Reporters and Media

Travis Marshall (canon, Fallout Part 1, The Journey, To Restore Amends, TFA Part 1 -- When the Bough Breaks part 2, Blood Moon (while unconscious), "The Darkest Hour" part 1. -- "Thicker than Blood", "History's Forgotton".

Nicole st. John ("Fallout" Parts 1 & 2, Partnership, Fealty, Turncoat, TFA Parts 1& 2, Razor's Edge -- When the Bough Breaks part 2, the Longest Day parts 1 and 2, Blood Moon, Aftermath part 2. -- "Thicker than Blood", "History's Forgotton".

Frank Tomlinson - Nicole's cameraman - ("The Longest Day" parts 1 and 2, Aftermath part 2)

Christine - works at WVRN. "Blood Moon"

Joan- works as an anchorwoman/reporter for WVRN company as Nicole St. John (“Turncoat”)

Jerry Pearson – newspaper journalist for the New York Sentinel. “Things Fall Apart” – when the courthouse is bombed, he tries to question Elisa; in the second part of the story she convinces him to help her, to “put a face” on the city and try to remind the people of who they are. He makes an appearance at a PIT halloween party in the second season. “Razor’s Edge” Further appearances in "Fallout" Parts 1 & 2, Mutual Trust, TFA Parts 1 & 2, Razor's Edge -- "The Rising" part 1 at the PIT halloween party, "The Scottish Play", "The Witness", "The Longest Day" part 1, "Aftermath" part 2, "Seeds of Change."

Jonathan Wills- CBS News - reporting on site from the Manhattan 23rd police precinct right after the explosion. ("Fallout" Part 1)

Kent - ("Fallout" part 1) an in-studio anchor at some random TV station who is interviewing a zoo keeper and asking what species gargs are.

Kellie Hayden- CBS News Reporter ("To Restore Amends")

Theo Knight - Radio show host in Gar 1.26 "Things Fall Apart" p1- uses gargoyles for ratings, from what little we see of him he has expressed no personal opinion of the Gargoyles.