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Location of the Persian clan: originally planned to be above the Hindu Kush roads that stradle northeast Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and Northwest India.   the location was shifted west, to the middle of the Zagros Mts. in central Iran.

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This information was compiled by Daniel Paul Hightower during June 2002 and updated in October 2000.   Hopefully, information will be updated as new stories are published involving the Persian clan.

Overview of Persian Clan History Through November 1999

April 29-30, 1999

The Unseelie attacked the Persian clan.   Darius managed to capture druj, monsters of the Unseelie after the battle.

First week of September 1999

Delegates from the Persian clan attended the first Gargoyle World Council.   Darius attempted to take over the Gargoyle World Council by using the drug, but was stopped.   Consequently, Darius was banished from the Persian clan. He disappeared from the scene, taking the druj with him.

November 27-29, 1999

Tamora visited the Manhattan clan.   Tamora was offered as a choice for Goliath to mate, but Goliath turned her down.   Afterwards, Tamora decided to stay in Manhattan as an ambassador for the Persian clan.

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Brief Biographies of known members of the Persian Clan

The Persian Clan is a full clan, having more than 20 members.   Therefore, this is only a listing of members of the Persian clan who have appeared in a story.


female. delegate to the Gargoyle World Council. Tamora's mate to be died during the attack by the Unseelies. brief bio


male.   delegate to the Gargoyle World Council. a socrerer, specializing in necromancy.   Darius tried to take over the Gargoyle World Council by using the druj, but was stopped and he was banished from the Persian clan for that act.   He disappeared from the scene, taking the druj with him.

Darius is a necromancer, and a skilled one at that.   While he might have a charm or two to do things like throw fireballs, the bulk of his training and magic have to do with communicating with and summoning the dead, or with the application of death and decay on living objects.   And don't start thinking of a D&D-ish necromancer, who can summon legions of animated zombies and skeletons to fight for him; while Darius might be able to do that, it would require days or weeks of preparation, special spell components, and would utterly drain him.

For the most part, Darius is simply able to speak with the dead and gain knowledge from them.   He can summon ghosts if he feels like it and force them to do his bidding, but that rquires a fair amount of preparation as well.   I would imagine the kinds of spell components he'd use would be things like ash, bones, and some article of the deceased's (if he was trying to summon and bind a particular ghost).   His spells and magic would be disturbing and mystical in nature, with the air of a seance or visiting Dracula's castle, rather than a lot of pyrotechnics and strange words flung about.


male.   leader of the Persian clan.

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