Gargoyles - Miscellaneous Main and Supporting Cast Characters (through Season Three)

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Family Xanatos and related:
David Xanatos

Fox Xanatos (nee Janine Renard)

Alexander Fox Xanatos

Petros Xanatos

Owen Burnett

Halcyon Renard - Fox's father, married to Anastacia for a time, founder and owner of Cyberbiotics until his death in, wherein he passed the company to his grandson, Alexander Xanatos, to be run jointly by Fox and Preston Vogel until Alex comes of age .(canon), "Partnership" -- dies right before "Offers" starts, which it does with Preston Vogel calling Fox to inform her of it.

Preston Vogel - (canon), "Partnership" -- Halcyon Renard's aide-de-camp. Pen 1.01 "The Return". -- "Offers", "Reunions", and "The Longest Day" part 1.


Family Maza: (see also, Elisa and Derek/Talon)

Elisa Maza

Derek Maza ("Talon")

Beth Maza - Gaurdians, Sacrifices Part 2 -- "A Call to Arms", Odd Couples, "The Darkest Hour" parts 1 and 2, "Aftermath" part 2. -- "Waystation".

Peter Maza- "Fallout" Part 1, Gaurdians, AMWT -- Odd Couples, "Aftermath" part 2. -- "Waystation", "Unions".

Diane Maza- Gaurdians, Sacrifices Part 1, AMWT -- Odd Couples, "Aftermath" part 2. -- "Waystation", "Unions".


Miscellaneous Allies:

Macbeth - (canon), The Journey (oct 29-30, 1996), The Hunted (Nov 22, 1996), Captive Pursuit (August 1997)-- Pen 1: The Return, Mercenary -- G/P 2 - The Longest Day parts 1 and 2, Homecoming, The Darkest Hour part 2.

Joanna Walker - Joined the faculty at Columbia in August of 1996, just in time for fall semester. "The Hunted", "Captive Pursuit" -- "The Scottish Play", "The Longest Day" parts 1 and 2, Homecoming, The Darkest Hour part 2.


Jeffrey Robbins -- (canon), mentioned by Hudson in "Partnership", Is in "To Restore Amends" -- mentioned in "The Rising" part 1, in "Disobedience", The Waiting Game, SOSN.


Richard Harrison - introduced in "Equality". "Turncoat", "Consequences". -- "When the Bough Breaks" parts 1 and 2, SOSN. -- Waystation

Quinn Ramsey - Introduced in "Consequences", which is her only appearance in Gar S1.-- "When the Bough Breaks" parts 1 and 2, Blood Moon, SOSN. -- Waystation.

Hope Ramsey - Quinn's daughter, "When the Bough Breaks" parts 1 and 2.

Ellie Harrison - Richard and George's mother. "When the Bough Breaks" part 1 and 2. Referenced in "Waystation".