TGS Guide to the Labyrinth Clan

The Labyrinth Clan is located in the Labyrinth in the underground of New York City.

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This information was compiled by Daniel Paul Hightower during July 2002.   Hopefully, information will be updated as new stories are published involving the Labyrinth clan.

Overview of History of the Labyrinth clan Through September 1999

Between January and October 1995

Derek Maza (future Talon) starts to work for David Xanatos.

Between January and October 1995

Maggie, Fang, and Claw are willingly turned into mutates.   Derek Maza gets shot deliberately with a tranquilizer to turn him into a mutate and takes on a new name as "Talon".   Elisa Maza learns the truth, and sobs at the results.   David Xanatos blames the gargoyles on the loss of the cure.   Sevarius supposedly "dies".

Between November and December 1995

The mutates have started living in the Eyrie Building.   The mutates discover the truth about Xanatos and move out.   Talon gets reintroduced to his family and his family learns the truth.

Between January 2 and January 21, 1996

The mutates have moved into the Labyrinth, the abandoned location of Cyberbiotics underground facilities and have decided to protect the homeless living there.   Brooklyn visits to tell Talon that Elisa, Goliath, and Bronx have disappeared, and stops Fang from robbing a homeless man.   While Talon goes off to question Xanatos about their disappearance, Fang discovers a small weapons cache and with help uses it to take over the Labyrinth and imprison Maggie.   When Talon returns, he frees Maggie, but gets imprisoned by Fang.   Maggie goes off to get help from the gargoyles.   Brooklyn and the rest of the clan head off to rescue Talon.   Fang and his crew fight the Gargoyles to a draw and during the fight Brooklyn gets the key to rescue Talon.   Fang offers to let the Gargoyles go if they take Maggie with them.   Brooklyn agrees, hands Maggie the key, and tells her to say bye to Talon.   Maggies does so and frees Talon so that he can get Fang.   Talon captures Fang, places him in a holding cell, and takes over leadership of the Labyrinth.   Talon declares weapons banned from the Labyrinth.

Mid July through October, 1996

Goliath's clan manages to capture Demona and need a place to keep her locked up so they take her to the Labyrinth.   They make a deal with Talon to watch both Fang and Demona at night, and Talon watches both Fang and Demona during the day.   While Demona is in prison, she sends mosquitos to acquire DNA samples of the gargoyles. Sevarius makes clones of the each member of Goliath's clan (except Goliath, because Thailog is there) while Demona is in prison.   Thailog breaks Demona out and Fang goes with them.   Thailog leads the gargoyles to an ambush where they have to fight their clones while Fang takes on Talon.   All the gargoyles manage to get captured, but Demona frees them when Thailog threatens to kill Angela. Then, Thailog introduces Deliliah and they fight again. This time, Thailog and Demona fight each other and Fang fights Talon while the gargoyles use teamwork to defeat the clones. It appears as though both Thailog and Demona perished in an explosion.   The clones have nowhere to go because the gargoyles don't want them in the clocktower with them so Talon takes them into his clan, promising to teach them.

November 4, 1996

David Xanatos contacted Halcyon Renard about setting up a foundation to aid the mutates in the search for a way to undo their mutation.   Halcyon Renard agreed.

November 11-13, 1996

Hudson started teaching the clones how to read, while Talon's parents were signing papers to get funding set up for the Labyrinth.

November 27-30, 1996

The gargoyles went down to the Labyrinth for a Thanksgiving meal with the clones.   They agreed to meet once a week to eat in the Labyrinth.   Saeko Nomura (Sharon) moved into the Labyrinth to escape Japanese organized crime.

December 8-11, 1996

Dr. Daniel Goldblum was brought in to research a way to undo the mutation done to the clones.   Claw was shot while protecting Sharon's family from Japanese organized crime.   Sharon willingly became a mutate to deal with the threats to her family.

Between December 12 and December 19, 1996

Talon, Maggie, and Fang went to rescue people when a multistory building caught on fire.   Fang had a security device on him so he couldn't leave two far from Talon, but a locksmith removed it so Fang of "TurnCoat"

December 20-25, 1996

The gargoyles, and the Xanatos family celebrated Solstice down in the Labyrinth with the clones and mutates.

Between April 25 and August, 1997

The city was being bombed by terrorists wanting to remove gargoyles.   Talon managed to find a bomb and call the bomb squad in.   Unfortunately, Hollywood picked up one of the bomb's and took off with it.   The bomb exploded while Hollywood was carrying it off and Hollywood was badly injured.

Between October 1 and 28, 1997

The mutates and the clones showed up to help Goliath and his clan deal with Maddox and Maeve. Their arrival convinced the Unseelie to leave because of being overwhelmed.

October 29-31, 1997

There was a Halloween party in the Labyrinth.

June 2, 1998

The Unseelie attacked the Labyrinth. Hollywood, Burbank, and Maggie were injured.  Umbriel managed to end the attack on the Labyrinth by setting up an explosion that made it look like the Labyrinth clan had been killed.

June 18-20, 1998

The mutates searched for the halfing that bit Broadway.

October 26, 1998

The mutates pulled an extra patrol in case of an unseelie attack.

February 1999

Maggie, Sharon, and Deliliah helped with defeating the spell that incapicated the men in NYC.

Between March 14 and 31, 1999

Talon and Maggie got married.   The mutates helped the gargoyles shut down the location where new unseelie halfings were being made.

April 29-30, 1999

The Labyrinth clan was attacked after Madoc discovered there suriver's from the last Unseelie attack.

May 1-3, 1999

The mutates attended the memorial service for Owen, who later was determined to be alive.

May 30 - June 1, 1999

The mutates and clones attended Broadway and Angela's wedding in the Eyrie Building.

June 13-15, 1999

The mutates foiled an attempt by the Japanese organized crime to steal weapons from Nightstone Unlimited.

Mid-July 1999

Brooklyn was shot and taken to the Labyrinth for medical attention.

Mid-August 1999

Maggie, Talon, and Claw were captured along with several members of Goliath's clan.   Sharon got involved to find them.   Eventually, Sharon, Elisa, and Brooklyn's kids were able to free the rest of the prisoners so they could fight their way to freedom.

First week of September 1999

Deliliah attended the 1st Gargoyle World Council as a representative of the Labyrinth clan.

November 27-29, 1999

The mutates and the clones attended Goliath and Elisa's wedding.

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Brief Biographies of known members of the Labyrinth Clan

The Mutates

All of the mutates except Sharon were created by David Xanatos.


known to his immediate family as Derek Maza.   He is Elisa Maza's brother.   He was a helicopter pilot for the New York City Police Department.   David Xanatos offered him a job as bodyguard which he accepted.   Afterwards, he was shot with mutagen.

Maggie Reed

She used to live in Ohio.   married Talon.


formerly Theodore West.   Claw was actually a college student studying science, genetics in particular.   He is also adept at technological gadgets, much like Lexington.   During his college days, he was under the tutilage of Dr. Anton Servarius.   Claw admired Servarius's breakthroughs in genetics and his persistence for trying the impossible.   He was admitted as an assistant to Servarius, who saw Claw as a future guinea pig rather than a partner.   When Xanatos hired Servarius to create the mutates, he chose Claw as the first test subject.   Claw was overjoyed and disregarded the possible effects and the purpose of the experiment.   The end result was his mutation.

Claw saw what he had become and wanted to kill Servarius for making him a freak.   However, he knew that Servarius had a cure and abstained from harming him.   Still unable to control his powers, he almost killed a lab assistant with his electric touch.   Ever since, the fear of what he has become haunts Claw.   When he noticed that his normal voice became much, much deeper, he refrained from speaking, since even he was afraid of the sound he uttered.   He also does this to keep his past hidden, since he would be seen as a fool if he ever told anyone of how he became this way.

Claw is naturally a timid man.   He is afraid of altercations and will only fight when bullied or when he is convinced it is the right thing to do.   He seeks kindness and fairness from all and loves his current job of helping out the homeless in The Labyrinth.   But he also has a secret desire to transform back into a human being.   If Talon was not so strong in convincing and Fang not so overpowering, he would have gladly taken the supposed cure that was offered earlier ago, when Goliath kidnapped Servarius.   His desire for normalcy, despite his newfound purpose, is what drives Claw.   Although he won't go about finding the cure through violent means, he will certainly take the opportunities given that promise a cure.


formerly Steve Fisher.   He attempted to take over the Labyrinth and was put in a prison cell.   Later, he escaped from the Labyrinth during the events of "Turncoat" and hasn't been seen since.


Sharon Nomura ran away to escape from being married to a member of the Japanese mafia.   She willingly became a mutate in order to stop that man and protect her family.

The Clones

The clones were made by Demona and Thailog from the existing Manhattan clan.


Lexington's clone.


Broadway's clone.


Brooklyn's clone.


Hudson's clone.


cloned from a mixture of Elisa Maza's DNA and Demona's DNA.   the brightest of the clones.   attended the 1st Gargoyle World Council as a representative of the Labyrinth clan.

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