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[Image of Phoenix Gate Flame] lain iwakura
CR: lain iwakura, lurking fish
Real: Unspecified
Aliases: lain iwakura, lurking fish, firebird
Email: Private
dont call me, ill call you.
working on it...
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Phoenix Gate Flame posted with Dark Red text.
Owen posted with Indigo text.
14 July, 1980
First CR Post: September 2000
First Watched Gargoyles: a long time ago
First Read TGS: January 1999
born in a small town in canada, lived and grew up in the same house in rural ontario my whole life.
now living in... TEXAS!? wtf..?
planning to flee back to the safety of my beloved homeland ASAP
Real Traits:
covered in cat-fur, with shoulder-length red/blondeish hair, oval glasses with yellow-tinted lenses. highly opinionated, stupidly pacefistic and a pathetic snuggler.
squids, music, tinfoil hats, drawing, falafels, debates, this hour has 22 minutes, the colours yellow, orange, and blood red, cartoon networks "adult swim" (monday-thursday, weekends suck), teddy bears, tori amos, the arrogant worms, trigun, rawlins cross, all things related to time (ie clocks, hourglasses etc) useless info, cz 85s, goldfishes, art films, digital video editing, yapping online, collecting cats (now up to 5, kira, charlie, dante, tazo and raven) and a jack russell, gunner.
marmalade, eating dead animals, reality TC, violence, bad anime, bad grades, headaches, the alliance party, hurt feelings, global corporations, uber-feminists, sean hannity, cheesy christmas ornaments, blindly opinionated people, exploitation, men with hairy chests, glade plug-ins..
Persona Info:
well.. im either a big ball of flame or a bug-eyed goldfish.. take your pick ;)
Significant Other:
gunjack valentine
texas, near dallas
volunteer for local humane society, starving artist, web design, freeloading ;)
fled from fine arts degree at the university of western ontario. will complete degree someday, but NOT there, egad!
Fandom Activities:
art for various TGS series', currently working on TGS' upcoming rendition of "Bad Guys"... which will be released soon, so help me..
Other Hobbies:
making music videos using clips from anime, gargoyles and/or live action, debating, reading, sleeping, watching my fish, knitting, painting, composing music, teaching myself foreign languages, watching the learning channel, cookery, goju karate, kendo, learning everything i can.
Gatherings Attended:
2003: New York, NY
hoping for montreal, 2004 (o sweet homeland..)
Additional Info:
um.. cant think of any.. not that youd want to hear, anyways.. ;)
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