Gargoyles - Miscellaneous Minor and Re-ocurring Cast Characters (Seasons 1-3)

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Characters are listed story by story, in order of appearance.

Canon * Season 1 * Season 2 * Season 3


The Jogger - (Canon) , "The Journey", TFA part 1 -- The Rising part 2.

Billy, Susan, Paul and Nita (the latter being a Quarryman) (Canon, "The Journey")

Ian Jaffe - owner of a grocery store (canon). "The Darkest Hour" parts 1 and 2. Referenced in "Waystation"; Matt Bluestone's godfather.

Harvey - "The thrill of the Hunt" - stuntman who worked with Fox on the TV show and live tour of "The Pack".

Judge Benjamin Roblyn - "Vows", "Odd Couples" - is friends with Dr. Goldblum

Vinnie Gregarino - canon, "The Journey" -- "The Council" parts 1-3.


Avalon World Tour...

Natsilane (Nick) - "Heritage", "A Call to Arms", "The Darkest Hour" part 2

In Prague: Max Loew , Yosef the Silent, ("as the Golem was now called again"), and the elderly Rabbi Yanus."Golem", "The Darkest Hour" part 1.

The Emir - mentioned in ( ), appeared - and died - in the canon episode "Grief."

Rory Dugan and his father - "The Hound of Ulster"

Fara Maku and Tea - "Mark of the Panther", cameo in "The Darkest Hour" part 2

Eric Sturluson and his son Gunther - "Eye of the Storm"

Hiroshi - "Bushido", "The Darkest Hour" parts 1 and 2" - middle-aged caretaker of Sendai castle.

Kino - background character in "Bushido", named in "The Darkest Hour" part 1 - a local youth training in Bushido, comes to tell Hiroshi about the visiting priests.


The Gargoyles Saga

Season 1

Dolly - "Fallout" Part 1, "Perchance to Dream" - waitress at "Magee's", a diner that many cops (and former cops), including Elisa, Morgan, and Peter Maza, frequent

Mad Dog - "Fallout" Part 2 - a biker at the bar who is convinced that picking a fight with Hyena and Jackal isn't a good idea.

Father Robert- "From the Heart" flashback - Notre Dame caretaker and ally of the Paris clan back in 1793; killed by anti-garg members of his clergy the night they massacred the Paris Clan.

Inhabitants of Bar Harbor, where Petros lives - "To Restore Amends" - Stanny Hillman, with a lazy eye and a fondness for beer....Pierre Duceppes, the eccentric old French-Canadian well noted for taking long jaunts with his boat out to the middle of nowhere.....old Vera Sampson who used to run the general store, back when David was a boy.

Iris Chang -"The Hunted" - student of Joanna Walker. Also appears in Season 2's "The Scottish Play" and "The Longest Day" part 1.

Tara - "Equality" - Elisa's new downstairs neighbor who has a Highlander fetish; she doesn't actually make an appearance, Elisa just mentions her.

Maxine and Giorgio -"Equality" - employees of an upscale fashion boutique that Demona take Angela to shop at. Maxine is referenced in Season 2's "Something Old, Something New" as well as the woman who designed Angela's dress.

'Shell - "Equality" - waitress at Hooters.

Wraith, Gator, and a human named Hudson - "Equality" - gamers at a Quake competition Lex joins.

Stormy, Kellie, Corrine, Tim, Eric, and Whit - "Equality" - group of people Brooklyn meets at the mall. Corrine is the one Brooklyn gets kissy with; Stormy and Whit are a couple. (All are apparently based on non-TGS staff fandom members who were well-known at the time the story came out.)

Brynne - "Hammer and Sheild" - litte girl in the crisis situation with her mother.

Michael - "Hammer and Shield" - not-quite-delinquent, taken hostage with his two friends. Has spiky hair.

Gary Phillips - "Gaurdians" (in a flashback) - the boy Sharon tried to date after Tommy, who was hospitalized by Tommy's thug friends.

Professor Walter Pena "Gaurdians" - Beth's Department Advisor, who is conducting a dig at Sikyatki, ancestral home of the Coyote Clan. the site was, apparently, discovered in 1895 by the Fewkes team.

Annie - "Gaurdians" - a young Hopi woman who shares several classes with Beth.

Bob Watson - "Gaurdians" - tall blond fellow classmate, with Beth and Annie at the dig.

Mrs. Eleanor Reed -"Sacrifices" Parts 1 and 2- Maggie's mother. Both she and Maggie are original from Dayton, Ohio

O'Hara couple - "Fealty" - saved from a mugger by Angela and Broadway. Ran away from the gargoyles in fear.

Bill (William) and Sue Baxter, and their children, Kelsey and Todd - "Turncoat" - family who are in the New Amsterdam Hotel when it is on fire in the opening of this story. They are vacationing from Columbia, South Carolina. They are rescued by Angela and Broadway, and refer to them afterwards when interviewed by Nicole St. John as "our angels in the night".

Michael - "Turncoat" - a boy that Fang rescues from the hotel fire.

Paul - "Turncoat" - Bartendar at a bar called "The Cavern", where Richard Harrison is meeting his brother George.

Judy - "Turncoat" - Waitress who works at the "The Cavern".

Doralene, the waitress; Bob, the bartender, and Kelvin, an employee - "Consequences" - People in the Hawg Heaven Bar, Dallas, Texas

The Schlatters - "Consequences" - elderly couple who own a Drugstore in upper west side manhattan. Richard Harrison works there at the time. The Husband's name is Joe ("When the Bough Breaks" part 1) and the wife is Ruthie.

Madeleine - "Consequences" - middle-aged woman, proprietor of The Golden Cup Coffee Shop in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

Mr. Falken - "Prophets and Angels" - Someone who keeps calling and un-interested Demona with a business deal.

Crazy Martha the Cat Lady - "Things Fall Apart" part 2 - elderly homeless woman who lives down near the docks and is obsessed with cats.

Mr. Hill - "Things Fall Apart" part 2 - actor who mimicked Xanatos' voice for the evidence to set him up as backing the terroritst group "Phoenix Rising".

The Mayor -"Things Fall Apart" part 2 - has appeared prior to this but not done anything worth noting before Things Fall Apart part 2, when he is finally mentioned by his first name,"Phil". Anyway, he speaks briefly to Goliath.

Alderman John Holmes - "Things Fall Apart part 2" - very anti-garg on tv. Passes out while being carried from the bomb-warned group at City Hall by a gargoyle. Also makes an appearance at Xanatos's party in Gar Season 2's "The Rising" part 1.

Mr. Weber - "Razor's Edge" - witness to the murder of a stockbroker, one of "Mr. Mercy"'s killings.

Unnamed waitress - "Razor's Edge" - worked at a bar called "Mother's", used to date Mitch. Talked to Broadway, and fingered Mitch as the man he was looking for. Had no problem talking face to face with a gargoyle. "You guys aren't that scary, close up."

Mark and Henry - "Captive Pursuit" - mentioned as two of Macbeth's students at a lecture in Scotland. They appeared in the Pendragon 1.15 story "Mercenary".

Idante - "Past Perfect" - in Goliath's dream, this boy is Princess Katherine's firstborn, and on whose head a pact is sworn between the humans and gargoyles of Wyvern, to protect eachother, always.


Season 2

Evan - "The Rising" part 2 - the caterer at the Xanatos's gala event.

Brad, Eugene, Emma, Jeremy, Angel, Jennifer, Brenda, Chris, - "The Scottish Play" - students involved in the play with Iris Chang and overseen by Dr. Joanna Walker.

Mr. Perkins - "Offers" - Halcyon Renard's lawyer, meets with Fox to settle her father's will.

Dr. Sauder - "Offers" - old associate of Renard's. (But the woman who attends the funeral is actually Titania in disguise.)

Representative Graves - "Reunions" - a city council member. Married; he and his wife were at a Xanatos party.

Jackson and Bowen - "Reunions" - two members of City's Advisory Board. Also at Xanatos's party.

Dr. Cale Grisom - "Reunions" - A mousy individual with small eyes, a thin nose, and an extremely balding pate fringed with dark hair. He had been hired on as the government's technical expert. He was overseeing this end of the demonstration, and his findings would be the hinging point on which the senior members of the Committee would base their decision on.

General Nelson McDermitt Harcourt - "Reunions" - The Army's liaison officer for this field test - watched the proceedings as he took his seat next to the Doctor. "A career officer, he had salt-and-pepper hair, along with a pock- marked face that spoke of some field experience, if not for all the medals along his left chest. He was a robust figure, and obviously was one that preferred to have things his way, in as much as the Army's way."

Charlie - "Nocturne" - man from "Anderson Security" whom Elisa and Matt are interviewing about a jewelry robbery. Apparently remembers Elisa from back when she was "in pigtails". He was apparently her father's partner for a "short while".

Guiseppi and Luigi - "Nocturne" - cooks/waiters at "Michelangelo's Ristorante", where Sara Jasper (a regular client) takes Matt for the dinner over which they medn their fences. Guiseppi is also seen in "Seeds of Change", when he was hospitalized after Yakuza members vandalized the restaurant and beat him up.

Sam Underhill - "When the Bough Breaks" parts 1 and 2, "Hazards" - The proprieter of the Shire Pub, and Christi, that was a TERRIBLE pun. ; )

Sal - "The Waiting Game" - hotdog and coffee vendor

Joe - "The Waiting Game" - Elisa's Mechanic

Mac -"Hazards" - proprietor of the former The Hoboken Family Recreational Center, which is now closed, soon to be torn down for "Super Q" to be built in 1999.

A pair of japanese priests - "The Darkest Hour" part 1 - "My name is Wakai Tora, of the Jizo Priesthood. My companion is Ogi Shijin. We have come a long way to Ishimura from Tokyo to find this place." -- then Akaru says, ""I cannot cast the spell that will free Kai and his people from their stone slumber... but you can." And at the last words, he turned and pointed one finger with its delicate claw. "You can, Ogi Shinjin, last wizard of Nippon." -- and Wakagi is a Seer.

Henry Pocano - "The Darkest Hour" part 2 - friend and classmate of Beth Maza, one of the musicians who helps keep the gate in Arizona closed.

Ernie and "Boit" - "Aftermath" part 1 - work at a coffeeshop, the one that Matt had to meet Morgan at.

William (Bill) and Don - "Aftermath" part 2 - two construction workers clearing up the debris from around the bottom of Castle Wyvern


Season 3

Senator (Leon) Blackwater, Senator Jones, Senator Lyons, Senator Burns, and Senator Watts - "Waystation" - men to whom Matt Bluestone spoke in Washington. Senators Blackwater and Burns make an appearance in "Of things to come" as well.

Mr. Harker - "Thicker than Blood" - caretaker of the house that the Tepes' family buys, the Varney House

Charlie and Bates - "History's Forgotton" - gaurds at the museum.