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The Avalon Clan is located on the magical island of Avalon.   They share Avalon with the Seelie Court - members of the 3rd race allied with Oberon.

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This information was compiled by Daniel Paul Hightower during July 2002.   Hopefully, information will be updated as new stories are published involving the Avalon clan.

Overview of Avalon Clan History Through September 1999


A Viking raid with help from the Captain was succesfull in attacking a castle in Ussex, Scotland, massacring most of the gargoyles who protected the castle during the daytime.   Fortunately, the eggs of that clan surived unharmed.   Princess Katherine; a young boy named Tom; Mary, Tom's mother; and Magus transported the eggs away from the castle.   After a long trek, they arrive at King Kenneth's fortress.   A banquet is held in Katherine's honor; the king lauds her bravery and determination.   The dashing Lord Constantine toasts Katherine as well, earning an angry look from the Lady Finella, seated at the King's left.   Later, Finella and Constantine await the arrival of the king.   Kenneth soon arrives, but before Finella can utter so much as a word to him, Constantine leaps from the shadows and murders King Kenneth with a dagger.   Constantine's forces lost no time establishing his authority, imprisoning all those who refused to swear fealty to him.   Katherine is imprisoned in her chambers with Mary.   Chalvim soon dispatches the guard and opens the room, admitting the Magus and a miserable Tom.   Chalvim advocates immediate escape; he is pursued by Constantine's men.   Katherine refuses--her duty to the eggs is of the greatest importance.   She needs time to move them.   Katherine tells Chalvim to flee, and the prince does so to preserve his life.   She offers the same option to the Magus, Mary and Tom, but they loyally choose to remain.

The next day, at Constantine's coronation, Katherine is forced to swear fealty to the new king.   Constantine then announces his plans to take the princess as his queen.   Finella, looking on from the crowd, flees in tears; Katherine is outraged.   Constantine gestures to the stables, remarking upon thirty-six excellent reasons to cooperate.   He retreats into the castle.   The princess speaks with her friends, and the Magus reveals an idea to rescue the eggs and themselves.   That night, the Magus uses illusion to disguise the Gargoyle eggs as broken crockery. Tom takes them in a cart down to the docks.   The Magus then conversely makes broken pottery look like Gargoyle eggs, and he, Mary, and Katherine begin to place the decoys in the stables.   a suspicious Constantine arrives just as they finish, but he is fooled. &nbps In Katherine's chambers, Tom returns to report that the eggs are on the boats.   Katherine fears to go; Constantine will hunt her.   The Magus reassures her that he can take her past the ends of the earth.   Mary arrives then, with Lady Finella on her heels.   She has arranged a secret meeting with Constantine.   At that meeting, Finella secretly serves Constantine a sleeping potion, buying time for the conspirators to escape with the eggs.   Three boats depart in the night, bearing the Magus, Tom, Mary, Katherine, Finella, and the eggs.

The Magus incants a spell from the Grimorum which will bring the travelers to Avalon--the spell can be used from any body of water.   The landscape dims around the boats, and they soon approach an ornate barge upon which the Weird Sisters stand.   The guardians of Oberon's island, they prevent any magic but Avalon's from entering.   Tom impulsively defies them.   The Sisters, annoyed, enwrap themselves in sorcery, stirring the waves and enlarging themselves immensely.   They hurl green fire down at the Magus, but he shields himself with the Grimorum and turns their magic back upon them; they are turned to a trio of barn owls.   They dive angrily at the Magus, but he bats them away with the boating-pole.   The Sisters are forced to fly off.   Katherine is overjoyed at the Magus's success, but the Magus is reserved.   He cannot enter Avalon with the Grimorum.   Catherine persuades him to leave the Grimorum; he does not need it, for he is her friend.   Finella volunteers to take the book back and protect it from Constantine.   Mary decides to go back with her.   After a sad parting with Tom, Mary and Finella depart, and the Magus, Tom and Katherine sail with the eggs toward Avalon.


Avalon Clan hatched, according to Greg Weisman.

Between November and December 1995

The Avalon clan awakens from their stone sleep and are immediately attacked.   The Weird Sisters, Demona and Macbeth and the Archmage storm the castle and injure many gargoyles, but the Archmage stops and gives them the night to make their piece, but come the dawn he will be back to destroy them all.   Tom leaves to get help.   Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx are taken to Avalon by a grown up Tom.   There, Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx learn that Goliath's rookery eggs indeed hatched and are full grown.   Shortly after arriving, they are attacked by the Archmage who tells them that they will die at dawn.   Afterward, Goliath & company travel to the main castle at Avalon.   The Magus says if they don't succeed in winning the Archmage's battle before sunrise, that they will lose the battle altogether.   Goliath looks at Elisa and says they can fight Demona and Macbeth.   They have done it before.   But that they need help in defeating the Archmage and asks the Magus for help.   The Magus considers himself worthless without the Grimorum, but Princess Katherine tells him he is not.   Goliath decides that taking the Gate and the Eye will level the playing field but he says to Elisa to come up with a backup plan in case theirs doesn't work.   He takes Angela and Gabriel wth him and as he leaves, Elisa asks the others to tell her about the Sleeping King.   Then Goliath, Angela and Gabriel head to confront the Archmage.   They are defeated by the Archmage and retreat.   Meanwhile, Elisa and Magus awaken the sleeping king and bring him to the palace.   Afterwards, they split up who takes on whom.   Goliath and Angela will take on the Archmage.   Magus will take on the Wierd Sisters.   Everyone else will stay behind under the leadership of King Arthur to protect the wounded.   King Arthur ends up fighting Macbeth while everyone else takes on Demona.   Goliath manages to defeat the Archmage by removing the eye and thus the Grimorum Arcanorum destroyed the Archmage since he couldn't control it.   Magus defeated the Wierd Sisters by binding them with iron changes.   King Arthur beat Macbeth and Princess Katherine managed to take out Demona with a gun.   Afterwards, all parties learned the truth about Demona and Macbeth.   Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx left Avalon with Angela while King Arthur left Avalon on his own.

Between January 22 and July 9, 1996

Jade and Turquesa traveled to Avalon to transplant trees from the rainforest to Avalon to ensure their surival.

Between January 22 and July 9, 1996

Oberon, Titania, and the Wierd Sisters returned to lay claim to the island.   Oberon agreed to restrict his powers to give Goliath & the Avalon clan a chance at earning their ability to stay.   By forging a bell made from the iron chains, the Avalon clan was able to defeat Oberon and stay on Avalon.   In return, Oberon made Goliath's clan his honor guard over Avalon and immune to Oberon's magic.   Oberon announced it was time for the Gathering of his children.

July 9, 1996

Oberon gathered all members of the Seelie Court back to Avalon.

October 21-November 1, 1996

The Avalon clan looked on at the events of Goliath's clan.

February 14, 1998

Gabriel left Avalon to visit the Manhattan clan to give Angela a gift where she could look in on the Avalon clan. Gabriel learned he was the child of Coldstone and Coldfire.   Gabriel gave Angela an object which would allow her to look in on the Avalon clan.   Assumedly, Gabriel went back to Avalon.

May 30-June 1, 1999

The Avalon clan went to the Eyrie Building in order to attend Angela's wedding.   Desdemona and Othello went to Avalon to spend time with the Avalon clan.

First week of September 1999

Gabriel and Ophelia represented the Avalon Clan at the 1st Gargoyle World Council.

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Brief Biographies of known members of the Avalon Clan

Avalon Clan

The Avalon clan are the biological descendants of Goliath's clan; therefore, this is only a listing the names of members of the clan that have appeared in a story.


leader of the Avalon clan.   delegate to the 1st Gargoyle World Council.


mate of Gabriel.   2nd in command of the Avalon clan.   delegate to the 1st Gargoyle World Council.


gargoyle dog


member of the Avalon clan


member of the Avalon clan


member of the Avalon clan


member of the Avalon clan


member of the Avalon clan


member of the Avalon clan

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