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Vampyres are name for the London-based Unseelie Halflings. They are generally like their American counterparts, except that some are like their namesakes, the vampires, in that they drink blood to survive. "The Vampyres" make an appearance in "Beginning Again", "Ploys" and "Night of the Weird".


(All mentioned first in "Beginning Again"): "Charlie. Danny Boy. Willy. Tenhausen. Samuel. Flynt. Old Fred. Priss. Sandra. Sarah."
CHARLIE - One of the first to become a Vampyre when Sevarius and Garlon set up operations in London. Formerly a friend of Leba's.

RIGGS - He joined the Minions at the same time as Eddie and Char. After failing to capture Emrys Hawkins, Riggs volunteered to become a Vampyre to better serve the Dark Lord. He is later incinerated by Angela.

JACK - "Ripper" - A Vampyre whom was driven insane by what he was. He felt it was his duty to destroy the dark ones after the end of the Second Unseelie War. He took the name Ripper and began a series of murders, first going after his fellow Vampyres. His ultimate goal was to purge the Earth of all that have been touched by the Fay (Not only those who are Fay or associate with Fay like King Arthur, but even someone who would have given Anastasia Renard directions).

One of his special powers was to make people experience their worst fears.

Jack is currently incarcerated in an Illuminati compound, being forced to see his own worst fears.

WINSTON EXHAM - "Ripper" - A Vampyre murdered by Jack the Ripper at the age of 37. He had a terrible fear of rats.