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The TGS CR is a place where fans of TGS and Gargoyles gather to casually discuss a wide variety of things. Content and conduct is regulated. See the primer and rules for details. This section was last updated 3-9-2009.


Full - Avatars alongside text posts.
Text-Only - Text posts excluding avatars.

Codes of conduct and an explanation of consequences, as well as a primer and glossary of terms for newcomers. (Not knowing the rules is NOT an excuse.)

A list of administrators of our forum and of CR Information, as well as contact information of said administrators.

Profiles and various information concerning members of our forum.

An archive of previous weeks of our forum and a timeline of notable events.

Text Colors
A list, as well as examples, of text colors available for use in our forum.

A collection of images available for use in our forum.

Archived material regarding forum updates, CR images, requests, and unfinished beta pages for the TGS website.