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Silvadel> we should write emails to them thanking them for the laughs, that's just great!


Monday, January 2, 2006 06:20:17 AM

The fun at the weather service continues.... excerpts...





Monday, January 2, 2006 03:26:48 AM

Happy New Year to Everyone!
Hope your year ended and the new one started with a blast! (mine ended in the hospital and started hanging out with it was a bit of a gloomy Christmas)
What's this about Dalek Porn? Like I'm picturing nuts and bolts all over the floor and a Dalek casing or something...I don't get it.

Luminous Aphrodite
Monday, January 2, 2006 02:29:10 AM

Silvadel: It's hard to imagine it not finding its way to the US eventually, but the DVD set will be out in Region 1 in February so your best bet in the short to medium term is to rent it.
Sunday, January 1, 2006 07:01:04 PM

Happy New Year, everyone!
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Sunday, January 1, 2006 07:45:31 AM

Happy Gnue's Ear!

Also, AMGC updated, so go check out the new topic, and don't forget to vote for December's contest.
Aaron - []
Sunday, January 1, 2006 05:03:34 AM

Actually, on Dr Who -- Has there been any progress whatsoever on having it shown in the USA -- It is like I am in the only country that doesnt get to see the new Dr Who at all... Even Canada has it.
Sunday, January 1, 2006 04:37:41 AM

Happy new year everyone!
Spen the never missing
Sunday, January 1, 2006 02:35:52 AM

Fire Storm the Often Missing
Sunday, January 1, 2006 12:02:13 AM

Happy New Year.
Gside - []
Fair Haven, NJ
Saturday, December 31, 2005 11:59:57 PM

Yeah, I'm still alive, work has just been wearing away at me. And spent last weekend up in New Hampshire without a net connection.

Josh, Niamhgold> Hey.

And with the discussion of Dr. Who, has anyone else heard about the Dalek porn film?

Na zdorov'ya.

Gside - []
Fair Haven, NJ
Saturday, December 31, 2005 10:58:41 PM

Just finished watching _House_ & _Bones_ & sending in my theory ycts Foreman to an egroup.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!!!

Rodlox - []
Saturday, December 31, 2005 10:32:35 PM

Actually I liked the early epsilon reports -- where they kept thinking it was going to go away but instead it strengthened... This has definitely been the year of the hurricane AND the year that they defied prediction... I mean they almost never did what they thought they would this past year... (What is cute is I predicted what they would do a lot better than they did).
Saturday, December 31, 2005 04:31:43 PM

Attention "Gargoyles" fans in the LA area.

First post as the newly appointed "Official Bearer of Gathering News"

Next month, "Gargoyles" Co-Creator, Greg Weisman, and Gathering Convention Chair, Jennifer L. Anderson will be appearing at Anime Los Angeles to promote both "Gargoyles" and the Tenth Annual Gathering of the Gargoyles. Greg will also be presenting a panel at the convention.

Anime Los Angeles is being held on January 27-29th at the Airtel Plaza Hotel, in Van Nuys, California.

7277 Valjean Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91406-3425

In addition to Greg Weisman's panel, Shara Mordinae of the Gargoyles Comics Website ( will have a table set up all weekend, passing out free stickers and promoting "Gargoyles".

More details to come.

Greg Bishansky
Saturday, December 31, 2005 03:25:07 PM

Silvadel> Ha ha indeed, Franklin is the funniest of the bunch, I think, then maybe Avila. Knabb is usually very boring and straightforward.

I'm glad someone else finds that sort of thing as amusing as I do, there were some pretty funny ones during Hurricane Epsilon, when it went on and on and refused to die. Avila posted something like "I have run out of things to say. Here are the numbers. The end." and a few days later, Franklin was saying "the end is in sight, it really is... we hope. But in the meantime here are some numbers..." It's even funnier because they're usually all so serious, and all their updates are ALL CAPS and intimidating. At least they have a LITTLE bit of fun :)

Thanks for sharing, that was awesome. I didn't know there was a new one yet :).

Saturday, December 31, 2005 12:17:04 AM

Haha -- Tropical Storm Zeta(27th storm, 6th greek letter) formed today in the atlantic... It is obvious that the weather center operatives would rather be on vacation right now -- here is a funny excerpt from his report:



Friday, December 30, 2005 04:05:12 PM

Rodlox> It's the 'Adult' version of the MGC, the Monthly Gargoyles Contest. Comment room rules don't allow to link to adult stuff (and I don't disagree with that rule), but the MGC can be found at - now, it's up to you to find the AMGC :)
Guandalug la'Fay - []
Friday, December 30, 2005 02:18:52 PM

'AMGC'? *curious* if I may ask, what's that stand for?

Friday, December 30, 2005 11:59:38 AM

Don't forget, the deadline to submit to December's AMGC runs out at midnight tomorrow, as 2005 gives way to 2006.

So if you've been sitting on an entry, or were worried that the deadline was tonight and you couldn't finish in time, remember, you've still got time.
Aaron - []
Friday, December 30, 2005 11:49:05 AM

Yes, I'm curious myself to see what you thought of "The Godslayer" and "The Dragon's Treasure", Harvester. I know that it's been a while since you last reviewed/commented on a "Pendragon" episode, and I rather miss those remarks. (They'd certainly be more conducive to a lively comment room than a lot of the things that we've currently got here.)
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Thursday, December 29, 2005 07:46:37 PM

*Apperently, the worst thing on earth that could possibly happen has happened. DC has managed to get a date. With Occupatina Hazard. The two of them walk under the mistletoe. At that point, two long, thin tentacales extend from the mistletoe. They attach themselves to DC and OH, and begin to suck blood from them. Withen a few minutes, both are dead. Spen walks into the room, hugging the wall to avoid the mutant mistletoe, and makes a post.*

DC : In case you're wondering, that was for frelling up my ISP last week and making it impossible for me to do anything on-line.

Happy Birthday Wilek!

Niamhgold : Bitte.
"what has it been, a year?!?" Ten months. Close enough.

Harvester : Out of curiosity, when do you think you'll be getting around to reviewing the next few Pendragon eps? I've been considering taking a stab at reviewing them myself.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 08:04:38 PM

DPH: <*dph aims an infared green light at the holographic mistletoe, which causes it to grow new arms which it uses to grab dwellers in the shadows of the cr chamber. dph turns the infared green light and the arms of the holographic mistletoe disappear.*>

Ah, Nicolai. How I miss thee.

Spen: <Josh and Niamhgold : Welcome Back!>

Danke! I really really really am sorry I haven't stopped by in (what has it been, a year?!? Sheesh). Work and other stuff has, of course, gotten in the way. And I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, which should suck up any remaining free time/life force/cookies that I have ;) I must try and wheedle some extra time to make some art for this year's show. Or any art at all. Pfffft. I wasted all my spare time making my new website.

Spacebabie: <A hot lotion dispenser.>

Oh, DO tell :)
Glad you had a Merry Christmas, splendid to see all's still well with you and Revel!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 02:26:03 PM

Hmm. Trying out a new keyboard I bought. One problem: the keys between the standard keyboard and the number keys are different.

Imzadi - I'll be seeing you in person this year, then.

*dph aims an infared green light at the holographic mistletoe, which causes it to grow new arms which it uses to grab dwellers in the shadows of the cr chamber. dph turns the infared green light and the arms of the holographic mistletoe disappear.*

ar, usa
Wednesday, December 28, 2005 01:38:57 AM

Josh and Niamhgold : Welcome Back!

Silvadel : Actually, that wasn't the shortest CR. The record is 16K, and we got up to 18K. Also, the record for least amount of posts is 31, while we had 33 last week.

Greg B. : If by some miracle I actually manage to get cable or satelite again, I have got to watch that.

Christmas this year was pretty good. Got the season two DVD, and "Runes of the Earth", the latest Thomas Covenent book. Also had my usual spaggetti and steak dinner.

More later, including a DC death when I have more time (ie: day after new years).

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 08:24:35 PM

I vaguely recall having a crazy creativity demon about the Pack kidnapping Santa's reindeer, and when the gargoyles catch up with them, they find Wolf sitting there, surrounded by several piles of bones and picking his teeth with an antler. Not as disturbing as the idea that Bishansky suggested, but still unsettling.

The bits in "Home for the Holidays" that I particularly had fun writing included:

Arthur inadvertently burning Perry's Christmas cookies and being driven by her out of the kitchen with the words "Your name's Arthur, not Alfred!"

Nigel, upon discovering that the friend that Mary wants to bring over for Christmas is a boy her age, says, "Then I definitely want to meet him." (And proceeds to see to it that Merlin will be housed in a guest room as far from Mary's bedroom as possible.)

Merlin's response to Mary wearing a dress.

Michael commenting about Mary being "allegedy" a werewolf (since she's only in her wolf-form in the daytime, when the gargoyles are all in stone sleep, I figured that the gargs would definitely need to take that piece of information about her on faith!).

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 07:29:23 PM

Not too much free time these days, but I wanted to say that I got my arse in gear and registered for the Gathering this year, and I really look forward to seeing all you guys again!

Cheers to the New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005 04:38:45 PM

Greg B: Total classic! That was the episode that my brother quit on right after the first commercial break. He told me to just tell him what happened and then went to his room. Ah, what a great episode that was.

Todd: As far as visuals are concerned, I imagine Greg and the production team finding some sort of happy medium between St. Nicholas and the secular derivative. I personally think it would be cool to see Santa on a horse.

Harvester of Eyes - []
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 03:27:44 PM

Well, before I resigned from TGS, we did have one Christmas story in production. Would have been very different, since most of the time Christmas episodes suck balls.

It was called Woodland Critter Christmas. Young Alexander stumbles upon these cute critters in Central Park. Rabbity the rabbit, Squirrely the Squirel, Deery the Deer and Beary the Bear. Porcupiny the Porcupine, Foxy the Fox, Woodpeckery the Woodpecker, etc, etc. Every year, their savior and lord impregnates an animal to give birth to their messiah so the critters can have their own Christmas, but it is always killed by the mountain lion.

Alex kills the Mountain Lion, only to realize the critters are all Satanic and with the mountain lion around, the lady porcupine can give birth to the Anti Christ. I mean, think about it. Would God really have sex with a porcupine? No way, only Satan, Prince of Darkness and King of All Evil Would Do That. Yaye. They sacrifrise Rabbity to the Devil and eat his flesh and have a blood orgy in his entrails.

Oh wait, that was a South Park episode!

Aw well, that's sort of how I'd write a Christmas Gargoyles story ;)

Greg Bishansky
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 03:11:19 PM

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. We celebrated Christmas for two days. On Christmas eve, because Revelís father had to work on Christmas day.

Saturday we woke up and had breakfast. While we checked our e-mails and web comics I gave the cats their stocking. I spoiled them this year.

They received: A small bag full of balls and stuffed mice, a rolling toy that rattled, two gangling I put on door knobs, a fishing pole toy, two things of cat treats, and a box of cat nip.

After breakfast we loaded up the gifts from my family and a few containers of hoe baked treats. and drove to Revelís place. There we sat around on the big couch while Revelís mom played Santa Claus.

I got the following:

Two Gift cards

The DVD set of Hellsing.
Charlie and the Chocolate factory DVD
The Outlaw star box set.
The Escaflowne box set
The first four seasons of Dangermouse on DVD
Two bubble bath sets
A fiber optic night light
A pair of pink ankle boots.
A bag full of Japanese snacks
A hot lotion dispenser.

After we opened gifts we ate dinner. There both turkey and ham, smashed potatoes and stuffing, crushed pineapple for the ham, corn , gravy, cranberry sauce and olives.

After dinner we watched Serenity. (I forgot whose DVD it was. Revel, his mother and brother each received one.). Then we watched Gladiator on TV, they cut out a lot of violence.

Sunday. We went to Revelís grandparents place where we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and received stockings full of candy. We received a few other gifts, including more gift cards, dish towels, a blender, a crock pot, calendars, and an electric can opener.

We had a good Christmas lunch of brisket and baked potatoes, broccoli , deviled eggs, corn, olives, slices of cheese and rolls.

Not long after we ate we went to visit Revelís father at his station house. He gave us a tour of the fire trucks, explained the models and how they worked, which truck he rode in and how his helmet worked until he was called for a duty.

Came back to Revelís parents, nibbled on cookies while Revel and his brother played Xbox then it was time to go home. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


Ed<<<'Timedancer' or 'Gargoyles' would be interesting place to introduce Father Christmas, or some legendary equivalent>>> I was thinking that would be how Gargoyles would have included Santa Claus, since Greg Weisman mentioned he existed. I knew there was an actual Father Christmas and a St Nicholas.

Revel<<<No, I was saying NIEN as a joke and you went and posted before me so I should be nine and you should be ten. >>. Should have asked if you had posted first -_-!

Dr Who, Iím hoping the latest series will soon air on the local PBS stations, not for me, but for my father. My father was a HUGE fan of Dr Who.

Spacebabie - []
Nolonger, Florida, USA
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 02:46:14 PM

Aaron: Pretty safe to assume the half human thing has been jettisoned into space because it contradicts a big part of the new storyline. The ninth Doctor IS much darker, as you'd expect after casting an actor like Eccleston. The Doctor has survived the most devastating trauma in his history -- he's guilt-ridden, grief-stricken and filled with anger. He's now got a harder edge, and is more ruthless, and is much more lonely. As the series progresses, the reasons why are gradually revealed. But remember, it's a 7PM teatime show for families, not a 9PM Fox thriller, so it assumes most of the audience is new to the Doctor, the Daleks, the TARDIS and that, and starts from the mundane world of his new assistant Rose. So we see the first thrill and peril and weirdness of time travelling into the year 5 billion or meeting Charles Dickens and what have you, the rules are re-explained (what happens if you mess with time...?). When they go to the very dark places with the Doctor, and they do, it means more because the new audience is on board with the character. All the character stuff is incredibly well done. Oh, and the new series doesn't write over the continuity of docs 1-7 like the 'movie' (indeed, the central storyline is in many respects a continuation of the storyline started in "Genesis of the Daleks"): it just constructs the story in such a way that new viewers don't need potted summaries of old episodes to get into it.
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 08:29:22 AM

Ed> Well, that sounds kind of sad to be honest. Especially as the doctor was supposed to turn rather dark around his ninth incarnation, at least, that was what we were told during "Trial of a Timelord", but what I really wanted to know was if they were maintaining the rubish from the Fox thing about him being half human.

Aaron - []
Tuesday, December 27, 2005 02:36:51 AM

rodlox>It was the 25th of december but since we only got 2 entries they instantly won season 2 dvds. Will have thoughs stories illustrated for next december in a 3 story book.

Hmm but we are missing one more story. We have one more dvd to give away. Where going to extend the due date for the last dvd to JANUARY 12th. ENTER ENTER I dont wanna keep all these dvds ;-)

(haha yes I know still working on site and getting buggs out. comics are almost up.)

And if anyone lives in california and is interested. Crazydemona and I will be attending anime LA in california to promote gargoyles. Greg weisman will be with us helping us at a free fan booth they gave us and doing some pannels . If you want to help out let me know. Or just show up. Costumes are a plus.

Anime LA -----

Gargoyle writting contest
Monday, December 26, 2005 11:05:01 PM

Shara: if I may ask, what is the new due date for entries to the Contest? *curious*

thank you & have nice days.

Rodlox - []
Monday, December 26, 2005 10:15:51 PM

Aaron: The TV Movie "counts" insofar as that featured the eighth Doctor and the new series picks up with the ninth, but the new series is really establishing its own mythology so there's a very big event in the storyline since the TV movie which gives the character and the series almost a clean sheet to bounce off (with the occasional old alien returning, though not specific villains like the Master). Plus, the whole feel is very different -- out with the noncy dress, overdone RP accent and bewildered assistants; in with a lot more heart and humour. To be honest, I found the first episode quite difficult to take seriously at first (living plastic dustbins, killer shop window dummies etc.) -- but they really play it straight with the comedy and emotion and it's just so much fun when they then shock you with the intense and scary and dramatic stuff mixed in. Great programme. I think it'll be on Region 1 DVD in the spring.

Todd: I don't have any problem imagining Father Christmas in the show at all -- much like the Macbeth of 'Gargoyles' isn't at all what you might expect from the modern view of him we have via Shakespeare, I'm sure the Santa would feel truer to the roots of the character. I'd love to see him with a real sense of -- even slightly unsettling -- magic instead of Coca-Cola glitz. In some respects, that bolt is shot because in 'Gargoyles', and especially in TGS, the magic and magical creatures are now fairly commonplace -- there's a single species identity for most of them and you become, quite naturally, a bit jaded to the appearance of magic. I like the idea that this magic is dangerous and slightly wild.

And yes, I've seen Christmas episodes of American shows on things like 'Veronica Mars' and 'The West Wing', but I think they tend to air much earlier in the year. UK series tend to be 6 or 10 episodes (13 absolute maximum) rather than 22-26 in the USA, so the specials are a chance for an extra, big-budget episode for over Christmas or New Years'. Christmas Day is, I suppose, the equivalent of America's November, February and May sweeps rolled into one. "Home for the Holidays" was much more in the US vein of Christmas episodes -- a post-sweeps episode of reflection rather than a real highlight.

Incidentally, "Home for the Holidays" was one of those times I tried to bring in a character (Terrence Trepkos) who wasn't just another upper-middle class white Briton with a posh accent, or a cheeky cockney. I liked to do this just to set the record straight: one earlier episode had a character feeling alienated in *the middle of London* because she was Scottish or something which is perplexing in the most linguistically diverse city in the world, to say nothing of a country whos PM, Chancellor and then-Foreign Secretary were all Scottish. But of course when you're just dealing with tertiary characters it's very difficult to really suggest anything about their background; they're not there for that. So by and large, even if the characters have different backgrounds in my head, there was never any reason for that to come across on the page and the attention would go to the existing characters who all had their established speech patterns and backgrounds.

Monday, December 26, 2005 08:53:09 PM

I remember "Home for the Holidays" fondly myself (I wrote much of it, after all). I think that "Pendragon" was better adapted for a Christmas episode than most of the other cycles, since it was more human-centered (I doubt that gargoyles would celebrate Christmas, certainly - not unless they'd really begun picking up a lot of human customs).

I've said this many times before, but I'm still very curious about Greg Weisman's plans to give Santa Claus/Father Christmas a scene somewhere in "Gargoyles", simply because I'm wondering how you can fit the guy into the atmosphere of an action-drama series. I can easily imagine Santa showing up in "Duck Tales" or "Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers" or "Darkwing Duck", but imagining him in "Gargoyles" is far more of a stretch. Which makes me wonder how Greg planned to do it. (I agree with Ed that he'd probably be more like the earlier versions of the man, as opposed to the conventional Santa of Christmas specials like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". It reminds me a little of what I'd read about the movie version of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe", where the production team, discussing Father Christmas and how to handle him, decided to give him a look more like a wise old Norse warrior than like the conventional "fat guy in a red suit" - he doesn't even wear the familiar red suit in the movie, in fact. And, instead of handing out toys, he's handing out the tools that the Pevensies need to help overthrow the White Witch - but now I'm digressing.)

Incidentally, many U.S. television programs (both animated and live-action) do do special Christmas episodes, but I'm not certain that it's the same sort of thing as the U.K. custom that you're talking about here, Ed.

Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Monday, December 26, 2005 06:59:23 PM

I made it...though I don't get a number...but that's fine.

Happy holidays, my friends...and may we all get a happy New Year.

Monday, December 26, 2005 06:46:35 PM

Hey Ed, I'm curious about the new Dr. Who: They're not counting that dreadful thing that Fox produced as part of the official continuity are they?
Aaron - []
Monday, December 26, 2005 05:29:23 PM

No, I was saying NIEN as a joke and you went and posted before me so I should be nine and you should be ten.

*scoots Spacie to the Ten Spot*

nine and a half!

Monday, December 26, 2005 03:08:43 PM


I shall flaunt my holiday load and tell what we did later.

Monday, December 26, 2005 03:07:03 PM

8th!! Wow, I'm actually making countdowns....
Monday, December 26, 2005 02:38:51 PM

Haha Since we only had one entry in our writting contest that person instantly won a season 2 dvd.

Anyone else who wants to enter a story get one to us. It's that easy to win.

Monday, December 26, 2005 12:54:50 PM

Monday, December 26, 2005 12:32:32 PM

number five
Monday, December 26, 2005 11:41:30 AM

Monday, December 26, 2005 11:14:32 AM

Three it is. I survived another Chrismas dinner with my family. Sometime I wish I were an orphan.
Monday, December 26, 2005 10:42:16 AM

Watching the 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special yesterday makes me wonder what a TGS/'Gargoyles' Christmas Speciael would be like. I don't think these really exist in the US (I guess the weather is such that you guys do other things that sit in front of the telly in your paper hats after Christmas meals a-la "The Royle Family"). But the idea is basically to do big, major stunt episodes of (usually the BBC's) flagship shows on Christmas Day. This year, 'Doctor Who' because it's a hit, but also 'Only Fools and Horses', 'The Vicar of Dibley', 'Casualty', 'The Office' and 'Eastenders'. These usually have much bigger budgets and have pretty major events -- but, somewhat counter-intuitively -- also have lots of Christmas themes in them.

Of course, TGS has had lots of Christmas episodes, but they've tended towards low-key sort of stories (e.g. "Home for the Holidays" in the last 'Pendragon' series which was more of a quiet character piece). 'Pendragon' probably suits the format best given how large Christmas features in Arthur's backstory -- the sword in the stone business, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". The BBC would love him. ;)

'Timedancer' or 'Gargoyles' would be interesting place to introduce Father Christmas, or some legendary equivalent. I suppose what would be interesting about 'Dark Ages' is to see whether there's an overlap between the separate gargoyles and human traditions, if there are any equivalent traditions for gargoyles.

Anyway, happy new year to everybody on the board!

Monday, December 26, 2005 10:05:14 AM

First! And have a good Boxing Day, everyone (a day which, once again, has nothing to do with pugilism)!
Todd Jensen
St. Louis, MO
Monday, December 26, 2005 07:06:07 AM