Comment Room Rules

Rules were originally created by DumlaoX, revised by Robby Bevard, slightly edited by Lady Mystic, then revised again by Lain Iwakura. The Primer was written by Lady Mystic, and Rule Terminology was created by Lain Iwakura.



This forum is a comment room, which is not a chat room. Discussions do not occur in real time. You may not receive replies for days at a time. If you wish to chat in real time go to the s8 Gargoyles Chat Room.

The TGS CR, hosted by Station 8, is a place where fans of TGS and Gargoyles gather to casually discuss a wide variety of things, from entertainment to politics and even everyday activities.  Topics aren't regulated (relatively speaking) but content is regulated.  Please see the following rules for details before posting comments.  Contact an admin if you need help or have inquiries.

Rules of Conduct:

  1. The TGS CR Administrator, TGS Episode Premiere, TGS Staff Member, TGS Website News pics can be used ONLY by TGS Staff Members and the CR Administrators.
  2. The Administrators will not show favoritism towards any member of the forum on the basis of friendship or agreement with them on any subject.  All members of the forum are to be treated equally.
  3. Any and all complaints are to be made to one or more of the CR Administrators in PRIVATE EMAIL in order to both preserve their anonymity and reduce any hostile feelings that may result if complaints were made publicly.
  4. In the event that any administrator makes a decision in your favor, do NOT publicly thank them as this will only serve to both further aggravate your opponent and raise questions about the impartiality of the admin in question.  When a decision is made, continue with the previous discussion and do not make reference to it again.
  5. Proper spelling and grammar counts.  Naturally, it is understood that everyone will occasionally make slip-ups, but do try your best because it makes posts much easier to read and comprehend.
  6. No Flames, Flame-Baiting and definitely no Flame Wars.
  7. No Spamming.
  8. There is no topic so thoroughly covered that nobody will ever bring it up again, however the invocation of Godwin's Law is to be avoided at all cost.
  9. Nothing graphically pornographic and no direct links to pornographic material.  In general, keep it PG-13 or tamer.
  10. No all RP posts.  For file size concerns, only one RP post per person per 24-hour period, starting at 12 AM EST (CR time).  RP may be joined at your own free will, but don't include people in the RP who don't wish to be involved.  Only the RP participant can control what happens to him/her self.  No one can eliminate participants from the RP through RP action.
  11. Spoilers, RP or potentially offensive material should have warnings before and after them as indicated by multiple asterisks (*), all capital letters and blank lines before and after each warning.

    Follow this example:


    *** WARNING ***

    Spoilers / RP / Potentially Offensive Material.

    *** END WARNING ***



Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.  The rules are linked directly from the top of both the main CR page and the Add Comment page, and are very obvious and available to everyone.

The severity of any consequences for breaking the above rules depends on the severity of the infraction, the number of complaints received and whether or not recognition of the problem has been made by the offender.

Minor offences will be met with email from an Administrator asking for the correction of the behavior.

Someone who causes a major incident may be asked by an Administrator to make a public or private apology and their actions may result in less leniency being shown in the future if the behavior continues.

A repeat offender showing no remorse will be banned from the forum after the third infraction.

In the event that a complaint is filed against an Administrator, again, the outcome will depend on the number of complaints as well as their severity.  If a great number of severe complaints are lodged, an Administrator may be asked to step down and a new one appointed by either themselves at their discression, or by a general nomination and vote in the CR.

These rules are not retroactive and infractions committed in the past cannot be dragged up as justification for banning.  From the date of the implementation of these rules (2-21-2005), all posters may begin with a clean record.