Nightstone Unlimited Employees

Candice- Dominique Destine's personal secretary - Equality, Prophets and Angels. -- "Signs and Portents", "Lethe", "The Longest Day" part 1,"Re-emergence" part 1.

Gregory - Demona's driver. In "Lethe", "The Longest Day" part 1, "Homecoming" -- "Contingencies".

Mr. Collins - head of Accounting at Nightstone - "Prophets and Angels", -- "Signs and Portents" at a board meeting, on the phone in "In The Blood" when 1/2 million of Nightstone's money is realized to be missing, and in "Re-Emergence" part 1.

Ms. Mary Nelson- head of Network Operations at Nightstone Unlimited - "Prophets and Angels". - An attractive, petite brunette, fairly young. "Ms. Nelson is my head of Network Operations," Dominique explained. "She manages Nightstone's computer system and handles all of our e-mail and Internet needs. In fact, she's become quite invaluable to me since I brought her on board." The young woman blushed at Dominique's praise. "As I recall," Dominique added archly, "the person she replaced couldn't even manage to spell my name correctly on our homepage." ... "We should get some publicity shots of you and your daughter while she's visiting today," Mary suggested, seeming to be thinking out loud. "We could use a digital camera and have them up on our web site by the end of the day."

Dr. Bateson- works in Nightstone Unlimited's special projects division. - "Prophets and Angels", "Reunions". - A small man with a short, scruffy beard; described as having a "cheery, cultured voice". Wears a labcoat, jeans, and sneakers. Is quite respectful towards Demona, and seems to be head of at least one major project, or possibly overall head of Special Projects.

Dr. Lanel- works in Nightstone Unlimited's special projects division. - "Prophets and Angels", "The Longest Day" part 1. - A plain-looking woman who is about six inches taller than Dr. Bateson. Impeccably dressed, dark hair pulled into a tight bun, wears glasses. Very serious and wooden; speaks in a fairly toneless voice, and reminds Angela a lot of Owen. She appears to in charge of a single project, but Demona's favorite at the time- The Valkyrie Mark I

Ms. Wilgus - head of Research and Development at Nightstone - "Prophets and Angels".

Mr. Banks - head of Marketing at Nightstone - "Prophets and Angels"-- "Signs and Portents".

Mr. Rutherford - head of Sales at Nightstone - "Prophets and Angels"-- "Signs and Portents".

Ms. Allen - head of the Legal Dept. at Nightstone. "Prophets and Angels" - a tall ash blond woman.

Earhart - one of the private jet pilots employed by Nightstone. "Homecoming"

Lydia - a new intern "Lethe", "The Longest Day" part 1,

Mr. Sweeney - a plant manager in Scotland. Demona REALLY seems to hate him.

Anthony Fergus - "Contingencies", "Through the Storm", "Unions".