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, June 21, 1999 06:34:20 PM

WARPMIND> [riddle #5] A backbone?
(Real post in a sec, sorry ahead of time if this is a double post.]

Monday, June 21, 1999 05:54:15 PM

Heather- nice pic

Warpmind- I was just kidding with the pillow answer (It was the first thing to pop into my head for some reason.)

Okay, See u's all later,

Sylvia - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 05:33:45 PM

Do you get the feeling ED wants to see a Pendragon episode?


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 05:20:08 PM

::Reposts Note From Last Week:: "GLIMMER - Get ahold of me. Your e-mail is bouncing back and I can't access the file you sent."

Kudos to Patrick and Spike on a job well done. I particularly liked the way the Broadway/Angela pic at the end turned out.

kathy - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 04:45:00 PM

Heather>> Leo and Una's newest child is Aslan.
(Yes, was deeply addicted to C.S. Lewis in my youth. Go fig.)

Monday, June 21, 1999 04:30:47 PM

You know the picture of the london clan ? What is the name of the hatchling Leo is holding ? I hope it's a cute name like Fitzwilliam or Darcy...**blushes** I can't help it, blame my English teacher !
Heather - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 04:27:28 PM

** walks in, humming Collective Soul's "Needs" **

I tell ya, it's getting harder and harder to get to the library these days. :-) I got the new Collective Soul CD "Dosage" this weekend: very nice.

Robby, Mandi, Heather> My deepest condolences on the loss of your loved ones. I can only imagine what you must be going through. *hugs*

Robby & Heather> Glad to see you two patched up your problems. :-) Don't go getting _too_ gushy on me, now.

Kyryn> ["I once had a nightmare about a gargoyle Furby."] Ew... I feel dirty just hearing about that....

Robby> Like your "roles" you slotted us in to. ["Deuce- Co-Administrator and... ?"] Sanity Checker and Local— wait, never mind that one.

Tarzan: Going from King of the Jungle to Master of His Domain with one pull o' the vine, eh? I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

Stars fans> OK, OK, you won. At least this makes the Oil look a bit better.

G'99: It starts on the 25th, right? My birthday? Maybe I'll avoid those much-deserved birthday bumps after all....

Heather> *clicks her picture link. It doesn't load. He smacks the computer, earning a dirty look from the librarian, and it comes up* Nice. Damn library comps, tho'. It's all grainy and fuzzy.

Mandi> ["I *know* I wouldn't be in the Miss Kitty role."] You could be the bartender, maybe. Are you old enough to sell liquor?

Airwalker> ["That's what sequels are for!"] Ohmigosh... he's stumbled into the Perimeter of Wisdom! He's grasped the entire idea of sequels! Not to continue the story, but to flesh out the original! Welcome to the club of people who know too much.

And that's all for now... Dan's breathing down my neck and I have ot get some books or Mom won't believe where I went. :-) And my bike's not locked up, either.

** leaves **

Deuce - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 04:26:55 PM

Great episode. This one was a lot of fun. I loved the in-jokes. The pictures were amazing.

Coyote> Great work so far. I look forward to the rest.

Robby> My condolences.

Heather> I'm sorry to hear that. <hugs>

Ghost in the Shell> I believe that there is a playstation game based on this. I haven't ever played it though, so I don't know what it's like.

I watched a movie in church yesterday. It is called "A Vow to Cherish" and it was very powerful. It is geared mainly towards married couples, but is well worth watching by anybody.

Peter - []
Kamloops, BC, Canada
Monday, June 21, 1999 03:50:00 PM

Hi to the TGS Room! Seems I’m going to break quite massively with the trend of comments for this episode, but there you go.


How coincidental – today is also my parents’ wedding anniversary. :)

But the first thing that surprised me is that the two were married so quickly. I mean, I expected it to be an end of season thing, or at least be interrupted by a *very loud cough* Pendragon ep.

Even so, after MY LADY FAIR, I had really high hopes for this episode. And for once, TGS… I was disappointed.

Firstly, I disliked some of the slangy tones to the writing in places. It didn’t strike me as particularly stylised and slangy… just slack. Then there was the dialogue. I felt that Goliath’s dialogue in particular was very weak, but others were too. The characterisations were very poor… especially Demona. I realise that she’s supposed to have changed. The trouble is, she’s reformed from a character with darkness and a past to a rather annoying addition whose past is suppressed as much as possible. And she and Angela are too far ‘joined at the hip’. It works for a while, but in the long run it never could make for good episodes. And now I think it’s at the point where it isn’t.

This episode touched on many points, but the one most mishandled (IMO) was the Delilah/Elisa/Demona thing. Delilah is a fully formed character in the Gargoyles Universe, and she deserves to be put in the spotlight properly, and not as arm candy for the main plot. Having ongoing character relations is one thing, but TGS is really putting in too much fluff stuff here.

Essentially, the universe has a large cast. We should be seeing episodes that really get to know them. But that’s always distorted by the ‘bull in a China shop’ way the series goes about these things. There seems to be an ingrained policy of ‘why concentrate on two characters when we can concentrate on twenty?’. So most episodes try to deal with twenty. And then – surprise, surprise – it doesn’t work.

Before, there was an excuse. The Unseelie Court was the focus of the episodes and in a war scale is something that really plays a big part.

The Court is gone now. There isn’t really that much of an excuse.

Look at the way the original series handled things, and you can get an example of how things were handled. So, to take the little run between CITY and AVALON (but omitting THE CAGE because it’s been so long I can’t be all that accurate):

HIGH NOON – concentrated on Elisa and Coldstone. Explored Demona and Macbeth
OUTFOXED – concentrated on Goliath and Renard. Explored Vogel and Fox.
REVELATIONS – concentrated on Goliath and Matt. Explored Mace and Elisa.
DOUBLE JEOPARDY – concentrated on Goliath and Xanatos. Explored Thailog, Elisa and Sevarius.
UPGRADE – concentrated on Goliath and Brooklyn. Explored Lexington, Broadway and the Pack.
PROTECTION – concentrated on Goliath, Broadway and Elisa. Explored Dracon.
THE PRICE – concentrated on Hudson and Xanatos. Explored Goliath.

These are slightly debatable, but that’s roughly the allocation.

So in essence, most of the episodes have two characters that lead the episode, usually Goliath and a lesser character. Then we have a few others (but not a vast amount – even the big multi-part stories did not use large casts considering their inflated size) that are necessary for the smooth flowing of the story, possibly the villain(s) of the piece, or the allies. We see a bit of them, but if it’s an eye, they’re the bit slightly to the side. And on the fringes are all the extras.

Now, let’s have a look at what this TGS episode does. (I’ll only do one because otherwise I’ll be here all day and will also probably miss some).

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW – concentrated on… erm, nobody. Explored Demona, Delilah, Elisa, Angela, Broadway, Fox, Othello, Graeme, Brooklyn, Talon, Hudson… er, I think I’m missing some.

But in spite of all that clutter of characters with their own traumas, there isn’t that much clarity to the tales. It’s all very mish-mashed. And this is the same for most of the episodes. Try putting a ‘concentrated on’ label to most of the episodes this season and it’s a very tough task. You can’t really concentrate on more than three or four (at a push) characters without them cramping each other. The quality of those episodes that do try to add clarity is clear. The one that most immediately springs to mind is THE SCOTTISH PLAY.

But I don’t feel led anywhere by TGS episodes in general. Some do, and do a stunning job. Many of the first season Pendragon tales handled this very well (notice the small cast… hmm). This season, Timedancer took this approach and rewrote the book on what makes a great read. Gargoyles largely held it together this season. This season I see that it has largely failed.

That’s in no small part due to the fact that it’s trying to balance double the cast members. Why oh why did you see the need to partner Pendragon and Gargoyles when it has since become stunningly clear that relations between the two are no stronger by and large that that between the other spin-offs. I would have far preferred a 16-episode Pendragon series separately, but allowed to focus by itself, than Gargoyles nicking the TGS time feast and giving Pendragon the after-dinner mints.

That’s another matter, though. The big problem I have is that the episodes trot on, sweep up a load of different plots, pass the focus parcel around them all and then trot off. And we never get an understanding of the characters that we could. We have some pretty cool moments. OFFERS was great. HAZARDS springs to mind. But when we want to see Delilah, don’t slip her into an episode under cover of darkness and then whisk her apologetically off before anyone will notice.

With Demona especially, I don’t feel that she changes from one episode to the next. She’s different from her original character. But if you asked me to pick an episode in which we saw her really develop substantially, I couldn’t pick one. She just… became like that. And she’s been like that so long I’ve become anaesthetised to her. But Xanatos had a far shorter curve to go through and I could name EYE OF THE BEHOLDER and VOWS and THE GATHERING and HUNTER’S MOON…

This isn’t really a case of Maths book. You don’t have to draw a smooth curve through all the points that Demona features in.

Well, I’ve gone on for a long time about all this. There’s plenty more I might say but I don’t really have the time now.

The episode did perk up towards the end. The Lexington sections were particularly good and in contrast to what I’ve said above this is an episode in which it should be left to fester in the background. But not wholly. And let’s be frank, REPRISALS is the last time Lexington has really got to take a story by the horns.

Moving quickly on before I get caught by one of those red herrings, the Richard stuff was great. Lacking, but great. The actual parties weren’t particularly amusing IMO and I think the way the story approached sex and mating really trivialised and degraded the whole affair. It took off the glimmer. It took away the romance.

And what little Demona/Delilah stuff we did get wasn’t enough to really say anything more than ‘ho-hum’, unfortunately. A pity.

The suggestions regarding Liz were OK… I’d like to see the four shown there go out on a double date. And Brooklyn was a completely tedious annoying character throughout. As for ‘the cake’ it appeared to be another addition chucked in for the sake of it. And not even a particularly interesting one at that, quite frankly.

Speaking of uninteresting side-plots, I actually ended up skimming this bit. I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel particularly interested in it. At all. It certainly didn’t seem to bear a particular relevance. (Unlike VOWS where the limited flashbacks showed a direct parallel and contrast between the marrying couple and the mating couple).

I agree with the biological relations points that Aris made, but I also find the way the mating was approached far too human. Keep this up, and the series might be better named ‘Humans/Pendragon’ or at least ‘Assorted Species/Pendragon’.

Anyway, I’d better go. This is a far longer comment than I had planned. And I still haven’t addressed the episode itself as much as I would have liked. Maybe another time.

PS. Pssst... how's about a Pendragon ep? ;)


Ed - []
London, England
Monday, June 21, 1999 03:49:50 PM

Cyrway> Yeah, I know what that's like. I try to avoid my boss as much as possible. Nice to see you around here again.
Have you tried

Airwalker> Anna Paquin? Hmmmm, not my choice as Rogue, but a pretty good actress. She was in The Piano, and some other stuff which escapes me right now. Anybody want to lend a hand, or do a six degrees here?


Aaron wanders off, singing "Old Hippie"

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 03:20:29 PM


To say that this was a maginificent episode is to completely understate the matter. This episode has everything. Bachelor parties, Bridal showers, tying up Unseelie War danglers, guests galor, and even manages to fit in a wedding in between all that.

Lot's of little things were dropped in here that could be lost in the whole hectic wedding episode. Coldstone and Coldfire are going to Avalon (really the best idea now that they are flesh. And stays in character with both of them. In POSSESSION, they were a bit selfish, willing to consider to keep Broadway and Angela's bodies; Now that they are flesh again, they are perfectly willing to forget their hunt for Coldsteel and retire to Avalon for a while. Like I said, perfectly in character for them), we find out a bit of Talon's opinion on the whole Goliath/Elisa relationship, Richard and Quinn are getting married, Lex and Liz seem to have something starting between them, Maeve's fate, Andrea met Angela (For real, not just for a few minutes of pain and chaos. I wonder how long it will take her to realize that there is a resemblence between Angela and the "costume" Dominique wore to that Halloween party?), and we actually managed to get a glimpse of characters from PENDRAGON. I wonder how long it will be before Graeme realizes that Lucy on the tape and Lucy on the Internet are the same person?

I do wonder though, if Brooklyn and the others want to shield Graeme so much then why have him around when a stripper shows up? Shouldn't he be a little young for that? He might be 20 years biologically but he's only 10 years old mentally. How many parents let their 10 year old son hang around when a stripper shows up for a bachelor party?

Also did Merlin permenantly go back to England, or did he return just to get his affairs in order so that he could return to America and become Alex's nanny? That was a bit unclear. Will he be returning or did that nanny job go up in smoke the moment Owen stopped being a stuffed animal?

(I could live with Merlin still being a nanny with Puck around. After all Owen does have a full time job, and he's not free to be with the boy all the time. It makes sense to get a nanny who they can trust, who has magic powers (maybe give Alex a few pointers), and who has a basically free schedule.)

Also the pictures were wonderful. Extremely beautiful. And the number of them is perfect since this is after all a very important episode and wedding.

And the best line in this whole episode - "I look like Dad in drag." I was cracking up reading that!


X-MEN MOVIE NEWS - The role of Rogue has been cast. She is to be played by someone named Anna Paquin.

They are already starting to destroy the movie though. Rogue has been recast as a high school student with Psychic powers who Professor X will recruit to fight Magneto. I understand that some of the comic story is a bit convoluted but it can be cleaned up for the movie. Do they have to reinvent characters? Have they learned nothing? Rogue is a character who absorbs other peoples strength, memories, etc with physical contact. She gained flight and super-strength by permenantly absorbing Ms. Marvel's mind and powers into her. If they want to use a telepath, then why not pick a telepath? God knows, there are hundreds of them wandering the Marvel Universe and the X-portion of the Marvel Universe especially. Why change the character around as to make her completely unrecognisable?

If they don't want to get into that whole convoluted history of hers then why not just say she is a mutant who can fly and has super-strength, keeps herself covered up, and has a mysterious past she doesn't like to talk about? You don't have to get into the details. That's what sequels are for!


ARIS - I do think that you have a point that maybe too much attention is being paid to Broadway's parentage, since he is more likely to think of all of Hudson's generation as his parents rather than just one person. But it is possible that perhaps he remembers Hudson's mate so fondly is that she lavished much more attention on him than any other of his mothers. Not to say that only she cared about him, not at all, but is she on some subconscious level knew that he was her biological son, then she might have perhaps shown him a little more attention and perhaps spoiled him a bit more than the other children. Those aren't things that a child forgets.

Besides, she was an important part of his life. He might think of her from time to time, especially since she was taken away so abruptly while other mothers weren't. Still it would be nice to see him occasionally think of some of his other mothers. This occasion (and the fact that Hudson was talking about her) caused him to think of her. Perhaps another occassion will make him think of another of his mothers.


Brooklyn, NY
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:55:18 PM

Hey, all...

Thanks, Aaron. That's how I'm feeling right now. The boss and I did not get along.

Heather> Hmmm...not bad...propotions need some work, though. Try practicing from real life objects and magazines.

Hai...back to searching...God-bless the internet.


Cyrway - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:54:48 PM
IP:'s my first pic of Demona. I scanned it and colored it in Paint. It looks like she's in tar or something but it's suppose to be like the night sky. What do you think ?
Heather - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:22:44 PM

Quick post before lunch break is over.
Warpmind> will you either re-post your riddles or mail them to me. I didn't really look at them the first time, since I had some other things to occupy my time, and now I don't want to have to scroll down last week's CR if I can avoid it.

Ghost in the Shell> Yes, it had a plot. The 'bad guy' was a sentient computer program, developed by the military, and now trying to become truly alive by reproducing. It chose the heroine (who's name I can't remember) as its mate because she was its 'opposite' a living being who had become a machine instead of the other way around.

She had to take off her clothes to use her camoflauge for 2 reasons. First, because her stealth coating was part of her skin, and second, because the artist wanted a chance to draw a naked woman. Really.

Episode review, moderate spoilers. Beware.
I guess SOSN was pretty good. I enjoyed it while I was reading it, and I loved all the pictures. It just came off a bit hollow, and maybe too rushed for my taste. I also think it's about time for a Pendragon episode, don't you guys?

My next long, obnoxious post will probably be an analysis of Pendragon and a list of suggestions for what to do with it and why it deserves to be a stand alone series again. (Arthur's cool, Arthur's cool, Arthur's cool...)
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:18:48 PM

It seems people are straining with my fifth riddle... here's a few clues:

1: It is disgustingly physichally present, part of any animal's anatomy.
2: One cannot live without it, the part of the riddle that cowards have it not, is merely speaking figuratively.

Well, as always, I want comments on Manxine


Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:07:53 PM

Hi Cyrway. Sorry to hear about your job, but maybe it was for the best.

Mandi> I know, I know, but DiCaprio was cool while he was in it. That's why I wanted the role. (Besides, after I get shot by Gene Hackman, Clint Eastwood'll show up and shoot him for me ;)


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 01:56:25 PM

*Drags herself into the CR.*

Hey, Folks...

As you may or may not know, I lost my job. Thus, if you have anything going to my account, please send it to . Personally, I needed to get out of that place. I'm in the process of looking for a job, and if anyone has an suggestions...

It's not the end for me,'s just the beginning... >:)


Cyrway - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 01:44:07 PM

Oopsie ... _now_ you can click on my name ; )

Monday, June 21, 1999 01:14:56 PM

New on my site:
"Precocious," story #56 in my ongoing saga (hmm, that only leaves 23 to go before I outnumber actual episodes! Getting there, getting there! <g>)
Demona and Jericho pic in the Annex, by Demona May (adult eyes only, remember)
Check the "Scenes from Stories" section of the Gallery for a couple of Goliath and Elisa pics.
Updated my "Ramblings," if you're in the mood for more ceaseless babble from Christine.

Go to or click on my name for convenient, handy-dandy links.

Now, dredging up some stuff from last week which I missed because life has been so crazy lately ...

Paul > as I recall, all I said was something along the lines of "this is why I don't play video games." Complete with a ; ) on the end. A winky smiley, to show I was in a jesting mode. And it was in response to someone else's comment about there not being many sexy ones. I have nothing against violence. Good grief, I've been a gamer since 1981 and that's another forum that is largely violence -- most any game system spends more time on its combat rules than anything else. I certainly did not badmouth or insult any video games. So if you please, keep your glares to yourself and read for context next time, wouldja?

To my defenders > thanks, though it really all seems to be a misunderstanding; sorry I wasn't around for the past few days to clear it up myself.

For the record > I have never yet purposefully written anyone from the comment rooms into a fic just for revenge (though there is a character in the 2nd and 3rd MageLore books who is based on someone I used to know and loathe). I will confess, though, there have been times when I've been _really_ tempted ...

SOSN > haven't had a chance to read it yet, don't know when I will, but thanks for the mention in the credits!

See some of you in just a few more days! Looking forward to the game, if we can just work out the timing of it!

Christine - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 01:14:07 PM

Now that the room doesn't take an hour to load up, I'm back! (Actually, I had a chance to post Friday, but it was crazy around here.)

Went to my stepdad's game at Camden Yards for the Oriole Baseball Fantasy Camp on Saturday. It was great, his team won... but I couldn't get MacFarlane's autograph for Dave. Turned out his team was playing the last game while my stepdad's played the second, and if I wanted to wait around for four hours to get a signature, I would have had to walk home along the Beltway. Oh well.

Robby> **hugs** I'm so sorry. I don't know what you're going through, but I know what it's like to lose someone close to you. My step-grandmother passed away Thursday night.

Heather> **hugs too** I'm sorry about your friend. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really am.

Toku Kaioto as CR Sage> Sounds good to me.

Spike> Get those kids into the pool more often. :) Absolutely beautiful artwork for this week.

Tarzan Action Figure> Ehh. I'm still trying to get my hands on the Austin Powers action figures.

Father's Day> Oy. Dad wasn't getting back from his Myrtle Beach golfing trip until late Sunday evening... or so I thought. Called him yesterday afternoon, got no answer, so I decided to go along with Mom and my stepdad's family out to dinner. Tried again on the way home, and Dad picked up. He came back a day early and didn't bother to let me know. I felt like an idiot, but he didn't expect anything. Sigh...

Wild West in the CR> Er... I *know* I wouldn't be in the Miss Kitty role. Is there another female cliche other than that? I'd be the character Sharon Stone played in "Quick and the Dead" if she wasn't so depressing in that flick. (But DiCaprio died in the middle of the film.)

Coyote> Read the first installment! I love it!

A last bit of info before I leave: it's not as good as the Twisted Mego Theater comic, but it's pretty funny anyway. Click my name for a friend's comic "The Phantom Menace: Waiting in Line for Star Wars." Hey, I'm sure a lot of people can relate. :)

As Ironwolf said, back to the grind now...

Mandi Ohlin - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:53:06 PM

great story.
Spoiler I guess****
Did any one catch the robot line at the batchler party?
I noticed some other fanfic pulls too. That was great! sorry I was lol (and since I'm at work some people gave me some weird looks)back to the grind
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:49:13 PM

Warpmind> Sorry!! I'm really sorry for messing up. I hadn't read your post carefully before answering. Sorry!

Sylvia> Cowards lack a pillow? I don't think so.

*** Spoilers for 'Something Old, Something New' ***

Very nice and humorous story, necessary light and fun after so much darkness. Don't have time for that much commentary, just a couple of comments.

I very much liked seeing all those characters. Is these breaking the record for the number cameos and guest? There were an awful lot in there.

Will Graeme see the London video in its entirety, and will he understand who Lucy is?

There's too much importance given to genetics and biology where parentage is concerned. Two examples: Delilah isn't Demona's and Elisa's child except in the most genetic and biological of senses. The same way Lex needn't consider Brentwood his son, Demona needn't consider Delilah hers. I don't find her reaction strange or overly bad, or needing correction, considering Thailog was cheating her with Delilah, and Delilah almost murdered Angela. (Except the 'abomination' comment ofcourse) The second example is with Hudson's mate being special to Broadway. Oh, please. He had many rookery mothers, and making his biological one more significant than other is missing the whole point. Remember that it was a wrong or evil system that the Gargoyles had. They were not being morally wrong, or unlearned in that they didn't recognise personal children. It was their way and in some ways it was even superior than the human way concerning the subject.

Therefore, please don't go there. Don't make Hudson's mate or Hudson himself more special to Broadway than to others. Names, okay. But keep the ancient rookery parentage untied to biological concerns.

Nice comments and Godiva in-jokes. :)

*** End spoilers ***

Aris Katsaris
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:50:35 AM

Aaron wanders in, shaking water out of his hair.

I hate going downtown, especially in the rain. My car doesn't have the best wet traction, and wet roads seem to amplify the front wheel de-alignment. But I digress...

Robby, Heather JackaL> I'm sorry. (Hugs)

Sobotka> I'm coming in the morning of the 25th, probably around 8:30. See ya then, roomie. And why don't you bring that mecha in. If nothing else, we can use it so squash DC.

SJ> I read somewhere Paramount wasn't going to do another ST film until Lucas had finished releasing his new trilogy, to avoid competition. Also because Patrick Stewart didn't want to do another one for a while. Also, did you read the article in time about Dolly the cloned sheep showing signs of premature aging? Shades of Genesis Undone?

Wilek> You just watched Ghost in the Shell too? Spooky. My only question was why did the heroine have to get naked to use her holo-camaflage, when no one else did?

Coyote> Sorry, I just have this hilarious image flopping around yelling "I'm in pain! And hysterical! And wet!" :)

Doug> Wild west eh? I wanna be like DiCaprio's character in The Quick and the Dead. Which leads to image of Demona as Sharon Stone's character. Hmmmmm....

SOROW> I'm sorry, that thing Tarzan's wearing is not a loincloth. It's a hankie.

The Stars> (Does voice of Phil for Mighty Ducks) There's hockey in Texas? Kidding. ;)

*********Review w/spoilers the Austin Powers II***********

I have to say, I liked it better then the first one. (But then, I gave the first one 3.5 on a 10 scale, mostly on Seth Green's performance, so..) But over all, I thought it was okay.

They had more actual Bond-type in-jokes, including the song at the beginning. And the Jerry Springer scenes are hilarious. Seth Green almost steals the movie, with his continual running criticism of Dr. Evil's plans, there's a few fun celeb cameos, Mini-me is cool, and the soundtrack, if it has the stuff in the movie, would be worth picking up.

But my favorite part would have to be the product placement jokes, which poke fun at exactly what's wrong with the Bond franchise these days.

My only complaints were:

I didn't like Fat Bastard. I thought he contributed nothing to the movie, although he does have one really great line.

The second spaceship sequence. Once was funny, twice...

Annnnnnnd.. Insufficient Mr. Bigglesworth.

Overall, 3 (of five) skulls, and worth seeing at a matinee.

End review.


Aaron wanders away humming Blondie's "Call Me"

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:49:45 AM

New episode, two words; I cried ! I loved it, it was funny, romantic, and it would have made a great tv ep. Though some of the parts have to be edited. **looks in Spike's direction with a evil smile**
Also, I think it's kinda time for some you to see a picture...the real me. So click.

Heather - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:36:53 AM

Christi and Patrick - thank you.
That was a wonderful story and well worth the time to read it here at work. Thanks again.

Trey - []
Jackson, MS
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:35:24 AM

***Something Old, Something New***
A few words- (clears throat) WOW! WONDERFUL! AWESOME! TERRIFIC! GREAT PICS! HILARIOUS! 13.25/10 stars

side note- great pics, try making more eps with this many pics

Warpmind- 2-pillow? (jus' wonderin)

That's it-

Sylvia - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 11:26:36 AM

About this weeks ep--one word


Monday, June 21, 1999 11:01:58 AM

Sorry for the double post
Monday, June 21, 1999 09:59:30 AM

I dunno see the pics in the new ep. Whats wrong? Anyone who could help, perhaps? PLEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 1999 09:58:14 AM

I dunno see the pics in the new ep. Whats wrong? Anyone there who can help? PLEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 21, 1999 09:56:35 AM

**enters briefly, switching out the candles**

Bad link: Grr ... damned typos! **breaks fingers**
The link was bad because I only put one "l" in "Collide." This one should work.

Those who managed to get through: **grins widely** I certainly hope the rest of WCC lives up to the buildup it's received. Thanks. :)

SJ, re: worshipping at the altar of Cyrway: Now y'see why I've got so much of her stuff in my Gallery. (Okay, I only really commissioned one pic from her (Liberty), but she's such a nice person she did all the ones she did.)

I'll be back later ...

**leaves to count the minutes until Friday**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, June 21, 1999 09:22:03 AM

Thank you very much!! **lady-like curtsey**
(Been watching "My Fair Lady" again; It tends to rub off on me.)

The huge number of illustrations in "Something Old, Something New" were brought to you courtesy of the Mesquite Parks and Recreation Department. *laughs* My kids had swimming lessons for the past two weeks so I packed along my art kit and drew for almost an hour every day. Scary, isn't it? If you'd like to see the pic that DIDN'T make it past S&P, <click!> my name. I don't know why.... everything's covered....

Monday, June 21, 1999 08:32:30 AM

Hi all!!

New ep:I loved it congatulations to everybody who had a hand in it,the pictures were great especially the one of Ariana.:-)

Heather:I'm sorry to hear about your friend:-(Suicide doesn't solve anything it just leaves more questions and a lot of pain for those left behind.

Goodnight all!!

Melbourne, victoria, Australia
Monday, June 21, 1999 07:58:30 AM

Four more days til we all get together.

::Sniff:: What a beautiful wedding ::Sniff::

I echo a growing request. I WANT TO SEE THE HALLOWEEN PARTY. Please. Just to see Demona 'in' costume and what probably was a really wild night.


Theresa - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 06:20:14 AM

Sylvia: Sorry. You got number 1,2,4 and 6 correct, I'll be nice regarding number 5 (correct answer: COIN) but I've yet to hear of someone's head resting on courage. Sorry, no cigar. Anybody else care to try? Hey, at least five out of six ain't all that bad, eh? And thanks for the... uh... timing. You guys run six hours behind my zone. Well, frankly, so do I.

Gotta scoot.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Monday, June 21, 1999 04:46:43 AM

Well, I'd certainly love to read the director's cut of *that* episode. I wonder how many tries it took to get it past S&P. After seeing mention of Christine providing the cake, I spent the entire episode expecting to hear "Mr. Roboto"... *evil grin* It was a wonderfully written episode and it showed some things I think we've all been waiting for including Richard talking about George's death and Goliath looming menacingly over Broadway, playing the overprotective father (even if he was just pretending). It was also amusing to see what happened to one of the surviving halflings. How long will it be before we run into another? Also, here was another mention of the Halloween party. Will we ever get a flashback of the whole thing? The story had some great lines. My favorites were Ariana complaining that she looked like Brooklyn in drag and Xanatos saying they should have just built a robot (heh heh heh, we all know what happened in the universe where he did *that*). As usual, the art was fantastic. I especially liked the pic of Ariana, Graeme, and Nudnik on the floor and the pic of Broadway and Angela at the end. Why can't all the stories have this many great drawings? I only have a few complaints about the story. First of all, the flashback was okay, but it started out way too long and detailed only to be concluded in just a few sentences, which seemed rather anticlimactic. My second complaint is about Graeme at the bachelor party. If Brooklyn thinks he's too young to hear about sex, why would he let the kid attend a party he knew was going to have a stripper (I'm assuming Sata didn't know about the stripper or she probably wouldn't have let either of them attend). But, overall, it was still a very good episode.
***** END SPOILERS FOR "SO,SN" *****

Zath - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 03:58:21 AM

Heather: I'm so sorry about your friend. **hugs**

Wilek: I have a copy of Ghost in the Shell. One of my all-time favorite movies. Slightly confusing, but what the hell, it rocks anyway. :)


Ordell: I believe you wondered who created Crusade? (If I remember correctly, anyway ...) It was J. Michael Straczynski, creater of Babylon 5, and story editor of numerous TV shows, including Walker, Texas Ranger; Murder, She Wrote; He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; The Real Ghostbusters ... and a bunch that I don't even remember at the moment. Busy guy. :)

Tarzan Action Figure: His fist pumps up and down as he bellows?? I have GOT to get me one of those!!

Coyote: Oops. Okay, well, I'm glad you enjoyed "Darryl at the Bat," then. hehe. As for the case about that cussing guy ... all I can do is shake my head. They said he could be heard a quarter of a mile away. Yeah, right. I just don't get it. If a guy cusses around me, I either laugh or ignore him. If he cusses *at* me, I either cuss back at him or just flip him off. It wouldn't even occur to me to file charges against him. But I guess I'm just kooky that way ...

Pistoff - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 03:20:56 AM

In honor of Broadway and Angela's wedding, I've pulled this song out... But since I've already played the classical wedding march for Maggie and Talon's wedding, as well as the two RL weddings that took place for a few of our dwellers recently, I decided to go with something slightly different and play "The Marriage of Figaro".
Robby the CR DJ
Monday, June 21, 1999 02:00:00 AM

Sorry for the 2x post, but, well, I just have to say....

Coyote: You are the man. Dear God, I can't wait for the rest of WCC!!!!

Sevarius Jr.
Monday, June 21, 1999 01:02:20 AM

Argh, too late (thought it's over for now ?)
I don't get the time difference.

21.Juni.1999 6.44 AM

First looking through => GREAT PICS, Girlgoyles ??? Hu

Tom - []
Leoben, Schwarzenegger, AUSTRIA
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:49:44 AM

****BEGIN RP!!!!****
Outside the palace, the glorious sun is slowly beginning to rise. Soon, dawn will be upon the land of Oz. Eisner, under the protection of a spell, would not be harmed...but his army would be significantly weakened. The heroes know that if they can survive the battle just a few moments longer, they have a shot of winning the day. That is, if they can ever succeed in killing Eisner.
The Kindred prince threw back his head and laughed. "Poor, pathetic *mortals*. You should know by now that nothing can stop me. Nothing, and no one!"
"You are wrong!" the ghost of Walt Disney called out. "There is one who will put an end to your blight on this land. Look, he comes now, even as we speak!"
Indeed, inside the portal of white light that Walt had conjured, a figure began to appear. Slowly, what first appeared as a shadow amongst the light began to take a more distinctive form, until finally, all could see who it was that Walt had called.
And when they did see who this mysterious stranger was, everyone gasped in shock. Vampires and ghouls, flying monkeys and demons, even the heroes all stood silent, the battle forgotten momentarily as they stood in awe at the figure that stepped out confidantly from portal.
Eisner held a look of total and utter horror upon his face. "No..." he groaned softly. "NO! Not HIM! ANYONE but HIM!!!"
There was one being in this multiverse that Eisner feared. It was the man standing before him now on the throne platform. It was....

RP conclusion tonight. It's sort of controversial too, at least in our world. You'll see why later on. I hope I don't step on any toes here.

If case you folks haven't heard the news yet, sometime today (or maybe yesterday, I'm not 100 percent sure), author Stephen King was struck near his home by a van. The author required surgery, but has now been upgraded to stable condition. Before you ask, no, the name of the van was not Christine. But the worse thing is....
Okay, that was corny. Sorry folks ;)

Wild West in the CR!!!
Hmm...I suppose I could be the town's doctor. Or dentist. Yeah, I could be sorta like Doc Holliday...without that drinking problem....Deuce and Robby are the sheriffs...Kaioto could be like Cain in "Kung Fu", you know, the traveling sage who also kicks booty when called for...JackaL would have to be the sort of "Black Bart" of the town....I'm not gonna pick any female in here to take the "Miss Kitty" role, cause frankly I don't want my arms ripped off. ;0)

Father's Day: It went pretty good today. Even though my dad and I don't really get along well, he was pretty much okay today. I hope all the rest of you had a great Father's day, especially those of us in here who actually ARE dads (I think JackaL and Stephen qualify, if I'm not mistaken). Happy Dad's day to you!

Dallas Stars: Yeah, yeah, yeah, Stanley Cup, la dee frickin' da.
Actually, I bear no ill will towards the Stars. I was pulling for my home team the Capitals, but when they didn't even make it to the playoffs (grrrrr), I found myself rooting for the Avalanche....but then they were eliminated, so I went with the team my sister wanted to win, that being Buffalo. But, the better team one, I suppose.
However, I am totally and completely behind the Spurs. Let's go San Antonio! Sweep the series, baby!!!

Wilek: I feel the same way about "Ghost in the Shell". Great animation, but confusing plot. Still, it is a favorite anime of many.

Finally.....I must perform a bit of ass-kissing right now.
**Sevarius Jr. quickly moves to another section of the CR, where a large altar has been already set up. Upon the altar is small statue of Amy Cyrway, which SJ begins to bow to and worship fervently. "Though art my goddess! I pledge thee allegiance, my queen! And now...the blood sacrifice!" SJ brings a bound and gagged DC into view, placing the struggling immortal at the foot of the altar. He raises a silver ceremonial dagger high above his head and....
"On second thought, the sacrifice should probably wait..."****
Why such carrying on? Cause Amy had just sent me this weekend a beautiful pencil sketch of....well, ME! Yes, finally Sevarius Jr. has a face! CLICK ON MY NAME TO SEE WHAT I LOOK LIKE!!! Then worhip at the altar of Cryway as I do!!

There was one being in the multiverse Eisner feared. One being who truly could destroy him. And he stood before him now. It was....
It was Greg Weisman.
"HOLY <<CENSORED>>!!!" SJ screamed.
"Sorry I'm late folks," Weisman said cheerfully. "I came as soon as Walt called. Looks like just in the nick of time, too."
He turned to Eisner, his face suddenly serious. "Well, Eisner, we meet again. I can't really say I'm surprised to see you like this; you always were a bit of a bloodsucker. And now you've taken over the land of Oz, enslaved it's people...well, I'm here to end it, old 'friend'. I'm gonna do what I should have done a long time ago--take your head!"
"NEVER!" the Kindred screamed. In his hand appeared suddenly a very large, very sharp broadsword, which the vampire handled with ease. "It is YOU who will die tonight!"
With amazing skill, Greg moved over to the unconscious Lion, and using his foot, kicked his sword up into the air, catching it with his hand. He pointed the weapon at Eisner with the ease of an experienced swordsman. "Shut up and fight," he said calmly.
Eisner lunged, his sword thrusted forward, but Greg was too quick. He swiftly flipped out of the way, and moved to strike a blow of his own. Eisner moved out of the way just in time to avoid any serious injury. The two clashed swords, both grunting with effort to get the upper hand. With his free hand, Greg curled it into a fist, and let loose with a tremendous blow that smashed squarely into Eisner's mouth--shattering several fangs. The vampire howled in pain, clutching it's mouth.
Thrust after thrust, slice after slice, each opponent blocked the other's attack. The fight had only begun moments earlier, but it seemed like hours to everyone else. The entire throne platform was their arena, with Eisner using his vampiric strength to attempt to gain the advantage, while the superior agility and speed of Greg Weisman kept him out of danger and allowed him to keep on the offensive. Finally, Eisner, being the villain that he was and desperate for victory, played dirty--he cast a spell upon Weisman. Instantly, Greg was down on his knees, wincing in pain and holding his head. Eisner triumphantly held his sword above his head, ready to strike the killing blow. He smiled through broken teeth. "Now it ends!"
The next thing he felt was the cold steel of Greg's sword as it entered his belly. Greg looked the vampire in the eyes. "Sorry to fool you," he said, with a lopsided grin. "But did I forget to mention that your magic doesn't work on me?"
Eisner's face held a look of seething anger...and defeat. It was the last expression he held as Greg's sword swiftly cut through his neck, the weapon cleaving flesh and bone. With a sickening thud, Eisner's body fell lifeless to the ground...never to arise again. Greg stood over the corpse. "Goodbye, 'boss.' "
As Eisner fell, the vampires and ghouls clutched their heads in agony, their blood bond link with their master severed. And as the first rays of dawn entered into the palace, the kindred began burst into flames. The ghouls simply slumped to the ground, their resources spent. The demons crept to the shadows. And the Wicked Tribe, seeing that the battle was lost, began to retreat back from the palace into the wilds of Oz. Some of the heroes began to set off after them, but realizing that enough blood had been shed this night, they gave up the chase.
SJ sat down on the floor of the throne platform, and breathed in a deep sigh. He began to laugh to himself softly. " IS over." And he meant it.

Sevarius Jr. - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:44:12 AM

Just read the new ep!
Great pictures!

*eats lots of cake and sets up signs of Congrads*

Bronx Wyven - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:39:50 AM

Coyote > your link doesnt seem to be working......
Dags - []
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:39:45 AM

**Kyryn sticks her head back in***

Ok, so I'm not quite dead yet...

Kudos to the writers of SOSN for a wonderful story!

Coyote>Excellent! Let's lock and load and rock and roll!

**Kyryn disappears for the night***

Uvalde, TX
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:22:08 AM


[Anoth and Dahak are in the midst of a titanic duel of magic as the clock counts down. By now, much of the Star Destroyer's crew has evacuated in escape pods and shuttlecraft, and many have been captured, assimilated, or destroyed by the Avatar Of Ganon's science ships. Dahak: "Vice-Admiral *Thorne*, eh? You have a better sense of humor than you let on--namely, you have one in the first place. I didn't know you'd ever watched The Omen." Anoth: "All things considered, it seemed only appropriate." The clock is down to three minutes...]


I watched an anime called Ghost In The Shell earlier. Has anyone else here seen this? Stunning artwork, but weird, weird movie. I didn't catch the first half hour, so I don't have a clue what, if anything, the thing was about...

Sleep Paralysis> If I'm not mistaken, both of you who have reported sleep paralysis--Jenniren and Xanathar?--have also reported feeling like there's someone in the room with you when it strikes? I believe that's a common side effect of sleep paralysis, and, in its more severe cases, is responsible for a good portion of alien abduction reports.

Heather> Oh, no...a friend committed suicide? <sigh> That's always so hard to take. <hugz> I'm so sorry. Oh, and on a considerably less depressing note, wonderful Sailor Midael pic. :)

Ordell> <<For the time it was made, the graphics are cool>> Dang, I wish it were emulated; I'd hate to actually have to give money to Sega just to play it. (Apologies to Sega fans, but it's long been MHO that their last really good product was the arcade version of Altered Beast. Some third party games are good though, most notably Gargs, or so I've heard, and Konami's titles.) Hey, when was the last time the ROM was tested? Genesis emulation has come pretty far, and I have what I believe are the most advanced versions of both Genesis emulators (Genecyst and KGen '98 v.04b, although better ones may have come out since then). I'd be more than happy to serve as a beta tester. <grin; half j/k> <<that game is so freaking HARD>> One moment please. <roots around in another site> Go to for the cheat codes. :)

The Fight> I have a feeling I'd better stay out of this. (Can't we all just get along? <sigh>)

Official CR Dweller Titles> Hm...I wonder what I would be. Official Tech Psycho? ^_^ As for others...perhaps Christine could be the official madam? Seductress? Succubus? Westheimerist? <G>

Coyote> Heh...that answer isn't just abstract, it's absurdist. ;P (Or perhaps not; the absurdist answer is to spank a singing fish while slapping oneself in the face with a large steak from atop a very tall pair of stilts...)


<<The authors wish to extend special thanks to Christine Morgan, who provided the cake>> For no reason that I can discern, I just got a very weird feeling about this episode. :) OK, first Christine provides the cake and now we hear of a bachelor party. I just know that the S&P dept. is tied up in a closet somewhere. <<But those are just parties. What harm can come from them? ~Angela>> <maniacal laughter> Oh my word, this is amusing. Anyone here familiar with what happens to celebrations in my ficverse? >:) <<"Wouldn't Mom just love that," she said as she recalled the brave front Diane had put up as she fussed over Claw's decorating efforts>> I just got a very vivid mental image of Claw attempting to supervise any redecoration project. Is it possible to hurt oneself laughing? :) Ech, there are a lot of flashbacks in this one. Am I the only one who typically skims through those? <<This insignia." She tugged at the man's leather jerkin to pull it into the light, revealing an embossed circle surrounded a flying bird painted black with the recessed areas dyed a bloody scarlet. "This is Lord Ravyn's man. He bears his mark.">> Hm...intriguing. <casts a sidelong glance at Coyote> I just wonder...$OK, what's going on? That bird thing is a fair description of the sigil of the Black Ravens.$ <<"With Fox running the show, that girl has no idea what she's in for tonight.">> And more of that weird feeling. Why do I keep envisioning a clock, counting down to something...strange? This whole episode has been like something right out of the Twilight Zone. Not that I'm complaining, mind. :) But it's a rather a lot to absorb in such a short time. <<Ah-ah-ah," Xanatos cautioned, cutting Broadway off as the big turquoise gargoyle went for another taste. "This cake isn't for eating just yet.>> The minute hand reaches 9, and the clock chimes the three-quarter hour. Whatever's going to happen...heh heh heh. I wonder if the dancer died. Hope so; I was starting to really despise her...Oh shoot, she lived. Pity, that; she'd have made a fine meal. Wait a minute...first Elisa's parents are in Chicago. Then they're in Dallas. When did they decide to go cross-country? sounds like Maeve is getting the wrong end of the Sisters' attentions. Hee hee hee. >:)


Coyote, that scene near the beginning with Miriam and Mike was *priceless*. >:) And of course, everything else was absolutely wonderful, as I've come to expect from you. <G> I already adore this thing and it's just begun. I can't wait for the rest! :D


[Time is running out, and Anoth and Dahak are at a rather thorough stalemate. Anoth: "You can't defeat us. Even if you survive this duel and escape, we will find you and we will destroy you for your many crimes." Dahak: "Crimes? If you wish to speak of crimes, speak of your own pitiful society. The mortal world is decaying without proper leadership. Not like long ago, when *my* race were the lords of the earth. And then your people discovered iron, and ended the age of gods and monsters. Thailog and his forces are the key to returning this planet to a golden age, a dark utopia!" Anoth: "Destruction? Slavery? Genocide? You call *this* a utopia?!" Dahak: "They matter not. Nothing matters, except my ascension as rightful ruler of this world!" One minute and thirty seconds left...]

**END RP!**

Wilek Nereus
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:20:31 AM

Aha! Take that, Dis!

Here's the correct link for Coyote's new stuff!

Kyryn - [<<-CLICKY!!CLICKY!!!]
Uvalde, TX
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:11:40 AM

**Kyryn comes in, not on the road for once.***

Darn! One Sunday night that I'm home and I miss the top ten. Ah well...

Heather> Keep up the good work!

Zath> No. The San Antonio media are ignoring the Stars; but then, Dallas is ignoring the Spurs. It all depends on where you are.

Coyote> My friend, you need to try again. That link is giving a NOT FOUND error. I think you need to go kill Dis. Darn. I'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to read things. I'm off to bed shortly.

**Kyryn heads for the shower and bed***

Uvalde, TX
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:08:55 AM

*enters, applauding* Beautiful episode guys, beautiful, kudos to the lot of ye
but that is not the only reason for the postings, I was thinking of starting an RP, like so many others, is there some kind of how-to guide? you know like the "ten fanfic commandments" or something like that? in the meantime, who wants to be included?

shogun raptor
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:05:03 AM

I'm about half way through the new episode. The story is pretty good so far, and the art is beautiful. Lots more than usual, too.

Now, let's see...Here we go
May Morpheus be kind and gentle, may Hera be vigilant, and may Apollo be quiet, and maybe a few minutes late.
David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Monday, June 21, 1999 12:00:27 AM

*runs in*
Yessss top ten!
I hope :)

Bronx Wyvern - []
Sunday, June 20, 1999 11:05:33 PM

top 10?
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:56:43 PM

Top ten, hopefully.

Click my name ... I always like to keep a promise.

**returns to fixating on the candle**

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:55:31 PM

Top Ten!

Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:53:40 PM

Fourth or Fifth...maybe sixth.....
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:48:59 PM

Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:43:26 PM

Lawrence Stone - []
Chillicothe, Ohio, U.S.A.
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:42:03 PM

2st or 3rd !
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:41:16 PM

1st !
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:39:50 PM

Stephen Coldstone Sobotka, Jr.
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:39:20 PM

Top 10! Real post later.
Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:39:15 PM


From old traditions come new beginnings.

Something Old, Something New

Written by: Christi Smith Hayden and Patrick Toman
With contributions by: Kathy Pogge

Illustrations by: Christi Smith Hayden

Sunday, June 20, 1999 10:38:05 PM