Miscellaneous Pendragon Characters

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Season 1

Seyton- "The Return" - Macbeth's butler at his London Manor; has been paid off by Darien Montrose to call if Macbeth ever has any "unusual visitors".

Henry and Minnie Watkins - "The Return" - Minnie Watkins is Margot Yale's first cousin; she and her husband play a similar "annoying yuppie couple who are always in the way" role for Pendragon that the Yales do for Gargoyles. Minnie Watkins also appears in "Dragon's Wrath", as one of the much put-upon teachers in charge of watching over a large group of 7-year-olds on a field trip at Dinas Emrys. The pair also show up in Season 2's "Meet the Minions", "Night of the Weird" (which also features their grandchildren, Evan and Eliza),

James Compton - "The Goddess of Winter" part 3 - the owner of the "Camelot Gift Shop" at Tintagel.

Xavier Daniels - "The Ill-Made Knight" Parts 1-3 - caretaker of Bamburgh Castle ( aka Dolorous Garde, aka Joyous Garde)

Douglas Campbell- "Into the Woods" - from Highland Wilderness Tours at the Caledonian Forest in Pitlochry, Scotland. ""Since Captain Marter is one of my long-standing clients and has vouched for you." Also makes a cameo in Season 2's "My Lady Fair", and Season 3's "On Holiday" parts 1 and 2, where he meets the gargoyles face to face.

Lew Foster - "Into the Woods" - the local representative of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. "Since you're planning to hike the forest, it's necessary to register with him first." Also seen in "On Holiday" parts 1 and 2.

Seamus Maccabee, Harry, Angus MacDonald, and Francis - "Into the Woods" - several men illegally harvesting pine trees from the Caledonian Forest.

Harvey, Simon, and an unnamed man - "The Stone of Destiny" - moving the Stone of Destiny from it's current place back to Edinburgh.

Mark and Henry - "Mercenary" - two of Macbeth's students at a lecture in Scotland. Later referenced in the Gargoyles Season 1 story "Captive Pursuit".

James MacFergus - "Mercenary" - Macbeth's would-be assassin, set in place by Jon Castaway months back as an contingency plan. It's unclear whether he is simply a mercenary, as the title suggests, or if he sympathizes with the Quarryman cause. It seems to be a bit of both.

Sara -"Mercenary" - barmaid at the pub in a little village near Ercildoune that Arthur visits.

Janet - "The Watching Eye" - Jennifer's Camford's older cousin, married to a man named Alan and with at least two children. The two are close, despite Jennifer living in London and Janet living in Carmarthen.

Gytha and Esme - "The Watching Eye" - a pair of old women who run a small diner in Carmarthen where Arthur and Jennifer go for a meal.

Wendy - "Dragon's Wrath" - one of Minnie Watkins' students

Mr. Gulliver and Mrs. Henshaw - "Dragon's Wrath" - a pair of teachers who also work at the school Minnie Watkins works at.

Oscar and Bernard - "Dragon's Wrath" - Dr. Arminuis's heavies at Dinas Emrys, there to keep the site free of unwanted elements.

Janey - "The Tain" - young woman at the folklore seminar that Arthur talks to

Dr. Lillian Prescott - "The Tain" - Janey's thesis advisor, a speaker at the folkore convention on the subject of King Arthur.

Cory and Heather - "The Tain" - the two other musicians with Leba illegaly busking in the Dublin airport.

Roger Greene - "Quest's End" Morgana's assistant as college professor Morgana Cornish.


Season 2

Donald Meeks - "Meet the Minions" - civil servant with a tendancy to exaggerrate

Mr. Henry Cabot - "Signs and Portents" - owner of Wootsie, the rooster who layed the basilisk egg

Fred - "Signs and Portents" - Henry Cabot's nephew

W. Knowlton - "Signs and Portents" - Streatley-on-Thames veterinary surgeon (also in newspaper article as havign examined the rooster)

Peake, and Anson Sharp - "Signs and Portents" - Anson makes a reference to the Illuminati during his phone call with Peake. Peake is supposed to be kidnapping Wootsie

Edgar and Alice Chessingham -"Beginning Again" and referenced in "The Drowned City" - irksome pair of neighbors who come over to bother Arthur about his Business and about Emrys not being in school

Mr. Russel - "Beginning Again" - one of Merlin's teachers at Mons Carbi Comprehensive.

Bob and Linda - "Beginning Again" - a homeless man and woman at the shelter Leba is working at. Bob shows Leba the advert for "manual labor". These two are, I believe, the only ones not turned into Vampyres of the homeless people mentioned by name in this story. Bob also makes an appearance in Pen 3's "Ripper".

Bear - "The Yorkshire Adventure" - assistant to the Director of the movie that is being filmed in Yorkshire.

Gustav (Gusto to his friends) and Sunny - "The Yorkshire Adventure" - a husband-wife, animal training team. Friends of Dulcinea. Have a stable gig in New Zealand, but are picking up a little spare cash in their off-season.

Ron - "The Yorkshire Adventure" - stablehand, rides with Dulcinea and finds the stone barghests

Ashley - "The Yorkshire Adventure" - woman involved with cameras, apparently Ron's girlfriend. She gets a picture of a yellow barghest in the stables.

Mr. Martin Higginsbottom -"The Yorkshire Adventure" editor-in-chief of the local paper as well as the reporter of the Barghest article

MAD BARGHEST HUNTER MAN - "The Yorkshire Adventure" - supposedly shows up later as a man named "Selden" working for Morgana in Pen Season 4, but he's currently in Darien Montrose's pay.

William O'Neil - "Triangles" - a boy pickpocket in London who gets caught up with the minions, but Arthur and Rory convince him that his dad does actually care about it and he goes home. Referenced in Pen 3 "Iris, Lily, and Rose" part 1.

Mr. O'Neil - "Triangles" - William's father. Referenced in Pen 3 "Iris, Lily, and Rose" part 1.

Roger Wynn - "The Hawk and The Crow" and "Ploys"- Headmaster at Mons Carbi Comprehensive, where Merlin goes to school.

Mr. Hill - "The Hawk and The Crow" - English Teacher at Mons Carbi Comprehensive; takes excpetion to many of Merlin's veiws, especially about Shakespeare.

Livvy and Thomas - "Ploys" - two children stuck on a damaged ferris wheel at an amusement park that Merlin and Corbie are at.

Andrew Cummings - "In The Blood" - Patron at a pub near the Epping forest. Summons the others to come see the magic Merlin has wrought.

Mr. Broadbent - "Night of the Weird" - The manager of The Cumberland Hotel. He knows "Mrs. Fisher" (Danu), who apparently patronizes this hotel well enough that she has a "usual suite".

Sandra - "Night of the Weird" - Leba's co-worker at the Spencer-Windsor Shelter for the Homeless-- ""I really appreciate this, Leba. I need to track down Arnold Stewart. He's diabetic and normally he's good about coming in for his shot but he's late today."

Arnold Stewart -"Night of the Weird" - old diabetic homeless man who trawls through Hyde Park, and tries to catch a basilisk this night. It kills him.

John and Marjorie Hathaway - "Seeds of Change"

Alfie and Bertie - "Seeds of Change" - men that Braddock interviews over his suspicion that Arthur Penington is "The Connection". They both have been paid to lie to make it look as though Arthur is "The Connection".


Season 3

Alan Paterson and Mike Crampin - "Curse of Rivencroft" - two people referenced as visiting Rivencroft, and having black-outs there.

Finch, Morgan, Adams, and Perkins - "The Reluctant Thief" - masked men who had attacked Jane Nelson

Henry Nelson - "The Reluctant Thief" and "My Angel Brianna" - abusive hsuband of Jane Nelson.

Batraz - "The Sleepers" - the leader and one of twelve Roman Cavalry put under sleep back in their heyday and then awakened by Morgana to go after Arthur.

Mr. Boothsby - "My Angel Brianna" - head librarian at Jane Nelson's place of work

Felicia - mentioned in "Iris, Lily, and Rose" part 2 - friend, wife, or girlfriend of Sergeant Winslow

Christie, and a mention of her friend Sothersby - "Iris, Lily, and Rose" part 2

Gargrave - "The Once and Future King" parts 1 and 2 - Sefton family Butler

Sophia - "The Once and Future King" part 1 - Sefton family cook/serving maid


Season 4