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Untold Tales

1921 - Hungry Shadows, Part 4
Story Idea by Gunjack Valentine and Lain.
Written by Gunjack Valentine, Lain, Aaron Wheeler, and Lynati.
Artwork by Gunjack Valentine/Lain.
Published 10-31-2006


Season 4 Finale : Carbonek Part 3
Story Idea by Todd Jensen.
Written by Todd Jensen, with additional material by Ed Reynolds.
Artwork by Karen Blackwell and Foxx Laverinth.
Published 12-15-2003.


Season 4 Finale : The Harsh Light of Day, part 3

Outline by Alan Coleman Waltrip.
Written by Alan Coleman Waltrip.
Artwork by Revel, Lynati, and Lain.
Published 11-11-2002.


Season 3 Finale : Unions
Story Idea by Todd Jensen and Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky.
Written by Shauntell Holm, Robby Bevard, Todd Jensen, and Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky, with additional contributions by Alan Coleman Waltrip.
Artwork by Shauntell Holm.
Published 4-2-2001.

Dark Ages

Season 2 Finale : The Wedding, pt.2: Destined Hearts
Story Idea by Jonathan "Entity" Cotleur and Anna Hansen.
Written by Jonathan "Entity" Cotleur and Shauntell Holm.
Artwork by Shauntell Holm and Noel Leas.
Published 2-7-2000.