(Former) Employees of Maddox Technologies


Dr. Andreas Schroeder from the archaeology department at Columbia University

Dr. Nikos Petropoulous of the National University of Athens

...The above are the heads in a joint expedition for the island of Aeaea. The sole corporate sponsor of this venture is Maddox Technologies. ("To Restore Amends") ...should be pointed out that while in Madoc's employ after a fashion, They may not count as Employees.

Gary Bates - "The Sorceror's Apprentice" night security gaurd at Maddox Technologies. Later gets a job gaurding a museum. "History's Forgotton".

Quinn Ramsey- secretary at Maddox Technologies, mother of George Harrison's child, later becomes Richard Harrison's love interest and eventually his wife.

Unnamed Scottish Surgeon and his assistant - "Something Wicked" -Operate on Lexington, 'borging him up.

Other Doctors/Technicians work to upgrade the Pack in "Something Wicked".

Sherry - Mavis's secretary, shows Lexington around during "Reprisals" Parts 1 & 2.