Comment Room Material

The media within this section have not been implemented into the forum. Some images might be available for use after a future CR update (preceded by a poll). Images within each category are listed alphabetically by first letter of whole name.


Alternate version of this new site design by Lady Mystic (either for the whole TGS website or only CR Information). Development on hold.

Guidelines to follow when submitting requests for forum features and images.

New Images:

These images came either from selected TGS illustrations or from outside sources. Image names marked with an asterisk (*) are the result of fulfilled pic requests. Omission of multiple variations of the same image will be made before a CR update.

Cut Images:

These images are CR pics retired from the forum due to poll #1's results. They are not available in the CR and won't be available unless requested. Images with an asterisk (*) are for reference only and are not available for request.