There are a few things that need to be established now that The Gargoyles Saga and all subsequent spin-offs (TimeDancer, The Dark Ages, Pendragon) are being released to the internet public.  Please understand our wants and needs.  Thank you.


All the characters appearing in Gargoyles and Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles are copyright Buena Vista Television/The Walt Disney Company. No infringement of these copyrights is intended, the project is not authorized by the copyright holder, and is totally non-profit. The stories we are developing are by and for fans of Gargoyles, out of our love of the series.  Consequently, all other characters not from the original series or The Goliath Chronicles are the intellectual property of the hard working men and women of the TGS staff.  All rights reserved.


It is inevitable that our characters and story arcs will be used in independent fanfic in the near future.  If you plan to do an independent fanfic involving our characters and/or story arcs, please give credit to the TGS staff by mentioning us in your disclaimer.  This is all we ask.  Also, keep in mind that we are not permitted to look at any independent fanfic that uses our characters.  Therefore, you cannot suggest that a character of your creation be used in future episodes of TGS and/or it's subsequent spin-offs.  We also cannot reveal any plot threads for the future of TGS, so don't even try to ask us for hints on what the future will hold.

Also, if you are a fanfic writer and are not involved with the writing process of TGS in any way, please do not be upset if you see an idea of yours in a TGS episode and wonder where your credit is.  As a rule, the staff of TGS does not look at or refer to any fanfics when formulating ideas for any episodes for the series.  If you happen to see an idea of yours or an element you used in a fanfic used in a TGS episode or in a spin-off episode, then please consider it mere coincidence and nothing more.  The last thing we all need (all refering to the staff, the fanfic writers, and the fans) is a fight concerning idea use.


This project was created in Febuary of 1997 with the intentions of following the Master Plan provided by Greg Weisman, creator of the original series.  However, Mr. Weisman is not directly involved with The Gargoyles Saga or it's subsequent spin-offs in any way, shape, or form.  Therefore, please do not assume that we have direct contact with Mr. Weisman because we do not.  Besides, he can't legally look at or give ideas specifically for this series and it's spin-offs.  Due to the time lag involved in the planning/ writing process Mr. Weisman's current revelations about what might have been on Gargoyles may differ from our own vision. We hope you understand the complex nature of the creative process and enjoy our spin on events.

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