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Location of the Chinese clan: Directly north of Beijing in the Great Kninghan Range there is an isolated lake that feeds the Xar Moron He river. This area is not touched by road or railways and has only one town, Hexigten, within fifty miles. On the run from the populated lower elevations the gargoyles headed for where they knew there was not human incursion at the time. It has stayed untouched for all the decades since the cultural revolution.

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This information was compiled by Daniel Paul Hightower during June 2002.   Hopefully, information will be updated as new stories are published involving the Chinese clan.

Overview of Chinese Clan History Through November 1999


During the Chinese cultural revolution, the chinese gargoyles were slaughtered by Maoists.   Consequently, the Chinese clan was forced to go into hiding in order to surive. This event had a profound influence on the way the Chinese clan views humans.

April 29-30, 1999

The Unseelie attacked the Chinese clan.

First week of September 1999

Delegates from the Chinese clan attended the first Gargoyle World Council.

November 27-29, 1999

Mei Hsing and Chiang Yun visited the Manhattan clan.   Mei Hsing lied to Goliath about him not being able to attend future meetings of the Gargoyle World Council if he married Elisa Maza.   Goliath agreed, not knowing that he was lied to. After that, Mei Hsing and Chiang Yun left.

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Brief Biographies of known members of the Chinese Clan

The Chinese Clan is a full clan, having more than 20 members.   Therefore, this is only a listing of members of the Chinese clan who have appeared in a story.

Mei Hsing

female.   leader of Chinese clan.   distrustfull of humans and very reserved.   willing to lie to further her own goals.

Chiang Yun

female.   2nd in command of the Chinese clan.   distrustfull of humans and very reserved.

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