Xanatos Enterprises Employees

Owen Burnett

Vinnie Gregarino - (Canon), "The Journey", "Fallout" Part 2 --- "The Council" part 1 - now in Japan, working for the previously-mentioned-on-the-phone Mr. Takahashi)

Mr. Parker - a young security gaurd. ("Fallout" Part 2)

Mr. Takahashi, involved in a buy-out by Xanacorp ("Fallout" Part 2, on the phone with Owen). Also mentioned in "The Longest Day" part 1 as an associate of Maeve, the one who helped them get the hand of Nai-No-Kami

Mike and Morty - drivers for Xanacorp, were in charge of the shipment (Coyote 5.0) that Hyena and Jackal were paid by "David G." to hijack. ("Fallout" Part 2)

Tachi - security gaurd on duty with Vinnie in "Fallout" Part 2, in Japan, working for Mr. Takahashi

Jeremy Lang - Head of R&D for Xanatos Enterprises. "Reunions"

Dennis - member of the Robotics Division of Xanatos R&D. "Reunions"

Frank and Smitty - pit crew of Xanatos's working on the Steel Clan for the showing to the government prospects in "Reunions".

Card Walker - "Aftermath" part 1 - 2nd Duty Technician. - worked to fix Coldstone and Coldire

Daniels and Jackson - security gaurds Jackson is in the next story, SOSN, as well.

Olson - "Aftermath" part 2 - someone who works for XE. on the phone with Xanatos

Mrs. Hopper - "Aftermath" part 2 - Xanatos's Human Resources person. "She used to assist Owen occasionally with the domestic staff, so she'd know where the files are."

Dennis - "Aftermath" part 2 - Owen's own assistant.

Janet - "Aftermath" part 2 - XE secretary at the Eyrie Building

Phyllis - "Aftermath" part 2 - Xanatos's personal secretary

Sidney - "Aftermath" part 2 - A "smartly dressed young man with a smoothly shaved head, works a some clerical fo XE; apparently the "boss" of the typing pool."

Mr. Gutierrez - "Aftermath" part 2 - "has some files that need straightening out before his meeting with the head of R&D."

Wagner - "Aftermath" part 2 - A "powerfully built, dark-haired man in his thirties". Interviewed with Xanatos to take Owen's place as his personal assistant. -- "I want you to find justification to fire him," David said coolly. "Ambition is fine, in moderation, but he's after my job!"

Mr. Lockhorn - "Aftermath" part 2 - another member of the Senior Administrative staff

Bessie and Isabel - "Aftermath" part 2 - another two secretaries. Bessie : "I've been with Mr. L. (Lockhorn) for ten years and three departments."

Ms. Eugenia Vickers - "Aftermath" part 2 - another member of XE, and another person whome Nicole St. John tries to pass herself off as."Harvard, NYU, engineering is her life"

Stanley Albright - door gaurd ("Strange Bedfellows")

Harold Salunga - another Xanatos security gaurd, manning the front desk ("Lethe")


Dr. Christian Kelligrew- based at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland. The one Owen picked to lead Xanatos's expedition to Aeaea. ("To Restore Amends") While in Xanatos's employ during this time, he is not exactly an Employee of Xanatos Enterprises or any of its subsidiaries.