The Journey

Originally Written by Greg Weisman for "The Goliath Chronicles."
Transcribed by Patrick Toman


All characters are the property of Disney and Buena Vista Television.

Act I

Open on Manhattan skyline.  Monologue:

Goliath:  Now that the existence of gargoyles has been revealed to humans, our fate hangs in the balance.  Will we join together embark on a journey of hope, or will we be engulfed by the flames of fear and hatred?  The time has come to choose.

On TV screen:

Announcer:  This is Night Watch.  Good morning from New York.  Travis Marshall.

TV studio:

Travis Marshall:  Tonight, more on the news that has rocked Manhattan, if not the world.  Gargoyles exist and are living among us. (footage shown of two gargoyles gliding)  This startling footage proves that the popular urban myth is now urban reality.

"Man-on-the-street" interview snippets:

Billy's Mom:  They're terrifying... I mean, I'm afraid for my kids.

Jogger:  What are they?  Dinosaurs?  Aliens?  Demons?  Maybe we should capture and dissect one.

Vinnie:  Can you believe it?  I lost my job 'cause of them.  But I hunted one down and got my revenge.

Back in studio:

Travis Marshall:  Joining me is the head of the NYPD's Gargoyle Task Force, Detective Matthew Bluestone.  Detective, are these gargoyles dangerous?

Bluestone (on screen behind news desk):  Travis, I'm glad you asked.  We have no evidence to suggest that the gargoyles represent a threat to public safety.  It's important that everyone remain calm.

Travis Marshall:  Any truth to the rumors that industrialist David Xanatos is harboring the gargoyles atop his castle skyscraper?

View of the Eyrie Building.

Bluestone:  All leads are being investigated.

On TV screen:

Travis Marshall:  Mr. Xanatos could not be reached for comment.

TV is clicked off.  Change of camera angle reveals that it is Hudson's TV we were watching.  Hudson is seated in his recliner with Goliath standing behind him.

Hudson:  And when ye are reached, what will yer comment be?

Pull back further to reveal that Xanatos and Brooklyn are also present.

Xanatos:  I'll think of something.  I always do.  (turns and leaves the room)

Brooklyn:  (sarcastically)  Welcome home.

Exterior of Eyrie Building.  A helicopter circles over the castle.  Close-up view of castle through an infrared rifle scope.

Banquo:  (sighs heavily)  No sign of 'em.

View of interior of helicopter revealing its occupants are three hooded Quarrymen.

Fleance:  All right, let's go.  Castaway'll have our heads if we're late for his "big meeting."

Copter departs.  Seconds later, Brooklyn, Goliath, and Hudson emerge from the stairwell onto the tower.

Brooklyn:  Do you really think we can trust Xanatos?

Goliath:  I believe we can trust him not to destroy us while we sleep.

Hudson:  Aye, he'd never be so wasteful.

Brooklyn:  Maybe not, but what if he's just gearing up for another scheme?

Goliath:  (angrily)  Are you suggesting we leave?  Where would you have us go?

Brooklyn:  No... I just...

Goliath:  (sighs/growls, then walks to the parapet)

Brooklyn:  Hey, wait a minute.  Where are you going?  It'll be sunrise soon.

Hudson:  The city's a tinderbox, lad.  If you're spotted it could go up in flames.

Goliath:(firmly)  I am going to see Elisa.

Brooklyn:  Yeah, of course, sure...

Hudson:  Send the lass our best.

Goliath glides off over the city.

City street.  Vinnie walks along holding a piece of paper; a shadow passes overhead.

Vinnie:  Huh, can you believe it?  I can't even read my own writing here.  (stops in front of a three-story building)  Wait a minute... this must be it.

Vinnie approaches the door, which has a golden Quarryman symbol affixed to it.  He knocks twice and is about to knock a third time when the door is opened by Jon Castaway.

Castaway:  Ah, Vinnie, is it?  I see you've received our message.  I'm Jon Castaway.  I saw you on Night Watch.  You made quite an impression.

Vinnie (as he comes inside):  I did?

Castaway:  Just the sort to join our little group.

Castaway places his arm around Vinnie as he enters; the door closes.

Elisa's apartment.  Elisa waits on the balcony.  Goliath swoops in, lands beside her, and capes his wings.

Elisa:  It's foolish to risk being seen right now.

Goliath:  When will it not be foolish?  When will we be safe from those that dispute our very right to exist?

Back at the building we saw Vinnie enter.  Several dozen people sit on folding chairs in a large room.  Castaway stands in front of a small stage upon which sits a large object covered by a tarp.  Two other uniformed Quarrymen - Banquo and Fleance - stand to either side of the stage.  Castaway addresses his audience.

Castaway:  I know that you are all reasonable people.  But you do not live in a reasonable world.  Violence, racism, injustice - you struggle with the world's problems and wind up feeling so alone.  Now, something alien and horrible has entered your world.

Castaway ascends a few steps onto the stage and yanks the cover off the object there, revealing a statue in the exact likeness of Goliath.  Gasps from the audience.

Castaway (pointing at the statue):  Are you afraid of this monster?  Well, for once you are *not* alone.

Back at Elisa's apartment; Elisa and Goliath still on the balcony.

Goliath: (sighs)  Oh, Elisa, every time I think we have arrived at a safe and stable life, it is abruptly torn away.

Elisa:  You're tired.  We both are.  Things'll look better after a good day's sleep.  (places her hand on Goliath's shoulder)  And if not, well, tomorrow's my night off.  We'll use the time to make things better.  (presses up against Goliath as he embraces her)

Back at the Quarrymen meeting; Castaway still on the stage.

Castaway:  Are you afraid these creatures will attack you while you sleep.

Shouts of "yes" and "definitely"  from voices in the audience.

Castaway:  You are not alone in that fear.  Are you afraid they will steal your children away?

More shouts of "yes" from the audience, louder this time.

Castaway:  You are not alone.  Do you believe these monsters must be stopped?

Even louder cries of "yes," cheers, etc., from the audience.

Castaway:  You are not alone!  Join us.  Join the Quarrymen.  (Castaway and the two other Quarrymen put their hoods on)  When you wear our hoods, believe me, you are no longer alone!

Back on the balcony, Elisa steps back as the sun rises and Goliath turns to stone.  With a small smile on her face, she goes back inside her apartment.

As the crowd grows restless, a pair of chests is thrown on the floor and opened by Castaway's two assistants.

Castaway:  Take a hood.  Take a hammer. (picks up a hammer for himself)  You are Quarrymen now!

Crowd yells and cheers; shouts of "Gimme that hammer," "Give it to me," etc.  People rush forward to grab hoods and hammers - including Vinnie and Billy's Mom.

Castaway:  Join us... (He cocks the handle of his hammer and the head glows brightly as a humming noise is heard) ...and I promise you will never be alone again.

Castaway raises the hammer and brings it down on the statue of Goliath.  The electric glow engulfs it, and a second later the statue explodes.  A close up shows the severed stone head land amid the crumbled pile of rubble.

Act II

Exterior of Elisa's apartment, daytime; a stone Goliath is seen on the balcony.  Switch to interior; Cagney, Elisa's cat, meows and hops up onto the bed next to a sleeping Elisa.  Meowing again, he pats her on the shoulder with his paw.

Elisa (opens her eyes, sleepily):  Okay, Cagney, I'm up.  I'll feed you.

Elisa, in her nightgown, puts down a bowl of food for Cagney, who meows and digs in.  Elisa stands, turns to the window, and looks outside at Goliath.

Elisa:  Sit tight, Goliath.  I'll be showered and dressed before you wake up. (she leaves)

Exterior; a shadow passes over the stone Goliath and a helicopter is heard.  It is the same chopper that was seen earlier, manned by the same three hooded Quarrymen.

Fleance: (looking through binoculars)  We've found one.  Probably just another statue.

Castaway (voice heard over radio):  Take no chances.  Destroy it.  I'm coming with backup.

Fleance: (puts down the binoculars and picks up her hammer)  You heard the man.  Move in.

Exterior of Quarryman HQ building seen earlier.  Several uniformed Quarrymen wait on the sidewalk as a dark blue van pulls up.  The van stops and the rear doors open; the Quarrymen begin to climb in.  Castaway is there, also in full Quarryman uniform, but without his hood on for the moment.

Castaway:  Move, move.  We must try to get there before dark.

Vinnie comes walking up the street and calls out.

Vinnie:  Hey, hey, Mr. Castaway, hey, can you believe it?  Someone else saw me on TV, offered me a security job in Japan.  I...

Castaway:  Vinnie, I'm glad you're here.  We've had a sighting, and I'd like a man by my side who's hunted these beasts before.

Vinnie:  Yeah, yeah, about that... I... I did hunt one down, but when I caught it, all I did was... hit it with a cream pie.

Castaway starts to climb into the van.

Vinnie:  I... I'm not sure all this hammer stuff is necessary, y'know?

Castaway:  Come along, Vinnie.  (puts his hood on)  I think you'll see the necessity.

Castaway climbs into the van and Vinnie follows.  The doors close and tires squeal as the van speeds off.

Exterior; back at Elisa's apartment.  The chopper still circles, and one of the Quarrymen aboard again looks through the binoculars at Goliath.

Interior; Elisa walks in from the back room.  She's wearing heels, a flowing, light blue dress, earrings, and a gold bracelet.

Elisa:  Jalapena, that helicopter's annoying.

She gets to the window just in time to see one of the Quarryman land on the balcony near the stone Goliath, having slid down a rope from the helicopter.

Elisa:  (gasps)  No.

Exterior; on the balcony.

Banquo:  Nighty-night.  (He takes his hammer from its holster on his belt and cocks the handle.  The head of the hammer glows and hums.)

Banquo raises the hammer over his head and is about to strike Goliath when Elisa rushes in from the side and pushes him away.  She lands on top of him, but he easily tosses her off to his side.  He raises the still-glowing hammer to strike her, but she kicks upward and knocks the hammer from his grasp.  The hammer bounces once off the stone wall of the balcony, cracking it, before landing at Goliath's feet and ceasing to glow, having lost its charge.

Elisa has regained her feet and attempts to punch the Quarryman, but he catches her hand in his before the blow lands.  The two struggle in a test of strength, but Elisa is unable to pull her fist from his hand.

Banquo: (laughs as Elisa continues to struggle in vain to escape his hold)  No way you're fighting this hard if stone-face weren't the real thing.  Make's smashin' him all the sweeter.

Elisa grunts and delivers a spin kick to the man's side, breaking the hold and sending him to the ground.  The fallen Quarryman moans, moves his head to get back up, groans again, and goes back down.  Elisa turns and runs back over to Goliath, reaching out for the Quarry-hammer laying at his feet.  She's about to grab it when she hears a gun being cocked.

Fleance (off camera):  I wouldn't touch that.

Elisa turns to see another Quarryman holding a gun on her as she hangs on a rope ladder suspended from the helicopter.

Fleance:  Only Quarrymen are licensed to pile-drive.  Now back up!

Elisa complies as the woman swings over and jumps down onto the balcony.  The woman keeps her gun pointed at Elisa and addresses her prone partner.

Fleance (annoyed):  Ugh, get up and finish what you started.

Banquo moans and slowly gets back to his feet.  Over her shoulder, Elisa notices that the sun is about to set.  As the woman continues to hold her the gun on her, the first Quarryman pushes past Elisa and reaches down for the hammer.  As he cocks it again, the sun sets and Goliath's stone skin begins to crack.

Banquo:  (backs up)  Uh-oh...

Goliath roars and awakens, his eyes glowing.

Elisa:  Goliath, look out!

The first Quarryman charges at Goliath and swings the hammer, but Goliath dodges the blow.

Fleance:  Out of the way!

Banquo ducks as his partner fires several shots from her laser gun over his head at Goliath.  Her shots all miss, and Goliath jumps back in with a roar and drop-kicks Banquo, sending him flying.  The kick throws him into his partner, and both Quarrymen go down.  Elisa runs over to Goliath.

Elisa and Goliath (together):  Are you all right?

The chopper opens fire on the balcony.  Goliath scoops up Elisa in his arms and glides off.  The chopper circles down to the balcony and drops the rope ladder again.

Fleance:  Come on!

The two Quarrymen grab on to the rope ladder and the chopper takes off after Goliath and Elisa.

Exterior, the Eyrie Building.  Zoom in and cut to interior.  Hudson sits down in his recliner to watch the television.

Travis Marshall (voice from TV):  Tonight, on a special edition of  Night Watch, a live debate on the gargoyle problem.

View switches  from Hudson to a view of the TV screen.  We see Travis Marshall and two others at the news desk.  On the wall behind them is a close-up of what appears to be the face of a stone Goliath

Travis Marshall:  Our guests are Assistant District Attorney Margot Yale (close-up of Margot) and medieval scholar Lennox MacDuff (close-up of MacBeth).  Lennox, you believe we should reach out to these gargoyles?

MacBeth:  That's correct, Travis.  All we need to do is approach them with tolerance.

Margot:  Ha!  How preposterous!  I've seen these beasts up close.  They're monsters.

Scene changes as Margot says "They're monsters" to that of Goliath gliding with Elisa in his arms, dodging fire from the pursuing Quarrymen helicopter.  Stray shots strike the sides of buildings as the chopper follows Goliath over the city, and Goliath shelters Elisa from a nearby explosion with his wings.  The helicopter continues in close pursuit, flying so low that it is forced to go between the taller buildings.  Elisa holds tight to Goliath and closes her eyes.

Interior of the helicopter.  The gunner looks at the targeting system, which shows an image of the gargoyle.  A second later, the display flashes and a buzzer sounds, indicating a lock.  The gunner fires.

Goliath still glides with Elisa in his arms when one shot from the volley just fired strikes him on the "finger" of his left wing.  Goliath roars in pain.

Elisa:  Goliath!

Goliath and Elisa plummet downward, spiraling toward the rooftops below.  Elisa screams.


Goliath's wings hang limply as he and Elisa spiral downward.  Elisa screams.  With considerable effort and much pain, Goliath manages to open his wings again.  He gains just enough control to slow their descent somewhat, and manages a "crash landing" upon a TV studio's rooftop.  As he comes down, he turns himself so that Elisa is on top of him as he lands.  The two of them skid across the roof until they are stopped by the wall of the structure which supports the building's satellite dish.  The impact is so great, it cracks the wall.

Cut to the TV studio below.

MacBeth:  The gargoyles are not a danger to us unless we make ourselves a danger to them.

Margot:  We can only be sure of that *after* they've all been apprehended.  We can't take any chances.  Our children are not safe.

Scene changes as Margot says "Our children are not safe" to an exterior view of the Eyrie, then cuts to the nursery with Bronx and baby Alex.

Bronx:  (contented whimpering)

Alex:  (giggles as Bronx licks his face)  Doggie!  Doggie!

Bronx:  (yips, pants, and moves away as Lexington enters)

Lex:  Aw, you want uppie?  (picks up Alex and holds him at eye level)

Alex:  Doggie?

Lex:  Oh, no, Alex.  I'm Lexington.  (cradles the baby in his arms and tickles him)

Fox (off camera):  Oh, you're great with him, Lex.

Lexington turns; Fox is at the other side of the nursery.

Lex:  That means a lot coming from you.

Fox:  (walks over to Lex)  Listen, I know you and I got off on the wrong foot, but now that we're all living under the same turrets, I'd like to start over.  (places her hand on Lex's shoulder)

Lex:  Well, I'll give it a shot.  For Alex's sake.

Bronx comes back over near Fox, Lex, and Alex.

Alex:  Doggie!  Doggie!  (Fox and Alex laugh)

Pan over to reveal that Xanatos is watching from the doorway, arms crossed.  Owen approaches him.

Owen:  Mr. Duval is on the phone.

Xanatos:  I'll return the call later.

Owen:  Is it wise to keep the Illuminati waiting?

Xanatos:  (slight pause)  No.  (walks into the nursery toward Fox, Lex, Alex, and Bronx)  Now... who needs a piggyback ride?
All laugh except for Owen, who watches from the door.

TV studio rooftop.  Elisa rips a piece of cloth from the hem of her dress and wraps it around Goliath's injured wing "finger."  Goliath winces in pain.

Elisa:  Sorry.  It's the best I can do.  (places her hand on his face)

Goliath:  (stands back up)  The injury will heal when I turn to stone.  (capes his wings as helicopter engines are again heard)  We have other worries.

The Quarryman helicopter rises over the side of the building, searchlights on.  As it passes overhead, Goliath and Elisa crouch down against the wall, the light passing just over their heads.  They are not spotted, and the chopper continues on.  In the distance, the Eyrie Building can be seen rising above the skyline.

Goliath:  I can not glide on this wing, but I must return to the castle.

Elisa:  You know I'm going with you.

Goliath takes Elisa into his arms.  Making a running start, he leaps from the building onto the rooftop of an adjacent one, heading in the direction of the Eyrie.

The TV room.  Hudson still in his recliner.

Margot (voice from TV):  In captivity, they can be studied, protected, fed.

View switches to TV studio.

MacBeth:  Aye, all the comforts, as long as they don't value their freedom.

Margot:  Oh, surely Mr. MacDuff isn't going to pretend that these... creatures have human thoughts and emotions.  They're beasts... animals.

Scene changes as Margot says "They're beasts... animals" to the Castle Wyvern library.  Angela and Broadway, both with wings caped, are on the upper-level balcony that circles the room.  Angela leans against the railing, looking down into the room below.  Broadway holds a book.

Broadway:  (reading)  "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?  It is the east, and Juliet is the sun."  (puts the book down suddenly)  Oh, how am I supposed to concentrate on my reading lesson when Goliath is missing?

Angela:  (turns away)  He's not missing.  He just hasn't come home yet.

Broadway:  (walks up to her and places his hand on her shoulder)  Angela, you know you don't have to act brave around me.

Angela:  (somewhat sadly)  I just don't understand why the city hates us so.  I was raised by humans.  There's no reason why we can't all live in harmony.  (tears begin to form in her eyes)

Broadway:  (gently turning Angela to face him)  Someday we will.

Angela:  Do you really believe that?

Broadway:  I know it.

Angela and Broadway embrace and kiss.  Brooklyn walks in on the lower level and looks up to see them.

Brooklyn:  (to himself as he turns and slowly exits)  Hmm... parting *is* such sweet sorrow.

Rooftops.  With Elisa in his arms, Goliath continues to make his way toward the Eyrie by running and jumping from building to building.  One jump is a particularly long one, and Goliath doesn't quite make it.  He grabs for the edge with his claws, but the brick crumbles.  Elisa screams as they fall for a short distance before Goliath manages to sink his talons into the building's side.  With the familiar crunching sounds, he climbs back up the wall and pulls himself and Elisa onto the roof.

Elisa:  Hmm, the old stomping grounds.

The view changes to reveal that Elisa and Goliath are now looking at the bombed-out shell of the old clocktower and precinct house.  Suddenly, the Quarryman chopper rises from behind the abandon building, casting its spotlights directly on Elisa and Goliath.

Elisa:  (gasps)

Goliath:  Run!  Hurry!

As the helicopter descends, Goliath picks up Elisa and leaps with her over the street and through one of the gaping holes in the upper floors of the old clocktower.  The chopper dips down, then rises back up, and two Quarrymen throw down ropes from it and swing down to the roof.  The blue van seen earlier pulls up outside, and four hooded Quarrymen, all carrying hammers, climb out.

Castaway:  Move fast.  Teams of two.  (hops out of the van)  We can't let it escape.

Vinnie is the last to climb out.  Unlike Castaway and the others, he still does not have his hood on.

Castaway:  Put it on Vinnie.  (places a hand on Vinnie's shoulder)  It's the only way.

Vinnie puts the hood on.

Castaway:  Good man.  Come on.

Vinnie picks up his hammer and follows Castaway.

Inside the old police station.  Two Quarrymen make their way through the ruined offices.  They charge their hammers, then kick open the door to Chavez's old office.  One of them rushes in, the other waits outside.  The one who went in finds the room empty, but turns when he hears a thud and a groan from back outside the door.  He goes back to the outer offices but sees no trace of his partner.  He turns again too late, as Elisa charges out of Chavez's office and jumps him.

Elsewhere, another two-man team makes their way up the stairs.  As the first man reaches the landing, he hears a growl and two glowing eyes appear in the darkness.  Goliath steps from the shadows and grabs the terrified man, lifting him over his head.  Then he heaves him back down the stairs and into his partner.  The two Quarrymen land in a heap at the bottom of the steps, out cold, as Goliath looks on.

Up in the old clocktower, the two Quarrymen from the helicopter - the same two who landed on Elisa's balcony -  make their way around the rubble.

Fleance:  (whispering to Banquo)  If he gets past us again, you can kiss our paychecks good-bye.

Elisa (off camera):  Pucker up.

Turning, the two spot Elisa.  She is standing in front of the hole where one of the clock faces used to be, her hair and dress blowing in the breeze.  They begin to move toward her as Goliath looks on from above, but stop when they hear him roar, turning to see him leaping down toward them.  He lands a few feet away, and backhands them both with one swipe, sending them flying onto their backs.  Fleance is knocked out, but Banquo gets back up immediately, drawing a gun on Goliath.  Enraged, Goliath slams his fists into the wooden floor and pulls up two of the beams.  Suddenly without its support, the floor under the man collapses, and he crashes through with a scream.  When the dust clears, Elisa and Goliath peer down through the hole to see the man sprawled on the floor of room below, alive but incapacitated.

Goliath:  It is over.

Just as he finishes speaking, Goliath is surround by an electrical discharge and screams in pain.  Jon Castaway is right behind him, and has brought his charged Quarry-hammer down on Goliath's back.  Vinnie is standing behind Castaway, looking on.

Elisa:  Goliath!

Goliath falls to the ground.  Elisa lunges at Castaway, but he blocks her and knocks her down as well with the residual charge left in his hammer.

Castaway:  (to Vinnie)  Hold her.  I'll finish off the creature.

Vinnie:  (walks over to Elisa and holds onto her)  Uh, right.

Castaway brings the hammer high above his head and prepares for a final blow.  As he brings it down, Goliath regains his senses just in time to roll out of the way, and the hammer crushes the floor instead.  Goliath gets back to his feet, but Castaway swings his hammer wildly, forcing Goliath to back up until he is standing at the edge of the building high above the street.  Castaway chuckles.  Goliath feigns toward him, but the swinging of the charged hammer forces him to back up again.  He steps back too far and almost falls, but catches himself by grabbing a shard of metal sticking out of the debris and pulls himself back into the clocktower.  Castaway moves in and makes contact again with the hammer, the electric field again causing Goliath to growl in pain before it drops him to his knees.

Castaway:  (holding his still-glowing hammer in both hands)  Well, monster, I think one more should do it.

Vinnie:  (walks up behind Castaway, holding Elisa, still unconscious, by the arms)  I... I think he's learned his lesson.

Castaway:  (angrily)  This is war, Vinnie.  I don't teach lessons, and I don't take prisoners.

Vinnie:  (removes his hood)  Well, what about her?

Castaway:  She chose to abandon humanity for these monsters.  She can share their fate.

Vinnie:  (gasps)  No.  (gently lays Elisa down, then walks toward Castaway)  This isn't right.

Castaway:  Careful, Vinnie.  In war, no one suffers more than the traitor.

Vinnie:  (continues to approach)  It's just not right.

Castaway swings the hammer at Vinnie but it comes down beside him.  Vinnie grabs the handle and the two of them tussle over it for a moment before Castaway touches it to Vinnie's chest.  The electric surge stuns Vinnie and knocks him back.  Castaway raises the hammer over his head as before, ready to strike the unconscious man.

Castaway:  Big mistake, Vinnie!

Just then, Goliath reaches in from behind and grabs the hammer away.

Castaway:  What?

Castaway turns to see Goliath throw the hammer away over his shoulder.  Quickly, he draws a gun, but with a growl, Goliath lunges forward and snatches that from his grasp as well.

Castaway:  (holding his wrist)  I won't be defeated by the likes of you.

Goliath:  Brave words for a man who hides his face behind a hood.

Castaway pauses for a second, then runs screaming toward Goliath.  Goliath steps aside, and Castaway continues on, leaping over the side of the building.  Goliath looks on, shocked for a moment, until the Quarryman helicopter rises into view with Castaway hanging from the rope ladder.

Castaway:  (shouting down as the helicopter rises)  Dream of me, Goliath!  Dream of me!

The helicopter rises into the air and departs.  Goliath turns back into the clocktower.

TV studio.

MacBeth:  (pointing at Margot)  Madam, they burnt witches like you in the Middle Ages!

Margot:  (pointing back)  Mister, you are living in a fantasy world!

Travis Marshall:  (interrupting)  I'm afraid we're out of time.  This has been _Night Watch_.  Sleep well.

A rooftop.  Goliath and Elisa fade into view as we see them from Vinnie's point of view, standing over him.  Vinnie moans, and Elisa and Goliath help him up.

Vinnie:  Hey, hey, you're alive!  Both of you!  And can you believe it?  I saved you!  Me!

Goliath:  (places a hand on Vinnie's shoulder)  Yes.  We are truly grateful.

Vinnie:  Now look, you gargoyles gotta be more careful.  I'm moving to Japan, so I'm not gonna be here next time to save your cans, all right?

Goliath:  We'll just have to find a way to manage without you.

Vinnie:  Hmm.  Well, good.  See ya.

Vinnie walks to the doorway leading to the stairway leading down from the roof.  He turns and waves before leaving.

Elisa: (to Goliath)  Uh, Goliath, who was that guy?

Goliath:  Honestly?  I was never quite sure.

Vinnie has left, closing the door behind him.

Elisa:  Do you think we should tell him there are gargoyles in Japan?

Goliath:  Somehow, I think he'll find that out for himself.  And maybe that is the point.

Goliath walks over to the edge of the roof and puts a foot up on the ledge.  Elisa follows him.

Goliath:  I have been waiting to arrive at some kind of final destination, but life is about the discoveries made on the journey itself.  And though the road has been hard, I have no regrets about the path *we* have chosen.  (places a finger under Elisa's chin)

Elisa:  (embraces Goliath)  Funny, I feel the exact same way.

Goliath takes Elisa in his arms and glides of across the city.

The End.

Cast and Credits:

Supervising Producer:  Scott Thomas
Producer:  Vince Commisso
Director:  Charles E. Bastien
Story Editor:  Greg Weisman
Written by:  Greg Weisman

With the voice talents of:
Lexington:  Thom Adcox Hernandez
Hudson:  Edward Asner
Angela:  Brigitte Bako
Brooklyn, Owen, Vinnie:  Jeff Bennett
Jon Castaway:  Alan Cumming
Goliath:  Keith David
Broadway:  Bill Fagerbakke
Xanatos:  Jonathan Frakes
Travis Marshall:  Charles Hallahan
Margot Yale:  Tress MacNeill
MacBeth:  John Rhys-Davies
Elisa:  Salli Richardson
Fox:  Laura San Giacomo
Maria Chavez:  Rachel Ticotin
Fleance, Billy's Mom, Alexander:  B. J. Ward
Bronx, Banquo, Cagney:  Frank Welker.
Matt Bluestone, Jogger, Quarryman:  Tom Wilson

Voice Casting & Dialogue Director:  Jamie Thomason
Production Manager:  Tom Pniewski
Main Title Design by:  Gary Katona
Main Title Digital Artist:  Woody Yocum
Main Title Effects Photography:  Stargate Films
Talent Coordinator:  Julie Morgavi
Animation Production by:  Nelvana Limitted

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