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Just a quick note: I'm going on a little field training exercise so I probably won't be posting anymore this week. It's supposed to be around 20 degrees colder than what it is right now so please pray for warm weather. I don't want to end up like those poor frozen cows.

Hitler evil- I'm not going to go that far since I don't like making that big of an opinion on someone I've never met. I will say however that he was INSANE and that I'm glad that I never met him.

Great news- I just found out that the Superman movies are going to be released in May! What can I say, those movies taught me to use my imagination as a child. I'd say that they helped learn to have an open mind.

Christine- Congrats on your brothers twins. Tell him he's in for one wild ride. My parents tried for 9 years to have kids and when they finally gave up, they got two. One boy and one girl, well they asked for it.

Well I've got to head out now. Loved the new Eps. Later.

Jaden - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 07:34:41 PM

Alright, I got a lot of updating the BFTS RP archive. I am personally offering a reward to anybody that I can come up with missing CR archives. My next goal is update it to this week.

Hmm. Let's see.
Top Ways DPH plans on spending his increased earnings (not in any particular order)
1) visits to a back specialist
2) new PC
3) personal phone line
4) buying a few trademarks of variants on 'dph of rules'
5) trips to visit online friends
6) personal vehicle
7) counseling to increase my level of sanity

On to replies. Mabye this post will make before the wipe or maybe NOT.

Mary Flanders - Hehehe. I still have trouble to this day remembering the difference between sine and cosine, but no trouble remembering what tangent was. So I was cheated to figure out what sine and cosine were.

Thankfully, I have not been harassed since then. I think the idiot may have got himself into serious trouble by his actions.

That's all folks.

DPH - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 06:51:21 PM

Emambu>I'm in Trig Functions. I got a B in the spring of my junior year in Algebra 2/Trig and thought Intro Anaylisis(sp?) would be too hard. I could have not taken a math class, since only three years are needed minimum but my mom's all, "Hehe...YOU are TAKING a MATH CLASS!" >.< Thanks for the advice for dealing with my creative writing teacher. :)
Mary Flanders
Saturday, February 10, 2001 02:46:02 PM

*Emambu strolls in*

Not much to talk about. College life is keeping me busy as well as the current move of my website. I tell you, nothing is more fun then having to organize 200 pages worth of reviews, articles, interviews, and previews in addition school work and trying to maintain a social life. :) The good news for being so busy: got an A on my Spanish exam (que bueno) and an A on a history term paper about the holocaust. So, let's see what's been going on...

Firestorm: Hey man, I never said parenting was easy. It's wrought with tough decisions. I mean, how do you raise a group of young like-thinkers, driving towards the same goal: expansion of the hive? What do you when the survivors reach adolescence and begin to challenge your authority? Many parents have often strived to find that balance. It can be difficult knowing when to let the little scamps run amok, feed off the living while using their bodies as incubators, and when to put your tail down and rip out their throats. Obviously, I would never suggest that your children have all the fun lest your hive perceive it as a sign of weakness. Certainly this was your work place, with inferior humans that you despised. You should be the one having fun. I just hope that you can find the answers to these arduous questions all the while achieving a state of clarity.

DPH: AAAAAH! *hides under the covers* Actually, you should be lucky the guy doesn't keep pestering you with chat invitations. That can get really annoying, believe me.

Jannie: My congratulations for your son making Eagle Scouts! I look forward to the numerous pictures. :)

Gside: I guess you're right. Actually, I've already put in a name change request. From here on out, the choir shall address me as Carol. I'm reading a lot of Dilbert too so I can hone in on that bitter, defeated personality. *reads further* Actually, I figure it's one of two things. Either what we perceive to be the first, second, and third dimensions really are the first, second, and third dimensions, or the Aliens are just humoring us. I can't decide which. BTW, if woaltise is an accent for voltage, then what's the accent? Russian, Chinese, something else? Also, you really visited my site? Hmm... I think you're lying. :) Pop quiz: What's the theme of my site?

Aaron: I don't think rankled's a strong enough word to describe the half time show. I kept hoping that Steven Tyler would pick up the mic stand and smash it over Justin's head. Alas, my wish was not granted. BTW, I think one of the reasons Eimenem did not do the halftime show was because of his stances on certain issues and the content in his songs. BTW, the Sixers have now dropped four of their last six (with the most recent loss to Houston by 25... at home). Blazers, Lakers, and Kings have also been dropping a few while the Wolves and Spurs are streaking. Hmmm...

Warpmind: Sir, you have offended me. I'm not mercilessly betting on your luck. Far from it, I only take the safe bets. Sure, you can call me a wussy but I like those 5/1 odds. Besides, I can't be there in person to see the fireworks so I need to find alternative methods. That said, how would like your half of the profit: money order, check, or something else? BTW, I had thought that Despair and Deliverance was coming out on Christmas Day. That fell through but then I heard about two weeks ago that it was coming out soon. It could still get released before March. :)

Lain: I always thought Nudnik was more of Graeme's pet after the TGS episode "Disobedience." However, it wouldn't make too much sense for Lynati to use Graeme's pic. :) In any event, I think you broke their code.

Niamhgold: Hey, good to hear from you and that school is treating you kindly! Hope your ankle heals soon (you should get one of your guy friends to just carry you up and down the stairs) and best of luck the rest of the semester.

Dreamie: as the Romans. Had to finish it for you. :) *blinks* You've never seen 2010? Come on, it's got Roy Scheider, John Lithgow, and Helen Mirren. That alone makes it worth watching. :) Seriously, it is a good movie. BTW, if you're bringing the beachball, I'll bring the frisbees, and possibly the volleyball too. :) *reads further* I think the best impersonation I saw on SNL was Dana Carvey doing George Bush sr. But I am going to enjoy the comedy that comes out of these next four years. I watched "The Daily Show" the other day and I enjoyed Jon Stewart's line on Dubbya's policy to try and bring Church and State together: "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Fund a religious group to give a man a fish and he'll eat as long as he attends morning services." :p

Pistoff: Hey no problem. You know it's kind of weird. I've been hearing about these joyrides ever since I started posting here, and now I get to see them first hand. :)

Caliope: Well, I got the year differentiation right. Just in the wrong direction *grin* Hmmm... you seemed hyper in your last post, even by your standards. Any special reason? :)

Daniel Johnson: My condolences on the death. I will say a prayer for Melinia Stanika tonight.

Mary: Here's what you do: print out a copy of "Despair and Deliverance," a work of fanfiction by a very talented author/artist, and show it to your creative writing teacher. Ask her to read it and gauge her opinion. Next, explain to her that that piece is currently being put into production. Now ask your teacher how many stories she's written that have been put into a play production. ;) Good luck. BTW, what kind of Math are you currently studying?

Daphne: Yeah, I think I'm with you on this one *pops a few sour grapes into his mouth*. :)

SJ: I don't know, I thought the NFL had a great season this year. Tons of records were broken ranging from the insignificant (first time in history two consecutive kick-off returns were run back for TD's) to the spectacular (the Ravens defense, which after 20 games still hasn't given up more points then the '85 Bears who held the previous record after 16 games). We literally saw one of the best defenses ever. In the span of a year, we watched the entire mentality of the game get turned on its ear. Last year, the prevailing thought was that offense wins the championships as evidenced by the Rams. This year that got turned around. Instead, we watched the two top defenses play (which might explain why some people didn't find it very entertaining). Then there's fact that this year was versatile. None of this years divisional winners won their division last year. None of the four conference finalists were super bowl contenders last year. We watched last years top teams (Colts, Rams) falter and faltering teams (Eagles, Saints, Raiders) rise. I didn't find anything mediocre about it. Just my personal, drawn out opinion though.

BTW, don't you know that human liver is best served with a rice pilaf? French fries... pah! :)

Winterwolf: Well, it doesn't look like there's going to be anymore snow near me for a while. It's been balmy (well, I think it's been balmy anyway) all week now, and there's no sign of letting up. I'm sure all the snow's gone. *shrugs* Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. :) *reads further* Yeah, I guess secretaries can wield power if done properly *reads Dilbert for inspirational ideas* BTW, if you're heading down to Virginia Beach, I'll see you there (maybe even the missus as well) :). Heck, if my car lasts that long, I plan on driving down there. Thanks again for all your help on the tour info. Actually, if you're free the day that we sing in New York (and the distance isn't too far for you) you're more then welcome to come listen. Bring friends too. :) [/end shameless advertising] Also, I thank you for the luck on my solo but I didn't get it. Oh well, there are other songs to try for. *reads Winterwolf and Dreamie's plot* @_@ *sweatdrops* Wait... you guys don't even know what I look like! HAHA, your plot is foiled. :) One favor: could you pass on my wishes to Shadowrider? My main e-mail account is still down thanks to the server move. I'll compose an e-mail as soon as it goes back up but until then... lastly, good luck with your ISP woes. I hope everything gets cleared up soon.

Kitainia: Not a problem. And you don't have to send any condolences. We're still good friends. In fact, we're heading out to see "Shadow of the Vampire" this weekend and then watch the implosion of Three Rivers Stadium. :) There probably is one for me on the horizon, albeit the distant horizon. She's probably somewhere in Buenos Aires right now. :) BTW, no I did not know Doug was in Taiwan. What did he do there (student, intern worker, something entirely different)? *read further* You got a house?! CONGRATULATIONS!! That's great news. Sorry to hear that things are still hectic at Doug's place of work. Maybe the new guys will relieve some of the stress.

Doug: Wonderful poem. It's good to know that I've lived. :) So which CD are you getting? "Vincent" appears in several. Also, don't worry for me. I had high hopes too but such is life. I sure hope my brother quits hesitating too. Everyone knows they're in love. Neely (that's her name) even occasionally hints at marriage. Heck, Dominic (my brother) even tells me that he loves her. They both live in Philadelphia in a house that _they bought together_, for each other. *shakes head* Can I use you two as positive proof that this will be a good decision for him? :) Good luck with work. I hope the new guy ends up pulling his weight, and takes some of the strain off of you.

**********SPOILERS FOR SABLEDRAKE**********
From what I've read so far, this looks to be an extraordinary issue. Perhaps quarterly installments are the way to go since this particular one branches off in many different directions. However, despite the diversity, the feeling of Romance (the theme of the issue) reigns supreme. Take the cover art by Christi Smith Hayden: beautiful, flowing colors with the main source of light focusing on the woman in the center. This could just be me being an idiot here (there's a shocker) but the face almost looks Mrs. Hayden from an earlier self-portrait when she took on the role of a gargoyle. Regardless, it's able to capture the mood before the reader even starts clicking on the various stories.

"All that Glitters" is another example of romance that differs from the usual path. Cassia, the heroine of the story, flashes back to her youth and how she acquires her golden eyes, not too mention the ability to see in the dark. There are a lot of subtle touches that enrich the story. Cassia's character is well portrayed. She is small but by no means frail. She only wants to find her place, some sense of purpose, which eventually leads tot he dare that changes her life. I also enjoyed hearing about how her father is a dancer and her mother is a shipbuilder. Shouldn't that be the other way around? :) The plot then continues along its merry way and we finally get to the main part of the story. I was impressed by the "Beauty and the Beast" reference. Here we have the fair, possibly even attractive, Cassia alone trying to reach a stone at the end of the cavern while at the same time trying not to get killed by the Howler, a monstrous, vicious beast that freely kills anyone who gets too near to the cavern- or at least that's the local rumor. Obviously, she does run into the Howler. It was nice to watch the initial feelings of fear and anger melt away after a little bit of time until, in the end, she helps save the Howlers life. Suddenly, she finds herself no longer afraid of the big cat, and she learns that its not a monster but merely a guardian. The romance isn't one of physical attraction but one of understanding and of trust. Her gifts are given only after she helps the Howler, and so are rewards for her bravery. Overall, I got the impression that this was just one excerpt attached to a much larger story. If that's true, then I'd really like a link to the rest of it. :)

Then there's Greg Weisman's own little auto-biographical story describing his love for Gargoyles. Again, the romance here isn't as direct or as obvious. There's no physical attraction. However, like in "All that Glitters" the romance comes from understanding and emotional contentment. This is was the best job Greg Weisman ever had, according to him. The fact that he's still around years later and willing to talk about the show, answers questions about the show, work hard to get the show back on the air (or at least a spin-off), shows his dedication and the fact that he loved what he did. How many other producers or writers do you know that would even have a Ask _insert name_ forum to answer practically every question you could possibly have about the show? What a wonderful feeling it must be to know, at least in your heart if not in your head, that the job you're doing is something special and something that you can always cherish.

Funny thing is, I haven't even read every article yet. :)

**********TGS SPOILERS***********
Another wonderful episode that continues the Lex/Brooklyn conflict. Like the other two written by the author, this one is short. However, unlike the first two, there are only two real themes running through. This allows for a lot more detail and imagery. Personally, I enjoyed it.

We get to delve much deeper into Lex's personality and how he copes with what he has become. It's a interesting state, and one that does tug a little at the hartstrings of the reader. He admits he can understand why Brooklyn never told him, but it's the feeling of mistrust that gets to him. He's willing to forgive, in fact he does forgive his brother in the end, but trust is something entirely different. I do feel bad that he's losing Liz. I realize that she does have her own life, but she was a staple to Lex's grip on reality, a beacon of reason in a sea of uncertainty. Because of that, she will always be a true friend to him. Fortunately, towards the end, Lex moves on, building back up his friendship with both Broadway and Brooklyn. Towards the end, we sympathize with him after Hyena's revelation though I'm curious as to why Jackel didn't seem as weak. I do think he came down a bit too hard on Fox but that could just be old prejudice surfacing, not too mention the fact that he must be scared out of his mind. Through this story we learn just how complex Lex has become.

I must admit that I'm glad to see the Trio solidifying again. I was getting a little disheartened for a long time at seeing their strong ties to each other start to wear down. But the line, "As they flew, he realized that their friendship had not died, but was starting to bloom again" gave me new hope for them. Throughout season 1 and 2, their frienship was breaking apart slowly. Now, it can be mended. Obviously I would never expect them to spend as much time with each other as they used to, but that shouldn't weaken the bonds. Broadway says it best, "The three of us together have been through more than you could ever know."

Brooklyn's scene with Demona was well done, if a little short. But that could just be because I like both of those characters so much that I want to see more of them. :) In any event, there's a lot of references to the Timedancer episode "Requiem." In fact, I'm a little surprised that there wasn't a little blurb from it in the heading. The scene itself was great, and the picture was worth a thousand words. I still wonder what Demona was thinking right at the end. Perhaps it was acceptance at Brooklyn's friendship speech or maybe realization that she knew in heart that it was all a facade as well. I'd like to think it was the latter. Otherwise, Brooklyn told her the future, and I think that's against the rules. But if she already knew it, then I think Brooklyn's still safe. Whatever it was, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Just two mechanical errors, and none of them were serious...

"As she slipped on her morning housecoat and began to make her way towards the dinning area," [should be "dining" not "dinning." Dinning means something entirely different]

"'Where'd it come from,' Brooklyn asked as soon as they were on the roof." [question mark instead of a comma since he's asking a question]

That's it. Like I said, nothing serious. :) Overall, I well written episode. I look foward to the next part that should be arriving soon. BTW, does anyone else feel bad about Goliath? From the way this story describes him, I keep thinking the poor guy's going to have a nervous breakdown soon. *shrugs*
**********END TGS SPOILERS**********

That's all for now. Take care everyone,


Emambu - []
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:52:11 PM

wow but you know??
there be nothing like watching the end of Braveheart first thing in the morning to make you realize your life is GREAT...


Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:45:29 PM

I was just watching the new Batman Beyond, and oddly enough I think Kobra had a point. Assuming that there was no loss of intelligence(I didnt notice any from the leader), the form they chose would 1) require far less food/resources to survive day to day because of the cold blooded nature. 2) Live quite a bit longer due to the reptilian anatomy. 3) Was indeed stronger and surprisingly agile for a reptile. 4) Would be less susceptable to injury.

The only thing they messed up on in my opinion is a tail as a counterbalance which would almost assuredly have accompanied the form change.

Richard - []
Rural, NJ, USA
Saturday, February 10, 2001 11:43:21 AM

I'm still waiting for Sailor Moon the movie to come out in American theatres. It is supposed to be live action (as opposed to animated) and I forgot who was roled as Beryl but it is a famous name or something :)
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Saturday, February 10, 2001 09:49:10 AM

oops! hit submit too soon *blushes*

SJ> *screams like a girl* An Austin Powers 3??? Yippeeee!! I LOVE those movies! =D When is it expected to be released? Hehehe, I love your movie updates - keeps me informed :)

Aaron> naw, we don't need to help a state that will soon be disappearing into the ocean ;) J/K!! Besides, once CA is gone, there will be no more competition between the two states! *L* I'm just joking here! <--- personal note to anyone from California ;)

Coyote and Lady> okie dokie =) ummm, will one of ya'll email me and let me know Xena's last name? I don't think they would know who it was for if I wrote "Lisa from the CR and goes by the screen name of XenaTrek." *L*

Jannie - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 09:19:53 AM

Lain> I'm saddened that you are going thru so much turmoil in your life. When tragic things happen to us, it's easy and very common for us to either blame God or question His existence. I think some also question His existence when we pray and the prayers do not seem to be answered - at least in the way we want them to be.
One of the things I hear the most is "why did God allow these things to happen?" God gave us all a free will. He does not pull on us with puppet strings. We choose to do the things that we do. No, a child does not choose to be abused, but the person who abused the child made the choice. Humans are allowed to make their own decisions. When they don't follow God's way, then it usually gets messed up. People of a religious faith are not immune to tragedy, pain, or suffering... but they have the comfort given to them by God to help them thru such difficulties.
It must have been a horrid experience to have your mom die in your arms. I was holding my Grandmother's hand when she passed away and that was bad enough. You said, "I saw nothing. No shining lights, no pearly gates, and no fires of hell.. just a great void of nothing." That's because you weren't the one dying. Maybe your mom saw these things, but there was no reason for you to have seen such things. It would have been a spiritual experience for her and as you know, that is not something that you would have seen too.
God will "open doors" for all of us - it's our decision on whether or not we choose to walk thru those doors or not. The way is not always clear and most end up taking the wrong path, the more convienent path, or walk in blind faith. I feel that God knows our intentions and what's in our hearts and He makes a lot of exceptions for people like me who are thick headed. There is no stronger love than what God has for us - but yes, it's sometimes very difficult to know what to do and to have enough faith to hang onto His love. He doesn't expect perfection, just faith and as much obedience as we can give Him. He is a forgiving God.
I hope this didn't sound too preachy.... I'm just trying to give my POV on this particular topic. :) I'm not trying to convert anyone ;)

Saturday, February 10, 2001 08:51:59 AM

In addition:
"Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my consciousness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has preserved me from feeling isolated. The most beautiful and deepest experience a man can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of religion as well as all serious endeavour in art and science. He who never had this experience seems to me, if not dead, then at least blind. To sense that behind anything that can be experienced, there is something that our mind cannot grasp and whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly and as a feeble reflection, this is religiousness. In this sense I am religious. To me it suffices to wonder at these secrets and to attempt humbly to grasp with my mind a mere image of the lofty structure of all that is there."
- Albert Einstein -

and I'd love to know what I did to my last post to earn that lack of a graphic....
God call the Pope and says: "So there's good news and bad news. The good news is I've decided that there is to be one faith only. No more confusion" the Pope replies: "That's wonderful!"
God says: "the bad news is, I'm calling from Salt Lake City"

hyperion - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:57:47 AM

Well, I haven't been here in a short forever. Still....
lain> I know you have no idea who the hell I am, nor have any reason to pay attention to anything I say here, but I'll say a few things anyway...
On God and religion: I can assure you that thee is a higher power. God, Allah, Buddah, Shivia, whatever. He/she/it/they exist. I know I'll never convince you or anyone of that fact, but, from personal experence, I can say that there have been times in my life where, just for an instant, everything; time, space, body, mind, spirit, heart and soul, have all come together and for that one instant you can feel the pulse of something much, much larger than yourself. It's there, I've felt it...
It's purpose, I don't know. I've laid awake nights wondering why a benevolant god would permit so much suffering, and I certaly don't have the answers. The best theory I can put fourth is that God and the Devil are nothing but facets of the same being.
And I know that God does make his presence felt in the Earth, I see in every ood coincidence, in every time I feel some strange current move me in a new direction or when you manage to do something, even though everyone and everything says you will fail. I'm vcertanly not arguing predestination, but simply that God can work in very,very subtle ways...
I even felt it tonight, when I am feeling very lonely and depressed for reasons of my own, and questioning life, happiness and my very existance. I was never tyring to come here, but forwhatever reasion I puched in this URL and started reading. then I came across your posts.
I can't say they made me feel better, for no human suffering ever will, but they made me see that my own situation was not so bad. And that, in turn, lead me to write this. With any luck, this will help you maybe a little.
Doubt is the beginning of wisdom, and I'm sure that all of the CR here can help you come to terms with waht happend to you. I wish you only the best, no one should have to go through what you did. Not ever. But, life is always worth living, regardless of what happened, every day has it's own oppertunities. Don't miss them

Hyperion - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:53:34 AM

Wilek> <<Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear>>: My plan worked. Now, how to get him to stay?

Doug> <<Thanks again for the DC Death idea above>>: Actually, I was just referring to American Gothic. You know, the painting of the couple, the house and the three tined manure fork.

Warpmind> <<anime is very, very, very difficult to come by in Norway>>: Though it seems like a lot of people have been going after the OVAs. I havent' been able to get anything in a couple days.
<<I have no knowledge of who this "her" person you refer to is>>: "Her" is Shampoo, a Chinese amazon, and one of Ranma's many fiancees. She has a curse like his, but with a cat. Though I spend most of my time rooting for Mousse (the engineer of the cast, if any one is).
<<The shampoo joke was based on the meaning of the word "sham">>: Well, gotta use that manure fork for something, but that isn't what I had in mind.
<<And I'll shut my mouth right there>>: Probably an excellent idea.

Spacebabie> Quick healing with that hamstring.

Jannie> <<Any helpful tips?>>: Take pictures of pretty things. Make sure the cable fits where you try to plug it. Install the software. Have a directory to store the pictures, maybe some subdirectories for sotring. Label the filenames verbosely. Jpeg format would probably be good enough. Did I miss anything?

Aaron> <<..and she thought you were talking about...>>: Fun. A misunderstanding in a misunderstanding. Well the outer misunderstanding isn't really a misunderstanding, but close enough.
<<Six people holding up a giant banner that reads "The people behind us can't see a damn thing!">>: How about eight people holding a sign with pi to 40 decimals? Sorry, I was just checking the Avalon archive for previous Great Big Sea appearances.
<<Just let it grow>>: That's mostly what I'm doing, but in the event I efvery get annoyed by it, I'd like the option. Plus, I'm applying the principle to all facial/cranial hair.

Sev. Jr.> <<I would love to have you over for dinner>>: ...ever since then, I couldn't stop thinking about you, and, I jsut wanna EAT'CHA. That makes two webcomic references so far.

Gunjack> Good luck with the test.

Lain> Condolences for all your sufferings.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:52:43 AM

*Lynati enters*

Wilek: <only child> what, you had a quicksand box in your backyard, too? "We didn't start the fire"? c'mon now, fess up! ;)

Gunjack: good luck on your test, again. and it seems, looking at your earlier posts, that I have managed to addict you to Dar Williams...incidently, I did get part of that Mary Ellen Carter song...nice...Maritime Folk does rock so. (Glad I'm not the only one :)

Warpmind:...Yes, that later washing machine comment WAS a little over the edge...But is forgiven because my brain doesn't work so well after 26 hours of sleep, either. (not with my caffeine-free lifestyle, at least.)
*sigh* oh, well.
*Hugs* hope the snow doesn't slow up your bus ride home..I hate it when that happened to me.

lain: I don't know what the significance of cutting your finger on a bible is...I just hope your fish feels better.
*hugggggssss* ...and everything else. As an eclectic neo-pagan, I'm afraid I can't offer much on the god debate. Every other comment I could make at this point has already been said on IM, so I will not be redundant in my expressions of sympathy and anger on...other issues.
*hands over bag of green apple jolly ranchers*

*Follows lain back to IM to say loonight to her and Warps*

Lynati - []
Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:50:14 AM

Thought it was funny when you missed the train
Whe I rang you at home and they said you'd left yesterday
I thought it was strange when your car was found
By the tree in Ennis where we used to hang around

Dear Isobel, I hope you're well
And what you've done is right
Oh it's been such Hell
I wish you well
I hope you're safe tonight
It's been a long day coming and long it will last
When it's last day leaving
And I'm helping it pass
by loving you more.

And who he would become, all the things he'd have done
Would he have loved you, and not let you down?
Would he be stronger than his father?
Don't punnish yourself, leave it well alone

Dear Isobel, I hope you're well
And what you've done is right
Oh it's been such Hell
I wish you well
I hope you're safe tonight
It's been a long day coming and long it will last
When it's last day leaving
And I'm helping it pass
by loving
Loving you more..


Saturday, February 10, 2001 01:00:49 AM


**The revving of an engine can be heard outside the CR walls, and Mr. DC is trying to sneak away in the shadows. Suddenly, the wall behind DC crumbles as an '84 Pontiac turbocharged convertible crashes through it, hitting DC and sending him flying across the room into the other wall. The driver of the car jumps over the car door, picking up DC and compacting him into a ball, then dribbling him across the CR before shooting him like a basketball though a hoop in the far corner.**

She shoots...SHE SCORES! And *that,* Mr. DC, is for interrupting a rather nice moment *twice* with a certain someone on IM last night...**winks at the 'someone'**


Just a thought I wanted to share with y'all...and it's not meant to offend anyone in any way, but it seemed appropriate at the moment. Now, before y'all groan about it, I wanna warn *is* from The Goliath Chronicles, but I think it's still a very good quote, and I love it. It's just something to keep in mind. All of us go through rough times, and good times, and some of us talk about it, and some of us don' someone might seem as if they have it easy, but maybe they don't. Just something to ponder.

"Unfulfilled yearnings live within the most contented soul. What might have been, what might one day be if only things were different. So when life’s struggles weigh heavy, there’s the temptation to only see the happiness in other lives. But this is folly, for each life contains its own burdens though they may forever be hidden to all but the one who carries them."

Later, y'all. :)

Lady Corax - ["Closet Brainiac"]
Saturday, February 10, 2001 12:52:29 AM

**************WARNING SENSITIVE POST MATERIAL***************
Sevarius Jr>> I knew this was going to come back and haunt me... but you asked straight out..
so.. you want to know some of the sources for my anger..

First off, there is my mother. She suffered a great deal before she died, and I watched my father suffer with her, being unable to help her. She died in my arms and I was looking into her eyes and you know what I saw?? I saw nothing. No shining lights, no pearly gates, and no fires of hell.. just a great void of nothing. And she wouldn't close her eyes.. not for at least five minutes after.. I had never seen a dead person before in my life and that stare will haunt me for the rest of my life.
That was last year.
This year gets better. Until the end of September, this year, I had a new charming and charismatic friend that I trusted who then abused that trust by assaulting me. A few weeks later, I also missed my period. And then the one after that. My body works like a clock.. I was freaked out, but honestly rather comforted. Comforted in the knowledge that something good could come out of the hurt I had felt, something beautiful and innocent and perfect. But it was obviously not "meant to be" because a few days after coming to this joyful realization, I miscarried, and lost even that small comfort.
Another friend's father is dying from brain cancer. Yet another friend, I have to watch try to kill herself, repeatedly.

These may not be the worst things in the world. But they be enough for me to seriously question the existance or validity of the worship of any GOD who claims to be kind and loving. Maybe it takes more for others and I am just weaker or have less faith than all the other Believers but.. that is my reasoning.. and that does not even include the time my best friend's boyfriend got me drunk for the first timefor the same reason.

And I can forgive all that. I can forgive Human wrongs. I do not hate him. I am not angry with you Sevarius Jr, please do not think that, alright? I love you too, even though you sing "blame Canada" a little too often for my tastes ;)

Maybe it isn't GOD's fault and it is all mine for having been so stupid, I don't know the answers either.
And I don't believe that GOD is "making these things happen to me." I am not so arrogant to give myself that amount of importance in the cosmos. I have no delusions of being anything special. I just wonder why it is that GOD would have made a world where such things were possible in the first place.
THAT be my quarrel with the concept of GOD.

******************END SENSITIVE POST***********************

Gunjack has given me the best answers I think I will ever hear, they are not perfect, but nor does he claim to know the answers. And that is what means the most.

in peace,

the Great White North
Saturday, February 10, 2001 12:18:31 AM

ACT at 7 tomorrow morning, and I THINK I'm prepped. Now to decompress, load up, and blow the crap outa this buggered test so I don't have to take it any more...

SJ><<I don't know you, but I'm willing to say that my life is probably more screwed up than yours.>> ...You a betting man, SJ? 8 |
And thanks for the vote of confidance. : | Lord knows I could use some on occasion...

*waits by the CR door for Lain*

Gunjack "Biological Multitool" Valentine
Saturday, February 10, 2001 12:17:44 AM

Sevarius Jr> If that was guaranteed, than I'd have no problem with it. No problem whatsoever.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:13:07 PM

Hannibal> So did he eat the guy's wife or not? It didn't show it movie
James Birdsong - [LennexMacDuff]
San Diego, CA, USA
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:12:24 PM

I'm so pissed because my mail server won't let me get in and I have 9 messages I haven't read. GRRRRRRRRRRR!
Doug> That is very sweet of you.
SJ> :) hahahahaha

Friday, February 9, 2001 09:11:52 PM

Greg, you didn't really answer my question. If you were PROMISED that the faith-based organization did only charity work, and did not so much as even mention God--basically, even though it might be a faith-based organization, we would be effectively eliminating the religious angle--would you still refuse to give it funding even though it might be a thousand times better than the "secular" alternative?
Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:07:30 PM

Sevarius Jr> All I'm saying is that I don't want MY tax dollars going to faith based organizations. Also, my main concern is the wall between church and state. If the groups don't preach to those they help, than I'll have less of a problem with it, however there should be a contract stating that if they are caught using the money for any thing other than giving charity, than they should be forced to return it. I'm not going to pay to spread Christianity, or any other religion, I don't care if it's Judaeism, Islam, Buddhism, Paganism or anything.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:02:26 PM


I am so pissed. I've been waiting a year for this movie after reading the excellent, excellent novel by Thomas Harris. The movie cut out SO much of the subplots that it lost alot of the creamy goodness.

In the book, Mason had a sister named Margot who had a major subplot with the character of Barney. In the book, Margot killed Mason.

In the book, there's an impressive subplot concerning Dr. Lecter's sister, who died when they were children. You know how she died? She was EATEN by wolves. Oh yeah... Jack Crawford is in the book, and in the end of the novel, Clarice does the COMPLETE oppisite of what she does in the movie (I don't think I'll say, just in case anyone wants to read it).

In any case, this movie was fine alone, just don't compare it to the 500% superior novel. This movie reiterated my opinion that in very few cases does a movie adaptation equal the novel (examples include: The Silence of the Lambs, One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest, some others)...

See it if you haven't read the novel. But if you have, I think you might be disappointed...


Alan Coleman "Ordell" Waltrip - []
Odessa/Midland, Texas
Friday, February 9, 2001 08:34:02 PM

**enters twitching, his mind thoroughly blown**


"Hannibal" is not quite as disgusting as you'd think, considering its title character ... but enjoyable nonetheless. Everyone gives a good performance, but Julianne Moore at least seems a little tepid as Starling ... she didn't have as much fight as Jodie Foster did playing Clarice.
As far as the *good* parts when blood started flyin', well ... I'll just leave it at this: an Italian police detective winds up re-enacting the death of one of his more famous ancestors (which involved hanging and disembowelment during an execution), and I won't say specifically what it is but Ray Liotta's character gets some poetic justice from Dr. Lecter ... I'll just leave it at this, now he has a nice convertible top. :)
Starling puts it best when she's discussing Lecter with a fellow agent ... "He only kills rude people. 'Free-range rude,' he calls them, he thinks he's doing society a favor by getting rid of them."

Oh yeah ... from what my mom tells me, Varger (the character played by Gary Oldman) is a lot more disgusting in the book than he is in the movie ... he's still quite unsettling, though. Overall, though, a very good movie.


Jannie: What Milady Corax stated about sending your donation check is the best way to go ... note in the "Memo" space that it's to go to her dog.

Milady Corax: Keith and Colby did survive, yes, and hopefully if Ogakor loses *again,* the rest of them besides Colby will be able to vote her off (you notice this week one vote went to Jerri).
Incidentally, the Star this week gives ya more reason to hate Jerri ... a little tell-all by her ex-husband, basically.

Anyway, that's all for me tonight ... I'm going somewhere to meditate on the twistedness of Thomas Harris' mind ...

... oh, before I forget ... click my name link if you dare ... ReBoot fans especially ... it's my new FFC entry, and I feel SOOOOOOOO dirty ... (don't click if you're under 18, though ... it'll wreck ya for life)

Coyote the Bando - []
Algonac, Michigan
Friday, February 9, 2001 08:18:58 PM

**SJ is wheeled into the CR on a hand cart. He is strapped into a straitjacket and his lower face is covered with a metal mask**

**Talking in a British accent**
Well, hello, fellow CR dwellers. I've just recently seen the sequel to Silence of the Lambs, "Hannibal", and I can't quite stop talking like the good Dr. Lecter. I'm afraid that you will have to bear with me for the remainder of this post.

As for the movie itself, I recommend that you give it a look. It's quite goody-goody. Excellent acting, an interesting story, and quite a good bit of blood. It's not quite as good as "Silence of the Lambs" was, but with all of that gore, it was still a plus in my book. I can't give away the ending, because if I did, then I would have to cut off the top of your head and eat your brain with an ice cream scoop.

Bronx: **looks at her like Hannibal** So, the Bonzai Kitty site disturbed you, didn't it? Well, I can look into the soul of another being, my dear little Bronx. I sense that perhaps this concern for kitties is hiding something much darker, isn't it? Perhaps you really don't want to save cats but you would like to eat them! Yes! Catch a cat, skin it alive, and eat it like sushi. Cat casserole, cat loaf, cat ribs, cat burgers, all down the gullet and into the stomach.....I remember once a cat came purring on my door. I ate his liver with some french fries and Diet Coke. Slllluuuurrrrpppp!

SOROW: So, it was you who did the dumping, was it? I suppose that means you are single now. I would love to have you over for dinner.......**pounds head** No wait, must stop acting like Lecter.......I think I could make quite a meal out of you.....I mean, I could make quite a meal *for* you. I would love to bake you.......cookies. Yes, bake you cookies.....;)

Lain: I'm confused--why are you angry with God again? I am one "of the faith" (and perhaps so are you? Or are you more agnostic?), but I don't really have any answers for you, I'm afraid. I'm one of those odd brand of people who don't really blame God, even though a lot of bad things have happened to me. I don't know you, but I'm willing to say that my life is probably more screwed up than yours. But I don't get angry with God, really (I reserve the right to be cynical, though ;). I suppose I don't think in terms of "God let this happen to me", because if you go down that road you have to also consider all of the good things that God has let happen to you, and......look, I think you should still talk to Gunjack about this. He can explain it far better than I can.
But anyway, we've said it before in this CR--anyone who claims to be a Christian and cops the "oh, you must be too stupid or naive to understand my faith" condescending attitude, then they aren't much of a Christian. Any Christian who's worth their salt should be ready to admitt that they don't have all the answers, and even the answers they do have are often fuzzy at best. ;)

Greg: I don't even know why I'm getting into this with you, but let me pose this situation to you: The government has 2 choices in terms of giving funding to organizations to do social work. One organization is woefully inadequate, horribly structured, and over all very ineffective. The other organization is incredibly effective, has a solid structure and organization, and has a successful history of going out into the community and making a positive difference....however, this second organization has strong religious ties (to any religion, let's not limit it to just the Christian faiths) and is considered "faith-based". Would you deny funding to the organization with religious ties, even though it is leaps and bounds more productive and effective than the non-religious one, simply because if has religious ties? What if there was no violation at all of the separation of church and state, and that the goal of the organization was NOT to "witness" or preach to those it helped? Would you still refuse funding to it, simply because you are an atheist and you don't agree with the organization's views on religion?

Aaron: Hey, I'm hoping that the XFL succeeds so that they'll open a Washington franchise! Hell, I'd go to a game. I mean, all of our local sports teams here in D.C. (with the exception of the Ravens, but they're in Baltimore)....well, let's pull no punches--they suck. The Redskins limped to 8-8 this year, the Wizards are just beyond words they're so horrible, and the Capitals....the Capitals are the only sports team I can think of that went from one year not being in the playoffs, to the next year being in the FINALS! of the Stanley Cup, and then the next year not making the playoffs again. We need a winning team here in D.C, and maybe the XFL can deliver.
As for all the XFL stuff.....well, I did like some of the innovations. I mean, I like watching the cheerleaders, but they shouldn't have them interview people or anything like that. Just jump around a bit (sort of like on the Man Show. Girls on trampolines! :). I suppose that I want something a little bit more like a regular NFL game, but I know the purpose of the XFL is to be different. I could do without some of screwy stuff they do, though. I don't mind miking the players, but here's the thing. They need to do 2 things: one, have better editing so that when a player uses profanity (and they will, trust me), they don't have to delete 15 freakin' seconds of dialogue when they dump the sound out, and two, when the players are calling a play, it would be cool if the announcers could give some insight. Let us know if it's a pass or a run play, cause without a hint, it's just code until the guy snaps the ball.

History Repeating Itself: O.J. Simpson is in the pokey-poke again, and this time maybe it's for real. If you haven't heard, O.J. turned himself in to the police in Florida for a booking on a misdemeanor and felony charge stemming from a road rage incident. Evidently, "The Juice" cut some guy off in traffic. So, the guy blows his horn, but I guess it wasn't his day, cause O.J. "I'm still looking for the real killer, *snicker snicker*" Simpson stops and gets out of the car. O.J. yells at him, then reaches into the guy's car and snatches his glasses off and scratches him in the process. So, O.J. is being charged with a misdemeanor count of battery--the scratch--and a felony count of burglary--the taking of the glasses.
You know what I think? I think that instead of casting Anthony Hopkins again as Hannibal Lecter, they should have cast O.J. As gory and as screwed up as "Hannibal" was, O.J. as Lecter would have been one MILLION times more frightening and disturbing!

Tenchi Muyo News: It's been confirmed--a third Tenchi OAV series has been greenlighted and is in the works. The theme is supposedly Tenchi finally settling down with one of the 6 lovely ladies who have been hounding him. Who will he pick?
I'm torn. Personally, I love Ryoko, cause she is the bad girl of the bunch.....but I also have a soft spot for Mihoshi (yes, she's a bim, but as Huxley would say, a very pneumatic bim!;) and for Washu. They'll probably either stick him with Ayeka or Ryoko. ANYBODY but Sakuya, okay!

Cool bit about Austin Powers 3: I know that many people are probably not too thrilled about the possibility of a third Austin Powers film, but apparently Mike Myers has convinced 007 himself to play his father in the film--yep, Sean Connery has agreed to play Austin's dad. Maybe I stand alone here, but I think that's a damn funny gag itself, to have 007 actually be Austin's father.

Well, another episode of Survivor has come and gone, and I have to say that I really enjoyed this past episode. We're seeing alliance begin to be formed here. I don't want to totally recap the show, but here's a few random thoughts from me.

*Jerri is an ULTRA bitch. She's the female Richard Hatch, and that ain't a good thing. Not only is she whiny, back-stabbing, and deceitful, she's a bit of a slut for trying to get Colby on her side by hinting that he can get into her pants. Ugh, I hate her already.
*Mitchell is on my list as well. Goddamn what a little prick. Note to self: if ever stranded on desert island / lost in outback with others, make sure to eat the singer / songwriter first.
*I was sad to see "Mad Dog" Marlayne go, because she was a local girl (she was on the D.C. police force, and lives in Wakefield, VA!), but alas, her age was the determing factor. Looks like this year's winner is gonna be a young person, the way things are going. A little backstabbing early, too, as Tina, Marlayne's "friend", actually helped vote the Mad Dog off.
* On the other tribe, I like Mike, because he's the only one that's actually doing a damn job. Unlike Colby, the "male model / Harvard Law Student", who evidently studied in the School of Gervase and has decided to just sit on his ass all day long. Plus, Mike is gonna go crazy very, very soon.
*I love the father / daughter relationship between "Kentucky Joe" Roger and Elizabeth. Roger is a cool old guy, and GODDAMN, Elizabeth is HOT! I will repeat! H! O! T! God bless the maker of pink bathing suits.
*Jeff, the software engineer (or whatever the hell he does), is a MONSTER prick. I can't believe this whiny little @$$hole! "Mike has made himself the leader." Well, that's cause you just sit there on your ass and whine! Note to self: Again, if stranded, eat whiny computer guy second after whiny singer / songwriter.
*I said this before, and I'll say it again--that fitness instructor? Should be wearing a penis. That's a man, baby!

Next week looks VERY promising, as it appears that Mike finally goes and does what I've been waiting for all this time I've been watching this dopey show--he goes all-out Lord of the Flies loopy! It's pigs! It's pigs being slaughtered by Mike! It's survival of the fittest!!!!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 08:14:37 PM

1. What will I be doing? Probably some light menial task (I typed out 'mistake' perfectly instead of task and then looked up) that is important.

2. Nothing inside is really that dangerous for an intoxiated person to be doing. Maybe the molders, but that is it.

3. Did I mention that my company has government contracts?

4. I have to bring my high school diploma as proof I graduated despite the fact that a background check on me was performed.

5. How many times have I indirectly mentioned that, at times, I suspected I was smarter than my direct boss?

6. Did I mention I get a free lunch at orientation?

7. Did I mention we get a meal served to us for making certain production amounts in a month?

Doug, I remember some of that stuff in your poem.

**warning incoming rant**
whoever is reading this: I am sick of people saying 'constitutional separation of church and state'. There is ABSOLUTETLY NOTHING in the CONSTITUTION about separation of church and state. Now, the First Amendment is another matter. The first part of it says 'Congress shall pass no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof'. Just in cased you missed it, the first part of it says:
'Congress shall pass no law establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof'.
Any Questions about what the 1st Amendment really says about religion? I feel like none in this room (who have posted) have bothered to read the 1st amendment for themselves.
**end rant**

With that said, I do believe in being fair. A moment of silence for all religions should be allowed at schools. State vouchers can NOT be unconstitutional because the first amendment says only 'Congress', not state legislators.

**BFTS RP continues**
A few hours later, Plastique and DPH arrive at ITAG HQ. The HQ is a flying fortress.
**END BFTS RP continues**
Coming soon in BFTS RP, some of the mysteries of ITAG will be revealed.

DPH - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 06:12:29 PM

(Tosses Lain some Reese's Pieces)

Apparently, the Vatican may give all of us in Cyberspace a patron saint. I'm flattered.

Hi JackaL. Glad to see you're alive.

Gside><<When was this. I really need to pay more attention to what I say.>> Um, some time ago, you and Rodlox said something about a comet, which I think was completely unrelated to Christine, and she thought you were talking about the third book of the Magelore series. I think.

Winterwolf> Welcome back.

Pissy> Going monstering> Count me in! Dialectalizer> Try redneck, it's a hoot, y'all!

Mary> Sorry school sucks right now. (Hugs)

SJ> The XFL> I dunno, I like miking the players, ‘cause eventually we'll figure out what means what, and be able to anticipate. And that is a beautiful thing. On the other hand, I could do without an interview after every frikkin' play! We don't need to be that total access, and it screws up the continuity of the game.

I *like* the cheerleaders. And I LMSAO at some of the crowd. Six people holding up a giant banner that reads "The people behind us can't see a damn thing!"

But what you didn't mention, that I kept waiting for... Between the miking and the onfield cameras... It's like watching Any Given Sunday all over again! This is what Stone was anticipating. The similarities are uncanny. The Outlaws even did one of the Sharks touchdown celebrations. It's great. I wanna franchise in Miami, and I wanna see Oliver doing the color commentary. I'd be glued to the set.

And hey, even if it does fold, think how the ABA changed the NBA for the better.

Oh, and I think my jersey would say "See ya!" if I played offense. For defense I'd want "A little girl" just ‘cause it'd sound so truly sad on the PA. "You were tackled by a little girl."

Lain> LOL. I'd love to see the other one. <<Feeling sick>> Remember, if you start bleeding out your eyes, go see a doctor.

Niamhgold><<Going up or down stairs is rather painful and makes me kinda glad we _don't_ have snow or ice because that would just be unimaginable! ;)>> Now, imagine trying to play basketball like that.

Warpy, Gside> Ah, but remember, my approach to hair maintenance is even simpler: Just let it grow. (Of course, I tried that with the lawn too)

Jannie> Maybe it was just a joke, but refusal to help a huge chunk of your constituency in a time of crisis strikes me as irresponsible, lazy, and politically foolish. (But then, I suppose the Smirker didn't have much of a shot at those 52 electoral votes anyway) On the other hand, Kalifornia's going to slide off into the ocean soon enough anyway, so why worry? j/k.

SOROW> (Many hugz)

Doug> Nope, don't remember any of that. Sorry.

Wilek> LMSAO at your responses to Doug!

Warpy><<I am NOT wearing a leash>> I am!

I think that's all for now.

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Friday, February 9, 2001 06:08:07 PM

Yeow! Thursday was dead in here, but then Wilek posts and the CR has been VERY busy since!

Wilek: <The other half were eaten by my escaped xeno-raptors>
I should be pissed that there was more genetic engineering done to my children than I thought, but I am strangely intrigued!

Warpmind: <I have no knowledge of who this "her" person you refer to is>
The her I was referring to is "Shampoo." She is one of the many girls who want Ranma.
Why, I don't know, but they are all after him/her.
<However, I think I know who Ranma is... guy who turns into a girl when exposed to water, right?>
Yep. Cold water. Hot water turns him back into a guy.

Daniel Johnson: <Bonzai Kitty>
I knew it was fake. all the evidence pointed to it being fake. But still...
There are some VERY sick individuals out there. For all in me that told me it was fake (Super glue would NOT stick form more than a week!), there was a little voice inside of me that said "Well... maybe it IS real!"

Fire Storm - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 05:40:40 PM

**Lady Corax comes into the room, humming "We Didn't Start the Fire"** Dang it, Wilek! You got that song in my head! ;)

Doug> I love the "Back in Time" thing. That's cool. :) And maybe it's just that I'm from a small town, or I'm getting very old, but I remember doing a lot of those as a little one. :)

Jannie> When I donated for XenaTrek's hearing dog, I just enclosed a little note with my check saying that I wanted it to go specifically to her fund, and even wrote the same thing again in the Comment line on the check, and it went directly to her fund instead of the whole organization. :)

Greg> That's interesting about Slobodan Milosevic. And I will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Coyote> **hugs, trying to calm him down** There, there, lad...I liked Maralyn too...missed last night's ep, but I'm sorry...but hey, at least Keith and Colby are still in it. :) **growls** We just need to kick that you-know-what Jerri off the dang show so that I can "rough her up" a bit...:) :)

Lady Corax
Queen of the Strip
Friday, February 9, 2001 05:11:50 PM

Hey all. Just thought I would like to rant for a little minute about the things I hate most about Religious Debates. I don't actually want to incite a debate I just want to complain cos.. this is the CR and I CAN..
What gets me is the people who, whenever you raise an issue that there is no real answer to, they look at you with a terrible rightous sorrow in their eyes and say "I feel sorry for that you aren't ready to accept that yet." Like I am a child.. and have not the intelligence to see what must be so STUPIDLY OBVIOUS to the rest of the "faithful". It makes me FUME!!
And then I step back from this situation, and observe the anger this causes in me. And I wonder why. What makes me so angry? And I realize that there be only two people in the entire universe that I cannot completely forgive for what has happened, one of them is GOD, and the other is myself.
And this makes me a lie, doesn't it? How can I claim to be a "good" person, if I cannot forgive? I can forgive people.. people are Human, and can make mistakes. But GOD can't make mistakes.. being GOD and all. Which means everything that has happened happened because HE wanted them to (under the assumption that GOD be present in modern life). And how can I forgive a spectator who saw what happened to me and failed to act?
THIS is my anger.. THIS is what keeps me awake at night, this is what makes me cry out with desperation and emptiness. And I can't reconcile this anger with the Visions I have.. or their manefestations.
Jesus I can handle. But NOT GOD..
So, all you Religious Types.. what does this make me? Other than a sorry lie of an attempt of a human being?? Tell me that??
If all that happens in life happens for a purpose, well I would thank you to tell me what it is.. I would challenge you to tell me that. And don't give me the answer of "the strongest lessons for the best students" because I am a bad student and that is an old and cheap excuse.
So analyze my fury. Go on. Tell me what it means.. that I be no Ture Atheist?? that I be merely Angry with GOD?
(and now I have been talking to Valentine on IM and am not so angry anymore.. :P) He always manages to diffuse my fury before I find a big cosmic stick and poke it in GOD's eye.. *climbs in handbasket for trip to Hell..*
*************SARCASM ALERT************
But no worries.. I be not bitter..
**********END SARCASM ALERT***************


I still love you anyway,

the Great Wet North..
Friday, February 9, 2001 02:47:57 PM

Jannie> Perhaps, I just have been nervous about things like this ever since the Columbine incident.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky
Friday, February 9, 2001 02:37:50 PM

Greg> thank you for the links =) I read the one concerning the faith-based organizations because ironically I received an email from my sister this morning with a picture of Hurt and Carol Porter posing with Pres. Bush. Who are the Porters? Well, they are the founders of an organization here in Houston and one in the SF area of CA called, "Kid Care". They serve meals to children who would otherwise not receive a meal. (like a meals-on-wheels, only it's just for children). The Porters were in Washington for the Faith-based meeting. They are also very good friends of the family and my brother in law is the administrator of the organization.
I can only speak for Kid-Care and not any other faith based organization - but I know for a fact that they do not preach nor teach religious doctrine. They have also never accepted government funding of any kind. They have fed hundreds of thousands of children, have provided daycare while the single moms attend school or training for a job, provide clothes, shoes, school supplies, and each year send hundreds of children to a week of camp. They've also traveled to South Dakota to an Indian reservation to teach them how to help themselves. (by invitation from the chief) All of this is done by the generousity of donations. They don't drive Lexus or even Cadillacs, they don't wear designer clothes or draw large salaries.... the money goes to the benefit of the children. Even though they are Christians and strong in their own faith, they do not conduct any type of religious services or training. I didn't even know for a long time which faith that they were! (doesn't matter anyway)
So, based on my limited knowledge and experience with faith based charities, I would gladly give my tax dollars to this.
In the article it said, "This will not be funding religion, It is not the religious aspect of what they that is getting funding, it is the community service aspect. These are not going to be programs that preach religion, these are faith-based programs that help people improve their lives."

Aides said some faith-based groups already receive federal funding under the 1996 welfare reform law, and that these groups have not violated the constitutional separation of church and state."

By these guidelines, it sounds like a good deal :) The government would not be funding a church.

Friday, February 9, 2001 01:49:45 PM

Doug > that was a neat trip down memory lane!

Warp > my games tend not to be heavily combat, but you never know! I am all in favor of creative moves.

Check this link ...

Christine - [< -- wanna sell your soul?]
Friday, February 9, 2001 11:58:44 AM

Jannie> I agree. The government should give you a list of options on your tax form as to where you want your money to go to. I think that would be a great idea, and would give the people a louder voice in the government. As long as the options are Constitutional, I'd have no problem with it.
Greg Bishansky
Friday, February 9, 2001 11:23:23 AM

Those URLs came from me, I forgot to write my name in.
Greg Bishansky
Friday, February 9, 2001 11:15:18 AM

Jannie> here are a couple of articles from that deal with what I discussed this morning. They were also talking about this on the news and shows like 20/20 a week or so ago.

Friday, February 9, 2001 11:14:30 AM

Doug < Hitler - TGS - AMEN to it all.
Kirshanta - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 11:12:17 AM

Coyote> how do I go about donating towards Xena's hearing dog? I want the contribution to go directly to her and not just to the organization.

Doug> glad to hear that the Canadian lady didn't have Ebola afterall :) We are in a Menigitis epidemic here in the Houston area. Something like 40 reported cases and 18 deaths. Some of the northern counties are offering immunization shots right now. Kind of scary, huh? O.o
Loved the poem! *cringes* I remember experiencing all most ALL of the things mentioned.... *feeling old* ;)

Greg> What type of religious organizations is GWBush wanting the government to help fund? I'm not arguing with you or anything, I'm geniunely interested in knowing - I haven't heard of this yet. As far as separating the church and state... I guess that would make all the preachers who stand in the pulpit and tell their followers who to vote for are violating that law, huh? Maybe not "violating" the law, but pushing the envelope...
There are lots of things that the government helps with funding that I'm adamently against. Sucks, huh? It's a shame that we cannot designate exactly where our tax dollars go instead of leaving it up to the baboons to distribute the funding.

Doug and Kit> when will ya'll be able to move into your new home? (or if you have already and I've missed that, my apologies)
Did ya'll like the comic, Area 52?? :)

Winterwolf> please send my greetings and best wishes to Shadowrider! =)

Sorrow> sorry to hear of your break-up, but you sound like you thought it out and it wasn't an impulsive decision. I'm glad that you and Joe-boxer are able to remain such great friends :)

Daniel> my condolences for your mom's roomate. *sais* I hope that your mom is handling it alright.

Taleweaver> I do care about what is happening with the energy issue in California *nods* I think it's a difficult situation and terribly inconvienent for the residents. =\ Also, it's a wake-up call for us in Texas *nodnodnod* I think I heard that we could have been on the heals of Californians. O.o

health: *sais* well, it appears that they have discovered one of the possible side effects of having a heart bypass surgery is loss of memory and/or cognitive abilities. At least I now understand why I've been having these problems. Apparently it is from the stopping of the heart, the rush of blood once it's restored and the heavy anesthesia that you are given - does some type of damage to the memory and cognitive "wires". I have noticed a loss of memory (even worse than before) with a loss of words and spelling.
Stock tip: buy stock in Post It Notes... I'm going to be increasing the purchase of their products quite a bit! *L*

I bought a digital camera last night... a Sony Mavica. I sure hope it's not going to be difficult to learn how to use! *electronic retarded* Any helpful tips?

The bonzai kitten> sick. joke or not, it's sick.

Friday, February 9, 2001 10:58:41 AM

Well I have some good news to report.

Apparantly Slobodon Milosevic will be brought to trial at a local court where he will tried on numerous charges ranging from embezellment to murder to treason. I say that this is long overdue. The man is a murderer who must pay for his crimes. I look forward to seeing how this will play out.

Greg Bishansky
Friday, February 9, 2001 10:55:50 AM

Warpmind: You must have missed her. If you don't kill Maggie Chow in her apartment the first time you meet her (when she tries to make you think she and Paul had a thing going), you should meet up with her again at the Universal Constructor in the basement of the VersaLife Building. You know, that big machine you gotta destroy to beat Hong Kong. She'll pull out her own Dragon's Tooth Sword and attack you with it after exchanging insults. You can get away from her, but it's more fun to make the kill. Also, you can run away from Simons at the Undersea Base too. Just realize that if you leave him there alive you will meet up with him again in the Area 51 courtyard and probably have to kill him there (you get a pretty funny cutscene if you do this). Happy gaming.
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:57:35 AM

Doug> Right on. Macbeth in an episode sooner or later. Last time we saw him, he had some splainin to do (chuckle)Doug> If you want pure evil look at 30's black and white villians. General Chaotical for instance. That was Captain Proton's archnemesis.
James Birdsong - []
Watcher of the immortal known as Macbeth, CA, USA
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:23:40 AM

I'd do spoilers for Angel,Buffy, Sat cartoons and TGS, but they have already been handled nicley :)

I saw the last twenty SURVIVOR SPOILERS>>>>>>>>

They were debating between Mitchell and Mad dog and i'm GLAD that Jerri at least got one vote. I hope she gets more next week
END Spoilers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
XFL..didnt watch. I was at Wonderworks. Now I know what goe on there. I got throttled nicely in the rollercoaster simulator
I will watch this wekk though. Now who should my favorite team be? hmmm lets see I live in Orlando and there is a team called the Orlando Rage, Gee thats a tough one. Well a rage cheerleader is in my fiction class. She is pretty cool and kind of looks like Cordelia from Angel. The weird thing is there is also a Xander look a like in my class.

I was burning up last night. I pulled a hamstring so I rubbed in some pain cream that contains capacin. next time I will believe in the saying."Just a lil dab will do ya."

Well see ya.

Orlando, Fl, U.S.A
Friday, February 9, 2001 09:12:19 AM

Doug> I agree with you, and I think Bush should help the people of California. The guy was "elected" President to serve the American people and the Constitution, and right now he's not doing that.

Bush also wants our hard earned tax dollars to go to Religous organizations now. What the F-CK!!! I'm an Atheist, I don't want my hard earned money to go to religions I don't believe in. If this is for charity, there are plenty of non-relious charities that he can donate our tax dollars to if he must. Also, this is a break in the wall between church and state, and that goes against the Constitution. But there seem to be a lot of politicians, like Joe Lieberman, and it seems Dubbya here that want to do away with that wall. I even seem to recall Lieberman saying "The Constitution grants you freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion."

I have no problem with Religion, I just have a problem when it becomes to close to the government. The Wall was placed there for a reason. I hope it will forever continue to stand.

::Puts on Rage Against the Machine::

::Scans over post to make sure it's as inoffensive as possible::

Lain> The PC Bible was hilarious.

Greg Bishansky - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 08:16:05 AM

*Warpmind enters, absentmindedly scratching his head.*
Okay, since Valentine got me hooked on webcomics, I've seen many thing strange and wonderful, weard and terrifying, but THIS takes the cake... The Sluggy strip for December 1st 1999, in the Cannibals Anonymous sequence, shows off the banner for the 1999 Annual Cannibal Convention... And the strip is placed under an advertisement banner for American Quote life insurance... Methinks there's a plot... :|

Lynati: *Grin* Well, there's nothing to worry about, then... *Prepares hug-o-matic*

Lain: I'm sure it's a coincidence. I am NOT wearing a leash. Wait until G'01 for that. ];)

Fire Storm: Ranma looking for her? I couldn't say; since anime is very, very, very difficult to come by in Norway, I have no knowledge of who this "her" person you refer to is. However, I think I know who Ranma is... guy who turns into a girl when exposed to water, right?

Christine: No MageLore characters? Aw, dang. Oh, well, the battle tactic I devised will work, at least, hmmm? *Puppy dog eyes*

Doug: That poem... Okay, thanks. You just ruined my day. Now I feel ancient. ;)

Gside: This response is on the verge of getting me booted outta here, I suppose, but here goes: The shampoo joke was based on the meaning of the word "sham"... And I'll shut my mouth right there.

Wilek: Those childhood memories of yours... Please tell me you have home videos of it. Or at least surveillance tapes. Preferrably, mailed to me on VHS PAL format? ]:)

Doug again: Oh, I plan to begin on Hitman soon enough - that meaning as soon as I whup Walton Simons' hiney and win Deus Ex. And I am madly in love with the Dragon Tooth Sword. In fact, I already have some of my R&D staff busy trying to recreate it... Oh, and please, no spoilers for Hitman - I'd rather wanna figure it out by myself. :) As for the hair thing, well, I must admit, part of the reason why I like my head shaven is that a) it's a refreshing chilled temperature, and b) it's always fun when completely strange chicks walk up to me and ask to touch my head, almost blushing to death in the process. ];) *Receives glare from Lynati* Umm... maybe I said a little too much there... Oh, and I'm afraid I was messing around a bit toomuch before I found the sword... I didn't get to kill Maggie Chow. Although, there were all those MJ12 thugs, and Maggie Chow's maid... *Grin* Nonetheless, the Dragon Tooth is FUN! And I'm saving skill points to *really* boost my low tech skill, too. Not to mention trying to find the necessary utilities to boost my ballistic shielding and regeneration augs. ]:)

Well, that's about it. But before I leave:

The unstoppable force known only as Project UJCF has carved a path through China, and is now moving directly toward Eastern Europe. An information leak has managed to reveal that the "F" stands for "Ferret", though the implications of this have yet to be revealed, not to mention verified...

Later, muchachos.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Friday, February 9, 2001 05:36:29 AM

Beginning Part 2!!

Jannie: Congrats to your son on making Eagle Scout, that's a great accomplishment. Hope the ceremony goes well, but don't go too overboard with it now. You don't want the other parents getting extremely jealous. <grin> Like Kit, I hope he always treasures and never forgets his skills. Looking forward to the pictures. I'll check Area 52 out as soon as Kit's done with the issue we picked up.

Dreamie: Sure a girl can love watching snow fall. A guy can too. I know I do. Haven't done it in a long time though. :(

Pistoff: Happy to have cracked you up. <bows> Good luck meeting your unpopular opinions goal if that's your wish. Know that your opinions are very popular with me however. :) I too have a 56K modem and consider it good.

Spike: Thanks for posting that fanart, sorry to hear the bad news about Elflore though. <brings up the Arianna pic and starts drooling> Damn, she looks good in that one. Hope you get back into fanart soon, preferably when TGS introduces whoever's gonna be Ari's mate. No one is better suited to draw them together. <grin>

Taleweaver: Zeta already has spice in my opinion thanks to its excellent writing. It's only had two episodes so far though, so that may not keep up. :( I hope it does. I want more Bennett development too (they should make him more than a standard cold antagonist, maybe do something like what Preacher did with One Man's War). As for street-tough smart-aleck sensitive females, yeah, they're a cartoon staple, but for some reason they always end up being my favorite characters. Provided they're not overdone to the extreme cliché like, say, Sakura (Street Fighter or CardCaptor) or Pokemon's Misty. That kind of character is usually nothing but a big yawn.

Mary: Good luck with the inept father and crazy teacher. I hope you can get the grades you want even with them messing things up. I'd probably drop my Creative Writing class if it had a teacher like yours, there is just no excuse for a close-minded idiot teaching a course like that. Key word creative, not dictation. :)

Tonic Shaker: That is great advice. I'm going to remember it. :)

Winterwolf: You have my permission to tell Shadowrider all our good news if you wish, thanks for letting us know he's doing alright. I'm glad to hear his unit's performing so well, hope it continues to do so and the high morale keeps up too. It will be good for his career at the least. :) Thanks for your good wishes regarding Mike, I agree that he's already paid his debt and should be able to move on with his life. Hopefully one day he'll be able to. He and Charles are people I will forever remember as having greatly influenced my life since I took this job. :) <Don't take everything so seriously> Wish my parents would take that advice. I try to follow it, but they've messed things up pretty much every time so far. :( They're getting better, though, or at least Mom is. I can never be sure about Dad.

Good news on the Canadian Ebola scare. I read in the paper today she doesn't have it after all. They're not sure what she does have, but it ain't that. :) I'll still join in the singing of Blame Canada though, if only cause I like the song.

Niamhgold: Condolences on the lack of snow and strained tendon. Neither sounds like much fun. Glad you're alive though. That's always something to value. :) Maybe you can visit your family and enjoy some snow once your leg heals.

Lain: Whenever my friends get like that I lock my door, turn up the music, and play videogames until I feel better. Hope you have some similar method of calming yourself and can indulge in it. Good luck soon getting out of such an insane environment, the way you describe it I don't think I'd want your life no matter how much it seems to inspire you to write great interesting posts all the time. :( Thanks for the hilarious Canadian military bit, I hope they aren't really like that. <grin> Sorry I didn't find your politically correct bible funny, though, maybe because I was raised on the Bible the way it is.

Warpmind: Hmm, Project UJCF. You gotta tell me more about that. The title is interesting. Hmm. :) I too like chopping people with the Dragon's Tooth Sword in Deus Ex (although it did make for a somewhat fast and disappointing Maggie Chow boss fight).

James: So you'd consider Stalin pure evil then? He acknowledged his misdeeds, but didn't seem to have a conscience about them. :( Jackal as a sociopath makes sense to me too, and to Greg Weisman as I heard straight from the horse's mouth at a Gathering once. :)

DumlaoX: Thanks for the Dreamcast explanations. It sounds like a truly amazing device, far more so than I thought. Kit and I will get one soon, probably with the next shipment Keith's store gets if we can buy one in time. The store won't put systems on reserve. :( Glad to see they picked some very cool games for the Genesis smash pack. They must all come in CD form so one can play them on the DC. Best of luck on those big midterms and especially on the LSAT. Glad you're not suffering from California's blackout problems, hope all the other residents can soon say the same. I am very angered that Bush is refusing to help the people in need, he doesn't deserve to be President if he's not gonna be there for people who need him. Their votes should not matter in a case like this, and I think the lesson of consequences Jannie mentioned was necessary but has already had long enough to sink in.

<moment of silence for Dale Evans, now riding into the final sunset on Trigger with Ol' Roy>

Ordell: I agree that Transitions was some of your best work and had very good placement also. Interesting that it developed the way it did, it came out so well it didn't seem like it should have begun that way at all. <massive season finale> Looking forward to finding out exactly what you mean by that. <grin>

SOROW: Congrats on the audition going well, hope you soon hear back on your scholarship. Condolences on the breakup, it sounds like it was very hard. You're probably right that it was the right thing for you both, I know it's still painful though. :( Good luck getting over this however long it takes, you know we'll help if you need it. Glad that you're still friends at least. I agree with SJ that the guy is crazy to have brought this on and ruin the good thing you had. <sighs> Oh well.

Daphne: Valentine's Day doesn't celebrate sex, it celebrates romance. The thing that leads to the best kind of sex. :) Thus I am always glad to celebrate it, despite the redundancy. I understand if you want to boycott it though, and will try not to make you feel too bad about it. :)

Daniel Johnson: Condolences on the passing of your mom's roommate. <silent moment> I will definitely pray for her family and soul.

Glad everyone liked the poem. Mom sent me that tonight, and I just thought I should post it in here. Not every line of it relates to my childhood of course (I can only remember two of my male teachers wearing neckties, both were in high school), but a lot of it does enough to bring back great memories. Really liked Wilek's comments on the poem- you need to post more, man. :) Now that all the replies are said, I must go on to sleep and rest up for tomorrow. There's a lot I have to worry about, in relation to the job, the house, the wedding, and more. I'll try to bring back more good news next time, hope fate doesn't give too much bad along with it. See you all again after Valentine's Day (and yes, Green Baron, we are planning something with the Baldwins for that day like you wanted. <grin>). Later everyone!


The screen comes back on showing Thailog, Professor Gardner, and Dr. Ed Edison sitting in a room looking at Kharsus on a viewscreen. Bobby Mansfield and the five mercenary damned souls can be seen behind the evil wizard chatting with one another. "So, you found our spy," Gardner is saying. "Good." "Yes, it is good," Kharsus agrees. "I would have preferred to catch one of the Ravens alone, but he is providing us with plenty of information. It may be possible to eliminate some of them here, but I think it would be better if we waited until they were on the road to their next destination. The spy can stay with them to observe and report the best timing." "Why must you wait?" Thailog questions. "Your orders were to eliminate them immediately." "They have quite a lot of allies here," Kharsus replies. "The Governor of this state is with them, and a large complement of National Guard. Too many for us to fight. There were also some demons here, some are still battling the Ravens. I want to wait till they are weakened and moving out of the city to recover." Thailog thinks over his words for a moment, then nods. "Good plan." "You will have the assistance of Unit Deus Machina when you choose to attack them of course!" Edison declares with a grin. "That being the spy." "I know," Kharsus nods. "Kharsus out." "What is so special about that Unit Deus Machina again?" Gardner asks Edison as the image disappears. "Alchemist and I built him together," Edison answers with a smile. "He is our finest creation. A human man whose body is enhanced with nanomechanical injections. All sorts of things normal people can not do, he can. He can run as fast as a moving car, lift buses, heal his own wounds, shield himself from bullets with his own skin, become invisible, and more. The best feature is his infolink- whatever Mansfield's eyes see is projected through satellite uplink onto a screen here at the base for us to record. We can also use that to transmit messages to him- we have learned so much about the Ravens this way." "Originally I had Edison and Alchemist create Mansfield as an experimental super-soldier for General Zale's army," Thailog adds. "I got the idea after playing a computer game called Deus Ex. Mansfield is a near duplicate of the hero of that game." "He worked out quite well, yes!" Edison chuckles. "And to believe it is only happy coincidence that he ended up among our enemies the Ravens!" "Perhaps we can make all our clone soldiers like him," Gardner says. Edison shakes his head. "Unfortunately, Alchemist kept a lot of the procedures we used to make Mansfield to himself. Now he is dead, so we can not duplicate the process and make any more like our spy." "Unfortunate," Gardner sighs. "Oh well. If he is able to finish off those Ravens, it will be alright. Amazing, isn't it, that a group of people so unfit for the world have harried us so much?" "Perhaps you are misjudging them?" Thailog questions. "They have been doing a very good job of postponing our takeover." "It can not last much longer," Gardner insists. "They want the world to remain pretty much as it is, we want to give it the changes it needs. Sooner or later, we must triumph." "And we shall!" Edison chirps. "Yes, we shall!" There is a knock on the room's door just then, and Stephen Franks looks inside. "Hey boss," he says to Gardner. "Thailog. Gar's got something he wants us all to come see." "Very well," Thailog stands up. "Show us the way then. I'm still getting use to this base's new layout. Dahak had better change it back to normal soon." Gardner and Edison nod in agreement, then rise to follow Franks and Thailog out.

The display changes briefly to Hell, where Geburah has appeared before Synatia with a gasp. "Banished already?" she asks him. "That fight with the cleric and the Wiccan weakened me," the cornugon growls. "Enough that another of those Ravens was able to take me out all by herself. Revoke my banishment, Mistress, and I will go back and finish them all!" "The Goroistro can do that without you," Synatia snaps. "Especially when it goes into a berserk rage now that no one's around to direct it. No army of demons has ever been able to withstand a berserk Goroistro, even the heavenly hosts have trouble with them. The Ravens cannot triumph." Geburah mutters doubtfully, then nods at Synatia's dismissing wave and walks off, hoping to find a scrying pool through which he can observe the battle about to occur in the Mall of America's parking lot. As Synatia seethes with rage over his failure, unwilling to destroy another of her minions so soon after having to execute three of them, the display changes again to a storage room in the Mall of America. Winter Blade is standing in the middle of it, a strange expression on her face. "What am I doing here?" she asks herself aloud. "I had to get away from them, it was too painful, but now I don't know where I am and…" "I know where you are," a mocking voice whispers behind her, and she gasps. Shadow Wolf steps out of hiding as she spins around, a vicious grin on his face. "Hello pretty." Winter Blade growls and draws her sword, but remains standing still. Shadow Wolf laughs. "Oh, you're going to kill me? Really? You want to kill me? Kill him?" His face changes briefly to Archwolf's and Winter Blade screams. Shadow Wolf laughs again as he lets his own face drift back. "I am him, you know. Like it or not. I always was. So if you love him, you must love me too. Do you?" Winter Blade stares at him for a moment, then hardens her gaze and stance. "My friends…" "They won't find you," Shadow Wolf interrupts. "Some big demon is detaining most of them right now, and the rest, well, I have friends too." The screen's image changes briefly to show Tom and Leah meeting up with some National Guardsmen and discussing their fruitless search for Winter Blade. War Frost starts growling heavily all of a sudden, causing them all to stop talking and looking around. None immediately notice the dozen Black and half dozen Ebony Spiral Werewolves sneaking up on them through nearby shadows. "No, Winter Blade," Shadow Wolf grins as the screen changes back to displaying him, "they won't be coming to save you. It's just you and me. But isn't that what you want?" As he laughs once more and Winter Blade gives vent to a battle cry and charges, the screen goes blank.


Friday, February 9, 2001 01:54:34 AM


The screen comes on, showing Benny Hinn writhing on a metal frame through which electricity is coursing into his body. Gasping, he faints and the Orange Duke flicks a switch from his console nearby, increasing the voltage. Hinn awakens and screams again, then slumps into death. "About time," the Duke growls, turning away from the still-cooking corpse. He reaches for a telephone and dials a number. In her palatial Orlando office, Geraldine Laybourne picks up her direct line. "Yes, hello?" "Geraldine, it's O.D." "Ah, Osmond Davison," Laybourne smiles. "How are things in the wide world of extreme sports?" There is a growl from the other end. "This is the Orange Duke!" the Duke then snaps. "Oh, sorry," Laybourne apologizes quickly, muttering something under her breath about how an Orange Duchess would be more appropriate and polite. The Duke ignores it. "I just wanted to inform you that I have tortured and killed that pathetic failure Benny Hinn," he says. "Before he died, though, he revealed that it was the Catholic Schoolgirl Scouts and the Green Baron who ruined his efforts in Russia on our behalf. I suggest you increase the training of your Empowered Womyn Scouts. We need the CSS eliminated, promptly if not immediately." "They are seven little girls," Laybourne chuckles. "Trained by a regime that is ruled by Pope-worshipping men- they even let themselves be ordered around by a man, this Green Baron. They will never be able to face up to strong women acting entirely without men's influence!" "I wouldn't be so sure of that," the Orange Duke replies. "They've faced up to some pretty formidable foes before." "Not like my Scouts!" Laybourne declares, slamming down the phone. Muttering curses under her breath, she picks up another phone and speed-dials a number. "Yes?" a hollow voice answers. "Marchioness, it is time," Laybourne says. "You wanted to take over the training of the EWS, now I will let you. They must be purged of all man-inspired flaws so they may do the same for the world!" "Wonderful," the hollow voice replies with a dry chuckle. "It shall be done." "Good," Laybourne says, turning to face a video display of Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Oprah, Rosie, and her other Scouts working their way through a slimy obstacle course and as usual performing miserably. As they climb out of the pit full of bean curds that was the last obstacle, they all look at each other and then as if by mutual agreement flip the bird at the camera and stick out their tongues. Laybourne grimaces when she sees Jenny McCarthy and Janet Jackson's piercings, then smiles. "Thinking of leaving the project, all of you?" she asks them over a PA system. "Perhaps you need a reminder of who is in charge." The EWS guffaw and laugh at her, not hearing the heavy clip-clop of high heels approaching and entering their room.

Outside Abdullah's mansion, artillery shells are starting to rain down around Apep, but barely fazing him as the dragon king continues pouring all the ordinance at his disposal into the Desert Knights' army. Only their incredible bravery and resolve, as well as the rallying speech King Abdullah II is making, are keeping the soldiers from turning and running in the face of his full fury. Inside, Erin and her family do not notice this as they continue roaming the halls of the mansion, kicking down doors and seeing what's inside. Several hiding terrorists have already met their ends thanks to the group's search, and many servants have been allowed to run off. "You've got to save my three sisters too!" a girl dressed in scant clothing is telling Erin in the room they're currently in. "Abdullah wanted them to come to his bedroom, it's on the third floor at the end of the main hallway." "Thank you," Erin tells her. "Don't worry, we'll save them. Now get out of here, you're free. Be sure to take the canyon road out, there's a terrible battle going on outside the front entrance." The girl nods and runs off. Erin closes the door to the cell she found her inside, not wanting to look at the squalor and filth Abdullah forces his harem to live in for another second. "To think this could have been me," she mumbles. "He will pay." Nearby, another girl throws her arms around Bessus as he tells her she's free and kisses him passionately. "Thank you," she whispers. He nods, completely unaffected by the gesture of affection. "You're welcome." Frowning, the girl shrugs and leaves. Fasil fends off another's affections by waving his wedding ring and Sarita stays between Hassan and two more. Mist is the only one who accepts and purrs contentedly at a loving pat. "Alright, everyone," Erin says after the girls have all left, "we now know where Abdullah probably is. His bedroom has to be his last retreat." "Agreed," Hassan says. "He's a coward at heart, just like all the thugs he sent after us." "Let's go take care of him," Sarita says, readying one of her daggers. "Hurry," Mary says to them from the radio. "Gubio's trying to shut the dragon down, but he's not having much luck. He needs your help." "Roger," Erin tells her. "We're going after the head of this snake." "See you soon," Fasil tells his wife, then moves towards the room's door. Just as he reaches it, it smashes open thanks to a force-bolt, revealing the smiling Jazeem. "I have found you!" the sorcerer chuckles upon seeing the party, letting a fireball grow in his hands. "Now I will…" As one, Erin, Bessus, Hassan, Fasil, and Mist all bring up their guns and fire, cutting Jazeem down in a hail of bullets before he can let loose his spell. "Nice," Sarita claps as his corpse tumbles to the floor, features frozen forever in a gasp. "I doubt Abdullah will be that easy," Fasil sighs. "Come." The rest of the group nods and follows him towards the stairs as the screen goes blank.


<Doug walks into the room carrying a pitchfork. He looks around, spies DC sitting at a computer, and quietly tiptoes over. As DC laughs and grins about his latest scheme, Doug raises the pitchfork and stabs him right through the back of the head. With a scream of terror, DC expires. Not done yet, Doug uses the fork to heave his body into a vat of liquid nitrogen and then sets the fork down, grinning and thanking Gside for the idea> Hey everyone, I'm back once again. As Kit told you, our house is now on our property and we've signed all the various papers on it. Or so we're hoping- the bank that's financing us has seemed to come up with another necessary paper every day this week. :( But basically the house is ours now, and hopefully within two weeks we'll have all our utilities hooked up and the furniture can be moved in. Other conflicts in our life have seemed to calm down this week- our parents have backed off about the wedding, or at least Kit's have. Mom still mentions it whenever she talks to me, and I always remind her it's far in the future and it's going to be ours to plan and have. We appreciate her help, but don't need it. I think the words are finally sinking in. :) I haven't been speaking to Dad lately, so I can't be completely sure what he thinks. Hopefully he will soon be able to accept that Lisa and I love each other, and are getting married no matter what. <grin> I'll tell him he better do that the next time we talk. Work continues to be quiet, Kit told you about the most recent round of problems. We are starting another new guy this weekend, hopefully he'll work out. Not much else to report on the RL front, so let's get on to comments and replies.

Warpmind: Thanks for the good wishes. Kit and I already have a pretty calm relationship (our last argument was two weeks ago, believe it or not, and it wasn't that big), so marriage shouldn't be too much of a problem for us. :) Then again, they do say it's an eye-opener. Glad you like Deus Ex, I too really enjoyed that game a while back. Haven't touched it in a while, but may again someday. :) Hope you can play more of Hitman in the future- the training level's pretty good, but the ten levels after it are each and every one the bomb. :) The last two levels aren't as nice IMO, but still good somewhat in their own way. I recommend Say Hello To My Little Friend (Level 6, a one-man commando raid on a drug lord's mansion and factory complex) and Traditions of the Trade (Level 7, sneak into a hotel and kill some terrorists, then escape with their bomb, all without getting caught by the heavy security) if you really want to blow off some steam and settle your thoughts. Good luck getting your shaved head back soon, some guys go for that but not me. Mostly because I like having a warm head. And Kit never seems to get tired of running her fingers through my hair. <grin>

Kirshanta: Glad you agree with me about last week's episode. I agree with you that internal conflicts between the characters would be good for TGS to deal with for a while, better than new villains. I think they may have started doing just that this week. <grin>

Hitler Debate: IMO, there shouldn't be any debate about this guy. The historical evidence is clear- he was a deranged madman with the charisma to corrupt an entire nation to follow his will who plunged the world into war and killed over twenty million people (Jews, soldiers, civilians, etc.) just because he felt they were in the way of how he wanted the world to be. People like that must not be allowed to exist IMO, they are evil. And yes, I consider Stalin another example of such a person. You can not be as cold and uncaring about killing millions of people as he was and not be so. Yeah, they probably both loved their families, but we don't judge people just by that in this world, do we? Nor do we let misdeeds slide just because the perpetrator believed they were doing the right thing. I shudder to think what the world would be like if we did. :(

Lady Corax: I hope things work out too, thanks for sharing the hope. <cursing in Latin> Well, Mom always did want me to learn that language. :) Congrats on the Elisa paper's good topic review, may you get a high A on it. I also hope you do well on those other tests. Congrats on the nice weather you're having too.

Christine: I'm confident the Black Roses reading will go well, just don't get too nervous. Or too emotional. And have a glass of water nearby at all times. That's the secret to succeeding at such things, or so I've heard. Congrats on the new nephew or niece, hope they end up healthy and smart as well as strong. I wish Becca the best of luck with her new tooth trouble.

Firestorm: Congrats on getting over your ISP troubles. Sorry to hear about your job loss and the seventeen cavities. <gulps noticeably> I hope you can soon get all of them fixed, and find a new and better workplace also. I'll keep you and LM in my prayers, friend.

DPH: To confess, I just saw Winterwolf say it was your birthday and decided to say the same thing. I didn't really figure it out. :) Good reasons for you to get that job, hope you succeed in becoming hired. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the situation. I have to ask- what exactly is the job? If it requires so much screening, it must be something pretty important. You may have said what it was at some time in the past, but I've forgotten. :( I too enjoy eating catfish a lot, though I've never fixed it myself. I'll have to try it someday.

Starsinger: <$200 bill> I'm definitely not that stupid. Good to see you're still lurking in here, hope you'll soon post again.

SJ: Thanks for the Kevin Smith news, I'm definitely gonna check out his comic project, and the next Jay and Silent Bob movie. Elisa Dushku is usually worth watching (she always has been on Buffy), and with Smith on board we're guaranteed a more than decent script. :) I too am glad Liddy got out of that lawsuit (I listen to and enjoy his broadcasts now and then), and agree with you about the DC press being idiots about that gunman outside the White House. They really should get the facts straight before they report, debate, and spin. :( Congrats on the new computer, even if it's not that flashy. Hope it works out well for you.

Lain: You're replacing Kaioto as our resident cool philosopher, you know that? :) Hope you'll keep coming out with such great songs, poems, and paragraphs on things like hope for a long time to come, I've been enjoying reading them. I envy you having the time to find, type up, and post so much interesting stuff. :) Good plan for joining the Canadian military's disaster relief team, I agree you're well-suited for them. Hope you can soon end your depression permanently with the knowledge that you've saved a few lives and really made a difference in the world. :)

Jaden: The gym. Yes. I'm gonna start making the time to go there more frequently very soon myself. Thanks for your wishes of good luck.

Robby: Congrats on finally getting your posting process figured out. I started doing mine the same way a long time ago so I could work on them over several days without having to leave the computer on. May the process work similarly well for you, it would really stink if the CR admin wasn't able to post in here period. :(

Gside: Thanks for mentioning I'll check it out. (Actually I've already completed Lunar 2, I just want to get the Strategy Guide to be sure there's nothing I missed. Thanks again for the DC Death idea above. I think I like using a pitchfork. :)

Emmabu: I like that Don McLean song too, thanks for posting it. You've helped me decide the next CD I should buy. <grin> Thanks for all the good sincere wishes, I hope things pan out well too eventually. Sorry to hear your relationship didn't work out, I had high hopes for it when I heard you talking about its beginnings. I won't mention it any more. Congrats on the big choir promotion, I hope it goes well for you, and also on getting your group's server back up, I hope it stays that way until you decide it's time to take it down for good. And don't worry about your brother, I'm sure he will stop hesitating soon. And feel all the better when he does, just like I do now. :)

A lot of what I could say about the latest TGS has already been said, but I'll say it over again just for emphasis. :) Great episode, best all season so far IMO. The Trio and Angela's characters have really developed and changed since they were first introduced in Gargoyles, and in this story we could really see how. I especially liked seeing Angela and Broadway in a fight, their relationship always seemed a little too perfect to me before. Angela going to Maggie for relationship advice was a good development too, every woman needs girlfriends. Also really enjoyed Brooklyn and Demona's talk, I look forward to seeing exactly what he meant about her so-called reformation collapsing in her face. I am among the many who's found her change of sides too quick and easy, good to see the staff finally seeming to agree with us that more development is needed. :) Lain's picture made the talk and Demona's development especially deep and emotional. :) Liked all that was done with Lex the best, the motorbike scene was great in emotional showcase and the Liz scene had great dialogue (I'll miss her in TGS, but hope to enjoy her in Pendragon). The scene with Jackal and Hyena showing up had both, I can hardly wait to see what developments will come of that in the future. Lex has a perceived personal link with his personal enemies now, and that should make for great development. Jackal and Hyena made good bad guys also, for the first time in TGS since season 1. I liked that. Hope to see the rest of the Ultra-Pack get similar treatment soon. Good to see Lex understanding why Brooklyn is keeping the future hidden too. Kudos to Ordell on writing so many great visual images woven together into an excellent plotline, and to Lain for illustrating one of them so very well. Hope to see just as good writing and development next week as this one, with more illustrations. Maybe some Goliath, Elisa, and Macbeth development too. I've been missing Macbeth. :)

Buffy and Angel also had fantastic writing this week, and very good acting from all the stars. Dawn's development in Buffy was dead-on and very realistic as well as interesting. I liked seeing all the characters' reactions to her being the Key, Xander's was quite amusing and Spike's was the best-written IMO. Spike and Buffy had some good bonding scenes also, as did Buffy and Dawn. I think they could have gone a little deeper into Dawn's quandaries over whether or not she was real and whether her life mattered, but that probably would have required a two-parter. Decent development on the Knights of Byzantium in this one, but they still need more to be an effective antagonist and not just the latest army of Slayer fodder. The fight with Glory at the end was very well-done, I liked how everyone participated somehow and the end result of Willow's spell made me grin bigtime. The Ben development was shocking and remains confusing for the moment. Hope we get a clear explanation soon. Looking forward to when Spike reveals his crush next week, that should be fun. Also looking forward to a big-deal police conflict on Angel, maybe it will get the gang back together and they can see how they've changed since the forced separation of their party. Very good development on them all in this one, Angel especially. Slowly but surely he is coming to terms with his past and himself, it will be interesting to see what kind of person he finally decides to be. The Host as his adviser and partner was a nice touch, they made a very effective duo both in investigation and combat (I agree with Kit that the Host's moves against those old man demons were pretty cool). His hope and champion talks with Angel got me thinking also, and should make for some good developments ahead as Angel broods on them. Laughed hard at his 'mascot' moments. Hopefully this won't be the last time we see the Host in a major role. The physicist also made a good supporting character for the episode, and fulfilled his role well. I can't say I'm a big fan of his girlfriend, she's the kind of woman I hate- willing to please a guy out of dumb sympathy and then not care at all when they hurt him- but I could completely empathize with Gene wanting to keep their relationship and his happiness even if it meant undertaking a risky experiment. Cordy, Wes, and Gunn could have used more individual attention, but they had great development as a new team and I enjoyed the drawing room scene a lot. Still laughing at it in fact. I'm glad their trio has evolved past Angel, but hope they're ready to be friends with him again if necessary, as it might be someday. Very good script to the episode overall. Since this is February, the chances of getting similar quality in episodes ahead are very nice-looking. :)

Enjoyed the Saturday morning cartoons Todd mentioned also. X-Men had some good developments between Xavier and the team and Scott and Rogue. Magneto and Mystique had good villainous presence too. I continue to enjoy this show, yet I worry they may be taking things too far too fast just because of the audience's perceived expectations. They need to concentrate on developing the characters as much as the overall plot- just look at Rogue for example. Did she ever really fight the X-Men while on Mystique's side? Seemed to me she always ended up helping them instead. Thus her eventually joining them was predictable, one wonders only why it didn't happen sooner. :( Zeta Project is much better in its writing IMO, this week's ep did a great job developing the characters and their interaction as well as furthering the overall plot. Hope to get more development on Bennett and his team next week, and eventually see some antagonists besides them. Zeta and Ro are good characters, but two eps have been enough to define and establish them pretty well. It'll get boring if all the episodes concentrate on their development as opposed to the other characters'. I have to say I'm enjoying their arguments though, this week's over the cola drink was hilarious. I also like all the insights we're seeing of the world of the future, the Spacies made believable protesters even if they were a little bland (Ro made them comical though :). Zeta's interaction with the security guards and the engineer made for some good bits too (I could laugh especially hard at the security guards because I'm one myself for some reason :). It's wonderful to see a cartoon show where they write the plots and dialogue with the characters' personalities in mind, not just what they think the audience wants to see or what they think has to be written. Batman Beyond also had a good episode this week, glad to finally get a new one. I enjoyed the developments on the three leads (Terry, Bruce, and Max) and liked the villains also, though their plot needs more definition and development. And yes, before anyone asks, I too like Cobra a lot better than Kobra. If only because I got to see more of them and their development, etc. :)

Doug - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 01:53:44 AM

Gside> <<I think you're getting to be worse than Wilek.>> Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear.
Doug> Poem> I love strolling down memory lane...
<<Before SEGA or Super Nintendo...>> My GODS, man, this was before recorded history! Stone knives, bearskins, the Model T! O_o
<<The Good Humor man>> He hasn't been within 500 miles of my house since the experiments started. <sigh> People see one single corpse dancing on your roof and they treat you like some kind of pariah. Bunch of whiners. It's not like I invited Igos du Ikana to an orgy of violence in the town square.
<<Hopscotch, butterscotch, doubledutch, jacks, kickball, dodgeball>> Aren't these lyrics from a Barenaked Ladies song? No, wait, "We Didn't Start The Fire"! :D
<<The smell of the sun>> Am I the only person who didn't do acid in the 60s? ;P
<<A million mosquito bites.>> That's how half the people in my neighborhood died. The other half were eaten by my escaped xeno-raptors. I was a lonely kid.
<<Sticky fingers.>> Oh to hear Freud's spin on this one. Or Otto's.
<<Water balloons were the ultimate weapon.>> Especially when filled with difluoric acid.
<<It was magic when dad would "remove" his thumb.>> My dad did that exactly once after my birth. In return, I gave him this really cool scar, like Sagat's from Street Fighter 2.
<<It was unbelievable that dodgeball wasn't an Olympic event.>> What I find unbelievable is that it has yet to be outlawed. I think dodgeball is a sport the way ducks think hunting is a sport.
<<Abilities were discovered because of a "double-dog-dare.">> That's how a former friend of mine and I discovered a moderate talent for sorcery. I can still remember his last words: "Agghhh, they're under my skin!"
<<Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fierce protectors.>> I was an only child. Eventually.
Thanks for the memories! v^_^ (Is it obvious that I'm entirely too fond of MST3K? ;P )
Real post sometime before I end the world. Maybe. o_o'

Friday, February 9, 2001 01:32:13 AM

Today, the entertainment insert of the Targum had an article about why The Princess Bride is such a classic. I like those people.

Warpmind> <<Why not use the real stuff in the first place?>>: Sorry, but I just can't think of what the real stuff might be, for some reason. The only thing that comes to mind is that stuff they use in space that doesn't need any water.

Calíope> <<it makes me so very happy to be a Mac-addict too>>: The only problem I have with Macs is the closed nature of the hardware. It scares me contemplating upgrading an imac or G4 cube (and the possible repercussions for cooling in the cube). Though it would probably be fun if I was given enough time and space.
<<I gotta get me a nerd like that one, rich, hunky, smart, rich, hunky>>: Sorry, I think I only have one of those so far, but with any luck I'll be getting two more once I graduate. And is three out of five all that bad?

Taleweaver> <<Most folks have gotten lax on conserving energy>>: I find it interesting to watch the roofs of houses soon after a snow. Our insulation must be moderately good for me to have had to go up on a latter and chip ice dams off the gutters.

Fire Storm> <<I mean, it's not like those subs are running off of plasma conduits>>: And even if they are energy is energy is convertable.
<<Well said>>: Eh?

Daniel Johnson> <<Don't answer, Gside>>: That's the problem with having a reputation, you don't get to have any fun. Though I though the answer was obvoius: you went to RCDS and were taught by my father.
My condolences to Ms. Stanika's family and friends.

Doug> <<GO BACK IN TIME...>>: Oddly enough I recently watched Ranma season 5 episode 6. Interesting story relating to games of yesterday.
<<When you got your... and gas pumped, without asking,... every time>>: There's a place for that now, and it is called Jersey.
<<When all of your male teachers wore neckties>>: I know a school that enforces that not only on the teachers, but on the students. It's amazing the differences in length between male and female dress codes.

Gunjack> I think you're getting to be worse than Wilek.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Friday, February 9, 2001 12:48:20 AM

*Valentine looks up from him task of tattooing formulas into his skin*

Doug - Excellent poem. Though they left out playing Massada at the dirtpile, and collecting ice after the first freeze... Still, nice to know I was alive, once upon a time... 8 )

*goes back to tattooing*

Gunjack "Calling Olsen, Calling Memphis" Valentine - []
Friday, February 9, 2001 12:28:12 AM


Before the Internet or the MAC,
Before semi automatics and crack,
Before SEGA or Super Nintendo...Way back........

I'm talking about hide and seek at dusk.
The Good Humor man, Red light, green light.
The corner store.
Hopscotch, butterscotch, doubledutch, jacks, kickball, dodgeball.

Mother May I? Red Rover and Roly Poly, Hula Hoops, Running through the
The smell of the sun and licking salty lips....Wax lips and mustaches.
An ice cream cone on a warm summer night, Chocolate or vanilla or
strawberry or maybe butter pecan.
A cherry coke from the fountain at the corner drug store.

Wait......Watching Saturday Morning cartoons...short commercials,
Fat Albert, Road Runner, He-Man, The Three Stooges, and Bugs,
Or staying up late for Gunsmoke, Or back further, listening to
Superman on the radio.
When around the corner seemed far away,
And going downtown seemed like going somewhere.

A million mosquito bites.
Sticky fingers.
Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, Zorro.
Climbing trees, Building igloos out of snow banks...Walking to school,
to matter what the weather.
Running till you were out of breath.
Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt.
Jumping on the bed. Pillow fights, Spinning around, getting dizzy and
falling down was cause for giggles.
Being tired from playing....Remember that?

The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team.
War was a card game.
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon.
Baseball cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.

I'm not finished just yet...

Eating Kool-aid powder.
Remember when...there were two types of sneakers for girls and boys
Keds & PF Flyers) and the only time you wore them at school, was for
It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends.
When nobody owned a purebred dog.
When a quarter was a decent allowance, and another quarter a miracle.

When milk went up one cent and everyone talked about it for weeks?
When you'd reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.
When you got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped,
without asking, all for free, every time.
And, you didn't pay for air. And, you got trading stamps to boot!

When laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden
inside the box.
When nearly everyone's mom was at home when the kids got there.
When it took five minutes for the TV to warm up, if you even had one.
When your Mom wore nylons that came in two pieces.

It was magic when dad would "remove" his thumb.
When it was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at
real restaurant with your parents.
When girls neither dated nor kissed until late high school, if then.

When all of your male teachers wore neckties and female teachers had
their hair done.
When any parent could discipline any kid, or feed him or use him to
carry groceries, and nobody, not even the kid, thought a thing of it.
When they threatened to keep kids back a grade if they failed ..and

When being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to the
fate that awaited a misbehaving student at home.
Basically, we were in fear for our lives but it wasn't because of
drive by shootings, drugs, gangs, etc.
Our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! and some of us
are still afraid of them!!!

Didn't that feel good.. just to go back and say, Yeah, I remember

Remember when............Decisions were made by going
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, "do over!"
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in "Monopoly."

The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties.
It was unbelievable that dodgeball wasn't an Olympic event.
Having a weapon in school, meant being caught with a slingshot.
Nobody was prettier than Mom.
Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better.

Taking drugs meant orange-flavored chewable aspirin.
Ice cream was considered a basic food group.
Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true.
Abilities were discovered because of a "double-dog-dare."
Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fierce
If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!!!!

Friday, February 9, 2001 12:11:46 AM

Warpmind > no MageLore characters in the EIB game, sorry; it will be set in the Emerin though and the EIB will feature prominently in the upcoming SwordLore trilogy (when I ever get around to writing it <g>)

Kit > thanks! I am a little nervous about visiting the studio, but it'll be a learning experience if nothing else.

Christine - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 09:49:39 PM

I just spent four hours decorating my house for a Valentines party and I'm pooped. And now I have to clean my room. *sigh*

SJ> You're absolutely right. Joe Boxer who posted in here way back when was my boyfriend and is *STILL* my best friend. And just to clarify, I broke up with him. It was basically my decision, so I'm the one who gets a kick in the butt.

Thursday, February 8, 2001 08:53:05 PM


Rackum frackum ... why can't they vote that uber-hose-bitch Jerri off already?! Why did they have to sacrifice Mad Dog tonight?! WHY?!

**composes self**

Sorry. But SJ, I think I can honestly say that my hatred for Jerri probably matches yours for Gervase in the first season. And by all appearances everyone else in Ogakor is probably gettin' a little sick of her bullcrap as well (especially judging by Keith's remark about not coming here "to be pushed around by some bartender-actress-wannabe."). Also it'll be interesting to see how the *other* Michigan Survivor is slowly losing his mind. >:)


Anyway, not much for me tonight. Other than another plea ... PLEEEASE vote for me at the Fanfic Fight Club!! I'm gettin' massacred!! **evaporates into useless begging before leaving the room**

Coyote the Bando
Algonac, Michigan
Thursday, February 8, 2001 08:36:05 PM

**Holographic smiles show up in the CR.**

I start working full-time next week and I go to orientation on Monday.

Daniel Johnson - I hope she does better.

The idiot I am living with embarrassed me last night. The idiot and I were at a business meeting of my church [yes, decisions are made by democracy]. He raised a question about a $600/year expenditure [$50/month for our preacher's cellphone] when the overall church budget is approxiamately $251,000/year. Sorry but that amount is about 1/4 of a percent of the church budget and not worth the time monitoring. I had an accounting class and we learned about things called how accurate to balance the books depends on the amount of money involved.

**BFTS RP continues**
*DPH's house*
After seeing the remains of DPH's car and looking over DPH's demolished home, the Speed Stars leave.
**END BFTS RP for now**

DPH - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 06:19:14 PM

Well, I haven't been around for days! What's wrong with me? (Don't answer, Gside.) I really should make some proper replies, but for now I just wanted to comment on something before it gets out of hand.

Let me start by saying that I am an animal lover. I like them, and they like me. I would never inflict pain on an animal--well, except maybe a squirrel, demon-spawn that they are. I checked out this "Bonzaikitty" site...and laughed my fool head off. Why? Because I have a twisted sense of humor? That goes without saying. Because I enjoy tormenting small animals? Certainly not. Because this site is such an artfully done joke? Absolutely.

That's right; a joke. They were TRYING to get people to react. They also left clues that it wasn't true scattered about. They can't show pictures of the "finished product" because they don't have permission from the owners? Sounds plausible at first glance, but if you think about it, you'll realize that they could easily make a "demonstration model" to show off. They have a license from the USDA to practice the art of bonzaikitty? Um, no. That's a dead giveaway.

Please realize that the more protests they get, the more successful the joke is. Also, let's not jump all over people for laughing about it because they saw through the joke, or for being outraged because they believed it. It WOULD be easy for someone to see that site and have an emotional reaction without looking at it closely. That's NOTHING to be ashamed of; it just means that you're very trusting. Never trust what you read on the Internet unless you have some very good evidence to back it up. Now, I'm naturally cynical, so I just assumed that this was a joke until I found something more definitive. Which I didn't. So, let's just drop this now, 'K?
Speaking of bad jokes and twisted humor, let me also say that I found lain's "PC Bible" to be hysterical. Especially since I was raised a Methodist, so I can appreciate the last bit. :)
Did I hear people talking about Deus Ex? As in, one of the best games ever? In fact, I'm currently replaying it. Just reached the Brooklyn Naval Shipyards. I love this game; every time I play it, I find something new.
Got a bit of bad news today. My mother's roommate passed away this morning. She just dropped dead. With my mother in the room. She was a sweet little old lady with a lot of spirit, and I will miss her. For any who are so inclined, perhaps you could offer your prayers for Melinia Stanika and her family.

Eh, that's enough for now; time for dinner.

Daniel Johnson - []
Ocean Grove, NJ, USA
Thursday, February 8, 2001 05:51:30 PM

Coyote: <Because the military reactors can't hook up to the civilian plants>
Ya know, I just can't see why military reactors can't hook up to cilivian lines.
The reactors produce electricity.
Maybe not 120v, but whatever they DO make, it IS convertable to 120v.
I mean, it's not like those subs are running off of plasma conduits!

Gside: <I think I've been here long enough to become set in my ways>
Well said.

Warpmind: <Shampoo? SHAMPOO?>
Ranma looking for her? :)

Taleweaver: Moral of the story: We are all screwed!

Fire Storm - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 04:51:37 PM

Caliope> Well depending on what kind of cable tv set you have you can tape one show and watch another. If your cable is basic (meaning no cable box involved) You can set the VCR to tape Angel or Dark Angel, hit the TV/VCR button and change the TV channels to watch the others. (Ah if you know how many of my family members considered me a genius just for knowing that little trick) I suggest you try it before next Tuesday so you can work out any kinks.

CA blackouts> I think I can explain it, in a quick soup to nuts, Highlights for kids fashion. Granted my understanding isn't complete and some of the sources I got the info from are politically biased, but here it goes.

About a year or two ago, the power utilities were deregulated. The reason sold to the public was that deregulation would increase competition, lower prices and encourage alternative forms of power generation like solar, wind and biomass.

Not everyone was happy about this including the power companies here before deregulation. Their view was that they built the plants, they put up and service the wires delivering this power, now some upstart, fly-by-night company reaps the benefits of their work. Long and the short of it, the new utilities were fly-by-night and when they wanted to get out, they sold their interests back to old utilities. The money that normally goes to building new power plants and such went to buying back their share of the market lost to deregulation.

What's causing the blackouts now are a couple of things. In CA we had a hot summer and hot summers mean every air conditioner running at full blast. It's just one example, but we had a larger than normal energy load. So the power utilities left standing had to pay out-of-state utilities for the extra juice. To the point they were in debt. Another factor is we've had exceptionally freezing cold snaps. Nothing that last, but in the meantime everyone is consuming more energy. The indepted utilities didn't have the money to pay for extra juice out of state and they are out of IOUs. So were stuck. Mind you it isn't all deregulations fault. Most folks have gotten lax on conserving energy. (Funniest thing I saw in Big Bear were houses withe icicle lights right next to real icicles) Christmas lights, skyscrapers with empty floors but lights a-blazing, lots of thoughtless action that's build up.

Why should you care? I think this is more of a dress rehearsal for when things really hit the fan. I don't think deregulation is going to catch on to other states, but with gas prices rising and natural gas doing the same, it's not impossible to see an energy crisis on a similar scale happening. Hope that clears things up. If I got something horribly wrong, say so and have back up. Like I said, my understanding is incomplete.

Taleweaver - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 04:20:28 PM

Caliope>(hugs back)
James Birdsong - []
Token sane guy
Thursday, February 8, 2001 03:09:43 PM

HI-I!!!!!! * ^_~ *

Quick post here commin' live for extra hyper Cali today!!!! :P

Winterwolf> There you are!!! *messes up Winterwolf's hair and gives him a big hug* Glad your OK then and that work's good and everything! :) <<I find myself playing the role of moderator and people just aren’t receptive to my recommendations.>> Moderater of what? I remember they made one of my best cyber friends moderator of Castle chat a long time ago and he hated it, finaly stoped comming all together and I did miss him so :( So dont you stop comming too, if it has anything at all to do with the CR, kay? KAY?!?!?! Dont make me strap a leash on ya!!! :P hehehe sorry, extra hyper today...but I WILL leash ya!!!! :P <<Even, if I happen to be on the receiving end of your fun.>> lol dont worry, I'm never too crul in my fun, just silly, dont worry :P <<roswell>> lol yeah, Michael and Maria were lots of fun this ep, and that little phone call was hysterical too No matching tatoos and piercings that cant be shown in company!!! :P I think there might be more to the whole snoby rich family then just the inheritence thing too...hmmmm....*HUGZ and dances away*

Gside> <<That just makes you learn to love the keyboard shortcuts. >> lol yup, and it makes me so very happy to be a Mac-addict too *sly wink* ;)

Umm, Buffy was cool...Angel was cool....everything was cool...thats about it! :P Oh, and now I have this little conflict see, I HAVE to watch Angel, but I want to see when that hunky nerd fron Dark Angel gets back up off that wheel chair cuz...well, he's hunky :P I gotta get me a nerd like that one, rich, hunky, smart, rich, hunky....:P

Well, I really must get going!!!! I'll see you guys!!!! Bye!!!! *dances about giving everyone HUGZ then dances back out of the room*

Caliope - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 12:35:40 PM

*wanders in aimlessly.. contemplating the peculiar realization she has had about Warpmind posting with the picture of Nudnik, Lynati posting with the pic on Arianna and the fact that Nudnik is Arianna's pet..*
I wonder what it all means...

Thursday, February 8, 2001 11:47:31 AM

*Runs in and hugs Warpmind* Aww, that's alright! I'll be around a lot, we'll meet up. :)
Thursday, February 8, 2001 11:26:08 AM

*Warpmind enters, grumpy.*
Well, power was out at work today. :( No computers, no work, no nothing. All because last night's snow weighted down a power cable. :( Good thing the netcafe here is in an entirely different region...

The phenomenon called Project UJCF has left Tokyo in ruins, and various classified reports indicate that it is moving in the direction of China. Please stay tuned.

Kit: Ooo, I like the way you think. :) (And such a sword? Um... not to sound overly superstitious, or anything, but just to stay on the safe side, check whether or not the sword's got any mention of Caballistic rites in its history... Wouldn't want any wayward magics to wreak havoc, eh?)

Lain: If it's any comfort, I thought the PC Bible was funny. But then, I guess I'm a bit too cynical for my own good... ;) And that army bit was HILARIOUS! :) As for the hair thing, well... let's just say my mother glared a LOT at me the first time she saw I had shaved my head... She got over it, though... :)

Fire Storm: Good.

Lynati: EEEK! *Ticklish* You weren't around? Just as well, since there was no possible way I could get on IM this morning... :( Oh, and I'm beginning to jot down what I'm gonna put in that wee file I'm sending to you soon... Gotta have my cue cards, y'know. :) Hmmm... Waitaminute... you prefer wearing black or indigo? *Blink* Hmmm... isn't that just about the standard colors of archvillain clothing? Hmmm... Aw, skip it - if I'll wind up a damned villain, I might as well end up a *smiling* damned villain. ];) Oh, did I mention I'm not unlikely to be online for a LOOOONG time on Friday/Saturday? :)

Daphne: I'd argue against your reason for boycotting Valentine's Day, but... *Snuggles with Lynati* for some reason, I can't really think of anything to say (and when words fail me, something's up) on the subject, except my wholehearted opposition on the matter.

Bronx: Damn, the cruelty humans can commit... Sounds like how young girls' feet were treated in ancient China long ago... Or was it Japan? *Ponder* No, I think it was China...

Gside: Shampoo? SHAMPOO? Why not use the real stuff in the first place? ];)

Traveler: You find cruelty to animals FUNNY? Methinks you just stepped on a LOT of sore toes here, buddy...

Well, 'tis about it. Later.

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Thursday, February 8, 2001 10:47:25 AM

If anyone out there would like to learn gaelic there is a friend I know who teaches it over internet, Saki Nightstalker. Her e-mail is
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Thursday, February 8, 2001 10:45:57 AM

Ok - I voted. Please let me know if it did not go through.

Some of the pics were spectacular. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but I just have to thank the artists of the following pics which I hope will make it on to the gallery section of the TGS site.

Ok - let's get the drooling babe outta da way:
- Harthoth (absolutely gorgeous - what a specimen) She says, her tongue hanging out...
- Brianna (beautiful simplicity and attention to the softness of the face)
- Garlon (very nicely done - details are sublime)
- Michael and Victoria (the love is obvious - just the right touch of tenderness and power)
- The Unseelie Logo (silver and 3-D - need I say more?)
- Valkyries (finally, I get to see what they look like)
- Colfire, Coldstone and Alex (they were never seen as detailed and complte - nice attention to color and facial expressions)
- Desdemona and Othello (perfection in a bottle - what a pic!!!)

I think there should be links at the end of each pertaining story so that the characters can be seen. It is very important, notably in the case of the adolescents in Dark Ages. It would be nice to see what Diomedes or Ajax or Deborah or even a younger Lex looked like - especially since we don't have TV episodes to refer to for most of them.

Anyway - just a suggestion.

Kirshanta - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 10:24:27 AM

B O N Z A I K I T T Y !!!


Oh man... heheh... *tries to pick himself up off the floor* and then the protest site... BBUUWWWAAHAHAHHAHA!!! *falls back to the floor*

hehehhehe.... I can't believe this is the first you guys have heard of this. I saw that site weeks ago, I think it might have been a link from /. or from the ARS BBS "FOR GREAT JUSTICE!!!"

hehehhe I had completely forgotten about that... thanks for the laughs. *thinks back to the picture of the crying cartoon kitten on the protest page; promptly falls back to the floor* hehheehheEHAHEHAHEHAHAHAHAA!!!

Thursday, February 8, 2001 06:19:51 AM

Kitainia> <<Kit and Doug appear standing beside a large house>>: Did you remember the manure fork?

Warpmind> <<Nevermore shall we fear the terrors of *gasp* PAYING to have our hair cut>>: But the bad part of mine is that the shampoo probably more than makes up for the money saved on barbers.
<<I see you may have mentioned Heisenberg>>: I'm not quite sure myself.

Lain> <<and then I will be forced to FLEE!!! in mindless terror>>: You could most likely be readily accepted at Douglass. Sorry, bad Rutgers joke there.
<<sooner or later one of us is gonna crack>>: Hasn't that already happened? Since you have both been here, mustn't that by definition happened?

Dumlao X> <<no one else has the job>>: I'd like to stake a partial claim, at least. As a regular reader of Dark Mazda's and Zophar's Domains, I'd hope I know at least some of what is going on. E.g.: there other emulators on Dreamcast for Gameboy, MSX, NES, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Spectrum, and SNES. As well as Bleemcast. Though lately, I've been focusing a bit much on RPGs and fighting in relation to the PC to be an all around game guru. But then you already got all of that.

Fire Storm> <<"Well, I CAN be certian that you're going to sleep in the yard!">>: "Not if I'm moving fast enough."

Lynati> <<Maybe if you acquire an emu skull>>: A skull my itself won't be enough. Go for an entire head. With some neck, too.

SOROW> Best of luck with your future romances.

CtB> <<Because the military reactors can't hook up to the civilian plants>>: I'm sure someone could build someting to get the right type of power. I mean look at what the real heroes of Apollo 13 did with such limited materials.

Lady Mystic> <<If you post in the CR, send us a vote>>: But you seem to be asking for votes from people that will use pictures. I think I've been here long enough to become set in my ways, even though there are some pictures that, sould I go even more insane, would possibly use due to aesthetics and/or identification (e.g.: the two techies).

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Thursday, February 8, 2001 02:32:56 AM


Sorry for the update delay. RL has a tendency to get in the way sometimes. :) I'll try to update once a week or else every other week, as circumstances permit.

The archive has been update to include last week's CR.


The CR colors page now includes a means to view samples of a color of your choice. Just click on the superscript S next to your choice to view a pop-up window displaying text in that color. The text is pre-determined -- you can't choose what is displayed. But I think all of you will like what is said. Go see for yourself...


This is my first time coding JavaScript. (Well, outside text for the status bar.) If you come across any malfunctions or if you have any suggestions on improving the feature, please email me at Thanks.



Vote if you haven't already. We encourage you to participate. If you post in the CR, send us a vote. It doesn't matter whether you are a TGS Staff member or a TGS fan, or just a member of our CR community -- SEND YOUR VOTE TODAY!

This information is useful. It'll show us what pics have the highest chance of being used. Even if you dislike the cause, vote anyway. Place your opinions in the comment box at the bottom of the page. Tell us what you think of the pics. Tell us what you think about the idea of replacing new pics with the names of current CR pics.

Received votes from:
- David G.
- Dreamie
- Emambu
- Graymonk
- Guandalug la'Fay
- Jaden
- Lady Mystic
- lain
- Revel
- Warpmind de InzanE
- Wilek Nereus
- Winterwolf

If you already sent in your votes and your name is not on this list, please re-send them. If you participated in the poll from last week, please vote again via the vote page. Thanks in advance.


Daniel Johnson: <<Very nice! Thank you for the great work!>> Thank you, too. It's always nice to receive compliments. :)

Kirshanta: I know you posted your response to the CR pics poll in last week's CR. But since I can't tell what data you made your choices off of could you submit your votes via the vote page (see URL mentioned above)? That is, if you would still like your votes to be counted. Thanks.

Kyryn: I'll return your email as soon as I have the time. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Coyote: Maybe you, FS and I should get together again to discuss G2004. (I think we're way overdue for a meeting.) What do you think?

... I hate it when I feel like I'm forgetting something...

Lady Mystic - [<-- CR INFO UPDATE !!!]
TGS CR Info Senior Admin
Thursday, February 8, 2001 01:25:29 AM

Bonzai Kitty site: God, I hope SJ is right. I SO hope it is a fake site! I do NOT want that to be real!

I am SO glad they did not show adult cats!

And now a message from Lady Mystic!

Fire Storm - []
Thursday, February 8, 2001 12:47:54 AM

Well, quite a few people almost got very happy, because somebody tried to shoot the President today. Or, rather, he was outside of the White House with a gun, and he got off a few shots before the cops busted a cap in his leg. I say shame on the cops. It's either center mass or in the head, but either way, the guy shouldn't still be breathing.
What's really horrible is the local news here in D.C. Goddamn they are inept. How so? They reported, when this first happened, that the shooter was actually a 17 year old boy who shot himself, and then they proceeded--I s*** you not--to launch into a discussion, the theme of which was "Is this another Columbine-like incident?" I'm NOT kidding. The sons of bitches were trying to make an analogy to Columbine, when the truth was that the shooter was some fat, 47-yr. old ex-IRS agent from Indiana. Dumbasses.

TV Funhouse: I love this show. Robert Smigel really has a devious and demented sense of humor....which I like! That's my kind of comedy! If it's "shocking" or offensive, the more I love it.
Like this Bonzai Kitty site. That's funny! Stuffing kitties into jars.....unless it's true, in which case those people are a little f-ed up, and I'd really start to get nauseous. But c'mon, that site's got to be a goof.

California Blackouts: What I'm waiting for is California to break away (geographically and physically) from the US and turn into one big prison island sort of like "Escape from L.A.".

Israel: I'm just happy that Sharon beat the bejeezus out of Barak. Christ, what a pussy that Barak was. At least Sharon's got a pair. Barak wanted to bend over and let Arafat take him up the ass.

XFL: See, now this is why the NFL *doesn't* let the players choose what goes on their jersey. "He Hate Me"? Not only is that mind-numbingly stupid, it isn't even grammatical!
If I was playing in the XFL, though, I think my jersey would say "F*** Off".

SOROW: Pardon my prying into your personal life, but I thought that Joe Boxer was your boyfriend? Or am I just totally screwing up the details? Anyway, anybody who would break up with you (or ever get themselves into a position where you felt that you had to break up with them) has to be crazy. If some guy was lucky enough to hook up with you, he'd be wise to stay with you for as long as he can. :) ;)

Sevarius Jr. - [SevariusJr]
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 11:33:00 PM

Bronx> It's real. "And people wonder why I hate people" ~James Birdsong
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 11:23:46 PM


Fanfic News> Oy vey, I don't know if I'll ever be able to get back to my fanfic writing! My Creative Writing teacher is going to make us write an essay a week along with poems, short stories, etc. I'm also trying to think up what to do from where I am in the story. My imagination is jumping ahead of itself and I know what will be happening 10 years ahead into the story! (I hope you guys find the characters I created interesting, because they're going to be the focus of the story after Nami, Kohana, and An go back home. Takahashi's characters are going to be some what minor characters in my series. :/)

BTW, has anyone here watched the anime OAV, Please Save My Earth? It's a really great anime. :) Lot's of sorrow, death, love, revenge, misery, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, horror, and all those fun things we like to watch. ;P The only problem with it is that it's very short and a lot of important chunks of the manga story are cut out. For example: Did you know that Mokuren usually walks around naked all the time? She did it right in front of two of her male colleagues on the moon base! Viz does a good job dubbing it(the only version I've seen). I can only say that because they follow the manga story well and there's lots of cursing in it, so it's not soft and fluffy like I'd expect most dubs to be. :)

Must get some sleep now. Night all!


Mary Flanders
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 11:18:33 PM

**enters dragging in a dry-erase board with "HELP XENATREK GET HER DOG!!" on it**

Okay, folks ... time to do my charity schpiel for the decade ... :)

I'm sure XenaTrek would tell you this herself (if she had the time) ... but certain folks in here already received a message from her earlier regarding this. She's now 15% further along to the goal she needs to raise in order to obtain a hearing dog. The link on my name goes to PAWS with a Cause, the organization that would be supplying it to her. The site'll give you more information on how to help her. Do yer part ... I'll be doing mine (once my finances are in order). :)

Okay, charity bit over ... incidentally, PAWS with a Cause is one of GMC2004's potential charity beneficiaries. Let's see what I have to reply to tonight ...

Milady Corax: **wipes brow in relief** Good thing about those tests ... I hope to God they're accurate, too, since Hamilton's only four hours away from me.
BTW, good luck with yer tests and I hope ya have fun tonight and tomorrow night! :)

**joins in the moment of silence for Dale Evans**

Fire Storm: Because the military reactors can't hook up to the civilian plants. (Gee, couldn't tell *this* was a government operation, could ya?! ;)

DumlaoX: Uhmm ... call me picky, I tend to remember these things ... but "He Hate Me" Smart's number is #30. :)

Hm ... anyone else watch "TV Funhouse" in here? They're rerunning Hawaiian Day and just showed one of the smartest parodies I can recall in recent memory: "Resisting Bowel Movements Using God's Plan." Makes ya think twice about a lot of those old parochial school educational films, doesn't it? Just goes to show ... anyone fanatical and conservative enough about their religion can make pretty much ANYTHING a sin using the right persuasive methods!!

Ah well, that's all for me tonight ... have a good 'un, all of ya! :)

**carries his board out with him**

Coyote the Bando
Algonac, Michigan
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 10:19:35 PM

No background check yet. I am thinking about making a bet with Human Resources about when my hiring date will NOT be. If I lose the bet, I am full-time and can afford to pay the wager. If I win the bet, I get extra money.

Hmm. my guesses are correct about something.

David G - I think you are thinking about an TGC episode. If I am wrong, oh well, I'll erect a forcefield to protect me from the flying fruit.

Fire Storm - ships powering CA? I do not think so for national security reasons.

That's all for now.

DPH - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 10:15:19 PM

*De lurks for a moment*

Normally I dont post links like these, but if your a cat lover like me, you have to check out the offending site, and click the link inclosed to pit against it!
I dunno if its real, or the pictures are a trick of the eye.. but either way is heartbreaking.

*walks off shaking head*

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 09:06:04 PM

(play ode to joy in head....)
*don't ever let me have sugar ever EVER again*

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 08:25:11 PM

****TGS spoiler-esque stuff****
Liz is leaving, huh? well, as cool as it will be to see her in pendragon... what about the prom???? Lex is supposed to go to Liz's prom, right?
****End TGS stuff****

ok, I'm going to Boycott valentines day. I've decided that it's an obsolete holiday: an annual celebration of sex in a society that already celebrates sex year-round. It's really overkill.
[notices the vague smell of sour grapes, but ignores it]

Happiness, all!

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 07:58:18 PM

Hello to all! I'm sorry I have been keeping you waiting, but so much has happened this week...

First, my audition went as well as to be expected. I did the best that I could and that's what counts. I won't know if I got a scholarship until next month so I guess we'll have to wait.

The most difficult part of this week, I broke up with my boyfriend after three years of dating. Something bad happened at school that got me thinking about our relationship and I decided it would be best if we let loose. We are still best friends and we still love each other very much, but in different ways. I guess we both had different ideas about love, so that's that. It's been really hard for both of us, but I know it was the right thing to do because I'm not all that upset. It was right.

I hope everyone else is doing alright. I haven't had a chance to finish the story yet, but it kicks @$$!

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 07:53:19 PM

<moment of silence for Dale Evans> I never did see much of her show, but I've heard naught but good things about it. :)

Lynati: Oh yes, those colors are nice too. Red is Doug's favorite, though. <grin>

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 07:35:15 PM

*Lynati Enters, looking tired*

Heyla, everyone!
*yawns* sorry I haven't been around as much recently, but I have been busier than usual...between the newly discovered fun of Napstering(even at my slow speed) and the IM chats that go until 2am at the earliest, and the studying, and the fact that I am trying to work on typing up my stories...*yawn*

incidently, Gunjack, I don't care how good a writer you think I am, you still can't have my children, even if that WERE physically possible. :P (but you'll be pleased to know I have decided to bottle and market what little talent I do have (at $17.50 an ounce); so if you're still interested in that, I'll see about getting you a discount...)

TGS staff: I REAALLY liked the new story. :) :) :)

***Random CR Question***
umm...just wondering...I thought I saw it around, but I'm not sure...but does anyone in here have the e-mail address "" ?

lain: *massive hug vibes* I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. Maybe if you acquire an emu skull, or something similar, and nail it to the outside of your door it will help ward off annoying guests.

Kitainia: Not red ones, no. I prefer either black, silver, or Indigo (my colors)(although royal purple or blue will do) most of my clothing is tending towards that. ;)

Spike: cool Ari pic! :)

Warpmind: *grins* Gotta repay you for last night...*Tickle attack!* I won't be around later tonight; test tomorrow, and I'm already somewhat sleep deprived...*SMOOCH* Tomorrow, 'kay? :) (l)

*Lynati Exits*
Lynati - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 07:25:03 PM

lookie.. the Canadian news about EBOLA..
and just think.. while we may not have ebola, we ARE risking West Nile next mosquito season... looooovely...
*hides in room, locks door*

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 07:11:03 PM

***TGS spoilers & comments***

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the kind comments on "Transitions." I think it's probably one of the best things I've ever written.

Want to know how it came about? It originally started in my head as a story called "Boys' Night Out" (other titles in thought included "Things Change" and "This Will All Make Sense In the End") that was simply the Trio going out on the town. It was supposed to be a fun, no bother/inner turmoil story. I had Robby take a look at it to see what he thought. At the time we were finishing up writting Timedancer season 3, so the stuff in "Ruby Eyes" and "Return to Paradise" were still fresh on our minds. Robby suggested the Demona part. We wrote it in, and came across the realization that if something happens to Brooklyn, something must happen to Lex and Broadway. We had already decided Liz was going to leave sometime this season, so that fit in perfectly. The Angela/Broadway conflict was something that just popped in as well.

So we thought: "Great, something happens to the Trio, but there's no real plot." The Hyena bit was added once others on the staff had come up with a specific arc for the character. I think it all came together very nicely.

Some nice triva: this story went though a ton of changes as were in the season it took place. It went from season premier to mid season to at one time even being a part of our massive season finale. I think where it ended up was just perfect.

Again, thanks for all the kind comments. About the length: the story accomplished what I set it out to do. I think that anything more would have been distracting from the pace and tone of the story (as Ed has said already).

I think that's all...


Alan Coleman "Ordell" Waltrip - []
Odessa/Midland, Texas
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 06:39:05 PM

**posts up a link**

Y'all might have to wait on the round of "Blame Canada"...I hope to goodness that these early tests are accurate. Clicky clicky on the link...we might be safe...

Kit> Thanks for the well-wishes on the paper! I turn it in tomorrow, so I'm hoping for an A too. It was so much darn fun to write. :)

Well, gotta run! See y'all around. :)

Lady Corax
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 06:37:47 PM

Jannie> Ok, good. Sorry but since that incident I caused with my comments on Ashcroft, I'm being careful with politics in here.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:52:25 PM

Greg> *giggles* yeah, I knew you were joking ;)
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:48:49 PM

Jannie> it was a joke of course. Sorry if that wasn't clear
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:41:32 PM

*Apologizes for the 2nd post today*

Actually, GBush won't help out CA because it's a problem that they created and therefore they need to work themselves out of it. After years of continued growth (doubling in population in the past 10 years) and yet haven't built a single new energy plant... why? because of they listened to a group of mouths that said it was bad for the environment. They are now seeing what the consequences of listening to them have done to their state.
My sister lives in California and I don't envy her for being there right now.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:28:16 PM

DumlaoX> Probably because California voted for Gore ;)
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:19:17 PM

*lights one up for Dale*

ROLLING BLACKOUTS-- Actually, they haven't affected me at all. See, the problem lies with Southern California Edison, who supplies power to a good chunk of California. Since going bankrupt, there's been a power shortage because they don't have enough cash to keep the generators running. The Department Of Water & Power is trying to fill in the spots Edison left open. Since I'm a DWP customer, I'm fine.

Now why Pres. George W. Bush is refusing to help out California is another story altogether.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Los Angeles, CA, Tru Game Boi
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:17:25 PM

[Walks in, removing his Big White Hat in solemn ceremony, before placing a lighted candle on the Tea Table, next to Western-style star and a picture of a familiar cowboy couple...]

Moment of silence for singer/actress Dale Evans; partner to Roy Rogers "King of the Cowboys", and the undesputed Queen of the West... She will be missed, but I hope she and Roy are riding off into the eternal sunset of heaven.

Maintain and Check Six, everyone.

Stephen R. Sobotka, Jr. - []
Tampa, FL, USA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:13:06 PM

DumlaoX: <Um, no. The Dreamcast isn't going down to $50>
Sorry. I mis-read the site. The price in japan is dropping down to 50 british pounds, or about $100.
<And hydroelectric plants aren't a bad idea either>
Long term, yes. Hell, solar would be the best. A 100 mile x 100 mile solar farm could create enough power for the planet.
But short term, I am glad you agree about the reactors.
Hey, how is the 'rolling blackouts' affecting you?

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:58:10 PM

Oops, apologies on using the pic there <:)
DumlaoX - []
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:48:45 PM

POWER CRISIS-- I have to agree there. After all, the power on those ships has to be used for something if they aren't being used at all. And hydroelectric plants aren't a bad idea either :P

FIRE STORM-- Um, no. The Dreamcast isn't going down to $50. It's staying at $100 for the basic system and $120 for the Smash Pack. The only time a console ever goes down to $50 is if it's being re-released about 5 years after the system officially dies. The regular retail price for a Dreamcast when it was first released was $200, not $300.

As for those that shelled out way beyond the retail price for a PS2, I don't feel sorry for them either. After all, one of those people bought mine for $600 >:)

DREAMCAST-- No, at the moment it doesn't play Sega CD games, or Sega Saturn games for that matter. That doesn't mean that the underground hasn't tried. After all, they are working on NES, SNES, Game Boy, and Neo Geo Pocket emulators. And a Linux emulator has already been released for the Dreamcast. Also, yes, there is a keyboard for the Dreamcast. Right now it can be used for Quake 3, the web browser, Phantasy Star Online, NFL 2K1, Chu Chu Rocket, NBA 2K1, Typing Of The Dead, and any other game you can play online. Also, there is a standard scroll mouse for the system also. Right now it can be used for Quake 3 and the web browser.

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:48:10 PM

Kit and Pistoff> thank you and I will convey your well wishes and congrats to Michael :)

Lain> I didn't find humor in PC of the Bible. *shrugs*
It's not in "celebration" of the Bible either...

Can't add anything to the Buffy and Angel comments. It's all been said =) When they were doing the math physics on the board, my son said, "hey! I know what they are talking about!" O.O

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:45:22 PM

David < Actually Margot is EXTREMELY bigotted and snotty. Just listen to the way she says her husband's name BRREN-DAN
in that high pitched voice of hers. Makes me what to slap her...

Ed << I think that is probably the fundamental reason for our differing opinions on the length and detail in TGS - you see it as a half hour episode with commercials. I see it as a written masterpeice, where detail can be explored because we are not under a time limit. Difference of perspective I imagine...

Incidently, the reson there was no REQUIEM flashback is that REQUIEM does not actually deal with what Brooklyn is telling Demona. He tells her that VERY SOON, her illusion will fail and she will do something terrible (in so many words). But the flashbacks in REQUIEM begin at the winter solstice in 2183 or something, much later than the present time in which TRANSITIONS is set. It does not actually deal with what Demona does VERY SOON.

Just thought I'd throw that in...

Kirshanta - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:39:12 PM

Ed> [As for Margot, what of them has she seen to suggest that they’re sentient? She’s seen them talking a few times – but as she pointed out, they babbled incoherently about children (in ‘CITY OF STONE’). ]

Actually, didn't Broadway and Lexington ask to borrow Margot's hood ornament for their Solstice party? That's pretty sentient. I think Margot's just bigoted, and blinding herself to anything that doesn't fit her preconceptions.

David G. - []
Arlington, TX, USA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:15:07 PM

I have a question about the California power problem:
Why can't they take a few US Aircraft Carriers, or destroyers, or submarines and hook those reactors up to the California power grid?

Given, I know that some have to be out there for defense, "peace missions," and whatnot, but there have GOT to be a few of those that could be docked at San Francisco, plugged in for a week at a time, and give at least 5MW of power. That would at least help a little, wouldn't it?

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 04:05:31 PM

DumlaoX: Is the Dreamcast compatible with the older Sega CD games?
Oh yeah... did you hear? The Dreamcast is going down to $50!
Bet that pisses off everyone who bought it at $300, eh?
Personally, I don't feel sorry for those that bought a Playstation 2 for $700. I am a mean, cruel, and vicious person. Deal with it! :)
<The Dreamcast... uses Windows CE>
Hmm... is there a keyboard available for the Dreamcast?

Warpmind: Yeppers, I got your vote!

Gside: <"Heisenber may have slept here.">
Do you know of anyone that tried (and probally failed) to use that in defense of them cheating on someone?
"Did you sleep with her?"
"Well, taking Heisenber's uncertianty principle into account, I can't be certian about that!"
"Well, I CAN be certian that you're going to sleep in the yard!"

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:53:25 PM

Oh boy. Got 2 midterms coming this week and the LSAT on Saturday. Let's make this one count.

XFL-- Gotta say, love what I saw so far, though I do wish that my hometown boys, the LA Xtreme, won the first game. Ah well, the got prime time coverage on Saturday at the Colesium, which is only a mile away from my house. All, I want now, though, is the Las Vegas Outlaws' #19 jersey "He Hate Me". Damn cool jersey & damn good player.

KIT-- Um, you're right and wrong on that point about the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast is not backwards compatible directly, meaning you can't play your cartridges on your Dreamcast. However, consider this:

The Dreamcast, along with it's own proprietary programming language, uses Windows CE as well. This means that if you program in Windows CE, you can easily port the game over to the Dreamcast. Now, the Smash Pack CD uses a highly refined Genesis emulator coded by Sega itself. After some tweaking, people in the underground ripped the emulator from the Smash pack disc and made it fully functional with most of the Genesis games out there.

So what does this mean for you & everyone else? If you got the tools, a CD Burner, & some know-how, you can make your own custom Smash pack for the Dreamcast :)

I'm going to try to do just that over the weekend, adding in every single ROM file I could find to see what works & what doesn't work. Either way, you could play almost all the Genesis games on your Dreamcast with just one disc :)

BTW, the games included in the Smash Pack are:

Sega Swirl
Virtua Cop 2
Altered Beast
Sonic The Hedgehog
Revenge Of Shinobi
Streets Of Rage 2
Phantasy Star 2
Shining Force
Wrestle War
Golden Axe

Hope that whets your appitite and makes you run out to go get a Dreamcast. I can tell you right now that you might wanna hurry up on the purchase since at my EB we always run out of both the Smash Pack and the regular Dreamcast set in a matter of days.

Oh, one last thing. If you really wanted to write & make your own RPG for a console, try RPG Maker for the PlayStation. It lets you craft your own RPG with your own characters, story, & text all using the control pad & a memory card. Tons of fun and you can even trade your RPG online to other people who wanna see it.

*looks above* Ok, maybe I should be the local TGS game guru here. Hell, no one else has the job :P

Till next time...

DumlaoX - []
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:41:03 PM

Ed> ah
James Birdsong - []
Token sane guy
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:16:33 PM


***Spoilers and comments***

James: From the text, we don’t know for sure that Jackal isn’t affected. He just might suppress his symptoms better. In which case, it makes perfect sense that he didn’t kill Broadway – he might not have known for sure that he could win. Of course, it’s also quite reasonable to consider that had they killed Broadway, the clan wouldn’t have rested until the twins were dead. As it stands, they’re not a big priority.

Robby: Your efforts are extremely evident in the finished piece.

A.J.: Well said!

Patrick: The Hyena-Fox scene might have been fun to see, but that way the twist wouldn’t have been as effective – I thought it was an interesting way of keeping up interest by having the Fox plot tied in as it was. Not to say that it wouldn’t have been fun to read – but it wasn’t really what the story was about as far as I could see. Regarding Demona, it strikes me that Brooklyn had the excuse to go around on that night – and maybe he is aware that whatever’s going to happen is going to happen pretty soon. On pacing though, this is the sort of thing that I was hoping might crop up before – I mean there were opportunities for Demona to utterly screw up (e.g. ‘THE LONGEST DAY’) and she always pulled through. I hope that we get several more peaks and troughs in TGS. But if we’re to accept that Demona made a lot of progress in a relatively small space of time last season, it makes sense to me that the inverse is equally possible. Incidentally, it’s great to see you commenting.

Kitainia: Actually, I’m not sure if billionaire was stated and Vlad definitely mentioned that he couldn’t do a Xanatosian castle-moving job… but I got the impression that they were pretty rich. Not least I guess, if they’d bought the Varney House. As for Margot, what of them has she seen to suggest that they’re sentient? She’s seen them talking a few times – but as she pointed out, they babbled incoherently about children (in ‘CITY OF STONE’). Parrots can talk by imitation. Dolphins, in theory, have intelligent communication. Both can and have been studied. Plus, there’s no reason to assume she’d believe evidence even laid in front of her: to us that may seem volunteering to be blind to the truth, but old prejudices die hard and there’s a lot for her cause than against it.

Kirshanta: I thought you were referring to the length of the scenes in terms of the dialogue between te two. Further description is all very well, but would also have compromised the pace. I can agree that in place of some of the less relevant exposition it might have been okay, but I’m not entirely convinced what it would have added. TGS is emulating a visual medium but using the advantages of text. The way it was written, Ordell really had several extremely powerful images which grounded the scenes – I thought these worked very well: Angela and Maggie walking forlornly down the Labyrinth tunnels. Demona and Brooklyn talking in the gloom. Broadway beaten and alone. Where description was necessary, it was there. But the actual exchanges themselves are left to flow. Also remember that we KNOW these characters. It isn’t quite like a book where the author has to verbally establish his characters regularly enough to keep the reader’s visual image alive. Liz is the only character here we haven’t seen. Personally of course, I think half the fun of reading TGS is imagining it animated and Ordell’s writing establishes beautifully impressive images, whilst giving enough imaginative leeway that the reader isn’t suffocated with essentially unnecessary detail.

I wonder if I’m alone in humming an appropriate ‘Gargoyles’ tune whilst reading…

Ed - []
London, England
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:09:10 PM

lain: <eeeeeeeek I'm sorry!!!! that book is supposed to be FUN, a celebration o the Good Book>
I think Kitania thought that was going to be a REAL version of the bible.
I know that they have made a politically correct version of the bible, but I have no idea what it has in it.

Fire Storm - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 12:51:27 PM

*cringes from Kit*
eeeeeeeek I'm sorry!!!! that book is supposed to be FUN, a celebration o the Good Book.. you know.. Noah's Ark and Global Warming... David and Golliath bond on the battlefield andCain and Abel come to terms with their sibling rivalry.. and Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge of Societally Sanctioned and Ethically Challenged Behaviour..
See?? tis always best to ask before continuing on something that might be offensive..
But thank you for the art comments.. someone fetch me a pin before my head swells.. ;)
But all this Army talk is reminding me about a small skit my friend made up awhile ago about the Canadian Military. It goes something like this:
Drill Sergent: DOWN YOU WORMS I WANT 300 PUSHUPS... NOW!!!!!
Soldier: SIR!! We don't appreciate your abusive attitude SIR!!
Soldier: SIR!! That's allright SIR!! Permission to console you SIR!!
Soldier: SIR!! There, there now SIR!!!

And that's all I can remember.. :P Of course, my friend does it as a one man show but it is really very funny when he does it and always leaves me in stitches ;)
And no.. I actually DON'T own any satin pushup bras.. cos wearing them can lead to.. very baaaaad things.. baaaaaaaaaad.... eeeek!!
But you know, it was the internet and.. everyone can do whatever they want on the internet so.. what the heck.. ;)

GXB and Kit>> Speaking of graphic WWII films, has either of you seen "Night and Fog"?? We had to watch that for gr 10 History in highschool and.. I cried for a week. It is ACTUAL footage from when they went into the camps.. with the mountains of hair and the lampshades and.. I think I will stop there before I start to cry again.. Anyway, it was horrific..

Warpmind>> aaaah yes the wonders of no hair.. such a lovely feeling.. *looks longingly at razor* unfortunately.. I have to let mine keep growing or.. my father will DO SOMETHING BAD TO ME!!! LIKE YELL!!! AND GIVE THAT "oh, you have no idea how disappointed in you I am" look.." eeek.. and then I will be forced to FLEE!!! in mindless terror..

And for everyone who doesn't know.. Gunjack is currently NOT being harassed by me, at least not ALL the time.. ;), but he IS studying for some kind of standardized test thingie you guys have down there, so he will not be on for a while.. it's an.. um.. ACT or.. something?? I dunno.. never took one.. ;)
But he is still alive and kickin (even though I think our fervent GOD debating is beginning to turn both our brains to mush.. sooner or later one of us is gonna crack but.. I dunno which it will be cos we seem to be pretty even right now.. we shall see..) *grins an ethically-challenged grin*

Anyway, I am sure you can all tell I am better thismorning ;)
love and thanks and see you later,

lain 10111, a frood who has found her towel again
the Great White North
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 11:04:57 AM

Warpmind: Jewish weapons. Good idea. :) I'd also have to pack the ancient Israeli sword Dad has hanging over the fireplace at home. He says it dates back to King Saul. I'm not sure if I believe that, but the blade's still pretty sharp and would be a good weapon if those Neo-Nazi jerks got too close to me. That or a good Romany gypsy knife. :)

Todd: Scarlet Witch would be good too, I suppose. An evil redhead to compete with Jean's good redhead. I don't really know that much about her, though, so I can't say for sure.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 10:45:11 AM

*** Kirshanta enters and looks at Ed, fixing him with a stare that makes his hair stand on end. Slowly, she unsheaths her claws and inspects them. Her eyes begin to blaze and her wings unfurl, their silver lines elegant and deadly in the moonlight. Ed shrinks back in terror. ***

ED<< see THAT'S what I mean by detail. Those extra 5 pages could have been used for that. I just can't accept the "depth and emotion" you speak of. It's not there!!! Not in 14 pages. It's impossible!! The basis for it is definitely there. But it's not explored. It could have been, with just a couple more paragraphs per section, it could have been. That's all.

Patrick << Too short - yes. Too fast - yes. Andrea Calhoun - yes.

Gside << Short Puck sighting - FINE!! Anything. Something. The writers managed to weave Alexander into a lot of key scenes during the Unseelie war so that we could see Puck in action. During the Vlad episode would have been a good idea.

OK - I'm off to read REQUIEM again because obviously I missed something to be this confused over the Brooklyn-Demona scene.

Kirshanta - []
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 10:20:23 AM

Kitania> Pure evil would kill without conscious. Hitler killed with misplaced prejudice. He really was mentally disturbed especially at end like someone posted in that he would make plans involving soldiers long dead. Kitania> Jackel is sociopath? Makes sense to me
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 09:20:04 AM

KIT - Yes, it would have been nice if it had been more than 13 episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" this season. But then again, it usually is 13 episodes the first season.

I don't know about Emma Frost as a new recruit to replace Rogue; based on what I know of the character, she sounds a bit more appropriate for the "adult generation" of mutants (not to mention that I think that she might actually work best as more of a "third party" figure, aligned neither with Xavier nor Magneto). There's no evidence that the Brotherhood will be getting a new female member to fill in for Rogue, but based on what I know of the X-Men villains' gallery (rogues' gallery can easily be misinterpreted in this context), if it were to receive one, I'd be more likely to expect the Scarlet Witch (particularly in light of Quicksilver's presence).

Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 06:46:04 AM

*Warpmind enters, puffing on a cigar.*
Well, it seems that bad things are afoot... Secret Illuminati Project UJCF has managed to slip loose, and the havoc wreaked may be significant... Further info will follow at a later time.

Pistoff: Dialectizer... nooo... paaaiiiinnnn... *Grimace* Ahhhhh.... Y'know, our dear Gunjack is going to thoroughly regret the day you provided this link... ]:)

Mary Flanders: *Offers a HUGE mug of quadruple mocha* Here, lass... ye need it, methinks.

Hmmm... Sudden thought about the EiB game Christine's going to run at G'01... The Neuralyzers caused a few moments' worth of paralysis, in addition to blanking memory, right? *Big, evil, malicious, thoroughly sadistic grin* New battle tactic: Run like crazy toward opponent while flashie-thinging him back to kindergarten! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAaaaa... *Ehum* Just a thought. ];)

Gside: Yes! All hail self-sufficient hairstyling! Nevermore shall we fear the terrors of *gasp* PAYING to have our hair cut! :) Oh, and I see you may have mentioned Heisenberg... ;)

Fire Storm: The CR picture vote... you got my message?

Lain: Thankee. I gotta get meself a copy of that book someday... though, I may be sufficiently unhinged as to make my OWN version. ];) (Note: that WAS a joke...)

Ebola in North America? Uh-oh... *Pray, pray*

Ooo! Ooo! New Sabledrake! Yay! :) (Next issue, I might even have an entry ready...) By the way, Christine... any chance the EiB game will allow for visiting any MageLore characters? I'm thinking Tirion vs. Lord Taron here... who throws the better dice? ];)

Kit: Relax; the Probability Control Matrix is quite limited in its capacities... if you are familiar with the Wheel of Time books, it's kinda like how Mat seems to have fortune with him whenever there's anything random involved. (A man who manages a higher score than the weighting would allow with loaded dice is TRULY worthy of my respect.) As for Deus Ex, well, let's just say I liked at once. There's just something about powering up Combat Strength, combined with Mastery of low-tech weapons, and that bad@$$ DragonTooth(sp?) Sword... CHOP!!! ]:) As for the way you described the relationship between twins there... yup, the way you described the younger sibling fits perfectly with Oberon, won'cha say? ;) Oh, and on a side note... do you *honestly* think Lynati's going to need a red satin push-up bra? ];) *Ducks a swipe from Lynati.* Hee, hee... And if Status Quo is maintained, the neo-nazi debates will go on TV for a few weeks, there'll be a few suggestions around the more urban areas about it, and that'll be the end of it... until next time. By the way, a few personal thoughts there: if you ever find out that Nazis are afoot, do load up on Desert Eagles and Uzis. I'm fairly sure that virtually NOTHING will hurt them more than the knowledge that they just got massacred with JEWISH weapons. ];)

Downtown Tokyo is on fire, most likely caused by what has soo far only been referred to as Project UJCF. Stay tuned.

With that, I'll leave you guys to it, 'kay? ]:) *Wanders off with Lynati in tow, smirking* By the way, guys, I know Al Gore plays golf... anyone wanna know his handicap? ]:)

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 05:30:58 AM

waving Kevlar = wearing Kevlar in the RP below. Sorry! Too tired for more editing. :(
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:14:27 AM

Here comes Part 2, this week's comments!

I too enjoyed Zeta Project and X-Men: Evolution this week. Xavier's knowing about Mystique was a nice development and made for some great scenes and dialogue between him and the students. Good scene with him and Magneto too, the wheelchair movement was cool. I also liked the Scott and Rogue developments, it's good to see her on the right side finally though it did feel a bit rushed in coming. Maybe they should have written in more episodes this season. <sigh> I hope the bad guys get a nice replacement young female villain soon, a psycho-preppy bitch named Emma Frost would work well. :) I also liked seeing Mystique as a bad guy in this one, though she seemed to be going too far too fast. She obviously needs to listen to Magneto more. On Zeta Project, I continue to enjoy Zeta and Ro's personalities conflicting with each other and I liked the plot and the engineer they met too. Bennet and West had a few good bits, but not enough. Ro's scene with the Spacies were funny, but I have to say that I don't like how cartoon shows have to always make protesters speak in such boring tones of voice and be such dull uninteresting characters. :( Batman Beyond was pretty good this week also, glad to finally get a new episode of it. Xander makes an interesting antagonist, and Terry and Max got nice developments. Kobra needed more development as an evil organization though, it would help if we'd seen them more outside the Batman Beyond comics. The nunchuk wielder makes a nice physical opponent for Terry, I hope an equally good mental opponent is behind Kobra's plan, whatever it is. Looking forward to finding out next week.

Jannie: You're welcome for the catch-up. Good luck with your son's Eagle Scout ceremony, I remember my own and it was very wonderful. I too congratulate him on his success, may he never forget the skills he's learned. :) Thanks for the Area 52 recommendation, when I'm at Dragon's Lair later today after sleeping I'll have to check that book out.

Pistoff: <smirks back> I too am often amused by Doug's Bruce Willis impressions. (He was paraphrasing Die Hard with that "No, Goddamn it, No!!" bit). Good to see another fan of John Wayne in Preacher, I liked him too. Although my favorite characters were Starr, the Saint of Killers, and Tulip in that order. You can't go wrong with a literal dickhead, an invincible undead killing machine, and a tough-ass naughty woman. <grin>

Warpmind: I too dislike Neo-Nazis in a major way. They ever march in this town, Doug and I are re-enacting a few scenes from Blues Brothers and the consequences be damned! :) Sorry you had to give up something you like (the shaven head) because of them, I hope the stigma soon wears off so you can get it back.

Taleweaver: I kinda like seeing street-tough smart-mouth yet sensitive females in cartoons so much. If only cause they remind me of me. <grin> Let's not forget Gargs had them also in Angela and Elisa. You're very right about Hitler not being the only evil one in the Nazi party. However twigs in the tree do need a trunk and roots to grow, and I think he was that at least.

DPH: No Yahoo e-mail problems for Doug and me lately. Hope yours soon get fixed, best of luck figuring them out. Good luck avoiding that net pervert too.

Mary: Well, at least your dad wanted to help you, and you know not to trust him with that subject now. :) Condolences on having to deal with him and that Creative Writing professor. Hope you still get something worthwhile out of the class even with her around.

Firestorm: Congrats on getting your ISP connection up and running again, hope it stays that way. Thank for the info on Gorebash updating the code, I can't wait to see the results. <Ebola in North America> <gulps> Thanks so much for posting that article, now I am worried. And yes, I'm praying too.

Winterwolf: Don't take things seriously. Good advice. Perhaps we'll act on it. Thank you. :) Doug and I agree with you about Mike Hernandez, we're judging him on the merits we saw as you suggested. The merits were all we ever saw of the guy in fact, we only heard about the demerits secondhand. <grin> Thanks for wishing him well. Thanks for the Shadowrider news also, glad to hear he's doing alright and performing well in his new position and that the unit's doing a good job also. We give you our permission to tell him as much in that letter as you wish, but be sure to keep some things a surprise for him, okay? :) Good luck with the ISP trouble, hope you soon get things fixed.

Lain: <does not laugh at Politically Correct Bible> If they actually write that book, it will be a book I'll be happy to burn. <growls>

James Birdsong: My guess is Jackal is too proud to show he's got the same disease Hyena has, even if he does. If he doesn't I too would like to know why. Why he didn't finish off Broadway is easy- Jackal's a sociopath. That kind of bad guy likes to torment their victims over and over again a lot before they kill them. Therefore he'd get more pleasure out of having Broadway live with the pain he inflicted than ending his life.

Robby: You wrote Transitions' outline? Well, IMO you did a great job. :) Thanks for explaining the Angela in the Labyrinth bit, I didn't get it at first but completely did after your bit regarding it. I liked her conversation with Maggie too.

Niamhgold: Condolences on the tendon strain and lack of snow, hope the former heals soon. They usually don't take too long, I know because I've had a few tendon strains myself. And they weren't fun for me either. :(

Christine: Hope Becca's tooth heals sharklike again, sorry to hear the second one got knocked out. Condolences on your sister's breakup, but congrats to your brother and his wife. Twins are a happy occasion indeed. Glad to hear Archmage is coming along well.

That's all the replies I needed to make. I'm caught up once again. <grins, then looks at the time and blanches> I have got to start doing this earlier in the evening! Busy day tomorrow, going back to school and work, plus new comics to pick up at Dragon's Lair and reminding Doug to renew his driver's license and take the car in for its second recall problem. More house stuff may arise too, though we hope it won't for a while. Best to just wait for them to finish up the utility installation and not worry, we're thinking. :) Talk to you all again later, everyone have a good week. <waves, then exits>


"So while I'm off trying to take over the world all by myself," the Brain is saying to Admiral Nipon when the screen flickers back on, "you, Asil, Guod, and Pinky have been slaughtering humans." "I haven't killed anyone, Brain!" Pinky protests. "I just came along so I wouldn't be bored. Narf!" "And I've really just been assisting Asil by finding her clients and information via the Internet," Guod adds dryly. "She's been doing the actual murders." "I'm just with her until we can go back to Atlanta," Nipon sighs. "Thailog ordered us to spy on Ted Turner, figure out what he's up to. When we freed Asil, it became dangerous for us to be in the city for a while. So we got out. You left first." "I felt the need to do so," Brain sighs, looking towards where Asil stands at the prow of their boat heading away from Temptation Island. "So now that you've left that tropical paradise a bloody graveyard, what are you planning to…" He stops speaking as Asil presses a remote detonator and the island explodes with a mighty roar. "Do next?" Asil grins, turning around and striking a seductively evil pose. "I'm not sure. There is Sandy Grushow- to fulfill my current contract I must eliminate him so he can't put any more awful TV shows on the air. There are many other contracts that look promising- the Royal Family of England, the people Darth Clinton pardoned shortly before his death, a certain bunch of idiots in Florida who are wasting their time trying to figure out the actual result of an election that is already over or so the world is supposed to think…" Brain turns away with a growl as she drones on. "Pinky, as soon as we get back to shore, we are getting away from these people!" he declares sullenly. "But, Brain, they're so fun to be around!" Pinky wails. "I do not find them so," Brain snaps. "And they're also distracting us from our goal, to take over the world!" "New orders received from Thailog," Guod says just then. "We're to go to Virginia and investigate AOL's home offices. Steve Case figures prominently in Turner's plans, the boss wants to know how much so." "Ah, good," Nipon smiles. "A chance to do something for Thailog, instead of waste our time committing massacres." "For fun and profit," Asil points out, but is ignored. Nipon looks at Pinky and Brain. "You two must come with us to Virginia. Mice can get into places people can't, we…" "We need to get back to taking over the world!" Brain interrupts. "We are not at your beck and call, and surely…" "Ahem!" Guod coughs politely. "Excuse me, but AOL is the world's most widely used Internet Service Provider. Maybe if you can hijack it, you can do something to take over the world!" "That's…" Brain pauses, then nods. "Perhaps you are right. Very well. We shall come to Virginia with you." "Alright!" Pinky cheers. "Zort!" "Um, we may be a little detained," Asil says gravely, looking up at the sky. As she speaks, a huge yellow plane descends from the clouds to hover over the boat, casting a spotlight down on it. Several other flying vehicles containing Eco-Villains and their minions come down to surround them and float beside the Geo-Cruiser, along with Gaea and Zarm floating on air. The Planeteers' Eco-Sub also rises out of the water beside the boat, its grabber claws already having torn up the propellers and stopped the engine dead. As two more submarines, one nuclear and the other resembling a giant floating pig, rise beside it and quickly move to flank the boat. "Surrender, Asil!" Geoffrey Fieger shouts out from on board Sli Sludge's flying garbage scow. "We are here to take you back to Ted Turner!!" "Damn it," Asil growls. "We can't possibly fight all of…" Nipon mumbles. "I know!" Asil cuts him off with a grimace, taking out her cell phone and quickly keying in a number. "I hope a certain nincompoop remembers the favor he owes me. Damn, it's busy. Guod, quickly send an e-mail to…" As she speaks, Guod listens, and Pinky looks at all the aircraft and gasps, Nipon and the grimacing Brain are already raising their hands to admit defeat.

The display shifts to the Mall of America's parking lot, where the Minnesota National Guard is now engaged in a massive retreat from the gigantic Goroistro demon, having lost too many of their number to want to keep fighting it. The snow starts coming down heavy as the beast roars and moves to chase after them until Boris gets its attention by firing a rocket into its back. Bellowing again as it is hit and knocked forward a little, the Goroistro spins around and looks towards the parking garage, then starts stomping towards it. "Trish, now!" Boris shouts, and Tricia immediately uses her psionic powers to telekinetically pick up several cars on the ground. Grunting and sweating heavily, she starts to buffet the demon with them, keeping it back. "Grab her and carry her!" Boris yells at Doug. "But try not to break her concentration, whatever you do! We have to get back downstairs now!" Doug frowns but nods, knowing when it is time to move quickly. As he scoops Tricia up and starts running for the stares with Boris just behind, the camera shifts to the ground below where Senon is getting up with a very long and inventive string of curses and mumbling about how everyone wants to do him harm. Brushing snow and pieces of bush off his clothes, he walks over and climbs onto his motorcycle. He then dons his helmet and starts the engine, staring towards Kitainia and muttering like a man possessed. Kitainia herself is still looking at Anthony along with Shauna and Shap, waiting for an explanation for his lack of injury. "You're not waving Kevlar, boy," Shauna nags. "And nobody put a shielding spell on you. So what's the deal?" "Luck, I guess," Anthony shrugs, ignoring the disbelief in their expressions. "Or maybe he was a bad shot, it didn't really hit me. Or maybe we had a miracle." "I'd go for that last one," Shap says. "Well, in any case, you probably just saved my life," Kit smiles at Anthony. "Thank you." "No problem," Anthony smiles back, then frowns. "I have to confess, I'm not even sure what made me do it. I…" As Kit opens her mouth to say that's alright, a sharp voice cuts her off. "I'm coming for you, you <bleep>ing mutant hussy!" Senon cries. "Mouth off with a holier-than-thou attitude to me, will you?" Revving his bike's engine, he heads straight towards the four Ravens, who scatter quickly enough to get out of the way. "Kit, who is this guy?" Shap asks. "Besides someone with a serious attitude problem?" Kit shrugs. "No idea! But I'll need my bike and another laser charge pack to chase him down!" "Run for the Onslaught!" Anthony waves at her. "We'll cover you!" Shap and Shauna nod in agreement. Kit wastes no time in running off while the others draw their weapons and take aim at Senon as he starts to turn around. Near them, the Onslaught has finished transforming and is activating its energy sword and shield. The Goroistro is continuing to fend off the cars Tricia is hitting it with as the huge android war machine takes a step toward it. Above it, Geburah is frowning at the Onslaught and looking for its fuel tank, ready to unleash a lightning bolt. Elena doesn't give him the chance, smashing into the cornugon from behind and taking him down with a flurry of energy-charged blows so fast he doesn't even have time to gasp as he explodes in a burst of light and flame. As Elena smiles and shifts back to human form, the screen's image fades to black.


Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:12:07 AM


In a seedy bar somewhere in Luxembourg, Benny Hinn is sitting at a table with a few local people getting heavily drunk on martinis and cheap Schlitz beer as the screen comes on. "So there I was," he is telling them as they nod and pay only scant interest. "Right in the Orange Duke's Mansion, teleported there by the magic of the Green Baron, to face the Duke's wrath. I had failed him, and he would probably kill me, the Baron figured. So to avoid effort, the Baron's lazy you see, he sent me right to the Duke." "And the Duke obviously didn't kill you," one of his audience sighs. "That's right!" Hinn grins. "The Baron forgot to factor in one thing- when I got there, the Duke might not be home. Indeed he wasn't, lucky for me. So I just opened the door and strolled right out. There were evil magical guardians of course, but as far as they knew, I was a minion of the Duke's and he was not angry with me, so they didn't attack. Then I got as far away from there as possible, wound up here just cause I had a feeling it was a good place to hide." "Perhaps it is," one of the audience chuckles. "But then again, we are one of the world's smallest countries. Everyone knows everyone." "And we're oh so glad to know you," another citizen mumbles, drawing circles around his head with one finger. "Benny!!" a voice calls out just then and Hinn freezes cold, not wanting to turn around. "You know this guy?" one of the Luxembourgians asks the speaker. "Yes, unfortunately," another voice replies. "We've been looking all over for him. Then we just used TBN's resources to check flight records- the idiot used his own name and all…" "And bingo, here he is in Luxembourg!" Jan declares with a smirk. "Not too many places to hide around here, Benny!" Paul laughs. "Makes one wonder why you chose it." "Ah well," sighs Jan, "you always were a little not all there, so maybe that…" "Enough!" Hinn growls, turning around to glare at the duo. "What are you two going to do now that you've found me? Bore me to death with gloating about it?" Jan and Paul blanch for an instant as the citizens frown at each other and back away. "We weren't planning to kill you, Benny," Paul stammers. "We're not even mad at you." "We just want to know what happened in Russia," Jan insists. "You were doing fine, you even captured the Baron, and then…what turned the tables? Since you disappeared, there was no one to debrief and find out." "That…that's all you want?" Hinn gasps. Jan and Paul nod. "Ted Turner has demanded the knowledge of us," Paul says. "I assume other inquiring minds also wish to know," says Jan. "Your assumption is correct," a deep voice chuckles, and Hinn screams as he spins around, seeing that the Orange Duke has appeared in the room. The evil cloaked nobleman immediately raises a hand as Hinn turns and snaps his fingers, freezing him solid. "You failed me, Hinn, after I paid and promised you so much," the Duke sighs. "I will definitely have to kill you for that. Since you ran like a coward, made me hunt you down, I will do it later and make it slow." "Master, you found him the same way we did?" Jan asks. "Indeed," the Duke nods. "Brilliant, checking the airlines. I would have thought of it myself sooner or later. I've been keeping an eye on you two, as Turner instructed me." "Ted?" Paul grimaces, then smiles. "Well, I guess it was nice of him to…" "He gave me other instructions also," the Duke cuts in. "He said you two were no longer useful." As Jan and Paul gasp and open their mouths to protest, the Duke brings up his fingers and sends out a wave of incandescent orange light, vaporizing the TBN leaders in a burst of energy and heat. "Your organization is mine now," he says when their ashes are being scattered across the floor. "Come." He snaps his fingers and disappears along with the frozen Hinn. The Luxembourgians, still shocked by the Duke's actions, take a bit of time to recover. "Who was that guy?" one of them eventually asks. "Looked like The Shadow," says another. "Only dressed all in orange, not black and red." "Well, at least he took away the crazy weirdo," a third says. "Maybe we should stop drinking."

The display changes to the basement of Abdullah's mansion, where Harthoth is frowning as he continues to look over Gubio's shoulder. On the monitor before the Ravens' hacker is a picture of a fierce battle, columns of soldiers firing their guns and being blown away by fireballs, lightning bolts, and Gatling gun bursts. "Why aren't their shots doing anything?" Gubio asks Harthoth. "I've managed to get inside that dragon's computer brain, this display is what he's looking at. Those soldiers are shooting him with everything from pistols to bazookas and his damage level is only at 7%!" "Apep's body has an energy shield around it absorbing whatever threatens it," Harthoth replies. "Most of the bullets are getting vaporized by it, those that aren't will easily bounce off his skin. He's very durable without the shield, too, so even those things that do get through, like energy released from grenade explosions, only shake him up a little bit. And his built-in nanomachines are repairing that damage even as we speak. We used the best technology in the world to build him that body, all the findings of the greatest scientific minds combined." "Wait a minute," Gubio frowns. "Abdullah bin Aziz does not have those minds working for him." "Those minds need research money," Harthoth explains with a calm smirk. "They e-mail grant foundations for it, explaining their needs and what they're working on in layman's terms so that anybody can understand what they're doing and its worth. Including the workers in Abdullah's arms factories and their foremen. Tyl intercepted the e-mails,…" "I get it," Gubio cuts in. "So that's how you built this thing. And let me guess, once he was ready, you slaughtered the workers so none of them could talk." "If Abdullah did that, he didn't tell me," Harthoth answers with a frown. "Well," Gubio shrugs, then goes back to tapping keys. "This program's pretty good, Tyl made it easy to get inside but hard to shut down. Maybe I can send Apep a virus, but the problem is all control of the programs in his mind, file uploads included, has been rerouted to Abdullah's computer upstairs. So…" He picks up his radio and flips the frequency. "Hack! You with me, man?" "Right here, buddy!" Hack squawks back from the base. "What's going on?" "Got a program I need you to help me figure out, pronto," Gubio replies. "Link to this IP." He reads off an address and Hack replies, "Got it. But, uh, Gubio, are you aware that I'm kinda busy now. There's one hell of a bad robot dragon attacking our guys and I'm trying to feed them satellite intel so they can…" "I'm inside that thing's head trying to hit the off switch!" Gubio loudly interrupts. "I need your help! You gonna help me?!" "Of course, man," Hack quickly recovers, glancing at Mary and Patty where they sit beside him with a grin. "Just, uh, let me get linked up." He looks at a screen near him as he does so, just in time to see the STRIKE chopper dodge a Stinger fired from Apep's launcher. "Damn, Ivan!" Hack chuckles over the radio. "For a guy who wants to die, you sure are good at evasion!" "I will die when I choose," Ivan Uralyev replies. "And I do not choose today." "Thank God!" Aussie declares happily. Gubio grimaces and waits for Hack to link up with him, hoping he can make Ivan's wish come true.


<Kit and Doug appear standing beside a large house in a vast lonely quiet field full of sage brush and prairie trees, a white mailbox nearby with "Elder" written on it in magic marker. A crew is paving the driveway and making a concrete sidewalk from it to the door. The couple has just written their names inside a heart in the wet cement along with the word "Forever," and now both are smiling as they hold hands and look towards a sunset. Then the image vanishes and Kit walks into the CR> That's what Doug and I spent our day off buying and erecting today. <grin> The house is ours now, the deed signed and the papers filed with all the appropriate people. It'll still be another month or two before we're fully moved in (utility connections still have to be erected and set up too). Our furniture is getting delivered two weeks from now, it's all early wedding gifts from our families. :) They're still bugging the hell out of us about the wedding if anyone's wondering, though I did manage to get my parents to back off somewhat by reminding them Stephanie is getting married a long time before I am- nice revenge for all the wedding-related bugging she gave me before. <smirks> Reminding Doug's parents it's our wedding, not theirs, doesn't seem to be working too well, though. His mother still wants to meddle in affairs a lot, I'm enjoying getting to know her better through her frequent calls to my cell phone but I can't help but feel she's just doing this because Doug and I are serious about getting married and she knows it for sure. She doesn't really like me, just wants to know her son's intended wife and try to take back a measure of control of his life through doing so. Thank God I'm not a firstborn son, do their mothers always get this obsessed with them? (Mom also bugs Ray a lot more than she does me and Steph). Not really any other news to report, the first round of semester midterms are coming up next week and I'm studying hard for them, while still working full-time at Tower with a high volume of sales and the usual share of zany customers and co-workers. Anybody remember the jerks who decided to bug us all by "testing" the entrance anti-theft system back when I worked at Blockbuster Video? Yesterday they decided to pay Tower a visit and do the same thing. One of our associates saw what they were up to, yelled at them to stop, and cussed them out when they didn't, then ran up and hit one of them in the face. Our security guard had to break up the ensuing fight and both jerks and the associate got arrested by the APD when it was all over. I wasn't on duty at the time, thank goodness. <shakes head> Hopefully a little time in the slammer will teach those losers a much-needed lesson, and as for our associate, Kevin, well, he probably needed to cool down. Things at Doug's job remain quiet, no serious crimes happening in the parking lots where they work. Unfortunately, the usual mess of not having enough officers is still going on- one of their new hires quit after his first night on the job saying he didn't like it (making Doug have to work another double), and to top that, they caught Robert Wright sleeping while on duty- automatic termination resulted. The other new hire is working out well, and another starts Thursday, but that doesn't stop Doug from being worried as hell about it all. Me too. <sigh> At least the officers that remain- Doug, Blake, Mario Munoz, Gennaro Hernandez, Gilbert Ortiz, Erik Ramirez, William Montgomery, and two others whose names I can't remember- are all doing their jobs or so I've heard. It better continue that way. On to replies now, and comments, of which I have quite a few. :)

Todd: <grins> You can thank my grandfather's being a vampire enthusiast for me getting the Varney reference. I'll probably never forgive him for all the scary vamp stories he told me when I was a little girl, but at least I know a lot of obscure trivia today. <sighs> Too bad that he had to die way before the first season of Buffy. :( Thanks for not taking offense at my review, I was bitterly honest when I wrote it. Sorry to hear you probably won't be mentioning the Hamilton books in TGS. I think Anita Blake is second only to one other Vampire Slayer in terms of character and sheer kickass, and that Slayer's currently in jail (and probably missing Angel too, we need to see her back on the show! :).

Ed: Good point about Vlad getting on the news, I don't recall him being mentioned as a billionaire or I probably would have understood that scene better (reclusive foreigners aren't news, but reclusive foreign billionaires…) I wonder, though, is there any immortal being in TGS who hasn't built up enough treasure over the years to be considered a billionaire? Demona, Macbeth, Sekhmet, Madoc, Maeve, Duval, and now Vlad too. I'm not sure I like the pattern. Very good points about Demona, I think after reading this week's TGS some of your ideas about her character may be getting ready to be explored. :) However, I have to disagree with you on Margo- yes, she has seen enough of the clan to consider them savage beasts, but she's also seen enough to know they're intelligent and have a code of ethics. If one considers that she's blind to this, then yes, her dedication to the anti-gargoyle cause indeed makes perfect sense. However, such snappy prejudgments as Margo continues to make, and her refusal to even consider weighing the evidence that challenges her beliefs, worries me. Are gargoyles the only thing in her life she's this way about? I have a feeling it's not so, and that probably makes her one hell of a shrew. Being a shrew is never mentally healthy. :) Her gargoyles-as-monsters obsession is also worrisome. To paraphrase Nietzche, we become our obsessions, and that could come true for Margo easily. <imagines Margo waking up as a gargoyle and laughs her head off, then moves on to the next reply>

DumlaoX: <re-reads Dreamcast-related post, frowns> Smash Pack? 10 Genesis Games? But they don't make the Genesis system anymore, so that can only mean the Dreamcast must be backwards compatible if they're selling it with those games. <grins> And I thought the only system like that around was the Playstation 2! Is my line of reasoning correct? Please tell me soon. If so, I may get a Smash Pack, if the Genesis games they include are good ones. Playing Phantasy Star 4 online sounds interesting, but I tend to prefer RP I can write myself to console RP any day. ;)

Lain: Condolences on the bad day you had, I can sympathize with you bigtime. I haven't been sick in a while, but people driving me nuts with demands for my time is pretty bad, I have to agree. At least I can cuss out some of them (the telemarketers) without any trouble, and I have Streets of Rage and Doug's willing ears to let off steam about the rest. <grins> Good luck getting well soon, hope the depression will quickly pass. Congrats on getting into the Canadian Army- I'm impressed that you qualified for any field you wanted, be sure you pick the right one now. :) DART sounds like a pretty good place for you. Hope they soon give you the life you want, and you get a chance to live it. I would not like to hear about a good friend, and a superb artist like yourself, getting shot. :( Thanks for the cool NOMOS poem, I liked reading it a lot. Too bad Doug saw it in here last week, or it would be his Valentine's gift. :( I liked the Dar Williams song too. Thanks for the deep peace and hope paragraph, you are very right. Although DPH does make a good point about hope too, I tend to agree with him more on the issue. :)

Kirshanta: Good points about Demona. Now all that remains is fore her to realize she's learned those lessons. I hope that TGS explores the ideas you mentioned very soon, as Robby said it might. :)

Mary: Congrats on the award nomination, I'm sure you deserve whatever you're getting. And don't worry, not all those awards are just for nerds. Only most of them. :) Good luck with the Creative Writing class, hope it improves your writing skills.

DPH: Hmm, seven mutants. Well, I'd want one with the power to create air out of nothing, another with the power to create food out of nothing (any kind of food), and similar mutants for liquid and ship fuel creation. Then one with an unerring sense of direction so we wouldn't get lost, and another with really strong attack powers in case of hostile beings. The last one would be a powerful telepath who could link to people light years away. When I'm traveling, I like to stay in touch with home. :) Good reasons for wanting that job so badly, hope you get it. Happy belated birthday, friend.

SJ: The Loser for Gore. I like it. :) Thanks for the great Joss Whedon news. I too regret to say I've seen too much horror, cruelty, and sheer craziness in the world, even on the part of good people, to ever believe in the nonexistence of evil. <sigh> But at least I can believe in good too. :) Congrats on the new computer and modem, hope they work well.

Lady Corax: Hope the Elisa paper gets an A, you certainly had a good topic. Good luck with your past coming back, glad it's not just the bad things that are returning. Hope you don't have to deal with those bad things too often. If you need to vent, just come in here. :) <cursing in Latin> I need to learn that skill. <grin>

SOROW: Hope your auditions went well and you'll quit the suspense about them soon. <crosses fingers> Congrats on the gargoyle statue photo award. <whoops once more> I'd like to see a scan of it too.

Christine: You're gonna do the reading? Alright! :) Good luck with it, I hope it goes well. Remember to speak slowly and clearly. <grin>

Warpmind: Probability Control Matrix? Are you planning to screw with our wedding plans? <eyes glow red> You're off the usher list if that's true, buddy! :( Thanks for the congrats and encouragement, though. Glad to see another fan of Deus Ex in here (not getting to play a female lead character is my only beef with that great game). I agree with you about Madoc being the older twin. Older twins are usually more pushy and bossy, with evil tendencies. <sees Stephanie looking at her with a strange smile> But then younger twins are also usually less mature, way more selfish, and tend to get all the really bad qualities. <Stephanie's mouth falls open, then she glares at Kit and walks off in a huff. Kit grins>

Lynati: You don't own any red satin push-up bras? Oh come on, they are so much fun to wear! Soft against the skin, and the way they drive guys wild…Or maybe they just do that for me. <smiles as Doug puts his arms around her> To each their own opinion. :)

Daniel Johnson: Well, when you need to vent, that's one of the things this place is for. <sighs> Sorry to hear your mom is on your case, hope she is able to calm down and get off it before she has to go away forever. You're doing the best you can for her, and this notion of you abandoning her is completely crazy if your posts are anything to go by. Hope you two patch things up real soon.

Winterwolf: Interesting about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. I think the oil companies are yelling about getting access to it because the environmentalists are yelling about having the possibility of it taken away. No oil company wants to lose the kind of golden opportunity that place might provide. Hope the issue gets resolved soon, whatever happens.

Spike: Sorry to hear you won't be doing any fanart for a while. I like your drawings, including the latest one. Congrats on those game module illustration contracts though, best of luck getting the pictures you want included. :) Glad you found that excellent Ariana pic.

Hitler: James, you better not mean what I think you said about this guy. Saying he wasn't pure evil in a room that contains at least one girl from an old Jewish family who had distant relatives in that man's death camps, whose grandfathers both fought against that man and helped liberate two of his camps (one of them won the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and French Victory Cross doing it too) is not a good idea. Even if I'm not exactly Jewish myself- I don't practice the religion, though my parents do- I agree with the general belief that Hitler was one hell of an evil guy. His buddies- Himmler, Goebbels, etc.- were all just as bad in similar ways, with Rommel being the one possible exception to the mix. I didn't know he had kids, if he did I can't help but wonder what happened to them, if they grew up sane. Yes, I'm sure he loved his kids if he had them, and Eva Braun, but the man loved his own power more, and killing people and seizing land and resources that didn't belong to him in the name of expanding it. He conned millions of people into helping him do all that, and even worse into seeing people as less than human just because of who they were. It wasn't just Jews in those death camps, it was also homosexuals, Gypsies, mentally or physically impaired people, and anybody who didn't want to submit to Hitler's power who they caught. Hitler was an irredeemable evil madman who wanted to rule the world, I will always believe that no matter what anyone says. Skippy said it right, he was the closest thing to the Anti-Christ we've yet seen. <shivers> Though Stalin comes pretty close also. I'm glad Hitler was taken care of by the good people of the planet in the right way, may all those who still fervently follow his teachings eventually suffer similar fates.

GXB: I too was shown a lot of graphic Holocaust videos when I was younger, I agree they were not pretty. :( Grandpa Ian died shortly after Schindler's List came out, but I remember him loving the film.

Oracle: <wipes sweat from brow> Thank goodness! No Marilyn Manson or Tim Burton in Willy Wonka. Excellent news. :) Thank you for finding that info and posting it up, it was a gratifying read.

King Snarf: Hitler liked Snow White? I knew the guy was weird, but that is downright disturbing. This'll put a new spin on my next Wolfenstein 3D game. :)

Firestorm: Condolences on getting fired, good to hear the company's going under though. Best of luck getting a new job soon, and keeping your ISP connection established. I will keep you in my prayers.

Starsinger: <drops jaw> Is that true? I hope the worker in question got fired. I was handed a fake thirty dollar bill at work once, and had to use my patented raised-eyebrow glare to get the loser to pay me with appropriate currency. <shakes head> It's sad to hear there are people out there who fall for similar tricks.

Jaden: Doug's gonna have some dates with the gym soon too. He needs to strengthen his upper body in a major way if he wants to qualify for being a cop. :) Glad someone believes our wedding will eventually work out fine, I hope you're right. <fingers crossed>

Robby: I agree with you about Willy Wonka, it confuses the hell out of me why they're wasting money on a remake when many better films and scripts are surely available. :( You're posting the same way as Doug and I do now, you know. <grin>

Emmabu: Thanks for all the encouragement. Condolences on your relationship not working out, I'm sure a better one is on the horizon. Congrats on getting that server back up, hope it stays so. I too am hoping everything will soon work out for us. Your brother and his girl remind me quite a bit of me and Doug. He lived in Taiwan a while back, you know. That was long before I met him, but I think I can remember being miserable often. L

Juliaexia: <keeps Doug's eyes covered through all the flashing> Would you mind ceasing to do that? Although your body is kinda nice…<Doug reaches up by instinct and covers her eyes too>

Vast improvement in TGS this week. Let me say that again- vast improvement. :) I really liked this episode, the dialogue was quite well-written and the development on the Trio and Angela was much needed and very well-done. :) I hope the high standards keep up. Great Brooklyn and Demona scene, especially with Lain's picture of Demona crying at the end. Lain, you are quite a poignant artist, do you know that? :) Excellent development on Demona, I like seeing that her reform period may not be as easy as it first seemed and look forward to more development on that thread. Good seeing Jackal and Hyena too, they made effective bad guys for the first time in a while and the development linking them to Lex was a very nice touch. Also nice bits with Angela and Broadway fighting, and I liked seeing Liz grow away from just being Lex's best friend. I hope to see her on Pendragon someday too. Many great lines and emotional scenes abounded too, it was wonderful being able to visualize such moments in my head after reading them in TGS once again. Overall, a full 10/10 to this one. The ep was IMO a true classic, with many wonderful moments, and I hope the threads it touched on are explored again very soon.

Buffy and Angel made great entertainment for tonight just like TGS did for last night. :) Buffy had some of the best writing I've seen all season, with great developments on all the characters and a very nice fight with everyone vs. Glory at the end. I too was laughing out loud at the teleport spell effect. Dawn's character was really explored well in this one, I liked seeing her go nuts about whether she really existed or not and then her search for meaning in life and finding it, it was very emotional and the actors involved all did their parts well, Dawn's and Spike's especially. Spike and Buffy's bonding scenes were also very good bits of development, as were Spike and Dawn's, and I got a laugh out of Xander's talk with Giles about Dawn's crush on him. Most of all I liked seeing the memories of Dawn's life revealed throughout the show and everyone growing confused about them, then in the end finally accepting that they exist and are important, like Dawn. The one part of the episode I didn't like was getting weirded out over Ben and Glory. They better explain exactly what's going on there soon. Are they multiple personalities of the same being? What exactly is going on here? I'm also wondering about the lock Dawn mentioned, hope we find out what that is soon. The Knights of Byzantium also seem too much like a cliched paladin army to enjoy as villains yet, but it is interesting to see Buffy facing enemies on the good side as opposed to demons. 9/10 stars. I don't think I have to say why I'm looking forward to next week's episode. Spike finally comes clean about his crush on Buffy. Oh boy. :)

As for Angel, I enjoyed this one too. We had some great Angel development bits, especially in relation to Gene and the Host. The script was excellent, even if Cordy, Wesley, and Gunn's bits seemed a little too much like side story that had to be dealt with. I too was laughing out loud at the sitting room detective scene. It's good that they've moved on from Angel, the end scene did a very nice illustrating that. The main plot of this episode held my interest more though. I really liked all the development they did on the Host, I knew he had the potential to be more than a background character and now I've enjoyed seeing it explored. The comic bits with him were great, especially the bit about him driving and him being a mascot. Also liked the philosophical scenes with him and Angel debating the Dark Avenger's development into what he is now. The fights with those weird old man demons were very well-choreographed and shot, I liked watching them. Especially the Host's High-C Move. <grin> Nice side plot with Gene the physicist too, I could understand the guy easily and pity him also. Very nice acting from whoever played him. I have to dislike his girlfriend though- she had something very wrong with her. If he made her feel lonely, she should have broken up with him a lot sooner. There were better ways to do it than what she did too. That they had sex before the breakup I especially did not like- you should never have sex with someone who makes you feel lonely and empty. There's only one kind of sex that's worse IMO- that being rape. Apart from her, great portrayal and development on all the characters. 9.5/10 to the episode. Next week's should be interesting with the gang coming into conflict with the LAPD. I bet they're also gonna bring back Kate. :)

Wednesday, February 7, 2001 03:11:16 AM

Fire Storm> <<I think it will bomb>>: Same here. Which is why I have a neat little program called napigator. It lets you connect to servers other than Napster's own. The current problem is that the other servers aren't as popular.
<<Are you certian that he is correct about the uncertianty principle?>>: It seems to make sense, but then I am never sure about anything. Incidentally, this afternoon I wrote on our door the text from one of my father's bumper stickers (he hangs them in his lab): "Heisenber may have slept here." To which one of my roomies added: "And I may have slept with him."
<<WHERE IS PUCK????? PLEASE LET HIM SHOW HIMSELF>>: Even though the Puck is good by definition, there are some constraints as to when he can show himself. Granted, I do believe it would be nice to see a training episode or two (not even with any serious magical mishap), but he should be limited to quick sightings before Owen goes back to work.

Phrases I want to use sometime in the future: "They rigged my kitten to self destruct." Purely in a literal sense, mind you.

Niamhgold> <<Figures that this would be the first nor'easter that caused more than two feet in my lifetime>>: I think there was a pretty good one around '92ish. I distinctly remember walking on top of the snow a good couple feet above the ground.
<<Is it just me or do you seem to be in a bit more of a perky mood lately?>>: Well, it could be the sleep deprivation kicking in. Or, maybe it's to balance out the rest of my life. But now that Gunjack is essentialy wang. Missing, it seems to have died down a wang. Tad.
Heal quickly.

Lain> You heal, too.
<<which is making me uncomfortable because it is messy>>: The difference a Y chromosome will make.

You can never have enough Beatles, so from the Kitchen comes Strawberry Fields Forever.

Na zdorov'ya.

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Piscatway, NJ
Wednesday, February 7, 2001 12:16:56 AM

Sabledrake Magazine returns! New quarterly format, with more columns and great stories and articles (including one by Greg!). Click or go to

Becca update > on Saturday, Becca bopped herself in the mouth with the lid of the big plastic case she keeps her miniatures in (I was 16 before my dad bought me a bunch of lead figures for my birthday, jeez) and knocked out the _other_ top front tooth. Dentist had warned us that one would probably come out in a couple weeks, and lo, he was right! At least she didn't hurt herself this time!

In other family news, I got the good and the bad from Mom in an e-mail. The good: my brother and his wife just found out they're expecting TWINS this fall! (though with Dylan not even being two years old yet, it's good news but still kind of an eyebrow-raiser). The bad: my sister and her partner have split up acrimoniously.

Archmage progress report > the rewrite is going much faster now in this section, though Lord Taron is still insisting on being too much like Xanatos ; ) But it's always fun working with Solarrin!

Christine - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 11:53:36 PM

*enters looking green*
hi all.
yeah yeah poke fun at the Canadians why doncha?? It's only cos you know we'll just look at out feet and apologize profusely :P
Right now, I feel like... a four letter word that isn't allowed in this CR.. I was feeling kinda sick earlier, then my friend came to harass me about her essay she was writing and could I help her think of this word she needed to describe farms as death-camps for defenceless animals... and I didn't know but she WOULDN'T GO AWAY. She is a very nice person but she drives me a little crazy because she has no real concept of what is PERSONAL SPACE and that when a person isn't feeling well.. maybe they should HAVE SOME... oh and THEN she invited her friend in, too... and my room is messy cos I was moving furnature around late last night and had class all day.. and had to go to the gym with my friend who ooooo can't work out ALONE... oooo... so I have a stranger in my room which is messy, which is making me uncomfortable because it is messy and I JUST WANT THEM TO GO AWAY!!!!!!
so after 15 minutes of that...
they finally went away
and then my other friend comes to bother me.. and I just want to yell GO AWAY I AM FEELING SICK DON'T YOU GET IT but of course.. I am good at faking being healthy so.. they probably don't notice..
and then I go to take a shower and get sick..
and then I have a headache.. AGAIN
and then I am tired and hungry and want to go home are we there yet but nooooo I can't go home cos I HATE home and all the jerks that live there and I detest this school because it is driving me nutty and please won't the army send me somewhere already so I can just get shot and have it done with???
:P:P OK so that was a little dramatic but.. you get the idea..
and stupid Mr Dude is walking outside when I am coming back from the gym and.. ooooo he wants to HUG me, does he???

I think that is all I have to complain about for now.
By tomorrow, I am sure everything will be all fine again because I played in a lot of mud as a kid and only ever get sick for a maximum of 12 hours due to my stupidly buff immune system.
Anyway.. love ya anyway
*faint smile*

Tuesday, February 6, 2001 11:20:34 PM

** Niamhgold enters **

Hey, all, what's brewing? Haven't yet gotten a chance to read the TGS story yet (frankly, could barely find the time to make a post) so I'll move right into things! Here, at my college, we got absolutely no snow although they cancelled high schools in anticipation (and all it did was rain). But back home where my fam's at, they got a whopping 38 inches of snow!!!! HOLY MOG! Figures that this would be the first nor'easter that caused more than two feet in my lifetime, and I'm not even home to have school be cancelled because of it!! :(

Dreamie: ** Waves back ** Hola! Como estas? If you'd like, I'd love to send you some e-mail sometime.

Winterwolf: Yes, ya did catch a Niamhgold sighting! ** Hugs ** Got your e-mail and the update was very much appreciated! Hopefully I can compose one in turn! So, any big plans for the upcoming holidays? (Valentine's and President's Day weekend?)

Gside: Is it just me or do you seem to be in a bit more of a perky mood lately? ...hmmm... ;)

Where I've been lately: Well, I've been out dealing with a couple of interlife problems here and there, not to mention I kind of over-strained my Achilles Tendon and therefore am out of the exercise count in order to prevent a snap. I gotta tell you people, between wisdom teeth, an Achilles rupture, and scapula spasms, I'd rather have this in the least! Going up or down stairs is rather painful and makes me kinda glad we _don't_ have snow or ice because that would just be unimaginable! ;) In the meanwhile, though, getting some rest and work done now that I have painting and my illustration classes to concentrate on (gone is the Foundation year requisite Sculpture class, yay!)

Okay, enough of my rambling...


Tuesday, February 6, 2001 10:48:06 PM


BUFFY: I thought that this episode was a very good one. I really felt sorry for Dawn, having to now grapple with the fact that she's really a sort of "energy key" in human form rather than a genuine person. Her drama and how it impacted Buffy and the rest was very well-handled, in my opinion.

It also contained what has to be one of the spookiest surprises in the entire series: Glory suddenly popping up in Ben's body. That one really shook me up. (I hope that they'll explain later on just how she did it and what happened to Ben as a result).

And I LOL at the result of the teleportation spell that they used on her at the end. And at the bit about Spike using the Ishtar Urn for an ashtray.

ANGEL: Great interaction between Angel and the Host, both comical (I liked the "new school mascot" explanation for him) and serious (the Host delving into Angel's changes and seeing his sitting down and talking with the physicist as a sign of possible hope). I haven't quite made up my mind about the physicist yet, although I thought that he was fairly well handled (and I was glad that he was genuinely sorry about inadvertently coming this close to freezing time everywhere). But one of the real highlights for me was Wesley's mastery of the art of "drawing-room detective" (complete with Cordelia helping herself to the refreshments all the while). On the whole, I thought we had a pretty good couple of episodes.


Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 10:07:18 PM

Gathering reminder... only 135 days left until the 5th Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles in Los Angeles, CA! Pre-registration is open, so reserve your place now. :)


I guess I'm going to join the "too short" crowd. The story just seemed to read too quickly. Mostly I think it was because there was so much introspection going on... too much time spent inside the characters heads, and too much of what could have been handled as ACTIVE plot instead done passively through exposition. Jackal and Hyena resurface... that was a nice touch, but how much better would it have been to SEE Hyena approach Fox, and hear that conversation, rather than just have they synopisis relayed at the end. Also... Brooklyn sure is picking and choosing pretty heavy-handedly lately when it comes to revealing the future. He refuses to explain himself to Broadway or Angela, yet he actively seeks out Demona to drop a bomb on her. In a way, that move seemed rather vicious... and I've got to wonder, too, how much of that was really for Demona's benefit as opposed to the reader's benefit. A big "the end is near... and there's nothing you can do about it" sandwich-board sign for the Demona storyline as we've known it in TGS... welcomed by some, I would imagine... but glaring nonetheless.

I have to wonder if Brooklyn even seriously believes what he said there. I'd consider his characterization of Angela's realtionship with her mother to be pretty far off base... but I'm sure no one is surprised to hear me say that. I will add, though, that if indeed major change is in the wind for Demona and Angela, it already appears that TGS season three is speeding towards it way to fast, especially considering all the critisisms made in seasons one and two about the pacing of that thread. Of course, I will freely admit that I'm quite biased in my opinions on this... I just thought I'd say something while I had a spare moment and before things moved too far along for me to keep up.

And I suppose while I'm kicking my thoughts around in here, I'll also take a second to wonder aloud if we will be seeing Andrea Calhoun make any appearances in this new season of TGS. >:)


Patrick Toman
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 09:50:27 PM

SJ: <Well, goddamnit, I always knew those Canadians would be the death of us>
You up for a round of "Blame Canada?" :)

Fire Storm - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 09:39:08 PM

Hmm. Today is too quiet. Time for a scary story.

**scary internet encounter**
A couple of days ago, I am surfing the 'net. Suddenly, yahoo messenger gave me a message about a guy [he had a sexually oriented user id and I choose not to remember it], wanting to add me to his 'friends' list. The invitation said 'What does nuetral on gender mean?'. Ouch. I declined it. I have my user id set up to 'nuetral' on gender because I wanted to surf the 'net as anonymously as possible, and I did not have another choice besides male or female.

So I have still kept my user profile as being 'neutral' on gender, but consider this a warning to others. I wonder if this guy did do a search of user profiles at Yahoo looking for 'neutral' as gender.
**end scary internet encounter**

Lain: Choosing the right words to express an idea is very difficult at times. I still have not mastered it yet. I misunderstood what you were saying. Thinking of hope is as an obstacle seems foreign to me.


Still not word about my damn [started to delete it, but then decided not to] background check.

Winterwolf, exactly my point. If crime ceased to exist, it would take the police at least a few months to catch up with documentation. Then, there's the unsolved crimes to go after. If security guards were laid off, it would be months before they would be due to skepticism. Lawyers would suffer job-losses sooner because of all the honesty, but they would be needed to work out crafty agreements.

That's all for now.

DPH - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 08:20:31 PM

To all the writers of Gargoyles...
Congrats on the start of a great new season! I have waited (very impatiently) for the start of season three and I have to tell you that the wait was so worth it. I have already read the first four episodes of season 3, and all I can say is "WOW!" I have been with TGS since the very beginning, and I have to say that you have all outdone yourselves season after season. And although it's been awhile since I have had anything in the comment room, I just wanted to say a small thanks for every ep I have had the pleasure of reading. Keep up the excellent work!!!
A.J. - [AVALON102477@CS.COM]
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 08:08:07 PM

**Views Fire Storm's link**

Well, goddamnit, I always knew those Canadians would be the death of us.

Sorry. I just love poking fun with lain. ;)

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 07:40:28 PM

Fire Storm>> so.. you think the crap is scared out of YOU?? *ponders if she should tell how close Hamilton actually IS compared to where she is RIGHT NOW!!!*

Tuesday, February 6, 2001 07:11:41 PM

**runs back into the room, clicking on Dreamie's link, then squealing, screaming, and bouncing off the walls some more**

Oh my goodness!!! He's coming back!!! :) Thanks for the link!! WOW!!

**continues bouncing off the walls, yelling excitedly about the Heartbreak Kid...**

Lady Corax
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 06:19:53 PM


As one of the folks that spent a lot of time coming up with the outline for this particular story, (I wish I'd been able to write and illustrate it myself, but you'll see why I couldn't in a couple more weeks...)

In any event, the question has come up of, why did Angela say she was going to her mother's when she instead went to the Labrynth? Pretty simple. If you wanted to be left alone and away from the rest of the clan, where would YOU go? Why, to the place where presumably no one else would follow, Demona's. And since Angela visits Demona fairly frequently, it was a conveniant excuse, and it wasn't likely anyone (particularly Broadway) would check up on her or ask Demona later if she'd been there. But quite likely, Angela did not actually want to visit Demona, since you know, Demona might dissaprove of how her still fairly new husband is treating her. The Labrynth was really the only place where she knew of another newlywed couple where she might have someone to talk to that would understand in full. But if she'd SAID she was going to the Labrynth, Broadway might later ask Talon and Maggie what had been talked about. (Broadway being Broadway, he probably wouldn't have, but Angela was angry and not thinking totally clearly...)

As far as Brooklyn visiting Demona, well, I think the story speaks for itself on that matter...


ANd now I have to go to the art store and get some school supplies. Grr...

Tuesday, February 6, 2001 05:19:43 PM

**WARNING WILL ROBINSON WARNING SPOILERS SPOILERS** Concerning Jackel in "Tranistions"> 1) Why hasn't he been effected by the disease that afflicts Hyena? 2) Why didn't he finish off Broadway? (doesn't really expect an answer to either) **END SPOILERS**
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 05:11:52 PM

Lain: <And if anybody finds some humour in that.. let me know and I will post the "TEN RECOMMENDATIONS" too...>
YEAH! Bring 'em on!

I was watching CNN earlier today and heard something that scared the crap out of me.
I checked it out on-line and posted the link here.
Ebola may be in North America.

Fire Storm - [<--- Check this out... and pray to who or whatevery you pray to!]
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 04:29:59 PM


*Comments and Spoilers***

Kirshanta: Regarding length, I think the story was told in exactly the length it needed to be told in and I'm incredibly relieved at the length of modern TGS episodes. Back during the first couple of seasons one of my chief gripes was that TGS episodes used to be enormous sprawling things that would take up more of my time than I could afford in a single evening and usually with such a variety of characters and plots at once that things got out of hand very quickly. Now? Well, despite some problems with development in the season opener (attributable, as Ordell mentioned, to staffing difficulties so not necessarily size), TGS episodes slot perfectly between dinner and homework - just like a normal TV episode would. The plots are clear but detailed and emotional, and the standard of writing at the moment is clear, vibrant and unconvoluted to be memorable. And in the long-term, makes TGS more accessible.

I really can't see what 5 pages would have added to this story? As it stood, the story was very sharp, and covered all bases without getting melodramatic, compromising plot pace, appearing boring/long-winded or dealing with irrelevant material. Angela and Broadway's discussion was broken off dramatically. The Demona/Brooklyn sscene relied on its sharpness - it was completely out of the blue, and stunningly dramatic. I guess the Lexington/Brooklyn thing could have had more stubbornness from Lexington (and more bias towards his point of view). But the staff have chosen an interesting angle where, upon reflection, Lex DOES understand the actions, but it doesn't change how he feels about it. This is far more realistic given Lexington's interest in science and technology.

What would Puck have added to this story? He has no particular significance to any of the Trio, and the only thematic link I can see is his adaptation to becoming Owen - which is more of an Owen issue than a Puck one.

I agree that a 'REQUIEM' previously bit ought really to have been included. And Thailog returned last season, in the 3-part story 'RE-EMERGENCE', right near the end of the season.

(Of course, with nice and short stories that keep relevant, it's quite easy to go back and actually read past episode. As it stands though, most of the TGS archives before 2000 are so daunting in size and complexity that I'm desperately unlikely to read most of them ever again.)

Ed - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 04:25:34 PM

Gunjack and Warpmind, THIS is for you>> Val, with all the GOD debating we have been doing over IM, I couldn't resist..

(please note, for those of you who are NOT Gunjack or Warpmind.. I hope you find this humourous and NOT offensive.. because that is certainly NOT its intent ;)

*************POLITICALLY CORRECT BIBLE EXCERPT**************


In the beginning - assuming there was a beginning, as opposed to an endless cycle - in the beginning, GOD - assuming he, she or it exists - in the beginning, GOD created the heaven and the earth. And GOD said "LET THERE BE LIGHT" and noticed the light, for GOD was not visually disadvantaged. And GOD saw the light was good, making an unporvable value judgement. And GOD said, "LET THERE BE A FERMAMENT, DIVIDING THE WATERS ABOVE IT FROM THE WATERS BELOW," and GOD called the fermament Heaven. No slight intended to Hell, which he created later.
And GOD said, to no one in particular, "LET DRY LAND APPEAR. LET THE EARTH BRING FORTH GRASS AND HERB BEARING SEED." And GOD experienced short term memory loss and a severe case of the munchies, although the Supreme Being did not inhale..
And GOD made two great lights in the sky; the more stature-endowed light to rule the day, and the less stature-enhanced to rule the night. And both the sun and the moon it lit were solar powered.
And GOD said "LET THE WATERS AND THE EARTH BRING FORTH EVERY LIVING CREATURE" for GOD was not a creationist, but an ardent believer in the theory of evolution.
And GOD made the animal companion of the earth after his kind and made the cattle after her kind and every thing that creepeth upon the earth of their kind. And GOD said, "TO EVERY ANIMAL COMPANION, CATTLE, AND CREEPING THING, I HAVE GIVEN TREE-YIELDING SEED, AND IT SHALL BE AS MEAT." For all creatures are meant to be vegetarians.
And on the seventh day of creation, GOD took a mental health day. Thus the heavens and earth and sea and sky and all their hosts and hostesses were finished in only six days. This may indicate GOD was not, as is comonly thought, an elderly Jewish man but a Methodist, for GOD clearly had a Protestant work ethic..
And thus it began..
**************END POLITICALLY CORRECT BIBLE****************

And if anybody finds some humour in that.. let me know and I will post the "TEN RECOMMENDATIONS" too...


Tuesday, February 6, 2001 03:24:05 PM

Ok, well after Ed's GLORIOUS review, I'm afraid the writers will find mine a little less to their liking.

Sorry, but this was not the sweeping explosion of talent and storytelling that Ed makes it out to be. For one, it's too short. I mean come on. it was readable in like 10 minutes. How can you get into a plot in 10 minutes?? PLEASE.

Yes, the work on the trio was exceptional and LONG OVERDUE if you ask me. And the Angela angle, her innocent facade fading away, was also good.

One question, why did Angela say she was going to Demona's and then go to the Labyrinth instead? Just to set up Brooklyn's visit? Seems like another blast-bolt-hits-the-blood-machine-and-destroys-it convienience.

Mainly, though, I don't have any real problem with this episode except that it was too short and the emotional depth could have been explored better had there been like 5 more pages to it.

I liked the idea that Fox and Hyena and Jackal are re-introduced - Some of that internal struggle I was hoping for.

But for the love of God - WHERE IS PUCK????? PLEASE LET HIM SHOW HIMSELF.

One thing - I felt that the time travel thing was confusing. I mean all that stuff was over in Timedancer almost a year ago. It's hard to place with relation to this week's episode. A couple line should have been included in the "Previously on Gargoyles" segment.

And - help me here - When exactly did Thailog re-surface? Have I missed something? Of course, last season was over almost 6 months ago, so maybe my memory isn't what it used to be. (Slides a talon through her black hair and sighs).
Old ages. It has a way of creeping up on you...

Kirshanta - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 03:06:13 PM

Hi! Long time no see. Ah the fun stuff... I lost my primary ISP and I’ve discovered of my two backups one has yet to connect (It used to be fine) and the other is somewhat temperamental. :(

Now for good news I received a letter from Shadowrider last night! He says hello to and that he misses his CR friends, especially Dreamie, Niamhgold, Kit & Doug, GB and Emambu. For the past few weeks he has been leading his squad on maneuvers. Our Corporal mentions it is still an unaccustomed but pleasant feeling to be in charge. It has been raining most of the weeks they have been out on military exercises. So much so that Shadowrider writes that the countryside has been transformed into an oppressive swamp making the relative simple task of moving the radars and artillery launchers several times a day into something of a challenge. He also notes that while they are all very tired they don’t get much good sleep as they are in simple tents that provide minimal comfort. All in all though the experience is good and morale is high as they are performing very well under difficult conditions. His weeks of maneuvers came to a close as of January 29. He might be able to stop by one of these weekends in February if he gets a weekend pass.

Well a few replies then I have to get back to work. It’s busy for me now so I’ll just have to try and post with a shaky ISP until I get a new primary one.

Welcome back to everyone that has come back! I noticed Oracle and as I went through everything really fast I might have missed other returning posters so this is for all those returning after absences.

Gside> <The problem with a birthday a month after Christmas> Oh I understand. I have friends and family with birthdays in January, November and early December. I don’t suppose you get an opportunity to rollover your presents for a few months into the future… The interest alone would make the principle on your gifts that much less! ;)

Doug & Kit> <Tougher than I thought> Thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment. <family life> Here’s something for you Doug to ease the feelings of family tension. It works for me. Don’t take everything seriously. There’s a time and place for these things. <background check> That’s really bad news about Mike Hernandez. Since I don’t know and I won’t ask as it’s none of my business I can’t say with certainty that it is unfair. There are typically important reasons the rules exist, they tend to protect something. Still I feel he’s more than likely already paid his debt for his past transgressions so why not instead base the merit of his employment on his current work and performance. I wish him well wherever he goes. <Shadowrider> I feel a little bad as I thought Shadowrider would be in the CR on a pass soon so I hinted that something big happened so he could be pleasantly surprised when you and Kit tell him what has happened in your lives. The list now including engagement, future wedding, land and house. I wanted to mention it myself but felt that it wasn’t my information to tell. This is very big special and wonderful news so I don’t want to steal your thunder. Let me know if you mind me informing him or not. I’m composing a letter to send to him this week.

Emambu> <18 inches fresh snow> All I’ve gotten was maybe 4 inches of sloppy slush yesterday. :( Now I’ll have to visit. That will make two Winterwolves playing in the snow. Well at least I can find snow not too far away from where I live. <secretary> Well therein lies the true power! Unfortunately if you have a tendency to be lazy it is also quite a bit of work! <Gathering 2002> Yeah that is supposed take place at Virginia Beach! Not far at all! I’ll see you there! ;) <tour> I’ll get some info to you as soon as possible then! <solo tryouts> Oh, best of luck! I hope you get the solo! We might have to sing something together sometime. I think the misses as you call her would like that. ^_^

DPH> If there was no crime the economy would collapse? I don’t see it myself. **shrugs**

Niamhgold sighting! I hope you are feeling okay. Red just isn’t your normal color. Be well and happy! **huggles**

Dreamie> <smothering> Be careful I just might like it! ;) <superimposing> ROFLMAO Uh oh Emambu better watch out! ;D

Caliope> I’m here! ^_^ **bounces and gives you multiple HUGZ** I’m actually fine. When I wrote that (In case anyone was wondering…) I was a little stressed at that time but otherwise feeling okay. Work for the most part is very good. The only difficulty is that I find myself playing the role of moderator and people just aren’t receptive to my recommendations. Oh well. <jokes> You sound like a fun and zany! I’d love to see you in action. Even, if I happen to be on the receiving end of your fun. ;P <Roswell> What did you think Cali? It is really getting fast paced and involved now. I was laughing at Maria’s mom. To Micheal: You take care of my daughter. Make sure she has fun. LOL ^_^ **smiles and gives you more HUGZ**

I’m off! See you all next time!

Bronx, NY
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 01:11:32 PM

Tonight, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer....

Dawn learns that she is the Key!

We learn the TRUE nature of Ben, the Evil Intern!

AND we learn more about Glory! (Here's a hint--she's one of the bad guys!)

AND we learn a bit about Glory's relationship with Ben! (Teaser--it may be may be incestous! Perhaps it's information only a Jericho fan could love! But it's gonna be interesting!!!)

All of that and a bag of chips, tonight on Buffy!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 12:43:43 PM

<>TGS Episode Stuff!<>

I really liked it! Personal conflict, a little growth, a general understanding about the big picture they are in...
I like it!

<>END TGS Episode Stuff!<>

Gside: <Enjoy the enhanced connectivity>
Oh, I am... I am!
BTW... what do you think about napster charging?
If I understand this correctly, we pay a fee, then we can download the files off of one of their servers.
Personally... I think it will bomb!
<Not compeletely. You see, Heisenberg...>
Uncertianty principle?
Are you certian that he is correct about the uncertianty principle?
Hmm... thats a paradox in its self!

CR STUFF! Don't forget to vote!

Oh, and I was reading Gorebash's weekly update... I REALLY don't think he is gonna update the coding until he finishes his CR update (he is apparently redoing the coding)

FIre Storm - [<--- VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!]
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 12:36:39 PM

Hey all! I'm back after a prolonged absence (anyone miss me? - I didn't think so.)

Hitler debate << Ok since I opened this can of worms minds well end it - I hope. Yes we have been through this before and discovered that everyone stands at opposite ends if the CR - those who believe in pure evil and those who don't.

I agree with SEVARIUS JR < Those of you who don't, please try to explain your point of view to Holocaust survivors...

I also agreee with AARON < Stalin did cause more deaths than Hitler and everyone does dismiss it because he was on OUR side - if Hitler had been on our side would we dismiss his antics as easily ?? I hope not. And not just Stalin. I don't know the exact numbers, but both world wars made more victims than any dictator. And I must say - wars are definitely evil.

But, in accordance with my theory that Hitler was part evil and part child, KING SNARF <<< He watched Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs daily - need I say more? I will anyway though.

See, lots of what Hitler did was almost like a child playing with a game of toy soldiers. The extent to which he realized exactly what he was doing is debatable to this day. I AM NOT CONDONING.

And thank God he did not develop the Bomb. can you image where we would all not be today...

And sadly, this has been proven all too true
"A million deaths are a statistic".

OK - enough sadness. I'm off to read the new TGS and then read Ed's spoilers. In that order.

Ta Ta

Oh and Juliaexia <<<(drapes a silver wing over the girl's naked shoulders) I think you have a problem. Come, we'll go see a doctor.

Kirshanta - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 08:39:05 AM

Coyote> Oops. My bad. I'm not as literate on the DC universe as I am on other universes. I still like Cobra better than Kobra.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 07:04:08 AM

:::runs in:::

A short little tidbit for Lady Corax... :::winks and points to the link:::

You may commence bouncing off the walls. ^_~

:::Grins and disappears:::
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 01:00:13 AM

We got much snow today. I liked it. I find it interesting to just look up into the snow as it falls towards you.

New TGS: Very good work. Another triumph.

Warpmind> <<I did it because I like having my head shaven>>: You know, we both like to have our hair maintenance done selfserve with only one implement. You have your razor, I've got my office shears.
<<the pains that will come with reading webcomics>>: It's cutting into my sleep. I've been staying up for the 1:00 updates (Avalon, K&K, Walky, PvP, CRFH, FOGC, MT, Beta, VotN, LoR, and a good fraction of the Keenspots that I don't have bookmarks to), and I must rise at 9:00. That there may be 8 hours, but add in the time to read them all, multiplied by the number of days in a row...

Calíope> <<someone set the pointers reaction time SO dang slow>>: That just makes you learn to love the keyboard shortcuts.

Fire Storm> <<Are you sure?>>: Not compeletely. You see, Heisenberg...

Taleweaver> <<Would someone program a killing machine with pain?>>: Well, the electricity is probably doing funky things to his logic, so who knows how he should react. And besides continued shocks would probably be quite detrimetnal to his memory (whether he starts randomly overwriting due to failed logic, or a magnetic field is formed), and the best way to get something to stop doing something permanently bad is to make it hurt.

Fire Storm> Enjoy the enhanced connectivity.

Lady Corax> <<but I ended up finding it myself!>>: Good to hear.
<<Thanks though>>: Any time.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 12:50:49 AM

Oh, man, is the weather beautiful out here right now! Sorry to rub it in to all you cold-weather folks, but man, this is nice...:)

Mary> Sorry to hear about your math homework...let me tell you that I totally understand when it comes to *not* understanding math!!! :) And that's too bad about your dad...although, at least your dad *tried* to help you with your work...

Tonic> Hey, I like that advice. :)

Pistoff> I love the Dialectizer link! Man, after reading it in Hacker, I never realized how often I told people not to "RiP mE OFF!" ;)

X-Men Evolution> LOVED this weekend's ep. I'm really, really getting hooked on the show! I liked how they established Magneto's and Mystique's menacing personalities. :)

XFL> Ya know, I wasn't going to watch this on Saturday...but ended up watching it, and I actually liked it. It was pretty funny...I mean, who in their right mind would let the players put what they want on the back of their jerseys?? j/k...:) The scramble for the ball rather than flip the coin was wild, and I kinda liked the game. I missed the end, though...flipped the channel as soon as college basketball came on. :)

Dreamie> Yep! I drag race. Drag racing rules! It's my absolute favorite thing to do. :) And they give out the coolest trophies ever...:) And I appreciate ya rootin' for the women drivers. We rule. :) **reads her post again, her jaw dropping** Wait, no way...HE'S training to come back??? You don't mean...HBK??? Wahoo!! **starts bouncing off the walls in excitement**

Gside> Thanks for the offer...I was going to see if you could find an mp3 for me that I've been looking for, but I ended up finding it myself! :) Thanks though. :)

Man, HBK might be coming back...**bounces off the walls some more** :)

Well, take care y'all, and see you around! **struts out of the room, humming Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"**

Lady Corax
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 12:16:30 AM

GXB: Actually, the organization *K*obra has existed in the DC universe predating *C*obra terrorizing G.I. Joe. They're kind of like DC's answer to Marvel's Hydra organization which has Captain America as their primary nemesis.
Coyote the Bando
Algonac, Michigan
Monday, February 5, 2001 11:42:08 PM

Mary Flanders>> Sorry to hear all that. I hate to get philisophical, but a few months ago when I broke a new 100$ glass window and put a huge dent in my Dad's van while trying to back it out of the garage and made him more hysterical than I had ever seen him before(All in the same day) I pretty well felt like crap too. Then my brother gave me some advice that I thought was pretty good:
"In about a year or less from now, you won't care about this anymore, so get over it, ya friggin' jackass!"
I was the jackass. Not you.

Tonic Shaker
Monday, February 5, 2001 11:36:52 PM

Well, since this topic garnered some interest in here, as well as all across the country, I thought I'd talk about it.
A lot has been written about the XFL, and the majority of the press has been bad. Not just bad, but OVERWHELMINGLY bad. And, after I've read all the articles, I have to say, I think that personal opinion is clouding all of the minds of these critics. The criticism that the XFL is receiving is not because the play is bad (which, unfortunately, most of it is), but rather because the guy running the show is one Vincent K. McMahon, Jr. The very thought that "that wrestling guy" dares to create a league that may, possibly, become something popular like the NFL, which has *absolutely* slouched into mediocrity in recent years, angers a lot of people, and I don't know why. Vince McMahon is behind the XFL? Big F***in Deal. So what. The bottom line is, is the program good, is it entertaining? Evidently, a lot of people thought so, because the XFL opener scored a 10.3 with a 17 share, easily double what the early projections were. Now, I know that those numbers will likely nosedive in week two, but as long as the XFL can keep getting a 5 or even as low as a 3--it's a success. So, why all of the criticism? I think that a lot of the so-called sports analysts are turning their nose up on Vince McMahon. To which I have to say, "Hello, douche bag. You spend your life writing about football. Or baseball. Or basketball. Basically, instead of being a real journalist and talking about real news, you spend your life writing about a *game* that, in the grand scheme of the universe, doesn't amount to an ounce of dog piss. GET OVER IT." You aren't gonna win a Pulitzer writing about Tiger Woods golf game. Don't act like f-in' nobility.

I think that people are trying to bury the league before it even gets a shot. I love football, and I'd love to see the league excell, if for no other reason than to give the NFL a kick in the ass and make them wake up from the funk they are in. If anyone can make the league succeed, it's Vince McMahon. The guy is, without a doubt, the modern-day equivalent of P.T. Barnum. Say what you will about him, the guy has taken wrestling, something nobody really takes seriously anyway, and made a BILLION dollars off of it. The guy is literally worth OVER a BILLION dollars. If anyone can promote this league, he can.

My impression of the league? I see promise. Honestly, the play isn't that great. I watched the Las Vegas Outlaws / NY-NJ Hitmen game on Saturday night, and it was a stinker....fortunately, at the 4th quarter they switched to the more entertaining Chicago Enforcers / Orlando Rage game, but unfortunately it was too late. Now, I watched the Sunday game on UPN--much better. Still, nothing that great, but the San Francisco Demons' win over the L.A. Extreme was a more entertaining game. I think that, given time, these teams will play better and we'll see more entertaining games out of the league.
I like some of the innovations that they've made. I love the scramble for the ball instead of the kickoff (how brutal was it for the Rage player to blow out his shoulder? He was gone before the first play of the game!). Miking the players wasn't quite such a good idea, because a) all of the plays are in code, so it's Greek to all of us, and b) there's a lot of dead air when they dump out the expletives. I thought seeing the half-time pep talks was interesting. They *could* have hired better announce teams. I like Ventura, but then again, I AM a fan of his color commentating since back when he was a wrestling commentator. Matt Vasgerian can blow me, he's horrible. Having Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler as the secondary team is a bad idea, because that only gives the elitist press more fodder to bash the league (they should stick to calling Raw. But, I'll give them this--at least they were excited about the game, unlike Vasgerian). And finally, I don't know who decided to take Brian Bosworth off the shelf and dust him off, but he should be put back there immediately. Overall, the play isn't that great, but it'll likely get better. They need to up the production values a little, still.

I guess I just want to see this league succeed because I think it has promise, and I think it could be exciting. Maybe I just want to cheer for the underdog. Bottom line, I hope that the league succeeds, but I think a lot of people are coming down on it unnecessarily and are just being way too critical of it without just cause.

X-Men talk: You want to talk about eerie? Since the folks over at Marvel cancelled nearly all of the X-books (Joe Quesada becomes EiC and he just starts wielding the axe!), they've added a couple new X-titles. I'm happy to announce that Blink, my favorite X-character that never was, will get her own book, "Blink and the Exiles"! That's the good news. The maybe-bad news is that they've got Judd Winick to write it.
How the hell did that happen? This is the guy from Real World! Not just the guy from Real World, the guy who cashed in on the gay cast member's death! How the hell did he wind up writing an X-book? Is he *that* good on GL?

Pistoff: That's awful about Kel. I sort of liked the guy. I thought he would go far on the show, but alas, he was booted off the island. Or continent. Whatever.
Although, I have to say, if you're gonna be caught in the act of manual relief, at the very least it had better be someone else's hand.

BTW, great dialectizer link! Nothing like reading the CR with a cockney accent! I feel just like Guy Ritchie...which would explain my sudden urge to marry an aging whore...

Sevarius Jr. - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 10:29:52 PM

Well, that sort of restaurant can change its name from time to time. Chuck E. Cheese's used to be called Showbiz Pizza, I believe.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, February 5, 2001 09:18:02 PM

not much to say, which is surprising considering how long it's been since I've posted. but...
****BAtman Beyond spolier/nitpicking****
ok, wasn't the kid's restaurant called Cheesy DAn's (a ripoff of Chuck E Cheese)? now it's I think DAn's Cheese World. also, Batman's wings chaged. they used to be lexington-like... now they're more standasrd gargoyle.
*****END OF THIS****

Happiness, all!

Monday, February 5, 2001 09:13:13 PM

*huggles for Mary Flanders*

:( *hands Mary some hot tea and a warm fuzzy blanket and begins to sing softly to her in the corner, just so she can relax a little*

Monday, February 5, 2001 09:07:50 PM



I hate my dad. He's pushing 60 and he can't do math at all! Even though he's a engineer!!!! He helped me with my math last night and I told him I had to use an equation to find the answers. Well, he didn't understand the equation so he told me to do the math his way. And guess what? THEY'RE ALL WRONG!!!! My dad is such a moron and now I have to do the homework all over and I have no one to help explain the math to me because my teacher is off in Japan and we have a substitute who's a college student and he's still trying to learn math and he doesn't get it!

My Creative Writing teacher is so phsycotic!!! She introduced us to two poems today that some students had written before. One was a long poem about how this girl lost her love. The other was about a girl who was missing her love. She called the first one fluff and the thing is, I kind of liked that one. Maybe it's just my current emotional state having to do with relationships, but I don't like being told that I poem I like sucks. She can just kiss my ass!!!!! So I'm not a poetry type person who can tell what's good and what's bad. Give me a damn break!!!!!

I shudder to think what this woman would say about writing fanfiction and the authors who write them. She would probably call it crap in front of the whole class or something like that! >.<


Mary Flanders
Monday, February 5, 2001 08:05:18 PM

DPH>> Perhaps you should read my words again..
I would never suggest that a person be without hope, as hope CAN be a very positive thing. But too much hope can also draw us away from appreciating the things that we have already around us, because we are blind to their existance if our eyes are locked in the future.

Monday, February 5, 2001 06:58:36 PM


The router is back up and totally operational!
Now... lets see if I can get that nasty IP Routing problem to work...

Fire Storm
Monday, February 5, 2001 06:33:47 PM

Testing one, two, thee...
Fire Storm
Monday, February 5, 2001 06:33:02 PM

A couple of minor notes about "Zeta Project" and "Batman Beyond".

According to the Comics Continuum, Terry will make a guest-star appearance on "The Zeta Project" some time this season.

The young villain (Zander) in the Kobra episode of "Batman Beyond" was voiced by the guy who plays Wesley on "Angel" (Alexis Denisoff). I'd read about that at the Comics Continuum site as well, and his voice was indeed recognizable as "Wesley's".


Well, the main conflict will apparently be against Magneto and Mystique (primarily Mystique - Magneto's more of a remote supervisor, though he'll probably come more to the fore as the season progresses), and the mutants that they're recruiting. (Though according to official reports, other X-Men villains will be showing up - Sabretooth is due to reappear in a new episode this weekend, and a bit further on into the season, Juggernaut and the guys working for the Canadian government who operated on Wolverine and gave him those adamantium claws will be guest villains).

Actually, the big development in the episode - aside from Rogue joining the X-Men - was this. Xavier knows, it seems, that Mystique and Principal Darkholme are one and the same, but has been keeping it a secret from his pupils up till now (sharing the information only with Wolverine, and presumably Storm); he felt that it was just too difficult to break it to his students that Mystique was actually their high school principal. However, the events in the episode (both a brief visit from Magneto, who comments that Xavier may not trust his students quite so much if he does not trust them with the truth, and Mystique revealing herself to Scott in an attempt to dispose of him on a Geology Club field trip) lead to his realizing that he should have shared the information with them all along, and doing so at the end, promising that he'll be more ready in the future to tell them things that they need to know.


Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, February 5, 2001 06:26:55 PM

Lain - I completely disagree with you about hope. Hope is not an obstacle, but rather a reminder that things can be better. Without hope, I might as well kill myself because I would have nothing to live for. If someone can completely take away another's hopes and dreams, that other person will kill himself/herself.

Is anyone else having problems checking Yahoo Email? I think we all know who is responsible and that person needs to face the consequences.

DPH traps DC in an absolute zero refrigerator.
*DC DEATH to be continued later in the post, when DC is completely frozen.*

No phone call yet about my background check and no drug test.

I was reading through CR archives and I noticed a few missing people nowadays: Kat, Dragon Warrior

*DC Death continues*
DC is completely and DPH pulls out his handy sonic cannon. DPH pulls DC out of the refrigerator and aims his sonic cannon at DC. Less than a second later, all that remains of DC is tiny shattered ice crystals. DPH opens several portals, scattering DC's parts all across the Earth.

No BFTS RP from me today. I still have some plotting to do.

DPH - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 06:24:44 PM

**************KINDASORTA BUFFY SPOILERS******************
Greg B>> Yes, that will be something that happens in an upcoming ep of the Buffster "CRUSH", but not until 13 Feb. (wow.. can you imagine.. they are going to show a whole TWO NEW episodes of Buffy in a ROW.. wow.. what are they THINKING????:P)
Anyway, this weeks ep, "BLOOD TIES" (or some such) looks REALLY good.. and that, coupled with the fact that TGS will be stuffing your brain full of other ideas, mught help you forget what you read about CRUSH by next week, so you will still be pleasantly surprised :)
*******************END BUFFY-ISH TYPE SPOILERS*******************

Monday, February 5, 2001 04:41:53 PM


***Comments and spoilers***

TGS has had some spectacular highs of late – a good deal of the recent ‘Pendragon’ season was comprehensively excellent, and ‘Gargoyles’ has started off with some quite promising material. But ‘TRANSITIONS’ blows them out of the water IMO. It’s an absolutely stunning episode, packed with twists, drama, great characterisation, a great tone, emotive art and simply perfect writing.

The biggest thing that stands out is how beautifully symmetrical the whole plot is. It’s exquisite in its composition. In 994, Demona saw the Wyvern Massacre before it happened; in 1999, she’s heard Brooklyn’s warning before whatever will happen does. In ‘TEMPTATION’ Demona wanted to be there for Brooklyn and Brooklyn was hurt and betrayed: in ‘TRANSITIONS’ Brooklyn is there for Demona but Demona is the one that is hurt and isolated. When the Pack became upgraded, Lex soon followed; now the Pack’s upgrades are failing and the same possibility may follow through for Lexington. Way back when, Brooklyn smashed the trio’s bike; now they’ve got it together. Time was, Fox and Xanatos sat at that big old table to dine finely in exclusivity; now they come to eat quietly away from familial bustle.

I suppose the best poetry in it is the reflection of the Trio, how they themselves have changed, how their relationship with their mentors, their lovers, their friends, their enemies and each other have changed – or, in a few cases, not. Brooklyn is portrayed wonderfully: once he had his friends but yearned for a family, but now he seems to have had his situation turned on its head. His relationship with Broadway doesn’t have the kind of sibling bond it once had in the same way, but is beautifully quiet and mature – they’re not friends as they used to be, but they’re still friends after a fashion. But something’s been taken out and they’re thrown askew by it. With Lexington, Brooklyn is still more paternalistic – the bike was a smashing touch. Look at his comments on how some things never change when Lexington leaps after Hyena – superficially against the grain of the themes of the story, it actually complements it well. Brooklyn has changed, physically and in maturity. Lex has changed physically – but has he really matured? There’s no reason why he should of course: Broadway always had a sensitive side to him, whilst Brooklyn was still fairly carefree until all that timedancing settled him. There’s only something wrong with Lexington because everybody else has changed. It was nice that the story gave each of the trio time with another in pairs: I think it was very important to show any ‘transition’ that the trio face up to each other, not simply via one another. Ordell’s writing is spectacular here.

I suppose the worst I can say is that some of the turns of phrases are a little jarring to read. But descriptively, the writing gets right to the heart of the story. We get commentary on Goliath which seems perhaps a little misplaced – I still think we should have had more focus on Goliath thus far, but this episode was clearly not about him: so much so that Broadway points out that the Trio must deal with the problems between themselves on their own. It’s a line that’s both exposition and characterisation and plot preparation: it’s gorgeous. But this is absolutely brimming with great lines. Some comic, like “I’m sitting here having a conversation with a creature of myth and legend. There’s not a lot more that can surprise me.” Some incredibly dramatic, like Brooklyn’s: “Because when that day comes, I don’t want you hating the entire world back. I want you to know that I’ve already forgiven you. And no matter what you’ve done or what you will do to me or anyone else, that I am your friend, even if you might not believe it now.” I mean, wow.

For a Trio focus episode that really got the core of the matter, look how much we learnt reflected from our main characters about the supporting characters. Liz, going to England – I really, truly CAN’T WAIT to see her in ‘Pendragon’ (and come on, you know she must) . This way, she can still appear via the Internet as a guest on ‘Gargoyles’ but can finally spread her wings as a bit-part character to complement Lexington to do her own thing. The graduation of Liz is great, and I applaud the staff for it. Angela too – none of this idyllic mushy-and-mushier Broadway and Angela material here. Angela’s been the commander of the saccharine in ‘Gargoyles’ for ages, both awakening Demona’s sweeter side and being a great ‘innocent’ target for any passing bad guy. And worrying naively which parent she was most like in ‘IN THE BLOOD’. Ahh. But Angela here really speaks out: we know that she distrusts Brooklyn, and we know that she and Broadway have fights. BRILLIANT! I hope this injection of backbone continues for a long while yet. Then there’s Fox: there’s a goldmine of material to explore between Fox and Lexington and the way things are heading, it’s just warming up. I can’t wait. Hyena: oh my. What a fantastically incredible plot twist. The bad guys are still bad – and hey, they even beat up Broadway, how long has it been since the siblings have been anywhere near effective? But they’ve got a real drive in them, as well as a real parallelism with Lexington. The fact that they were upgraded as was Lexington never had any physical meaning before: Lex still looked and, largely, functioned the same – Jackal and Hyena however were very different. Demona is the best dealt with though: I’m so pleased that a much-needed spanner has been well and truly cast into the hitherto benign TGS works. The ‘REQUIEM’ link was perfect, and Brooklyn’s warning/offer is absolute genius. I can’t wait for this storm to break: I can’t guess what’s going to happen but I know it’s going to be great.

Although there was only one picture, this episode also had a wealth of very vivid and powerful visual images. Demona and Brooklyn talking in the darkness. Broadway bloodied and alone. Great stuff.

Overall, a stunning Mary Poppins of an episode which all involved should be exceptionally proud of. Quite remarkable.

Ed - []
London, England
Monday, February 5, 2001 04:20:47 PM

Hello folks,
Not much happening in CA. It's just so hot. a balmy 90 degrees. If this keeps up, we'll have to go to the beach to cool off. (Don't you just hate me)

X-men: Evolution - Missed it. Now I'm sorry that I had. Question: did they establish where the conflict is going? Now that they've established the teams I'd like to see some main event action. Was this pointed out in the episode?

Zeta - Jury's still out with me. Call me a cynic but the automaton looking to be more human is well-trod upon ground. Even the sweetwise kid with the naive robot has been done. I need to see them do something unique before I can give it more than a good rating. The one thing that bugs me is a classic mistake in cartoons. A patently inhuman character acting and reacting in oh-so human fashion. I caught that in the first episode when Zeta gets a electric surge through the computer he's tapping and reacts with pain. Would someone program a killing machine with pain? It's not a big thing, but it's a missed opportunity. Bennet is good, though I expect him to say at any more 'dumb@$$'. Rho is standard. I'm waiting to see her break out. No offense, but after L on MIB, Max from Batman Beyond and Lois Lane on Superman. The street-tough, smart mouth, yet sensitive female is a cartoon staple. As a meal, Zeta's pretty meat and potatoes. I'm looking for some spice to make it a great dish.

Hitler and evil> I know I missed out on this debate, but for me, whether he was evil or pure evil, misses the point. What worries me about such debates is that we dismiss his actions as that of a madman. As someone outside of humanity, like it couldn't happen here. That is the attitude that insures that it happens again. Most forget that Hitler was only one man. There were a lot of people who followed orders. Some who did because they had to, some because they wanted to. Just as true there were people who opposed those orders and worked actively to stop them. That is a more grey area than pure evil, but that is were the debate should go next time. Not whether pure evil exists, but how do we respond in the face of evil.

Well, thats enough preaching from me. I'll talk later when I have something to say. Bye.

Taleweaver - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 04:20:47 PM

A couple things only.

First of all, "X-Men Evolution" was very good this week. Good enough that I finally decided that this is a good show. After several weeks of debating with myself I realized it. I gave it a chance and it did not dissapoint me.

Batman Beyond was good also, but I have to wonder something. Aren't the writers violating copyrights with having a terrorist organization named Cobra? When I was a kid, Cobra battled G.I. Joe and was led by either Cobra Commander or Serpentor, and I liked them a lot better than this knock-off. I just couldn't stop thinking about that while watching the episode. ::imagines Serpentor throwing his snake javelins through the pretenders::


I wish I had not read this, but apparantly in the upcoming episodes, Drusilla will return to Sunnydale. Spike will confess his love to Buffy, and she will be completly appalled and dismiss him. Spike will take sollace in the arms of Drusilla. And this will lead to another Buffy and Angel crossover. Also, Harmony will get staked.

I am very sure that this is true because there was also a link to a picture of Spike and Dru dancing at the Bronz that was not from any season 2 episode. I can e-mail it to anyone who wants it.


Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 02:38:16 PM

*Fire Storm limps into the CR*
I had to rip a ingrown toenail the size of LM's pinkie nail out of my toe last night.
Needless to say, IT HURT!

P1$t0ff: D00d! UR l33t!
NaM3 l1nk r00lz!

Seriously, though, it is surprising what you can find out there. I noticed that if you process it again you get different results.

<Now I don't feel so bad about my two busted-off back teeth>
Well, at least someone feels better about it! :)

Gside: <I'm not so sure about that.>
Awwww! Are you sure?
I am probally 10^100 + 1, right?

F1r3 $t0rm
Monday, February 5, 2001 12:32:19 PM

Warpmind: Bwahahahaha! :) Thanks.

I just ran the CR through the Dialectizer (name link) and translated it into Hacker. After reading a few paragraphs, I had to stop before my eyes ended up permanently crossed. O_o

Pistoff - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 11:52:26 AM

Yay, the new ep is finally here! :-D

Todd> Thanks for the reply. Now I'm sure there will have to be a plot point about Talon and Maggie having (or trying to have) children someday. :-)

Liberalism: *clears throat and steps on soapbox* Oh boy, I'm poking my nose into politics. I'm not an "extremist," but yeah, there does need to be some representation of liberalism in here. I'm a moderate "bleeding heart" liberal, and I hope it's because that's how I honestly feel and not just because I'm young and stupid. Winston Churchill once said something along these lines: "Anyone over 30 who is a liberal is stupid; anyone under 30 who is not a liberal lacks a heart." While I want to feel compassion for people and help them, I do realize that there are some who do not want help and are maybe even undeserving of it. I understand that there is only so much we can do with the funds available. I know the government doesn't always work well, but then what large mass of people does? By the way, I DON'T always vote Democratic. oxymoronic as it sounds, I guess I want to call myself a realist liberal. Hope I haven't inadvertently insulted anyone. I try to be open-minded and listen to other people's views too, maybe even modify my opinion on something if the argument is logical to me. I might come off as being milquetoast or something, but oh well. *hops off of soapbox and kicks it back under the bed*

I'm off to read the new ep!

Blue Caeru
Monday, February 5, 2001 11:21:27 AM

Calipe>(hugs back) Transitions> Great TGS episode folks. read it!
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Monday, February 5, 2001 11:09:46 AM

*comes in draging the little arow of her mouse pointer*
Gawd, someone set the pointers reaction time SO dang slow!!! And since this is a public comp, they block the controle panels so I cant fix it!!! Sheesh! So anyways...

HI!!!!!! ^_~

Winterwolf> Whatta ya mean IF anyone is wondering?!?! Where have you been Mr!!!???!! Tell me darlin', are you sad? *HUGZ* <<So you are like Tess? **laughs** I'll keep that in mind.>> lol not exactly LIKE Tess, we just seem to have a similer sence of humor :P I see myself putting alien antena on Kyle in his sleep too :P Heck, once I gave my brother an "evil clown" fake tatoo whilst he was asleep. The problem with those pranks is I'm rearly awake to enjoy them in the morning, to witness any reaction :P What can I say, I'm a night person! *shrugs and HUGZ some more* ^_^

Sevarius Jr> <<if Aeryn IS dead for real, it would almost completely ruin the show for me>> I KNOW! Me too. That's like the main theme in the plot, I mean, do you REALY think John wants to go back to earth? <<As a guy too "macho" to watch soap operas, Aeryn and John's romance is my idea of high drama. ;) >> lol Well, as a lady too "classy" and apriciative of originality, I too dont watch soap operas and prefer relationship development in shows that feature more interesting backdrops :P Oh and I DO hope they air Slayers without too much damage, tho Slayers is a pritty tame anime, no nudity if I recall. Ofcourse, I dont know if your alowed to mention "that time of the month" on kiddie shows, but I guess we'll see :P Finaly: "Nascar Racers" sux and "Los Luchadores" is just plain ridiculous. :P

Emambu> <<Well, I'm 18. I turn 19 on May 11. I always thought you were a year younger then me>> lol Well I am older than you after all! Not that much tho, I'm 19, 20 in April 26th <<I'm no good at guessing ages over the internet.>> Yeah, its not easy, I always guess wrong too :P

Saturday Morning line up>> OK, so X-men was just too cool, I LOVE this show! They just HAVE to keep it going! The Zeta project was cool too, but for some reason I feel there should be some more charicters to it. Who knows, maybe its just too new right now, we'll see. And Batman was great too, it had alot of Max in it, and she's one of my fave. characters, must see next week's ep and find out whats happing with that cobra guy, I wonder if he has the hots for Max and went the whole cave man tecnique, clobered her and draged her home. Hey, who knows, aparently he doesnt have too many people skils :P

Well, I should get going! This is the first time in awhile that I'm not running out cuz I'm late! I can take my sweet time and yet I have not much more to say, so I'll be going on my marry way...maybe I'll even check my E-Mail!!!! :P Bye guys!!!! *HUGZ all and skips on out*

Caliope - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 09:30:53 AM

Cherry Blossom (and others working out Gathering travel arrangements) you may wish to consider flying into Burbank Airport. It's only 6 miles from the hotel instead of the 24 miles to LAX. You can click my name to go to the airport website You may also want to advertise on our ride and room share board for an over 21 roomy.

Hope to see you all there!

Kathy - [ ]
Of Angels, CA
Monday, February 5, 2001 09:21:43 AM

Heh.... found this in my art morgue and posted it on my Zone 47 site -- a teenaged Ariana, as previously seen in "Stone Bikini" that comic I did for the AvMists Swimsuit edition. Enjoy it now because I just learned that Elfwood is going to prohibit fanart in their fantasy (Lothlorien) and science fiction (Zone 47) galleries. They'll be offering a separate section for people who have existing fanart in their galleries instead.
Thought I'd pass that along for any other artists with Elfwood accounts....

Monday, February 5, 2001 09:04:05 AM

BLUE CAERU - Yes, Talon and Maggie did get married in TGS. It was near the end of Season Two.
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Monday, February 5, 2001 07:17:18 AM

*Warpmind enters, a big, fat, whipstitch-and-a-halfscore smile on his face.* Mornin', everyone. *Sigh*

GXB: Righto... I'll refrain from speculating further, then...

German Nuke Project: Actually, the main reason the Germans didn't have an A-bomb was an error of calculation. They thought they needed 13 metric tons of uranium for a bomb...

Revel: I did it because I like having my head shaven. No external influence of any kind. However, due to a recent Nazi-related killing, I'm letting my hair grow until things calm down. :( (I was fairly quick to sign up on the online condolences list, even; Neo-Nazism is probably the worst thing in modern Europe...)

Lynati: *Nuzzles Lynati's cheek* Well, my heart, I'd rather be able to speak during the EiB session... but aside from that, I'm sure you'd be able to keep me from speaking... ;) And by the way, I'm not so sure I'd not have to take measures to keep your sweet, soft voice all to myself, too. ;) (I'll have to get a proper phone in my apartment someday, 'cuz my cell phone connection really sucks...)

Dreamie: You've not even heard the voice my sweet Lynati's speaking of. ;) (And, if she gets her way, you won't get the opportunity...)

Oh, and a good new TGS ep. Love the pic of Demmie; almost as pretty as a cetain other 'goyle I could mention. :) You know who you are. ;)

Pistoff: Comrade, I would never believe you to lose your golden touch when it comes to malign behavior and antisocial acts of vengefulness. Welcome back, once again. :)

Well, that's about it. Later, everyone. *Walks off, smiling, blithely ignorant of the pains that will come with reading webcomics...*

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Monday, February 5, 2001 03:19:16 AM

Oh, I'm chatting with Jessie, and she just suggested "The Whiner" for Gore's nickname. I like this one, too. Hmm...maybe we should vote on which one is better? :P
Monday, February 5, 2001 02:58:06 AM

Hope as an Obstacle:

Hope is important, because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. But that is the most hope can do for us - to make some hardship lighter. When I think about the deep nature of hope, I see something tragic. Since we cling to our hope in the future, we do not focus our energies and capabilities on the present moment. We use hope to believe that something better will happen in the future, that we will arrive at peace, or the Kingdom of GOD. Hope becomes a kind of obstacle. If you can refrain from hoping, you can bring yourself entirely into the present moment and discover that joy is already there.
Enlightement, peace, and joy will not be granted by someone else. The well is within us, and if we dig deeply into the present moment, the well will spring forth. We must go back to the present moment in order to be really alive. When we practice concious breathing, we practice going back to the present moment where everything is happening.
Western civilization places so much emphasis on the idea of hope that we sacrifice the present moment. Hope is the future. It cannot help us discover joy, peace, or enlightenment in the present moment. Many religions are based on the notion of hope, and this teaching about refraining from hope may create a strong reaction. But the shock can bring about something important. I do not mean that you should not have hope, but that hope is not enough. Hope can create an obstacle for you and if you dwell in the energy of hope, you will not bring yourself back entirely to the present moment. If you re-channel those energies into being aware of what is going on in the present moment, you will be able to make a breakthrough and discover joy and peace right in the present moment, inside of you and all around you.
AJ Muste, the mid-twentieth century leader of the peace movement in America who inspired millions of people said, "there is no way to peace, peace is the way." This means that we can realize peace right in the present moment with our look, our smile, our words, our actions. Peace work is not a means. Each step we make should be peace. Each step we make should be happiness. If we are determined, we can do it. We don't need the future. We can smile and relax. Everything we want is right here in the present moment.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Monday, February 5, 2001 02:42:56 AM

Still neglecting emails and stuff...just haven't had time for much of anything, as usual. :P Well, while I'm here...

Warpmind: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the Joyride. Nice to know I haven't lost my touch. ;)

Gside. Thanks for the welcome back. :)

Gunjack: <<Musta missed this... But it does make sense. We're just all nonconformists in different ways...>> Heh heh. So, we're nonconformists conforming in our nonconformity? Tee hee hee. <<Can I help!? PLEASE!!? What if I payed you fat sacks of cash money!?>> Works for me. I await suggestions. By the way, what's the name of the guy who thought up Survivor, anyway? I keep forgetting.... <<Glad to see your sense of humor has remained intact.>> If anything, recent events have actually improved it. I can say one thing about rage, hatred and bitterness--it makes for some interesting humor if used properly. :D <<Do you have ANY idea how inconsiderate that was to the janitors of america? o.O Who do you think has to clean up when Politicions unload excrement (literally speaking) on stage? Don't you have anything better to do than create messes for these poor, hardworking people to clean up? For SHAME!!!>> :P Well, janitors get paid more than I do, so let 'em earn their money now and then. <<If we could adapt that weapon to an area effect class, what fun we could have on Capitol Hill...>> Or we could just acquire a couple of crates of 'em, go to Washington DC, and go monstering. >:D

Kitainia: Thanks for the welcome back. <<I don't know if I completely like or share your political opinions, but you're right to say that extreme liberalism needs a voice in here. (Put me down as one moderate dweller who intends to ignore it, though. <smirk>)>> Oh, good. I didn't realize that calling 'em as I see 'em is extreme, but oh well. If you can ignore that, I guess I can ignore your moderacy. <smirk>

SJ: Congrats on the 56K modem! That's the kind I have, and I've found that it works well enough. DSL would be really nice, but the modem I have is fast enough. It's definitely a step up from what you had before. :)

I like your suggestions for political nicknames. "The Loser." That's perfect! Now, we just need one for Lieberman. I gotta tell ya, that guy makes me really nervous. I mean, who the hell does he think he is? I just don't get it--how could anybody think that Jackass show caused that stupid kid to burn himself? If he was thirteen or so, he was old enough to read the disclaimer, and he did it anyway. He made the decision to do something that was obviously monumentally stupid--so of course, a TV show is responsible for it, just as The Matrix and trenchcoats were responsible for those two idiots shooting up their school in Columbine. That's RETARDED! Screw Lieberman.

As for Marilyn Manson as Willy Wonka...heh, maybe I've become even more twisted than before, but I think it'd be kinda fun. ;) Guess it won't happen, though...

Farscape...damn, I love that show! I missed quite a few episodes because it was usually on while I was at work, and half the time my VCR doesn't work--it often records half of a show, then just shuts itself off for no reason whatsoever. But I've managed to catch the last few episodes, and holy crap! I haven't seen stuff like this since Babylon 5's first run. Everything just keeps getting shaken up...and the season finale almost made me pee my pants. I especially liked John's impression of Skorpius--dead-on, made me chuckle and feel my skin crawl at the same time--and then...well, I won't give anything away for those who have missed it. But... O_O Dunno how the hell they're gonna get out of that one...

And that porn-slasher movie starring OJ Simpson...Jesus Christ! Irony can be so ironic...

And finally, Kel the Manual Reliever. ;) As much as I hate that show, I couldn't help laughing at your report on the circumstances of his, uh, departure. But I feel kinda sorry for the guy. I mean, that had to be one of the worst moments in his life, to look up and see everybody, including the camera crew, watching him scratch Yoda behind the ears. Anybody who's been caught in the act can understand this, I'm sure. Still, I don't think they should've kicked him out for it. He wasn't doing it in a tent with other people nearby, or anything like that. He walked off somewhere away from them. They're the ones who went looking for him, so I say it's their own damn fault. And can they really blame the guy, especially if there are skimpily-dressed chicks around? Chances are, the guys in that group have had some beef stroke-it-off occasionally at some point in their lives (and chances are, if they claim that they don't, they're lying bastards ;). Probably the women there have done similar things at least once. So I think it's more than a little hypocritical for them to make a big deal out of this.

lain: Having tossed some ideas around with Gunjack, I'll see what I can do. I'm thinking of leaving most of the, uh, action off-screen, so to speak. The imagination can do things that are far more hideous than anything I might describe, anyway. :P I'll write one up as soon as possible and send it to Gunjack and wait for his notes/suggestions/whatever. Once all the details are ironed out, this guy will get what he deserves... :)

Coyote: Thanks for the welcome back. :)

Daniel Johnson: Sorry about the problems with your mother. I've dealt with similar things from my own mom, so I can sympathize. Hope things improve soon...

Doug: Thanks for the welcome back. Good point about John Wayne in the Preacher comics. He's kinda fun. <<Also glad to see you've gentled down your posts a little>> Hmm... <raises eyebrow> I haven't really--I'm just out of shape, as it were. Haven't been practicing enough, lately. I'm just getting warmed up, though, and soon I'll be back to my old self. Maybe this time I'll spout enough unpopular opinions to finally get banned. Well, it's important to have goals. :P <<Marilyn Manson as Willy Wonka? No, goddamn it, no!!!>> Hehehehe! For some reason, that really cracked me up...

Lady Corax: Thanks for the welcome back, too. :)

Fire Storm: 17 cavities??? <cringes> Now I don't feel so bad about my two busted-off back teeth. O_o Sorry you got fired. Glad that place is going down, though. Screw 'em. >:D

Hitler: Evil. Period. Screw him. Next case.

Emambu: Thanks to you, too, for the welcome back. :)

Jannie: That's wonderful news about Michael's Eagle Scout ceremony! Please convey my congratulations to him. :)

Aaron: Ooh! You're right--that's what Transmet is missing! A letters column. Hmmm...well, we can find other ways to spread it around...

Dreamie: Thanks. :) About Survivor--there's no way this could be true "reality." It's just a show, just staged, scripted like professional wrestling and the Jerry Springer show. Those people are not fending for themselves. It's all BS that's being passed off as if it's really just people alone on an island or something. They've probably got hotel rooms just out of the camera's range. That's why I hate the show... ;)

And now, a quick...


"Where the hell is Gore?" Jack grumbles as he scans the area with his eyes.

"He sure as hell isn't in the White House." Delilah giggles.

"The Loser is probably hiding somewhere." Pistoff shrugs. "Keep driving, Jack. We'll find that wussy sooner or later."

Taura suddenly points off to the right. "Hey, there's Lieberman. The next best thing?"

"No." Pistoff snarls. "He's even BETTER! Jack..."

"Right, I'm on him." He twists the wheel and Cthulhu jumps the curb and barrels straight toward the podium where Lieberman is giving a lecture about how movies and TV shows cause people to commit violent acts.

"Moron," Pistoff says through clenched teeth as the hearse scatters the crowd like pigeons and screeches to a halt in front of the stage. "Stupid son of a bitch!"

Lieberman stares at them and blinks. "Uh...what...?"

Boiler jumps out of the hearse. "I've got this one!" She grabs Lieberman, who looks at the crowd, points at her and goes into action.

"See? See what happens when children grow up watching too much violence on television?"

"Oh, up yours!" Boiler grabs the front of his jacket and hauls him up to her face. His feet dangle a good three feet above the floor. "TV and movies don't cause people to be violent. Screwheads like YOU cause people to be violent!"

With that, she drags him backstage. A heinous scream can be heard, followed by the tearing of flesh and the crunching of bones. Geysers of blood erupt from behind the backdrop, and suddenly what's left of Lieberman's body is rammed through the backdrop and left dangling halfway through. A doctor will have to do a DNA test to identify what's left.

Boiler reappears, smiling contentedly. "That felt good."

"That's my girl!" Jack grins, then clears his throat. "Uh, you're not getting back into my car until you clean yourself off."


Hmm...I still need to figure out something appropriate for the Loser....

And, finally, in honor of Kel the Manual Reliever, I present the following link. Click my name for a little mirth... :)

And now, back to my writing, emails, and copying tapes of B5 for Jessie. I'm gonna get her hooked... ;)

Pistoff - []
Monday, February 5, 2001 02:39:05 AM

***The sounds of a pulse laser firing are heard outside the door and then Kyryn steps in. DC's smoking outline can be seen outside the room.***

Sorry to be late, folks. DC seems to have conspired with my ISP to cause login problems.


Gentlebeings, TGS now presents....


Written by Alan Coleman Waltrip

Artwork by Lain (Wave to the crowd, Lain!)

***Kyryn steps aside to avoid the rush.***

Kyryn - [<<--clicky, clicky!]
Denton, TX
Monday, February 5, 2001 02:20:31 AM

Aaron> <<Has Twilight Suzuhara shown up yet?>>: A week or so ago.
<<Gside and Rodlox had that thing about the comet>>: When was this. I really need to pay more attention to what I say.

Niamhgold> <<Hopefully I'll be able to make a post in the near future explaining things>>: Oh, please do.

Dreamie> <<and yet... You have no idea>>: Then you built a Total Perspective Vortex, with proportion limiters (of course), for naught purposes? And what recipe did you use for the fairy cake?

And I'm a little late with the mp3, do you forgive me? Today, I give you a work by a man who has been over shadowed by the likes of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman, even though he quite deserves it for his work on Red October, Quigs, and Conan. So I present Basil Polodouris's The Kitchen/The Orgy (I just love that title, don't you?) from Conan the Barbarian.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Monday, February 5, 2001 12:39:09 AM

Greetings, all! *waves* :-)

Ah, people are speaking of the Gathering once I wish I had been able to go last year when it was in my very home state. Seems I miss out on a lot because of my family. Anyway, to those fretting over the details of how they're getting there, where they're staying and with whom, I feel your pain.

As I'm waiting for the new ep to be posted, I've got a TGS-related question. I can't remember, have Talon and Maggie wed yet? Or has my memory been playing tricks on me?

Blue Caeru
Monday, February 5, 2001 12:24:17 AM

:::Pops in out of lurk-mode:::
Hey all! ^_^

Emambu: <<Also, busy is busy is busy. I hope that you get through it so we can hear from you again soon.>> Heck, when in Rome...

<< Hmmm... never saw 2010, I presume (of course, we didn't attach rockets on the monolith in the movie but you get the picture). :) >> You’d be correct in that assumption :::laughs:::

<<like our business manager who pulled a George Dubbya for about two full minutes. You know, that deer-in-the-headlights look>> I was laughing my head off when I saw the Dubbya impression on SNL... that was pure classic. They’re going to have a lot of fun with that guy in the coming years. So much material, so little time...

<<not going to the gathering>> Aw... well I guess we’ll see you in 2002 then. I’ll bring the multicolored inflatable Beach Ball. :::laugh:::

SJ: <XFL> Forget the cheerleaders... check out the huddle close ups. Vinnie-Mac is a genius. ^_~

juliaexia: <<I FLASH YOU ALL YET AGAIN!!!!>> O.o Um... well... anything is better than Mideon I suppose. Power to you, sister. :::raises a fist in the air::: ^_~

Hitler and evil: Basically my view on this is... evil (IMO) is a Socially constructed concept, so keeping that in mind... Hitler was an evil, twisted individual.

Survivor: I’m not into the whole "real life television" kick, so humor me a bit... but I’ve always wondered what the camera crew does for food and supplies, and exactly how they manage to keep it all away from the contestants’ groping hands... For that matter... exactly how long do camera batteries last without a truck nearby? And...:::laughs::: who has the pleasure of carrying those batteries? Maybe they already explained all of this somewhere and I wasn’t paying attention. One more thing... Mascara? Who the heck selected *that* chick? :::laughs:::

Pistoff: Hey :::grins::: I think I like this guy :::laughs and heartily slaps him on the back::: Welcome back!

LadyCorax: You drag race? I love drag races! And by the way, I always root for the women drivers. ^_~ <<Still, ol' HBK is one heck of a hottie...:) >> Speaking of whom... guess who’s training to come back to active duty? :::winks at LC ignoring the groans from the CR:::

Happy Belated Birthday DPH!

:::waves at Skippy the Klingon::: ^_^

Kirshanta :<<You guys who stay online for 7 HOURS with nothing more to go on than MUFFIN!!! The insanity in this room will never cease to amaze me. >> Only 7 hours? And....would this be a bad time to mention Banana Nut Stud Muffins? >;)

Lynati:<<Y'know, sweetie, I really will have to figure out a way to keep you from being heard in public at G'01...else you are going to have every American girl within range drooling on their shoes over that dead-sexy accent of yours, and chasing you like trained seals.>> :::laughs::: I know how you feel, girl! Sometimes it's hard not to melt when there's a man with a sexy voice purring in your ear :::fans herself::: Whoo, someone catch me before I drift off.

Lain: Congrats on the interview.

Niamhgold: :::Grins and waves::: Hey hey! ^_^

Gside:<<Why do I get the feeling you liked the Braveheart mooning scene for reasons other than the disrespect for authority it showed. And why am I afraid you took an image enhancer to the picture?>>> Ah Gside... you know me too well, and yet :::pauses as an evil grin spreads across her face::: You have no idea :::echoing mad scientist laugh:::

Winterwolf: <<Other than some tiny bruises, which healed completely in a few days, I didn’t have any pain or feel hurt>> O.o At times like that I feel like Mother-Smothering the person. ^_^ <<<Monolith and Emambu with a monkey nicker> LMAO! Now if we had a picture with the monolith included that would be priceless! ;D >> Hum... superimposing? >:)

Welcome back JEB, and DumlaoX!

<<Marilyn Manson not Willy Wonka>> WHEW! That’s a load off! :::relaxes:::

CoB:<<**raises an eyebrow at the end of Dreamie's post, then gives a sympathetic pat on the shoulder** From someone who's been there, lass. :) >> :::sly grin::: Oh... I wouldn’t be so sure about that...

Doug:<<May your loneliness not last too much longer.>> That’s one of the many beauties of the internet... one word can change a statement’s entire meaning. On that note, I never mentioned a lonely sigh :::Grins wiggling her eyebrows at Doug::: Can’t a gal absolutely completely love and adore watching snow fall with every little ounce of her existence? ^_^ :::laughs::: Anyways....

:::Munches a cookie and waves::: Happy Posting, all!

Sunday, February 4, 2001 11:26:42 PM

*waves to everyone quickly* Hi!! Anyone know a female thats over 21 yrs. old and is planning on going to the Gathering? I need a chaperone. ;)

Lexy< I'm hoping_you're going to read this! I've tried the phone, ICQ, and I'm ready to try email!! I went to the G2K1 site and my Mom called the hotel. Well, we ran into a problem. Several actually!! I'm under 21, you're under 21, Marisato's under 21, heck I don't even know if Kai's 21. The reservation lady said someone thats 21 has to make the reservations and_sleep in that same room or its against the law because there's bars in each room or whatnot. SO. My Mom says 'You're not sleeping in the same room as a guy' So even if Kai is 21, I can't sleep in the same room as him! :P *L* We can have adjoining rooms but not the same one. Anyways, besides that, we were figuring out a budget and I don't know if I'll be able to do it. My Mom is all worried about LAX and getting there and me getting lost and all that crap. Frankly? So am I. I've been through Milwaukee, thoroughly lost it and almost broke down crying. Not to MENTION the crap I went through at O'Hare. *shudders* The shuttle ride from the hotel to the airport is like $25 -$30 each way so I doubt you'd be coming to get me or Kai or someone....So...*shrugs* I really don't know if I'll be able to go.

Anyways! Just thought I'd try this place. *waves and disappears*

cherry blossom - []
Sunday, February 4, 2001 10:59:00 PM

** Niamhgold enters very quickly **

Just stopping by to say "hey" and that I'm still alive! Hopefully I'll be able to make a post in the near future explaining things; if not, have a good sunday!


Sunday, February 4, 2001 09:18:46 PM

*Lynati enters the room, doing a little happy dance and singing*

"Evvvvery-body likes me, No-body hates me, guess I'll go eat sushi..." *Pops part of a tekka maki roll into mouth*
*Lynati Is Grinning* !!!!

Heyla, all!!!*Opens up bottle of "essence of hugs" in the CR, so everyone will feel as warm and fluffy inside as she does right now.*
Today was so cool...I got to go to the zoo again, and I tracked down a couple things that I needed to...well...track down, and I got all my homeworks done, and...
people called me!!
...and they weren't even from this Country!!!

*Snuggles Warpmind*
Warps: Y'know, sweetie, I really will have to figure out a way to keep you from being heard in public at G'01...else you are going to have every American girl within range drooling on their shoes over that dead-sexy accent of yours, and chasing you like trained seals. (Which would be really annoying...) Annnd- yes, I made that point myself IS a good point. And, like I said, we got time. But still... :( *sighs* *Snuggles more and is cheered* :) :) :)

And then, right when I go to lain's link to see her surprise, I get DC' phone rings!!! Is the great and wonderful lain!!! (a frood who, truly, knows where her towel is.)
lain: *Hugs for lain* thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!*hughughug* :D (*hands lain reeses pieces cup* lain says:"yummy!" and bites into it."Bleaghh!!! Lyn, there's a big mess o' SAND in this reeses pieces cup!!)

*Lynati runs out, giggling maniacally*
Lynati - []
The big land o' happiness
Sunday, February 4, 2001 09:08:47 PM

Oh well, I jsut dropped in to read the piles of mail I get (most of which is nopt for me) And I had to print out the Articles of COnfederation. Part of it is on a test this week. Ehe, yeah I can hear you saying that from over here.
In any case it's going to be a busy week.

Warps-Hey I forgot to ask this last week. Why exactly did you shave your head? I know some people really like it that way or was it *points at Lynati* perhaps female influence. Don't worry happens to the best of us.
(The good thing about being us is we don't have to worry about losing our minds because we already have!)

Revel - []
denton, tx
Sunday, February 4, 2001 08:39:10 PM

Aaron: Germany's H-bomb project was only underway in the way that it existed on paper. Hitler either drove out or killed all the physicists he would have needed to build one.
Coyote the Bando
Algonac, Michigan
Sunday, February 4, 2001 08:29:27 PM

hmm.. the pic won't load...

oh dear.. I think I should sleep and then see if Mutant Enemy will let me onto the page again..

Sunday, February 4, 2001 08:07:46 PM

In my platforms I hit the floor, fell face down
Didn't help my brain out
Then the baby came before I found the magic how to keep her happy
I never was the fantasy
of what you want - wanted me to be
Don't judge me so harsh little girl, so you got a playboy mommy
But when you tell them my name
And you want to cross that bridge all on your own
Little girl, they'll do you no harm, cos they know your playboy mommy
But when you tell them my name..
From here to Birmingham, I got a few friends

I never was there, was there when it counts
I get my way, you're so like me
You seemed ashamed
Ashamed that I was a good friend of American soldiers
I'll say it loud here by your grave, those angels can't ever take my place..

Somewhere where the Orchids grow, I can't find those church bells
That played when you died
Played Gloria
Talkin bout Hosanah

But don't judge me so harsh little girl, you got a playboy mommy
(come home)
But when you tell them soldiers my name, and cross that bridge all on your own
Little girl, they'll do you no harm, cos they know your playboy mommy
But I'll be home, I'll be home-
To take you in my arms..


Not much to report today. Lynati has a little surprise.. just a little one though.. not the really shiny one I was hoping to give her today *sighs*

I am very tired, or seem to be at least. I slept for at least six hours last night, which is really good for me, but I am having a large number of issues weighing on my mind.
At least though, I found a shiny job I can do in the army. DART, the Disaster Assistance Response Team. See?? they DO make army jobs for pacefists.. :) I kinda wish I could be in training right now, though. Part of me still wants to run from this place and never come back, but I know if I do something because I want to run, I won't be able to run fast enough.
I have also been feeling very lethargic today, aswell. I felt good when I got up but.. today has rapidly gone downhill, I think. You know what I really want?? Reeses Pieces.. that will solve all my troubles ;)

Anyway, maybe post later or tomorrow

Sunday, February 4, 2001 08:04:04 PM

"Deals and Exchanges" reminds me that perhaps alien threat does exist (stays in pit where it is safe and I have um tentacles to keep me company)
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 4, 2001 06:41:27 PM

jusss droppin in to say hey!!
Sunday, February 4, 2001 04:16:28 PM

"A Merrier Hour" Was a good story too. Go go Puck oh yeah :)
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 4, 2001 03:29:13 PM

I read "Giri" just now. Strange how I don't remember that Timedancer episode from weeks ago (shrug) good story it is too ^_^
James Birdsong - []
San Diego, CA, USA
Sunday, February 4, 2001 02:43:43 PM

Hmm. About Stalin compared to Hitler, yes, somebody really needs to straighten the history books out to point the complete truth. When 'they' talk about what Hitler did in Germany, 'they' also need to mention what happenned in Russia. The truth is ugly. Did not Stalin say something to the effect that the elections are not decided by those who vote, but by those count the votes?

I heard this statement and I can not believe this. If crime disappeared in America, the economy would collapse. Perhaps, someone could explain that to me.

Fire Storm - Wanting not to eat the same thing over and over me motivated about cooking. Before my back problems came along (due to the accident), cleaning up afterwards kept me from cooking as much I wanted to. You are right, cooking is an ART form. Unfortunately, my dad does not seem to understand that.

My mom taught me about cooking. I loved cooking, especially trying out new recipes. So I confess, that I will pick up items at Walmart just to try them out if I think I might like them.

I am busy downloading enough CR archives to keep me busy when I finally have time to update the BFTS RP archive again.

DPH - []
Sunday, February 4, 2001 01:55:34 PM

Traveler> (That was me with the Stalin bit, btw) Don't forget my favorite Stalin quote: "One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Sunday, February 4, 2001 01:19:47 PM

oh.. right.. the link..

*goes back to bed*
Sunday, February 4, 2001 01:19:45 PM

Valentine>> a linky for u!!
Aaaall about Picov's Garden Centre, the wonderful place just outside of Toronto where the Koi suck on your fingers and you want to cuddle them and pet them and spent exhorbitant amounts of money to take them home...

oh and BTW.. Special Agent Ronald P. Sandoval is a shibunkin.. and he says *bluble blub*

Sunday, February 4, 2001 01:18:54 PM

And here's the second link!

Jeez I love

Sunday, February 4, 2001 12:49:25 PM

<<I don't believe in evil.>>
*sniff, sniff* So you don't believe in me? For a "good" person you're mean. >;D

Hitler, Extermination Camps and stuff:
It's really quite funny when you learn that he and other Nazi mucky-mucks were inspired to create the camps along with the rest of the eugenics movement by what the United States was doing at and before that time. You see, in quite a few states laws had been passed calling for the sterilization of those deemed "unfit" to reproduce. Oh yeah baby; we had OUR OWN version wwwaaayyyyyy before he even had his planned. He was just (a lot) more successful in implementation since our American Breeders Association (Later renamed American Genetics Association) didn't have overt Federal support. Though if we were to hop into the WayBack Machine with Dr. Peabody and Sherman and rewind the clock a century or so; and set.jew = indian we could argue the point. After all, historically what really has been the best (most efficient and easy) way of securing territory that already has a population (that doesn't really like the idea of you as the new boss)? But that's a whole other can of worms. I advise you to click my link for more information on the subject. I'll also post a second link discussing one of the more recent programs in the good old' U.S. of A. The whole article is... interesting and about halfway down is a decent, but short overview of the United States' State backed eugenics programs mirroring the first link.

AND IN THIS CORNER... "Uncle Joe" Stalin:
Somebody brought up the point that Uncle Joe had off'ed (conservative estimate) about THREE FREAKIN' TIMES as many people as the Nazi regime. It's just not demonized like the acts of the Third Reich since Uncle Joe had been an ally. I didn't really see much acknowledgement of this comment so I think it should to be restated. Heh... also the originator of one of my favorite quotes. Here's a paraphrase: "Kill one man and you're a murderer, kill a hundred and you're a monster. Kill a thousand... and you are a Head of State." *sniff* The man was a poet.

The SHEER GENIUSES at Cartoon Network:
Anyone else see the new "filler" commercial? The Legion of Doom Vs. The PowerPuff Girls? Remember the punch line? HOW are they getting this stuff past the censors??? I don't care as long as they can keep doing it. I'm still partial to Brainiac's "All I want is some PANTS! A DECENT PAIR OF PANTS!!!". Heh... "Solomon Grundy want pants too!"

Willy Wonka: Awww.. the rumors of Manson playing that part of Wonka and The Wizard of Odd himself (Tim Burton) are unfounded? A pity. Though I very much doubt even THEY could have made a more freaky and twisted version of the original movie... I mean you can't really improve upon perfection. Though when I first heard of this the words "THE DREAM...." filtered through my head and I heard the sweeping theme music from the original Dune movie... Odd since that almost only happens as I'm about to crush someone's soul... >=]

Sunday, February 4, 2001 12:48:15 PM

Warpmind> Madoc could have been the older twin, I'm not sure. As I recall, we were purpously vague on that.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky - []
Sunday, February 4, 2001 10:36:51 AM

*Warpmind enters, blowing into his hands.*
DAMN it's cold today... over 10 below zero! Uh, that's Celsius, mind you...

GXB: Uh, okay... compromise: Madoc was the older twin? ;) And I wasn't suggesting he was pure evil, just angry because he was denied his birthright; nobody's pure evil. For that, one would be doing evil acts without an ulterior motive. Madoc had a motive all the time, wanting his brother's death, rule of the world, return to Avalon, yadayadayada...

Kirshanta: Hitler may have come close, but as I said to GXB, pure evil would mean doing evil for no reason whatsoever aside being evil, relentlessly. Hitler wasn't Evil as much as Insane (few manage to draw the line there), but it is a historical fact that he suffered from syphilitis, it resulting in madness toward the end of his life. (Showing itself in such acts as planning battles involving long since destroyed troops, et cetera...)

Lady Corax: Pocket Protector? *Gulp* But... I never even USE pens... it's a typo thing; I always write errors with pens, virtually never with a pencil... :|

Happy Day, DPH. (Even though I'm late with the message.)

Matt "King Snarf" Maybray: Well, Hitler being hooked on Snow White isn't all that surprising... *Mutters something about "Mogwai"*

Lynati: Really, my heart, if I were to do that... my parents could say whatever they'd like, but there'd not be a thing they could do. :) As for the labor costs... nothing too good for you, luv. :) *Snuggles*

Fire Storm: It seems I can't vote for the CR pics. Put me down for Nudnik X 2, 'kay?

SJ: Actually, this time it was Madoc that spurred on the Hitler debate, not our favorite psycho, Demona. :) And do I get a subtle indication you don't like Coolio? ];)

*Momentarily looks up at Juliaexia's antics berore returning his full attention to snuggling with Lynati.* Good points 'bout Hitler, I suppose...

Emambu: Well, if you're about to go mercilessly betting on my luck at G'01, here's a suggestion: Tell me what you're betting on, and we'll split the profit, aye? ];) Oh, and what on earth suggested you won't have to wait until March for Despair & Deliverance, anyway? ];)

Well, that's about it...

Warpmind spit out the butt of his cigar.
"Mephisto? What the... gimme one good reason not to report you to Lucifer right now?"
Mephisto glared.
"Your... friend here's soul, perhaps? Plus that of the treacherous Sammael, I might add."
Warpmind blinked at them, scratching his chin.
"And that should mean... what?"
**RP END**

Warpmind de InzanE - []
Middle, Nowhere, Norway
Sunday, February 4, 2001 07:34:54 AM

I guess I'm the only person in the world who *wanted* to see a Manson/Burton Wonka.

BTW Robby, Dahl *hated* the movie version to his dying day, which is probably why his widow was so eager to sell the rights for the remake.

Spacebabie> Outfit> Audible blinks. <Outlaw Star> Has Twilight Suzuhara shown up yet?

Pissy> Makes ya wish TransMet had a letters column, doesn’t it? We could really spread it around.

Christine> Well, the Gargs Collective Fan Unconscious apparently works for non-garg things too. After all, Gside and Rodlox had that thing about the comet...

Gunjack><<tell me who the girl reminds you of>>Well, she does look kinda like a grown up Lain...

SOROW> Congrats on the picture. Good luck in the next round.

The Hitler debate> Hmmm, I seem to have left my eleven foot pole in the Adult Room. Still, it's worth mentioning that Stalin was responsible for the deaths of, lessee.... THREE TIMES as many people as Hitler. But he was our nominal ally, so we de-emphasize that.

Coyote><<The third has yet to be identified, but all the smart money goes to the third being Saddam Hussein.>> Unless it's The Smirker. And I thought Germany had an H-bomb project in the works.

Emmambu> Actually, all I caught of the Superbowl was two minutes of halftime, and the idea, that Aerosmith, one of the greatest bands of all time, IMHO, guys who've been rock stars longer then I've been alive, should have to share the stage with two teenybopper-pop nothings who'll be answers on Jeopardy in five years really rankled. <<I'm going to guess that the evil coporation in the show is called NURV too. Was I close?>> Well, NERV is pretty close, so yeah. The Sixers> Well, maybe the Raptors just have their number. Maybe .500 teams get really pumped up to play the best team in the east. Maybe the Sixers don't quite bring it like they should for teams they oughta trounce. Maybe they're just having a bad stretch. (Hey, the Lakers lost to the Clippers and Golden State. All things are possible) Never fear, when Snow and Kukloc get healthy again, the Sixers should rally and be in position to claim the Eastern Conference. (Of course, I gotta go with my boys, the Knicks)

And speaking of the Superbowl, The Marshall Mathers LP was the #2 selling album this year, right between N*Suck and Brittney. How come Eimenem doesn't get to the the Halftime show?

SJ> (makes Sharkfin gesture) Does the XFL remind you at all of a certain kick-@$$ movie?!? And the LV cheerleaders... Skimpy costumes and long black coats.... (drool)

I think that's it.

No, wait. Go see Traffic. It was quite good. And Miguel Ferrar, (who I will find a way to work into my ficverse one day, damnit) is the voice of reason, which is great.


Aaron - []
San Antonio, TX, USA
Sunday, February 4, 2001 03:41:56 AM

Emambu> <<Fear me for I am a secretary>>: Well, secretaries do have all the power.
<<how can major in computer science without a skillful knowledge of the various prgramming languages?>>: I didn't say they don't teach a language, it's just that after the introductory courses, they lapse into theory: proofs, set theory, graph theory, probability, architecture, and now roots of functions.
<<dimensions of the monolith>>: That was just a side effect of my ponderings on the nature of dimensions. I was just wondering whether what we think are the first three dimensions are really the firs, second, and third dimensions, and if the 2001 aliens knew that they weren't, we wouldn't have seen the squares progression in it's dimensions, but some other set of squares.
<<what is woaltise a combination of?>>: It's not a combination, but an accent. It is really voltage.
<<Is your mom still looking into colleges?>>: Kind of. She already has her microbio BA, but microbio has been absorbed and/or replaced by other fields since she graduated, plus, she's also looking into completly separate departments (such as music). I have a good bit of fun asking what her major is at completely random times.
<<Thank you for putting it up>>: Not a problem. When I get requests, it makes my decisions that much easier.
<<Evangelion but I'm going to guess that the evil coporation in the show is called NURV too>>: Actually, it's NERV, but that's close enough.
<<even though no one visit>>: I did. Once.

Lain> <<you want to know where Gunjack has been>>: Perhaps, but I would rather he was here than know where he has been.
<<but after I told you, I bet you wouldn't want to know>>: I don't know. After all the things I have said, and besides, I am the product of two biologists, so I think I have been inured to many things.

Fire Storm> <<I am ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY in the top googolplex!>>: I'm not so sure about that.

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Sunday, February 4, 2001 02:22:20 AM

I FINALLY got to see X-Men Evolution :) I kept missing the time for it, but thanks to Denis reminding me early this time, I was able to watch it. I've tried very hard to learn about the characters and story - but geesh, they are confusing *pulls at hair* I finally watched the X-Men Movie (it was an emotional issue with me that caused me not to watch it sooner) and I loved the movie! Denis told me about the new comic, Ultimate X-Men - but the #1 issue is sold out and I was only able to get #2. I watched the 'toon this morning and enjoyed it. However, I really would like to be able to give the person who does the voice for Rogue lessons on how to speak southern. She made me cringe a few times. O.o

I love the Zeta Project! It's great seeing a cartoon with humor! hehehe The root beer, cherry, and cola part was hilarious! That's what we call a "suicide drink".... Mixing different types of cola together.

Denis also told me of a new comic.... Area 52. Has anyone else read it yet? VERY good comic!! Lots of humor and a great story line. =)

Kit> thank you for explaining the missed Buffy episode. At least you weren't catty in letting me know that I had missed the episode that announced Dawn as being the key. *hugs*

I'm absorbed and obsessed with putting together my son's Eagle Scout ceremony right now. I swear this is almost like putting on a small wedding! The ceremony, script, escorts, speakers, candle ceremony, and then the reception O,O I finally got the invitations mailed out and am almost finished with putting together the program book. The ceremony will be held next Saturday (10th). I will post pictures afterwards :)
I am soooo proud of him for this accomplishment! I was reading the stats on a Boy Scout actually reaching the rank of Eagle and it's 2 out of every 100 Scouts that make Eagle. I am blessed with such a great son, too :D

Time to go back to tying the gold cord on the program books....

Saturday, February 3, 2001 11:39:12 PM

DPH: <Have I mentioned that I love to cook?>
Ahh, a fellow food artist!
Some paint with colors or sounds, we paint with spices on the tongue!

Don't know why, but I have felt wierd poetic tonight. Go fig.

Fire Storm
Saturday, February 3, 2001 10:02:20 PM

Slow night for CR.

Just had carfish, hushpuppies, french fries, and onion rings for supper a couple of hours ago. Yep, I said a while back in RL that the next Saturday I get off, I wanted to cook up some catfish. Of course, 1/2 the hushpuppies for 'ordinary' and 1/2 had chile pepper [Walmart didn't have Jalepenos in stock] in them. Have I mentioned that I love to cook?

the 1st weekend in April I am planning on buying lots of tomato and pepper plants. I like variety so you guys can guess what that means.

So I confess to buying 2 of every kind of kool-aid at the store. Variety is what makes life interesting.

That's all for now.

DPH - []
Saturday, February 3, 2001 09:58:54 PM

It's possible that I am still in the top ten.
Either that, or I am in the top bakers dozen!

But I am ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY in the top googolplex!

Fire Storm - []
Saturday, February 3, 2001 09:58:41 PM

*Emambu eneters briefly*

XFL: You know, I'm not a big fan of wrestling so I had my doubts. But so far, I'm enjoying this match between NY/NJ and LV. Aside from a few differences (much more vocal and no fair catches) this is a football game at heart. And I _love_ football games. :) New York needs to establish some kind of offense attack. LV is doing a good job keeping the pressure up. I just watched the NY quarterback go down twice in back-to-back plays. Hard to start an offense without protection from the line.


Emambu - []
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Saturday, February 3, 2001 09:33:20 PM

Top 10?
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:59:44 PM

SEVARIUS JR. - Well, I don't know about an X-Men fan in general (although I've gotten to read up a bit about the overall X-Men setting as a result of the "Evolution" cartoon). I've been scared off the comics by the indication that their depiction of the X-Men Universe has gotten EXTREMELY complicated. As in the convuluted Summers family tree that I earlier mentioned, for example - not to mention a report that Xavier has lost the use of his legs twice (the "twice" part coming from the fact that evidently the current Xavier of the comics is a clone of the original). Come to think of it, Greg Weisman mentioned that he gave up on the "X-Men" comics for that reason (among others, such as his annoyance with Jean Grey being brought back to life after the Dark Phoenix business and the human public never seeming to learn that they were wrong to treat mutants so bigotedly after all the times that the X-Men had saved the world).
Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:55:40 PM

SJ: Hey, anyone who knows me knows I'm always up for a good football game. I *do* like how they're giving updates on Chicago and Orlando infrequently. I also like that Jesse Ventura is knowing when to keep his mouth shut.
Coyote the Bando
Algonac, Michigan
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:48:21 PM

You're watching LV vs. NY/NJ too, huh, Coyote? ;) Not a bad game. A little slow, cause NY doesn't seem to have much of an offense....or defense, by the way LV is dominating....but I'm having fun so far.

Although, even though they say the game isn't scripted like the WWF, I did begin to suspect something when on like, the 3rd play, one of the Hitmen hauled off and clotheslined an Outlaw!

Oh wait, Stone Cold is threatening NFL commish Paul Tagliabu! Man, I'd LOVE to see Austin stun his ass...

Todd: Well, it looks as if we'll make an X-Men fan of you yet!

Sevarius Jr.
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:43:30 PM


Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:31:04 PM

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Piscatway, NJ
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:29:03 PM

What the Hell. Top 10.
Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:18:48 PM

Top ten!! Maybe sixth


Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:06:13 PM

Top ten, I think. :)

I too am watching NY/NJ vs. Las Vegas ... now I consider myself a bit of a football purist, and to tell the truth? Despite the sometimes nauseating camera motion, it's actually quite a well-played game. :)

Coyote the Bando
Saturday, February 3, 2001 08:02:51 PM

*somewhere lurking tragically in the top ten*
Saturday, February 3, 2001 07:47:41 PM

Hmm... Looks like I'm first. Great!

Well, now that the room's cleared, my thoughts on this morning's new episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" and "Zeta Project"


X-MEN: EVOLUTION: Rogue finally joins the team (although I suppose that we all saw that one coming, partly because of the opening sequence, partly because she's one of the X-Men in the other versions - the comics, the FOX cartoon, the movie); I thought that her conflicted feelings about the X-Men (half wanting to be a part of them, but at the same time having the lingering fear that they wanted to destroy her) were well-handled. (I also think that she's developing feelings for Scott - although her draining ability's probably going to discourage her from seriously going in that direction).

I also liked the way that Xavier's keeping Principal Darkholme's real identity a secret from his pupils was handled (and while I feel that he was doing the right thing by telling them in the end, I also can understand why he kept it a secret to begin with). Magneto's brief cameo was very atmospheric; he really came across as very menacing in how he handled Xavier's wheelchair. (Maybe it's time for the Professor to give his wheelchair a once-over and replace all the metal parts with plastic). All in all, I'm quite enjoying this series.

ZETA PROJECT: The new episode was also good - and very funny. I LOL at Zeta mixing up Ro's drinks out of misinterpretation (fits his characterization as the intelligent but naive and over-logical robot; and I particularly liked his citing of the BLT in support of what he'd done) and Ro's take on "Don't hog the stars!" - "We've gone bizarre! Our brains are on Mars!" This really is a good series as well. I'm looking forward to its future episodes as well.


Todd Jensen - []
St. Louis, MO
Saturday, February 3, 2001 07:44:28 PM

Top Ten, I think.

Tune into the XFL, on now on NBC! The "game" just started, and already I've seen more breasts than in a Playboy magazine. And that was just *one* of the two cheerleading teams! God Bless Vince McMahon!

Sevarius Jr. - []
Saturday, February 3, 2001 07:44:06 PM

OMG... first? O.o
Saturday, February 3, 2001 07:41:09 PM