Comment Room Requests

Please follow these directions when requesting images and features for the forum. Email the CR Info Admin if you have any questions, comments, requests and submissions.


Sending Requests:

Email your request/concern to the CR Info Admin, or post your request/concern in the forum. When posting in the forum, please use key words (CR, forum, request) that the admin may have a better chance of noticing.

Pic Requests:

Please keep these in mind before requesting anything:

Meeting Requests:

If you would like to create an illustration for the forum or if you want to fulfill other pic requests, follow the above and following guidelines:


All images must be judged by the general population of the CR, by way of an official poll, to decide if the images will be available for use in the forum. All images accepted for CR use get placed on a waiting list and won't be available for use in the forum until the next CR update. Various factors are at work here. Please accept this.