Jon Canmore, aka “Castaway"

Adam- Quarryman, has wound sustained from a gargoyle (Partnership, The Hunted) - Castaway’s assistant, tried to stop Elisa in ‘Partnership’, gray eyes and unruly black hair, a fairly young man, but a fanatical devotee of Castaway's.

Nancy- Quarrywoman (introduced in Hammer and Shield) Short. Wears her hair in a french braid.

Cecil – Quarryman, in charge of weapons (Introduced in “From the Heart”).

Nita (mother of Susan and Billy. her husband's name is Paul; he didn't know she was with the Quarryman.) – (Canon, "The Journey", "Partnership", “Mutual Trust”, TFA part 1 (on the radio).-- During "The Rising" part 2, she and her family get turned into sheep by Loki. As far as we know, they never were changed back.

Mr. Jackson – Quarryman speaker (Introduced in “From the Heart”)
Mr. Douglas – Quarryman (Introduced in “From the Heart”)

Candy – introduced in "Turncoat" . Later becomes a halfling.

Banquo and Fleance - mercenary pair who worked for Macbeth for years; were employed by Castaway. ("The Journey", The Hunted, Turncoat. They later appear working for Maddox in the last episode of Pendragon Season 1, "Quest's End".)

Art and Lois -canon, "Mutual Trust", "TFA" part 1, - canon recurring characters, and Quarrymen. with the group that Cohn leads to beat up Lexington that Maddox "rescues" him from. -- "The Rising" part 2.


Phoenix Rising ("probably no more than 30 members total, mostly working class and male, probably all former Quarrymen or people who had intended to join that movement.")

Robert Clifford- leader of Phoenix Rising. "Things Fall Apart" parts 1& 2.

Percy - member in "Things Fall Apart" part 1

Janine -Robert Clifford's girlfrind. Things Fall Apart, part 2