Comment Room Administrators

If for any reason you need to contact an administrator of the comment room or of CR Information or a staff member, please do so via the appropriate addresses below. Email address hyperlinks and symbols have been removed and replaced, respectively, to deter spam.


CR Co-Administrators:

The administrators of the comment room; share in equal powers and duties.

Aaron Wheeler JCarnage at yahoo dot com
Lain Iwakura alile_marie at yahoo dot ca
Mara "Shinigami" Cordova angelcarnivore at gmail dot com
Lynati Lynati_1 at hotmail dot com

CR Info Administrator:

The manager of information related to the forum, hosted on the TGS website.

Lady Mystic lm at mysticstorm dot com

Other Contacts:

Inquiries regarding TGS stories or the Gargoyles show, and comments to the TGS writers and artists can be directed to the following sources.

TGS Writers & Artists StaffOfTGS at gmail dot com
Forum for Fans & Staff