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Background Information

Not all of Madoc's followers were fay- some were human. The Minions are an Unseelie cult formed by an ex-professor from Oxford, Lucius Adrians, who had stumbled upon the existence of the Third Race through his extensive research in comparative mythology. When Adrians began to announce his discoveries to the world, he worried the Illuminati, who wanted the existence of the faerie-folk kept secret, to avoid frightening the public. (In particular, the Society was disturbed by Adrians' discovery that it's the fay who are really responsible for such phenomena as UFOs and crop circles, which the Illuminati are trying to blame on extra-terrestrials as a sort of "red herring" ploy - completely unaware of Nokkar's existence on Easter Island, I might add). They arranged for Adrians to be removed from his seat and his theories to be publicly discredited.

Adrians didn't take this too well, but it was not long afterwards when he made discreet contact with Madoc, then still known as Nicholas Maddox. The ex-professor had come to the conclusion that the Unseelie Court was going to easily take over the world and that there was no way to prevent it from doing so - so he decided to serve Madoc, figuring that that way he could get on the Unseelie Lord's good side. Madoc decided that Adrians could be very useful to him, and so accepted his services. He also helped the man gather together a group of "Unseelie cultists" who took on the name of the Minions, vowed to bringing about the "glorious ascendancy" of Lord Madoc over the entire world.

Other Minions include Eddie, Riggs, and Char. (see individual listings).


Lucius Adrians - Meet the Minions, referenced in "Offers", in "Triangles", "The Hawk and The Crow", Ploys, In The Blood, The Drowned City, Night of the Weird, The Darkest Hour part 1 -- "Giants in the Earth"

Lucius Adrians now stresses his first name as the Minions' leader, something that could get Arthur's attention after the Minions start to clash with him (one of his enemies during his reign as High King of Britain was a so-called Emperor of Rome named Lucius Hiberius, who tried to "re-annex" Britain for the Western Roman Empire but was defeated and slain by Arthur. It is quite likely that Lucius knows this and is deliberately evoking the memory of Emperor Lucius in his war with Arthur, fully aware of who his adversary really is). He views himself as Madoc's high priest and chief disciple, and dresses the part in sober black garments, the only splashes of color being a crimson mantle and a silver chain with a seven-pointed star, the traditional emblem of the Unseelie Court, hanging from it. Lucius has taken up magic and is quite skilled at it, perhaps approaching the level of the Archmage (the Archmage of the 10th century, that is, not the enhanced Archmage in "Avalon"). An aloof, austere person by temperament, who keeps himself apart in his townhouse, directing the Minions' activities. He believes himself to be of direct descent from a patrician Roman family that had dwelt in Britain during its occupation by the Empire and somehow preserved much of its heritage even after the departure of the legions and the subsequent conquest of the island by the Saxons, followed by the Normans. (Whether he is or not is uncertain). Even his surname evokes this, in its echo of "Hadrian" (as in the Emperor who built the famous Wall in the north of Britain).

EDDIE - Meet the Minions, Triangles, In The Blood, Night of the Weird -- Giants in the Earth, - One of the first to join the Minions. He figured it would be fun because it would give him the chance to terrorize London. He survived the organizations breakup and fled with Lucius and Char.
CHAR Aka Charlotte. - - Meet the Minions, Triangles, "The Hawk and The Crow", In The Blood, The Drowned City, Night of the Weird -- Giants in the Earth, - Char came from a very conservative well-to-do family, who tried to bring her up as a 'proper' young lady. She wanted nothing to do with that and was always getting in trouble. She joined the Minions because she felt it was the perfect chance to strike back at her upbringing. She earned the name Char due to the many cigarette burns on her wrists. Char survived the breakup of the Minions and fled with Lucius and Eddie. Voice: Eliza Dushku
RODNEY - Meet the Minions, Triangles, "The Hawk and The Crow", In The Blood, Night of the Weird, The Darkest Hour part 1.-- Dark Passions - One of the higher-ranking Minions during the Second Unseelie War. He and Char answered only to Lucius. He Riggs’ older brother.
RIGGS - Meet the Minions, Triangles, "The Hawk and The Crow", In The Blood. Became a Halfling, and then was killed by Angela in "In The Blood".
WILLIAM O’NEILL - "Triangles" - He was only a Minion for a brief period of time. He ran away from home after a fight with his father, and was looking for a place where he would be treated as an equal. He thought he would find that among the Minions, but didn’t. He left the group when Arthur persuaded him to, and was reunited with his family.
SAM: AKA Samantha. "Triangles" - She joined the Minions shortly before William O’Neill, but soon began to feel uneasy about their activities. When she refused to participate in their mayhem, they abandoned her to police capture.
JIMMY : mentioned in ""The Hawk and The Crow"

BLOGGS: mentioned in "Dark Passions"