Comprehensive Timeline

The compiler would like to thank ED, Todd Jensen, Aaron Ziegler, Batya "The Toon" Levin, Kathy Pogge, Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky, Daniel Paul Hightower, JEB, and all the authors of the various texts referred to within for their help in making this timeline. Oh, and that Greg Weisman guy, too.  And special thanks to Andrea, who made this timeline all pretty.

History to 0 BC - 1 AD to 1000 AD - 1001 AD to 1900 AD - 1901 to 2000 AD - 2001 AD and beyond

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History to 0 BC

Circa 10,000 BC: Ra is born ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part III).

"Several thousand years ago": Loki steals Andvari's Ring from its creator.  Andvari places a curse on the ring so that all who use it have calamities befall them ("Nocturne").

Circa 9000 BC: The Fair Folk, led by Avallach and Danu, war against the dragons.  The Dragon King, Apep, is defeated and imprisoned by the halfling Ra, while the Dragon Queen is slain by Marduk ("The Rising" Part I, "The Sun and the Serpent" Part II, The Guide to the Seelie Court).  Avallach is seemingly killed by a fay-hating human, Balinos the Mad, armed with a spear tipped with meteoric iron.  He is actually badly wounded, and is transported to the castle Carbonek somewhere in the mountains of Wales (Bio).  Oberon is selected by the ruling council of the Fair Folk to succeed his father to the throne.  Madoc and his supporters break away from those fay supporting Oberon, forming the Unseelie Court.   Those who remain with Oberon become known as the Seelie Court.  The First Unseelie War breaks out, lasting 10 years (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

Between c. 9000 BC and c. 8990 BC: Odin sacrifices his eye to the mysterious Mimir in exchange for the knowledge to defeat the Jotnar in the FUW ("An Eye for an Eye").  In the fourth year of the FUW, King Leitos of Atlantis posts troops in Hyperborea.  In the seventh year of the war, the Atlantean wizards Deucalion and Pyrrha, under orders from King Leitos, begin creating a powerful spell intended to defeat or nullify the Seelie and Unseelie Courts before they destroy Atlantis.   The single large island of Hyperborea is shattered by the "war of the gods" into the modern-day British Isles.  Ultima Thule (modern-day Norway and the rest of the Scandinavian peninsula) is nearly covered in ice.  The original Olympians- distant ancestors of the New Olympians- are accidentally created from Atlantean citizens as a result of side-effects of the magical war ("The Downfall").   Nine years into the First Unseelie War, the events of "The Downfall" occur.  Deucalion and Pyrrha become the first leaders of the Olympians ("Nor Iron Bars a Cage").  As the War ends, the events of "Not a Prison Make" occur (excepting the creation of the Phoenix Gate). After this, the Unseelie Court is defeated and punished (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

Danu leaves Avalon with three of the Royal Guard of Avalon's knights, and goes to live in Ireland ("The Rising" Part II).  Tethys forms the Elder Court.  Ra takes his war-weary entourage to the land of Kemet.  He founds a kingdom of humans, gargoyles, and Fair Folk, living in harmony ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

Between c. 8990 BC and c. 8972 BC: Balinos the Mad dies, but his spirit is unable to rest, feeling guilt for his murder of Avallach- which led to the First Unseelie War and the destruction of his homeland, Atlantis.   He wanders the world for the next 11,000 or so years ("The Council" Part III).  Pandora travels the world for 18 years, capturing the spirits freed from Pandora's Box (which include Loki).  Among those she imprisons are the Efreet.   The Phoenix Gate is finally forged 10 years after Brooklyn leaves Pandora (This date for the Gate's forging almost (but not totally) contradicts the course of events of "Not a Prison Make".).  13 years into her journey, Pandora makes a visit to a mage, who knows nothing of gargoyles ("Nor Iron Bars a Cage").  18 years after "Not a Prison Make", the events of "Nor Iron Bars a Cage" occur.

Circa 6774 BC: Ra's health begins to ever-so-slowly decline ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

6074 BC: Past-time events of "The Sun and the Serpent" Parts I & II.

6073 BC: Brooklyn writes on a tablet, in hieroglyphs, a message for the Manhattan Clan in the future.  He doesn't think he'll be coming back, but hopes the tablet will be brought to the clan's attention so they know what happened to him ("History's Forgotten").  Harthoth and Meryt organize a celebration of the first anniversary of Brooklyn's arrival ("Return to Paradise" Part I).

6071 BC: Past-time events of "The Sun and the Serpent" Part III & IV.   Soon after Brooklyn resumes his role as the Timedancer, Meryt's clan drifts apart, scattering across Kemet ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

Between 1290 BC and 1224 BC: Meryt's clan reunites under the reign of Ramses II.  However, the clan eventually dies out with the passage of time ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

Circa 1200 BC: The Morrigan (as Eris) is involved in the Trojan War ("Dark Passions").

1184 B.C.: In the final year of the Trojan War, Achilles uses the Godslayer to kill Hector, but is himself slain by one of Paris's arrows shortly afterwards (The Godslayer). Following the sack of Troy, Odysseus, on his way home to Ithaca, comes to Sicily where he encounters the Cyclops Polyphemus (Fata Morgana)

Between 800 BC and 400 BC: The cask of Isis-Hathor is created ("Disobedience").

585 BC: Queen Tea and her court come to Ireland, and give King Eremon of Scotland the Stone of Destiny.  It is taken to Tea's Seat, or Teamhail, later known as Tara ("The Stone of Destiny").

Circa 500 BC: "Art of War".

3rd Century BC: An unnamed sorcerer encounters a "goddess" (probably Titania) who tells him of the Phoenix Gate, which he calls the Phoenus Ianua.  He writes down his experience on a scroll, which passes into the hands of the Mage, along with a second, magically sealed scroll, which contains the secret to controlling the Gate ("Out of Joint" Part II).

23 BC: Past-time parts of "Out of Joint" Parts I & II.

Circa 5 BC: The last human until Elisa Maza visits New Olympus ("The New Olympians").

Circa 4 BC: Cu Chulainn defeats the Banshee ("The Hound of Ulster").

3 BC: The forces of King Ailill and Queen Medb of Connacht engage the forces of Ulster to capture the Brown Bull of Cuailgne, but are defeated by Cu Chulainn.  Medb sends various warriors against The Hound of Ulster, including Ferdia mac Damon, a close friend, whom Cu Chulainn is forced to slay ("The Tain").

Circa 1 BC: Cu Chulainn is slain on Muirthemne Plain.

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Years 1 AD to 1000 AD

AD 10: Caesar Augustus has the Mage cast the spell of humility on the gargoyle race.

Between AD 10 and AD 100: The Mage founds the Order of Scholars. Dragons cease (for the most part) to be seen south of the future location of Hadrian's Wall in Britain after the Romans arrive in Britain.  The Order moves to Gaul and then Britain when Rome grows too corrupt.  They recruit some of the last druids in Gaul and Britain, with both groups pooling their knowledge together.   Their alliance with the British druids is destroyed when Suetonius Paulinus wipes out the last of them in the sack of Mona ("Twilight Falls").

AD 63: Avallach accepts the guardianship of the Holy Grail from Joseph of Aramathea, and becomes the Fisher King (Bio).

AD 79: August 24 "Fire and Ice".

AD 82: The Banshee comes upon Gnaeus Julius Agricola's army in northern Britain, planning to invade Ireland. To prevent this, she traps the army's guardian spirit inside a magical stone (Rome Eternal).

2nd Century: "An Eye for an Eye".

Between AD 161 and AD 180: During the reign of Marcus Aurelius, the Sarmatian force later known as the Twelve Sleepers is sent to Britannia, to fight the Caledonians.  Their commander - Lucius Artorius Castus, Prefect of Camps in the Sixth Legion of Eboracum - is a distant ancestor of Arthur Pendragon.  The Sarmatians are slain during one of these battles, but their spirits remain.  They are to be reawakened, to protect Britannia in a time of need ("The Sleepers").

4th Century: Harthoth visits Japan for the first time ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part I).

Early 5th Century: The Morolt comes out of hiding, and enters the employ of an Irish king as his official champion (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).  The city-kingdom of Ys is at its height during the time of King Arthur's grandfather (and Uther's father) King Constantine of Britain.  It was below sea level, and protected by a wall with a single key that could open it.  A clan of gargoyles lived there alongside the human population.  Madoc, in the guise of a mysterious knight, comes to the city and manages to woo the king's daughter, Dahut, to give him the key.  He unlocks the gate, sinking the city of Ys below the waves.   Only King Gradlon and his advisor, St. Guenole, survive.  Dahut is transformed into a sea creature by Tethys of the Elder Court, but the entity known as the Kraken comes to dwell in the city some time later ("The Drowned City").  During the reign of King Constantine, three 'demons' fall from the stars and attack the Picts near Wyvern Hill.  Angering the wyvern that lives there, the creature uses his powers to imprison them in stone in his cave.  There they would remain, until the wyvern's power was broken centuries later ("Dragon's Stone").

410 :Alaric the Goth, bearing the Godslayer, sacks Rome. Shortly afterwards, he sickens and dies. (The Godslayer).

Circa AD 425: Vortigern ascends to the throne of Britain.

Between c. AD 425 and c. AD 450: "Twilight Falls".

432: St. Patrick arrives in Ireland, and brings Christianity with him.  Thus begins the downfall of the tales of the Sidhe, to Maeve's regret (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

439: Andvari's Ring is lost in the Rhine ("Nocturne").

Circa AD 450: Merlin is born.  Blaise tutors him over the next 12 years in the ways of good, human sorcery.  The dragons Fafnir and Albion are put to sleep within Dinas Emrys ("The Last Enchantment" Part I).

Circa AD 465: Vortigern's reign ends.   He is succeeded by Ambrosius Aurelianus.  Merlin advises them both ("The Last Enchantment" Part I).

Late 5th Century: Ambrosius Aurelianus loses the throne to Uther Pendragon.  Merlin advises him as well ("The Goddess of Winter" Part I).  In the sixth year of Uther's reign, Blaise writes down the tale of the three 'demons' from the stars in the Grimorum Arcanorum ("Dragon's Stone").  Merlin eventually gives up on Uther.  Learning of the great destiny of the child of Uther and Igraine, wife of Duke Gorlois of Cornwall, he reluctantly helps Uther - on the night his troops slay Gorlois - conceive a child with her ("The Goddess of Winter" Part I).  In the three months after Gorlois's death, Uther weds Igraine and sends her children away to various places - including Morgana, age 10, to a nunnery in Amesbury.  Merlin tells Igraine about Uther's deception and his part in it.  Morgana eavesdrops, learning of the deception, and the fay nature of her mother and herself.  Morgana swears revenge on Uther and Merlin ("The Once and Future King" Part I).  He borrows The Stone of Destiny from High King Lugaid mac Loegaire of Ireland, and embeds the sword Excalibur in it ("The Stone of Destiny").  Merlin has Arthur raised by Sir Ector, Ector's son Kay, and Kay's cousin Bedivere ("The Goddess of Winter" Part I).  Arthur briefly considers becoming a bard around age 10, and tries to learn the Ogham alphabet to that end.  He is soon talked out of that career path ("In The Blood").  Merlin brings about Arthur's ascendance to the kingship, and creates Camelot ("The Goddess of Winter" Part I).

Merlin returns the Stone of Destiny after Arthur becomes king, nearly a year after he borrowed it ("The Stone of Destiny").  Sir Marrok, a British knight, is placed under a curse that requires him, at certain times, to remove his clothes and spend a week as a wolf.   His wife discovers this, and takes his garments, preventing him from becoming human again.  When he has been gone long enough, his wife weds the lover she had taken in an extramarital affair ("Dark Passions").  King Arthur slays the Giant of Geen known as Dinabuc, at Mont St. Michel. Merlin puts the other Giants of Geen, including Orgoglio (Dinabuc's brother) to sleep on the Isle of Man ("Giants in the Earth").  Years later, Nimue imprisons Merlin in a Tower of Air spell out of fear from tales told by Madoc ("The Last Enchantment" Part II).  Morgana la Fay makes a couple magical assassination attempts on Arthur, which are all defeated.  These result in the death of Morgana's lover Sir Accolon of Gaul, and the death of her daughter Morfydd, deaths that Morgana adds to her reasons to hate Arthur Pendragon ("The Goddess of Winter" Part III).  Seven years after his wife's treachery, King Arthur finds Sir Marrok, learns the nature of his situation, and helps restore him to humanity ("Dark Passions").

Guinevere marries Arthur ("The Goddess of Springtime").  The Morolt is sent by King Angus of Munster to bring King Mark of Cornwall, in Britain, into line.  He is slain by King Mark's nephew, Tristram (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).  Sir Severause le Breuse of the Round Table goes on a quest (from King Arthur) to slay the wyvern for which Wyvern Hill was named.  He and the wyvern slay one another in the creature's lair ("Dragon's Stone").

6th Century: Li is born ("Menagerie" Part II).

Early 6th Century: Sir Tristram convinces Nimue to free Merlin ("The Last Enchantment" Part I).  Guinevere falls in love with Lancelot du Lac.   She helps strengthen the alliance between the Camelot Clan and Arthur.   However, her affair is discovered, and Guinevere is forced to leave Camelot.   She goes to live in a coventry ("The Goddess of Springtime").  Mordred, with Madoc's behind-the-scenes assistance, causes the fall of Camelot.  However, Mordred dies in the Battle Of Camlann.  The king after Arthur, Constantine of Cornwall, is a weakling, and Britain sinks into darkness and anarchy (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).  Sir Gawain's weapons are hidden in Pictland (Scotland) to both protect them from thieves, and to have them ready to use when the sword Galatine was needed anew ("Links to the Past").  The Stone of Destiny is moved from Ireland to Scotland ("The Stone of Destiny").

Mid-6th Century: Decades after the fall of Camelot, Merlin becomes the advisor of King Gwenddolau.  Merlin has high hopes for this king ("On Holiday" Part II).

573: Gwenddolau dies at the Battle of Arderydd.  This last failure makes Merlin go insane for a time, as he believes his immortal halfling existence is pointless, and that he is doomed to eternal failure.   He becomes a mad hermit, known as the Madman of the Caledonian Forest, until he finally decides that his halfling nature gives him the unique opportunity to 'nudge mankind in the right direction from time to time when necessary' ("On Holiday" Part II).

7th Century: The Illuminati is founded (This occurs one century after the Fall of Camelot).

640: Harthoth saves a number of volumes from the Library of Alexandria when it is burned by Arabs (Bio).  Meryt assists him in doing this ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

8th Century: "Menagerie" Parts I & II; "A Thought of the Heart" (5 years after "Menagerie" Part II).

Circa AD 700: Nokkar befriends the people of Easter Island, and they build the moai statues in his honor ("Sentinel").

Late 8th Century: The court wizard of Charlemagne, Malagigi, gains possession of and uses a dragon-stone ("Dragon's Stone").

778: Count Pinabel of Sorence's cousin, Ganelon, betrays Charlemagne's rearguard to the Moors, leading to the death of the king's nephew, Count Roland of Brittany. He is executed for his treason.  Count Pinabel swears revenge ("A Tale of Two Gates").

780: "A Tale of Two Gates".

818: The Eldest's rookery hatches ("Coming of Age" Part I).

839: King Alpin of Dalriada is slain in battle by King Eoghann, who places his head upon a stake following his victory.   Eoghann is in turn attacked by Vikings and slain himself shortly after, plunging Pictland (Scotland) into chaos (""The Stone of Destiny").

843: Kenneth MacAlpin I (son of King Alpin) defeats the last of the Picts in Scotland in his bid to unify the country under his rule.   He becomes High King of Scotland, and has the Stone of Destiny moved to Scone ("The Stone of Destiny").  A shrine in which certain Picts held eerie rites in the cave on Wyvern Hill (the same cave where the wyvern dwelled) - despite its no longer being maintained - remains untouched and intact for many centuries to come ("Dragon's Stone").

878: Hudson, Deborah, and Agamemnon's rookery is hatched.

898: Hudson, Deborah, and some of their rookery brothers are playing at being warriors one day.  Deborah is pushed too roughly and falls.  Fortunately, no permanent damage is done ("Alliances" Part II).

10th Century: The Mayan Sun Amulet is created ("History's Forgotten"). Quetzalcoatl rules over the Toltecs and introduces them to the ways of civilization. His brother Tezcatlipoca intrigues to bring about his deposal; Quetzalcoatl flees across the Atlantic to the Pyrenees, but seeks revenge, and hopes to use the Spanish as his instrument for obtaining it. (The Dragon's Treasure).

910: Hudson and Deborah begin to be attracted to one another romantically ("Alliances" Part II).

919: Deborah admits she loves Hudson.   Presumably, they become mates this year ("Alliances" Part II).

938: The alliance between the Wyvern clan and humans is formed, after some initial problems.  Castle Wyvern is built ("Alliances" Part I & II).  Goliath, Demona, Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Asrial, Roland, Thersites, Ajax, Diomedes, and the rest of the Dark Ages teenage gargoyles' rookery is hatched.

948: Broadway's egg is laid ("Alliances" Part II).

954: Edmund (later Brother Edmund) is part of the English army that drives Eric Bloodaxe out of York ("Perspectives").

956: Roland runs away after getting in trouble, and returns, hoping to see that he's been missed.  Discovering that the clan thinks him dead, he sees his own remembrance ceremony.  However, he is disappointed by the fact that no one can say anything good about him.  So, he runs away permanently ("Prince of Thieves" Part I).

957: The Rite of Adulthood occurs for the Wyvern Clan.  Asrial is expected to fail, but thanks to her ingenuity, she passes ("Coming of Age" Part I & II).

958: The Trio's rookery is hatched.   Roland is adopted by a band of brigands, and soon rises to the role of second-in-command ("Prince of Thieves" Part II).

960: Jonas, Angus' son, is born ("Kindred Spirits").

966: During this year, the Lord Sorcerer keeps a journal of omens and auguries that might be of some use in the future ("The Adopted").

June 13 The Magus (whose birth name is Marcus) is born in the village of Glenbeg.  The Lord Sorcerer records an auspice that tells him of this birth, but does not note the significance of it for 7 years ("The Adopted").

967: Duff, the High King of Scotland, dies.   Culen, son of Indulf, usurps his throne, while the rightful king, Kenneth MacAlpin II, rallies forces against him.  A civil war breaks out that lasts four years.   During those years, the Thanes of Northumbria make inroads into southern Scotland, taking advantage of the disorder to conquer ("Ever Faithful").

971: The father of Marcus (later the Magus), Crinan, dies fighting in the war between Culen and Kenneth ("The Adopted").   Dark Ages season 1 begins. Angus' wife is killed during a major Viking attack, the same one that claims the life of Hudson's mate ("Kindred Spirits").

972: Dark Ages season 1 ends.  Rhodri ap Iefan (alias Merlin) passes through the village of Glenbeg, and tells of Castle Wyvern ("The Adopted").

973: Dark Ages season 2 begins.

974:  Dark Ages season 2 continues.   Othello and Desdemona officially become mates.  Demona and Goliath begin to fall in love while the Wyvern Clan rescues an English clan from the vain and possessive Lord Ravyn ("Something Old, Something New", "Serendipity" Parts I & II).

975: Past-time events of "Vows".   Dark Ages season 2 ends.

976: Princess Katherine is born.

978: Bronx's rookery is hatched.

979: Asrial helps invent a better watermill for grinding grain with some local humans ("Hazards").

980: Brooklyn & Broadway encounter the Phoenix Gate ("Out of Joint" Part I).

982: Gillecomgain is born.

984: Past-time events of "Long Way To Morning".  The Archmage is rescued from death by his future self ("Avalon" Part II).

986: Tom is born.

990: Brooklyn encounters the Phoenix Gate a second time while riding a horse, Thunder ("Out of Joint" Part I).

993: The Boggart causes mischief at Castle Wyvern.  He is banished by the Magus to a pocket dimension ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice").

994: Events of "Awakening" Parts I & II.  Demona avoids the massacre by hiding on a cliff beneath the castle, and runs when Goliath returns, being afraid to face him.  When she does return, he's been turned to stone.  She scars young Gillecomgain to get revenge, creating the Hunter ("City of Stone" Part I).  The 975 and 1995 versions of Demona, as well as the 1995 Goliath, briefly visit Castle Wyvern in this time after the massacre ("Vows").  Katherine, the Magus, Tom, and Mary travel with the 36 eggs of the Wyvern Clan to the lands of Katherine's uncle Kenneth II ("Avalon" Part I).

995: The "Great Divorce": Oberon's Children are banished from Avalon ("Ill Met By Moonlight").   Past-time events of "Avalon" Part I. The Archmages observe Princess Katherine, the Magus, and Tom's journey to Avalon, and ally with the Weird Sisters ("Avalon" Part II).  Events of "The Dance".

997: Constantine is overthrown by the high-born nobles after the guard Garrett tells them of Constantine's treachery and murder of King Kenneth ("The Dance").

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Years 1001 AD to 1900 AD

11th Century: Rangda spends time as a Balinese queen.  When her true nature is discovered, she is exiled.  To gain revenge, she and her sorceresses bring down a plague, that is eventually extinguished only by a holy man (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1005: MacBeth born.  Mary, Finella, and Brooklyn are teleported to the manor of Sir Garrett, their friend in "The Dance".   Mary and Finella remain with him ("The Dance").

1020: The Archmage has the Weird Sisters begin to guide the destiny of Demona and MacBeth ("Avalon" Part II).   Past-time events of "City Of Stone" Part I.

1031: Canmore is born.

1032: Past-time events of "City of Stone" Part II.

1033: Luach is born.

1040: Past-time events of "City of Stone" Part III.

1054: Madoc, in his identity of 'Sir Nicolas de Maduc,' helps manipulate Canmore and Edward the Confessor, King of England, into moving against MacBeth for harboring gargoyles (The Guide to the Unseelie Court, "Homecoming").

1057: Past-time events of "City of Stone" Part IV.  The Caledonian Clan is formed from gargoyles who hide in that forest in Scotland, trying to escape Canmore's gargoyle purges (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1058: Canmore is attacked and grievously scarred by Demona.  He is saved by Madoc and Garlon, who encourage him to continue the Hunt for the Demon ("Reprisals" Part I).

1078: Avalon Clan hatched.

1093: Brooklyn appears in Scotland ("The Devil's Deal").

1102: Katherine, the Magus, and Tom create the tradition of Naming Day to celebrate the hatching of the young Avalon Clan ("Reunions").

1118: The Order of the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon (the Knights Templar for short) is founded for the purpose of protecting pilgrims to the Holy Land.

1190: A grave believed to be King Arthur's is discovered by the monks of Glastonbury Abbey (Choices Part One). Frederick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor and wielder of the Godslayer, is drowned in a river in Asia Minor during the Third Crusade (The Godslayer Part Two).

1191: Richard Coeur-de-Lion visits Sicily on his way to Palestine for the Third Crusade, and gives a sword believed to be Excalibur to King Tancred (Fata Morgana).

1192: "Flight into the Forest".

1250: Brooklyn and a pregnant (and now endangered) Sata appear in the French countryside.  Sir Duval (head of the Illuminati) and a companion come across their stone forms by day, but they do nought but observe them until they leave ("Crossroads" Part I).

1296: The Stone of Destiny is brought to England by Edward I, and placed in the royal throne at Westminster Abbey ("The Stone of Destiny").

14th Century: Brooklyn & Sata fight raiders on the Arabian Peninsula ("The Promise").

1306: Jacques de Molay, the last Master of the Knights Templar, hides the Templars' greatest treasure in a secret pyramid in Egypt, guarded by powerful magic (Doomed).

1307: King Philip the Fair of France, greedy for the Templars' riches, arrests every Knight Templar in France on trumped-up charges of heresy and Satan-worship on Friday, October 13. (Fata Morgana/Doomed). In Morgana la Fay's microcosm, one of the last Knights Templar gives the Holy Grail, a Templar treasure, to Sir Alain de Beaurepaire shortly before his arrest. Alain and his family subsequently flee to Sicily, to escape King Philip's reach. (Fata Morgana).

1310: In Morgana la Fay's microcosm, Sir James MacLeod, a general of King Philip, besieges Castle Beaurepair in Sicily, to obtain the Holy Grail; King Arthur and Mary Sefton aid the defenders. (Fata Morgana).

1314: Jaques de Molay is burnt at the stake at King Philip's command on March 18 (Doomed).

Between 1320 and 1400: The Black Pague occurs.  During this time, many Christians, caught up in hysteria, irrationally blame Jews for the plague and persecute them ("Of Things To Come").

1358: Owain Glyndwr is born ("Spirits from the Vasty Deep").

1364: Hotspur, nephew of the Earl of Worcester, is born ("Spirits from the Vasty Deep").

1403: "Spirits from the Vasty Deep".

1431: Vlad Dracula is born.

Late 15th Century: Harthoth visits Japan for the second time ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part I).

1476: Madoc transforms Vlad Dracula into a vampire.

Between 1478 and 1834: Madoc plays a part in the Inquisition, directing it in locating European gargoyle clans, and humans & halflings who might oppose him.  By this time, he and Maeve were allies again (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1492: Christopher Columbus "discovers" America; Quetzalcoatl, in secret exile in Spain, approves of this, hoping that the Spanish, now that they are aware of the existence of the Americas, will help him carry out his vengeance upon Tezcatlipoca (The Dragon's Treasure).

1495: In Florence, Demona steals the Medici Tablet and evades the Renaissance Hunter ("Hunter's Moon" Part II).

16th Century: "Giri" (several decades before "Dishonor"); "Dishonor"; "The Promise" (10 years after "Dishonor").

1519: Quetzalcoatl accompanies Hernan Cortez and his conquistadors to Mexico, where he watches them topple the Aztec Empire, thus fulfilling his vengeance upon Tezcatlipoca. He is so sickened by the slaughter, however, that he renounces his quest for revenge and returns to the Pyrenees to become a hermit (The Dragon's Treasure).

1527: Demona contracts a plague, and is pursued by the Hunter.  She is rescued and nursed back to health by Michel de Nostredame (Prophets and Angels).

1532: Michel de Nostredame is convinced by Brooklyn to convince Demona to align with Xanatos in 1993 ("The Devil's Deal").

1539: King Arthur's "grave" is destroyed during Henry VIII's dissolution of Glastonbury Abbey (Choices Part One).

1544: September 12 Brooklyn appears in South America, and observes Spanish conquistadors ("Requiem").

1545: MacBeth tracks Demona to Castle Wyvern, and tries to use the threat of destroying the six sleeping gargoyles there to force Demona to give herself up.  She instead chooses to save herself, knowing that to save them would surely kill her.  MacBeth nearly destroys them in anger, but his sense of honor prevents him from doing so.  This destroys the last of the gargoyle who had once been Goliath's "Angel of the Night," leaving only the revenge-filled Demona ("Captive Pursuit").

1555: Michel de Nostredame gives Demona one of the first copies of his book of prophecies, Centuries ("Prophets and Angels").

1556: Demona, wearing the illusion of a human noblewoman, attends a party, organized by Queen Catherine of France, with Michel de Nostredame.  Michel also gives her the alternate name of Dominique Destine ("In The Blood").

1560: Elizabeth Bathory is born.

1566: Nostradamus is visited by Demona on his deathbed ("Prophets and Angels").

1580: The Golem is activated to defend the Jewish population of Prague by Rabbi Loew ("Golem").   Miranda Strijken is born in a small town in the Dutch Republic (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1598: Madoc and Maeve begin following after Oberon, hoping to find something useful in his wake or seize on a mistake (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1606: "A Merrier Hour".

1608: Miranda Strijken marries Brian Niemand (Oberon), and conceives a son by him, but he leaves her after their honeymoon.  His brother, Peter (Madoc) and his companion Anne (Maeve) try to "help" her, but she learns they plan to steal her child, and leaves for the British Isles (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1609: Early May Umbriel Strijken is born (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1610: Elizabeth Bathory is brought to trial for murdering young girls and bathing in their blood.  She is sentenced to house arrest for the remainder of her life.

1611: Umbriel reveals his powers to his mother by saving a prized vase telekinetically (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1614: Dracula converts Elizabeth Bathory into a vampire.

1649: Late December Miranda Strijken dies, and Umbriel finds himself alone for the first time ("Hazards").

1651: Umbriel begins to realize that he is not aging past the age of a young man (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1655: March Umbriel moves to New Amsterdam (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1695: Umbriel returns to the American town where he grew up, and lives there as a "man of shadow" (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1699: "Buccaneer".

1714: George I of Germany becomes king of England.  All of the monarchy thereafter are of German descent ("The Once and Future King" Part II).

1720: "Freedom Lost".

1735: Brooklyn manifests for a split-second in a woman named Leeds' house in New Jersey, as she tries to summon up a strange entity.   His momentary appearance shatters that entity, creating the Jersey Devil and its kin.  They are based in form and personality in some part on Brooklyn himself ("Ruby Eyes").

1776: Madame de Bernier's husband, the Duke of Bernier, buys her a full court gown, which becomes her only memento of her husband after he dies.  Their son Louis is also born in this year.  Incidentally, it's also the year that the American Revolution is popularly believed to have begun - in actuality, it is the year that the Declaration of Independence is signed, and the war began the previous year ("Survival").

1793: Past-time events of "From the Heart".  Subsequently, the events of "To the Soul" and "Survival" occur.

1794: Marie LaVeau ("Marie The First") is born (Bio).

1796: Vlad Tepes is attacked by one of the Hunters.  Vlad defeats him, but the Hunter does succeed in scarring the vampire's left arm ("Thicker Than Blood").

19th Century: Umbriel finds a book that mentions fire-scrying ("When the Bough Breaks" Part I).

1803: Brooklyn briefly manifests after Stephen Decatur fires a cannon at the Jersey Devil ("Ruby Eyes").

1812: The earliest known account of gargoyle sightings in the area around the Caledonian Forest is written.  This account refers to old wives' tales from even earlier dates ("On Holiday" Part I).

1814: Spring and Fall "Brothers in Arms".

1816: Simon and his wife have their first child.  Joseph Bonaparte sees the Jersey Devil for the first time (He states that he's been pursuing the Devil for 8 years when he meets Brooklyn six years later- just a Freudian slip, one assumes) ("Ruby Eyes").

1822: The Wellington Monument, a statue of the Greek hero Achilles, is completed and put on public display in London.  It becomes a London landmark ("Night of the Weird").  Brooklyn meets Simon (for the second time) and Joseph Bonaparte in the New Jersey Pinelands as they pursue the Jersey Devil.  The three battle the Devil until sunrise, when the creature leaves ("Ruby Eyes").

1830s: Marie LaVeau proclaims herself the "Pope Voodoo" (Bio).

1845: "Freedom Regained".

1847: William Varney builds Varney House, which serves as the home for his descendants until 1979 ("Thicker Than Blood").

1850: Brooklyn & Sata appear on one of the Philippine Islands ("Dishonor").

Late 19th Century: Brooklyn & Sata spend some time at an abandoned tea plantation in India ("Fleeting Encounters").  Maeve and Madoc set up a base of operations in Madoc's castle in Germany (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).  Umbriel marries a woman named Colleen MacKenna, and they share 10 happy years together around the turn of the century.   However, she dies in childbirth, leaving Umbriel - who had a premonition that this might happen - alone again.  He returns to his home in Cotuit and spends the next several decades by himself ("Hazards").   David Xanatos' great-grandfather arrives from Greece.  He brings a telescope along, which becomes regarded as a family heirloom, and part of a tradition for each Xanatos father to teach their son about the stars ("Blood Moon").

Between 1866 and 1880: "Midnight Showdown".

1873: Nicholas is born in New Orleans ("Gros Bon Ange").

1878: Nicholas, who has the nickname of "Nicky," dies.  His tombstone in the cemetary called St. Louis #1 reads "To our darling boy Nicholas.  May you always walk in sunlight."  His ghost haunts the cemetary ("Gros Bon Ange").

1880: Brooklyn & Sata rest in a swamp in the deep American South ("Fleeting Encounters").

1881: June 15 Marie LaVeau "dies" (Bio).  Her "daughter," "Marie The Second," inherits her properties ("Gros Bon Ange").

1891: "For Old Times' Sake".

1893: The Angel of Charity monument is erected in London, in honor of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury ("Dark Passions").

1895: Mace Malone is born.

1898: Griff, Una, and Leo's rookery is hatched.  Kai's rookery is hatched.

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Years 1901 AD to 2000 AD

1902: Dominic Dracon is born.

1906: Lady Feodora Gleichen completes the statue of the Goddess Artemis.  It is put on public display in London ("Night of the Weird").

1910: February 21 Douglas Bader is born.

Between 1914 and 1918: During the World War I, the British royal family changes their last name to Windsor, so as to distance themselves from German Kaiser Wilhelm ("The Once and Future King" Part II).

1916: April 24 The Morrigan is probably involved with the Dublin Uprising, also known as the Easter Rebellion, on this date (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1918: Zafiro and Obsidiana's rookery is hatched.

1919: Jack Dane, son of 'Flo Dane' and Mace Malone, is born.

1920s: "Gothic Twilight"; Meryt dreams for the last time until at least 1952 ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part II).

1920: Mason "Mace" Malone becomes an Illuminatus ("Revelations").

1921, June 16-18: events of "Hungry Shadows, Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4.

1924: Mace Malone breaks off his partnership with Dominic Dracon, and sinks into obscurity, becoming a secret operative for the Illuminati Society ("The Silver Falcon").

1925: "Gros Bon Ange".

Between 1929 and the early 1930s: Mark Cory is born ("Conspiracies").

1930: Douglas Bader completes his training and joins the RAF.

1931: December 14 In an accident while flying acrobatics, Douglas Bader loses both of his legs.

1933: Douglas Bader is invalidated out of the RAF.
October 11 "Once, I Built a Tower...".

1935: "Destiny".

1936: September Something happens "one night" in this month, with Griff and Una involved ("The Stone of Destiny").

Between 1936 and 1948: Brooklyn & Sata appear in young Jim Henson's bedroom, and Sata comforts him by pretending to be one of his stuffed animals, a frog named Keroppi ("Fleeting Encounters").

1937: "Sacred Paths".

1938: Michael, future leader of the London Clan in 1998, is hatched (Interestingly, he states that he was four or five when Griff disappeared, even though he's biologically a one-year-old when it happens) ("My Lady Fair").   Jade and Turquesa's rookery is hatched.  Yama's rookery is hatched.

1939: Douglas Bader is re-admitted to the RAF.

1940: Past-time events of "M.I.A.".

1941: August Douglas Bader's plane collides with a German Messerschmidt, and he is captured by the Nazis.

1942: Events of "Daylight".   Peter Maza is born.

Mid-1940s: Mark Cory, aged sixteen, runs away from home and winds up living on the street.  He is eventually taken in by Bradley Matthews, who gives him a job at his gas station.  Young Cory comes to see Matthews as a father figure ("Conspiracies").

1945: Una finally accepts the fact that Griff is gone ("The Stone of Destiny").  Douglas Bader is released at the end of World War II in Europe.

August 7-9 "I Am Become Death".

1946: The future Diane Maza is born. Douglas Bader retires from the RAF.

1947: The Tepes "family" is forced out of Romania following its takeover by communists.  They move to Devonshire, England ("Thicker Than Blood").

1949: Sara Jasper's father William is born. (Jasper Family Bios) China's government is overthrown and the country is taken over by communists.  In the ensuing chaos, the Chinese Clan is forced to go into hiding, with those who do not do so being destroyed.  The entire ordeal leaves the Chinese Clan with an isolationist bent and a hatred of humans ("The Council" Part I).

1950s: The Illuminati (taking a cue from the Roswell incident in 1947, perhaps) begin using stories of UFOs and aliens to cover up instances of supernatural activity ("Waystation").

1950: Brooklyn & Sata appear in Paris, France ("Daylight").

Late 1950s: Brooklyn & Sata appear in Liverpool, and convince the Quarrymen to change their name to the Beatles ("Fleeting Encounters").

1952: July 23-25 "The Sun and the Serpent" Parts I, II, III, IV.

1953: Events of "Conspiracies".   Queen Elizabeth II is crowned on The Stone of Destiny ("The Stone of Destiny").

1955: David Xanatos is born.

1958: Steve Maguire is born (Bio).   Michael learns that he had a brother, Griff ("My Lady Fair").   Sora's rookery is hatched.

December 13 Harry Monmouth (Dingo) born.

1960: Peter Maza leaves Arizona and travels to New York City ("Cloud Fathers").

1964: Matt Bluestone is born.  Jason Canmore is born.

1966: Janine Renard (Fox) born.  Robyn Canmore is born (April 25).

November 15 Mothman makes his first appearance ("Ruby Eyes").

1967: Kevin Mitson is born ("Expatriate"). Winston Exham is born ("Ripper").
Early December Brooklyn manifests for a split second on the Ohio River, in the presence of Mothman ("Ruby Eyes").
December 14-15 Brooklyn appears outside of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where he encounters the Mothman.  He tries to help the Mothman save people on the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River, but the bridge collapses anyway and Mothman is killed, as Brooklyn unwillingly Timedances out ("Ruby Eyes").

1968: Damien Jasper is born. (Jasper Family Bios) The real Arthur Pennington is missing in action and presumed dead in Vietnam ("Seeds of Change").

June 19 Clarice born.

December 31 Elisa Maza is born.

Circa 1969: Ian Jaffe begins running his grocery store ("Waystation").

1969: Todd Jasper is born. (Jasper Family Bios) The town hall of the real Arthur Pennington's Welsh hometown burns down, destroying all the records stored there ("Expatriate" , "Seeds of Change").

September 13 "Abandonment".
September 16 Brooklyn and Celer briefly manifest in the Vietnamese jungle again, near where they just left ("Abandonment").

1970: Derek Maza (Talon) and Tony Dracon born. Brooklyn meets a soldier in Vietnam ("The Devil's Deal").  Brooklyn & Sata appear in New York City's Studio 54 ("Fleeting Encounters").  Nicole Jones (later Nicole St. John) born (Bio).

1971: George Clarence Harrison is born ("Consequences").   Brooklyn & Sata land in New Mexico, and inadventently help out the crew of the movie "Gargoyles" ("Fleeting Encounters").  Sara Jasper is born. (Jasper Family Bios) The town of Aldbourne is trapped in a phenomena that lets people in, but not out.  This is thereafter dubbed the Aldbourne Effect ("The Curse of Rivencroft").

August 2 Brooklyn and Celer appear in the NAS Cubi Point Officers' Club in the Phillippines, and Brooklyn gives a much-deserved punch to Major Thommes ("Abandonment").

Novemeber 3 - Fang is Born

1972: Jon Canmore is born.

1973: Janine Renard is given a cat named Mister Boots.  He runs away a few weeks after he's adopted ("The Darkest Hour" Part I).

1974: Jerry Pearson is born in Tennessee (Bio).  Aldonza Ramirez, who later calls herself Dulcinea, is born ("Expatriate").

1975: Xanatos receives the 10th-century coin that becomes the foundation of his fortune ("Vows"). Beth Maza is born. Leba is born ("Expatriate").

1976: Brooklyn & Sata appear in New York City ("Daylight").   Douglas Bader is knighted for the assistance he has given to other amputees.
January Brooklyn encounters the Jersey Devil relation dubbed "Big Bird" in Texas, and experiences a vivid nightmare ("Ruby Eyes").

1977: A major citywide blackout hits New York City, causing rampant panic and chaos.  Peter Maza and Officer Morgan are among the police officers who are forced to deal with the crisis ("Lethe").

1978: Steve Maguire enters the NYPD (Bio).   Lucius Adrians becomes a professor at Oxford ("Meet the Minions").  Halcyon Renard begins to fall ill ("Offers"). Rory Dugan is born ("Expatriate").

1979: Jacob Varney dies without any inheritors, leaving Varney House to the city of New York ("Thicker Than Blood").
February A major blizzard hits New York City ("The Darkest Hour" Part I).

1980: Brooklyn & Sata appear in Children's Television Workshop during an interview with Jim Henson, and discover Sata inspired him to create Kermit the Frog ("Fleeting Encounters").  Flo Dane, a former silent film star and ex-wife of Mace Malone, dies.  A memorial service is held for her, with her son, Jack Dane (who later changes his last name to Danforth), and, secretly, Mace Malone, in attendance.  She is laid to rest in Pine Lawn Cemetary under her real name, Flora Dreidel ("Revelations").

September 29th Demona picks up the Praying Gargoyle from Paris, and slays Charles Canmore in front of his three children ("Hunter's Moon" Part III).  Madoc and Maeve attend Charles's funeral, and help encourage the three Canmore children to hunt Demona in their father's stead.  They also supply them with their weaponry ("Reprisals" Part II).

1981: William Jasper is forced to retire from active duty in the LAPD by a gunshot that inflicts a crippling injury to his leg.   Rather than take a desk job, he moves the family to Brooklyn to help operate his brother's restaurant.  Sara feels her father is abandoning his duty (Jasper Family Bios).  Halcyon Renard's illness is determined to be terminal ("Offers").

September 5 Brooklyn appears in Crawfordsville and encounters the Crawfordsville Monster ("Ruby Eyes").

1982: Douglas Bader dies.

Mid-1980s: Brooklyn and Sata have their honeymoon at Niagara Falls, as do Brendan and Margot ("The Promise").

1984: Brooklyn appears in Santa Monica and encounters Brendan and Margot.  This influences their decision to move to New York City ("The Devil's Deal").  Brooklyn appears in Kampuchea ("Freedom Regained").

1987: Brooklyn and a pregnant Sata appear in Seville, Spain, and see a teenaged Dulcinea attending the funeral of her beloved mentor ("Expatriate" , "Crossroads" Part I).

before 1989: Preston Vogel starts working for Halycon Reynard.

1989: Owen starts working for Halycon Reynard. (Ask Greg) November 9 Brooklyn watches the fall of the Berlin Wall ("Requiem").

1990s: Brooklyn confronts a hallucination of Demona and the Chupacabra ("Ruby Eyes").

Early 1990s: The Banshee discovers that Cu Chulainn has been reincarnated as Rory Dugan.  She takes the form of Molly and tries to keep him from learning his true nature (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

1990: Maddox Technologies acquires Hugo Automotives, and "pampers" the company until Maddox Technologies collapses ("Re-emergence" Part I).

1991: Owen starts working for David Xanatos. (Ask Greg)

1992: Brooklyn & Sata wind up on the set of "Jurassic Park" and inspire the "You must go faster!" line ("Fleeting Encounters").  Jerry Pearson enters the University of Tennessee on a football scholarship (Bio).

February Brooklyn and a pregnant Sata appear on Queen Florence Island and are nearly encountered by Natsilane ("Crossroads" Part I).

March 12 Shaindy Goldblum is born ("Odd Couples").
June Natsilane heads off to college ("Crossroads" Part I).
November Brooklyn and Sata appear in Santiago, Chile ("The Sun and the Serpent" Part IV).

1993: Brooklyn appears in New York City; Demona allies with Xanatos ("The Devil's Deal").  Brooklyn and a pregnant (an increasingly ill) Sata appear in Ireland.  Molly convinces Rory to begin his series of petty thefts and crimes (His criminal record is misreported in "Expatriate" as beginning two years prior to this) ("Crossroads" Part I).

1994: George Clarence Harrison enters the US Air Force (Bio).  Andvari's Ring is recovered from the bottom of the Rhine near Worms ("Nocturne").   Mary Sefton's mother dies ("The Curse of Rivencroft").  Nigel Sefton begins seeking knighthood ("Ripper").

10-4-1994: Goliath & company are awakened from their stone sleep. (Awakening)

10-28-94: Xanatos anticipates being released by Oct. 31st, the date of his next pre-trial appearance. [There is an outdated calendar on the wall of his cell that fits neither 1994 or 1995. It may not even be his.] (Enter Macbeth)

10-31-1994: Xanatos plea bargains a six month sentence with every hope that the sentence will be reduced to three months for good behavior (including time served). (Thrill)

11-4-1994: Lex makes contact with the Pack. (Thrill)

11-11-1994: Brooklyn tests out the motorcycle and encounters Demona. (Temptation) Xanatos' sentence is officially recorded. Elisa checks out the clock tower.

11-12-1994: Elisa informs Goliath that Xanatos will be out in a month. (She is exaggerating for effect, as it will actually be closer to two.) Later Demona, casts a spell on Goliath. (Temptation)

11-13-1994: Elisa frees Goliath from Demona's spell. (Temptation)

11-15-1994: Elisa again attempts to get Goliath to leave castle. Owen gets a cell sample. (Double Jeopardy)

11-18-1994: Broadway accidentally shoots Elisa. (Deadly Force)

12-27-1994: The clan enoys a pleasant night at the castle. Xanatos is still counting down days in prison. (Enter Macbeth)

12-31-1994: Sevarius begins to clone Goliath. (Double Jeopardy)

1995: Brooklyn and Sata appear in Nepal, near Melchior's refuge ("Menagerie" Part I)., Matrix brought online.

1-3-1995: Macbeth attacks the clan at the castle. (Enter Macbeth)

1-4-1995: The gargs move to the clock tower. Xanatos is released from jail. (Enter Macbeth) Later, he checks in with Sevarius. (Double Jeopardy)

Between 1-12-1995 and 1-14-1995: Events of The Edge

Between 1-14-1995 and 1-31-1995: Events of Long Way To Morning and Her Brother's Keeper

February 1995: events of Reawakening

Between February and October Events of "Her Brother's Keeper" to "The Silver Falcon".  Tanya's boyfriend, Steve, disappears on her ("Blood Moon").  Dr. Daniel Goldblum gives a speech to the Bar Association on legal issues in bio-engineering.  Judge Roblyn is in attendance ("Odd Couples").   Liz's Aunt Marina is diagnosed with a rather nasty form of cancer, and she is advised to get an operation and start chemotherapy.  She refuses, deciding to enjoy the remainder of her life to the fullest ("Aftermath" Part I).

October Events of "Eye of the Beholder".

Between November and December Events of "Vows" to "Avalon" Part III.  Helen Calhoun, sister of Andrea Calhoun, is among those slain as stone statues by Demona during the "City of Stone" crisis in December ("Lethe").   The public refers to that crisis (from their point of view) thereafter as the "Lost Nights" ("Blood Moon").   [In Timeline B, Demona sees the error of her ways after the Weird Sisters get the passcode from her at the end of the "City of Stone" events ("Two").]

1996: Between January and August Elaine Duval becomes estranged from her husband ("Iris, Lily, and Rose" Part I).

January 1 MacBeth and Demona arrive in Paris ("Sanctuary").  Events of "Shadows of the Past".
January 2 Demona meets Thailog. ("Sanctuary")
Between January 2 and January 21 Events of "Heritage" to "Golem".
January 21-22 "Sanctuary".
January 24th "MIA">.
Between January 24th and May 18th Events of "Grief" to "Mark of the Panther"

Last week of January [In Timeline B, a week after the Paris incident, Demona dissolves her alliance with Thailog and becomes sole owner of Nightstone Unlimited, while Thailog becomes a little richer ("Two").]

May 18th-19th "Pendragon"

Between May 19th and July 9th Events of "Eye of the Storm" to "Ill Met By Moonlight"; events of "The Return" to "The Goddess of Winter" Part III.

Between Late June and August Xanatos purchases Taro's "Gargoyle World".  Taro makes a deal with the Yakuza to construct a gargoyle sanctuary beneath New York City, with the promise that the gargoyles could be made loyal to Yakuza interests ("The Happiest Place on Earth").

July 9 Events of "The Gathering" Parts I & II.  Alexander Xanatos is born.  The public refers to the event of Oberon putting the city to sleep (from their point of view) as the "Big Sleep" ("Blood Moon").

July 11Demona is captured and imprisoned in the Labyrinth.  Clones begin to be grown of the Manhattan Clan by Dr. Sevarius for Thailog ("The Reckoning").  [This never happens in Timeline B.  There, Demona meets with Angela and strikes up an sporadic series of meetings, becoming very close to her daughter.  She is shown the location of the Manhattan Clan's roost as a gesture of trust ("Two").]

Between July 11 and October 15Events of "Vendettas".

Between July 16 and October 15 Events of "Turf".  Brooklyn and Sata observe Brooklyn's embarassing actions during "Turf" ("Fleeting Encounters")

August "The Goddess of Springtime".

August 21 Thailog pays Sevarius for growing the clones and begins educating the clones."The Reckoning")

Between August and November "The Ill-Made Knight" Parts I, II, & III; "Into the Woods".

October 15 "The Reckoning" The clones get introduced. ["The Reckoning" never occurs in Timeline B ("Two").]

Between October 15 and October 22 "Possession"

October 22-26 Events of "Hunter's Moon" Parts I, II, & III. George Harrison's commission in the Air Force is revoked around the same time the gargoyles reveal themselves, and he inexplicably blames them for that event ("Hazards").   [In Timeline B, Demona sees Elisa save Angela, and is convinced to stop her master plan by her daughter.  Thereafter, she begins visiting the Manhattan Clan at Castle Wyvern, with all but Brooklyn's approva. ("Two").]

October 27 Events of "Fallout" Part I. Madoc and Maeve move Maddox Technologies to New York City, so as to take advantage of the situation there ("Reprisals" Part III).  Garlon is their proxy, and he convinces Jon Canmore to become Jon Castaway.  He also helps organize and equip the Quarrymen (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

Between October 29 and December Present-day events of "Links to the Past".
October 29-30 Events of "The Journey".
October 31- November 1 Events of "Fallout" Part II.  Brooklyn manifests for a split-second in Vinnie's Manhattan apartment as he packs to go to Japan.  Brooklyn manifests yet again some (subjective) time later.   This time he battles a relation of the Jersey Devil and is attacked by Quarrymen ("Ruby Eyes").

November 4 "Partnership".
November 6-7 "From the Heart".
November 7-9 "Tightrope".
November 11-13 "To Restore Amends".
November 12-18 "Perchance to Dream".
November 20 "Two"; "Visions".
November 22 "The Hunted".
November 23-24 "Equality".
November 24 "Out of Joint" Parts I & II.
November 25-26 "Hammer and Shield".
November 27-30 "Guardians".
November 30 "The Stone of Destiny".
Between November 31 and December 19 "The Crystal Cavern".
Between November 31 and December 7 "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".
December 8-11 "Sacrifices" Parts I & II.
Between December 12 and December 19 "Fealty", "Mutual Trust", "Turncoat".
Between December 20, 1997 and Late September 1998 "Mercenary", "The Watching Eye", "Dragon's Wrath".

December 20 "A Mid-Winter's Tale".
December 25 The clans hold a Christmas feast in the Labyrinth ("A Mid-Winter's Tale").
December 31 Elisa Maza's 28th birthday.

1997: Winston Exham becomes homeless.   When he has the opportunity towards the end of the year, he becomes one of the Vampyres ("Ripper").

Between January and June Oro leaves the Guatemalan rain forest to journey to America ("Re-emergence" Part II).
February "Consequences".
Between February 21 and March "Something Wicked".
April 24 Take Your Daughter To Work Day; "Prophets and Angels"; Umbriel is recruited into the Unseelie Court by Madoc (The Guide to the Unseelie Court).

Between April 25 and August "Things Fall Apart" Parts I & II, "Razor's Edge".
August "Captive Pursuit".
September "Past Perfect".
Between September 13 and 19 "The Tain" (2 weeks before "Reprisals").
Between September 20 and 26 "Quest's End" (1 week before "Reprisals").
Between October 1 and 28 "Reprisals" Parts I, II, & III.
Between October 8 and December 8 Joanna Walker organizes a presentation of Macbeth.   The real MacBeth does not approve.  Serious accidents befall the actors during rehearsals ("The Scottish Play").

October 29-31 "The Rising" Parts I & II; Second Unseelie War begins.
November 8 "Meet the Minions".
November 14 "Signs and Portents".
November 21 "Beginning Again".
December 8 "The Scottish Play".
December 22 "The Yorkshire Adventure".

1998: Between January and June The American Museum of Natural History in New York is broken into, during which a wooly mammoth skeleton is wrecked.  The staff spend over a year reconstructing it ("Re-emergence" Part I).

January 1 Emrys begins keeping a journal again ("In The Blood").
January 7 "Disobedience".
January 14 "A Call to Arms".
January 28 "Offers".
February 4 "My Lady Fair".
February 11 "Double Take".
February 14 "Reunions".
February 25 "Triangles".
March 4 "Nocturne".
March 11 "The Witness".
March 18-April 6 "When the Bough Breaks" Parts I & II.
April 8 "The Hawk and the Crow".
April 22 "Strange Bedfellows".
May 12-14 "Lethe".
June 2 "The Battle Below".
June 18-20 "The Longest Day" Parts I & II.
June 18-20 Rookeries hatch for gargoyle clans world-wide (except for Guatamela), including 15 eggs in London and 2 in Caledonia.
July Brooklyn acquires an incomplete motorcycle through Xanatos ("Transitions").
July 23 [In the dream-universe shared by Angela, Demona, and Maeve, Manhattan by this time has been hit by severe earthquakes, thanks to the Hand of Nai-No-Kami.   Demona makes a deal with the Unseelie to protect Angela, in exchange for betraying the rest of the clan.  She carries it out, but Demona is in turn betrayed, condemned with Angela to slavery ("The Longest Day" Parts I & II).]

August 8 "Ploys".
September 15 "The Waiting Game".
October 26 "Homecoming".
October 27-28 "In The Blood".
October 31 Andrea and Demona attend a PIT Halloween party together ("Seeds of Change").
November/December "Hazards".
December Liz's Aunt Marina dies in a plane crash ("Aftermath" Part I) Events of "The Drowned City".

1999: January Events of "The Drowned City".
February "Blood Moon".
March 12 Shaindy Goldblum celebrates her 7th birthday ("Odd Couples").
Between March 14 and 31 "Odd Couples".
April 1-2 "Night of the Weird".
April 29-30 "The Darkest Hour" Parts I & II; the Second Unseelie War ends.
May 1 "Aftermath" Part I.
May 3 "Aftermath" Part II.
Mid-May Beth Maza graduates from the University of Arizona at Flagstaff, with a degree in Cultural Anthropology (One assumes it took her five years or it's a master's degree, since she was in college already as of late 1994) ("Waystation").

May 30-June 1 Events of "Something Old, Something New" (Matt Bluestone claims to have been the best man at Angela and Broadway's marriage ceremony in future years. Since there was no "best man" at the ceremony, he was apparently fibbing ("Games Without Frontiers")).

Early June "Re-emergence" Parts I, II, & III.
June 13-15 "Seeds of Change".
Between June 15 and July Present day events of "To Every Season"; "Expatriate"; "The Curse of Rivencroft"; Prof. Morgana Cornish (Morgana la Fay) and Nigel Sefton meet at a dinner being given by Lord Spencer a week after "The Curse of Rivencroft" ("The Once and Future King" Part I); "The Reluctant Thief"; "The Sleepers".

Between July 1 and July 29 "My Angel, Brianna"; "Giants in the Earth"; "On Holiday" Parts I & II.
Mid-July "Waystation"; "Of Things To Come" (immediately follows "Waystation"); Vlad Tepes purchases Varney House, and he and his "family" move in ("Thicker Than Blood").  Brooklyn, Graeme, and Ariana begin working on completing the motorcycle Brooklyn acquired through Xanatos ("Transitions").

July 29 "Iris, Lily, and Rose" Parts I & II.
First week of August "Dark Passions"; "Thicker Than Blood".
Mid-August "Ripper"; "Transitions"; "The Happiest Place on Earth".
Late August "The Once and Future King" Parts I & II; Liz leaves for college in London ("Transitions"); "Contingencies"; "Through the Storm".

September 04  "Out of the Blue"
First week of September
"The Council" Parts I, II, & III.
Mid-September  "History's Forgotten".

September 17  "Return to Avalon"
October 02-03 "The Mists of Eynhallow"
October 05-06  "Choices", parts I & II
Novemeber 18
"Dinas Bran"
Novemeber 21  "Ride the Wild Winds"
November 27-29 "Unions".
December 20  "Home for the Holidays"
Decemeber 27
  "Out of the Frying Pan"

2000: January 10 "Rome Eternal"
January 17 "The Godslayer", parts I & II
February 2  "The Dragon's Treasure"
February 20  "Fata Morgana"
February 27 "Doomed"
March 13  "Black and White"
April 30  "Flight from the Enchanter"
Mid May "No Mercy"
June 1  "Wolves"
July 1  "Someone to Watch Over Me"
August 15  "Preservation"
September 22 "Carbonek", parts I, II, & III

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Years 2001 AD and Beyond

21st Century: School weeks are adjusted from Monday through Friday to Tuesday through Friday ("Games Without Frontiers").

Early 21st Century: The Outer Mongolian clan is formed from gargoyles who believe that human-gargoyle coexistence is impossible ("Requiem").

2004: [In the Future Tense reality created by Puck, Xanatos breaks Manhattan away from the United States, and dies with Hudson in battle.  Lexington takes over his identity using the Xanatos Program ("Future Tense").]

Between 2005 and 2035: [In Puck's Future Tense universe, the Resistance begins its fight, Demona becomes Brooklyn's mate, and Thailog is killed in the Clone Wars.  Talon, Maggie Reed, and Coldstone are killed fighting Sevarius and the Ultra-Pack, while Broadway is "merely" blinded.   Lexington becomes a cyborg, and "Xanatos"'s soldiers, the mutates and Thailog Shock Troops, are created ("Future Tense").]

2008: The Three Gorges Dam causes flooding in the Henan Province in China ("Deals and Exchanges").2008 events of "Deals and Exchanges".

2010: April 30 Romulus Hawkins is born (Bio).

2015: Emrys and Mary’s daughter Angelica Hawkins is born; they ask Angela to be her Godmother; Angela and Broadway attend her christening. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 1)

2018: Artus is hatched.

Between 2018 and 2023: Minnie, descendant of Vinnie, is born ("Trust No Future").

2023: Dr. Isaac Payne begins working on Project Chronos ("Return to Paradise" Part I).

Circa 2025: Brooklyn appears at a gathering of the Jersey Devil and its surviving relations, and helps them to finally recombine into one being.  However, he turns to stone at the critical moment, destroying the creatures on the verge of complete re-integration ("Ruby Eyes").

2025: Romulus Hawkins is being bullied at school; Garlon has been watching him, and offers the boy a way to get back at them- magic. Garlon tutors him, and a little while later he successfully performs his first spell- turning the three boys who had been hassling him into mice. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 1).

2026: Romulus finally grows curious to ask after the source of his powers, and Garlon tells him about the Fay, the Seelie and Unseelie courts, Madoc Morfynn being his Grandfather- and that Emrys Hawkins, Romulus’s own father, is really Merlin Ambrosius. He also makes it a point that a gargoyle killed Madoc, and that Merlin knows this and still remains their friend and ally. It becomes clear that Garlon is grooming Romulus to take over the Unseelie Court and lead them in another war- at least as a figurehead. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 1)

2027: Romulus gets in trouble for cutting classes; Emrys magically spies on his son and sees him talking to Garlon. Emrys confronts Romulus, and as a result Romulus leaves home, joins Garlon, and takes on the name “Nicholas the second” in honor of his grandfather. Emrys and Mary explain the truth to their daughter Angelica. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 2)

2035: Nicholas founds Fenris Industries. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 2)

2036: [In the Future Tense universe, the Avalon travellers return to Manhattan, the Resistance is crushed, Alexander Fox, Matt, Claw, Bronx, Broadway, Brooklyn, Angela, Demona, and Lexington die, and the Xanatos Program conquers the world ("Future Tense").]

2037: While vacationing in Rome, Emrys and Mary bump into Nicholas and his new wife, Anne. While they are out to dinner, Nicholas tells Emrys not to get to attached to Anne as a daughter-in-law; he is getting tired of her, and “doesn’t plan to keep her for much longer.” He also had a previous wife- whom he divorced; Nicholas is completely infatuated with Maeve, and is just catting around until he can have her as a wife. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 2)

2038: In Nicholas’s home in Caer Sidi, his wife Anne stumbles on a Unseelie meeting. He has her institutionalized, which isn’t hard given her rantings about monsters in her home. (“Two Roads Diverged”, Part 2) Gwenyvere is hatched.

2041: Dr. Isaac Payne breaks free from the ash he had been trapped in since Pompeii.  He takes on the identity of Dr. Ilsa Winters to guide his past self ("Return to Paradise" Part II).

2042: Brooklyn sends a video-letter to Michael Barnes ("Trust No Future").

2043: "Trust No Future".

2058: Samson is hatched.

2064: The Manhattan Earthquake, a.k.a. the Great Quake, occurs.  Gargoyles help the humans rebuild, which helps gargoyle/human relations in a major way.  Among the changes that occur to Manhattan during reconstruction is the significant expansion of Central Park, which soon covers most of the island, and part of mainland New York City as well ("Requiem").   It later becomes known as Manhattan National Park.  Genetic tagging goes into universal use - the gargoyle known as Scrivener is on the team that implemented it.   Clarissa Fairborn, an Unseelie halfling, is genetically tagged for the first of many times ("Crossroads" Part I).

2066: Following the Great Quake, Angela and Broadway take Artus, Gwenyvere, and Samson to Avalon.  Artus is accepting, and Samson too young to understand what's going on, but Gwenyvere is angry that she is separated from her friends, and holds resentment thereafter towards her parents.  The Babel Tower is completed just before they leave ("Crossroads" Part I).

Circa 2130: A group of gargoyles leaves Earth and populates the orbital habitat known as C-Station ("Games Without Frontiers").

2149: Broadway, Angela, Artus, Gwenyvere, and Samson return to Manhattan, after spending 3 and a half years on Avalon. (“Harsh Light of Day,” Part II)

2158: Events of "Crossroads" Parts I & II.  Isaac Payne nearly attacks Brooklyn as the Gate takes him away from Sata, but is unable to do so ("Return to Paradise" Part II). After Brooklyn leaves, an alien craft- nicknamed a “space spawn”- briefly enters the solar system- but leaves without making contact.   Gwenyvere is assigned to protect Sata during her pregnancy.   During this time, Sata teaches her combat and discipline, and the two find a respect for one another after a time ("Return to Paradise" Part I).

2159: Sata attempts to learn about Brooklyn's destiny, but she is forbidden to do so by the Manhattan Clan.  She does not take this well ("Deals and Exchanges").

2162: Gwenyvere becomes sullen and bitter (especially towards her mother) after Brooklyn leaves, and breaks contact with the clan.   She finds a way to make herself human, and completes her collegiate training, earning a Master's Degree in business.

2163: Gwen goes to work for "Mr. James Harthesen" (Harthoth), and they fall in love.  2163 events of "Deals and Exchanges".

2166: Gwen and Harthoth reveal the truth about themselves to each other, and the relationship cools for a few months while Gwen tries to decide if she does love Harthoth, an enemy of the clan.  She decides she does, and they are married in their human identities.

2168: Gwenyvere becomes pregnant with Harthoth's child. (“The Harsh Light of Day”, Part 3).   mid June "Return to Paradise" Parts I & II. Graeme and Ariana hatch.

September: Benedick arrives at the Eyrie Pyramid. Dr Payne gets official sentence. Safe Harbor

December 21 Demona meets Benedick at the Manhattan Clan's annual Winter Solstice Festival ("Requiem", Solstice).

mid 2169: Events of The Evil that Men Do

mid 2171: Events of All The Empty Places

2172: Events of Before the Storm

2173: Jan 23 – Feb 17: Samson gets his license to patrol. After 10 years of silence, Gwenyvere contacts Samson; after she leaves, he rips up the contact number she left him. “The Air We Breathe”

April: Sekhmet is courted by both the Third Unseelie Court, and by Alexander Xanatos to be on their side during the upcoming conflict. She turns both down, claiming that she no longer feels like fighting after so many years. “The Eye of Ra”

June 27: Events of Two Roads Diverged Parts I and II

July 1: Events of In Love's Name

December: Events of Harsh Light of Day Parts I, , and III

2178: Dominique hatches.

Between 2180 and 2238: Broadway dies. Afterwards, Angela goes to live on Avalon for a time ("Requiem").

June 2198Gwenyvere and Harthoth's second child, a daughter, hatches ("Requiem").

Between 2200 and 2210 : F-Station, also known as Fargone Station, is established, and becomes the home of many miners, including the descendants of Matt Bluestone, and the families of Drac, Wraith, and Slash. ("Games Without Frontiers")

2212: The Great Strike of 2212 occurs.   The miners working for the Corporations get more rights, but not freedom ("Games Without Frontiers").

2218: Gwenyvere and Harthoth's third child, a daughter, hatches ("Requiem").

2228: Dominique and Achilles lay the egg that will be Jerusha ("Requiem").

2230: April 28-June 11 "Games Without Frontiers".

2238: June 17 Jerusha hatches. The son of young parents Duane and Katarin, and the fourth child of Gwenyvere, a son, hatch as well.  Angela dies soon after this ("Requiem").

2255: May 12 MacBeth agrees to help Demona commit suicide after Benedick's funeral on May 20.  They decide to meet at Castle Moray ("Requiem").

May 20 Demona brings Benedick’s body to Wyvern for burial, and is joined by an early Timedancing Brooklyn. An elderly Artus, Gwenyvere, Samson, Kodiak, Portia are in attendance, as is a Gargoyle named Socrates who has never met Brooklyn. Jerusha is there as well."Requiem".

2836: [According to Isaac Payne, this is the year that Project Chronos was supposed to have been founded in (He also makes a slip, stating that it took a full 50 years to get anywhere, except that 2879 is actually 43 years after this point. Of course, Brooklyn probably believed he was rounding up, or just being eccentric) ("Trust No Future").]

2879: [The year that Dr. Isaac Payne and Dr. Ilsa Winters try to dupe Brooklyn & Sata into thinking they arrive in ("Trust No Future").]

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