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23rd precinct

Captain Maria Chavez

Detective Elisa Maza

Detective Matt Bluestone

Officer Sara Jasper

Officer Morgan

Officer Tom O’Malley – partnered to Morgan. "When the Bough Breaks" part 2, "The Longest Day" part 1, The Waiting Game, "The Darkest Hour" part 2, "Something Old, Something New", Seeds of Change. -- Contingencies

Detective Murphy - "Razor's Edge" – partnered with Dave Halloran; both men are day shift.

Detective Dave Halloran - Razor's Edge, Aftermath part 1, Seeds of Change.

Detective Frank Bruckner and his partner, Detective Anne Ross. (Mention of Bruckner's wife Wendy.) ("The Witness")

Officer Eduardo Santiago – Sara Jasper’s partner after “Hammer and Shield”, he makes his first appearance in "Fallout" part 2, and his second in "Mutual Trust", during which he is shot - but not killed.

Officer Calvin Phelps - "Fallout" part 2 - Santiago's partner at the time. Retired shortly after, in mid-November of that year (1996).Officer Levin owed Jay Smith a favor over something involving his retirement party. ("Fealty"). Also mentioned in "The Witness".

Lt. Daniel Jensen - Elisa and Matt's contact in Organized Crime. Has brown hair. ("From the Heart")

Officer Tim Anderson – 23rd precinct officer (“Sacrifices” Part 1) - the man with whom Maggie's mother files the missing person's report. In "Fealty" as the cop whom Nicole St. John tries to interview after the botched raid on the Quarrymen Gargoyle-capturing venture.

Officer Fay Ackerman – cop working the phones at the 23rd precinct in "Hammer and Sheild". Dark hair, wears glasses.

Officer Linda Levin – covers dispatch, was on the night of the hostage crisis in "Hammer and Sheild". She was on again during "Fealty" - she's the clerk that Jay Smith calls in a favor from.

Larry Davison - mentioned by someone in the precinct during "Hammer and Sheild" - "he told me he and his partner would have been machine-gun bait if it hadn't been for this thing with wings" , and in "Turncoat" as the officer whom Elisa asks to ID a phone call source.

Rodney - someone Maguire is talking to in "Fealty".

A Bomb Squad from the 23rd precinct - "Things Fall Apart" part 2 - all eight died in the second Phoenix Rising bombing, the one on wall street. No names were given.

Elsie - crime scene photographer "Razor's Edge".

Martinelli - female - partnered with a sargeant. "Razor's Edge"

Officers Williams and Officer Thompson from Computer Forensics ("When the Bough Breaks")

Other Precincts

Peterson (Reprisals Part 1)- Forensics expert who examined the Quarry Hammers.

Officer Jim Clark – plainclothes cop with Organized Crime who comes to talk to Sharon Nomura’s parents about the Yakuza at the end of “Gaurdians".

Officer Ray Underwood – partnered with Jim Clark, introduced the same as him.

Hostage Team from “Hammer and Sheild”:
Det. P. Toman – on the hostage crisis
Det. Jen Bailey – another present at the hostage crisis
Officer Wilson – another cop at the crisis

Officer Allan and - Officer O'Shea NYPD officers working with the GTF to take out Quarrymen in "Hammer and Sheild"

E. Sinclair- large and slightly overweight rookie that George Harrison knocks out at the end of “Turncoat” to steal his uniform.

Detective-Sargent Winters - “The Rising” part 2"

Patrolman White - detailed to stand gaurd with ex-cop-turned-night-watchman Charlie in case the thief comes back to the jewelry store in "Nocturne".

Lt. Estrada - cop that catches Darien Montrose speeding at the end of "Lethe".

Haggerty - "Aftermath" part 1 - cop with the 14th precinct

Eric Jonesco - "Re-Emergence" part 1 - officer on the scene at the American Natural History Museum.



Jose Hablar- New York City Chief of Staff ("Fallout" Part 1) Seen on TV, giving a statement about the bombing and St. Damien's


Gargoyle Task Force

(original members)
Head of Task Force: Matt Bluestone of the 23rd precinct.

Steven Maguire from the 26th precinct -Maguire - mentioned in "Fallout" part 1, In "From The Heart" along with other, unnamed GTF members and support, Fealty. He was “a pain in the neck” – he was kicked off the force and then lost his badge during the events of “Fealty”.

Jay Smith from the 19th precinct - mentioned in "Fallout" part 1. Helped Maguire out with his hunch in "Fealty", and then in "Mutual Trust" he was revelaed to be the GTF's Quarrymen leak, was arrested, and assumedly dismissed from the police force. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes.

Miko Tanaka from the 31rst precinct - mentioned in "Fallout" Part 1. "Fealty" - nice guy. Smith and Maguire don't like him much.

Renee Hernandez from the 14th precinct - mentioned in "Fallout" Part 1. In "Fealty" - thinks that if gargs want to protect the city, they should go through training like everyone else.



(So far, this group's only appearance has been Season 1's "Turncoat")

Captain Webb- fire chief

Cameron Smith



Reilly - He's the one with the lock-picking talents who helps free Fang.