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This information was compiled by Daniel Paul Hightower during July 2002.   Hopefully, information will be updated as new stories are published involving the London clan.

Overview of London Clan History Through November 1999


Brooklyn & Sata timedanced to Paris, France during the French Revolution.   The French clan was almost extinguished due to human violence.   Brooklyn and Sata met Etolie, the only surving member of the French clan.   They fought their way to get the eggs from the French clan out of the city.   Brooklyn, Sata, and Etolie put the eggs on a barge and floated them to England, while avoiding being attacked.   While still in France, they met with gypsies who helped them travel overland with the eggs.   Then, they took a boat to London.   Once in London, the group met with the London clan and managed to get Etolie and the eggs under the care of the London clan.   Brooklyn and Sata saw the eggs from the French clan hatch before timedancing out.

10th Century

The London clan fled northward to escape persecution.   They had to move long and hard.   Unfortunately, they left the gargoyle beasts behind.   When the clan returned to England, they found some of the beasts.   But when they heard stories of ghost hounds on the moors, they figured there were survivors.   Times being what they were, they couldn't venture far to collect them.


Goliath uses the Phoenix Gate to travel back in time to prevent Griff from dying during the World War II.   He mets Una and Leo in the process.   Goliath encourages Griff to help out in the war, explaining that human problems quickly become gargoyle problems.   Goliath takes Griff to the future to keep Griff from dying after Goliath sees Griff can't return home during the war.


Una finally accepts the fact that Griff is gone.

Between January 22 and July 9, 1996

Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Bronx arrive in London and met Una and Leo.   Una and Leo thought Goliath brought Griff to Griff's demise during the war by encouraging Griff to help out.   Una casts a spell on Goliath & company to put Goliath & company to sleep so Leo and Una can make Goliath feel the way Leo and Una felt about losing Griff.   Goliath awakens and uses the Phoenix Gate to travel back in time to save Griff.   Meanwhile, Leo and Una manage to realize that it wasn't Goliath's fault that Griff didn't return.   Moments later, Goliath shows up with Griff and Griff, Una, and Leo are reunited.   Leo, Una, and Griff start patrolling London.

Between January 22 and July 9, 1996

Griff, while on patrol, runs across King Arthur.   King Arthur and Griff get taken to NYC where King Arthur is supposed to find Excalibur.   There, they meet Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington.   They met the Lady of the Lake who tests King Arthur before giving the last bit of the location of Excalibur: The Hedge Maze in the Brooklyn Botantical Gardens and Macbeth overhears the whole thing and decides to interfere.   Hudson, Brookly, Broadway, and Lexington handle Macbeth's henchmen while King Arthur and Griff make their way to claim Excalibur.   After competing with Macbeth, King Arthur draws Excalibur from a dragon and makes Griff his 1st modern knight.

Between January 22 and July 9, 1996

Macbeth took King Arthur and Griff back to London.   Griff took King Arthur to meet the modern Gargoyle clan.   We learn that King Arthur had an alliance with the gargoyles during his original rein and they helped out in many battles.   We, also, learned Mordred used this alliance against King Arthur to gain support for Mordred.   The Illuminati and Darien Montrose learn the location of the London clan's hideaway.

Between August and November, 1996

While searching for Merlin, King Arthur and Griff stumbled across the Scottish clan. Assumedly, Griff told members of the London clan about the discovery of the Scottish clan.

November 21, 1997

Merlin was shown the location of the London clan.   The London clan was warned about the return of the Unseelie Court.   The London clan starts taking up patrols of London in preparation for the coming of the new Unseelie Court.

December 22, 1997

King Arthur & Merlin head to Yorkshire, Great Britain to investigate the legends of the "barghests of yorkshire" and we learn the backstory of these beasts. They were descendants of gargoyle beasts who were abandoned because the London clan didn't have time to take the beasts with the clan when the clan fled to avoid persecution.   Some of the gargoyle beasts were taken by the London clan.

February 4, 1998

Members of the London Clan travel to the Scottish clan to visit.   Some of those members get captured by the Illuminati, but ended being freed with help from the Scottish clan.   An alliance is formed between the London clan and the Scottish clan.

April 1-2, 1999

Volunteers from the London clan arrived to help out because things were so bad in London one night.   The London police did not intervene when the gargoyles arrived to help, and the official report about that night's events leaves out the mention of gargoyles.

April 29-30, 1999

Minions and Vampyres attacked London and the London clan intervened, resulting in some casulties and several injuried gargoyles.

Between July 1 and July 29, 1999

King Arthur & company, along several members of the London clan, visited the Scottish clan to help with recovery from the Unseelie attack.   By this time, members of the London have visited the Scottish clan a few times since King Arthur and company last visited.   Caspian and Rosiland became mates.

First week of September 1999

Michael, leader of the London clan, attended the 1st Gargoyle World Council.

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Brief Biographies of known members of the London Clan

The London Clan is a full clan, having more than 20 members; however this is still only a listing of members of the London clan who have appeared in a story.


Leo & Una's oldest son (golden unicorn).   a practicing sorceror, recently graduated from his apprenticeship with Una.   Eloped with Rosalind (pink/white owl/cat mix) in Caledonia.   Can sense magic through his horn.   Good with children, possibly serves the clan as a teacher.


Leo & Una's daughter (white lion/gold hair/freckles).   just starting on her warrior's training, Lucy is already showing signs of leadership and Michael is keen to develop this by giving her extra responsiblities from time to time.   She is highly computer literate and has an enthusiastic 'Net friend in the states named Graeme who she met through their love of "Super Cyborg Assault Armadillos."   To date, neither of them knows that the other is a gargoyle.   Has a pet garg beast, Ranger, a male.


Leo & Una's youngest son (golden lion).   just a hatchling.   Lucy likes to call him "Wart."


(brown eagle) current leader of the London clan, widower, hatchling daughter Victoria.   Michael is Griff's younger brother, orphaned by the London Blitz and raised by the clan.   He and his brother have made an effort to be more of a family but it is sometimes difficult to go against tradition.   He is trying to be a good father to Victoria and spends what time he can with her.


(walrus) the other candidate to become the new SIC of the London clan   (Griff is the other); he is one of Michael's rookery brothers and is very conservative and bookish.   A steady fellow.


(owl/cat mix) mated to Caspian after a stormy courtship.   An artist since childhood, her paintings are sold by Mrs. Marter to help support the clan.


member of Lucy's rookery.   (scruffy black terrier dog) a city-wise garg who dresses straight out of the rag bag.   Thinks nothing of going into London on his own.   Lucy's SIC among their rookery.   Constantly teasing Dorcas but actually likes her.


member of Lucy's rookery.   largest male and thus the most polite and well-mannered.


member of Lucy's rookery.   (pocket dragon) smallest male, at the moment, but will have a tremendous growth spurt in the coming years.   Shy, sweet demeander.   Has a pet garg beast, Treacle, a female.


member of Lucy's rookery.   (stag) related to Cervus, possibly a younger brother.   Newly accepted as Una's new apprentice due to his unusual knack of 'finding things' and an increasing magical ability.


member of Lucy's rookery.   (falcon) related to Falconbridge and Perry   fastest flyer, well-mannered.


member of Lucy's rookery.   (badger) -- grand daughter of Brock, the clan's recordkeeper.   Bookish, shy and recently accepted as one of Amanda's new healer apprentices.   (note: all gargs receive some basic first aid training as part of their warrior training; only a few are selected for more medical training.)


(marmalade cat) daughter of Remus and Tabitha (deceased)   Prim, precocious, a spoiled brat, that's what Dorcas is, plain and simple.   She's the best tracker, the best dresser, and knows it.   Constantly fighting with Lucy.   Tolerates Dodger.   Would really like an unlimited charge card of her own.

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